The Hunted and the Hunters

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Which are you?

Networking guru Chris Fralic sees the world as divided between the Hunters and the Hunted. Hunters network because there's something they want -- money, introductions to people with money, introductions to people who can introduce them to other people with money.

The Hunted have what Hunters want, but they'd just as soon keep ...Read more

Blame It on the Amygdala

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Think it takes years of hard work to convince people that you are unlikeable, unreliable and generally untrustworthy? Think again. Meet the amydgala -- a fancy-shmancy hunk of brain matter that detects and delivers a neural spoiler within milliseconds.

That's what I learned in "The Mistakes You Make in a Meeting's First Milliseconds," a ...Read more

Anti-Social Media

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It's time to talk about your split personality.

You No. 1 is a dynamic go-getter whose high-powered career is full of accomplishments and challenges, successfully met. You No. 1 is also outgoing, well-connected and constantly engaged in activities that make everyone wish they could meet you.

You No. 2 is a dynamic leave-me-aloner whose low-...Read more

The Retirement Life

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Recently, it has come to our attention that there is more to work than work. There is also retirement.

Retirement is a quaint custom that used to be the rainbow's end of every worker's career path. In the good old days, after 40 or 50 years on the job, workers would receive a gold watch and a pension and live happily ever after.

(A "pension"...Read more

Work Less. Make More.

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Congratulations, thought leader.

You have once again proven yourself to be ahead of the curve and ahead of the crowd.

It's true.

It took University of California professor of management Morten T. Hanson decades of study to come up with his breakthrough idea, but you -- a tenured professor of mismanagement -- knew intuitively that the way to...Read more

Homework 101

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There is one good reason why you shouldn't work from home.

Unless you let a band of gypsies use your Kelvinator, you can't steal anybody else's lunch from the fridge. All the moldy tuna sandwiches available will be yours.

Other than that, there is no limit to the advantages of working from home.

There is no dress code. You can work in the ...Read more

When You and Your Work Are Not Working Out

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Ding-Dong! Ding-Dong!

That's the sound of the bell ringing in your head.

Yes, you frequently hear strange sounds at work: the rattle of chains, ghostly screams, not to mention the constant sniggering as you walk through the cube farm, but this bell is different. This is the bell that rings when you finally decide to throw off that cloak of ...Read more

Quit First. Ask Questions Later.

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Go ahead! Give yourself a pat on the back.

You should have quit your job on Day One, but instead you hung on. Through thick and thin, but mostly thin, you hung. Facing constant criticism, ridiculous ridicule, and a burning realization, deep in every single one of your 114 chakras, that of all the people in the world who could do your job, you...Read more

Happy New Job

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You've made your New Year's resolutions. Congrats!

Now, what are the odds you'll follow through with even one?

Remember your 2017 resolution to eat healthy? That went bust 350 Chalupa Supremes and 15 pounds ago. And don't forget your resolution to devote one day a week to charitable endeavors. That flopped big time -- unless you consider ...Read more

Yakety Yak

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Talk is cheap, or so they say.

According to Joanne S. Lublin, talk is expensive. Really expensive.

Of course, you remember Joann S. Lublin, the careers columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and the person whose job I would definitely have if the world made any sense at all.

"Talkaholics Sink Partnership, Presentations -- and Careers" is ...Read more

Home for the Holidays

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It's good to be home for the holidays, but if you're in your 20s or 30s, it may be far better to be far, far away.

Think Tahiti. Think Mozambique. Think St. Paul, Minnesota.

Yes, St. Paul, Minnesota.

St. Paul is not only an exotic destination, but it is also where Amy Lindgren, the owner of a local career consulting firm, writes the "...Read more

Too Good for My No-Good Job

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We all know the danger of being bad at your job, like having three burly HR people descend on your workstation to pack up your collection of Holly Hobbie dolls and throw you, Holly, and her BFFs, Amy and Heather, into the parking lot.

But what danger could possibly result from being too good at a job?

It's a question you are never asked.

...Read more

Smarty Pants

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Are you too smart for your job?

That's the question on the table, and seeing as you are under the table, as usual, your initial response may follow along the lines of the answer provided by Fredo Corleone in "The Godfather":

"I'm smart! Not like everybody says -- like, dumb! I'm smart, and I want respect!"

Too bad Fredo never met Jessica ...Read more

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