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On Gardening: Near-perfect Mysty, a hot commodity this spring

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Mysty will be the hottest plant at the garden center this spring, and it's likely, everyone will want several. Mysty is the dazzling new compact salvia indigo spires that was the talk of all the trials last year. Most trials score on a 1-5 scale, and Mysty was well over 4 at Young Plant Trials in Alabama, UGA Trials in Athens, Ga., and at the ...Read more

On Gardening: Golden Lace, a champion for pollinators

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Four years ago, I wrote about a Golden Lace patrinia a new plant to most gardeners and one that is thrilling beyond compare for anyone who loves pollinators. Now after four more years of experience, I can say it is a must-have plant, it is truly like having 'wild kingdom' packed in a four-foot-tall yellow blooming perennial.

Botanically ...Read more

On Gardening: Afghan bush cherry, sweet harbinger of spring

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As you sit by the fire contemplating new trees and shrubs for the landscape, I would like to suggest the Afghan cherry as a possibility. There is a chance you see them in the neighborhood and are never really sure what this plant is that has caught your attention.

This dazzling bush cherry will leave you speechless with its beauty. If you love ...Read more

On Gardening: Encore series of azaleas reach 31with Autumn Bonfire and Autumn Fire

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Though we are still in the grips of a cold winter, I assure you spring is headed our way like a runaway locomotive. Those plans that we thought we would make for improving the landscape somehow got put on the back burner.

The Encore series, the best azaleas to ever hit the market now has 31 varieties.

With two new riveting red selections ...Read more

On Gardening: Soft Caress mahonia magically blooms, bringing in the honeybees

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Honeybees coming out of nowhere is always thrilling, even more so in the winter. Such is the case with Soft Caress mahonia which has quickly become one of my all-time favorite shrubs with shocking yellow blooms when nothing else seems to be happening, and yes, bringing in the bees.

Soft Caress mahonia is one of thrilling Southern Living Plant ...Read more

On Gardening: Weeping yaupon, like a living piece of art

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The weeping yaupon holly is beyond stunning right now. No, the weeping plant wasn't nuked or genetically modified to obtain that graceful appearance. It was found naturally and native and then simply propagated vegetatively by cutting.

Yaupons are native geographically in almost a third of North America. Botanically speaking they are Known as ...Read more

On Gardening: Florida Sunshine, gold lantern to the woodland garden

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If the frigid winter has you crying for some Florida sunshine, you are not alone. In the past few months, I have moved to Hamilton, Ga., and have been furiously planting hollies, camellias, conifers, and a few other select evergreens to start giving the bones to my new landscape. After days on end of high teens and low 20s, I couldn't be happier...Read more

On Gardening: Winter Gold paperbush, a shrub for all seasons

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Officially it is Oriental paperbush; others call it Chinese paperbush or just paperbush. While some describe it as a mounding, suckering deciduous shrub, I think it is like a beautiful piece of art in the garden. Like the names suggest it has been used to make fine paper.

Botanically speaking it is known as Edgeworthia chrysantha, and it ...Read more

On Gardening: Kanjiro camellia has stood the test of time

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In Japanese the word Kanjiro means you must feel. I'm not sure if that means to touch or to experience, to me the Kanjiro camellia is one to experience. Kanjio is known botanically as Camellia hiemalis and it made its debut in 1954. Touting a camellia cultivar that's entering its 64th year is a testament to both its character and performance in ...Read more

On Gardening: Christmas cactus: A national treasure

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It seems as though every year since I graduated from Texas A&M I have been asked how to get poinsettias to re-bloom. It doesn't take long into the discussion before the gardener knows the task is more than formidable. On the other hand, the Christmas cactus, so rare in beauty, is actually easy to grow and re-bloom, maybe for the rest of your ...Read more

On Gardening: Bouquet dianthus reigns supreme for show and cut-flowers

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This fall has been amazing for those of us who have been growing the Bouquet series of dianthus. The flower power of this dianthus is unmatched in the gardening world. I admit there was a little anxiety with the recent winter storm called Benji. Now Bouquet Purple was a Minnesota Select Perennial Plant of the Year, so we know it has excellent ...Read more

On Gardening: Golden Berry hollies, dazzling in the winter landscape

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This time of the year everyone is thinking of decking the halls with hollies and their colorful red berries, but you just may want to consider adding a touch of gold. Can you even imagine hollies with bright golden berries? These would show out in the landscape like small trees or shrubs adorned with a thousand little golden lights and the same ...Read more

On Gardening: Chinese pistache superb for color and longevity

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The flaming fall foliage of the Chinese pistache trees in Savannah are a visual testaments that they are indeed champions of color. The fiery oranges, reds, and yellows scream as if to say look at me. Believe me, you will, and if you are packing a camera, you will take a photo. They are not to be ignored.

Here at the Coastal Georgia Botanical ...Read more

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