Congratulations! You Got into College. Now How Will You Pay For It?

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The college acceptance letters have arrived, and many families now face the scramble to find money to pay for the dream that has landed in their child’s inbox. It’s an issue that should have been discussed many months ago. Most financial aid packages offered by colleges will leave families with sticker shock.

But there are some steps ...Read more

Protecting your 401(k) in the stock and bond rout

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As a record number of Americans are heading into their retirement years with impressive balances in their 401(k) plans, the potential disruption of this long bull market has many people trembling. The prospect of actually losing money just as they need to plan retirement living withdrawals is truly frightening for this generation of amateur ...Read more

Terry Savage: Redeeming matured bonds

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Investor interest in savings bonds is higher that it has been in recent years. As I explained several months ago, Series I bonds, which adjust to inflation, had a yield of 7.12% for the six months ending May 1. The rate for the coming six months is expected, as I write this, to be 9.62%.

The only place to buy savings bonds now is through the ...Read more

Terry Savage: Inflation!

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A new generation of Americans is about to face the impact of inflation – on their daily lives, their financial decisions, their investment choices, and their retirement lifestyle. While many pundits proclaim that this period of inflation will come to a quick end, history shows that inflation has always ended not with a whimper, but with a ...Read more

Terry Savage: Free health insurance is available above the poverty level

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Millions of Americans still fall into the no-health-insurance gap. They earn too much to qualify for Medicaid in their state but not enough to afford ACA (Obamacare) health insurance policies — even with the recently increased subsidies. Many are unaware that they now qualify for a 100% subsidy — basically free insurance — if they enroll. ...Read more

Terry Savage: Marriage and money

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The spring wedding season is upon us, and around the country brides, grooms and their parents are making arrangements for extravagant celebrations now that the COVID-19 pandemic is (hopefully) behind us.

According to a survey by The Knot, there will be more weddings in the United States in 2022 than any other year since 1984. And, on average, ...Read more

Getting Started at Investing

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On a recent radio interview I was asked to talk with a 19-year-old college student about her financial future. Like most students, she expected to graduate with federal student loan debt. But she had a positive attitude, and was working while in school. She wanted some advice on how to get started investing with only a small amount of money.

...Read more

Terry Savage: Children and taxes

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When tax time comes, your children can be worth a lot of money — even if you didn’t earn any income. There are two main tax credits that apply to children, and they are frequently confused. One gives a significant refundable credit simply for their existence. The second gives a refundable credit (this year) for money spent on childcare ...Read more

Bear Market Worries

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The volatility of the stock market based on fighting in Ukraine and soaring gas prices presents a significant challenge to your future if you’re nearing retirement or already in it.

Over the long run – 20 years – a diversified portfolio of large company stocks has always given a positive return, even adjusted for inflation. That’s why ...Read more

Terry Savage: Last call for mortgage refinancing

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If you waited and waited to refinance your mortgage, only to see rates rise recently, you now may have one last chance. But it’s a narrow window. The Fed has made headlines, promising to raise rates enough to control spiraling inflation. The war in Ukraine will make inflation worse as oil prices soar along with grains and soybeans. And ...Read more

The Beneficiary Bet

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I can’t stress enough the importance of naming the correct beneficiary for your retirement accounts — IRAs and 401(k) and 403(b) plans. It’s equally critical to update the named beneficiary on your old pension plans and life insurance policies, which you may have started years ago and likely forgotten. Otherwise, after your death a huge ...Read more



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