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Ford slated to spend more on EVs than on internal combustion engine vehicles in 2023

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For the first time in its 118-year history, Ford Motor Co. plans to spend more on electrified vehicles than it does on internal combustion engine vehicles starting in 2023, an executive said Monday.

Speaking at an event hosted by the bank Barclays, the Blue Oval's chief operating officer for North America, Lisa Drake, mentioned the 2023 ...Read more


All-electric Jeep coming in 2023; Dodge plug-in hybrid set for next year

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Jeep will launch its first all-electric vehicle in the first half of 2023, and Dodge will have a plug-in hybrid offering next year, Stellantis NV said Tuesday.

After investors shrugged last month over the transatlantic automaker's strategy to invest about $35.5 billion in electrified vehicles by 2025 that lacked specifics, Stellantis shared as ...Read more

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Alliant Credit Union ends all overdraft fees as banking industry faces backlash for penalizing struggling customers

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Under increasing pressure from consumer advocates and legislators, a number of banks are beginning to reduce overdraft fees, a long-standing profit center built around customers struggling to make ends meet.

Chicago-based Alliant Credit Union took it one step further Monday, eliminating overdraft fees on all of its accounts.

“There is this ...Read more

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Detroit 3 employees must mask up regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status

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All employees at Ford Motor Co., General Motors and Stellantis will be required to wear face masks again starting Wednesday regardless of vaccination status.

The decision was announced Tuesday by the COVID-19 Joint Task Force, which is composed of leaders for the UAW, Ford, GM and Stellantis. The Task Force also reiterated its recommendation ...Read more


Private antitrust suits stack up against Amazon, mirroring federal scrutiny

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An explosion of class-action antitrust suits against Amazon seem to be taking cues from the Biden administration and state regulators' newly aggressive stance on competition.

Last week saw the filing of two more such suits, claiming the Seattle-based e-commerce giant's policies drive up prices. Those cases bring the number of antitrust actions ...Read more


L Brands no more: Bath & Body Works, Victoria's Secret are now separate companies

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L Brands is no more.

The Columbus-based retailer has officially spilt into two companies — Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works.

The split went into effect Monday, and the companies began trading individually on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday morning.

L Brands decided in May to move ahead with a split after initially deciding to ...Read more

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GM to pause pickup production again because of chips shortage

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General Motors will pause production of its popular pickup trucks again starting Monday.

The automaker will also extend downtime at some SUV plants, all due to the ongoing global semiconductor chip shortage.

"The global semiconductor shortage remains complex and very fluid," said GM spokesman David Barnas, noting that GM’s global purchasing ...Read more

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Stellantis said it made $7B in profit in the first half of 2021

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In its first half year in existence, Stellantis reported billions of dollars in profits but the global chip shortage hit the company's cash flow by billions of dollars as well.

Stellantis, which formed in January from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Peugeot maker PSA Group, released its half-year results early Tuesday, touting ...Read more


Drunk-driver detectors for cars part of infrastructure bill

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New cars will be required to have technology to detect drunk drivers and a system to keep children from being accidentally left in vehicles on hot days under a series of long-sought safety measures included in the infrastructure bill awaiting a vote in the U.S. Senate.

Other provisions included in the 2,702-page bill are a mandate for automatic...Read more

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Consumer Confidential: Some companies think customers are OK with lousy service. Think again

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Joan Cuadra's 100-year-old mother wears a panic button around her neck in case she ever gets into trouble in her Los Angeles home.

Ideally, you push the button on the device and within seconds an operator will be heard from a speaker installed in the house — think OnStar, but for seniors or other people with medical issues.

"We decided to ...Read more


Gas stations can be sued for selling to drunken drivers

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Gas station retailers are reeling from a recent New Mexico Supreme Court decision that finds the stores can be held civilly liable for selling gas to intoxicated drivers.

The July ruling could have major ramifications for service stations and other kinds of businesses, industry representatives say. It also could set an example for other states,...Read more

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A tight labor market leads some Michigan companies to change marijuana testing policy

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Tammy Turner and Kerry Buffington, the co-owners of Kapstone Employment Services in Detroit, had to have a conversation with a client recently that they're not used to having.

"We actually had to go to them and say, 'Listen, this is not being consistent with the labor market now. Marijuana is legal and you're passing up on good talent,' " ...Read more

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Over 50? Manufacturers in Connecticut are looking to fill thousands of unfilled jobs with older workers

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At 51, Doug Galullo is taking a new direction in his career, learning the facets of manufacturing in Waterbury, Conn., still a factory town long after its reputation as a brass center has faded.

He managed a family printing business, was a letter carrier and a Waterbury police officer. Now he’s enrolled in a 13-week course at the ...Read more

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Companies like Amazon are rethinking drug testing as cannabis legalization grows. Some Illinois employers will still fire you for it

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As people begin to filter back into the office after a year-and-a-half in Zoom exile, the growing ranks of recreational cannabis users might want to take a peek at their employee handbook before lighting up.

Marijuana, which went from a controlled substance to a booming industry in Illinois during the pandemic, may still get you fired.

...Read more

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Spirit Airlines slammed by day two of cancellations and delays as 'perfect storm' bites

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Hundreds of travelers in Florida and beyond were stranded on Monday after Spirit Airlines cancelled over 250 flights nationwide.

Spirit spokesman Erik Hofmeyer blamed cancellations and delays on weather and “other operational challenges.” The airline did not respond to requests for comment Monday.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International ...Read more

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DirecTV breaks free from AT&T

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Six years after AT&T swallowed DirecTV with ambitious plans to modernize the satellite TV business, the telephone company has retreated, returning DirecTV to its roots as a stand-alone company.

On Monday, AT&T completed its spinoff of DirecTV, taking $7.1 billion in cash and 70% interest in the new DirecTV. Private equity giant TPG, which ...Read more


Foot Locker is buying sneaker retailer Atmos, which recently merged with Philly sneaker boutique Ubiq

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Foot Locker announced Monday in a press release that it is buying two major sneaker store chains for a total of $1.1 billion.

The stores are Japanese streetwear brand Atmos and California athletic retailer WSS.

Just last November, Atmos merged with popular Philly sneaker boutique, Ubiq. Originally opened in the old Gallery mall in 2002, Ubiq ...Read more

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No one thought farmers could work together -- then came Land O'Lakes

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In June of 1921, 350 farmers meeting in St. Paul voted unanimously to form a dairy cooperative. The name "Land O'Lakes" didn't come along for a few more years, but a quintessential Minnesota brand had been born.

One hundred years later, what started as the Minnesota Cooperative Creameries Association has grown to a $14 billion-a-year business ...Read more

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'Get on board or move along': Chicago bars, restaurants start serving vaccinated only, requiring masks amid COVID-19 burst

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For six weeks, it was just like old times at Four Moon Tavern in Chicago's Roscoe Village neighborhood.

No masks. Few worries. Little of the preoccupation that has hung over the last 1½ years of pandemic living.

But last week, a vaccinated staff member at the bar tested positive for COVID-19. Four Moon co-owner Robbie Lane didn’t hesitate ...Read more

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As easy as Amazon: Kansas City patients can order marijuana online for home delivery

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Missouri's medical marijuana patients no longer have to go to a dispensary to pick up joints or gummies.

Two dispensaries — one in Kansas City and another in St. Louis — just launched home delivery services that will make buying marijuana about as easy as online shopping.

Joey Pintozzi, vice president of retail operations at BesaMe ...Read more