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Good news and good moves for safe, clean home water

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When LeBron starts his game day around 9 a.m., he grabs a gallon jug filled with water and aims to finish it before he gets on the bus to head to the arena. Then he drinks water, sports drinks and recovery drinks during and after the game. "It's not always easy to drink it all," he says. "But it helps."

We're glad to say, according to a new ...Read more

Does too much vitamin D cause reduction in bone mass?

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I'm 70, Caucasian and slim. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis five years ago. Before that, I took Fosamax for five years. The only things I take are 1,000 mg calcium citrate, 3 mg boron and a multivitamin containing 2,000 IU vitamin D. An X-ray showed three compression fractured vertebra. I read that taking more than 1,000 IU of ...Read more

After court ruling, crusade against Obamacare becomes unshakable liability for GOP

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WASHINGTON -- Dismantling Obamacare has been a top GOP priority for eight years, but a fresh court victory that resurrects the prospect of wiping the law off the books is fast becoming a political albatross for Republicans.

President Donald Trump cheered the federal court ruling in Texas that declares the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional ...Read more

Ruling striking down health care law won't affect coverage for now

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A federal judge's ruling Friday that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional was a first-round victory for opponents of the law. But it will need to survive review by higher courts to have any effect on the program that's credited with expanding health insurance to about 19 million people in the U.S.

A crimson banner appeared on the ...Read more

Federal judge in Texas rules 'Obamacare' unconstitutional; California vows to appeal

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WASHINGTON -- A federal judge in Texas declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional on Friday, issuing a blockbuster ruling that threatens to throw insurance markets into chaos and strip health coverage from tens of millions of patients nationwide.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Reed O'Connor hands a victory to 20 Republican governors ...Read more

Core provisions of 'Obamacare' ruled unconstitutional by Texas federal judge

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DALLAS -- The Affordable Care Act was gutted by a Texas federal judge in a ruling that casts uncertainty on insurance coverage for millions of U.S. residents.

The decision Friday finding core provisions of "Obamacare" unconstitutional comes just before the end of a six-week open enrollment period for the program in 2019 and underscores a divide...Read more

Nutrition News: Hidden Sodium

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Everybody has sodium in their diet; it's a fact of life. Sodium is an essential nutrient. Some of us, however, may be getting too much. Often, we aren't even aware of where it's hiding in the foods we're eating.

Less than 30 percent of the average American's daily intake comes from adding salt to food at the table, according to the Centers for ...Read more

Considering nose strips and other nighttime congestion aids

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I have allergies and am congested a lot at night. I have read about over-the-counter clips and adhesive tapes. Would they help me breathe better? Are they safe for the long term? -- M.V.M.

ANSWER: There are many different types of external devices that are designed to open the nasal passages during sleep to make breathing easier...Read more

How to microwave your dinner safely

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According to some accounts, in 1953 C.A. Swanson & Sons had over 500,000 pounds of unsold turkey after Thanksgiving. One employee suggested they cook the leftovers, along with some favorite side dishes, package the meals in compartmented aluminum trays and freeze them. That was the first TV dinner.

The impulse to pull something premade out of ...Read more

What measurements trigger surgery for aneurysm?

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 68-year-old male in good health with a 3.3-centimeter aneurysm in my internal iliac artery. I have no symptoms. It was 1.9 cm eight years ago.

My physician says that an aneurysm measuring over 3 cm requires surgical intervention. I have looked at recent studies that say an aneurysm measuring less than 4 cm can be safely ...Read more

Active and sedentary: the health-risky modern paradox

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The Bears backup quarterback, Chase Daniel, will earn around $7 million over the next two years -- not bad for a veteran who (up until this Thanksgiving weekend) had started in just two games and attempted just 78 passes in nine seasons as a pro. But over the holiday, he came off the bench and completed 27 of 37 passes for 230 yards and two ...Read more

With a Grain of Salt

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Patients experiencing heart failure or other serious cardiovascular issues are often advised to cut down on salt intake. One 2017 study suggested consuming a lot of sodium doubles heart failure risk.

Or not. A new review by English scientists finds the evidence is pretty sketchy, with lots of gaps. Looking at nine different studies, the ...Read more

Name that insomnia solution

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The original cradle song -- "Wiegenlied: Guten Abend, Gute Nacht (Lullaby: Good Evening, Good Night)" -- was written by German composer Johannes Brahms in 1868. Now known as "Brahms' Lullaby," this nighttime classic is still used by parents around the world to get their little ones to sleep.

But we all could use a little lullaby once in a while...Read more

Comparing the array of treatments for prostate cancer

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I recently have been diagnosed with early prostate cancer. My Gleason score is 7. My urologist has informed me that he doesn't think I am a good candidate for surgery, due to having atrial fibrillation. My radiation oncologist has recommended traditional radiation therapy. However, I am worried about the possible side effects. I ...Read more

Would these new proposals help keep e-cigarettes away from Kentucky kids?

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Would prohibiting the sale of flavored liquids for e-cigarettes help curb the onslaught of addiction among Kentucky teens? What about raising the minimum age for purchase from 18 to 21?

At a conference on e-cigarettes use among teens recently in Louisville, officials from the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and Kentucky Youth Advocates ...Read more

Exercise Generosity: 7 Gifts That Feel Good to Give

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If you're still struggling with your holiday gift list, help is on the way. I've got a lot of swell ideas for you this year, none of them digital or a novelty watch with a dancing Rudolph.

--YOU FIRST. This year, follow the wisdom of the Shopping Bodhisattva and give yourself the gift of not overspending. Debt equals stress. If the gifts I'm ...Read more

You talkin' to me?

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In the 1976 movie "Taxi Driver," Robert De Niro practices some moves in front of a mirror while saying, "You talkin' ta me?" Well, new research from Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and Karlstad University in Sweden is talkin' to us all.

The researchers found that in the first trimester, prenatal exposure to phthalates -- a chemical used in ...Read more

Daughter's diabetic boyfriend must clean up his diet

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DEAR DR. ROACH: My daughter has been dating a man who is diabetic but is not diligent about his diet. He is outwardly in good health, in that he runs competitively and bicycles in races, but sometimes he has blood sugar readings of 300 plus. He loves a diet of meat, sauces, and rich and sugary foods, and is trying to cut back, but not very hard....Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Questions about fiber

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Q: I (and maybe many others) have usually pulled off many of the strings that are on the segments of tangerines and clementines and discarded them. I do this because they occasionally get stuck between my teeth, but probably more so because of aesthetics. I now am wondering whether I have been discarding valuable 'fiber' or should I be mainly ...Read more

Care with a side of comfort promises big savings in health costs

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WASHINGTON -- As state and federal officials increasingly search for ways to curb rising health care costs, a decades-old idea is gaining traction: helping people with challenges that have nothing to do with medical care but everything to do with their health.

Insurers are taking steps as simple as paying for hot meal deliveries and outreach to...Read more