Pro-Trump super PAC targets Biden in first round of swing state ads

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WASHINGTON -- Even with the country largely at a standstill amid the worsening coronavirus pandemic, election year politics are intensifying as the general election matchup has come into clearer focus.

The main super PAC backing President Donald Trump's reelection bid Wednesday announced a $10 million ad buy that will target former Vice ...Read more

Fox isn't enough: Amid coronavirus crisis, Trump leans on a new media friend

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump has made contentious exchanges with reporters a feature of his daily coronavirus briefings, often using personal invective to bulldoze past questions about shortfalls with masks, ventilators and testing and his own past statements.

But he has shown an altogether different response to one lesser-known media ...Read more

Biden says Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is on his list for vice president

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Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who has drawn attention for her scrapes with President Donald Trump over the federal government's coronavirus response, is on Joe Biden's list of potential vice presidential candidates, he said in an interview Tuesday.

The former vice president made the remarks during an appearance on MSNBC, after host...Read more

Trump calls for infrastructure spending in next coronavirus stimulus bill

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Tuesday joined a growing chorus of lawmakers and lobbyists proposing massive spending on infrastructure in the next coronavirus stimulus bill, calling for a $2 trillion investment. And his endorsement appeared to embrace borrowing to pay for it.

"With interest rates for the United States being at ZERO, ...Read more

Always the salesman, Trump touts products and promises at coronavirus briefings

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WASHINGTON -- As the cameras rolled in the Rose Garden, President Donald Trump walked from the White House podium to a nearby table for the dramatic unveiling of a new and improved product, one supposedly able to deliver faster, better results.

As the head of the Food and Drug Administration extolled the coronavirus testing kit, Trump opened a ...Read more

Pandemic dampens 'Census Day' as counting further delayed

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WASHINGTON -- Before the coronavirus pandemic, the Census Bureau planned to kick off in-person counting and outreach efforts that are key to the 2020 count on April 1, "Census Day."

Efforts to stop the spread of the virus scuttled those efforts, pushing a census process already rocked by controversy into unprecedented territory. Vulnerable ...Read more

Squabbling over 4th coronavirus bailout bill begins, but passage is likely weeks away

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WASHINGTON -- Political squabbling over what Congress should do next to address the coronavirus pandemic has begun, and the only point of agreement so far seems to be that the fourth relief bill is likely weeks from being passed, if not longer.

Just days after President Donald Trump signed a $2 trillion-plus economic stimulus package, House ...Read more

Appeals court allows Texas to enforce coronavirus-related abortion ban, for now

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AUSTIN, Texas -- One day after a federal judge blocked Texas from banning most abortions during the coronavirus emergency, an appeals court put that ruling on hold Tuesday to give its judges time to weigh a challenge filed by state officials.

The decision will allow Texas officials to resume enforcing a policy that bans abortions unless a woman...Read more

House may cancel recesses, extend legislative weeks for days lost to pandemic

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WASHINGTON -- As the House loses time in legislative session due to the coronavirus pandemic, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer warned members Tuesday that he may make up for days lost by canceling recesses or extending legislative weeks in the future.

"I would urge you to keep your schedules very flexible," the Maryland Democrat said in a "...Read more

Trump weakens fuel economy standards, rolling back key U.S. effort against climate change

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration on Tuesday weakened one of the nation's most aggressive efforts to combat climate change, releasing new fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks that handed a victory to the oil and gas industry.

The new rule, from the Environmental Protection Agency and Transportation Department, will almost ...Read more

Watchdog seeks probe of campaign spending by Mississippi's Rep. Palazzo

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WASHINGTON -- A watchdog group is asking the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate Rep. Steven M. Palazzo over spending more than $180,000 in campaign funds to rent a farm he owns and pay an accounting firm that he founded and is now run by his ex-wife.

From 2018 to 2019, the Mississippi Republican's campaign account, Palazzo for ...Read more

Trump to roll back fuel economy standards, reversing major effort to combat climate change

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration, scrambling as deadlines approach, plans soon to release rules on fuel efficiency for new cars and trucks that have pitted the federal government against California on a policy key to combating climate change.

The announcement, expected as early as Tuesday, follows months of struggle by the administration ...Read more

State lawyers urge judge to keep coronavirus-related abortion ban in place

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Urging a federal judge to let Texas officials continue to block most abortions, state lawyers argued Monday that the restriction was a necessary part of a wider effort to contain a deadly pandemic.

Gov. Greg Abbott's executive order of March 22 prohibited surgeries and procedures that were not "immediately medically necessary" ...Read more

Trump's mixed messages confuse coronavirus response

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump praised the "pretty good job we've done" when he predicted in late February that the number of Americans infected by the coronavirus would dwindle to "close to zero" in a couple of days.

Over the last weekend, one of his most chaotic since the pandemic struck, Trump drastically redefined success, claiming ...Read more

Trump's Easter restart undone by his experts' dire virus models

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WASHINGTON -- As President Donald Trump's coronavirus response team gathered at the White House Sunday to discuss reopening the U.S. for business by Easter, his top health experts painted a troubling picture of what lay ahead.

Deborah Birx, an immunologist picked by Vice President Mike Pence to weigh the ailment's impact, cautioned that the U.S...Read more

Federal social distancing guidelines to be extended to April 30, Trump says

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump announced Sunday that federal social distancing guidelines meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus would be extended to April 30, setting aside his calls to jump-start the U.S. economy within another two weeks and fill churches on Easter Sunday.

Speaking at a briefing in the Rose Garden of the White ...Read more

'President Cuomo' is new daydream for those fretting over Biden

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WASHINGTON -- While Americans are stuck at home, the Democrat dominating the airwaves to counter President Donald Trump's messaging about the coronavirus is not the one seeking to replace him in the Oval Office -- it's New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

And that's causing some daydreaming for political junkies with time on their hands.

Joe Biden, the...Read more

Governors shrug off Trump's insults as they plead for federal aid

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WASHINGTON -- Wary of President Trump's criticism that they were ungrateful for his management of the coronavirus crisis, governors of several of the hardest-hit states sought gingerly Sunday to avoid provoking him anew and risk losing desperately needed federal aid.

Despite the drastic shutdown of much of the country, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the ...Read more

Biden admits 'frustration,' demands urgency from Trump on virus

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Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden said he feels "frustration" with the U.S. coronavirus response and that it's his role to say what he believes President Donald Trump needs to do.

"If I see something that's not happening, I think it's my obligation to step up and say 'this is what we should be doing,'" Biden said Sunday on NBC's "...Read more

Google, Oracle and Trump cases are put on Supreme Court hold by virus

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WASHINGTON -- The coronavirus pandemic has put on indefinite hold a major portion of the U.S. Supreme Court's docket, including a multibillion-dollar clash between software giants Google and Oracle Corp. and cases that could affect President Donald Trump's reelection chances.

What was supposed to have been a drama-filled spring at the high ...Read more