Diane Stafford: Why did he quit? Ask the person who sat next to him

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When business psychologist Kelly Reed spoke on "Winning Workplace Cultures" at a recent Kansas City Area Development Council meeting, she admitted at the outset of her presentation that "what works for some organizations many completely fall flat for another."

That's why most of the meeting consisted of human resource specialists telling each ...Read more

Battle looms over next steps for air traffic control

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ATLANTA -- With a new president in office, warring contingents in the airline industry are again pushing competing visions of how to fix the nation's aging air traffic control infrastructure.

President Donald Trump focused on the issue during a meeting with airline industry CEOs in early February.

"I hear we have the wrong system," Trump said ...Read more

Your Office Coach: Otherwise excellent co-worker alarmingly untidy

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Q: I have an intelligent, professional co-worker whose office looks like a pig sty. "Mark" must be some sort of hoarder because he never throws anything away. Stacks of paper cover his desk, and documents are haphazardly strewn across the floor. Plastic food containers and dirty utensils are everywhere.

Although Mark's office has become a ...Read more

Liz Reyer: Tips for dealing with a boss who is a bully

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Q: My boss is a bully, but her behavior falls just short of what I would consider HR-level offenses. I find myself feeling defenseless and like I should be able to handle her digs and undermining. How should I handle this?

--Avi, 31, marketing analyst

A: The first thing to remember when dealing with a bully is this: It's not your fault.

The ...Read more

Rex Huppke: Uber harassment case shows a new obstacle for women

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There have always been obstacles that prevent women from reporting sexual harassment in the workplace.

Will they believe me? Will the problem be fixed? Will my reputation be hurt? Will I wind up losing my job?

It would be nice to think we live in more enlightened times, that a person experiencing abuse could step forward without fear. But the ...Read more

Wilbur Ross, to be key player in NAFTA negotiations, confirmed as Commerce secretary

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WASHINGTON -- Wilbur Ross, the billionaire investor who will play a leading role in President Donald Trump's revamping of the North American Free Trade Agreement, easily won Senate confirmation Monday night to be the administration's Commerce secretary.

Unlike some other Trump nominees who faced intense opposition from Senate Democrats, Ross ...Read more

Uber exec forced to resign after company finds sexual harassment claim in his past

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Still reeling from claims that its leaders failed to respond to sexism and inappropriate behavior in the office, Uber on Monday dismissed one of its senior executives after learning he had been accused of sexual harassment while working at Google.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick asked Amit Singhal, his vice president of engineering, ...Read more

Why Snapchat's unprecedented real estate strategy could be tech's new standard

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LOS ANGELES -- A tech startup based in Los Angeles rather than Silicon Valley. A mobile app that built its appeal by deleting photos and messages. Vertical video in a widescreen world.

Snapchat, the popular photo and video messaging app, has broken the mold in many ways. Now, with parent company Snap Inc.'s initial public stock offering only ...Read more

United adds new flights as part of domestic push

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CHICAGO -- Some of United Airlines' newest destinations from its headquarters city of Chicago -- Champaign, Ill., Columbia, Mo., and Rochester, Minn. -- don't sound like travel hot spots.

But they're part of United's push to win back market share in its domestic hubs, including Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, lost during the airline's ...Read more

Oreo-maker Mondelez cut 9,000 workers globally last year

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CHICAGO -- Oreo-maker Mondelez International reduced its global workforce by about 9,000 employees last year, according to the company's annual report filed Friday.

Globally, Mondelez employed about 90,000 people as of Dec. 31, 2016, compared with about 99,000 on Dec. 31, 2015, according to the filing. Mondelez, headquartered in suburban ...Read more

SpaceX to fly private, paying citizens around the moon next year

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LOS ANGELES -- SpaceX said Monday that it will fly two private citizens around the moon in its Crew Dragon spacecraft next year.

The Hawthorne space company said in a statement that the two individuals have "already paid a significant deposit" to do a moon mission. Initial training, along with health and fitness tests will occur later this year...Read more

Bill Gates concerned about digital isolationism

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SEATTLE -- Add Bill Gates to the roster of citizens concerned about the negative effects of a digital echo chamber.

During his latest "ask me anything" session on Reddit, Gates was asked about the role of the internet and social media in creating the politically divided atmosphere in the U.S., fueling the spread of false information and the ...Read more

Why the stock market has climbed to record highs despite Trump uncertainty

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It's often said the stock market hates uncertainty, so one might assume Wall Street would be very skittish about President Trump.

Far from it, at least for now.

Stock prices have continued setting record highs as investors brushed aside Trump's controversial policy actions in his first month in office and the uncertainty about how his planned ...Read more's Twitch to start selling video games on its site

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SEATTLE --'s Twitch, a popular streaming service where video-gaming fans watch their favorite gamers play, is taking a page from its corporate parent -- by selling the games themselves.

The move will pitch Twitch, a YouTube-like social platform, against existing electronic game bazaars built by the likes of Valve, Activision and ...Read more

Nokia starts post-Microsoft reboot with a 'dumb' phone

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SEATTLE -- The company that owns the rights to the Nokia phone brand is going old school, releasing an updated take on a feature phone that predates the smartphone revolution.

The new Nokia, which is owned by private equity-controlled HMD Global, unveiled an updated Nokia 3310 before this week's Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. ...Read more

'Get Out' tops box office with huge $30.5 million in ticket sales

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LOS ANGELES -- Boosted by strong reviews and a genre-bending story, Jordan Peele's socially conscious horror movie, "Get Out," got a big, neighborly welcome at the box office over the weekend.

The movie from the comedian-turned-director obliterated industry expectations with a studio-estimated $30.5 million in ticket sales in the U.S. and ...Read more

Trump's choice for commerce secretary leaves Russia questions unanswered

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WASHINGTON -- Wilbur Ross is likely to be confirmed as President Donald Trump's secretary of commerce Monday despite unanswered questions about his ownership of a Cyprus bank that caters to wealthy Russians.

Ross, a business turnaround specialist, has not responded to a Feb. 16 letter from six Democratic senators asking him to explain his ...Read more

Jared Kushner, who owns federally subsidized apartments, to distance himself from policy discussions

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BALTIMORE -- Jared Kushner, son-in-law and adviser to President Donald Trump, will recuse himself from any policy discussion related to federal rental assistance for low-income tenants because his real estate company's Baltimore-area properties receive money from the U.S. housing department's voucher program, the White House said.

Three ...Read more

Susan Tompor: Millennials wonder: 'Where's my money going?'

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Millennials could be risking their financial future as they craft ways to tackle their student loans, car payments and credit card debt.

New research indicates that many are overusing credit cards, racking up fees with late payments or overdrawing checking accounts and in some cases even taking loans against 401(k) plans.

What's worse: ...Read more

American-made companies worried about proposed border tax

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CHICAGO -- Some of the loudest opposition to a proposed tax on imports has come from the retail industry, which sent a handful of top CEOs to meet with President Donald Trump earlier this month and has warned that bigger tax bills could mean price hikes for customers.

But the proposed border adjustment tax, part of the House Republicans' tax ...Read more


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