Real estate Q&A: How do we make sure animals in no-pet community really are for emotional support?

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Q: I live in a 55+ community that does not allow pets. Now there are many dogs in the community claiming to be emotional support animals. Can we put a stop to this? -- Debbie

Q: In our no-pet community, the folks with ESA dogs allow them to run wild, using the whole property as their toilet. I get that we have to allow them their ESAs, but don'...Read more

The government quashes a nasty stunt used by drug makers to keep prescription prices high

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Most of the efforts out of Washington to fight rising drug prices amount to all-talk-no-action. But there's one government campaign that has worked -- and that the government just expanded.

This is the government's attack on so-called pay-to-delay schemes, in which the marketer of a brand-name drug pays off generic drug makers to keep their ...Read more

Chicago officials will start tracking businesses that sell CBD products. Here's why

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CHICAGO -- As CBD products become more common on store shelves throughout Chicago, city officials are keeping track of businesses that say they are selling the increasingly trendy products.

The move comes as officials around the country start to crack down on retailers selling certain kinds of CBD products. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a ...Read more

Foreign investment in Cuba might be at risk if U.S. allows lawsuits over confiscated property

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Cuba's efforts to attract foreign investment to boost its ailing economy were limping along even before the Trump administration raised the possibility that it might allow lawsuits in U.S. courts against foreign companies that do business on the island using properties confiscated from Americans or Cubans who later became U.S. nationals.

Now ...Read more

Managers sue Aramark over 2018 bonuses; seeking class-action status

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Two Aramark managers filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday in Philadelphia alleging that the food-, building-, and uniform-services giant broke a contract when it decided this month not to pay 2018 bonuses to thousands of lower-level managers across the country.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania on ...Read more

Worried about a slowing economy, Fed officials want to maintain a key stimulus program

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Amid growing worries about a slowing economy, Federal Reserve officials indicated at their meeting last month that they plan later this year to stop paring back a key stimulus program put in place in the wake of the Great Recession, according to minutes released Wednesday.

Under the controversial initiative, known as quantitative easing, the ...Read more

Talks between Trump administration and California over fuel-economy standards break down

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WASHINGTON -- Already-faltering negotiations between the Trump administration and California aimed at resolving a dispute over fuel-economy standards have broken down completely, according to a top Democratic lawmaker.

Sen. Thomas R. Carper, D-Del., the senior Democrat on the Environment and Public Works Committee, said Wednesday that the Trump...Read more

Yelp fired manager after he didn't take calls, check email '24/7/365,' lawsuit claims

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Mark Weathers' path to termination at Yelp started with an email his boss sent him a few minutes before midnight on Good Friday. Weathers didn't answer it, because he wasn't checking his email a few minutes before midnight on Good Friday.

That's according to a religious-discrimination lawsuit Weathers filed against the San Francisco online-...Read more

Mark Zuckerberg talks privacy, accidentally disses Facebook Portal

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Talking about the future of technology, which is Mark Zuckerberg's personal challenge this year, can be hard, as the Facebook CEO has found out over the years -- whether it's before Congress or on television.

So it seems almost inevitable that in a nearly two-hour conversation with Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain about privacy, ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: FDA's vampire warning highlights billionaires' obsession with not growing old

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The federal government finally took a stand this week on vampires feasting on the blood of the young.

It's against the practice.

Actually, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about older people injecting themselves with the blood plasma of young donors -- a fringe therapy that's marketed as a way to fight aging and a variety of ...Read more

Google Nest Guard has a microphone, but it didn't say that on the box

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Google has admitted that Nest Guard, the keypad and motion sensor device that's part of the Nest Secure system, has a built-in microphone whose existence the company failed to disclose in any of the product's literature.

The mic was outed because Google announced earlier this month that its home security system could also double as a Google ...Read more

Foreign correspondent Lara Logan has left CBS News

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Foreign correspondent Lara Logan, once a rising star at CBS News with her war reporting, quietly exited the network last year.

Logan, whose reporting was mostly seen on "60 Minutes" in recent years, left after her last contract with the network ended in 2018, a CBS News representative confirmed. Her departure went largely unnoticed until she ...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: Courts hammer Trump for sabotaging Obamacare, in rulings that could cost the Treasury billions

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Legal experts thought that one of President Trump's cruder attacks on the Affordable Care Act would come back to bite him once the courts took a crack at it.

Court rulings have flooded in over the last few weeks, and the experts are right. The cost to the government could be $12 billion a year, payable to health insurers who were cheated by ...Read more

Tech Q&A: Here's how to block more junk e-mail

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Q: My Outlook e-mail program keeps receiving similar spam messages, even though I've labeled them as junk and blocked their senders. These e-mails have little rectangles between the letters in the subject line, and come from strange-sounding e-mail addresses (I've attached examples.) What can I do to stop this?

-- Gary Eickmeier, Lakeland, Fla....Read more

Nearly 150 years later, the buffalo slaughter hangs over American Indian wealth, study finds

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Eight years ago, an economist produced a new theory that international trade played a major role in an American tragedy: the immense killing in the late 19th century that brought the North American bison close to extinction.

The idea challenged the narrative that the slaughter of the bison, or buffalo, was mainly caused by the eagerness of ...Read more

Who is Jonathon Morgan? Researcher makes a name — and finds controversy — in cybersecurity world

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Long before Jonathon Morgan worked with U.S. intelligence officials or made headlines for controversial social media activity, he was a 21-year-old dad seeking to connect with other young parents.

That was 14 years ago, when Morgan turned to online communities to seek advice, camaraderie and friendship with others who found ...Read more

Haiti's economic lifeline has taken a hit. Expedia just made it worse

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PORT-AU-PRINCE -- Haiti's tourism sector is up in arms over recent travel warnings from the U.S., Canada and France that have led to at least one booking company -- Expedia -- blacklisting the country's two international airports and hotels as illegal.

People seeking to book flights and hotel rooms on Expedia and subsidiaries Travelocity, ...Read more

American Airlines offers helicopter rides and private lounges for super VIPs

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American Airlines has just banished two of the most annoying aspects of flying out of Los Angeles International Airport: traffic gridlock and the long security screening line. But it won't be cheap.

In the latest effort by the airline industry to cater to well-heeled travelers, the world's largest air carrier launched a super VIP package ...Read more

Late car payments? 7 steps to help keep a repossession at bay

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Millions of Americans are at least three months behind on their car payments, the benchmark for many lenders to trigger a repossession and a warning light for the economy.

In fact, according to a Federal Reserve Bank report, the number of these troubled borrowers is 7 million, 1 million more than it was in 2010 following the global financial ...Read more

Talks break down between California, US on car mileage, sources say

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WASHINGTON -- Talks between California and federal officials on vehicle emissions and fuel economy standards have broken down without a deal, three people familiar with the matter said.

The Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had been meeting with California's Air Resources Board in pursuit of a ...Read more