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Can God help me with my arthritis?

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Q: I'm very discouraged, because the doctor says my arthritis is only going to get worse. I'm already in pain most of the time, and I hate the thought of taking stronger and stronger drugs. Can you give me any words of encouragement? -- Mrs. T.M.N.

A: No one likes to think about the disabilities and weaknesses that happen to us as we grow older...Read more

Is God a stern judge or a kindly father?

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Q: One of my uncles says God is like a stern judge, just waiting to punish us when we do wrong. But another uncle says he's wrong, because God is like a kindly father who loves us and forgives us, no matter what we do. Who is right? -- L.W.

A: My answer may confuse you at first, but both of your uncles are right -- and both are also wrong! Let ...Read more

What does it mean to accept Jesus?

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Q: I hear preachers say that we need to accept Jesus, but I'm not sure I understand what that means. I'd like to be sure that I'm a Christian, but I don't know if I really am. -- Mrs. J.K.

A: I'm thankful you want to be sure that you are truly a Christian. After all, could anything be more important -- both for your life right now and for ...Read more

What could we have done to save my classmate?

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Q: My high school is in shock, because last week one of our classmates took his life. He always seemed like a nice person, although I guess he didn't have many friends. What could we have done? I feel guilty for not helping him somehow. -- J.J.

A: Whenever I answer a question about suicide in this column, I am deeply aware that someone may be ...Read more

Did ancient people celebrate like we do?

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Q: Did people in Bible times celebrate special days like we do, such as Father's Day? I'm not close to my father (my parents divorced when I was 10), but I want to do whatever the Bible says I should do for him. -- S.McF.

A: Tomorrow we will be celebrating Father's Day all across our country; many other nations ...Read more

Does God understand that we're busy?

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Q: I know I ought to take time for God -- things like reading the Bible, praying, being active in church and so forth. But I'm so busy that these things just get crowded out. Maybe I'll find time to do them when I'm old, but I just can't seem to squeeze them in right now. -- Mrs. B.B.

A: Let me assure you from personal experience that later on ...Read more

Should I have become a minister?

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Q: Years ago I felt that God was calling me into the ministry, but I wanted to make lots of money, so I took a different road. I'm retired now, and although I've been successful, I've never really been happy. Please tell young people not to turn their backs on whatever God wants them to do. I did, and I wish I hadn't. -- H.W.

A: Thank you for ...Read more

What can I say to my cousin?

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Q: My cousin doesn't want anything to do with God. The reason, she says, is because she had a bad experience in a church when she was growing up, and it really soured her on religion. What can I say to her? -- Mrs. C.H.

A: No matter what happened to her in that church, it was wrong if it caused her to turn away from God. Christians admittedly ...Read more

Did Jesus actually claim to be God?

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Q: My friend likes to argue about religion, and recently he laughed at me when I told him that I believe Jesus was divine. He said Jesus never claimed to be God. Is he right? -- K.J.

A: No, he is not right; Jesus repeatedly told both His followers and those who didn't believe in Him that He was not only fully human, but He was also God in human...Read more

Is there anything that God can't do?

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Q: I know God is supposed to be all-powerful, but is there anything that God can't do? -- Mrs. S.F.

A: You're right; God is all-powerful -- something I'm afraid we often overlook today. Instead we assume God must be weak and unable to help us, and as a result we fail to turn to Him for the wisdom we need. Instead of depending on God, we think ...Read more

Isn't the Bible kind of out of date?

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Q: I respect the Bible and I suppose it has things to teach us, but isn't it kind of out of date, since it talks about people who lived a very long time ago? At least that's what it seems to me whenever I've tried to read it. -- B.R.

A: I'm thankful you've at least tried to read the Bible, even if it hasn't meant much to you so far. Too many ...Read more

How can I make my husband love God?

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Q: My husband doesn't want anything to do with God. I didn't either when we got married, but a few years ago I became friends with someone who is a Christian, and ended up giving my life to Jesus. How can I make him change? When I get after him about it, he just gets angry. -- Mrs. F.H.

A: Only God can change your husband's attitude, and only ...Read more

Why don't Christians accept the idea of multiple resurrections?

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Q: I believe death is only the beginning of a whole new series of lives, and that after we die we come back to earth (or perhaps some other planet) again and again. Why don't Christians accept this idea? I think it gives us real hope. -- Mrs. K.M.L.

A: It's true that Christians do not accept the idea of reincarnation (which is the name for the ...Read more

Why is sin such a big deal with God?

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Q: Why is sin such a big deal with God? If I want to do something wrong and maybe even mess up my life, that's my business, not His. What difference does it make to Him? He ought to just let us alone, in my opinion. -- V.C.

A: If you saw a small boy who was about to wander out into a busy street, what would you do? Would you ignore him, or even...Read more

Why is my neighbor so grief-stricken?

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Q: I don't understand our neighbor. He and his wife never got along; we were surprised they even stayed together. But she died about a year ago, and he's still having a hard time. He even visits her grave almost every day. Why is he so grief-stricken? -- Mrs. S.R.

A: Only he could answer this, of course -- although even he may not fully realize...Read more

What is Heaven like?

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Q: What is Heaven like? Is it just like this world, only more perfect? Or will it be something entirely different from what we see around us? I've often wondered about this. -- Mrs. T.McP.

A: The most important fact about Heaven is that it will be far more glorious than anything we can ever imagine! When God gave the Apostle John a glimpse of ...Read more

Why is God doing this to me?

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Q: I admit I'm angry at God, because all my plans for my retirement years have fallen apart. I've just been diagnosed with a disease that will seriously limit my mobility, and the doctor says it will only get worse. Why is God doing this to me? -- R.Y.

A: Life doesn't always turn out the way we want it to, and I can understand your frustration....Read more

Did God create the devil?

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Q: Since the Bible says God created everything, doesn't this mean He also created the devil? And if He created the devil, doesn't this mean God is actually responsible for all the evil in the world? A friend of mine who likes to argue about religion asked me this, and I didn't know what to say. -- B.W.

A: I seriously doubt if your friend really...Read more

Does the Bible say that money is the source of all evil?

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Q: Does the Bible say that money is the source of all evil, as I've heard people say? I'm not sure I agree. I know money can make people do wrong things, but money also can accomplish a great deal of good, can't it? -- Mrs. L.Q.

A: The Bible is often misquoted at this point, and it's important to see exactly what it says (and what it doesn't ...Read more

Are Christians still being persecuted?

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Q: Our pastor said last week that more Christians are being persecuted for their faith today than ever before. Is this true? Why don't we hear more about it? -- Mrs. V.B.

A: Yes, this is true; in many parts of the world Christians today are facing opposition or even active persecution on an unprecedented scale. Although we seldom hear about it ...Read more

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