Nobel-winning quantum weirdness undergirds an emerging high-tech industry, promising better ways of encrypting communications and imaging your body

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Unhackable communications devices, high-precision GPS and high-resolution medical imaging all have something in common. These technologies – some under development and some already on the market all rely on the non-intuitive quantum phenomenon of entanglement.

Two quantum particles, like pairs of atoms or photons, can become ...Read more

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US jobs rise while unemployment drops, keeping pressure on Fed

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U.S. employers continued to hire at a solid pace last month and the jobless rate unexpectedly returned to a historic low, indicating a sturdy labor market that puts the inflation-focused Federal Reserve on course for another outsize interest-rate hike.

Nonfarm payrolls increased 263,000 in September after a 315,000 gain in August, a Labor ...Read more

The Week Ahead: Seeing the bottom line of earnings deflation and economic apprehension

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Amid the stock market's obsession over inflation and interest rates, investors may be asking themselves, “What about profits?” After all, the market is supposed to reflect corporate profit expectations, not just economic statistics.

Of course, those expectations are tied to inflation and interest rates. And that’s why the major stock ...Read more

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Halloween costs are rising. Will that frighten away haunt fans?

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Sean Nyberg is a professional investor who has been keeping track of the rising cost of attending Disneyland Resort's annual Halloween celebration.

The Seattle native posted a chart on Twitter showing that the average ticket price to the event, known as the Oogie Boogie Bash, has jumped 19% since 2019, slightly above the rate of inflation.

"It...Read more


Auto review: Nissan beefs up its pickup game with Frontier Pro 4X

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Nissan was a pioneer of the small truck, starting with its Datsun 1000 back in 1959. The little trucks were useful for hauling whatever folks were making, growing or fixing — even if it only had a meager 37 horsepower.

These days Nissan is a major player in the midsize truck market (small trucks grew bigger), and forget about 37 horses. The ...Read more

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Auto review: 2023 Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid is a gracious great Brit

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As someone who flies fairly frequently, I am convinced that airline executives (who most likely fly in private jets) care only about jamming as many customers onto their flights as possible, providing the same amount of comfort afforded cattle before the slaughter.

The same is not true of cars, fortunately, which are designed with comfort as a...Read more

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Auto review: S-class smackdown -- Mercedes EQS EV vs. GLS SUV

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JOLIET, Illinois — Mercedes is the pinnacle of European luxury, and the S-class is the summit of Mercedes.

Big screens, big tech, big interior space — the S-class spares no expense to coddle its customers. For 2022, S-class offers a pair of models, the EQS 450 sedan and GLS 450, that try to capitalize on the latest trends in the U.S. luxury...Read more


Truck wars: GMC Sierra HD family gets beefier, techier, sexier

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In the heavy duty pickup truck arms race, GMC has rolled out its latest weapon: the 2024 Sierra HD.

Surfing trends in these high-tech, high-performance times, the Sierra HD not only offers a raft of best-in-class claims but also sets a new bar for luxury. The mega-truck throws down the gauntlet on best-in-class towing, screen size, and ...Read more

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Medical debt sunk her credit. New changes from the credit reporting agencies won't help

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CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — After a year of chemo and radiation, doctors told Penelope “Penny” Wingard in 2014 that her breast cancer was in remission. She’d been praying for this good news. But it also meant she no longer qualified for a program in her state that offers temporary Medicaid coverage to patients undergoing active breast ...Read more

Hundreds of Seattle micro-apartments are for sale. Will rents go up?

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The financial stability of hundreds of Seattle tenants is on the line as public and private players vie for nearly two dozen apartment buildings that have been on the market since this summer.

The entire portfolio of finished aPodment-branded micro-apartment buildings is for sale, a total of 23 properties and 1,402 apartments from Northgate to ...Read more

GM Defense selected to develop battery prototype for military use

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GM Defense, a subsidiary of General Motors Co., has been selected by the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Unit to develop a battery pack prototype for testing and analysis on Department of Defense platforms, the company said Thursday.

DIU is focused on accelerating the adoption of commercial technology for the U.S. military. GM Defense will use GM...Read more

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California taxpayers to get refunds starting Friday to help with rising costs of gas

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The Golden State will send tax refunds to about 23 million Californians starting Friday to help them navigate the rising costs due to inflation.

California will spend $9.5 billion as part of the "Middle Class Tax Refund Estimator" program, with one-time payments ranging from $400 to $1,050 for couples who filed jointly on their 2020 state ...Read more

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Ex-Uber chief security officer pleads guilty to covering up 2016 data breach

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SAN FRANCISCO – The ex-chief security officer of Uber Technologies Inc. has been convicted of covering up a 2016 data breach involving 57 million of the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company’s users, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

A jury on Wednesday found Joseph Sullivan guilty of obstruction of justice and misprision of ...Read more

Real estate Q&A: What happens now with contract to buy property in path of hurricane?

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Q: We are under contract to buy a property in the path of the recent hurricane. What happens now? — Anonymous

A: Whether it is a hurricane or any other natural disaster, you need to review the purchase contract.

The first clause to look for is often called the “force majeure” clause. Force majeure is loosely translated to “greater ...Read more

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Few places have more medical debt than Dallas-Fort Worth, but hospitals there are thriving

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PROSPER, Texas — Almost everything about the opening of the 2019 Prosper High School Eagles’ football season was big.

The game in this Dallas-Fort Worth suburb began with fireworks and a four-airplane flyover. A trained eagle soared over the field. And some 12,000 fans filled the team’s new stadium, a $53 million colossus with the largest...Read more

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Will Hurricane Ian cut Florida's Gulf Coast real estate boom short?

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Hurricanes have always posed an inevitable threat to Florida. But the risk hasn’t detered the droves of people who have flocked to the state since the start of the pandemic.

From Tampa to Naples, the state’s Gulf Coast has become a national real estate hot spot with its alluring beaches and relative affordability compared to larger cities. ...Read more

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US jobless claims rise by more than forecast to 219,000

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Applications for U.S. unemployment insurance rose by more than forecast last week, though remained at a historically low level.

Initial unemployment claims increased by 29,000 to 219,000 in the week ended Oct. 1, Labor Department data showed Thursday. The prior week was revised down to the lowest level since April.

The median estimate in a ...Read more

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Amazon plans to hire 150,000 workers for holiday season

Business / Business News / Inc. plans to hire 150,000 seasonal workers, about the same as last year despite slowing sales and predictions of a lackluster holiday shopping season.

The world’s largest online retailer typically hires legions of temporary workers this time of year to help store, pack and ship items from its warehouses. Employees can earn more ...Read more

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Facebook aided genocide in 2017 and fails to stop hate speech around the world: reports

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A new human rights report accuses Facebook of aiding the 2017 genocide against Muslims in Myanmar, while other reports allege the company continues to allow its platform to spread dangerous disinformation and hate speech in other countries.

In the months and years leading up to what the U.S. has called a genocide by Myanmar’s military against...Read more

In race toward quantum computing, North Carolina takes center stage

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In the 1950s, computers were bulky, inefficient and limited. They ate up entire rooms but couldn’t go beyond rudimentary calculations.

As you know, these machines didn’t stay simple; the mid-20th century computer modernized, compacted, and went on to change the world. This is the path many believe quantum computers are now on: elementary ...Read more