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Funding instability plagues program that brings docs to underserved areas

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For Diana Perez, a medical resident at the Family Health Center of Harlem, the handwritten thank-you note she received from a patient is all the evidence she needs that she has chosen the right training path.

Perez helped the patient, a homeless, West African immigrant who has HIV and other chronic conditions, get the medications and care he ...Read more

Finger size does matter… in sports

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Examine your fingers. Which is longer? Is it the index finger (the finger you use to point with – technically the second digit, or 2D, counting the thumb), or the ring finger (the fourth digit, or 4D)?

The relative length of the index and ring fingers is known as the digit ratio or the 2D:4D. For example, if your index finger is 2.9...Read more

How seeing problems in the brain makes stigma disappear

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As a psychiatrist, I find that one of the hardest parts of my job is telling parents and their children that they are not to blame for their illness.

Children with emotional and behavioral problems continue to suffer considerable stigma. Many in the medical community refer to them as “diagnostic and therapeutic orphans.” ...Read more


Suffering from back pain? Scientists say walk it off

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Walk it off. It’s more than just a jesting turn of phrase for ‘90s tough guys. When it comes to back pain, according to a recent study, it might be the key to relief.

New research from Sydney-based Macquarie University’s Spinal Pain Research Group revealed walking can even have a “profound impact” on managing the condition. Published ...Read more

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Appeals court rules preventive care task force unconstitutional

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WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court on Friday ruled that the preventive care task force created under the 2010 health care law is unconstitutional, but stopped short of blocking access to preventive care for millions of Americans.

The New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held that relief should be targeted to the plaintiffs in...Read more

Surgeon general’s call for warning labels on social media underscores concerns for teen mental health

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Amid growing concerns over the effects of social media on teen mental health, on June 17, 2024, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called for warning labels to be added to social media platforms, similar to surgeon general warnings on cigarettes and alcohol.

Murphy’s warning cited research showing that teens who use more than three ...Read more

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Does expired sunscreen still work?

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It's that time of year when everyone's looking forward to some fun in the sun. Too much sun can be dangerous, though. Exposure to UV radiation from the sun damages your skin, and children are especially vulnerable because they tend to spend more time outdoors and can burn easily.

Skin damage from the sun increases your risk of developing:

• ...Read more

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What is forensic genetic genealogy? Technique used in Rachel Morin case is scantly regulated

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BALTIMORE — Authorities touted the use of a growing, powerful, yet contentious forensic technique to bring the search for a suspect in last year’s killing of Rachel Morin to a long-awaited close.

Federal officials said at a Saturday news conference that agents crossed international borders to find leads in the case after developing a ...Read more


More than 25% of parents struggle to get their children to sleep: Survey

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More than a quarter of parents find it a challenge to get their children to sleep, according to a new poll. Some of the problems can be explained by poor sleep hygiene, which involves a child’s environment and nighttime habits.

According to the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, which surveyed a national ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Minute: Preventing cancer for future generations of Black families

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The statistics are staggering. Black people are more likely to die from cancer than other racial and ethnic groups. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, African Americans have the highest death rate from cancer overall.

Dr. Kim Barbel Johnson, a Mayo Clinic family medicine physician with the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive ...Read more

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UnitedHealth cyberattack compromised credit cards, health history, Social Security numbers

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Hackers made off with Social Security numbers, credit card information, medical histories and more in the February cyberattack on a UnitedHealth Group subsidiary, the company disclosed Thursday.

The Minnetonka-based health care behemoth revealed greater detail on the type of consumer data compromised and a timeline for contacting those affected...Read more

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center breast cancer vaccine study begins with first patient

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An innovative study of a breast cancer vaccine is officially underway, as UPMC announced Thursday that the first participant had received her full course of the vaccine.

"Today, more than 30 years of research has brought us to the first of its kind clinical trial vaccine that could significantly change a breast cancer diagnosis," said Elizabeth...Read more

Making art is a uniquely human act, and one that provides a wellspring of health benefits

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When you think about the word “art,” what comes to mind? A child’s artwork pinned to the fridge? A favorite artist whose work always inspires? Abstract art that is hard to understand?

Each of these assumes that making art is something that other people do, such as children or “those with talent.”

However, as I ...Read more

Boost your immune system with this centuries-old health hack: Vaccines

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There are a dizzying number of tips, hacks and recommendations on how to stay healthy, from dietary supplements to what color of clothes promotes optimal wellness. Some of these tips are helpful and based on good evidence, while others are not.

However, one of the easiest, most effective and safest ways to stay healthy is rarely ...Read more

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Indiana weighs hospital monopoly as officials elsewhere scrutinize similar deals

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Locals in this city of 58,000 are used to having to wait at railroad crossings for one of the dozens of daily cargo trains to pass through.

But a proposed merger between the two hospitals on either side of the city could exacerbate the problem in emergencies if the hospitals shut down some services, such as trauma care, at...Read more

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Americans with HIV are living longer. Federal spending isn't keeping up

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DECATUR, Ga. — Malcolm Reid recently marked the anniversary of his HIV diagnosis on Facebook. “Diagnosed with HIV 28 years ago, AND TODAY I THRIVE,” he wrote in a post in April, which garnered dozens of responses.

Reid, an advocate for people with HIV, said he’s happy he made it to age 66. But growing older has come with a host of ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Minute: Improvements in prostate surgery

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There will be approximately 299,010 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed in 2024, according to the American Cancer Society.

Treatments vary, including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, ablative therapy, immunotherapy, targeted drug therapy, radiation and prostate robotic surgery.

Dr. Matthew Tollefson, a urologist at Mayo Clinic, explains how ...Read more


States struggle to help patients navigate insurance hurdle known as 'step therapy'

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Cassidy Yermal, 32, began experiencing debilitating migraines when she was 17 years old. As a teenager growing up in northeastern Pennsylvania, she saw numerous neurologists and tried a variety of medications before finding one that provided relief.

In 2022, her new insurer asked her to prove it.

Yermal now lives in Marlboro, Maryland, where ...Read more


Commentary: Native Americans face huge health care disparities. Here's a way to help close the gaps

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One of my patients who lives in Diné Bikéyah, the vast Navajo reservation in New Mexico, sleeps in an old Ford pickup truck that often doesn’t start. He has heart failure and relies on oxygen. But since he is without electricity, he spends his nights sneaking into the Walmart parking lot to charge his oxygen concentrator so he can survive ...Read more

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Montana creates emergency 'drive-thru' blood pickup service for rural ambulances

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Crystal Hiwalker wonders if her heart and lungs would have kept working if the ambulance crew had been able to give her a transfusion as the blood drained from her body during a stormy, 100-mile ride.

Because of the 2019 snowstorm, it took 2.5 hours to drive from her small town of Lame Deer, Montana, to the advanced trauma center in Billings.

...Read more