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Hyper, Schmyper

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High blood pressure, or hypertension, is generally viewed as a bad thing. It's a major risk factor for heart attacks and stroke. But there may be an upside as well. An analysis of 559 people, mostly women, found that those who develop hypertension in their 80s have a 42 percent lower risk of developing dementia after age 90 compared to those ...Read more

Save Face

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If you're, say, 12-years-old and reading this and happen to have trouble with remembering faces, not to worry, things may get better.

New research indicates that the region of the brain associated with facial recognition, once presumed to be fully developed early in life, actually continues growing into adulthood. Neuroscientists found that ...Read more

Cut to the Slow

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Physicians usually snip the umbilical cord 15 to 20 seconds after birth, but new recommendations from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggest waiting at least 30 to 60 seconds for healthy newborns, while some doctors have advised on waiting up to five minutes. The reason: More time for the infant to receive oxygen-rich ...Read more

Sweet Un-Soured

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Back in 1822, the average American consumed 45 grams of sugar -- roughly the amount found in one 12-ounce soda -- every five days. These days, Americans consume 765 grams of sugar over the same time period, or about 130 pounds a year.

In recent years, the call to consume less sugar, whose overconsumption has been linked to a myriad of disease...Read more

Brazilian Brouhaha

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A "Brazilian blowout" is a kind of hair treatment in which a liquid is applied to hair, and then heated with a blow dryer to either straighten hair or reduce frizziness. Environmentalists are suing the FDA, claiming the agency has failed to address potential health risks of the treatment.

Some of the liquid products used contain ...Read more

Being Dead is a Health Condition

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But typically it does not require health insurance coverage. Nonetheless, a recent federal audit reports that in Florida, where the state's Medicaid program is managed by private health insurance companies, the latter billed the former $26 million over five years (2009-2014) for coverage of people who had already died.

State health care ...Read more


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Everywhere you go, there are commercials and ads promoting shock-absorbing insoles that are supposed to help prevent injuries or stress fractures among folks who refuse to just walk places. But do they actually help runners stay healthy?

Not according to a paper published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which analyzed data from 11 ...Read more

Smoke-IIled Gloom

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Smoking is arguably the single most important preventive measure you can take to ensure good health. Think otherwise? Consider this stat: People who consistently smoked an average of less than one cigarette per day over their lifetime had a 64 percent higher risk of earlier death than people who never smoked, according to new research from the...Read more

Brain Sweat

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Apart from that pesky breathless feeling, aerobic exercise is almost always a good thing. A new study shows it may be of particular benefit to patients with mild cognitive impairment, a condition that is often a harbinger of subsequent Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers asked patients to use a treadmill or bike four times per week for six ...Read more

Whither Health?

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With the new year and looming Trump administration, health experts will soon find out the fate of Obamacare. Republican lawmakers have vowed for years to repeal the 2010 law. It's supposed to be a top priority of Trump. But is it among Americans?

A Kaiser Health Tracking poll offers mixed answers: Just over a quarter of Americans surveyed ...Read more

Lifelike Without the Life

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For doctors-in-training and surgeons preparing to perform a brand-new procedure, practice is a good thing. For patients, maybe not so much. So instead, doctors usually prepare by working with animal models, cadavers and computer simulations.

Researchers at the University of Rochester think they might have built a better way: 3D-printed ...Read more

Buzz About a New Vaccine

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Malaria is one of the world's great, enduring scourges: Roughly half of the world's population lives in areas at risk for disease transmission. Last year, there were 214 million recorded clinical cases and 438,000 deaths.

The Nobel Prize has been awarded five times to people working on malaria, but until now, there has been no vaccine. The ...Read more

Generally Healthy, Privates, Too

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Military veterans, both men and women, are 10 percent more likely to say they're in excellent health than the rest of us, but they're also more likely to suffer from cancer, heart attacks and coronary heart disease.

The UnitedHealth Group interviewed 400,000 participants to better understand health outcomes and disparities among demographic ...Read more


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