The Three C's

According to Norman Shidle, a group becomes a team when the members are sure enough of themselves and their contribution that they can praise the skill, abilities and contributions of others. When you're comfortable with yourself, fear and prejudice go right out the window and you become an individual who knows the three C's of life: A person of...Read more

You're Not Lost -- You Just Need Directions

One day, a traveler in a remote country town, convinced that he was on the wrong road, came to a halt in a village. Calling one of the villagers to the car window, he said: "Friend, I need help. I'm lost."

The villager looked at him for a moment. "Do you know where you are?" he asked. "Yes," said the traveler. "I saw the name of your town as I ...Read more

Does All That Positive-Thinking Stuff Work?

James Bostick was 6 years old, had an intense dislike for school, did not like his teacher and was making poor grades. He cried at night, didn't want to go to school and complained of nightmares, and parent-teacher conferences were regular events for his mother, Laura. Every morning, James would beg, "Mama, can't I please stay home today?"

In ...Read more

What Kids Need to Know

Our company has a course called "I CAN," which teaches commitment, honesty, enthusiasm, responsibility, the right mental attitude and other positive characteristics. Charlie Pfluger, an assistant principal from an inner-city school in Indianapolis, Ind., attended one of our seminars and recognized the benefits that would come to his school if ...Read more

Willful Waste Makes Woeful Want

As a child of the Depression and with six of us too young to work when our dad died, we had to be penny-conscious in everything we did. My mother was one of the wisest people I've ever known, though she had a very limited education. She had the capacity to make excellent decisions, and she raised her children on her little "sermonettes." We ...Read more

Keep On Reading

In our high-tech society today, too many people are relying on technology to meet all of their educational and personal growth needs. They believe all they need to do is press those buttons and they've got the answers to everything.

There is much that can be said about the benefits of the electronic age, but the computer between our ears is ...Read more

Opportunity Dressed as Disaster

For years, the optimist has maintained that in every difficulty there is an equal or greater opportunity, for every trial there is a reward and for every downbeat there is an upbeat. I happen to belong to that school of thought.

Our movies and TV screens have familiarized us with the fact that sheep-herders and cattle-tenders are not exactly "...Read more

Running a Profitable Business

According to a recent article in Fortune magazine, for nine years, Merck and Co. was voted the most desirable company in America to work for. Merck and Co. did a study and found it cost 1.5 year's salary to replace a worker who resigned or was discharged. This includes the cost of running recruitment ads, training the new employee and bringing ...Read more

The Whole Truth

Recently, our company was privileged to conduct a two-day "Born To Win" Seminar for the NBA, and the response was outstanding.

When I said we did a seminar for the NBA, I was telling the truth. However, chances are good you assumed I was speaking to the National Basketball Association. In short, I told a half-truth, which is far worse than a ...Read more

Those Valedictorians

An issue of Parade Magazine featured the results of a long-term study of 81 class valedictorians conducted by Professor Terry Denney of the University of Illinois.

His quest was to find out whether or not they succeeded. The answer is yes, they were successful, but as a group, the discovery was that they stand apart in how hard they work. He ...Read more

I Love the Daily Paper!

On a regular basis, I hear people state they no longer read the newspaper because it is so "negative." Surveys reveal that newspaper readership has steadily gone downhill for the last 30 years and the No. 1 reason is too much negativity.

Personally, I almost always read one local paper and one national paper every day. I like to keep up with ...Read more

Message From an Olympian

Matt Ghaffari, an immigrant from Iran who won the Silver Medal in the 1996 Olympics and had been the U.S. national amateur wrestling champ for seven years, addressed our company and gave us some sound advice.

He reminded us that we awaken to an "opportunity" clock and not an "alarm" clock. He pointed out that the opportunity clock rings every...Read more

Those Neurotransmitters

Psychiatrist Peter Marzuk, M.D., of Cornell University Medical College, did an interesting study concerning the suicide rate among pregnant women. He found that of the 315 New York City women who took their own lives between 1990 and 1993, only six were pregnant. He said that was about seventy percent fewer than you'd expect, given the city's ...Read more


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