Trump seeks symbolic win this week as 100-day milestone nears

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WASHINGTON -- The White House on Sunday urged lawmakers to make progress this week on a high-profile issue such as health care or tax reform -- or at least to avoid the disruption and embarrassment of a federal government shutdown on Friday, a day before President Donald Trump marks his first 100 days in office.

But Trump's hopes for a tangible...Read more

Budget director says details of Trump tax plan won't be ready until June

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The White House will offer "specific governing principles" for its tax plan this week along with indications of what new rates would be, but a complete proposal probably won't be ready until June, President Donald Trump's budget director said.

Trump said in a Twitter post Saturday that tax reform and reduction would be announced this week.

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Trump plans rally in Pennsylvania for 100th day of presidency

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WASHINGTON –– President Donald Trump plans to mark his 100th day in the White House with a "big" rally in Pennsylvania's capital city.

But there's a certain diversionary feel to his timing for the latest visit to a key swing state he won in defeating Hillary Clinton last year –– including that there could be a federal government ...Read more

Trump plans rally in Pennsylvania for 100th day of presidency

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WASHINGTON –– President Donald Trump plans to mark his 100th day in the White House with a "big" rally in Pennsylvania's capital city.

But there's a certain diversionary feel to his timing for the latest visit to a key swing state he won in defeating Hillary Clinton last year –– including that there could be a federal government ...Read more

Farmers have a beef with Trump and big meat

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NEW YORK -- Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it was delaying implementation of an Obama administration rule designed to give America's farmers more leverage in their dealings with mammoth agriculture companies that control almost every aspect of their livelihoods, so-called Big Meat.

The move, though not out of the ordinary ...Read more

Trump targets key Dodd-Frank financial regulations and taxes in new executive actions

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump, who has vowed to dismantle the landmark Dodd-Frank financial reform law, took aim at two of its pillars Friday.

During an appearance at the Treasury Department, Trump signed two presidential memos ordering six-month reviews of the 2010 law's authority for regulators to designate large firms as a risk to the...Read more

Trump welcomes aid worker freed after years in Egyptian jail

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WASHINGTON -- Free after having been detained in an Egyptian jail for nearly three years, Aya Hijazi was welcomed to the Oval Office on Friday in what the Trump administration cast as a diplomatic triumph.

"We are very happy to have Aya back home and it's a great honor to have her in the Oval Office," President Donald Trump told reporters.

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Analysis: Trump's bold talk replaced by 'see what happens' stoicism

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump is taking a wait-and-see approach more and more often, following a 2016 campaign that espoused bold promises and exuded confidence.

Take his comments Thursday afternoon about an effort among White House officials and congressional Republicans to try again at repealing and replacing former President Barack Obama's 2010...Read more

Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock walk into the White House …

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump invited former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to dine at the White House and she brought Ted Nugent and Kid Rock along.

The one-time running mate to Sen. John McCain, whose military service Trump insulted in 2015, met with the president and took photos in the Oval Office.

"Asked why I invited Kid Rock and Ted ...Read more

'Elected elite'? Ex-House speakers get public-funded perks for 5 years

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WASHINGTON -- Former U.S. House speakers are entitled to taxpayer-funded offices, franked mail privileges, staffers and furniture. Now two House of Representatives members want the practice stopped.

Former speakers are allowed to run post-speaker offices for up to five years. Former Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., spent $1.8 million. John ...Read more

Trump to sign order reviewing tax rules issued in 2016

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump will sign an executive order Friday directing Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to review any significant tax regulations from last year, especially those that burden Americans.

The president will also sign memos related to the designation process of systemically important banks and to orderly liquidation ...Read more

Hate-crime charges dropped against women accused of setting Trump sign on fire

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BALTIMORE -- Hate-crime charges were dropped Thursday against two women accused of burning a Trump campaign sign in Princess Anne, police said.

"The decision to dismiss the charges was based upon a joint decision between the Princess Anne Police Department and the Somerset County state's attorney's office upon reviewing the case," according to ...Read more

House race in Georgia could become costliest ever

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ATLANTA -- The ad blitz in the race for Georgia's 6th District started up anew on Thursday as outside groups began to pour millions more into winning what could become the most expensive U.S. House election in the nation's history.

After a one-day respite, the bombardment of advertising that already has cost more than $14 million resumed with ...Read more

Watchdog group sues FBI and DOJ over Trump's wiretap claims, Russia investigation

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American Oversight, a newly formed ethics watchdog group, has gone to court over President Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claims that he was wiretapped by the Obama administration and an ongoing FBI investigation into whether the Trump campaign cooperated with Russian intelligence agencies.

After their Freedom of Information Act request for ...Read more

Trump orders investigation into foreign steel coming into US markets

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WASHINGTON -- After signing a memorandum Thursday ordering an investigation into foreign steel coming into U.S. markets, President Donald Trump joked about whom he should give the pen to: "To labor or to steel?" he asked to laughter in the Oval Office. "How about we give it to the union for a change, should we do that?" He did so.

Trump said ...Read more

Ivanka fights to protect her first name

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NEW YORK -- Ivanka Trump is one of the most famous women on the planet. She's certainly the most famous Ivanka. Standing by her father's side as he ascended to the White House, her prominence even sparked a swell in the number of babies named Ivanka.

As the president's eldest daughter, she has carefully sculpted her image since first entering ...Read more

Lessons from the gay-marriage battlefield

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When Gallup first asked Americans whether people in same-sex marriages should have the same legal rights as men and women in traditional marriages, 68 percent said "no." That was in 1996. But in a 2015 poll, 60 percent said "yes."

How did so many people come to change their minds on such a politically divisive issue in such a short time? How ...Read more

On nationwide tour, Bernie Sanders rallies Democrats in Miami

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MIAMI -- Independent Bernie Sanders was met with cheers in Miami on Wednesday night as he called for transforming the Democratic Party into a grass-roots force that will fight for the poor and middle class and push back against President Donald Trump.

"We are going to take on the billionaire class ..., " Sanders said. "Donald Trump did not win ...Read more

Analysis: Republicans face a Trump problem as they look to 2018 contests

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With the first two elections over in a series of off-season special House races, the Republican Party's biggest challenge is obvious:

President Donald Trump.

Republicans had hoped the protests that marked Trump's inauguration and early presidency would peter out over time. So far, that hasn't happened. Instead, the fervor of opposition to the ...Read more

Citgo's gift to Trump inaugural fund surfaces amid national security concern

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WASHINGTON -- A U.S. subsidiary of a Venezuelan state-owned oil company that has stirred national security concerns among U.S. senators contributed $500,000 to President Donald Trump's inaugural fund, federal disclosures show.

The contribution from Citgo Petroleum Corp. surfaced just nine days after a bipartisan group of senators expressed ...Read more


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