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Q&A: Death of House GOP's Obamacare repeal effort means what exactly?

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WASHINGTON -- Friday's death of the Republican health care legislation surprised lawmakers, stakeholders and voters alike.

Since many Americans don't realize Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing, McClatchy offers a quick Q&A on what the failed repeal effort means for consumers.

Q: I don't get it. How could the Republican-...Read more

A conservative win, but no victory lap

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WASHINGTON -- In the first major showdown between President Donald Trump and the most conservative lawmakers in America, the conservatives won -- but few are declaring victory.

Refusing to budge in their opposition to a Republican health care overhaul that they thought didn't get far enough away from former President Barack Obama's signature ...Read more

Lawmakers predict GOP health bill will be 2018 campaign issue

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans won't have a recorded vote on leadership's health care plan but that doesn't mean their position on it won't be used against them in campaign ads in 2018.

Former National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden, now chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, admitted as much Friday evening. "...Read more

Analysis: Trump would like to move on, but health bill's demise will punish him

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Blame for the failure of the Republican health care bill will fall on multiple parties, including House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, who helped craft it, and the conservative and more moderate GOP factions that warred over its details and cost Republicans the unity they needed.

But the political impact will inevitably fall hardest on President Donald ...Read more

Freedom Caucus' Meadows was in the repeal game with White House until the very end

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WASHINGTON -- In the last hour on Friday afternoon that House Republicans and the White House still held out hope they'd start the unraveling of Obamacare, U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows stayed at the negotiating table.

When he stood up, their hopes were dashed.

Meadows and other House Freedom Caucus members delivered the bad news to Vice President ...Read more

GOP dreams of repealing Obamacare collapse as Trump pulls vote on House bill

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump, elected on a promise to use his deal-making prowess to get Washington working, blinked Friday in the face of defeat, abruptly pulling a House vote on a GOP health care overhaul amid crumbling Republican support.

The move came just hours after the White House insisted the vote would go forward regardless of ...Read more

Can Republicans govern if they can't keep a promise they've made for 7 years?

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans exulted in November when they won the White House and both congressional chambers, promising aggressive moves on health care, taxes and immigration.

But a spectacular stumble on the first agenda item amid intraparty squabbles begs the question of whether the party will be able to get anything done if it can't deliver ...Read more

Investors wonder: Could health care bill collapse signal trouble for Trump's tax cuts?

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WASHINGTON -- For investors, the health care debacle was just the warm-up act for the Trump administration production they really want to see: tax cuts.

Financial markets were mostly unfazed by Friday's well-foreshadowed collapse of the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. But the failure of President Trump and congressional Republicans to ...Read more

After the GOP health care bill fizzles, Trump blames the Democrats and says he 'learned a lot about loyalty'

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WASHINGTON -- After failing to land a deal on the health care bill, President Donald Trump on Friday blamed Democrats, even though the GOP controls Congress and the White House, and made few overtures across the aisle when pushing the bill.

"When you get no votes from the other side -- meaning Democrats -- it is really a difficult situation," ...Read more

A big hit for Trump brings a businessman's reaction: He's moving on

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump ran for president as a businessman who could make a deal. But on Friday, he failed to close the biggest deal of his young presidency.

And then, like a businessman, he moved on.

"That's what you have to do in business if you fail," said Rep. Roger Williams, a Texas Republican and, perhaps more relevantly in this ...Read more

Amid disarray, Simpson says: 'I don't see us coming back to the health care issue'

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WASHINGTON -- With Republicans in disarray over a proposed repeal of Obamacare, Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson offered his take on Friday, saying that "legislating is never a pretty process."

"It is not an easy job to get something passed," Simpson said in an interview. "And I've had people say, 'you guys look like idiots' and you know, 'it...Read more

Mitch McConnell is a top Republican untouched by GOP's health care mess

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WASHINGTON -- One key Republican Washington power player -- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell -- emerges from the wreckage of Friday's GOP effort to overhaul Obamacare relatively unscathed.

While McConnell had supported the bill, which failed to get enough Republican support and was pulled from the House floor, the Kentucky Republican ...Read more

Demise of GOP health care plan huge blow to Trump, Ryan

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump and House Republican leaders suffered a huge legislative and political setback as a GOP-crafted bill to repeal and replace Obamacare -- the centerpiece of their 2016 campaigns -- was allowed to die without even a vote.

Trump asked House Speaker Paul Ryan to cancel the vote half an hour before it was ...Read more

Republican Health Care Bill Fizzles

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WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul Ryan pulled back health care reform Friday because there were not enough House votes for the bill to pass. President Donald Trump requested that the bill be pulled back and later blamed democrats for not offering any support.

"We came up short," Ryan said. "We are going to be living with Obamacare for the ...Read more

Trump cites Planned Parenthood to exert late pressure on conservatives

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump, hours from perhaps his first legislative defeat, used his favorite bully pulpit -- Twitter -- to pressure a conservative House group into supporting a GOP-crafted health overhaul bill.

Trump huddled at the White House on Thursday with more than 30 members of the House Freedom Caucus, trying to convince them...Read more

Nutrition News: Keeping Colorectal Cancer at Bay

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It's surprising that colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer. That's because it's so preventable. The American Institute for Cancer Research offers steps to preventing colorectal cancer.

Stay a healthy weight and watch out for belly fat. Colorectal cancer is one of 11 cancers linked to overweight and obesity. The latest ...Read more

Post-whiplash visit to physical therapist is in order

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DEAR DR. ROACH: My sister was rear-ended last summer and suffered whiplash. She went to a chiropractor for adjustment, but that did not help. Ever since the accident, she has experienced excruciating head pain whenever she bends over to do anything! If she lowers her head at all, the pain is so intense that her eyes water. She's gone to an ear, ...Read more

You've been served ... titanium dioxide?

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In 2008's "Pineapple Express," Seth Rogen plays a hapless process server who is severely (and sometimes humorously) handicapped by the smoky fog that envelops him as he inhales brand-name reefer called (oh, wow, duh) Pineapple Express. His misadventures make it clear that process-serving is as hazardous to his health as eating heart-stopping, ...Read more

We're losing our hearing. And it's only going to get worse.

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Can you hear me? Maybe not.

A Johns Hopkins study published earlier this month found that, as Americans age, more of them are expected to suffer from hearing loss. Researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore predict that 44 million -- or 15 percent of U.S. adults -- will have some hearing loss by 2020. That will increase to 23 percent ...Read more

Trump will keep Obamacare if GOP doesn't pass health repeal Friday

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's chief lieutenants came to Capitol Hill on Thursday evening with an ultimatum: There will be a vote on Paul Ryan's health care legislation Friday, and if it fails Obamacare will remain law.

Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus and Mick Mulvaney were dispatched from the White House to tell House Republicans that if ...Read more