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Memes Lost on Mom

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Dear Annie: I have an adult son who is married and lives on the East Coast. I follow them on social media to keep up with their lives, as we are in the Midwest. My daughter-in-law often posts disrespectful posts towards my son -- memes with rolling eyes, jokes about animals that look like him to her, etc. She is very different from us in terms...Read more

Hoping for a Passionate Love

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Dear Annie: After years of being in an ice-cold marriage for many years, I have finally divorced. I am in my late 60s, active, fit and interested in dating and meeting "the right guy." I have lots of friends and many are single women. I have heard so many stories, some hilarious and some disastrous, of people in my age group dating. One thing ...Read more

Putting an End to Abuse

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Dear Annie: I have been with my husband for more than 25 years, and I have allowed things to get out of hand. Over the years, he has done a lot for my daughter and her kids, and he has brought me used cars that I did not ask for but appreciate. When we go on vacation, I pay my share. Whenever we talk, we get into arguments. He throws all of ...Read more

Peaks and Valleys

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Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for 12 years. We have never had an easy marriage, and I am considering leaving him.

I got out of an abusive relationship before I met him, and I feel like I am being put in that position again. This time, it is not physical violence but emotional and financial.

My husband took a job that he had ...Read more

Concerned for Grandchild's Health

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Dear Annie: My 32-year-old daughter is not watching my 10-year-old grandson's diet and is allowing him to become overweight. When I brought it up, she replied in a very defensive manner that she does not want him to be self-conscious or concerned about how he looks. I was taken aback by this comment and her tone, and I walked away from the ...Read more

Celebrating All the Moms

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Dear Annie: My husband had been looking for a new job for three years. He is incredibly smart, talented and hardworking. At his old job, he lived on an airplane, bouncing from one country to the next. He was always on the phone and setting up or attending meetings.

In a nutshell, you would say he is very Type A and does not like to slow down....Read more

Stop Playing Games

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Dear Annie: I'm a 34-year-old man with a superb wife. We've been married eight years, and things are great between us. The problem is my mother-in-law. I'm sleeping with her.

She is an incredibly attractive woman and still in her prime. She and my wife look like sisters. But my mother-in-law knows a thing or two more than her daughter in the ...Read more

Boyfriend Sexting Other Women

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Dear Annie: I've been with the same guy for three years. At first, he was incredibly thoughtful and sweet. Over time, I've grown frustrated with how unaffectionate he is. Getting him to express his love feels like trying to wring juice from a dried-out lemon. And he's never introduced me to his family or friends, except for one old friend. ...Read more

Help Is Available

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Dear Annie: My husband and l have been married for 22 years. When we first married, it was young love. But throughout our marriage, he has been adulterous and abusive toward me, physically and verbally. I have a disability and have a hard time defending myself. He has choked me and held a knife to my throat and told me that one day he'll kill ...Read more

Being Kind Shouldn't Cost You

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Dear Annie: Please help me convince my 72-year-old husband to stop engaging in conversations with telephone solicitors. He gets several calls a day on his cellphone from car warranty companies, solar companies, etc., and he insists on letting them talk and ask questions for several minutes.

Eventually, he says something like, "Thank you for ...Read more

Marriage Hanging in the Balance

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Dear Annie: I have been married for more than 30 years, and we have one teenage daughter who will be attending college in the fall. My husband and I have lived like roommates for the last 10 years. We co-exist, raising our daughter as civilly as we can.

I have gone to counseling off and on for years, trying to improve our relationship. He has...Read more

Choose and Commit

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Dear Annie: I'm so confused, and I don't know what to do. I have been married for four months, and I truly love my husband and believe that he loves me.

My problem is that he cheated on me about two years ago with multiple women, and not only that, he proposed to one of them. It's a long story. But since then, he's been the perfect guy -- the...Read more

Parenting Amends

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Dear Annie: I have a daughter and a son, who are now 27 and 30, respectively. I have always tried to be a good mother to both of them. But somehow, my daughter was always the lovable one. My son always rubbed me the wrong way, and I scolded him much more and was much stricter with him. I wanted my children to be independent and be able to care...Read more

What Do You Do?

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Dear Annie: I have been married to my husband for 15 years. During that time, I have had several retail and grocery store jobs. Currently, I do not work because most retail and grocery store jobs have me working nights and weekends, and when doing that, I hardly ever see my husband, since he works long hours and travels.

When we first met, I ...Read more

Husband's Hidden Life

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Dear Annie: My second husband and I were together for 20 years. I'll call him "Dominic." We met at a vulnerable time in my life, and he was the kindest man I ever met. Dominic wanted to get married immediately, but I was reluctant, as I'd just gotten out of a marriage with a cheater, liar and abuser.

Dominic begged me. Eventually, I caved. We...Read more

Unwanted Visits from Cousin

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Dear Annie: A cousin of mine found out that we get all the different sports networks in our cable package, and ever since, he has invited himself over to watch games at our house all the time, on a weekly basis. This was frustrating in itself -- but then recently, something unbelievable happened. He was over watching a game at our house, yet ...Read more

Dreams at Any Age

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Dear Annie: I just wanted to thank you for encouraging the 63-year-old mom who is trying to complete her vocational nursing degree. She is not too old, by any stretch, and though her kids may mean well, she should not give up on her dream of being a nurse.

I'm a 57-year-old registered nurse, and I have known many people in their 50s and 60s ...Read more

Mother-in-Law Kept Out

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Dear Annie: My daughter-in-law could probably have written the letter about the person trying too hard to please their disapproving mother-in-law.

The reality is that there are always two sides to every story. Mine is that at some point, I did or said something to hurt my daughter-in-law. But I am not allowed to know what that was. So, any ...Read more

Avoiding Rock Bottom

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Dear Annie: This is about the 40-year-old alcoholic with two kids who is refusing rehab. "Hitting bottom" is unwise advice, and unwarranted. He yet may end up homeless and on the streets or worse, but there are more options needed. Don't fall for the AA 12-step "hitting bottom" credo -- it is not supported by the data. There is no other ...Read more


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Dear Annie: I think there's a better way to end the evening after you and your guests have had dinner and dessert than your response to, "To Leave or Not to Leave." This is what we say: "Well, folks, it's time to call it a night. I hope you enjoyed the dinner. I know we enjoyed having you, and we wrapped up some leftovers for you to enjoy this...Read more



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