UTC and Raytheon CEOs defend merger to skeptical industry analysts

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The chief executives of United Technologies Corp. and Raytheon Co. on Monday defended the proposed merger of their companies to skeptical industry analysts, the second time in a week they explained the rationale for the massive aerospace and defense tie-up.

Investors haven't warmed to the deal, which would create a rebranded Raytheon ...Read more

Target took hit with IT glitches, but unclear how large

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It's never good news when your company's trending hashtag is #TargetApocalypse.

In an era of social media whiplash and cutthroat competition from Amazon, Walmart and other mass merchandisers, Target Corp. took a hit to its image -- and bottom line -- after a difficult weekend in which it ran afoul of technical glitches two days in a row. ...Read more

Best Buy says expanded electronics tariffs would cost consumers

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WASHINGTON -- Best Buy Inc. warned Monday that a Trump administration threat to tax all Chinese-made consumer electronics up to 25 % "could be immediately passed on to U.S. consumers."

Jason Bonfig, Best Buy's chief merchandising officer, said in testimony to the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) that companies are running out of inventory ...Read more

J.J. Abrams nears massive deal with WarnerMedia as race for Hollywood talent heats up

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Director and producer J.J. Abrams, known for hit movies such as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and TV shows including "Alias," is nearing a massive production deal with WarnerMedia, the parent company of Warner Bros. and HBO.

Abrams is in advanced stages of negotiations with the AT&T-owned media and entertainment giant, according to people ...Read more

A question at the Paris Air Show: Will Boeing CEO Muilenburg survive?

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PARIS -- One of Boeing's biggest 737 MAX customers sharply criticized the company's handling of the crisis resulting from two recent crashes, and raised the stark question of whether Boeing Chairman and Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg will be forced out as a result.

In an interview at the Paris Air Show, Avolon chief executive Domhnal ...Read more

We break down Vanguard's 'How America Saves' 2019 report

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Want some highlights of how Americans save for retirement? We read Vanguard's latest "How America Saves" 2019 report issued on Tuesday for trends and other takeaways.

Here are some key highlights from Vanguard's report on the popular workplace "defined contribution" (DC) retirement plans, those filled by matching contributions from the employee...Read more

First flight of Boeing's new 777X delayed at least until the fall

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PARIS -- Boeing's big new 777X jet, the first of which rolled out of the Everett assembly plant in early March, cannot fly until at least the fall because of a problem with the new GE9X engine.

The long delay is a blow to Boeing, already struggling to cope with the crisis in its single-aisle 737 MAX jet program. And it clearly threatens to ...Read more

Trustbusters, whose forebears broke up AT&T, weigh crusade vs. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

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Once upon a time, our competition cops weren't afraid of giants. Federal regulators broke up Rockefeller's Standard Oil monopoly, kept DuPont from dominating military supply, and broke Ma Bell into what's now Verizon and other pieces.

But it's been popular, since the Nixon-Reagan-Clinton trade deals, to neglect old ways of measuring monopoly. ...Read more

Why Stanford may be more affordable than a lot of state universities

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Prestigious, selective, world-ranked are all ways to describe Stanford University. Add this to the list: bargain -- at least by some measures.

Students who graduated from Stanford with a bachelor's degree had the lowest debt burden in the Bay Area and the fourth lowest in California. The average Stanford student's total debt of almost $13,700 ...Read more

Susan Tompor: How a 25-year-old hairstylist drives a six-figure Mercedes

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Alex Pardoe, 25, is what some might dub the anti-millennial. Except, he's not really.

Much like others in their 20s or 30s, he's savvy about building a brand, marketing his talents and recognizing how to use Instagram and YouTube to turn a head and grab a headline.

He's just making a whole lot more money than you'd imagine for someone in a ...Read more

10 years after Tribune Co. 'deal from hell,' Sam Zell and other former execs agree to pay $200M to settle leveraged buyout lawsuit

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CHICAGO -- More than a decade after Tribune Co. went private in a leveraged buyout that saddled the company with $13 billion in debt and led to its bankruptcy, Sam Zell and dozens of former executives have agreed to pay $200 million to settle a lawsuit brought by unsecured creditors.

The settlement agreement, awaiting approval in a Delaware ...Read more

The Journey: How to unload your debt burden

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Americans' debt load has risen nearly 23% since 2013 -- despite record stock gains and low unemployment -- and that can't bode well for their future.

Household debt totaled almost $13.7 trillion in the first quarter, with credit cards, auto loans and home equity loans accounting for 18% of that figure, according to the New York Federal Reserve'...Read more

'This is farming like we've never done before.' Illinois hemp farmers face risks with first planting of newly legal crop

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Thousands of young hemp plants dance in the breeze as fans blow through a loft on Trent Lawrence's organic produce farm. And once a day, they dance to Bob Marley.

"The plants have got to have a little tunes," Lawrence said, bending down to an industrial Bluetooth speaker and turning up the volume.

Lawrence is babying the hemp plants, he'll be ...Read more

To beat the first frost, Midwestern farmers switch to faster-growing seed

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Tim Velde had about half his corn planted before the weather near Hanley Falls, Minn., went sour in May. Then he had to switch seed to make sure his corn beat the first frost in the fall.

"I had to get something that matures a little earlier," Velde said. "Mostly 100- to 102-day corn is what I usually go for, and I switched to 88- to 90-day ...Read more

New Airbus leadership steps out in Paris Air Show, talks climate change and trashes Boeing

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PARIS -- The leadership of Airbus appeared at a press briefing ahead of the Paris Air Show on the company's 50th anniversary with an all-new team and a new style.

Chief executive Guillaume Faury led the group, talking about the company's plans not only to automate and digitize production but to address concerns over climate change by "inventing...Read more

'Men in Black: International' continues the summer box office's sequel slump

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LOS ANGELES -- Hollywood sequels have crashed and burned at the box office this summer, with just a handful of notable exceptions.

Sony's "Men in Black: International," a spinoff of the Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones franchise, continued the trend, debuting in first place with a disappointing $28.5 million, according to estimates from ...Read more

Target checkout registers malfunctioning across US

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Long lines formed at Target stores across the nation Saturday after the retail giant's cash registers quit working, and shoppers reacted with amazement and frustration.

On Twitter, Facebook and other sites, shoppers posted experiences about long waits at checkout lines on Saturday. In some places, employees blocked doors into the...Read more

How hackers used little-known credit-card feature to defraud woman, $1.99 at a time

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Whoever stole Leslie Robison's credit card number could have bought a new computer, a flat-screen TV, or an expensive trip overseas.

Instead, the thief tried to scam her just two bucks at a time.

In January, Robison discovered more than a dozen charges at a $1.99 each from Google for hundreds of gigabytes of cloud storage she never ordered. ...Read more

Huawei has 56,492 patents and it's not afraid to use them

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WASHINGTON -- As Huawei Technologies Co. comes under unrelenting pressure from the Trump administration, the Chinese telecom giant has one advantage that the U.S. can't undermine: a vast, global portfolio of patents on critical technology.

Huawei holds 56,492 active patents on telecommunications, networking and other high-tech inventions ...Read more

After decades of dreaming, a mid-engine Corvette is reality

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On July 18, Chevrolet will launch the eighth generation of its iconic sports car -- what it calls the "first-ever mid-engine Corvette." Not true.

While the "C8" Corvette will be the first mid-engine version to reach showrooms, it is not the first to be designed, engineered or even green-lighted for production since the model's 1953 launch. So, ...Read more


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