Saving 2019

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Good news! It's not too late to save 2019.

Yes, your New Year's resolutions have been smashed. Your hopes and dreams have been dashed. Still, there is enough 2019 left to turn it around. All you have to do is read Anne Fisher's hopeful post on the Fortune website.

"5 Career Moves You'll (Probably) Make in 2019" is the title of the piece, and...Read more

Happy Times

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Oopsy! I almost made a big mistake.

I signed on to Glassdoor is a company that rates other companies. The idea is that anonymous reviews from anonymous reviewers will warn off good job seekers from accepting bad jobs.

I am suspicious of online reviews. It's how I got myself trapped into watching six seasons of "Here Comes ...Read more

Generation Z and Thee

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Interesting discussion at the Flat Earth Society last night.

Not only did our ruling overlords withhold the indisputable fact that the Earth is not round, but the powers that be have also kept from us the undeniable truth that the first human beings on our (flat) Earth were born in 1981.

Or so it seems.

1981 is the year generally accepted ...Read more

Managing to Manage

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Just because your slacker mentality and fundamental lack of ability makes you a terrible employee doesn't mean there isn't another job waiting for you -- a job that comes with the bloated paycheck and all the scrumptious perks you deserve.

The name for this job is "manager."

That's right! Your failure as an employee and an itsy-bitsy dose of...Read more

New Job, Bad Job

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Ten minutes.

That's all it took for you to figure out that your brand-new job was a real stinker.

And you had so much hope.

How much time had you spent hating your old job? How many job sites had you clicked on? How many interviews had you gone on?

Too many, that's how many.

But it finally paid off. They say there's an ass for every seat, ...Read more

Picky, Picky

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Why's everybody always pickin' on me?

Those immortal words are from "Charlie Brown," the 1959 hit song by the Coasters, who are pretty darn immortal themselves.

In 2019, it isn't high school rebels who get picked on. According to Anna Goldfarb in her New York Times article, "The Right Way to Ask, 'Can I Pick Your Brain?'" it's "experienced ...Read more

Caution! Children at Work

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If you're sick of your noisy, crowded office and think that working from home would be an improvement, I have news.

Your home is definitely an oasis of serenity, free of the endless distractions of a public workspace.

Unless you have children.

I can understand why you would forget that you have children. They're small and slippery and easy ...Read more

Clean Up Your Act

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It's all Marie Kondo's fault.

Her popular Netflix series based on her best-selling book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing" has America tidying up with such fervor that homes across America are empty and city dumps are overflowing. And now, the "KonMari Method" is leaving home and going to ...Read more

Listen Up

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As mother used to say, "You're not the only pebble on the beach."

It's true. You may spend all your time thinking about yourself, but there are other pebbles out there and, as painful as this sounds, it could be to your benefit to hear what they have to say.

Or so I gleaned from a recent article by Kathy Caprino for Forbes.

Caprino is a ...Read more

Step It Up

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Remember the old days?

Remember when your boss tracked the amount of work you did?

Not anymore.

Now, employers don't care about how much work you do. Now, the only thing employers track is how many steps you take.

In the words of Christopher Rolland, a writer at The Washington Post, "Welcome to a rapidly growing phenomenon in the workplace...Read more

A Word to the Weird

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Let's face it -- in the long, twisted road to nowhere that you call your career, you've tried to be many things. You've tried to be professional. You've tried to be motivated. You've even tried to be productive.

Hasn't worked.

Maybe it's time to be something you really can be. You can be weird.

Which brings us to "Are You Weird Enough? ...Read more

Old School

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It's difficult to understand why someone in their 60s or 70s would want to work.

Wouldn't it be much more fun to spend these golden years taking leisurely river cruises through Europe, nibbling on brie and guzzling Merlot, or zipping luxuriously through our nation's parks, nibbling cheeseburgers and guzzling gas in a tricked-out RV three ...Read more

Get Happy

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Don't hate me because I'm happy.

It isn't because I love my job, or I delight in spending time with my co-workers, or I'm getting stupid rich on my fat salary. I hate my job, I loathe my co-workers, and as far as getting rich on my salary, I can't even get poor on my salary.

So why am I happy and you are miserable?

Because I read "10 Tips ...Read more


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