A Word to the Weird

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Let's face it -- in the long, twisted road to nowhere that you call your career, you've tried to be many things. You've tried to be professional. You've tried to be motivated. You've even tried to be productive.

Hasn't worked.

Maybe it's time to be something you really can be. You can be weird.

Which brings us to "Are You Weird Enough? ...Read more

Old School

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It's difficult to understand why someone in their 60s or 70s would want to work.

Wouldn't it be much more fun to spend these golden years taking leisurely river cruises through Europe, nibbling on brie and guzzling Merlot, or zipping luxuriously through our nation's parks, nibbling cheeseburgers and guzzling gas in a tricked-out RV three ...Read more

Get Happy

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Don't hate me because I'm happy.

It isn't because I love my job, or I delight in spending time with my co-workers, or I'm getting stupid rich on my fat salary. I hate my job, I loathe my co-workers, and as far as getting rich on my salary, I can't even get poor on my salary.

So why am I happy and you are miserable?

Because I read "10 Tips ...Read more

Networking 101

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I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing at your LinkedIn network.

That scraggly bunch of misfits, posers and losers won't be any help when you need them, if they are even there for you when you need them, which they won't.

Face facts: The accomplished, connected people who could be useful members of your network don't want to ...Read more


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You're really sick.

But do you take a sick day?

There are many reasons not to call in sick. Coughing, hacking and filling your cubical with used Kleenex are great ways to show your managers that you put your job ahead of your health.

It's also a great way to contaminate your dear co-workers. When they start dropping like flies, the company ...Read more

Fired Up!

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Guess who's getting fired?


Don't panic. You're not fired now and no future firings have been announced, and what do I know, anyway? But deep down in one of the hidden and vacant areas of your brain, the thought has surfaced.

Your head is headed for the chopping block.

It could have been a sly, sideways look from your manager that gave...Read more

Happy New You

Business / Bob Goldman /

What's the one thing keeping you from being the free-spending, high-living, totally obnoxious rich person you were meant to be?

Simple! You don't have any money.

Well, you do have some money, but even if you were to cash in your "English Patient" action figures, it's still not enough to put you in the 1 percent.

It's truly unfair. The ...Read more

The Stress Mess

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What's the worst thing about your job?

And don't answer, "Everything." Be specific.

It's stress.

Stress comes from every direction. It comes from above when your manager responds to your best ideas by putting a finger down his throat and pretending to gag. It comes from the side when the co-workers who used to call you names behind your ...Read more

Interview You

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What could be more fun than a job interview?

A root canal? A rerun of the remake of "Charmed"?

How about hitting your head with a hammer?

The truth is that almost anything is more fun than a job interview, except, maybe, actually getting the job. That's no fun at all.

Jen Doll, the author of "7 Successful People Dish on Their Worst Job ...Read more

Just Say Maybe

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Are you afraid of your managers?

Do you shake in your Louboutins when she or he or they come marching up to your desk to add on extra work on top of the too much work they already have you doing?

Do you shout out, "No more! I can't finish everything I have to do now!"

No, you don't. Like the spineless, mouse baby you are, you nod your head ...Read more

Phoning It In

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It's decision time.

If you could only have one, which would you choose -- your job or your smartphone?

It's a toughie, right?

Your job is a drag. It keeps coming between you and the life of leisure to which you aspire. Your smartphone is exciting and high-techy and absolutely integral to every aspect of the beautiful life you want to live. ...Read more

End of the Year. End of Your Job?

Business / Bob Goldman /

What happens in December?

Yes, the cubicles are decked with boughs of holly. Yes, feelings of comfort and joy radiate from everyone gathered around the warmth of the snack machine. Yes, you dream about the big bonuses your bosses are going to receive and you're not.

Of course, there is one very special gift that you will get from your ...Read more

Free Advice -- Cheap!

Business / Bob Goldman /

What do successful business people know that you don't know?

They know that no matter how much success one attains in business, getting to the top isn't worth bubkes unless you can make everyone below you feel really miserable.

That's why there are so many CEOs peddling career advice. They want to make sure you know that they know how smart ...Read more


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