Stormy Daniels wants collusion lawsuit sent back to state court

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LOS ANGELES -- Stephanie Clifford, the adult-movie star professionally known as Stormy Daniels, wants the lawsuit alleging her former lawyer colluded with Donald Trump's longtime attorney Michael Cohen sent back to state court.

Cohen used "procedural gamesmanship" to have the case she filed June 6 in California state court in Los Angeles ...Read more

Harris says Trump guilty of 'crimes against humanity' on border

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WASHINGTON -- Calif. Sen. Kamala Harris charged that the Trump administration had committed "crimes against humanity" after meeting at a U.S. detention center on Friday with immigrant mothers who had been separated from their children.

Harris became the latest prominent Democrat to travel to the southern border as controversy rages over ...Read more

Walden won't give odds on horse racing bill leaving the gate

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WASHINGTON -- House Energy and Commerce Chairman Greg Walden said Friday he remained open to advancing a bipartisan proposal that would establish a national authority for regulating doping and medication in horse racing.

But after a raucous Digital Commerce and Consumer Protection subcommittee hearing that revealed an industry divided over how ...Read more

Trump kills off House immigration bill he had vowed to support '1,000 percent'

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WASHINGTON -- With an early morning tweet Friday, President Donald Trump put the likely final nail in the coffin of an immigration measure supported by the House GOP leadership, saying that lawmakers shouldn't bother with legislation he had claimed to support just days before.

"Republicans should stop wasting their time on Immigration until ...Read more

In a victory for privacy, Supreme Court rules cellphone tracking records are off-limits without a warrant

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WASHINGTON -- In a victory for privacy in the digital era, the Supreme Court ruled Friday that the Constitution protects tracking data from a cellphone, requiring police to have a search warrant to obtain cell tower records that show a person's movement for days or weeks.

The justices, by a 5-4 vote, said the 4th Amendment protects the data ...Read more

No federal money for arming teachers, House says

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WASHINGTON -- The Department of Homeland Security would not be able to use two big federal grant programs to pay for arming teachers, thanks to a provision tucked into House legislation that quietly passed this week.

The measure blocks the funds from being spent to provide anyone with a gun or train them to use one.

But Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla...Read more

Supreme Court ducks decision on whether president has power to fire any top federal official

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court sidestepped a constitutional dispute Thursday over the scope of the president's power to fire high-level federal employees.

Instead, by a 7-2 vote, the court ruled that administrative law judges who hear stock fraud cases at the Securities and Exchange Commission are "officers" of the United States, not civil ...Read more

Trump plan to expand Gulf drilling ignores impacts on wildlife, lawsuit claims

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MIAMI--A handful of environmental groups sued the Trump administration Thursday for failing to protect whales, sea turtles and other marine life in the Gulf of Mexico even as it pushes to expand drilling amid safety cutbacks.

In a lawsuit filed in federal court in Tampa, Earthjustice claimed the administration has yet to complete a long overdue...Read more

Trump administration recycles failed arguments to try to resurrect family detention

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WASHINGTON -- In asking a federal court to release it from a from a 2-decade-old settlement regarding family detention, the Trump administration is using the same arguments that President Barack Obama used to no avail in 2015.

The administration's arguments filed Thursday even cite a 2015 affidavit, when the Obama administration sought to ...Read more

Copper mine planned for Utah national monument shrunk by Trump

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WASHINGTON -- The red sandstone vistas in Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument may soon be criss-crossed with dump trucks after a Canadian mining company announced plans to begin operations on land cut from federal protection by President Donald Trump.

Vancouver-based Glacier Lake Resources Inc. announced last week it had acquired...Read more

Farm bill passes House as critics denounce work rules for food stamps

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WASHINGTON -- Farm legislation that would impose new work restrictions to qualify for food stamps narrowly passed the U.S. House after an earlier attempt failed last month because of conservatives' demands that an immigration vote be held first.

The five-year, $867 billion bill, passed 213-211 on Thursday, would extend subsidies for farmers and...Read more

Trump says Puerto Rico governor blamed power plant flaw on storm

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump said Puerto Rico's Gov. Ricardo Rossello took advantage of a deadly hurricane last year to seek federal funds to rebuild a long-decrepit power plant, calling the move "very brilliant."

During a meeting with governors at the White House, Trump praised the federal government's response to Hurricane Maria in ...Read more

Trump administration heads to court, seeking to hold immigrant families in detention

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LOS ANGELES -- Justice Department officials asked a federal judge Thursday to change the rules on holding immigrant children in custody, saying they needed more flexibility to implement President Donald Trump's executive order to detain families of immigrants caught crossing the border.

A legal settlement the government reached two decades ago ...Read more

House postpones vote on a second immigration bill after voting down first

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WASHINGTON -- With a crisis over family separations still boiling on the border, the House on Thursday voted down a conservative immigration bill and abruptly postponed a vote on a more moderate proposal pitched as a compromise between battling Republican factions, an embarrassing setback for House leaders.

The first bill collapsed in a 193-231...Read more

Trump calls for reorganizing government

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump proposed a reorganization of the federal government, aiming to combine the Education and Labor departments and shift control of U.S. food aid programs away from the Agriculture Department.

The plan also calls for an overhaul of the U.S. Postal Service, including the possible privatization of mail delivery. ...Read more

Time running out in Ryan's quest to overhaul welfare programs

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WASHINGTON -- Speaker Paul D. Ryan has spent his 20-year congressional career primarily focused on two issues, taxes and poverty. The Wisconsin Republican led a major rewrite of the tax code last year, but when he retires at the end of this term he won't have many accomplishments to tout on poverty.

The last big win for conservatives in the so-...Read more

White House struggles to move past migrant family separation crisis, with no reunification plan in sight

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WASHINGTON -- The day after President Donald Trump claimed he had acted to keep migrant families together, the fate of more than 2,300 children held in custody separate from their parents and that of future asylum-seeking families remained uncertain Thursday.

The continued confusion ensured the president's self-inflicted political and ...Read more

Trump's plan for immigrant families likely doomed in court, experts say

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump may have a hard time reversing his policy of separating undocumented children from their parents at the U.S. border because his alternative may get shot down in court.

Implementing the June 20 directive hinges in part on whether U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee in Los Angeles agrees to amend a 21-year-old ...Read more

States stand to pocket billions as Supreme Court rules internet businesses must collect sales taxes

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court on Thursday standardized taxing rules for traditional retailers and online transactions, ruling that states and localities may collect sales taxes on all purchases over the internet.

By a 5-4 vote, the justices that ruled that online sellers can be required to collect state and local taxes from customers even if ...Read more

Obama separated families at the border, too

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama separated parents from their children at the border.

Obama prosecuted mothers for coming to the United States illegally. He fast tracked deportations. And yes, he housed unaccompanied children in tent cities.

For much of the country -- and President Donald Trump -- the prevailing belief is that Obama was ...Read more