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Supreme Court's redistricting decision could hurt map challengers

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court’s recent decision on South Carolina’s congressional map will make it more difficult for voters to prove state lawmakers improperly relied on race in drawing new congressional lines, advocates and legal experts say.

The opinion laid out a new standard that requires challengers to show that state legislators ...Read more

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What Philly's gun violence drop looks like in neighborhoods like Kensington, North Philly, and Parkside

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PHILADELPHIA —Two years ago, 38 people were shot in Tioga and Nicetown in just the first five months of the year. This year, there have been just eight shootings there.

Like other cities across the country, Philadelphia has experienced significantly lower levels of gun violence so far this year — and the drop-off is especially pronounced ...Read more

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Editorial: Saving the pill: The Supreme Court averts disaster with mifepristone ruling

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Last week, the nation dodged a bullet with the Supreme Court’s 9-0 decision tossing a lawsuit that had sought to end the decades-old FDA approval of the drug mifepristone, which is used in medication abortions. The trouble for the plaintiffs was that they could not point to any specific harm that they or anyone else suffered from the approval ...Read more

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Commentary: The Supreme Court went out of its way to ignore common sense on bump stocks

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On Friday, the Supreme Court once more narrowed the power of the government to protect the American people from gun violence. In a 6-3 decision, split along ideological lines, the justices invalidated a rule adopted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that prohibited a device, bump stocks, that effectively turns ...Read more

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Editorial: Bumping against the law: Supreme Court's bump stock ruling misses the point

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In a 6-3 ruling along ideological lines Friday, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority decided that congressional intent be damned in siding with a plaintiff who had sued against the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ determination that bump stocks basically turned legal firearms into prohibited machine guns.

...Read more

1789 or 1866 is not 2024: Why historians have a difficult task in guiding Supreme Court justices as they decide today’s legal issues

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History matters at the U.S. Supreme Court, where most justices either embrace or occasionally rely on a form of interpretation called “originalism,” which holds that the original meaning of the Constitution should be sought, and relied on, to decide cases.

Historians matter at the Supreme Court these days, too.

In recent ...Read more

Modern-day outlaws, ‘sovereign citizens’ threaten the rule of law

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In May 2024, an Oklahoma man was arrested and charged with kidnapping and murdering two women, becoming the fifth member of an anti-government group called “God’s Misfits” to face such charges.

With the investigation still underway, details about God’s Misfits remain scarce. The group’s members may be part of the so-called �...Read more

What parents in Michigan – and everywhere – should know about secure gun storage after the Crumbley convictions

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During the recent trial of James Crumbley, the father of the Oxford, Michigan school shooter, prosecutor Karen McDonald demonstrated the use of the cable lock that federal law mandates sellers provide with the 9 mm handgun used in the mass shooting.

Installing the lock took about 10 seconds.

Had Crumbley or his wife, Jennifer ...Read more

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2024 Election: Where Nevada's federal races are at, what the biggest issues will be

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With the June 11 primary over, all eyes are looking to Nevada as more than just a swing state in the presidential election. Its congressional races could play a major role in determining the balance of power in the U.S. Congress — particularly in what is expected to be a competitive Senate race.

In 2022, Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto...Read more


'Bittersweet': Metro Detroiters march for gun violence victims between Saturday shootings

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Hours between shootings that rocked Metro Detroit on Saturday, residents marched along east Detroit streets with photos of deceased loved ones in an annual procession honoring shooting victims.

The gathering helped Robin Sykes, 62, feel less alone in her grief, the Detroit resident told The Detroit News.

“Everyone has been affected, and we�...Read more

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Has Gov. Healey's work for Biden paid off? She says 'relationships matter'

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Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey has pledged loyalty to President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign as a surrogate working to convince voters that the 81-year-old is the right person for another term in the White House.

Has the move paid off?

From hosting a fundraiser in the glimmering Seaport last month to backing Biden’s executive action on...Read more

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Marine Le Pen says she'll work with Macron in appeal to French moderates

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Far-right leader Marine Le Pen said she won’t try to push out President Emmanuel Macron if she wins France’s snap parliamentary election in an appeal to moderates and investors.

“I’m respectful of institutions, and I’m not calling for institutional chaos,” Le Pen told Le Figaro newspaper. “There will simply be cohabitation.”

...Read more

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Le Pen says she's ready to work alongside Macron in France

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Marine Le Pen, the leader of the French far-right, said she won’t try to push out President Emmanuel Macron if she wins the snap parliamentary election that begins later this month.

“I’m respectful of institutions, and I’m not calling for institutional chaos,” Le Pen told Le Figaro newspaper. “There will simply be cohabitation.” ...Read more

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Bidenomics leaves a blue state industrial heartland behind

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President Joe Biden’s trio of legislative packages designed to revive U.S. manufacturing prowess is already helping regions from upstate New York to West Virginia. To the frustration of its local development agency, one that’s getting left behind is a cradle of the American industrial revolution: the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

Powered...Read more

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US's neighbors brace for Trump second term after trauma of first

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Late last year, President Joe Biden’s administration was facing a border problem – and it wasn’t just on America’s frontier with Mexico.

Thousands of Mexican citizens were taking advantage of visa-free travel to fly to Canada and then try to cross into the U.S. by heading south.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came under ...Read more

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Biden, Obama raise at least $28 million at glitzy LA event

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President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama appeared on stage together Saturday night in Los Angeles with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel — a conversation that included poking fun at former President Donald Trump, touting the Democratic incumbent’s policy achievements and trying to motivate voters to head to the polls in November.

�...Read more

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Biden looks to Hollywood for 2024 boost. It hasn't been that simple

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joe Biden is banking on Hollywood’s A-list to help propel him to victory in November, but their star power has yielded a mixed bag for the embattled president.

Big-name actors and musicians, from Robert De Niro to Barbara Streisand, have enticed donors to back Biden’s reelection effort but there’s little evidence they’ve energized ...Read more

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Biden, Obama, celebrities expected to raise record amount at downtown LA event

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LOS ANGELES — President Joe Biden arrived at a star-studded fundraiser Saturday evening in downtown Los Angeles that is expected to raise at least $28 million — the largest cash haul from a one-night event in Democratic history.

Former President Barack Obama, George Clooney and Julia Roberts are among the headliners at the gathering at L.A....Read more

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One in four voters are double-haters, rejecting Trump and Biden

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WASHINGTON — The ranks of the double-haters — voters who say they don’t like either major party presidential candidate — are at a historic high and make up one-quarter of the electorate, according to a new analysis from Pew Research Center.

That’s nearly twice as many as at this point in 2020.

Double-haters were a key factor in ...Read more

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Biden campaign plans fundraiser at Hamptons home of Jana founder

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President Joe Biden will head to the Hamptons later this month as he seeks to bring in more campaign cash than his rival Donald Trump.

The event will be held June 29 at the oceanfront estate of hedge fund manager Barry Rosenstein and his wife, Lizanne, according to an invitation seen by Bloomberg, which listed no other names. Rosenstein, 65, ...Read more