Another brawl breaks out at Miami International Airport. It's part of a national trend

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Just mere days after a huge brawl at Miami International Airport, another massive fight broke out in the terminal Tuesday night.

The mayhem was captured in cellphone footage taken by multiple onlookers at Gate G-15 by the Southwest Airlines counter. One person ended up arrested.

The fight is part of a troubling trend airports across the nation...Read more

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'I don't know how I can survive.' Women have been hit hardest by COVID's economic toll

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Alejandra Siciliano was terrified of catching COVID-19 while working as a hotel housekeeper. Laid off in March, now she prays for any job to pay the bills.

Jamie Eagen has been home-schooling her 8-year-old throughout the pandemic. The single mother and former office manager needs to work, but then who would care for her daughter?

Janae ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Employers, governors push myth that unemployment checks keep lazy workers home

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In a rational world, employers desperate to fill jobs would do everything they could to make their workplaces seem attractive: They'd raise wages, offer bonuses and show themselves to be caring and respectful bosses.

In our world, just the opposite is happening. Wages are stagnant, especially in low-paying sectors, and employers are ...Read more

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Would you rent a car from a stranger? With rental prices sky high, car-sharing companies get a boost

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A Memorial Day trip to hike and bike at Mississippi Palisades State Park seemed like an easy pandemic getaway — until Autumn Wolfer tried to book a rental car to drive there.

Including insurance, some rental car companies wanted as much as $900, she said.

So Wolfer, 43, of Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, checked out Turo, a car-sharing ...Read more


Carla Fried: With models proliferating, how to compare EVs and hybrids

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Move over, Tesla. With nearly 20 EV models on the U.S. market, many more hitting the lots this year and next, including a Ford F-150 pickup, and another 60 hybrid models for sale, for the environmentally conscious car buyer it’s time to get serious about comparing carbon footprint.

The free website is a must-stop before you ...Read more

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'It's like a war,' restaurateur says of struggle to find workers

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SAN DIEGO — What if all of the country's restaurants reopened their doors following a year-long pandemic that forced massive layoffs and hardly anyone showed up? To work.

It's more than a hypothetical riddle.

As drinking and dining venues across the nation get the green light to more widely welcome back the customers they've been craving ...Read more


Reimagining muscle: Dodge must redefine itself in age of electrification

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With the Biden administration pushing bigger carbon dioxide reduction targets, Dodge's rumbling V-8 engines could be looking at extinction.

Dodge in recent years has honed its image as a performance brand. It has streamlined its lineup. It's offered its supercharged Hellcat engine in coupes, sedans and SUVs, and it's taken pride in its "...Read more

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Mothers see signs of economic hope after a year of stress

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The perfect Mother's Day greeting for 2021 might be: "Thanks Mom for putting up with all the torture the economy has put you through."

And you thought raising children was tough? Try bringing home even a few paychecks when the restaurant, hair salon or clothing store where you work closed or cut hours as part of a shutdown or social distancing ...Read more


Tesla engineer says Musk overstated Tesla autopilot reality

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One of Tesla Inc.’s engineers told California authorities that Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk overstated the capability of Autopilot, the company’s driver-assistance system, early this year.

The clarification was described in a series of records the California Department of Motor Vehicles released to the legal-advocacy group Plainsite, ...Read more

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Kashkari has 'zero sympathy' for Wall Street critics of Fed

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Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari said he has “zero sympathy” for critics on Wall Street, who slam the central bank’s aggressive support of the U.S. economy while millions of Americans remain out of work.

“For my friends on Wall Street, and I have a lot of them, I hear from them all the time complaining about ...Read more

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It's the best time ever to sell a used car -- as long as you don't need to buy one

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Clarissa Iliff logged about 78,000 miles on her trusty 2015 Ford Focus before a looming new car purchase rendered it expendable earlier this year.

Trying to unload it, the Orange resident took the Ford to a local car dealership, which offered her $4,850 for the sedan in late March. But that was about $1,000 less than the low-end valuation from ...Read more

In hugely disappointing report, job growth slows sharply and unemployment rises

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WASHINGTON — In an unexpectedly weak employment report, job growth in the U.S. slowed sharply in April as the economy added just 266,000 new positions despite analysts’ projections for a million or more jobs.

The jobless rate, instead of dropping as widely forecast, edged up to 6.1% from 6% in March, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said ...Read more

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Auto review: The answer to escalating gas prices? The 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring

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It’s the old good news/bad news scenario. The economy appears to be rebounding after its coronavirus-induced recession. The bad news it’s causing a spike in fuel prices, now surpassing $3 a gallon. Nationwide, prices averaged $2.927 a gallon, according to the AAA. That’s an increase of nearly one-third from a year ago, when pandemic ...Read more

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The Week Ahead: Prices in the pipeline

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Lumber, corn and copper prices have been jumping this year. Future prices of all kinds of commodities have been rallying, including coffee, wheat and oil. It’s supply and demand, yes, but also the inflation trade.

Commodity prices are commonly thought to be a barometer of inflation since they are important raw materials used by industries and...Read more

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Mark Phelan: 2021 Ford Explorer Timberline adds off-road capability, styling

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The popular Ford Explorer three-row SUV will add an off-road-oriented model this summer in a bid to attract new customers and compete with the upcoming Jeep Grand Cherokee L, which was developed to win some of the same family buyers the Explorer caters to.

The summer arrival of the 2021 Explorer Timberline opens a new front in the hotly ...Read more


Auto review: That's a Hyundai? Tucson SUV is hi-tech head-turner

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The 2022 Hyundai Tucson might have been designed after the jagged edges of the Santa Catalina Mountains that surround the compact SUV's Arizona namesake. Or the chiseled stones that flood the street markets of Tucson's annual Gem and Mineral Show. Or maybe the Lamborghini Aventador's dramatic lines, since Hyundai's design chief Luc Donckerwolke ...Read more

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DeSantis ban on vaccine proof may send one company's cruise ships out of Florida

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If Florida won't allow Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for passengers and crew, the company's CEO says it will take its ships elsewhere.

CEO Frank Del Rio made the threat during an earnings call Thursday, just days after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill passed by the Republican-controlled state Legislature...Read more


Caution flag for buyers -- cities still have lots of underwater houses

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The housing bust may seem a distant memory in most places, but there are still communities in the Rust Belt and in the South with high numbers of underwater houses. That is, homes on which owners owe more than the market value.

The owners of these homes are effectively trapped. If they sell, they will have to write a check to their mortgage ...Read more

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Does California bullet train have '5,000 workers'? No, but jobs are the grease for these big projects

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Atop massive viaducts and bridges under construction for the bullet train in the San Joaquin Valley, the state has hung banners proudly proclaiming "5,000 workers and counting."

The slogan is catchy, but misleading. The state rail authority has never had anywhere near 5,000 construction workers on the high-speed rail project at any one time. A ...Read more

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US appeals court upholds California program for workers without retirement benefits

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A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld a California program that provides retirement savings accounts to workers whose employers don't offer them.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided unanimously that the program, CalSavers, did not interfere with federal law.

The state established CalSavers in 2017 to ...Read more