'Panther' bests all rivals at box office again

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LOS ANGELES -- Marvel's comic book juggernaut "Black Panther" continues to crush the box office and the record books.

The Disney blockbuster added $27 million to its domestic earnings over the weekend, raising its total to $605.4 million, according to figures from measurement firm ComScore.

"Black Panther" is the first picture to spend five ...Read more

Saudi crown prince heads to White House and Silicon Valley

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WASHINGTON -- Promoting the image of a new Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman arrives Monday in Washington on a cross-country trip to court government officials, Silicon Valley technology companies, investors and one of his biggest fans: President Donald Trump.

He is a prince on a mission and in a hurry.

The 32-year-old heir to the...Read more

No breach, but not secure: Misuse of data shows Facebook flaws

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SAN FRANCISCO –– Facebook wants you to know: this wasn't a breach.

Yes, Cambridge Analytica, the data-analysis firm that helped. President Donald Trump win the 2016 election, violated rules when it obtained information from about 50 million Facebook profiles, the social-media company acknowledged. But the data came from someone who didn't ...Read more

The Journey: Midlife transformation begins with bold decision

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Midlife can be a minefield. Gray divorce, death of a partner, sudden illness, age discrimination or brutal corporate downsizing, to name a few potential triggers.

For Veronica Buckley, it was a job transfer to Chicago for her husband that uprooted her more than a decade ago from an administrative position she loved in New York. She was 48 and ...Read more

Tariffs threaten global trade system

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WASHINGTON -- By justifying tariffs on steel and aluminum in the name of national security, President Donald Trump has threatened the global trading order.

For decades that order has been underpinned by the World Trade Organization, whose 164 member-states have agreed to abide by WTO rules for open trade and settling disputes. The United States...Read more

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Motorola Mobility layoffs hit about 200 employees in Chicago

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Smartphone-maker Motorola Mobility has laid off about 200 employees at its Chicago headquarters, according to sources.

Motorola spokeswoman Kathryn Hanley would not confirm the scope of the layoffs, but said the affected employees received notice last week. The layoffs are part of a previously announced global restructuring under Chinese parent...Read more

Amazon team headed to Chicago next week to inspect potential HQ2 sites

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CHICAGO -- An Amazon advance team will hit Chicago late next week to visit some of the proposed locations for a new headquarters, a source familiar with the visit who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly said Friday.

Company officials will visit a handful of the 10 sites city and state officials have pitched, the source said. It's ...Read more

Facebook's 'rat-catching team' spies on employees: report

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Silicon Valley's tech giants are famously secretive -- after all their proprietary products and services are worth billions -- but a new report alleges that Facebook goes to Orwellian lengths to keep its workers from talking out of turn, even about their working conditions.

One Facebook employee was told he was led to expect a promotion, but ...Read more

Uber just raised rates on Florida riders. But drivers are the ticked off ones

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MIAMI -- Last Friday, Uber quietly increased rates for rides in Florida and Louisiana. In Miami, the rates rose by about 10 percent.

According to data compiled by Harry Campbell, publisher of, passengers will now pay $1.05 per mile and $0.16 per minute, compared with $0.91 per mile and $0.13 per minute.

That means a ride in...Read more

Paul Jacobs reportedly trying to take Qualcomm private

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SAN DIEGO -- Qualcomm director Paul Jacobs has reportedly informed the company's board of directors that he intends to partner with investment firms to make an offer to buy the semiconductor giant based in San Diego.

Jacobs made his intentions known to the company's directors in a letter sent on Tuesday, according to the Wall Street Journal, ...Read more

Saudi Arabian fund looks to invest in Endeavor as the kingdom opens up to Hollywood

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Saudi Arabia is looking to acquire a stake in the Hollywood talent agency Endeavor in a move that would advance the Middle Eastern kingdom's growing ambitions in the entertainment industry.

The Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund -- a public fund that the government uses to invest in projects at home and abroad -- is exploring the acquisition ...Read more

UCSD professor devises way to recycle lithium-ion batteries

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SAN DIEGO -- The promise of a global electric vehicle transformation has a looming problem.

The cathodes in the lithium-ion batteries typically used in electric vehicles, or EVs, are made of metal oxides that contain cobalt, a metal found in finite supplies and concentrated in one of the globe's more precarious countries.

But an assistant ...Read more

Wells Fargo customers could have more time to file claims in $142-million fake accounts settlement

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Wells Fargo & Co. failed to notify some customers about its $142-million class-action settlement over its unauthorized accounts scandal -- an error that could give customers more time to participate in the deal but contribute to months of delay in receiving payments.

The bank last month told attorneys representing customers that it did not send...Read more

Microsoft says it fired about 20 people last year for sexual harassment

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SEATTLE -- Microsoft defended its handling of gender-discrimination complaints Thursday, and said it fired about 20 people last year after sexual-harassment investigations.

In an email to all employees late Thursday about its internal inquiry process for bias complaints, it addressed issues raised earlier this week in a gender-discrimination ...Read more

On Philanthropy: New study outlines unprecedented financial risk to many nonprofits

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Across the United States, more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations engage in remarkable work to transform lives, communities and the planet. Unfortunately, these organizations currently face a wide range of growing pressures.

Consider these facts:

--In 2013, nonprofit organizations employed more than 10.6 percent of the workforce (14.4 ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: 56 years later, Kennedy's call for a consumer bill of rights is forgotten under Trump

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In March 1962, President Kennedy laid out in a speech to Congress the framework for a consumer bill of rights and the crucial role the federal government must play in protecting those rights.

Kennedy's call to arms is now marked every March 15 as World Consumer Rights Day, which seeks to advance "guidelines for consumer protection" backed by ...Read more

Susan Tompor: Drive for Uber? Deliver for Amazon? Here are tax rules to know

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The nasty secret of being a new entrepreneur is that your tax bill might be way higher than you'd imagine.

When you're driving for Uber, delivering for Amazon, picking up freelance jobs or otherwise participating in the gig economy, you aren't working for a boss who is required to withhold taxes from a regular paycheck. As a result, you're ...Read more

Fiduciary duty rule struck down by New Orleans appeals court

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DALLAS -- A federal appeals court struck down an Obama-era rule requiring retirement account managers to put their clients' interests ahead of their own, handing a victory to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other business groups.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans ruled 2-1 to vacate the fiduciary rule, noting that ...Read more

The Week Ahead: New Fed head meets the press (and pressure)

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Being the chairman of the Federal Reserve is to walk a tightrope. Say too much or the wrong thing, and you can upset investment markets to the tune of trillions of dollars. Don't say enough, and rumor and innuendo rule the day.

Jerome Powell steps out onto that tightrope Wednesday afternoon in the week ahead when he holds his first press ...Read more