Implementation of metals tariffs remains muddled days before they take effect

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WASHINGTON – As the Trump administration barrels ahead with its plan to apply stiff tariffs on imported metals starting Friday, governments and businesses around the world are in a fog about what is happening and are bracing for at least a short-term hit because of what many criticize as the administration's slapdash process.

When President ...Read more

Consultant makes money on 'dream house' raffles, even if nobody wins a home

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SAN DIEGO -- There are a host of dream house raffles across the West this year, and a big winner in many of them appears to be a Seattle-based consultant.

The raffles have the same concept -- for a $150 ticket, get a chance to win a multi-million-dollar dream home. Although there are lesser prizes, the house is only given away if ticket sales ...Read more

How listening to random sound can unlock a trapped mind

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LOS ANGELES – David Tobin took to the stage at a recent technology conference in downtown Los Angeles, asked the 500 attendees to close their eyes, and turned up the sound so they could sample his wares: a textured, layered soundscape that he calls an "audiojack."

A thousand eyes clamped shut as they collectively heard a ball thudding into a ...Read more

Liz Reyer: You have been ousted for your job, but asked to stay for transition

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Q: Due to corporate changes, I just found out that someone else is going to be replacing me in my job.

I'm very disappointed, and to make it more difficult, I will be staying on for several weeks while she gets up to speed. In fact, there may be a position available reporting to her.

I want to handle this well; what should I do?

Henry, 46, ...Read more

Your Office Coach: Confronting the office vaper

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Q: The woman who shares my office recently began using electronic cigarettes. Even though our company has banned all types of smoking, "Carla" completely ignores this policy. She says that vaping is not a problem because e-cigs are much safer than regular cigarettes.

While electronic smoking may be better for Carla, I do not enjoy breathing her...Read more

Weinstein Co. has filed for bankruptcy and will pursue a sale

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LOS ANGELES -- Harvey Weinstein's embattled movie studio -- once a premier maker of award-winning films -- has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy more than five months after sexual misconduct allegations against its co-founder sent the company spiraling out of control, the company's board said late Monday night.

The filing, submitted in Delaware, ...Read more

A data mining company allegedly used Facebook to distort users' reality

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Many Facebook users rely on the social network to figure out what's going on in the world. But what if the world Facebook shows them is wildly distorted?

That's the question raised after a former employee of a data mining firm that worked for Donald Trump's presidential campaign alleged the company used Facebook to bombard ...Read more

Justice Department's effort to halt AT&T-Time Warner merger goes to trial as both sides spar over evidence

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WASHINGTON -- The high-stakes antitrust showdown over AT&T Inc.'s planned $85-billion purchase of Time Warner Inc. began in a Washington courtroom Monday as both sides sparred over key issues that signaled their legal strategies.

Opening arguments will take place Wednesday in a trial that U.S. District Judge Richard Leon said could last six to ...Read more

Pentagon picks Missouri firm to build legal-meeting site at Guantanamo

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A Missouri firm that specializes in providing prefabricated buildings to the U.S. military has won a contract to provide a $235,156 pop-up site for defense lawyers to meet with six captives at Guantanamo.

The Pentagon announcement awarding the contract to Hunter Saak of Jonesburg, Mo., included a sketch of the proposed wheelchair-accessible, 30...Read more

Amazon sellers seek more clout with new 'merchants guild'

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The millions of merchants who sell products on Inc. have long craved more leverage over their powerful benefactor. Now some are creating a trade association in the hopes that a unified voice will force Amazon to take them more seriously.

Organizers began pitching fellow merchants on the Online Merchants Guild last week at the Prosper...Read more

SpaceX may have big manufacturing plans for the Port of Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES -- SpaceX has entered into preliminary negotiations with the Port of Los Angeles for a lease that would expand the Hawthorne space company's port facilities to manufacture "large commercial transportation vehicles."

Port and company officials would not comment on what exactly would be built on the 18-acre site on Terminal Island, ...Read more

Arizona pedestrian is killed by Uber self-driving car; company puts testing on hold

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In what is believed to be the first death of a pedestrian hit by a self-driving car on a public street, a woman in Tempe, Ariz., was killed in an accident involving an Uber autonomous vehicle Sunday night.

Uber confirmed the accident occurred, and that there was a person in a front passenger seat acting as operator of the vehicle. Uber said ...Read more

Facebook is testing ways to compensate video creators so it can cut into YouTube's dominance

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If you're a die-hard fan of a Facebook video creator, the social network may soon give you a way to pay for exclusive content and award you with a digital badge to declare your fandom.

Those are some of the new ideas Facebook is introducing in the coming months to test ways to build up its creator community.

The initiative, aimed at boosting ...Read more

Grassley considers hearing with Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs after reports of data harvesting

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WASHINGTON -- The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman is considering holding a hearing with the chiefs of Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc.'s Google and Twitter Inc. after reports that a company that worked for President Donald Trump's campaign harvested data on millions of Facebook users without their consent.

Sen Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, has "taken...Read more

Michael Ferro retires as Tronc chairman ahead of LA Times sale

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Michael Ferro is retiring from the board of Tronc ahead of the newspaper chain's $500 million sale of the Los Angeles Times and other California assets.

Ferro's retirement is effective immediately, the company said. Justin Dearborn, chief executive officer of Tronc, was named to succeed Ferro as chairman of the company that also owns the ...Read more

Airlines propose long list of rules to kill or revise as part of Trump deregulation initiative

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LOS ANGELES -- Nearly an hour after her American Airlines flight was scheduled to leave Honolulu International Airport, passenger Lisa Hill heard the pilot announce that a maintenance problem would delay the takeoff.

The pilot gave fliers the option of getting off the plane but Hill, who was flying to Boston after visiting her son, decided to ...Read more

Broadcom-Qualcomm: What's the fallout of epic takeover battle?

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SAN DIEGO -- Just two weeks ago, Broadcom Chief Executive Hock Tan had Qualcomm hooked.

He was poised to reel in his biggest prize in a long string of trophy acquisitions of technology companies. In early voting, a significant number of Qualcomm shareholders reportedly cast ballots supporting Tan's candidates for Qualcomm board of directors, ...Read more

Exploiting Facebook data to influence voters? That's a feature, not a bug, of the social network

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With each comment, like and share, users provide Facebook with a deeply personal window into their lives.

The result of that voluntary behavior? Advertisers looking to finely target their pitches can glean someone's hobbies, what they like to eat and even what makes them happy or sad -- propelling Facebook's ad revenue to $40 billion last year....Read more

Where did their Twitter go? FIU bridge builder MCM deletes social media accounts

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MIAMI -- Munilla Construction Management, the construction firm behind the Florida International University pedestrian bridge that collapsed last week, has deleted its Twitter account.

It's unclear when the company did away with the page, along with content that once boasted about the state-of-the-art bridge.

The company's Facebook and ...Read more

'Panther' bests all rivals at box office again

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LOS ANGELES -- Marvel's comic book juggernaut "Black Panther" continues to crush the box office and the record books.

The Disney blockbuster added $27 million to its domestic earnings over the weekend, raising its total to $605.4 million, according to figures from measurement firm ComScore.

"Black Panther" is the first picture to spend five ...Read more