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Tucker Carlson producer's discrimination claims go beyond Dominion scandal

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A Fox News producer's discrimination lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch's Fox Corp. provides a wider glimpse into the network's alleged cultural problems, dealings with prominent Republicans and finger-pointing following a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit.

Abby Grossberg, who has worked in TV news for two decades, sued Fox, Fox News, Tucker Carlson ...Read more

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What to know ahead of the Fed's interest-rate decision

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All eyes in the financial and economic world will be laser-focused Wednesday on the Federal Reserve as Chair Jerome Powell tries to balance his fight against inflation against a sudden banking crisis.

Powell and his colleagues began their meeting Tuesday with the outcome unusually unclear. While most economists expect a quarter-point interest-...Read more

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SVB's loans to insiders tripled to $219 million before it failed

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As Silicon Valley Bank deteriorated late last year and regulators began internally flagging flaws in its risk management, the lender opened up the credit spigot to one group: insiders.

Loans to officers, directors and principal shareholders, and their related interests, more than tripled from the third quarter last year to $219 million in the ...Read more

A string of assassinations in Afghanistan point to ISIS-K resurgence – and US officials warn of possible attacks on American interests in next 6 months

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Since returning to power in Afghanistan in 2021, the Taliban have struggled to contain the Islamic State Khorasan province, or ISIS-K – the official Islamic State group affiliate operating in Afghanistan.

Now, a fresh wave of assassination attempts on top Taliban officials has rocked multiple regions across the country and prompted ...Read more

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Can states keep trains from blocking crossings? High court wants feds to weigh in

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The U.S. Supreme Court has invited the federal government to weigh in on whether state and local governments can regulate how long trains can block railroad crossings.

The invitation means the high court might eventually give a full hearing to the appeal of a lower court ruling that invalidated Ohio’s blocked crossing law. There’s no ...Read more


Challenger SRT Demon 170 is 'new pinnacle of factory-backed crazy' in Dodge 'Last Call'

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An up to 1,025-horsepower Dodge Challenger Demon that can travel the quarter mile in under nine seconds and requires the signing of a waiver to purchase marks the end of the Hemi-powered muscle car as the brand moves into a new era of performance.

For $96,666 plus destination and other fees and the notarized disclosure, speed enthusiasts can ...Read more


Temp nurses cost hospitals big during pandemic. Lawmakers are now mulling limits

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To crack down on price gouging, proposed legislation in Missouri calls for allowing felony charges against health care staffing agencies that substantially raise their prices during a declared emergency.

A New York bill includes a cap on the amount staffing agencies can charge health care facilities. And a Texas measure would allow civil ...Read more

Gen Z job market turnover expected to exceed 2022 levels

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If you think the Great Resignation is over, think again.

The latest snapshot of the job market by recruiting giant Robert Half shows that more Generation Z workers are likely to change jobs in 2023 than last year.

About 60% of 18- to 25-year-olds said they would likely to change jobs in early 2023, up from 53% last year. More than 50% of ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: The Fed's errors have brought the economy to the brink of recession. Raising rates again might send it over

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The Federal Reserve system was stung in late 2021 when it declared signs of emerging inflation to be "transitory" and delayed taking strong action to tamp down price increases.

The central bank has been running from its critics ever since. Under its chairman, Jerome H. Powell, it has instituted the most aggressive anti-inflation interest rate ...Read more

What does 'moral hazard' mean? A scholar of financial regulation explains why it's risky for the government to rescue banks

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“Moral hazard” refers to the risks that someone or something becomes more inclined to take because they have reason to believe that an insurer will cover the costs of any damages.

The concept describes financial recklessness. It has its roots in the advent of private insurance companies about 350 years ago. Soon after they began ...Read more

On the brink of eviction, one Philadelphia mother applied for assistance. But getting it could take years

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Kimberly Clark has lived in the same Southwest Philadelphia house, on the same block, with some of the same neighbors for 24 years.

"This block actually is a nice block," Clark said. "Everybody's known me since I was small."

Clark's elderly aunt, daughter, and grandchildren live across the street. Her mother lives nearby. "We have a small ...Read more

US studies ways to insure all bank deposits if crisis grows

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U.S. officials are studying ways they might temporarily expand Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. coverage to all deposits, a move sought by a coalition of banks arguing that it’s needed to head off a potential financial crisis.

Treasury Department staff are reviewing whether federal regulators have enough emergency authority to temporarily ...Read more


Motormouth: What is function of steering angle sensor?

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Q: I am an owner of a 2010 Equinox with 70,000 miles. After replacing all four struts, we had a wheel alignment done. The vehicle had a left pull after the alignment. My mechanic switched two front tires left to right. Vehicle still pulls left. I recently read that the steering angle sensor needs to be reset after an alignment. Is this true? I ...Read more

Secession is here: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, wants a “national divorce.” In her view, another Civil War is inevitable unless red and blue states form separate countries.

She has plenty of company on the right, where a host of others – 52% of Trump voters, Donald Trump himself and prominent Texas Republicans – have ...Read more

Is Wikipedia a good source? 2 college librarians explain when to use the online encyclopedia – and when to avoid it

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What comes to mind when you think of Wikipedia?

Maybe you think of clicking link after link to learn about a topic, followed by another topic and then another. Or maybe you’ve heard a teacher or librarian tell you that what you read on Wikipedia isn’t reliable.

As research and instruction librarians, we know people have ...Read more

California energy giant Sempra moves forward on major liquefied natural gas project in Texas

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San Diego's Fortune 500 energy giant Sempra will add another major project to its roster of facilities that ship liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to destinations around the world.

The infrastructure subsidiary of Sempra announced Monday afternoon that it will proceed with the construction of the first phase of Port Arthur LNG, a $13 billion ...Read more

As bailiffs seize jets from Canadian airline, Boeing order in the balance

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In the early morning Canadian cold on March 11, the beginning of spring break for school-age kids in Ontario, families duly assembled at the Region of Waterloo International Airport west of Toronto to fly on Flair Airlines to the sun in Orlando, Florida.

But more than three hours before the 7:20 a.m. flight — “in the dark of night,” as ...Read more

Stellantis, suppliers to invest over $214M to build Fiats in Algeria

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Stellantis and suppliers are investing more than $214 million (200 million euro) to expand the Fiat brand into Algeria and manufacture models there, as the automaker seeks to double global revenues by 2030.

The automaker said Monday it's bringing six Fiat models for sale in the North African country starting Tuesday and will manufacture four ...Read more

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US banks on bumpy path as First Republic's troubles persist

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Just weeks ago, they were bit players in the giant U.S. banking system. Now, a handful of regional lenders are at the heart of a crisis that’s shaken the country and engaged the likes of Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon.

At the last tally in the rapidly evolving turmoil, one of the two collapsed lenders remained for sale while the fate of a ...Read more

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$10-a-barrel oil price plunge should bring relief at gas pump

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What’s bad for the economy is sometimes good for motorists.

High-profile bank failures sent stock market and crude oil prices plunging last week amid renewed concerns that a global recession could be taking shape.

U.S. crude oil prices dropped about 13% over the past week, from $74.43 a barrel on March 14 to $64.54 in early morning trading ...Read more