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I will pray for Biden and Harris during this, our nation's urgent moment

The "fierce urgency of now." As we prepare for the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, those fiery words from Dr. King during the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom remain solemn and compelling. Before getting to his famed "I Have ...Read more

We must pray in spiritual and racial unity to overcome our nation's chaos

As I watched the terrorizing breach of the U.S. Capitol by fringe supporters of President Donald Trump, two distinctive quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. came to mind. In a 1964 speech in St. Louis, King prophetically warned, "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools." Speaking at the 1957 National Council of ...Read more

Having your 'Soul' anchored

Suppose you felt that your life was just beginning in your mid-40s, because you finally landed the job of a lifetime -- or, in the case of Joe Gardner in the movie "Soul," a coveted jazz gig with one of the most heralded saxophonists in New York City. The funny thing is that Joe, a middle school band teacher who hasn't burned out yet, received a...Read more

Let Christ bear your burdens this Christmas

While out shopping for hair products this week, I heard one of my favorite Christmas songs, "Mary, Did You Know?" The beauty supply store that I was in plays Christian music year-round, which lifts my spirits every time I'm there. In a holiday season that is filled with anxiety, heartache and trouble for many, hearing "Mary, Did You Know?" was a...Read more

McElrathbey's life today is a testimony to God answering his prayers

As college football fans look forward to the New Year's Six bowls and the playoff games that lead to the national championship, during a season that has been filled with disappointments, the recently released Disney+ biopic "Safety," which tells the story of the adversity former Clemson star Ray McElrathbey (played by Jay Reeves) overcame as a ...Read more

What are you giving God for Christmas in 2020?

In many of my past Christmas columns, I have written about God's precious gift of Jesus Christ as the savior of the world. It's a traditional Christmas theme that most of us are used to reading during this time of year. I cannot count how many sermons I heard preached about this "good news" growing up in church. I will have a recalibrated focus ...Read more

It's time to reflect on how the Bible commands us to aid those in nee

As the autumn 2020 semester ends, my English Composition students at Ohio State University's Lima campus have been sharing their research projects with their peers through Zoom symposiums. Poverty was one of the most popular subjects chosen for analysis. During week three of the semester, back in September, Frontline released a documentary ...Read more

Strutting with faith in God through Thanksgiving 2020

This year, I have witnessed two unusual wild turkey sightings near my home in Columbus, Ohio. The first one was in August, a couple of days before my birthday, while I was doing some work in the library. I was excited to go to the library that day, since it had reopened after being shut down due to COVID-19. Hanging out at a library was probably...Read more

'Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey' has a great message of faith

Something sensational. Something spectacular. Something revolutionary. Everything you need to get into the holiday spirit can be found in the wonderful fictional village of Cobbleton, the center of the newly released Netflix film "Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey." This is a story of not only hope and belief but also restoration amid tragic ...Read more

We must contemplate scripture during this time to build, reap, sow, and heal

President-elect Joe Biden referred to the well-known passages of scripture in the third chapter of Ecclesiastes during his victory speech when he said that there is a time to build, reap, sow and heal, and now is "the time to heal." It was the resounding message he believed the 77 million who cast their votes for him and Vice President-elect ...Read more

We need prayer, Godly compassion, and forgiveness intertwined with our politics

On Election Day, I got up early to vote, earlier than I ever have since I cast my first ballot to participate in our valued democratic process in 1988. A lot has certainly changed within those 32 years, mainly the civility of our politics. Looking back on the '88 election, there were hard-nosed political punches thrown from both sides, ...Read more

I really wish Jesus were on the 2020 ticket

During my commute to my office at The Ohio State University Lima campus last week, I happened to spot a "Jesus 2020" yard sign at one of the many quaint homes I pass on state Highway 117. These signs have been popping up across the country since August, but this was the first one I saw in Ohio. The "Jesus 2020" signs definitely stood out among ...Read more

Dak Prescott, keep the faith. God's got you!

The hearts of Dallas Cowboys fans were heavy when two-time Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott was carted off the field in a game against the New York Giants after he suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle. Prescott's season is done, and despite the Cowboys' disappointing start, with only two wins, he was leading the NFL ...Read more



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