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Why we oooh and aaah on the Fourth of July   

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

It’s been way too long since I lit a sparkler as the sun goes down on the Fourth of July.

I’ve enjoyed many day-long celebrations with friends and family on the Fourth in many different ways, but they usually end with a gathering on a hill or a parking lot where we have an excellent view of the fireworks staged by one of several local ...Read more

Fatherly inspiration key to learning the art of grace 

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

After all these years, my dad inspires me still.

As I write this, the almost 89-year-old fellow is fighting to get back onto his feet as stenosis, bad knees and general old age are wearing him down.

But though his body shows wear and tear, his mind remains as agile as his sense of humor.

And as he fights his daily battles he continues ...Read more

Let’s unleash the entrepreneur

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

I started my first business in the 5th grade when I convinced a neighbor to allow me to cut her grass with her electric lawn mower.

That project ended in immediate failure.

The mower was powered by a long extension cord — a cord I ran over and sliced in two shortly after I began mowing.

Such is the life of the entrepreneur, a life ...Read more

More focused than ever at 60!

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

“Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened.”

Those are the clever words of British humorist Terry Pratchett, who couldn’t have explained the aging process more succinctly.

I know his words are true because I turned 60 this week.

It’s a heck of a thing to have burned through six decades already. If I’d ...Read more

Taxes always on my mind

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain but death and taxes.”

That quote is often attributed to Ben Franklin or Mark Twain, but whoever said it, no truer words have ever been spoken.

I filed my annual income tax extension on April 18, 2022, the last day of this year I was able to do so.

Every year, I vow to get my tax ...Read more

Learning to appreciate the regular flu

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

I recommend the seasonal flu — but please allow me to explain.

About a week ago, I felt suddenly rundown and weak. I just wanted to lie down.

I thought nothing of it at the time. My family is facing some difficulties at the moment, difficulties we all must face now and again — and all of us are getting beat down.

But it wasn’t ...Read more

We must fix the nursing shortage

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

Where did all the nurses go?

One of my family members ended up in the ER for a week after a bad fall.

The hospital we chose and its staff were wonderful in every way, but this time, one important thing was missing: an appropriate number of nurses to deliver superior care.

The nurses who were there did their best. They are working long ...Read more

What Is a woman? 

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

I’m glad there’s widespread confusion about what a woman is. I’ve been confused my entire life.

In the most basic sense, the difference between a male and a female is that a female has two X chromosomes and a male has an X and a Y chromosome — or, in my experience, a “WHY” chromosome?

I was raised an only boy with five sisters....Read more

How commoners can cope with inflation

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

Finally, people have found something to agree about.

Last week, economics professor Teresa Ghilarducci penned an op-ed for Bloomberg News in which she offers tips on how people who earn less than $289,000 a year can cope with inflation.

Her piece got quite a negative Twitter reaction from people across the political spectrum.

If you ...Read more

A world in need of Irish wit and wisdom

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

With the world full of angst and disruption — with so many people filled with anger and hate — I can't think of a better time to embrace the Irish spirit.

So let me share some of Ireland’s most enjoyable blessings, proverbs and quotes, as gathered by IrishCentral.

This blessing is a good place to start:

May you have warm words on ...Read more

Old family photos bring new perspective

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

My mother and father keep our old photos in their hall closet in a sturdy old Pabst Blue Ribbon box.

Sifting through old photos is a glorious experience — one, we now know, that relieves aches and pains by calming the brain, according to a recent study.

The last time I looked through the box with my mother, we came across a black-and-...Read more



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