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Universal Studios Hollywood to reopen with a food and shopping event

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Nearly a year after it closed because of the pandemic, Universal Studios Hollywood plans to reopen on weekends to let fans buy food, shop and wander throughout most of the 415-acre park that celebrates moviemaking.

The theme park plans to rehire several hundred workers who were previously furloughed to staff the event.

Starting March 12, ...Read more

As soybean prices and demand soars, Cargill expands soy processing sites

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Cargill Inc. said it will spend $475 million to expand and update soybean processing plants in seven states, raising capacity at a moment when demand and prices are soaring for the nation's second-largest field crop.

The Minnetonka-based company said most of the spending will be at plants in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Wichita, Kan., Kansas City, Mo., ...Read more

After tough year, Midwestern farmers prepare for new direction from Washington

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CANTON, Minn. — Bonnie and Vance Haugen's small dairy farm weathered nearly three decades of relentless market forces, shifting government policies and the unpredictable dictates of nature and biology. But 2020 was the year that almost killed this family operation.

"Prices were crashing," Bonnie Haugen said, recalling the chaos in the U.S. ...Read more

On Philanthropy: Potbellied pig rescue and hate groups: Charities aiding the 'public good?'

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The charity “deal” in the U.S. goes something like this: Nonprofit organizations are established and approved because they perform a service that is thought to be good for society, often relieving government from performing those same functions. In return for their contribution to the “public good,” they are deemed tax-exempt ...Read more


Education spending on teachers – not buildings — lifts home prices

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Spending more on teachers lifts home prices, a new report finds. New buildings don’t matter. A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) adds to the potential research that education-savvy families may want to do before choosing a home or a school.

Many have focused on overall district spending per pupil, a widely ...Read more

Why you should investigate your landlord

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Your landlord knows a lot about you, but what do you know about your landlord?

Building owners and managers routinely use personal information from tenant applications to conduct in-depth background and credit checks themselves, or turn the job over to a private tenant-screening company.

Renters may lack the time, experience and money to ...Read more

This start-up is building tiny injectable robots to attack tumors

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Doctors take a microscopic craft loaded with cancer-killing chemicals, inject it into the human body, and drive it to a malignant tumor to deliver its payload before making a quick exit.

For most of the 55 years since "Fantastic Voyage" shrank Raquel Welch and company down to the size of a cell to zap a blood clot out of a scientist's brain, ...Read more


Susan Tompor: Social Security scammers now text pictures of phony badges

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So you just got a text from Social Security and the guy even tried to reassure you that he's the real deal by texting you a picture of his badge. Should you feel that things are on the up-and-up and respond?

The scammers who are out to steal your Social Security number and your money now have a new game going. They're not just spoofing phone ...Read more

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Ford delays 4,500 Mustang Mach-E deliveries

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Ford Motor Co. confirmed Wednesday that buyers of some 4,500 Mustang Mach-Es —the Blue Oval's highly touted new electric vehicle — will face delivery delays.

That's a higher number than the hundreds of impacted vehicles the automaker had previously said would be delivered late. Meanwhile, Ford said Wednesday that it will compensate some ...Read more


Real estate Q&A: Should I be worried after bank denies condo loan because of 'rec lease?'

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Q: I am buying a condo unit. My lender just told me they found a reference in the community documents to a “rec lease.” The association told them it was paid off, but the bank wanted more proof and denied my loan. I found a local bank that will give me a loan if the association states in writing that the rec lease was paid off. Should I be ...Read more

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Motormouth: How will all those charging stations work?

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Q: With the advent of EVs and the need for thousands of charging stations, who is going to pay for them and will there be a cost to use one? If so, how much?

P.J., Carol Stream, Ill.

A: Good question, but one that I cannot answer in just a few words. Some stations are free, some you pay per kilowatt. There is no standard fee that I know of. ...Read more

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Disney Store to shut 60 locations and focus on online sales

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Walt Disney Co. plans to close 60 of its Disney Store locations throughout North America while the entertainment giant overhauls its online shopping platforms.

There are 300 Disney Stores worldwide, and the planned move will shut 20% of them this year. The decision comes as the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more consumers to avoid in-person ...Read more


Carla Fried: Why your smartphone is likely your enemy when it comes to investing

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Spend too much time on your phone, doom scrolling and looking at social media? Do family members complain?

If your smartphone activities include stock trading apps, you could also be setting yourself up for money-losing trades. Recent research that looks at actual trading activity of tens of thousands of brokerage app users finds a pattern of ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: Becerra investigating Providence Health after accusations that it applies Catholic limits on care

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California Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra disclosed Tuesday that his office is investigating whether the Catholic healthcare chain Providence Health has violated its legal commitments by applying religious restrictions on care at one of Orange County's premier hospitals.

The letter requests a heap of documentation from Providence about its dealings...Read more

Best Buy makes deal to provide its senior services on Apple Watch

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Best Buy offers an array of services for seniors through its Lively brand, and under a new partnership, those will now be available on Apple Watches.

The services range from helping seniors connect with emergency responders to urgent care consultations, concierge help and health tracking.

The services work through Best Buy's Lively app.

Best ...Read more

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GM extends production shutdown into April due to semiconductor chip shortage

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General Motors will keep three of its assembly plants shuttered until at least mid-April and will idle a fourth due to a severe shortage of semiconductor chips used in various vehicle parts.

But the automaker is doing everything it can to protect the production of its full-size pickups and SUVs, which are its big profit makers.

Demand for ...Read more

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Amazon tried to 'destroy' Parler, social network says in new lawsuit

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Parler, a social network embraced by right-wing groups, launched a new lawsuit against Amazon in King County, Wash., Superior Court, two weeks after Parler's relaunch rendered moot its original accusation in federal court that Amazon had effectively killed its business.

Parler's new lawsuit, filed late Tuesday, alleges a host of contractual ...Read more

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Alamo Drafthouse theater chain files for Chapter 11 amid pandemic woes

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, the quirky theater chain known for its craft beer and strict no-texting policy, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Austin, Texas-based company said Wednesday that it will sell its assets to a group of senior creditors, including private equity firms Altamont Capital ...Read more

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US companies add fewer jobs than forecast, ADP data show

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The number of employees at U.S. businesses rose in February by less than expected, underscoring the labor market’s struggle to recover despite a decline in COVID-19 infections in recent weeks.

Company payrolls rose by 117,000 during the month, according to ADP Research Institute data released Wednesday. The median projection in a Bloomberg ...Read more

Stellantis UAW workers will get $8,010 profit-sharing checks

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Stellantis UAW workers are to receive profit-sharing checks this year of $8,010.

The announcement of the payouts to about 43,000 UAW-represented workers came early Wednesday, the same day the company released its first earnings report since it was created in January from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Peugeot-maker PSA Group.

The ...Read more