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Trump needs a Damascus Road experience to open his eye to God

The headlines for President Donald Trump have gone from bad to worse since the end of May. According to a June Gallup poll, Trump's approval rating took a sharp downturn after the nationwide protests against the death of George Floyd and is currently sitting at 38%, only three points above his lowest performance mark in 2017. Heavy criticism ...Read more

There was no racial agenda in the ministry of Jesus

Confederate monuments are beginning to come down in the South as protests continue across the nation against racial injustice. Some monuments have been removed legally, while others have not, as was the case in Richmond, Virginia, last month when protestors tore down the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Confederate statues are ...Read more

We must begin to address segregation in American Christianity

Last week, one of the CNN headlines that captured my attention was written by the network's religion editor, Daniel Burke: "This is a moment of reckoning on race for White Christians." With systemic racism at the forefront of heated debates on police and law enforcement reform, along with enduring socioeconomic disparities in Black communities, ...Read more

Taking joy in the presence of your father on Father's Day

One of the things I've always thought was very amusing is how many fathers feel Mother's Day has much better promotion than Father's Day. Mom gets all of the good stuff while everyone is rushing to find the last-minute sales for Dad. In the '80s, you would make a mad dash to the mall to perhaps grab a tie, dress shirt or cologne at Macy's. Now, ...Read more

CBS sports analyst Clark Kellogg provides a Christian voice during racial tension

I recently listened to an interview that former Ohio State basketball great Clark Kellogg gave on the Gahanna, Ohio, Christian radio station 104.9 The River with Mary O'Brien and Josh Hooper. It was a moving and open conversation about the current state of race relations in our country amid the ongoing protests since the death of George Floyd. ...Read more

The Church must intervene during our country's racial unrest

While reading the flurry of news reports on the protests across the nation in response to George Floyd's horrifying death at the hands of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who is charged with Floyd's murder, I pulled out one of my old textbooks and read this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter From a Birmingham Jail": ...Read more

Newly released book 'Sentenced to Live' is an untold testimony of God's healing

Maya Angelou once said, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story." I would humbly add that the agony intensifies when the story is an untold testimony of God's healing from what many would deem an insurmountable loss. Such was the case for Alicia S. Jones, author of the newly released book "Sentenced to Live." In this poignant and...Read more

Joy and laughter are in the little things God is showing us

Having to self-quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many families spending more quality time with one another. Although we've heard lots of humorous accounts of kids getting bored and driving their parents and siblings crazy while being inside most of the day, I believe that being forced to slow down from the hectic pace of...Read more

I am determined to trust God to keep me in the place where He dwells, His church

As states are outlining their mandatory health procedures for lifting shelter-in-place orders and clarifying their requirements for nonessential businesses to reopen, there are some slight differences. In Ohio, our last day required to stay at home is May 29, but consumer retail businesses will be allowed to welcome customers back this week, ...Read more

A heartfelt message for 2020 graduates

As the high school and college classes of 2020 are virtually celebrating their graduation, their memories of the latter half of this academic year will no doubt be a major narrative of their young lives. I remember one of my high school counselors telling my senior class in 1987 that graduation would be the final juncture where we would all be ...Read more

Doing it unto the least of these, redux

On April 3, I received an email from a reader who asked me to write a part two of my column "Doing It Unto the Least of These." She shared with me that she frequently follows the ArcaMax Publishing site and was drawn to my column title because she recognized the quote. I believe she was referring to the Scripture reference in Matthew 25:40. ...Read more

Our prayers will sustain our nurrses and medical workers

While watching news clips of the National Nurses United (NNU) protest outside the White House, I began thinking about my first cousin who is a nurse at New Orleans East Hospital. New Orleans is one of the U.S. cities hit hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak. In one of her recent texts to me, she wrote: "Please keep me lifted up in prayer. My whole ...Read more

Health disparities are an American problem

Last week, I came across several major news reports that have released early data regarding the racial disparities in health and socioeconomic class that the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing. Actually, "exacerbate" is probably a more fitting term than "expose" considering racial health disparities have been studied for slightly over a century, ...Read more


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