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Cardiac rehab works, so why aren't you doing it?

Say hello to 85-year-old Beverly. After a severe heart attack she went from shuffling along to dancing the two-step thanks to her enthusiastic participation in a cardiac rehab program. And she's working out at a fitness center three days a week. "I don't think I could have done this alone," she told HealthyYou. "I'm grateful this rehab program ...Read more

Nuts for walnuts

In the pseudodocumentary "Best in Show," Christopher Guest plays Harlan Pepper, who is heading to a dog show with his bloodhound, Hubert. As he's driving there, he starts a monologue about his childhood obsession with "naming every nut there was."

"It used to drive my mother crazy," he says. And we believe that. But what drove us crazy was the ...Read more

What's your meditation type?

Actress Halle Berry has described her meditation practices on Instagram. She puts on comfortable clothing and goes to a secluded spot in her garden. For 30 minutes, she focuses on her breath and repeats a chosen phrase over and over to set her intentions for the day.

Berry's meditation technique, called mantra meditation, is popular with people...Read more

Post-high fog makes for dangerous driving

Tommy Chong makes no secret of his endorsement of being stoned in almost any situation. Take driving. "Everybody's worried about driving when you're stoned. Noooo. You're not going to hurt anybody going five miles an hour. Noooo. But you do get paranoid at the wrong times. One time I got pulled over by a caution light. I sat there for a long ...Read more

Got skim?

What do Steve Tyler, Tom Brady and Dr. Phil have in common? Very little -- except that they all appeared in Got Milk? ads at the ages of 54, 25 and 54, respectively. They might reconsider that today (their current ages are 71, 43 and 70), unless the ads said Got 1% Milk? That's because drinking low-fat, 1% milk makes your RealAge considerably ...Read more

Are you drinking more than you should for health and safety?

Amy Winehouse was 27 when she was found unresponsive at home. A postmortem exam revealed her cause of death was alcohol poisoning. She had a blood alcohol level that was more than five times the legal drink-drive limit.

That tragic incident was a stark reminder of something many folks forget: Alcohol is a drug, and the short and long-term ...Read more

Protect your child's IQ from flame retardants and pesticides

In the 2019 film, "Killer Sofa," a recliner is possessed by an evil spirit and becomes a serial killer, making it the chair-man of doom. (And you thought being a couch potato was risky business!)

Now, your favorite chair won't out-and-out murder you, but according to a study in Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, carpets, cushions, upholstery...Read more

This berry may give you the boost you need to feel better faster

Halle Berry, Chuck Berry, Berry Gordy Jr: That's Berry power, for sure. Without Halle's best actress performance in "Monster's Ball," Chuck Berry's hit song "Johnny Be Good," and Berry Gordy's Motown empire, the popular arts would be lacking a lot of vitality.

But another berry -- the elderberry, aka Sambucus nigra -- may deliver even more of a...Read more

Turns out, it's good to be green

In 1970, when Kermit originally sang "It's Not Easy Being Green," he bemoaned having to "spend each day the color of the weeds," and said it "seems you blend in with so many ordinary things/and people tend to pass you over." But he came to embrace his green skin as precisely what he wanted to be. Smart decision by Kermit, because there's a lot ...Read more

When it comes to BPA, substitutes are not always the answer

"The Substitute" is a 1996 thriller with Tom Beringer staring as a substitute teacher who lays waste to a high school cocaine ring, disproving students' long-held belief that a substitute is always a weaker version of a regular teacher.

The same can be said, unfortunately, of BPS, a common substitute for the now known hormone disruptor BPA (...Read more

Yoga boosts your brain power

Baddha konasana, utthita parsvakonasana, prasarita padottanasana. At first (or second or third) glance these brain-teasing phrases -- are they names or exotic recipes? -- demand your best thinking to figure out how to pronounce them and what they are.

Well, say researchers from the University of Illinois, that makes sense, since they're names ...Read more

Put your tongue on a diet (to improve your sleep)

The Romanian Tongue Twister is a fantasy gymnastics routine in an animated short called "Tongue Tied" on YouTube. The daring move propels a frog-man creature (or at least his tongue) to a coveted gold medal -- and sends his Eastern European rival into a life-long funk.

Unusually large tongues can do that apparently, according to researchers ...Read more

New low-T treatment guidelines

Joe Rogan, 52, actor and host of the hyper-popular podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience," has proudly declared that he's been on testosterone replacement therapy since his late 30s. It is, he says, his way to counter so-called male menopause.

A sign of the times! Prescriptions for testosterone therapy among men 40 and older have more than tripled ...Read more

Malevolent munchies

Cheech and Chong may have wasted their ill-spent youth "Up in Smoke." But they didn't have a clue about the kind of edible marijuana treats that would flood the marketplace in their old age. In the 1960s, there were only homemade hash brownies, thanks to "The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook" with the recipe for Hashish Fudge. These days there are ...Read more

System 20: Your new way to create a new you in 2020

Fad diets come and go ... There've been ones focused on grapefruit, cigarettes (Lucky Strike's "Keep a Slender Figure"), and even parasites (banish fat with "sanitized tapeworms in a jar").

But over time, extreme diets (and, boy, are those extreme) don't help you maintain a healthy weight or achieve a younger RealAge. That's why "The Dr. Oz ...Read more

Pelvic exams are needed less frequently than you might think

It seems the pelvic exam to check a woman's vagina and uterus for medical problems has been done for millennia: There are versions of the speculum (a device that aids in the examination) in textbooks from the time of the famous Greek physician Galen in 130 AD. In the 20th century, the exam was often an unwelcome rite of passage for teenage girls...Read more

Five foods that can fuel your brain smarts

In 1/10,000 of a second your brain can respond to input and generate an action. Although it accounts for only about 3% of your body weight, it uses 30% of the blood your heart pumps, and burns 300 calories daily. Plus, it takes your whole brain to make sense of what's being said: While speaking and comprehending languages is mainly a left-brain ...Read more

Releasing the charley horse

The term "charley horse" has been around since the 1880s, when players on the Chicago White Stockings went to the racetrack and everyone bet on a horse named Charley -- except for one player named Joe Quest. When the horse the others bet on came up lame after the last turn, Quest is alleged to have told his teammates, "Look at your old Charley ...Read more

Early exposure to cigarette smoke linked to hyperactivity

In 2010, a 2-year-old Indonesian boy, Aldi Suganda, made headlines when a video showing him smoking went viral! The poor kid was reportedly so addicted to nicotine that he was smoking up to 40 cigarettes a day, and would throw tantrums and hit his head against the floor whenever his parents tried to get him to cut back. Although this is a more-...Read more

Driving under the influence includes marijuana

As Adam Sandler wrote in his lyrics for the "Pot Heads Anthem" (sung to the tune of "The Star-Spangled Banner"): "Oh say I can't see/Where the heck's my Visine?/And my eyesight's not keen/I hope you're not driving."

Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that during 2018, around 12 million U.S. residents 16 and ...Read more


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