The Half-Second Difference

Several years ago, the Big Ten Football Conference did a study on the difference between winning football teams and losing teams. It studied all factors: the quality of the facility, the equipment used, the extent of training and recruiting efforts. It studied the sizes and speeds of the athletes and a host of other things.

The bottom line was ...Read more

Instant Wealth

According to an article in the Aug. 29, 1996, issue of the Houston Chronicle, in 1980, William "Bud" Post won the Pennsylvania lottery jackpot of $16.2 million. On Sept. 26, 1996, he auctioned off the remaining $4.9 million of his winnings to get out of debt and kiss his bad luck goodbye. Post told bankruptcy judge Judith Fitzgerald, "I want to ...Read more

'I Done it For Love'

Margaret Baillargeon wrote the following story in Catholic Digest:

"Every family has favorite stories that are repeated each year at Christmastime. At our house, the one we will always remember occurred several years ago, when my brother Richard was 7 years old.

"Richard was the second youngest of nine children. While he never lacked attention...Read more

Humbly Grateful or Gratefully Humble?

In a sermon, Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas points out that each person in his or her lifetime will cultivate either an attitude or spirit of thanksgiving, gratitude and thankfulness, or an attitude or life as a cynic, full of anger, bitterness and arrogance.

He expands on this by pointing out that a grateful child, by and ...Read more

The Steps to Happiness

From the Philippine Observer's June/July 1996 issue come these steps to being happy:

Happiness cannot be caused by someone else; it is not done to you or for you. Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is a result of effective living. Happiness is not a reward, it is a consequence. Suffering is not a punishment, it is a result.

Happy people are ...Read more

Let's Get Real

Several years ago, an article in Psychology Today pointed out that the typical 30-year-old American was 10 times as likely to become depressed as his father and 20 times as likely to be depressed as his grandfather. It also stated that 15% of those depressed individuals will commit suicide.

Those are frightening statistics, and the experts have...Read more

Dave Is Cooking Up More Than Hamburgers

Dave Thomas, the orphan who grew up to become the founder of the Wendy's internationally famous hamburger chain, has divided his philosophy of life and success into four basic groups:

"Inward -- these have to do with getting your own act together successfully.

"Outward -- these are all about treating people right.

"Upward -- these are skills ...Read more

Free Time or Invested Time?

Listen in on virtually any conversation today, and eventually the subject of people being so busy they no longer have any time for themselves will come up. Unfortunately, most of the talkers and listeners honestly and sincerely believe that is true. However, according to Geoffrey Godbey, professor of leisure studies at Pennsylvania State ...Read more

Happiness is a Choice

The "Good Morning America" program that aired Jan. 21, 1997, had a fascinating visitor, science editor Dr. Michael Guillen, who shared some intriguing information concerning happiness.

He said there are some people today who are called "happyologists." They've compiled interesting information about what it takes to be happy. One person said it'...Read more

Patience in Parenting

If there is a genuine need to acquire a new talent, skill, or overcome an adversity, the effort we make will be much greater to do so. When we have the "gotta-do's" or "wanna-do's" big time, we uncover skills and abilities that otherwise would never see the light of day.

Anyone who has watched a baby contemplating taking his or her first step ...Read more

The Truth About Spanking

On a regular basis we are bombarded with opinions that spanking is archaic and cruel, and that it teaches kids to become abusers themselves. Sociologists who equate any form of corporal discipline with child abuse seem to concentrate their disapproval on the religious people who favor corporal discipline.

A study reported in The Dallas Morning ...Read more

It's the Law

A fascinating law was passed in Louisiana in 1999 requiring students from kindergarten through fifth grade to address their teachers as "Sir" or "Ma'am," or with the courtesy titles "Miss," "Mrs.," "Ms." or "Mr." Some of the teachers supported the measure as a tool for classroom discipline. Others opposed it as a waste of their limited teaching ...Read more

One Man's Garbage, Another Man's Gold

Michael Clark was laying carpet. When you put new carpet down, you take the old carpet up. I'm confident you already knew that. Michael was preparing to throw the old carpeting away when he noticed a plastic-wrapped package in the dumpster. Curiosity got the better of him, and he retrieved it. One quick glance revealed that it was a three-album ...Read more



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