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Treatment for toenail fungus isn't always necessary

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Dear Mayo Clinic: I am in my late 50s, and a few of my toenails have turned a yellowish color and seem to have thickened. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is there anything I can do to fix this?

A: What you're likely experiencing is a fungal nail infection. Fungal nail infections are common, especially among older adults. As nail ...Read more

A trio of Trump rules will remake US health insurance markets

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NEW YORK -- President Donald Trump's attempt to transform American health insurance is almost complete.

Twenty months ago, frustrated after attempts to repeal Obamacare fell apart in the Republican-controlled Senate, Trump pledged to use executive power to do what Congress failed to legislate. An executive order set in motion regulations to ...Read more

Why so many older Americans rate their health as good or even excellent

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A common myth about aging is that older adults are burdened by illness and feel lousy much of the time. In fact, the opposite is usually true. Most seniors report feeling distinctly positive about their health.

Consider data from the 2017 National Health Interview Survey (the most recent available), administered by the U.S. Centers for Disease ...Read more

Dietary supplements are a waste of money for most seeking to avoid dementia, experts say

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Sales of purported brain-health supplements such as fish oil and jellyfish are expected to reach $5.8 billion by 2023, but in a report released recently, an AARP panel of brain experts called them a huge waste of money for healthy seniors seeking to avoid or reverse dementia.

"The market is so large they get by without rigorous documentation of...Read more

Trump administration rule would undo health care protections for LGBTQ patients

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A new Trump administration proposal would change the civil rights rules dictating whether providers must care for patients who are transgender or have had an abortion. Supporters of the approach say it protects the freedom of conscience, but opponents say it encourages discrimination.

The sweeping proposal has implications for all Americans, ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: When can cataract surgery wait?

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Dear Mayo Clinic: I was just diagnosed with a cataract, but it's not bothering me at all. Is it a good idea to have cataract surgery now, or can I wait? What is the recovery from this surgery like?

A: It's not uncommon for a cataract to develop slowly, so you may not notice vision problems right away or the problems may be minimal. Eventually, ...Read more

Study: Women's health worsened over 5 years after being denied an abortion

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States across the country are tightening regulations on abortion providers in the name of protecting women's health. But a long-term study of women who sought abortions has found that those who ended their pregnancies reported slightly better health than their counterparts who requested the procedure but were denied.

The findings, reported ...Read more

Trump's chief of Medicare discusses 'Medicare for All,' Obamacare and drug prices in Chicago

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CHICAGO -- As the nation inches closer to the 2020 presidential election, issues with the U.S. health care system are moving into the spotlight.

At stake: the future of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare; proposals to expand "Medicare for All"; and ideas to target high drug prices. They're all topics sure to spark fierce debate in...Read more

'Medicare for All'? American Medical Association says no, drawing protest in Chicago.

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CHICAGO -- Doctors gathered in Chicago for the American Medical Association's annual meeting this week are increasingly finding themselves at the uncomfortable center of a national debate over "Medicare for All."

A group of doctors, nurses and medical students protested the meeting, criticizing the association's opposition to Medicare for All -...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: How is fibromyalgia diagnosed?

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Dear Mayo Clinic: Is there a specific test to definitively diagnose fibromyalgia? If not, how do doctors confidently diagnose this disorder?

A: No one test can be used to diagnose fibromyalgia. But unlike in the past, fibromyalgia is no longer a diagnosis of exclusion, which means that all other conditions that could trigger similar symptoms ...Read more

Nearly half of men hospitalized with physical injuries develop depression or PTSD, study suggests

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Nearly half of black men who come to a Philadelphia hospital with a physical injury -- anything from a sports accident to a gunshot wound -- develop depression or post traumatic stress disorder in the following months, a new study found.

The research, conducted by the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, was published in JAMA Surgery. ...Read more

'Desperate Housewives' actress advocates for HPV vaccination after learning the STD caused her anal cancer

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First it was her husband. Then it was herself.

But actress Marcia Cross is determined it won't be their daughters.

The "Desperate Housewives" star is speaking out about the human papillomavirus, commonly known as HPV.

Cross' husband, actor Tom Mahoney, was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2009, and Cross found out a year and a half ago she had...Read more

How conquering a rare leukemia in children revolutionized cancer care for millions

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Fifty years ago, children with an aggressive form of leukemia went from diagnosis to death in a few months, as the disease rampaged through their lymph nodes, spleens, livers, and nervous systems.

Today, 90% of children with the blood malignancy, called acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), are cured.

That success story -- one with deep ...Read more

How old are your organs? Salk, UCSD mouse study finds human clues

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Cells as old as the body itself predominate in the brain. But they are also found in other organs, according to a study in mice led by scientists from the Salk Institute and UC San Diego. Moreover, some organs contain a mixture of old and young cells, and even old and young proteins.

If the findings can be extended to people, it could have ...Read more

Buyer beware: CBD products could be this century's snake oil

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Drive to Wynwood to indulge in CBD-infused cold brew that will take away your anxiety. Head to the Plantation farmer's market and snap up CBD-infused honey to cure your trouble sleeping. Take a trip to a med spa in Boca Raton and pick up a CBD-infused topical cream for your shoulder pain.

South Florida has become flooded with CBD products for ...Read more

Legal promise of equal mental health treatment often falls short

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Amanda Bacon's eating disorder was growing worse. She had lost 60% of her body weight and was consuming about 100 calories a day.

But that wasn't sick enough for her Medicaid managed-care company to cover an inpatient treatment program. She was told in 2017 that she would have to weigh 10 pounds less -- putting her at 5-foot-7 and 90 pounds -- ...Read more

Soaring insurance deductibles and high drug prices hit sick Americans with a 'double whammy'

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BRISTOL, Tenn. -- Wendy Matney hesitated to tell her family not to call 911.

"It seemed almost selfish to say, 'Please don't call because we can't afford this,' " said the 39-year-old home health aide, who has a form of epilepsy that causes frequent, sometimes violent, seizures.

Matney has been to the hospital enough, though, to know a trip ...Read more

What states mean by a 'public option'

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WASHINGTON -- When Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee last month signed a law creating a new health plan alternative for Washington state residents, many accounts proclaimed Washington to be the first state with a "public option."

But the term is difficult to define -- even the word "public" is slippery in the context of health care.

"Public option ...Read more

2,000 fewer people died of heart disease each year in states that expanded Medicaid, Penn study finds

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PHILADELPHIA -- People with symptoms of a heart attack are less likely to visit the emergency room if they lack health insurance, studies have found.

So in 2014, when the Affordable Care Act allowed states to expand the number of residents eligible for Medicaid, that suggested a real-life experiment to a team of University of Pennsylvania ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Why you should quit smoking even after a cancer diagnosis

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Dear Mayo Clinic: My father, who is 68, just started treatment for bladder cancer. He's been a smoker since his 20s, and his oncologist is strongly encouraging him to quit. It seems like trying to stop smoking now, while he's going through chemotherapy, will just add more stress to a tough situation. Is this really the best time to work on his ...Read more