Just Say Maybe

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Are you afraid of your managers?

Do you shake in your Louboutins when she or he or they come marching up to your desk to add on extra work on top of the too much work they already have you doing?

Do you shout out, "No more! I can't finish everything I have to do now!"

No, you don't. Like the spineless, mouse baby you are, you nod your head ...Read more

Phoning It In

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It's decision time.

If you could only have one, which would you choose -- your job or your smartphone?

It's a toughie, right?

Your job is a drag. It keeps coming between you and the life of leisure to which you aspire. Your smartphone is exciting and high-techy and absolutely integral to every aspect of the beautiful life you want to live. ...Read more

End of the Year. End of Your Job?

Business / Bob Goldman /

What happens in December?

Yes, the cubicles are decked with boughs of holly. Yes, feelings of comfort and joy radiate from everyone gathered around the warmth of the snack machine. Yes, you dream about the big bonuses your bosses are going to receive and you're not.

Of course, there is one very special gift that you will get from your ...Read more

Free Advice -- Cheap!

Business / Bob Goldman /

What do successful business people know that you don't know?

They know that no matter how much success one attains in business, getting to the top isn't worth bubkes unless you can make everyone below you feel really miserable.

That's why there are so many CEOs peddling career advice. They want to make sure you know that they know how smart ...Read more

Major Trouble

Business / Bob Goldman /


Looks like you made a big boo-boo, way back in college, when you chose your major.

At the time, it seemed like a good decision to follow your passion and pick art history. Or philosophy. Or poetry of the ancient Etruscans.

Everyone said it: You must follow your passion. The problem came later, after graduation, when you discovered ...Read more

Fired Up

Business / Bob Goldman /

Know the secret for turning a bad job into a really good job?

Get fired.

Yes, when that notice of termination arrives, you will instantly realize all the good things about your job, all of which you missed because you were so busy hating it.

The boss who bugged you. The co-workers who annoyed you. Even the snippy receptionist who gave you ...Read more

Wake Up! It's Time for Bed.

Business / Bob Goldman /

You know Benjamin Spall, of course.

Spall is the co-author of "My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired." He is also the author of a recent and super-useful contribution to the Smarter Living section of The New York Times -- "5 Common Morning Routines of High Achievers."

It took a lot of sleepless nights for Spall ...Read more


Business / Bob Goldman /

There's nothing more inspiring than the story of a person who made it on his or her own. If I had a dollar for every gazillionaire who got to the top with nothing but a dream, hard work and a trust fund, I'd be a gazillionaire myself.

And I believe we can consider you a self-made business success, assuming we define success as being trapped ...Read more

The Question Question

Business / Bob Goldman /

Everybody knows the best question to ask in a job interview.

"Do you validate?"

Even if you carried your skateboard into the interview, making it clear you never went near the parking garage, asking this question shows you are definitely cheap and probably a chiseler -- valuable qualities for any candidate, especially in banking or politics....Read more

Conference Me Out

Business / Bob Goldman /

What could be worse than sitting at your desk doing work that is unfulfilling, useless and silly?

Going to a conference and spending three days talking about work that is unfulfilling, useless and silly.

It wouldn't be so bad if the conference were held in a better venue -- maybe the Kit Kat Klub on all-you-can-eat wings Wednesday. But you ...Read more

It's Job Search Time! Or Is It?

Business / Bob Goldman /

Do you love your job?

No matter what you may think, odds are that you hate your job. In fact, you've hated it so much, for so long, that you no longer know that you hate it.

But Alison Doyle knows.

Doyle is the author of "Top 10 Warning Signs You Need a New Job," a recent post on The Balance Careers website.

At this point you are probably ...Read more

Charismatic You

Business / Bob Goldman /

You know who you are. When you stand up to speak in a meeting, people listen. When you say jump, people jump. You're magnetic. You've got energy. Panache. Power. In a word, you're charismatic.

Or you will be, after you finish reading this column.

Consider if you will my sad story. No one ever paid attention to me, and they certainly didn't ...Read more


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