Harris hits trail under pressure to prove she can beat Trump

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Vice President Kamala Harris will launch her nascent presidential campaign in earnest Tuesday with a rally in Milwaukee seeking to answer the biggest question on skittish Democrats’ minds: How does she plan to beat Donald Trump?

Harris, thrust suddenly into the fray after Joe Biden announced Sunday that he wouldn’t seek reelection, has ...Read more

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Secret Service director resigns after Trump rally shooting

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WASHINGTON — Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle has resigned in the wake of the firestorm over her agency’s failure to protect former President Donald Trump from an assassination attempt at a Pennsylvania rally.

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed Tuesday that she stepped down, the day after she testified in the House about ...Read more

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Slammed over Trump shooting security, US Secret Service director Cheatle resigns

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The director of the Secret Service resigned Tuesday amid growing criticism over security lapses during the assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump.

Kimberly Cheatle had faced growing calls to step down from both Democrats and Republicans.

“I take full responsibility for the security lapse,” she said in an email to staff...Read more

Poll finds Harris does better than Biden in presidential contest with Trump

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Vice President Kamala Harris does better than President Joe Biden in a matchup with former President Donald Trump, a nationwide poll released Tuesday shows.

The poll, conducted by Florida Atlantic University, doesn’t show a major difference, but Harris vs. Trump is closer than Biden vs. Trump.

FAU found:

•49% for...Read more

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Hill Democrats relieved, but GOP preps Harris-focused attack lines

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WASHINGTON — With President Joe Biden’s announcement Sunday that he’s abandoning his reelection campaign, the Democrats’ freakout over the top of the ticket is over — at least for now.

Vulnerable down-ballot Democrats have rallied around Vice President Kamala Harris as their party’s nominee, saying she will provide a jolt of ...Read more

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What Joe Biden's decision means for California Gov. Gavin Newsom

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LOS ANGELES — Gov. Gavin Newsom's endorsement of Vice President Kamala Harris for the Democratic presidential nomination confirmed a foregone conclusion: Anyone hoping to see the governor in the White House should put those dreams on ice.

"Tough. Fearless. Tenacious. With our democracy at stake and our future on the line, no one is better to ...Read more

Harris poised to poll better against Trump than Biden did

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Vice President Kamala Harris will launch her nascent presidential campaign in earnest Tuesday with a rally in Milwaukee seeking to answer the biggest question on skittish Democrats’ minds: How does she plan to beat Donald Trump?

Harris, thrust suddenly into the fray after Joe Biden announced Sunday that he wouldn’t seek reelection, has ...Read more

Lincoln called for divided Americans to heed their ‘better angels,’ and politicians have invoked him ever since in crises − but for Abe, it was more than words

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Following the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, community leaders, clergy and politicians including President Joe Biden have called on Americans to tone down white-hot political rhetoric. Some have invoked the words of one figure in particular: Abraham Lincoln.

As a scholar who has written about how American politics became so ...Read more

Sure, 2024 has had lots of news – but compared with 1940, 1968 or 1973, it’s nothing exceptional

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History usually happens at a leisurely pace, with major events months or even years apart. But this year, it seems like someone has pushed fast-forward, with significant events coming on a weekly or even daily basis. One company is now selling a T-shirt declaring “THIS IS MY LIVING IN UNPRECEDENTED TIMES SHIRT.”

The announcement ...Read more

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Editorial: Pitted against Kamala Harris, can Trump tone down the racism and misogyny?

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Vice President Kamala Harris is the highest-ranking female in U.S. political history and the first Black woman and Asian American to hold her post. The 59-year-old lawyer is a former U.S. senator and served as California attorney general and San Francisco’s district attorney.

Yet when former President Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s ...Read more

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Editorial: After Joe -- Biden's withdrawal decision shifts the election again

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President Joe Biden has withdrawn from the 2024 presidential election, stepping aside in the race to best Donald Trump in a contest over the basic identity of this country.

Whatever one might think of the decision — whether you believe Biden was railroaded out by skittish Dems or stepped aside for the good of the country or something in ...Read more

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Commentary: Biden should still run, as Harris' VP

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Now that Joe Biden has exited the race for president, the best strategy for the Democratic Party, is the simplest. Switch Kamala Harris and Biden on the ticket. Harris for president and Biden for vice president. Why not?

Voters, pundits and pollsters were concerned about the president’s capacity, his ability to execute the awesome ...Read more

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Editorial: Biden's selfless act alters the arc of history

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Joe Biden has been as good a president as any and better than most. Based on his record, he has earned a second term. Yet he stood down from his re-election campaign to allow someone younger and more the picture of vigorous health to finish the work of keeping the nation, and the world, safe from Donald Trump.

This is the most unselfish act by ...Read more

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Editorial: Biden finally bows to the inevitable and leaves race

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Joe Biden began his national political career in 1972, improbably ousting a Republican senator in Delaware at the age of 29. Biden was so young that he was elected before he was old enough, per the Constitution, to serve in the Senate. He turned 30 on Nov. 20 of that year, enabling him to take the seat in early 1973.

He ended his career Sunday ...Read more

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Commentary: Trump assassination attempt will fuel political extremism

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President Joe Biden’s initial response to the attack on Donald Trump, calling it “sick” and reaching out to his stricken adversary to express support, was commendable. Statements from other prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as notable Republicans like former President ...Read more

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Editorial: Better terms -- Supreme Court ethics rules and term limits are good for democracy

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President Joe Biden is reportedly pondering support for a legislative package that would enact ethics rules with the force of law on the Supreme Court, as well as some sort of term limits.

He should throw his weight behind such a proposal, which would be broadly popular with the American public and take aim at an out-of-control top court. ...Read more

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Biden says he's 'not going anywhere' in first public remarks since dropping out of the presidential race

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In his first public remarks since dropping out of the presidential race and endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris to replace him, President Joe Biden made clear Monday night that he's "not going anywhere."

In a surprise phone call to his former campaign headquarters — now the Harris campaign headquarters — in Wilmington, Del., Biden urged ...Read more

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'Embrace her,' Biden says, as Harris gives her first speech as likely Democratic nominee

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Vice President Kamala Harris launched her official campaign Monday with a fiery address to supporters in Delaware — her first public address since overnight becoming a candidate for president and the Democrats' likely nominee.

Harris arrived at the campaign's headquarters in Wilmington, where staffers erupted into cheers.

Before Harris ...Read more

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'Changes everything': Harris atop Democratic ticket alters race with Trump

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WASHINGTON — “Ruffles and Flourishes” played at the start of a White House event on Monday, but in a musical reminder of the transformed presidential race, the blaring horns were not followed by “Hail to the Chief.”

Vice President Kamala Harris, not a still-recovering Joe Biden, walked onto a South Lawn stage one day after the ...Read more

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Pentagon to bolster response to China, Russia in Arctic

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The United States will expand its military readiness and surveillance in the Arctic given heightened Chinese and Russian interest coupled with new risks brought on by accelerating climate change, the Pentagon said in a new report.

Measures are needed “to ensure the Arctic does not become a strategic blind spot” as melting ice makes the ...Read more