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Demand for electric generators surges from remote work and school, power outages

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YPSILANTI, Michigan — Electricians are booked and busy with customers waiting months to get standby electric generators installed on their properties as manufacturers face parts shortages and installation companies are in need of journeymen.

Still, customers are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for the equipment that offers power ...Read more

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'I need my girlfriend off TikTok': How hackers game abuse-reporting systems

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One hundred and forty-seven dollar signs fill the opening lines of the computer program. Rendered in an icy blue against a matte black background, each "$" has been carefully placed so that, all together, they spell out a name: "H4xton."

It's a signature of sorts, and not a subtle one. Actual code doesn't show up until a third of the way down ...Read more

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Jewel-Osco opens first fulfillment center for online grocery shopping

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As online grocery shopping continues to grow, Jewel-Osco opened its first micro-fulfillment center Tuesday in southwest suburban Westmont, taking a page out of the game-changing Amazon playbook.

Located in a former Hobby Lobby next to a bricks-and-mortar Jewel store, the high-tech, 20,000-square-foot warehouse will be able to fill 1,000 online ...Read more


Stellantis CEO in Detroit: COVID-19 pandemic shows people want cars

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For Carlos Tavares, the man who controls the fate of Jeep, Ram, Chrysler and Dodge, the pandemic, and what it has wrought, has been eye-opening.

Crises, which began with COVID-19 and spread into the semiconductor shortage that has tested the resilience of the supply chain, driven up vehicle prices and limited what vehicles are on dealer lots, ...Read more

Tech Q&A: Why a game freezes on Chrome and Edge, but not Firefox

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Q: I'm having trouble with an online Bridge card game that runs in the browser of my Windows 10 Pro PC. I used Google Chrome for a long time without problems, but now Bridge freezes at the point in the game where I "bid." The same thing happens with the Microsoft Edge browser. For some reason, the Bridge program works when I use the Mozilla ...Read more

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Elizabeth Holmes trial: Prosecution fights to re-focus jury on damning evidence in Theranos case

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After Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes’ emotional turns on the witness stand last week, the prosecution on Tuesday worked to turn the proceedings back to the most damning evidence against her.

Prosecutor Robert Leach, cross-examining Holmes at her criminal fraud trial in U.S. District Court in San Jose, showed jurors an email Holmes’ ...Read more

Amazon packages pile up as AWS outage spawns delivery havoc

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An Amazon Web Services outage wreaked havoc on the e-commerce giant’s delivery operation, preventing drivers from getting routes or packages and shutting down communication between Amazon and the thousands of drivers it relies on, according to four people familiar with the situation.

Three delivery service partners said an Inc. app...Read more

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GM's EV commercial delivery company opens first dealership in California

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BrightDrop, General Motors Co.'s electric delivery and logistics company, opened a dealership in Greater Los Angeles to further commercialize its EVs, the company said Tuesday.

This is the first dealership for the new business GM introduced at the start of 2021. BrightDrop plans on having a "small, focused dealer network capable of serving ...Read more


Stellantis, Foxconn to develop chips as carmaker seeks software revenue

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The maker of Jeep SUVs and Ram pickup trucks said Tuesday it will partner with iPhone contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group to design purpose-built semiconductors to support Stellantis NV and other customers as the transatlantic automaker expects to earn $22.5 billion (20 billion euro) in revenue from software-enabled product offerings ...Read more

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Chicago drivers lost 104 hours sitting in traffic this year -- more than anywhere else in the country, study shows

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Chicago drivers spent the equivalent of more than four days stuck in commute traffic this year — more time than drivers in any other major U.S. city, according to a new study.

When the size of the city is factored in, Chicago’s traffic puts it second in the nation for the impact the congestion has on the region. In the U.S., only the New ...Read more

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Elon Musk says Congress should 'can' Biden's EV spending proposals

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Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk lampooned the bill that would enact the rest of President Joe Biden's domestic agenda on Monday, saying: "Seriously, we shouldn't pass it."

That proposal includes a significant expansion in consumer tax credits for electric vehicles, research and development incentives for EVs, other manufacturing tax credits and more. ...Read more

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A $10 billion question: Did Sacklers 'abuse' Purdue bankruptcy?

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A debate is raging in federal court over whether the owners of Purdue Pharma LP, members of the billionaire Sackler family, secured protection for themselves from future opioid lawsuits by abusing the U.S. bankruptcy system.

U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon is worried about the answer and its implications for her upcoming ruling on an ...Read more


Consumer Confidential: Should Californians pay an extra fee for their fast food? Pizza Hut thinks so

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California is an expensive state for businesses — no one disputes that. One recent study found that we have higher overall business costs (wages, taxes, energy) than every other state.

I'm not here to challenge this, or to make the usual love-it-or-leave-it argument when it comes to whiny complaints from wealthy business leaders (hi, Elon!). ...Read more

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Facebook facing mounting legal fights over Myanmar genocide

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Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. is facing mounting legal challenges by Rohingya refugees who blame the social media company for inciting genocidal violence in 2017 against the Muslim minority in Myanmar.

The company allowed an “out-of-control spread of anti-Rohingya content” despite repeated warnings from civil society groups and human ...Read more

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Small businesses eat the cost of inflation: 'Keep the customer happy or you lose the customer'

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For Vivian Bowers, owner of a South Los Angeles dry cleaner, inflation hit home when her wholesale cost for hangers soared by 48% in six months.

Tom Bock, who runs an electric bike dealership in Huntington Beach, California, has had to pay his workers 25% more, on top of a boost in commissions.

Hagop Berberian, owner of an auto repair shop in ...Read more


San Diego biotech says new type 1 diabetes studies raise hopes for 'functional cure'

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A century ago, type 1 diabetes was a death sentence. But San Diego biotech ViaCyte says two studies published this week show the company is getting closer to what it calls a "functional cure" for the disease.

The pair of studies, published last week, are based on an early-stage clinical trial in which the company implanted small devices beneath...Read more

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Elizabeth Holmes trial: After stunning testimony, where does she stand and what comes next?

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SAN JOSE, California — For Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, the stakes could hardly be higher: a new mother at 37, in a relationship with an MIT-educated hotel heir, she could find herself locked away for years in a prison cell if the jury in her trial decides she committed criminal fraud.

Holmes, whose spectacular startup crash has led to ...Read more

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Cargill eliminating trans fats from global edible oil supply

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Cargill announced Monday that it plans to eliminate trans fats from its edible oils over the next two years, in line with a World Health Organization goal of phasing the heart-unhealthy substance out of global diets by the end of 2023.

The Minnetonka-based global agribusiness company is among the top three producers of edible oil worldwide, and...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Has Biden moved to finally kill California's dumbest water project?

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Desperation over water scarcity has produced any number of schemes to relieve the crisis. But few are as chuckle-headed as a plan to pump groundwater from beneath the Mojave Desert and transport it 200 miles to urban Southern California.

This is the Cadiz water project, which has been percolating along since the turn of the century.

I've been ...Read more

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Feds investigating Tesla over claims related to solar panel fire risks: Report

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Federal regulators have opened an investigation into Tesla after a former employee alleged the company failed to notify the public and shareholders about potential fire risks related to solar panels.

Reuters news service first reported Monday that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was investigating the Austin-based automaker. Tesla ...Read more