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'We're making it up': How coronavirus shifts conservative playbook in Supreme Court fight

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WASHINGTON - FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon has spent the two years since President Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court perfecting his advocacy playbook.

Fly conservative activists to Washington for a multiday workshop. Gather them in a hotel ballroom for training sessions. Send them to the U.S. Capitol to ...Read more


Counterpoint: There were two candidates on stage, but only one adult

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It took all of 10 seconds for the first of three presidential debates between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump to devolve into yet another Trump temper tantrum.

Time and again, moderator Chris Wallace begged, pleaded and at times even yelled at the president to stop interrupting his own questions - to say nothing of Biden's answers - but ...Read more


Point: As bad as it can get

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Well, at least it wasn't boring, because we needed a little more rancor and yelling to round out 2020. Perhaps a cable news segment of boomers interrupting one another to the extent that no clear message can be heard, extended to 96 minutes, is the debate we deserve.

Tuesday night's presidential debate had more than its fair share of fireworks,...Read more

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Editorial: Presidential debate: A national disgrace reveals a national crisis

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The debate Tuesday night degenerated almost from the start into a national disgrace. And yet it served the public interest by making some things alarmingly plain.

President Donald Trump showed himself, possibly even to supporters who were still in denial, as a scowling, humorless, petulant bully who has zero respect for any rules or anyone else...Read more

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Commentary: If Trump can't disavow white supremacists, why should anyone want him as president?

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I'll get to the whole white supremacy thing in the presidential debate in a minute. But first, let me set the scene: Tuesday night, President Donald Trump was belligerent, bullying and wildly inaccurate in most of the first debate with his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden. But that's who Trump is.

I don't know why people were shocked ...Read more

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Editorial: Blame Trump for debate chaos and disinformation

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The much-anticipated first presidential debate of 2020 hit new lows on Tuesday night, and not just because of President Donald Trump's bullying and incessant interruptions of both Democratic opponent Joe Biden and Fox News moderator Chris Wallace.

Trump was responsible for some moments that represent a nadir in modern presidential debate ...Read more

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Commentary: First Trump-Biden match is a debate of depravity, revealing just how far America has sunk

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"My son. My son. My son," cried Joe Biden.

This stunning moment of despair at the first presidential debate, if that's the right word, followed some momentary confusion, or feigned confusion, on the part of the current President of the United States Donald J. Trump.

Were we talking about Hunter Biden, arguably a fair political target, given ...Read more

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Democrats spot erosion of Trump's rural dominance

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MONACA, Pa. - Terri Mitko is sure there are former supporters of President Donald Trump who aren't going to be voting for him again, because she lives with one: her husband.

"There was a whole 'I don't want to vote for Hillary' contingent. And Hillary's not running this time," says Mitko, an attorney and chairwoman of the Beaver County ...Read more


Trump signs stopgap funding bill to avert a government shutdown

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WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump signed stopgap spending legislation early Thursday to avert a government shutdown weeks before the presidential election, the White House said.

The spending authority of the U.S. had lapsed at midnight. The White House announced that he had signed the bill shortly after he returned from a campaign trip to ...Read more

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Hill Republicans in tough battles not thrilled with Trump debate style

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WASHINGTON - House and Senate Republicans in tough reelection battles said Wednesday that President Donald Trump did not do them any favors in his first debate against Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

"With the debate interrupting and name calling - Omaha doesn't like that," said Nebraska GOP Rep. Don Bacon, one of the 10 most vulnerable House ...Read more

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Far-right groups, feeling support from Trump, find fertile recruiting ground in the Northwest

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SANDY, Ore. - The son of Polish immigrants who fled World War II, Andrew Jerzy grew up in a family of Democrats in Southern California amid the cultural and political upheavals of the 1960s.

Taking a different path from many in his generation, he became a staunch conservative - voting Republican, tuning in to Rush Limbaugh and advocating gun ...Read more

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Democratic governors: If Trump loses election, 'he must leave office'

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LANSING, Mich. - Eleven Democratic governors issued a joint statement Wednesday vowing that "democracy will be delivered" in the Nov. 3 election.

The six-paragraph statement came a day after the first presidential debate in Cleveland, where President Donald Trump, a Republican, warned of "fraud like you've never seen" and urged his supporters ...Read more

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Moderator Chris Wallace on the wild presidential debate: 'It was revealing'

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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace was surprised by the ugly contentiousness of the first 2020 debate between President Donald Trump and his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, on Tuesday, but he believes the clash still offered viewers plenty of insights about the two candidates.

"Obviously it was not the debate I had planned for, and to ...Read more

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Among the debate casualties: Serious discussion of climate change

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The gravest risk our nation faces is global warming, a burgeoning crisis so dire that if we don't act decisively and immediately to radically reduce the greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere, we will consign ourselves to an increasingly inhospitable world.

So how much of Tuesday's presidential debate, the first of three scheduled ...Read more

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Trump's 'historic bloc,' like fascist movements, unifies groups with opposing interests

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How is it that working-class whites and a significant number of Latinos could support Donald Trump, a self-aggrandizing billionaire with nothing in common with them and little understanding of their lives?

The Italian political theorist and leader Antonio Gramsci asked a similar question about the appeal of fascism among the working class. Why ...Read more


Senate passes stopgap funding legislation, hours before deadline

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WASHINGTON - The Senate easily cleared a stopgap funding measure Wednesday that would avoid a partial government shutdown in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 3 elections.

On an 84-10 vote, the Senate sent to President Donald Trump's desk a continuing resolution to extend current funding levels for all federal agencies through Dec. 11. Trump is ...Read more


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EDITORS: CAMPAIGN-DEBATE-TRUMP-RACE:LA will not move. Story was held.

Visit the Los Angeles Times at www.latimes.com

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Debate moderator Chris Wallace slammed by critics and Fox News colleagues

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Tuesday night's chaotic presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has been described as, among other things, a "hot mess" and a "travesty," and some of the blame is landing on moderator Chris Wallace.

"Chris Wallace failed to meet the moment," wrote CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy after Tuesday's free-for-all. "... (He) does ...Read more

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'Political propaganda' or 'essential public health messages'? Government-sponsored food boxes include a letter from Trump

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CHICAGO - Food pantries for months have relied on a government-sponsored food box program to serve a spike in needy families during the pandemic. But the latest batch of boxes includes an item some find unpalatable as the election nears: a letter signed by President Donald Trump.

The letter, printed in both English and Spanish on White House ...Read more

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Trump returns to Minnesota to raise money, rally supporters

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MINNEAPOLIS - With five weeks to go before the election, President Donald Trump was back in Minnesota Wednesday to headline a GOP fundraiser in Shorewood and then hold an evening rally in Duluth.

Several dozen supporters were gathered behind barricades across from Air Force One shortly after his arrival at 4:08 p.m. on the Minnesota National ...Read more