I was scammed by a sham customer service rep. Here's how you can avoid what I went through

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I hung up the phone last summer thinking the Xfinity customer service representative had been really helpful. I needed to make a late payment and take care of the current bill. The rep took my information over the phone, I saw the payments post on my account and thought nothing more of it.

Only I wasn't really talking to an Xfinity employee. A ...Read more

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Families of Boeing 737 Max crashes ask for 'independent monitor'

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The families that lost loved ones in two fatal Boeing 737 Max plane crashes asked a U.S. district judge to appoint an independent monitor to track the company’s progress on improvements to its safety culture.

The monitor — an outside aviation expert who is not affiliated with Boeing — would spend five years reviewing and suggesting ...Read more

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From screen to scrubs: How media influences the nursing profession

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When we think of nurses, we often picture the compassionate caregivers we see on our favorite medical dramas. From the resilient Carol Hathaway on “ER” to the dedicated Jackie Peyton in “Nurse Jackie,” these portrayals have a profound impact on how society perceives the nursing profession.

But just how accurate are these depictions, and...Read more

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Benefits are important, 'meaningful work' even more so for Gen Z workers

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The growing numbers of Gen Z workers have mystified both employers and their older colleagues. Remote work, quiet quitting and other buzzwords have filled headlines as CEOs melt down over changing office cultures. But the youthful nuances show no signs of slowing down as the youngest generation continues to enter the workforce.

Soon 27% of the ...Read more

Novo Nordisk plans record expansion in North Carolina, promising 1,000 more jobs

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Novo Nordisk announced the largest private life science investment in North Carolina's history Monday, committing $4.1 billion to expand its Johnston County facility, a project the Danish drugmaker says will add 1,000 jobs to one of North Carolina’s fastest-growing counties.

In the town of Clayton, Novo Nordisk plans to build an additional 1....Read more


Boeing bid for Spirit Aero values 737 supplier at $35 per share

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Boeing Co. has offered to acquire Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc. in a deal funded mostly by stock that values the key supplier at about $35 per share, according to people familiar with the matter.

Boeing switched its proposed funding from an all-cash offer with the finish line in sight after months of talks between the companies, the people ...Read more

Auto industry group urges feds to rethink rule mandating automatic emergency braking

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WASHINGTON — A top automotive lobbying group is asking the federal government to reconsider a new rule that will require automatic emergency braking technology in new vehicles by 2029.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation, which represents all major U.S. automakers except for Tesla Inc., stressed that it supports the widest possible ...Read more


Uber is locking out NYC drivers mid-shift to lower minimum pay

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Uber Technologies Inc. has begun locking New York City drivers out of its app during periods of low demand in an attempt to fight a minimum wage rule, and Lyft Inc. is threatening to do the same. As a result, some drivers say their wages have fallen by as much as 50%.

At the heart of the move, say the two companies, is a six-year-old pay rule ...Read more

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Is it safe to give an app my credit card information?

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From rideshare and food delivery to digital wallets and shopping, it seems like you can do just about everything through an app on your phone. These apps ask for your card information when you sign up for their services, but is it actually safe to give it to them?

In most cases, yes — it is generally safe to share your credit card data with ...Read more

A majority of Latinos are worried about their finances, new poll shows

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Growing up as a first-generation American, Jennifer Guerra was never taught how to manage her finances.

“My parents would always say, ‘save, save, save, save,’ but I had to learn my own ways. My mom didn’t even have a bank account until two years ago when I finally convinced her,” said Guerra, who works as a licensed clinical social ...Read more

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Mortgage company Guaranteed Rate changing its name to Rate

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Chicago-based mortgage company Guaranteed Rate is changing its name to Rate, according to company communications reviewed by the Tribune.

Victor Ciardelli, the president, CEO and founder of Guaranteed Rate, told employees in a May 28 company call that the name change would take place within the next 60 to 90 days but could be earlier than that....Read more


Allison Schrager: Trump is totally wrong about tipping

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Tipping is terrible. Almost no one likes it. And as it has become more ubiquitous, it has also become even more unpopular.

Undeterred by any of this, Donald Trump has an idea sure to make tip jars and in-app tip requests even more common: In a speech earlier this month in Las Vegas, he said he would make tipped income tax-free. As a result, ...Read more

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Some homebuyers are beating high interest rates with 1980s-era assumable mortgages

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Last year, after Deb Jerikovsky's husband died, she decided to swap the lake home where they planned to spend retirement for a house in the metro that's closer to family.

She put that plan on hold, however, once she realized 7% mortgage rates would force her to dip too deeply into her savings. Instead, she moved in with her daughter, hoping she...Read more

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Motormouth: Gas cap issue

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Q: I own a 2009 Toyota RAV4 with 97,000 miles. I have had issues with the check engine, VSC and 4WD lights coming on at the same time. I replaced the gas cap with an aftermarket cap, and when that didn’t work, I replaced it with an OEM cap. It was OK for a while. Research revealed a hack involving application of Vaseline on the O-ring of the ...Read more

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Former Ace Hotel in downtown LA reopens as 'Airbnb on steroids'

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The former Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, which helped lead an economic revival on a historic stretch of Broadway a decade ago, has reopened as a minimal-service operation akin to Airbnb, following a strategy that has become increasingly common for struggling hotels in recent years

Now called Stile Downtown Los Angeles by Kasa, the 1920s-...Read more

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Gen Z is traveling more, and debt isn't slowing them down

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Kari Karanikos is 25 years old with six figures of debt. A social media director who lives in Pittsburgh, Karanikos is one of the many Gen Zers who love to travel, despite carrying hefty debt.

A recent Bankrate survey on chasing credit card rewards while in debt found that nearly 1 in 4 (24%) Gen Zers and 1 in 3 (32%) millennials carry a credit...Read more

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Cargo ship Dali now expected to head Monday to Virginia, will offload containers

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A convoy of seven vessels is expected to sail the length of the Chesapeake Bay on Monday in what U.S. Coast Guard Cmdr. Baxter Smoak described as a “big milestone.”

The 984-foot Dali container ship has been in the Baltimore area since March 26, when it crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, decimating the essential structure and killing...Read more

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Sikorsky subsidiaries agree to pay $70 million to settle false claims case

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Two Sikorsky Aircraft subsidiaries have agreed to pay $70 million to resolve claims they overcharged the U.S Navy for spare parts used to maintain aircraft used to train Navy pilots.

The settlement settles a whistleblower suit filed in Wisconsin against Sikorsky Support Services Inc. of Stratford and Milwaukee-based Derco Aerospace Inc.

The ...Read more

Court awards $57M payout for injuries from runaway Ford Expedition

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A federal court this spring directed Ford Motor Co. to pay almost $57 million after a jury found the Dearborn automaker responsible for injuries from a 1998 Expedition SUV that backed over her left leg.

The company is challenging the verdict, whose assigned damages would put it among some of the largest personal injury payouts in U.S. history. ...Read more

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Stellantis AI and machine learning executive latest to depart automaker

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Stellantis NV's vice president for artificial intelligence, algorithms and machine learning is the latest executive to depart the company.

Berta Rodriguez-Hervas, a leader in the company's growing software division, has resigned for a new job, which was not disclosed, a Stellantis spokesperson confirmed Friday. She had been with the automaker ...Read more