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In the fentanyl crisis, infants and toddlers become unsuspecting victims

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Ezekiel Xavier Rivera idolized his father.

The 2-year-old loved to follow Raul Rivera around the house and ride in the car with him, said Soluna Lora, Ezekiel's mother.

On June 3, 2023, Lora left the little boy with his father in Bakersfield while she took his older brother for a haircut. She and Rivera, who have three...Read more

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Some have called this area a birthing 'desert.' A nurse midwife is working to change that

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CHICAGO -- Jeanine Valrie Logan sat in traffic for nearly two hours while she was in labor with her third child.

Logan was determined to have her daughter at a birth center — a type of small facility focused on childbirth, often staffed by midwives. But there weren’t any birth centers near her home in Chicago's south suburbs, so she ...Read more

Long COVID puzzle pieces are falling into place – the picture is unsettling

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Since 2020, the condition known as long COVID-19 has become a widespread disability affecting the health and quality of life of millions of people across the globe and costing economies billions of dollars in reduced productivity of employees and an overall drop in the work force.

The intense scientific effort that long COVID sparked ...Read more


Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey will hold vote to subpoena Steward CEO

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BOSTON — It’s time for the CEO of now-bankrupt Steward Health Care to show up and answer to Congress, according to U.S. Sens. Ed Markey and Bernie Sanders.

The pair of senior Democrats say their committee will hold a “bipartisan” vote next week on whether to subpoena Dr. Ralph de la Torre, who they say has enriched himself at the cost ...Read more


Summer COVID surge isn't cause for alarm, experts say

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President Joe Biden and Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra this week became prime examples of the nation’s newest COVID-19 wave, and although it’s unclear what variant they’re infected with, infectious disease experts say the latest dominant strains of COVID-19 are no more dangerous than previous iterations.

Biden, 81, is ...Read more

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HealthSherpa and insurers team up to curb unauthorized ACA enrollment schemes

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The largest private company that brokers use to enroll people in Affordable Care Act health plans said it’s joining with insurers to thwart unauthorized Obamacare sign-ups and plan switches.

HealthSherpa, which has its own sales team, announced the new initiative — called “Member Defense Network” — July 16. It will cut off commissions...Read more

Late bedtimes and not enough sleep can harm developing brains – and poorer kids are more at risk

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Shorter sleep and later bedtimes are linked to potentially harmful functional changes to parts of the brain important for coping with stress and controlling negative emotions, our recently published research found. And children in families with low economic resources are particularly at risk.

We are neuroscientists who are passionate ...Read more

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Finland is offering farmworkers bird flu shots. Some experts say the US should, too

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As bird flu spreads among dairy cattle in the U.S., veterinarians and researchers have taken note of Finland’s move to vaccinate farmworkers at risk of infection. They wonder why their government doesn’t do the same.

“Farmworkers, veterinarians, and producers are handling large volumes of milk that can contain high levels of bird flu ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Minute: Keeping kids safe outside during summer play

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Summer vacation for kids is well underway. Finding activities to keep the kids busy and destinations to visit can be on many parents' list. There is one place Mayo Clinic's Dr. Steven Maher hopes they don't have to visit — and that's the emergency medicine department.

From wearing bike helmets to keeping kids hydrated, Dr. Maher says there ...Read more

Boston diabetes study: Inconsistent sleep leads to higher risk of type 2 diabetes

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Consistent sleep could be the key to preventing type 2 diabetes.

That’s according to Boston researchers, who found that people with irregular sleep patterns had a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to those who got more consistent sleep.

The study led by Brigham and Women’s Hospital researchers looked at sleep patterns over...Read more

Stroke survivors may be saddled with an invisible disability known as spatial neglect – but a simple treatment offers significant improvement

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More than half of stroke survivors do not receive rehabilitation after the first days of advanced stroke care. Instead of living for months or years with visible or hidden disabilities, stroke survivors can take advantage of new techniques of advanced rehabilitation to improve their function and freedom.

One condition, called spatial ...Read more

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Night owls challenge early birds for cognitive edge, study suggests

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The early bird may not always get the worm, at least when it comes to cognitive performance. A study from Imperial College London suggests night owls — those who feel more alert and productive in the evening — tend to outperform their early rising counterparts on brain tests.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 26,000 participants and ...Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Get poppin’

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From street vendors and movie theaters to ball games and county fairs, popcorn is an all-time favorite American snack food with an average consumption of 14 billion quarts (14 quarts per person) per year!

The folklore

The oldest ears of popcorn date back 4,000 years when it was an important food as well as ceremonial decoration for the Aztec ...Read more

E8 must-add sun protective foods

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As the warm summer months approach, so do the threats of sun damage and painful sunburns. But did you know that certain nutrients (and foods) can actually help protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays? While there’s no excuse to skip the sunscreen on sunny summer days (and all year-round, really), adding sun-protective foods to your diet ...Read more

A bird flu primer: What to know and do

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A bird flu strain that began circulating in 2020 continues to evolve globally and locally within the United States. If you’re wondering what this means, understanding the basics — what bird flu is, how it spreads, whether foods are safe, and prevention tips — can help. More information will come in as scientists learn more, so stay tuned. ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: African Americans and heart health

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am an African American woman in her 40s. I recently had a well-woman checkup done and was told that I also should have a cardiac workup. Although I don’t eat as healthy as I should and high blood pressure and cholesterol run in my family, I have not begun menopause yet. Why do I need to be concerned about heart disease now?...Read more

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Despite past storms' lessons, long-term care residents again left powerless

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HOUSTON — As Tina Kitzmiller sat inside her sweltering apartment, windows and doors open in the hope of catching even the slightest breeze, she was frustrated and worried for her dog and her neighbors.

It had been days since Hurricane Beryl blew ashore from the Gulf of Mexico on July 8, causing widespread destruction and knocking out power to...Read more

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Why the election may slow plans to replace lead pipes

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With the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest — and strictest — plan to minimize the risk of Americans drinking lead-contaminated water on the horizon, the debate over whether the rules go too far or not nearly far enough is reaching a tipping point.

Although lead was banned from new water service lines in 1986, it’s estimated that ...Read more

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'A bottomless pit': How out-of-pocket TMJ costs drive patients into debt

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Over three decades of relentless pain, Jonna Tallant has tried about every TMJ treatment: mouthguards, six sets of braces, dental crowns and appliances, drugs, physical therapy, Botox, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and surgery.

Nothing has helped. Tallant, 51, of Knoxville, Tennessee, said she lives in agony and cannot eat any food ...Read more

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How tapering maximizes your potential on marathon day

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The taper is an essential aspect of training that many new runners need to remember to incorporate into their training program. Tapering means reducing your training load before a competition to optimize performance on race day. It's the rest period before race day to reduce the effects of muscle fatigue brought on by months of rigorous training...Read more