US Supreme Court rejects Donald Trump ballot challenge in Colorado, blocking state efforts to keep him out of election

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Donald Trump can remain on Colorado’s ballot ahead of the Tuesday primary, the U.S. Supreme court ruled Monday morning, overturning a Colorado Supreme Court decision that had found the former president ineligible.

While the state court’s decision was on hold, the federal justices’ 9-0 ruling puts to rest questions about whether states can...Read more

Many changes to Georgia election laws advanced by GOP lawmakers

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From eliminating ballot bar codes to adding audits, Georgia election laws could change in many ways this year, with 10 bills advancing in the Republican-run General Assembly ahead of the presidential election.

Heading into the final weeks of Georgia’s legislative session, it’s unclear how far lawmakers will go.

Several of the most ...Read more

Nikki Haley, hanging on through Super Tuesday, says Trump is weak because he’s not getting as many votes as he should − she’s wrong

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Nikki Haley has refused to drop out of the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination despite significant losses to Donald Trump in Iowa, New Hampshire and her home state of South Carolina. Haley has tried to cast the race in an especially favorable light: As essentially an incumbent, Trump should be near-unanimously supported, but ...Read more

A far-right political group is gaining popularity in Germany – but so, too, are protests against it

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Hundreds of thousands of people have been protesting across cities in Germany since early 2024, standing up against the Alternative for Germany party, a relatively new, far-right, nationalist party that is known as the AfD.

What has driven so many Germans to suddenly protest against a small, extremist political party?

The ...Read more

Commander of Iran’s elite Quds Force is expanding predecessor’s vision of chaos in the Middle East

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Most Americans have likely never heard of Esmail Ghaani, despite his fingerprints being over a slew of recent attacks on U.S. targets.

As the powerful chief of the Quds Force, the unconventional warfare wing of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Ghaani is charged with overseeing Tehran’s network of allied and proxy groups ...Read more

How much does a government shutdown hurt the economy? Depends how long it lasts

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When the U.S. government shuts down, the immediate and most visible impact is a rupture in its day-to-day operations.

For example, many national museums and parks are closed, immigration hearings are postponed and the Food and Drug Administration isn’t doing routine inspections of domestic food-processing facilities.

But ...Read more

Community-based entrepreneurs are leading the way in solving the local news crisis

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The local news crisis has led to no end of policy proposals, funding initiatives and angry denunciations of the harm done to journalism by the likes of Craigslist, Google and Facebook.

Ideas for responding to the crisis range from paying recent journalism school graduates with state tax revenues to cover underserved communities, as in...Read more

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Commentary: How the GOP fixation on abortion could help Democrats retake the House

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Republicans are the gift that keeps on giving — to Democrats.

The GOP has a democracy problem, thanks to Donald Trump, and a competence problem, thanks to a tiny, shrinking House majority that repeatedly chooses Trump and failure over reality and governing. Now, thanks to their ascendant theological wing, Republicans have a rapidly ...Read more

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A 'degenerate collector' paid $9,000 for Trump sneakers -- and says they're worth more

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PHILADELPHIA -- Roman Sharf is a collector. His most recent addition to his conglomeration? A $9,000 pair of sneakers autographed by former President Donald Trump.

The golden high tops, which don an American flag on the ankle and the letter T in the center, are titled “Never Surrender.” The image of the shoes went viral after Trump unveiled...Read more

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Downstate Illinois congressional race highlights the GOP's hard move to the right

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MARION, Ill. — The day after former President Donald Trump endorsed his congressional opponent, a scorned Darren Bailey who had deeply coveted Trump’s backing took to Facebook to deliver another of his near-daily video devotionals to supporters.

“I am so confident of victory because I believe that you know that you’re not going to let ...Read more

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Silicon Valley's new AI generates election-meddling worries

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When Contra Costa County’s elections staff met with local police and an FBI agent to plan defenses and responses to voting-related threats for the 2024 election year, an unusual new risk had been added to the mix: Silicon Valley’s blockbuster product, generative artificial intelligence.

In one mock scenario, a news report highlighted a ...Read more


Fiscal 2024 spending finale starts to take shape

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House and Senate leaders rolled out a $467.5 billion, six-bill appropriations package Sunday afternoon, revealing where negotiators landed on a bevy of hot-button issues in final fiscal 2024 spending talks.

The package includes the Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science, Energy-Water, Interior-Environment, Military Construction-VA and ...Read more

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Congress reveals plan to fund parts of US government through September

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U.S. congressional leaders revealed a detailed agreement to keep large parts of the government operating through Sept. 30 as they sprint to avert another shutdown deadline at the end of the week.

The $436 billion package, covering about a quarter of funding for government agencies, represents the first real progress toward resolving ideological...Read more

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California has no shortage of key House races on Tuesday

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From the farming communities of the Central Valley to the beaches of Orange County, California is home to a number of competitive House races whose outcomes could determine which party controls the chamber.

Despite its deep blue leanings, the Golden State has emerged as a House battleground where politicians from both parties are hitting ...Read more

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Supreme Court to issue opinion Monday with Trump's ballot case pending

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The U.S. Supreme Court indicated it will issue at least one opinion Monday in a sign the justices might rule on efforts to bar Donald Trump from the presidential election ballot in Colorado just as voters prepare to head to the polls there.

The court never says in advance which opinions it will issue on particular days. But it has handled the ...Read more

When lesbians led the women’s suffrage movement

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In 1911, a team of three women with “lesbian-like” relationships – Jane Addams, Sophonisba Breckinridge and Anna Howard Shaw – took control of the suffrage movement, leading the nation’s largest feminist organization. They promoted a diverse and inclusive women’s rights movement.

My research suggests that the personal ...Read more

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Iran's parliamentary election turnout slumps to historic low

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Iran’s parliamentary elections saw a decline in voter participation to historic lows, according to estimates published by state-run media, in a vote hailed by authorities as a triumph for the ruling establishment regardless of its outcome.

Roughly 25 million Iranians, or 41% of eligible voters, went to the polls on Friday, the official ...Read more

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Trump endorses beleaguered Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert in bid for different congressional seat

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Former President Donald Trump endorsed beleaguered Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s bid to be elected to Colorado’s 4th Congressional District in an otherwise tough week for the congresswoman.

“Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is a Proven Conservative and Effective Leader who delivers for Colorado, and our America First agenda,” Trump wrote...Read more

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Trump vows to boost reciprocal tariffs on imports if reelected

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Donald Trump said he will impose tit-for-tat tariffs if he is elected president, reiterating one of his isolationist policy goals that has already raised concern at home and overseas.

“I will pass the Trump Reciprocal Trade Act,” Trump said Saturday at a rally in Greensboro, North Carolina. “If China or any country makes us pay a 100 or ...Read more

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At NC rally, Trump endorses Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson in governor's race

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RALEIGH, N.C. — An expected endorsement from former President Donald Trump for Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson in the North Carolina governor’s race came on Saturday during a Trump rally in Greensboro.

Trump said Robinson had his “complete and total endorsement.”

Trump was campaigning in North Carolina ahead of Super Tuesday, March 5...Read more