‘I’m not black, I’m O.J.’: What O.J. Simpson’s life showed about transcending race and being trapped by it

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It’s still unclear when – or if – O.J. Simpson actually said the words that rapper Jay-Z attributed to him in his 2017 Grammy-nominated song “The Story of O.J.”

But the words stuck and came to symbolize the complicated relationship the Black community had with Simpson, who died on April 11, 2024, from complications of ...Read more

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Supreme Court to hear arguments on bribery law that could shape political corruption probes in Illinois

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Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan was the state’s most powerful politician in 2018 when he allegedly met at his downtown Chicago law office with then-Ald. Danny Solis to discuss Solis’ appointment to a lucrative state board position.

Solis, who unbeknownst to Madigan was an FBI mole, made it clear he’d helped bring law business to ...Read more

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Kamala Harris heads to Arizona to decry 1864 abortion ban

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Vice President Kamala Harris Friday headed to Arizona to rally opposition to the conservative state supreme court’s ruling that imposes a 160-year-old law banning nearly all abortions.

With outrage spreading over the decision, Harris was set to urge voters to pressure Republican lawmakers to repeal the 1864 ban and support a November ballot ...Read more

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A Maduro election victory might lead to new exodus of Venezuelan migrants, poll shows

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In a new sign of Venezuelans’ simmering desperation, a poll released Thursday shows that 40% of Venezuelans would consider leaving the South American nation if ruler Nicolás Maduro is declared the winner of July’s presidential election.

The opinion poll, prepared by the firm Meganalisis, also said that 45% of those surveyed did not know if...Read more

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Like Trump, Biden used political donations to cover lawyer fees

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President Joe Biden, who has criticized Republican rival Donald Trump for relying on political donations to pay his legal bills, used nearly $2 million raised by the Democratic National Committee to pay his own lawyers.

The DNC paid $1.1 million to Bob Bauer PLLC, the firm of the veteran political lawyer, hired to defend Biden in the ...Read more

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Commentary: As a pregnant law professor in Arizona, I fear the abortion ban

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I am 19 weeks pregnant, a legal scholar and a resident of Arizona, whose highest court on Tuesday upheld a 160-year-old law banning nearly all abortions, even in the case of rape or incest. In doing so, the court held that Arizona’s 2022 law, which allowed abortion up through 15 weeks into pregnancy, was no longer valid after the Supreme Court...Read more

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Builders may challenge California's development 'impact fees,' Supreme Court rules

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled Friday that developers and home builders in California may challenge the fees commonly imposed by cities and counties to pay for new roads, schools, sewers and other public improvements.

The justices said these "impact fees" may be unconstitutional if builders and developers are forced to pay an unfair ...Read more

California saw a surge in abortions after Dobbs. Providers are bracing for more

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LOS ANGELES — After the Supreme Court overturned the Roe vs. Wade decision in 2022, jeopardizing abortion access for millions nationwide, California emerged as a "hot spot" and saw a surge in procedures — an influx probably due in part to out-of-staters facing new restrictions and looking for care.

Tuesday's decision by the Arizona Supreme...Read more

The unfinished business of John F. Kennedy’s vision for world peace

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Less than a week after her husband’s assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, Jackie Kennedy granted an interview with esteemed political writer Theodore White for Life magazine, one of the leading national publications of its day.

Determined to protect the legacy of the fallen president, Jackie likened the unfulfilled promise of ...Read more

A monumental case, unfolding in a court of law and a court of public opinion – Trump goes on trial

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Former President Donald Trump’s New York trial on charges related to paying hush money to an adult film star begins on April 15, 2024. The Conversation U.S. asked Tim Bakken, a former New York prosecutor and now a legal scholar teaching at West Point, and Karrin Vasby Anderson, a political communication expert at Colorado State University, ...Read more

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Editorial: Open court, from OJ to Trump: The hush money trial transcripts must be published

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O.J. Simpson’s death reminds us that the 134 days of wall-to-wall TV coverage of his 1995 criminal trial allowed Americans to see every aspect of a celebrity case play out in a Los Angeles courtroom. Millions watched and millions of others didn’t, but the choice was theirs.

Wrongly, terribly wrongly, there will be no such option for ...Read more

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Commentary: Jack Smith's latest push to get Donald Trump's Jan. 6 trial moving before the election

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Special counsel Jack Smith’s latest brief to the Supreme Court on Donald Trump’s immunity claim strives to ensure that the justices’ decision puts the Jan. 6 trial back on track, ending the detour the former president has extracted from a weak argument.

The bulk of the brief Smith filed Monday is a methodical rejection of Trump’s far-...Read more

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Editorial: Biden deficit surpasses $1 trillion in just half a year

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President Joe Biden remains at sea over why Americans aren’t enamored of his economic policies. Perhaps it’s because they’re worried about eventually drowning in all that red ink.

Biden has presided over the largest non-war or pandemic spending binge in this nation’s history. Inflation — which he and his economic advisers never saw ...Read more

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Editorial: Going backward in Arizona: Terrible 1864 abortion ban's return is the result of Donald Trump

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Donald Trump had really lousy timing to announce Monday that he wanted to return abortion policy back to the states as it was before Roe v. Wade and promptly on Tuesday, Arizona returned back to 1864, with an ancient ban on the medical procedure. Oh, Arizona is one of the five states that Trump won in 2016 and then lost to Joe Biden in 2020. ...Read more

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Trump deposition in SPAC suit scrapped ahead of criminal trial

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Donald Trump won’t be deposed on Monday after all in the case filed against him by two co-founders of his social-media startup, a person familiar with the matter said, resolving questions over a potentially significant conflict with the start of the former president’s first criminal trial.

Trump Media & Technology Group Corp.’s co-...Read more

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Lawmakers seek to strengthen fight against antisemitism in US

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WASHINGTON — To combat a sharp rise in the number of antisemitic incidents erupting throughout the United States, including the murder of 11 Pittsburgh congregants in 2018, President Joe Biden 11 months ago released a plan.

The problem worsened last fall after Hamas, designated as a terrorist group by the U.S., attacked Israel on Oct. 7, ...Read more

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NYC schools chancellor to testify before House education committee on antisemitism

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NEW YORK — The congressional committee investigating antisemitism in education wants to hear from the New York City public schools.

Schools Chancellor David Banks and the leaders of two other school districts will go before the Republican-led U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce on May 8, he announced Thursday.

“We look ...Read more

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'Gun show loophole' rule that will outlaw 'virtually all private' gun sales announced by Biden administration

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It’s been a quarter of a century since the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado brought the “gun show loophole” into popular discourse, and the Biden administration has just announced it would move unilaterally to end the practice following decades of inaction by Congress.

A new federal regulation published by the Department of ...Read more

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Maryland delegation introduces bill for Congress to fully fund 'gargantuan task' of replacing Key Bridge

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Maryland’s congressional delegation introduced a bill in both the House and Senate on Thursday to ensure that federal funds will cover the full cost of replacing the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

The legislation would protect Maryland taxpayers from bearing a 10% share of the cost of reconstructing the bridge, which was struck by a cargo ship ...Read more

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State prosecutor to investigate Georgia Lt. Gov. Burt Jones in Trump case

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ATLANTA — State prosecutor Pete Skandalakis said Thursday that he will lead the investigation into Lt. Gov. Burt Jones’ alleged role in trying to help former President Donald Trump overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

Skandalakis, executive director of the Prosecuting Attorneys Council of Georgia, was tasked 21 months ago to ...Read more