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Wall Street gets frugal with employees after pandemic windfall

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Deluged by client orders and often working from home, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s workforce generated 15% more revenue per employee during the tumult of 2020. But as the year wound down, the firm had spent an average of just 2% more on each person.

Inside JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s investment bank, revenue per employee surged 22%. The figure for...Read more

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Two Biden priorities, climate and conservation, collide in the California desert

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The Trump administration left President Biden a dilemma in the California desert: a plan to remove protections from millions of acres of public lands and open vast areas to solar and wind farms.

Biden's team could easily block the proposed changes, which were slammed by conservationists as a last-gasp effort by the outgoing administration to ...Read more

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Inflation rippling through markets is just what Fed wants to see

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(Bloomberg) — Every new sign that U.S. financial markets finally see some inflation in the pipeline is another piece of good news for the Federal Reserve.Bond-market indicators of inflation, from long-term yields to the cost of hedging, have all pushed higher in recent weeks. Investors can see price pressures waking up — perhaps more than ...Read more


Real estate Q&A: How can I get builder and warranty company to repair new home?

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Q: I recently closed on the new home I purchase pre-construction from a builder. The house has problems, and I am getting nowhere with the warranty company. To make things worse, the issues I reported at my walk-through have still not been fixed. What can I do to get them to fix these discrepancies? — Georgette

A: Buying a new from a builder ...Read more

Biden has big plans for homelessness — but will it help Seattle?

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After years of fighting with former President Donald Trump's administration, national homelessness advocates are, for the first time in a while, feeling hopeful.

Yes, it seems there are more people out on the streets than ever, and homelessness numbers show no signs of decreasing — in fact, studies say they could get worse if nothing is done....Read more

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Lab-grown fish startup BlueNalu lands $60 million to build out factory

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San Diego startup BlueNalu, which is growing fish fillets in a lab directly from real fish cells, has raised $60 million in convertible debt financing to build out a pilot factory, continue to pursue regulatory approval and launch its seafood in restaurants.

The 3-year-old firm, which was featured on CNBC's Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis...Read more

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Motormouth: Fog lights

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Q: I enjoy reading your weekly column. Apparently, so much, that while cleaning the basement yesterday, I found four issues of the Chicago Tribune from late 2013. I decided to read your column anyway as the problems may still be applicable.

In the December 29, 2013 edition, someone wrote to complain about people who used their fog lights when ...Read more

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Tribune Publishing sued for $4.8 million in missed rent payments as it exits Prudential Plaza

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As the Chicago Tribune prepares to move from Prudential Plaza, the owner of the downtown office complex has sued the newspaper’s parent company for $4.8 million in unpaid rent.

Property owner Sterling Bay filed the lawsuit against Tribune Publishing Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court.

The Chicago-based newspaper chain hasn’t paid rent ...Read more

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Banker says Trump's PPP loans saved American business, and they’re back under Biden

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Banks that give out forgivable loans from the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) start taking applications this week from businesses and other employers, for the $147 billion in new funds approved by Congress and President Trump, plus leftover money from last year’s program.

“We’ll go live with more PPP loans” this week, said ...Read more

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Miami mayor's tech Twitter campaign caught Elon Musk's attention. What's next?

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Less than 72 hours after a brief online exchange with the world's wealthiest tech mogul, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez was still crowing about the moment Wednesday morning.

"When you're tweeting with Elon Musk at 4 o'clock in the morning — and you have the county mayor getting involved as well — you know that something special is going on," a ...Read more

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After inauguration, President Biden extended freeze on student loan payments until Sept. 30

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In one of his first actions as president, Joe Biden on Wednesday extended the freeze on student loan payments for eight months, hoping to forestall new pressure on borrowers amid the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic.

Biden signed an executive order shortly after his inauguration, pushing back the moratorium until Sept. 30.

College ...Read more

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Trump reveals extent of pandemic damage to his business empire

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WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s empire has been hit hard by coronavirus closures, with revenue from his Washington and Las Vegas hotels down by more than half.

In his last financial disclosure form as president, Trump detailed the damage the pandemic has wrought, at a time when many tourism businesses are suffering from a lack of travelers. As ...Read more

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Arianne Cohen: 6 career-damaging ways we make bad impressions

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Did you know that you flub workplace and social interactions all the time? You do. So do I. So does everyone, says Ovul Sezer, an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the University of North Carolina. She studies so-called “impression mismanagement” and the social bellyflops by which you offend, insult or create distrust between...Read more

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Arianne Cohen: The uninformed choice of a college major — trouble ahead

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It’s second only to choosing a spouse — would you marry a stranger?

The second most consequential decision of your life — after romantic partners — is choosing a college major. It dictates your future jobs and income, the sorts of people you will meet, and, to a large degree, whether life will be an economic grind or a joyous adventure ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: What happens to businesses when their CEOs become extremists?

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Mike Lindell is discovering the downside of becoming known as a right-wing crank.

Or so the MyPillow CEO claims. He says that in recent days, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl's and Wayfair have dropped his product.

Lindell is convinced their decisions are related to his continued support for Donald Trump's claims of a rigged election, telling Yahoo ...Read more

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Unemployment insurance fraud is growing in Illinois. Here's what you need to know

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State and federal officials are encouraging Illinoisans to stay vigilant as reports of unemployment insurance fraud swell.

From the onset of coronavirus pandemic, fraudulent claims have been an issue as a record number of Illinois residents file for benefits and Congress provides additional jobless aid. Illinois has stopped more than 350,000 ...Read more


Wall Street traders propelled bumper quarter for biggest banks

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Record trading revenue helped make 2020 a far better year for the biggest U.S. banks than for most other industries, with the coronavirus pandemic ripping through the country’s economy.

While optimism seems to have taken hold across much of Wall Street, the question now is what 2021 will look like, with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan ...Read more

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Report: Delta CEO threatens lifetime ban for rude passengers

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Delta is threatening to permanently ban rude passengers, according to a travel blog quoting a memo to employees from the airline's CEO.

"Those who refuse to display basic civility to our people or their fellow travelers are not welcome on Delta," Delta CEO Ed Bastian wrote. "Their actions will not be tolerated, and they will not have the ...Read more


Susan Tompor: Tricks scammers use around stimulus checks, taxes

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And why wouldn't we suspect that the scammers would be tapping into all the buzz about the latest round of stimulus cash?

Now, the Federal Trade Commission is warning us to be on the lookout for stimulus-related emails that supposedly are being sent by Joseph Simons, the FTC chairman who announced Tuesday that he plans to resign effective Jan. ...Read more

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Vanguard signals fee war intensifies with active bond ETF plan

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Asset managers hoping 2021 might bring some respite to the fee war are in for disappointment, if Vanguard Group’s latest exchange-traded fund is anything to go by.

The $7.1 trillion investment giant this week filed plans for the Vanguard Ultra-Short Bond ETF, which will track high-quality fixed-income securities and is expected to begin ...Read more