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Kids Think Mom's Boyfriend Is Bad News

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My mom's boyfriend is not a good guy at all. He's been arrested several times, and I think he currently has a warrant our for his arrest. My sister and I also recently found out that he has a child by another woman that he never told my mom about. My mom is in her late 50s and has never had the best of luck when it comes to men. ...Read more

Lack Of Fashion Sense Embarrasses Best Friend

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My best friend has no idea how to dress. Whenever we go out, she wears something ridiculous or inappropriate and embarrasses me. Sometimes the outfits will be out of style, or they'll make no sense whatsoever for the occasion or weather. It's really getting out of hand. I don't want us to stop doing things together, but I feel ...Read more

Dad's Gift Doesn't Impress Recipient

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My dad bought me a fake designer purse for my birthday. It was similar to a purse that I had wanted for a very long time, and I could tell that he was so proud that he was able to get it for me. However, I knew it was fake almost immediately. He's always asking why I never use it, and I just don't have the heart to tell him that ...Read more

Brother Doesn't Follow Through On Good Ideas

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I think that my brother has a bunch of good ideas, but he never executes them. I'm afraid I'm watching him turn into one of those people who is all talk and no action. He's constantly pitching ideas to our friends and family but never doing anything with them. I know that people are getting sick of him and his lack of follow-...Read more

Boyfriend Upset By Partner's Past

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My boyfriend is upset with me because of something that happened in my past. I really have no idea how he found out about it, but it wasn't necessarily a secret. He won't open up to me about why it upsets him or how we can work through it. I don't like how he's reacting. It's unfair of him to shut me out when he wasn't even in my...Read more

Employee Losing Motivation At Work

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DEAR HARRIETTE: The other day, I got written up at work. I saw it coming, so it didn't really surprise me that much. I know I haven't been performing very well at this new position, but I have no idea why, and it's been discouraging. I feel like I'm at risk of losing my job, and I don't know how to deal with it. I've been doing my best -- but ...Read more

Reader Gets Staph Infection From Nail Salon

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I got my nails done a few weeks ago, and now I've developed a staph infection. I went back to the same salon, and they swore that it wasn't their fault. I've gone to the doctor several times since and received multiple steroid and antibacterial treatments. My doctors told me that this type of infection always comes from nail ...Read more

Student-Athlete Questions Getting A Job

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My family's COVID stimulus money is running out, and the bills are starting to add up. Playing Division I sports is the only way I can stay in school because I cannot afford tuition. I'm on a sports scholarship. My problem is that all of my time goes to practice, training and traveling for games, so I cannot get a job. Should I ...Read more

Woman Jealous Of Granddaughter's Other Grandmother

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DEAR HARRIETTE: My daughter recently had a baby -- my first grandchild. The problem is that she lives out of state, and she's now living in close proximity to her mother-in-law. They spend a lot of time together, and the mother-in-law is getting to know my granddaughter well. I cannot move closer to my daughter, nor can I take much time off work...Read more

Newly Signed Model Doesn't Want Plastic Surgery

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I recently signed to a prestigious modeling agency in Los Angeles. This feels like my big break because I've been wanting to get signed for such a long time. The other day, my manager told me that I would book more gigs if I got a certain type of plastic surgery. I don't think there's anything wrong with me, and I'm not ...Read more

Harriette Reflects On A Year In The Pandemic

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DEAR READERS: I want to take a moment to talk to you directly about the things that have been going on in our world for the past year. Many of us have been quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only now being able to move about freely. The year been fraught with challenges. Because the world shut down, many of our jobs evaporated. Countless ...Read more

Partner Grossed Out By Boyfriend's Beard

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I hate my boyfriend's facial hair. I think his beard is way too long, but he refuses to cut it. I've told him so many times that I feel much more attracted to him when his beard is short and well-groomed, but he doesn't care. I am not attracted to him with his super-long beard. He seems to care about the beard more than he cares ...Read more

Employee Appalled By Racist Remark

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I was in a virtual meeting at my job the other day, and someone made a racist comment about a fellow co-worker who was not on the call. I was shocked that this person made the comment, but it was almost worse that nobody said anything about it. I didn't speak up either. I am in a junior position and was afraid that if I said ...Read more

Vaccinated Couple Wants To Plan Family Visit

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I have been waiting for months to go visit my family. We live in different states, and the rules have been so strict around COVID-19 that we have not been able to see one another. Now that my husband and I are fully vaccinated, we want to make the trip -- especially because we have elderly family members we haven't seen for far ...Read more

Reader Apprehensive About Moving Relationship To Real Life

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I started talking to a guy during quarantine, and now he wants to take me out. We got close -- from a distance -- over this past year. We even had phone sex. It was fun, given the circumstances. I feel safe with him, or as safe as you can when you haven't physically spent time together.

Because we have established intimacy on ...Read more

Political Junkie Needs A Break From The News

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I was glued to the TV for the past four years because of how volatile things were in Washington, D.C. Frankly, I am exhausted by all of that, and I do not have the energy to focus on the new administration the way I did the last one. I worry that I am making a mistake. I know that there are issues that I should be paying ...Read more

Pet Owner Debates Hiding Animals From Landlord

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I have two dogs and a cat. I know that my life would be much easier if I sold my pets, but I can't bring myself to do so. I love my pets as if they're my children.

Recently, my landlord told me that I can either get rid of one of my animals or pay an extra monthly fee of $75. I'm struggling to pay rent as it is. Should I ...Read more

Friends With Aging Parents Can Support One Another

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I am in the age group where most of my friends who are lucky enough to still have their parents are now dealing with their major health issues. That includes me. It is hard for me to keep up with everyone to make sure that they and their parents are OK. Just being a supportive friend is getting challenging. I'm worried that I may...Read more

Dad's Misogynistic Remarks Irritate Daughter

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I think that my dad has misogynistic views. He's always been old-fashioned in his values and beliefs, but now that I'm older, I'm starting to realize how problematic his mindset is. He says things to me such as, As a woman, you need to learn how to cook and clean not only for yourself, but for your future husband. I don't ...Read more

Boyfriend Fudges The Details Of Relationship's Start

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DEAR HARRIETTE: I've been in a relationship for the past six months. My boyfriend and I are happy and in love. A few nights ago, he told me that when we were in our casual dating phase and were not exclusive yet, he was still seeing other women. He told me the names of the girls he was seeing, and I know a few of them very well. I would not have...Read more



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