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Can We Possibly Laugh About Seasonal Allergies?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tree huggers, are you contemplating a Zoom meeting with Mr. Elm instead?

Yes, this is dedicated to the millions of you who share my susceptibility to seasonal allergies.

(Seasonal allergies? Yes, “When is allergy season?” is a popular Google question. I don’t mean to be ungrateful for fleeting symptom interruptions around Christmas; ...Read more

Can We Please Retire the Word Debunked?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Did I ever tell you about my late Uncle Vernon and the time his slanderous lies about a respected business got unceremoniously debunked?

In the mid-70s Uncle Vernon hired a Nashville company to apply vinyl siding to his home. When he was completely disgusted with the finished product, he tried and tried to get satisfaction from the company.

...Read more

May I Sing the Housing Subdivision Blues?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

My wife and I would never have met, except that her family fled a densely populated state when she was 11.

Given her satisfaction with the simple life (deer in the yard, the neighbors’ ponds and livestock across the road), I dreaded sharing game-changing news with her the other evening.

“One of the neighbors said a 100-house ...Read more

Can You Handle the Truth about Easter Trivia?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

There was certainly nothing trivial about the events of that first Easter Sunday, but that hasn’t stopped magazines from cranking out baskets of Easter trivia year after year.

Admittedly, magazine writers are trapped on a hamster wheel of producing seasonal material. (“See the latest table settings for National Fasting Week!”)

The ...Read more

Aggravation: Is It A Board Game or a Way of Life?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

First off, Louis Armstrong was right about it being a wonderful world. And I realize many people suffer far worse troubles than mine.

But still…I would die of shock if I ever experienced 10 consecutive minutes of comfort, serenity and dignity. (Okay, anesthesia gave me two of the three; but instead of Doctors Without Borders, we need to ...Read more

Do You Find Saint Patrick’s Day Troubling?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

“My father and mother were Irish, and I am Irish, too.”

As Saint Patrick’s Day approaches, I keep remembering that song from our third-grade music book, which strove to examine music from an international perspective (WITHOUT a “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” detour into “Come see the cultural ...Read more

Have You Remembered Your Pets in Your Will?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Sure, it made the rounds of the “News of the Weird” columns when a Nashville businessman left $5 million in a trust fund for his beloved border collie Lulu. But such gestures aren’t as eccentric as you might think.

Many estate plan experts now include pet planning as part of the comprehensive services they offer.

(“That takes care ...Read more

Product Recall Notices: Friend or Foe?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

The relentless airbag recall notices concerning my mother’s old truck have progressed from a mailbox-clogging nuisance to a grim reminder that our unresponsiveness has felled more trees than Paul Bunyan in his prime.

Okay, I realize more consumers should be conscientious about product recalls, for the safety of themselves, their families ...Read more

What Shall We Say About Grandmothers?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Yes, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since February 20, 1971 - but it’s still hard to believe that Granny Tyree (my father’s mother) has been gone for 50 years.

Oh, I shouldn’t have been caught off-guard. All the joys, sorrows, friendships, jobs, technological innovations and cultural upheavals of five decades leave this ...Read more

What Will Presidents’ Day Be Like In 50 Years?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

Whether you read these words before or after Presidents’ Day 2021, be advised that I’m already thinking ahead to Presidents’ Day 2071.

If you get your jollies reading about the only bachelor president or the first bathtub in the White House, just think how many more milestones and tidbits of trivia will have ...Read more

Valentine Dilemma: “Baby,” You’re Not the Greatest!

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

Although the bar has been set remarkably low during some epochs (“Dearest, you’ve survived to produce seven more viable male heirs than my second wife”), society has always expected couples to use terms of endearment to grease the wheels of their relationships.

I have it on good authority that the custom goes ...Read more

Are You and Your Middle Name on Speaking Terms?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

There’s no middle ground with middle names. You either love them or hate them.

Or, if you’re a politician, you treat them however the latest opinion poll indicates. (“It’s way past time this nation took the bold bipartisan move of giving Harry S. Truman an actual posthumous middle name - not for our own ...Read more

Ever Sing the College Brochure Blues?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

It has been a bittersweet experience seeing the mailbox flooded with college recruiting brochures addressed to my son Gideon.

Bittersweet because, speaking as a science fiction fan, each “road not taken” represents an alternate timeline involving different friends, different instructors, a different spouse, a ...Read more

Have You Ever Met A Stranger?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

Reminiscing with one of my mother’s photo albums, I encountered a snapshot of a long-deceased neighbor (a dear, sweet man) who is still summed up by the phrase “He never met a stranger.”

I’m sure all of you know someone like that (or ARE someone like that): the one-person welcoming committee who is drawn ...Read more

Remember Learning to Drive?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

My son Gideon certainly had a high-octane understanding of the THEORY of driving last winter.

As far as the rubber meeting the road, not so much.

My wife and I were relieved that he was enrolled in Drivers Education in high school, under the supervision of the football coach; but right before it was Gideon’s ...Read more

Don’t Be A Meathead! Celebrate Archie Bunker’s 50th Anniversary!

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

I spent Monday nights in the fall of 1975 breathlessly watching my favorite TV show. And I do mean breathlessly.

That’s because I had to rush home from my afterschool job at a nearby convenience market and hope that I didn’t miss much more than the “goils were goils and men were men” in the theme song of blue-collar comedy “All in ...Read more

Is Profanity in the Ear of the Beholder?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

In case you (expletives deleted) missed the marketing campaign, on January 5 the noble public servants at Netflix will launch a six-episode series, “History of Swear Words,” hosted by actor Nicholas Cage.

The “proudly profane” program will be supplemented with historians, cognitive scientists, lexicographers...Read more

Can We Please Have the Right Kind of Christmas Sounds?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

“Hello. I’m Grandpa.”

For Christmas 50 years ago, my parents splurged and bought me a compact reel-to-reel tape recorder. My father had whetted my appetite with remarks that one could build a primitive voice recorder along the lines of Thomas Edison’s prototype, but this was the real store-bought deal.

I ...Read more



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