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Texas and Florida Say the First Amendment Must Be Sacrificed to Save It: Supreme Court Arguments About Two Social Media Laws Highlight a Dangerous Conflation of State and Private Action

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

A social media platform is like a telegraph, Texas Solicitor General Aaron Nielson told the Supreme Court on Monday, defending his state's restrictions on content moderation by Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube. Paul Clement, speaking on behalf of the tech trade group NetChoice, rejected that comparison, saying a social media platform...Read more

Two New York Cases Lend Credibility to Trump's Complaint of Partisan Persecution: Neither Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg Nor New York Attorney General Letitia James Can Explain Exactly Who Was Victimized by the Dishonesty They Cite

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

As Donald Trump tells it, all of the civil and criminal cases against him are part of a Democratic conspiracy to keep him from returning to the White House. Although some of the many charges against him involve credible allegations of serious crimes, they have been overshadowed recently by two New York cases that are much weaker.

In 2016, ...Read more

Did Decriminalization Boost Drug Deaths in Oregon?: Recent Research Finds 'No Evidence' That It Did, Undermining a Key Claim by Critics of That Policy

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

Oregon is considering legislation that would recriminalize low-level drug possession, reversing a landmark reform that voters approved in 2020. Although critics of that ballot initiative, Measure 110, cite escalating drug-related deaths, decriminalization is not responsible for that trend.

Opioid overdose fatalities have been rising ...Read more

Based on Loose Reasoning, a Federal Judge Upholds the Gun-Free School Zones Act: The Decision Likens the Federal Law to Reconstruction Era Restrictions on Firearms Near Polling Places

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

A federal law prohibits gun possession within 1,000 feet of an elementary or secondary school. That restriction, a federal judge in Montana noted last week, "covers almost the entirety of every urban location in the United States, including many places that have nothing to do with the closest school."

U.S. District Judge Susan Watters ...Read more

The 5th Circuit Says Criminalizing Journalism Is Not Obviously Unconstitutional: The Appeals Court Dismissed a Civil Rights Lawsuit by a Laredo Gadfly Who Was Arrested for Asking Questions

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

Five years ago, the Harris County, Texas, Institute of Forensic Sciences sent me reports on the autopsies of two people who had been killed in a Houston drug raid. After I wrote an article based on those reports, the county attorney's office told me they were not public information because they were part of an ongoing investigation.

Although ...Read more

Accused of Dictatorial Ambitions, Trump Doubles Down on Authoritarianism: His Understanding of Effective Leadership and Policing Should Repel Anyone Who Cares About Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

Donald Trump, a longtime admirer of foreign autocrats, recently has been inveighing against the dangers of holding politicians and police officers accountable for breaking the law. If the all-but-certain Republican presidential nominee wants to convince general election voters that there is nothing to charges that he harbors dictatorial ...Read more

The Chevron Doctrine Discomfits the Weak: Excessive Judicial Deference Gives Administrative Agencies a License to Rewrite the Law in Their Favor

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

In two cases the Supreme Court is considering, herring fishermen in New Jersey and Rhode Island are challenging regulatory fees they say were never authorized by Congress. Critics of those lawsuits misleadingly complain that the sympathetic plaintiffs are "providing cover" for a corporate attempt to "disable and dismantle" environmental ...Read more

Gavin Newsom Defies the Supreme Court's 'Very Bad Ruling' on the Right to Bear Arms: California Made Carry Permits Easier to Obtain but Nearly Impossible to Use

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

California Gov. Gavin Newsom thinks the Constitution should be amended to accommodate the gun regulations he favors. But in the meantime, he is trying out a different strategy: If we ignore the Second Amendment, maybe it will go away.

In 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right to carry guns in public for self-defense, saying states ...Read more

Former NIH Director Says Ignoring 'Collateral Damage' Inflicted by COVID-19 Policies Was 'Really Unfortunate': Francis Collins' Remarks Highlight the Folly of Attaching 'Infinite Value' to a Life Saved by Government Regulation

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

As federal officials considered how the government should respond to an emerging pandemic in 2020, Francis Collins recalled last year, "we weren't really considering the consequences" of extreme measures such as business shutdowns, school closures and stay-at-home orders. It was a startling admission from Collins, who played a major role in ...Read more

'I Relied on Others,' 'Documents Were Filed in the Wrong Place,' and Other Memorable Excuses: The Year's Highlights in Blame Shifting

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

After two former Georgia election workers sued Rudy Giuliani for falsely accusing them of committing massive fraud in 2020, his attorney argued that the real culprit in that calumny was The Gateway Pundit. Meanwhile, Gateway Pundit publisher Jim Hoft, who faced a separate defamation lawsuit by the same plaintiffs, was arguing that his website ...Read more

Giuliani Never Puts Up, but He Never Shuts Up Either: The Former Trump Lawyer Could Have Avoided a Massive Defamation Verdict by Presenting His 'Definitively Clear' Evidence of Election Fraud

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

In a recent CNN poll, 71% of Republicans said Joe Biden "did not legitimately win enough votes to win the presidency," and 41% said there was "solid evidence" to support that conclusion. Last Friday, a federal jury in Washington, D.C., gave those Republicans 148 million reasons to think again.

Former Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani could ...Read more

Hunter Biden's Multiplying Charges Exemplify a Profound Threat to Trial by Jury: Prosecutors Have Enormous Power to Coerce Guilty Pleas, Which Are the Basis for Nearly All Convictions

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

Under a plea deal that fell apart last July, Hunter Biden would have spent no time behind bars after admitting to illegally buying a gun and willfully failing to pay his income taxes. Now that Biden is forcing the government to prove its charges in court, he faces up to 42 years in federal prison.

The stark contrast between the punishment ...Read more

O'Connor's Parting Dissents Highlighted the Twin Perils of Local Tyranny and Federal Overreach: The Late Supreme Court Justice Eloquently Defended Property Rights and State Autonomy

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

The month before Justice Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement in 2005, she dissented from Supreme Court decisions in two cases that illustrated the twin perils of local tyranny and federal overreach. O'Connor, who was appointed to the Court by Ronald Reagan in 1981 and died last Friday at 93, eloquently explained why property rights ...Read more



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