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Penn researchers made an avian flu vaccine using a technique that created COVID-19 vaccines

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University of Pennsylvania researchers have developed an mRNA vaccine for the H5N1 avian flu drawing increasing scrutiny by public health officials. The vaccine is effective against the virus in mice and ferrets, according to a new study published Thursday.

The Penn team is using the same technique that powered the speedy development of a COVID...Read more

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As states loosen childhood vaccine requirements, public health experts' worries grow

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Louisiana Republican state Rep. Kathy Edmonston believes no one ought to be required to vaccinate their children. So, she wants schools to proactively tell parents that it’s their right under Louisiana law to seek an exemption.

“It’s not the vaccine itself, it is the mandate,” Edmonston told Stateline. “The law is the law. And it ...Read more

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A UCLA doctor is on a quest to free modern medicine from a Nazi-tainted anatomy book

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LOS ANGELES — As Dr. Kalyanam Shivkumar pondered how to fix the human heart, he was given a gift laced with horror.

Shivkumar, a cardiac electrophysiologist known as "Shiv" to friends and co-workers at UCLA, was trying to better understand the intricate details of nerves in the chest. He hoped doing so might help him improve treatments for ...Read more

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Are 'deaths of despair' really more common for white Americans? A UCLA report says no

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LOS ANGELES — Nakeya Fields has seen how the stresses that come with being Black — racial injustice, financial strain, social isolation — can leave people feeling hopeless and push some into substance abuse.

It's one of the reasons the Pasadena social worker started offering "therapeutic play" gatherings for Black mothers like herself and...Read more

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Column: Wegovy should be treating more than obesity

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A new analysis found that the profound benefits of Novo Nordisk’s obesity drug Wegovy for people at risk of heart attacks or strokes don’t depend on the number of the scale—cardiovascular health improves whether people lose a lot or even very little weight.

That message adds needed nuance to our understanding of the health effects of the ...Read more

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Hospitals see the potential in virtual nursing, but are still learning how to use it

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PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia-area hospitals are rolling carts outfitted with video screens and virtual cameras into patient rooms with the hope that remote nurses can reduce patients’ risk of falling, pulling out tubes, or hurting themselves another way.

One remote nurse can do the work of up to a dozen in-person staffers by watching a bank ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Minute: When to seek care for pelvic pain

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Pelvic pain is common, affecting 15% of women of reproductive age. Pinpointing its cause, whether it's endometriosis, ovarian cysts or musculoskeletal issues, can be a challenge.

Dr. Megan Wasson, a gynecologic surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive procedures at Mayo Clinic, says it's important to seek medical help if chronic pelvic ...Read more


CDC asks states to amp up flu monitoring this summer to detect 'even rare' bird flu

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A second person in the U.S. — a farmworker in Michigan ― has been infected with bird flu linked to dairy cows, federal health officials announced Wednesday.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a nasal swab from the worker in Michigan had tested negative for the H5N1 virus, but an eye swab sent to the agency tested ...Read more

Second US human bird flu infection reported in Michigan

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A Michigan farmworker tested positive with bird flu, the second person to contract the potentially lethal virus that has run rampant in U.S. cattle.

The farmworker experienced mild symptoms in the eye after contact with an infected cow and has since recovered, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday. Michigan ...Read more

Second US human bird flu infection reported in Michigan

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A Michigan farmworker tested positive with bird flu, the second human case of the highly pathogenic avian virus that has run rampant in U.S. cattle.

State health officials said Wednesday that the worker had mild symptoms after contact with an infected cow and has recovered. The state reported on Monday that three additional cattle herds had ...Read more

More military veterans and active duty service members are dying by suicide than in battle – understanding why can help with prevention

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Although service members know they may lose their lives in combat in service of their country, they may not expect to lose their lives – or those they love – to suicide. A 2021 study estimated that four times as many active duty service members and veterans died by suicide as died in battle since 9/11.

Despite recent calls to ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: 6 ways to know your new food and exercise habits are working

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When you embark on food and lifestyle changes with health in mind, what defines “success”? For many people, weight loss is the primary marker of change they focus on when they are trying to eat better and exercise consistently. But weight change is only one possible outcome of improvements to nutrition and physical activity.

Eating ...Read more

5 portion control tips to help you eat what your body needs

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Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply want to maintain a healthier lifestyle, you probably already know it’s important to keep portion control in mind. Sure, eating a plate of vegetables is healthier than eating a plate of pasta or a bowl of ice cream, but it doesn’t mean we should neglect ourselves from enjoying our favorite ...Read more

Veins are a key player in the body; here’s why

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Blood circulation is vital to our health. Our arteries deliver oxygen, energy-rich nutrients, hormones, immune cells, and other essentials throughout the body. When deliveries are cut off, organs and tissue can be irreversibly damaged within minutes.

But a second part of blood circulation is also vitally important: the return trip. After our ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: How a heart condition affects the kidneys and causes swelling

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I recently began experiencing swelling in my legs, feet and hands, as well as fatigue. Testing led to a diagnosis of pericardial constriction. Can you explain what this is and how it’s treated? Is there anything I can do to reduce the swelling?

ANSWER: Pericardial constriction is a condition with multiple possible causes. It...Read more


If you're living with a drug or mental health problem, here's where to look for help

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LOS ANGELES — Fatal overdoses in the U.S. fell for the first time in five years in 2023, according to preliminary estimates recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but UCLA researcher Joseph Friedman warns that the new findings should not be interpreted to mean that the nation's drug and mental health crises are ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Q & A: What is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I've heard from some of my relatives that heart disease runs in our family, so I've been reading a lot about different conditions. I can barely pronounce it, but what is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

ANSWER: It is a mouthful. Let's break it down a little. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a condition where the heart (cardio)...Read more

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Could current COVID vaccines protect against future outbreaks? New study offers hope

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Before March 2020, it was hard to imagine a global pandemic in the modern age.

Now, it’s hard to imagine our lives without one.

As COVID-19 has become less of an active part of our days and more a quick thought when we have a runny nose or cough, it’s time to think about what comes next — and how to stop another pandemic.

A group of ...Read more

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Biden leans into health care, asking voters to trust him over Trump

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WASHINGTON — Angling to tap into strong support for the sweeping health law he helped pass 14 years ago, one of President Joe Biden’s latest reelection strategies is to remind voters that former President Donald Trump tried to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Folks, he’s coming for your health care, and we’re not going to let it ...Read more

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Nursing homes wield pandemic immunity laws to duck wrongful death suits

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In early 2020, with reports of COVID-19 outbreaks making dire headlines, Trever Schapers worried about her father’s safety in a nursing home in Queens.

She had delighted in watching her dad, John Schapers, blow out the candles on his 90th birthday cake that February at the West Lawrence Care Center in the New York City borough. Then the home ...Read more