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As hurricane season approaches, 3 insurers canceling thousands of Florida customers

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As another hurricane season bears down on the state, more than 50,000 Florida home insurance customers will soon receive notices that their policies have been canceled or won’t be renewed.

State insurance regulators recently authorized “extraordinary” terminations of thousands of policies of Florida-based insurers Universal Insurance of ...Read more


She is chief engineer of all-electric Ford F-150, leading a revolution

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The chief engineer behind the revolutionary all-electric Ford F-150 arrived in America as a third grader knowing only letters A through H, which she learned during her plane ride from China. She spoke no English.

"I remember flying for the first time and also riding in a car for the first time, all on that trip," Linda Zhang, 44, of Canton, ...Read more

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Amazon aims to cut its workplace injury rate by half

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Amazon, which has faced criticism for above-industry-average injury rates at its warehouses, said it is taking steps to halve the rate of workplace injuries in them by 2025.

The company is launching a suite of new programs, grouped under the moniker "WorkingWell," designed to keep its nearly 1 million warehouse workers worldwide fit and limber,...Read more

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He ran Animal Planet and HGTV. Now he will oversee WarnerMedia. Who is David Zaslav?

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David Zaslav was at a crossroads in 2007.

After spending 18 years at NBC, where he helped develop a cable portfolio that included CNBC and MSNBC, Zaslav had an offer to run Discovery Networks, the home of documentaries, nature shows and Shark Week.

The company's programs had once been a favorite of cable system operators, who pointed to them ...Read more

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Consumer Confidential: Amid Discovery deal, AT&T also is quietly making late fees more likely

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AT&T merging its WarnerMedia assets with Discovery isn't the only move by the telecom behemoth that could impact consumers' wallets.

This week, the company also is making it harder for some people to pay their bills — and increasing the likelihood of late fees.

Tim Ahern pays AT&T about $170 a month for his TV and phone services. He pays his...Read more

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Stellantis, Foxconn creating Mobile Drive to supply infotainment for Jeeps, Rams

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Stellantis and iPhone-maker Foxconn are developing a partnership to supply not only Jeeps and Peugeots with infotainment and connected vehicle features, but also one that will supply other automakers.

The two companies unveiled details Tuesday of a 50/50 joint venture called Mobile Drive to be based in the Netherlands after signing a non-...Read more

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Delta asks headquarters employees to help clean airport lounges

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Delta Air Lines is asking employees at its Atlanta headquarters to help clean and staff airport lounges because of a worker shortage.

The airline told employees that its Sky Clubs in Atlanta, which have all reopened, are "severely understaffed," by 115 people, due to a contractor shortfall. The airline plans to reopen all of its clubs across ...Read more

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Long hours at work is killing people worldwide: WHO

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Overwork is killing people worldwide, sometimes decades after they finish putting in the long hours, a new study indicates.

Specifically, putting in long hours led to 745,000 stroke and ischemic heart disease deaths in 2016, 29% more than in 2000, the World Health Organization said Monday.

The study, conducted by WHO and the International ...Read more

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Amazon in talks to buy 'James Bond' movie studio MGM

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Amazon is in talks to acquire Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, the Beverly Hills based film and TV company behind the James Bond and Rocky film franchises and TV shows including “The Voice,” according to three people familiar with the matter who were not authorized to comment.

Amazon is looking to bulk up its film and TV operations with MGM’s...Read more

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Disney World fan reaction is complicated after the theme park changes its mask rule overnight

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In Chicago, Hilary Klein was packing her suitcase Friday night before her 6 a.m. flight to Orlando when the news broke.

Maggie Locker-Polding waited for the Disney gondola to leave Epcot for the night when she saw the update on her phone. Soon a buzz generated among strangers in the line.

For Sarah Kincaid, a mom from the Florida Panhandle, ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Is Elon Musk trying to destroy bitcoin over environmental concerns?

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For anyone still wondering why bitcoin lost nearly 8% of its value in the blink of an eye Sunday and has slid even more on Monday, we have two words of explanation: Elon Musk.

Since Feb. 8, when Tesla, his electric-car company, announced that it had bought $1.5 billion in the vaporous cryptocurrency, the price of bitcoin has risen and fallen in...Read more

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California DMV probing whether Tesla violates regulations with self-driving claims

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Tesla is "under review" by the California Department of Motor Vehicles to determine whether the company misleads customers by advertising its "full self-driving capability" option, the agency told The Times.

A Tesla equipped with the $10,000 FSD package can change lanes, take highway exit ramps, and stop at traffic lights and stop signs on its ...Read more


China steps up efforts to join trade pact created to exclude it

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China is pushing ahead with behind-the-scenes talks to join a major trade deal that originally aimed to exclude Beijing and cement U.S. economic power and trade ties in the Asia-Pacific region.

Officials from Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and possibly other nations have held technical talks with Chinese counterparts on details of the ...Read more

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US adults financially worse off in 2020, checks buffered blows

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The Covid-19 pandemic hurt American financial well being, but the impact differed widely by education, income and race, a Federal Reserve survey showed.

“The pandemic caused substantial disruptions to many people’s finances, as well as to their daily lives, even while public-policy responses appear to have muted many of the effects,” the ...Read more

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Airline passengers may have to get weighed before boarding

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Airline passengers may have to reveal their own cabin size before boarding, a new report claims.

Citing an FAA advisory, travel site View from the Wing reports that because Americans are getting heavier, airlines may have to revisit estimates on how much cargo each plane is carrying for the sake of safety.

According to that report, when it ...Read more

Target drops mask requirement in stores

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Target will no longer require vaccinated customers and employees to wear masks in its stores unless mandated by local ordinances.

"Given the CDC's updated guidance last week, Target will no longer require fully vaccinated guests and team members to wear face coverings in our stores, except where it's required by local ordinances," the ...Read more

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Child Tax Credit monthly payments to begin rolling out July 15

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Parents can look forward to some extra cash beginning July 15, as the IRS rolls out an expanded tax break for millions of families.

Parents will receive a monthly payment of as much as $300 per child for little ones 5 years old and younger.

The payout for the newly-revised Child Tax Credit is up to $250 per month for each child ages 6 through ...Read more

DELETED: Tempted to retire early? Consider two critical factors

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This story has been deleted by the news provider.

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Stellantis, Foxconn to announce strategic partnership

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Stellantis NV on Tuesday will provide details concerning a new strategic partnership with the main assembler of Apple Inc.'s smartphones, the transatlantic automaker said Monday.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV originally had been in negotiations with Foxconn Technology Co. Ltd., the Taiwan-based contractor, prior to the carmaker's merger with ...Read more


Carla Fried: Women know more about money than they realize

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Being smart enough to know what you don’t know pays off when it compels you to learn more or seek out expert help. But when it comes to money, research is finding that women seem too quick to say, “I don’t know,” and this lack of confidence can hold them back financially.

The confidence game

A survey last year by researchers at George...Read more