Just Add a Zero

Ben Feldman is arguably the greatest life insurance salesperson of all time. In his career, he sold more insurance than some companies do. He struggled to get started, however, and had difficulty selling a $5,000 policy.

Over the years, he started thinking that if instead of a $5,000 policy he could just add one zero to it, it would really take...Read more

Friendly People

Recently while in Tyler, Texas, my wife and I entered the Red Lobster restaurant and were pleasantly greeted by Tawanna, the young hostess who led us to a booth. Highlight No. 1.

After a brief moment, Stella, a "transplant" for New York who has been with Red Lobster for 10 years, engaged my wife in a pleasant and friendly conversation. ...Read more

A Cup of Yogurt

Recently, I was in Sacramento, California, and had an hour's delay before my flight left. I walked over to the TCBY yogurt stand and ordered my favorite concoction, a mixture of the white chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries. As the lady was preparing it, I was impressed with her complete thoroughness. When she presented me with the yogurt, ...Read more

What Have I Learned?

Chuck Burck runs an upbeat burger place that caters to people of all ages. The following is a compilation of some of the things he has learned from others of all ages:

"If someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it." (Age 39)

"Even when I have pains, I don't have to be one." (Age 82)

"Motel mattresses ...Read more

Leadership -- Not Money -- Is the Answer

Several years ago, one of the news programs detailed a school in Kansas City that had swimming pools, fabulous gymnasiums, magnificent classrooms, well-lighted hallways -- in short, everything educators have always dreamed schools should have to make certain the students excel. The Martin Luther King school, also in Kansas City, was painted and ...Read more

From Homeless to Home Provider

Lynn Carr was at one time a homeless woman. Today, in 1998, she's the owner and operator of Twainland Cheesecake Company and Cafe. In 1994, she opened her business, and today, she has 14 employees who make dozens of different kinds of cheesecakes.

Her desserts are fast becoming a tourist attraction in Hannibal, Missouri, Mark Twain's boyhood ...Read more

It Ain't Funny

When I was a youngster, movies often depicted drunks as being hilariously funny. All too often -- then and now -- they depict drinking as a humorous and harmless social habit to acquire.

Unfortunately, the public presentations of alcohol, particularly in the beer and wine commercials today, lead us to believe it truly is "the good life." ...Read more

Teaching by Parable

The parable has always been my favorite method of teaching. The reason is simple: People remember the story, and when they remember the story, they remember the lesson the story provided. As an example, the greatest storyteller of all time, the carpenter from Galilee, told parable after parable. Incidentally, two-thirds of them had to do with ...Read more

Hugging at Home and at Work

An Associated Press article points out that hugging has become corporate policy at Health Care & Retirement Corp. in Toledo, Ohio. The company sends every employee through an 11-hour training program to make certain the hugging is appropriate, properly done and not the result of one being physically attracted to a member of the opposite sex.

...Read more

No Such Thing as a 'Little' Sale

On our 25th wedding anniversary, my wife gave me some beautiful diamond cuff links. Unfortunately, I could not find French cuff shirts in Dallas.

On a speaking engagement in Burlington, Iowa, I was told of a store in Fort Madison run by Doyle Hoyer. The next day, I asked Doyle if he had any French cuff shirts, and he said no, but he would order...Read more

Kids Cost Money

Kids cost money. So what else is new? We know kids are expensive -- but just how expensive was reported by The Associated Press in The Dallas Morning News. The study involved 12,850 two-parent households and 3,395 single-parent households. Housing, at $49,710, took the biggest chunk, while food came to $26,130, followed closely by transportation...Read more

Laugh, Cry or Do Something

We've all used the phrase, "I didn't know whether to laugh or cry." To this, I will add there is a third option, and that is to do something about it.

According to Paul Craig Roberts, an economist formerly with the Cato Institute, the Washington, D.C., Rescue Service has an employee who is a carrier of hepatitis B, an infectious disease. The ...Read more

'Dennis the Menace'

I'll confess that "Dennis The Menace" is my favorite philosopher. Of all of the comic-strip characters, Dennis fills a need in my life -- namely, to be forced to think and encouraged to laugh.

A couple of years ago, a "Dennis" cartoon portrayed what many people would describe as a vivid picture of grace, which, Biblically speaking, is "the ...Read more


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