Decisions in Giving

I quote with permission from a letter he sent to his grandchildren my friend, Charlie "Tremendous" Jones:

On giving: "Never give to get, give because you have received. Giving is like a muscle. To be strong, you have to exercise it, and to grow as a person, giving is the exercise. You can't really enjoy anything without sharing it. This ...Read more

It Was a Privilege

Recently, I was a member of a TV audience on a program that dealt with solving some of the problems in our society today. The open forum featured extraordinary football coaches D. W. Rutledge and Dennis Parker. A third participant was Dallas Police Chief Ben Click, and the fourth was a former minister/educator Rev. Russell White.

From the ...Read more

A New Foundation

The Dallas Morning News published information concerning the Living To Change Lives Foundation, which was established by Mrs. Juanell Teague to put character-based courses in our educational structure. The tragic shootings in several of our schools in recent months, primarily by fellow students, combined with declining academic performance, ...Read more

Being of Service -- It Works for Man and Dog

My daughter, Cindy, was observing therapy dogs at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas, Texas, in anticipation of doing volunteer work with her golden retriever, Emmitt, when she met an inspiring man named Rick Cox. Rick's determination and progress in the face of Guillian-Barre Syndrome, a disease that attacked the myelin sheath ...Read more


All is not lost when someone ends up behind bars -- especially if he or she is incarcerated in a North Carolina facility where Prison Fellowship teaches a course called Reentry Life Plan. Reentry teaches the benefits of a character foundation, a good, strong work ethic, relationship skills, goal-setting, a winning attitude, and so on.

Results: ...Read more

Misguided Loyalty

Years ago, high on the list of best-selling books was one by Dr. Bill Bennett entitled "The Death of Outrage." Bennett writes that nothing of moral misconduct seems to outrage us in our society today. I fully agree with him. We see words on bumper stickers and on the internet, and hear words on television and the radio that a few years ago were ...Read more

Know Where You Are Going

It's time for some good news, and the good news is that the young men and women who are enrolling in Florida A&M and going on to get their MBAs are supported not only by their parents and teachers, but also by corporations. Everyone involved stands to reap huge benefits.

This predominantly African American university, under the leadership of ...Read more

Let George Do It

The phrase "let George do it" has long been popular with Americans.

A few years ago, "George" was identified by many people as "legalized gambling." They honestly believed that if we would promote and legalize the lottery the profits could be used to educate our children. Unfortunately, since the lottery became popular, gambling addicts have ...Read more

Slow Down For Better Results

Norman K. Augustine, former chairman of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, uses this little example to get our attention: "Management cannot adopt the attitude exhibited by a local bus service in rural England, whose drivers passed by long queues of would-be passengers with a smile and a wave of the hand. 'It is impossible for the drivers to keep ...Read more



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