The Right Way to Tell Co-Workers They're Wrong

Business / Bob Goldman /

It's not your fault that you're perfect. It is your fault if you don't tell everyone at work that they're not. This isn't always easy. When it comes to getting criticism, you're an expert. Giving criticism is different. It is also essential to your career.

If you're the boss, a big part of inspiring your direct reports is to regularly remind ...Read more

6 Business Blunders You Can Make From Home

Business / Bob Goldman /

Is your boss trying to drag you back to the office? Are they luring you with tantalizing treats of on-demand foot massages from the HR staff and fun team-building events such as Free Dental Floss Fridays?

With perks like these, no one could blame you for bending the knee. Fortunately, there is another answer -- start your own business, where ...Read more

Getting Layered at Work

Business / Bob Goldman /

When it comes to doing your job, you're productive, responsive, cooperative, creative, caring, supportive, enthusiastic and loyal.

In short, you're crushing it.

And what do you get as a reward for all this hard work?

You get a new boss -- a new boss who represents a new layer of management between you and your old boss, who you thought really...Read more

Looking for Motivation at Work? Join the Crowd.

Business / Bob Goldman /

2024 is only one month old and already the reality of your job situation has set in.

It isn't pretty.

You could quit, of course, but since you've developed the habit of eating regularly, the only alternative is to make some changes.

The day to start is today. Wait longer and the smidgeon of motivation you're feeling now is sure to dissolve....Read more

Start the Year Wrong!

Business / Bob Goldman /

You have no one to blame but yourself.

January is almost over and you're still driving yourself crazy, coming up with ideas for how you can make up for the career disaster that was 2023 by starting 2024 right.

Just like you did in 2022 and 2021 and every other year since your January solution to starting kindergarten right was alphabetizing ...Read more

Is It Too Early To Stop Being Late?

Business / Bob Goldman /

Sorry if I kept you waiting.

I know how important it is to have a new "Work Daze" for you, right on schedule, but I had a serious finger-fatigue emergency from playing Asura's Wrath. Then I started thinking about how quickly Travis would recover if Taylor dumped him for me, which I sincerely hope doesn't happen, because, while I like Taylor, ...Read more

What It's Like When No One at Work Likes You

Business / Bob Goldman /

I like you.

Let's get that straight, right at the jump.

Of course, I'm a person with low expectations and a high bar for bad behavior. In other words, you can be a terrible person and I still will find something to like about you, like the fact that you're so awful you make me look good.

There could be others in your office who like you, ...Read more

Want to Succeed in Business? Ask an FBI Agent.

Business / Bob Goldman /

The way your manager treats you is a crime.

Might as well treat them the exact same way.

Thinking of your mild-mannered manager as a major crime boss may seem a tad paranoid, but it does open you up to a world of relationship advice that you can't get from even the most brilliant career gurus, like me.

Or so I realized when I read "An Ex-...Read more

Make Your No. 1 Resolution at Work No Resolutions at Work

Business / Bob Goldman /

Let's face it -- when it comes to doing your job, you're perfect.

You're productive. You're efficient. You're pleasant to be around and always make an effort to help your co-workers shine (the ones who aren't out to get you, anyway).

No wonder you bristle when someone asks if you've made any workplace resolutions this year, especially when ...Read more

The Annual Office Holiday Party and How to Win It

Business / Bob Goldman /

Thank you!

Everyone here at Work Daze HQ appreciates your attendance at our annual holiday party.

In a time when a regular paycheck is not sufficient to get employees to come into the office, actually appearing at a holiday party represents exemplary behavior, and will be reflected in your annual review, if management doesn't fire you first....Read more

Putting the 'Ew!' in Annual Review

Business / Bob Goldman /

Of course you're worried.

The end of the year is around the corner and with it lurks the dreaded annual performance review.

I'm not sure how your manager feels, but as far as this column goes, your performance has been outstanding. You've shown up faithfully every week, even when you could be doing things much more fun, like having a root ...Read more

Your Office Wedding

Business / Bob Goldman /

Of all the advantages enjoyed by today's remote office worker, an exciting new benefit has emerged. You can now spend a lot more time at all the destination weddings you probably didn't want to attend in the first place.

Julie Weed, a reporter for the style section of The New York Times, schooled me on the subject in her recent article, "Type...Read more



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