Schiff accuses Justice Department of trying to restrain Mueller

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WASHINGTON -- On the eve of Robert Mueller's appearance before two House committees, the chairman of one of the panels accused the Justice Department of attempting to "circumscribe" Mueller's testimony.

Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, in a letter to the former special counsel on Tuesday night, attacked the department for telling Mueller in a...Read more

Mueller's testimony could make or break Democrats' impeachment push

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WASHINGTON -- Robert S. Mueller III, who led a special counsel investigation that cast a cloud over the White House for nearly two years, will testify for the first time Wednesday about the Russia investigation in back-to-back House hearings that could bolster support for impeachment -- or cripple it.

Although Mueller has vowed to confine his ...Read more

Why it's so hard to predict how much funding 9/11 first responders need

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WASHINGTON -- The idea of getting cancer from searching through the rubble of Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks -- and then standing guard over it for months -- didn't occur to Kevin Zweigbaum.

It did cross his mind that the swirling dust and fumes from the shattered World Trade Center might be unhealthy. Now retired, the New York City police ...Read more

Robert Mueller testimony: Start time, how to watch and stream

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Special counsel Robert Mueller will make is long-awaited debut in front of Congress Wednesday morning, where he will face questions from lawmakers for the first time about his lengthy report on Russia's interference into the 2016 election and steps President Donald Trump took to interfere with his investigation.

"The (Mueller) report presents ...Read more

Lawmakers have lots of questions for Mueller; here are the most important ones

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WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department has directed Robert S. Mueller III not to go beyond the evidence in his 448-page report on the Russia investigation when he testifies Wednesday to the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees. His spokesman said he would not stray past the "four walls" of the written report.

Of course, Democrats and ...Read more

Here's how House Republicans plan to handle the Mueller hearings

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WASHINGTON -- House Republicans expect to keep things simple when former special counsel Robert Mueller testifies Wednesday.

They're unlikely to pontificate or make fiery speeches. They'll aim to defend President Trump with logic and fact. And they will probably bring up a favorite conservative topic: Allegations of possible FBI misconduct in ...Read more

Trump sues House, New York to block his state tax return disclosure

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is suing the House Ways and Means Committee and New York state officials in an effort to block the disclosure of his state tax returns.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in federal court in Washington, seeks an injunction that would block the application of a new state law in New York that could allow the Ways and ...Read more

In high-stakes Mueller testimony, there are big risks for everyone

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WASHINGTON -- Robert Mueller has vowed he won't go beyond what he's already written about Russia, Donald Trump and obstruction of justice when he testifies on Wednesday, but there's a lot at stake in how much -- or how little -- he brings to life the dry specifics of his 448-page report.

The former special counsel is scheduled to testify for a ...Read more

Trump shoves aside deficit worries in debt deal with Pelosi

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump has once again shoved aside past Republican orthodoxy on debt and spending as he announced a budget deal with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that likely ushers in a return to trillion-dollar deficits.

Trump once said he would eliminate the $22 trillion federal debt, but the annual budget deficit is on track to ...Read more

4 things to watch when Mueller testifies

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WASHINGTON -- Rarely does a congressional hearing have a longer, more dramatic buildup than special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's appearances Wednesday before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees -- and the American public via television cameras.

The main question: Will his testimony change anything?

The former FBI director ...Read more

Tech giants' meeting with Trump sets stage for US-China talks

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. and China are moving closer to their first face-to-face trade negotiations in months, with a meeting between tech chief executives and President Donald Trump on Monday marking another step toward easing a ban on sales to China's Huawei Technologies Co.

The White House invited many of the United States' biggest technology ...Read more

Mueller testimony should stick to public report, DOJ tells him

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WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department told former special counsel Robert Mueller that his public testimony should remain within the boundaries of his already released report on President Donald Trump and the 2016 election.

Responding to a request from Mueller for the department's guidance on his appearance at two House hearings scheduled for ...Read more

Trump enlists Pentagon on rare-earth magnets amid Chinese threat

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Monday ordered the Defense Department to spur the production of a slew of rare-earth magnets used in consumer electronics, military hardware and medical research, amid concerns China will restrict exports of the products.

Trump invoked the 69-year-old Defense Production Act -- once used to preserve ...Read more

Democrats and Republicans gird for Mueller testimony but with competing goals

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WASHINGTON -- As a senior Justice Department official and then FBI director for 12 years, Robert S. Mueller III carefully guarded his reputation as a straight shooter in the midst of political upheaval and partisan warfare.

His square-jawed, just-the-facts approach will be put to the ultimate test Wednesday when the former special counsel ...Read more

Will Mueller's testimony spark new impeachment talk?

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WASHINGTON -- Democrats who back opening an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump are hoping former special counsel Robert Mueller's appearance Wednesday before two House committees gives the effort a pivotal boost.

Despite a House vote last week to reject opening impeachment proceedings -- a vote widely dismissed as having nothing...Read more

Wendy Davis launches bid to unseat Chip Roy

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Former Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis announced Monday she is running for the U.S. House, mounting the first significant challenge to freshman U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, a Republican from Hays County, in a district being aggressively eyed by national Democrats.

"I'm running for Congress because people's voices ...Read more

House Democrats and Trump administration close to deal on debt ceiling

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WASHINGTON -- White House officials and congressional leaders are in the final stages of negotiating a deal to lift the nation's debt limit and permanently end substantial annual spending cuts mandated under a 2011 budget law, a potentially hefty agreement they hope to enact before the end of the month.

The deal, if it moves forward, would ...Read more

Trump Doral golf resort didn't get strippers, but it may get world leaders

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MIAMI -- World leaders could be coming to President Donald Trump's Doral golf resort.

According to an exclusive report from Axios, the 800-acre golf club west of Miami International Airport is a finalist to host the G-7 summit, where leaders of the world's most powerful economies will gather.

The White House declined to comment.

Earlier this ...Read more

Drug price transparency prompts fight among Democrats

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WASHINGTON -- A dispute among Democrats over competing drug price transparency bills is complicating an issue that should have been one of the least controversial parts of the congressional effort to lower health care costs.

Two panels that oversee health care issues each approved measures this year to require drug companies to reveal ...Read more

Facebook is big winner in Democrats' 2020 presidential debates

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WASHINGTON -- The Democratic National Committee's debate-qualification rules are driving a social media spending frenzy.

But as the 2020 presidential campaigns spend millions to secure donors and push up polling numbers to win coveted debate slots, they're also discovering that the economics of online advertising can be confusing -- and ...Read more


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