Trump Tower Moscow sought funds from ex-con's sanctioned lender

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As the Trump Organization pursued a licensing deal for the planned Trump Tower Moscow, former Donald Trump associate Felix Sater pushed in December 2015 to organize a visit to Russia to advance the project.

Sater told Trump's then-lawyer Michael Cohen he had the ear of Russia's second-biggest bank, state-owned VTB Group, to discuss financing ...Read more

What you need to know about the fight between Hollywood writers and their agents

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You're fired! That's what Hollywood scribes recently told the people who are supposed to find them work. Tensions between writers and their agents have been building for years and have finally boiled over. The conflict has pitted the Writers Guild of America, which has about 13,000 members, against the Association of Talent Agents, a trade group...Read more

JetBlue's low-cost London flights could put pressure on Delta, American and United

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The hugely popular air routes between the U.S. and Europe are dominated by the biggest U.S. airlines, which partner with international carriers to fly travelers to other parts of the world.

Icelandic carrier Wow Air tried to undermine the status quo with dirt-cheap flights across the Atlantic Ocean. It shut down abruptly last month.

Norwegian ...Read more

Econometer: Should Netflix be worried about Disney+?

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The Walt Disney Co. is betting big on streaming with its new Disney+ service featuring new movies, as well as new spinoff TV shows from its "Avengers" and "Star Wars" franchises. It shocked many in the entertainment industry with a low $6.99 fee. That compares to $10.99 to $12.99 a month for Netflix (the $12.99 version is the most popular). ...Read more

Consumer Confidential: CFPB head, charged with protecting consumers, says people need 'to help themselves'

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After becoming head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau -- a job for which she had little if any relevant experience -- Kathleen Kraninger went on what she called a three-month "listening tour" to learn how best to safeguard the public from greedy banks, credit-card companies and lenders.

This week she revealed what she'd learned.

...Read more

With IPO on the way, Uber scores $1B investment for self-driving group

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Unlike many companies that are in the run-up to going public, Uber is not staying quiet.

Late Thursday, the ride-hailing giant announced it has named Eric Meyhofer as chief executive of its Advanced Technologies Group -- Uber's self-driving car development division -- and it has taken in $1 billion in new investment in the group.

The latest ...Read more

In a bind, Musk hopes autonomous Tesla taxis will drive a new, positive narrative

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Elon Musk is in a bind -- perhaps the tightest bind of his business career.

Demand for Tesla cars appears to have stalled. Stores are being closed. Inventory is piling up. Prices are being cut.

Panasonic, the company's closest business partner, abandoned plans to expand operations at Tesla's giant battery factory in Nevada unless car sales ...Read more

Sears hoping DieHard can power sales of everything from garden tools to camping gear

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Sears has boasted its DieHard batteries can start a car after being baked in an oven, frozen in ice, shot with a rifle or stranded for months on a frozen lake.

The latest test: whether DieHard can also power Sears' business by putting the brand on everything from lawn and garden products to camping gear.

The retailer, trying to move forward ...Read more

Renter boom: Apartments filling up faster in Seattle area than anywhere in the US

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The Seattle area is filling up new apartments faster than any region in the country, suggesting demand for housing is starting to catch up with the record construction boom -- not a great sign for tenants hoping landlords get desperate and drop rents.

The new figures offer fresh insight into the years-long, multibillion-dollar experiment being ...Read more

Cafe X COO talks 'the right moment' for robot baristas

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As chief operating officer of a company that makes robot baristas, Cynthia Yeung is well aware that some people may view her as the villain who wants to replace human workers. But Yeung believes robots can make a worker's job better, not worse.

Yeung spends a lot of time thinking about how her company can "set the tone" and be "responsible ...Read more

Maryland is set to become the first state to go foam-free. What will it cost?

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About 115,000 polystyrene foam cups and carry-out containers washed down Baltimore's Jones Falls last year -- but that's only an estimate, because so many of them are reduced to fragments and tiny pellets by the time they float into the Inner Harbor.

One of the most common plastics, the foam is an intractable pollutant. It's ubiquitous but ...Read more

The once fast-rising studio behind 'Hunger Games' is looking to rebound after a string of box office flops

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Joe Drake, the chairman of Lionsgate's motion picture group, stepped onto the Colosseum stage at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to pitch theater owners on what he called "our reimagined studio." Displayed on the screen behind Drake was the company's logo and a new slogan -- "A home for artists to thrive."

Drake's message at CinemaCon, the annual ...Read more

BMW M5 sedan is the Bryce Harper of cars — awesome but expensive

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2019 BMW M5 AWD: M is for motivated?

Price: $129,795. The M5 starts at $102,600. Add $3,000 for the M Driver's Package, $1,700 for Driving Assistance Plus, and $1,300 for 20-inch tires. Many, many more options outlined throughout.

Conventional wisdom: Car and Driver liked the "astounding acceleration, rediscovered involvement that doesn't ...Read more

Under the Hood: Examining powerful motors and range of a car

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Q: I've always heard that cars with higher horsepower engines get lower miles per tankful. The new electric cars seem quite powerful but have a limited range. Why don't the manufacturers use less powerful motors and thus extend the range of the vehicles.

-- JTB

A: There are quite a few variables regarding this assumption. A powerful sports car...Read more

Latest trends in MBA degrees: Shorter duration, more specialized and you can get one at Vanguard

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On a chilly evening last month Vanguard employees in Malvern, Pa., walked to a nearby building to take the full-time MBA class offered by Drexel's LeBow College of Business.

Men and woman in their 20s to their 40s come to class for three hours, twice a week, all on the company's dime. Apart from the Vanguard employees on site, some dial in from...Read more

The Week Ahead: Looking for lift

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With the world's best selling passenger plane grounded, Boeing needs to reassure investors in the week ahead that its financial outlook is clearing up.

The company is due to report first quarter financial results on Wednesday. Five days later it holds its annual shareholder meeting. What would have been celebrations of Boeing's unrivaled ...Read more

Larry Printz: The New York Auto Show: A true sign of spring

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NEW YORK -- There's something perfect about the timing of the New York International Auto Show, held annually at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. Opening to the public on Good Friday, its arrival coincides with the first vestiges of spring weather, which adds to the allure of the new sheetmetal the show brings with it. It's the last major ...Read more

Independent report finds Trump's new NAFTA would hit auto sector

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An independent government report on President Donald Trump's new North American trade deal estimates it will lead to higher car prices for U.S. consumers and a decline in auto sales even as it has a modest positive impact on the broader economy, undercutting one of the White House's key sales pitches for the agreement.

In its assessment of the ...Read more

Facebook, on Mueller Day, drops bad Instagram news in a month-old blog post

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While America was consumed with the partial release of an explosive report that has shaken the presidency and divided the nation, Facebook whispered some bad news: Millions of Instagram users' passwords were compromised in a data-security lapse.

This followed a massive security failure the company announced March 17, in which the passwords of ...Read more

Charlotte becomes the latest city where scooters are in, bikes are out

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Bike shares are out. Scooters are in.

That's the case for at least a few ride-share companies around Charlotte, N.C., including Lime, which has phased out its bright green bikes over the past several weeks.

Lime launched its dockless, GPS-enabled bikes in Charlotte in late 2017, as did other companies such as Ofo, Mobike and Spin. The next ...Read more

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