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Tech Q&A: How being online renews Office 365 PC apps

Q: In your column about Microsoft Office 365 (see, you said the user "must go online at least once every 30 days or your PC-based software will stop working." What do you mean by go online? Just connect to the internet? Use ...Read More


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Health Advice

Cuban doctors fight COVID-19 abroad, but on the island health care cuts ...

Cuba has sent more than 2,000 health workers to other countries to treat patients with COVID-19, and the government says the island is a "medical powerhouse."

But in recent years, the government slashed the budget for public health, closed ...Read More

Life Advice

Barton Goldsmith: Living with depression and anxiety

In the April issue of JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers issued a dire warning about the mental health effects of the coronavirus that "immediate efforts focused on prevention and direct intervention are needed to address the impact of the ...Read More


Justice Department warns California that coronavirus rules may violate ...

LOS ANGELES -- The U.S. Justice Department issued a letter Tuesday warning that California could be violating religious freedoms in its plan to reopen the state after the coronavirus stay-at-home order.

The letter from the Justice Department's ...Read More

Home & Leisure

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Roadshow: The best car lease deals right now

Maybe the world is returning to normal. Or maybe it's getting to a new normal of living with the coronavirus. Certainly there are signs of life returning to the new-car market. The opportunity to get a great lease deal while sales are lousy may ...Read More


Life skills: How do you tell someone they're not muted during a work ...

Q: How do you politely tell people they're not on mute during a work Zoom call?

A: The most important thing is to be subtle and gentle about it. You can always send a private message to let them know that they haven't turned the microphone off...Read More

Countdown to college: What about the Class of 2021?

It seems like all the focus has been on the high school seniors - no prom, no graduation and unsettling news for the fall at colleges. These are all very real concerns and shouldn't be minimized. However, high school juniors - soon to be rising ...Read More

Fashion Daily

The 6 biggest myths about hotel room upgrades (and how to score one)

As we know firsthand here at Oyster, not all hotel rooms are created equal. It's been a longstanding part of the industry that hotels and resorts, at their discretion, can offer guests a hotel room upgrade. However, talking your way into a hotel...Read More


On Gardening: Poquito perfect in the pollinator garden

It may be called Poquito, which means a little, but I promise you in the case of Poquito Butter Yellow agastache it delivers color to the garden like a champion. In September, this new hummingbird mint won the prestigious Classic City Award in ...Read More


Lori Borgman: Does the 'Best Ever' game ever end?

The husband has a "Best Grandpa Ever" hat. I happen to know that the same kids who gave him that hat also gave one just like it to their other grandpa. "Best" isn't as exclusive as it used to be.

I wonder what would happen if every grandpa ...Read More



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Twitter issues fact check of Trump tweets for the first time

WASHINGTON -- Twitter issued a fact check of some of Donald Trump's tweets on Tuesday, marking the first time the U.S. president's favored social media platform has pushed back against him spreading falsehoods.

The move, which is likely to ...Read More