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Sen. Menendez: Passing immigration bill has 'herculean' challenges

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WASHINGTON — New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, the lead sponsor of President Joe Biden’s immigration overhaul bill, says he’s willing to negotiate with Republicans to reach the threshold necessary to pass the measure in the Senate.

“I’m under no illusions. I know from my time in the ‘Gang of Eight’ that passing immigration reform ...Read more

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McConnell faces growing conservative heat on impeachment

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WASHINGTON — A myriad of conservative voices are warning Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell against doing anything to facilitate a conviction of former President Donald Trump in an impeachment trial that he’s proposing begin next month.

“He has to keep the Republican caucus in line and make sure as few Republicans vote for impeachment...Read more

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Biden's $1,400 stimulus payments might take a while. Here's why Congress is reluctant

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WASHINGTON — Don’t look for that $1,400 stimulus check from President Joe Biden anytime soon.

While there is still strong sentiment in Congress in favor of the payments, disagreements have emerged over the new president’s overall economic package and those disputes are likely to slow approval of any new stimulus money.

Biden wants a $1,...Read more

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Trump tax returns remain target of congressional Democrats

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WASHINGTON — A lawyer for the U.S. House of Representatives signaled that congressional Democrats will move aggressively during the Biden administration to obtain former President Donald Trump’s tax returns, telling a judge “enough is enough.”

“The House has been stymied for a long time,” the lawyer, Douglas Letter, said Friday at a...Read more

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Biden takes executive action to expand unemployment, food aid while waiting on stimulus moves

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President Joe Biden took executive action Friday to expand access to unemployment and food aid while Congress begins considering his proposal for a sweeping $1.9 trillion stimulus package amid continued economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

One executive order signed by Biden directs the Agriculture Department to provide 15% more in ...Read more

Trump-branded New York building looks to remove president's name

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Donald Trump’s name is emblazoned on buildings across Manhattan, usually spelled out in large gold lettering. Residents at one of those buildings would like to change that.

A group of owners at Trump Palace has met to discuss removing the former president’s name from the hulking condominium tower on the Upper East Side, according to one ...Read more

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Biden's first actions, proposals offer little compromise to GOP

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden capped his first three days in the White House by signing executive actions aimed at addressing economic distress amid the coronavirus outbreak, but he has done little so far to appeal to Republicans, who are balking at his proposals for broader relief.

Biden on Friday signed orders that beef up worker rights,...Read more


Yes, Bernie Sanders is laughing at those viral inauguration memes too

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Sen. Bernie Sanders is feeling the Bern — and the love — after a photo of him sitting alone in his face mask, winter coat and patchwork mittens at Wednesday's presidential inauguration went viral.

On Thursday's episode of "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Sanders was amused by the now-ubiquitous image, which has Twitter hailing the Vermont ...Read more

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Democrats called for witnesses in first Trump impeachment trial, but not this time

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WASHINGTON — Democrats’ relentless but unsuccessful fight for witnesses during President Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial could come to haunt them as they prepare for his second.

Many in the party are pushing for a speedy Senate trial so the chamber is not distracted for long from other Democratic priorities: confirming President ...Read more

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Pelosi to move article of impeachment to Senate on Monday, Schumer says

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WASHINGTON — Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to send the article of impeachment against former President Trump to the Senate on Monday, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., said Friday.

Pelosi’s decision to move the article will mark the likely start of the Senate’s impeachment trial of Trump, who was accused of inciting the Jan...Read more

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Trump's pardons included health care executives behind massive frauds

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At the last minute, President Donald Trump granted pardons to several individuals convicted in huge Medicare swindles that prosecutors alleged often harmed or endangered elderly and infirm patients while fleecing taxpayers.

“These aren’t just technical financial crimes. These were major, major crimes,” said Louis Saccoccio, chief ...Read more

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Trump campaign paid organizers of pre-riot rally $2.7 million

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WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump’s campaign paid more than $2.7 million to individuals and firms that organized the Jan. 6 rally that led to violent rioters storming the U.S. Capitol, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The payments, which span Trump’s reelection campaign, show an ongoing financial relationship ...Read more

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Editorial: Finally, a president with a COVID-19 plan

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If there is a single day that marks the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., it would be Jan. 21, 2020, when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that it had confirmed the first case of the novel coronavirus on American soil.

The following day, President Donald Trump, who was attending the World Economic Forum in ...Read more

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Despite public support, democracy reform faces uphill battle in Congress

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On the heels of a contentious election and attempted insurrection, congressional Democrats and Americans across the political spectrum are on the same page when it comes to making democracy reform a top legislative priority.

But renewed efforts to pass legislation known as HR 1 — which would expand access to the ballot box, curb the influence...Read more

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Editorial: Congress has to seize the moment Biden has given it to fix immigration

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Amid his first wave of actions after his inauguration Wednesday, President Joe Biden took direct aim at the nation's dysfunctional immigration system by rescinding some of the Trump administration's more extreme approaches to enforcement and pushing Congress to finally adopt comprehensive reforms. That's a refreshing — and responsible — ...Read more

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Editorial: Worst. President. Ever.

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Well before 2020, when he tragically failed to lead the nation through the pandemic — and long before Jan. 6, when he launched his unprecedented, anti-constitutional assault on Congress and democracy itself — President Donald J. Trump had already cemented his place as the most inept and dangerous leader in America’s history. On Wednesday, ...Read more

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Editorial: How can America recover from its Trump-induced trauma?

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On Thursday, the nation woke up and there was no tweet from the president of the United States fomenting ignorance and division, encouraging people to act outrageously or to disbelieve science. He won't be wondering aloud whether bleach, taken internally, would prevent or cure COVID-19. He won't make a new enemy of another longtime ally or enact...Read more

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What's next for TV now that Trump has left the White House?

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“The Good Fight” was the only TV show that truly understood President Trump.

A few did OK. “Jane the Virgin,” “Orange is the New Black,” “Madam Secretary,” “One Day at a Time” and “Superstore” all tackled ICE and anti-immigration policies. “American Horror Story,” for all the faults of its “Cult” season, properly...Read more

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Biden orders will boost food aid, change rules for federal workers

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WASHINGTON – The White House will release executive orders Friday calling for an “all-of-government effort” to provide wider food and other assistance to Americans amid the pandemic and for changes in labor relations rules, including a mandated $15 an hour minimum wage for federal contractors.

“These actions are not a substitute for ...Read more

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House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy backs away from blaming Trump for Capitol insurrection

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Thursday that former President Trump's words at a rally did not incite the violent mob that invaded the U.S. Capitol earlier this month, contradicting his previous comments that Trump bore responsibility for the insurrection that resulted in five deaths.

"I don't believe he provoked it if you listen to ...Read more