Black caucus chairman, conservative leader team up for justice reform

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Mark Walker, a conservative Republican, wants the GOP-controlled Congress to move on long-stalled efforts to revamp the nation's criminal justice system next year -- and he's enlisted a seemingly unlikely ally: the head of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Walker, a North Carolina Republican and chairman of the conservative ...Read more

California man accused of making death threats in racist voicemail to US Rep. Maxine Waters

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LOS ANGELES -- A Los Angeles man threatened to kill U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters in a voicemail filled with racist and anti-gay slurs after he became angered over her criticisms of President Donald Trump, according to court documents.

Anthony Scott Lloyd, 44, was indicted late last week on a charge of threatening to kill Waters in a voicemail left ...Read more

Trump campaign is said to stop paying Donald Jr.'s legal bills

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NEW YORK -- The Trump campaign has stopped paying legal bills for Donald Trump Jr. and is setting up a legal defense fund to cover the costs for him and other campaign staffers related to investigations into Russian election meddling, said a person familiar with the matter.

A fund for campaign staffers should be running in a few weeks, the ...Read more

Cornyn: Congress gets say in renegotiated NAFTA

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SAN ANTONIO -- The Senate's No. 2 Republican is making it clear: No changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement go anywhere without Congress' say.

As trade representatives from the United States, Canada and Mexico engage in their fifth round of discussions on the trilateral trade agreement Monday, Texas Sen. John Cornyn, who chairs the ...Read more

Democratic donor Tom Steyer will run Trump impeachment ads in Times Square

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WASHINGTON -- Top Democratic donor Tom Steyer is taking his effort to impeach President Donald Trump to New York City's Times Square with billboard ads that will run until New Year's Day.

The ads, which will run for 10 minutes every hour, invite people to sign a petition at needtoimpeach.com that urges Congress to impeach Trump. The ads will ...Read more

Flake fires back at Trump to dispute tax vote prediction

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump and perhaps his top congressional GOP critic are sparring again, this time with Sen. Jeff Flake's office disputing the president's claim that the Arizona Republican plans to oppose the party's tax overhaul plan.

The president started the duo's latest back-and-forth with a Sunday evening tweet predicting the retiring ...Read more

Strong economy boosts Trump among otherwise skeptical Americans

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WASHINGTON -- In 2016, the U.S. economy served as a punching bag for then-candidate Donald Trump. Today, it has become a lifeline for an otherwise embattled presidency.

As president, Trump has increasingly grabbed for that line, touting low unemployment, record high stock market values and healthy economic growth rates in speeches and on ...Read more

Mark Sanford leading effort to oppose energy bill championed by GOP leaders

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WASHINGTON -- House Republicans want to look strong on expanding domestic energy independence, but a bill that would give them those bragging rights could face backlash from environmentalists in their own party.

Rep. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., told McClatchy he plans to form a coalition of Republicans and Democrats to formally ask for changes to the...Read more

Texan launches primary challenge against Sen. Ted Cruz, but says they 'agree on a lot of things'

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WASHINGTON -- Republican media executive Bruce Jacobson launched his campaign against Texas Sen. Ted Cruz criticizing politicians who are "more interested in serving themselves and their own agendas rather than serving the people who elected them."

But when it comes to major policy issues he would vote on as a senator, Jacobson says he's almost...Read more

Trump names five more Supreme Court contenders

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WASHINGTON -- Looking ahead to a future vacancy on the Supreme Court, President Donald Trump on Friday named five conservative judges to his list of potential nominees to the high court.

They include Notre Dame law professor Amy Coney Barrett, 45, who was confirmed two weeks ago to a seat on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago and ...Read more

Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 trip to Paris for lunch with Moscow-linked couple remains a puzzle

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WASHINGTON -- Shortly before last year's presidential election, Donald Trump Jr. flew to France for lunch at the Hotel Ritz Paris with a Syrian peace activist, who says she meets regularly with Russian officials, and her French husband, who nominated Russian President Vladimir Putin for a Nobel Peace Prize last year.

Donald Trump's eldest son ...Read more

DACA negotiations slow as Trump demands more than Democrats will give

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WASHINGTON -- Bipartisan negotiations over protecting so-called Dreamers from deportation have stalled over demands from President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers that any new law also include tougher measures on legal and illegal immigration.

The legislative impasse persists more than two months after Trump ordered a gradual end to an ...Read more

US Rep. Debbie Dingell says she's been sexually harassed in Washington

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WASHINGTON -- U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., added her name to the growing list of those who say they have been sexually harassed in the nation's capital, telling CNN a "prominent" historical figure tried to put his hand up her skirt decades ago.

She also said Friday that a U.S. senator made unwelcome advances to her. Her office told the ...Read more

Trump, who has avoided talk of Roy Moore allegations, weighs in on accusations against Al Franken

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President Donald Trump, whose own campaign was rocked by sexual harassment allegations, has declined to publicly discuss accusations that Roy Moore, the Republican nominee in the Alabama Senate race, made inappropriate advances toward teenage girls several decades ago.

His reticence disappeared Thursday night when it came to Sen. Al Franken, ...Read more

Trump to pay his own legal bills, set up fund to cover staff

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President Donald Trump has started paying his own legal bills related to the Russia probe, rather than charging them to his campaign or the Republican National Committee, and is finalizing a plan to use personal funds to help current and former White House staff with their legal costs.

The Office of Government Ethics and a tax firm are working ...Read more

California hit hard by Trump administration's undoing of green policies

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WASHINGTON -- When 50,000 acre-feet of water went gushing out of the Sacramento River last month, it fast became a test of California's ability to protect its environmental policies from an increasingly hostile Trump administration.

The episode proved humbling.

Heeding the calls of big agriculture interests and area congressional Republicans, ...Read more

Congress' compliance watchdog: Settlement payouts highest in 10 years

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WASHINGTON -- U.S. taxpayers paid out more than $900,000 in the most recent fiscal year to settle claims on Capitol Hill, the highest amount in 10 years.

That's according to statistics released Thursday by the Office of Compliance, the independent congressional agency established under the 1995 Congressional Accountability Act.

The agency ...Read more

Trump's penchant for deception is infecting his team

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WASHINGTON -- "There are three kinds of lies," Mark Twain once wrote: "lies, damned lies and statistics."

The Trump administration has employed them all.

From the exaggerated estimates of his inaugural crowd to the unraveling of claims that his campaign never dealt with Russia, Donald Trump's presidency has been a mosaic of untruths, half-...Read more

Hispanic caucus tell Cuban-American he can't join the club — he's too Republican

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WASHINGTON -- The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, made up strictly of Democrats, rejected Florida Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo's bid to join its ranks Thursday, saying some members are concerned about his stance on immigration.

The caucus, which has 30 members, took a vote on Thursday morning after Curbelo appeared in front of the group to ...Read more

Secrecy shrouds sexual harassment settlements in Congress

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WASHINGTON -- State governments' practice of spending taxpayer funds to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against legislators and staff has created an uproar in California's Legislature and other statehouses around the country. Now a picture is emerging of how the U.S. Congress is doing the same thing, with less fanfare and even less ...Read more