Iran tells Trump not to threaten its oil exports

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TEHRAN, Iran – Iran's president warned his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump not to threaten the Persian Gulf nation's oil exports and suggested that his country has alternatives to shipping crude through the Strait of Hormuz.

Trump is reimposing sanctions on Iran, which ships most of its oil through the strait, in an effort to squelch the ...Read more

Mnuchin says Trump fully supports Fed independence

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WASHINGTON –– President Donald Trump fully supports the independence of the Federal Reserve and isn't trying to interfere in the foreign-exchange market, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in Buenos Aires.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Group of 20 nations meeting, Mnuchin tried to assuage investor concerns that a currency war was ...Read more

LA hyperloop company lands first deal in China

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Los Angeles-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced this week that it would work with China to bring the high-tech experimental transportation service to that country.

Hyperloop technology is still a concept that's under development, with no operational hyperloop systems in place yet.

The project would be broken up into two ...Read more

Trump escalates his criticism of Federal Reserve interest rate hikes

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WASHINGTON -- Before this week, it had been more than a quarter-century since a sitting U.S. president publicly pressured the independent Federal Reserve on interest rates.

On Friday, President Trump did it for the second day in a row.

In unprecedented back-to-back statements, Trump escalated his criticism of the nation's central bankers for, ...Read more

Tourist boat company in Table Rock Lake tragedy has been Branson fixture for 40 years

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The Ride the Ducks tourist boats will be closed while the investigation into the deadly boat capsizing on Table Rock Lake is under investigation, the company said Friday.

The boats have been a Branson fixture for about 40 years, and got new owners in December when it was sold to Ripley Entertainment.

On its website, Ride the ...Read more

More than 160 people sickened by foodborne illness outbreak linked to McDonald's salads

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The outbreak of an intestinal illness linked to McDonald's salads has sickened 163 people in 10 states, with Illinois and Iowa residents representing the highest totals among them, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said late Thursday.

Three people have been hospitalized, according to the CDC, which is investigating the outbreak of ...Read more

Kimberly Guilfoyle exits Fox News for a post at Trump's PAC

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Kimberly Guilfoyle is leaving her co-host role on the Fox News program "The Five" to join President Trump's political action committee.

Multiple outlets reported Friday that Guilfoyle, 49, is joining America First Policies, a nonprofit organization that promotes the agenda of the Trump White House. Fox News confirmed her departure with a short ...Read more

Under the Hood: Does changing one tire mean changing them all?

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Q. I remember years ago when we had a flat tire, we were told we had to purchase three new tires to match the new one or the car would be unstable. This was a great burden to us as young marrieds, and I was always suspicious of that advice. I've not heard that advice for years. Now my granddaughter in Denver is being told the same thing. Is that...Read more

The Week Ahead: Charge! Earnings due for Dow's best performer

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When Americans reach for their wallet, it's not cash they're pulling out. It's plastic. And that has meant solid growth for Visa.

The stock is the best performing member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average this year, rallying 23 percent. That's twice as much as high-profile high-tech members like Apple and Intel. Visa may not get the headlines,...Read more

Based on a four-city sampling, apartment rental service calls Chicago the 'rat capital' of the nation

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CHICAGO -- Norma Rios-Sierra says she's become used to seeing rats scurrying in the alleys of her Logan Square neighborhood. Garbage cans – even tightly lidded ones – often bear holes where the pesky rodents likely gnawed to find a recent meal, she said.

"It's part of living in a city," she said. "Even during the day, you'll see them fly ...Read more

Paramount Television President Amy Powell is fired over inappropriate comments

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LOS ANGELES -- Paramount Television President Amy Powell has been fired after making inappropriate comments, the movie and TV studio's Chief Executive Jim Gianopulos told staff Thursday.

In a memo obtained by the Los Angeles Times, Gianopulos told staff multiple people raised concerns about Powell's unspecified comments last week, sparking an ...Read more

The end of the resume? Hiring is in the midst of a technological revolution with algorithms, chatbots

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The last time Chuck Blatt searched for a job, about 10 years ago, he relied on a thoughtful cover letter, a resume printed on nice paper and good rapport during a face-to-face interview.

Now, he said, "that is all out the window."

Since Blatt, 50, left his job as vice president of a painting and construction company in March, he's spent nearly...Read more

Auto review: Ford's 2019 F-150 King Ranch is best diesel vehicle on market

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It's ironic, but increasingly likely, that U.S. pickup buyers will be last stand for diesel engines, outside of semi-trucks and maybe tugboats.

For years, American drivers were unmoved by diesel's combination of power and efficiency while tens of millions of European buyers snapped them up for everything from VW Golfs to Mercedes S-class limos....Read more

America's most popular doll is being counterfeited. L.A. toymaker MGA wants to know who's doing it

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LOS ANGELES -- Earlier this year, attorney Jennifer Marrow visited, an online marketplace, to buy one of the most popular toys in America.

The site based in China claimed it had a deal on the priciest version: the limited-edition L.O.L Surprise! Big Surprise, a rose-gold case with 50 small toys, including dolls, miniature outfits, ...Read more

Ford recalls Fusions and Escapes that could roll away

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Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday recalled more than 500,000 Ford Fusions and Escapes that could roll when owners think the cars are in park.

The recall is for 2013-16 model year Fusions and 2013-14 Escapes.

On affected vehicles, Ford said, the bushing that attaches the shifter cable to the transmission may detach from the transmission. If that ...Read more

City commission will consider bid to declare Los Angeles Times buildings historic-cultural monuments

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LOS ANGELES--A bid to gain protected status for three Los Angeles Times buildings moved forward Thursday when the Cultural Heritage Commission agreed to consider an application to make them historic-cultural monuments.

Monument status could hinder a plan to redevelop the downtown L.A. block where they stand. The property is owned by Onni Group,...Read more

How dirty is Miami real estate? Secret home deals dried up when feds started watching

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MIAMI -- When a company called the Flower of Scotland paid $1.13 million -- in cash -- for a three-bedroom condo in Sunny Isles Beach last year, it had to do something unusual: tell the federal government who its real owner was.

In years past, the Delaware-based shell company could have put down the money and walked away with a new condo -- and...Read more

JPMorgan Chase, Fifth Third invest in a $5.5 million fund for minority entrepreneurs in Chicago

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CHICAGO -- JPMorgan Chase and Fifth Third Bank are investing $5.5 million in a new fund designed to boost minority entrepreneurs on Chicago's South and West sides.

The Chicago Entrepreneurs of Color Fund, modeled on a similar initiative in Detroit, will provide capital, training and technical services to entrepreneurs whose businesses have the ...Read more

The Mortgage Professor: Curbing HUD losses on HECM reverse mortgages

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The HECM reverse mortgage program has been bleeding red ink. Losses on transactions in which the loan balance at termination exceeds the net recoverable property value have been larger than the insurance premiums FHA collects from all HECM borrowers.

According to news reports, FHA Commissioner Brian Montgomery is considering measures that would...Read more

The Brady Bunch house is for sale. Its broker expects an 'avalanche' — of lookers, at least

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LOS ANGELES -- Here's the story of a lovely family home, which just hit the market for $1.885 million.

The Brady Bunch house, a Traditional-style residence near the Colfax Meadows neighborhood, was used for outdoor representations of the beloved television family's abode. That included the show's opening and closing scenes as well as numerous ...Read more

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