Federal officials widen warning about E. coli contamination of romaine lettuce

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Federal health officials have extended their health warning for romaine lettuce grown in the Yuma, Ariz., region. Consumers now are advised to avoid all forms of the lettuce.

Previous warnings highlighted chopped, packaged romaine and salad mixes containing the variety.

The expansion came after prisoners in Alaska fell ill after eating lettuce...Read more

U.S. reportedly raises objections to state-run Chinese company taking control of Long Beach port terminal

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U.S. regulators are reportedly raising objections that Cosco Shipping, a state-run Chinese company, could take control of a container terminal at the Port of Long Beach, Calif., as part of its $6.3 billion acquisition of another company.

The concerns were raised by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, according to a report ...Read more

Google launches Chat to compete with Apple's iMessage

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Google is launching a new text messaging system for its Android platform to challenge Apple's iMessage in smartphone text messaging supremacy.

With Chat, Google is updating its current Short Messaging Service-run Android Messages app so that it can send and receive high-definition images and videos, set up group texts and allow reading receipts...Read more

Tesla gets an 'F' from the Better Business Bureau

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Tesla may get an "A" grade for the look of its cars, and the experience of driving one of its vehicles. And when it comes to drumming up publicity, CEO Elon Musk's grades have to be at the top of the class:

But Tesla gets an "F" from the Better Business Bureau, which says Tesla responds poorly to customer complaints.

"They're a fine company, ...Read more

Survey finds public trust in Facebook plummeted after Cambridge Analytical scandal

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Much of America believed in Facebook as the unassuming social network, connecting friends and family on the internet while protecting their privacy.

That belief has been shattered because of Facebook's entanglement with Cambridge Analytica, a survey released this week says.

The survey from Ponemon Institute -- a Michigan-based research group ...Read more

Southwest Airlines sends Flight 1380 passengers an apology letter, $5,000 checks

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PHILADELPHIA -- Southwest Airlines has sent passengers of Flight 1380 a letter of apology that includes a check for $5,000 "to cover any of your immediate financial needs" after the plane suffered an engine failure and had to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia.

The letter also says the passengers would separately receive a $1,000 flight ...Read more

Under the Hood: A dangerous problem the dealer can't find

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Q: In May of 2017, my wife and I purchased a brand new Newmar Baystar Sport Class A Motor Home. The very minute I took delivery and drove past the curb, the Ford Triton V-10 6.8-liter motor would stumble and almost die on takeoff from a stop. It did this on my first two takeoffs from red lights. I immediately returned to the selling dealer, but ...Read more

Foundation leader helped raise $8.3 billion, and then resigned in disgrace

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The senior official at the center of sexual harassment allegations that have rocked one of the world's biggest philanthropic organizations has resigned, marking a swift and dramatic downfall for a Silicon Valley fundraiser credited with helping to raise $8.3 billion.

Mari Ellen Loijens resigned Thursday from Silicon Valley Community Foundation,...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: Not even a $1 billion fine can fix what's broken at Wells Fargo

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The $1 billion fine levied Friday by federal regulators on Wells Fargo and Co. for its string of customer-abuse scandals certainly sounds like a big number. And compared with the usual wrist-slaps faced by wrongdoing banks, it is a big number.

As my colleague James Rufus Koren reports, the fine announced by the Office of the Comptroller of the ...Read more

Alaska Airlines adopts a tougher policy for emotional support animals

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Responding to a rash of incidents involving animals on planes, Alaska Airlines plans to impose new requirements for passengers flying with emotional support animals.

Starting May 1, the Seattle-based carrier will require passengers who want to travel with emotional support animals to provide proof that the animal is healthy, well-behaved and is...Read more

Campaign against online video-game bullies flops

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CHICAGO -- It seemed like a killer idea: combat sexist harassment in online video games by unleashing hit squads of talented female players to slay the bullies.

But after marketing agency FCB Chicago launched "Bully Hunters" last week with a splashy livestream, the campaign was mocked by gamers, criticized by harassment experts and disowned by ...Read more

Carson's to close after parent company fails to find buyer

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Carson's will close its department stores by late summer after more than 160 years in operation.

After parent company Bon-Ton Stores failed to find a bidder willing to keep the business going, a bankruptcy judge approved the sale of the company's assets, including Carson's and other retail chains, to a joint venture of two liquidation firms and...Read more

Navigator, Escalade crush competitors in growing luxury SUV segment

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DETROIT -- Detroit knows big SUVs.

It knows how to make them and it knows how to sell them.

Automakers based in Detroit or Dearborn have built nearly one of every three large luxury SUVs sold this year. And orders for the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade continue to roll in.

Large luxury SUV sales have grown 12.5 percent through March ...Read more

Wells Fargo to pay $1 billion in fines over auto, mortgage lending abuses

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Federal regulators slapped Wells Fargo & Co. with a fine of $1 billion on Friday, punishing the San Francisco bank for abuses that harmed mortgage and auto loan borrowers, and for what regulators said was a pervasive and "reckless" lack of risk management.

The penalty, announced by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Consumer ...Read more

JeneƩ Osterheldt: Starbucks' afternoon of bias training is too little, too latte for America

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Starbucks plans to close 8,000 U.S. stores next month for an afternoon of racial-bias training. It's a nice first pour.

But it's no more effective than that time the company wanted us all to "Race Together" and talk about bias with strangers over coffee. Racism in America is planted deeper than that.

Two black men were wrongly arrested for ...Read more

Company will rent you a Tesla to drive from San Diego to LA for $49

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SAN DIEGO -- It might break some your budgets to buy a Tesla, but renting one is a different story.

A company called Tesloop, based in Culver City, Calif., launched a new service in San Diego this week that lets consumers rent the all-electric Model 3 for a flat fee of $49 to drive one way to Los Angeles.

The company started in 2015, when then...Read more

Auto review: Mitsubishi Outlander plugs into practicality

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For a company nearly left for dead two years ago, Mitsubishi is showing a lot of life.

The Outlander plug-in hybrid on sale now introduces a hot new technology to the compact SUV segment that's taking the market by storm. Outlander plug-in is a five-seat SUV that's about the size of the Chevrolet Equinox, Nissan Rogue and Toyota RAV4.

The ...Read more

Self-driving electric shuttle buses to begin at University of Michigan

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- A pair of self-driving shuttle buses should begin motoring around Ann Arbor this spring in an ambitious test of the new technology with the University of Michigan.

The electrically powered, 15-seat shuttles will be part of the university's bus service, carrying passengers on a short course in the North Campus. Anybody with a...Read more

Were some of St. Louis' new shared bikes thrown into the Mississippi River already?

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ST. LOUIS -- The image seemed to confirm the worst fears about the new bike-share businesses that launched in St. Louis this week.

Just a few days in, there already seemed to be bikes at the bottom of the Mississippi River.

LimeBike and Ofo, two competing bike-share companies, both officially entered the St. Louis market this week. About 1,500...Read more

Atlanta company raises all pay to $50k: quirky or smart?

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ATLANTA -- Most smart employers want to pay enough to get the workers they need, but not more.

Yet, a company with technology that fuels Airbnb, has raised the minimum pay for all employees to $50,000 and the company's chief executive says the firm will save money in the long run by paying more.

Wait, what?

True, said CEO Andrew ...Read more