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On Gardening: Your Xenon Princess for the long summer

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Oh my, it's the bomb! To be exact, it is the Cherry Bomb an incredible mix that I've been seeing at garden centers this year featuring Superbells Cherry Star Calibrachoa, Supertunia Black Cherry petunia and the pristine white Snow Princess sweet alyssum.

This explosion of color should last all simmer on your porch, patio or deck. If you don't ...Read more

10 ways to bond with your houseplants while you're at home

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Now that we've been ordered to stay home, the surrealness of the global pandemic has set in. While many people are coming together virtually, now is a good time to tend to your houseplants. Does your Dracaena 'lemon lime' need dusting? Is your Chinese evergreen getting too much sun? Are you watering your plants too much? Or not enough? Below, we...Read more

10 things you can do to improve your home garden right now

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Waiting is always hard, but when you're waiting for an unseen force that could, at any time, sicken or kill you, your family and your friends while devastating the global economy ... OMG OMG OMG ...

Well. As we said. Waiting is hard.

So take a deep breath, put down the remote and get busy outside. We've made a list of 10 garden chores that can...Read more

On Gardening: Show 'Old Glory' colors in a 2020 spirit garden

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Americans have been showing their colors a lot since the coronavirus showed up as a special and surely unwanted spring guest. Just as red, white and blue stirs the heart and sends a message as Old Glory hangs from the door, your flowers can echo the theme throughout the landscape.

You may want to think of these floral displays as the victory ...Read more

Plant a victory garden to combat coronavirus fears and isolation

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Forced to shelter in place, most of us are coming down with a bad case of cabin fever. Instead of worrying about the future and whether that scratchy throat you woke up with this morning is something serious, plant a victory garden.

During World War II, those on the home front were dealing with food shortages and rationing, as well as fear and ...Read more

On Gardening: Your 2020 victory garden

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Shazam! All of a sudden everyone is thinking about growing a vegetable garden. Essentials disappearing from the local supermarket is at best a wake-up call. One thing for certain now that families are all together -- there is no better way to teach children a little horticulture, pollination and where food comes from than a vegetable garden. If ...Read more

On Gardening: 'Supertunias' pack more than 150 days of showtime performance

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The commercial landscape world is where the proverbial 'rubber meets the road' scenario. We can all gawk at flowers in trial gardens and get a good indication of how they will perform at home, but shopping centers and city streetscapes may be the best indicator of all.

In fact, I told my audience at the Spring Home & Garden Show in Charlotte, N...Read more

Humidity-loving houseplants need a little mist. Here's how to give it to them

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LOS ANGELES -- The leaves of your Fittonia verschaffeltii are brown and brittle and aren't growing back.

What's going on?

"Some plants thrive in humidity," explains Hank Jenkins of the Plant Provocateur in Los Angeles. "If you don't give them moisture, their leaves will dry out. If you want new foliage and growth, you need to mist them."

Many...Read more

On Gardening: Superbells calibrachoas among the best buys for garden color

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The calendar had not reached March this year and I already had my first blooms on the new Superbells Double Blue Calibrachoa. Your first thought is, "What am I doing planting so early?" The fact is, these are returning from last year's plants I was testing.

What a wild and wonderful ride we gardeners and professional horticulturists alike have ...Read more

The best soil for a thriving garden is water-absorbing and well-fed

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What's the best soil to use? Whether you're gardening with containers, in raised beds or digging holes in the ground, you can't go wrong with organic potting soil. With its loamy texture, water-absorbing amendments, lots of nutrients and beneficial fungi, it mimics a healthy soil.

That's the quick fix, but if you want a successful garden, start...Read more

How to keep your houseplants pest-free

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The best way to protect your houseplants from thrips, spider mites, mealy bugs and other pests is to make sure you care for the plants properly.

If a plant is struggling, assess its cultivation needs: Does it need full sun or filtered light? Does it thrive in warmth and prefer humidity? Is the soil too dense? Are you watering it enough? Or too ...Read more

What is an annual? What is a perennial? And why does it matter?

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An annual is a plant that lives and dies in one growing season. A perennial regrows and reblooms year after year.

In our busy world, why plant anything but perennials?

Because annuals are the backbone of our edible plants, said professional gardener Lauri Kranz, owner of Edible Gardens L.A.

"If you like to eat, you have to grow annuals," ...Read more

How to have a gorgeous garden without spending a ton of money

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Gardening doesn't have to be expensive. But tell that to your pocketbook after you've made a trip to your local nursery or garden center.

Between the bags of special soils, tools, hoses, fertilizers, seed packets and, of course, plants, your plan to grow edibles or even a modest balcony of flowers was never going to be a budget project. Even ...Read more

On Gardening: Unplugged So Blue salvia is picture-perfection for any style of garden

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One of The Garden Guy's favorite new plants making its debut in 2020 has name so unusual I had to look up the definition and gift it a little thought. It is called Unplugged. Did you know we have a National Day of Unplugging?

You can probably guess what that might mean. Getting away from all things digital for a day, going natural, nourishing ...Read more

On Gardening: Where the pickerelweed grows

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Pickerelweed is native over a monstrously big range, from Nova Scotia to Argentina. In our country pickerelweed calls 36 states home. I assure you "Where the Pickerelweed Grows," a spectacle of nature is waiting for you to see the show.

My experience with pickerelweed can best be described as the I-95 corridor from South Carolina through ...Read more

On Gardening: The Diamond darlings of the garden world are massing quite a trophy room

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If there was such a thing as a Super Bowl dynasty in the plant world it would have to go to Diamond Frost euphorbia. Somehow, I doubt that Proven Winners and the entire green industry knew what they had when it made its debut over a dozen years ago.

Comparing Diamond Frost to a Super Bowl or World Series dynasty is really a disservice to this ...Read more

On Gardening: Double Take flowering quince series now offers four colors of huge double blooms

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Phil the groundhog predicted an early spring and he was right on. Groundhog Day was Feb. 2 and spring arrived at my house Feb. 3. Great Scott that was fast! I know I am slightly exaggerating but as I write this, on Feb. 3, I have the sunroom door open for any pollinators that might want to come inside and visit for a moment.

Though I have sort ...Read more

On Gardening: Nothing like copper in cool season baskets and containers

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This winter we are seeing copper in baskets, containers and even landscapes all thanks to new Heuchera varieties. There seems to be nothing that today's flower breeder can't do with Heuchera or its common name coral bells.

You have to admit there is something about winter copper. Copper is a color we most often associate with fall and the ...Read more

On Gardening: 2020: The year of the lantana, a luscious group of colors

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Hats off to the National Garden Bureau for designating 2020 as the year of the lantana. If you are looking for a flower that gives vibrant color from late spring through frost, then the lantana is probably the plant for you. This does come with a WARNING. You will most likely have tigers, zebras and some flashy ladies hanging around your garden ...Read more

On Gardening: Florida Sunshine, golden in cool-season mixed containers

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This has been a great year of cool-season container color thanks to the addition of a little Florida Sunshine. Your first thought might be that the cloud cover finally broke and the sun was shining ever so brightly. However, we are under rain and thunder it seems forevermore, but our mixed containers or ever so beautiful thanks to Florida ...Read more