FAA tells Boeing more training for 737 Max pilots may be needed

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WASHINGTON -- U.S. regulators have told Boeing Co. that pilots may require additional training to properly respond to emergencies on the 737 Max after airline crews failed to perform proper procedures in simulator tests.

In a Feb. 19 letter to Boeing reviewed by Bloomberg News, the Federal Aviation Administration detailed multiple missteps that...Read more

Jared Kushner divests from startup Cadre over future conflict concerns

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WASHINGTON -- Jared Kushner has divested from Cadre, the real estate technology startup he cofounded, according to a person familiar with the matter, after the business attracted investment offers that could pose conflicts of interest for the White House aide.

Kushner, who is President Donald Trump's son-in-law as well as one of his senior ...Read more

Growing concerns of coronavirus should spur plans — not panic — in the workplace

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Chances are, if you work for a large company, you received an email like one sent to Volkswagen employees Monday: Coronavirus concerns mean some limits on business travel, everyone should remember to "wash your hands frequently" and stay home if sick.

As the viral disease, dubbed COVID-19, continues to spread, some employers are canceling ...Read more

Powell opens door to rate cut on 'evolving' risks from virus

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WASHINGTON -- Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the coronavirus "poses evolving risks" to the U.S. economy and signaled the central bank is prepared to cut interest rates if necessary to sustain the country's longest-ever expansion.

The rare statement issued Friday by Powell before the financial markets closed for the U.S. weekend ...Read more

Administration downplays coronavirus risk as markets tank and health officials scramble

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WASHINGTON -- Trump administration officials stepped up efforts Friday to downplay dangers from the global coronavirus outbreak amid mounting public anxiety, another sharp drop in the stock market, and questions about the federal government's response to the public health threat.

"The immediate risk to the American public remains low," Dr. ...Read more

Amazon bans 1 million products due to coronavirus claims

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Amazon has pulled more than 1 million items from its digital shelves due to claims that the products could either cure or help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The move comes during the same week that Facebook said it would ban advertisements on its platform for products purporting to cure or curtail the spread of the virus that has so far ...Read more

Coronavirus: IDC cancels Bay Area tech conference over disease fears

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Another tech conference scheduled for the Bay Area has been cancelled due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

Technology research giant IDC has pulled the plug on its Directions conference, which was to be held on March 4 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. In a statement, IDC said it chose to cancel the event as more details have ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: Where do your drugs come from? That's a big a question in the era of coronavirus

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LOS ANGELES -- As consumers worldwide adapt to life under the coronavirus, George Timek had what he thought was a perfectly reasonable question: Where is his medicine made?

We're not talking about anything fancy. Timek, 76, was shopping for acetaminophen at BJ's Wholesale Club and was curious about the country of origin.

He looked and looked. ...Read more

From movies to concerts: Five ways the coronavirus is affecting Hollywood and entertainment

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LOS ANGELES -- Fears about a coronavirus pandemic have prompted comparisons to the 2011 Steven Soderbergh thriller "Contagion." Even Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow, who starred in the movie, noted the parallel on social media this week, posting an Instagram photo of herself wearing a face mask, writing, "I've already been in this movie."

In real ...Read more

Under the Hood: Truck's seat cushions heat up unbidden

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Q: I have a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Diesel. My problem is that the heated seat on the driver's side comes on with no demand. I removed the door panel and disconnected the plug at the switches. The seat is eliminated from heating, but the rear back cushion heats up, sometimes intermittently. Which wire do I disconnect under the seat to ...Read more

Larry Printz: Land Rover designer turns to modern art as inspiration for the 2020 Defender

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LOS ANGELES -- Do you remember what your life was like 23 years ago, the year Great Britain ceded control of Hong Kong to China, President Bill Clinton started his second term in office, and Princess Diana died in a car crash.

That would be 1997, the last year that Land Rover sold the Defender in the United States. For fans of the vehicle, the ...Read more

Motormouth: Yes, adaptive cruise signals slowdowns with brake lights

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Q: While using adaptive cruise control at highway speeds, any vehicle that cuts in front of me can cause my car to slow down rather quickly. I can see that this could present a problem for any cars behind me. Are brake lights activated when ACC is slowing the car down to give a warning to cars directly behind me?

-- J.L., Homer Glen, Ill.

A: ...Read more

Auto review: The Ferrari 488 Pista brings racetrack performance to the freeway

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Companies that build performance sports cars, trying to sell steak and sizzle at the same time, continue to offer vehicles that increasingly erase the space between street cars and track cars.

McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche all build vehicles now that are street legal but track-ready, for the driver who either wants to take his or ...Read more

Coal bankruptcies shifted $865M in disability liabilities to taxpayers, report shows

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A new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office revealed that shoddy government enforcement has allowed coal companies to transfer $865 million of disability liabilities to taxpayers during bankruptcies in recent years.

With several more-recent coal company bankruptcies looming in Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and elsewhere, it is...Read more

The new burger chef makes $3 an hour and never goes home. (It's a robot)

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In a test kitchen in a corner building in downtown Pasadena, Calif., Flippy the robot grabbed a fryer basket full of chicken fingers, plunged it into hot oil -- its sensors told it exactly how hot -- then lifted, drained and dumped maximally tender tenders into a waiting hopper.

A few feet away, another Flippy eyed a beef patty sizzling on a ...Read more

The Week Ahead: How tight is fear's grip?

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Investors are worried. Some are clearly scared. A "sell stocks first, ask questions later" mindset roared back into the market last week thanks to the growing concerns over the coronavirus spreading.

The S&P 500 stock index has gone from a record high with stock investors shrugging off the potential economic impact of the virus, to its worst ...Read more

GM's last Chevrolet Impala just rolled off the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly line

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DETROIT -- Joe Nickowski has worked at General Motors' Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant for 27 years and on Thursday both he and the car he built reached the end of the line.

The last Chevrolet Impala, in a bright cherry red, rolled off the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly line around 8:30 Thursday morning, and with that Nickowski and about 129 ...Read more

YouTube TV effectively drops the Cubs' Marquee network before ever carrying it

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CHICAGO -- If you're wondering why streaming service YouTube TV has yet to cut a deal with Marquee Sports Network, now you have an answer.

YouTube TV said Thursday its negotiations with Sinclair Broadcast Group to carry Sinclair's regional sports networks are at an impasse, and it plans to drop the 20-plus channels it carries this weekend.

...Read more

FTC sues to block Philadelphia hospital merger

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The Federal Trade Commission on Thursday said it will sue to block Thomas Jefferson University's acquisition of Einstein Healthcare Network, a deal that has been pending since September 2018, alleging that the combination would reduce competition and raise prices in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties.

"Jefferson and Einstein have a history of...Read more

Washington agency rejects Facebook settlement, refers campaign ad violation charge to AG's office

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SEATTLE -- Washington's campaign finance watchdog on Thursday rejected a settlement that its own staff had negotiated with Facebook over charges the social media giant has repeatedly violated state campaign finance law.

Instead of accepting the rather modest settlement -- a proposed $75,000 fine for the $550-billion company and no admission of ...Read more