Romanticizing Your Job

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When it comes to your job, there's one thing we can agree on: it isn't romantic.

Let's think in terms of movies. Your job is often a horror film, don't you agree? And, at times, it's science fiction. But is your job a romance or even a rom-com? I think not. There's way more com than rom.

And whose fault is it that your job lacks romance?

It...Read more

When Good Meetings Go Meh

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Chances are, you've been in a meh meeting.

I'm talking about a meeting with fuzzy goals, an aimless agenda and endless hours of meandering mumbles from knuckleheads who never should have been invited in the first place, yourself included.

You probably have your own list of reasons why good meetings go meh, but I'll bet there are two ...Read more

Your Phone Is Not Your Friend. Neither Is Your Brain.

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Despite what everyone thinks, you were born with a wonderful brain. Chock-full of neurons, dendrites, axons, lobes -- all sorts of cool stuff.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke -- NINDS to its friends -- your brain is your hardest-working organ. In fact, you could think of your brain as the James Brown ...Read more

Expecting a Salary Bump? You'll Need It!

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Missing your daily commute? I have good news. Commuting is back -- more annoying and more expensive than ever.

And that's true whether you commute by car, by bus or by train -- subway or choo-choo. (If you commute by skateboard, gas prices are not an issue. What is an issue are skyrocketing hospital costs, which you will inevitably incur when ...Read more

When Bad Meetings Happen to Good People

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Let's schedule a meeting.

Of course, before we have our meeting, we'll need to schedule a pre-meeting to discuss what we will discuss in our meeting. And we'd better schedule a follow-up meeting, as well, to discuss if we fully discussed what we agreed to discuss in our pre-meeting discussion.

Sound familiar?

It's called meeting hell, folks...Read more

Starting to Plan a Vacation? Stop!

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This is so "you."

Instead of using every second of your allotted vacation time, you plan to take the absolute minimum required to please your family, your partner and your labradoodle. Even when you are off, your email will be on, as will your cellphone and your laptop, not to mention the computer chip you've allowed your manager to implant ...Read more

Office Gossip Rides Again!

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By the time this column is published, this piece of juicy gossip will probably no longer be accurate.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are dating!

Fortunately, the level of truth in this tasty tidbit doesn't really matter. As essential as it is for you to spend oodles of time considering what well could be a momentarily conjunction of two ...Read more

It's Spring! Time to Declutter Your Career

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Spring has sprung, and so should you.

I'm serious. Time to spring up and clean up your messy career.

And it is messy. Disorganized. Borderline disgusting.

Where to start? Read "The 10 Best Things to Discard to 'Spring Clean' Your Career," an article by Amy Blaschka recently published on

I've had to declutter a couple of ...Read more

Taking a Vacation from Your Vacation

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It's bad news, I know, but, this year, you may actually have to go on vacation.

Leaving your comfy COVID-19 cave to plunk yourself down on some sandy beach or mountain aerie may be tolerable. More problematic are those entreaties to visit the old folks at home, which now may be impossible to refuse.

Fortunately, you still will have to work. ...Read more

An Empty Brain is a Happy Brain

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Winter is waning and spring is waxing. It's time to think about your brain. You may have been goofing off, but your poor brain has been working overtime.

Christina Caron can help. In "This Year, Try Spring Cleaning Your Brain," a recent article in The New York Times, Caron points out that "the arrival of spring can serve as a natural point to ...Read more

The Gutless Wonder's Guide to Success

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If you make career decisions using your brain, I have important advice.


In a difficult world full of impossible challenges, even a good brain is simply not sufficient. You need something more. You need your gut.

Or so I learned from "How to Stop Overthinking and Start Trusting Your Gut," a recent article by Melody Wilding in the ...Read more

Roiling the Royals at Work

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Think about it. You're born into an immensely rich family and given a high-paid job in the family business. You make millions every year, simply for showing up at work. And when you do show up, you get to wear fabulous outfits, festooned with jewels, or a fancy uniform, strewn with ribbons and medals. You also get to live in a castle, for which ...Read more

Positive News for the Negative

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What could be worse than someone constantly criticizing you?

What's worse is when that someone is you.

Yes, I'm talking about that voice in your head, sometimes whispering and sometimes screaming as it recites a litany of how much you do wrong and how little you do right.

Stifling that voice isn't easy. Or so I learned when I came across ...Read more



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