General Motors to exit Australia, New Zealand and Thailand in cost-cutting move

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General Motors is exiting Australia, New Zealand and Thailand to save costs in the underperforming markets and better hone its focus on growth markets as well as on its electric vehicle and self-driving car strategies.

As a result, GM said it expects to incur net cash charges of $300 million and to record total cash and noncash charges of $1.1 ...Read more

From toys to Teslas, China's coronavirus disrupts flow of global business

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Like many other American staples and luxuries, L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are made in China. Chatsworth-based MGA Entertainment has them manufactured in Guangdong province, trucked to the port in Yantian Harbor, loaded on ships and brought to the United States, where the popular toys are distributed to retailers and scooped up by eager children. The...Read more

Italy says it has won a reprieve from US food tariff hikes on Parmigiano cheese and wine

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Following up on a Feb. 6 rally of Italian food importers at his Gran Caffe' l'Aquila in Philadelphia, Riccardo Longo says he's delighted by last weekend's statement from Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio that the U.S. has decided not to expand import taxes.

Since last year those tariffs have added 25% to the price of genuine Parmigiano-...Read more

Work temporarily halted at new German Tesla site after court order

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POTSDAM, Germany -- Efforts by electric car manufacturer Tesla to raze a large forest in Germany to make way for a planned factory were brought to a sudden halt over the weekend by a court order following a complaint by environmentalists.

Felling machines had begun an operation to clear 92 hectares (about 2.5 acres) of mostly pine forest in ...Read more

Box office: 'Sonic the Hedgehog' breaks record for video game adaptation

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LOS ANGELES -- In a weekend bookended by two holidays -- Valentine's Day on Friday and Monday's Presidents Day -- the box office enjoyed an increasingly rare slate of three (out of four) new releases landing among the top five.

Paramount's "Sonic the Hedgehog" premiered in first place with $57 million and a projected $68 million through the ...Read more

Some flyers buy 'carbon offsets' to atone for airline climate sins. But does that do any good?

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Having grown up with parents who encouraged recycling, Jenny Beightol has always been aware of her environmental impact. She doesn't own a car, and bikes or takes public transportation to get around town.

But the 32-year-old Chicagoan sometimes likes to travel to places like Mexico. This has led to soul searching, because scientists say that ...Read more

States adopt 'bring baby to work' plans but lag on paid leave

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BARRE, Vt. -- Courtney O'Brien's tiny office at the Vermont Department of Transportation building a few miles from the state capital city of Montpelier looks like a mashup between a nursery and a workspace.

That's because it is.

On a recent weekday morning, O'Brien, 29, clicked a computer keyboard with one hand while cradling her 4-month-old ...Read more

Trump administration raises tariffs to 15% on EU aircraft; booze and wine tariffs to stay at 25%

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. said Friday it will increase the tariff rate imposed on aircraft imported from the European Union to 15% from 10% on March 18.

The move is part of a long-running spat in which the U.S. has sought to penalize the EU for offering illegal subsidies to Airbus SE that harmed American aircraft maker Boeing Co.

The U.S. trade ...Read more

Pension agency questions actions of McClatchy's largest lender prior to bankruptcy filing

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NEW YORK -- Bankruptcy proceedings for McClatchy Co. started Friday with a key government agency saying it opposed quick resolution of pension matters because of concerns about a 2018 transaction between the local news company and its largest creditor, Chatham Asset Management.

Ahead of the opening bankruptcy petition hearing, the Pension ...Read more

Amazon flies Pan-African flag as signal of support, commitment to improve its diversity

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SEATTLE -- An enormous red, black and green Pan-African flag billowed in the breezeway between two Amazon Seattle headquarters buildings Thursday, a signal, company leaders said, of the commerce giant's recognition of diversity and commitment to improvement.

"Black history is too often smoothed over in U.S. history books and in U.S. education, ...Read more

Delta announces $1 billion plan to reduce carbon emissions

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ATLANTA -- Delta Air Lines announced it plans to spend $1 billion over 10 years to mitigate its carbon emissions globally, part of its goal to eventually become carbon neutral.

But it stopped short of saying how much it would reduce emissions this decade, or when it hopes to become neutral.

Atlanta-based Delta said the investments will include...Read more

In surprise move, Boeing and engineering union agree on new, extended contract proposal

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SEATTLE -- After starting talks to work out problems with their existing contract, leaders of the engineering union at Boeing and company management reached a surprising outcome: They've agreed on a new contract that would extend to 2026, four years beyond the end of the current labor agreement.

The board of SPEEA, the Society of Professional ...Read more

Michael Hiltzik: Trump loses in court again on work rules for Medicaid

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President Trump's effort to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients suffered another blow Friday with a harshly worded rejection by a federal appeals court in Washington.

The three-judge panel unanimously rejected the approval by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar of a Medicaid work requirement in Arkansas, deriding Azar's ...Read more

Federal judge rips Bay Area delivery firm DoorDash: 'This hypocrisy will not be blessed'

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A Bay Area federal judge has mocked and slammed gig-economy meal-delivery firm DoorDash, after thousands of its workers joined together to weaponize a controversial labor-control tactic used by the company and many Silicon Valley technology businesses.

In a scathing ruling, Judge William Alsup issued an order that compels DoorDash to abide by ...Read more

Under the Hood: Keep those headlight lenses clean!

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Q: Regarding my 2000 Acura model TL, I've been told my front light shields need cleaning. I am wondering what you would recommend for improving nighttime safety. I could clean them myself, but I was told that is hard work and I'm in my 80s. The car-wash does cleaning at $89. I am hoping there is an easier/lower cost solution. Do you know if ...Read more

Cheap gas imperils climate fight by undercutting wind and solar

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NEW YORK -- This will almost certainly be a record-breaking year for the advance of solar and wind power across the U.S. The additions that are in progress or planned are significant enough to boost hopes for emissions-free electrical grids within a generation -- if natural gas doesn't get in the way.

It just may. Gas is such a bargain that it'...Read more

Milk makers, desperate to win back America, ask, 'Want a cookie?'

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SEATTLE -- If you give Americans a cookie, will they finally start buying milk again?

Dairy producers are betting on it. Facing an unprecedented and protracted slump in demand, the industry is coming up with all sorts of innovations. That includes new flavors like wild blueberry, dips like fiesta sour cream, new packaging and, sometime next ...Read more

Qualcomm makes case before Ninth Circuit panel to reverse monopoly judgment

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Qualcomm seemed to get a sympathetic ear Thursday from a panel of U.S. Ninth Circuit Court judges hearing the San Diego company's appeal of last year's verdict that it violated anti-monopoly laws.

During oral arguments in San Francisco, the three-judge panel asked questions that appeared skeptical of some of the legal underpinnings of the lower...Read more

Chinese company Huawei's Silicon Valley outpost allegedly stole trade secrets from Cisco

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Controversial Chinese technology firm Huawei and its Santa Clara-based subsidiary Futurewei allegedly stole trade secrets from San Jose tech giant Cisco and used them to copy Cisco routers, a federal indictment released Thursday indicates.

The U.S. Department of Justice claimed in its racketeering indictment and a news release that Huawei -- ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: $32 trillion for 'Medicare for all'? It's a bargain

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Democrats have done a miserable job selling "Medicare for all" to the American people.

They're adept at highlighting the myriad problems with our healthcare system -- the high costs, the millions uninsured, the financial devastation of getting sick.

But when it comes to solutions, most of the Democratic presidential candidates offer vague ...Read more