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Masking our humanity

I've been feeling a wide pendulum of emotions this week. At the beginning, I've had sharp pangs of missing humanity, especially, and perhaps strangely, while standing masked at a checkout line. Here's a secret: I'm an introvert who used small talk as a way to break out of her shyness.

I figured that chatting while shopping was a low-risk ...Read more

The Scents of Time

With the excessive hand sanitizing that extends to clutching a Clorox wipe as I do my quick shopping runs, my hands have started to get excessively dry. I don't normally use hand lotion, so I pulled out an older lotion that I bought on a whim when I was in Germany two years ago.

The scent is sea buckthorn, not a terribly common ingredient ...Read more

The Graduations Find You

It was supposed to be graduation that changed me, too. I had a purple gown and awkward, unworn mini heels ready to go. But what I remember most from that day is that my boyfriend didn't walk across the stage and sat with my parents, who snagged seats early. Then a friend of ours squeezed into the bleachers with them, leaving my mom to grumble ...Read more

Still Leaning on Society

Childhood enrichment has been a wash during the quarantine. Quarantine week one, about day three, I was relatively calm. Both kids were going to sit at the table. The older one was going to have the tablet with her age-appropriate material, and the younger, who has never been to school, was going to learn to write his name. I couldn't fail. I ...Read more


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