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From ice cream to illusions, immersive attractions are here to stay, and they're one of the brightest spots in retail

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Several years ago, immersive experiences showcasing popular artists such as Prince and Vincent van Gogh began popping up around Chicago, putting life back into the streets and filling once-vacant storefronts.

It was unclear whether immersive-style attractions, which allow guests to interact with the exhibits around them, were a passing fad or ...Read more

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What are residuals and how do they work? A Hollywood strike battleground, explained

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It's not often that people get fired up over nitty-gritty financial mechanisms — but for the last 4½ months on the streets of Hollywood, that's exactly what's been happening.

As members of the Writers Guild of America and performers union SAG-AFTRA march down picket lines and shutter studio productions, a major focus of their ire has been ...Read more

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This lender helps small developers build houses in Philadelphia

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Studying accounting at La Salle University, Latisha Redmond knew she wanted to go into business: “You don’t have to take a state job or do the cookie-cutter deal. You can create whatever you want.” In 2012 she started buying Philadelphia rowhouses (at what now look like bargain prices).

Jesse Fells was a star basketball guard at ...Read more

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Immigrant family finds solace in independent Minnesota farm, but needs more markets

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NERSTRAND, Minnesota — Up a gravel road, shaded by the overhang of bushy oaks, Kue Lor comes into sight, riding a lawnmower through a row of vine-ripened tomatoes.

It's the first crisp day of September after heat loosened its grip on Minnesota.

"First day," he said, pointing to his black hooded sweatshirt and gray puffy vest. "You like ...Read more

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Biden orders Norfolk Southern to be held accountable for Ohio derailment

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President Joe Biden has issued an executive order to hold Atlanta-based Norfolk Southern accountable for the fallout from its February derailment that spilled hazardous materials in East Palestine, Ohio, and to protect those who live in the area.

“It is critical that Norfolk Southern continue to be held fully accountable under the law for ...Read more


UAW strike day 6: GM idles Kansas plant because of Missouri site walkout

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General Motors Co. is idling its Fairfax, Kansas, plant where 2,000 hourly employees work, the automaker said Wednesday, citing the impact of a strike by the United Auto Workers at a Missouri facility.

“It is unfortunate that the UAW leadership’s decision to call a strike at Wentzville Assembly has already had a negative ripple effect, with...Read more


An inside look at Exxon's White House push to subsidize hydrogen from gas

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Exxon Mobil Corp. is lobbying the Biden administration to allow hydrogen made from natural gas to qualify for some of the most lucrative subsidies available in the President Joe Biden’s signature climate law, pushing for billions of dollars in tax credits intended to help phase out fossil fuels.

The company is targeting “key decision makers...Read more

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Olive Garden's Never Ending Pasta Bowl is returning soon

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The countdown clock for Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion is ticking down.

The Orlando-based chain owned by Darden Restaurants will start serving unlimited fettucine, spaghetti, rigatoni and angel hair pasta on Monday. There’s actually a countdown clock on Olive Garden’s website.

For $13.99, customers can get unlimited ...Read more


Fed leaves rates unchanged, signals another hike this year

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The Federal Reserve left its benchmark interest rate unchanged while signaling borrowing costs will likely stay higher for longer after one more hike this year.

The U.S. central bank’s policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee, in a post-meeting statement published Wednesday in Washington, repeated language saying officials will determine ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: The oil companies lied to us about climate change. California should sue them into the ground

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The oil companies want you to see California's newly filed lawsuit over their decades of deceit about global warming as a "hypocritical ... Hollywood-and-foreign-billionaire-funded" effort to "starve the state of energy and hamper the economy."

Well, they would say that, wouldn't they?

The targets of the lawsuit, filed Friday in San Francisco ...Read more

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Google extends lifespan of Chromebooks -- a change that could save school districts millions

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Google is finally extending the lifespan of older Chromebooks — the low-cost laptops used by school districts across the country — after years of limited software support sent thousands of those devices to the trash after just a few years of service.

The policy change comes after the Bay Area News Group in July detailed the struggles with ...Read more

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UAW strikes a Mercedes parts plant while union eyes more targets

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The United Auto Workers struck a plant that makes parts for Mercedes-Benz Group AG vehicles, as the union continued to weigh expanding the number of walk-out targets at Detroit’s automakers.

On Wednesday morning, the UAW posted on X that 190 workers at a ZF plant in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, that supplies front axles to Mercedes were now on ...Read more

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Intel CEO says the chipmaker's technology is central to AI boom

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Intel Corp. Chief Executive Officer Pat Gelsinger, plotting a comeback for the once-dominant chipmaker, made the case that the company’s technology will be vital to an industrywide boom in artificial intelligence computing.

Speaking at Intel’s annual Innovation conference, Gelsinger pointed to advances that his company is making in ...Read more

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Why US hotels are missing more than 238,000 employees

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Tourism is back in the U.S. — but hotel workers are not.

Hotels and resorts learned to operate with leaner staffing models during the pandemic. Three years later, COVID-era band-aids like self-service kiosks and less frequent housekeeping have now become the new normal for many firms seeking to cope with rising labor costs and perpetual ...Read more

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Tech review: BenQ LH730 projector can run 24/7 and keep on going

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I’ve reviewed a few projectors in the last year, and they were all aimed at home users.

Today I’m looking at the BenQ LH730 Conference Room Projector ($1,299,, which is aimed squarely at businesses and schools.

It is an interesting projector for what it does, and for what it doesn’t do.

What is it?

The LH730 is not a ...Read more

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A Minnesota startup's shortcut for finding the most emotional moment in songs? Math

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"Eye of the Tiger," the iconic theme song from the 1982 film "Rocky III," has been featured in commercials for years.

It's nearly a four-minute song, and finding the perfect snippet to splice into a 30-second TV spot can take sound producers hours. But a Minnetonka audio company can speed up that process to seconds using its newly developed ...Read more

Hyundai to partner with Georgia Tech to research hydrogen, EV tech

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Hyundai Motor Group signed an agreement with Georgia Tech on Tuesday to collaborate on research and development of hydrogen-fueled engines for large trucks and electric vehicle batteries, both critical steps in the Korean automaker’s plans to be a leader in alternative fuels.

The agreement, called a memorandum of understanding, formalizes ...Read more

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Cboe CEO resigns after investigation into undisclosed personal relationships with colleagues

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Edward Tilly, the chairman and CEO of Chicago trading exchange Cboe, resigned Monday after an investigation into his alleged undisclosed personal relationships with colleagues.

The announcement Tuesday marks the abrupt end of a long run at the Cboe for Tilly, 60, who rose through the ranks to helm the options exchange in 2013. Tilly is the ...Read more

Ford, Unifor reach tentative agreement, averting strike in Canada

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Unifor, the autoworkers' union in Canada, and Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday night they had struck a tentative agreement, averting a strike for the Dearborn automaker in a second North American country.

Details on the deal won't be presented until after they are shared with Unifor members at ratification meetings being held "in the near future," ...Read more

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Will non-striking workers get unemployment if plants shut down? It depends

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Unemployment agencies in Michigan, Ohio and Missouri say they’re preparing for what may be an uptick in unemployment claims as the ripple effects of the United Auto Workers strike lead to layoffs in other plants and among suppliers.

On the first day of the targeted strikes at Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co. and Stellantis plants in ...Read more