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When Boeing balked at new jet, Airbus moved. Now the A321 will 'make an awful lot of money'

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FARNBOROUGH, England — It might have been an all-new Boeing jet, a 757 replacement, flying over the Farnborough Air Show on Monday.

Instead it was a new Airbus plane, an extra-long-range derivative of the hot-selling A321neo, the A321XLR.

That Boeing never replaced the 757 was “a huge mistake,” said Bjorn Fehrm, an aviation analyst with ...Read more

GM Wentzville plant down during UAW strike at Lear seating plant

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Production at General Motors Co.'s Wentzville, Missouri, midsize truck plant is down as the automaker awaits the end of a labor dispute at the plant's seat supplier plant owned by Lear Corp.

Five hundred Lear workers represented by United Auto Workers Local 282 are on strike "for their fair share," UAW Region 4 Director Brandon Campbell said in...Read more

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Krispy Kreme sells its majority ownership of Insomnia Cookies

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Krispy Kreme has sold its majority ownership stake in Insomnia Cookies, the Philadelphia-founded business known for its late-night cookies, for $127.4 million. Krispy Kreme, known for its doughnuts, expects to receive an additional $45 million from the deal after Insomnia Cookies refinances intercompany debt, the company announced on Monday.

�...Read more

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Boss of biggest 777X customer wants Boeing fixed -- with union help

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FARNBOROUGH, England — Tim Clark, who runs Gulf carrier Emirates and is an essential and exacting customer of both Airbus and Boeing, is waiting for delivery of more than 200 giant 777Xs with both optimism and worry.

He doesn’t expect to get the first ones until mid-2026, he said in an interview at the Farnborough Air Show. He knows Boeing ...Read more


Revealed: Cadillac unveils Sollei electric concept convertible

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In a bid to show the world what it's capable of, Cadillac on Monday revealed the Sollei ultra-luxury concept electric convertible that takes a bite out of the brand's history while showcasing the best of new technology.

Building off of the hand-built, high-luxury electric Celestiq, Sollei, which combines 'SOL' (sun) and 'LEI' (leisure), ...Read more

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Michigan, feds in $50 million partnership to train workers for defense production

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WARREN, Michigan — Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer joined Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro, the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Labor to announce Monday the launch of a $50 million partnership focused on workforce training for defense manufacturing.

The Michigan Maritime Manufacturing Initiative, also known as M3, ...Read more

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Video game performers move closer to strike as SAG-AFTRA negotiations stall over AI

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Video game actors are inching closer to a walkout as performers union SAG-AFTRA and the top video game companies struggle to reach a deal on contract terms related to artificial intelligence.

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists announced over the weekend that its national board has granted its national ...Read more

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Billionaires' utopia company California Forever scraps plan for ballot initiative in wake of damning report

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Days after a Solano County, California, report slammed a plan backed by Silicon Valley billionaires to build a utopian new city from scratch near Fairfield, the company behind the “California Forever” project has scrapped the ballot initiative it was to put to county voters in November.

The report released late last week by Solano County ...Read more


Feds give Minnesota unprecedented $200 million to reduce carbon footprint in the food system

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Minnesota's food system — from electrifying farm vehicles to improving refrigeration in independent grocery stores — will get a nearly $200 million emissions-reducing boost from the federal government.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency had received what one federal official called an ...Read more


Lawsuit claims Tesla 'Autopilot' killed father of two in California crash

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Jason Bolton turned on Tesla's controversial "Autopilot" system while driving his Model 3 to a business meeting in the Bay Area from his Fresno, California, home. But just as he reached the Route 152 summit, the system malfunctioned, sending the car careening into a fatal crash, a lawsuit against Tesla by his wife and two daughters claims.

The ...Read more

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A new Pennsylvania law protects homeowners against 'We Buy Houses' hustlers

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A new Pennsylvania law aimed at protecting homeowners from predatory tactics that can strip them of their housing wealth will expand protections already in place in Philadelphia.

The state law will regulate third parties in real estate deals called “wholesalers,” who sign agreements of sale with homeowners and then sell those agreements to ...Read more

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Why Delta was hit so hard by the global IT outage

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Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines was among those around the world hit by a tech outage on Friday affecting many Microsoft users.

But even after other airlines and companies recovered within about 24 hours or so, Delta’s operations went into a full-blown meltdown, with more than 5,000 flight cancellations over the last few days and hundreds more ...Read more

Delta meltdown and handling of passengers draws scrutiny by U.S. DOT

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As Delta Air Lines’ operational meltdown stretches into a fourth day, disrupting trips for hundreds of thousands of people around the world, the carrier’s handling of passengers has now prompted warnings from U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

As of Monday morning, Atlanta-based Delta has canceled more than 5,000 Delta and Delta ...Read more

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Allison Schrager: Yes, you can save too much for retirement

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A young colleague came to me recently with a shameful admission: Despite the lecturing of her friends and family, as well as her own best intentions, she had not yet signed up for the company 401(k) plan. She lives in an expensive city, and is nervous about tying up her money for the next 40 or 50 years.

Like any good retirement economist, I ...Read more


7 mindset shifts that can make you a millionaire

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When it comes to becoming a millionaire, your mindset is an important factor, maybe the key factor, in getting you there. Yes, earning a higher income can help you build your net worth — let’s not pretend a high income isn’t important — but poor financial habits can destroy any amount of income. However, even modest earners with the ...Read more

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Disneyland workers vote overwhelmingly to authorize strike

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Disneyland employees have voted overwhelmingly in favor of authorizing a strike, paving the way for what could be the first major work stoppage the Anaheim theme park has seen in 40 years.

Members of the Master Services Council — an alliance of unions representing custodians, ride operators, candy makers, merchandise clerks and other ...Read more

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California's power grid stood up to a recent heat wave but summer is far from over

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A persistent heat wave that scorched most of California earlier this month essentially amounted to a real-time stress test that the state’s electric grid managed to withstand. But the head of the organization responsible for keeping the lights on says energy officials are still on alert as the summer wears on.

“We are generally well ...Read more


Motormouth: Do I really need a new radiator?

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Q: I recently completed a 1,400-mile trip in my 2018 Cadillac XT5. Once home I took the car in for an oil change and was told that my radiator was about a quart low of coolant. The service adviser said I need to install a new radiator because it must be leaking. Do I really need to replace the radiator at a cost of $1,900? Temp gauge shows the ...Read more

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Some people in Georgia earn too much to get Medicaid but not enough to buy private insurance plan

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LaShonda Harrell is in so much pain most days she can barely stand up. The Austell resident was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastasized breast cancer two years ago.

“The pain can be a 10,” said Harrell, 43. “If you’ve ever had the flu and you feel like your bones ache, imagine that every day.”

Despite serious medical problems, Harrell ...Read more

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From ATMs to flights, epic IT crash leaves trail of destruction

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In what will go down as the most spectacular IT failure the world has ever seen, a botched software update from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. crashed countless Microsoft Windows computer systems around the world on Friday.

Microsoft Corp. and CrowdStrike have rolled out fixes, and systems are gradually being restored. But for ...Read more