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Ask Amy: Family contacts with abusive ex continue to hurt

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Dear Amy: I was married for 12 years and had three children with my first husband, “Ed.”

Four years after the marriage ended, I married my second husband, “Karl.” We’ve been married for many years, and the kids and I are extremely close to Karl’s family.

The problem is with my family. My ex-husband Ed was verbally, emotionally, and...Read more

Ask Amy: Sibling relationship affected by loan request

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Dear Amy: I'm wondering if my brother, “Stan,” has written me off because I wouldn't loan him money.

In 2015, both of our parents passed away, several months apart.

Stan and I each inherited $20,000. I socked my money away in CDs. I don't know what Stan did with his inheritance.

He has always had a bad habit of asking female relatives for...Read more

Ask Amy: Big favor leads to big friendship fallout

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Dear Amy: This summer I had a falling out with my oldest friend.

She did me a large favor and eventually felt overextended.

I had done her many favors in the past. I thanked her for her help, both in writing and through my actions, but I dropped the ball on returning her things on the deadline we agreed to.

She got upset and said some hurtful...Read more

Ask Amy: Hospital worker’s drinking cause for alarm

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Dear Amy: My wife and I are in our mid-30s. We have been married for 10 years.

Within the past year she has begun to hang out with an entirely new group of co-workers, who are in their 20s.

I don't have a problem with that, but I do have a problem when these co-workers regularly bounce from one relationship to the next, and openly talk about ...Read more

Ask Amy: Mask request brings on ridiculous reactions

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Dear Amy: I work in an office where many people work remotely but are in the office a day or two a week for a few hours at a time.

We all have individual offices but often chat briefly individually and in-person about our personal lives.

A co-worker recently said she was "uncomfortable" about the amount of traveling I do on my days off and ...Read more

Ask Amy: Mom’s martyrdom creates a man-boy monster

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Dear Amy: My live-in boyfriend of four years is selfish, defiant, impatient and impossible to talk to.

He instantly puts up his guard, starts yelling and deflecting!

I always end up giving up before he rages and confuses me by turning every conversation around.

I love him so much. I know he loves me too. But sometimes, I need him to grow up. ...Read more

Ask Amy: Cultural divide leads to family estrangement

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Dear Amy: My eldest daughter got married five years ago. My husband and I were not consulted about the wedding and were shocked when she told us she was getting married.

My husband refused to go to the wedding and has not spoken to her since.

I'm in the middle of all this upset, so I now rarely have contact with her.

I understand why he was ...Read more

Ask Amy: Spouse sees marriage consumed by differences

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Dear Amy: When I married my lovely wife, one of the reasons I wanted to spend my life with her was that I valued her intelligence.

Now, many years later, I can't mention the latest pandemic news, or anything else for that matter, without her going ballistic if it doesn't support what the (outgoing) president is espousing in his latest Tweets. ...Read more

Ask Amy: Break-up encounters should be negotiations

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Dear Amy: I just got out of a nine-year relationship with a man I'm just now realizing was manipulative and mean. Unfortunately, he developed a drinking problem during our time together.

He broke things off twice (against my wishes), and I was the one who had to move out and lose my home and my dog, etc.

After being apart this time, I started ...Read more

Ask Amy: Wisdom from readers starts the year off right

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Dear Readers: To mark and celebrate the start of a new year, I’m including some recent reader responses that I have found particularly touching, wise, and useful. I learn so much from my readers!

I sincerely hope that the year 2021 is one of peace, health, and goodwill to all. We could all use a break.

Dear Amy: Your literacy campaign to put...Read more

Ask Amy: DNA disclosure disrupts extended family

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Dear Amy: A couple of years ago there was a divorce in my extended family.

After the split, my ex-uncle (my aunt’s former husband) discovered that my aunt was fathered not by my grandfather, but by another man (this was unearthed through a DNA genealogy site).

He told my aunt. My understanding is that she reacted with extreme anger, and told...Read more

Ask Amy: Friend wants to ‘out’ abuser to others

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Dear Amy: I recently helped one of my neighbors to leave her emotionally abusive/narcissist husband.

He still lives nearby and sometimes joins a “social-distancing happy hour” on the block.

The others don’t know about his horrible mistreatment of his wife.

My secret desire is to “out” him as an abuser.

I want to enjoy the social ...Read more

Ask Amy: Partner’s relapse places household at risk

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Dear Amy: I have been cohabitating with my partner for four years. He is thoughtful, kind, and generous — when he is sober. Sadly, he is an alcoholic. We met when he was sober, and I fell head over heels.

I did not fully understand the destructiveness of his disease until he relapsed about one year into our relationship. He has relapsed ...Read more

Ask Amy: Couple wants proof others are vaccinated

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Dear Amy: My wife and I are elderly. We have been on a self-imposed lockdown for the last 10 months (and counting).

Immunization is on the horizon.

Because there will be questions as to who’s been vaccinated for the virus and who hasn’t, sensitive folks like us would like to have a prepared question for asking someone if they’ve been ...Read more

Ask Amy: Angry letter may provoke unintended response

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Dear Amy: A few years back, an elderly family member passed away and left a lot more money to my father’s brother and his (second) wife than to other family members. We were never told why, and my uncle and his wife refused to share these funds with us without expecting to be paid back.

Last year my parents both died, and for the last two ...Read more

Ask Amy: COVID risks create friendship fracture

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Dear Amy: We have had a small group of close-knit friends for several years who we essentially do everything with.

All of our kids play together, even though they go to different schools.

Our kids don’t have the option of online learning, and are attending in-person school. Theirs are home. Because of this, the families have been staying ...Read more

Ask Amy: Extreme judgment might lead to radical acceptance

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Dear Amy: I recently decided to move back in with my mom and younger sister for the remainder of the pandemic.

The problem is that I find myself thinking extremely unkind things about them, because both of them are overweight.

I find myself thinking almost obsessively about how gross I find their bodies and feeling angry about how they eat and...Read more

Ask Amy: ‘Stella’s’ groove brings out the family creep

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Dear Amy: I’m asking for advice for my younger sister, “Stella.”

Like a lot of people right now, Stella is using [a social media account delivering “X-rated entertainment”] to make extra income.

Our older cousin “Candace” is married to “Ted.” They have three kids. Ted is about 17 years older than Stella.

Stella found out ...Read more

Ask Amy: A long-married couple is walking in circles

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Dear Amy: I just came back from a long walk.

The walk started out alongside my husband. We were talking about the same old gripes we both have, and it all descended to him saying, "You are a piece of s..t.”

I walked ahead of him and continued walking without him.

I've been here before.

I don't have any passion for him, and to be honest, I ...Read more

Ask Amy: Aspiring journalist’s instructor buried the lede

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Dear Amy: I always dreamed of becoming a reporter, so I took “Newswriting 101” for four credits at my local community college.

Based on the catalog description, I expected to cover a lot of material and eventually transfer the credits to a university program, but our instructor, “Jack,” had other ideas.

Instead of challenging students ...Read more



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