Democrats' joint policy proposals largely eschew Bernie Sanders' agenda

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WASHINGTON -- The task forces created to forge a united platform from the policies of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders largely sidestepped the most sweeping proposals at the core of Sanders' presidential campaign.

In a 110-page document released Wednesday, the task forces offered hundreds of policy recommendations that will be submitted to the ...Read more

Trump rally likely fueled coronavirus cases, Tulsa official says

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The top health official in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said that President Donald Trump's June 20 campaign rally and accompanying protests likely boosted the number of coronavirus infections in the area.

"We do have the highest number of cases, and we've had the significant events in the past few weeks that more than likely contributed to that," Tulsa ...Read more

Census to start door-knocking after pandemic pause

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WASHINGTON -- The Census Bureau will plan a "final push" outreach effort this month to encourage many communities that haven't responded to the census to do so, the agency said Wednesday during an update of plans amid a coronavirus pandemic that continues to spike in pockets throughout the country.

"The campaign will be nationwide but will have...Read more

House lawmakers use campaign money for membership dues to plush clubs

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WASHINGTON -- Several House members have reported paying for membership dues to luxurious social clubs from their campaign coffers, expenditures the Federal Election Commission automatically deems as prohibited personal use.

Rep. Terri A. Sewell's campaign spent more than $2,800 on dues to City Club Birmingham and $222 in similar fees to The ...Read more

Biden to call for moderate approach to reviving US economy

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WASHINGTON -- Joe Biden will call for a moderate approach toward reviving the U.S. economy if elected president that includes spurring manufacturing and encouraging innovation, shelving for now the more ambitious proposals pushed by progressive Democrats, people familiar with his plans said.

The Democratic nominee plans to deliver an economic ...Read more

Key impeachment witness Alexander Vindman retires after Trump 'bullying'

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WASHINGTON -- Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a key witness in President Donald Trump's impeachment, will retire after more than 21 years in the U.S. military amid concerns that his future will "forever be limited" in the Army as a result of his testimony against the commander in chief, his lawyer said.

"Through a campaign of bullying, intimidation...Read more

House bid to remove Confederate statues at Capitol sets up fight with Senate

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WASHINGTON -- As demands for racial justice dominate the national consciousness, the House is moving along a draft Legislative Branch spending bill that would mandate statues of Confederates and others "with unambiguous records of racial intolerance" be removed from the Capitol.

But the top Legislative Branch appropriator on the Senate panel, ...Read more

$14M in relief funds find members of Congress and family

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WASHINGTON -- At least $13.7 million in COVID-19 relief funds have gone directly to companies in which members of Congress or their families are owners or employees, according to Small Business Administration data reviewed by CQ Roll Call.

These companies received funds through the Paycheck Protection Program shortly after Congress voted to ...Read more

Supreme Court clears way for rule to shield religious employers from providing contraceptives

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court Wednesday cleared the way for a Trump administration regulation that would free employers from providing contraceptives to their employees if the company's owners have a religious or moral objection, potentially leaving more than 120,000 women with no coverage.

The 7-2 decision goes further than before in ...Read more

Supreme Court rules teachers in church schools are not protected by anti-discrimination laws

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court on Wednesday restricted teachers who work at church-run schools from filing discrimination claims against their employers, ruling that the Constitution's protection for religious liberty exempts church schools from state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

The justices, by a 7-2 vote, ruled that because two ...Read more

Chief Justice Roberts was hospitalized overnight after head injury in June

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WASHINGTON -- Chief Justice John Roberts was hospitalized overnight last month for an injury he suffered to his forehead after falling while walking for exercise, a U.S. Supreme Court spokeswoman said.

Roberts' doctors believe the fall was due to lightheadedness caused by dehydration and have ruled out a seizure, spokeswoman Kathy Arberg said. ...Read more

South Texas officials sue to block Trump's 'racist' border wall

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South Texas elected officials claim in a new court challenge that President Donald Trump's border wall is a politically motivated attack on Mexican Americans, a protected class under the U.S. Constitution.

Zapata County officials allege that Trump's "hostile and racist remarks" led directly to Department of Homeland Security policies that ...Read more

Trump urges K-12 schools to reopen; others aren't so sure

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Tuesday urged the nation's public schools to reopen "quickly and beautifully" and jabbed at districts such as Los Angeles' that remain uncertain, again injecting politics into the pandemic response.

As the nation's death toll from COVID-19 surged past 130,000 this week, cases are rising in 38 states, ...Read more

Business relief program hits the campaign airwaves

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WASHINGTON -- A bipartisan federal package to rescue the pandemic-rocked U.S. economy this spring has morphed into a cudgel on the campaign trail in pivotal Senate races where outside groups and candidates have launched ads with sometimes veiled attacks on pieces of the law or its earlier iterations.

Montana, Maine, North Carolina and Iowa are ...Read more

Social media platforms gird for 78 days of disinformation chaos after Election Day

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WASHINGTON -- The 78 days between Election Day this fall and Inauguration Day next January could be a greatly unsettled time for American democracy.

Unlike most presidential elections, when ballots are tallied and counted in a majority of precincts by midnight on Election Day and news outlets are able to project a winner before you go to bed, ...Read more

Mary Trump book paints a harsh portrait of her uncle, the president

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is the product of a deeply dysfunctional family that makes him a uniquely destructive and unstable leader for the country, his niece writes in a new book obtained by The Times.

"Honest work was never demanded of him, and no matter how badly he failed, he was rewarded in ways that are almost unfathomable. He ...Read more

Trump will visit the Southern Command in Miami in a nod to Venezuelan voters

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MIAMI -- President Donald Trump will review the advance of a counternarcotics operation in the Caribbean in a visit to the U.S. Southern Command in Doral on Friday.

According to the White House, the trip aims to highlight "his Administration's relentless, whole-of-government approach to curb the trafficking of drugs into our country."

In April...Read more

'Trump is frightening them': President's reelection message risks alienating voters, strategists say

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WASHINGTON -- His back up against a wall, President Donald Trump has made a concerted effort in recent weeks to regain a coalition of white voters who can help him win the 2020 presidential election with a message finely calibrated to play on racial anxieties.

He has criticized NASCAR for banning the Confederate flag and defended statues ...Read more

Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google CEOs to testify to House July 27

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WASHINGTON -- The chief executive officers of Amazon.com Inc., Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc. and Apple Inc. will testify on July 27 before a congressional panel investigating competition in the technology industry, according to an announcement from the House Judiciary Committee.

Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook are likely ...Read more

Businesses associated with Trump, administration officials among recipients of coronavirus loans

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Businesses associated with President Donald Trump and members of his administration were among recipients of COVID-19 small-business loans, newly released data show.

Irongate Azrep Bw LLC, Trump's business partner in a hotel and residential tower in Waikiki, Hawaii, received a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program in the range of $2 million...Read more