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Eight dead, others missing after boat capsizes on Missouri lake

NEAR BRANSON, Mo. -- Eight people are dead and an unknown number of others are missing after a tourist boat capsized on Table Rock Lake on Thursday night, the Stone County sheriff said.

Sheriff Doug Rader said that seven people were taken by ...Read More


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Paramount Television President Amy Powell is fired over inappropriate ...

LOS ANGELES -- Paramount Television President Amy Powell has been fired after making inappropriate comments, the movie and TV studio's Chief Executive Jim Gianopulos told staff Thursday.

In a memo obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Gianopulos ...Read More

Health & Spirit

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Light Notes: Trooper remembers run toward Air Force Base shooting

The shots rang out. In the midst of calm, terror took its place. But where would one run in the heart of chaos?

"Everyone else is running away and we're running into it," retired Washington State Patrol trooper Bill Dingfield said as he thought ...Read More

Senior Living

102-year-old sets another world record

SAN DIEGO -- To celebrate his 102nd birthday in February, Carlsbad, Calif., retiree Glenn Quillin whizzed into history as the world's oldest zip-line rider.

But his glory was short-lived. On April 6, a 106-year-old Englishman established the new ...Read More

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Auto review: Ford's 2019 F-150 King Ranch is best diesel vehicle on market

It's ironic, but increasingly likely, that U.S. pickup buyers will be last stand for diesel engines, outside of semi-trucks and maybe tugboats.

For years, American drivers were unmoved by diesel's combination of power and efficiency while tens of...Read More



On Gardening: Sombrero coneflowers ablaze in dazzling colors

Something wonderful has happened in the world of purple coneflowers and that is science to the point it would probably even impress an astrophysicist. The science here, however, is with the selections, the breeding, crosses, and backcrosses, stuff...Read More


Mothers with history of pre-eclampsia may encounter cardiovascular ...

ROCHESTER, Minn. -- A new study has found that a condition that threatens the lives of some pregnant women and the fetus may continue to put the mother at risk later in life.

Mayo Clinic researchers found that women with a history of pre-...Read More



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Democrats demand paperwork before meeting with Supreme Court nominee

WASHINGTON -- Senate Democrats haven't had private meetings with Judge Brett Kavanaugh in his first two weeks as a Supreme Court nominee, and aren't likely to until there is progress on getting access to his lengthy paper trail about his prior ...Read More