White House rejects compromise in shutdown, border wall dispute with Congress

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration signaled Sunday that it would not compromise to avert a partial government shutdown at the end of this week.

Senior White House policy adviser Stephen Miller said "we're going to do whatever is necessary" to secure money for the president's wall on the Mexican border.

From the Democratic side came ...Read more

Giuliani says 'over my dead body' will Trump meet with special counsel

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WASHINGTON –– Donald Trump won't sit down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to answer more questions in his investigation into election interference, Rudy Giuliani, the president's attorney, said Sunday.

"Over my dead body," Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor said on "Fox News Sunday."

Giuliani, who at times ...Read more

Senate Democrats say preventing government shutdown rides with Trump

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Top Senate Democrats say stopping a government shutdown over President Donald Trump's proposed wall on the U.S. border with Mexico is now up to the president to resolve.

Senate Democratic Leader Charles E. Schumer of New York said on NBC's "Meet the Press" that Trump needs to understand there are not enough votes in either the House or Senate ...Read more

2 years into Trump's presidency, his lies are catching up to him

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WASHINGTON -- The exchange was as brief as it was definitive.

Aboard Air Force One in April, a reporter asked President Donald Trump whether he knew about a $130,000 payment that his lawyer, Michael Cohen, made to Stormy Daniels, a porn actress, shortly before the election.

For a fleeting moment, Trump paused and pursed his lips, as if ...Read more

How Brian Kemp turned warning of Georgia's election system vulnerability against Democrats

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ATLANTA -- Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate for governor, had a problem. As did Brian Kemp, Georgia's secretary of state.

It was Nov. 3, a Saturday, 72 hours to Election Day. Virtually tied in the polls with Democrat Stacey Abrams, Kemp was in danger of becoming the first Georgia Republican to lose a statewide election since 2006. And, now,...Read more

Trump administration seeks to rush major issues to Supreme Court

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration is aggressively trying to take advantage of the U.S. Supreme Court's new conservative majority, digging deep into the court's rulebook to seek quick action on divisive issues.

Since Justice Brett Kavanaugh took his seat Oct. 6, government lawyers have sought to stop trials over climate change and the ...Read more

Trump, after public frustration, picks budget chief Mick Mulvaney as his acting chief of staff

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Friday named Mick Mulvaney, now his budget director, as his acting chief of staff, only temporarily solving a management and public relations problem that has consumed the White House in the week since the president announced that John F. Kelly would leave the job by the end of the year.

Trump tweeted the...Read more

Mulvaney named acting White House chief of staff

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WASHINGTON -- Mick Mulvaney, the White House budget director, will be President Donald Trump's acting chief of staff until Trump finds a permanent replacement for the position.

Mulvaney told friends this week that he was "not interested in chief of staff."

"He has been saying for almost two months that he would be more interested in something ...Read more

Republicans aren't including minorities or women, 2 Republican minority women say

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WASHINGTON -- Two lame-duck House Republican women are sounding the alarm on their own party for excluding minorities and women from their messaging.

Rep. Mia Love, the only black Republican woman in the House, was defeated by Democrat Ben McAdams in a hard-fought race in Utah's 4th District in the Salt Lake City area last month.

Rep. Ileana ...Read more

Defeated GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin calls for recount to end

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Bruce Poliquin called Friday for the recount in Maine's 2nd Congressional District to end. The Republican congressman initially requested the recount following his apparent loss to Democrat Jared Golden.

Poliquin lost his race as part of the state's new ranked-choice voting system for congressional races. Voters rank their ...Read more

Trump cost from Fed rate hikes may already top $5 million a year

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NEW YORK -- President Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's interest-rate increases as a drag on U.S. economic growth. They're also cutting into his own fortune.

Every time the Fed raises rates, Trump's payments on some $340 million in variable-rate loans go up. Since his January 2017 inauguration, the ...Read more

House primaries on the horizon for Democrats in 2020

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WASHINGTON--We already know the Democratic presidential primary is going to be crowded and crazy as a few dozen candidates battle for the right to take on President Donald Trump.

But at least a handful of 2020 House primaries are also on the horizon for Democrats as the party fights over ideology and loyalty. And there's still plenty of time ...Read more

With minority looming, could more Republicans be headed for the exits?

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WASHINGTON -- Life in the minority will be a new experience for most House Republicans next year. And many of them may not remember what happened the last time the GOP lost the House.

After the 2006 Democratic wave, about two dozen Republicans opted to retire the following cycle instead of languishing in the minority. And some in the party are ...Read more

Trump was present for National Enquirer hush-money plan, source says

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NEW YORK -- Federal prosecutors said this week that at least one unidentified member of Donald Trump's campaign joined his lawyer Michael Cohen and the publisher of the tabloid National Enquirer, David Pecker, in a 2015 scheme to kill unflattering news stories about the then-candidate as he sought the presidency.

The other individual present ...Read more

Trump increasingly isolated as aides leave, friends flip and investigations advance

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WASHINGTON -- It was almost noon Thursday when a Marine suddenly appeared outside the West Wing doors, a sign that President Donald Trump had belatedly reported to the Oval Office.

For the second day in a row, the president had been in the White House residence all morning, fuming about federal investigations that have moved closer to him -- ...Read more

Trump urged to consider young White House insider in search for new chief of staff

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is being urged to consider a young White House aide for his chief of staff, according to two people familiar with ongoing conversations, after his top choice and other men turned down the job in recent days.

Several people close to the president are promoting Johnny DeStefano, who was a political aide to ...Read more

Latest threat to Trump's wall? House Republicans leaving Washington

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WASHINGTON -- A lot of House Republicans are heading out of Washington as their lame-duck session drags on -- and their absences from Congress could be a big barrier to President Donald Trump's proposed border wall.

Republicans lost 40 seats and control of the House in last month's election, the party's worst battering since the Watergate ...Read more

Congress approves policy to make lawmakers personally liable for sexual harassment claims

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WASHINGTON -- Members of Congress will have to pay out of their own pockets to settle sexual and other harassment claims made against them under a compromise approved Thursday by the Senate and House.

Currently taxpayers cover the cost of settling harassment claims made against elected officials. The new policy is a bipartisan response in the #...Read more

No chief out of 'central casting' this time for 'unmanageable' Trump

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump had been in office just a few minutes when he boasted that John F. Kelly looked like a military general straight out of a Hollywood movie, but now the president is holding a likely extended casting call for a more loyal chief of staff -- one who will immediately have to navigate a thicket of congressional and federal ...Read more

Trump breaks silence on Cohen sentencing, returns to Mexico wall claim

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WASHINGTON -- As federal investigators appear to be moving closer and closer to his doorstep, President Donald Trump broke his silence on several new legal developments but he returned Thursday to his familiar contention that Mexico will pay for his southern border wall.

First on Wednesday, Trump's former personal attorney and "fixer," Michael ...Read more


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