From Hired to Fired

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There are many articles with advice on how to get ahead in your career. What you need is advice on how to get ahead in your career when your career has hit the wall.

You may be surprised to learn that even people who work really hard to avoid working really hard can find themselves blindsided by termination, however warranted.

You've managed ...Read more

Losing Wait

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Applying for a new job? What's the worst that can happen?

Getting a flat and irreversible rejection is bad, yes, but what's even worse is the waiting. It may only be a matter of days, or weeks, or, in your case, minutes, but it's long enough to leave you twisting in the wind, wondering if you've gotten the job or not.

What makes the wait so ...Read more

Asleep at the Wheel

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Did I wake you?


I didn't expect you to be sleeping this time of day, but now that I've read Tim Herrera's eye-opening article in The New York Times, I realize that a good time to expect you to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed is never.

While I'm sorry to rouse you from your slumber, "Feeling Groggy? Here's How to Stop Robbing Yourself...Read more

Follow the Leader

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There are people who are born leaders: Winston Churchill, Indira Gandhi, Axl Rose. And then there are people like you -- a born follower. If your manager says jump, you reach for your pogo stick. If your manager says roll over, over you roll. You're the ultimately flexible Gumby employee, the kind of person companies want most because all you ...Read more

I Heart My Desk

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If there's one thing the modern worker in the modern economy doesn't have it's security.

Some of this uncertainty is new to our age. Teenage high-tech mutants disrupt giant industries, which fall apart before our very eyes. Established companies get antsy and decide it's time to leave their dowager headquarters and take up with a flashy floozy ...Read more

Your Radical Sabbatical

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Here's a good idea -- after reading this column, tell your manager that you are going out to get coffee and don't come back for a year. You'll still be paid your full salary and, when you return, your job -- and your coffee -- will be waiting for you.

It's not a fantasy. It's a sabbatical.

How many companies offer paid sabbaticals to their ...Read more

Jerks with Perks

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Welcome, friend, to Jerk City.

The jerks who run Jerk City have created a living hell hole of abuse and dysfunction, but to you, it's just "the place I work."

Of course, your workplace may be 100 percent jerk free, but I doubt it, and so does Stanford professor Robert Sutton, author of "The A--hole Survival Guide: How to Deal with People who...Read more

Becoming the Boss' Pet

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Who is your boss' BFF? If it's you, congratulations. You will be the first to be promoted and the last to be fired. If it's not, you could be the last to be promoted and the first to be fired.

Fortunately, with a little help from, even a slacker like you can become your boss' main squeeze. Or so I learned from their recent article, ...Read more

Quench Your Burnout

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You're tired, ambivalent, stressed, cynical and overextended. Are you in love, or are you burned out at work?

It could be love, but according to a recent "Smart Living" article by Kenneth R. Rosen in The New York Times" the correct answer is behind door No. 2 -- burnout.

According to data from the General Social Survey presented by Rosen in "...Read more

The Sunday Situation

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You won't believe it, but there are people who actually can't wait until the workweek ends.

"Thank God It's Friday" -- "TGIF" to its friends -- is the battle cry of these misguided miscreants who count the minutes until the 5 p.m. whistle blows and the weekend begins.

Crazy, right?

How could anyone prefer two days of freedom to the pure joy...Read more

Party Your Way to Career Success

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It's just not fair!

You expect to be supervised and criticized and terrorized when you're on the job. It's just not right for you to be supervised and criticized and terrorized when you're off the job.

For example, when you're at an office party.

Whether it's birthday party, a holiday party or just a team-building exercise detailing the CEO...Read more

Get Out of Town

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You may find this difficult to believe, but not everyone loves his or her job as much as you do.

It's true! The working world is full ungrateful malcontents who actually want to take vacations. Instead of taking advantage of the opportunity to spend their vacation days crammed into a cozy cubical, or aimlessly wandering an open office, these ...Read more

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