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Credit demands trust; bitcoin bypasses it

ATLANTA -- They don't take cash.

At Atlanta Kick, they accept credit cards, debit cards and ... bitcoin.

There is no register. Only a safe in the back and a 2-D QR code in the office underneath the price sheet that people can scan on their ...

Smart-chip cards safer, but hardly foolproof

Target may have lost our data, but it gave us some new vocabulary words: "EMV card," or, perhaps, "smart-chip card."

In urgent conversations around dinner tables and in the halls of Congress, two points have gained almost universal acceptance:


Goodbye, billfold. Hello, smartphone

Here's the thing about Taka Torimoto: He's more likely to remember his smartphone than his billfold. And that spells opportunity for a whole raft of new players in the lucrative payments industry.

A 41-year-old technical consultant with an ...