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Commentary: If Biden wins, how much can Trump accomplish during his last months as president?

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In the final days of his presidential campaign, President Donald Trump's unorthodox behavior has been on full display — from attacking Anthony Fauci to threatening to fire the FBI director. As down-ballot Republican candidates and strategists tear their hair out over a president who resolutely refuses to take advice, Trump's behavior triggers ...Read more

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All the 2020 vocabulary you should know before Election Day

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WASHINGTON — A close election in 2020 could introduce a slew of new voting terms to Americans trying to figure out whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden won the presidency.

The coronavirus pandemic is driving record numbers of people to vote by mail, a process the president has repeatedly — and inaccurately — decried as fraud-ridden. Counting...Read more

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'It's getting really bad': Fake threats trigger fear for Spanish-speaking Trump backers

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MIAMI — In private messaging apps and social media, Spanish-speaking residents in South Florida have been exposed to a barrage of deceptive claims — a voter disinformation tactic that could last until Election Day.

The latest example is an anonymous message that emerged in WhatsApp chats this week that threatens Spanish-speaking supporters ...Read more

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Trump's China scorecard shows many defeats, and one big change

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump ran for office pledging to rewrite the U.S. economic relationship with China, which he blamed for hollowing out America's manufacturing base and impoverishing its workers. His four years in the White House have shown limited impact on the metrics he laid out.

American companies cite much the same concerns �...Read more

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Editorial: This may prove a banner year for voting — if the Supreme Court allows it

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A visitor unaware of current events might have seen the crowd at Baltimore County's Oregon Ridge Park and Lodge Tuesday afternoon and assumed someone was handing out free hand sanitizer or maybe even COVID-19 vaccinations. The parking lot outside the park's lodge was nearly full. The line of people trying to get inside not only wended across the...Read more

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Editorial: Some good calls, some bad, in Florida's election

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The setting is not a romantic getaway in the Caribbean, but a warehouse in Lauderhill, Florida. The programming can't compete with the glitz of, say, "The Bachelorette," but The Broward County Canvassing Board is important viewing.

Day after day, three people sit at a table to review mail ballots set aside for review. Some have signature ...Read more

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Editorial: Trump's COVID infection spotlighted a problem: What happens if a president-elect dies?

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President Donald Trump's brief hospitalization at the start of October for COVID-19 treatment spawned a flurry of "what if" discussions that, incongruously enough, proved to be a good thing for the country. How? By spotlighting how poorly prepared we are for some worst-case electoral scenarios, and in particular, what happens if a presidential ...Read more

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Celebrities vetted (and denied) based on political views ahead of defunct anti-coronavirus ad, report says

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WASHINGTON — A now-canceled $250 million anti-coronavirus ad campaign by the Trump administration was so politically motivated it screened possible celebrity spokespeople based on their support for the president and their liberal ideology, according to documents released Thursday by the House Oversight Committee.

The campaign has been shelved...Read more

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Biden and Trump battle for Florida as Democrats seek a knockout blow

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TAMPA, Fla. — The presidential candidates unleashed a frenzy of last-minute campaigning Thursday in Florida, a must-win state for President Donald Trump, whose packed rallies have become their own political liability amid surging coronavirus cases.

Both Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden headed to the rapidly growing Tampa region, where ...Read more

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President Pelosi? Odds are low, but here's how it could happen

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WASHINGTON — It isn't likely, but what happens if neither presidential candidate receives the required 270 votes in the Electoral College, and the House of Representatives — for the first time in nearly 200 years — was left to pick the country's next president?

The House has decided only two elections in U.S. history — in 1800 and 1824 ...Read more

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US Supreme Court declines to weigh in on Wake County, N.C., mail-in ballots case

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WASHINGTON _The U.S. Supreme Court has settled North Carolina's election rules with only five days left before the election.

The justices ruled Thursday that they would not interfere with the settlement agreement decided in Wake County Superior Court that allows the North Carolina Board of Elections to collect mailed-in ballots through Nov. 12 ...Read more

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Supreme Court readies for possible post-election cases

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has all but run out of time to deal with more legal fights ahead of Election Day on Tuesday, but its down-to-the-wire decisions from Pennsylvania and North Carolina foreshadow what issues could land at the high court after Nov. 3.

The justices declined Wednesday night to decide prior to the election whether ...Read more

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Trump sees Latino voters as a rare bright spot in Pennsylvania

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PHILADELPHIA — Eric Trump traveled to a Philadelphia church on a rainy Friday this month, seeking Latino votes for his father. Not many people showed up.

But the sparse "Latinos for Trump" attendance at In the Light Ministries, in the city's Feltonville section, obscured a political opportunity: Latino support for Joe Biden is no given, and ...Read more

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Commentary: It's a close call, Colorado, but please stick with the national popular vote

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Coloradans will finish voting next week on whether to support using the popular vote to elect the president. It's a close call, but let's hope they do.

The ballot initiative follows Colorado's decision last year to join 14 states and Washington, D.C., as a member of what's called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact — pledging their ...Read more

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Commentary: Trump left workers behind

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President Donald Trump's campaign seems to believe that if it keeps churning out falsehoods, working people in states like Ohio will once again propel him to the White House.

Vice President Mike Pence was in Columbus recently, where he claimed the Trump administration had "revived the American economy" and created "97,000 jobs right here in the...Read more

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Commentary: Please don't tell Kamala I'm with her. I wouldn't want to jinx the race

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My family has been beseeching me not to support the Biden-Harris ticket. I'm a lifelong Democrat, so this might sound a bit strange. But when I've thrown my support behind presidential candidates before, the road has gotten bumpy.

In 1980, I was for Ted Kennedy. Four years later, I managed California Sen. Alan Cranston's '84 presidential ...Read more

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Commentary: Elect Biden, then give him power

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This January, if Biden enters the White House, he'll inherit a humongous mess — and not just because the place is rife with the coronavirus.

Many people worry that a Biden administration won't accomplish much. At a time that cries out for systemic change, Biden is a longstanding centrist.

Yet the two presidents who brought us the most ...Read more

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Ohio, once seen as Trump territory, emerges as a battleground

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WESTLAKE, Ohio — For Democrats in Ohio, the recent years have been bleak. President Donald Trump won the Buckeye State by a healthy 8-percentage-point margin in 2016, and two years later the blue wave in the nation's midterm elections barely made a splash here. Conventional wisdom placed the state firmly outside contention for this year's ...Read more

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Who might Biden choose to run State Dept., NSA other foreign policy jobs?

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WASHINGTON — If former Vice President Joe Biden wins election next month, an early task will be to rebuild a U.S. foreign policy team following the Trump administration's sidelining of numerous veteran diplomats and retreat from global leadership on the world stage.

Here's a look at some of the top contenders for a possible Biden ...Read more

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Latino immigrants who have survived electoral violence are anxious about Nov. 3

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LOS ANGELES — "I never thought this could happen here."

An uneasy sensation eats away at Aldo Waykan, a Guatemalan businessman and translator who does not quite understand what is happening in his adopted United States.

He came here in 1990 seeking refuge from a brutal civil war that tore apart his native country. But the tense scenario ...Read more