All is not lost when someone ends up behind bars -- especially if he or she is incarcerated in a North Carolina facility where Prison Fellowship teaches a course called Reentry Life Plan. Reentry teaches the benefits of a character foundation, a good, strong work ethic, relationship skills, goal-setting, a winning attitude, and so on.

Results: ...Read more

Misguided Loyalty

Years ago, high on the list of best-selling books was one by Dr. Bill Bennett entitled "The Death of Outrage." Bennett writes that nothing of moral misconduct seems to outrage us in our society today. I fully agree with him. We see words on bumper stickers and on the internet, and hear words on television and the radio that a few years ago were ...Read more

Know Where You Are Going

It's time for some good news, and the good news is that the young men and women who are enrolling in Florida A&M and going on to get their MBAs are supported not only by their parents and teachers, but also by corporations. Everyone involved stands to reap huge benefits.

This predominantly African American university, under the leadership of ...Read more

Let George Do It

The phrase "let George do it" has long been popular with Americans.

A few years ago, "George" was identified by many people as "legalized gambling." They honestly believed that if we would promote and legalize the lottery the profits could be used to educate our children. Unfortunately, since the lottery became popular, gambling addicts have ...Read more

We All Live in a Small Town

Chances are excellent that when you read the heading on this column, you thought to yourself, "Man, what's he talking about? I live in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles! That's not a small town!" You're right. However, in every big city there are lots of "small towns." The place you work, the neighborhood in which you live, the local church, etc....Read more

Slow Down For Better Results

Norman K. Augustine, former chairman of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, uses this little example to get our attention: "Management cannot adopt the attitude exhibited by a local bus service in rural England, whose drivers passed by long queues of would-be passengers with a smile and a wave of the hand. 'It is impossible for the drivers to keep ...Read more

Recession? What Recession?

His name is Clinton Leander. He's from Guyana, and he came to America in 1992. I met Mr. Leander in a hotel room in New York City, where I was speaking at a convention. My wife and I discovered we were missing two light bulbs, called for them and he responded. He was pleasant, personable, friendly, and our conversation was exciting. His dream ...Read more

The Whole Truth

Recently, our company was privileged to conduct a two-day "Born To Win" Seminar for the NBA, and the response was outstanding.

When I said we did a seminar for the NBA, I was telling the truth. However, chances are good you assumed I was speaking to the National Basketball Association. In short, I told a half-truth, which is far worse than a ...Read more

Those Valedictorians

An issue of Parade Magazine featured the results of a long-term study of 81 class valedictorians conducted by Professor Terry Denney of the University of Illinois.

His quest was to find out whether or not they succeeded. The answer is yes, they were successful, but as a group, the discovery was that they stand apart in how hard they work. He ...Read more

Message From an Olympian

Matt Ghaffari, an immigrant from Iran who won the Silver Medal in the 1996 Olympics and had been the U.S. national amateur wrestling champ for seven years, addressed our company and gave us some sound advice.

He reminded us that we awaken to an "opportunity" clock and not an "alarm" clock. He pointed out that the opportunity clock rings every ...Read more

Those Neurotransmitters

Psychiatrist Peter Marzuk, M.D., of Cornell University Medical College, did an interesting study concerning the suicide rate among pregnant women. He found that of the 315 New York City women who took their own lives between 1990 and 1993, only six were pregnant. He said that was about 70% less than you'd expect, given the city's pregnancy and ...Read more

Be Cool -- Stay In School

As a freshman in high school, Jason Summey had a dream of every one of his fellow students graduating with him, without a single dropout, so he launched his "Be Cool -- Stay In School" program. He's written a book by that title that gives over 100 reasons why kids should finish school. Members of his Dropout Patrol are committed to helping their...Read more

Disability or Different Ability?

Forty-eight-year-old mentally challenged Hank Nichols has found a warm welcome at St. Francis Episcopal Church. The church is Franciscan spiritually and "takes in everybody." An article by Mary A. Jacobs published in The Dallas Morning News spotlighting Hank quotes Elise Mitchell, a member there: "Among people with disabilities, I think those ...Read more


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