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Millennial Life: It Won't Last Forever

I remember the first thought I had about what I believed would make me a grown-up. I imagined that instead of standing up on my tippy toes to turn on the faucet and wash my hands, I would just lean over the sink. It would be glorious.

I remembered Early Me's thought on a random day years later, when I reached for the knobs to wash my hands. A ...Read more

Millennial Life: By Any Other Name Lacks Respect

When he responded to my call with a deep, slow hello, it sounded like I roused him from sleep. I blurted out the question of whether I could speak to a world-famous comedian. Except, aside from the same last name and a shared first letter of the first name, this was not that comedian.

He laughed when I tripped back over my tongue to fix it. "Oh...Read more

Millennial Life: From One Moment to the Next

We gave in to our children's continued requests for a cat. When we walked into the adoption center, it was all over. A first batch of kittens was a no-go when their little needle-like claws got stuck on the kids' skin. The kids deflated as they pried the adorable mewing floofs off.

The employee suggested the cat room. One friendly little male ...Read more

Millennial Life: The Canary in the Tiny House

When I left for college, I was proud that I could pack my life into my car. I stuffed everything that I needed -- or thought I needed -- into a 1988 Volvo 240. When I shoved my lava lamp next to a stack of shirts, I never for a minute dreamed that it would be considered cool to live in your car, a van or a tiny house originally dreamt up for ...Read more

Millennial Life: Learning Our Worth and Our Power

My first job was when I was 15. After hanging around the computer lab a little too long, I was asked if I wanted to help with tech support for my high school. I would spend one of my school periods wandering around the school and adding memory cards or updating software. It was billed as an advanced computer class, but I was also paid for my ...Read more

Millennial Life: 'Thus, They Were Spared'

The physical differences between my son and daughter grew as rapidly as they did. My son has always been much denser. His torso is sturdy as a brick, with a heft that my daughter has never had, even with three years on him.

So, when he lost about 4 pounds during his three-week bout of strep throat, the lightness of his body afterward scared me ...Read more

Shining Sunlight to Find Hope in Yourself

After responding to a flurry of emails from early risers and adjusting my seat, I also needed to adjust my window curtains. The daily switch from bright morning light to the more productive midmorning sun was complemented by the sounds of heavy machinery reversing in the distance and a stream of cars humming on the main road nearby.

Sound and ...Read more

Millennial Life: The Privilege to Ignore Grows the Divide

I struggle mightily with writing about race. I'm a relatively run-of-the-mill white lady, and mine has been a very white upbringing, without much, if any, diversity. While attached to military life as a dependent, the kids are pulled together regardless of their race, especially in the Department of Defense American schools in foreign countries....Read more

Millenial Life: Shifting Gears to Reengage

I'm always happy with my fellow porch dwellers, especially those who tolerate my enthusiastic hand-waving during my walks. One older couple in my neighborhood sits together, the lady vocal enough that I'll take my earbud out just to catch what today's turn of phrase is, more so I don't reply a low "Good morning" to her chirpy "Beautiful day, isn...Read more

Millenial Life: Blood Doesn't Guarantee Family

Family lore from my dad's side goes like this: Decades ago, an aunt I've never met drove to my grandfather's house, walked up to the house with her toddler in her arms and rang the bell. When her father came to the door, she told him, "This is my son -- and you'll never get to know him." She turned around and left.

When I heard the story for ...Read more

Millenial Life: Have a Seat With an Elder Millennial

This week, I'll be married for 10 years. I don't have student loan debt, but I have advanced degrees. I am not religious, but I'm not an atheist. I have a mortgage and recently invested in new windows. I speak to both my houseplants and to my two children. I'm counted as an elder millennial.

There's a broad band of diversity in our cohort, not ...Read more

Millenial Life: Where Parents Cannot Follow and Children Cannot Lead

My parents stopped being able to help me with math when I got to algebra in high school. Math had always been my weakest subject. It was a subject other kids fawned over as being so concrete, so understandable. But it seemed to float around my head as a mist I couldn't see clearly enough to grab.

I remember a lot of tears trying to learn it. ...Read more

Millenial Life: The Wonder in Brief Moments of Caring

I used to work on a university campus. Women from various offices would use their lunch hour to put on their tennis shoes, change into tight athletic pants, throw on the old "1994 Gardening To Live" shirt and power-walk the halls of the building. I was young enough to find the women unrelatable. Years later, I remembered them when I plotted a ...Read more



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