Trump said to put Obama water pollution rule on chopping block

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump will order his administration to rescind and rewrite an Obama-era environmental rule that critics say gave the U.S. government too much power to regulate waterways nationwide, according to a senior White House official.

Trump is set to sign a directive on Tuesday compelling the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ...Read more

Trump refocusing on protecting police; some in minority communities worry

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump and his Justice Department have signaled they will change the way they will interact with local law enforcement, raising concern in minority communities that the pendulum will swing toward protecting police in sometimes strained police-community relations.

Trump is expected to talk about the need to get ...Read more

Despite Trump's pledge, governors expect little federal spending on infrastructure

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump said again Monday that he was preparing to spend big on infrastructure. But even as he spoke, administration officials and congressional leaders were telling governors to expect little new federal investment in roads, bridges, transit systems, dam repairs and other water works.

Instead, the administration ...Read more

2 men who tried to sell letters from Trump sign file lawsuit

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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Two men who tried to sell on eBay a set of "T-R-U-M-P" letters removed from the defunct Trump Taj Mahal Casino are now taking a page from the ex-casino owner turned president of the United States. They're suing.

The men say they purchased the letters from the sign-removal company but were later accused of stealing them, ...Read more

Why Democrats picked Beshear to rebut Trump Tuesday

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WASHINGTON -- Steve Beshear is 72 years old, out of office and on nobody's shortlist of presidential contenders, making him a seemingly odd choice among Democrats to respond to President Donald Trump's address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night.

But the former Kentucky governor's allies say no Democrat is better positioned to rebut...Read more

Trump's plan to boost military spending would cut foreign aid

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WASHINGTON -- The Office of Management and Budget on Monday declined to say precisely how President Donald Trump intends to cut every other federal department to find $54 billion to increase military spending.

But one budget category is clearly in his sights, said an OMB official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity: foreign aid.

"This ...Read more

Will Trump lay out details of his agenda in address to Congress?

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WASHINGTON -- Presidents usually arrive at the U.S. Capitol for their first speeches to Congress to sell their highest priority legislative proposals.

Barack Obama stressed igniting an economic recovery. George W. Bush talked about a tax cut. Bill Clinton touted health care.

But don't expect Donald Trump -- a nontraditional president -- to ...Read more

Schumer and Pelosi's prebuttal to Trump: We disagree

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WASHINGTON -- Congress' top two Democrats on Monday delivered their "prebuttal" to President Donald Trump's first address to Congress, outlining reason after reason why Democrats cannot support anything they expect the president to propose.

Speaking at the National Press Club, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer of New York and House ...Read more

Democrats invite immigrants, refugees to Trump's first speech to Congress

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WASHINGTON -- It took Sil Ganzo a moment to grasp what Rep. Alma Adams was saying.

Ganzo, founder and executive director of ourBRIDGE for kids, thought Adams' telephone call was an inquiry to learn more about the organization that provides an after-school program in a welcoming environment to immigrant and refugee children from around the globe...Read more

Justices skeptical about North Carolina law banning sex offenders from social media

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WASHINGTON -- Supreme Court justices on Monday cast doubt on a North Carolina law that bans registered sex offenders from using Facebook and other online social media.

Through their questions and statements, justices repeatedly voiced skepticism about the 2008 law now being challenged by Durham, N.C., resident and convicted sex offender Lester ...Read more

Clinton calls on Trump to speak out on hate crimes after Kansas shooting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on President Donald Trump to speak out against hate crimes in the wake of the murder of an Indian engineer last week in Kansas.

Trump has yet to comment on the Olathe shooting, which also left two other victims injured. His press secretary, Sean Spicer, said last week ...Read more

Trump: 'I haven't called Russia in 10 years'

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump rejected calls for an independent investigation of his ties to Russia, telling a group of business leaders Monday that he hasn't called Russia in a decade.

At the start of a White House meeting with health care executives, a reporter asked Trump whether a special prosecutor should be assigned to investigate ...Read more

Why the stock market has climbed to record highs despite Trump uncertainty

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It's often said the stock market hates uncertainty, so one might assume Wall Street would be very skittish about President Trump.

Far from it, at least for now.

Stock prices have continued setting record highs as investors brushed aside Trump's controversial policy actions in his first month in office and the uncertainty about how his planned ...Read more

Trump wants to add $54 billion to defense budget while slashing domestic spending and foreign aid

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is proposing a massive increase in defense spending of $54 billion while cutting domestic spending and foreign aid by the same amount, the White House said Monday.

Trump's spending blueprint previewed a major address that he will give Tuesday night to a joint session of Congress, laying out his vision for ...Read more

Guest list: Who members of Congress are taking to Trump's address

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump will hold his first joint session address to Congress on Tuesday and every member is able to bring a guest to sit in the gallery.

Oftentimes, those invited are a part of what is driving the news of the day. Notable themes this year have been immigration, the 2010 health care law and police-community ...Read more

Poll says public has had enough of Trump's use of Twitter

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WASHINGTON -- Nearly two-thirds of American voters find President Donald Trump's use of Twitter is reckless and distracting, according to a new nationwide McClatchy-Marist poll.

The poll found that 65 percent of registered voters nationwide disapproved of Trump's Twitter use, while 25 percent found it effective and informative.

And despite ...Read more

Trump to order more effort to help black colleges

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is expected to provide historically black colleges and universities a long-awaited boost as he looks to outdo his predecessors –– including the nation's first African-American president -- on a surprising issue.

Trump will sign an executive order as soon as Monday, when the schools' presidents arrive ...Read more

Crucial group of Americans like Trump's stands, not him, poll finds

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WASHINGTON -- With the public deeply split in its views of President Donald Trump, one potentially key group stands out -- those who dislike the man, but approve of the direction in which he's moving.

That's a central finding of a new nationwide survey by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

The new poll confirms what other major surveys have...Read more

New national Democratic chairman ridicules Trump's assertion that party vote was 'rigged'

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump claimed Sunday that the race for Democratic National Committee chairman had been "rigged"--drawing a quick response from Tom Perez, who narrowly won the party's leadership race.

Trump insinuated that Perez's election as chairman on the second ballot at a party conference in Atlanta on Saturday was because ...Read more

Whose news is fake? Here's the latest in Trump's war with the media

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Every president since 1981 has attended the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner.

That year, President Ronald Reagan missed out. The reason? He needed to recover after a would-be assassin fired a bullet into his chest a few weeks earlier.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump announced he will not attend the annual dinner in ...Read more