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When a doctor turns patient: For years he helped people recover from strokes, then he had one

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CHICAGO — As a medical provider, Dr. Mahesh Ramachandran encouraged his patients to keep working as hard as they could in physical therapy, knowing that more effort could yield more results.

But then, he became a patient himself. And it left him with a new appreciation for the neurological work the patients put in every day as part of their ...Read more


'They treat me like I'm old and stupid': Seniors decry health providers' age bias

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Joanne Whitney, 84, a retired associate clinical professor of pharmacy at the University of California-San Francisco, often feels devalued when interacting with health care providers.

There was the time several years ago when she told an emergency room doctor that the antibiotic he wanted to prescribe wouldn’t counteract the kind of urinary ...Read more

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Healthy Men: Reducing men's risk of cardiovascular disease

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Dear Healthy Men: What’s the top cause of death in men and what can guys do to reduce their risk?

A: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) — which includes heart disease, congestive heart failure, stroke, atrial fabulation (A-Fib) high blood pressure, and other conditions that affect the heart and blood vessels — is by far the biggest killer of ...Read more

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The time is nearing for kids to get COVID-19 vaccinations. Here are 12 tips for minimizing their pain and anxiety while getting a shot of any kind

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An estimated 28 million children nationwide are expected to soon be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine, pending the expected authorization of the Pfizer shot for kids 5 to 11 in the coming weeks.

The annual flu shot is recommended for everyone 6 months and older around this time of the year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and ...Read more


Ask the Pediatrician: How can parents best support their children during the pandemic?

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Q: My children are having a rough time as the pandemic drags on. What are the signs that they may need more support, and how can I help?

A: The ongoing stress, fear, grief and uncertainty from COVID-19 have weighed on all of us. Many children and teens have also had a tough time coping.

Over 120,000 children in the United States have lost a ...Read more

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Researchers using hard candy in study screening for COVID-19 symptoms

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Calling all candy lovers!

Ohio State University researchers are seeking volunteers to help with a "sweet" new study.

Researchers are looking for about 3,000 participants to smell and consume a piece of hard candy every day for 90 days to screen for symptoms of COVID-19.

Participants will log into an app to report which flavor they tasted, as ...Read more

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Mayo Clinic researchers investigating COVID-19's brain symptoms

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Patients diagnosed with COVID-19 may show neurological symptoms, such as loss of smell, delirium and cognitive impairment. Mayo Clinic researchers are investigating these side effects to determine whether being infected with COVID-19 influences development or progression of Alzheimer's disease and Alzheimer's disease-related dementias (ADRD).

...Read more

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E-cigarettes won't help you quit smoking regular cigarettes, study suggests

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Some studies have suggested switching to e-cigarettes could help smokers stay away from regular cigarettes, which generally contain more harmful chemicals when burned. But new research shows the opposite effect.

People who quit smoking and switched to another form of tobacco use, including e-cigarettes, were more likely to relapse to regular ...Read more

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Mayo Clinic Minute: High-risk vs. low-risk Halloween ideas

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It can be a balancing act trying to figure out what's safe for your children, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and keeping them happy.

Children under 12 are not yet eligible to be vaccinated for COVID-19, and they usually are the ones most eager to experience Halloween traditions like trick-or-treating.

Dr. Nipunie Rajapakse, a...Read more

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Children with disabilities face special back-to-school challenges

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LOS ANGELES — Christopher Manzo, a boy with curly brown hair and bright-blue-and-yellow glasses, has lived a third of his five years at home because of the pandemic.

And he is more than ready for kindergarten.

Hand in hand with his mother, Martha Manzo, he walks into the Blind Children’s Center, a low-rise building nestled among apartment ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Minute: Determining if you have dense breasts

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Women are being encouraged to get their annual breast cancer screening and for good reason. Screening can save lives.

But what if your mammogram shows that you have dense breasts?

Dr. Christine Klassen, a Mayo Clinic Breast Clinic physician, has more on what it means to have dense breasts.

Starting at age 40, Mayo Clinic encourages women to ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Q and A: Avoiding pain while working at a desk

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I have been working at home for the past year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. My work requires me to be on a computer much of the day, and over the past few months, I've noticed more frequent headaches, and pain in my lower back and sometimes my neck. Could my workspace be contributing to my pain? If so, how can I fix it?

...Read more

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Illinois hospital systems losing hundreds of workers because of COVID-19 vaccine mandates

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CHICAGO — Some Illinois hospital systems are losing hundreds of employees as deadlines loom for health care workers to get COVID-19 vaccines — even as most workers have agreed to get the shots.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker set a deadline of Sept. 19 for all Illinois health care workers to get their first shots, with their second shots due within 30 ...Read more

Unionization could help home health care workers, experts say

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For Susie Young, the days before she was a unionized caregiver weren't ones to cheer about.

"Before the union came in, we had nothing," she said. "No training. Forget about a paid holiday or vacation. ... There's many workers in this country today that's where they are."

Young, 73, lives and works in Spokane, Washington, where she has been a ...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Perceived stiffness does not always mean that the muscle is tight or needs to be stretched

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am a very active person. I visit the gym and run regularly. Although I have been able to avoid any major injuries, I find myself constantly stretching my hamstrings. It seems no matter how flexible I get, they still feel tight. What else can I do?

ANSWER: Having an active lifestyle is important to achieving long-term health ...Read more

The healthy vegetable you’re not using but should be

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Kale may get all the ink, but when it comes to greens, there’s a less popular plant to pay attention to: cabbage. Before you turn up your nose, listen up. This humble (and inexpensive) vegetable is extremely low-cal. A cup of raw cabbage has just 18 calories! It’s also full of anti-cancer compounds and, if prepared the right way, cabbage can...Read more

Rx for stroke prevention: A healthy diet and lifestyle

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If there existed a condition that was in the top five causes of death and a leading cause of disability in the U.S., affected someone in the U.S. every 40 seconds, totaling more than 795,000 people each year, and there was something you could do to significantly reduce your risk of it happening to you, you’d do it wouldn’t you?

There is ...Read more

Zero weight loss from zero calorie drinks? Say it ain’t so

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Are you trying to cut back on calories by making the switch from regular soda to diet soda? Do you prefer carbonated water with a bit of flavor, such as Hint or LaCroix? Or maybe you’ve purchased a carbonating device like SodaStream or Drinkmate?

Research suggests that none of these choices may actually help with weight loss. Worse, they ...Read more


American health care: Climbing from world's worst to first

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Another year, another damning report for American medicine. In August, the Commonwealth Fund ranked U.S. health care dead last among 11 of the world's wealthiest nations (for the seventh time in seven reports since 2004).

Compared to its global peers, the United States is home to the lowest life expectancy, highest infant- and maternal-...Read more


FDA proposes hearing aids that could be sold over-the-counter

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The Food and Drug Administration proposed development of a new type of hearing aid that could be sold directly over-the-counter to patients in need of the device.

In its proposal, the agency said that the new rule would allow for the continued growth of innovation and would spark more competition by cutting the red tape that is currently in the...Read more