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Hot Property: Comic Kathy Griffin looks to cash out in Bel-Air

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LOS ANGELES - Kathy Griffin is staging a sale in Bel-Air, putting her gated Mediterranean mansion on the market for $15.995 million. That's about $5.5 million more than she paid for it four years ago.

The Emmy-winning comedian kept things mostly the same during her stay, as the 13,377-square-foot home features grand living spaces with dramatic ...Read more

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Biden is slightly healthier, study says, but both presidential candidates may be 'super-agers'

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The presidential candidates and their supporters will likely keep belittling the other guy as a doddering old fool, but a group of geriatric experts say in a new paper that both President Trump and challenger Joe Biden appear to have the physical and cognitive tools to make it through four years in the White House.

In fact, the two candidates' ...Read more

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Why Obamacare might survive the Supreme Court

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court might not be as ready to wipe out the full 2010 health care law as its ideological balance would suggest, even if a new conservative justice fills the seat of the reliably liberal late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Trump administration and a coalition of Republican-led states have asked the Supreme Court to ...Read more

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Wildfires endanger those with chronic illnesses

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While I was out on a late-night walk with my dog during the record heat wave in Los Angeles that helped fuel the West Coast fires, a neighbor pointed to the sky and asked if I'd seen the moon. I glanced upward, looking for a white globular shape.

Instead, I saw what looked like Mars. The moon was red.

Five days later, I was reading my media ...Read more

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They saw poverty and sickness, so these doctors moved into the neighborhood

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DALLAS - Robert Garcia sat on an examination table, his hands in his lap with his fingers laced together. He looked at ease even though he was at the doctor's office.

The 61-year-old considers his doctor a friend - in addition to someone who cares about his health and whom he trusts to treat him well.

"They helped with my medicines and some ...Read more


The latest activity popular during the pandemic: writing your will

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MINNEAPOLIS - Along with bread baking, bike riding and playing board games, add this to the list of things that have become more popular during the pandemic: writing your will.

Several local lawyers specializing in trust and estate work say the number of people coming to them to prepare a will has shot up 20 to 35% since the COVID-19 virus hit....Read more

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James Lileks: I come not to praise vinyl but to scratch it

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News story: Sales of vinyl records have overtaken CDs. You think: They've sold 11 records this year, and only 10 CDs?

No. About $232 million worth of records were sold, and $129.9 million in CDs.

Who, you ask, is buying records? Grandma getting fresh copies of her Living Strings "Songs for Getting Misty-eyed About Vague Recollections" series? ...Read more

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'I'm not TSA. I'm a bartender': Workers say they're defenseless when customers don't wear masks

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PHILADELPHIA - When she was working as a cashier this summer at a Walmart store in Northeast Philadelphia, a 20-year-old woman said she would see customers wearing their masks under their chins or not wearing one at all, but "it didn't make sense to make a whole big scene," especially if the line at her register was long. She worried that her ...Read more


'Coregasms' are one way to practice sexual self-care during the COVID-19 pandemic

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What the heck is a "coregasm?" Well, it's when you have an orgasm while working out, also known as an exercise-induced orgasm. Does that all of a sudden make you want to go for a run?

A recent survey asked nearly 4,200 men and women about their knowledge of a "coregasm" and if they've ever had one. Only 3% of women said they had, and 6% of men....Read more

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Commentary: Chadwick Boseman and his work were inspirational, but not because of 'pushing through' cancer

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As family, friends and fans mourned the death of actor Chadwick Boseman late last month, those outside of his innermost circle were surprised to learn that he'd been diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. Through grueling filming schedules, press tours, physical fitness training for various roles, chemotherapy and surgeries, he delivered legendary...Read more

The year 2020 has brought familiar challenges, and some not so familiar, to these giant-pumpkin growers

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HARTFORD, Conn. - Earlier this year, lifelong Plainville, Conn., resident Gary Vincent planted eight giant pumpkin seeds in an unfenced, uncovered garden plot owned by Plainville's Our Lady of Mercy Church. Vincent, 70, began growing giant pumpkins in 1981 after his wife brought home five seeds from the Big E fair. The following year he grew a ...Read more

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Trump promises to protect sick Americans; does his new order do that?

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WASHINGTON - Less than six weeks before Election Day, President Donald Trump traveled to North Carolina on Thursday to announce his commitment to protecting Americans with preexisting medical conditions and to issue another round of executive orders related to health care.

"We are delivering better care, with more choice, at a much lower cost ...Read more

This week's bestsellers from Publishers Weekly

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Here are the bestsellers for the week that ended Saturday, Sept. 19, compiled from data from independent and chain bookstores, book wholesalers and independent distributors nationwide, powered by NPD BookScan (c) 2020 NPD Group.

(Reprinted from Publishers Weekly, published by PWxyz LLC. (c) 2020, PWxyz LLC.)


1. The Evening ...Read more

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Michael Hiltzik: The Supreme Court could kill protection for preexisting conditions. You should be terrified

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President Donald Trump is putting out the word that he has a plan to protect Americans with preexisting medical conditions from losing their health coverage, especially if the Supreme Court invalidates the Affordable Care Act.

It's possible that Trump will pull a rabbit out of his hat and produce something via executive order that would achieve...Read more


Using weed while pregnant linked to psychotic-like behaviors in children: study

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Is reefer madness hereditary?

A new study found that using marijuana while pregnant may increase psychotic-like behavior in children.

The study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, followed 11,489 children over a series of years and evaluated their cognitive and behavior patterns around their ninth birthdays.

Only 655 of those children were exposed...Read more

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On Gardening: Use Color Echoes in the landscape to create visual magic

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Oh, the possibilities with that Wicked witch! Son James dazzled me again with a combination planting featuring this year's hot new coleus ColorBlaze Wicked with coleus and Canary Wing begonia. Immediately I noticed his carefully intentioned design of having the lime green margins of the coleus echo the golden-lime of the Canary Wing begonia.

...Read more

Captain Comics: Exclusive look at new Muhammad Ali graphic novel

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He's still the greatest.

I'm talking about Muhammad Ali, of course, who was a heavyweight boxing champion, activist, poet, philanthropist, philosopher and, above all, a professor of "the Sweet Science." He's also the star of a new graphic novel from Titan Comics, due in February.

I should note this isn't the first time Ali has been the star of...Read more

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She was selling RBG greeting cards. Then she heard from RBG

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WASHINGTON - At first Janie Velencia thought she was in trouble. The former journalist, who was running her own greeting card company, had just received a message from an assistant to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

"I panicked," says Velencia, who'd been making greeting cards with Ginsburg's likeness for a couple years.

The email ...Read more

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Supreme Court fight underscores campaign trail focus on health care

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WASHINGTON - The upcoming Senate battle over a Supreme Court nomination is sharpening the focus on the 2010 health care law on the campaign trail before a high-stakes oral arguments hearing to determine the law's future, which will be held just a week after the election.

In a campaign in which health care was already a top issue for voters, the...Read more

Rock those raspberries

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Raspberries are coveted for their ruby splendor and firm plump flesh that delivers a sunny splash of sweetness.

The folklore

Legend has it that raspberries were originally white until infant Zeus’ nursemaid, the nymph Ida, pricked a finger picking the pale berries for him, tinting them forevermore with her blood. Her tale, and the fact that ...Read more