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On Gardening: Cutting your plants back is really a pinch of love

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Years of preparation for the Fall Flower & Garden Fest, Mississippi State University's huge horticultural event in Crystal Springs, Miss., taught me the value of pinching and cutting back herbaceous plant material.

We would always count back 6 to 7 weeks before the event and usually cut plants including roses back by at least 50%. Invariably ...Read more

On Gardening: Oh my gosh, we've got deer in 'the hood'

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As my wife, Jan and I were slowly driving, doing a little house shopping, we had to bring the car to a halt as 7 large bucks ambled across the road along with one fawn. It was a sight that would make Yellowstone jealous. While I was scrambling to grab the camera, Jan looked at the situation from a different perspective, "Where is the Mother." ...Read more

On Gardening: The year of the Joe Pye weed

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In Georgia, this appears to be the year of the Joe Pye weed. Everywhere you look it is providing staggering beauty including along the 40-mile stretch of The Russell-Brasstown National Scenic Highway, in North Georgia.

If the mountains and streams don't keep you spellbound, the Swallowtail butterflies sweeping down to partake of the nectar-rich...Read more

On Gardening: Suncredible Yellow ever-blooming bush sunflower

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Everblooming and bush habit, are not two adjectives or descriptors you would ever expect to give a sunflower, but that has all changed. It's called Suncredible Yellow and botanically speaking it is a Helianthus hybrid.

I planted it about three months ago right close to a clump of Rockin salvias. Amazingly it has been blooming all summer and ...Read more

On Gardening: Gloriosa daisies are summer stunners

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The Garden Guy has the tendency each week to tell you about the latest and greatest plants for the landscape, but this year I have been reminded that there are some flowers that have stood the test of time and should always be included in the landscape. This is precisely where gloriosa daises fall in the list of plants.

I'm a little worried ...Read more

On Gardening: Holy Grail hibiscus a 'holy wow' plant

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This has been the year of the hibiscus at The Garden Guy's house. The tropical selections like South Pacific Sipper, Monsoon Mixer, Hawaiian Big Kahuna, and Fiesta. The past few weeks it is the Holy Grail a hardy hibiscus that you simply can't take your eyes off. Holy Grail is part of Proven Winner's Summerific series. There are a total of 8 ...Read more

On Gardening: Orange You Awesome coneflowers are absolutely dazzling

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Orange You Awesome made its debut in 2019, and I can truthfully say, it is, indeed. This is one of the new color-coded groups of echinacea from Proven Winners and it has captured this gardener's heart. The other selection is Yellow My Darling.

Orange You Awesome has performed like a champion all summer, and now, as we enter August, it is still ...Read more

On Gardening: Old Town and Swallowtail Flats, an ecological dreamland

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If you live in an upscale apartment called Coreopsis, Milkweed or Lantana then there is a good chance you live in Swallowtail Flats. In all likelihood, you are seeing more butterflies, obviously swallowtails, but others, as well, and of course hummingbirds, too.

Such is the case for residents of Old Town, a Southern Living Community in North ...Read more

On Gardening: Native Clethra, how sweet it is

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The Garden Guy has known of the summersweet or Clethra alnifolia for over 20 years; when the variety Hummingbird was selected as a Georgia Gold Medal Winner in 1996. If I may pose the question, however, do you, 'really' know it? Embarrassingly I have to admit, I didn't.

I am here to tell you it is a champion of pollinators. I have been watching...Read more

On Gardening: Big Blue salvia is indeed big, blue, and wonderful

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Last year Big Blue stunned us at the plant trials. This year, when we're able to get our hands on it, we can say it is indeed big, blue, and wonderful providing all of the spikes you could want to create excitement in the garden. Botanically speaking, Big Blue is a salvia farinacea x S. longispicata cross. If you are a salvia guru then you ...Read more

On Gardening: QIS Carmine gomphrena and Uproar Rose zinnia host a spectacle of nature

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Carmine is not a word I grew up with describing color. By definition, it is a vivid crimson. The QIS Carmine gomphrena is a prime example. If you were partnering up a color, an intense yellow gold would be perfect, so send in a dozen or so American goldfinches to eat not only gomphrena seeds, but zinnias, too.

The spectacle has been happening ...Read more

On Gardening: Calliope Large Orange Splash electrifying in color

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Calliope Large Orange Splash geranium is new this year and has been causing an assortment of 'oohs and ahhs' at this year at trial gardens. It was particularly so at the Young's Plant Farm Trials at Auburn, Ala., First off, Calliope has really become the go-to geranium in the south for season-long performance.

Syngenta Flowers has packaged the ...Read more

On Gardening: Viking begonias shaking up the garden world

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Life seemed as it should for all of us gardeners and horticultural gurus. We loved Big Begonias, Whopper Begonias and Tophat that had just introduced white. Shoot we still had Dragon Wing at the throne when it came to hanging baskets. Then something happened in the space-time continuum of begonias and gardeners. Our happiness has been shaken ...Read more


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