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Trump's motion to delay paying E. Jean Carroll $83 million should be denied, lawyers say

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NEW YORK — Donald Trump’s motion seeking to delay paying E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million should be flatly denied, the writer’s legal team argued in court filings Thursday.

“He doesn’t even acknowledge the risks that now accompany his financial situation, from a half-billion-dollar judgment obtained by the New York Attorney General to ...Read more

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U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Trump immunity appeal raises doubts he will face trial in Jan. 6 case

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The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to hear former President Donald Trump’s claim that he has blanket immunity could effectively allow him to avoid facing a jury’s judgment in the Jan. 6 federal election interference case before the fall election.

The conservative-dominated court’s ruling that it will only hear oral arguments on Trump’s...Read more

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Election 2024: It's crunch time for candidates running to replace Rep. Katie Porter

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LOS ANGELES — It’s down to the wire for the primary race for an open Orange County congressional seat that’s commanded national attention from the media and the campaign arms of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Candidates running for the affluent, coastal 47th congressional district being vacated by Rep. Katie Porter, who is ...Read more

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House passes two-tiered stopgap bill, the last one, in theory

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WASHINGTON — The House on Thursday overwhelmingly passed the short-term spending bill that will give lawmakers the time they need to put the finishing touches on fiscal 2024 appropriations and wrap up the process in the coming weeks.

Under suspension of the rules, which requires two-thirds of lawmakers’ support, the chamber passed the bill...Read more

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Everything is on the line on Super Tuesday for these incumbents

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WASHINGTON — Tuesday’s congressional primaries will mark the beginning of the end for some House members, and others are at risk of losing to primary challengers. House members in California and Texas are giving up safe seats for the chance to serve in the Senate. A member-on-member battle in Alabama will see one second-term member lose his ...Read more

What does a state’s secretary of state do? Most run elections, a once-routine job facing increasing scrutiny

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They may be the most important government officials you can’t name. Their decisions have the potential to alter election results. Scholars have referred to them as the “guardians of the democratic process.”

Who are these unknown, but essential, officials?

State secretaries of state.

You probably know only one ...Read more

Yes, Trump’s PACs really can pay his legal fees

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Campaign finance data released at the end of January 2024 revealed that Save America, a political action committee founded and controlled by former President Donald Trump, spent more than US$50 million in 2023 on legal fees resulting from Trump’s multiple criminal and civil cases.

OpenSecrets, a nonpartisan nonprofit tracking ...Read more

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Commentary: Without even ruling on Trump's immunity claim, the Supreme Court handed him a huge victory

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Given the Supreme Court’s possible responses to Donald Trump’s appeal of the D.C. Circuit’s denial of his claim of immunity from prosecution, the justices’ decision Wednesday has to be counted as a gift to the former president. That’s because the court came through for him on the most important axis: time.

The court’s fairly Delphic...Read more


Biden is too old but Trump is dangerous, swing-state poll shows

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Swing-state voters across every major demographic group describe President Joe Biden as too old, a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll has found, showing that concerns about his age have permeated even the most reliable constituencies of the Democratic party.

Overall, eight in 10 voters in crucial states said Biden was too old, when asked to ...Read more

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Some members of Congress not sweating reelection this year

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WASHINGTON — Control of both chambers of Congress is in play this year, and Federal Election Commission data shows Senate and House candidates up this year have already raised nearly $1.4 billion and spent $881 million.

But all elections are most decidedly not created equal.

On Super Tuesday next week, five of the 16 states holding ...Read more

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Lawmakers push changes to CBO scoring for preventive health

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WASHINGTON — Almost every lawmaker remembers their first “bad” score from the Congressional Budget Office, the nonpartisan entity that estimates the budgetary and economic impacts of legislation.

For Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo., it was when she tried to get a bill passed that would mandate Medicare and Medicaid coverage of tobacco ...Read more

This is Texas hold ‘em – why Texas is fighting the US government to secure its border with Mexico

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President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are both traveling to Texas border towns on Feb. 29, 2024, and are expected to fault each other for chaos in border enforcement and the high number of undocumented migrant crossings.

Their dueling visits follow a failed Senate proposal to tighten border security and make it tougher...Read more

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Hawley said the end of Roe would bring political change. Will it hurt him in November?

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WASHINGTON – Shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to an abortion, Sen. Josh Hawley predicted the decision would bring transformational change to American politics.

Now, for the first time since that court ruling, Hawley is caught up in that transformation.

Hawley, a Missouri Republican, is up for ...Read more

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Editorial: Trump's outbursts weaken NATO and harm the US

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Perhaps inevitably, the 2024 presidential campaign is quickly becoming a clash of first principles, one that will require repeating basic facts about the world and repudiating lies.

Here’s one such fact: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is among the most successful military alliances in history, securing peace and prosperity across the ...Read more

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Commentary: Dump Biden? Here's why nominating another Democrat for president would be a mistake

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Democratic voters and elites are concerned about President Joe Biden’s age and ability to carry out his duties, as well as his lackluster polling against former President Donald Trump. A movement to register dissatisfaction with Biden in Michigan’s primary Tuesday only magnified misgivings.

Some have gone so far as to suggest that the party...Read more

Can Trump be prosecuted? Supreme Court will take up precedent-setting case to define the limits of presidential immunity

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The U.S. Supreme Court announced on Feb. 28, 2024, that it will consider the momentous issue of whether Donald Trump is immune from criminal prosecution, delaying the federal prosecution of the former president for his alleged efforts to subvert the 2020 election.

A lower court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ...Read more

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Trump revives fight over $937,989 fine in failed Clinton suit

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Donald Trump is battling to reverse a $937,989 fine levied against him by a federal judge in Florida last year for bringing “frivolous” claims against Hillary Clinton — yet another effort by the former president to fight a string of costly courtroom losses.

Trump and his lawyer Alina Habba, who are jointly liable for the Florida fine, on ...Read more

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Congressional leaders announce deal to unlock final spending bills

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WASHINGTON — Congressional leaders reached an agreement on final fiscal 2024 appropriations bills Wednesday that will pave the way for lawmakers to wrap up the process in two packages in the coming days and weeks.

Funding for agencies covered by the Agriculture, Energy-Water, Military Construction-VA and Transportation-HUD bills would be ...Read more

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Melissa Conyears-Ervin gets backing from pastors in bid for Illinois Congress seat

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CHICAGO — In trying to upend longtime U.S. Rep. Danny Davis in Illinois' 7th Congressional District Democratic primary, Melissa Conyears-Ervin is getting help from the pulpit as more than two dozen Black clergy leaders backed her candidacy Wednesday.

Conyears-Ervin — Chicago’s city treasurer and wife of West Side Alderman Jason Ervin, ...Read more

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'This is huge': Text messages show how move to disqualify DA Fani Willis developed

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ATLANTA — For months, Terrence Bradley guided a defense attorney as she fished for information that would help her disqualify Fani Willis from the Fulton County election interference case by proving the district attorney was dating Bradley’s onetime law partner.

Hundreds of text messages between Bradley and Ashleigh Merchant, which the The ...Read more