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Partier Facing Health Challenges Even After Slowing Down

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been partying pretty hard since the pandemic started. That's a good two years -- maybe a little more if I'm totally honest. Partying means drinking, smoking, hanging out. For the most part, it hasn't been such a big deal. Sometimes I have gotten a little sick to my stomach, but then I pull back.

Anyhow, this summer as I ...Read more

Woman Confesses Disappointment In Friend's Support

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My best friend lost her mother last year. I tried to be there for her however I could, but of course there were many times when I was not sure how to show up for her. We had a heart-to-heart recently, and she confessed to me that she was disappointed in the lack of support she received from me last year. She said she felt that I ...Read more

Friend Wants To Support Woman's Relationships

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My friend recently told me that she has a girlfriend. A few months ago, she was dating a guy. I don't really care, but it is confusing for me to keep up with her romantic life, and she really wants me to. I told her that I don't care who she dates as long as she is happy. What I'm having a problem with is getting her to believe ...Read more

Engaged Reader Doesn't Want Bridal Party

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My fiance has a large group of friends. I do not have many friends at all, so I was hoping to skip having a bridal party altogether. My fiance is disappointed by this because he was excited to be able to have all of his friends be a part of our wedding. I understand, but I just don't have enough friends to match his groomsmen, ...Read more

Houseguest Wants To Give Hostess A Gift

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I stay with a family friend every time I visit my son at college. It is so kind of her to offer to put me up. She is incredibly generous with her home and hospitality. She won't allow me to give her any money, but I feel like I should give her something. She often compliments me on my outfits. Do you think it would be OK to gift ...Read more

Son's Social Snub Dumbfounds Mother

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I went to college orientation with my son, and he ran into a few students from his high school. He immediately began to talk to them, and at the same time, he completely ignored me. He did not introduce me to them or anything. When I asked him to introduce me, he told me it felt awkward because he knew the name of only one of the...Read more

Family And Friends Offer Backhanded Compliments

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DEAR HARRIETTE: After months of hard work, I'm finally happy and comfortable with my current weight. I've been documenting my fitness journey on Instagram. I've been receiving a ton of positive comments from strangers and acquaintances, but also some backhanded compliments from the people I happen to be the closest to. My aunt commented, "Keep ...Read more

Employee Wants To Work Well With New Boss

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I have a new boss, and I feel like this is a new opportunity. For two years I worked with a woman who always talked over me and rarely listened. I stuck around because I liked the company and needed the job. I think if I share my ideas with my new boss and show her how much of an asset I can be to the business, she may begin to ...Read more

Friend Didn't Warn About Ex's Cheating

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My guy friend knew that I was getting cheated on but didn't say anything to me about it. He never liked my ex-boyfriend. He warned me a few times that the man that I was with was not a good person, but he never gave me a specific reason as to why he felt that way, so I brushed it off. When I found out that I was being cheated on,...Read more

Couple Questions Decision Not To Reach Out To Ex-Friends

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DEAR HARRIETTE: Due to a series of extremely negative situations that occurred, my husband and I stopped being friends with the first couple that we befriended when we started dating years ago. Now that our daughter is about to go to college, we realize that these two are our only friends who did not participate in our daughter's graduation ...Read more

Adult Daughter Shows Up Drunk To Dinner

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My 25-year-old daughter showed up visibly drunk to our family dinner. I know that she is a grown adult, but we were at dinner with her conservative grandparents who don't condone alcohol consumption at all. She was loud and a bit sloppy, and I didn't appreciate it. Out of respect for the elders in her family, I think she should ...Read more

Dreams Cause Turmoil In Relationship

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DEAR HARRIETTE: From time to time, I have these nightmares about my fiance and me having to face something happening to him or him doing something to break my heart. These dreams have made me feel conflicted with reality. Either I wake up crying, not wanting to get out of bed, or I wake up in a rage, upset with him over something that didn't ...Read more

Adult Kids Have No Interest In Relationship With Mom

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I feel like my kids as adults are losing respect for me. When your kids are young, they look up to you for everything and trust in you. My kids are all college age and older. They are leaving the nest and not looking back. They throw their bad memories as kids at me, saying that I was manipulative and a liar. But parents, we know...Read more

Parent Wants Teenage Daughter To Wait To Have Sex

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My daughter is coming of age, so to speak. She has a young man she likes, and they go out a bit. It all seems like normal high school stuff. But I know that they are at the age when one thing can turn into another very quickly. I have talked to her a lot about taking her time and not giving up the goods, if you know what I mean. ...Read more

Husband Criticizes Amazon Purchases

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My husband is OK with us having separate bank accounts, but he insists on sharing an Amazon Prime account. I feel like this is almost as invasive because he feels the need to confront me about what's on my wish list or in my shopping cart. This is the one of the reasons I did not want him to have my bank statement. Should I make ...Read more

Best Friend Concerned About Woman's Adderall Prescription

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My best friend recently started taking Adderall to treat her ADHD. I'm very concerned for her. In the first month of her taking the medication, her weight has dropped drastically, and she is frequently agitated. When she told me about the medication, she didn't tell me all of the details. It wasn't until I did my own research ...Read more

White Woman Acts Strange Around Black Friends

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I'm a Black woman in my early 20s. One of my best friends is a white woman from the suburbs. We've been close since middle school. She and I get along so well because even though our backgrounds are completely different, she has always had a strong will to educate herself on other cultures, especially mine. She's incredibly woke....Read more

Senior Employee Taking Credit For Work He Didn't Do

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DEAR HARRIETTE: An older employee is getting credit for my work. He and I are both regularly required to do extensive research for interview subjects, but his research is never up to par. This employee has seniority over me, so I'm afraid to speak up about what's going on. He doesn't ever take full credit for the work that the two of us do ...Read more

Scotus Ruling Resonates In Office

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My employees and I have been speaking openly about the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. As a women-run company that employs mostly women, I think it's important to leave the floor open for my employees to express themselves on a topic that can affect them so deeply.

I have one employee who seems to have a ...Read more

Daughter's Lack Of Ambition Bothers Mom

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I am the mother to a 25-year-old daughter who has no real plan for her life. I want to start off by admitting that it is completely normal and acceptable not to have it all planned out when you're in your 20s. In my 20s, I had no clue what I was doing.

My fear is that my 25-year-old daughter lacks ambition. She has never even ...Read more



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