Money Isn't Everything, Or Is It?

Business / Bob Goldman /

Tell me this -- is there even one negative aspect of your current job that could not be remedied by a big, fat boost in salary?

Unfortunately, those salary bumps are few and far between. And some never show up at all. That's why it's so important to choose a job that pays really well, right from the giddyup.

Agree? Then you're ready for ...Read more

I'll See You in My CV

Business / Bob Goldman /

What could be more annoying than someone who calls their resume a "CV"?

You know what a CV is, of course. According to Wikipedia, it's "a curriculum vitae, Latin for 'course of life,' often shortened to CV, a short written summary of a person's career, qualifications, and education."

In other words, a resume.

At least, that's what we called ...Read more

Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! It's Back to Work We Go!

Business / Bob Goldman /

Remember when you first got word that you would be working from home?

How would it be possible, you asked yourself, to leave your co-workers and their endless dramas, which took your mind off your endless dramas? How could you say goodbye to your Aeron chair, where you spent so many happy hours pretending to work? What would you have to talk ...Read more

Small Talk Goes Big

Business / Bob Goldman /

You must admit -- one real advantage of working from home is that you don't have to worry about making small talk with your co-workers.

Working from home means you never run into people sneaking in late or sneaking out early. You're not congregating in the kitchen, reviewing the free snack selection and complaining about how management is too...Read more

You're Later Than You Think

Business / Bob Goldman /

I don't like to criticize, but you're not living up to your end of the bargain.

I turned in this column right on deadline. My sainted publisher put aside important news and common decency to bring it to you. And where were you? You could have been reading these words of wisdom ages ago, with the obvious benefits that would imbue, but instead ...Read more

Speak Up or Shut Up?

Business / Bob Goldman /

Don't just sit there; say something!

Really, say anything! I live to hear the sound of your voice. Whether you are disclaiming, or complaining, or pontificating endlessly on a subject you obviously know nothing about, you can't talk long enough for me.

Of course, not everyone is me.

Executive coach Anne Sugar is definitely not me, ...Read more

Invisible You

Business / Bob Goldman /

Here's a tough question -- what's the greatest innovation in the history of business?

The computer? Don't make me laugh. The cellphone? Ridiculous.

No, the greatest business invention is the jacket.

Not the jacket you wear, but your other jacket, the one you leave on the back of your chair when you sneak out of the office and don't want ...Read more

Honey, Who Shrank the Workweek?

Business / Bob Goldman /

Looking for a job that will let you work less and earn more?

Forget Facebook. Gambol past Google. The job you want isn't in Silicon Valley.

It's in Iceland.

Yes, the tiny island nation that gave us Bjork, fermented shark and puffin burgers has come up with the most revolutionary achievement in job satisfaction since the invention of the ...Read more

Your Toxic Job Hunt

Business / Bob Goldman /

In today's economy, it's not all that difficult to find a job.

What is difficult ... what takes time and effort ... is to find a job that's totally toxic.

And a totally toxic job is what you want.

With a toxic job, you never have to make excuses for screwing up. Whatever you do wrong -- or don't do at all -- it's clearly the company's fault...Read more

The Big Shutdown of 2021

Business / Bob Goldman /

If you're having a run of really awful Bumble dates, don't blame your bad luck, or your decision to use photos of Khloe Kardashian or Chris Hemsworth on your profile. It's not you, it's your app.

In the middle of June, the dating colossus shut down for a week. It was part of a company-sponsored program to reduce burnout among its badly ...Read more

Some Enchanted Lunch Hour

Business / Bob Goldman /

The old song is new again.

It won't be across a crowded room, but shuffling nervously through your workplace you may indeed meet a stranger. It's not a stranger, of course. The vaguely familiar humanoid is a co-worker, one of your closest and dearest comrades before COVID-19 struck and everyone headed for the hills. Now, coaxed or commanded, ...Read more

Quitters Without Jitters

Business / Bob Goldman /

Be honest now -- when was the last time you thought about quitting your job?

Was it two weeks ago, because that's when you were ordered to return to the office, or two minutes ago, because that's when you realized that, if you do go back, you'll never again get the chance to watch "Oprah"? Either way, you are not alone.

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