Nearly a year after layoffs, former Oreo plant workers struggle to find their way

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CHICAGO -- Susana Palomo couldn't sleep for a week, torn between a dream and reality.

One of the hundreds of workers laid off last year from a Nabisco plant on Chicago's Southwest Side, where Oreos were made for more than six decades, Palomo had embarked on a bold plan to attend college and perhaps open her own small bakery someday. But ...Read more

Spooked by spike in cyber extortion, businesses are stockpiling bitcoin for payoffs

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SAN FRANCISCO -- U.S. corporations that have long resisted bending to the demands of computer hackers who take their networks hostage are increasingly stockpiling bitcoin, the digital currency, so that they can quickly meet ransom demands rather than lose valuable corporate data.

The companies are responding to cybersecurity experts who ...Read more

On Philanthropy: Tax form 990: A treasure trove of information for strategic philanthropy

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To achieve their goals, philanthropic families and businesses seek to partner with nonprofits that can demonstrate operational sustainability and effectiveness over the long term. For those making this decision, IRS tax form 990 contains a treasure trove of available information. Many otherwise-savvy donors fail to take advantage of this useful ...Read more

Susan Tompor: There are lots of options for quick-cash fixes

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When big names in the financial services industry -- including Detroit-based mortgage lender Quicken Loans and New York-based investment bank Goldman Sachs -- enter a niche market for online personal loans, it's fair to say that consumers can bank on more buzz for simple, quick-cash fixes.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs had a limited rollout in ...Read more

Q&A: Why 'border adjustment' is the talk of Washington

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President Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress want to undertake the biggest overhaul of the U.S. tax code in three decades, with steep rate cuts across the board for businesses and individuals. But some House Republicans want something else as well: a radical shift in the way U.S. corporations are taxed. They'd scrap the 35 ...Read more

Trump said he would isolate his family businesses, but they have already seeped into the White House

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WASHINGTON -- Twenty-four hours before taking the oath of office, President Donald Trump strutted into the presidential ballroom of the Trump International Hotel to toast congressional leaders, top donors and the people he had picked to fill out his Cabinet.

Trump joked that "a total genius must have built this place," underscoring the message:...Read more

Gail MarksJarvis: Why you don't need Warren Buffett to get your finances in order

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You don't have to be Warren Buffett to be richer.

Nor do you need to have him hold your hand to get there.

Yet, a recent study shows most Americans are deeply uncertain about handling their money, and they'd like Warren Buffett to help them figure it out.

If you are among them, take a deep breath and reassure yourself. Remember, you don't ...Read more

Kushner's use of US-backed apartment loans poses conflict risk

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WASHINGTON -- Jared Kushner relinquished control of his family's multibillion-dollar real-estate business in January to eliminate conflicts of interest when he became a top White House adviser to his father-in-law, President Donald Trump.

Yet Kushner Cos. has apartment buildings with more than $500 million in government-backed mortgages ...Read more

Studio chief Grey to step down

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LOS ANGELES--Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey is preparing to leave his job, ending months of speculation about his future as Viacom Chief Executive Bob Bakish moves aggressively to revive the long struggling studio.

Grey, who has led the storied movie company for 12 years, is in negotiations with Paramount Pictures parent Viacom Inc. to ...Read more

Starbucks to host 100 more 'Coffee with a Cop' events

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SEATTLE -- Starbucks says it will host 100 "Coffee with a Cop" events within the year, deepening its commitment to the events designed to foster conversations between community members and police.

The Coffee with a Cop program was begun in 2011 by the police department in Hawthorne, Calif., with a mission of breaking down the barriers between ...Read more

Missouri farm couple spearheading class action suit against Monsanto over dicamba damage

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ST. LOUIS -- Like many farmers across southeastern Missouri and in states beyond, Steven and Dee Landers faced heavy crop damage last summer, losing nearly half of their yields and taking a financial hit that crept into six figures.

They think illegal use of the drift-prone herbicide dicamba is what afflicted their soybeans and corn. Now the ...Read more

UnitedHealth Group targeted by whistleblower lawsuit

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MINNEAPOLIS -- A whistleblower lawsuit alleges that UnitedHealth Group and health plans that hire a subsidiary of the insurer have overbilled the federal Medicare program by submitting risk adjustment claims in ways that wrongly boost payment rates.

If true, the scheme could have caused hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in ...Read more

Kraft Heinz to pursue merger despite Unilever rejection

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PITTSBURGH -- Kraft Heinz is on the acquisition trail again, with the food giant confirming Friday it offered to buy the consumer packaged goods company Unilever but had its offer quickly rejected.

The talks between the two companies came as a bit of a shock to traders, who had expected Kraft Heinz, dually headquartered in Pittsburgh and ...Read more

Southwest Airlines sues mechanics union for boycotting overtime shifts

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- Southwest Airlines has asked a federal court to stop an illegal work action by its mechanics, who have been engaged in a group boycott of overtime shifts.

The Dallas-based airline alleges that a significant number of mechanics have been refusing to work overtime shifts since Feb. 10 at its Dallas Love Field maintenance ...Read more

Wells Fargo customers avoid bank amid accounts scandal

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Fewer customers opened checking accounts at Wells Fargo in January and more closed checking accounts, an indication that the embattled financial behemoth still faces challenges arising from a scandal linked to bogus accounts at the bank, the company reported Friday.

During January compared with the same month the year before, ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: More drug pricing lunacy

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The latest poster child for cruel and inhuman drug pricing is Kaleo Pharma, maker of an emergency injector for a med called naloxone, which is used as an antidote to save the lives of people who overdose on painkillers.

As America's opioid crisis reaches epidemic levels, Kaleo has jacked up the list price for its Evzio auto-injector by 600 ...Read more

Auto review: Honda CR-V's excellence marred by balky controls

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For a company that builds some very quick cars, Honda sometimes moves with glacial slowness.

The 2017 CR-V compact SUV (I give it four out of four stars) is a prime example. After years of complaints about its over-reliance on touch screen controls, Honda gave the new SUV's audio system a volume dial but inexplicably retained the annoying touch...Read more

The Week Ahead: Results, not rhetoric, are what matters with Mexico

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When two members of President Donald Trump's Cabinet visit Mexico in the week ahead, the issue of immigration may dominate the headlines, but discussion of the countries' trade relations will pervade the talks.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly are scheduled to visit Mexico on Thursday. It...Read more

Mark Phelan: 2018 VW Tiguan design focuses on comfort, width

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Volkswagen's design team focused on passenger comfort and visually emphasizing width when they created the new 2018 Tiguan SUV at company design headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The North American and Chinese versions of the Tiguan are 10.7 inches longer than the old Tiguan and 8.6 inches longer than the new European model that went into ...Read more

Judge says blind man can sue McDonald's over drive-thru-only ordering

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CHICAGO -- To the many who succumb to late-night cravings, McDonald's drive-thru can be a beacon of fast-food hope. But without a car, the dreams of indulging in that burger desire are dashed.

A blind man from Louisiana wants the fast-food giant to come up with another solution for those who physically can't drive through a drive-thru.

Scott ...Read more