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Court reverses course on COVID-19 cruise ship regulations, lifting CDC's safety measures

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — In a matter of days, things have changed again for the cruise industry in Florida.

Judges for the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta reversed course Friday, siding with the state by saying the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cannot keep any of its COVID-19 safety measures in place as cruises sail ...Read more

Walt Disney Co. to get $580-million tax break for moving California jobs to Florida

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Walt Disney Co. expects to receive nearly $580 million in tax credits for moving about 2,000 California jobs to Florida.

The Burbank-based media giant applied for and was approved to receive an estimated $578 million in credits from the state of Florida over the next 19 years, according to documents obtained from the Florida Department of ...Read more

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EV startup Rivian seeks second assembly plant as it closes another $2.5 billion funding round

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Rivian, which pushed the production launch of its Illinois-built electric truck back to September, is already scouting locations for a second assembly plant down the road.

The startup EV truck manufacturer confirmed it is looking to build a second factory, with multiple states bidding for the project, but said Friday the Normal plant remains ...Read more

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The Week Ahead: Rising infections, lower growth expectations. What will the Fed do?

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Six weeks ago, the coronavirus did not merit a mention in the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate setting committee statement.

The U.S. was reporting fewer than 15,000 new infections per day — some of the lowest numbers since the first weeks of the pandemic more than a year earlier.

When the central bank meets again on Tuesday and Wednesday in...Read more

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Consumer Confidential: This California bill would protect our medical data from Big Tech (Hi, Amazon!)

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There’s a race on between the tech industry and lawmakers over your medical privacy.

Big Tech is moving as fast as it can to embed its increasingly intrusive devices into people’s homes before policymakers can summon the political will to put much-needed consumer protections into place.

The latest example of such intrusiveness, as I ...Read more


Susan Tompor: Ready to sell your used car? You may be surprised by its value

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I'd never, ever call my 2004 Pacifica a clunker. But it has played one in print more than once when I've written about how old cars are bringing home some serious cash.

Back in 2010, used cars were in hot demand and short supply after a Great Recession strategy took many older cars off the road as a way to push new metal off the lot.

Cash-for-...Read more

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Mark Phelan: 2022 GMC Sierra one-ups Tesla with two new hands-free highway maneuvers. I liked them both

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General Motors' Super Cruise, the only hands-free driving system that's available on production vehicles, will add a couple of important new features for the 2022 model year: the ability to tow trailers and 100% automated passing when you come up on a slower vehicle.

The features will debut on the GMC Sierra light- and heavy-duty pickups. That ...Read more

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Good luck getting a California rebate on your new electric car

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Sam Dudley of Encino knows that California government has gone all in on zero-emission vehicles. So has he. He’s all about cutting back on greenhouse gases.

In May, Dudley splurged on a new electric car, a metallic black Chevy Bolt EV LT. He loves it.

But now it’s July, and the after-school program director, 35, wonders when the state will...Read more

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Want to negotiate the price of that new Mustang Mach-E? Good luck

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Car buyers looking at Ford Motor Co.'s new electric vehicles might face greater challenges negotiating deals under a new pricing model — the latest in a string of examples of how EVs are changing the auto retail landscape.

Ford is moving toward seamless pricing for new electric vehicles both online and at its dealers, meaning the customer is ...Read more


Auto review: The Jeep Grand Cherokee grows in many ways for 2021

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CHELSEA, Mich. – Ask Mark Allen, who runs Jeep design, what he finds amusing, and he'll tell you it’s that Americans prefer sport utility vehicles and crossover utility vehicles to sedans, coupes, convertibles and station wagons.

“I was told over and over and over, and read it in magazines, that in the American market you can't sell a ...Read more

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The COVID-19 pandemic is giving workers leverage over employers. How long will it last?

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It was only five years ago that Taquasia Mason started her working career at a McDonald's in Durham, N.C., grateful to find even a job that only paid the legal minimum of $7.25 an hour.

But thanks to the pandemic, Mason's prospects, and her leverage, have vastly improved.

Earlier this year, the 22-year-old high school graduate took a job at an...Read more

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Offices divided? As workers return, some businesses will treat the unvaccinated differently

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When North Chicago-based AbbVie employees returned to the office earlier this month, they faced two sets of rules based on whether they’d received COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccinated workers were not required to wear masks or social distance. Those without shots were told to undergo weekly on-site COVID-19 testing, wear masks and social distance.

...Read more

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Turning classic cars into electric vehicles is a growing trend -- and it's not cheap

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Phil Davie has been building hot rods for two decades in southeast Michigan, but last summer he turned his business on its head.

He started a new type of hot-rod business, one that removes a classic car's internal combustion engine — and nearly all of the innards — and replaces it with an electric motor and batteries to make it all-electric...Read more


Auto review: Honda Accord is a luxe sedan in a mainstream wrapper

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Some cars stick with you. The 10th generation Honda Accord is one of those vehicles.

I remember when it arrived in my driveway in 2017. Coupe-like profile. Tablet infotainment screen astride a clean interior. Smooth 252-horsepower turbo-4. It was a luxury sedan with a mainstream badge. Slap four rings on the mega-grille and most would think it ...Read more


Auto review: Here's a last look at the 2021 Mazda 6 as it slinks toward sedan extinction

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Don't make me the bad guy. I care about extinction. I've adopted manatees and whales, donated to help giant pandas and black rhinos.

But I have a hard time caring that midsize sedans are an endangered species. This makes me an outlier among auto writers who can be accused of overvaluing characteristics like acceleration and skid pad ratings ...Read more

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McDonald's beefs up commitment to minority-owned suppliers

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One year after McDonald’s joined a chorus of corporations calling for greater diversity and inclusion in commerce, the fast-food giant is pledging to increase its purchases from diverse-owned U.S. suppliers to $3.5 billion, or 25% of its annual spending, by 2025.

Chicago-based McDonald’s spends about $14 billion annually across its U.S. ...Read more

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Florida homebuyers should rent and wait out housing boom, experts say

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Researchers are urging Florida homebuyers to consider renting while they wait for the state’s overheated market to cool as soaring prices in South Florida hit records in June.

Statewide, they say, homes are overvalued by 21.76%. creating a risk that buyers could get stuck with overpriced homes for significant periods of time until prices ...Read more


Massive internet outage affects major US websites, including Airbnb, Delta, Daily News

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The websites of several major U.S. companies were temporarily down for many users Thursday in a widespread internet outage.

The list of companies affected by the outage included Airbnb, Delta Air Lines, Groupon and Salesforce. Delta acknowledged having “a technology issue” that was “impacting many global websites.”

Users also reported ...Read more

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After watching decades of gentrification, Seattle church calls on city to return land

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At a small park near his church, the Rev. Robert Jeffrey Sr. sees a chance for Seattle to take a step toward righting decades of housing discrimination and gentrification in the historically Black Central District.

Jeffrey's New Hope Missionary Baptist Church once owned a nearby plot of land in what is now the Spruce Street Mini Park. In 1969, ...Read more


'Upzoning' in my backyard? California bill won't turbocharge home building, study says

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A bill advancing through the California Legislature to allow for denser home building in single-family zones would be likely to produce an uptick in the state’s housing supply, but the so-called upzoning probably won’t cause mass redevelopment, according to a report published Wednesday.

The study by the Terner Center for Housing Innovation ...Read more