Back into the Trump vortex America goes, as the president fuels a divisive debate

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WASHINGTON -- America once again finds itself where it has been so often since the day Donald Trump descended an escalator to a podium at the tower named for him to announce his presidential candidacy: pulled into the vortex of partisanship as a master publicist plays notes of division and dispute.

President Trump's continued stoking of debate ...Read more

How Trump's base is preparing to defy him

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MCINTOSH, Ala. -- They're depressed or in denial, some are bargaining, and others have reached acceptance.

But as Donald Trump's most avid supporters grapple with being on the opposite side of him as the Alabama Republican Senate runoff arrives Tuesday, the one stage of grief many are studiously avoiding is anger toward Trump.

"I would burn my...Read more

Intelligence director urges Congress to renew surveillance authority

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WASHINGTON -- Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, urged Congress Monday to tread carefully as it considers limiting surveillance powers used by the nation's spy agencies for nearly a decade.

"This is clearly a major issue for the intelligence community," Coats told a group of journalists at his office in suburban Virginia. "It's ...Read more

White House pushes back on report that aides warned Trump not to insult Kim

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WASHINGTON -- A recent report by the Los Angeles Times that aides had warned President Donald Trump not to personally attack North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was a "false narrative," the president's spokeswoman said Monday.

But Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, did not deny the facts of the story. The Times reported Friday...Read more

Supreme Court puts off a decision on Trump's travel ban

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court has postponed a decision on the legality of President Donald Trump's travel ban, announcing Monday it will not hear arguments on the issue Oct. 10 as planned.

The justices were set to hear an appeal from Trump's lawyers who had urged the high court to reject a series of rulings from district judges in Hawaii and ...Read more

CHIP, FAA face deadlines this week

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WASHINGTON -- Congress is spared the usual end-of-the-fiscal-year drama this month, with normal fights over government spending punted until December, but lawmakers still face several deadlines before the Sept. 30 cutoff for fiscal 2017.

With the Republicans' last-gasp effort to undo the 2010 health care law fizzling, Congress may now try to ...Read more

Republican bill will offer young immigrants citizenship after 'extreme vetting'

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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., will introduce a bill Monday that would provide a path to citizenship for as many as 2.5 million young undocumented immigrants, but one that is long and would involve "extreme vetting."

Tillis and co-sponsor James Lankford, R-Okla., will pitch the plan –– which they call a "conservative Dream Act" –...Read more

Here are the major questions before the Supreme Court this fall

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court opens its new term Oct. 2 and will quickly take up major disputes involving President Donald Trump, immigration policy, religious liberty, gay rights and partisan gerrymandering.

Here are the major questions before the court this fall:

Trump and the travel ban

Can Trump temporarily block the entry of foreign ...Read more

Analysis: Bully pulpit laced with race

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WASHINGTON -- For much of his time as president, Donald Trump has been the bully in the bully pulpit, castigating targets foreign and domestic. Much of Trump's bluster attempts to divide people into us-against-them, and it often has a single polarizing agent: race.

On Friday night, as he has many times before, Trump inflamed an almost ...Read more

Trump's star power tested in Alabama Senate race

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- President Donald Trump has tweeted and rallied, cajoled and extolled in his all-out effort to save Sen. Luther Strange of Alabama, who is struggling to survive a Republican runoff against an opponent embraced by much of the president's own base.

And as the contest nears its end, the race Tuesday is emerging as a test of ...Read more

Johnson C. Smith president not happy with Trump's initiative on black schools

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WASHINGTON -- Ronald Carter, president of Johnson C. Smith University, said he's seen just what he expected to see so far from President Donald Trump's initiative on historically black colleges and universities -- nothing.

"There's a statement attributed to a French philosopher who said that 'The eyes cannot see what the mind doesn't comprehend...Read more

Trump wants to eliminate federal program that oversees long-term hurricane relief

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WASHINGTON -- The federal agency tasked with managing billions in long-term hurricane relief money is on the Trump administration's chopping block.

In May, President Donald Trump announced that he wanted to cut the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Block Grant Program, which administers about $3 billion a year to local ...Read more

Bernie Sanders, in speech, takes aim at 'outrageous' inequalities

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FULTON, Mo. -- Drawing a direct link between the United States' foreign policy and his own long-standing message of economic equality, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders said Thursday that "the planet will not be secure or peaceful when so few have so much and so many have so little."

"Foreign policy must take into account the outrageous income and ...Read more

Cruz praises end of DACA but has no solution for 'Dreamers'

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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Ted Cruz's tough stance on immigration has put him at odds with fellow Republicans in his own state as he prepares for a re-election run next year.

Cruz, R-Texas, has wholeheartedly praised President Donald Trump's decision to end the Obama-era DACA program in six months. Trump also asked Congress to consider a replacement ...Read more

Trump campaign bodyguard linked to ex-con who is key in Russia probes

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WASHINGTON -- Another connection has emerged between Donald Trump and Felix Sater, the Russian emigre and ex-con who has become a key figure in widening investigations into ties between Trump associates and Russian figures.

Trump plays down his relationship with Sater, despite growing evidence of links between the two, including recently ...Read more

Trump offered condolences, assistance to Mexico after earthquake

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NEW YORK -- President Donald Trump extended his condolences to Mexico's president and offered assistance on Wednesday, a day after an earthquake devastated central Mexico, including the capital of Mexico City, and killed more than 200 people.

Trump and President Enrique Pena Nieto had a "lengthy" telephone call in the morning, according to the ...Read more

Trump seeks to reassure loyalists even as he courts deals with Democrats

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WASHINGTON -- As mainstream media outlets raised questions Tuesday about the wisdom of President Donald Trump labeling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man" from the lectern at the United Nations, the president's message-making sped into gear.

"Trump supporters around the country should take pride in President Trump's strong and ...Read more

ACLU moves from defense to offense, starting in Kris Kobach's home state

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WASHINGTON -- Flush with cash and a newfound demand for activism, the American Civil Liberties Union next month will launch a new effort to expand voting rights in all 50 states that top officials hope will finally let liberals play offense on an issue that has long bedeviled them.

Rollout will start on Oct. 1 in Lawrence, Kan. -- and that ...Read more

Trump's UN speech delivers just what his voters wanted

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NEW YORK -- In his first speech to the world's leaders, President Donald Trump delivered the message of the voters who elected him.

"The United States will forever be a great friend to the world, and especially to its allies," Trump said Tuesday. "But we can no longer be taken advantage of or enter into a one-sided deal where the United States ...Read more

Senate Republicans want houses of worship to help aid Harvey, Irma victims

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WASHINGTON -- Senate Republicans are moving quickly to assure houses of worship can routinely receive federal disaster aid as hurricane-battered Texas and Florida struggle to recover.

Four Senate Republicans, including Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas, Tuesday proposed legislation to permit religious institutions to get federal relief....Read more

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