Aerospace companies planning a squad of space-repair robots

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Hundreds of millions of dollars can go into the school-bus-size satellites that orbit Earth and provide services like broadband internet, broadcasting and military surveillance.

But if a part breaks or a satellite runs out of fuel, there's no way to send help.

Commercial industry and government agencies believe they're getting close to ab ...Read more

Your Office Coach: Beyond the workplace, a social problem

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Q: Although you usually deal with workplace issues, I'm hoping you can help me with a social problem. I recently decided not to invite a longtime friend to a party because she is a nonstop talker. During our last get-together, she droned on and on while everyone else sat in silence.

Unfortunately, my attempt to encourage more participation did ...Read more

Should America's upper middle class take the biggest tax hit?

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NEW YORK -- Humans learn the concept of fairness at a very young age. After all, it doesn't take long for a child to start whining about a sibling who gets an extra serving of ice cream. As the Republican-controlled Congress tries to push through tax reform this year, one group of Americans may similarly question why it's coming up a scoop short...Read more

US business leaders say Cuba is still open, at least to them

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WASHINGTON -- When the Trump administration announced new Cuba regulations, it sparked a new round of hand-wringing in Washington over a return to a posture not seen since the Cold War. But now, the American business community is quietly spreading the word that things are not so different after all.

What President Donald Trump seems to have ...Read more

Liz Reyer: Ready for big career move? Analyze your interests, run the numbers

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Q: I'm becoming increasingly disenchanted with the corporate world, and am thinking about striking out on my own. I could do consulting, or follow my heart down a different path. What do you recommend?

–– Suzanne, director, strategic planning

A: Following your heart is great, but be sure it's backed up by some realistic planning.

It's ...Read more

Justice Department sues to block AT&T's purchase of Time Warner

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The U.S. Justice Department Monday sued to block AT&T's proposed $85 billion purchase of Time Warner Inc., saying the proposed combination is illegal and could stifle innovation in technology.

"This merger would greatly harm American consumers," Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim of the department's Antitrust Division said Monday in a ...Read more

Fox blocked investigation of Trump's Russian ties, fired employee says

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LONDON –– A former Fox News employee said the network blocked her from going to Moscow to investigate President Donald Trump's links with Russia, one of several claims of news bias at 21st Century Fox Inc. made by former and current workers opposing its takeover of Sky Plc.

"You can't do in-depth reporting if you're not there," said Jessica...Read more

Yellen to step down from Fed board when her successor as chair is sworn in

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WASHINGTON -- Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet L. Yellen submitted her resignation Monday, effective when her successor is sworn in, providing President Donald Trump another seat to fill on the central bank's board.

Trump decided not to renominate Yellen, 71, to lead the Fed, opting this month to tap Fed Gov. Jerome H. Powell instead.

Yellen's...Read more

TransCanada wins approval to build Keystone XL in Nebraska

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WASHINGTON -- TransCanada Corp. won Nebraska's permission to build its long-delayed Keystone XL crude oil pipeline across the state.

The Public Service Commission voted 3-2 Monday, removing one of the last hurdles to the Calgary-based company's construction of the $8 billion, 1,179-mile conduit, which has been on its drawing boards since 2008. ...Read more

Chipmaker Marvell to buy rival Cavium for $6 billion

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SAN JOSE, Calif. –– Marvell Technology Group said Monday that it would acquire Cavium for $6 billion in a deal that will bring together two rivals in the market for high-end chips used in data centers, wireless communications and self-driving cars.

Marvell, based in Hamilton, Bermuda, has its U.S. headquarters in Santa Clara.

The ...Read more

AMA cuts ties with Outcome Health after allegations of deception

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CHICAGO -- The American Medical Association is ending its relationship with Outcome Health after allegations that the once-hot Chicago startup deceived advertisers and investors.

Outcome, which puts screens and interactive tablets in doctors' offices that run educational content and paid ads from pharmaceutical companies, had been donating ...Read more

My life without a smartphone

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Just over a year ago, my pocket was picked while I was walking down a crowded sidewalk. Although the thieves didn't manage to snatch my wallet, they did take my iPhone. My first thought was to replace it right away. But I stopped myself and asked a simple question: Does owning a smartphone make my life better, or worse?

Most Americans take it...Read more

Volvo to sell Uber 24,000 driverless cars

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Volvo said Monday that it will sell tens of thousands of vehicles to Uber Technologies that will be the ride-hailing company's self-driving fleet.

The so-called base vehicles will be developed off of car architecture currently used on Volvo's 90 series cars and the XC60 midsize SUV. Volvo said in a statement that its engineers have worked ...Read more

Spirit Airlines turns to Disney to improve its customer service

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Spirit Airlines, the low-cost carrier from Florida, has reported some of the biggest profit margins of any airline in the country because of its practice of charging passengers fees for a long list of basic services.

But the airline also has had the highest rate of complaints by passengers for problems such as canceled flights, delayed ...Read more

Surprise Weinstein Co. bidder — a former Obama official — proposes female-majority board

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A former Obama administration official has submitted a bid to buy the Weinstein Co. and install a majority-female board of directors, in a surprising twist for the beleaguered film and television studio that has been trying to avoid bankruptcy.

Maria Contreras-Sweet, who ran the U.S. Small Business Administration from 2014 to 2017, sent a ...Read more

Former Tesla employees remain troubled, confused by firings

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Frank Morales joined Tesla about four years ago, eager to work for a growing company.

Morales handled the aggressive deadlines of the Tesla warehouse -- until last month. He said he received years of strong performance reviews, but was fired one day "with no warning."

A friend and a cousin recently asked him if they should go to work for the ...Read more

NJ attorney general names Insys founder Kapoor as defendant in opioid false-claims lawsuit

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The New Jersey attorney general amended a consumer-fraud and false-claims lawsuit against Insys Therapeutics Inc. to add the company's billionaire founder, John N. Kapoor, as a defendant.

Insys, based in Chandler, Ariz., and Kapoor are accused of illegally pushing the powerful opioid fentanyl drug Subsys, approved only to treat cancer pain, on ...Read more

Artist hates traditional airplane travel so she created her own airline

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Artist Qinmin Liu thinks flying is a pain in the easel.

So she's created her own airline for artists that will fly only to art events -- like Art Basel in Miami Beach, its maiden destination. She's calling her art project-business Angelhaha Airline.

If the 13-second, dialog- and text-free commercial she aired on Chinese television reveals ...Read more

Too many rules and black-market rivals could stifle California's marijuana industry, experts say

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LAS VEGAS--Nearly 20,000 people, eager to profit as cannabis becomes legal in more places around the world, learned last week that tapping one of the biggest markets, California, will prove challenging because of the state's legendary regulations and huge black market.

Investors, growers, regulators and others gathered for the country's biggest...Read more

Gunmaker Remington faces default as Americans buy fewer firearms

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Remington Outdoor, the second-largest U.S. gunmaker, has had a "rapid" and "sharp" deterioration in sales and a similar drop in profit since January, and faces "continued softness in consumer demand for firearms," credit analysts at Standard & Poor's Global Ratings said in a report.

S&P as a result has cut the company's corporate credit rating ...Read more