Honey, Who Shrank the Workweek?

Business / Bob Goldman /

Looking for a job that will let you work less and earn more?

Forget Facebook. Gambol past Google. The job you want isn't in Silicon Valley.

It's in Iceland.

Yes, the tiny island nation that gave us Bjork, fermented shark and puffin burgers has come up with the most revolutionary achievement in job satisfaction since the invention of the ...Read more

Your Toxic Job Hunt

Business / Bob Goldman /

In today's economy, it's not all that difficult to find a job.

What is difficult ... what takes time and effort ... is to find a job that's totally toxic.

And a totally toxic job is what you want.

With a toxic job, you never have to make excuses for screwing up. Whatever you do wrong -- or don't do at all -- it's clearly the company's fault...Read more

The Big Shutdown of 2021

Business / Bob Goldman /

If you're having a run of really awful Bumble dates, don't blame your bad luck, or your decision to use photos of Khloe Kardashian or Chris Hemsworth on your profile. It's not you, it's your app.

In the middle of June, the dating colossus shut down for a week. It was part of a company-sponsored program to reduce burnout among its badly ...Read more

Some Enchanted Lunch Hour

Business / Bob Goldman /

The old song is new again.

It won't be across a crowded room, but shuffling nervously through your workplace you may indeed meet a stranger. It's not a stranger, of course. The vaguely familiar humanoid is a co-worker, one of your closest and dearest comrades before COVID-19 struck and everyone headed for the hills. Now, coaxed or commanded, ...Read more

Quitters Without Jitters

Business / Bob Goldman /

Be honest now -- when was the last time you thought about quitting your job?

Was it two weeks ago, because that's when you were ordered to return to the office, or two minutes ago, because that's when you realized that, if you do go back, you'll never again get the chance to watch "Oprah"? Either way, you are not alone.

Ask the Economist ...Read more

I Want to Be Wanted

Business / Bob Goldman /

The worm has turned.

Companies large and small are looking for workers, and workers, large and small, are looking for reasons to return to the daily grind.

It's a situation we haven't experienced in a while -- the demand for employees to work in our restaurants, hotels, factories and offices exceeds the supply. No wonder our corporate ...Read more

Thank You for the Thank-You

Business / Bob Goldman /

If you are reading this column because you believe there is no better way to spend three precious minutes of your life, I want to thank you. If you're not reading this column because you believe it is far better to spend three precious minutes of your life hitting your big toe with a hammer, I want to thank you, as well.

Obviously, I think ...Read more

Fashion Tips for the Back-To-Worker

Business / Bob Goldman /

You're leaving your fortress of solitude and going back to the office. Wonderful! Soon you'll be seeing your co-workers again. And they'll be seeing you.

That might not be so wonderful.

Your post-pandemic body may not be what it was, but let's face the facts: It never really was what it was. And besides, in the highly evolved environment ...Read more

Hello Office, My Old Friend

Business / Bob Goldman /

The ability to travel back in time may be a long way off.

Until Elon Musk figures it out, you can pretty much enjoy the same "Back to the Future" experience by simply going back to your office.

But do make sure to wear your seat belt.

Walking past the dead ficus in the reception area and sitting down at your dusty desk can be a mind-bending...Read more

If Google Calls, Hang Up

Business / Bob Goldman /

Interested in a job at Google? Like the idea of a ginormous salary, hot and cold running stock options, and a free-for-all, all-you-can-eat cafeteria that would put a Smorgy Bob's to shame?

Well, count me out.

There was a time when such emollients would attract me, but those days are over.

It isn't me who has changed. It's Google.

Or so I ...Read more


Business / Bob Goldman /

It's time to face the music.

The elevator music, that is, which will soon be ringing in your ears as you climb on board for a fast trip back to reality.

That's right.

In the near future, you may be required to leave the cushy cave that has been your workplace during the really-not-so-bad nightmare of exclusively working from home. And ...Read more



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