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Where does evidence for Heaven reside?

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Q: Just thought I would share a moment of faith.

I grew up in Memphis, Tenn., but retired to South Florida -- unofficially the southern-most boroughs of New York. Last week I attended a tour and luncheon at a South Florida museum with a wonderful collection of Broadway costumes. It was a great tour, and it gave me some insight regarding faith. ...Read more

Why do we fall prey to greed?

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I am thrilled and amazed and delighted and overcome!

I just received the following email,


I am Attorney and I contact you for a genuine business transaction which I want to entrust in your care. ... about my late client fund, (there) is nothing to worry about as everything is legal with documentations. Deposit valued ($8,500,000.00...Read more

An array of letters from my mailbox cleanup

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Some spring cleaning items from the mailbox ...

My column on using BCE/CE rather than BC/AD brought in a ton of mail. Most were like this from T:

"Thank you, Rabbi Marc, for your insightful column the BC/AD controversy. In my mind it has always offended me, but your explanation is perfect. I shall no longer be offended and I'm gaining insight ...Read more

When it comes to religion, keep asking

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Q: Are there people who, for whatever reasons, simply cannot take the leap of faith? I have taken a year-long Bible study course I loved; I have attended churches. I neither believe nor disbelieve in God, but agnosticism is not satisfying. Atheism is, for me, absurd since it asserts what we cannot know, namely that God does not exist. I no ...Read more

How your linguistic choice can affect people more than you realize

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Q: You've done it again. In your recent article on Temple history you again went politically correct and used the ultimate form of subtle bigotry against Christianity by changing history to suit secular society with the terms BCE and CE. How is it that something so significant happened 2,017 years ago that mankind started recording time with BC ...Read more

A lesson in Temple history

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Q: Why do we speak only of the First and Second Temples? During the Roman era Herod completely rebuilt the Temple, making it the largest temple in the world of its time. It was this Temple that the Romans destroyed, so why do we not speak of it as the Third Temple? Thank you. -- from P

A: Let's count the Temples!

King Solomon built the First ...Read more

Our religious beliefs are meant to be trusted, not proven

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Q: If we are God's children and if God is our heavenly loving Father, I am having trouble believing the "loving" part. When the time comes and we die, we give up everything we hold dear and we are supposed to be moving on into an afterlife, so why is there no proof that this exists? I wonder why would God keep the afterlife as such a complete ...Read more

It's easy to knock religion, which will always do its best to give back and inspire hope

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Q: In the 20th century, human beings murdered by most estimates about 150 million other humans, and that's just the death count. The religions of the planet have had thousands of years to create a moral order that people could follow, and produce that elusive "peace on earth, good will to men." Can you honestly imagine 150 million corpses of ...Read more

Where does God stand on tattoos?

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Q: I would appreciate how you interpret Leviticus 19:28: "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord." Regardless of how we interpret or apply the whole of Leviticus, the above is the law of the Lord at all times -- past, present and future. My belief is that we came into this world with a clean body and...Read more

We can learn much from The Hero in the Wheelchair

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One sentence.

Just one sentence.

I was appropriately amazed and inappropriately angered that one sentence is all it took for the New York Times to condense the massive public, courageous, forgiving, pious and loving life of one of the greatest men I have ever known. Here is ...Read more

After the death of a loved one, everlasting hope helps us cope

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Q: You wrote almost a year ago about your deep personal loss with the death of Father Tom Hartman. All who have lost such a close, personal, human connection -- whether family or friend -- understand something of what you feel. I wrote some time ago in response to a question you asked in one of your columns about the one question we would ask if...Read more

Time to play the name game

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Q: Recently some friends and I were discussing name origins. In the long ago, we only had first names, like Herbert son of Michael or Herbert of Dix Hills. That got us to my question to you: How did Jesus of Nazareth become Jesus Christ? What is its meaning? Was Mary Magdalene from Magdala? I told my friends that this was a question for the sage...Read more

Spiritual moments of 2016

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Here is my very personal list of my own four best spiritual moments of 2016:

1. My best friend, Father Tom Hartman, died. The angels were pulling him harder into heaven than we were pulling to keep him here with us on earth.

2. The bloody dust covered children, one on a bus from Syria whose name was Omran Daqneesh, and another of a dead baby ...Read more

Rack your mind for miracles and angels, and prep yourself to say 'I am here'

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On this Christmas Eve, which is also Hanukkah Eve, I want to ask you a favor. I want you to call to mind and give voice to the miracles in your life. Some of you have written to me in sadness that no miracles have come to you. I would humbly ask you to go back and consider the angels and miracles that might actually...Read more

Alignment of holidays led to miraculous advice from my dear, departed friend

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Leave some latkes for Santa this year

Next week, the first night of Hanukkah and Christmas Eve will both fall on Saturday night, Dec. 24. This coincidence of Christmas and Hanukkah is very rare since Hanukkah is calculated on the lunar calendar and Christmas is ...Read more

Being able to let go is allowing God's will to become real

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Q: I first want to start off by saying my mother-in-law and I read your column faithfully and every weekend we call one another discussing it. We are Catholic and really enjoy that you know so much about every religion and discussing things about it. We recently had to put our rabbit of 10 years to sleep. This rabbit was a huge part of our ...Read more

I always greatly appreciate letters from readers

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I know I have people who read my words and I am thankful for every one of you. What I do not know and cannot know unless you write to me is how my words are being read and received. That is why the following email so touched my heart. To know that in some small way my heart words have entered another heart fills me with humble joy.


Dear...Read more

What I'm thankful for this year

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One of my recurring rituals in writing this column is to devote the column before Thanksgiving to a list of people, animals, or things that we ought to give thanks for but don't -- or at least don't appreciate enough. As always I encourage you to send me your choices for the Thankful List.


This Thanksgiving...Read more


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