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Appeals Court runs out of patience with fight over Trump's taxes, calling his claims 'highly contrived'

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NEW YORK - President Donald Trump's relentless fight to keep his taxes from Manhattan District Cy Vance may soon reach an end.

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ran out of patience Friday with Trump's legal challenges to Vance's subpoenas on his longtime accounting firm.

All three judges on the panel appeared deeply skeptical of arguments by ...Read more

'I really don't think he has done a great job': COVID-19 puts Florida at risk for Trump

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PINELLAS PARK, Fla. - Priscilla Skalka figured Donald Trump's experience as a businessman would serve him well as president, so the Florida retiree voted for him.

Four years later, she's convinced he lacks what it takes to run the country.

The pandemic has upended Skalka's life, first with depression as it kept family away, then with a ...Read more

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'Disgusted' voters in the Philly suburbs could help Biden offset Trump's gains in Pennsylvania

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PHILADELPHIA - Sandy Arnell used to work for Republican lawmakers in Washington and in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's capital. She considered herself to be liberal on issues like abortion but conservative when it came to fiscal issues. She didn't always vote Republican. But she identified as one, and voted in GOP primaries.

Arnell, of Downingtown, ...Read more

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Commentary: If Amy Coney Barrett is nominated and confirmed, it will be a shame for the Supreme Court and the country

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Get ready for the profound changes an even more conservative Supreme Court will make in the law and in American life.

President Donald Trump's short list of candidates to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat - his third Supreme Court selection in four years - are all judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals: 7th Circuit Judge Amy Coney Barrett, 11th ...Read more

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Can firing up the partisan base backfire in Alaska?

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WASHINGTON - Some vulnerable Republican senators have seized on the battle over the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat on the Supreme Court to fire up their conservative bases.

But in Alaska, which leads the country by far with 58% of voters registered as nonpartisan or unaffiliated, Democrats are hoping to use Sen. Dan Sullivan's quick call for ...Read more

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Commentary: Trump may be losing his grip on farm country

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Is the relationship between President Donald Trump and farm country starting to go bad?

At first glance, things have never been better. According to recent data, net farm income will hit $103 billion this year, a whopping 23% increase over 2019. The problem is that most of that bounty isn't due to anything produced down on the farm. Instead, ...Read more

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Editorial: Face it: Wear a mask when you vote and let's talk about it. Now

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It's what Broward Supervisor of Elections Pete Antonacci didn't say that stirred up so much dust this week.

In the long run-up to the 2020 election, Antonacci sought to project confidence and a sense of calm, in contrast to the jittery sense of impending doom before past elections. The lawyer from Tallahassee, Florida, hired and trained ...Read more

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Editorial: The president vs. democracy: By refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, Trump threatens the very foundation of the American republic

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The president, convinced his reelection was doomed as the country teetered on the edge, with Americans violently split amid racial animosity and charges that he had badly mismanaged an unprecedented national calamity that had claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands, wrote the following and had his Cabinet sign it sight unseen, bonding their ...Read more

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Medical neglect and falsified records harmed detained immigrants, congressional report finds

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WASHINGTON - Medical mismanagement and falsified records may have contributed to the deaths of immigrants held at for-profit detention centers that are run under contract with the federal government, according to a report released Thursday by the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

The report, based on a yearlong investigation by Democratic ...Read more

Election in Minnesota's 2nd District delayed after death of third-party candidate

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WASHINGTON - The November election in Minnesota's 2nd District, and those voters' representation in Congress early next year, got thrown into chaos Thursday after the reported death of a third-party candidate. A state official, citing state law, said the House election would be held early next year.

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon ...Read more

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Biden maintains an edge over Trump in new Pa. poll, as pessimism over coronavirus and the economy looms

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PHILADELPHIA - Pennsylvania voters are closely tuned into the 2020 election, pessimistic about the coronavirus, the economy, and their own personal finances - and currently giving Joe Biden the edge over President Donald Trump, according to a new poll.

The Franklin & Marshall College survey released Thursday showed the former vice president and...Read more

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'Joe Biden has no ground game in Florida': Will Mike Bloomberg's money change that?

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MIAMI - Progressive activists backing Joe Biden in Florida say they've made millions of phone calls, sent hundreds of thousands of text messages and even written thousands of letters to persuade voters to support the Democratic presidential nominee.

But one thing they're largely not doing - and growing increasingly worried about - is talking to...Read more

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Polls show Biden has support in red states, Collins is struggling in New Hampshire

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WASHINGTON - Joe Biden continues to make inroads against President Donald Trump in states that went Republican four years ago, new polling suggests. If Democrats can flip a few of them - especially Arizona or Florida - while maintaining their 2016 wins, Biden's path to victory would be a straightforward one.

Elsewhere in the world of data, a ...Read more

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'Vote him out!': Trump jeered by protesters while paying respect to Ginsburg at Supreme Court

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As President Donald Trump and his wife emerged at the top of the Supreme Court steps on Thursday morning to pay their respects to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a throng of onlookers broke out into a deafening chant of "Vote him out," their words echoing against the historic marble building.

But Trump claimed afterward that he could barely hear ...Read more

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Chief Justice John Roberts faces fight over next nominee, possible disputed election

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WASHINGTON - During the last contested presidential election, John Roberts flew to Florida as a private attorney to advise its governor, Jeb Bush, how to navigate the fight ahead.

The governor's brother, George W. Bush, won that contest at the Supreme Court against Al Gore in 2000, became president, and later appointed Roberts to the high court...Read more

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Trump's niece files suit, alleging she was fleeced of inheritance by her uncle and his siblings

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NEW YORK - The estranged niece of President Donald Trump, in a Manhattan lawsuit filed Thursday, accused her uncle Donald and his two siblings of stealing her multimillion-dollar inheritance in the years after her father died in 1981. By the time family patriarch Fred Trump Sr. passed away in 1999, Mary Trump was already out a fortune siphoned ...Read more

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Trump's talk of rejecting election result evokes chaos scenarios

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WASHINGTON - As President Donald Trump, backed by his army of attorneys, has laid groundwork to undermine an election result that does not cast him as victor, Republican lawmakers found themselves in the astonishing position Thursday of having to reassure Americans there would be a peaceful transition of power should he lose.

The Republican-...Read more

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Battle over Ginsburg successor could add a charge to Texas Senate race

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WASHINGTON - The looming Senate fight over confirming a Supreme Court nominee will put members of the Judiciary Committee in the spotlight, particularly Texas Republican John Cornyn, a former state Supreme Court judge.

Cornyn's reelection campaign against Air Force veteran MJ Hegar has not been one of the marquee races in the battle for control...Read more

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Trump says he's 'not a fan' of Meghan Markle after she urges Americans to vote

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President Donald Trump insulted Meghan, duchess of Sussex, Wednesday, after she and her husband, Prince Harry, urged Americans to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

When asked by a reporter at a White House press briefing for his thoughts on the royal couple encouraging "people to vote for Joe Biden," the president took a dig at the ...Read more

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In Arizona, voter outreach groups become lifelines for people hit by COVID-19

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PHOENIX - When Imelda Quiroz began knocking on doors this month in search of registered voters, one question would often lead to a glimpse of their daily struggles.

"How has the pandemic affected you?" she would prompt in English, sometimes in Spanish. She wanted to get a sense of how voters were doing and what issues were important to them ...Read more