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King would have a prophetic message for today's Church

My reflection on the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day this year is a little more earnest since we are getting closer to commemoration services in the future where he would not have been alive. King would have been 91 on Jan. 15, and if he were addressing the nation, I can imagine him preaching a message somewhat like this in his ...Read more

A Hair Day Is a Good Day

"Black-ish" kicked off its first 2020 episode highlighting a familiar struggle that connects African American women from all generations: the hair dilemma. Black hair has always been a controversial topic of cultural examination. The physical features of African American women -- their myriad shades of melanin and coiled tresses -- have not ...Read more

No resolutions, just a 2020 vision and asking God for guidance

As I prepared for New Year's Eve service with 2019 drawing to a close, I began to think about the spiritual declaration of 2020 being a year of vision in churches across the country. I am energized and pumped about having a vision, as I've never really been into New Year's resolutions, except for recommitments to a regular exercise regimen. A ...Read more

Christmas is about celebrating the life that Jesus <i> breathed </i> into me

It seems as if the Christmas holiday season got here quickly. Perhaps I am partly responsible for the rush in days, since I have kidded with colleagues that I'm always ready for Christmas break when school begins in August. I'm pretty sure this is a universal teacher joke, as my elementary school teacher friends often post hilarious memes of ...Read more

Deserving of a second chance

Following grading for the fall semester, I turned my attention to a gripping documentary that I believe everyone who cares about a strong and engaged citizenry should watch: "College Behind Bars." "College Behind Bars" aired on PBS last month and has four episodes that trace the difficult and inspiring academic journeys of male inmates at the ...Read more

'Tis the season for a wonderful life in Christ

As we are upon the Christmas season, I took some time this week to re-watch a holiday classic: "It's a Wonderful Life." The central theme of this film -- "no man is a failure who has friends" -- has deeply touched generations of viewers for over 70 years. For me, "It's a Wonderful Life" has a special nostalgic feel of the era it represents. ...Read more

Imagine how much better the world would be if we cared for our neighbor as Jesus taught

"We could all use a little kindness."

This quote is placed at the top of the movie poster for "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," and it truly embodies the persona of Fred Rogers as I remember him. Growing up in the '70s and '80s, "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" was a staple of my television viewing along with "Sesame Street" and "The...Read more

Feast on God's word during Thanksgiving

As I celebrate Thanksgiving this year, like many of you, I am taking special time to show God my gratefulness for His provision, both spiritually and naturally. I remember Thanksgivings from my childhood when I did not fully understand the concept of provision and having all of my physical needs met. I really wasn't cognizant of how blessed my ...Read more

Carter's resilient faith has resulted in the blessings of thousands

About two weeks ago, when I was grading the secondary-source integration assignment for my morning English composition classes, I came across a quote from former President Jimmy Carter that one of my students used. It was a 2015 quote from Carter expressing his support for historically black colleges and universities. As I reviewed my student's ...Read more

Many millennial and Gen Z churchgoers want to be devoted disciples

One of the largest religion-based reports on millennials and Gen Z was published this month by Barna Group and World Vision. It's an intriguing collaboration, as Barna Group focuses extensively on faith and culture, and World Vision is a global Christian organization that works to lift children out of poverty.

The report, titled "The Connected ...Read more

'Harriet' is an account of a life exemplified by faith, hope and love

Go down, Moses Way down in Egypt land Tell old Pharaoh to Let my people go!

This was one of the first Negro spirituals I heard as a child when learning about the fearlessness and dignified poise of Harriet Tubman. My mother proudly emphasized that Tubman used spirituals as code songs during her rescue missions, which ...Read more

Crucet's novel takes an alternative perspective on white privilege

As I was reading about Georgia Southern University students burning Jennine CapĆ³ Crucet's novel "Make Your Home Among Strangers," a story about Crucet's experience as a Latina student at a predominately white institution, I began thinking about how we can change the conversation regarding white privilege.

Crucet, who's a professor at the ...Read more

Prosperity gospel? No such thing!

Paula White, the spiritual advisor to President Donald Trump, has recently come under fire for the release of her new book, "Something Greater: Finding Triumph Over Trials." Pastors are accusing her of promoting the so-called "prosperity gospel," although the previews of her book don't indicate that this is a primary theme. White has always ...Read more


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