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On Gardening: Bouquet dianthus reigns supreme for show and cut-flowers

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This fall has been amazing for those of us who have been growing the Bouquet series of dianthus. The flower power of this dianthus is unmatched in the gardening world. I admit there was a little anxiety with the recent winter storm called Benji. Now Bouquet Purple was a Minnesota Select Perennial Plant of the Year, so we know it has excellent ...Read more

On Gardening: Golden Berry hollies, dazzling in the winter landscape

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This time of the year everyone is thinking of decking the halls with hollies and their colorful red berries, but you just may want to consider adding a touch of gold. Can you even imagine hollies with bright golden berries? These would show out in the landscape like small trees or shrubs adorned with a thousand little golden lights and the same ...Read more

On Gardening: Chinese pistache superb for color and longevity

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The flaming fall foliage of the Chinese pistache trees in Savannah are a visual testaments that they are indeed champions of color. The fiery oranges, reds, and yellows scream as if to say look at me. Believe me, you will, and if you are packing a camera, you will take a photo. They are not to be ignored.

Here at the Coastal Georgia Botanical ...Read more

On Gardening: Burgundy Glow ajuga designer options for cool season containers

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If I asked if you had bugleweed in your garden you would probably gasp and say I hope not. That's just one of those unfortunate names for not only a great ground cover but a terrific plant to use in your cool season mixed containers.

Think of it as not a weed but ajuga which is a plant for the entire country as it is cold hardy from zones 3-10....Read more

On Gardening: ColorMax violas offers the wow factor to the cool season landscape

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Make no mistake about it; if you have ever thought a viola couldn't dazzle like a pansy, then you haven't tried ColorMax. ColorMax is a relatively new series of viola coming to us from Sakata Seed that has completely shocked me with its flower power. It is a maximum show of colors with these violas.

I am the ultimate pansy and viola lover ...Read more

On Gardening: Old-fashioned cosmos, breathtaking along Georgia highways

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The Georgia Department of Transportation is teaching all of us about an old floral favorite that needs to be brought back to the garden, the cosmos. I see them along Interstate 16 starting around mile marker 98 going north and the nature scape, if you will, is amazing.

What is even more exciting is that the future of these types of floral ...Read more

On Gardening: These cool-season flowers will have you feeling Snaptastic

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These new snapdragons aren't just fantastic they're simply Snaptastic, and they fill a void longed for in the market. Snaptastic a new series coming from Syngenta is considered medium in height reaching 14 to 16 inches.

Snapdragons are planted in the fall in much of the country so as you shop you'll most likely see these riotous colors tempting...Read more

On Gardening: Candy corn for Halloween and the garden too!

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Many of you will no doubt be handing out treats like candy corn this Halloween and, if I may suggest, you need some Candy Corn in the garden too. Of course, the candy corn in the garden isn't for your sweet tooth but to add an incredible array of color and texture that will beautify your landscape.

While it doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth, it ...Read more

On Gardening: Bolivian Sunset is dazzling shady groundcover

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Shady groundcovers that bloom are much sought after in the gardening world, and Bolivian Sunset holds one of the most beautiful opportunities. The name itself conjures up visions of exotic colors.

Bolivian Sunset is known botanically as Seemannia sylvatica and indeed is native to Bolivia and Peru. It also has another common name and that is ...Read more

On Gardening: Soap aloe offers striking foliage, gorgeous flowers loved by hummingbirds

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The soap aloe is just one of those plants that stir up a passion in gardeners and plant aficionados across the country. It's known botanically as Aloe maculata, and at first glance, you would swear it is from Mexico but alas its home is over 9,000 miles away in South Africa.

I first fell in love with it when I would travel to the California ...Read more

On Gardening: NuMex Easter pepper a stunning, All-America Selections winner

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When it comes to new varieties, I feel like I am on top of things-but occasionally there are those Rip Van Winkle moments. This is the case with NuMex Easter ornamental pepper. Holy cow, what a beauty and the embarrassing part for me is that it was a 2014 All-America Selections Winner and I am just now growing it.

My apologies and my accolades ...Read more

On Gardening: Banner year for Graffiti pentas and butterflies

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It seems to be a banner year for butterflies in the south. While the big Monarch migration hasn't hit, everything else appears to be high. I'm not sure if there is a correlation, but it also seems as if pentas are having the most incredible year ever.

What a quandary for the landscape industry. It's nearly time to start planting cool-season ...Read more

On Gardening: Fall in love with Patti Faye the most exquisite deodar cedar

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It's funny about 4 1/2 years ago I wrote an article titled "Deodar Cedar Simply Unbeatable in the Winter Landscape." That still holds true, but I would like to suggest a new title "Patti Faye Deodar Cedar Simply Unbeatable in the Landscape."

Every day as I come into the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens and as I leave I watch Patti Faye which ...Read more


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