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Friend With Benefits Turns Out To Be A Disappointment

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I have known this guy Noah for six years. We're mostly just friends with benefits, but I've always had deeper feelings for him. I always wanted to see where things could go between us, so I mentioned it to him. He told me that if he didn't already have a girlfriend, he would have dated me. So when they broke up, I waited patiently.

I...Read more

Mom Must Bear Son-In-Law For The Sake Of Her Daughter

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I'm not proud to write this, but I don't like my son-in-law. I think the feeling is mutual. He's arrogant and thinks he knows everything.

My daughter and I had a close bond before she married him. That quickly changed. She barely comes to my house anymore, and I don't see my grandkids as often as I'd like. I don't have a car (I'm ...Read more

Couple's Wedding Can Wait Until Fiance Finds A Job

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: My fiance and I have been engaged for two years. Our wedding is set for a year from now. I'm thinking about calling off our wedding, not because I don't love him, or because I don't want to spend the rest of my life with him. I know I want that. It's because I'm the only one with a decent job. He has a job, but doesn't earn enough to ...Read more

Husband Suspects Wife's Bar Pal Is More Than A Friend

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I've had a feeling my wife is about to leave me for another man. For the last few months he has been coming to the bar where she works and saying stuff to her. I don't know what he says, but he has also been texting her and posting things on her Facebook page.

She told me he's only a friend, but since he has been coming around at her...Read more

Dispatcher Pleads For Help Clearing Emergency Lines

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I'm a 911 dispatcher and I am shocked by the abuse of the 911 system. We are here to help in times of emergency, but our lines are continuously tied up by people who don't have one. Please help by passing along this plea to your readers:

1. Please don't call to ask for phone numbers; we are not Information.

2. If you are on a...Read more

Teen's Suicide Attempt Is The Signal For Friend To Act

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I'm 13, and I'm writing you about my best friend. Her life at home has always sucked, but now it has reached a new level. Her grandmother is no longer paying for her tuition, her parents verbally abuse her and yesterday she attempted suicide. Luckily, she called me and I talked her through it.

I don't know how to help her. I can't ...Read more

Widow Fears That Wearing A Wig Is False Advertising

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I'm a 57-year-old lady. I have been a widow 23 years and chose not to date while raising my daughter, who is now 26. I would now like to meet a nice man to spend time with, but I suffer from an affliction many older women deal with -- alopecia. My hair is very thin, but with wigs and makeup, I look attractive enough.

I'm afraid I'm ...Read more


Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I have an issue with my father and don't know where to turn. Dad is in his early 80s and -- aside from poor eyesight -- he's in good health. I'm concerned because he has developed an unusual habit. He likes to look through the dumpsters behind the grocery store.

Initially he told me it was to get old produce for compost in his garden...Read more

One Way To Measure Success Is How Your Kids Describe You

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: My son and his wife just gave us the news that they are expecting their first child. They have waited five years for this wonderful milestone, and I am delighted. I know they will be excellent parents.

I remember seeing a short poem in your column called Success. Could you reprint it? I'd like to clip it and give it to the parents-to...Read more

Daughter's Efforts Are Never Good Enough For Her Family

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I'm a 15-year-old girl, and I'm struggling with abuse. I'm mentally and physically abused by my family constantly, yet they make me out to be the abusive one. I could do amazing on a test, and they yell at me for something that happened on the last one. They're always pushing me so hard to do better that it's making me do worse.

How ...Read more

Grieving Mom Has Just Cause To Ignore Dead Baby's Father

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: My son Jake was born last June. His father was a good friend who I thought I loved and that he loved me. The day I told him I was pregnant, he disappeared.

Our baby boy just passed away from SIDS. I'm struggling with Jake's loss and planning his funeral while taking care of my 5-year-old son. Jake's father had his mother call and ...Read more

Program Encourages Students To Eat Together At Lunch

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: Schoolchildren, especially middle school or high school students who may not be socially adept, often eat lunch alone because they don't know what to do when it comes to joining other kids at the lunch table. My grandson, who is on the autism spectrum, is one of them.

Classmates would be doing a great service if they said, Hey, 'Josh...Read more

Flying Solo Changes Woman's Perspective On Her Life's Path

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I have been with my boyfriend for two years. Until recently, we were inseparable and I loved his company. I got a job that required me to temporarily relocate and be on my own, so we saw each other only every other week. During that time, I gained a better understanding of who I am and how I want to spend my time.

Since then, I have ...Read more

Woman's Younger Boyfriend Hides Her From His Family

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I'm 51 and my boyfriend is 43. We've been dating for eight months, living together for five. We met at work a few months before we started dating. We get along great and never argue, but he won't let me meet his family.

He has never been married and has no children. He sees his mom and brother sometimes for dinner and such, but ...Read more

Jilted Husband Also Feels Abandoned By Two Daughters

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I am a father of two girls. Both of them no longer see, talk to or contact me. I'm divorced from their mother. She cheated on me after she went back to work and met a man she decided was her soul mate. That was 17 years ago. I haven't talked to or seen my ex in all those years, and slowly both daughters distanced themselves from me ...Read more

Gab Session With Gal Pal Leaves Wife Feeling Hurt

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I read your column all the time. My husband and I have been married for 35 years. My husband has good friends who are women, and I have never objected when he stayed with them when he traveled from our home to Michigan.

One of the women he stays with called and they talked for hours. That's not right is it? My husband says she's just...Read more

Face-To-Face Meeting Threatens To Nip New Romance In The Bud

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I recently enrolled in an internet dating site, and have been cyber-chatting with a very sweet gentleman. I am also 62 years young. My problem is I'm borderline obese, have gray hair, a few wrinkles and some dental problems. It's the reason I don't post photos of myself.

Someday, he may want to meet face-to-face, and I am more ...Read more

Dog Is Still Bone Of Contention Years After Couple Breaks Up

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: My ex-boyfriend and I broke up two years ago. We were together for nearly three years. A year into our relationship, we rescued a puppy. We broke up when she was 2. Since then, we have shared her on and off. This arrangement worked fine because we have both been single.

I am now in a new relationship and feel that my ex and I should ...Read more

Friend Going For New Look Now Looks 20 Years Older

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I have a friend in her mid-40s who has naturally dark hair she keeps cut short. It looked fine.

A few months ago, she bleached her hair platinum blond. She said she was going for a look that will include dark roots, but she has kept the roots platinum, so now her hair just looks white -- especially in pictures. She posted photos of ...Read more

Teen In Turmoil Has Many Questions And Few Answers

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I'm a 13-year-old female and I can't find a job. My mom is cheating on my stepdad. I feel like I have to be as independent as possible right now, otherwise I won't be able to do things.

I need to raise money for a camera. Photography is my passion. It's all I want in life. It's the only thing I'll ever love, besides my grandma, who ...Read more


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