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Heavy on insults, light on substance: 5 takeaways from the chaotic first Biden-Trump debate

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WASHINGTON - Personal insults. Chaos on stage. More interruptions than anyone can count.

The country has never before seen a presidential debate like the one that took place between Donald Trump and Joe Biden on Tuesday in Cleveland, Ohio, the first of three scheduled showdowns between the two candidates.

A night that began ugly stayed ...Read more


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Trump offered Barrett nomination 3 days after Ginsburg's death

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WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump offered Judge Amy Coney Barrett the nomination to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Sept. 21, three days after Ginsburg's death, according to a questionnaire prepared for Senate confirmation hearings.

Trump said publicly he was still selecting his nominee from a pool of "five women" up until the ...Read more

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Fact-checking the first presidential debate

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WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden faced off Tuesday night in Cleveland for their first of three debates. We've tracked where each candidate strays from the facts. What follows are checks on the candidates' statements.


No, Trump isn't protecting coverage for preexisting conditions.

"We guaranteed ...Read more

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Hall, Franklin to face each other in runoff to succeed Rep. John Lewis in Georgia's 5th Congressional District

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ATLANTA - Former Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall and former Morehouse College President Robert Franklin, both Democrats, are headed to a runoff to determine who will complete the late Congressman John Lewis' term in office.

The Associated Press called the race for Hall and Franklin, who were among seven candidates running in the 5th ...Read more

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Key takeaways from the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden

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Well that was ugly.

After a series of world-shaking events, President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden grappled face to face (sort of) in their first presidential debate Tuesday night - a scabrous spectacle that held out the prospect of dramatically upending their seemingly immovable contest.

Or not.

Typically, debates like ...Read more

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris release 2019 tax returns

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Democratic nominee Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris released their latest tax returns ahead of Tuesday night's presidential debate, showing that the Democratic candidates and their spouses paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes to the federal government in 2019.

The disclosures come as President Donald Trump, whose family owns ...Read more

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Trump's silence continues on how many refugees can enter the US this fiscal year

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The Trump administration has yet to announce how many refugees will be admitted into the United States during the upcoming fiscal year, which starts Thursday.

Without a "presidential determination," which dictates how many refugees can come to the United States each fiscal year, refugees cannot be resettled in the country, except for a few ...Read more

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Commentary: What does it mean to be a 'good Catholic'?

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Back in the 1980s, during a holiday get-together, one of the family elders, who was known for sweeping declarations, made a sweeping declaration:

"You can't be a Republican," she said, "and be a good Catholic."

From couch to couch, we looked at each other and smiled gently. This woman in her 70s was upset with the efforts of GOP politicians at...Read more


Senate ends debate on stopgap funding bill, moves closer to avoiding partial shutdown

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WASHINGTON - The Senate on Tuesday voted to limit debate on short-term agency spending through Dec. 11, clearing the way for a final vote Wednesday that could bump up fairly close to a midnight deadline to avoid a partial government shutdown.

The 82-6 cloture vote signals that the continuing resolution is all but certain to clear the Senate and...Read more

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Democrats say Trump Supreme Court pick Barrett should recuse herself from possible 2020 election cases

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WASHINGTON - Senate Democrats are calling for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to pledge to recuse herself from future cases related to the 2020 election, after President Donald Trump said the court might decide the outcome and he expects her to break a tie.

While there is virtually nothing Congress can do to force a Supreme Court ...Read more


Debate could shift the presidential race

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CLEVELAND - President Donald Trump and Joe Biden will clash Tuesday night in their first face-to-face debate as the president urgently tries to close a persistent polling gap and move past damaging new revelations about his years of tax avoidance.

The debate at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland could be one of the most-watched ...Read more

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Amy Coney Barrett meets with GOP senators in preparation for Supreme Court confirmation battle

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett met privately with several Republican senators Tuesday as they kick-started the process of trying to confirm her controversial nomination to the Supreme Court before the November election.

Barrett, nominated by President Donald Trump last week to fill the seat left vacant by the Sept. 18 death of Justice Ruth Bader ...Read more

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Supreme Court nominee Barrett visits Capitol

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WASHINGTON - Amy Coney Barrett's Capitol Hill path to the Supreme Court began on Tuesday with courtesy calls unlike any other Supreme Court nominee's - sans handshakes, amid the homestretch of a heated presidential campaign and without the traditional veteran politician who serves as a guide, or sherpa, to the ways of the Senate.

Barrett, ...Read more

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Census papers suggest agency chose new deadline over accuracy

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WASHINGTON - The Census Bureau's new "target date" to end in-person census counting on Oct. 5 could leave as many as 10 states less than fully counted, according to agency documents released in court Tuesday.

The new date, announced Monday by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in a Census Bureau tweet, would allow the agency to meet a Dec. 31 ...Read more

Trump ban on 'divisive' and 'anti-American' training for federal contractors has workplace diversity experts worried

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Diversity and inclusion training providers are concerned recent strides in corporate America to address racial and gender disparities will take a back seat after President Donald Trump ordered restrictions on racial sensitivity training for federal contractors.

Many companies expanded their workplace diversity training programs earlier this ...Read more

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Manhattan DA's office will hold off on demand for Trump's taxes

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NEW YORK - Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance indicated Tuesday he would hold off on enforcing subpoenas for President Donald Trump's taxes, despite an appeals court judge's suggestion the prosecutor could go ahead and demand the paperwork.

Vance attorney Carey Dunne wrote that the office would not demand the documents from Trump's longtime ...Read more

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Biden has a clear lead over Trump in all-important Pennsylvania, polls find

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PHILADELPHIA - A new wave of polls shows Joe Biden is still winning Pennsylvania, the state that could decide the election, as some Pennsylvanians start voting and the campaign reaches its final stages with the first presidential debate Tuesday.

And his lead appears substantial.

Three new polls all found Biden leading President Donald Trump by...Read more

Environmental action, laws may face new hurdles on high court

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WASHINGTON - A conservative supermajority on the Supreme Court could deal a crippling blow to environmental laws on the books, water down climate regulations tied up in court and make it harder to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., according to environmental law scholars and advocates.

A 6-3 conservative majority may also dissuade an ...Read more

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Editorial: Our case for Joe Biden over Donald Trump

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In our March primary endorsement of Joe Biden, we cited his moderation as a value Americans could embrace. In a field of diverse, left-leaning candidates promising free public college, student loan forgiveness, "Medicare for All," universal child care, free rural broadband access - at times the Democratic primary resembled an Oprah Winfrey show ...Read more



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