UCLA scientists mark Trump's inauguration with plan to protect climate change data

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LOS ANGELES--On a rainy Inauguration Day morning, dozens of students, archivists, librarians, professors and other concerned citizens gathered in a University of California, Los Angeles classroom, poring over the Department of Energy website. They sifted through pages covering a broad spectrum of topics, from energy-efficient buildings and solar...Read more

New protest movement rises against Trump: Can it make an impact?

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WASHINGTON -- The new lines of conflict in America were vividly drawn Saturday: A freshly revived protest movement has risen to greet a president acutely attuned to public opinion.

Not for decades, since 1960s protesters took to the streets against the Vietnam War, has a chief executive faced such visible opposition. And never in memory has a ...Read more

Trump goes to CIA to extend a hand but also defends inauguration crowd and attacks the media

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WASHINGTON--After months of mocking the CIA and questioning its conclusions on Russian interference in the election, President Donald Trump went to the agency headquarters in Langley, Va., on Saturday ostensibly to reach out but instead delivered an animated, rambling address in front of its memorial to fallen officers.

The visit was designed ...Read more

Trump woos the CIA with a visit, and attacks the news media

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WASHINGTON -- In his first official act on his first full day as president, Donald Trump went to the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency on Saturday and downplayed a rift with the U.S. intelligence establishment, telling assembled officers that "I am with you 1,000 percent."

He indicated that he would unleash the agency in taking on...Read more

White House slams media for reporting size of inaugural crowd

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WASHINGTON -- White House press secretary Sean Spicer summoned reporters Saturday afternoon to chastise them, singling out two Twitter posts that had angered the new administration and suggesting they downplayed the turnout for the inauguration Friday.

Spicer spoke less than two hours after President Donald Trump, addressing an audience at the ...Read more

Trump blames 'political games' for delaying Pompeo's confirmation as CIA director

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WASHINGTON -- On a visit to CIA headquarters Saturday, President Donald Trump took a shot at Democrats, saying they were playing politics with the confirmation of Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo, his choice to head the agency.

An objection from three Democratic senators delayed the U.S. Senate's vote to confirm Pompeo as the CIA's new director Friday. ...Read more

Trump spokesman accuses media of false Inaugural reporting

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's press secretary, Sean Spicer, took to the White House briefing room for the first time on Saturday to lash out at news organizations and accuse them of false reporting about the size of the crowd at Trump's inauguration the day before.

"This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period, both in ...Read more

Whatever Trump does, 'Dreamers' are likely to be deported soon

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WASHINGTON -- Young immigrants currently protected from deportation will be quickly removed from the country by President Donald Trump's plan to boost deportations, even if the new president doesn't target them directly, a former senior immigration official in the Obama administration said.

Democratic leaders and advocates in the immigration ...Read more

Trump says there's no 'feud' with the CIA, promises to enlarge fight against extremists

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WASHINGTON –– President Donald Trump Saturday said to employees of the CIA that he supported them, and that he would unleash them to defeat Islamic terrorists after previous presidents had acted with restraint in the nation's 16-year-old war with extremists.

"We've been fighting these wars for longer than any wars we've ever fought," Trump ...Read more

Trump expected to roll back Obama climate initiatives despite easing of 'hoax' talk

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WASHINGTON -- Rick Perry once described the science of climate change as a "contrived, phony mess." Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama asserted, wrongly, that there's been "almost no increase" in temperatures over the last 19 years. Scott Pruitt said, "The debate is far from settled."

That was before Donald Trump picked Perry, Sessions and Pruitt to...Read more

Trump's son-in-law Kushner can take White House job, Justice Department says

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WASHINGTON ––The Justice Department said President Donald Trump isn't prohibited by a federal anti-nepotism statute from appointing his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to a job as a senior White House adviser.

Daniel L. Koffsky, a deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Counsel, wrote in a memorandum that the White House is ...Read more

Trump scrubs climate change from White House website

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WASHINGTON -- Environmentalists are criticizing President Donald Trump for quickly changing the White House website Friday to eliminate any mention of global warming.

"It's truly disturbing that one of the first actions by the Trump administration is to remove nearly all references to climate change from the White House website," said Sam Adams...Read more

Senate confirms key posts in Trump's national security team

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WASHINGTON -- The Senate moved swiftly Friday to confirm two retired generals as President Donald Trump's picks for top national security posts, putting pieces of the new administration's team in place shortly after the inauguration ceremony.

Retired Marine Gen. James N. Mattis was confirmed as Defense secretary, on a vote of 98-1

Mattis was ...Read more

Analysis: 'Not in my Cabinet' is Trump's signal to Latinos

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WASHINGTON -- Republican and Democratic presidents have long nodded to the importance of diversity as they select their Cabinets. Since 1989, every president's first Cabinet has included at least one Latino.

Not Donald Trump's.

After a campaign in which relations with Latinos became painfully raw –– the sort of tension that typically would...Read more

On an often-ugly Inauguration Day, Trump and Obama are cordial

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WASHINGTON -- The most reassuring, and ultimately significant image from Friday's otherwise gloomy, often ugly, Inauguration Day: Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama never stopped talking to each other.

As they walked into the White House in the morning to have coffee, they smiled broadly. The two presidents and their wives stayed inside ...Read more

Trump's first presidential act: Paperwork to nominate his Cabinet

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump aims to deliver quickly on his promise to break from the progressive policies of President Barack Obama. But the first official acts of his presidency were the signing of routine paperwork.

In a ceremonial office of the Capitol shortly after he took the oath Friday, Trump took the first steps to fill out his...Read more

Trump's bigger Army could cost $12 billion by official's math

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's pledge to increase the Army's active-duty troops to 540,000 from 465,000 today could cost at least an extra $12 billion once the goal is met, based on a formula provided by departing Army Secretary Eric Fanning.

"What do you want the Army to do?" is the strategic question that must be answered, Fanning ...Read more

Trump has power to make or break the native NYC that spurned him

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NEW YORK -- The city that made Donald Trump a billionaire -- and laughed at him through decades as a boastful businessman whose marriages and divorces were tabloid fodder -- finds itself at his mercy.

More than four of five New Yorkers voted against the brash Queens-born Republican. If he chooses to punish the most populous U.S. city, it wouldn...Read more

Senate Democrats plan to put the brakes on Trump's Cabinet process

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WASHINGTON -- On his first day in office, Donald Trump will get a taste of what it's like to work with Congress.

He probably won't like it.

Senate Democrats plan to slow the confirmation of all but a handful of Trump's Cabinet nominees, their leader told reporters on the eve of the presidential inauguration -- a move that shows that even with ...Read more

Should black leaders meet with Trump?

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ATLANTA -- As the clock ticks down on the final hours of the historic Obama presidency, civil rights advocates are facing the prospect of a new leader they worry is deeply out of touch with their community and openly hostile to their agenda.

Trump's Twitter assault last weekend on U.S. Rep. John Lewis is just the latest salvo in a string of ...Read more