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The new beauty regimen: Lose weight with Ozempic, tighten up with cosmetic surgery

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LOS ANGELES — Jeniffer Brown wanted the Ozempic body. She just didn’t want “Ozempic face.”

She got both, dropping 20 pounds in the first four months after she started taking the blockbuster injectable drug, which is intended to treat diabetes but has become better known for triggering dramatic weight loss fast.

By last May, Brown was ...Read more

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Horse sedative use among humans spreads in deadly mixture of 'tranq' and fentanyl

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TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. — Andrew McClave Jr. loved to lift weights. The 6-foot-4-inch bartender resembled a bodybuilder and once posed for a photo flexing his muscles with former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan.

“He was extremely dedicated to it,” said his father, Andrew McClave Sr., “to the point where it was almost like he missed his medication...Read more

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A government video would explain when abortion is legal in South Dakota

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South Dakota lawmakers want state officials to create an educational video to help doctors understand when they can end a pregnancy without risking prison time under the state’s near-total abortion ban.

It’s an example of how states are responding to the national controversy over what exceptions to abortion bans actually mean. Critics point...Read more

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Maryland announces $238 million in new opioid settlements with Walgreens, Walmart, two drugmakers

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Maryland’s top lawyer announced Wednesday afternoon that the state had reached settlements with Walgreens, Walmart and two opioid manufacturers that are expected to add $238 million to its efforts to fight the opioid crisis over the course of 15 years.

The settlements follow multi-year investigations of the roles of the opioid manufacturers ...Read more

Mounting research shows that COVID-19 leaves its mark on the brain, including with significant drops in IQ scores

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From the very early days of the pandemic, brain fog emerged as a significant health condition that many experience after COVID-19.

Brain fog is a colloquial term that describes a state of mental sluggishness or lack of clarity and haziness that makes it difficult to concentrate, remember things and think clearly.

Fast-forward ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: This ins and outs of instant sides

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Instant side dishes might be the best thing since sliced bread. There’s no waiting for water to boil and then for the rice or other grain to cook. Simply give a pouch a little squeeze, pop it in the microwave and 90 seconds later you’ve got a steaming hot side dish to round out your meal.

They’re especially helpful if you’re trying to ...Read more

How to choose the healthiest canned fruits and vegetables, according to a dietitian

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Canned foods may get a bad rap, but they are a super-nutritious and cost-effective way to up your produce intake. Plus, they are easy to stock your pantry with, so you can always have fruits and vegetables ready to add to your meals. That said, there can be a lot of different products and options on the shelves at the grocery store. Here are ...Read more

Wondering what your lymph nodes have done for you lately?

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Here’s a question you may not have been asked lately: what do you know about lymph nodes?

If your answer is “not much,” you’re not alone. But even as our lymph nodes maintain a low profile, they’re working around the clock to deal with potential health problems ranging from common viruses to deadly bacteria and even cancer.

Read on ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Understanding ear infections

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My 4-year-old daughter already has had three ear infections this winter. When she isn’t feeling well, our entire family is miserable. The pediatrician says she may continue to get more infections and it is just her body. Why do some kids get ear infections so easily? And is there anything I can do to prevent the infections ...Read more

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Hours on hold, limited appointments: Why California babies aren't going to the doctor

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LOS ANGELES -- Maria Mercado's 5- and 7-year-old daughters haven't been to the doctor for a check-up in two years. And it's not for lack of trying.

Mercado, a factory worker in South Los Angeles, has called the pediatrician's office over and over hoping to book an appointment for a well-child visit, only to be told there are no appointments ...Read more

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What is frontotemporal dementia?

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Frontotemporal dementia (FTD) is a group of neurologic disorders associated with changes in personality, behavior, language or movement. Some FTD forms are inherited, and some are not. Typically, people develop FTD symptoms before age 60.

While there is no cure for this progressive decline, FTD research has made significant strides in the past ...Read more

A Mayo Clinic expert explains aphasia

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Aphasia is a condition that can affect a person's ability to communicate.

To better understand the condition, the Mayo Clinic News Network reached out to Dr. Hugo Botha, a neurologist at Mayo Clinic, to explain.

What is aphasia?

Aphasia is a broad term that refers to a problem with language. So, for example, patients with aphasia may have ...Read more


Newborns diagnosed with syphilis at alarming rates

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A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that looks at sexually transmitted infections (STIs) has some concerning news, especially when it comes to syphilis. While cases of other STIs, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, have decreased or seen modest increases, syphilis has jumped 80% in the four years from 2018 to 2022.

Dr...Read more


Why confirmed cases of Lyme disease have increased

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Recent tracking rule changes led to a significant increase in reported Lyme disease cases in the U.S.

The Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated definitions to better understand the tick-borne disease. In 2022, reported cases rose by 68.5% after the new definition went into ...Read more

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If you're poor, fertility treatment can be out of reach

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Mary Delgado’s first pregnancy went according to plan, but when she tried to get pregnant again seven years later, nothing happened. After 10 months, Delgado, now 34, and her partner, Joaquin Rodriguez, went to see an OB-GYN. Tests showed she had endometriosis, which was interfering with conception. Delgado’s only option, the doctor said, ...Read more

Hundreds of thousands of US infants every year pay the consequences of prenatal exposure to drugs, a growing crisis particularly in rural America

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Nearly 1 in 12 newborns in the United States in 2020 – or about 300,000 infants – were exposed to alcohol, opioids, marijuana or cocaine before they were born. Exposure to these substances puts these newborns at a higher risk for premature birth, low birth weight and a variety of physical and mental disabilities.

These substances ...Read more

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Health care workers push for their own confidential mental health treatment

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States are redefining when medical professionals can get mental health treatment without risking notifying the boards that regulate their licenses.

Too often, health care workers wait to seek counseling or addiction treatment, causing their work and patient care to suffer, said Jean Branscum, CEO of the Montana Medical Association, an industry ...Read more

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Is ketamine an antidepressant, wellness trend or dangerous drug?

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When an autopsy revealed that actor Matthew Perry died of “acute effects of ketamine,” it put fresh attention on an ongoing debate in the field of psychiatry: What’s the right balance between expanding access to a drug that can treat depression and imposing boundaries to prevent its abuse?

It’s a question that needs more attention from ...Read more

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Lawsuits claim South Carolina kids underwent unnecessary genital exams during abuse investigations

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Warning: Some readers may find graphic details in this article to be offensive or disturbing.

CAMDEN, S.C. — Three ongoing federal lawsuits filed in South Carolina accuse the state of forcing boys and girls to undergo traumatic genital exams during child abuse investigations, even when no allegations of sexual abuse have been raised.

One 14...Read more


Norovirus spikes across the Northeast: 'Very contagious virus that can cause vomiting and diarrhea'

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BOSTON — Some toilets have been working overtime across the region in recent weeks.

The “stomach bug” is unfortunately making the rounds these days. Norovirus rates in the Northeast are now at their highest levels since April, according to the CDC. The positive “stomach flu” rates in the Northeast are currently higher than the rest of...Read more