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See how C helps keep your muscles strong

Jennifer Aniston, 51, is known for her commitment to fitness. One of her tricks, she says, is to make sure that she gets a dose of vitamin C three times a day, along with exercise and a healthy diet. Clearly, she's onto something, according to a peer-reviewed observational study published in The Journal of Nutrition.

Researchers looked at data ...Read more

How ultraprocessed foods age you prematurely

"The Portrait of Dorian Gray" is a novel about a young man who manages to have his portrait age while he stays youthful, despite the terrible things he does to his body and to others. After decades pass, the tables turn and -- in an instant -- Dorian turns into an aged and grotesque corpse. Not a bad portrait of what happens to your body when ...Read more

Heart disease doesn't have to bench you

When professional athletes come back from an injury, they may think they're as good as new, but impatience can backfire. Take LeBron James. He was sidelined with a strained groin on Christmas Day 2018 as the Lakers played Golden State. Although he came back strong a month later, he was reinjured in a Christmas 2019 contest. Then in April of 2020...Read more

Fall allergies or COVID-19?

The start of fall brings pumpkin spice lattes, fresh apples and allergies. The most common causes of the sneezing, sniffling, headachy, red-eyed misery are ragweed and other weeds, trees, and mold and mildew from wet, fallen leaves.

However, with the presence of COVID-19, you may find yourself worrying that your symptoms are virus-related ...Read more

Don't let pain get the better of you

Everyone loves a good disaster, apparently. The top 10 grossing disaster films (from No. 1 "Titanic," which took in well over $2 billion, to No. 10 "Twister" with $494 million) have grossed a combined total somewhere north of $8 billion.

While scary fictional catastrophes can entertain and amuse, catastrophizing about your level of chronic pain...Read more

Multivitamins and minerals shorten the duration of illness

In Hong Kong, when you have a cold, it's common to eat a soup made with dried lizard, dates and yams. We can't vouch for the science behind reptile soup, but we do know that proper nutrition can help fight off illness or shorten its duration. If you're looking to bounce back quickly, a new study in the journal Nutrients suggests that (in lieu of...Read more

Using yoga to ease anxiety

Singer Britney Spears has been public about her struggles with bipolar disorder and anxiety, and how her mental health is often made worse by the magnifying glass of stardom. Her treatments of choice include medications, talk therapy and ... yoga.

She's definitely onto something. A recent study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, followed 226 adults...Read more

The science behind cruciferous veggies' life-saving powers

The English language is full of eccentric words that start with the letter C: cahoots (conspiring together secretly) and callipygian (a well-shaped backside) are two examples. But in our book, "cruciferous" tops the list. This word, used to group together several nutrition-packed vegetables, comes from a Latin term that describes their cross-...Read more

Making sure you have a healthy pregnancy if you are overweight

Singer Jessica Simpson acknowledges that she gained 50 pounds when she was pregnant with her daughter Maxwell in 2012. Years later, while going through old photos of her pregnant self, she recalls asking her husband, "Babe, why didn't you tell me to put the brownie down?"

So what should you do if you're pregnant and overweight or obese? We know...Read more

How nature nurtures your child

In the animated film "Tarzan II," young Tarzan (voiced by Harrison Chad) has to come to terms with his place in the family of apes that has adopted him and with his life in the jungle. After travels and tribulations, he does just that, thriving because of his happy relationship with the nature around him.

There's a lot of research on the ...Read more

What's up, doc?

In the 1940s, Bugs Bunny declared, "Carrots are divine ... You get a dozen for a dime. It's maaaa-gic!" The magic, it turns out, is mostly from the beta carotene they contain. It acts as an anti-inflammatory and is an essential building block of vitamin A.

According to a new study in the Journal of Nutrition, eating carrots is a great way to ...Read more

Miscarriage and alcohol

The list of court cases that can legitimately be called miscarriages of justice is long and upsetting. For an early example, you can go as far back as 399 B.C. in Greece, when Socrates was made to drink poison hemlock as punishment for "corrupting the youth of Athens and impiety." Scholars today say it was more likely punishment for the mistaken...Read more

How breastfeeding improves mom's health -- down the road

In 2018, Sophie Power, 36, took a break at mile 50 in the 105-mile-long Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc to breastfeed her 3-month-old son. They both enjoyed the break. And we know it was good for her son's health, who gains great benefits from being fed only breast milk for the first six months of life and enjoying solid foods and breast milk until at...Read more

The diabetes-COVID-19 tangle, untangled

In March, Tom Hanks disclosed he had COVID-19. He was especially lucky to make a full recovery, since he has Type 2 diabetes. That precondition makes folks more likely to develop serious complications from the virus.

A study of 200 COVID-19 patients with existing diabetes suggests that diabetes presents a "fertile ground for the virus' ...Read more

Beware the snack attack

There are four, short animated films on YouTube titled "Snack Attack." Clearly, being overwhelmed by the urge to gobble down whatever is handy is a common impulse -- and one that can inspire humorous tales of frustration and desire. But snack foods are no joke when it comes to your health or your wallet.

A recent survey estimates the average ...Read more

Sardines savvy

"Life is like a box of sardines," declared English playwright Alan Bennett, author of "The History Boys," "and we are all looking for the key." Well, if you haven't ever managed to twist open the lid on a can of the little swimmers, maybe news of their many virtues will help you enjoy all they have to offer. tested three popular...Read more

Going with the grain

Heather Graham ("The Hangover"), Jerry Rice (was a receiver for the 49ers) and DeJuan Wheat (was with the Timberwolves and Grizzlies) are well-known grains -- but are they 100% whole?

We'll leave that answer to movie critics and sports commentators, but we do know that when it comes to ascertaining the whole-grain content of various foods, most...Read more

How to afford your medications or don't skip your meds

The list of female celebrities who skipped the 2020 Grammy Awards includes Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Taylor Swift -- and although their absence may have dimmed their stars a bit, they remain three of the top performers in the world. But if you're one of the 25% of women 18 to 64 who regularly skip their prescribed medication, you may be permanently...Read more

Defeat dizziness

When Alfred Hitchcock directed Jimmy Stewart as former detective Scottie Ferguson in the movie "Vertigo," no one knew how to help the cop medically overcome his disorientation. Now a study published in Neurology says many folks who contend with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, the most common cause of mild to intense dizziness, may rely on ...Read more

Choosing protective sunglasses

Paul Hines, 23, played for the Providence Grays in 1878. He's known for three remarkable achievements: the first recorded unassisted triple play, the first Triple Crown and being the first player to wear sunglasses on the field -- possibly because as a centerfielder he committed 27 (sun-forced?) errors in 82 games.

Since then, the science of ...Read more



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