Is online shoe-buying bad for kids' feet? And is that metal measuring device strictly necessary?

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CHICAGO -- It's a back-to-school tradition: a visit to the neighborhood shoe store, where employees pull out a well-worn metal foot measuring tool from under a seat to measure children's feet, fit them with the right shoes, and send them out the door, frequently wearing the new kicks.

Generations of students have participated in the ritual. The...Read more

Target to replace Archer Farms, Simply Balanced with new flagship food brand

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Target is making its biggest play in grocery in years with the launch of a new flagship private-label food brand that will completely replace Target's Archer Farms and Simply Balanced lines and will partially swap out Market Pantry.

The new line, Good & Gather, will be Target's largest in-house brand across the entire store with ...Read more

CEO pay in last four decades grew 940.3% while average worker up 11.9%

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CEO pay in the last four decades has grown 940.3% while the pay of an average worker increased 11.9% over the same time period.

That is what the Economic Policy Institute, a nonprofit think tank based in Washington, D.C., that focuses on the low- and middle-income Americans, found in a study released last week.

The study's authors tracked CEO ...Read more

'Good Boys' is the biggest original comedy opening of the year

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LOS ANGELES -- Despite five new wide releases opening this weekend, only one managed to make an impression at the box office.

Universal's R-rated comedy "Good Boys" opened in first place with $21 million, surpassing analyst projections of $12 million to $15 million, according to estimates from measurement firm Comscore.

The film's result makes...Read more

At the Illinois State Fair, farmers celebrate ag but bemoan a 'nightmare' of a year

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Cooper Garlisch, age 2 1/2, was not about to lose the Cutest Little Farmer contest. Climbing atop his red toy tractor, he scooted himself across a stage at the Illinois State Fair with gusto, drawing cheers from an audience that seemed to appreciate the showmanship.

His dad, Scott Garlisch, watched with amusement, soaking ...Read more

High cost of housing cuts into food, utilities study says

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More than a third of Americans have been forced to cut spending on essential items like food and utilities to afford housing, according to a Freddie Mac study.

About 42% of renters and 33% of homeowners have had to reduce the money spent on essentials to cover the cost of housing during the prior two years, the report said. Overall, 62% of ...Read more

UPS invests in autonomous trucking company

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ATLANTA -- UPS announced its venture capital arm UPS Ventures is investing in autonomous driving company TuSimple and testing self-driving tractor trailers.

The tests of self-driving trucks started in May 2019 on a route between Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona with a driver and engineer in the vehicle, according to UPS.

The company said it wants...Read more

Consumer Confidential: Payday lenders faced tough new rules protecting consumers. Then Trump took office

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Something very important, affecting millions of consumers, won't happen Monday.

That's when new protections from abusive payday and car-title lenders were set to take effect, requiring the firms to make sure borrowers can pay back their obligations in a reasonable amount of time and don't become mired in debt.

However, the Trump administration...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: California shows all states how to protect patients from Trump's attacks on Obamacare

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Covered California, the state's Affordable Care Act exchange, announced some good news a few weeks ago.

On July 19, the exchange said average premiums on its health plans would rise an average of 0.8% for 2020, the lowest annual increase in its history. In some regions, rates would increase even less or fall; customers who shop around when ...Read more

If Elon Musk is your boss, get your resume ready

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SAN FRANCISCO -- A recently departed Tesla executive was regaling a small group of Silicon Valley cocktail partygoers last autumn when he riddled them this:

"How is Elon Musk like the sun?"

Aware of the Tesla chief executive's star power and legendary ego, the drink-sippers nonetheless were stumped. They slowly shook their heads.

"The closer ...Read more

Susan Tompor: Now, a new way to estimate next year's tax refund

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Summer will soon be fading out of view and, like it or not, 2019 will move toward a close.

So what exactly have you done to withhold more money out of your paycheck to cover that 2019 tax bill?

If you need a motivator, the Internal Revenue Service has launched its much-anticipated new Tax Withholding Estimator. The calculator reportedly makes ...Read more

Under the Hood: Routine service on a Mercedes is expensive, but cheaper than the alternative

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Q: With my eyes wide open, about 18 months ago I bought a like-new 2012 Mercedes-Benz E350 convertible with 32,000 miles. Because of the wonders of depreciation, this $68,000 beauty was mine for less than the cost of new econobox.

I knew service and parts would be expensive, but I was not prepared for the frequency of these services. Oil ...Read more

Motormouth: Lunging car may indicate failing brakes

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Q: I have a 2008 Toyota Camry Solara convertible with a sporadic brake issue. Occasionally, the car will lunge forward when the brake is applied as though the accelerator is stuck. I have taken the car to two separate Toyota dealers who cannot diagnose the problem (they say the car performs normally for them).

-- G.W., Allentown, Pa.

A: When ...Read more

Johana Bhuiyan: Scooter startup snubs San Francisco's poorest neighborhood despite promising access

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Like 11 other dockless e-scooter companies, Scoot Networks was eager to obtain a coveted permit to do business in San Francisco.

In its application, the start-up promised it would "serve more of San Francisco than other operators who will focus on the busiest and most lucrative neighborhoods."

The San Francisco Municipal ...Read more

The Week Ahead: Fed to face challenges in the mountains

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The center of power for the financial world shifts 2,000 miles west in the week ahead when global central bankers and other financiers gather for an annual conference in Wyoming.

The talk among the soaring Tetons will be about inverted yield curves, escalating tariffs and rising fears of recessions.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has ...Read more

Crosstrek Hybrid delivers sippiness, but there's more to life than mileage

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2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid: So you want a little all-wheel drive ...

Price: $38,470 as tested. One option package explained below.

Marketer's pitch: "Smartly powered for modern adventure."

Conventional wisdom: likes the "spacious interior for a hatchback of its size; optional safety features not typically found in the class; ...Read more

Hugo Martin: Beverly Hills loves tourists but not tour buses, killing a plan for new bus stops

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LOS ANGELES -- Beverly Hills has quietly killed a proposal to allow tour buses to load and unload tourists within its ritzy business district, a plan that had been pushed by the city's business and tourism leaders.

The proposal had been strongly opposed by small businesses near the proposed site of the bus stop on North Camden Avenue, many of ...Read more

Land values in these two states are growing faster than in California

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Across the country, the price of land occupied by single-family homes ticked up from 2012 to 2017. But despite soaring housing costs in California, the Golden State didn't rise to the top of the list.

According to a recent report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, both Nevada and Colorado actually outpaced ...Read more

China loses status as US's largest foreign creditor to Japan

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WASHINGTON -- Japan surpassed China in June as the top holder of U.S. Treasuries as the trade war between the world's two largest economies intensified.

Japan increased its holdings of U.S. bonds, bills and notes by $21.9 billion to $1.12 trillion, the highest level in more than 2 1/2 years, according to data released by the Treasury Department...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: Two billionaires explain why they shouldn't pay more taxes, unlike you poor saps

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Statements by billionaires explaining why they already pay plenty in taxes and shouldn't have to pay any more have become so much a part of the political landscape that they deserve a "Jeopardy!" category all to themselves.

A new op-ed on this theme, penned for the Tuesday Wall Street Journal by Home Depot co-founder Bernard Marcus and New York...Read more


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