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Chicago gets closer to a new north DuSable Lake Shore Drive with more park space

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CHICAGO — A long-running idea to revamp north DuSable Lake Shore Drive is poised to take a step forward despite calls to halt the project, as city and state officials have selected their vision for the future of the busy thoroughfare.

That vision includes changes to the sharp curves and bottleneck-inducing traffic lights as the Drive enters ...Read more

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World-famous Wall Drug isn't immune from challenges facing rural pharmacies

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WALL, South Dakota — Stacey Schulz parks in a rear lot to avoid the crowded Main Street entrances to her local pharmacy.

“During the summer, it’s kind of hectic,” she said after greeting the pharmacist and technician by name.

That’s because Schulz’s pharmacy is tucked inside Wall Drug, a tourist attraction that takes up almost an ...Read more

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As new Foxtrot owner plans to reopen stores, a former undocumented worker recounts his struggle to find a job and collect back pay

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A little over nine years ago, Javier Mancera landed a job at a commissary to supply a startup of boutique convenience stores in Chicago. It seemed promising, he recalled.

And it was. He was quickly tasked with hiring more workers as Foxtrot became known as an upscale grocer and cafe chain based in Chicago, which later expanded to Texas and ...Read more

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More apartments, less segregation, fewer cars: San Diego OKs sweeping changes to growth blueprint

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San Diego this week made ambitious changes to the city’s blueprint for future growth that prepare the city for climate change, speed up revisions to neighborhood zoning plans and try to reverse racial segregation.

“This is a major step forward in terms of how we are not just planning for but shaping the future that San Diego needs,” ...Read more

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Long-awaited indoor heat standard has gone into effect in California. Here's what to know

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More than a million workers laboring in warehouses, kitchens, laundry rooms and other hot indoor settings across California are now protected by new safety measures that went into effect on Tuesday.

The indoor heat illness prevention rule, adopted by the standards board at the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health last month, ...Read more

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Ford posts 5.3% profit decline in second quarter from warranty costs

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Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday it made $1.8 billion in net income in the second quarter of 2024, a 5.3% decline year-over-year from increased warranty costs.

The profit that represented 46 cent earnings per diluted share came on $47.8 billion in revenue, which was up 6.2%. Those are mixed results compared to Wall Street expectations. Analysts, ...Read more

Ukrainian fruit juice kingpin owes Cargill $124M judgment, but can't be found

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A British court ruled in late 2022 that a Ukrainian fruit juice magnate and his company — T.B. Fruit — stiffed Cargill of $124 million. But Cargill has yet to recover a cent.

The juice maker, Taras Barshchovskiy, has proven elusive: He claims no place of residency. And Cargill alleges that to avoid paying his debts, he fraudulently ...Read more

CEO of Florida-based 'sham' health insurance agency sentenced to 25 years in prison

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Convicted fraudster Steven J. Dorfman was sentenced on Wednesday to 25 years in prison for deceiving customers of his Hollywood, Florida-based insurance agency Simple Health Plans into buying coverage that left many owing thousands of dollars for medical procedures.

Dorfman, 40, registered no emotion and made no statements during the sentencing...Read more

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UAW withholds Harris endorsement as Fain bashes Trump

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WASHINGTON — United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain, speaking to a teachers union Wednesday, repeatedly bashed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump but did not once mention the Democrats' new prospective nominee, Vice President Kamala Harris.

The union — a key group within American labor organizing, the auto industry and ...Read more


What is 'surveillance pricing,' and is it forcing some consumers to pay more? FTC investigates

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It's no secret that Californians pay more than the rest of the country for many goods and services — gas, housing, food, you name it. That's part of the high cost of living in this state.

What's less well known, though, is that consumers may be paying higher prices than their neighbors pay.

Tech firms and consultants have been offering ...Read more

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Delta begins recovery as meltdown draws new scrutiny from lawmakers

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Delta Air Lines has started to recover from an operational meltdown that left hundreds of thousands of travelers stranded around the country over the last five days, but is drawing new scrutiny from federal lawmakers as an investigation into the matter begins.

Atlanta-based Delta had more than 45 flight cancellations Wednesday as of about 9:30 ...Read more


California is trying to force Big Tech to pay for news. What can we learn from Australia and Canada?

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Three years ago, when Australian politicians took on the titans of Big Tech — crafting legislation to force Google and Facebook to pay for news articles they share on their sites — Google threatened to pull out of the country.

If the News Media Bargaining Code became law, Google Australia Managing Director Mel Silva said in a Senate hearing...Read more

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Joby takes 523-mile hydrogen-electric flight above California

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In June, Joby Aviation successfully completed a 523-mile flight above Marina, California, of its first-of-its-kind hydrogen-electric technology demonstrator aircraft, and in July, California became the first state to officially launch a Hydrogen Hub, with both developments having a stake in furthering the state’s goal of cutting pollution and ...Read more

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Disneyland, employees avert strike with tentative contract deal

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Disneyland and its employees said they had reached a tentative contract deal, averting what could have been the first major work stoppage at the Anaheim theme park in 40 years.

Members of the Master Services Council — an alliance of unions representing custodians, ride operators, candy makers, merchandise clerks and other Disneyland employees...Read more

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As competitors falter, Skechers is surging with strategy of 'try and try again'

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In a crowded sneaker market roiled by the stumbles of its longtime king, Manhattan Beach, California-based Skechers has been climbing its way up the ranks.

While Nike, which has dominated the athletic footwear landscape for years, made headlines last month for its plummeting stock price and gloomy outlook, Skechers announced record sales in the...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Federal regulators step up their campaign against predatory payday lenders and their rip-offs

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In 2017, the federal government was poised to give low-income consumers a respite from the myriad abuses and rip-offs visited on them by the payday lending industry.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created in 2010 as part of the banking reforms enacted after the 2008 financial meltdown, had completed a five-year project to finalize a...Read more


Zelle, bank scams cost customers millions each year. This senator wants reimbursements

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Consumers are losing millions of dollars every year due to financial scams in the fast-growing world of electronic money transfers, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, said Tuesday, calling for an end to loopholes allowing the problem.

The average loss to the consumer is in the range of $500, but that can be $3,000 to $5,000 for larger...Read more


Tech review: Dangbei DBOX02 can bring the movie theater to your living room

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I’ve been really happy with the 65-inch TV in my living room, but after trying out the Dangbei DBOX02 4K Laser Projector, I really wish I had the room to set up a home theater.

The DBOX02 ($1,899, but on sale at launch for less) can project up to a 200-inch picture at 4K resolution.

That’s a 16-foot diagonal image.

I definitely need a ...Read more

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Desalination plant proposed for San Francisco Bay

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Saying it needs to evaluate all options for new sources of drinking water, Silicon Valley’s largest water district is studying a plan to build the first seawater desalination plant along the shores of San Francisco Bay.

The Santa Clara Valley Water District, a government agency based in San Jose, California, has approved spending $1.7 million...Read more

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More than 10,000 Cook County residents to receive property tax refunds

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More than 10,000 residents of Cook County can expect to receive automatic refunds due to overpayments of their property taxes, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas announced Tuesday.

The treasurer plans to send out more than $22 million in refunds by Aug. 9. Over half of the 10,099 property owners will have the funds directly deposited back into ...Read more