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LulaRoe has faced complaints and lawsuits. Will CA plaintiffs follow through with their case?

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Chris Jacobs is still trying to get rid of her LuLaRoe leggings.

Jacobs, a former seller of LuLaRoe products from Auburn, figured that the reason she had a hard time selling to her client base of mainly friends and family was because of the tacky prints she was being sent. Rather than give up on LuLaRoe, she decided to go to an in-person ...Read more


Amazon warehouse workers walked off the job in San Bernardino. Here's why

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Warehouse workers at Amazon's largest air freight facility on the West Coast walked off the job Monday, demanding higher pay and relief from hot conditions they say are unsafe.

Organizers with a group called Inland Empire Amazon Workers United said in a Facebook post that 160 employees walked out at the San Bernardino International Airport ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Keeping the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant open is a dangerous waste of effort and money

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When it comes to resurrection stories, the Bible's Lazarus may have nothing on California's Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

The plant's two generating units, which went online in 1985 and 1986, lie within 20 miles of four active earthquake faults.

The faults were apparently unknown to the plant's owner, Pacific Gas & Electric, which ...Read more


Walmart just signaled the end of the big-box bloodbath

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The worst may be over for the big-box bloodbath.

On Tuesday, Walmart Inc. forecast that its earnings this year wouldn’t decline as much as it expected three weeks ago when it issued a profit warning. The Home Depot Inc. also reported record quarterly sales and profit, and maintained its guidance for the rest of its fiscal year.

After two ...Read more

Colorado's new pay transparency rules bring more jobseekers, but fewer online job postings

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Colorado’s Equal Pay for Equal Work Act likely contributed to fewer online job postings in the state, especially for remote positions offered by national employers, while at the same time boosting the number of active jobseekers, according to a study from labor market research hub Recruitonomics.

“This version of what Colorado passed is the...Read more

The organized labor movement has a new ally: venture capitalists

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The staff at PEN America made the announcement in June: They were forming a union.

Like their fellow workers at Starbucks stores and Amazon warehouses around the country, the employees of PEN, a literary and human rights nonprofit, decided to form an independent union, unaffiliated with any of the dozens of major labor unions across the country...Read more

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Minimum wage in Denver will increase next year to more than $17 per hour

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The minimum wage in Denver will increase to $17.29 per hour beginning January 1, an annual adjustment based on the Consumer Price Index.

Denver will be among several dozen cities nationwide with minimum wages over $17 per hour, city officials said in a news release. The minimum wage for tipped food and beverage workers will be $14.27 per hour ...Read more

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Community health centers' big profits raise questions about federal oversight

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DARLINGTON, South Carolina — Just off the deserted town square, with its many boarded-up businesses, people lined up at the walk-up pharmacy window at Genesis Health Care, a federally funded clinic.

Drug sales provide the bulk of the revenue for Genesis, a nonprofit community health center treating about 11,000 mostly low-income patients in ...Read more

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Feds awarding $25 million safety grant for Florida's Brightline corridor

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In a major initiative to cut down on deaths and injuries along Brightline’s rail corridor, the U.S. Government has allocated $25 million for safety improvements between Miami-Dade and Brevard counties, railroad and government officials announced Monday.

The money is helping to cover $45 million in measures that will include improvements at ...Read more

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Delta cites ongoing crew sick calls driving summer flight cancellations

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Delta Air Lines said pilots and flight attendants called out sick in June at a rate 50% higher than June 2019 levels, with the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic straining its operations and contributing to flight cancellations.

The disclosure came as the Atlanta-based airline sought Federal Aviation Administration approval to cut its ...Read more


'Bachelorette' contestant's firefighter dad has retirement locked up in bankrupt crypto lender

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Chapman Shallcross had been burned before. Shallcross, father of current "Bachelorette" contestant Zach Shallcross, spent 34 years in the fire service, retiring from his job as a fire captain for the city of Orange after health issues caught up to him in 2020. The elder Shallcross considers himself a hands-on, blue-collar kind of guy, but when ...Read more

'Free' job training can cost a fortune for employees who quit

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BreAnn Scally is a pet lover, the kind who wishes she could take home every stray she passes on the street. So she was intrigued last year when she discovered that PetSmart, the pet-supply chain, offered what it advertises on its website as “FREE paid” grooming training. She hopes to open her own cage-free animal shelter one day, and she ...Read more

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Crypto during a recession: Here's what to expect

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Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world, was created in 2009 during the depths of the great financial crisis. It took a while to gain traction, but it, along with other cryptocurrencies, has since exploded into a major market worth around $1 trillion.

But with the broad crypto market falling sharply from all-time highs reached in ...Read more

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Rideshare and delivery drivers demand better wages and working conditions, join national movement

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David Crane keeps a yellow legal notepad in his car, pages upon pages filled out with his thoughts on the concerns of thousands of other rideshare drivers like him, with demands that boil down to better wages, safer working conditions and union rights.

“We deserve what’s right. We deserve better pay for the amount of time that we spend away...Read more

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If more than two big storms hit Florida this year, insurers could be in trouble

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It's that time of year again in Florida. Peak hurricane season is bearing down on the state like that flying saucer in the movie Nope.

Insurance insiders say policy holders are covered — as long as the state isn't hit by more than two major storms.

Typically, mid-August through mid-October is when Florida and the southeastern United States ...Read more


Consumer prices are soaring. Here are the best ways to protect your savings

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While inflation is at the highest it’s been since the early 1980s, many people — especially those living paycheck to paycheck — may be struggling to save any money at all.

Inflation is likely to remain high, with most economists polled in Bankrate’s Second-Quarter Economic Indicator survey predicting inflation will remain as expected or...Read more


'Unmortgaged millennials': What a new study reveals about millennial homebuyers

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Millennials — those between ages 26 and 41, also sometimes called Generation Y — now represent the biggest population cohort in America. And while lots of them dream of homeownership, many find themselves priced out of the housing market. In fact, nearly half of millennials who do not yet own a home are pessimistic that they may ever be able...Read more

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Credit card balances rise above pre-pandemic high, as inflation hits

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Consumers continue to take on more credit card debt as inflation hikes up their spending.

Consumer revolving debt — which is mostly based on credit card balances — gained $14.8 billion on a seasonally adjusted basis in June. It’s now up to $1.125 trillion, taking it past its pre-pandemic high, according to the Fed’s G. 19 consumer ...Read more

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'I was in shock': California rents are spiking -- and not only where you'd expect

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When Santa Monica resident Rob Leonard got a notice telling him that rent for his one-bedroom apartment would go up $100 a month starting in September, he had to read the letter several times because he thought there was a mistake.

"I was in shock," he said. "Twelve hundred dollars a year — that's people's grocery money. That's gas. I have a ...Read more

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With nearly 2.5 million weddings happening in the US this year, florists are in high demand amid a flower shortage

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Bouquets, boutonnieres and flower girl baskets. Flowers can be considered one of the most essential items for a wedding. With this year having approximately 2.47 million weddings in the U.S., 2022 will have the highest number of weddings since 1984, according to the Wedding Report, a research company that tracks and forecasts wedding industry ...Read more