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Fact check: Warren says out-of-pocket health spending will total $11 trillion in the next decade

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Promoting her much-discussed plan to create a single-payer "Medicare for All" health system, Sen. Elizabeth Warren emphasized a striking figure.

"If we make no changes over the next 10 years, Americans will reach into their pockets and pay out about $11 trillion on insurance premiums, copays, deductibles and uncovered medical expenses," the ...Read more

Copper hospital beds kill bacteria, save lives, study finds

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Hospital infections sicken about 2 million Americans every year and kill nearly 100,000, according to the co-author of a new study.

Those deaths are "roughly equivalent to the number of deaths if a wide-bodied jet crashed every day," said Michael G. Schmidt, professor of microbiology and immunology, Medical University of South Carolina, ...Read more

Carla Fried: High-deductible health plans: How to think about your true costs

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If you have health insurance through an employer, chances are the premiums are a big -- and growing -- line item in your household budget. The independent, non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation reports that the average household with family coverage pays more than $500 in monthly premiums. Over the past 10 years, the workers' share of family ...Read more

Analysis: Is Elizabeth Warren too far left on health care?

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WASHINGTON -- Among her many proposals, an interviewer asked Sen. Elizabeth Warren, which three would she like to sign into law first?

Her anti-corruption plan, an end to the Senate filibuster, and a wealth tax, the Massachusetts senator responded last week to Angela Rye, the liberal activist and CNN commentator.

Notice something missing?

...Read more

Is man's best friend the key to battling cancer? New UC Davis study aims to find out

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A new joint study by UC Davis, the University of Wisconsin and Colorado State University is looking for healthy canines to participate in a study that may benefit man and man's best friend alike.

According to Dr. Jenna Burton, Associate Professor of Clinical Oncology at UC Davis, the Vaccination Against Canine Cancer Study (VACCS) began in May ...Read more

Study links increased physical activity to reducing symptoms of depression

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It's estimated that more than 17 million adults in the United States have at least one major depressive episode in any given year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

And while depression, and treatment options, look different for everyone, a new study found that increased levels of physical activity can help prevent future ...Read more

Penis transplant performed on soldier at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore considered a success

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More than a year and a half after surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital performed a complex genital transplant on a soldier who also lost his legs in a bomb blast in Afghanistan, the man says he has normal functions and is "feeling whole."

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, received a donated penis, scrotum and part of an abdominal wall ...Read more

Healthy Men: Is there really a men's health crisis?

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Dear Healthy Men: Why do you keep writing about men's health when everyone knows that the health issues women face are far bigger? All you're doing is taking money away from women's health to give it to men.

A: There's no question that much can -- and should -- be done to improve women's health. However, there's also no question that despite ...Read more

Senate Democrats skeptical of Warren's 'Medicare for All' push

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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren's colleagues aren't exactly jumping to voice support for her plan to finance "Medicare for All."

The hesitation from rank-and-file Democrats across the political spectrum on backing the Massachusetts Democrat's plan shows how fraught the issue is within the party – and how challenging it would be for a ...Read more

Analysis: Elizabeth Warren throws down the gauntlet

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WASHINGTON -- Laying the table for the next Democratic debate, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has issued a plan that explains how she would fund what she calls Medicare for All. She had studiously avoided saying whether it would raise taxes for the middle class, and in her proposal, she says (repeatedly) it will not.

It will instead be ...Read more

Sleep deprivation linked to weaker bones

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Women who don't get enough sleep may be putting their bones at risk, a new study found.

The research showed that postmenopausal women who slept less than five hours a night were 22% more likely than those who slept at least seven hours to have low bone mass and 63% more likely to have osteoporosis of the hip. Results for the spine were similar....Read more

Expert alert: Some common youth sports injuries are avoidable

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PHOENIX -- As fall and winter sports are in full swing, youth athletics will see a rise in injuries. Tens of millions of children and teens participate in organized sports, and more than 3.5 million sports injuries occur every year.

Fortunately, most injuries that occur with children are not serious and will not need surgery, according to ...Read more

Infectious diseases: Why moms-to-be need vaccines during pregnancy

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Vaccines are a part of many well-child visits. But they also should be part of the care moms-to-be receive to protect their unborn children. "When we take care of pregnant patients, we're really taking care of two patients: mom and baby. We know that pregnant women are more susceptible to, and can get more ill from, certain illnesses, so it's ...Read more

Even running once a week can lower your risk of early death, study says

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Is jogging a part of your workout regimen? It should be, according to a new report.

Researchers from health institutions in Australia, Thailand and Finland recently conducted a study to explore the effects of running.

To do so, they examined 14 previous assessments that involved 232,149 adults. They evaluated the participants' physical ...Read more

As Congress works to curb surprise medical bills, New York's fix gets examined

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Lobbying campaigns and legislative battles have been underway for months as Congress tries to solve the problem of surprise billing, when patients face often exorbitant costs after they unknowingly receive care from an out-of-network doctor or hospital.

As Congress considers various plans and negotiates behind the scenes, data is trickling in ...Read more

Alzheimer's treatments: What's on the horizon?

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Current Alzheimer's treatments temporarily improve symptoms of memory loss and problems with thinking and reasoning.

These Alzheimer's treatments boost performance of chemicals in the brain that carry information from one brain cell to another. However, these treatments don't stop the underlying decline and death of brain cells. As more cells ...Read more

UnitedHealthcare faces $1 million penalty for claims payment violations

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Pennsylvania regulators have issued a $1 million civil penalty against UnitedHealthcare on allegations the health insurer violated a number of state and federal laws when paying medical claims, particularly for patients seeking treatment of autism and substance use disorders.

Minnesota-based UnitedHealthcare will spend another $800,000 on an ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Surgery for hiatal hernias

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Dear Mayo Clinic: After a recent CT scan, endoscopy and colonoscopy, I learned that I have a hiatal hernia containing both stomach and colon, and extrinsic stenosis at the splenic flexure. My understanding is that this is rare and that I will need surgery. Will I need to find a surgeon who has seen this condition before? Can surgery be done ...Read more

Obamacare's star ratings offer a glimmer of insight — but not for all

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ST. LOUIS -- As millions of Americans start shopping for individual health insurance for 2020, they will see federal ratings comparing the quality of health plans on the Affordable Care Act's insurance marketplaces.

But Christina Rinehart of Moberly, Mo., who has bought coverage on the federal insurance exchange for several years, won't be ...Read more

On the front lines of mental health care, emergency rooms are adapting

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CHICAGO -- Patients seeking mental health care, sitting in emergency rooms for hours as clinical staff conduct physical tests unrelated to their problem. Case managers making scores of phone calls just to find one spot in an in-patient program.

This scenario encountered by mental health patients in their local emergency rooms is less than ideal...Read more


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