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Is God Speaking to Me?

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Q: All my friends think I'm successful, and I am as far as money is concerned. But recently I've had this vague feeling that I'm on the wrong road. I've never thought much about God, but do you suppose He's trying to tell me something? -- J.S.

A: Yes, I believe God is trying to tell you something -- and I pray you won't ignore Him or try to ...Read more

Is My Boyfriend Really a Christian?

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Q: My boyfriend says he believes in Jesus, but he has some bad habits he doesn't want to get rid of, and this worries me since we're beginning to get serious. Do you think he's really a Christian, or is he just trying to impress me? -- M.F.

A: Only God knows our hearts, and only God knows whether or not your boyfriend is sincere when he says he...Read more

Does God Understand My Time Limitations?

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Q: I know I ought to think about God more, but I simply don't have the time. I'm so busy that it's all I can do to concentrate on what's happening at the moment. I suspect lots of people have the same problem. Do you think God understands this? -- G.K.

A: God knows all about us -- and yes, He understands everything that's going on in your life....Read more

Does God Give Us Hard Times to Make Us Better People?

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Q: I've gone through some hard times recently, and my aunt says I ought to be thankful because they'll make me a better person. Is she right? I admit I'm having a hard time seeing things her way. -- Mrs. E.W.

A: We all want our lives to be smooth and trouble-free, of course -- but unfortunately life isn't always that way. In fact, I don't think...Read more

Why Doesn't God Do Away With the World's Bad People?

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Q: Why doesn't God just do away with all the bad people in the world? The world sure would be a lot nicer place to live in if He did, and maybe we'd even have lasting world peace. -- N.W.

A: Let me ask you a question: If God somehow took all the "bad" people out of the world, how many would be left? Not very many, I'm afraid -- because we all ...Read more

Why Is God letting Our Pastor Retire?

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Q: Our pastor just announced that he's retiring in a few months. He is greatly loved and respected in our church and community (he's been here over 30 years), and I don't see how we'll ever replace him. Why is God doing this to us? -- K.Y.

A: Just as in any other profession or career, no pastor's ministry is endless; the time must come for ...Read more

Can a Horoscope Be Right?

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Q: Every morning my neighbor won't do anything until she's checked her horoscope for the day. I've always considered them kind of a joke, but she really takes it seriously. Is she possibly right? -- Mrs. K.R.T.

A: I don't doubt her sincerity -- but I'm afraid she is putting her trust in something that will only mislead her and take her down a ...Read more

Does God Care About Us?

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Q: I'm a high school science teacher, and I don't doubt that some kind of Higher Power must have created the universe. I can't believe everything just happened by chance. But I also can't believe that this Higher Power cares about us. The universe is just too big and we're just too small. -- P.N.

A: You're right in saying the universe didn't ...Read more

Why Do We Spend Time Praying?

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Q: A friend of mine always prays when she's facing a decision, even a very small one. I guess that's OK, but didn't God give us the ability to think things through on our own? Why spend time praying about something, if it's already obvious what we ought to do? -- Mrs. L.O'D.

A: My answer may surprise you -- but in some ways both you and your ...Read more

How Can Get Married When We Might Divorce?

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Q: My girlfriend and I are talking about getting married, but we're reluctant to go ahead because so many of our friends have gotten divorced after only a few years. How can we be sure this won't happen to us? -- P.D.

A: I'm thankful you want your marriage to last -- because this desire will be an important part of being sure it will last! Far ...Read more

Does God Want Me to Go On Antidepressants?

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Q: My doctor has put me on a medicine to help me fight depression, but is it right in God's eyes for me to take it? If I just had more faith, wouldn't my problems go away? -- Mrs. L.S.

A: The Bible doesn't discourage us from seeking medical help for our problems, and if your doctor feels this medicine will help you, you shouldn't feel guilty or...Read more

Why Do We Need to Forgive People Who Hurt Us?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: I know we're supposed to forgive people who have hurt us, but in my case that's just not realistic. Even if I wanted to forgive the people who have hurt me, they'd just laugh at me. And anyway, what difference does it make? -- Mrs. Y.Y.

A: One reason God commands us to forgive others (even if they refuse to accept our forgiveness) is because...Read more

Can God Help Me Once I Get Out of Prison?

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Q: I get out of jail in a few months, but I'm not looking forward to it. My wife has ditched me, my family doesn't want anything to do with me, and anyway I'm afraid I'll just end up doing the same things that got me here in the first place. Can God help me somehow? -- B.R.

A: God not only can help you -- but He wants to help you! You may have ...Read more

Should We Pray For Our Politicians?

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Q: Does it honestly do any good to pray for our politicians and other world leaders? Our pastor does it every week, but I can't see that it does any good. The world is just as bad as it ever was. -- Mrs. V.N.

A: God hasn't promised that every government or every political leader will become pure and righteous if we pray. But He still commands ...Read more

Do We Still Need Evangelists and Missionaries?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: Do we still need evangelists and missionaries? I respect what you were able to do, but the world has changed because of technology, and I'm not sure if evangelists and missionaries are needed now. -- K.Q.

A: We do live in remarkable times; today almost no corner of the world is unreachable because of technology. I often think of Jesus' words...Read more

How Can We Be Thankful When Bad Things Happen?

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Q: Our pastor gave a sermon recently about how we ought to thank God for everything. But how can we be thankful when bad things happen to us? I'm fighting cancer right now, and I admit I don't feel very thankful. If anything, I feel angry and depressed. -- P.C.S.

A: Your pastor was right; we ...Read more

How Can I Decide What to Do With My Life?

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Q: I'll be graduating from college in a few months, and I'm getting panicky because I don't have any idea what I'm going to do. How can I decide what to do with my life? -- E.F.

A: The most important advice I can give to you or anyone else in your situation is to seek God's will for your future. Let your prayer be that of the Psalmist: "Show me...Read more

Why Should I Bother With God?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: I don't want to offend you, but why should I bother with God? My life is going along just fine without Him. In fact, He'd probably make me stop doing a lot of things I enjoy doing if I did turn to Him. -- D.T.

A: Let me ask you a question: What do you suppose would happen to you if God didn't "bother" with you? In other words, what would ...Read more

Why Are People So Thoughtless?

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Q: We went to a lot of trouble to have some of our relatives stay with us this Christmas, and after all these weeks have gone by, not a one of them has bothered to thank us -- no notes, no phone calls, nothing. Why are people so thoughtless? -- Mrs. W.J.R.

A: Yes, people can be thoughtless; they simply don't stop to think about the trouble ...Read more

Was Getting Married a Mistake?

Religion / Billy Graham /

Q: I'm beginning to think that getting married was a mistake. We've been married less than a year and all we do is argue -- usually over little things that don't really matter. What's happened to us? -- Mrs. H.E.

A: Couples sometimes assume that just because they're in love, they won't have any problems once they're married. But it isn't true; ...Read more


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