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Worried about the health effects of the sugar in your breakfast cereal? Little has changed since the days of ‘Unfrosted,’ the Pop-Tarts movie

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While Jerry Seinfeld, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and Hugh Grant got top billing, sweet breakfast foods from the 1960s are arguably the real stars of the recent movie “Unfrosted,” a comedy loosely based on the invention of Pop-Tarts.

What’s more, many of those breakfast products from the movie are still household names. When I...Read more

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Could Colorado communities not friendly to medicinal mushrooms put up roadblocks to stymie the industry?

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DENVER — No city or town in Colorado is allowed to prohibit natural medicine healing centers from opening and offering supervised consumption of mushrooms and other psychedelics to adults — that much was plain in an initiative passed by the state’s voters two years ago.

But local governments have enough tools in their regulatory toolbox ...Read more


In the 10 states that didn't expand Medicaid, 1.6M can't afford health insurance

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Nearly 1 of every 5 uninsured working-age adults across the 10 states that have not expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act are, according to a new analysis, stuck in a health care limbo known as a “coverage gap.” That means they earn too much money to receive Medicaid but not enough to qualify for financial help to purchase their ...Read more

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A California medical group treats only homeless patients -- and makes money doing it

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LOS ANGELES — They distribute GPS devices so they can track their homeless patients. They stock their street kits with glass pipes used to smoke meth, crack, or fentanyl. They keep company credit cards on hand in case a patient needs emergency food or water, or an Uber ride to the doctor.

These doctors, nurses, and social workers are fanning ...Read more

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Bill of the Month: Her hearing implant was preapproved. Nonetheless, she got $139,000 bills for months

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Caitlyn Mai woke up one morning in middle school so dizzy she couldn’t stand and deaf in one ear, the result of an infection that affected one of her cranial nerves. Though her balance recovered, the hearing never came back.

Growing up, she learned to cope — but it wasn’t easy. With only one functioning ear, she couldn’t tell where ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Minute: Role of the larynx and how to protect it

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A medical milestone at Mayo Clinic, a total larynx transplant performed on a patient with active cancer, has generated headlines recently in the medical world. But what is the larynx and what does it do?

When you talk, many parts of your body work together to make a sound. The larynx, also called the voice box, plays an important part in the ...Read more


Dental therapists, who can fill cavities and check teeth, get the OK in more states

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During a game of Red Rover when she was 16 years old, Rochelle “Roz” Siuvuq Ferry lost a front tooth.

Ferry, who is Inupiaq, remembers having to get on a plane to get from her remote Alaskan village to the city of Nome to start the tooth replacement process.

Traveling to Nome for dental care is what everyone in her community had to do — ...Read more


How sunshine and sleep regularity may reduce depression symptoms

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A new study suggests catching some sunshine outdoors might actually help chase away the blues. The research shows a connection between bright light exposure, regular sleep patterns and reduced depression symptoms.

The study, led by researchers at Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, analyzed data from nearly 7,000 participants. They ...Read more

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Sentara tests using AI to create notes on patients to help reduce physician burnout

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When Dr. David Wallace graduated from medical school in 1995, every visit note, prescription and lab request had to be written by hand.

Now, artificial intelligence writes visit notes for him before he can walk the 20 feet from an exam room to his office.

“AI is actually bringing back the human component,” Wallace said. “Now, I can ...Read more

Minnesota mental health patients stay 25 hours longer than necessary in ER because of shortages

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When patients in mental health crises get stuck in Minnesota's emergency rooms, they stay 25 hours longer on average than necessary — taking up hospital space as well as the time of doctors and nurses, who could otherwise focus on the next emergencies.

Researchers documented the length of these delays by studying patient activity over 14 days...Read more

2 years into 988 crisis line, Washington works to spread the word

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SEATTLE — Calls to 988 have increased steadily in the two years since the number was designated as the new nationwide mental health suicide and crisis lifeline.

Now, the state Department of Health is working to build awareness across the state and ensure Washingtonians know about the three-digit number.

Washington already had a suicide and ...Read more

Diabetes and obesity can damage the liver to the point of failure – but few people know their risk of developing liver disease

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Liver disease is frighteningly common worldwide.

Metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease, or MASLD, is an umbrella term describing conditions related to a buildup of fat in the liver. Formerly known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, this condition affects 1 in 4 people worldwide. Among those with type 2 diabetes, ...Read more

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Rural hospitals built during baby boom now face baby bust

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OSKALOOSA, Iowa — Rural regions like the one surrounding this southern Iowa town used to have a lot more babies, and many more places to give birth to them.

At least 41 Iowa hospitals have shuttered their labor and delivery units since 2000. Those facilities, representing about a third of all Iowa hospitals, are located mostly in rural areas ...Read more

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These health teams go door to door with a question: What do you need?

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LOS ANGELES -- On a sweltering morning in Watts, community health worker Elizabeth Calvillo rapped on a shut gate with her pen, hoping the sound would carry over the rumble of an airplane.

"Good morning! ¡Buenos días!"

When a young mother emerged from the house in her pajamas, shading her eyes from the sun, Calvillo and co-worker Maria ...Read more

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Before Michigan legalized surrogacy, families found ways around the ban

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The first time Tammy and Jordan Myers held their twins, the premature babies were so fragile that their tiny faces were mostly covered by oxygen masks and tubing. Their little hands rested gently on Tammy’s chest as the machines keeping them alive in a neonatal intensive care unit in Grand Rapids, Michigan, beeped and hummed around them.

It ...Read more

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Angry patients spur new state watchdogs to bring down drug prices

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Spurred by fed-up consumers, states are trying to curb spiraling prescription drug costs by assembling special public boards to investigate and regulate pricing.

The idea is similar to a local utility board: a public group that sets rules or makes recommendations to ensure that what they’re regulating — in this case, prescription ...Read more


Ask the Pediatrician: How to help your child cope with grief and loss

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Death creates a deep, lifelong impact for kids in every part of the world. In the United States, around 1 in 20 children will lose a parent by age 16—and countless others will grieve for a grandparent, sibling or someone else they love.

Doctors who treat children and teens know the health impact that serious losses like these can have on ...Read more

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California health care pioneer goes national, girds for partisan skirmishes

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — When then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called for nearly all Californians to buy health insurance or face a penalty, Anthony Wright slammed the 2007 proposal as “unwarranted, unworkable, and unwise” — one that would punish those who could least afford coverage. The head of Health Access California, one of the state’s...Read more


How to find a good, well-staffed nursing home

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Few people want to go into a nursing home, but doing so can be the right choice if you or a loved one is physically or cognitively disabled or recovering from surgery.

Unfortunately, homes vary greatly in quality, and many don’t have enough nurses and aides to give residents the care they need.

Q: How do I find nursing homes worth ...Read more

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States set minimum staffing levels for nursing homes. Residents suffer when rules are ignored or waived

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For hours, John Pernorio repeatedly mashed the call button at his bedside in the Heritage Hills nursing home in Rhode Island. A retired truck driver, he had injured his spine in a fall on the job decades earlier and could no longer walk. The antibiotics he was taking made him need to go to the bathroom frequently. But he could get there only if ...Read more