What stays, and what goes, in Trump's $19.1 billion budget proposal for NASA

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President Donald Trump's $19.1 billion budget proposal for NASA will allow the space agency to continue its long-term efforts to explore the universe, including sending humans to the moon and to Mars.

The 2018 funding plan, released Tuesday, includes support for about 100 space missions even as it cuts some well-known programs, including one ...Read more

Scientific research would suffer under Trump's budget, and that's bad for the economy, experts say

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How does science fare under President Donald Trump's proposed budget?

Not too well.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS, estimated that the budget released Tuesday morning represented a 16.8 percent decrease in overall funding for scientific research compared with the current budget.

The proposed cuts include:

--...Read more

Trump's standing in polls has dropped: How significant is the slide?

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's standing in national polls has consistently declined since the end of last month. His approval rating now sits at the lowest point of his presidency. Here are some questions and answers about what the polls do -- and don't -- tell us.

Question: How significant is Trump's slide?

Answer: At the end of April...Read more

Trump proposes cuts to grants that help states fight terrorism

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's 2018 budget would cut $667 million in federal grants to states for security against terrorist threats, a reduction that local officials are certain to fight after Monday's deadly bombing in Britain spurred fresh questions about U.S. security.

Since 2003, the Department of Homeland Security has doled out ...Read more

Trump's gift to at-risk Republicans? A budget they can bash

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump may have handed Republicans leery of supporting him a great gift: a spending plan that calls for deep cuts to some of the country's most popular programs -- and one they can rail against.

Indeed, it did not take long for congressional Republicans on Tuesday to distance themselves from the White House's $4.1 ...Read more

Trump's budget seen as 'slap in the face' to rural voters who elected him

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WASHINGTON -- Two of farmers' most powerful Republican advocates in the Senate slammed President Donald Trump's proposal Tuesday to slash crop insurance, warning those and other budget cuts would badly wound one of the president's most loyal constituencies.

Voters who live in rural areas gave Trump a 61-34 percent advantage over Democrat ...Read more

Economists say Trump's budget proposal doesn't add up

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's inaugural budget proposal claims to eliminate the nation's deficit in 10 years, thanks largely to faster economic growth that it projects will come from the president's sweeping tax cuts.

Never mind the overly optimistic projections on economic growth. Or that Trump's tax overhaul has not happened yet. ...Read more

Target CEO tells Congress that GOP's proposed import tax would hurt his customers

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WASHINGTON -- A proposed 20 percent tax on imported goods championed by House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., as a way to overhaul the nation's tax system received a hearing on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, and reception to the plan by business leaders and House Republicans was mixed.

The tax on imports, dubbed the border adjustment tax, has divided ...Read more

Trump's budget arrives in Congress as most do, with a lot of talk and little action

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's budget landed on Capitol Hill the way White House fiscal proposals traditionally do -- with a thud.

It wasn't just Democrats who dismissed the blueprint as a "nightmare" scenario, with its beefed up military spending and tax breaks for the wealthy, but Republicans also winced at steep domestic program cuts...Read more

Great Lakes funding eliminated under Trump budget plan

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DETROIT -- It's official now: The Trump Administration's budget priorities do not include the Great Lakes.

The administration's budget proposal, released Tuesday by the White House's Office of Management and Budget, zeroes out the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which since 2010 has provided more than $2.2 billion for programs to improve ...Read more

Lawmakers react to latest Trump-Russia bombshell: 'What now?!'

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WASHINGTON -- Lawmakers on Monday evening seemed resigned to yet another bombshell report suggesting President Donald Trump attempted to interfere with a federal investigation aimed at, in part, determining whether there was collusion between his campaign and Russia.

Though many had yet to read the potentially explosive article, some Democrats ...Read more

Supreme Court finds the GOP packed black voters into two North Carolina districts to help win more House seats

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court struck down two congressional districts in North Carolina on Monday because they had been gerrymandered along racial lines, with Justice Clarence Thomas joining the court's liberals to form the majority.

The justices said North Carolina's Republicans had packed additional black voters into the two already heavily...Read more

Gorsuch dissents as Supreme Court upholds ban on big-money gifts to parties

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WASHINGTON -- New Justice Neil M. Gorsuch joined Clarence Thomas in dissent Monday when the Supreme Court rejected an appeal from a Republican Party lawyer seeking to strike down limits on big-money contributions to political parties.

By a 7-2 vote, the high court upheld limits set in the McCain-Feingold Act of 2002.

The dissent by Gorsuch is ...Read more

Historically black colleges view Trump administration warily, but also with some optimism

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Since taking office, President Donald Trump has pledged "unwavering support" for the critical educational missions of historically black colleges and universities, invited leaders of those institutions to the White House and even dispatched his Education secretary to deliver her first commencement address of graduation season at one of the ...Read more

Trump to propose deep cuts to anti-poverty programs and Medicaid

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump plans to propose $1.7 trillion in cuts to a category of spending that includes major social and entitlement programs for lower-income Americans, as part of an effort to balance the budget within a decade.

The White House will issue a formal budget request Tuesday that includes $274 billion in cuts over 10 ...Read more

House committee chairman says he'll talk to fired FBI Director Comey Monday

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WASHINGTON –– The chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said he'll talk to former FBI Director James Comey on Monday and is pursuing any records of President Donald Trump's meetings with Comey, who was fired by the president.

The conversation between Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Comey would be the first between...Read more

In Montana, miles from Trump's Russia crisis, there's no clamor to impeach

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PHILIPSBURG, Mont. -- Ed Lord and Jim Jenner are friends of long standing who've managed to stay close over the years despite their political differences.

Lord is a Republican who helps run the local party in this breathtaking stretch of rural western Montana. He backed Donald Trump for president.

Jenner is a Democrat and former state lawmaker...Read more

Abortion becomes a big issue in Georgia congressional election

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ATLANTA -- Republican Karen Handel got national attention when she quit a breast-cancer charity because of its ties to an abortion provider. Democrat Jon Ossoff credits his first-place finish in April's special election to strong support from women who back his abortion rights stance.

A split on abortion is one of the starkest contrasts between...Read more

Special counsel's investigation could reach into Trump's business empire

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WASHINGTON -- The appointment of a special counsel empowered to investigate ties between Russia and Donald Trump's presidential campaign now brings the developer's business empire under scrutiny.

It's an entirely new ballgame for the Trump Organization, which until the counsel's appointment Wednesday had been somewhat removed from the political...Read more

White House does not dispute that FBI probe now includes a Trump aide

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump told a pair of Russian envoys that his abrupt decision to fire FBI Director James B. Comey -- whom he described as "crazy, a real nut job" -- had relieved "great pressure" on him because of the Russia investigation, according to a published report.

Adding to Trump's cascading legal and political woes, the ...Read more


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