Christmas Music and the Socialist Agenda

It was with some dismay (but not surprise) that I read recently about a Cleveland radio station's decision to ban the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" from its holiday playlist. You knew this was coming, right?

OK, I admit I always found the song a little creepy. When you get right down to it, it's about a guy trying to persuade his date to -- ...Read more

Building a Successful Authorized Rep Program

"My wife and I have started a line of all-natural cosmetics. We launched our website a while back, and have received several inquiries from customers who love our products so much they want to become sales representatives for us.

"Both of our mothers were 'Avon ladies' when we were children so we know a little bit about how this works. What ...Read more

Dealing With a Nonsolicitation Agreement

"I was laid off from a corporate job after 10 years as a sales and marketing executive, and am thinking of striking out on my own as a marketing consultant for large corporations. There's just one problem (well, maybe two).

"The good news is that my employment agreement with my former employer does not contain any sort of 'noncompete' clause ...Read more

When Selling Your Business, Watch out for Client Attrition

"I am a podiatrist with a fairly large practice in a large Midwestern city. My wife and I have decided to move south to Florida to be closer to our grandchildren. I have found a younger podiatrist who wants to take over my practice, but I'm not sure exactly how to put the deal together with him. Any suggestions?"

You have obviously worked ...Read more

Give Me a Perfect Life ... or I'll Kill You!

Is it just me, or are people getting awfully touchy these days?

Within the past week, I have received calls from three consultants and other professionals who had received phone calls from their clients screaming and threatening lawsuits for things the consultants absolutely weren't responsible for. Without getting into specifics, here's what...Read more

What Lawyers Won't Do to Help Your Business

"I hired an attorney a couple of weeks ago to help me prepare and negotiate a couple of contracts for my business. He's done a good job so far, and his fees are fairly reasonable. But whenever I ask him for help with the business discussions and negotiations, he tells me that that's not his job. He says that I am ultimately responsible for ...Read more

When You Find Yourself in a Gray Area

Twice a year, I host a program for the New York State Bar Association targeting young lawyers who are looking to set up solo law practices.

These people ask a million questions, and while there are clear answers to many of them, there are some that simply cannot be answered because there aren't clear legal precedents.

Believe it or not, as ...Read more

The 'Magnificent 7' Marketing Tools for Professionals

"I was laid off from a large law firm earlier this year. After several failed attempts to find a job with another large firm elsewhere in the country, I have decided to 'hang out my shingle' in my hometown and work out of my home office. Since I think you do pretty much the same thing as I want to do, do you have any good tips for marketing a ...Read more

How to Pay People When You Don't Have Any Money

"I just recently started a social media Website for people who share an interest in certain niche collectibles. I want people to contribute articles and other content to my Website, but right now I've spent all of my money on developing the Website and don't have any left over to pay people with.

"I am thinking about setting aside 20 percent ...Read more

To Skype, or Not to Skype: That Is the Question

"I am a licensed psychiatrist and relationship counselor. For the past few years I have been a successful blogger on the topic of dating, specifically online dating strategies for people over the age of 40.

"I have a fairly sizeable following on social media, and want to start a series of online webinars using Skype, the popular wireless ...Read more

Building Your Business, One Square At a Time

"I was laid off from a corporate management job last year. Having decided not to return to corporate America, I have decided to take what little remains of my severance package and buy a franchise. I've found a perfect franchise I can operate from my home office. I've visited the franchise's corporate offices, and I love the people. I've ...Read more

Moving a Company When You Can't Stay Put

"I'm an Army wife looking to start up a home-based graphics and web design business. I know I need to set things up legally -- and desperately want to, but my problem is our upcoming out of state move. My husband's been given orders to become a recruiter which means he'll be shipped off to Recruiter School soon and upon graduation in the ...Read more

The Right Way to Exit a Franchise

A lot of corporate executives who have been downsized, especially those in their 40s and 50s, are looking to buy franchises. Their thinking seems to go something like this:

--"My 401(k) has lost a ton of value, and there aren't any safe investments out there right now, so why not use at least some of what's left in my 401(k) to provide an ...Read more

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