Wakey-Wakey! Worky-Worky!

Business / Bob Goldman /

A bunch of us have been wondering: Why is it you never invented electricity?

Yes, I know, Benjamin Franklin kind of stole your thunder in the electricity department, but think about it. Why is it that other people come up with brilliant, game-changing, world-changing ideas and you, sadly, don't?

The answer should be a wake-up call.

It's ...Read more

New Job Phone Home

Business / Bob Goldman /

It's an unlikely turn of events.

With virtual reality poised to take over our work and our lives, many companies are still using an archaic technology to find and hire employees. It's called the telephone call.

It's true! Before you don your VR headset and send your avatar to battle other applicants in the virtual playing fields of the Human...Read more

How to Be Terrible at Work

Business / Bob Goldman /

You hear a lot of palaver these days on the subject of self-improvement.

Take a ton of commitment. Slather on a lot of hard work. That's the way you get better at getting better. It doesn't really matter what you are getting better at, either. Whether it's climbing the Matterhorn or flossing your teeth, the goal is the same.

You need to ...Read more

2022 Career Resolution No. 1: Turn off Your Brain

Business / Bob Goldman /

Committed to career success?

When you turn your computer on, turn your brain off.

I understand your hesitation. Keeping your brain turned on might seem like an essential part of getting ahead in business, but the plain fact is that many people have long and successful careers without using their brain even once. If you doubt me, take a close...Read more

Careerwise, It's the End of the Year, Not the End of the World

Business / Bob Goldman /

Allow me, please, to wish you happy holidays.

And now that we've got that behind us, let's acknowledge that they probably won't.

Be happy, that is.

Too many things are going wrong -- in the world, in the country, in your job. If you still have your job. By year's end, millions of hardworking folks won't be working anymore. In the old days, ...Read more

Want to Get a New Job? Get Social!

Business / Bob Goldman /

Face facts.

Your company's annual holiday party this year won't be much of a party. How could it be? Even if the event does include your actual co-workers gathered in a real space, like the traditional coffee room venue with the bacteria-breeding office refrigerator gaily strewn with colorful streamers, the need for masks and social ...Read more

It's Homesteaders Versus Outlaws: The Hybrid Office Wars Begin

Business / Bob Goldman /

It's like the Old West.

On one side, you have the Homesteaders -- peaceful work-at-homers who have thrown a virtual picket fence around their home offices and refuse to budge, even if it means burning down the ranch and their career path with it.

On the other side, you have the Outlaws -- resume-toting desperadoes who will leave their homes ...Read more

How to Find a Terrible Job, Guaranteed

Business / Bob Goldman /

Do you want the perfect job -- a position that is financially remunerative, intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying? A job with understanding managers and convivial co-workers in a company that cares deeply about you as a person and sincerely wants you to succeed.

Of course you don't.

The problem with a good job is that you may...Read more

Slick Tricks for Quick Quitters

Business / Bob Goldman /

Look out! There's a major new detour in your career path.

No longer is the goal to work hard and reach the top. Today, the savvy careerist works hard and reaches for their resignation letter.

"I've really enjoyed working here," you write, "but I'm going to enjoy quitting here a whole lot more."

Or so I learned in "Why is everyone quitting, ...Read more

Bring Your Brain to Work

Business / Bob Goldman /

You can take your kid to work. There's a special day for that. You can take your dog to work. Many companies allow it every day. But what about taking your brain to work? That's strictly optional.

Makes sense.

For 99% of what you do, you really can operate on automatic. You arrive at work, you turn off your brain, and next thing you know, ...Read more

When Gen Z Comes After Gen U

Business / Bob Goldman /

They're out there and they're out to get your job. I'm talking 72 million Generation Z young pups, whelped between 1997 and 2012, all ready, willing and possibly able to send an old dog like you out to pasture.

Way out.

I learned about the generational battlefield that is exploding at our workplaces from Emma Goldberg, a reporter for The New...Read more

When Your Department Moves to a Department Store

Business / Bob Goldman /

Can't afford to shop at a Polo store? Here's good news. Now, you can work at a Polo store. And when I say, "work," I don't mean gift-wrapping $100 pairs of cashmere socks.

The work you could be doing at Polo is the same work you used to do at your office. The same work you used to do at your home after COVID-19 put your office off the grid. ...Read more



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