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DeSantis ban on vaccine proof may send one company's cruise ships out of Florida

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If Florida won't allow Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for passengers and crew, the company's CEO says it will take its ships elsewhere.

CEO Frank Del Rio made the threat during an earnings call Thursday, just days after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill passed by the Republican-controlled state Legislature...Read more


Caution flag for buyers -- cities still have lots of underwater houses

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The housing bust may seem a distant memory in most places, but there are still communities in the Rust Belt and in the South with high numbers of underwater houses. That is, homes on which owners owe more than the market value.

The owners of these homes are effectively trapped. If they sell, they will have to write a check to their mortgage ...Read more

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Does California bullet train have '5,000 workers'? No, but jobs are the grease for these big projects

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Atop massive viaducts and bridges under construction for the bullet train in the San Joaquin Valley, the state has hung banners proudly proclaiming "5,000 workers and counting."

The slogan is catchy, but misleading. The state rail authority has never had anywhere near 5,000 construction workers on the high-speed rail project at any one time. A ...Read more

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US appeals court upholds California program for workers without retirement benefits

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A federal appeals court on Thursday upheld a California program that provides retirement savings accounts to workers whose employers don't offer them.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided unanimously that the program, CalSavers, did not interfere with federal law.

The state established CalSavers in 2017 to ...Read more

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CDC eviction moratorium remains in effect, after feds appealed judge's ruling to overturn it

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The CDC’s national eviction moratorium remains in effect, after the U.S. Department of Justice appealed a federal judge’s ruling calling it illegal.

Late Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich of Washington, D.C., agreed to put her ruling on hold until at least May 12. Friedrich emphasized the delay was granted to give landlord ...Read more

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Companies warn of US labor shortages economists call temporary

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As the U.S. job market comes roaring back, there’s a growing debate about whether there are enough workers to power faster economic growth.

Companies from fast food chains like Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. to chicken producer Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. to MGM Resorts International, say they can’t find — or entice — enough workers. In ...Read more

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Will California's grid hold up this summer? Energy officials guardedly optimistic

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It's a summer rerun nobody in California wants to see: A repeat of the last August's two straight days of rolling blackouts.

And while hot weather may exacerbate a strained electric grid in the coming months, officials with the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission and the California Independent System ...Read more


Real estate Q&A: Can the HOA force me to paint my house a color they chose?

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Q: When I bought my home 16 years ago, I picked my lot, floorplan, brick and paint color from the developer. Recently the new HOA board picked a new paint color scheme without involving the homeowners. I repainted my home three years ago, and it does not need repainting. I was assigned a gray color scheme that would look awful with my brown ...Read more

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Dems push fed investment in EV infrastructure but GOP's not on board

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WASHINGTON — Rep. Andy Levin, D-Mich., and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez re-introduced legislation Wednesday that seeks to build a nationwide electric vehicle charging network within five years.

The renewed effort came the same day that a House subcommittee met to discuss the electric vehicle provisions of a climate bill that would ...Read more

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Motormouth: Repaint your car? Try this instead

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Q: I recently bought a new 2021 Mazda SUV. The color is white, and at the time I thought that was what I wanted. But now I am not so sure. I am going to keep the vehicle but feel that I would like it to be a different color. Is it OK to repaint a new car? Would the paint job work, or would there be a problem? Any insight you could give me would ...Read more

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Texas Republicans' push to restrict voting is straining their close ties with business

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DALLAS — Texas Republicans doggedly courted corporate America for decades, an approach personified by former Gov. Rick Perry, who took to radio airwaves in California to urge businesses to “come check out Texas.”

When it comes to voting restriction bills now being considered in the statehouse, however, GOP lawmakers have broadcast a ...Read more

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Carnival removes all July sailings from website -- except these

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Carnival Cruise Line has removed all scheduled July sailings from its website except for a handful slated to depart from Miami and Galveston, Texas.

The change has fueled speculation among cruise-focused travel websites that Carnival has selected three of its ships — the Vista, Horizon and Breeze — to lead its phased-in resumption of ...Read more

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Proposed menthol cigarettes ban gets cool reception in majority-Black Detroit

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A newly proposed federal ban on all menthol cigarettes that is aimed at improving the health of African Americans would have major cultural and financial impacts in Detroit, a majority-Black city where the Newport brand, among others, is very popular.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced plans last week to ban the sale of the ...Read more

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Racist restrictions in old home deeds across Washington state will get expanded scrutiny

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Marlene Smick remembers sitting in the back seat of her parents' car in 1958 as the family spotted an open house sign in Seward Park. Smick's father, a second-generation Japanese-American who had been incarcerated during World War II, rolled down the window to ask about the property.

"The guy, a builder, said, 'You're welcome to come look, but ...Read more

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Consumer Confidential: Peloton reverses on recall. Killing and hurting kids isn't a great look

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Peloton, a fitness-focused company predicated on people's well-being, has decided it's not good business to market products that can kill or injure children.

After earlier digging in its heels and refusing to recall its Tread+ exercise machine, which was linked to the death of one child and injuries to dozens more, Peloton now says it will ...Read more

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Rocket Companies sees $2.7B first quarter profit

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Detroit-based Rocket Companies, the parent of Quicken Loans, enjoyed a strong start to the year with $2.7 billion in net income, or profit, during for the first quarter.

Those earnings, reported late Wednesday afternoon and off of $4.5 billion in total revenue, were slightly below Rocket's fourth-quarter 2020 results, although well above its ...Read more


Problems from pain to cardiac flatline possible after a Pfizer company's drug mix-up

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One lot of 1% Lidocaine and one lot of 0.5% Bupivacaine have been recalled because some Lidocaine went out in bottles labeled as Bupivacaine and vice versa, a mistake that can cause patient death.

These anesthesia drugs, this mistake and this recall come from Hospira, a company owned by Pfizer. And, the Hospira-written, FDA-posted recall notice...Read more

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Ruckus in the skies: What happens when airline passengers refuse to wear masks

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A passenger on a JetBlue flight from the Dominican Republic to New York refused to wear a face mask, threw food and an empty liquor bottle in the plane, shouted obscenities and hit a flight attendant in the arm, the Federal Aviation Administration said Wednesday.

A passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight about to take off from Chicago to ...Read more

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Cruise lines can apply to sail with volunteer passengers after new CDC guidelines

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Cruise business in the U.S. could be back in the water soon after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the final guidelines for ships to perform trial voyages with volunteer passengers that would demonstrate their COVID-19 safety protocols.

At the same time, the CDC gave cruise lines a workaround to simulated voyages if they ...Read more

Telemundo launches Spanish-language streaming studio to meet growing demand

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Looking to capitalize on the enormous appetite for Spanish-language programming, Telemundo is opening a new studio dedicated to producing content for streaming platforms.

Telemundo Streaming Studios, based in Miami, launched Wednesday with 35 projects in development, including "Armas de Mujer," a remake of "El Diario de un Gigolo" and the ...Read more