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Twitter Treachery

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Dear Annie: I knew my husband had a Twitter account, and I thought he only followed groups. Then, one morning, I looked at his account and saw that he was following around 75 people. They included two women. I saw that he had been tweeting at one of those women between six and eight times a day for several weeks. He said it's not a big deal ...Read more

'Tis the Season for Setting Boundaries

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Dear Annie: I have read the "Ask Ann Landers" column and now the "Dear Annie" column since I was a little girl, and I am writing to you at age 66. I always wanted to write into the column but never did.

But the recent letters about families feeling obligated to spend Christmas together, even when they live far apart, gives me a unique ...Read more

High School Still Haunts Me

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Dear Annie: I am a 76-year-old woman who is still not over her teenage friendship troubles.

I should preface this entry by stating that I am by no means stuck in the past. This instance simply comes to mind whenever I face shortcomings in life.

I'll now set the scene: It was early September of 1962. I had just turned 17, and I was a senior ...Read more

Exclusion From a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

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Dear Annie: My brother has been dating a woman for several years, and they recently became engaged. I do like her, but here is my issue: She is another nationality, and her family (in another country) does not like her dating a "white guy." They refer to him as "white trash," though he is well-educated and makes good money.

She has a very ...Read more

I Feel Like a Second Choice

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Dear Readers: As I'm sure you all know, today is Thanksgiving, a holiday dedicated to celebrating the things we're grateful for. To get in the spirit, I'd love to hear what you are grateful for this year. Send your responses to

Here's a letter from a reader who got creative when it comes to holiday scheduling:

Dear ...Read more

Swallow Your Pride; Ask for a Ride

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Dear Annie: I am an 80-year-old female, a widow. I live alone.

I have a history of having arthritis, and I can't take medications for arthritis due to having had stomach ulcers. I had a hip replacement in the spring, and I had hoped I would be able to walk without the use of a walker. It is apparent that I am going to need the walker to ...Read more

Husband Feels Like a Roommate

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Dear Annie: My husband and I have been married for six years. We're older, and it's the third marriage for both of us.

At first, my husband was very passionate, loving and anxious to please. We took a lot of trips and went out to eat and socialize regularly.

Gradually, over the past three years, he has moved into the guest bedroom, and we ...Read more

Tipping Hurts My Business

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Dear Annie: I was a little amused by the letter on tip jars.

I operate a "food truck" (technically, it's a trailer) and am a one-man band. I have worked alone for the past 10 years because the quality of employees available to me has always been questionable at best, and there is a degree of "babysitting" involved that I don't care to be a ...Read more

Chronic Procrastination

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Dear Annie: I am an 18-year-old girl living very far from you, but I recently read one of your columns and thought you might be able to help me. I am doing really well in my academics and was just accepted by one of the best engineering institutions in our country.

Everyone around me is proud and happy. But something inside is pinching me.

I...Read more

Grieving Niece Won't Help Herself

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Dear Annie: I need help. I've let my niece move in with me, my husband and my 17-year-old daughter after her husband committed suicide.

You see, she and her husband had issues for the last two years. They were both on drugs. I felt sorry for her after he passed. She has a sister and a 16-year-old son. Her son lives with his best friend and ...Read more

Affection Is Absent

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Dear Annie: My spouse and I have been married for over 40 years. Our children are married with children of their own. They seem happy and well-adjusted, and our whole family seems happy and healthy. I am very blessed and glad things are the way they are.

The problem: There is no love or affection in our marriage, and there hasn't been for ...Read more

Sad, Stuck and Not Sure Where to Start

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Dear Annie: I have been technically single all my life. I did have a casual long-term relationship with a man that lasted for 12 years. We were never exclusive. We would have never worked exclusively, and we both knew that.

That relationship ended badly. An unplanned pregnancy resulted in a painful miscarriage that required surgery. Not only ...Read more

Readers' Thoughts on Neglected Spouses

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Dear Readers: Many of you wrote about why the husband of "Neglected Spouse" has not had sex with her in years. We received quite a variety of opinions and comments; here is a sampling:

Dear Annie: "Neglected Spouse" wrote that her husband hasn't shown interest in her sexually throughout their 30-year marriage. Your answer was thoughtful and ...Read more

Mother Is Playing Favorites

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Dear Annie: I am 73 years old. Many years ago, I was the victim of physical and emotional abuse from two former husbands.

Yes, they perpetrated that abuse on me. But I was the one who "took it" because I did not love or respect myself enough to not allow their abuse. There was abuse from other "significant" men in my life as well.

I love ...Read more

Petty Uncle Won't Return Our Belongings

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Dear Annie: My uncle has a reputation for being extremely cheap, but he did something recently that has left me fuming.

He called my husband and asked to borrow a pair of acetylene tanks, which are used for welding projects, after he found out we had them in our garage. These tanks belong to my dad, but they have been stored at our house ...Read more

Bonding With My Husband's Ex-Wife

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Dear Annie: I see so many columns where parents don't get the result they want from their children. I lucked out with the help of my clever pediatrician, whose advice was to give kids more control over their lives while teaching responsibility.

When my son was about 7, he did NOT want to go to bed or get up in the morning. So, we went and ...Read more

(Step) Father of the Bride

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Dear Annie: My fiance and I are well underway in planning our wedding with less than two months to go.

During our planning process, my mom got engaged to a wonderful man. They had been living together for several years, and I never lived with them, nor have I spent more than holidays and a few social gatherings at their home.

I have known of...Read more

I've Spent Decades With a Dud

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Dear Annie: I've been in a relationship with "Jason" since April 2001. We got engaged in 2007. I lived apart from him with my three kids as they were still young and in school. I moved in with him in 2010.

Ever since then, and before, it's just gotten worse. I was so blind in love and drinking with him all the time that I guess I really didn'...Read more

Bouncing Back From Infidelity

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Dear Annie: My 30-year-old grandson is incarcerated right now on charges of drug possession and shoplifting. This is one of many drug possession charges he has faced in the past two years, and he has multiple court cases coming up in November. While I have done everything I can to support and help him, nothing has worked. His behavior has ...Read more

Is There Hope With My Ex-Husband?

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Dear Annie: I've been married to a man for 17 years. But not long after the marriage, he stopped being a husband.

At first, we would talk, laugh and have fun. We would do things together, go places and, most of all, we would make love all the time. It's been 10 years since we have had sex.

When we did try, he couldn't fulfill. All he does ...Read more



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