Jill On Money: Investor panic prevention plan 2022

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Despite your fervent wish to avoid down markets at all costs, I have bad news: being a long-term investor means that you need to do just that.

It’s been a tumultuous ride in 2022 – and most of the action has been to the downside. The most recent selling started after the Federal Reserve’s May FOMC meeting, where, as expected, the central ...Read more

Jill On Money: Can curves predict recessions?

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Over a year ago, hopes were high for a post-pandemic surge in activity, encouraging economists and optimistic investors to wager that the U.S. was entering a NEW Roaring Twenties.

“What a difference a year makes,” says Neil Shearing of Capital Economics. “The narrative has now flipped as concerns about recession have spread,” prompting ...Read more

Jill On Money: Don’t bail on bonds

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What happens when the so-called “safe” part of your portfolio loses value?

That’s the conundrum that diversified investors are facing, as they confront this year’s drop in bond prices. While most are used to absorbing the swings in riskier assets, the 2022 bond market rout is unrecognizable to many.

Before you bail on your bonds, let�...Read more

Jill On Money: The housing affordability crisis

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When the government released March inflation data, it showed that prices increased by 8.5 percent from a year ago, the fastest pace since December 1981. Gas (+48.8%), food (+8.8%) and used cars (+35.3%) showed eye-popping advances, but another line item is also worrisome: shelter, which increased by 5% annually. That may not seem so bad when ...Read more

Jill On Money: Last minute tax tips

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Tick-tock…the tax filing deadline is coming up and if you are either a procrastinator or someone who has delayed filing because you owe Uncle Sam money, it’s time to get going!

As a reminder, this year’s tax filing deadline is April 18, because we now recognize the Emancipation Day holiday in the District of Columbia.

Here are six tips ...Read more

Jill On Money: Paying for college

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As college acceptance letters pour in, it’s time for families to get real – and to make decisions that could have long-term implications.

Let’s start with a mathematical fact: although we are in a tight labor market and wages are rising, an undergraduate degree is still worth it. According to research from the Federal Reserve Bank of New ...Read more

Jill On Money: Spring cleaning for your money

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It’s a happy coincidence for clean freaks like me that the height of tax season occurs as spring begins. The very moment when you are forced to gather and organize your tax materials is a great time to clean up some of those overflowing and physical files and to understand in which instances you can consolidate various accounts.

Let’s start...Read more

Jill On Money: The gender wage and wealth gap persists

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March is Women’s History Month, which means it’s time for the annual readings on the differential between genders when it comes to pay and wealth.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that when comparing the median wages of women who worked full-time, year-round to the wages of men who worked the same (based on 2020, the latest year with ...Read more

Jill On Money: The Fed tries to fight inflation

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As expected, the Federal Reserve raised short term interest rates from the emergency levels that have been in place for two years to a range of 0.25 – 0.50 percent.

It was the first increase in the federal funds rate since December 2018, which was then the conclusion of a three-year cycle that included nine quarter-point increases and pushed ...Read more

Jill On Money: US ban on Russian oil hits markets and consumers

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As the Russian invasion of Ukraine neared the end of its second week, emotions were running high. On Monday March 7, speculation that the Biden Administration would announce new limitations on Russian energy imports sent prices of commodities higher, and prices of stocks lower.

U.S.-traded West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil surged to a 13-year ...Read more

Jill On Money: Investor Boot Camp 2022

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Many of you have asked about how to start investing, so here is my version of Investor Boot Camp 2022. I have framed it as a series of questions to ask yourself.

Am I ready to invest?

Before you build the house, you need a foundation. In the case of your investment house, the foundation starts with creating an emergency reserve fund of six to ...Read more

Jill On Money: Is the backdoor Roth dead?

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This Q&A is devoted to your questions about Roth IRAs and other retirement planning options. Send me your questions by going to and clicking “Contact Us.”

Question: I have been doing backdoor Roth conversions for the past five years, but I am hearing that Congress may not allow them anymore. Can you please explain?

Answer: ...Read more



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