Trump 'meltdown' at White House meeting on Syria sends Democrats storming out

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump found himself increasingly isolated Wednesday as members of his own party decried the withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria -- a move that cleared the way for a Turkish invasion -- and top administration officials set off for an uncertain diplomatic mission to Ankara to negotiate a cease-fire.

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House Republicans aim to force vote on Schiff censure

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Andy Biggs will attempt to force a vote on his resolution to censure House Intelligence Chairman Adam B. Schiff on the House floor this week, having initiated the process Wednesday.

Biggs' censure effort has the backing of House Republican leaders -- an uncommon alliance between the party's establishment and the chairman of ...Read more

Kurds are 'no angels' and their fight with Turkey is 'not our problem,' Trump says

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Wednesday continued distancing the United States from Kurdish forces in Syria who once were Washington's chief ally in fighting the Islamic State terrorist group.

Trump's decision to remove American forces that were positioned between Turkish troops and the Kurds has angered both Republican and Democratic...Read more

Analysis: Rivals in Democratic debate make clear they see Warren as front-runner

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WASHINGTON -- Welcome to the top, Elizabeth Warren.

That was a central message of the presidential Democratic debate Tuesday, when the Massachusetts senator's rivals peppered her with hostile questions and blunt challenges to her policies on health care, taxes and more.

The debate was the first to be held since Warren moved into the lead of ...Read more

The 4th Democratic debate showed Elizabeth Warren is now a front-runner

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren drew repeated fire from her competitors in the Democrats' fourth presidential debate Tuesday night, while Joe Biden faded to the background for long stretches, underscoring how much the primary campaign has shifted.

For the most part, Warren, who came into the debate tied with or slightly leading Biden in polls, kept her ...Read more

Bernie Sanders to be endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a leading voice of the Democratic Party's liberal wing, plans to endorse Bernie Sanders for president, according to his campaign.

Her support is a major boost for the Vermont senator, whose poll ratings have been sliding as Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has emerged as a frontrunner in the race for ...Read more

Candidates unify briefly over Trump impeachment, but rivalries sharpen

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WESTERVILLE, Ohio -- Democratic candidates found common ground in denouncing President Donald Trump, but struck a more fractious tone on healthcare, gun policy and money in politics during a crowded presidential primary debate Tuesday night.

The most pointed broadsides were aimed at Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, reflecting her ascendance...Read more

7 takeaways from the Democratic debate outside Columbus, Ohio

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Democrats set a world record Tuesday night, cramming a dozen presidential debaters on a single cheek-by-jowl stage.

If nothing else, the exercise proved that more isn't necessarily better -- unless you enjoy hearing different candidates answer different questions, a circumscribed back-and-forth and long periods of contestants disappearing from ...Read more

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to endorse Bernie Sanders for president

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WASHINGTON -- New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is expected to endorse Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for president this weekend, a source with knowledge of the endorsement confirmed Tuesday night.

The 30-year-old outspoken freshman, who with Sanders and other liberals has become a regular feature in Republican attack ads warning ...Read more

Warren takes fire from 2020 rivals: Takeaways from the fourth Democratic debate

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WASHINGTON -- Elizabeth Warren felt the heat. Pete Buttigieg stepped up. And Joe Biden was, surprisingly, mostly an afterthought.

That was the dynamic at play during Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate, where a dozen candidates took the stage outside of Columbus, Ohio. The showdown occurred amid a renewed impeachment push among Democrats ...Read more

Warren brushes off Harris' call to kick Trump off Twitter

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California Sen. Kamala Harris taunted Elizabeth Warren in Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate, challenging the Massachusetts senator to join her in demanding that Twitter shut down President Donald Trump's account.

In a discussion of curbing the power of big technology companies, Harris turned to Warren and said she was surprised she ...Read more

Buttigieg attacks gun buyback; Beto stands firm

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Former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg clashed over the future of the Democratic Party's policy on gun control.

O'Rourke said he believes the government should buy back assault rifles -- essentially, a form of confiscation -- while Buttigieg thought that plan was fuzzy on the details and would imperil the Democratic...Read more

Kamala Harris slams Republicans on abortion, says they're killing poor women of color

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California Sen. Kamala Harris said Tuesday it was outrageous that organizers of the 2020 presidential debates had devoted almost no time to discussing Republican efforts to roll back abortion rights.

"There are states that have passed laws that will virtually prevent women from having access to reproductive health care," she said at the CNN/New...Read more

House passes trio of measures supporting Hong Kong protesters

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WASHINGTON -- The House passed on Tuesday legislation aimed at helping Hong Kong democracy activists in their fight to preserve political freedoms from encroachment by mainland China.

The most important of the three bills, which passed by voice vote under suspension of the rules, would threaten Hong Kong's continued special trade status with ...Read more

Trump emoluments' challenge to get rehearing in appeals court

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WASHINGTON -- A U.S. appeals court in Virginia agreed to reconsider a Maryland and District of Columbia lawsuit accusing President Donald Trump of using his office to enrich himself in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

A three-judge panel had rejected the case in July. That decision overturned a pair of trial court rulings that had let the ...Read more

GOP fails to endorse candidate in 50th District, including incumbent Duncan Hunter

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SAN DIEGO -- San Diego Republicans failed Monday to back a candidate for the 50th Congressional District, including the candidate who currently holds the seat.

None of the four candidates received the two-thirds majority necessary to get an endorsement from the Republican Party of San Diego County. Forty-nine members cast ballots after a forum ...Read more

7 things to watch in the Democratic debate on Tuesday

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The impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump has dramatically changed the campaign landscape for the Democratic presidential candidates who will gather Tuesday in Ohio for their fourth debate.

The uproar over Trump asking the president of Ukraine to investigate his potential 2020 opponent Joe Biden has drawn attention away from every...Read more

Rep. Nita Lowey's retirement sparks scramble for coveted gavel

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WASHINGTON -- House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita M. Lowey's decision to retire at the end of the 116th Congress will set off a lengthy and contentious campaign among her colleagues to determine who will become the top Democrat on the spending panel.

Unlike the Senate, which predominantly relies on seniority to determine who serves as a ...Read more

Sanders pledges 20% worker stake in sweeping governance overhaul

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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Bernie Sanders proposed sweeping changes to U.S. corporate governance that would give workers 20% ownership in public companies and the right to elect 45% of their directors, while expanding the government's power to stop mergers.

The 2020 Democratic presidential contender's "corporate accountability plan" proposes to restore...Read more

In Ohio battleground, 2020 race will be a fight for the suburbs

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Donald Trump may not be able to count on the affluent Ohio suburbs that all modern Republican presidents have relied on to deliver winning margins in a must-win battleground state.

No Republican has ever won the White House without Ohio. So the Democratic formula for victory is to rack up big margins in the big cities -- Cleveland, Columbus and...Read more