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Commentary: A Kansas-like abortion vote in SC? Republicans won't do it, and Democrats shouldn't

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South Carolina Republicans didn’t need Kansas to tell them that most people, even in blood-red states, support legalized abortion.

The failed Kansas referendum to constitutionally ban abortion showed Palmetto State Republicans that they need to keep doing what they’re already doing: Ignoring reality, making life worse for a chunk of South ...Read more

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Commentary: Sunshine in the heartland

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On Aug. 2, staid, conservative Kansas gave the United States one of the biggest jolts in an election season in which Democratic disaster and Republican ascension had been such an accepted fact that left-wing media’s denial of inevitability sounded more like prayer. President Joe Biden’s approval rating was lower than Donald Trump’s, ...Read more

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Abortion ballot measures seen as critical -- but tricky -- strategy

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The landslide victory for abortion rights in a Kansas primary election this month was the first direct expression of voter sentiment on the issue since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the nearly 50-year-old constitutional right to abortion in June.

Even abortion rights supporters were surprised by the large majority of voters in conservative ...Read more

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FBI's Trump search has lawmakers asking for content of documents

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WASHINGTON — Senate Intelligence Committee leaders made a bipartisan request to the U.S. government for classified documents the FBI seized in its search of former President Donald Trump’s home, signaling growing pressure from lawmakers for details on the materials.

Sens. Mark Warner, a Democrat who chairs the committee, and Marco Rubio, ...Read more

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Congress clocks bipartisan achievements despite partisan divide

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WASHINGTON — The House and Senate are concluding a surprisingly productive streak despite deep-rooted partisanship and bitter acrimony between Democrats and Republicans.

Bipartisan success in passing legislation on long-stalled issues such as gun control and infrastructure, along with an emerging consensus on protecting same-sex marriages, ...Read more

Democrats' Schiff says no sign that Trump declassified properly

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WASHINGTON — A senior Democratic lawmaker said he hasn’t seen any evidence that materials the FBI seized from Donald Trump’s home were properly declassified, casting doubt on the former president’s explanations.

“And the idea that 18 months after the fact Donald Trump could simply announce, ‘Well, I’m retroactively declassifying, ...Read more

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Adam Frisch wants to move Lauren Boebert's district away from 'anger-tainment' and toward problem solving

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Adam Frisch is down in the polls but undeterred.

The math is simple enough. There’s a way for him to beat incumbent U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, he said. That is, if he can meet enough voters in the district face-to-face, share his platform and close the about 7% lead she has, according to a recent poll.

“People want and deserve to hear more ...Read more

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Editorial: Trump's antics made us so numb, we learned to ignore almost anything. But not this time

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This is different.

We’ve become so numb, so accustomed to the sliding scale of right and wrong practiced by Donald Trump that it can be hard to see where the line is anymore.

But the news coming out of Mar-a-Lago after the FBI search is appalling. Our ex-president, according to the documents released Friday, is being investigated for ...Read more

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People think of Mexican Catholics as a monolith on abortion. One family shows it's not that simple

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LOS ANGELES — Ana Lopez was 14 when her mother shared some gossip about a woman in their Huntington Beach neighborhood who, rumor had it, had gotten an abortion.

"How could they kill that innocent baby?" Bertha Valdez asked her daughter. "Catholic people don't do that."

"Se va a ir al infierno," Lopez recalls her mother telling her. "She's ...Read more

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Bolsonaro, Lula vie for votes by pledging longer low-income aid

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Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro and challenger Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva pledged to preserve 600 reais ($118) in monthly government aid to poor families while campaigning for election in October.

Front-runner Lula said during a Facebook live event on Saturday that he’s the only candidate committed to keeping the aid at that level. The law ...Read more

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With primaries over, Minnesota's elections take shape

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ST. PAUL, Minn. — Crime. Abortion. Inflation. Trust. Distrust.

Those are some of the words and ideas Minnesotans will hear a lot about in the coming months. Following Tuesday’s primary elections, the stage is set for November’s general election.

Every statewide Minnesota office will be on the ballot: governor and lieutenant governor, ...Read more

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NYT endorses Nadler, Goldman, Sean Patrick Maloney in Democratic primaries

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WASHINGTON — The New York Times has endorsed two incumbent lawmakers and the former lead counsel for the Democrats in Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial in the crowded New York City Democratic primary races for Congress.

The newspaper on Saturday backed Jerry Nadler, a longtime U.S. representative with strong liberal credentials; Sean ...Read more

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House Democrats ask intelligence chief to assess Trump documents

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WASHINGTON — Two top House Democrats asked the U.S. Director of National Intelligence to provide a “damage assessment” after the FBI said it seized highly classified documents at former President Donald Trump’s estate in Florida.

A classified briefing on the assessment’s progress is also sought “as soon as possible,” House ...Read more

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Fulton DA's Trump probe enters more combative phase

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ATLANTA — Over the last 18 months, a team of prosecutors and investigators from the Fulton County District Attorney's office has been sifting through mountains of evidence.

They've pored over telephone logs, emails and text messages. Recordings of phone conversations, hearing transcripts and interview notes. A dense forensic analysis of ...Read more

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Trump search's revelations open new political front for midterms

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Revelations that authorities seized classified material from Donald Trump are poised to shift the political ground ahead of U.S. midterm elections and a potential 2024 run by the former president.

Although the fallout from a remarkable week is just beginning, the search at Trump’s resort in Florida is certain to seep into the November races ...Read more

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Harris calls out 'irresponsible' rhetoric on FBI's Trump search

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Vice President Kamala Harris condemned an attempted attack on an FBI office and criticized supporters of Donald Trump for incendiary rhetoric that has fueled a backlash against law enforcement following a raid on the former president’s Florida home.

“I will say, as a former prosecutor, but as a citizen of our nation, any attacks on law ...Read more

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Editorial: Spending bill's EV subsidies won't work

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The ill-named Inflation Reduction Act is being touted by Democrats and others as, among other things, the fast track to a zero-emissions future.

They argue the slowing manufacturing industry and curtailed automotive production calls for more government stimulation, particularly so electric vehicles are able to take hold and lead the nation into...Read more

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Abortion will become illegal in Idaho as state Supreme Court declines to pause trigger law

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BOISE, Idaho — Idaho residents will no longer be able to seek abortions in state after the Idaho Supreme Court earlier this week let the state implement its near-total abortion ban.

The decision came a little more than a week after a hearing addressed two lawsuits filed by Planned Parenthood in recent months. The first challenged an Idaho law...Read more

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Kansas plans to recount abortion amendment vote, despite proposal's landslide defeat

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Kansas election officials plan to conduct a statewide recount of the vote rejecting an amendment to remove abortion rights from the state constitution after a citizen posted a $200,000 bond for the recount, the state Secretary of State’s Office said.

Separately, Kansas state Sen. Caryn Tyson asked for a recount in 55 counties in the ...Read more


Once Indiana's abortion ban goes into effect, most patients seeking abortions will have to travel beyond its borders

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When Indiana’s near-total abortion ban goes into effect on Sept. 15, the Planned Parenthood clinic in Merrillville — and its 10 other facilities in Indiana — will remain open to provide “critical health care services outside of abortion,” but patients seeking abortion care will likely have to go out of state.

“We provide a whole ...Read more