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Telemedicine is consulting with a medical professional via computer or smartphone. With screens everywhere, it's quite doable. But is it used often? Among people over the age of 50, not so much, according to a University of Michigan poll.

Surveyors found that older patients aren't quite ready to virtually embrace their doctors and health care...Read more

Social Media and Girls

Health / Scott LaFee /

A study of nearly 10,000 teens in the United Kingdom found that more than 25% of girls who used social media frequently throughout the day reported greater anxiety and lower rates of happiness than girls who were on social media sites on only a weekly basis, or even less frequently.

The researchers concluded that the effect could be linked to...Read more

Planting the Idea

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You know this, but it bears repeating: A diet rich in plant-based foods may be better for heart health than an animal-based one or one with insufficient daily fruit and vegetable servings.

A study of more than 12,000 adults, surveyed periodically between 1987 and 2017 about their food habits and heart health, found that those who consumed ...Read more

No Fan of Heat

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When temperatures rise, it seems like a no-brainer to reach over and flick on an electric fan. But it might not be such a hot idea.

In a small study, researchers asked men to sit for two hours in either very hot and dry heat or very hot and humid conditions -- some with fans and some without. The men who used fans in hot and dry conditions ...Read more

Migraines and Dementia

Health / Scott LaFee /

Migraines and dementia have much in common. Headaches, including migraines, are the most common neurological disorder across all ages. Dementia is the most common neurological disease in older adults.

A new Canadian study of 679 adults (62% women) ages 65 and older reports that migraines also appear to be a significant risk factor for ...Read more


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Nearly 52 million people in the U.S. wear some sort of device with a heart rate tracker, such as a Fitbit or Apple Watch. New research suggests these devices may not necessarily be accurate for persons of color.

The reason: Some devices rely on green light optical sensors, which emit shorter wavelengths than the infrared sensors used in, say, ...Read more

Baseball Is Life

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A new study finds that major league baseball players tend to fare better, healthwise, than the general population. Researchers looked at nearly 10,500 players from 1906 to 2006 and found that compared to the male population in general, they had significantly lower rates of death.

A longer baseball career equated with lower rates of death from...Read more

Grain of Truth

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With Americans more health-conscious than ever (even if we're more talk than action), there are presumably healthier "whole-grain" versions of pretty much everything edible that contains grain. And we're gobbling them up. Well, OK ... some of us are.

A recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that whole grains ...Read more

Life's Simple 7

Health / Scott LaFee /

Most likely, you've heard this advice before. Maybe you ignored it; maybe you've forgotten. Either way, here it is again.

A recent French study looked at basic modifiable lifestyle practices that influence the risk of developing dementia later in life. These "simple 7" focus on cardiovascular health, which directly correlates with cognitive ...Read more

Stemming the Tide

Health / Scott LaFee /

Judging from the ubiquity of advertising by clinics touting stem cell-based treatments for everything from pain management to cancer, it may come as a surprise to learn there are very few actual stem cell therapies that are FDA-approved. Despite a crackdown by federal authorities on unlicensed stem cell clinics making unproven claims, they ...Read more

Deaths of Despair

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Ah, to be a millennial! Or not. New data from the Trust for America's Health, a nonpartisan health policy and research group, suggests "deaths of despair" are up in this age cohort, now in their 20s and 30s (born between 1981 and 1996). The number of drug-related deaths rose 108% between 2007 and 2017. Alcohol-related deaths rose nearly 70% in...Read more

Unexpected Pain

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A surprising and disturbing number of Americans are ill-prepared for the financial consequences of a health emergency. In a new survey by Kaiser Permanente, only 44% of families said they had funds or cash in hand to cover a $500 emergency health expense; 13% said they would need to redirect funds from their food budget.

Obesity Up, Diabetes ...Read more

Caregiving Not Quite So Bad

Health / Scott LaFee /

For decades, experts, studies and the media have reported that caregiving takes a toll on the caregiver's health -- for example, boosting levels of inflammation and weakening the immune system. A recent Johns Hopkins University study analyzed 30 papers on immune function in caregivers and concluded the link has been overstated and the ...Read more


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