The anti-Bernie electability argument grows in Miami after Castro comments

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Bernie Sanders' remarks about Fidel Castro on "60 Minutes" Sunday night continued to set off alarms among Florida Democrats on Monday, as worries spread about the presidential front-runner's views on authoritarian regimes and the effect on Hispanic and undecided voters in a swing state.

Lawmakers and prominent Democrats across Florida denounced...Read more

Supreme Court rejects Texas death row inmate's appeal, but justice notes 'pall of uncertainty' over guilt

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The U.S. Supreme Court rejected death row inmate Rodney Reed's appeal Monday, but Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote separately to urge Texas courts to conduct a "full and fair" examination of evidence that raises questions about his guilt.

"In my view, there is no escaping the pall of uncertainty over Reed's conviction. Nor is there any denying the...Read more

Investors face more risk that Sanders will win, Wall Street says

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NEW YORK -- As U.S. stocks tumbled on Monday, hit by mounting coronavirus fears, analysts also flagged the possibility that investors haven't been taking Bernie Sanders seriously enough, after the Vermont senator's surprisingly broad support in the Nevada caucus Saturday.

Sectors with exposure to the progressive candidate, including managed ...Read more

Joe Biden unveils new plan on housing, homelessness ahead of California primary

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Joe Biden unveiled a new $640 billion housing plan on Monday that includes certain homeowner and renter protections already in place in California.

While he won't cap annual rent increases, which California lawmakers did last year, he supports a national Bill of Rights similar to the California Homeowner Bill of Rights.

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Sanders brushes off questions on costs, age on '60 Minutes'

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WASHINGTON --Bernie Sanders struggled to provide details on exactly how he would pay for his sweeping proposals to expand health care, child care and more, and also brushed off questions about his age in an interview broadcast by CBS' "60 Minutes" on Sunday.

The Vermont senator heads to the South Carolina primary on Saturday after crushing the ...Read more

Clyburn warns Sanders victory may endanger House Democrats

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WASHINGTON -- The highest-ranking African-American in Congress warned that if Bernie Sanders is the 2020 Democratic nominee the party could lose many of the moderate seats they won to retake the House in 2018.

"It's going to be tough to hold on to these jobs if you have to make the case for a self-proclaimed democratic socialist," House ...Read more

Trump administration officials seek once again to downplay Russian election interference

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WASHINGTON -- President Trump's national security advisor, in an exchange that touched on a perennial sore point for the president, said Sunday he had no knowledge of intelligence agency warnings that Russia is trying once again to help Trump by interfering in the 2020 campaign.

Another senior White House aide, meanwhile, insisted that last ...Read more

Bernie Sanders says as president he would meet with dictators

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WASHINGTON -- Bernie Sanders said he would meet with adversaries, including North Korea's Kim Jong Un, but that he would do so better prepared than President Donald Trump.

"Meeting with people who are antagonistic is, to me, not a bad thing to do," the Democratic presidential candidate said in an interview with CBS's "60 Minutes" that was to ...Read more

Bernie touts Nevada win as Texas preview

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SAN ANTONIO -- It was the high point to date of his now soaring presidential campaign, and Bernie Sanders, looking ahead to Super Tuesday March 3, shared his Nevada victory with a diverse and ecstatic Saturday night crowd of some 4,000 at Cowboys Dancehall in Northeast San Antonio.

"Based on what I have seen today in Texas, we were in El Paso, ...Read more

Trump offers tepid support to Mulvaney as he departs for India

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump offered tepid support for Mick Mulvaney, days after the acting White House chief of staff made candid comments in the U.K. that broke with elements of the administration's policies.

"Yeah, he's here now, sure, no problem," Trump told reporters outside the White House as he prepared to depart for India, when ...Read more

Joe Biden, on the ropes, looks for first win as 2020 campaign moves to South Carolina

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CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Former Vice President Joe Biden, leaving Las Vegas behind, is placing all his chips on South Carolina as his best -- and perhaps last -- chance to reverse a string of losses in early-voting states and mount a serious challenge to Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

As the Democratic contest moves here, the ...Read more

'These times call for a fight,' Elizabeth Warren tells Seattle crowd

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SEATTLE -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren, despite a disappointing showing in another early caucus on Saturday, promised a crowd of thousands in Seattle that she would continue to fight for "big, structural change." "I wasn't born a politician, but I was born a fighter and these times call for a fight," Warren told an overflow crowd at Seattle Center, ...Read more

No evidence Russia helping Trump, top US security aide says

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's top security aide said he's seen no evidence that Russia is interfering in the 2020 U.S. election in an effort to support the president's reelection bid.

On the other hand, National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien told ABC News that it would be "no surprise" if Moscow was trying to help Sen. Bernie Sanders win the ...Read more

Trump has flipped the 9th Circuit — and some new judges are causing a 'shock wave'

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When President Trump ticks off his accomplishments since taking office, he frequently mentions his aggressive makeover of a key sector of the federal judiciary -- the circuit courts of appeal, where he has appointed 51 judges to lifetime jobs in three years.

In few places has the effect been felt more powerfully than in the sprawling 9th ...Read more

Sotomayor's scathing 'public charge' dissent lights up Twitter

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Justice Sonia Sotomayor lit up Twitter after issuing a dissent against the Supreme Court's 5-4 vote to allow an immigrant wealth test -- designed to weed out green card applicants deemed likely to need public assistance -- to go into effect.

The Illinois rule says immigrants who are "likely at any time to become a public charge" because they ...Read more

Republicans against Trump open to voting for a moderate Democrat — just not Sanders

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans searching for an alternative to Donald Trump say they are open to casting a ballot for a Democrat in the 2020 general election, but they will not vote for Bernie Sanders if the progressive senator is the nominee.

McClatchy interviewed two dozen former Republican members of Congress, Republican Party operatives and ...Read more

Trump's western swing cements ties with Gardner and McSally

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is returning to Washington after a western swing that will provide plenty of material for campaign ads and fundraising blasts for down-ballot races.

Republican Sens. Martha McSally of Arizona and Cory Gardner of Colorado had already ensured they would be tied to the president when they voted to acquit him on...Read more

Lawmakers seek to tighten gun background checks

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WASHINGTON -- The FBI would no longer be able to purge incomplete gun background checks from its systems if legislation by Rep. Jimmy Panetta becomes law.

The California Democrat introduced the bill Friday in response to a CQ Roll Call report that revealed the bureau purges hundreds of thousands of background checks each year -- a practice that...Read more

Bernie Sanders says California makes it too hard for independents to vote in primary

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SANTA ANA, Calif. -- On the eve of the Nevada caucuses, Bernie Sanders took a detour to California to strengthen his support in a state that is crucial to his path to the Democratic presidential nomination.

Polls show the Vermont senator with a solid lead over his rivals in California's March 3 primary. But at a campaign stop in Santa Ana, he ...Read more

Indiana couple accused of driving boys off the road for having Trump flags on their bikes, court documents say

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A Hobart, Ind., pair have been charged with intimidation and criminal recklessness after being accused of driving a set of twins off the road in July for having pro-Trump flags on their bikes.

Kyren G. Perry-Jones, 23, and Cailyn M. Smith, 18, have each been charged with two counts of intimidation and criminal recklessness, both felony charges,...Read more