Kids Cost Money

Kids cost money. So what else is new? We know kids are expensive -- but just how expensive was reported by The Associated Press in The Dallas Morning News. The study involved 12,850 two-parent households and 3,395 single-parent households. Housing, at $49,710, took the biggest chunk, while food came to $26,130, followed closely by transportation...Read more

Laugh, Cry or Do Something

We've all used the phrase, "I didn't know whether to laugh or cry." To this, I will add there is a third option, and that is to do something about it.

According to Paul Craig Roberts, an economist formerly with the Cato Institute, the Washington, D.C., Rescue Service has an employee who is a carrier of hepatitis B, an infectious disease. The ...Read more

'Dennis the Menace'

I'll confess that "Dennis The Menace" is my favorite philosopher. Of all of the comic-strip characters, Dennis fills a need in my life -- namely, to be forced to think and encouraged to laugh.

A couple of years ago, a "Dennis" cartoon portrayed what many people would describe as a vivid picture of grace, which, Biblically speaking, is "the ...Read more

Eating For Success

Larry Bleiberg, who formerly wrote about education and the Dallas Independent School District for The Dallas Morning News, said a survey showed that teenagers who regularly share meals with their families are three times more likely to say their home life is happy and close most of the time than teens who do not have meals with their families.

...Read more

Unlearning What We Learned

Good News: Anything we have learned can be unlearned. If we've been taught to lie, cheat and steal, we can unlearn those behaviors and learn how to be honest and dependable.

That's important because more than a fourth of the students in some of our nation's best colleges admit to having cheated on tests. Research by Professor Don McCabe of ...Read more

Do Something Different

Marriage can be fun. That doesn't mean it's a comedy at all times, but there should be some delight and joy in a marriage. Unfortunately, too many people consider marriage a sentence to be served instead of an experience to be enjoyed.

On Mother's Day, I received a beautiful tie from my wife. Undoubtedly, you just thought, "The husband receives...Read more

There Are Some Moral Absolutes

Some things are just flat wrong, and some are absolutely right.

In this age of "relativity," many people suffer from the illusion that tolerance and relativity are the ways to go. Dr. Josh McDowell says that his surveys and studies show that our children's views about truth make a difference in their behavior.

His data prove that when our ...Read more

Dads Matter

An article by Tamara Henry in an issue of USA Today is exciting and very revealing. She reported on a study by the Education Department which reveals that children are more likely to get A's and less likely to repeat a grade or be expelled if their father is highly involved in their school. This is true whether the father lives with their ...Read more

Tough Courses Produce Successful Kids

Recently, the U.S. Department of Education released a report that reveals some fascinating, but not surprising, statistical data. Findings clearly showed that high school students who take algebra, geometry and the more difficult math courses are far more likely to be successful in college and in the work force.

This is true regardless of ...Read more

His Motivation Was Love

At 6 feet, 2 inches and 275 pounds, Daniel Huffman was the co-captain and a star defensive tackle on his Rossville, Illinois, high school football team. His dream was to be a "football hero" at Florida State University, but something entered the picture, which forever changed his possibility of playing in college or later in the National ...Read more

From Welfare to 'Franny'

Eva Young teaches us some lessons in commitment, hard work and determination in her efforts to leave her children a legacy other than welfare.

She's "been there and done that." As a child, welfare ruled her life, and she knew she had to get out. When she became an adult, Young shed her dependency on the state. But as a divorced mother of three ...Read more

Perfect Can't Be Improved Upon

Feb. 3, 1997, was a memorable day for Jeremey Sonnenfeld because this sophomore bowler from the University of Nebraska bowled three consecutive 300-point tournament games. He became the first person in history to do so.

In the future, others could equal that score, but no one will exceed it, as there are only three games in a "set." Earlier, ...Read more

Those 'At-Risk' Kids

Several years ago, Carl Hugebeck was teaching a course in character education in Bastrop, Texas, with outstanding results. Carl wrote me a letter explaining, "These kids are 'at-risk,' so I reminded them that because they live in America, lifelong education and self-improvement are possibilities, and they can make them a reality."

He pointed ...Read more


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