Biden to call for $2 trillion in clean-energy spending

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WASHINGTON -- Joe Biden on Tuesday will call for setting a 100% clean-electricity standard by 2035 and investing $2 trillion over four years on clean energy, three people familiar with his plan said Monday.

The Democratic nominee's new commitments mark a clear shift toward progressives' environmental priorities and cutting the use of fossil ...Read more

Should schools reopen amid the pandemic? A debate rich in misinformation, angst and rancor

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Compared with adults, children and adolescents are at lower risk of getting and spreading COVID-19. But low risk is not no risk.

That's why the issue of reopening schools has become the latest heated argument in the U.S. pandemic response.

"There's nothing in the data that suggests that kids being in school is in any way dangerous," U.S. ...Read more

Trump's brother fails to block niece's tell-all family book

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NEW YORK -- President Donald Trump's younger brother lost his fight for an injunction against a damning memoir written by their estranged niece, Mary Trump, who said her book will expose the toxic nature of the family.

Robert Trump's motion for a preliminary injunction against the scheduled Tuesday release of the book was denied Monday by ...Read more

Trump says he will bring down Chicago violence even if he has to 'go in and take over'

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President Donald Trump on Monday pledged to bring down shooting numbers in Chicago and other American cities "even if we have to go in and take over."

Trump was speaking at a law enforcement round table at the White House, where he touted his record as "pro-safety, pro-police and anti-crime."

During the event, he turned his attention to ...Read more

White House stresses Trump's 'good relationship' with Fauci

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WASHINGTON -- The White House sought Monday to repair the frayed relationship with Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, saying he and President Donald Trump continued to work well together despite recent public criticism levied by the president and White House officials.

"The notion there's opposition research, that there'...Read more

Federal judge throws out Georgia's anti-abortion law

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ATLANTA -- A federal judge on Monday struck down Georgia's anti-abortion law approved by the General Assembly last year, calling it unconstitutional.

District Judge Steve C. Jones wrote in his ruling that the law -- which would have outlawed most abortions once a doctor can detect fetal cardiac activity, or around six weeks of pregnancy -- ...Read more

Women Congress hopefuls smash record again as GOP joins in

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A record number of women are running for Congress this year, boosted in part by a surge of Republican women seeking office in a party struggling to regain lost ground with female voters.

The influx adds to the advances female candidates -- mostly Democrats -- made in the 2018 midterm election that helped reshape the makeup of Congress. It also ...Read more

As infections soar, Trump finally dons a face mask. Will it help?

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WASHINGTON -- The messaging was unmistakable: Surgeon Gen. Jerome Adams, on a network news-talk show Sunday, wore a large white mask that left little showing but his eyes -- which were wide and impassioned as he pleaded with Americans to wear face coverings in public to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Adams is often photographed wearing a ...Read more

Analysis: Trump's justices give him a boost but Supreme Court's balance holds

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump got much of what he wanted in the two U.S. Supreme Court justices he appointed. It just wasn't enough in a term that showed how hard it is to tip the court's balance.

Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh embellished their conservative credentials in their second term together, which ended Thursday with ...Read more

Trump dons face mask during visit to Walter Reed Hospital

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump wore a mask during a scheduled visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, a rare instance of doing so publicly as coronavirus cases continue to pile up.

Trump on Saturday was photographed with a dark-colored mask, walking in the halls of the hospital in Maryland, where he was set to meet with...Read more

Pelosi plans bill to limit pardons in wake of Stone commutation

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WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that in the wake of President Donald Trump's commutation of Roger Stone's criminal sentence, she plans to support a bill limiting the ability of presidents to take such actions.

"President Trump's decision to commute the sentence of top campaign adviser Roger Stone, who could directly implicate him ...Read more

Trump vows to sign executive order to change immigration laws

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump said Friday he would seek sweeping changes to U.S. immigration policy through an executive order, suggesting he might create a "road to citizenship" for certain migrants brought to the country illegally as children and shift the criteria for new arrivals to a "merit-based" system.

The new effort will be ...Read more

Hearing on Trump taxes set for July 16 after Supreme Court ruling

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WASHINGTON -- A federal judge in New York City ordered a hearing for Thursday on a New York prosecutor's attempt to obtain President Donald Trump's financial records, including tax returns.

The hearing will allow Trump's defense to lay out its initial arguments opposing a subpoena from the Manhattan district attorney, after the Supreme Court ...Read more

Self-help guide to Congress: Reports detail ways the institution could better itself

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WASHINGTON -- Proposals for how Congress could overhaul the lobbying disclosure system, provide lawmakers with continuing education opportunities and make legislative action more transparent are just a few of the big ideas in eight reports made public by the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress on Friday.

In early March, the ...Read more

Trump says US will review universities' tax-exempt status

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump ordered the Treasury Department on Friday to review the tax-exempt status of colleges and universities, following his threats to cut federal funding to schools that do not reopen due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The president's attack on institutions of higher education comes as they're struggling with how ...Read more

Trump vows to 'fight for Venezuelans' at visit to US Southern Command

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DORAL, Fla. -- On a visit to Miami on Friday, President Donald Trump portrayed himself as tough on drugs and a champion of Venezuelans, at a time when U.S. policy toward the troubled South American nation has not yielded the expected results and polls show him falling behind his Democratic rival in Florida.

"We are going to be fighting for ...Read more

Trump's campaign, struggling in the polls, aims for a comeback

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WASHINGTON -- For weeks, President Donald Trump's campaign aides have fretted about whether he could draw a major crowd to an outdoor venue Saturday night in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, or if not, whether they could stage the event to make it look full.

The danger, all agreed, was a repeat of Trump's disastrous last rally, three weeks ago in ...Read more

Chief Justice Roberts, in full control, steers the Supreme Court to a surprising term

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court opened its term in October facing major cases on gay rights, guns, abortion and religious schools, as well as on President Donald Trump's effort to repeal the Obama-era policy that has protected young immigrants known as "Dreamers."

The stage seemed set for a sharp move to the right. Conservatives had celebrated ...Read more

Trump doesn't wear a mask while greeting Republicans at Miami airport

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MIAMI -- President Donald Trump stepped off Air Force One Friday in Miami, into one of the worst coronavirus hot spots in the country.

He wasn't wearing a mask, though Miami-Dade County has a mask-wearing mandate in public. A spokesman for Miami International Airport had said earlier in the week that he wouldn't need to, since he would be going...Read more

With runoffs ahead, campaigning continues as COVID-19 cases rise

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WASHINGTON -- Images of Wisconsin voters standing at the polls in early April as the coronavirus spread across the country stuck with Jerri Yoss. She wondered how voting could be safe in her home state of Texas, where voting by mail is limited.

So in May she helped launch a new group, "Dems Care Vote Safe," to prepare voters with supplies to ...Read more