'Don't be proud': Trump urges states to call up National Guard for weekend protests

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is calling for an increase in National Guard forces across the country ahead of large marches expected this weekend spurred by the death of George Floyd, while Washington's mayor publicly rebuked him over the military presence in the nation's capital.

At a Rose Garden event at the White House on Friday ...Read more

Trump claims victory although crises continue

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WASHINGTON -- Buoyed by a better than expected jobs report, President Donald Trump claimed victory Friday over the nation's three most serious crises -- the coronavirus outbreak, protests over police brutality and endemic racism, and an economy on life support -- even though none are close to solved.

With his reelection campaign down in the ...Read more

We caught up with Hillary Clinton. Here's her message for the nation right now

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Since "Hillary," Hulu's four-part documentary about Hillary Clinton, premiered in early March, America has been devastated by a pandemic and convulsed by nationwide protests following the police killing of George Floyd.

Clinton understands the despair that drives the protests and pervades the country in the wake of more than 100,000 pandemic ...Read more

Analysis: Racism, unrest, police brutality. Is America living 1968 all over again? Yes, and no

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In the broad sweep of American history, certain years stand like grim mileposts. The year 1968, bathed in blood and drenched in sorrow, is one. The year 2020 may be another.

The nation is convulsed today in a way it has not been in more than half a century: stalked by a mysterious virus, burdened by soaring joblessness, wrestling -- once again ...Read more

Trump ignores calls for police reforms

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WASHINGTON -- When George Floyd died last week after a Minneapolis police officer pinned him down with a knee on his neck, President Donald Trump reacted much as he had in the past when a black person's fatal encounter with law enforcement was caught on video.

He declared himself disturbed by the "terrible thing" that he saw -- then offered ...Read more

Democrats to unveil plan Monday to end police racial profiling, use of force

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WASHINGTON -- House and Senate Democrats, led by the Congressional Black Caucus, will announce a legislative initiative Monday to end law enforcement practices of racial profiling and excessive use of force that have plagued the black community for decades, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.

Pelosi said during her weekly press conference Thursday that ...Read more

Trump campaign's SpaceX launch video violates NASA ad guidelines

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President Donald Trump's campaign has released a new video called "Make Space Great Again" that violates the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's guidelines for advertising.

The video, which opens with President John F. Kennedy's 1962 speech declaring that America would go to the moon, features several recent images of NASA ...Read more

Analysis: Isolated more than ever, Trump is left in crisis by his own missteps

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WASHINGTON -- Seldom in his 3 1/2 years in the Oval Office has President Donald Trump appeared so alienated from so many as he has this week.

His decision to invoke a military response to nationwide protests against police brutality -- symbolized by the move Monday to gas mostly peaceful protesters in a park across from the White House to clear...Read more

GOP Sen. Murkowski says she's 'struggling' with whether to support Trump

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski told reporters criticism levied at President Donald Trump by his former defense secretary is "true, honest, necessary and overdue" and said she is "struggling" with her support of the president, multiple news outlets reported Thursday.

On Thursday, the Republican senator was asked by reporters in ...Read more

Supreme Court is faulted for shielding police officers from excessive-force claims

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WASHINGTON -- Amid nationwide protests over police killings, the Supreme Court is facing pressure to reconsider the legal immunity that often shields officers from being sued for using excessive force, including brutal arrests and the shooting of innocent people in their homes.

The high court has been sharply criticized from the left and the ...Read more

Trump's attacks on mail-in voting worry some election officials

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WASHINGTON --There is growing concern among election officials and experts that the increasingly partisan debate around voting by mail could sow doubt in the results of the presidential election.

For months, President Donald Trump has been one of the loudest opponents to vote by mail, which experts agree is a safe alternative to in-person ...Read more

Trump confronted Defense Secretary Esper over his comments on protests

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump confronted his defense secretary, Mark Esper, after the Pentagon chief publicly opposed the idea of deploying the military to contain protests, according to people familiar with the matter.

Separately, the president later asked top advisers if they thought Esper could still be effective in his position, two ...Read more

Senate Intelligence Committee votes to bolster whistleblower protections

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WASHINGTON -- The Senate Intelligence Committee backed new protections for intelligence community whistleblowers and new reporting requirements for political campaigns as part of a broader intelligence authorization bill.

The legislation, approved 14-1 by the panel on Wednesday, follows President Donald Trump repeatedly lashing out at a ...Read more

As Trump confronts protests, civil rights leaders see parallels to the past

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WASHINGTON -- Disproportionately high rates of coronavirus. Historic levels of joblessness. Repeated cases of police violence toward African Americans. The crises have created a "perfect storm" of intolerable conditions that have pushed the nation to the brink, black leaders told McClatchy this week, comparing the current turmoil to the ...Read more

Kamala Harris' prospects surge as Joe Biden searches for running mate

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WASHINGTON -- The "progressive prosecutor" brand Kamala Harris tried to build during her failed 2020 presidential bid never stuck with many party activists, who argued her record made her more deserving of the viral meme "Kamala is a cop."

Yet, with the country gripped by a wave of protest against police brutality toward people of color -- and ...Read more

Newsom says California would 'reject' Trump's attempts to send military into major cities

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LOS ANGELES -- In his most outspoken public rebuke of President Donald Trump in months, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday that California would "reject" any attempts by the White House to deploy the military in major cities to end civil unrest following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

"It won't happen," Newsom said ...Read more

Biden widens his lead over Trump during protests, pandemic

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Joe Biden further widened his lead over President Donald Trump as unrest gripped much of the country, up 11 percentage points over the incumbent in the latest Monmouth University poll.

The poll found that registered voters favored Biden 52% to Trump's 41%. Last month Biden led Trump 50% to 41% and in April, 48% to 44%.

"The race continues to ...Read more

Rod Rosenstein to testify about Russia probe

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WASHINGTON -- As deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein oversaw the Russia investigation for two years, pushing back on White House criticism and declaring it wasn't the "witch hunt" that President Donald Trump had claimed.

Rosenstein, who appointed Robert S. Mueller III as special counsel in 2017 and supervised his work, is scheduled to ...Read more

Biden, rescued by black voters, now has to enthuse them

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Joe Biden's political resurrection in the race for the Democratic nomination was due largely to overwhelming support from black voters. Yet racial tensions laid bare by nationwide protests have revealed a problem for Biden in the November election -- he doesn't excite younger black voters who want change, not just a sympathetic ear.

Biden's ...Read more

Lawmakers dust off old proposals on police overhauls

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WASHINGTON -- The policy ideas Democratic members of Congress will propose this month to address deadly police force have been around for years, but so has the opposition from law enforcement advocacy groups and the lawmakers who support them.

Rep. Steve Cohen first filed a bill to track incidents of deadly police force in the wake of unrest in...Read more