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Mayo Clinic Q&A: What is cat scratch fever?

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Dear Mayo Clinic: My cat scratched me while I was trimming his claws and the wound later became infected. Are cat scratches a special concern?

A: A bite or scratch from a cat carries particular risks, and infection is common. Cat scratch disease (or cat scratch fever) is a specific type of bacterial infection that occurs when a cat bites or ...Read more

A 9-year-old's brain tumor left her paralyzed. After a Hopkins trial, doctors are using the word 'cure.'

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Eight years ago, Kaitlyn Dorman was so sick with cancer she was paralyzed and her vision blurred. Dependent on a wheelchair, the little girl was confined to living on the first floor of her family's home.

Now 17, Kaitlyn can walk and see clearly. And she's staring down her final months at Liberty High School, weighing college acceptance letters...Read more

Glimpsing the future at gargantuan health technology showcase

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Imagine going to the doctor and finding out before you leave the exam room how much your prescribed drug will cost, avoiding sticker shock at the pharmacy.

Or what if you could wear a tiny device at the top of your back that would gently nudge you to sit up straight whenever you slump.

How about not having to sign by hand a ...Read more

5 things to know about this year's flu season

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As influenza season trudges on, public health officials report fewer cases than last year's severe and deadly season.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report released recently shows a more effective vaccine compared with the previous two seasons and called this season a low-severity year so far for influenza -- classified as having ...Read more

Study: High-fat Western diet could increase risk, severity of sepsis

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The traditional Western diet could increase your risk of deadly sepsis, according to a new study.

In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, researchers found the traditional Western diet, which is high in fats and sucrose and low in fiber, could have an impact on sepsis.

The ...Read more

He'll be the oldest player in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. Why is Dr. Oz doing this?

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Mehmet Oz was still in his forties the first (and only other) time he's suited up to play in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, in Dallas in 2010, opposite former pros like Chris Mullin and Robert Horry. But although that was nearly a decade ago, the man better known as Dr. Oz can remember how many points he scored that night like it was yesterday...Read more

UnitedHealth Group employment hits 300,000

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Employment at Minnetonka, Minn.-based UnitedHealth Group has hit the 300,000 mark with about 40,000 workers added to the payroll during 2018 alone.

The new employment figure comes from a regulatory filing this week and covers worldwide operations. The Minnesota workforce is a small fraction of the total at about 18,000 people.

Of the new hires...Read more

Frozen dinners, other 'ultraprocessed' foods linked to risk of early death, study says

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It's no secret ultra-processed foods can be detrimental to your health, but they can also increase your risk of early death, according to a new report.

Researchers from health institutions in France recently conducted a study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, to determine the relationship between overall mortality risk and the consumption ...Read more

Mayo Clinic minute: What you need to know about wet macular degeneration

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Millions of people deal with age-related macular degeneration as they get older, but many don't understand the difference between types of the condition or what they can do to lessen the effects. Dr. Sophie Bakri, a Mayo Clinic ophthalmologist and retina specialist, explains the differences between wet macular degeneration and dry macular ...Read more

Nonprofit that helps people with disabilities finds dream home, but zoning laws could get in the way

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WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. -- The only reason Robby Fisher can live at home with his parents is because they have somewhere safe to take him if an emergency strikes.

Fisher, 28, has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. He lives in the Affton area with his father, Robert Fisher, 63, and stepmother, Deanna Fisher, 51, who are his caregivers.

When ...Read more

The heartbreak and heroism of being the X-Men in Alzheimer's disease

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They lovingly call each other X-Men, named after the comic book team of mutant superheroes.

They have a rare genetic form of Alzheimer's disease that makes up just 1 percent of cases. It strikes early -- in their 30s and 40s -- and decimates families.

Those with the genetic mutation have a near certainty they will develop the disease and a 50 ...Read more

No new HIV cases by 2030? Advocates in Chicago applaud Trump's goal but question how it will be carried out.

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After state and national leaders announced efforts to eliminate the spread of HIV over the next decade, those involved in prevention efforts in Chicago applauded the plan but questioned how it would be carried out, particularly when it comes to reaching those who are disproportionately affected by the disease.

Days after Illinois Gov. J.B. ...Read more

Not a morning person? These genes may be to blame

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Perhaps you are one of those peppy people who spring into action with the sunrise.

Or perhaps you find that sort of person exhausting, and you do your best work in the evening.

As with so many other human traits, genes seem to play a key role in the answer.

In a new study of 450,000 people, researchers identified 351 genetic variants that ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Understanding secondary headache disorder

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Dear Mayo Clinic: How can you tell when a headache requires additional diagnostic testing?

A: Headaches come with a wide range of accompanying symptoms and severity. Most often, they are due to a primary headache disorder, such as a tension-type headache or migraine. In older adults, most headaches are still primary in nature.

However, older ...Read more

Amid concussion fears, Minnesota couple's invention aims to change youth football

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Brigid Ling remembers being the only girl at Minnesota Vikings camps growing up. Yet Ling and her husband, Jeremy, a fellow football lover, faced a difficult moment with their two oldest children as they reached their preteen years and told their parents that flag football was too "baby" for them and they wanted to move up to tackle football.

...Read more

Here's what happens when you get goose bumps out of nowhere

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Everyone has experienced "the chills" at some point. Your skin gets goose bumps and your body shivers uncontrollably. But why does it happen?

HuffPost consulted Hadley King, a dermatologist, to find the answer.

King said there are two types of chills that cause a physical response. The first a physical input, like feeling cold. The second is a...Read more

Diabetes advocacy group calls UnitedHealthcare policy 'unacceptable step backward'

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An advocacy group for patients with Type 1 diabetes is calling out a new UnitedHealthcare policy that expands an existing agreement with Medtronic and makes the manufacturer's medical devices the "preferred" insulin pumps for children with the autoimmune condition.

On Friday, Minnetonka-based UnitedHealthcare published a bulletin to health care...Read more

Immigrants find health — and home — in Philly's Buddhist centers

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PHILADELPHIA -- The red-brick apartments on South Sixth Street squat side by side, braced against the wind and snow. An overturned blue armchair, missing two wooden legs, has crashed against a metal grate. A wind-blown plastic bag sends two sparrows flitting to the curb.

But one step through the door of the red and gold temple on the corner of ...Read more

In Illinois, medical marijuana can now replace opioids

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An old photo popped up on Tashena Altman's Facebook profile recently, showing her a memory from three years ago.

"I had maybe 15 pill bottles in the picture, just to do my daily life," said Altman, who has pain from sickle cell anemia.

Altman, 31, has been using marijuana bought on the black market to wean her off the pills, many of them ...Read more

With mom's green card on the line, family forgoes autism services for citizen child

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AUSTIN, Texas -- As U.S. immigration enforcement becomes stricter under the Trump administration, more immigrant families are cutting ties with health care services and other critical government programs, according to child advocates who work with such families.

In Texas, researchers studying the issue say it's a major reason why more children ...Read more