More Americans expected to celebrate Halloween than vote in the presidential election

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WASHINGTON -- Voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election is a scary prospect for lots of Americans. Instead, millions might choose to instead focus on ghouls, goblins and ghosts and tune out politics completely.

According to a recent study from the National Retail Federation, or NRF, 171 million ...Read more

Google parent firm Alphabet sees profit, revenue jump

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Google's parent company Alphabet on Thursday beat Wall Street's expectations for the year's third quarter, pulling in $22.5 billion in revenue, the firm reported.

Analysts had predicted $22.1 billion in revenue. Alphabet also exceeded per-share earnings expectations with $9.06 gained, compared to analysts' forecasts of $8.63...Read more

Ford earnings fall to $1 billion in Q3

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DETROIT -- Ford said Thursday its third-quarter profit was $1 billion, a 55 percent decline from the same quarter a year ago but a performance that nonetheless exceeded Wall Street estimates.

The decline was expected because Ford's third quarter in 2015, when it raked in a $2.2 billion profit, was its best ever.

On a per share basis, Ford ...Read more

Amazon shares tumble as profit misses Wall Street expectations

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SEATTLE -- continued its ballooning expansion in sales in the latest quarter, but its profit fell short of Wall Street's rosy hopes as the company sank money into beefing up its ability to handle more products and rent out more computing power and storage.

The Seattle tech juggernaut on Thursday reported a 29 percent increase in ...Read more

Qualcomm to buy NXP for $47 billion

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SAN DIEGO -- Qualcomm said Thursday that it is buying NXP Semiconductors in a massive deal valued at $47 billion that aims to diversify its business in the wake of a slowing smartphone market.

The acquisition is believed to be the largest ever in the semiconductor industry, which is facing tepid growth in once strong markets such as smartphones...Read more

Internet provider planning to use or share your personal data? Not so fast, government says

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WASHINGTON -- Federal regulators on Thursday approved tough new rules requiring high-speed internet service providers to get customer permission before using or sharing sensitive personal data, such as web browsing or app usage history and the geographic trail of mobile devices.

Cable and wireless companies that offer broadband service would ...Read more

GNC third-quarter income falls short of expectations

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PITTSBURGH -- GNC Holdings Inc. on Thursday reported net income of $32.4 million in the third quarter, down from $45.8 million for the same period in 2015.

Revenue and same store sales were also down.

In a statement, Robert F. Moran, interim CEO of the Pittsburgh-based company, said the results "fell short of our expectations, but we have been...Read more

Pennsylvania is about to liberate the six-pack for distributors

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf says he will free the six-pack.

In a statement Thursday, the Democratic governor said he intends to sign a bill passed by the legislature this week to allow beer distributors to sell six-packs.

The change is momentous -- at least it is for Pennsylvania, where the system for selling wine, hard ...Read more

Hass avocados from Colombia could be coming to a grocery store near you

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WASHINGTON -- California's Hass avocado growers would face new competition, but U.S. consumers could see some slightly lower prices, under a new Agriculture Department proposal to admit imports from Colombia.

In its latest market-opening move, the Agriculture Department on Thursday published for public comment the proposal that Colombia's Hass ...Read more

Twitter to slash 9 percent of its workforce and kill Vine as it tries to eke out a profit

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Twitter Inc. plans to lay off a few hundred employees, mostly in sales and marketing, and shut down its Vine video app as the social media service strives to produce an annual profit for the first time next year.

Initiatives such as streaming live video of NFL games are helping boost ad sales at Twitter, but not quickly enough to justify what ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: AT&T-Time Warner merger could be blessing in disguise for consumers

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We've been hearing about "convergence" since the earliest days of the internet. A computer in your living room! Movies streaming in your home!

So it's with a certain degree of inevitability that the latest mega-merger lumbers onto the scene. AT&T has offered $85.4 billion for Time Warner, which would give it control of, among other media ...Read more

Real estate Q&A: Don't lose your home over small dispute with HOA

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Q: Recently I got a letter from my homeowner's association stating that I owe money that I know I paid. My management company is not the easiest to deal with. What specifically do I need to do to clear this up?

-- Rafael

A: It's difficult to detail just one procedure for dealing with community associations, because they run the gamut from huge...Read more

Chipotle gives up on 5-year-old Asian chain ShopHouse, will test dessert

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Chipotle is saying goodbye to Asian-inspired restaurant chain ShopHouse after it failed to make the money executives were expecting.

"ShopHouse simply has not demonstrated the ability to support an attractive unit economic model," Chipotle Chairman and Co-CEO Steve Ells said in a conference call following the parent company's financial results ...Read more

Senators want stronger 'claw back' rules after Wells Fargo scandal

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A group of 16 Senate Democrats asked the nation's financial regulators on Wednesday to strengthen proposed rules governing how companies revoke or "claw back" pay from bank executives, saying the case of Wells Fargo & Co. illustrates the need for tougher policies.

The senators, led by Robert Menendez of New Jersey, sent a letter to regulators ...Read more

Tesla beats expectations, posts first quarterly profit in three years

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Tesla proved naysayers wrong Wednesday, posting a profit for the third quarter -- its first profitable quarter since early 2013.

A near doubling of revenue and a much lower growth in expenses produced the positive net income of $111.4 million, or 71 cents a share, when adjusted for one-time events. For the same quarter a year ...Read more

Comcast signs up more cable TV subscribers, bucking cord-cutting trend

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Cable television colossus Comcast Corp. gained customers in the third quarter, bucking industry trends, and its broadcast of the Rio Summer Olympics hauled in $1.6 billion in revenue.

Comcast announced Wednesday that it gained a net 32,000 cable television subscribers during the July-through-September quarter, compared with a loss of 48,000 in ...Read more

Boeing warns it may cut 777 production as low as 42 jets per year

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SEATTLE -- Reacting to a growing industry expectation that 777 jet production will have to be reduced further than previously stated, Boeing said Wednesday that the worst case scenario is a rate cut to 42 jets per year from the current 100 jets per year.

Chief executive Dennis Muilenburg said in a teleconference that a decision will likely be ...Read more

Southwest Airlines third quarter profit drops 33 percent

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Southwest Airlines said its third quarter profit declined 33 percent as the carrier flew more passengers who paid lower average fares.

The Dallas-based carrier said net income was $388 million, down from $584 million in the third quarter of 2015. Revenues also dipped, down 3.4 percent to $5.13 billion.

"We benefited from ...Read more

The Mortgage Professor: What happens to house secured by a reverse mortgage?

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Q: What happens to the house of someone who secures a reverse mortgage?

A: Before answering, let me clarify that my response applies only to the home equity conversion mortgage, or HECM, program administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, in which the investors in the mortgages are insured against loss by the Federal ...Read more

Tech Q&A: New ways to view or email your photos

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Q: Is there a program for organizing pictures that's similar to what iTunes does with music?

I'm looking for a way to scan photos once and organize them into "playlists." I'd like for a single digital copy of a photo to be able to appear in multiple playlists, and to be able to add a photo to each playlist using drag and drop. And I'd like to ...Read more