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A community's fecal matter could give early warning of COVID-19 outbreaks, Yale study finds

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By studying sewage at a New Haven wastewater treatment facility, a team of Yale researchers has determined that genetic code embedded in feces could be used as an early warning sign of COVID-19 outbreaks.

The team, led by Jordan Peccia of the Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science, tested daily samples of sludge for bits of coronavirus ...Read more

Childhood obesity rates could increase if schools stay closed through December, study finds

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ST. LOUIS -- The past few years have shown signs that alarmingly high childhood obesity rates in the U.S. may finally be stabilizing. But that may change if school closures continue into December, according to a new study by Washington University.

The childhood obesity rate may increase 2.4% -- equal to 1.27 million children -- if school ...Read more

5 ways to stay healthy while getting older

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As you age, there are many things you can do to maintain your health. While eating well and staying active are some of the more obvious tips, others may not be so plain to see.

Below are five tips BIC Magazine compiled from WebMD and Healthline that you can incorporate to remain healthy while getting older.

Load up on healthy foods

Rather ...Read more

Study: Exercise improves memory, boosts blood flow to brain

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Researchers at the University of Texas, Southwestern mapped brain changes after a year of aerobic workouts and uncovered a potentially critical process: Exercise boosts blood flow into two key regions of the brain associated with memory.

The study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, showed "this blood flow can help even older ...Read more

Health workers in Mexico demand more protection as COVID-19 toll in their ranks climbs

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MEXICO CITY -- The emergency room doctor shielded his wife and son from his growing unease about a lack of safety gear at the public hospital where he regularly treated coronavirus patients.

He focused on caring for the sick while insulating his family, following a strict regimen for cleanliness at home -- leaving shoes outside the house, ...Read more

Cuban doctors fight COVID-19 abroad, but on the island health care cuts worry experts

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Cuba has sent more than 2,000 health workers to other countries to treat patients with COVID-19, and the government says the island is a "medical powerhouse."

But in recent years, the government slashed the budget for public health, closed hospitals in rural areas and sent thousands of community doctors to "missions" abroad, through a program ...Read more

Coronavirus widens health care divide between red states and blue states

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Jenny Morones and Courtney Marrs are both working mothers. Both labor to raise three children on low incomes. Both fled abusive relationships.

But because Morones lives in California -- a state that expanded its safety net through the Affordable Care Act -- she has health coverage. It protected her from financial ruin ...Read more

Q&A: Mental health tips for handling the pandemic

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Week after week, the coronavirus lockdown has caused growing stress and anxiety as social connections and routines are broken and re-arranged.

Santa Clara University psychology professor Thomas Plante has been a close observer of the psychological burdens mounting on the community: distracted students, struggling patients, and others ...Read more

Are you doing it wrong? Doctors explain how to properly wear a mask and why

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Sure you're wearing that mask correctly?

It might not seem that complicated.

But you could be doing it wrong.

And perhaps worse, you might accidentally expose yourself further to the possibility of catching the coronavirus without the proper safety precautions.

Thankfully, "Mask Wearing 101" is not that difficult of a course to pass.

But it...Read more

Why is the coronavirus infection usually mild in children? Here's a new clue

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One of the biggest mysteries of the new coronavirus is its relative harmlessness in most children who get infected.

At least part of the explanation may be in the cells lining their noses, according to a new study by researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.

The researchers started with archived samples of ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Minute: Avoid E. coli with proper burger cooking

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The return of the summer cookout brings with it the risk for sickness from a bacteria that can end up spoiling more than one meal. Cook hamburgers incorrectly, and you could end up with a case of E. coli.

"E. coli stands for Escherichia coli, which is a type of bacteria," says Dr. Nipunie Rajapakse, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases specialist....Read more

Seattle researchers building 'biobank' of patients' blood to unlock the mysteries of the new coronavirus

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SEATTLE -- Blood and other biological specimens from COVID-19 patients treated in Seattle area hospitals are helping scientists build a massive "biobank" to examine the virus's long-term impacts on the human body and why it affects some people more severely than others.

Disease doctors and researchers hope to use what they learn from the data ...Read more

How to make a living in Chicago sex work amid a pandemic? More hours, less pay and a good internet connection

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CHICAGO -- Like a lot of people in these months of quarantine, E.B. Cotenord is having a tough time making ends meet. COVID-19 has made it too risky to pursue her profession as she normally does, so she's working from home, putting in crazy hours and making a fraction of her former earnings.

What's different about Cotenord is her job.

She is a...Read more

Should coronavirus lockdown protesters waive their medical care? Some medical ethicists think so

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PHILADELPHIA -- After watching footage of an anti-lockdown protest in Michigan, Dominic Sisti, a Penn Medicine medical ethicist, started imagining a disturbing scenario: Suppose he took a rule-following relative who was sick with the coronavirus to the hospital. The relative needed a ventilator, but all the machines were used up by protesters ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q and A: skin protection with excessive hand-washing, masking

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Dear Mayo Clinic: Frequent hand-washing and cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic has made my hands so dry that my skin in cracking. With recommendations for everyone to now wear a face mask while in public, I'm concerned about the mask rubbing across my face and irritating the skin. What is the best way for me to soothe my hands and prevent ...Read more

Why you need to continue to social distance even as your community opens up

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As many communities in the U.S. begin to slowly reopen and resume some regular activities that were restricted or closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to recommend social distancing measures for the indefinite future.

"Multiple studies now demonstrate the high risk of asymptomatic ...Read more

Healthy Men: Being a guy isn't easy in the time of COVID

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Dear Healthy Men: You've written about how men are more likely to get sick with COVID-19, and I feel bad for them. But what about other problems that the virus is causing, like unemployment? I read that more women are losing their jobs than men are. Do you think that's fair?

A: There's absolutely nothing fair about the coronavirus and the ...Read more

COVID-19: Tips for going out again

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If coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) stay-at-home restrictions are easing in your community, you might wonder how to visit public places and protect your health. Here's what you need to know.

Before you head out

Follow guidance where you live. In the U.S., activity restrictions vary among cities and states. Before you head out, check your ...Read more

California hospitals saw sharp drop in heart attacks during COVID-19 shutdown

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- For years it's been one of the leading causes of death, a critical condition plaguing nearly every corner of the country. Every hour, seven people die from heart disease in the state but since the new coronavirus pandemic, some Northern California hospitals are admitting fewer heart attack patients than before.

The trend,...Read more

Is it safe for your kid to attend summer camp during coronavirus? Here's what experts say

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As the coronavirus continues to infect new people every day, summer camps are considering the best way to keep children safe this year. Some have decided to go virtual and others have been canceled entirely.

"The cancellation of camp this summer is profoundly disappointing for all of us after what already feels like an eternity of frustration ...Read more