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Royal Caribbean reveals added costs for unvaccinated who want to cruise from Florida

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Royal Caribbean is starting business with vaccine requirements from everywhere by Florida, but those who want to sail from the Sunshine State that don’t have a vaccine are facing the costs associated with required testing.

The cruise line, which is sailing its first voyage, a test sailing, on Freedom of the Seas from PortMiami on Sunday with ...Read more

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'Hungry to celebrate being alive': California reopening fuels job growth

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California has added jobs at a torrid rate since the beginning of the year, but the state's economy has a long way to go before it recovers its pre-pandemic prosperity.

May was the fourth month that Golden State payrolls grew by more than 100,000 positions — a faster post-recession rate than in any previous recovery.

Employment grew to 16.35...Read more

MSNBC news writers and producers seek to unionize with WGA East

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Writers and producers at MSNBC and Peacock news commentary channel "The Choice" are looking to unionize with the Writers Guild of America, East.

The 315-member bargaining unit, which would include writers, producers, booking producers, fact checkers and planners, sent a letter to their employer seeking voluntary recognition of their union.

The...Read more

After first flight, 737 Max 10 won't fly passengers until Boeing gets more safety measures approved

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After the fourth and largest model of Boeing's 737 Max had landed safely in Seattle at the end of its first flight Friday, Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal said the reason for the extended certification process ahead is that Boeing needs time to develop and certify the additional safety enhancements to the Max demanded in particular by the ...Read more

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California finally has rules for returning to the office. Here is what they are

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California finally has rules for the return to offices as the COVID-19 pandemic eases.

The Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board approved the guidance Thursday, and Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order almost immediately after the decision to allow the revisions to take effect without the typical 10-day waiting period and review...Read more

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Court rules for Florida in cruise case, grants injunction stopping CDC order, but not yet

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A federal court granted a preliminary injunction against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its conditional sail order that has shut down the cruise industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, but has delayed that injunction for a month to let the CDC propose some changes.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Steven Merryday is part of ...Read more

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The Week Ahead: A pandemic health check for banks

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A practice that started because of the Great Recession has continued through the pandemic. It is the once-a-year financial check-up of the biggest banks in the country. The results are important to underpin confidence in the financial sector. For shareholders of these banks, the stress tests determine if they will be rewarded with bigger ...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: UC regents appear poised to surrender to Catholic healthcare restrictions

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For more than two years, the University of California has grappled with how to manage proposed partnerships between UC medical systems and hospitals that impose restrictions on healthcare on religious grounds.

That process is about to come to an end. On Wednesday, the UC Board of Regents will vote on a policy governing those arrangements.

If ...Read more

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Consumer Confidential: Don't just accept a cut to your credit limit. You can fight back

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Credit card companies deserve, well, credit for helping cardholders survive the pandemic. Most of the leading card issuers were willing to be flexible on payments, and some even waived late fees.

But many card companies also quietly but aggressively turned the screws on customers.

Amid the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression, ...Read more

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Data breach reported among Carnival, Princess, Holland America cruise lines

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Three cruise lines under Carnival Corp. suffered a data breach earlier this year that affected both customers and employees, according to the company.

On March 19, the parent company of Carnival Cruise Line, Holland America and Princess Cruises detected unauthorized access to part of its information technology systems, according to company ...Read more


Tight US housing market uncoils with sellers ready to cash out

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Prospective home sellers who sat tight as U.S. prices climbed higher and faster than ever during the pandemic are finally emerging to cash out, a step toward easing a dire shortage in the frenzied housing market.

The number of U.S. homes for sale climbed 6.7% in early June from the same weekly period in May, according to Haus, an investment ...Read more

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Juneteenth was just made a federal holiday. Will your boss give you the day off?

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President Joe Biden on Thursday signed a bill that makes Juneteenth a federal holiday, meaning most federal employees get a paid day off Friday.

So will employees in Cook County and Illinois government offices. But the U.S. Postal Service will deliver mail Friday and Saturday; it said it was not possible to cease operations on short notice.

...Read more

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Investors 'cannot ignore' GM, Ford transformation. Here's why

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Legacy automakers General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co. have used the past few months to demonstrate two advantages their electric-vehicle rivals can’t match: traditional vehicle businesses to generate cash and the scale to leverage that capital into EV investment.

Investors are noticing, sending shares of Detroit's Auto 1.0 behemoths soaring...Read more


Auto review: The redesigned 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe casts an ever-larger shadow

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Hey! Who slipped the “Jumbo-Gro” in the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe’s gas tank?

Having received a total overhaul for the current model year, the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe RST is far larger than the vehicle it replaces. Its wheelbase is 4.9 inches longer than last year and overall, its 6.7 inches lengthier. It’s a massive 81 inches wide with the ...Read more

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2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L's off-road ability and interior leave competitors in the dust

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When the O.G. arrives, the wannabes should watch and learn. In this case, the original SUV brand is Jeep, and it just jumped into the booming market for family-carrying vehicles with three rows of seats.

New from the ground up, Jeep's 2021 Grand Cherokee L redefines one of the biggest and most popular classes of family vehicles with a winning ...Read more


Auto review: Honda Civic dons a grown-up wardrobe, but still likes to boogie

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How do you improve on a home run? Hit the next one into the upper deck.

The 2016 Honda Civic became the instant benchmark for the compact sedan segment. A clean sheet design from the ground up, its taut chassis was Nürburgring tested. It boasted best-in-class horsepower, fuel economy and rear seat room. And to make sure the world noticed, it ...Read more

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Amazon opens its largest-yet cashierless grocery

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Amazon’s long-awaited Fresh grocery store in Bellevue, Wash., opened Thursday to crowds — and a twist.

The company revealed in a surprise announcement earlier this week that the store is the company’s first full-size Fresh grocery equipped with cashierless technology, powered by a vast array of motion-aware ceiling cameras and sensors ...Read more

GM technology could help commercial jets shed 2 tons of weight at takeoff

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General Motors is taking its hydrogen fuel cell technology to the sky.

GM and Liebherr-Aerospace, an on-board aircraft system supplier, have partnered to develop ways to use hydrogen fuel cell power generation on an aircraft.

Yes, that means one day hydrogen fuel cells could propel a commercial jet.

But before that happens, the technology ...Read more

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CDC's travel warning for cruise ships eases, COVID-19 risk high for unvaccinated

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lowered its travel warning for cruise ships Wednesday, recommending only unvaccinated passengers avoid cruise travel.

The COVID-19 risk for unvaccinated passengers on cruise ships is now set at Level 3, the second highest, down from Level 4. Previously, the CDC recommended all passengers avoid...Read more


The vexing tech challenge of fighting ransomware: A battle of milliseconds

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115 milliseconds.

As quick as a blink, that’s the amount of time a new technology — developed by researchers from Australia’s national science agency and a university in South Korea — takes to detect that ransomware has detonated on a computer and block it from causing further damage.

The finding seeks to address a vexing challenge ...Read more