Historically black colleges view Trump administration warily, but also with some optimism

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Since taking office, President Donald Trump has pledged "unwavering support" for the critical educational missions of historically black colleges and universities, invited leaders of those institutions to the White House and even dispatched his Education secretary to deliver her first commencement address of graduation season at one of the ...Read more

Trump to propose deep cuts to anti-poverty programs and Medicaid

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump plans to propose $1.7 trillion in cuts to a category of spending that includes major social and entitlement programs for lower-income Americans, as part of an effort to balance the budget within a decade.

The White House will issue a formal budget request Tuesday that includes $274 billion in cuts over 10 ...Read more

House committee chairman says he'll talk to fired FBI Director Comey Monday

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WASHINGTON –– The chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said he'll talk to former FBI Director James Comey on Monday and is pursuing any records of President Donald Trump's meetings with Comey, who was fired by the president.

The conversation between Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Comey would be the first between...Read more

In Montana, miles from Trump's Russia crisis, there's no clamor to impeach

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PHILIPSBURG, Mont. -- Ed Lord and Jim Jenner are friends of long standing who've managed to stay close over the years despite their political differences.

Lord is a Republican who helps run the local party in this breathtaking stretch of rural western Montana. He backed Donald Trump for president.

Jenner is a Democrat and former state lawmaker...Read more

Abortion becomes a big issue in Georgia congressional election

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ATLANTA -- Republican Karen Handel got national attention when she quit a breast-cancer charity because of its ties to an abortion provider. Democrat Jon Ossoff credits his first-place finish in April's special election to strong support from women who back his abortion rights stance.

A split on abortion is one of the starkest contrasts between...Read more

Special counsel's investigation could reach into Trump's business empire

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WASHINGTON -- The appointment of a special counsel empowered to investigate ties between Russia and Donald Trump's presidential campaign now brings the developer's business empire under scrutiny.

It's an entirely new ballgame for the Trump Organization, which until the counsel's appointment Wednesday had been somewhat removed from the political...Read more

White House does not dispute that FBI probe now includes a Trump aide

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump told a pair of Russian envoys that his abrupt decision to fire FBI Director James B. Comey -- whom he described as "crazy, a real nut job" -- had relieved "great pressure" on him because of the Russia investigation, according to a published report.

Adding to Trump's cascading legal and political woes, the ...Read more

Joe Biden: 'I never thought she was a great candidate'

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Joe Biden has a reputation for saying what's on his mind, and on Thursday night, he reportedly didn't hold back at all about former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate," Biden reportedly told an audience of hedge fund managers at the annual SALT ...Read more

Swamp strikes back as trump finds himself with a special counsel

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump won the presidency on the promise he'd drain the swamp. This week, the swamp struck back.

The naming Wednesday of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate the Russian government's meddling in the U.S. election, including ties to Trump's campaign, abruptly shifted the balance of power in ...Read more

Trump budget said to aim for balance through steep cuts, growth

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump will send to Congress a proposal for balancing the federal budget within 10 years through deep cuts to discretionary and safety net spending, according to a U.S. official.

The budget proposal for fiscal 2018 is scheduled to be delivered to lawmakers on Tuesday. It would expand greatly on an outline the White...Read more

'No collusion' with Russia, Trump says, as criminal probe moves ahead

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WASHINGTON -- An increasingly defiant president, a no-nonsense prosecutor and an uncertain Congress nervous about what might lie ahead turned the nation's capital Thursday into a source of political turmoil for months to come.

The appointment 24 hours earlier of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as a special counsel to lead an inquiry into ...Read more

Republicans want to talk taxes, but struggle to be heard amid White House turmoil

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WASHINGTON -- As the Trump White House plunges into turmoil and markets tumble, Republicans in Congress are trying to salvage one piece of their legislative agenda: overhauling the nation's tax system.

Republicans in the House of Representatives were ready to move forward this week on slashing personal and corporate tax rates, a priority of ...Read more

Scandals won't derail Trump's overseas trip, officials insist

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WASHINGTON -- Senior Trump administration officials sought Thursday to dispel concerns that the political scandals swirling around the White House will distract from President Donald Trump's first official trip abroad.

"This trip will convey that America is back," Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a news conference at the State ...Read more

Chicago pothole artist targets president with new piece near Trump Tower

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CHICAGO -- Like many people who have hit the streets near Chicago's Trump Tower to protest President Donald Trump's policies, artist Jim Bachor also pounded the pavement -- but with marble and glass.

Bachor, known for creating mosaics to fill city potholes, last weekend installed his first political piece since he began creating pothole art in ...Read more

Trump lashes out at special counsel, once again undercutting White House message

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump doesn't seem to be responding well to the appointment of a special counsel to head the investigation into whether anyone tied to his campaign cooperated in Russian efforts to affect the outcome of the 2016 election.

As usual, he took to Twitter to express his thoughts -- and send a message to his followers. ...Read more

How Trump might fend off an obstruction of justice claim

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WASHINGTON -- It looks to many like a textbook case of obstruction of justice.

President Donald Trump fired James Comey several weeks after the FBI director says the president asked him -- during a private White House meeting -- to shut down the investigation of Michael Flynn, the ousted national security adviser who was suspected of having ...Read more

Trump's no help recruiting Silicon Valley techies for US work

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WASHINGTON -- Right after President Donald Trump took office, Mikey Dickerson traveled to Silicon Valley to make a pitch for the U.S. Digital Service, a program he'd run that's brought hundreds of technologists to Washington to improve the government's clunky computers and unsecured networks.

As a political appointee, Dickerson's job ended in ...Read more

With Washington at a fever pitch, special counsel is named to lead Trump-Russia probe

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WASHINGTON -- Washington went into full-blown crisis mode Wednesday as the Justice Department named a special counsel to look into Russia's influence on the 2016 election and Congress grappled with growing unease over whether President Donald Trump had tried to quash the investigation.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein tapped former FBI ...Read more

Strong economic outlook may help cushion Trump through Washington turmoil

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WASHINGTON -- After days of brushing aside the political turmoil engulfing Trump's presidency, Wall Street finally took notice and sent stocks reeling Wednesday in their worst drubbing in months.

Whether the retreat marks a reset of investors' sentiments remains to be seen, but there's one important thing Trump has going for him that some of ...Read more

Frustration grips White House staffers

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WASHINGTON -- An increasingly closed off White House continued to reel from multiple crises Wednesday, leaving staffers exhausted and frustrated as foreign policy experts wondered whether President Donald Trump should cancel his first foreign trip, fearing it could end in disaster.

The mood was particularly dour among staffers preparing for ...Read more


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