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Millennial Life: Take Back the Colors in Our Adult Lives

There are some battles you don't pick. One that I wasn't going to pick happened in front of the paint color selection wall at our home improvement store.

After we had painstakingly scraped off the vintage floral wallpaper, my husband and I decided that we wanted more vibrant colors splashed in our house than just white. We were adults, ...Read more

Millennial Life: The Toxicity of Accepted Risk and Accepted Loss

When I post a new profile picture to social media, I sometimes think: Will this be the photo shown on the local news if I'm killed in a mass shooting?

Interspersed with the actual shootings are now the anniversaries of murders throughout our country. I've spent time scrolling through the reports of names and grainy photos: of coaches who threw ...Read more

In the Field of Dreams

The heat was still thick and unforgiving when my son's team tumbled onto the field for the evening games. Two of the boys on his team were very good. But another teammate picked grass and let it float onto the ground. Another blocked a ball with his shins only because he was standing in its path. Another enjoyed dramatic flops to the ground. A ...Read more

Millennial Life: A Wish for Normal Problems

My husband was cooking breakfast, and today, we were on time for school.

Continuing a string of productive mornings thanks to melatonin-filled nights, I decided to take out the trash. After throwing out the bag, I washed my hands in the sink that looked out into the backyard, onto my office, and noticed movement. There were some expletives ...Read more

Millennial Life: Tales From a No Sabo Wife

I never "learned" English or German; both languages are a part of who I am. However, learning a new language from scratch exposes weakness and necessitates vulnerability, not something that is always treated with kindness from others, or even from yourself and the new person you become with a new language.

Years ago, I read about someone who, ...Read more

Millennial Life: The Echoes of History in Our Lives

When we lived in Germany, my grandparents would drive seven hours to see their only grandchild. One of the outings my parents decided to take my grandparents on was Sunday, Aug. 28, 1988. I was four, and I was a real pain that day.

My dad was, per usual, on edge about the number of people. It was when car bombs were a favorite terrorist device,...Read more

Now More Than Ever, We All Still Need Feminism

My first boyfriend asked me to join him for church services. He asked if I could wear a dress. I didn't own a dress, but back in my closet, I had a denim skirt that reached down to the ankles, and I'm not sure why it was there. It might have been part of a costume. It might have been part of denim's hold in the '90s. It would have to do.

At the...Read more

Staying Strong Even if Progress is Slow

At our first meeting, the trainer asked about my motivations. I told her I wanted to be healthy enough not to be a burden to my kids. She tilted her head at me.

"OK, how's about this? I'd like to be able to do pull-ups like Sarah Connor," I said. "My kids could be generals in the war against a sentient AI, but I need to be able to protect them ...Read more

Millennial Life: Your Unknown Role in the World

The first time I saw her was at a concert. She had a low-cut back to her dress, and you could see the white straight line that looked drawn on her spine. I tapped my boyfriend and whispered to look at it; that's what my scar could have looked like if they hadn't cut into it twice.

Most people with scoliosis surgery have it once. When their scar...Read more

Millennial Life: The Hard Truth about the Long Game

It was a strange time when Americans went to the theater to watch movies about imminent world destruction, and likely says a bit about the underlying nervous nature of some millennials. It also established what some might call a myth and others might call propaganda: Americans always come through in the clutch when the going gets rough.

While I...Read more

Millennial Life: A Millennial State of Mind

Every week I pass a house I toured while house shopping. It's on our route to buy bread at the bakery and in the older part of town where the streets were messy out of utility and focused on strolls to-and-fro throughout the neighborhood, not hawkishly designed for just cars.

We had given the instructions to the realtor that we were looking for...Read more

A Call to Moms Raising Generation Gun

It starts with a throb in my throat that I have to swallow against to push down, down, into the pit that settles in my stomach and goes up into the eyes. The rapid blinking away of the tears happens, especially since I'm in the car pickup lane where I dropped off my elementary school kids earlier in the day. In minutes, I would see them, and I ...Read more

Millennial Life: The Slow Graduation of Gratitude

The first two promised they wouldn't cry, but they did. One of those who spoke through tears explained that she started her doctorate degree when her son was 3; he was 8 now. That morning, she said, he had asked her if she would become a doctor that day. She told him yes, today was the day she'd become a doctor. The audience cooed their delight....Read more



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