About ArcaMax Publishing

ArcaMax Publishing is a leading provider of news and syndicated features. ArcaMax distributes hundreds of features to millions of subscribers by email daily. ArcaMax earns revenue from advertising, which allows all content to be free for readers.

We would like to thank the millions of devoted readers for the great support in making ArcaMax a competitive business in the online market. We also thank the hundreds of devoted sponsors that make sure we can pay the bills.

A Brief History of ArcaMax Publishing

ArcaMax was founded in 1999 when the newsletter variety included recipes, gardening, pet tips and other home-oriented themes. The Garfield comic strip and Dear Abby advice column were among the initial offering of syndicated content available by email. Today, the line-up includes more than 90 of the most famous comic strips, many more advice and political columnists, news headlines, videos, and games.

Co-branded Newsletters

ArcaMax Publishing also partners with other publishers to power email newsletters. This is a full service email content, management, deployment and monetization strategy wherein the partner publisher needs only to promote a co-branded newsletter; ArcaMax handles everything else and shares revenue with partners.

Our Mission

We are committed to consistently adding features and making features available by email. The site you see today will continue to grow to include as many columns, cartoons, news, video and games the syndicates will make available. We hope you enjoy!

ArcaMax is a registered corporation in the State of Virginia. Click here to learn more.