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It's the season to reap the health benefits of giving and receiving

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When athletes like LeBron James, J.J. Watts and Serena Williams open their hearts and wallets, many people benefit, including the superstars. As LeBron told kids at a new public school he launched in his hometown of Akron, Ohio: "This is my way of saying 'thank you' to you guys, because I know exactly what you guys are going through. This is my ...Read more

Shoveling safety

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The record for the biggest single day of snowfall in the U.S. goes to Silver Lake, Colorado, elevation 10,220 feet. In 1921, the area saw 75.8 inches of the white stuff in 24 hours! Down here at sea level, Oklahoma set a new 24-hour snowfall record in 2011 when 27 inches piled up in Spavinaw -- Mickey Mantle's hometown. That's a lot to shovel ...Read more

Are you dumbing down your kids with digital devices?

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If you were glued to your screens for the 2018 baseball season, you saw MLB umpires prove they're:

1) Only human.

2) Out of their league (or should be).

3) And what are they, blind!?

Researchers from Boston University did a deep data dive and discovered that umps made 34,294 incorrect ball and strike calls, for an average of 14 per game or 1...Read more

The cycle of life (where's your helmet?!)

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Over an eight-year span, 138 of 1,584 cyclists who started the Tour de France had to withdraw because of injuries -- almost half from crashes that fractured their clavicle (the most common injury), wrist, hand, femur, humerus (not funny) or ribs. Sounds pretty perilous, but it's nothing compared with the statistics in a recent Lancet article ...Read more

Lifestyle changes essential to control high blood pressure

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TV's Duane Chapman, aka "Dog the Bounty Hunter," is a smoker and has numerous health problems, including high blood pressure. When Dr. Oz tested it, Dog's was high: 148 over 97, stage 2 HBP. That level calls for remedial action to protect the heart, brain and kidneys. "Hypertension is the biggest ager of all," Dr. Oz told Dog.

According to the ...Read more

Battling brain fog

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In 1952, London was paralyzed for five days with a superfog that held in sulfurous coal-burning pollution from homes and offices, making it impossible in some parts of town to see your feet as you walked (and coughed) down the street. But the brain fog that often accompanies chronic illnesses like obesity, heart disease, dementia, depression and...Read more

Breaking your bad binge-watching habits

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The website lets you find out how long it will take you to watch every episode of your favorite shows: Thirteen days and 22 hours will get you through the entire collection of "The Simpsons"; two days and 14 hours for all of "Breaking Bad"; and 20 hours and 50 minutes will complete "Stranger Things."

We suggest, if those times ...Read more

Dine early, live longer

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Earlier this year, pop star Taylor Swift confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that when she can't sleep she rummages through her kitchen like "a raccoon in a dumpster," eating whatever she can find. And, she says, when she wakes up she doesn't remember a single bite!

All women, Swift included, need to pay attention to when they are chowing down -- not ...Read more

Fetal exposure to acetaminophen associated with high risk of ADHD and autism

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What do Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake and Michael Phelps have in common? They all have ADHD. What else might they have in common? It's possible their moms took acetaminophen while pregnant. Around 65% of expectant moms do, since they're (rightly) steered away from ibuprofen and aspirin.

But wait before you take acetaminophen! A new study ...Read more

It's so SAD

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When Smokey Robinson sang, "Now they're some sad things known to man/But ain't too much sadder than/The tears of a clown when there's no one around."

Pretty sad stuff. The same can be said of SAD -- seasonal affective disorder. It's a specific type of depression that's (almost always) linked to sun-stunted winter days. But because it's seasonal...Read more

Things are working out at 100

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World War II veteran Barbara June Gage (she wrote her story in "Flight Nurse: From Pearl to Tokyo" under her married name, Gruning) just turned 100. The nurses at her care facility in Lakewood, New Jersey -- as reported by a major news network -- say the key to Gage's longevity is her rigorous daily workout: leg lifts with weights, stretches and...Read more

Advocating avocados

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Robin (Burt Ward), sidekick to Batman (Adam West) in that 1966-1968 TV series, was known for his exclamations, such as "Holy guacamole!" Since then, his avocado-powered expression has become a standard TV trope. It's turned up in "The Muppet Show" when Miss Piggy saw a giant chicken (don't ask!). And it's in the 2007-2015 series "Phineas and ...Read more

Noise pollution can increase the risk and severity of stroke

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Kansas City Chiefs fans hold the record for the loudest racket ever made in an outdoor stadium: an ear-splitting, heart-stopping 142.2 decibels, which was recorded at Arrowhead Stadium during a Monday Night Football game in 2014. Although the Chiefs won 41-14 over the Patriots, that stroke of good luck could have caused a disaster for vulnerable...Read more

Hormone disruptors and pregnancy -- a dangerous combo

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"The Fantastical World of Hormones," available on YouTube, is a 2014 documentary narrated by John Wass, head of Oxford University's department of endocrinology. It takes viewers on a fascinating tour of the body's homegrown chemicals that, he explains, power your passions, turn children into adults and govern your appetites.

But if hormones are...Read more

Protect yourself from dangerous medication interactions

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Actress Brittany Murphy died from a drug overdose in 2009. But what many people don't realize is that it was an accident caused by combining legal prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications to help her get through pneumonia: She took acetaminophen and hydrocodone in prescription Vicodin; chlorpheniramine, an OTC antihistamine; and L-...Read more

Motivation, not time, is the obstacle to working out

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Last month, Netflix began testing a new speed-watching feature to help subscribers binge on their shows 1.5 times faster! Really? Are you so pressed for time that you have to watch your favorite programs on fast-forward?

Not really. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans average over five hours of free time daily...Read more

Easing sciatica

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During his last year with the Lakers (2018-19), Hall of Fame point guard Steve Nash was harassed by fans for posting a picture of himself swinging a golf club. They thought, if you can do that, what's your excuse for missing more than 100 games because of serious back woes (bulging, torn discs, etc.) since becoming a Laker in 2012. His response:...Read more

The anti-lung cancer diet

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"The Stuff" is a 1980s cult film that tells the story of a parasitical, possibly cognizant, frozen yogurt-like substance that bubbles out of the earth and overtakes humans with its highly addictive flavor. Folks just can't get enough of The Stuff...

Combine that with the 1975 movie "The Strongest Man in the World," about an accident in a school...Read more

The good, the bad and the ugly -- cholesterol, that is

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The 1966 film "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," starred Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach as a trio of bounty hunters who are (in that order) caring, downright mean and highly suspicious.

Well, the same can be said for The Good cholesterol (HDL), The Bad cholesterol (LDL), and the newest character in the great blood lipid saga, The ...Read more

The kid-friendly way to obtain donated breast milk

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In 2013, actress and vegan Alicia Silverstone created a special breast milk sharing program for mothers who avoid eating animal products. She was inspired to launch Kind Mama Milk Share after another vegan mom, unable to breastfeed, was frustrated in her search for donor breast milk from other vegans. "There's no reason why they shouldn't be ...Read more


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