Worrying About Worrying at Work?

Business / Bob Goldman /

Do you worry about work?

I can't imagine why.

You have the perfect job. You have a boss who respects you. You have co-workers who love you and clients who think you're the cat's pajamas. You also have an eye-popping salary with perks galore and big fat raises lined up from here to retirement.

You don't?

Well, maybe you should worry. Maybe,...Read more

Vacation Is Over. Your Problems Are Just Beginning.

Business / Bob Goldman /

Vacations are important, especially for someone who works as hard as you do -- or, should I say, someone who works as hard as you do trying to make it look like you do work hard.

This is true whether you frolicked at the beach or romped in the mountains or just stayed home, restoring your chi by the latest exercise craze -- power hammock ...Read more

The Answer to Your Career Problems? Hang Up the Phone!

Business / Bob Goldman /

Remember phone calls?

Remember when the phone rang, and you answered? There was never a worry that your caller was a spam factory in Kyrgyzstan, helpfully informing you that a valuable package was hung up in customs and all they needed to release it was the number of your credit card, your 16-digit PIN and the ZIP code of your phlebotomist.

...Read more

Has Your Career Reached Critical Mess?

Business / Bob Goldman /

What's wrong with you?

If you're not exactly sure, let me tell you. Or, better yet, let your boss do it.

Bosses are always ready to tell us what we're doing wrong. What we're doing right? That's a job for someone else. Like your labradoodle. A quick etymological look at the word "supervision" says it all. You have "vision." Your boss has "...Read more

How to Brand a Brand-New You

Business / Bob Goldman /

What's the difference between you and tube of toothpaste?

The toothpaste has branding consultants who spend millions every year to educate the public on its qualities. You don't. This is why everybody knows what the toothpaste can do, while you remain an unknown entity, undervalued by many and misunderstood by most.

It's all about branding, ...Read more

Lunch Is Dead

Business / Bob Goldman /

I dare you.

Go up to a co-worker and ask, "Do you want to grab lunch?"

Know what they are going to say?

They're going to say, "No."

It's not personal -- or probably not. You have been pretty difficult to live with ever since management forced you to give up your cozy home office in your bedroom closet, where you could work in your Star ...Read more

Podcast Your Way to the Top

Business / Bob Goldman /

What do 5 million people have that you don't have?

A podcast.

That's right! Based on data from January 2024, there are more than 5 million podcasts available for your listening pleasure.

And who is listening to all these pods?

That would be 47% of the American public over 12 years old, according to Forbes, as of January 2024. You know what...Read more

Want a Great New Job? Ask Your Mother.

Business / Bob Goldman /

Or your father. Or, maybe, both.

Using your parents to land a new job may seem like a cheat, but it's really not, as nepo-babies Sophia Coppola, Dakota Johnson, Deacon Phillippe and West Duchovny could tell you. While Hollywood babies may be the most visible nepos, the same dynamic happens in every profession. Or so I learned from a recent ...Read more

Should AI Choose Your Next Job?

Business / Bob Goldman /

Ever have so many job offers you can't decide which one to choose?

No, me neither.

Of course, the real question for job hunters today is not which to choose, but how to choose.

Do you take the biggest opportunity in the fastest-rising company, based on carefully researched historical trends, crossed-tabbed with long-term economic growth on ...Read more

Does Working Remotely Make You Lonely? Become a Boss-Sitter.

Business / Bob Goldman /

What's the best part of being a remote worker? Beyond the advantages of a daily commute that consists of shuffling between your bedroom and your kitchen table, where you can labor comfortably through the day in your bathrobe and bunny slippers, remote workers enjoy the benefit of working with their pets.

Does a doggy or a kitty or a fishy or a ...Read more

Sleepwalking Your Way to the Top

Business / Bob Goldman /

You've heard it all before.

If you want to get ahead in your career, you have to work hard.

Well, how has working hard worked out for you?

I thought so.

The sad fact is that success doesn't come from working hard. It comes from sleeping hard. It's true! Without adequate sleep, you are condemned to spend your work days in zombie mode, too ...Read more

Disturbing News for Your Boss

Business / Bob Goldman /

It's the law, or it soon could be.

According to legislation proposed by San Francisco Assembly Member Matt Haney, a new law -- AB 2751 to its friends -- and it has lots of friends -- an employee whose boss disturbs them outside of working hours would have a legal right to ignore nonemergency calls and emails. Even better, the employee could ...Read more



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