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In the aftermath of the Breonna Taylor tragedy we need something like Jesus' "even now" moment

While viewing the protests in Louisville, Kentucky; Denver; Washington, D.C.; and New York after the announcement of the Kentucky grand jury decision not to charge the three officers involved in the tragic shooting of Breonna Taylor, it's hard to find the words to describe the anguish, anger and pain that is once again gripping the nation. ...Read more

Compassion for Jacob Blake under God's own grace

"I'm praying for Jacob and I'm praying for the policeman as well. I'm praying that things change."

These are the encouraging words of compassion that Jacob Blake's mother, Julia Jackson, spoke on the telephone during her family's meeting with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden earlier this month in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Blake, a 29-...Read more

Lewis' legacy and faith in God should inform Gen Z in a post COVID world

As I was revising my syllabus for my English composition classes at Ohio State University's Lima campus during the summer, I decided to focus on the theme "Coming of Age During COVID." I had been using a generational theme centered on social media and Gen Z for the past three semesters, but after the peak of the coronavirus forced us to go to ...Read more

Chadwick Boseman honed his 'perfect gift' from God

When I received an afternoon email on Aug. 29 from one of my close friends informing me that award-winning actor Chadwick Boseman had passed away, I was stunned and saddened. No one outside of Boseman's inner circle knew he had been battling colon cancer for the past four years, which makes his extraordinary performances in "Black Panther" and "...Read more

Kamala Harris, there is a vaccine for racism: the unconditional love of God

While watching the Democratic National Convention, there was definitely a special moment of pride in seeing Sen. Kamala Harris accept the vice presidential nomination as the first black woman on a major party ticket. A daughter of immigrants and an HBCU (historically black college or university) graduate, the latter of which represents my ...Read more

God is bigger than football

"This is what happens when God shows up!" These are probably not the words that you would expect to be spoken at a pep rally before one of the biggest high school rivalry football games in the history of the state of Alabama. But this was the rallying cry for the 1974 game between Woodlawn High School and Bank High School that was played before ...Read more

Some encouraging words from God for Michelle Obama

When Michelle Obama recently shared that she was suffering from "low-grade depression" on her podcast, many could relate to her heaviness due to the emotional and physical toll COVID-19 has had on their lives. One of her comments that particularly stood out to me was when she said, "These are not ... fulfilling times spiritually." Obama was ...Read more

Orlando Magic's Jonathan Isaac takes a stand for the Gospel and all lives

Orlando Magic power forward Jonathan Isaac was thrust into the national spotlight at the end of July when he did not kneel for the national anthem or wear a Black Lives Matter T-shirt over his jersey during an NBA seeding game against the Brooklyn Nets. This was one of the first games to be played in the NBA bubble that has been quarantining ...Read more

Speaking with God's grace to an angry reader

"You never picked cotton and I never owned a slave. Get over it ... blacks have done nothing to help themselves for the past 50 years except commit crime, shoot each other, make illegitimate babies ... why don't you write articles and tell the truth to blacks?"

Such were the words of an angry reader who recently emailed me to express his ire ...Read more

Remembering John Lewis and C.T. Vivian: Two of God's greatest civil rights generals

Having the precious opportunity to meet and talk with civil rights icons Rep. John Lewis and Rev. C.T. Vivian several years ago allowed me to see two living oracles of history whose voices were still rousing, daring and vigorous. Continuing to carry the mantle of the movement centered in God's love, mercy and forgiveness, neither had skipped a ...Read more

The church needs to zealously preach the message of Jesus, love and social justice

As I read over the Pew Research Center's June publication of black, white and Hispanic Americans' opinions on whether or not church sermons should heavily focus on political activism and race relations, the results did not shock me. Although the survey was taken before the killing of George Floyd, there was a clear split along racial lines, with...Read more

Trump needs a Damascus Road experience to open his eye to God

The headlines for President Donald Trump have gone from bad to worse since the end of May. According to a June Gallup poll, Trump's approval rating took a sharp downturn after the nationwide protests against the death of George Floyd and is currently sitting at 38%, only three points above his lowest performance mark in 2017. Heavy criticism ...Read more

There was no racial agenda in the ministry of Jesus

Confederate monuments are beginning to come down in the South as protests continue across the nation against racial injustice. Some monuments have been removed legally, while others have not, as was the case in Richmond, Virginia, last month when protestors tore down the statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Confederate statues are ...Read more



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