Biden in 1998 called Clinton impeachment a 'partisan lynching'

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WASHINGTON -- Before Joe Biden blasted Donald Trump on Tuesday for calling his possible impeachment a "lynching," the Democratic presidential candidate decried Bill Clinton's impeachment using the same racially tinged term.

"Even if the president should be impeached, history is going to question whether or not this was just a partisan lynching ...Read more

Accusing critics of a 'lynching' is not just a Trump thing

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's description of his impeachment travails as a "lynching" is by no means the first time a public figure has used that term to attack critics.

But there's one thing Trump, a self-described billionaire who's spoken repeatedly -- if not always accurately -- about his European roots, does not have in common with...Read more

Democratic Rep. Katie Hill denies relationship with congressional staffer

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Katie Hill on Tuesday denied allegations she had an improper relationship with the man who is her legislative director. The California Democrat said in a statement her estranged husband is attempting to humiliate her and suggested there is a "coordinated effort" to destroy her.

On Friday, RedState, a self-described ...Read more

Shrinking congressional districts look for federal help

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WASHINGTON -- Despite explosive growth in other areas of the country since 2010, about 80 congressional districts have lost significant population over the decade -- leaving many looking for help from a federal government consumed by impeachment.

Some districts may have lost 30,000 or more people through 2018, many of them in manufacturing and ...Read more

Trump floats Mulvaney replacements including Mnuchin and Conway

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump has for weeks been privately testing the idea of replacing his chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, who's swiftly fallen out of favor with some of the president's allies after high-profile stumbles handling the House impeachment inquiry.

About a month ago, Trump said to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in front of a ...Read more

President Trump to speak at international police chiefs' conference in Chicago

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CHICAGO -- President Donald Trump, who will be in Chicago next week for a campaign fundraiser, also is scheduled to speak at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, a White House official has confirmed.

The president's Monday address comes the same day as a fundraiser hosted by Chicago Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts and ...Read more

Bernie Sanders joins Elizabeth Warren in criticizing Amazon's spending in Seattle City Council elections

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Bernie Sanders has joined fellow Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren in decrying Amazon's heavy spending on Seattle's pivotal City Council elections.

Amazon last week reported a record $1.05 million contribution to a political-action committee that's been paying door-to-door canvassers and buying advertisements to boost pro-...Read more

Immediate backlash hits Trump after he calls impeachment probe a 'lynching'

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WASHINGTON -- Conjuring memories of violent racially motivated murders and drawing an immediate bipartisan backlash, President Donald Trump on Tuesday described House Democrats' impeachment inquiry as a "lynching."

Trump made the statement in a morning tweet that began with a warning that "if a Democrat becomes President and the Republicans win...Read more

Trump's Cabinet meeting devolves into 71 minutes of gripes and grievances

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump, trying to dig out from two new political holes of his own making on top of the expanding House impeachment inquiry, held forth for 71 minutes Monday during what was ostensibly a Cabinet meeting but ended up being a familiar torrent of grievance, defensiveness and bold statements about his expansive view of ...Read more

US Supreme Court overturns ruling in Michigan gerrymandering case: What it means

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday morning officially overturned a ruling that had called for nearly three dozen congressional and legislative districts in Michigan to be redrawn because they unfairly helped one political party.

The decision -- which vacated an earlier ruling made by a three-judge panel by the Sixth U.S. Circuit ...Read more

Tech workers backing candidates looking to break up their employers

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Silicon Valley software engineers seem more loyal to the left wing of the Democratic Party than to their own employers.

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, who has called for breaking up Facebook, Amazon and Google, raised more than $173,000 from tech industry employees in the third quarter, according to Bloomberg News's analysis of public...Read more

Bernie Sanders returns to the campaign trail with a rally in New York City

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LONG ISLAND CITY, New York -- Bernie Sanders leaped back onto the campaign trail Saturday with a rowdy political rally aimed at reassuring supporters unnerved by the 78-year-old's recent heart attack -- and with a lot of encouragement from an unexpected place.

The candidate competing with Sanders to lock down the Democratic Party's most ...Read more

Sanders rallies with Ocasio-Cortez in New York campaign reset

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Bernie Sanders, weeks after a heart attack that threatened to derail his campaign, is resetting his presidential bid on Saturday with a New York City rally and the endorsement of influential Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Vermont senator looks to leverage the charismatic 30-year-old lawmaker, who has outsized influence with left-...Read more

Congress has long sought to bar foreign campaign contributions

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WASHINGTON -- In the decades before President Donald Trump asked Ukraine to launch an investigation into his main political rival in the upcoming presidential election, Congress tried again and again to keep foreign nationals out of American elections and government decisions.

The lawmakers' adversaries over the years sound as if they come ...Read more

Supreme Court will hear challenge to autonomy of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court said Friday it will hear a constitutional challenge to the semi-independent status of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a government agency created by Congress in the wake of Great Recession to police mortgage providers, credit card issuers and other consumer lenders.

At issue is whether the bureau's ...Read more

Trump administration gets high court review on quick deportation

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a Trump administration appeal that could bolster the government's ability to deport undocumented immigrants quickly after their asylum bids are rejected.

Taking up a politically charged issue, the justices said they'll review a lower court's conclusion that people who enter the country ...Read more

Analysis: 4 takeaways from Trump's 'overthrow' rally in Dallas

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump walked slowly into the White House just after 1:30 a.m. Friday even more embattled than when he left it some 15 hours earlier. During a rally in Dallas hours before, he dropped the "I-word" (impeachment) just once as he described himself and conservatives as victims of an "overthrow" conspiracy.

Gordon Sondland, the ...Read more

At Dallas rally, embattled Trump calls 2020 a fight for 'survival of American democracy'

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump wasted little time at a campaign rally in Dallas attacking the Democrats leading an impeachment probe against him, saying "Crazy Nancy" and "Shifty Schiff" hate the United States.

"The Democrats have betrayed our country," he said to cheers, as he said the 2020 election is about the "survival of American ...Read more

Kobach's campaign paid Kansan known to post racist comments on white nationalist site

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WASHINGTON -- Kansas Republican Kris Kobach's Senate campaign paid an Olathe man who regularly posted hateful comments about Jews and racial minorities on a white nationalist website.

Kobach's campaign paid Joe Suber $500 for field coordinating services in September, according to the Republican's latest campaign finance report. Suber also filed...Read more

10 times the late Rep. Elijah Cummings clashed with President Trump

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BALTIMORE -- The late U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings tangled repeatedly with President Donald Trump over the past few years.

The two men clashed from the start, and the conflicts intensified after Democrats took control of the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018, putting Cummings in the chairman's seat of the House Committee on Oversight and ...Read more