Curtain's Going Up. Will Your Second Act Be A Hit?

Business / Bob Goldman /

Hate to frighten you, but something awful is going to happen when you retire from your current job.

You're going to get another job.

Your next job may not be as terrible as the job to which you currently cling, but it's not the job you want, which is no job at all.

Blame it on the stock market. Blame it on inflation. Blame it on the bossa ...Read more

Your Meeting Has Been Canceled. Are You Next?

Business / Bob Goldman /

That meeting you've been dreading? It's been canceled. This is good news. Or is it?

There is nothing worse than a boring, useless, totally stupid meeting, where nothing is accomplished because there was no reason for the meeting in the first place other than to give your manager yet another opportunity to bloviate. But what if the cancellation ...Read more

Taking Friday Off Takes Off

Business / Bob Goldman /

Remember the good old days?

Remember when sneaking out of work a few minutes early on a Friday afternoon after a busy week and before a relaxing weekend was a risky proposition?

Some courageous employees actually left after lunch. Some left well before lunch, but those were the real masters of workplace deception, fearless souls who left ...Read more

Just Say No to RTO

Business / Bob Goldman /

It will happen to all of us. Sooner or later, you will be forced to leave your cozy COVID-19 cave and return to a normal work environment -- not that it was all that normal to begin with. This makes return to office (RTO to its friends) a very difficult transition.

At home, you can decide the level of chit and chat. You can also bar the door to...Read more

The Newbies Are Coming! The Newbies Are Coming!

Business / Bob Goldman /

Here's the thing about jobs.

Work too much and you'll be fine. Work too little and you'll be fine. Care too much and you'll be miserable, and so will everyone around you.

Such is the case with the unhappy employee who wrote to Alison Green, the workplace advice columnist for New York magazine.

"The new hires are driving me up the wall," the...Read more

Work Now, Get Paid Never

Business / Bob Goldman /

It's a law of nature.

Seven interviews make one weak.

But if you think that surviving seven interviews is going to get you hired, you're sadly mistaken. Consider, if you will, the experience of one disgruntled job seeker who took their dissatisfaction with a potential employer's extenuated hiring practices to Karla L. Miller, the workplace ...Read more

The Office Party Strikes Back!

Business / Bob Goldman /

Companies are doing everything they can to lure you back to the office.

They're not paying you more -- that would be wrong -- but managers will guilt you ("You never call. You never come in. After all I've done for you.") They will even go Mafia on you ("Your job is sleeping with the fishes.")

These attempts to lure you back are doomed to ...Read more

Happy at Work? That's Sad

Business / Bob Goldman /

Ever wonder why your managers never ask if you're happy?

It isn't because they don't care, though they probably don't. And it isn't because they don't have the time, because they definitely do. Nope, the real reason they don't ask is because they don't know how.

And how do I know they don't know? Because I read "How to Ask Whether an ...Read more

Romanticizing Your Job

Business / Bob Goldman /

When it comes to your job, there's one thing we can agree on: it isn't romantic.

Let's think in terms of movies. Your job is often a horror film, don't you agree? And, at times, it's science fiction. But is your job a romance or even a rom-com? I think not. There's way more com than rom.

And whose fault is it that your job lacks romance?

It...Read more

When Good Meetings Go Meh

Business / Bob Goldman /

Chances are, you've been in a meh meeting.

I'm talking about a meeting with fuzzy goals, an aimless agenda and endless hours of meandering mumbles from knuckleheads who never should have been invited in the first place, yourself included.

You probably have your own list of reasons why good meetings go meh, but I'll bet there are two ...Read more

Your Phone Is Not Your Friend. Neither Is Your Brain.

Business / Bob Goldman /

Despite what everyone thinks, you were born with a wonderful brain. Chock-full of neurons, dendrites, axons, lobes -- all sorts of cool stuff.

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke -- NINDS to its friends -- your brain is your hardest-working organ. In fact, you could think of your brain as the James Brown ...Read more



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