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Stuck in a Cycle

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Dear Annie: My mom had a stroke a few months ago. My husband and I are building a house, so my brother suggested it would be easier if we stayed with her to help with her rehabilitation. But the biggest problem is that I'm out of my work right now for medical reasons and am not really able to help her. What I have done so far has only made my ...Read more

Kudos to College Students

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Dear Annie: There are so many heroes who are all helping us get through the COVID-19 crisis. I want to mention the strength of our college students and the amazing things they are doing in the midst of their difficult lives right now while taking online classes, separated from their college friends and activities. And many have moved away from...Read more

Nude No More?

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Dear Annie: I have been married to my wonderful wife for 25 years. When we were dating, all my friends were jealous because she was so movie-star beautiful. What they didn't know was how incredible her figure was. We didn't go swimming much, and she always dressed conservatively. I kidded her that I was the only one that knew what a grand ...Read more

Missing a Personal Notification

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Dear Annie: My first cousin died two weeks ago, but not one of her siblings called to tell me or any of my sisters the news. Two of the cousin's siblings have my phone number because I sent them a family Christmas newsletter with my phone number and email in the letter. I finally saw my cousin's obituary on Facebook. I am beyond hurt that the ...Read more

Let Go of First Love

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Dear Annie: I've been seeing this guy, "David," on and off for almost a year and a half and we have this long-distance relationship going on. This is my very first relationship, but he's been with a few women in the past. While we can't see each other as often as we'd like, I intend to fix that this fall semester, since I'll be transferring to...Read more

Frustrated Being on the Front Line

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Dear Annie: I am a USPS mail carrier. My husband was sent home six weeks ago, with pay, while I head out every morning to the possibility of contracting COVID-19.

I've been angry and resentful, and scared. It was most acute about two weeks ago, and, after some tears and talks, I've calmed down somewhat. I just keep looking ahead and cannot ...Read more

Fall in Love with Yourself Again

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Dear Annie: I am 81 years old and a longtime reader of your advice column. I thought the message below might be useful to you and your readers somehow. It is certainly authentic. I received it as a link to click on. I couldn't open it, but the sender, who is president of a local seniors group that has been keeping members entertained with all ...Read more

Your Last Resort Might Be Someone's Only Resort

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Dear Annie: Because of the pandemic, people have cleared the shelves of many food items, including flour and prepared foods. After those were wiped out, they started buying up gluten-free foods, leaving those with food allergies with limited products to buy.

They don't need that gluten-free flour, but they buy it anyway. My daughter has ...Read more

Nurses Offer a Hand to Hold

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Dear Annie: We hear so many accounts of sick relatives dying alone in the hospital and family members feeling helpless and guilty because they can't be by their side, even though it's not their fault. I'm a retired nurse, and I hope I can let these families know that their mom or dad, spouse or loved one is not dying alone if their nurses can ...Read more

Wary of Wading Into Dating Waters

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Dear Annie: In the current COVID-19 crisis a lot of people are online dating. I've never done it before but am interested in trying it. The problem is I am having a hard time believing people are who they say they are on their profiles, because of all the catfish stories I've heard about. How do I find a relationship if I have doubts about the...Read more

It's Time to Leave

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Dear Annie: I've been married to a narcissist, controlling, antisocial man for 15 years. I am "Frank's" third wife, and he is my second husband. He has two adult children on their own, and I have two children still in college.

Our married life has been a roller coaster, with many downs and very few ups, and it has been exhausting. There are ...Read more

Helping Brother's Ex Has Caused Family Rift

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Dear Annie: My brother was with his ex-wife, "Liz," for 13 years. They raised three wonderful children together until she left my brother. They've been divorced five years now. I've been the middle person in her and my brother's relationship ever since. Recently, I moved Liz in with me, along with her newborn son. She did not have adequate ...Read more

Anonymous Helpers Might Scare Seniors

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Dear Annie: I am a 77-year-old woman, recently transplanted after 50 years in a different city and province. Due to COVID-19, I am really isolated -- alone in my apartment 99% of the time. I go out once a week to shop, and every two or three weeks I'll go to the laundry room. Four generations of my family live in a triplex. I live in a ...Read more

Pandemic Activities That Make the Glass Half Full

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Dear Annie: In the midst of all the negativity toward the coronavirus pandemic challenges, it is easy to look at the glass as being half empty. In some ways, however, the glass is half full. Here is a partial list:

In the South, where I live, the pandemic happened during excellent weather, encouraging people to get outside and exercise, and ...Read more

Putting Judgment Aside in the Grocery Aisles

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Dear Annie: I know that these are trying and difficult times. For most of us, we have not seen hardship like this in our lifetimes.

My husband is an essential worker, and we worry daily that he could get this illness, as he and our youngest have asthma and any upper respiratory illness is dangerous for them.

This past weekend, my husband and...Read more

Much Love to Moms

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Dear Mothers: "A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them." -- Victor Hugo.

To all the mothers out there: Happy Mother's Day! To everyone for whom this is a difficult holiday, may it land gently, to borrow a phrase from columnist and author Connie Schultz.

Sometimes, being a truly loving, tender and caring mom ...Read more

Concerned About Lack of Social Distancing

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Dear Annie: I live in a small community in New Jersey. My wife and I have three daughters, and the thought of one of them getting sick from the coronavirus and having to stay in the hospital alone frightens us to death. We do our very best, utilizing delivery services and every other option at our disposal to prevent the spread of this virus. ...Read more

Finding Virtual Support Groups

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Dear Annie: While it is the best advice for stemming the COVID-19 pandemic, being told to isolate when you are a recovering alcoholic is the exact opposite of what the program Alcoholics Anonymous teaches us.

However, during this isolation, when most of the AA meeting places have been shut down, an alternative has blossomed. The meetings in ...Read more

Taking Time to Grieve

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I have been good friends with Wanda for over 20 years. Though our friendship has lasted a long time, it's not been without its trials. This is mostly because Wanda has a tendency to make everything about her.

Recently, my beloved mother passed away after a long illness. When that happened, Wanda called me -- to tell me that it ...Read more

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: Just adding my opinion about coping in these difficult times. I don't want to be identified, even by the area of the country I live in, because millions in our country are doing the same things to endure and triumph over our present hardships.

My husband has been suffering from cancer for the past four years, and we have come to ...Read more


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