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Women's wellness: Menopause misconceptions

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Menopause marks the end of a woman's fertility. By definition, it occurs one year after a woman's last menstrual period. While menopausecan happen in a woman's 40s or 50s, the average age is 51 in the U.S. Jacqueline Thielen, M.D., a women's health expert from Mayo Clinic, saysmenopause is a journey that occurs over many years.

Changes in a ...Read more

Fact check: Trump's talk on preexisting conditions doesn't match his administration's actions

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Delivering remarks on surprise medical billing, which is a concern that has drawn bipartisan interest, President Donald Trump waded into another high-profile health issue: making sure insurance protects people who have preexisting health conditions.

"We will always protect patients with preexisting conditions, very importantly," Trump said on ...Read more

Mayo seeking patients from on-site workplace health centers

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Mayo Clinic will start taking referrals for specialty care from a company that runs on-site clinics for employers, the latest example of a Minnesota-based health system sizing up the market for patients who get health care in the workplace.

With the new agreement, Rochester-based Mayo Clinic will offer services to patients with costly and risky...Read more

Home remedies: self-care measures to relieve tension-type headaches

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Frequent headaches can interfere with your daily life. But healthy lifestyle choices can help you head off the pain. Start with the basics, including diet, exercise and relaxation.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the pain of tension-type headaches. But that doesn't mean that the world stops when the pain strikes. Over-the-counter or ...Read more

Father's disease inspires son's journey to find a cure

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It's amazing how far some people will go to accomplish their dream.

Dr. Fouad Chebib grew up in a small town in Lebanon. After finishing medical school in Lebanon's capital city, Beirut, Chebib chased his dream across the world to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

"I'm one of the kidney doctors," Dr. Chebib says. "I am a physician-scientist."

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Stay safe in the sun by knowing how to protect your skin

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Do spray sunscreens work as well as sunscreen lotions, and do I need to buy different sunscreen for my kids than what I use myself?

ANSWER: Sunscreen that is marketed for children is OK to use, but children 6 months and older can use the same sunscreen as adults. Babies younger than 6 months should not wear sunscreen but ...Read more

Study finds there is such a thing as too much coffee

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Some mornings it might feel like you can't get enough of it, but a new study suggests too much coffee can be harmful.

Studies have found that coffee consumption "may help prevent several chronic diseases, including Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Parkinson's disease and liver disease." There is little evidence that drinking moderate amounts of coffee...Read more

About that raw chicken we insist on washing …

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention caused quite a stir recently with its consumer warning on raw chicken.

Don't bother with washing, it said in an April 26 tweet. Doing so can spread germs from the chicken to other food or utensils.

Well, what did they do that for? The black Twittersphere lit into them. Everybody and their mamas ...Read more

How Obamacare, Medicare and 'Medicare for All' muddy the campaign trail

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The health care debate has Democrats on Capitol Hill and the presidential campaign trail facing renewed pressure to make clear where they stand: Are they for "Medicare for All"? Or will they take up the push to protect the Affordable Care Act?

Obamacare advocates have found a powerful ally in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who in a recent "60 ...Read more

With measles cases still rising, what religion has to say about vaccination

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Each new update in the nationwide surge of measles cases takes Dr. Paul Offit back to the battlefield that was Children's Hospital of Philadelphia during a regional outbreak that began in 1990. By the time it ended the following year, more than 1,400 city and suburban residents had contracted the disease and nine children were dead.

Then an ...Read more

Tax hikes on wealthy alone can't pay for 'Medicare for All' plan

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WASHINGTON -- Thirty trillion dollars, even in U.S. budget terms, is a lot of money.

That's the rough estimate from some analysts of the 10-year cost of Sen. Bernie Sanders' "Medicare for All" plan, just one of many expensive social programs that some of the 21 Democrats seeking to replace President Donald Trump have proposed.

To pay for those...Read more

A plan to cover immigrants would divert public health dollars

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants the state to provide health coverage to low-income young adults who are in the country illegally, but his plan would siphon public health dollars from several counties battling surging rates of sexually transmitted diseases and, in some cases, measles outbreaks.

Public health officials describe the proposed ...Read more

Want your kids to eat quinoa or lentils? Tell them how healthy foods will help them grow

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Popeye was right when he sang "I'm strong to the finich, cause I eats me spinach."

The legendary, one-eyed comic character's nearly 100-year-old message to kids about the benefits of eating the leafy green vegetable still holds true.

Researchers at Washington State University and Florida State University found that telling children about the ...Read more

Anal cancer is on the rise, especially in women. Should they be screened?

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Now that actress Marcia Cross has been in remission from anal cancer for about a year, she has a mission.

"I want to help put a dent in the stigma around anal cancer," the former Desperate Housewives star, 57, recently told People magazine. "I've read a lot of cancer survivor stories and many people -- women, especially -- were too embarrassed ...Read more

Feds want to show health care costs on your phone, but that could take years

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WASHINGTON -- Federal officials are proposing new regulations that for the first time could allow patients to compare prices charged by various hospitals and other health care providers using data sent to their smartphones.

Donald Rucker, who coordinates health information technology policy for the Department of Health and Human Services, said ...Read more

Luke Perry and John Singleton remind us that strokes can strike younger adults too

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Sudden weakness on one side of the body. Slurred speech. Loss of vision. Trouble with balance. Severe headaches.

These are signs of a stroke. If it happened to someone close to you, would you know what to do?

After the age of 55, the risk of a stroke doubles every decade, but younger people can be at risk too. In recent weeks, both 52-year-old...Read more

Skinny gators: Are pythons eating all the food in the Everglades?

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Florida's southernmost alligators are too skinny and Lake Okeechobee is choking on sediment, but natural springs long dry are bubbling again because of ecosystem repairs highlighted in a new report card on Everglades health.

The federal performance report, which grades the well-being of Everglades flora and fauna on a 1...Read more

Trump administration lawyers derided for legal attack to void entire health care law

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration is urging a conservative U.S. appeals court to cancel Medicaid coverage for 12 million Americans, insurance subsidies for 10 million more and the protections for 133 million people against preexisting conditions.

But it's the legal rationale being advanced by the administration that is many raising ...Read more

5G is here. Is it a technological leap forward — or a health concern?

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CHICAGO -- 5G, the fifth generation of wireless, promises lightning-fast download speeds and could lay the foundation for high-tech advancements like self-driving cars. But like many new technologies, it's sparking concern about potential health issues.

The first generation of wireless ushered in mobile phones and 2G brought texting. 3G laid ...Read more

Even doctors can't navigate our 'broken health care system'

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Dr. Hasan Shanawani was overcome by frustration. So, recently he picked up his cellphone and began sharing on Twitter his family's enraging experiences with the U.S. health care system.

It was an act of defiance -- and desperation. Like millions of people who are sick or old and the families who care for them, this physician was disheartened by...Read more