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Readers Offer Advice From Mixing Faiths To Acts Of Kindness

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

While I’m away, readers give the advice.

On mixing faiths in marriage:

My wife and I of 40 years of marriage, she a Presbyterian and I a Buddhist, simply live with each other’s religion in place. No qualms about this, didn’t care what relatives thought and they were all OK with it, we raised our kids exposed to all religions and ...Read more

Generational Divide About Dating

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I'm lucky in that I feel as if I can talk to my parents about everything -- everything, that is, except my dating life. My parents met in high school and got married while still attending their local state college. I'm in my mid-20s, and though I'd like a family one day, I'm currently working on getting my master's degree and ...Read more

Adult daughter wants birth parents to re-adopt her

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: My wife of 20 years surrendered her daughter, "Betsy" for adoption 30 years ago.

My wife and I were reunited with Betsy 10 years ago and have become very close, although Betsy lives in a different state.

Betsy and her adoptive parents have become estranged over the past few years.

So now Betsy wants to divorce her current adoptive ...Read more

Longtime Family Friend Feels Hurt By Sulky Teen's Attitude

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I have had a best friend for more than 20 years. We met when we were 18 and have been inseparable ever since. I was best man in his wedding, and when his first child was born, I traveled six hours to be at the hospital when Sara was born. I have never missed a birthday or Christmas.

When my friend announced they were moving from Ohio...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/23/2017

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: My pregnant granddaughter smokes. She has switched to electronic cigarettes, telling her husband that these are completely safe and will not affect the baby in any way. She also claims there is no danger of secondhand smoke.

I say if you are sucking into your lungs any vapor with nicotine, it will affect the unborn child. And when...Read more

Bye, Bicoastal Love

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I've been on-again, off-again with this guy for five years. We're both musicians. We live on opposite coasts, but between touring and picking up studio gigs, we cross paths or end up in each other's city every couple of months.

We were only "official" for about a year, three years ago. We decided to end things because of the ...Read more

Husband sends marriage to the dogs

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: Shortly after my husband and I began dating, he bought a large-breed puppy. He took the dog everywhere he went. We then moved in together, we got another small, mixed-breed dog that we hoped would keep the large dog busy, since he was always demanding my husband's attention.

One evening, the large dog snapped at me (he was 6 years old...Read more

Non-Invitation To Wedding Shows Why Etiquette Exists

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

Adapted from a recent online discussion.

Dear Carolyn:

A family member is getting remarried and is doing so in a low-key way -- I got an email about the details instead of an invitation. It’s not even an Evite or similar, but instead a “here’s where and when to be -- block off the day” note sent en masse by a busybody sibling ...Read more

Parent Drafted Into Adoption Stops Short Of Forming A Bond

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: After planning to not have children, my partner and I had to adopt one of his family members. Long story short, it was us or an unsafe situation.

I have never in my life had an interest in children or spent any time with them. After a few years, I still have no interest in parenting. I work long hours, so my partner does most of it, ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/22/2017

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: Six months ago, I was fired for stealing from my job. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, so I lied -- to my parents, my friends, everybody. I told them I quit so I could go back to school.

Then I lost my house because I didn't have the money to pay the mortgage. My parents told me that I'm almost 40 and need to stand on my own ...Read more

Strings Attached

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I'm seeking help and understanding of my wife's attitudes about gifting to friends and family members.

My wife has a special sense to listen and pick out gifts people have a strong interest in. She'll be talking to someone in August, and the person will mention something that triggers an idea for my wife for the following ...Read more

Upset young adult wants to rejoin the '90s

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: I am 24 years old. I am a happy person overall, but lately I've been feeling down. With everything going on in today's world, and the state of society these days, it scares me at times.

I felt safe in the '90s. Not so much seemed to be happening back then. Life was simpler. Is what I'm experiencing normal, or is it something more?

--...Read more

Visiting Brother-In-Law Skimps On Family Time

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

Dear Carolyn:

I have been married 10 years and have two children, 7 and 9. We have no family in our city and I have very few family members still alive. My husband has a larger family but they are not very close. My kids love being around extended family, but we do not have the money to travel and his family rarely visits.

My brother-in-law...Read more

Girls' Friendship Changes As Toddlers Become Teens

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: I have known Kathy for 13 years. Her parents moved up the street from us when we were both 2. I don't remember much when we were younger, but everyone says we had some good times.

We are now 15 and in our first year of high school. My problem is, Kathy has changed. She started going to the same school I did in eighth grade after ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/21/2017

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: I am 44 years old and have been married for 12 years. This is my first marriage and her third.

My wife had a yearlong affair with a co-worker. We tried counseling, but her inability to end the affair forced me to move out, although we have not divorced. I also found out that her two previous marriages ended because of her ...Read more

Show Me the Money

Life Advice / Dear Annie /

Dear Annie: I have been dating this girl, "Laura," for about two months. Things are going extremely well. She's kind, funny, intelligent -- all the things I look for in a woman. But we've been on many, many dates, and she's only offered to pay once. I am happy to pay, and I want to -- she's a special girl, so I feel fortunate to have the ...Read more

Stepfamily excludes one sister from wedding invite

Life Advice / Ask Amy /

Dear Amy: My father has been married to his second wife for 14 years.

I have a pretty good relationship with my dad, and initially I enjoyed a good one with his wife. Over the years, things have changed. It is not a bad relationship, but it's just not a good one. She has two children. Initially, I went out of my way to attend events with my ...Read more

Husband Struggles With Keeping Wife’s Pregnancy Secret

Life Advice / Carolyn Hax /

Adapted from a recent online discussion.

Dear Carolyn:

How do you deal with a wife who doesn’t want to announce a pregnancy? She is 11 weeks along and keeps coming up with excuses not to announce. First she wanted an ultrasound, then she wanted to wait for a certain doctor’s appointment, now she wants to wait for blood work. We are very...Read more

Couple's Long, Joyful Marriage Is Based Upon Three Principles

Life Advice / Dear Abby /

DEAR ABBY: Many of your published letters come from unhappy married women. Some of them seem unable to get objective advice that would make themselves and their marriages happier. I'm fortunate to be happily married (33 years) to a wonderful woman who has a clear perspective.

Three pearls of wisdom she could share:

1. Don't sulk because your ...Read more

Annie's Mailbox for 1/20/2017

Life Advice / Annie's Mailbox /

Dear Annie: My husband and I are in our early 50s. We have been married for one year and have not been intimate for six months. Until he transferred to a second-shift job, our bedroom was exciting. Now I'm not allowed to touch him. Anything more than a hug and he pushes me away. I miss how we once were. He says he hasn't been feeling well but ...Read more

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