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After 71 years, their marriage — and that wedding gift of a toaster — endure

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SEATTLE - It was after 3 p.m. and the breakfast dishes had long been put away, but Gloria Witt was happy to make toast. She almost had to.

She and her husband, Frank, had spent the last hour talking about their toaster, a 1949 Sunbeam T-20 model; a two-slicer so shiny you can see yourself in it.

That's all it was, really - a reliable appliance...Read more


Inside a virtual classroom: What a school day is like for these third graders

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Katherine Hendrix sits alone in her third grade classroom at J.A. Rogers Elementary School, speaking to a TV filled with her students' faces.

"Good morning; you're up early today," she tells one boy as more boxes outlining students' faces appear on the 65-inch-screen. She asks if he's tired. A girl a few squares over eats ...Read more

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Black women turn to midwives to avoid COVID and 'feel cared for'

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From the moment she learned she was pregnant late last year, TaNefer Camara knew she didn't want to have her baby in a hospital bed.

Already a mother of three and a part-time lactation consultant at Highland Hospital in Oakland, Calif., Camara knew a bit about childbirth. She wanted to deliver at home, surrounded by her family, into the hands ...Read more

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Commentary: At debate with Biden, Trump still has no health care plan to offer

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Analyzing the policy positions taken by President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden at Tuesday's anarchic debate is like critiquing the footwear of the fighters in a steel cage match. The evening wasn't about policy, it was about force - and more precisely, it was about Trump trying to batter Biden into incoherence with his ...Read more

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Captain Comics: Teen Titans stories celebrate underdogs

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If you've read the young adult graphic novel "Teen Titans: Raven," then you have some idea how good "Teen Titans: Beast Boy," by the same writer-artist team, can be. If you haven't read "Raven," now's a good time to get both books.

"Beast Boy" (DC Comics, $16.99), currently on sale, is by writer Kami Garcia and artist Gabriel Picolo, just like ...Read more

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On Gardening: Rockin Golden Delicious salvia festive for all occasions

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This is the time of the year we revel in the Golden Delicious, of course The Garden Guy is referring to the Rocking Golden Delicious pineapple sage. While we have been loving every minute of it through the long hot summer, it is the short days of early fall that bring on the added cause of celebration.

This is when glorious red blooms appear on...Read more

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Months after uprising, Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement raises alarm over homeless crisis

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MINNEAPOLIS - Elected officials called them disobedient. Social workers said they're inexperienced. Neighbors saw them as rabble-rousers.

Through it all, the Minneapolis Sanctuary Movement has persisted. What was born out of a mad dash to find shelter for the homeless while the city burned has turned into a loose coalition of locals, many of ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Q And A: Understanding endometrial cancer

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My 54-year-old sister was diagnosed recently with early stage endometrial cancer. She only went to the doctor because she had bleeding between menstrual cycles. I'm wondering if I am at risk, too, and if there is anything I can do to reduce my risk. Is there a screening test?

ANSWER: An increased risk for endometrial cancer ...Read more

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With half their faces covered, mask-wearing teachers innovate to communicate with students

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One holds up a smiley face. Another crinkles her eyes extra squinty to show she's grinning. A third goes for "expressive" eyes.

The eyes are all they've got, but the lack of full facial expression certainly poses a challenge for teachers, especially when teaching students whose hearing is impaired, or whose first language is not English.

As ...Read more

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Editorial: Time for a flu shot

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As much as we'd all like to see things return to normal as quickly as possible, the reality is that the threat of COVID-19 is going to be with us for a while. Health officials and politicians offer varying opinions on when an effective vaccine might be available, so face coverings, social distancing and frequent hand-washing remain the best bets...Read more

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92-year-old artist uses 2,000 wine corks to recreate the Eiffel Tower — while battling leukemia

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PHILADELPHIA - Walter Deuschle likes a challenge. At 92 years old, he's out trimming bushes and pulling weeds. He's planting grass seeds, praying for new growth. And on most mornings, he's inside his Huntington Valley home art studio, picking up a paint brush or a sculpting utensil.

His latest project? A 7 1/2-foot-tall Eiffel Tower made ...Read more


Research finds antidepressants may reduce signs of Alzheimer's

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PHILADELPHIA - Perhaps there is a silver lining in this depressing year of coronavirus, natural disasters and social upheaval.

A new study from a Penn researcher adds to evidence that a class of antidepressant drugs known as SSRIs may reduce production of a key protein found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease. This is evidence, ...Read more

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Can I see my friends and family for Thanksgiving if I quarantine for two weeks?

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PHILADELPHIA - Pennsylvania's first case of coronavirus was announced in early March, also when the World Health Organization declared the rapidly spreading virus a pandemic. By Thanksgiving, we'll have lived with this for more than eight months. We're tired. We want normalcy to return. We want to be together. And yet, COVID-19 is still here.

...Read more

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Don't unfriend someone who isn't going to vote. Here's how to engage them

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Your friend has told you they're not going to vote. What do you do?

Why would any American not vote when so many of our ancestors risked their lives to give us that right? Voting is important to democracy even under the best of circumstances. But this year's presidential election - regardless of our partisan leanings - is likely to be the most ...Read more

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Separated by the pandemic, this cross-border couple got married at park

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SEATTLE - The words on a handmade sign spoke eloquently: "Love is not tourism."

Last Sunday, a wedding - one of many - took place at busy Peace Arch Historical State Park in Blaine, Wash., uniting a couple who had been separated by a closed border for more than six months. Allyssa Howard drove north from the Everett area, where she has lived ...Read more

Ask Anna: On straight guy-lesbian friendships and being called a 'tease'

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Dear Anna,

Why would a 63-year-old straight male want to bring a 100% lesbian to his home on the weekends to drink margaritas and stay the night? - No Subject

Dear NS,

Because they're friends? Because drinking margaritas is delightful? Because said margaritas impair one's driving abilities and hence, staying the night ensures no one is a ...Read more

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Schumer goes around McConnell to set up vote defending 'Obamacare'

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WASHINGTON - Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer has rattled the Senate cage, exercising a right every senator has - though one rarely utilized - in an effort to put Republicans on defense on health care in the home stretch of the 2020 campaign.

"As soon as tomorrow, (Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell) and all my Republican colleagues will ...Read more

COVID-19 cases among health care workers underreported by CDC, nurses union says

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FORT WORTH, Texas - Fiana Tulip spent the last 10 weeks trying to figure out how her mother, a health care worker in Dallas, contracted and died of COVID-19.

Isabelle Papadimitriou, 64, was a respiratory therapist at the Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation. She died on July 4, one week after contracting the novel coronavirus.

...Read more

Trump promises $200 prescription drug card for seniors

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As part of his America First Healthcare Plan, President Trump announced that “33 million Medicare beneficiaries will soon receive a card in the mail containing $200 that they can use to help pay for prescription drugs.” The cards are expected to be mailed in the “coming weeks.”

The cards will be partially paid for with savings from the ...Read more

Tart cherry juice and effects on sleep

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You may be familiar with tart cherries if you like to cook. Tart cherries (also known as sour cherries) are used in dishes like pies, preserves, soups, cakes, tarts, sauces, mixed cocktails and more. But did you know that these tasty fruits might also help you get a better night’s rest? Tart cherry juice could be the solution — studies have ...Read more