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Millennial Life: Separating Your Story From the Stories of Your Kids

I'm a sucker for first-day-of-school pictures. It feels like it comes close to what we get as a new tradition in the past few years, a way for your social media community to come together and get a look at those critters you've made. A not-so-small part of me enjoys how I make others feel old when they notice what grade my kids are going into.

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Millennial Life: From All-Knowing To Questioning It All

My kids enjoy having a hand in decorating our home. What that means is that scraps of cardboard become signs throughout the house. There is a scrap of paper denoting the napping to be done in the bedroom. There is a scrap of paper asking if we enjoy coffee -- on the cabinet where I keep my coffee. There is a sign on their playroom that I refuse ...Read more

Millennial Life: Trying To Stay Positive While Trying Not To Test Positive

I'm a fan of the concept of liminal spaces. It's about those sometimes-awkward in-between spaces where you aren't truly in one place, but you haven't moved into another. Think of the weird sterility and bustle of an airport. Or the light feeling during the week between finishing class work and walking across the stage to get the diploma. Turns ...Read more

Millennial Life: Demanding the Basics Is Not Radical

When my daughter was born, her lung collapsed. Our local hospital put her in the neonatal intensive care unit, but on the second day, the doctors recommended that we take her to the bigger city about 40 miles down the road that had "stronger machines."

As staff initiated the transfer to the other hospital, they asked if I wanted to follow ...Read more

Millennial Life: Give Us a Minute to Grieve the Future

When I was little, and my parents had to explain things that happened before I came along, they amused themselves by referring to it as B.C. -- Before Cassie. When they watched the moon landing, when Sweden had a moment with ABBA, and when everyone wanted hair like someone named Farrah Fawcett -- this was way back in B.C.

It was a family idiom ...Read more

Millennial Life: Bleak Values Build a Bleak Future

Being sick is sometimes the best opportunity to catch up on shows that I normally can't sneak into my schedule. Felled last week by a stomach bug, I draped myself like a limp noodle on my bed and binge-watched the Netflix series "Modern Love."

Because it came out in 2019, I'm already behind any of the buzz that it may have pulled along during ...Read more

Millennial Life: Stripping Identity From Work

It was an advertisement for a flower farm this time. There were openings for studio and field assistants and delivery drivers, both full-time and part-time positions. There's always a mental flash when I see a job posting that sounds interesting but is completely out of my wheelhouse: "Wouldn't that be a nice change of pace?" I don't ask, "Is ...Read more

Millennial Life: Holding Our Breath on Truth

I've spent the last few summers hanging out at the side of the pool, watching an infinitely patient swim instructor teach my kids the basics of working with water. I learned to swim at my daughter's age, but she's much better than I was because I started her at about 4 years old. After I learned the basics, I stopped, and I never really did ...Read more

Millennial Life: Trust - A Tale of Two Teachers

I don't remember his name anymore. But if I can put the memories in the right order, he was known for teaching the shop class more than any other subject. However, that semester we sat in a converted computer class with the carpentry tools pushed to the walls and learned computer-aided design, or CAD, in seventh grade.

I loved computers ever ...Read more

Millennial Life: When Inspiration Isn't Enough

Had he just driven 53.5 miles south, he could have ended up at my house. Instead, Richard Branson sped into the sky, keeping a good deal of us in southern New Mexico, and around the world, captive to a livestream from Spaceport America and Virgin Galactic.

I hadn't planned to tune in that morning. Breakfast at our house, particularly on the ...Read more

Milennial Life: Letting Go of the Past but Taking Its Lessons With Us

When I attempted to take the license plate off, I realized the scooter was last registered in 2014. I took out a decaying bungee cord, a tire pressure gauge and a reflective vest from the front storage space and then ran my hand over the bolstered seat that my mom had struggled to help me put on with an eBay-bought replacement. I realized, too, ...Read more

Leaving the Apartments: Embedded in Gun Cultures

Before having kids, I don't think I appreciated enough the ability to leave the house quickly, just grabbing my keys, wallet, phone -- and out. With kids, the effort to be prepared for little human needs is extensive. Over my life, I tried to stay away from the chain of the purse, but the net that traps you is the fashionable, cute diaper bag....Read more

Millennial Life: Chiseling into that American Dream

As we understood it, two brothers owned the house after their father had passed. One was in California, and one was in Texas. Neither really wanted to deal with the house anymore. They were in luck: I didn't want to deal with house shopping anymore. Turns out, I was one of the lucky millennials.

When my husband and I were ready to buy a house ...Read more



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