Are California's public pension funds headed for another crisis?

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Atom Computing, a California-based startup that builds quantum computers, opened its largest research and development facility in Boulder on Wednesday.

The new location marks a win for Colorado’s growing quantum industry, which is centered around the Denver-Boulder area. Other players in the market include Boulder-based ColdQuanta, Quantum ...Read more

Real estate Q&A: What should we do if our house has minor damage from Hurricane Ian?

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Q: Despite our preparations, Hurricane Ian’s storm bands damaged our home. Fortunately, the damage was relatively minor. What should we do now? – John

A: Your priority should always be staying safe during and after a storm or other disaster. Watch out for deep puddles, hanging power lines, and other hazards. If you have to use a generator, ...Read more

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California food-delivery startup Locale fined $140,000 by feds for using child drivers

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Federal workplace regulators have fined San Jose food-delivery startup Locale $140,000 for employing more than six dozen teenaged drivers in violation of child-labor law.

The drivers, aged 16 and 17, made deliveries for Locale between July 2020 and July 2021, U.S. Department of Labor officials said Wednesday.

“Performing time-sensitive ...Read more

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US jobless claims fall unexpectedly to lowest since late April

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Applications for U.S. unemployment insurance dropped unexpectedly to a five-month low, led by a sizable decline in Michigan, suggesting robust demand for workers amid economic uncertainty.

Initial unemployment claims decreased by 16,000 to 193,000 in the week ended Sept. 24, after downward revision in the prior week, Labor Department data ...Read more

Butter, garage doors and SUVs: Why shortages remain common 2½ years into the pandemic

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Shortages of basic goods still plague the U.S. economy – 2½ years after the pandemic’s onset turned global supply chains upside down.

Want a new car? You may have to wait as long as six months, depending on the model you order. Looking for a spicy condiment? Supplies of Sriracha hot sauce have been running dangerously low. And if...Read more

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Do tiny homes really work as a solution to homelessness? Here's what the data show

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When Robert Hernandez unpacked his meager belongings into one of San Jose’s celebrated tiny homes, finally getting a bed and access to a shower after more than a decade on the street, he had reason to be elated.

After all, tiny homes have become the hot new thing in the fight to end homelessness. The simple dwellings have multiplied across ...Read more

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California's 'racist' Article 34 remains an obstacle to affordable housing

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When voters in Oakland, Berkeley and South San Francisco, California, receive ballots in the mail next month, they’ll be asked whether their cities should be allowed to help build more desperately needed affordable housing.

The reason for seeking voters’ permission? A 72-year-old provision in the California Constitution requiring local ...Read more

Avoid these common real estate scams

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From buying to renting to selling, real estate scams can target landlords and local residents in many situations. It’s a criminal practice that can seriously damage your wallet, credit and peace of mind.

Wire scams

According to, one of the common real estate fake-outs is the wire scam.

“This is basically a scam where someone ...Read more


Seeds of a food revolution grow on this Minnesota Indian reservation

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MAHNOMEN, Minnesota — Hours after a parade ends marking the White Earth Tribal and Community College's 25th anniversary, Robert Shimek is standing near some squash in a field, marveling at a bumblebee crawling into a blossom.

"Oh, that's a great big one," said Shimek, an extension employee with the college. "That tells you the soil is healthy...Read more

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With interest rates surging, what does a starter home look like in Southern California?

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For decades, the single-family home has been Southern California's ultimate lure — a chance to live a life of sun and sand from the comfort of your very own property.

Most buyers' ticket into that life is the starter home. Something modest but not minuscule. Two bedrooms, maybe three. A picket fence in front and a yard out back for the kids ...Read more

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As mortgage rates soared, here's how much homebuyers lost in purchasing power

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Homebuyers have lost six figures in buying power over the past year, thanks to soaring mortgage rates, according to new research.

It’s the equivalent of about $140,000, a new report from RedFin calculates, as mortgage rates jumped to 6% since the beginning of the year.

“Raising interest rates is necessary to fight inflation, but it comes ...Read more

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Peak oil has finally arrived. No, Really

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I’ve rarely felt more trepidation about writing a column than this one. But here goes: After more than a century of almost continual growth, the world’s appetite for oil is peaking, and will soon enter terminal decline.

That’s hard to write, because those who’ve called a top in oil have a forecasting record on a par with film producer ...Read more


How to get more value from your smartphone

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By some estimates, Americans spend as much as three hours a day on their smartphone, if all touches are added up.

The value users receive from their phones, however, can depend on how much that person understands what's available, or possible, with that device.

We talked with cellular service, app developers and device management executives ...Read more

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This company is bioengineering pig kidneys and livers for possible transplant into humans

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In an Minnesota lab, clear containers hold pig kidneys and livers that scientists hope will someday be transplantable in humans.

Miromatrix Medical, a biomedical firm based in the Twin Cities suburb of Eden Prairie, is exploring the scientific area known as xenotransplantation.

Xenotransplantation is a blanket term for a wide range of ...Read more

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Newsom signs UFW bill aimed at helping California farmworkers organize

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After previously indicating he might veto the measure, Gov. Gavin Newson signed a new law Wednesday that will make it easier for agricultural laborers to join unions, a hard-fought win for the United Farm Workers.

The official signature came after union members and their supporters made a 335-mile pilgrimage from Delano to Sacramento and then ...Read more


SEC sues former MoviePass executives for alleged fraud and misleading investors

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against former executives of the controversial cinema subscription service MoviePass, alleging they made fraudulent statements about the business.

The market regulator said that for more than two years, Theodore Farnsworth and former Netflix executive Mitchell Lowe, who were CEOs of ...Read more

S&P 500 roars back from six-day slide; bonds surge: Markets wrap

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U.S. stocks and Treasuries rallied on Wednesday after the Bank of England’s decision to stage a market intervention boosted UK bonds and tentatively calmed markets.

The S&P 500 snapped a six-day rout, rising the most since early last month, and for the first time since the Federal Reserve boosted rates and dialed up its hawkishness a week ago...Read more

Judge approves $100 million Google privacy deal. Here's how much Illinois residents will get

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Illinois residents who filed claims for a cut of Google’s $100 million class-action settlement over alleged violations of state privacy law could receive checks of about $154 each.

Cook County Circuit Judge Anna M. Loftus granted final approval of the settlement Wednesday. She granted preliminary approval of the agreement in April.

The ...Read more

All Florida policyholders will have to pay if insurers can't cover Ian's destruction

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South Florida might be spared a direct hit from Hurricane Ian, but insurance customers in the region and throughout the state could be stuck helping to pay the bill if the storm causes severe damage along its ultimate path.

While it’s still early to project exactly how much damage it’s going to create, industry analysts have been studying ...Read more

Lionsgate looks to spin off film and TV studio, instead of Starz

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The much ballyhooed marriage between Lionsgate and Starz may not last much longer — at least in its current form.

After months of talks over separating its businesses, Santa Monica-based Lionsgate Entertainment told investors that it has decided to focus on spinning off the studio behind the "Hunger Games" movie franchise instead of its Starz...Read more