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It's time to face the music.

The elevator music, that is, which will soon be ringing in your ears as you climb on board for a fast trip back to reality.

That's right.

In the near future, you may be required to leave the cushy cave that has been your workplace during the really-not-so-bad nightmare of exclusively working from home. And ...Read more

Manager Mine

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Tim Herrera must have had a lot of great bosses.

In "Managing Up: How to Deal With a Bad Boss During Quarantine," his latest column for The New York Times, Herrera asks if you remember "when you could clear up an ambiguously curt email from your boss with a stroll by her desk? Or when the anxiety of getting a dreaded 'We need to chat' Slack ...Read more

Let's Get Sociable

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"Hyper-social mammals."

That's how professor Dacher Keltner describes human beings.

While Keltner might feel differently if he spent time with people from your company's IT department, it won't be easy to bring the mammals together again in the zoo that is your office.

Which brings us to "Need to Dust Off Your Social Skills?" This recent ...Read more

Back to the Past

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Told you so! I told you that the moment there was good news on COVID-19, your managers would celebrate by demanding that you get your cute little butt back to the office.

It isn't that they feel verklempt at the idea of sending your paycheck to a beach hut on Bora Bora. It's just that your managers like you so very much they want to see your ...Read more

Nap Time

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What is your dream job? For me, it's a job in which I get paid for dreaming.

Sad to say, professional sleepers are not in demand these days, or any days, for that matter. The good news is that you can get paid for sleeping if you do it in secret and in small doses. Best of all, if you do get caught, you can tell your boss -- and yourself -- ...Read more

Let's Get Hybrid!

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Do you yearn for office life?

Do you miss co-workers whose only goal in life is to pester you from morning to night?

If so, you are part of the 73% of knowledge workers who "want to divide their week between home and office working after the pandemic."

So says Nigel Davies, the author of "5 Ways to Support Hybrid Working In The Future ...Read more

Welcome to Your Zoomerview

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Here's the good news: The economy is opening up and there are jobs you can qualify for.

Here's the bad news: The economy is opening up and there are jobs you must interview for.

The interview. It's the biggest -- and shortest -- stumbling block between you and a long, successful career. It's scary to think that 30 minutes of chit and 30 ...Read more

The Attack of the Killer Zoombies

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Oh, how fun it was.

Locked down and locked in, we suddenly had an easy, breezy way to communicate. It was called Zoom, and it meant that, like our Neanderthal ancestors, gathered around the fire, we could sit around a high-tech campfire and share stories without ever leaving our caves.

Too bad the fire went out.

"Video-call-induced ...Read more

Staying On

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In last week's sermonette, we discussed when it's time to quit your job. This week, we will discuss when it's time to not quit your job.

Confused? Good! I'm doing my job.

Also doing her job is Alison Doyle, who covered the matter of "to quit or not to quit" in a matched pair of articles on the job site The Balance Careers.

As is apparent in...Read more

Quitting Time

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Should you quit your job?

It's a question that's providing job security for writers of employment advice, myself included. Studying up on the topic, I found articles about the seven signs you should quit, the eight signs you should quit, the 15 signs you should quit and the 22 signs you should quit.

Of course, you really only need one sign ...Read more

Q & A & A & A & A

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Let me ask you a question: How many questions will you be able to answer successfully at your next job interview?

It's a fair question.

You've been locked down and locked. You haven't been looking for a new job, and if a new job is looking for you, it's having a tough time finding you. But now, with vaccines starting to flow -- or starting ...Read more

May I Assist You?

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You need one! You deserve one! By virtue of your hard work and steadfast allegiance to your company's vision statement, no one could deny you one.

Know what I'm talkin' about?

An assistant.

How wonderful will it be when you finally have your assistant? The jobs you don't want to handle will seamlessly drip down from your to-do list and land...Read more



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