Lawmakers expect vote to block Trump's emergency order, and then face a veto

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WASHINGTON –– U.S. lawmakers said Sunday that there may be support in Congress to disapprove Donald Trump's order declaring an emergency to secure funding for a border wall, but not enough votes to overturn an expected veto.

Trump issued the order Friday to divert certain military funding for wall construction, after Congress approved only ...Read more

Lindsey Graham says talk about removing Trump will be examined at hearing

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Sen. Lindsey Graham said he could subpoena Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to explore allegations that they discussed whether President Donald Trump could be removed from office.

McCabe said in an interview scheduled to air on CBS' "60 Minutes" Sunday that Rosenstein discussed with him in 2017...Read more

Ruth Bader Ginsburg expected back on Supreme Court bench Tuesday

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WASHINGTON –– Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is expected to sit for a U.S. Supreme Court argument Tuesday for the first time since she had surgery in December to remove cancerous masses from one of her lungs.

Ginsburg's presence will be a relief to liberals worried about the prospect that the 85-year-old justice might have to resign and give ...Read more

O'Rourke stays mum on 2020 while decrying Trump-stoked 'fear'

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CHICAGO -- Beto O'Rourke, the Texas Democrat thought to be considering a 2020 White House run, told a group of politically active Latinos that President Donald Trump's attempt to use executive power to build a southern border wall marks a new challenge that must be answered.

"This president has declared a national emergency and he's using it as...Read more

Nigerian presidential elections delayed until next week

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LAGOS, Nigeria -- Nigeria's presidential elections will be delayed until next week, the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission told reporters early Saturday, saying "challenges" had been identified.

Speaking hours before polls were due to open, Mahmood Yakubu said that the vote would be rescheduled for Feb. 23 following a ...Read more

Trump's border wall 'emergency' faces first legal challenge

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SAN FRANCISCO -- A nonprofit sued to block President Donald Trump from diverting roughly $8 billion from the federal budget to pay for his promised border wall after declaring a national emergency.

Public Citizen, a consumer rights think tank, filed the complaint on behalf of a nature preserve and three landowners in southern Texas who have ...Read more

Sarah Sanders says Mueller's office interviewed her in Russia investigation

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WASHINGTON -- White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said she was interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller's office, which is investigating possible collusion between President Donald Trump's campaign and the Kremlin in the 2016 election.

"The president urged me, like he has everyone in the administration, to fully cooperate with the ...Read more

Trump's political success comes with a cost for his business

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NEW YORK -- When President Donald Trump took office, his critics feared that he would exploit his new position for the benefit of his family business. And while some properties of the Trump Organization -- most notably its hotel in Washington -- have prospered, other enterprises have languished or failed.

On Thursday the company, announced that...Read more

All mail-in ballots in 2 NC counties were tainted, Democratic challenger says in asking for new election

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Ballot harvesting by a Bladen County political operative "tainted" more ballots than the current margin in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District, Democrat Dan McCready's attorneys allege in documents filed to the state board of elections.

McCready trails Republican Mark Harris by 905 votes in unofficial results from the...Read more

Trump doesn't let environmental laws stand in the way of border barrier construction

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WASHINGTON -- Over the last week, Marianna Trevino Wright has watched work crews drive through her butterfly sanctuary in the Rio Grande Valley to a nearby site where brush is being cleared for a planned six-mile stretch of border wall.

Homeland Security has planned to build an 18-foot-tall steel and concrete barrier across the National ...Read more

Trump: Where's my Nobel Prize?

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WASHINGTON -- Forty-five minutes into a 49-minute news conference Friday that was disjointed, defensive and yet unusually subdued, President Donald Trump looked into the sun at the throng of journalists and television cameras and offered a window into his bruised psyche.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had shown him a "beautiful" six-page ...Read more

California to sue Trump administration over national emergency declaration

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday that California is planning to sue the Trump administration over its declaration of a national emergency on the southern border with Mexico, delivering on a promise state Attorney General Xavier Becerra made last week "to reject this foolish proposal in court the moment it touches the ground." ...Read more

Analysis: Trump wings it in feisty, combative Rose Garden emergency announcement

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WASHINGTON -- A testy and combative President Donald Trump winged it Friday in the Rose Garden, turning an often rambling defense of his border security emergency into a 2020 assault on Democrats.

Trump has redefined the presidency around his unique style and penchant for unpredictable and unprecedented moves, as well as the sharp rhetoric he ...Read more

Supreme Court agrees to decide by summer on Trump's new census question

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court agreed Friday to rule by this summer on the Trump administration's plan to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census, dealing a potential political blow to states with large numbers of immigrants.

In a brief order, the justices granted a request from Trump's lawyers to bypass the appellate courts and decide ...Read more

Republicans have concerns about Trump's emergency declaration, too

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WASHINGTON -- Some in the president's party are wringing their hands about how the emergency declaration for a border wall might set a reckless precedent.

They wonder how a future Democratic president could circumvent Congress on liberal spending priorities like the Green New Deal -- the sprawling plan supported by Democratic progressives to ...Read more

Trump, testing limits of presidential authority, to declare border emergency

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump plans to cap months of speculation and two years of failed negotiations over fortifying the southern border by declaring an emergency on Friday, initiating almost certain legal challenges over the extent of his executive power as well as a new set of political risks.

The declaration is intended to circumvent...Read more

Maxine Waters has a powerful new position. House freshmen such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could make it challenging

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Maxine Waters had toiled 28 years in Congress for the moment last month when she presided over the powerful House Financial Services Committee for the first time as its chairwoman -- and she wanted to make sure everything was perfect.

So the Los Angeles Democrat cleared her throat, prepared her notes and adjusted a thin ...Read more

Democrats demand detailed plans for defeating Trump in 2020

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WASHINGTON -- They can't ignore Donald Trump forever.

With the exception of a few tweets and barbed asides, the Democratic presidential candidates have spent the opening weeks of the 2020 campaign avoiding talking much about the man they aim to unseat, instead casting their own campaigns as forward-looking and positive.

But at a moment when ...Read more

Supreme Court weighs census question that could undercut California's power

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court meets behind closed doors Friday to weigh a question that could shape the political power of California for the decade ahead.

At issue is the Trump administration's plan to ask all households for the first time since 1950 whether occupants are U.S. citizens.

State officials and Latino activists have been ...Read more

Trump's take on trade echoes Ocasio-Cortez's brand of socialism

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WASHINGTON -- On the face of it, self-declared socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Donald Trump have little in common when it comes to economic policy. He's been cutting taxes. She wants the rich to pay more. He wants more coal-fired power plants. She has plans for a Green New Deal. And then there's trade. Trump has lately taken to declaring ...Read more


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