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Millennial Life: Millennials Should Know Their Place

It was always parties where I stuck out, but that time specifically, it was around Easter. There were hollowed-out eggs stuffed with confetti, and the extended family had their kids running around, trying to crack the eggs on my boyfriend's head.

My boyfriend, who is now my husband, was one of the older -- but not Old Old -- cousins, and he ...Read more

Millennial Life: Gratitude as Preparation for the Lessons

I was surprised by the pediatrician's interest in my dog. It might have been that since I called her a pit/Lab mix I received a lecture, not only by the nervous resident but also by the pediatrician, about dog safety. Did my kids know that all dogs weren't as nice as their dog? Both looked at me nervously. They were ready for shots, but not for ...Read more

Millennial Life: COVID-19 Made Us Bring Our Humanity to Work; We Need To Keep It There

Years ago, I had a boss that moved to New Mexico from a coast. They'd occasionally talk about how they knew no one in this small town, especially come Friday, when we'd discuss plans for the weekend. It is a hard town to develop friendships, but what I didn't know, coming out of my teens then and a college environment full of people, is that ...Read more

There May Be No Tears in Baseball, But There Are at Little Girl Parties

My daughter hurtled past a new life threshold this week -- a birthday party with little girls who were not all my friends' children just thrown into a bouncy castle in the backyard. This time, a gaggle of schoolgirls descended onto my house, with one very overwhelmed little brother.

The first hurdle was with the invitations. "Was this still a ...Read more

Millennial Life: When the Wheels on the Bus Don't Go Round

Since I had a stay-at-home mom, I never got to ride the bus aside from field trip days. However, my life of crime started with the desire to ride a bus. In second grade, I forged my dad's signature -- his was easier -- on a field trip slip to go to the city's dump because I hadn't remembered to bring the note home.

While the ginormous magnet ...Read more

To See It All

The paper was riddled with red marks, comments on the side (some intelligible) and plenty of arrows and strikethroughs. Her underling, who was about two levels above me in rank, scurried toward me, waving, with the draft in her hand. "It's great!" she exclaimed. "If it had been really bad, she would have thrown it in your face."

She meant ...Read more

Millennial Life: That and a Venti Will Not Buy Your Status in the World

Because my car is precious, it only takes the best gas. If it had its druthers, it would like to make the fill-up organic with a side of acai, but it knows that it lives in my stable, and I'm itching to convert from a sporty single-person sedan to a trusty Mom wagon, so it keeps the peace. However, after I finish pumping, I'll mutter to my kids ...Read more

Millennial Life: Use the Good Plates This Tuesday

I love me a good routine, and now that the kids have started going back to school, they have their own morning shuffle. This morning I opened the bedroom door to a dressed kindergartner who gave me a one-armed sweep showing off his achievement and a sly grin. "I'm first to be ready for school," he declared.

He was in a good mood, one of those ...Read more

Millennial Life: A Society Worn Out by a Sterile System

It's like he could sense it before I could. My typically happy-to-tag-along son was dragging his feet to leave for a routine follow-up appointment. He told me that he was afraid of it taking a zillion hours. Last time, I told him, it was barely a half-hour. This time, he was right.

Because my work is flexible, and my kids are on a school-...Read more

Millennial Life: Separating Your Story From the Stories of Your Kids

I'm a sucker for first-day-of-school pictures. It feels like it comes close to what we get as a new tradition in the past few years, a way for your social media community to come together and get a look at those critters you've made. A not-so-small part of me enjoys how I make others feel old when they notice what grade my kids are going into.

...Read more

Millennial Life: From All-Knowing To Questioning It All

My kids enjoy having a hand in decorating our home. What that means is that scraps of cardboard become signs throughout the house. There is a scrap of paper denoting the napping to be done in the bedroom. There is a scrap of paper asking if we enjoy coffee -- on the cabinet where I keep my coffee. There is a sign on their playroom that I refuse ...Read more



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