White House requires rapid coronavirus testing of staff — and reporters — near Trump

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WASHINGTON -- The White House required that journalists on Thursday take a rapid coronavirus test before participating in the news briefing frequently attended by President Donald Trump.

The White House Medical Unit decided to order the tests after one correspondent who was at a news briefing earlier this week reported symptoms. That reporter's...Read more

Trump gets the oil deal he wants by staying on the sidelines

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With Saudi Arabia and Russia agreeing on the contours of an unprecedented plan to slash crude output, President Donald Trump is on the verge of getting the global oil deal he wanted -- without taking steps to ratchet down U.S. production.

The tentative agreement -- which would be the largest-ever oil output cut agreed on by OPEC+ ministers -- ...Read more

Joe Biden proposes expanding Medicare eligibility and student debt relief

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WASHINGTON -- In a peace offering to progressives a day after Sen. Bernie Sanders quit the presidential race, Joe Biden announced support Thursday for an expansion of Medicare and education policies that move closer to his former rival's agenda.

Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, proposed expanding government health ...Read more

Now comes the hard part: Joe Biden must unify a divided party

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WASHINGTON -- Joe Biden confronted the daunting task Wednesday of uniting and energizing a party that has been through a long, divisive primary, and is now distracted by the fears and daily challenges of a global pandemic and world economic collapse.

With Sen. Bernie Sanders' decision to drop out of the race, Biden is seeking to win over his ...Read more

Lose the battle, win the war? Sanders' progressive allies stay optimistic after 2020 exit

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WASHINGTON -- Bernie's Sanders' abrupt exit from the presidential race is a moment of deep disappointment for the progressive movement, which only two months ago began to truly believe that the democratic socialist from Vermont could win the Democratic nomination and radically alter the party's political direction.

But even on a day of mourning...Read more

Bernie Sanders suspends his presidential campaign

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Bernie Sanders on Wednesday suspended an anti-establishment presidential campaign that changed the course of Democratic politics and energized large groups of new voters, but fell short of amassing a broad enough coalition to capture the nomination.

The Vermont senator's decision came after his campaign stalled following a string of losses to ...Read more

After chaos in Wisconsin, fight intensifies over how to carry out presidential election amid pandemic

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WASHINGTON -- The political and legal chaos that engulfed Wisconsin's primary Tuesday marked the beginning of a national battle over how democracy will function in the middle of a pandemic -- a months-long struggle that could tip the balance of power between the major political parties.

At stake is the most basic function of a democracy -- the ...Read more

Biden blasts Trump's response to coronavirus one day after their phone call

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A day after President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden had a "warm" phone call about the coronavirus crisis, the likely Democratic nominee on Tuesday blasted the president's handling of the pandemic.

"Coronavirus is not Donald Trump's fault. But he does bear responsibility for our response and taking his duties seriously," Biden...Read more

Appeals court allows Texas to ban abortions during coronavirus pandemic

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WASHINGTON -- A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that Texas can enforce its temporary ban on abortion because of the coronavirus pandemic, a ruling that could quickly bring a pivotal abortion question before the Supreme Court.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's ban on non-essential health-care procedures -- ...Read more

Appeals court allows Texas to continue coronavirus abortion ban

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Overruling a federal judge, a divided appeals court Tuesday gave Texas permission to continue banning most abortions as part of a wider fight against COVID-19.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a 2-1 ruling, said constitutional rights "may be reasonably restricted" to protect the safety of the general public.

"That ...Read more

Senators to seek explanation from Trump about watchdog's firing

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WASHINGTON -- Senate Finance Chairman Chuck Grassley is working with senators on a bipartisan letter demanding that Donald Trump explain his firing of the intelligence community inspector general whose handling of a whistleblower complaint about Ukraine led to the president's impeachment.

The letter will reiterate the importance of inspectors ...Read more

Trump ousts inspector general set to oversee relief spending

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President Donald Trump has removed the head of a team of U.S. auditors that will oversee the $2 trillion in federal coronavirus relief spending, his latest move against inspectors general who are supposed to serve as independent watchdogs.

Trump ousted Glenn Fine from his position as acting Defense Department inspector general, which also made ...Read more

Senate Democrats propose hazard pay for essential workers

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WASHINGTON -- Senate Democrats are proposing giving hazard pay of up to $25,000 each for workers including grocery store employees, transit workers and pharmacists who are risking their lives to stay on the job amid the coronavirus outbreak.

These people "are in the line of fire, day in and day out" to help others, Senate Minority Leader Chuck ...Read more

John Lewis backs Joe Biden: 'He's a man of courage'

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ATLANTA -- U.S. Rep. John Lewis endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden's bid for the White House on Tuesday, saying he'd use his pulpit as a veteran leader of the civil rights movement to "help elect a man of conscience" in November.

The Georgia Democrat said he would help Biden burnish his appeal with older African-American voters, some of ...Read more

Trump administration is battling coronavirus without a war room

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A deadly virus was spreading in China, killing 40% of its victims and threatening to burst into a major outbreak.

In the U.S., the pandemic preparedness team at the White House's National Security Council (NSC) was tracking it daily, even as President Donald Trump took office in those early days of 2017.

The NSC team, called the Directorate ...Read more

Democratic groups flood Pennsylvania with anti-Trump coronavirus ads

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PHILADELPHIA -- It may seem as if politics has come to a halt these days -- until you turn on the television. Several Democratic political action committees have bought millions of dollars of airtime in Pennsylvania to slam President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus crisis amid a national moment of fear and frustration.

The groups are...Read more

Trump, 3M reach 'amicable' deal on N95 mask supply

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After days of bashing 3M, President Donald Trump said his administration and the Minnesota-based company have come to an "amicable" agreement to increase the supply of badly needed N95 respirator masks to U.S. health care workers.

"The 3M saga ends very happily," Trump said during his news conference on Monday. "We're very proud now to deal ...Read more

Trump's COVID-19 export ban prompts backlash around the world

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WASHINGTON -- A move by President Donald Trump to restrict exports of masks and other protective equipment needed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is drawing a backlash from around the world even as a senior aide to the president said Monday the U.S. was "locked and loaded" at the border to prevent "profiteering" from exports by American companies...Read more

Biden convenes shadow war room to devise anti-virus policy

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With no campaign events to headline and the public's attention consumed by the coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden is struggling to stay relevant and acknowledging frustration at being on the sidelines of a devastating national crisis.

So the Democratic presidential front-runner has built a shadow war room of public health and economic experts to ...Read more

Biden suggests DNC consider virtual 2020 nominating convention

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said the party should consider a virtual nominating convention this summer because the coronavirus has led to limits on public gatherings.

"We're going to have to do a convention, we may have to do a virtual convention," Biden said Sunday on ABC's "This Week." "I think we should be thinking about that...Read more