Michael Hiltzik: Legit stem cell experts in uproar over inclusion in film funded by suspect clinics

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If there's anything that drives legitimate stem cell scientists up a wall, it's their being lumped in with clinics offering unwary customers supposedly effective disease treatments through stem cell injections.

So you can understand why a documentary series titled "The Healthcare Revolution," which is partially funded by a network of clinics ...Read more

Facebook's new Libra could bring cryptocurrency to the masses

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Facebook unveiled an ambitious plan to create a new "global currency" in the form of a cryptocurrency called Libra on Tuesday, in collaboration with a slew of top players from the realms of technology and finance, including Visa, Mastercard, Uber and Spotify.

With billions of global users and tens of billions of dollars at its disposal, ...Read more

Facebook token runs into instant political opposition in Europe

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LONDON -- Facebook Inc.'s ambitious plan to roll out its own cryptocurrency ran into immediate political opposition in Europe, with calls for tighter regulation of the social-media giant.

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said the digital currency known as Libra shouldn't be seen as a replacement for traditional currencies.

"It is out of ...Read more

White House explored legality of demoting Fed Chairman Powell

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WASHINGTON -- The White House explored the legality of demoting Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell in February, soon after President Donald Trump talked about firing him, according to people familiar with the matter.

The White House counsel's office weighed the legal implications of stripping Powell of his chairmanship and leaving him as a ...Read more

Trump tax law made Americans less charitable

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WASHINGTON -- Americans gave less money to charities last year partly because the Republican tax law changes made many people ineligible for tax breaks that can inspire donations.

Giving by individuals fell an estimated 3.4%, after adjusting for inflation, last year, according to a report released Tuesday by Giving USA. The numbers reflect the ...Read more

In a throwback, Musk's tweets target Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard

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Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk turned to Twitter on Sunday to open up old wounds with one of Tesla's co-founders before announcing he had "deleted" his Twitter account.

Musk ripped into Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard, stating that "Tesla is alive in spite of Eberhard, but he seeks credit constantly and fools give it (to) him." The tweet was ...Read more

With fewer skilled stitchers to hire, Seattle-based gear company expands to California

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SEATTLE -- Outdoor Research, a Seattle-based maker of tactical and outdoor gear, is opening a new production center in California to find workers with a skill that's declining in Seattle: sewing.

Since the company established its first factory in Seattle in the early '80s, its seam-sealed tactical gloves, which are meticulously stitched to lock...Read more

Liz Reyer: What to do when your co-workers want to make things too complicated

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Q: I work with some people who always seem to be trying to make things more complicated than they need to be. They suggest adding forms for people to fill out to do just about anything, and the documentation needs seem to outweigh the actual work. Before it gets out of hand, how can I help rein this in? I'm not the manager so don't have ...Read more

Ex-offenders in Minnesota are slow-but-growing pipeline for employers

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The administration of Gov. Tim Walz wants more Minnesota criminal offenders to find a job and housing and fewer to return to prison.

The Minnesota Legislature this session mostly approved more money for the Department of Corrections for increased staffing in the wake of violent in-prison altercations that resulted in the deaths of two prison ...Read more

Activists now 'flight shame,' citing jets' environmental toll. But for fuel-guzzling airlines, going green is no easy task.

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CHICAGO -- You can ditch your car for public transit and refill a reusable water bottle rather than buying plastic. But good luck finding a "green" substitute for an airline flight -- unless you happened to be on a particular Los Angeles-bound United Airlines flight earlier this month.

The flight out of O'Hare International Airport was on a ...Read more

Amazon disaster response team aids recovery efforts from Houston to Indonesia

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After 2017's devastating Northern California wildfires, the Red Cross sought sifters -- the kind sometimes used to pan for gold -- to help people search for valuables in the ashes of their homes.

Members of Amazon's new disaster response team found the items in the commerce giant's vast inventory and expedited shipment.

"We were able overnight...Read more

UTC and Raytheon CEOs defend merger to skeptical industry analysts

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The chief executives of United Technologies Corp. and Raytheon Co. on Monday defended the proposed merger of their companies to skeptical industry analysts, the second time in a week they explained the rationale for the massive aerospace and defense tie-up.

Investors haven't warmed to the deal, which would create a rebranded Raytheon ...Read more

Target took hit with IT glitches, but unclear how large

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It's never good news when your company's trending hashtag is #TargetApocalypse.

In an era of social media whiplash and cutthroat competition from Amazon, Walmart and other mass merchandisers, Target Corp. took a hit to its image -- and bottom line -- after a difficult weekend in which it ran afoul of technical glitches two days in a row. ...Read more

Best Buy says expanded electronics tariffs would cost consumers

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WASHINGTON -- Best Buy Inc. warned Monday that a Trump administration threat to tax all Chinese-made consumer electronics up to 25 % "could be immediately passed on to U.S. consumers."

Jason Bonfig, Best Buy's chief merchandising officer, said in testimony to the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) that companies are running out of inventory ...Read more

J.J. Abrams nears massive deal with WarnerMedia as race for Hollywood talent heats up

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Director and producer J.J. Abrams, known for hit movies such as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and TV shows including "Alias," is nearing a massive production deal with WarnerMedia, the parent company of Warner Bros. and HBO.

Abrams is in advanced stages of negotiations with the AT&T-owned media and entertainment giant, according to people ...Read more

A question at the Paris Air Show: Will Boeing CEO Muilenburg survive?

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PARIS -- One of Boeing's biggest 737 MAX customers sharply criticized the company's handling of the crisis resulting from two recent crashes, and raised the stark question of whether Boeing Chairman and Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg will be forced out as a result.

In an interview at the Paris Air Show, Avolon chief executive Domhnal ...Read more

We break down Vanguard's 'How America Saves' 2019 report

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Want some highlights of how Americans save for retirement? We read Vanguard's latest "How America Saves" 2019 report issued on Tuesday for trends and other takeaways.

Here are some key highlights from Vanguard's report on the popular workplace "defined contribution" (DC) retirement plans, those filled by matching contributions from the employee...Read more

First flight of Boeing's new 777X delayed at least until the fall

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PARIS -- Boeing's big new 777X jet, the first of which rolled out of the Everett assembly plant in early March, cannot fly until at least the fall because of a problem with the new GE9X engine.

The long delay is a blow to Boeing, already struggling to cope with the crisis in its single-aisle 737 MAX jet program. And it clearly threatens to ...Read more

Trustbusters, whose forebears broke up AT&T, weigh crusade vs. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

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Once upon a time, our competition cops weren't afraid of giants. Federal regulators broke up Rockefeller's Standard Oil monopoly, kept DuPont from dominating military supply, and broke Ma Bell into what's now Verizon and other pieces.

But it's been popular, since the Nixon-Reagan-Clinton trade deals, to neglect old ways of measuring monopoly. ...Read more

Why Stanford may be more affordable than a lot of state universities

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Prestigious, selective, world-ranked are all ways to describe Stanford University. Add this to the list: bargain -- at least by some measures.

Students who graduated from Stanford with a bachelor's degree had the lowest debt burden in the Bay Area and the fourth lowest in California. The average Stanford student's total debt of almost $13,700 ...Read more


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