Consumer Confidential: Is a supermarket discount coupon worth giving away your privacy?

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Most large companies doing business in California are required by the state's new privacy law to disclose what they know about customers and how that information is used.

This resulted in fairly straightforward announcements by many businesses.

Then there's Ralphs, the supermarket chain owned by Kroger.

Customers recently encountered a form ...Read more

Women suing Riot Games may deserve $400 million, not $10 million, state regulator says

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LOS ANGELES -- Two California state agencies are taking the unusual step of trying to stop Riot Games from paying out $10 million to female employees as part of a settlement over a gender discrimination class action suit.

The state thinks the women could be entitled to as much as $400 million instead.

The suit began in November 2018, when two ...Read more

Liz Reyer: Changing the dynamics with a blindsiding boss

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Q: I work closely with one of our executives, and he often will swoop in with questions that have no context and sound critical of what I'm doing. It upsets me, and then when I set up a meeting to clear the air, he backs down. How can I change this dynamic?

--Karl, 48, senior director, financial analysis

A: A set pattern like this gives you ...Read more

Under pressure from activists, billionaire's prison telecom announces reforms

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LOS ANGELES -- A prison telephone company owned by billionaire Tom Gores has brought in a new chief executive and pledged to implement a series of reforms under pressure from criminal justice activists who have targeted the firm and its owner.

Dave Abel, a former IBM executive and PwC partner, has been named chief executive of Securus ...Read more

Many Washington dairies are struggling after years of trade wars and low milk prices

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For fifth-generation dairyman Jeremy Visser, 2014 was a record-breaker. Amid soaring global demand for U.S. milk products, Visser made about $500 on each of the 4,000 cows he was running in Stanwood and four other Western Washington dairy operations.

But a year later, as those sweet trade conditions began to sour, Visser's fortunes also turned....Read more

Fashion Fair Cosmetics, once queen of black beauty, is planning a comeback — but it will have to face Rihanna, rivals and social media realities

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Growing up in Trinidad in the '80s, Patrice Grell Yursik remembers her mother smoothing on Fashion Fair face powder and popping the pink compact into her purse before leaving for work. Sometimes, she organized her mom's collection of pink-lidded Fashion Fair lipsticks lined up on a mahogany dressing table.

The lipsticks and powder matched her ...Read more

Hollywood is again bracing for a writers' strike. Here's what's different

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At the Television Critics Association gathering in Pasadena, Calif., earlier this month, NBC Entertainment Chairman Paul Telegdy reflected on a subject many of his peers wished to avoid: the prospect of reliving another writers' strike.

"So far we've been told that we should be cautious, as always, but that a strike is something we will always ...Read more

A new battleground in the web browser wars: Privacy

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Google announced a massive shift last week in how it handles cookies, those pesky digital trackers that chase us around the internet and serve up targeted ads that are both creepy yet eerily precise reflections of our wants. The search giant, which just helped Alphabet Inc. surpass a $1 trillion valuation, said it will eventually stop supporting...Read more

Philadelphia startup GoPuff, founded by Drexel grads, raises $1 billion

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GoBrands, the Philadelphia-based delivery company that wants its GoPuff warehouse and delivery service to replace student runs to Wawa, beer and CBD stores, has raised $750 million plus a pledge of $250 million more if it does well this year, according to two people close to the company.

The investment round was led by the Japanese-run, Saudi ...Read more

Will Vanguard take up BlackRock's climate risk challenge?

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BlackRock CEO Larry Fink last week threw down the gauntlet to Wall Street, pledging that the world's largest asset manager will lead the way in shareholder activism and demand climate change and environmental risk analysis from corporate America.

How will its fiercest competitor, Vanguard, respond? By sticking to its current strategy.

"We've ...Read more

Here's the fallout from UAW's 40-day strike against General Motors

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DETROIT -- No one wins in a strike.

That's the conclusion of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) in Ann Arbor after it analyzed the UAW's nationwide strike against GM and the four-year contract that resulted.

Union members got higher wages and kept their health care coverage and cost structure along with other wins. But they did not get ...Read more

Carla Fried: How to navigate the high cost of becoming a caregiver

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If you have yet to step into the role of caregiver, there's a good chance it may be in your future. A 2017 joint survey by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave estimated that 40 million Americans have already served as a caregiver. With the advancing age of baby boomers, 20 million more are expected to join the caregiving ranks each year.

While ...Read more

Does artificial intelligence need regulation? 'No question' says Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai

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With several Bay Area cities moving to stop the use of facial recognition technology, the chief executive of one of the area's tech giants has come out in favor of stricter, and more widespread regulation of such types of artificial intelligence technologies.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said there is "no question" that AI needs more regulation ...Read more

Free markets made Davos. Now governments are crashing the party

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WASHINGTON -- In a memorable exchange at Davos last year, tech billionaire Michael Dell was explaining how higher taxes on the rich had never done much good anywhere, when he was contradicted. Actually, said Erik Brynjolfsson, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, they'd worked pretty well within living memory in his own ...Read more

Weinstein trial is a milestone for #MeToo and a moment of wrenching truth for survivors

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LOS ANGELES -- For the past two years, Louise Godbold has been living in a state of heightened tension.

In interview after interview, the former commercial producer has shared what she said happened to her 29 years ago in an empty New York meeting room with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, and then again at the Beverley Hills Hotel. Each ...Read more

Box office: 'Bad Boys for Life' opens at No. 1, 'Dolittle' falters in 2nd

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LOS ANGELES -- This weekend at the box office, old things were made new again as Sony released its long-delayed "Bad Boys" sequel and Universal sought to introduce a younger audience to the classic Dr. Dolittle character.

In first place, "Bad Boys for Life" opened with an impressive $59.2 million and an estimated $68.1 million through the ...Read more

Seniors' sweet tax breaks have become a target

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As Americans begin the challenge of filling out their tax returns this year, one taxpayer demographic generally pays less than others: senior citizens.

Tax breaks for seniors cost states approximately $27 billion a year and will more than double in the next decade, according to a recent study from the progressive Center on Budget and Policy ...Read more

Budget Shangri-La: How discount chain Aldi is giving those fancy grocery stores a run for their money

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For years, Amber Walker held a dim view of Aldi, the discount grocer whose U.S. headquarters sit just a mile from her home in Batavia, Ill.

She associated it with dented 10-cent cans and no-name brands. She did not understand why, of all things, it also sold hammocks.

But Walker's negative perception swiftly changed after her first visit to ...Read more

New Star Wars ride at Disneyland reaches capacity within minutes

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On the day it debuted at Disneyland, the Rise of the Resistance ride reached capacity almost immediately Friday morning, sparking celebration by those lucky park visitors who secured spots on the Star Wars-themed attraction and protests from those who were left out.

Expecting huge demand for the high-tech, immersive ride, Disneyland required ...Read more

Trump inked a deal with China. California is still sorting out the implications

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The list of Chinese goods Trump imposed tariffs on since launching a trade war two years ago seems like it runs forever: catfish, bird eggs, natural sponges, pearl onions, mushrooms, chestnuts, copper springs, tungsten wire, thermometer parts. These are just a few.

"It's mind-boggling to go down the list," said Jock O'Connell, international ...Read more