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Top conservatives oppose GOP health care plan, muddying path to 218

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WASHINGTON -- The top two House conservatives on Monday said they cannot vote for their conference's health care repeal and partial replacement plan in its current form, meaning House GOP leaders have some work to do before they can offer a bill that will get the 218 votes needed to pass the House.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark ...Read more

Liberal Vermont tests the waters on GOP health care overhaul

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Tiny -- and very blue -- Vermont could be at the leading edge of the health reforms envisioned by the Trump administration and a Republican Congress.

The Green Mountain State, population around 626,000, got a broad waiver last October from the federal government to redesign how its health care is delivered and paid for. The statewide experiment...Read more

Trump: 'Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated'

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump promised the nation's governors Monday that his yet-to-be-revealed replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act would give states greater flexibility and thanked some Republicans in the room who advised him on health care.

"It's an unbelievably complex subject," he said. "Nobody knew that health care could ...Read more

Consumers rail against Trump's plan to alter Obamacare marketplace

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WASHINGTON -- In public comments to the federal government, Americans are giving the Trump administration an earful about its proposed rule changes for the Obamacare marketplaces.

Plagued by price increases, a lack of competition in some areas and not enough young and healthy enrollees, the Department of Health and Human Services proposed ...Read more

These angry voters are telling Republicans: Repeal health care law already

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YARDLEY, Pa. -- Congressional Republicans got an earful at rowdy town halls this past week. But many of the voters who say they got those very same lawmakers elected to office are delivering their own message: Ignore the rabble-rousers and fulfill your campaign promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

"I know they're looking at those folks ...Read more

GOP Obamacare plan would cover fewer people; blowback grows

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Republican lawmakers expect that their Obamacare replacement will result in fewer Americans covered by health insurance, a fact that's likely to increase blowback amid growing support for the program.

New details of the plan are beginning to emerge, described by lawmakers and their aides. While still being worked out, it would do away with the ...Read more

Why therapists are having such a hard time talking about Trump

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LOS ANGELES -- In her 35 years as a therapist, Arlene Drake has never heard so many clients talking about the same issue. Week after week, they complain of panic attacks and insomnia because of President Donald Trump. They're too anxious to concentrate at work. One woman's fear turned into intense physical pain.

"It's just a nightmare," said ...Read more

Governors head for Washington, will press Trump on Obamacare repeal

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WASHINGTON -- Governors from across the nation are heading for Washington, D.C., Friday and are desperate to find out how President Donald Trump and a Republican Congress plan to replace Obamacare.

More than 11 million adults in 31 states -- many of them with Republican governors -- are covered under the sweeping Medicaid expansion allowed ...Read more

White House signals own path on health care

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WASHINGTON -- The White House declined Wednesday to rule out that President Donald Trump will push his own plan to replace the Affordable Care Act rather than pursue one course with congressional Republicans.

When asked if there will be a single White House-congressional GOP plan, White House press secretary Sean Spicer left open the door that ...Read more

GOP fix to insurance markets could spike premiums for older customers

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Dale Marsh has not been enamored with his health insurance since the Affordable Care Act took effect. Premiums for Marsh, 53, and his wife, Tammy, rose, their deductibles grew, and they gave up access to their regular doctors to keep costs down. This year, facing monthly premiums of $1,131 -- a 47 percent increase from four years before -- they ...Read more

Health coverage questions persist for Republicans

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WASHINGTON -- As Republican lawmakers face questions from constituents and colleagues about their plans to repeal and replace the 2010 health care law, there are few answers available, starting with what kind of legislation can pass the Senate.

Republicans do not need Democratic support to undo much of the law, since they will move the ...Read more

10 essentials for your outdoor winter adventure

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Venturing outdoors for recreation during winter months can be an exhilarating (if a little chilly) experience.

There are many ways to get outdoors during the winter months, including downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and, a more recent addition, fat biking. The nature of the outdoor environment in winter adds extra...Read more

Is it heartburn or a heart attack?

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Dear Mayo Clinic: My dad recently went to the emergency room with terrible chest pain and sweating, and was concerned he was having a heart attack. He was kept overnight for monitoring, but doctors said his heart was fine and that his symptoms were probably due to heartburn. Should I suggest he have more tests to determine if it's something more...Read more

Health law's 10 essential benefits: A look at what's at risk in GOP overhaul

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As Republicans look at ways to replace or repair the health law, many suggest shrinking the list of services insurers are required to offer in individual and small group plans would reduce costs and increase flexibility. That option came to the forefront last week when Seema Verma, who is slated to run the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ...Read more

Amid merger speculation, Oreo-maker Mondelez launches new health-focused brand

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CHICAGO -- Oreo-maker Mondelez International announced the launch of a savory snack brand Tuesday tailor-made for today's health-conscious consumers, even as merger speculation continues to envelop the company.

In midmorning trading, Mondelez shares were up more than 4 percent to about $44.35 per share, bolstered by market speculation that the ...Read more

Infectious diseases A-Z: measles in the US

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Since the first of the year, nearly two dozen people from six states -- California, Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania -- were reported to have been infected with measles, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Mayo Clinic infectious diseases specialist Dr. Pritish Tosh says measles is among the...Read more

Achoo! The distance germs can travel is nothing to sneeze at

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We all do it. Some of us do it quite loudly. Others do it not once, but several times in a row.

Sneezes are everywhere these days, during this, the height of cold and flu season. The chorus of achoos in offices, on buses and in homes often sends bystanders scrambling to get out of the line of germ-spreading fire.

But how far is far enough away...Read more

Autonomic neuropathy after chemotherapy — is it permanent?

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Dear Mayo Clinic: After six months of chemotherapy, I developed autonomic neuropathy. I have been done with chemotherapy for a few months, but the neuropathy has not gone away. Is there a chance it could be permanent?

A: Autonomic neuropathy can be a rare side effect of certain chemotherapy drugs. Because it is rare, and because there are many ...Read more

UnitedHealth Group targeted by whistleblower lawsuit

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MINNEAPOLIS -- A whistleblower lawsuit alleges that UnitedHealth Group and health plans that hire a subsidiary of the insurer have overbilled the federal Medicare program by submitting risk adjustment claims in ways that wrongly boost payment rates.

If true, the scheme could have caused hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in ...Read more

Alzheimer's disease drug fails in trial

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Merck is halting a trial of verubecestat, an Alzheimer's disease medication. The pharmaceuticals company concluded the drug has "virtually no chance of finding a positive clinical effect."

The trial, called the EPOCH study, tested the efficacy and safety of the drug when taken orally in people with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's disease. While ...Read more