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ER visits for cannabis poisoning skyrocket for older folks

When country singer Kacey Musgraves sings "High Time": "... I've been too low, so it's high time," there are a lot of folks nodding their heads in agreement these days. A new study shows that for the first time in the U.S., daily or almost-daily marijuana users outnumber daily or almost-daily drinkers.

Many of the 18 million daily marijuana ...Read more

Don't hem 'n haw about hemorrhoids

Many world leaders have contended with hemorrhoids, including U.S. presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. But we don't hear about the millions of other Americans who have to deal with the itching, bleeding, swelling and pain that hemorrhoids can cause. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, about half of folks have them by age 50.

If that's you...Read more

Summertime and the living is ... chancy

Longer days, warmer temperatures, more outdoor sports activities -- and more hazards. Every summer, the number of folks who go to the emergency room spikes, hitting around 35 million. They're there for everything from dehydration and insect bites to pickleball and bike accidents. So, to help you have more fun in the sun, here are four tips that ...Read more

How mammograms can reveal heart disease

Women in the U.S. go for 40 million screening mammograms every year. And not only does that give them the opportunity to catch breast cancer in its early stages when it is highly treatable -- even curable -- it also provides a chance to diagnose often overlooked signs of heart disease.

That's because a mammogram can show the build-up of calcium...Read more

Of all the nerve

When Sammy Davis Jr. sang "... The rhythm of life is a powerful beat/Puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet," he was expressing joy. But for folks with peripheral neuropathy, a tingle in the fingers and feet isn't something to be happy about.

Peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage that causes numbness and pain in the hands and ...Read more

Gulping down GLP-1 agonists

In a country where 70% of folks are overweight or obese, nearly 49 million folks have Type 2 diabetes and close to 100 million have prediabetes, it isn't surprising that diabetes/weight-loss medications such as Trulicity and Byetta are wildly popular. These and other GLP-1 agonists, which trigger insulin release, block glucagon secretion, make ...Read more

Bone up on bone health

Almost half of women and a third of men older than age 65 will contend with a bone fracture at some point, and more than 300,000 folks annually are hospitalized for hip fractures -- almost all of which are caused by falling. Experiencing a bone fracture or break when you are older is risky business. Only a third of senior men and half of senior ...Read more

The process of getting off ultra-processed foods

If getting off of ultra-processed foods is a complicated process for you, the place to start is by ditching processed meats and ready-to-eat poultry and seafood. That's the conclusion of a study in BMJ. Researchers looked at data on 100,000 folks in the U.S. from 1986 to 2018 and concluded that people eating the most processed food -- around ...Read more

Are you getting out and about?

COVID could be nicknamed CAVE-ID for the lingering apprehension some folks feel about going out into the world like they used to. But with reasonable self-care, we think it's time to embrace the incredible benefits of participating in your community. According to a new study of around 7,000 adults age 50 and older, those who spend the most time ...Read more

Olive oil's special benefits

In the 1980 film version of "Popeye," Robin Williams (as Popeye) asks Shelley Duvall (as Olive Oyl) "What kind name is Olive Oyl? It sounds like some kind of lubricant."

Exactly. Olive oil can help you slide into better health! Extra-virgin olive oil delivers more than 20 kinds of polyphenols that help tamp down inflammation and protect you ...Read more

3 Signs that you aren't active enough

When it comes to the benefits of physical activity, the list stretches from A (for attitude improvement) to Zzzz (for better sleep). Unfortunately, only 25% of U.S. adults get the recommended minimum of 150 minutes of aerobics and two strength-building sessions weekly. But almost 40% of folks say they're getting enough physical activity! So, to ...Read more

Getting a raw deal?

Sushi, steak tartare and even raw ground lamb are showing up on menus everywhere these days. And TikTok influencers like the Liver King, who boasts about downing raw liver daily, are luring folks into sampling raw animal proteins. The Docs are worried! While you may enjoy the flavors that are being dished up, you definitely don't want a serving ...Read more

Avoiding the serious risks from online pharmacies

More than 6.5 billion prescriptions were dispensed in the U.S. in 2022. Unfortunately, around 100 million of them came from unlicensed online pharmacies. Many of these unlicensed websites are popular because they may offer medications at lower prices than conventional pharmacies, claim to have stocks of drugs that are in short supply or offer ...Read more

Planting an idea about plant-based diets

Only one in 10 Americans gets the recommended five daily servings of vegetables and fruit. (We think nine should be your real goal.) So, clearly urging folks to adopt a plant-based diet isn't working. Well, the good news is that you don't have to go full vegetarian to get the benefits! Maybe the latest research will inspire you to give a plant-...Read more



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