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Ask Amy: Housemate angles for a change

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Dear Amy: I am one of three friends living in a house together for the past three years. We are all in our early-30s. My boyfriend owns the house, he and I share a bedroom, and our third roommate, "Dusty," is a friend who lived there with my boyfriend before we started dating.

In the time we've lived together, I've made great strides. My ...Read more

Ask Amy: Grieving dad struggles to move on

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Dear Amy: Four years ago, I had a serious work-related accident. I was getting ready for my fourth surgery. It was a risky procedure, and there was a good chance I might never walk again. I was terrified.

Right before my surgery my wife left, which, in itself was hard, but she abandoned all four of her children too. Three of them were my ...Read more

Ask Amy: Couple argues over emotional affair

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Dear Amy: My marriage of nearly 40 years has been crumbling for a couple of years now, primarily due to my frustration with my husband's negative attitude toward life. (I tend to be joyful.)

Now that we are both retired and home, it has hit the proverbial fan.

“Barney” is on his phone a lot. He keeps it glued to his side. I wondered what ...Read more

Ask Amy: Neighbor’s remodel turns ugly

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Dear Amy: Two years ago, our next-door neighbor was going to remodel his house in a way that would negatively impact us, so we asked him over for a chat.

My husband began an argument with him. My husband was inappropriate during this blowup. All during this unfortunate conversation, I was apologizing (a lot) and trying to get him to stop, which...Read more

Ask Amy: Rent-less son could become house sitter

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Dear Amy: My husband and I are retired. We own two homes – one in the north, one in the south. Our 40-year-old son still lives with us up north.

We spend about six months of the year in each place. We are covering all expenses for our son (except for his food, car, and telephone). We pay heat, electric, water, cable, insurance, landscaping, ...Read more

Ask Amy: Husband worries about wife's male friendship

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Dear Amy: My wife "Monica" and I are in our 20s. We have been married only for a few months, and we are very happy.

I do have one concern, though, that I can't seem to get beyond.

Since her senior year in college, Monica has been meeting periodically with a male friend who shares her interest in genealogy.

When we married, I just assumed ...Read more

Ask Amy: Handyman's attitude isn't much of a fix

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Dear Amy: For several years now, my husband and I (senior citizens), have allowed a handyman to perform repairs around our house and business.

Last week, he told my husband that his sister had the coronavirus.

My husband and I both told him that he should hold off completing the garage project that he had started at our house. He became ...Read more

Ask Amy: Parents ponder daughter's prison contact

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Dear Amy: My husband and I have raised our granddaughter, "Allie," since she was 3 years old. We adopted her a few years ago. She is now 13. Her biological mother (our daughter) got into drugs, alcohol, and stealing to support her habit. She has stolen and betrayed us and other family members, has been in jail many times, and is currently in ...Read more

Ask Amy: Twitter follower might be crossing the border

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Dear Amy: I've been following a woman on Twitter for a few years now. I've always thought she was great, but lately (even before quarantine made us all lonely), I've started to really like her. She's fun, endearing, passionate, hilarious, and beautiful!

We've never met, but I've occasionally messaged her ideas that are relevant to her interests...Read more

Ask Amy: This 'full house' isn't a cute sitcom

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Dear Amy: I'm a single woman with three children, ages 9, 16, and 24.

Recently my mother moved in with us. Soon after, a longtime friend of mine (and godmother to my eldest child) moved in with us, as well.

During the pandemic, my house has been very busy, as no one is working due to COVID-19.

I've noticed some things about my friend that I ...Read more

Ask Amy: Future bride doesn't want to marry in-laws

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Dear Amy: I am getting married in August to an incredible guy. He's kind, patient, hardworking, fun-loving, and we have a common picture of our future. The only problem is his family.

His parents frequently lie to each other and then confide in their children about it. They are bigoted toward LGBTQ people, and people of color. They spend money ...Read more

Ask Amy: Strange accusation roils friendship

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Dear Amy: Out of the blue, my best friend of 45 years called to tell me something "uncomfortable" that had been bothering her for about 20 years.

What she said literally caused me to jump right out of my chair.

She declared that over the past 20 years or so, my husband and I had asked her to join us in a "threesome" multiple times.

I was ...Read more

Ask Amy: HOA president can't calm down callers

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Dear Amy: I'm president of my Home Owners Association, and generally enjoy the job in our 282-unit community.

I've noticed that ever since our area went on shelter-in-place, I've received several calls where the homeowner was extremely agitated. Often, they begin the conversation at high volume and also halfway through their sentence.

I'm ...Read more

Ask Amy: Friend's tolerance is tested by tardiness

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Dear Amy: I moved to a new city about a year ago.

I've made one really great friend here, but there's a hitch: our incongruous approaches to timeliness.

"Sam" has been, without fail, late to everything we've ever planned. His tardiness ranges from one to three hours. Sometimes, I wait an hour and politely ask, "What's your ETA?" and he replies...Read more

Ask Amy: 'Larry David type' curbs wife's enthusiasm

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Dear Amy: I have been happily married for over 20 years. I love my wife and our son and daughter.

My wife and I are on the same page on most things -- except for one big one: She wants to establish roots and stay in one place for her entire life so that her kids have a place to come home to from college, and a place for our kids to bring our ...Read more

Ask Amy: Grandparents risk heath to see grandson

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Dear Amy: My wife and I have been self-isolating and practicing social distancing. We both really miss our 3-year-old grandson.

I am 71 and in relatively good health, although I do have a couple of "underlying conditions," (in addition to my age) that put me in a higher risk group, so I am holding firm about keeping my distance from other ...Read more

Ask Amy: Health precludes partying during pandemic

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Dear Amy: My fiance has asthma. I have reoccurring bronchitis, due to complications from emergency lung surgery. We are both in our late-20s. Because of those pre-existing conditions, we have been taking our state's stay-at-home order seriously. We're not scared -- just cautious. We wear masks when we go out. Otherwise, we are staying in.

We ...Read more

Ask Amy: Partner's proximity breeds contempt

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Dear Amy: I'm 71 and live in Upstate New York, but during the winter months I stay at my girlfriend "Wendy's" house in Florida. She is 65.

Wendy and I get along fine but have run into a snag regarding COVID-19 precautions.

Wendy's son (age 35) lives about 15 miles away. She uses no COVID-19 precautions when she sees him, which is at least once...Read more

Ask Amy: Worn-out partner faces a tough choice

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Dear Amy: I've been with "Brad" for six years (we're in our 50s, both divorced). Six months before he moved into my house, he lost his job. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do next. Somewhat against my better judgment, I let him move in, with the understanding that he would get back to work quickly. In the four years he's lived here, he has had ...Read more

Ask Amy: Son Zooms in with a zinger

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Dear Amy: When my son "Steven," came out (a few years ago), I struggled at first. All I want is for him to be in a happy, secure, fulfilling relationship with someone (of whatever gender).

However, he recently Zoom-introduced us to his new boyfriend, "Adam." Adam is HIV-positive. My son announced this on the Zoom call (I didn't have time to ...Read more


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