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No one should die alone. Hospital chaplains find creative ways to offer compassion despite coronavirus restrictions

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CHICAGO -- As a man lay dying of COVID-19 at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill., near Chicago, hospital chaplains Marie Coglianese and Bob Andorka stood just outside his room, praying and singing.

They held up a phone so his mother and sister could hear. The man's mother asked to talk to her son, so the chaplains allowed her ...Read more

How to help your marriage through the stress of quarantine

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MINNEAPOLIS -- "I was thinking we could adopt a puppy while we're all at home," said Joanne Moffitt, with a teasing tone in her voice.

"Uh, that's a no," replied her husband, Les.

Had the coronavirus not erupted, the Burnsville, Minn., couple and their two children would be on a spring break trip to the Grand Canyon. Instead, they're home, ...Read more

Expectant moms forced to get creative as coronavirus bears down on LA hospitals

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LOS ANGELES -- Two weeks before her son was due, Layla Shaikley sat down to repack her hospital bag.

In went the Adidas slides, Glossier blush, washable prayer mat and a new baby swaddle printed with protective nazar eyes. Out went the "Big Sister" T-shirts for her toddler Kamila, replaced with Shaikley's iPad -- a tool she now fears could be ...Read more

Coronavirus opens vulnerable targets to scammers

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The coronavirus crisis has spawned a ripe environment for scammers.

Just as certain conditions feed the burgeoning virus, the isolation, economic hardship and home-bound workforce that characterize the ongoing pandemic have animated con artists.

Cyber-chiselers already have targeted Connecticut residents who are due to receive federal stimulus...Read more

UNC students are learning in professor's new virtual reality classroom during pandemic

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- With the coronavirus pandemic forcing university students and faculty off campus, UNC-Chapel Hill professors are taking unique approaches to online and remote teaching, which began last week.

A UNC law professor went viral for sending students a prerecorded lecture he gave to a Pinocchio doll. Others are hosting Zoom calls with...Read more

'Our vacation was stolen': VRBO guests fume over refunds on trips dashed by coronavirus

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CHICAGO -- When Erin Haughton planned her family's spring break getaway to Mexico earlier this year, she booked a place to stay with VRBO, a popular vacation home rental site she'd used in the past.

The Frankfort, Ill., woman is supposed to be on that trip in Playa del Carmen right now, enjoying a sunny week with her husband and three kids.

...Read more

Not going coronavirus outbreak alone: Some find quarantine buddies to lessen isolation

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LOS ANGELES -- They call themselves the quarantine gang.

They are not blood-related. They are not romantic partners. They are friends brought together by the unprecedented restrictions on face-to-face contact that have upended life across America to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The foursome -- a songwriter, a therapist and two ...Read more

How to sleep when you can't stop thinking about coronavirus: Experts offer tips

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There's nothing like a dark, quiet bedroom to send a stressed-out mind down a rabbit hole of worry, and the coronavirus is giving us all a new set of possible catastrophes to feast upon.

As your head hits the pillow, or maybe when you stir at 2 a.m., you start to wonder: Does that little sore throat mean you're doomed? What if that guy who ...Read more

Michigan woman with coronavirus develops rare complication affecting brain

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DETROIT -- A 58-year-old woman hospitalized in the Henry Ford Health System who has the new coronavirus developed a rare complication: encephalitis.

In a case report published online Tuesday in the journal Radiology, a team of doctors say the woman tested positive for the coronavirus, but also developed a case of acute necrotizing encephalitis,...Read more

Should you wear a mask at the grocery store? Coronavirus advice keeps changing

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LOS ANGELES -- Is it time to wear face coverings when going to the grocery store, pharmacy or medical appointments?

That is the latest advice from Riverside County, Calif., health officials as they try to slow the spread of the coronavirus, which has sickened more than 8,500 people in the state and killed nearly 200.

Federal officials maintain...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Check daughter regularly because of family history of scoliosis

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What causes scoliosis? Do genetics play a role? I was diagnosed with it as a teenager, and several of my cousins had it, too. Now I'm worried that my daughter, who's 8, may be affected when she gets older. Should she be checked for scoliosis soon?

ANSWER: The exact cause of scoliosis isn't known. But it tends to run in ...Read more

Reusable respirators may be acceptable alternative to disposable ones, study says

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With disposable N95 respirators currently in high demand amid the coronavirus outbreak, a recently published study has indicated reusable respirators might be a suitable alternative.

The study, which was conducted by a team of researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Centers at the Centers for Disease Control and...Read more

Coronavirus debate: Could blood pressure meds make COVID-19 less — or more — deadly?

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As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, medical experts are debating whether blood pressure-lowering drugs that are taken by many millions of people worldwide might make COVID-19 more deadly -- or less so.

Several professional medical organizations have said no evidence exists to justify changing guidelines for prescribing the drugs, called ...Read more

Study says cognitive ability influences physical ability, not the other way around

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A study from Switzerland's Universite de Geneve looked to answer the question of which came first: a decrease in physical activity or cognitive decline?

Cognitive abilities and physical activity are correlated, and the World Health Organization reported 3.2 million people a year die due to physical inactivity. However, researchers at UNIGE have...Read more

New study suggests weight gain may reduce breast cancer risk

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A recent study published in the International Journal of Cancer, has found that women who gain weight from early adulthood are at a reduced risk of developing breast cancer before they reach menopause.

The study examined data from over 600,000 women from many separate studies around the world, according to Medical News Today. Researchers ...Read more

Her genetic test revealed a microscopic problem — and a jumbo price tag

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Michelle Kuppersmith, 32, feels great, works full time and exercises three to four times a week. So she was surprised when a routine blood test found that her body was making too many platelets, which help control bleeding. Kuppersmith's doctor suspected she had a rare blood disorder called essential thrombocythemia, which can lead to blood ...Read more

How much diabetes, smoking, and other risk factors worsen your coronavirus odds

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Doctors have been warning for months that "underlying conditions" raise your risk of getting hit hard with the coronavirus, based on the experience of other countries. But which conditions, and how much difference does each one make?

The first comprehensive U.S. numbers were published Tuesday afternoon, illustrating just how much worse the ...Read more

Out of toilet paper? We've got some solutions and some precautions

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TP or not TP?

That is the question many of are asking as we contemplate shelves empty of toilet paper.

Even though the use of toilet paper hasn't increased because of the coronavirus crisis, there's been panic buying, hoarding, empty shelves at the stores and even reports of theft from rest stops and restaurants, when they were still open.

...Read more

Q&A: Coronavirus and seniors: How to stay safe, and how to help

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LOS ANGELES -- The United States is home to roughly 49 million people who are 65 years or older. Many are at risk for severe illness with COVID-19, meaning that they must be extra vigilant to prevent being exposed to the coronavirus. Their families and caregivers must also be especially careful.

Seniors wrestle with numerous questions each day,...Read more

Was March 2020 the weirdest month of the 21st century?

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An old phrase says "May you live in interesting times," and while it sounds like a blessing, it's often thought to be a curse.

The coronavirus has upended life as we know it. Store shelves and city streets are empty; drive-thrus for both fast food and pandemic testing are essential; and distilleries are producing hand sanitizer instead of hooch...Read more