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Sen. Claire McCaskill says she'll never run again, but will stay ...

WASHINGTON -- You may not have heard the last of Claire McCaskill, but these final days of the 115th Congress will be her last in elected office.

In a 40-minute interview in her Senate office, the incumbent Missouri Democrat who lost re-election ...Read More


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NYC Lawmakers Vent Rage at Amazon Over Secret Negotiations

NEW YORK -- New York City Council members denounced Inc. executives and a city economic development official over its deal that will provide the company with $3 billion of incentives for building a satellite headquarters in Long Island ...Read More


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'Vox Lux' review: A narcissistic pop star is born, and Natalie Portman's...

In space, stars find their way into existence by way of interstellar molecular clouds at a temperature of just above absolute zero. That's seriously cold.

In "Vox Lux," the narcissistic human star at the center of writer-director Brady Corbet's ...Read More

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Would these new proposals help keep e-cigarettes away from Kentucky kids?

Would prohibiting the sale of flavored liquids for e-cigarettes help curb the onslaught of addiction among Kentucky teens? What about raising the minimum age for purchase from 18 to 21?

At a conference on e-cigarettes use among teens recently in ...Read More


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