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On Gardening: The Diamond darlings of the garden world are massing quite a trophy room

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If there was such a thing as a Super Bowl dynasty in the plant world it would have to go to Diamond Frost euphorbia. Somehow, I doubt that Proven Winners and the entire green industry knew what they had when it made its debut over a dozen years ago.

Comparing Diamond Frost to a Super Bowl or World Series dynasty is really a disservice to this ...Read more

On Gardening: Double Take flowering quince series now offers four colors of huge double blooms

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Phil the groundhog predicted an early spring and he was right on. Groundhog Day was Feb. 2 and spring arrived at my house Feb. 3. Great Scott that was fast! I know I am slightly exaggerating but as I write this, on Feb. 3, I have the sunroom door open for any pollinators that might want to come inside and visit for a moment.

Though I have sort ...Read more

On Gardening: Nothing like copper in cool season baskets and containers

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This winter we are seeing copper in baskets, containers and even landscapes all thanks to new Heuchera varieties. There seems to be nothing that today's flower breeder can't do with Heuchera or its common name coral bells.

You have to admit there is something about winter copper. Copper is a color we most often associate with fall and the ...Read more

On Gardening: 2020: The year of the lantana, a luscious group of colors

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Hats off to the National Garden Bureau for designating 2020 as the year of the lantana. If you are looking for a flower that gives vibrant color from late spring through frost, then the lantana is probably the plant for you. This does come with a WARNING. You will most likely have tigers, zebras and some flashy ladies hanging around your garden ...Read more

On Gardening: Florida Sunshine, golden in cool-season mixed containers

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This has been a great year of cool-season container color thanks to the addition of a little Florida Sunshine. Your first thought might be that the cloud cover finally broke and the sun was shining ever so brightly. However, we are under rain and thunder it seems forevermore, but our mixed containers or ever so beautiful thanks to Florida ...Read more

On Gardening: Peacocks showing up in landscapes dazzling with color and texture

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Peacocks are showing up in the landscape this year and causing many of us to become fixated on their beauty. As you might expect, The Garden Guy is playing semantics with you. I am talking Peacock kale. The innovative commercial landscaper industry in my area has caught on to the monolithic size and beauty these plants exhibit.

I have always ...Read more

Kids and seniors growing (more than plants) together in garden mentoring program

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When Marti Kohl retired from her work as a paralegal, she decided to take up gardening at the Rancho Carlsbad Community Garden. Her plot was right next to the plots reserved for the children in the Rancho Carlsbad Garden Mentoring Program, a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Carlsbad.

"Truth be told, when I took on a garden plot, I ...Read more

On Gardening: Christmas over, time for a tulip planting party

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Now that Christmas is over, it's time to put our thoughts on tulips. At least this is when many in the South do it. Friends and relatives in the North hopefully got theirs in sometime in October before the ground froze.

The Garden Guy will freely admit that a mass of tulips in bloom is about as beautiful a sight as there is in the world of ...Read more

On Gardening: Pantone Color of the Year Classic Blue an 'inspiration for gardeners'

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The New Year will be rockin' baby thanks to Proven Winners' introduction of the Salvia Rockin' Blue Suede Shoes. Not only will this salvia bring in the hummingbirds, bees and butterflies all summer, but it will be trending with the celebration of 2020 Pantone Color of the Year 'Classic Blue'.

To be exact, Classic Blue is Pantone 19-4052, for ...Read more

On Gardening: 'This was the most beautiful Christmas ever'

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It was a 191 years ago that Ambassador Joel Poinsett brought the plant we now know as the poinsettia to the United States. There is no way he could have dreamed of all of the colors, shapes, treatments or enhancements you find with today's poinsettias. Ambassador, we thank you for your vision.

Recently I was at a high-end food market and was ...Read more

On Gardening: ColorMax violas offer months of dazzling cool season color

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The November Polar Express put a lot of good gardening folks in a funk. Consider, many of us had virtually had no frost, then the front swooped down dropping temperatures to a bone-chilling 22 degrees in West Georgia. So, if you are in a funk or simply found yourself behind in cool-season color then reach for a flat or two of ColorMax violas. I ...Read more

On Gardening: Cool-season euphorbias offer color, texture and a crescendo of blooms

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Euphorbias are starting to amaze in cool-season plantings whether they be in containers, or as the perfect pansy partner in the landscape. More than likely your first thought is euphorbias for the summer landscape like Diamond Frost but I'm talking Ascot Rainbow that has been the rage since it was declared a Texas Superstar in 2011 and Miner's ...Read more

On Gardening: Peanut butter for the holidays, a most rewarding gift

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Peanut butter for the holidays may elicit a 'that's for the birds' response, and, you would be right. But who doesn't like peanut butter cups and peanut butter swirled ice cream? Peanut butter, however, is a special treat for the birds, and if you like birds coming to your sunflower or thistle seed feeders, you will be in birdwatching ecstasy ...Read more


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