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Feeling peckish? Try a 20-second exercise snack

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According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Simmons National Consumer Survey, almost 35 million Americans consumed 16 or more bags of potato chips in 2018. But what if you skipped those empty calories and tried an exercise snack instead?

It would help give you a burst of energy when you need it (something empty calories don't do) and ...Read more

Coming in second might get your kids to eat more vegetables

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LeBron James started playing professional basketball in Cleveland in 2003. But when his free agency came up in 2010, he had to make a choice: Cleveland or Miami? He chose to take his talents to Miami. After four seasons (and two championships) there, his contract was up again and he had another choice: Miami or return to Cleveland? He chose ...Read more

Pregnant women miss the mark on prenatal supplements

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In 2014, when four-time 800-meter national champion Alysia Montano was 34 weeks pregnant she ran that distance in 2 minutes 32.13 seconds -- 35 seconds slower than her personal best. And this year, she and other female athletes went public with just how tough it was to balance their career and wanting to be a mom, when their sponsor, Nike, ...Read more

Beware big sugar

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The music industry is a big fan of added sugar. Ranker lists 97 song titles containing the word: The Archies' "Sugar, Sugar" comes in at No. 1; Beyonce's "Sugar Mama" is the last on the list.

The sugar industry is equally enthusiastic about its product. There's added sugar in around 68% of processed and packaged foods. Despite solid scientific ...Read more

Picture this! Selfie dangers

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

LeBron James (basketball), Shaun White (snowboard) and Caroline Wozniacki (tennis) have one thing in common: They're notorious selfie-takers. Now, there's nothing inherently wrong with taking selfies. In fact, as Dr. Oz has pointed out, sometimes they're downright diagnostic! If you or a friend notices that you have yellowed eyes, you could ...Read more

A mighty way to control diabetes

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

The cartoon character Mighty Mouse made his first appearance in the 1940s. He had many superpowers, including flight, X-ray vision and the ability to turn back time. Mighty Mouse was also endowed with super-strength, even though he never did much real weight-training.

These days, however, some energetic mice are working on their muscles, and ...Read more

Are personal care products putting your kids at risk?

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

The first baby shampoo debuted in the 1950s. Johnson & Johnson marketed the product with the slogan "no more tears." Decades later, it turned out there was something to cry about in the supposedly gentle shampoo: It contained trace amounts of a known carcinogen, formaldehyde, an unintended byproduct of its ingredients. The company changed the ...Read more

Live sofrito and thrive!

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

Olive oil has been the liquid gold of Italian cuisine since 4,000 B.C., according to evidence found in an ancient pottery jar in central Italy. Its powers have been tapped for health reasons for millennia too! Around 350 B.C., the Greek philosopher Aristotle declared, as part of a topical rub, it could ease insomnia in elephants. (That's a ...Read more

Make sure your children are safe in backyard pools

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

In June, country music star Granger Smith posted a devastating announcement on Instagram. Doctors had been unable to revive his 3-year-old son, River Kelly, who drowned in a swimming pool accident at their family home.

Unintentional drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4. A new report from the U.S. Consumer ...Read more

Switch hitting for protein and power

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

Cleveland has two of the best switch hitters in baseball: Jose Ramirez and Francisco Lindor. Lindor smashed 33 home runs last year (22 as a lefty, 11 as a righty) and already has 14 this year -- 11 from the left side. Last year, Ramirez hit 39 home runs (33 home runs from the left and six from the right). This year, he's hitting 166 as a lefty ...Read more

Active surveillance for prostate cancer

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

In the 1980s President Ronald Reagan used an old Russian proverb, "Trust, but verify," when negotiating nuclear disarmament with Mikhail Gorbachev. The resulting Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty established an extensive verification process, which resulted in eliminating 2,692 missiles by 1991 and was followed by 10 years of active ...Read more

Get caught napping

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

In 2016, when Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey turned his back on home plate while the San Diego Padres' Wil Myers lit off third based and stole home, Bailey was, as they say in baseball, "caught napping!"

Napping off the field, however, is usually not a bad thing. In fact, a recent study published in the journal SLEEP looked at nearly 3,...Read more

Junk food linked to kids' food allergies

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

One of America's first junk foods was a confection of popcorn and peanuts smothered in molasses called Cracker Jacks. The company marketed their product to children, who joined the Cracker Jacks Mystery Club to uncover hidden prizes inside the boxes.

Now, 123 years later, junk food still has plenty of surprises -- none are much fun. New ...Read more

Getting high lowers sperm count and blocks ovulation

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

From 1993's "Dazed and Confused" to 2012's "Ted," getting stoned has long been a favorite Hollywood shortcut to dumbed-down, cheap-shot humor. But for couples struggling with conception, smoking weed isn't a joke; it sends their chances of having a baby up in smoke!

In an article published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, ...Read more

Tell protein powders to take a powder!

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

People seem to love to use powders (and pills), even when they're downright dangerous. Think of Lance Armstrong taking erythropoietin to boost his red blood cell production and baseball all-stars Steve Howe and Dwight Gooden, who ruined their careers with cocaine.

But we want to call your attention to the health-threatening powders used by ...Read more

Putting out the flames from work burnout

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More than a decade ago, businesswoman Arianna Huffington collapsed at work. Huffington feared she had a brain tumor, but her doctor concluded the fainting spell was the result of sleep deprivation and job stress that kept her working 24/7. The diagnosis was life-changing, and Huffington made it her mission to speak out about the real health ...Read more

Kids and cholesterol

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

If you thought Houston Astros' starting pitcher Justin Verlander couldn't get any better, his ERA (the average number of earned runs scored against a pitcher over every nine innings) has dropped from 3.17 to 2.99 in 2019. In contrast, the Cleveland Indians' ERA average for their starting pitchers is 4.11. That number needs to come down.

Another...Read more

Can't lose weight? Maybe it isn't dark enough!

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

When Melissa McCarthy ("Bridesmaids," "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" and the upcoming "Superintelligence") decided to do something about her weight -- she shed 75 pounds -- one of her first steps was to change her sleep habits: "You bring it real down ... and you go to bed at 7:30 -- that's the trick."

But it turns out there's more to it than that....Read more

Fat-shaming just makes kids gain weight

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

In the 2018 film "Dumplin'," Rosie (Jennifer Aniston) is a former beauty queen and mother of a teen nicknamed Dumplin' (Danielle Macdonald), a toxic label Mom gave her as a child because she was heavyset. Now, in school and at home, the only thing anyone seems to notice about Willowdean (her real name) is the extra pounds she still carries. That...Read more

Is chicken really as bad for you as red meat?

Health / Drs. Oz and Roizen /

Almost 70 years ago a Swiss accordion player created the "Duck Dance." A few decades later, a German band performed the song at an Oktoberfest celebration but couldn't find a duck costume. They dressed the dancer as a chicken instead, and the world-famous "Chicken Dance" was born. It soon became a favorite activity at sporting events and ...Read more


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