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US sees third confirmed human bird flu case

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Thursday a third human case of bird flu associated with the growing outbreak in dairy cows. But this case is different and worrisome because it’s the first to prompt more traditional influenza-like symptoms in humans, raising concerns of possible further spread and mutation.

The case is...Read more


Illegal ecstasy takes step toward becoming legal drug for PTSD

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The first new PTSD drug in over twenty years is up for approval. It will require U.S. regulators to do something they've never done before: greenlight the mind-altering — and illegal — party drug known as ecstasy.

The new drug is a version of MDMA, also known as ecstasy, made by Lykos Therapeutics Inc., an unusual drugmaker started by a ...Read more

We can all help combat loneliness, surgeon general says in Seattle

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SEATTLE — Loneliness isn't just a feeling. It's a public health concern, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said Wednesday in Seattle.

Murthy declared loneliness and isolation a national epidemic in May 2023, issuing an 81-page report outlining the problem and potential solutions. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, about half of American ...Read more

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Millions of Americans need drugs like Ozempic. Will it bankrupt the health care system?

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An April 24 letter from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to the CEO of Novo Nordisk began with heartfelt thanks to the Danish drugmaker for inventing Ozempic and Wegovy, two medications poised to improve the health of tens of millions of Americans with obesity and related diseases.

But the senator's grateful tone faded rapidly.

"As important as ...Read more


Clinical trials: A significant part of cancer care

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A cancer diagnosis is an emotional experience. Learning that you have cancer can create feelings of hopelessness, fear and sadness. This is especially true if your cancer is advanced or available treatments are unable to stop or slow its growth.

"Often, when patients are diagnosed with cancer, they feel hopeless and scared. Clinical trials are ...Read more

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Los Angeles County launches ambitious plan to tackle medical debt. Hospitals groan

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LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles County has launched one of the most ambitious efforts in the nation to tackle medical debt, targeting hospitals for their role in feeding a $2.9 billion problem.

For over a year, the nation’s most populous county has worked on a comprehensive plan to track patient debt and hospital collection practices; boost bill ...Read more


Florida allows doctors to perform C-sections outside of hospitals

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Florida has become the first state to allow doctors to perform cesarean sections outside of hospitals, siding with a private equity-owned physicians group that says the change will lower costs and give pregnant women the homier birthing atmosphere that many desire.

But the hospital industry and the nation’s leading obstetricians’ ...Read more

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The case of the armadillo: Is it spreading leprosy in Florida?

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. — In an open-air barn at the edge of the University of Florida, veterinarian Juan Campos Krauer examines a dead armadillo’s footpads and ears for signs of infection.

Its claws are curled tight and covered in blood. Campos Krauer thinks it was struck in the head while crossing a nearby road.

He then runs a scalpel down its...Read more


Missed care, fewer patients: Rural families and clinics feel Medicaid cuts

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Rural children and families are having to skip vital health treatments and even ending up in the emergency room, while already struggling rural clinics are losing more patients, as states cull their Medicaid rolls.

The process began in April 2023, when pandemic-era rules that prohibited kicking people off Medicaid coverage expired and states ...Read more

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Clues from bird flu's ground zero on dairy farms in the Texas panhandle

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In early February, dairy farmers in the Texas Panhandle began to notice sick cattle. The buzz soon reached Darren Turley, executive director of the Texas Association of Dairymen: “They said there is something moving from herd to herd.”

Nearly 60 days passed before veterinarians identified the culprit: a highly pathogenic strain of the bird ...Read more

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17 Philly children and teens shot themselves last year. Hospital's new gun lock program aims to reverse the trend

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PHILADELPHIA -- Joel Fein often tells the story to parents of his young patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia: how, when he was a child, he knew the contents of every drawer and closet in his family home. There were no shelves he hadn’t rummaged through, no hiding places he hadn’t uncovered.

His parents didn’t own a gun, he ...Read more

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Mayo Clinic Minute: New chemotherapy approach for treating stomach cancer

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Stomach cancer is caused by an uncontrolled growth of cells that starts in the stomach. Most stomach cancers are found when the disease has spread beyond the stomach, when a cure is less likely.

Mayo Clinic experts are exploring new ways to help patients with late-stage cancers. A new approach to treating stomach cancers called hyperthermic ...Read more

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Private data of 10,300 people may have been exposed in U of C Medical Center email incident

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CHICAGO — A phishing incident involving the emails of workers at University of Chicago Medical Center may have exposed the personal information of about 10,300 people, according to the hospital.

The email accounts of several hospital workers were accessed between Jan. 4 and Jan. 30, the hospital said in a news release. When the hospital ...Read more

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Traveler carries measles through LAX as cases rise around the US

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LOS ANGELES — A traveler carrying measles flew from Munich, Germany, through Los Angeles on the way to Fresno Yosemite International Airport this month, exposing thousands of California travelers to the highly infectious disease, health officials have confirmed.

Officials from the L.A. County Department of Public Health confirmed the case ...Read more

Colon cancer rates are rising in young Americans, but insurance barriers are making screening harder

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More than 53,000 Americans are projected to die from colorectal cancer this year. Although colorectal cancer is the second-most common cause of cancer deaths in the United States, it can be cured if caught early. Detecting a tumor as soon as possible can help you get treatment as soon as possible, giving you the best chance for survival.

...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Why should we focus on drinking enough water?

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Do you drink enough water each day? If not, your overall health may be taking a toll. And why is drinking water important? Drinking water regularly can help you to lose weight, think better, be in a better mood, prevent disease, and more.

Why our bodies need water

How much of the human body is water? It might surprise you to learn that water ...Read more

These are the main differences between fruits and vegetables

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The difference between fruits and vegetables seems obvious — for example, we all know that apples are fruits and cucumbers are vegetables. But are they really? Apples are indeed fruits, but you might be surprised to learn that cucumbers are, botanically speaking, a fruit as well. There are edible plants that we designate fruits and vegetables ...Read more

Small pets are delightful, but some carry dangerous bacteria

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Small animals like turtles, iguanas, and frogs are often chosen as first-time pets for children because they are easy to interact with and low maintenance for busy households. While they can be fun, it may be best to avoid them.

The reason? “Reptiles and amphibians can carry germs that make people sick, the most common of which is the ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Is it allergies or a sinus infection?

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I have had allergies since childhood, suffering during both the spring and fall seasons. This past month, however, I am experiencing more congestion and mucus, and I even have some facial pain. I’m beginning to wonder if my symptoms are really from allergies or if they may be caused by a sinus infection instead. How can I ...Read more


Breast cancer surgeon runs a farm where the only crop is wellness

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PHILADELPHIA — Monique Gary, a breast cancer surgeon, is a self-described "Philly girl" who was born in Jefferson Einstein hospital and graduated from Philadelphia High School for Girls.

Four years ago, she left city life and bought a 40-acre farm in Upper Bucks County, where she runs free, daylong retreats for cancer patients and offers ...Read more