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'A gargantuan task': How will Biden satisfy both progressives, moderates on infrastructure?

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is no stranger to fraught congressional negotiations.

But perhaps even he has never faced a balancing act on Capitol Hill quite like this one.

As lawmakers near the final phase of a two-track legislative process this month, Biden is caught between retaining support for a bipartisan infrastructure deal and a ...Read more

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After Trump endorsement, candidates' online donations see mixed results

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WASHINGTON – Former President Donald Trump’s preferred candidates have lagged behind their opponents in overall fundraising, and a new filing from the top Republican donation platform shows his endorsements having mixed results in boosting online donations.

Trump-backed candidates have also seen mixed results at the ballot box lately. In ...Read more

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Biden expected to reverse Trump and announce tougher car pollution standards

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WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden is expected to unveil plans Thursday to strengthen car pollution standards through 2026, putting the United States on a path to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — though not as quickly as many environmentalists say is needed.

The proposed standards, written by the Environmental Protection Agency and the ...Read more

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Editorial: Ohio, Ohio, Ohio: Lessons from the onetime swing state for Democrats and Republicans

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Shontel Brown had the Democratic establishment behind her and vowed to advance a big-tent brand of left-of-center politics. Nina Turner, backed by Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, essentially said compromise and incrementalism were for suckers. Brown beat Turner in Tuesday’s Democratic primary in Cleveland.

The early triumph of ...Read more

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Facebook-Dominion ruling blasts 'fantastical' election suit

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Lawyers for dozens of Donald Trump supporters who made wild conspiracy claims about Facebook Inc. and Dominion Voting Systems Inc. rigging the 2020 Presidential election will have to pay up for their bogus suit, a judge in Colorado ruled.

A pair of attorneys who filed the case on behalf of disgruntled voters violated federal rules by making no ...Read more


Census will forgo 'majority-minority' approach in 2020 analysis

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The U.S. Census Bureau is moving away from using “majority” and “minority” for measuring racial and ethnic diversity, and will opt for a new set of metrics in its analysis of the 2020 population survey.

The bureau said the inclusion of certain groups as part of the “majority” or “minority” has become more complex because many ...Read more

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New details emerge after attack on Pentagon police officer

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New details about the attack on a Pentagon police officer who later died and his assailant have emerged a day after the headquarters of the U.S. military went on lockdown after gunshots were fired.

According to ABC News, Georgia resident Austin William Lanz, 27, stabbed the officer in the head and took the officer’s gun before shooting him ...Read more

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Florida Gov. DeSantis attacks Biden: 'I don't want to hear a blip about COVID from you'

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FORT LAUDEREDALE, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, facing a surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, delivered extraordinary and impassioned remarks on the issue Wednesday — attacking President Joe Biden.

He made a litany of accusations against the president, many of them amped up versions of what Biden or his administration has said ...Read more

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Justice Kavanaugh is the best known, least popular Supreme Court justice, poll finds

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WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court is viewed favorably by a majority of Americans, including equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans, according to a nationwide poll conducted last month by the Marquette University Law School.

The poll came at the end of a year in which the justices handed down relatively few high-profile rulings. It also came ...Read more

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Long drives, air travel, exhausting waits: What abortion requires in the South

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just a quick walk through the parking lot of Choices-Memphis Center for Reproductive Health in this legendary music mecca speaks volumes about access to abortion in the American South. Parked alongside the polished SUVs and weathered sedans with Tennessee license plates are cars from Mississippi, Arkansas, Florida and, on many...Read more

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Q&A: Why is the South the epicenter of anti-abortion fervor?

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Not so long ago, laws governing abortion in Massachusetts and Rhode Island were far more restrictive than those in the Deep South, as state legislators throughout New England regularly banned the procedure, no matter the circumstances, during the 1960s and ’70s.

Nowadays, however, the American South represents a hub of anti-abortion fervor, ...Read more

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Marking El Paso anniversary, Biden reaches out to Latino leaders

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WASHINGTON — Latino leaders have become the focus of a revamped and recharged outreach strategy from Democrats, including a high-profile sit-down Tuesday with President Joe Biden at the White House.

Judging by how participants described the meeting afterward, Democrats and Biden are making progress but there is a lot more work to do, ...Read more

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Biden calls on Cuomo to resign after report details widespread sexual harassment

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden urged New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign Tuesday after a five-month investigation by the state’s attorney general’s office concluded that he had sexually harassed several women in the workplace and beyond.

“I think he should resign,” Biden said to reporters following remarks about the ongoing ...Read more

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Industry groups, equity advocates applaud infrastructure bill's broadband provisions

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Telecommunications industry groups and digital equity advocates reacted positively Monday to high-speed internet provisions in the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure bill.

The massive 2,702-page bill, introduced late Sunday night as a substitute amendment to the legislative vehicle, includes around $65 billion in spending for broadband.

And ...Read more

Democrats divided, Trump tested in Ohio House special elections

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Two House special elections in Ohio Tuesday are sharpening divisions within both political parties— and the results could indicate which factions gain the upper hand as Democrats and Republicans head into next year’s midterm fight for control of Congress.

In a nationally watched Cleveland contest, Democratic primary voters are choosing ...Read more

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Democrats are counting on Biden's big economic agenda, while Republicans point to inflation

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U.S. Rep. Susan Wild was thrilled when President Joe Biden visited her Lehigh Valley district Wednesday. Jogging out between twin Mack trucks, an ebullient Biden promoted plans to aid manufacturing and, more broadly, middle-class workers.

Wild, a Pennsylvania Democrat facing one of the toughest reelection campaigns in the country, got more ...Read more

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Trump paid $680,000 to defense lawyers in second impeachment

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Former President Donald Trump used nearly $700,000 in campaign funds to pay the lawyers who defended him at his second impeachment trial, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Trump’s campaign committee, since renamed the Make America Great Again PAC, paid $580,000 to the Philadelphia law firm of Michael van der Veen and ...Read more


Pelosi and McCarthy relationship hits a new low

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WASHINGTON — House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is facing criticism for saying to supporters over the weekend that it “will be hard not to hit” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the speaker’s gavel, if it is handed to him in 2023 should Republicans take control of the chamber in the midterms.

Though both are from California, the two ...Read more

Endorsement power of ex-president faces another test in Ohio special race

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Former President Donald Trump’s power as Republican kingmaker will face another test on Tuesday as a large cast of candidates vie to be the party’s choice for an open congressional seat in Ohio.

Trump has endorsed Mike Carey, a coal industry consultant and former lobbyist who’s one of 11 primary hopefuls to replace Rep. Steve Stivers in ...Read more

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Show time: A congressional committee will get Trump's taxes, but the public won't

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The Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel really didn’t need a 39-page opinion on Friday to decide that, yes, Congress has the right to obtain from the Treasury Department and the IRS the personal income tax returns of a president (or a former president). We’ll do it in two sentences: No one is above the law. And that means ...Read more