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Commentary: The Supreme Court won't secure voting rights. It's up to Congress

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After oral arguments in a pair of voting rights cases Tuesday, Supreme Court watchers predict that the justices will uphold two laws that make it harder for Arizonans to get their votes counted. The question is the precise legal standard that the justices will set.

Whatever that standard, the court's lean toward voter restrictions only adds to ...Read more

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Biden DOJ asks Supreme Court to dismiss Sanctuary City cases

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court to dismiss three pending appeals stemming from his predecessor’s efforts to block federal grants to cities and states that don’t cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

In joint filings with the court on Thursday, Acting Solicitor General Elizabeth ...Read more

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After 2 presidents failed, can Biden actually get infrastructure done?

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WASHINGTON — When President Barack Obama outlined plans to overhaul the nation’s infrastructure, Republicans blocked them. President Donald Trump declared it to be “infrastructure week” so often that the phrase became a running joke, yet he failed to follow through with legislation.

Now President Joe Biden, eager to act boldly, believes...Read more

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Trump lashes out at Republican push to purge him from the party

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The GOP civil war just keeps on raging.

Former President Donald Trump took aim at the Senate’s top Republican and a conservative newspaper editorial board on Thursday over what he described as their attempt to “badly hurt” the GOP by pushing for his banishment from the party.

Trump, a voracious consumer of conservative media, took the ...Read more

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In FOIA and immigration rulings, Supreme Court gives government the benefit of the doubt

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court’s conservative majority sided with the government Thursday in a pair of rulings, one that limited the Freedom of Information Act and another that made it harder for immigrants to fight deportation if they have minor crimes on their records.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett spoke for the court for the first time and ...Read more

After tough year, Midwestern farmers prepare for new direction from Washington

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CANTON, Minn. — Bonnie and Vance Haugen's small dairy farm weathered nearly three decades of relentless market forces, shifting government policies and the unpredictable dictates of nature and biology. But 2020 was the year that almost killed this family operation.

"Prices were crashing," Bonnie Haugen said, recalling the chaos in the U.S. ...Read more

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House restarts push to enforce subpoena for Trump's financial records

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WASHINGTON — The federal courts have spent so long deciding whether House Democrats could subpoena Donald Trump’s personal financial records from his accounting firm that the ongoing legal saga has a new wrinkle: What changes now that he’s a former president?

The House Oversight and Reform Committee reissued the subpoena to Mazars USA ...Read more

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Barrett rejects Sierra Club in first opinion for Supreme Court

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WASHINGTON — Justice Amy Coney Barrett issued her first majority opinion for the Supreme Court, a ruling that limits the ability of environmental groups to use the Freedom of Information Act to get government documents.

The 7-2 decision is a defeat for the Sierra Club in a clash stemming from a proposed Environmental Protection Agency rule ...Read more

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House passes George Floyd Police Overhaul Bill opposed by GOP

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The U.S. House on Wednesday passed a sweeping law-enforcement reform bill initially introduced after last year’s protests over police killings of unarmed people of color.

The bill, H.R. 1280, passed 220-212, but it faces little chance in the Senate, where with Republican opposition it’s unlikely to get the 60 votes that would be needed to ...Read more

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In Georgia, Fulton County leaders reject firing of elections director and appoint new elections chair

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ATLANTA — The Fulton County Commission has rejected the firing of county elections director Richard Barron — sending him back to answer to a majority of an elections board that does not want him.

And now, that elections board will have a new leader: Commissioners voted to appoint former Atlanta City Councilman Alex Wan as a replacement for ...Read more

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Biden asks for more time on decision to release Trump's taxes

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The Biden administration said it needed more time to decide whether to turn over former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to Congress.

In a court filing Wednesday, the Treasury Department and the Justice Department said they were still weighing how to respond to a subpoena by House Democrats seeking six years of Trump’s personal and ...Read more

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Trump weighs 2024 White House run without Mike Pence, allies say

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WASHINGTON — Donald Trump is telling allies he’s strongly considering another run for president in 2024 — and close advisers want him to choose someone other than former Vice President Mike Pence for his ticket, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Trump publicly teased at the Conservative Political Action Conference on ...Read more


Report card on Pentagon management shows mixed record

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WASHINGTON — The Defense Department has made progress tackling management problems in the last two years but “significant” challenges remain, the Government Accountability Office told Congress in its latest annual assessment of “high-risk” challenges across the government.

Of 36 areas identified by the GAO, five are chiefly a concern ...Read more

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Q&A: For Rep. Young Kim, it all began with 'Atlas Shrugged'

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WASHINGTON — Energizer Bunny status, showdowns at the family pingpong table, representing California’s 39th District in Congress — Rep. Young Kim shares much in common with her former boss, Ed Royce.

She worked in his Orange County office for two decades, long enough for her kids to start calling him “Uncle Ed.”

Now, as one of two ...Read more

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House leadership pitches Young for OMB director

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WASHINGTON — The top three House Democrats on Wednesday urged President Joe Biden to nominate Shalanda Young as his budget director.

Young, a longtime Democratic aide on the House Appropriations Committee, won praise from Republican and Democratic Senate Budget members during her confirmation hearing on Tuesday for the No. 2 slot at the ...Read more

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States aim to chip away at abortion rights with Supreme Court in mind

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When Rep. Lola Sheldon-Galloway introduced a bill in the Montana House two years ago that would have prohibited abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, the Republican legislator knew it was unlikely to survive the veto pen of the Democratic governor.

Sure enough, then-Gov. Steve Bullock vetoed that bill and two other anti-abortion measures ...Read more

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Commentary: How the riot and the HR 1 debate are fueling the crusade against dark money

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Amid false claims of voter fraud and very real instances of voter suppression, the 2020 election showed that our democracy is in need of an overhaul to create an electoral process that is fair, free of corporate influence and protected from discrimination.

That is why we the people are pushing Congress to pass the For the People Act, a ...Read more

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Threats to lawmakers have nearly doubled in 2021, police chief says

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WASHINGTON — Threats to members of Congress have nearly doubled in the first two months of this year compared to the same time period last year, according to the acting head of the U.S. Capitol Police.

In testimony prepared for a Wednesday House hearing, acting Chief Yogananda Pittman said there has been a 94% increase in threats to lawmakers...Read more

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Exiled to Mar-a-Lago, Trump and his grievances drive Florida Legislature's agenda

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — As they start their two-month session, Republicans in the Florida Legislature are seeking to address some of Donald Trump’s biggest grievances, showcasing that the former president’s political clout remains immense in his home state.

Trump’s favorite targets — Big Tech, China, antifa and election fraud — are ...Read more

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Sweeping climate bill aims for zero carbon emissions by 2050

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WASHINGTON — High-ranking House Democrats unveiled legislation Tuesday to zero out domestic greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, including deep cuts in the next decade, a deadline that has support from the world’s leading climate scientists.

The draft bill would set a U.S. goal to reduce greenhouse emissions by at least 50 percent, from 2005 ...Read more