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Venezuelan vote marred by government interference, Carter Center says

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Venezuela’s recent elections were marked by unfairness and political repression, but in a positive change from recent years, they did allow greater participation for the opposition, Jimmy Carter’s Carter Center wrote in a report.

While the opposition got more votes, the ruling party won most of the available positions amid low turnout and ...Read more


President Joe Biden to visit Kansas City next week as he promotes infrastructure law

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden will travel to the Kansas City area on Wednesday, according to White House officials, in a visit that comes as he continues to promote his new infrastructure law and build support for a federal social spending proposal.

The White House did not immediately announce the exact location of the visit — Biden’s ...Read more

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Trump's media company to get $1 billion in investment from SPAC

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Former President Donald Trump’s media company said Digital World Acquisition Corp. has agreed to a $1 billion investment following the combination of both companies.

Trump first announced the plan to merge with the so-called blank-check firm in October that would help enable him to regain a social media presence after he was kicked off ...Read more

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US officials say chances of rejoining Iran nuclear deal may slip away

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WASHINGTON — Iran didn’t show seriousness in the latest talks to rejoin a 2015 accord restraining its nuclear program, and the U.S. is preparing for a scenario in which restoring the deal won’t be possible, a senior U.S. official said Saturday.

It was the most pessimistic American assessment of the negotiations yet.

In the seventh round...Read more

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Sen. Kyrsten Sinema won't commit to voting for Biden's big social spending package

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Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is still on the fence about Build Back Better.

The moderate holdout broke her silence on Friday about President Joe Biden’s $1.8 trillion social spending plan, saying only that she is still negotiating with fellow Democrats.

In a rare TV interview, the usually tight-lipped Sinema declined to back the bill, which ...Read more

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Trump upset with ex-aide Mark Meadows for spilling the beans on positive COVID-19 test before debate with Biden: report

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Former President Donald Trump is reportedly boiling mad at former aide Mark Meadows for disclosing that Trump tested positive for COVID-19 in the days before the first debate with Joe Biden.

The famously mercurial Trump has derided Meadows in conversations with friends since the ex-White House chief of staff revealed the previously unknown test...Read more

Number of US households with married couple and children falls to record low

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WASHINGTON — The number of U.S. homes with a married couple and kids fell to a record low, according to new government data, as the pandemic further delayed weddings and more adults don’t plan to have kids at all.

The share of the U.S.’s 130 million households headed by married parents with children under age 18 fell to 17.8% in 2021 from...Read more


Missouri Republicans, anticipating blow to Roe v. Wade, push anti-abortion proposals

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Missouri Republicans, encouraged by an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court decision many anticipate will severely reduce or eliminate the federal right to end a pregnancy, are poised to push an aggressive new slate of anti-abortion measures in the General Assembly next year.

Proposals include requiring women to undergo an ...Read more

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First lady Jill Biden visits Philly to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations for kids

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PHILADELPHIA — As young children got vaccinated against the coronavirus on Friday at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in West Philadelphia, they joined more than 12,700 kids who have already done so in Philadelphia.

Their shots were already exciting — finally being able to get protected against COVID-19 was a big deal for the little ...Read more

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Justice Department blasts 'crude' Trump words while backing him in E. Jean Carroll case

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NEW YORK — The Biden administration sided with Donald Trump in urging a federal appeals court to find that he couldn’t be sued for defamation while he was president, which would allow him to dodge a lawsuit by a woman who claims he raped her two decades ago.

New York advice columnist E. Jean Carroll went public in 2019 with her claim that ...Read more

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Editorial: Wading into perilous waters - Conservatives on the Supreme Court look set to trash Roe v. Wade's viability line -- but what would they replace it with?

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Not even the most strident defender of abortion rights would call the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision a model of elegant jurisprudence. But as six conservatives on the Supreme Court itch to strike it down — on the grounds that women’s bodily autonomy during pregnancy, at least until a fetus is thought to be viable outside the womb, is not rooted ...Read more

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Editorial: The Supreme Court can't pretend that overturning Roe vs. Wade would be anything but political

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The Supreme Court heard arguments Wednesday in the most important case on abortion rights in three decades. And by the direction of the comments and questions, the court could be headed toward a major, if misguided and dangerous, scaling back of constitutional protections under Roe vs. Wade.

The state of Mississippi is asking the Supreme Court ...Read more

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Congress extends government funding until February, averting a shutdown

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WASHINGTON — Congress approved a government spending bill late Thursday, averting a potential government shutdown with about 24 hours to spare after the latest example of the partisan standoffs crippling Washington's most basic functions.

Republican and Democratic congressional leaders had brokered an agreement Thursday morning to fund the ...Read more

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Michael Cohen asks appeals court to order Trump Org cover his legal fees

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NEW YORK — Michael Cohen asked a Manhattan appeals court Thursday to reconsider a ruling that spares the Trump Organization from having to pay his hefty legal bills.

Trump’s former personal attorney says the ex-president’s company must foot the bill for more than $1 million in unpaid lawyers’ fees incurred through the Mueller ...Read more

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Senate clears stopgap government spending, averting shutdown

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WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday night averted a U.S. government shutdown and passed a stopgap spending measure, sending it to President Joe Biden for his signature.

The 69-28 vote followed a day of negotiations between Senate leaders and a group of conservative Republicans who demanded a vote on an amendment blocking Biden’s COVID-19 ...Read more

What 'your' vs. 'you're' says about Congress right now

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WASHINGTON — When Marjorie Taylor Greene trashed a fellow Republican on Twitter this week, the exchange raised serious questions about abortion, Islamophobia and eroding civility in Congress. But it also left many in Washington fired up about something else — basic grammar.

“@NancyMace is the trash in the GOP Conference. Never attacked by...Read more

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Trump says he'll sue rape accuser E. Jean Carroll over her defamation suit

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NEW YORK — Former President Donald Trump told a judge he plans to sue New York advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, alleging her defamation lawsuit against him was filed in bad faith after he denied her claim that he raped her in a department store dressing room two decades ago.

Trump, who recently replaced his legal team in the suit Carroll ...Read more

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UAW monitor: Direct elections for top union leaders gets enough support to pass

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UAW members are closer to being able to directly vote for top union leadership in the future following a successful reform effort that supporters say shifts power back to the workers.

A news release from the union's court-appointed independent monitor said members "voted decisively to replace the union’s existing delegate voting system with a...Read more

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House passes stopgap bill to fund government; Senate action in limbo

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WASHINGTON — The House passed a stopgap funding bill to keep the government operating past Friday, sending it to the Senate where a group of Republicans is threatening to delay action over objections to federal vaccine and testing mandates.

The 221-212 vote Thursday was largely along party lines as House GOP leaders urged their members to ...Read more

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Attorney Sidney Powell and her team ordered to pay $175,250 in fees for Michigan election case

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LANSING, Mich. — Attorney Sidney Powell and other lawyers who unsuccessfully sought to overturn Michigan's 2020 election will have to pay $175,250 in legal fees under a court order issued Thursday.

U.S. District Judge Linda Parker of Michigan's Eastern District said the penalty was "an appropriate sanction" and "is an amount the court finds ...Read more