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Months after Paradise fire triggered her asthma, teen activist goes to ...

As fires ravaged the town of Paradise, Calif., last year, killing 86 people and destroying 15,000 homes in Northern California, smoke seeped south into the city of Davis. Face masks were distributed, but they were not impenetrable, and smoke ...Read More


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Elon Musk knew SolarCity was going broke before merger with Tesla, ...

LOS ANGELES -- When Tesla bought SolarCity in November 2016, Elon Musk billed the deal as a match made in green energy heaven: combine a hot electric car company with the nation's then-largest provider of solar rooftop panels to create a one-stop ...Read More


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At HBO's Emmy night party, the more things change, the more they stay ...

LOS ANGELES -- There were at least 100 of them, would-be partygoers languishing in line on Melrose Avenue. It was muggy, and the hairspray was no longer holding. But HBO had won more Emmys than any other network on Sunday night, with nine -- and ...Read More

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Healthy Men: September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Dear Healthy Men: There seems to be an awareness month for just about every health condition. Why isn't there one for prostate cancer?

A: Actually, there is: September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month ( In the ...Read More


Prosecutors fined in sexual abuse case against La Luz Del Mundo leader ...

LOS ANGELES -- A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge held state prosecutors in contempt Thursday for not turning evidence over in the sexual abuse case against the leader of La Luz Del Mundo and two of his followers.

Judge Teresa Sullivan ...Read More

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