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Countdown to college: Stray from the cliché

What do colleges want to know about you? That's a good place to start when you're brainstorming your college essay.

You know colleges don't want you to tell your life story in 500 words. But you keep pestering yourself, wondering: "What ...Read More

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Elizabeth Wellington: Our indulgences have become more about self-care ...

The evening before I sat to write this essay on indulgence, I indulged.

My sister and I shared a bottle - OK, maybe two - of bourbon-infused red wine. She served the full-bodied red blend, brimming with vanilla, caramel and blackberry notes, ...Read More



She's lost eight people close to her to COVID-19, and she never really ...

DURHAM, N.C. - For Vannessa Mason Evans, the COVID-19 pandemic first struck in March when it killed her cousin in New York.

At 59, Evans could recall the big-city vacations from her youth - a country girl from Durham riding the subway through ...Read More