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Don't be a nattering nabob of negativism parent

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President Richard Nixon's VP, Spiro Agnew, called investigative journalists "nattering nabobs of negativism." But it was the VP who showed up in the "negative" column when reporters at The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and The Baltimore Sun discovered that Agnew had taken bribes and didn't pay taxes while vice president. He was forced...Read more

Injections of painkiller into the spine not always a relief

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DEAR DR. ROACH: At 64, I was in very good health except for moderate hypertension, which was treated with lisinopril. I then had an incident lifting a heavy load, which injured my back. Long story short, three years of pain drove me to have an L4-L5 vertebrae back fusion. I am now 67, and in hindsight, surgery was a bad decision.

Since my ...Read more

Amid merger speculation, Oreo-maker Mondelez launches new health-focused brand

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CHICAGO -- Oreo-maker Mondelez International announced the launch of a savory snack brand Tuesday tailor-made for today's health-conscious consumers, even as merger speculation continues to envelop the company.

In midmorning trading, Mondelez shares were up more than 4 percent to about $44.35 per share, bolstered by market speculation that the ...Read more

Don't quit the gym

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In one episode of "Friends," Chandler -- who never works out -- admits that he actually belongs to a gym. Seems that whenever he goes in to terminate his membership, an attractive woman named Maria changes his mind. So Ross goes to the gym to help Chandler keep his resolve, but when he meets Maria HE ends up joining the gym! The two then decide ...Read more

There are treatment options for adults diagnosed with ADHD

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DEAR DR. ROACH: There is an extensive history of ADHD in my family. My son, who was formally diagnosed at 8 and is now 14, has just started taking meds. His transition to high school was difficult to manage. In looking at my own history, I can see the same patterns in my behavior (poor grades in school although identified as very intelligent, ...Read more

The Danger of a Fatty Meal

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King Henry VIII is renown for having had six wives, two of whom he executed. But he also is an infamous glutton. He expanded the kitchens at Hampton Court Palace to 55 rooms, had over 200 people on his kitchen staff, and offered guests meals with up to 14 courses.

While you're probably no King Henry, chances are you like to have a rich meal now...Read more

In thyroiditis, should treatment go beyond hormone levels?

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DEAR DR. ROACH: My wife, age 67, has been under treatment for Hashimoto's thyroiditis for 18 years now. The diagnosis was confirmed by antibody tests, and she has been taking some form of thyroid medication ever since. She has been treated by four different doctors, including two endocrinologists. She has tried both synthetic and natural ...Read more

UnitedHealth Group targeted by whistleblower lawsuit

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MINNEAPOLIS -- A whistleblower lawsuit alleges that UnitedHealth Group and health plans that hire a subsidiary of the insurer have overbilled the federal Medicare program by submitting risk adjustment claims in ways that wrongly boost payment rates.

If true, the scheme could have caused hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in ...Read more

Nutrition News: The REAL Facts About Weight Loss

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It seems we're all trying to drop a few pounds -- or just fit into our spring clothes, if anything. Don't misdirect your good intentions by falling for false information. True weight loss is about fewer calories eaten and more calories burned. It isn't about your blood type, the time you eat or the combination of foods you choose. Environmental ...Read more

Placebo effect doesn't need deception to work

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DEAR DR. ROACH: I happened to come across your recent article on the placebo effect.

As a professor of physiology, I understand perfectly your advice. And I sort of feel that the placebo effect can be a good one. If someone feels "relief" from taking a harmless substance, what's the matter with that? I'm talking here about non-life-threatening ...Read more

How Bad Are Tanning Beds?

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In the "Friends" episode "The One with Ross's Tan," Ross (David Schwimmer ) goes into a spray-on tanning booth, is befuddled by the instructions and gets sprayed twice in front, missing his back. After trying and failing twice more to balance out the coverage, he ends up with a level 16 spray-on tan (2 is optimal) on the front half of his body. ...Read more

Alzheimer's disease drug fails in trial

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Merck is halting a trial of verubecestat, an Alzheimer's disease medication. The pharmaceuticals company concluded the drug has "virtually no chance of finding a positive clinical effect."

The trial, called the EPOCH study, tested the efficacy and safety of the drug when taken orally in people with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer's disease. While ...Read more

Repeal of health care law could mean return to 'high-risk pools'

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WASHINGTON -- By the time Lance Rice was 4 years old, in the mid-1990s, treating his hemophilia and hepatitis C had become so costly his parents had exceeded their insurer's $1 million lifetime cap on payouts. When the Rice family sought coverage from other insurers, they were turned away.

Luckily, the family's home state of Indiana was one of ...Read more

They hate doctors. They don't exercise enough. But they want to live forever.

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Being middle-aged, sandwiched between the much-lauded millennials and the much-attacked baby boomers, is far from an ideal place on the demographic scale.

Now a new report says that Generation Xers , those between the ages of 36 and 51, don't do enough to keep healthy, even as they claim they want to live to a ripe old age.

According to an ...Read more

GOP lawmakers get details on Ryan Obamacare repeal plan and advice on how to sell it

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WASHINGTON -- Congressional Republicans, anticipating confrontations with angry Affordable Care Act supporters during the upcoming February recess, have been given talking points by party leaders to counter and deflect the growing public rancor.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., on Thursday provided an outline of the ACA repeal legislation that ...Read more

Ted Cruz wants to repeal Obamacare now, then work out replacement details

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WASHINGTON -- Even no with no consensus replacement for Obamacare in sight, Sen. Ted Cruz is pushing for action on the repeal long promised by Republicans.

"What I think is critical at the outset is that we honor the promise we've made to voters for six years running now to repeal Obamacare. We've had three elections -- 2010, 2014 and 2016 -- ...Read more

Emerging GOP plan would replace parts of Obamacare as it's repealed

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WASHINGTON -- Developing House Republican legislation to repeal the 2010 health care law would also include replacement provisions that are controversial among GOP rank and file, like a refundable tax credit to help individuals purchase insurance and a plan for dealing with Medicaid expansion.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Energy and Commerce Chairman ...Read more

Infection 20 years ago unlikely to be trigger for current illness

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DEAR DR. ROACH: In 1973, I was hospitalized for three days in an Air Force hospital in Thailand with an unknown viral illness. I quickly recovered and went back to my duties.

In 1992, I started having one problem after another for about six months, culminating in losing my ability to walk in about 10 minutes. My bowels and bladder were ...Read more

Pregnancy and Opiod Addiction

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Alicia Keyes craved root-beer floats while pregnant with her second child, Genesis; Victoria Beckham was marmalade-crazed while carrying daughter Harper; and Blake Lively had to have pumpkin ice cream when expecting Ines. As cravings go, they're ---

not good nutrition choices.

But it could be far worse. For an ever-increasing number of ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Ginger Teriyaki Steamed Fish and Chinese Noodles

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Ginger, teriyaki sauce and scallions flavor this one-pot Asian Steamed Fish meal.

Chinese food takes only minutes to cook, but the chopping and cutting to prepare ingredients can be time-consuming. This recipe has very little preparation time and few ingredients making it a very speedy Chinese supper.

Bok choy is a Chinese lettuce with white, ...Read more