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Exercise: The RX for a healthy pregnancy for Mom and fetus

Actress Emily Blunt ("The Devil Wears Prada") says that during her first pregnancy in 2014, she was committed to staying active by continuing to do Pilates and, in her third trimester, taking long hikes in the Hollywood hills near her home. Her second pregnancy in 2016 saw her running after her 2-year-old while juggling fitness, work and family....Read more

Doing doctor visits -- digital and in-person -- the right way

Singer Lionel Richie and politician Jeb Bush have invested in a telemedicine startup called Heal that helps doctors interact with patients using a mobile app-based Uber-type service and digital appointments. It seems everyone is trying to figure out how to make doctor appointments more appealing to patients.

We're confident it will happen -- ...Read more

Getting back in the saddle after a heart attack extends your life

Rumor has it that Nelson Rockefeller died of a heart attack in 1979 at age 70 while intimately romancing his secretary. The fate of the former vice president and heir to a family fortune reinforced the idea that sex is dangerous for someone with heart problems.

In the past, doctors explicitly told their patients that sexual activity could lead ...Read more

Eliminating 12 risk factors for dementia -- You can do it!

What do having little or no education, high blood pressure, untreated hearing impairment, smoking, obesity, depression, physical inactivity, diabetes, low social contact, head injuries, excessive alcohol consumption in midlife and air pollution exposure in later life have in common?

They are risk factors for dementia and, according to The ...Read more

Singing the praises of coffee

Around 1732, German composer Johann Sebastian Bach wrote a musical piece called "The Coffee Cantata" in honor of the buzzy beverage: "Ah! how sweet coffee tastes! Lovelier than a thousand kisses, smoother than muscatel wine. Coffee, I must have coffee and if anyone wants to give me a treat, ah! Just give me some coffee!"

Despite his passion for...Read more

Why taking smart pills might be dumb -- and dangerous

In 2017, Consumer Reports wrote about a company that made up fake testimonials from Stephen Hawking and Denzel Washington and photo-edited fake covers of National Geographic and Time to tout a brain-boosting product's virtues. Unfortunately, such wild pitches for unproven brain supplements have not gone away.

A new study published online in ...Read more

Sleep is brain food

Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer says when she sleepwalks she heads for the fridge, and actress Anna Kendrick admits she once used her phone to make a cinematic masterpiece of a salad she put together while sleep-eating. Sleep-related eating disorders may demonstrate how closely rest and refreshments are linked, but they're not what researchers are ...Read more

Freeze your veggies and fruits for nutritious produce all winter

Frozen food jokes: "You know what I do when I get scared by frozen food? Ice cream!" And ... "I made the mistake of biting into some half-frozen food. Then I realized doing that wasn't very well thawed out."

Amusing, but freezing veggies and fruit is no joke. It's smart. Vegetables lose 15% to 77% of their vitamin C within a week of harvest, ...Read more

Something's fishy ... and that's good

Did you know that you could eat sardines every day for several months and never have to open the same -- often artistically designed -- tin twice? There is even a subculture of sardine enthusiasts who collect various tins and then blog about them (check out But sardines' virtues extend beyond their ...Read more

Less soda, calmer kids

"The Breakfast Club" is an iconic film about adolescent angst -- and bad behavior. In the movie, a gaggle of high schoolers in after-school detention vent their emotions while chugging down Coca-Colas. In light of recent research, it all fits together: Researchers evaluated 5,147 kids at ages 11, 13 and 16 to determine their soft drink habits as...Read more

It's smart to exercise because exercise makes you smart

Ryan Fitzpatrick, aka Fitzmagic, the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins, scored a 48 on the Wonderlic test in 2005 when he was first in the league -- the third highest in NFL history. That's the exam the league uses to evaluate its players' ability to comprehend and process information.

We figure he's been athletic all his life, and according to...Read more

Heart disease is serious, but many seem to ignore management

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection," said Buddha. But it can be difficult to take care of yourself, even when you've been told you have a serious medical condition. Evidence of that comes, once again, from a study in JAMA Network Open that looks at how folks who are diagnosed with premature ...Read more

Coming back stronger from job loss -- tough but doable

According to Department of Labor information, the Sept. 10 advance unadjusted number of people claiming unemployment insurance benefits in state programs totaled 13,197,059. A lot of you are contending with the financial hardships of job loss plus the emotional turmoil it causes, but you need to move forward.

Psychology Today wants you to know ...Read more

Side effects of alcohol if you have Type 2 diabetes

The 2013 movie "Blood Pressure" is a chilling tale of a 41-year-old woman who puts her life in danger because she was thirsty for release from her everyday existence. There's a lesson in there for anyone with Type 2 diabetes who's thirsty for a couple of drinks of alcohol a day. It may feel like it releases you from everyday stresses, but in ...Read more

Managing care for someone with dementia during this pandemic

Dr. Oz shares his struggle to help his mother, who lives in Turkey, has Alzheimer's disease and was recently diagnosed with COVID-19: "It was devastating when I realized I couldn't travel home to take care of her. Although she's on the mend, I'm acutely aware of how overwhelming it is for people with dementia and the people who love them to ...Read more

Reverse the trend of rising blood pressure in the U.S.

Barry White was known for his bass-baritone that delivered such low-n-slow ballads as "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe." Unfortunately, his easygoing style didn't prevent him from dying from complications of high blood pressure. It's a risk more and more Americans face every year, despite the push for regular screening and the availability ...Read more

Think with your heart

Whether you like Chicago blues or '80s pop music -- Luther Allison or Debbie Gibson -- there's a song called "Think with Your Heart" to enjoy. Unfortunately, that advice doesn't always end well, at least in romantic song lyrics. Nonetheless, research shows you really do think with your heart.

Brain health depends on unobstructed blood flow ...Read more

How to talk yourself into better food choices

"You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?" That's what Robert De Niro's character Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver" asks while standing in an empty room. Now, that may have been a sure sign that young Travis was unraveling, but in 2020, we know if you talk to yourself -- and pay attention -- it can have positive benefits.

Researchers from the ...Read more

Cardio rehab is best done with your partner

"Mike & Molly" was a sitcom about a couple who fell in love after meeting at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Throughout the series, they supported each other's commitment to get their health on track. But when out of view of one another, they each tended to cheat on their commitment to lose weight.

New research presented at the European ...Read more

See how C helps keep your muscles strong

Jennifer Aniston, 51, is known for her commitment to fitness. One of her tricks, she says, is to make sure that she gets a dose of vitamin C three times a day, along with exercise and a healthy diet. Clearly, she's onto something, according to a peer-reviewed observational study published in The Journal of Nutrition.

Researchers looked at data ...Read more



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