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Exercise intensity -- what we know and don't know

Robert Pattinson went through very high-intensity preparation for his role in "Good Time." He says he, "lived in the same basement apartment [as the character] in Harlem. I never opened my curtains, didn't change the sheets the entire time I was there ... and I would sleep in my clothes."

That may be a good plan if you're hoping for an Oscar, ...Read more

Seeing red about this red food additive

Jose Tomas, a famous Spanish bullfighter, waves a bright red cape at a bull to make it angry. President Kennedy's father Joe saw red as a way to level the playing field. He said, "Whenever you are sitting across from an important person, picture him sitting there in a suit of long red underwear. That's the way I always operated in business."

...Read more

A chance for relief from long COVID-19

In April of 2022, actress Alyssa Milano, 50, told NBC New York that she was still struggling with symptoms of the COVID-19 infection she contracted more than two years ago. "Every symptom that they list ... I have had. Shortness of breath, heart palpitations, brain fog, exhaustion at 4 o'clock in the evening, tingling in my hands and feet and ...Read more

A call for a resolution to keep our kids healthy and happy

New Year's resolutions reveal a lot about people's personality -- Blake Shelton says he wants to become a better gardener in 2023. Conan O'Brien says he's wished to gain a lot of abdominal weight -- so he won't be disappointed in himself. And Kathy Griffith once resolved to "offend more people than I did this year."

Whatever you vowed on New ...Read more

Taking the anxiety out of treating anxiety disorders

Tennis great Naomi Osaka, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, and five-time NBA All-Star Kevin Love have spoken openly about their battles with anxiety. But they're not alone -- around 40 million American adults contend with the chronic feelings of dread, irritability, upset stomach, racing heartbeat, shortness of breath and insomnia that are ...Read more

Early detection -- important today and improving tomorrow

Shortly after "Spider-Man: No Way Home" opened, Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire and director Jon Watts snuck into a screening of the film. "I just watched with my baseball cap and mask on," said Garfield. Unfortunately, most folks don't get to their important screenings at all.

That's the finding of a University of Chicago analysis. The ...Read more

Are you a gig worker? How to stay healthy

These days, around 57 million Americans work in the "gig economy." In addition, almost 5 million work for tips and as drivers, and nearly 15 million are paid mostly through commissions or bonuses.

While there have always been folks whose pay depended on the projects they could hustle or the hours they worked, the pandemic caused the gig ...Read more

Excess coffee consumption increases risks of uncontrolled BP

Gossip columnist Earl Wilson once said, "One way to get high blood pressure is to go mountain climbing over molehills." Whatever the cause, nearly 116 million American adults have high blood pressure; only a quarter of them have it under control; and half of those folks have pressure readings above 140/90. In addition, research shows that almost...Read more

The benefits -- and problems -- of wearable fitness trackers

Gwyneth Paltrow, Mindy Kaling and Carrie Underwood all swear by their wearable fitness trackers -- and so do millions of Americans. In 2022, wearable technology was the number one fitness trend here and around the globe.

But do these hi-tech gadgets live up to their hype? On the pro side, says Johns Hopkins Medicine, studies show that they help...Read more

Fighting cancer with exercise

Bob Butler, the founding director of the National Institute on Aging, once declared, "If exercise could be packaged in a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed and beneficial medicine in the nation." Now, almost 50 years later, scientists have discovered that it's powerful medicine in the battle against cancer -- even in its late ...Read more

Dial back on digital screen time for kids 5 and younger

Go into any mall, walk down a busy urban street or sit in a casual restaurant, and one of the most common sights is a very young child playing with a phone or other digital device. The great electronic babysitter has become the behavior management tool of choice for many parents.

That's despite the fact that the American Academy of Pediatrics ...Read more

Conquering the childhood diabetes crisis one child at a time

In 2015, a 3-year-old girl with obesity was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes -- the youngest child ever! With doctors' speedy intervention, she was put on metformin, and her family was instructed on how to upgrade her diet. In six months, she lost 25% of her body weight, had an A1c of 5.3% and was no longer taking metformin.

That's a happy ending...Read more

Surgery after you've had COVID-19 comes with increased risks

Al Roker contracted COVID-19 last September and since then has been in the hospital twice for blood clots. Fortunately, they didn't require surgery. A new study in JAMA Network Open reveals that having any type of surgery up to 13 months after your COVID-19 infection puts you at a significant risk of post-op problems, compared to folks who haven...Read more

Stress less by eating walnuts

Being in college may be portrayed as a carefree time for fun and games away from parents' critical gaze ("Animal House"), but, in truth, it is relentlessly stressful. In fact, more than almost 88% of college kids say they are stressed -- especially about exams, student loans, academic performance, homework and social life. And virtually all of ...Read more

Your picky eater may be picky about the dish you serve food on!

The animated character Boss Baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin) takes fussy eating to a whole new level, declaring: "You think I'm a fussy eater? ... You want to get me to eat, you'll have to wait and buy my book -- 'Here Comes the Plane, There Goes Your Mind -- A Guide to Mealtime Negotiation.'"

Thirty percent to 50% of parents contend with a fussy...Read more

The new low-down on high-density lipoprotein (HDL)

Vernon Davis, a notable NFL tight end who went on to surprise fans -- and himself -- by acting in major movies ("Gasoline Alley" and "A Day to Die") and producing them as well, says, "Life is all about the unexpected."

The news that HDL cholesterol (at least, a very high level) may not be heart-healthy is another example of life's unexpected ...Read more

Aspirin and your risk of taking a serious fall

In 2016, Cleveland Indians catcher Yan Gomes dislocated a shoulder after spilling to the ground while attempting to reach first base safely. The same year, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo hit the ground hard and suffered a back injury during a preseason game. Pro athletes take bad falls all the time -- and resulting injuries often bench ...Read more

Flavorful flavonols protect your brain

Celebrities have to contend with fame's fickle nature. George Clooney once declared, "I'm the flavor of the month." Kiefer Sutherland, star of the series "24," struggled when his flavor lost favor: "When I wasn't the flavor of the week or month or day, those were hard times."

Vegetables face a similar challenge -- their acclaim as "flavonols of...Read more

Early lung cancer detection can save your life

Jean Vander Pyl, the voice of Wilma on "The Flintstones" died of lung cancer in 1999. Her son later said, "Everybody on 'The Flintstones' smoked and all of them ended up dying of smoking-related diseases. ... That little cute laugh that Betty and Wilma did with their mouths closed. They came up with that because, when they laughed normally, ...Read more

Figuring out who's who in your doctor's office

"Who's Who in America" has been around since the 1800s, but according to the University of Buffalo, these days there's an online scam using that name that's perpetrated by who knows who. Disreputable businesses let folks know "you've been nominated for your notable personal and professional achievements!" All you have to do is send in some money...Read more



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