Reading Is the Key

In 1994, I was invited to speak to a national convention in Nashville, Tenn., and I was picked up at the airport by a friendly limousine driver who had his 10-year-old granddaughter with him. It was "father/daughter" day, but the grandfather was playing father.

The little girl was pleasant and friendly, and I asked her what was the most ...Read more

Hugging at Home and Work

An Associated Press article points out that hugging has become corporate policy at Health Care & Retirement Corp. in Toledo, Ohio. The company sends every employee through an 11-hour training program to make certain the hugging is appropriate, properly done and not the result of one being physically attracted to a member of the opposite sex.

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Good News -- You Can Change!

In the worlds of education, athletics, business, government, etc., it's recognized that a person's attitude is often the determining factor in how well they do. In the business world, the dominant factor of successful employees identified by employers was attitude.

Unfortunately, there are more people with a negative rather than a positive ...Read more

Friendly People

Recently while in Tyler, Texas, my wife and I entered the Red Lobster restaurant and were pleasantly greeted by Tawanna, the young hostess who led us to a booth. Highlight No. 1.

After a brief moment, Stella, a "transplant" for New York who has been with Red Lobster for 10 years, engaged my wife in a pleasant and friendly conversation. ...Read more

Compassion and Cooperation

The largest seminary in the world is Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

However, there were some rough roads to be traveled along the way. During the depression years of the 1930s, the seminary had to cut faculty salaries by 10 percent. Music teachers had no salary, but survived by charging students for music ...Read more

It Ain't Funny

When I was a youngster, movies often depicted drunks as being hilariously funny. All too often -- then and now -- they depict drinking as a humorous and harmless social habit to acquire.

Unfortunately, the public presentations of alcohol, particularly in the beer and wine commercials today, lead us to believe it truly is "the good life." ...Read more

Opportunity Dressed as Disaster

For years, the optimist has maintained that in every difficulty there is an equal or greater opportunity, for every trial there is a reward and for every downbeat there is an upbeat. I happen to belong to that school of thought.

Our movies and TV screens have familiarized us with the fact that sheep-herders and cattle-tenders are not exactly "...Read more

The Many Attitudes of Life

Let's look at five life attitudes. First is self-esteem. That's the way you feel about yourself. That feeling of your own worth influences every facet of your life. The quickest, most sensible way to feel good about yourself without going on an "ego trip" is to do something you are proud of.

The second attitude is love, which is your attitude ...Read more

The Pains and Delights of Having Birthdays

As a "junior senior citizen," I frequently encounter some real delights at being a member of the fastest growing segment of our society. Since I'm 70, I've actually had enough birthdays to be classified as a full-fledged senior citizen, but I have a wrong "attitude," according to the way people generally think about senior citizens.

For example...Read more

Suggestions for Salespeople

Arthur Priebe, one of the great insurance salesmen, counsels his colleagues suffering from the common affliction of "doorknob phobia" to hold a debate with themselves.

"Where am I? In the hall."

"Where do I want to be? In that man's office."

"What will happen if I go inside? The worst that could happen is I'll be thrown back into the hall."

...Read more

A Time for Optimism -- and Hard Work

In a 1996 speech, Jack Kemp pointed out that nearly a hundred years before, we had started the 20th century with an air of boundless confidence and enthusiasm. Fourteen years after that, the world was at war and over 5 million men -- or over 5,600 a day for five years -- paid the ultimate price.

The horror of World War I led to protectionism ...Read more

Don't Knock Yourself Out

Much to the dismay of my wife, I am a boxing fan. Yes, I recognize that it is cruel. The prime objective is to inflict hurt and even injury on the opponent. But there is something compelling about it, and as a matter of fact, I boxed a couple of years when I was in school.

Whether you are a fan or not, chances are good you probably admire a ...Read more



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