Take This Job and Quit It!

Business / Bob Goldman /

Are companies today on a hiring frenzy or a firing frenzy?

The answer is -- both.

If you're a high-tech type with a sky-high salary, you are suddenly at risk of receiving a job-canceling email between your no-cost lunch at the company cafeteria and your free hot-stone massage at the company spa. If you're a low-tech type with a salary ...Read more

Choose Your Poison: What You Can (and Can't) Decide at Work

Business / Bob Goldman /

Before we begin today's sermonette, let's find a place in our hearts for James Gorman, the CEO of Morgan Stanley, who recently saw his 2022 pay slashed to $31.5 million. According to an article by Prarthana Prakash in Fortune, this represents a 10% reduction from the CEO's 2021 compensation of $35 million.


I certainly hope Gorman will ...Read more

Procrastinating at Work? We'll Discuss It Tomorrow.

Business / Bob Goldman /

Really, I don't mean to pick on Ben Franklin, but what choice do I have? It was the aphorist from Philly who came up with this piece of phenomenally bad advice: "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today."

It's catchy, sure. It's also dead wrong. And dead backwards. It should be: "Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow." ...Read more

How to Make -- and Break -- Work Friends

Business / Bob Goldman /

Our buds at The New York Times have been publishing a "7-Day Happiness Challenge." I sincerely hope it makes them happy, because the entire endeavor makes me miserable.

Jancee Dunn is in charge of the Day Five joint, "The Importance of Work Friends." Personally, I have no problems with friends and I have no problems with work, but mixing the ...Read more

Sick of Your Job? Getting Healthy Won't Help.

Business / Bob Goldman /

Q: What could be worse than an endless, meandering, ultimately useless meeting with your manager?

A: An endless, meandering, ultimately useless meeting with your manager in an ice bath.

Guess what? It could happen.

If you haven't grasped the desperation and insanity that is gripping the denizens of the C-suite today, you haven't understood ...Read more

Don't Get Mad at Work. Get Even.

Business / Bob Goldman /

2022 is dragging itself to a soggy, sorry finish. Time to come up with a list of totally upbeat, 100% positive New Year's resolutions to make the 2023 you even better than the 2022 you.

This won't be easy.

Let's face it: You're pretty darn perfect. Really! I can't see anything you need to improve.

Well, maybe one little thing.

You could ...Read more

How Many Shopping Days Until You're Fired?

Business / Bob Goldman /

Is there a law saying you have to give gifts to the people you work with?

Absolutely. It's called the law of the jungle.

I'm not saying that a gift will pacify the bloodthirsty predators who roam your office, but it certainly couldn't hurt.

Or could it?

Like many of the employed and confused, I get my gift-giving advice from Alison Green, ...Read more

Out-of-Office or Out-of-Your-Head? You Decide.

Business / Bob Goldman /

Oh, goody! It's holiday season.

That means you'll be spending quality -- and, hopefully, quantity -- time away from your desk, unless you have a Scrooge for a boss -- or a Santa. (Yes, this column supports the elves in their fight to unionize.)

If you don't want to be bugged by endless emails while chugging a jug of kombucha wassail, you ...Read more

Someone Needs a Job. Her Name is Alexa.

Business / Bob Goldman /

Looking for an employee who is responsive, knowledgeable, works 24/7, never complains and never takes a vacation?

Meet Alexa.

Alexa is currently employed by Amazon, but I'm not sure she'll have that job for long. According to a recent article by Karen Weise in The New York Times, the high-tech megaretailer is laying off some 10,000 workers, ...Read more

Take This Fake Job and Hug It

Business / Bob Goldman /

Thinking about getting a new job? It certainly seems like the right time to start sending off resumes.

According to recruiter Jack Kelly, "It's been widely reported there are more than 11 million jobs available."

This is a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that with 11 million jobs available, surely there is one for you. The bad...Read more



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