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Preventing and controlling autoimmune disease

There are more than 100 autoimmune diseases affecting 50 million Americans and, in general, there are no cures. That, says the Cleveland Clinic, is because we're not sure why your immune system turns on you and attacks healthy cells and tissue, as if they were outside invaders determined to cause sickness. The most common autoimmune conditions ...Read more

Almond joy

While a serving of Almond Joy candy bar delivers 9 grams of saturated fat, 21 grams of sugar and 220 calories -- not a happy outcome -- there's non-stop joy for folks who have obesity if they consume a bit less than 2 ounces a day of plain, raw, unsalted almonds for 12 weeks. That's the conclusion of researchers who pooled data from 37 studies ...Read more

To lose weight and keep it off, don't go it alone

Losing weight -- and keeping it off -- is difficult. More than half of folks who lose a significant amount of weight regain what they lost over the following two years. And most people try to lose weight over and over again. That's frustrating and unhealthy. Yo-yo dieting is associated with increased deposits of plaque in your arteries and the ...Read more

Is your high-fat diet damaging your memory?

If you find yourself thinking, "Fat chance I'll remember that," you may be on to something. If you're part of the 66% of American adults who eat more unhealthy fats than recommended, you may be damaging your memory-related cognition -- and that's especially true if you eat a high-fat diet in the days or weeks leading up to surgery.

That's the ...Read more

In a sour mood? Sauerkraut may be the answer

It may surprise you to find out that Americans eat around 387 million pounds of sauerkraut a year. Or that the U.S. imported more than 20 million pounds of kimchi in 2023 (kimchi is spicy, pickled cabbage from Korea). These tangy fermented foods are increasingly popular -- and they provide more than a gut-loving flavor boost. They boost your ...Read more

You don't have to chicken out

If you are not a vegetarian but are committed to a plant-based diet that includes healthy animal proteins, you know that salmon, sea trout, herring, and anchovies are good options. They're loaded with heart-healthy omega-3s, protein (3.5 ounces of salmon has 20 grams) and vitamins A, D and B12, plus calcium.

But what about poultry? Chicken skin...Read more

Live longer and healthier with six ways to cool inflammation

Chronic inflammatory disease accounts for 60% of deaths worldwide. In the U.S., they affect more than 125 million folks -- and around half have more than one chronic inflammatory condition. In 2014, the Rand Corporation found that 12% of adults had five or more chronic conditions! That can happen when obesity (which affects around 43% of U.S. ...Read more

Yoga and memory -- there is a connection!

Over the past 15 years, UCLA Health researchers have been exploring an interesting way to reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. They've been looking at the beneficial effect of yoga, compared to standard memory-enhancement training. Their recent study, published in Translational Psychiatry recruited 60 women ages 50 and older who ...Read more

One easy way to help your teen feel happier and mentally stronger

If you're worried about how your teenager is doing, you are not alone. A recent study by the Child Mind Institute found that almost 25% of parents are concerned about a child's mental health. The stress and isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic, global warming, wars and domestic conflicts all weigh on them -- in addition to the normal pressures and...Read more



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