Tim Cook wants retraction of Chinese spy-chip story that named Apple, Supermicro

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken the unusual step of going on the record to deny a news story, and is further asking the news agency that published it for a retraction.

Bloomberg News reported earlier this month that servers from San Jose-based Supermicro -- which were used by many big tech companies including Apple and Amazon -...Read more

Under the Hood: Motorhome having trouble on long grades

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Q: We have a 2004 Ford E450 class C 23-foot motorhome with the V-10 engine. It just turned 45,000 miles this week. We did a 500-mile trip this past weekend down I-5 to Medford, Ore., and return to Tillamook, Ore. Pulling long grades the engine surges mildly as if it's running out of gas. Switching out of overdrive helps some, but the surging ...Read more

United Airlines says it won't change its policy about carry-on bags for basic economy fliers

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If you pay a bare-bones basic economy fare on United Airlines, don't expect the carrier to cut you a break on your carry-on luggage.

The Chicago-based carrier has announced that it won't follow the lead of its rival, American Airlines, which began in September to allow basic economy fliers to pack a carry-on bag into the overhead compartment ...Read more

Tesla's promised lowest-cost, $35,000 Model 3 not here yet

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In spite of Tesla CEO Elon Musk initially tweeting a link to a page advertising a new version of the Model 3 electric sedan for "$35,000 before incentives," the car his company put up for sale Thursday is not the long-promised and purportedly revolutionary affordable-to-the-masses electric vehicle.

The link was soon changed to bring up a page ...Read more

Whistleblower case claims Target IT contractor misused retailer's data

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A former manager handling Target Corp.'s information technology account filed a whistleblower lawsuit against his former employer, Tata Consultancy Services, for allegedly misusing Target's confidential budgeting information to underbid competitors who were also vying for Target contracts.

The ongoing federal lawsuit accuses Mumbai-based Tata -...Read more

Anaheim, the home of family friendly Disneyland, now wants to draw adults to its new breweries

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Anaheim, Calif., may have a reputation as a wholesome family playground because of its famous theme park, but off-duty adults have long been able to find a cold brew in places such as Disneyland Hotel or Angel Stadium.

Now a movement is afoot to add beer taps and bring locals and tourists together outside Disneyland.

City officials, led by the...Read more

The Week Ahead: Profits in the cloud and beyond

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Google is a technology company, and Amazon is an online retailer, right?

Not according to their financial reports. Amazon is a technology company, and Google is an advertising firm. Both are data giants backed by their technology. They are two of the five largest publicly traded companies. But they've performed very differently for shareholders...Read more

Larry Printz: Feel that chill? It's time to assess your ride

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The chill is on, and soon snow will be falling in most of America. Certainly, TV news anchors will be happy, for this gives them the chance to stand outside in a blizzard, where they will prattle on about something you could figure out by looking out the window. With mock seriousness, they'll convince you it's as life threatening as a nuclear ...Read more

Car2Go says rental car pilot program is going gangbusters in Chicago

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CHICAGO -- Car2Go, the company that allows its rental cars to be picked up in one part of a city and dropped off in another, has gained more than 10,000 members in Chicago since a pilot program started in late July, the company said.

"It's exceeding our expectations," said Josh Moskowitz, the Austin, Texas-based company's regional director for ...Read more

Paul Allen's death leaves many questions around what's likely the largest estate in Washington history

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SEATTLE -- The empire Paul Allen built in the 35 years after he left Microsoft has few equals in size or in local impact on the city and region that he loved.

Even as commemoration plans take shape, questions are swirling around his immense fortune, estimated to be more than $20 billion, and the long-term future of the many major cultural, ...Read more

Fewer consumers opting for that weekly box of veggies, so farmers struggle

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ATLANTA, Ill. -- In the heart of corn and soybean country, Hans and Katie Bishop of PrairiErth Farm are cultivating an unconventional dream, one pesticide-free, dirt-encrusted sweet potato at a time.

They left comfortable jobs at an insurance company to start their farm, located about 160 miles southwest of Chicago, where they grow organic ...Read more

Royal Caribbean says man went overboard 'intentionally.' His parents say he was served too many drinks

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A federal judge has found "ample evidence" exists to allow a jury to decide whether Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. should bear responsibility for the overboard death of a 22-year-old passenger during a cruise from Port Everglades just before Christmas 2016.

Todd and Lisa Skokan filed suit against Royal Caribbean in U.S. District Court in Miami in...Read more

Virgin Hyperloop One says St. Louis-KC high-speed connection would be a bargain at $10 billion — or less

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A high-speed pneumatic tube transportation line that would whisk travelers across the 250-mile expanse between St. Louis and Kansas City in a half hour is feasible, its backers say.

You'll have to take their word for it.

On Wednesday, they touted a feasibility study conducted by Kansas City-based engineering giant Black & Veatch for the firm ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: Trump says drug companies should include prices in TV ads. Good luck with that

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The Trump administration told the drug industry this week that it wants the prices of prescription meds included in TV ads.

The drug industry said no.

I could end this column right there. But why let either side off the hook?

For all of President Trump's bluster about drug companies' scandalous behavior -- he says they're "getting away with ...Read more

Amazon infiltrated eBay's email system to poach top sellers in 'global conspiracy': lawsuit

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For three years Amazon has been illegally infiltrating an internal email system at e-commerce rival eBay, seeking to hide its tracks as it tried to poach top sellers, a new lawsuit claims.

"Amazon's clandestine efforts have borne fruit. Its representatives have discussed the success of their scheme with eBay seller prospects," said the lawsuit ...Read more

Google's fired 'diversity memo' engineer exits lawsuit for arbitration: report

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The former Google engineer whose firing inflamed America's culture wars is abandoning his lawsuit against the company in favor of arbitration, according to a new report. Two men who joined the suit will continue the court fight, the report said.

James Damore was ousted last year from his software-engineering job over an internal memo he wrote ...Read more

Qualcomm launches chips to deliver multi-gigabit Wi-Fi speeds

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As the wireless industry races to bring faster speeds to consumers and businesses, 5G cellular networks get most of the headlines as they ready for major rollouts next year.

But Wi-Fi chip makers also aim to deliver multi-gigabit speeds. While Qualcomm is a big player in 5G, it also has a Wi-Fi business. On Tuesday, the San Diego company said ...Read more

California homeownership rate jumps after years of decline

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The number of owner-occupied homes in California rose by 182,000, or 2.6 percent, from 2016 to 2017, the largest increase in at least 12 years, new Census Bureau estimates show.

About 54.8 percent of households in California owned their homes in 2017. The homeownership rate in California fell for a decade between 2006 and 2015, largely as a ...Read more

You can now download your Apple user data — here's how

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As other tech giants face increasing scrutiny over privacy, Apple is continuing to try to position itself as its champion.

Apple this week launched a privacy portal for U.S. users. From there, they can now download the data the company has on them, something European users have been able to do since May, when the General Data Protection ...Read more

The Mortgage Professor: Debt consolidation during a period of rising interest rates

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Debt consolidation is the conversion of high-rate debt into lower-rate debt in order to reduce total interest costs. Homeowners with large amounts of credit card debt who have unused borrowing power on their home have a consolidation option.

Whether or not it is in the homeowner's long-run interest to exercise the option, however, turns out to ...Read more