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Joy and laughter are in the little things God is showing us

Having to self-quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many families spending more quality time with one another. Although we've heard lots of humorous accounts of kids getting bored and driving their parents and siblings crazy while being inside most of the day, I believe that being forced to slow down from the hectic pace of...Read more

I am determined to trust God to keep me in the place where He dwells, His church

As states are outlining their mandatory health procedures for lifting shelter-in-place orders and clarifying their requirements for nonessential businesses to reopen, there are some slight differences. In Ohio, our last day required to stay at home is May 29, but consumer retail businesses will be allowed to welcome customers back this week, ...Read more

A heartfelt message for 2020 graduates

As the high school and college classes of 2020 are virtually celebrating their graduation, their memories of the latter half of this academic year will no doubt be a major narrative of their young lives. I remember one of my high school counselors telling my senior class in 1987 that graduation would be the final juncture where we would all be ...Read more

Doing it unto the least of these, redux

On April 3, I received an email from a reader who asked me to write a part two of my column "Doing It Unto the Least of These." She shared with me that she frequently follows the ArcaMax Publishing site and was drawn to my column title because she recognized the quote. I believe she was referring to the Scripture reference in Matthew 25:40. ...Read more

Our prayers will sustain our nurrses and medical workers

While watching news clips of the National Nurses United (NNU) protest outside the White House, I began thinking about my first cousin who is a nurse at New Orleans East Hospital. New Orleans is one of the U.S. cities hit hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak. In one of her recent texts to me, she wrote: "Please keep me lifted up in prayer. My whole ...Read more

Health disparities are an American problem

Last week, I came across several major news reports that have released early data regarding the racial disparities in health and socioeconomic class that the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing. Actually, "exacerbate" is probably a more fitting term than "expose" considering racial health disparities have been studied for slightly over a century, ...Read more

Jesus has given us the power to cast out this COVID-19 pestilence

While preparing to write my Easter column, I sat on my bed for a while asking the Holy Spirit to help me frame my words to provide encouragement in a frightening time like this. I began thinking about one of the enduring hymns that the elder members of my hometown church used to sing when I was a child: "It Is Well With My Soul." The first verse...Read more

Doing it unto the least of these

Millions of Americans will receive vital financial relief in the coming weeks from the $2 trillion stimulus package that President Donald Trump signed at the end of March, and debate is ongoing, particularly concerning the unemployment benefits. There is unease among some economists because unemployment payments will be more than the income many...Read more

I am my brother's and sister's keeper

It has been quite troubling during the past two weeks as we have continuously watched news updates on the deadly effects of the coronavirus outbreak here in the U.S. and worldwide. Seeing deaths increase and anxiety mount for those most vulnerable to COVID-19, the elderly and people with underlying medical conditions, is taking a distressing ...Read more

2020 is now in crisis mode, but don't lose faith

As COVID-19 has put our nation on lockdown and rapidly ushered abrupt change into our normal daily routines, I was thinking about how different the world was just three months ago. The holiday season was in full swing as we celebrated Christmas with loved ones. When we wrapped up our New Year's festivities, we had no idea that we were on the ...Read more

'Working Not to Work'

During my early years of teaching, my students often found it humorous when I told them that I worked around the clock. I didn't even take a break during spring break. I had piles of papers to grade, which were quite time-consuming, but that's what I signed up for as an English professor. There was a problem, however, because work was ...Read more

Black history is American history

I ended my Black History Month celebration in February by taking a trip to visit Cincinnati's National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Museum with some of the Ohio State University at Lima's students, faculty and staff. Having seen the film "Harriet" last year, which told the story of a young Harriet Tubman as a valiant Underground Railroad ...Read more

My church is going to continue to pray for Trump

At the conclusion of my Tuesday night Bible study this week, my pastor asked us to join hands and form a circle to pray. Many of the usual requests expressed in church prayer were addressed, such as grace and protection for family and friends, and complete healing of illnesses. We are currently studying the seven distinct Spirits of God ...Read more


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