People on 'autopilot' as remote work continues, California doctors say. What's at risk?

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Boundaries are broken down, people often experience isolation and loneliness and their physical health, in some cases, can suffer during prolonged remote work, California health experts said.

Many Americans are nearing their second year of working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while this allows for more convenience and fewer ...Read more

Motormouth: What's up with the brakes?

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Q: The anti-lock brakes on my 2003 Camry activate on an intermittent, but fairly frequent basis. They sometimes pulsate when slowing to a stop on dry pavement. It happens right before stopping, never when going the speed limit. The Toyota dealer mechanic test drove it, and of course, it did not malfunction for them. They said they could not ...Read more


Startups use tech, 'gamification' for public health problems

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Matthew Loper’s mission to use technology and science to revolutionize health care began when he observed vastly different outcomes for relatives with the same disease.

The CEO and co-founder of Wellth, an app that incentivizes users to make healthy choices, like regularly taking medicine, had an aunt and an uncle diagnosed with Type 2 ...Read more


What is the metaverse? A tech CEO who is helping build it explains

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Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, got a lot of attention when it renamed itself to reflect its focus on the "metaverse." But Meta is hardly the only firm building the immersive digital world that could be the next big thing on the internet. One is based in Philadelphia.

Cesium, a software company, provides a platform to create ...Read more

Honeywell spins off Minnesota-grown quantum-computing division into new company, Quantinuum

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One of the world's most powerful quantum computers sits in Golden Valley, where Honeywell has spent more than a decade building what it considers the next big thing in technology.

"This is like being at the beginning of the internet, or the beginning of classical computing and Minnesota has been at the forefront," said Tony Uttley, president of...Read more

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Tech Q&A: Spam still plagues us, but here are some precautions to take

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Spam is still making people mad — and perplexed.

Joe Shikonya of La Crosse, Wisconsin, wonders if he should change his e-mail address to avoid junk e-mail, or spam. And is there some way to track down the people who send it?

Dennis Volz of Parker, Colorado, wonders how someone could send spam to a secondary e-mail account that he hasn't even...Read more


Elizabeth Holmes trial: Theranos founder gruff, and emotional, under cross-examination

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Separated by 10 feet and a see-through anti-COVID barrier, Elizabeth Holmes faced off against federal prosecutor Robert Leach for six hours Tuesday, as Leach sought to highlight her alleged lies about the failed blood testing startup, and emphasize her decision-making role at the firm — while also showcasing the apparent affection between ...Read more


UnitedHealth Group projects more than $300 billion in revenue next year

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Minnesota's largest company by revenue expects to keep getting bigger next year.

UnitedHealth Group detailed for investors Tuesday how the Minnetonka-based health care giant expects in 2022 to grow revenue by about 10-11% to between $317 billion and $320 billion. That's more revenue than the next 10 largest Minnesota-based public companies ...Read more

LG says it will expand electric-vehicle battery production at Michigan site

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A portion of the $1.36 billion that LG Energy Solution's Michigan office has secured for investment to increase its capacity for producing electric-vehicle batteries in North America will help to expand its plant in Holland, Michigan, the company confirmed this week.

How much investment the plant will see and how much more capacity will be ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Raking in profits, Moderna denies government scientists credit for the COVID vaccine

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While much of the world was sent into a panic by the sudden emergence of the Omicron variant of the COVID virus, Moderna Inc. weathered the shock pretty well.

Indeed, its shares have gained more than 25% in value since the World Health Organization labeled the microbe a "variant of concern" and gave it a greek-letter designation on Friday.

...Read more

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Powell weighs earlier end to bond tapering amid hot inflation

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Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said officials should weigh removing pandemic support at a faster pace and he retired the word “transitory” to describe stubbornly high inflation, though a new Covid-19 strain remains a risk.

His comments ...Read more


Judge orders Google to hand over anti-union strategy documents in retaliation hearing

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Google will have to turn over documents outlining its anti-union strategy in response to a National Labor Relations Board complaint against the online search giant, according to an order issued Friday.

The board first filed its complaint against Google in December 2020, accusing the company of spying on employees, blocking employees from ...Read more

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Comcast, Disney reach new distribution agreement for Disney channels

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Two television goliaths — Walt Disney Co. and Comcast Corp. — have reached a new multiyear distribution agreement that will keep Disney's television channels, including ESPN, available to Comcast's Xfinity TV cable customers.

As part of the deal, Comcast agreed to begin distributing ESPN's Atlantic Coast Conference Network to its Xfinity ...Read more

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Consumer Confidential: Soaring insulin prices reveal clout, and greed, of healthcare middlemen

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Politicians for years have been making a show of wringing their hands over sky-high prescription drug prices. And no drug has drawn more scrutiny, or calls for action, than insulin.

Insulin was discovered 100 years ago by a trio of Canadian scientists. They sold the patent to the University of Toronto for a mere $1.

The patent was made ...Read more


Gas prices are set to fall, thanks to the omicron variant. Here's how much and how fast

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There’s a silver lining to the bummer news that dropped, along with the stock market, about the new omicron variant on Black Friday:

Oil prices, which fell along with stock prices, failed to recover on Monday and could remain low enough to bring consumers relief at gas pumps, travel club AAA said in its weekly gas price update on Tuesday.

...Read more

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Repair contractors' newest billing strategy leaves homeowners on the hook if insurers don't pay

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Imagine receiving an unexpected $7,500 invoice telling you that your payment is more than 30 days past due and that you’re responsible for it if your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover it.

That’s the scare that Carla Axelrod experienced after her water heater sprang a leak in September. Insurance experts in Florida are warning that it�...Read more

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As ketamine clinics emerge to treat mental illness, so does debate about safety and regulations

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SEATTLE — In a spalike clinic overlooking Lake Union with moss walls and floor pillows, Bridget Carnahan treats patients for mental illness with blindfolds, noise-canceling headphones, talk therapy, and a psychoactive drug called ketamine.

Carnahan is the director at a Westlake clinic opened last month by Field Trip Health, a Nasdaq-listed ...Read more

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'Least bad deal'? Holiday auto promotions may still leave you paying above MSRP

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If Santa needs a new hot rod, it might be a costly Christmas this year as new and used vehicle prices hit record highs.

Car shoppers shouldn't expect to see the same lot-clearing discounts they normally would before the end of the year. A global microchip shortage has left dealerships bare, forcing some buyers to wait weeks or months for an ...Read more

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A workforce program delivers more recruits to Philly Shipyard

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PHILADELPHIA — Ever since he got his first set of Legos, Muhammad Tumaini has loved construction. He took welding classes at Benjamin Franklin High School. And when he visited the Navy Yard complex with a mentor, seeing a ship in dry dock at Philly Shipyard gave him a sense of belonging.

"I knew this is where I wanted to be," Tumaini, 20, ...Read more

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Raimondo: US at 'inflection point' of semiconductor chip shortage

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"Here's the reality: We can't wait, because the rest of the world isn't waiting," she said. "China, Taiwan, the EU, other countries all around the world, they are not waiting. They are incentivizing and subsidizing the production of chips right now and have been for a long time."

The visit by Raimondo, a former governor of Rhode Island and a ...Read more