Baby formula shortage shows risk of US industry concentration

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Formula isn’t just for babies. April Crohare desperately needs it for her 14-year-old son, Charlie. Due to medical complications from a rare brain disorder called lissencephaly, his only source of nutrition comes from infant formula through a feeding tube.

The Crohares, who live in Maryland, had relied on Abbott Laboratories’ hypoallergenic...Read more


Is it time to freak out about the stock market and the economy?

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With inflation surging, the war in Ukraine roiling global markets and the after-effects of the pandemic still clogging supply chains, everyday investors have been jittery. But some had their nerves pushed to the edge this week after the Dow Jones Industrial Average took a swoon on Wednesday of more than 1,100 points, followed by a loss of ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Why don't regulators stop Elon Musk from breaking the law?

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In his takeover adventure with Twitter, it seems more likely than not that Elon Musk has broken the law.

In some respects, his lawbreaking is easily documented. According to Musk's own disclosure, his purchases of Twitter shares brought him to 5% ownership of the company stock on March 14.

Securities law requires that any such holding be ...Read more


A worker shortage is driving US nursing homes to the brink of collapse

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Chippewa Manor’s beds could be full. The nursing and rehabilitation home is seeing plenty of demand from potential patients, after two nearby facilities recently closed. But there’s one problem: There’s no one to care for residents.

Staffing has always been a challenge, but “it’s reached a boiling point” in the last six months, ...Read more


Lawsuit: Tesla autopilot feature accelerated on its own, causing crash

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A 2017 Tesla Model S sedan on autopilot mode suddenly began to accelerate on its own as it headed toward a highway offramp, ran off the road and crashed into a tree, according to a lawsuit filed by the driver.

Tesla’s autopilot mode, which the electric carmaker claims allows its vehicles to steer, accelerate and brake automatically in their ...Read more

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Amazon threatened workers over union vote, labor officials find

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U.S. labor board prosecutors plan to accuse Inc. of threatening staff that if they unionized it could propose paying them minimum wage and of punishing an employee for seeking a paid Juneteenth holiday.

Unless the company settles, the National Labor Relations Board will issue a complaint, agency spokesperson Kayla Blado said Thursday...Read more

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Georgia's Rivian deal a political wedge near future plant

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RUTLEDGE, Georgia --- Going into 2022, many voters in rural Walton and Morgan counties expected zoning and spending issues to dominate local government races.

Then came the December announcement of Rivian’s $5 billion electric vehicle plant that has shaken the political landscape around the farms and pine forests an hour east of Atlanta that ...Read more

Grants for restaurants, small businesses blocked in Senate

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WASHINGTON — Deficit-concerned senators blocked the Senate from considering a $48 billion aid package for restaurants and other small businesses Thursday, likely dealing a fatal blow to a months-long effort to provide a final round of relief for industries that suffered major revenue losses during the pandemic.

The Senate did not invoke ...Read more

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Governance dominates corporate shareholder votes, ahead of environmental, social issues

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Governance proposals heavily dominate annual shareholder meetings despite activist investors’ concerns about material risks from environmental and social issues, according to an analysis from a financial think tank.

The number of proposals submitted globally at annual shareholder meetings increased by over 80 percent since 2012, to nearly 12,...Read more

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Real estate Q&A: Are homeowners who want to paint bound by obsolete rules?

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Q: The guidelines in our homeowners association have not been revised for decades. A question came up about exterior paint colors. Are the homeowners still bound by the most recent, although antiquated, guidelines? — Ken

A: If the rules and guidelines were valid back then and nothing invalidated them, they are still enforceable.

Community ...Read more

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Spirit urges shareholders to reject JetBlue's hostile bid

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JetBlue Airways’ hostile takeover bid for Spirit Airlines took a bitter turn on Thursday as the board of directors of the South Florida-based discount carrier urged its shareholders to spurn the offer.

In a statement, the board accused Spirit’s New York-based rival of making “inaccurate statements and mischaracterizations” about Spirit�...Read more


Diesel's 100% surge and scarcity deny farmers their 'lifeblood'

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Farmers from Iowa to Ukraine are grappling with surging diesel prices and an unsteady supply, forcing them to spend unprecedented sums on fuel in a chaotic market and raising concerns about the autumn harvest.

In the U.S., where corn and soybean producers are rushing to sow after rains and cold temperatures forced delays, filling a tractor ...Read more

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Motormouth: Gas stations of the future

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Q: As the car market transitions to more electric vehicles, what will traditional car service stations do since all the service needed by internal combustion engines will be replaced by a big battery?

M.N., New Richmond, Wisconsin

A: One of the scenarios is that stations may become hybrids themselves, selling gas and electrons. Since ...Read more

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Disney labels rainbow merchandise 'Pride Collection' for the first time: 'This is how it's done!'

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For years, Walt Disney Co. has courted LGBTQ+ visitors to its theme parks, selling rainbow-colored souvenirs and hosting groups that organize annual "Gay Days" celebrations.

But Disney this week started marketing and promoting merchandise under the name "Pride Collection" for the first time, a big branding move for a company that has become a ...Read more

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So how do you go from being an engineer to a Tampa Bay Ben & Jerry's bigwig?

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TAMPA, Florida — Eric Taylor seemed to have his life figured out: College (check), start his career as an engineer (check), get a good job with good pay at a good company (check, check and check.)

Then his cousin and childhood friend Antonio McBroom reached out from his college job at a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop in North Carolina — and...Read more


Michael Hiltzik: A lengthy list of Trump's disastrous business deals -- compiled by his newest business partners

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Donald Trump's business history has been so filled with disastrous ventures that it's been hard to keep track of them all.

No longer. Digital World Acquisition Corp., which is the special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, taking Trump's "Truth Social" media platform public, has conveniently listed them in a document it is required to file ...Read more

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Savannah port has record April as some ships switch from West Coast

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The Port of Savannah had its busiest April on record, handling nearly a half-million 20-foot containers — nearly one of every nine passing through an American port, according to officials at the Georgia Ports Authority.

That trade activity — the third-busiest month the port has ever had — came despite gaps in global shipments caused by ...Read more

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After prospering in the pandemic, Target is now a symbol of inflation's impact

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Target Corp., whose growth in the pandemic pushed its stock to record heights, on Wednesday became a symbol of inflation's toll on the American economy.

The Minneapolis-based retailer's latest quarterly profit was halved compared to a year ago as it contended with higher costs and changes in shopping habits, news that spooked investors fearing ...Read more


Fights over contract, long hours divide cinematographers' union

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LOS ANGELES — Rebecca Rhine recently announced that she would be stepping down as national executive director of the International Cinematographers Guild when her contract expired in September.

In a letter to colleagues, Rhine cited her concerns about mistrust and infighting within Local 600 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage ...Read more

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Stone Brewing settles trademark lawsuit with rival craft brewery over 'Keep It Juicy' tagline

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Stone Brewing has settled a trademark lawsuit brought by North Carolina craft beer maker Sycamore Brewing over the catch phrase "Keep It Juicy" — with both sides walking away without paying damages.

The settlement came last week, shortly after Stone Brewing filed a countersuit against Sycamore calling its legal action a "sham." The Escondido,...Read more