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Criminal indictment imminent for former Boeing 737 MAX chief technical pilot, report says

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SEATTLE — Federal prosecutors plan to criminally indict Mark Forkner, the former Boeing 737 Chief Technical Pilot who is alleged to have deceived aviation regulators and airlines about a critical new flight control system on the 737 MAX, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

Bringing Forkner to trial could shed more light on why the flaws ...Read more

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California's job growth tripled the nation's, even as the Delta variant spread

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California added jobs at three times the nation's rate last month as teachers returned to classrooms, entertainment venues reopened and summer vacationers traveled despite a spike in COVID-19 infections.

Payroll jobs in the state grew by 104,300 in August to a total of 16.63 million, accounting for 44% of U.S. job growth, officials reported. ...Read more

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PAC targets GM for giving to Republicans who voted to overturn 2020 election

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WASHINGTON — A progressive political action committee is attacking General Motors Co. for donating to lawmakers who voted not to certify the 2020 election results earlier this year.

In a digital ad released earlier this week titled "Navigating to Treason," MoveOn parodies an ad for a GM vehicle.

"Our leadership doesn't start and stop at the ...Read more


Susan Tompor: Many worried about why September child tax credit didn't show up yet

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Many parents continued to post their frustrations online Friday about not receiving their September payments yet for the advance child tax credit.

"So like a lot of frustrated people on here, I have not received the September CTC payment," one person noted on the Reddit forum.

The Reddit commentator went on to express concern about an earlier ...Read more


Auto review: Toyota introduces a Corolla crossover SUV for 2022

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AUSTIN, Texas — Popular taste is a fickle thing. One minute the world loves you, the next they never knew you existed. Madonna was queen of the pop world until her place was usurped by Lady Gaga. Madonna is still very popular, no doubt. But neither are as popular as, say, Cher. Some pop artists are immortal.

The same could be said of the ...Read more

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Airfares are lower than usual right now -- but prices won't stay down for long

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The nation's airlines are sweating over an unexpected drop in business travel in the last few weeks — and that's welcome news if you're a traveler looking to save money.

This month, domestic airfares are down 5% from September 2019 and international fares down about 8%, drops that industry experts attribute partly to the traditional price ...Read more

Auto review: When the road ends, new Tacoma TRD gets busy

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These days Marcus uses his Toyota Tacoma pickup to haul kayaks along the Banana River in Central Florida. He's a tour guide in the beautiful Thousand Islands region, home to dolphin, manatee and pelicans.

But at one time his truck needs were more dire. "I had a seven-mile climb to my house from a river canyon when I lived in Mexico," he said. "...Read more

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Retirement plan advisers expect Labor Department rules to boost ESG options

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As the Labor Department mulls a proposed rulemaking on environmental, social and governance investment options by retirement plans, advisers say the rules are likely to temper a “chilling effect” caused by the prior administration’s guidance.

Advisers say more retirement savers are asking about ESG investing and that the forthcoming rules...Read more


Motormouth: How often do I really need an oil change?

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Q: I have 2001 Lexus RX300 with only 46,000 miles. I bought it new and have kept it in mint condition. In recent years, I have only put on 1,000 miles per year and have switched to a once-a-year oil change. I know the "law books" say you should change oil every six months, but I have also read a lot of commentary that you can go much longer than...Read more


The Week Ahead: How more homes may be for sale soon

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The American housing market has been red hot. The combination of low borrowing rates, strong demand for more living and work-from-home space as the pandemic wears on and tight supply have driven up prices.

In July, the average price of a home was $360,000 – up almost 20 percent in a year. Prices have been climbing each month for nine and a ...Read more


Lucid Air EV sets EV benchmark with 520-mile range

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The Lucid Air has set a new benchmark for EPA-rated EV range with 520 miles.

Founded by former Tesla engineer Peter Rawlinson, Lucid has been methodically building a Tesla Model S competitor since debuting to much fanfare at the 2017 New York Auto Show. Its promise: to eclipse Tesla as the electric vehicle standard.

The figure blows away Tesla...Read more

Auto review: Cruisin' in the dreamy Mustang Mach 1

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ROYAL OAK, Mich. — My red 2021 Mustang Mach 1 was dressed for the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Muscled torso covered in black tattoos. Front spoiler out to here. Wicked black Magnum wheels. Mesh fascia with flared nostrils. Quad tailpipes the size of ship cannons. Swaggering down Woodward Avenue on Saturday morning, I noticed a Mustang Shelby GT350...Read more

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We're souping up our rides. The neighbors are furious

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It's not your imagination. That driver at the stoplight is revving his engine so loudly it can set off car alarms. Then he roars off as the signal turns green, even if it's just to the next stoplight.

Like some sort of pandemic-inspired primal scream, this flooring-the-pedal thing is happening all over. That's because a global semiconductor ...Read more


Mark Phelan: Buying a new car? Watch out for $2,000 hidden fee in footnotes

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As if semiconductor shortages and COVID-19 hadn’t driven car prices high enough, automakers are ratcheting up a hidden charge most shoppers are unaware of — and which nobody seems to understand.

Meet the destination charge, also known as the second-to-last line on the window sticker, shipping charge and that bleepin’ $2,000 asterisk.

I�...Read more


Burly, high-tech, 2022 Chevy Silverado fills in the holes

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The Silverado remake is complete.

The launch of Chevy's fourth-generation, 2019 full-size pickup set segment benchmarks for chassis light-weighting and rugged bed construction. But the sleek truck was dogged by questions about the uninspired interior and lack of a performance truck model. With the 2022 Silverado, the bow-tie brand has filled in...Read more

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Universal Studios, Six Flags visitors in LA area may have to show proof of COVID-19 vaccine or negative test

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LOS ANGELES — Proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative test will soon be necessary to enter Los Angeles County’s largest theme parks, a top health official confirmed Thursday.

Under a new health order to be issued this week, such verification will be necessary for attendees of outdoor “mega events” — those with 10,000-plus...Read more

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COVID-19 was a setback for working women. These first-time entrepreneurs prevailed

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LOS ANGELES — Life had stalled La Kesha Wash's dream of working in interior design.

More than a decade later, she decided to give it a go — amid a global pandemic that was hammering the economy and shutting businesses.

"I was like OK, you're not getting any younger, so this is the time. If you're going to do it, just do it," said Wash, who...Read more


Consumer Confidential: Drugmakers see disaster in Medicare negotiating prices. Don't listen to them

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The pharmaceutical industry, bizarrely, told the American people this week that allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices is tantamount to socialism, rather than an example of a healthy, competitive marketplace.

The industry said in an open letter to Congress that letting Medicare haggle on behalf of its 63 million beneficiaries would give the...Read more

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Sears closing its last store in Illinois

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CHICAGO — Sears is closing its Woodfield Mall store in November, leaving the iconic retailer without a single department store in Illinois, where it built its retail empire.

The retailer’s parent company plans to redevelop the property as part of a “strategy to unlock the value of the real estate and pursue the highest and best use for ...Read more


Ice cream machine at your McDonald's broken again? The feds noticed, too

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You know it’s bad when ice cream machines at McDonald’s across America are broken so often they’re a punchline for late-night jokesters. (Though blaming the Hamburglar seems too easy.)

Or when a guy comes up with an actual website — — so someone jonesing for a soft-serve vanilla cone can track which nearby Mickey D’s ...Read more