Congress considers reviving tax breaks prized by ADM, Tesla, GM

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WASHINGTON -- U.S. lawmakers led by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley are negotiating a potential revival of expired tax breaks in last-minute negotiations over a government spending bill.

The talks, which were held on Saturday, are focused on reinstating the so-called tax extenders, a move that could be a boon to the biofuel, ...Read more

Politics left aside as Trump attends 120th Army-Navy game

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PHILADELPHIA -- Saturday's Army-Navy game kicked off the day after the House Judiciary Committee took a step toward impeaching President Donald Trump, but no one seemed in the mood to let politics intrude on tradition at South Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field.

"Everybody gets along. That's what's nice," said David Daniels, of Sea Isle ...Read more

Don't sleep on Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders rising, and more takeaways from the Iowa campaign trail

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MANCHESTER, Iowa -- As dark as American politics have turned, talking to regular, everyday voters is almost always reassuring.

On a recent four-day swing through Iowa, away from the paid political gladiators and social media zealots, almost all of the three-dozen voters I spoke with about the Democratic presidential race had thoughtful, ...Read more

Klobuchar tells union workers in Miami she might skip next debate in LA. Here's why

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Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar is the latest of seven Democratic presidential candidates to announce they will skip the next Democratic debate if it means crossing a picket line to get there.

"I don't believe we should cross that picket line," she said at a Miami campaign event centered on labor rights and union protections.

The other six ...Read more

All the 2020 Democrats are threatening to skip the next debate in LA. Here's why

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WASHINGTON -- All the 2020 candidates who qualified for the next Democratic presidential debate have vowed to bow out of the event because they don't want to cross a picket line to get there.

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer announced on Friday that they would pull out of the...Read more

Bernie Sanders retracts endorsement of Californian who defends crude sex ratings of women

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LOS ANGELES -- Bernie Sanders withdrew his endorsement of California congressional candidate Cenk Uygur on Friday after reports about the online talk show host making crude and degrading comments about women and provocative statements about Jews, Muslims and other groups.

The Democratic presidential candidate had said Thursday that Uygur, ...Read more

Supreme Court to decide whether Trump's tax returns must be released to House

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court said Friday it will hear President Donald Trump's appeal and decide whether the Constitution shields his tax returns and business records from being released to House Democrats and New York prosecutors.

The court's action sets the stage for a politically charged decision next year, just as Trump campaigns for ...Read more

Candidates threaten to boycott debate over labor dispute at Loyola Marymount

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WASHINGTON -- At least three of the seven Democratic presidential candidates who have qualified for next week's scheduled debate in Los Angeles threatened Friday to skip the event to express support for union workers in a contract dispute at Loyola Marymount University.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren was the first to jump into the fray, declaring in a ...Read more

Warren's once high-flying campaign has lost altitude. She has a plan for rising again

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MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Last winter, Sen. Elizabeth Warren wowed Tom Courtney by cold-calling the former Iowa state senator and talking for a half-hour. After a campaign event in his hometown of Burlington, she sweet-talked his 8-year-old great-granddaughter. Warren impressed him as she built an imposing political organization across Iowa.

Now he's...Read more

Trump appears to back short Senate impeachment trial

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WASHINGTON -- On the day the House Judiciary Committee approved impeachment articles against him, President Donald Trump claimed it is strengthening him politically. And with those articles headed to the House floor next week, he appears to be warming to a quick election-year Senate trial.

In brief but animated remarks, the president defiantly ...Read more

Speedy Brexit is on the agenda after big election win by Boris Johnson's Conservatives

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LONDON -- Exulting in his party's sweeping election victory, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowed Friday to swiftly steer the country out of the European Union -- a move his vanquished foes acknowledge is now inevitable.

With the vote-counting virtually complete, Johnson's Conservative Party secured its biggest parliamentary majority in ...Read more

Where the real battle for votes lies

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WASHINGTON -- Call it President Donald Trump's Guadalcanal: Like the tiny island U.S. Marines invaded in World War II to break Japan's Asia-Pacific chokehold, little Juneau County, Wis., is where Trump needs to halt the Democrats' advance.

The struggle for 2020 hearts and minds is more than a referendum on the tweeter-in-chief's behavior -- it'...Read more

A Pennsylvania election fiasco with new voting machines happened because they were set up incorrectly

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PHILADELPHIA -- When votes were tallied last month using new voting machines in Northampton County, it was quickly obvious that something had gone wrong.

The numbers were so clearly inaccurate that a judge ordered the machines impounded, scanners were brought in to help count ballots, and voters questioned the integrity of the machines and the ...Read more

For Armenian Americans, Congress' recognition of their genocide is just part of the battle

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LOS ANGELES -- For three generations, Sophia Armen's family has fought for recognition of the massacre that drove their ancestors to the United States.

A community organizer, Armen grew up attending rallies that advocated for U.S. acknowledgment of the 1915-1923 Armenian genocide carried out by Turkey's Ottoman Empire -- the violence that her ...Read more

Appropriators reach spending agreement, fend off possibility of government shutdown

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans and Democrats reached agreement "in principle" Thursday on $1.37 trillion in government funding, staving off the possibility of another shutdown just a week before spending is set to run out, according to Appropriations Committee leaders.

The deal -- reached just hours after a meeting between Speaker Nancy Pelosi of ...Read more

Trump doesn't think emoluments clause is phony, US tells court

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WASHINGTON -- Though President Donald Trump called the U.S. Constitution's emoluments clauses "phony" in October, a Justice Department lawyer tried to reassure a federal appeals court that the president doesn't really believe that.

"No one is denying the clauses exist or that they're important," department lawyer Hashim Mooppan said Thursday at...Read more

Congress recognizes Armenian genocide amid tensions with Turkey

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WASHINGTON -- The Senate adopted a resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide, following House approval of a similar measure, despite opposition from President Donald Trump's State Department on concerns that it would further complicate ties with Turkey.

The Republican-led chamber cleared the measure Thursday without objection -- the fourth ...Read more

Trump blocked by second judge on military funds for border wall

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SAN FRANCISCO -- A second federal judge barred President Donald Trump from using military construction funds for his Mexico border wall, with a U.S. court ruling Wednesday in Oakland, Calif., echoing one Tuesday in El Paso, Texas.

The Trump administration and Congress remain at odds over how much taxpayer money to spend on border security as a ...Read more

Rep. Ted Lieu undergoes heart procedure to place stent

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., underwent surgery in Washington on Tuesday to have a stent placed after having chest pains.

The Capitol's attending physician recommended Lieu go to the hospital Monday night and he was admitted to George Washington University Hospital for chest pain, according to Lieu's chief of staff, Marc Cevasco.

An ...Read more

House urges Supreme Court to enforce subpoenas for Trump's financial records

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WASHINGTON -- The House cited 2020 election security concerns Wednesday when it urged the Supreme Court not to delay the enforcement of congressional subpoenas for financial records of President Donald Trump and his business from Deutsche Bank and Capital One Financial Corporation.

Any harm to Trump for allowing the enforcement of the House ...Read more