White House touts CFPB nominee's management experience. Democrats link it to major controversies

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WASHINGTON -- Kathy Kraninger, the president's choice to be the nation's top consumer financial watchdog, lacks any apparent consumer-protection, regulatory or industry experience -- but Republicans say that all is offset by her management and budgetary skills.

Democrats aren't impressed. They contend that the nominee for director of the ...Read more

Johnson and Johnson picks Penn for research node

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Work is underway on a "JPOD" telecom "networking hub" that is set to open this fall, connecting University of Pennsylvania researchers and area start-ups to funders and scientists at Johnson & Johnson, the New Jersey-based drug and medical-supply giant. All this networking will occur at the school's Pennovation Works business incubator at 34th ...Read more

Netflix and SiriusXM team up to create a comedy radio channel

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Netflix will launch a comedy radio channel with satellite radio provider SiriusXM next year, marking the streaming video company's first foray into audio and the latest expansion of its comedy empire.

The channel will feature audio-only versions of Netflix comedy specials as well as content developed exclusively for the station, SiriusXM ...Read more

Boeing finalizes $3.9-billion deal for two new Air Force One planes

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A year and a half after President Trump first blasted the cost of the presidential planes as "out of control," aerospace giant Boeing Co. has officially landed the $3.9-billion contract for the next generation of Air Force One jumbo jets.

The contract, announced by the U.S. Air Force on Tuesday, will include detailed design, modification, ...Read more

Treasury, lawmakers reach handshake deal on investment reviews

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WASHINGTON -- Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Republican lawmakers have reached a tentative deal on strengthening the review process for foreign investments in U.S. companies, a key Republican lawmaker said.

House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling said that after weeks of negotiations between the Treasury Department and...Read more

Kimberly Guilfoyle, co-host of Fox News' 'The Five,' says she's in talks to join Trump White House

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Fox News tamped down speculation that its prime-time personality Kimberly Guilfoyle is in talks with the Trump White House about joining its communications team.

Guilfoyle, who is a co-host on Fox News Channel's "The Five," told the San Jose Mercury News she has had conversations with the administration about joining the White House's ...Read more

Amazon gets flak from Little People over 'dwarf-tossing' robot patent

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To this country's people of unusually small stature, dwarf tossing is an insult and, according to Little People of America, "objectifies the entire dwarf community."

That didn't stop Amazon inventors from using a hypothetical dwarf figurine to illustrate the operations of a newly patented warehouse-robotics system that "tosses" inventory items ...Read more

Sinclair seeks ownership of WGN-TV in bid to win FCC approval for stalled Tribune Media merger

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Sinclair Broadcast Group wants to buy the Chicago broadcaster WGN-TV in a bid to win Federal Communications Commission approval for its stalled proposal to acquire Tribune Media.

The move, which Hunt Valley, Md.-based Sinclair announced Wednesday, ends the disputed plan to sell WGN-Ch. 9 to a Maryland auto dealer while operating it through a ...Read more

Boeing working intensely to firm up plans for proposed '797'

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FARNBOROUGH, England -- Boeing executives, supported by some major figures in the aviation world, are certain there's a market for the next all-new plane they are proposing. So why have they pushed out a launch decision into early next year?

It's all about calculating the cost to develop the jet and the price they can charge for it­ – and to...Read more

Helpware: A clean night's sleep

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If your neighbors in the next county complain about your snoring, chances are good that you're among the estimated 22 million Americans who suffer from sleep apnea.

Despite its depiction as "ZZZZ's" in comic strips, snoring is no laughing matter. Left untreated, sleep apnea can cause high blood pressure, stroke, heart problems, diabetes and ...Read more

Tech Q&A: How to store iPhone photos safely

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Q: My friend's iPhone 5 and my iPhone SE keep telling us that we don't have enough memory capacity to store more photos. So, we reluctantly delete a large number of photos, but still get the warning. What can we do?

-- Jo-Ida Hansen, St. Paul, Minn.

A: There's no need to lose photos that you like. If your iPhone is low on storage space, you ...Read more

How to protect yourself from 'spear phishing' hacking technique used by Russians

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As sophisticated as the scheme was by Russian intelligence agents to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, they used a simple hacking technique, among others, to infiltrate the email accounts of Democratic operatives, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's latest indictment. And that technique -- known as "spear phishing" -- ...Read more

UnitedHealth Group touts digital health efforts as it posts earnings gains

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The new chief executive of UnitedHealth Group's fast-growing Optum division told investors Tuesday that digital health is a key part of the company's future as he touted a United-backed business that soon will open a new office in Minneapolis.

For several years, UnitedHealth has been developing a digital health platform called Rally, which ...Read more

Delta begins push to attract more people as pilots

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Delta Air Lines has launched a program aimed at helping college students and current employees who want to become a pilot navigate their way into the cockpit.

Landing a coveted Delta pilot interview is somewhat of a mystery for pilots wanting a job with the airline. The program announced Tuesday aims to clear up confusion, at least for aviation...Read more

For soybeans, there was a boom in sales, and now a bust

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A rush to get soybeans out of the country ahead of retaliatory Chinese tariffs caused a spike in exports in the second quarter as farmers and grain elevators hurriedly loaded trains and ships.

Then, sales slowed to a crawl.

"We've seen a downturn in orders for new crop," said Bob Zelenka, executive director of the Minnesota Grain and Feed ...Read more

PetCoach, where the picky pet parents go

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SAN DIEGO -- Leaving behind its big-box roots, Petco is opening a new kind of retail store where animal-friendly amenities such as dog baths, play yards and treats fit for humans are meant to win over picky pet parents who would otherwise snub the mainstream brand.

Called PetCoach, the pilot San Diego store, officially unveiled on Tuesday, is ...Read more

$1M award for Salk scientist Janelle Ayres, who befriends our microbial enemies

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SAN DIEGO -- Janelle Ayres, a rising star at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, has collected her second honor in a month -- one which brings $1 million to fund her microbial research.

The grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation will allow Ayres to study alternative ways to cope with dangerous bacterial and viral infections. ...Read more

Urban farmers forced off land find new ground to grow

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CHICAGO -- The wind-whipped rooftop of a converted warehouse in the Kinzie Industrial Corridor might be the last place you'd expect to find fertile farmland, unless you're Jen Rosenthal, founder and owner of Planted Chicago.

"I got my start in farming on the rooftop at Uncommon Ground, the restaurant up in Edgewater," said Rosenthal. It was the...Read more

Automakers to Trump: Higher tariffs would affect consumers, jobs

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WASHINGTON -- Domestic and foreign automakers are sending President Donald Trump a message on his proposal to tax imported autos and auto parts: Don't.

Two days before a Thursday hearing at the U.S. Department of Commerce on the proposed tariffs, seven trade groups -- whose members include General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler and other companies...Read more

MLB explores streaming option to resolve Dodgers' TV blackout

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WASHINGTON -- As the Los Angeles Dodgers' television blackout extends through a fifth consecutive season, Commissioner Rob Manfred said Tuesday that the league has explored ways to make broadcasts available to all fans via the internet.

The league looked into the possibility of streaming SportsNet LA broadcasts throughout the Los Angeles market...Read more