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Ask Amy: Long-ago abuse brings on questions now

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Dear Amy: About 15 years ago (in high school), a close friend of mine was sexually assaulted at my house during a party I hosted while my parents were away.

It happened overnight in the guest room by a then-trusted boy (a platonic friend) from another school.

I remember her calmly waking me up that night asking if she could sleep in my room. ...Read more

Ask Amy: Online bully embarrasses family

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Dear Amy: My father is a stubborn man. He has a lot of energy and many strong opinions. We do not have a close relationship. He has recently retired, and now spends much of his time on social media, posting long-winded political rants, and engaging in emotional arguments with anyone who dares to comment on his posts.

These "conversations," ...Read more

Ask Amy: Lost love letters should be returned to sender

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Dear Amy: In the early '30s, my uncle attended college in North Carolina.

He met a girl and they fell in love. When he graduated, he moved back to his home state, and she stayed in North Carolina.

They exchanged letters through 1933 or so, but the long distance doomed the relationship. He apparently was devastated at the breakup and saved all ...Read more

Ask Amy: Homeowners go nuts over squirrels

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Dear Amy: We have just moved into a new semi-detached home and have not yet met the neighbor in the adjoining house.

We've noticed that there is a trio of plump and happy squirrels who spend most of their time on a small tree just outside of our window. Our yard and flower beds are constantly littered with hundreds of store-bought peanut shells...Read more

Ask Amy: In-laws seek a favor and are shown the door

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Dear Amy: This Christmas, my husband's parents and their baby daughter came to stay with us.

The plan was that they would stay with us for three days and leave on Friday morning, as my husband and I both had to return to work on Monday.

On Christmas night they asked if I wouldn't mind babysitting their infant on Saturday, so they could make ...Read more

Ask Amy: New girlfriend wants to X ex's texts

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Dear Amy: My boyfriend and I have been together for three months. We regularly talk about our future together, but there is one thing getting in the way.

His ex, whom he broke up with nearly eight months ago, continues to text him.

At first it was nothing to worry about -- it was simply texts arranging for when she would send him payments of ...Read more

Ask Amy: Enjoy the lunch, but hold the private details

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Dear Amy: I will be turning 60 this year, and have noticed a sort of trend among many of my friends, acquaintances, and co-workers.

It seems like every time we get together, someone starts to talk about a loved one who is very ill, dying, or has died.

This often sets off a morbid competition of who can come up with the most heartbreaking -- ...Read more

Ask Amy: Birth family reunion doesn't go as planned

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Dear Amy: I am adopted and have been in contact with my birth mother for five years. I have met her husband and their two sons -- my half-brothers. They have also met my husband, and our other family members.

My birth mother was disowned by her parents when she became pregnant. She was sent away to a maternity home. After I was born, she went ...Read more

Ask Amy: Partner contemplates future with awful children

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Dear Amy: My boyfriend of eight years has raised perfectly awful children.

They lack basic kindness and empathy toward their father -- and toward others in general.

I have raised two children of my own who volunteer, assist with nonprofit organizations, and are wonderful and caring individuals.

We mainly spend time around my family; his ...Read more

Ask Amy: A change in faith prompts a change in friends

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Dear Amy: "Caroline" has been a dear friend since we were teens 35 years ago. We both came from very religious, conservative families, and have always shared the same beliefs -- until now.

Over the last five years, my way of life has changed a lot. For many reasons, I no longer attend church or believe in her religion. I defend equality rights ...Read more

Ask Amy: Almost-ex-wife wants to warn the next woman

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Dear Amy: My "very charming" psychopath/personality-disordered, almost ex-husband has found his next victim -- his first girlfriend from college.

It has been over 30 years since she dumped him in college, and she has likely forgotten the reasons behind their breakup.

He is using his fake-charm to lure her into a long-distance relationship, and...Read more

Ask Amy: Spouse is ensnared in alarming marriage

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Dear Amy: I met my husband at my workplace.

After three years of dating, we recently got married. Now, our workplace has become really stressful.

I have wanted to quit my job and change jobs for the past year, but when I brought this up, my husband (who was still my boyfriend at the time) was against it. I thought he was probably just being ...Read more

Ask Amy: Prospective dad should consider being a 'big'

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Dear Amy: I'm a man in my 30s. Ever since I was a young-adult, I've wanted to have a family of my own.

I grew up an only child. When I got older, I decided that whether I got married or not I would adopt a child.

The only problem with this plan was that I was young and was still getting my career going.

I'm now in my mid-30s. My ex-girlfriend...Read more

Ask Amy: Bank worker is instructed to 'flirt'

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Dear Amy: I brought a big client to the bank where I work. I partnered with a "relationship representative" (a female colleague) to build the account at the bank.

The rep informed me that she was having issues with the partnership and said she needed my help.

I spoke to the client and we agreed to speak again at a later date.

Sometime after ...Read more

Ask Amy: Shy guy wants to learn to connect

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Dear Amy: I am a painfully shy single young man. It takes every ounce of courage for me to make new friends and approach new people, especially girls who I am interested in. I am lonely, however, so I want to get this right.

I have purchased self-help books, and enrolled in a public speaking class to break through my shyness and learn how to ...Read more

Ask Amy: Daughter brings child, and chaos, home

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Dear Amy: I have a 21-year-old daughter. She has a little boy (my grandson), who is 2-1/2.

My husband and I have given her so many chances to be a mom to her boy and have encouraged her to get a job.

While she was living with us, she refused to get a job, and I was taking care of my grandson.

We gave her an ultimatum that she must get a job ...Read more

Ask Amy: Adult child packs bags for guilt trip

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Dear Amy: I am 33. My parents split up when I was 10, but I am still close to both. My dad remarried when I was 12. My mom has not remarried or dated anyone since their divorce.

My problem is that mom pressures me to see her all the time. My dad doesn't guilt me at all.

The pressure was easy to manage in the past because she lived only an hour...Read more

Ask Amy: Co-worker might not deserve closure

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Dear Amy: I went on a date with a co-worker some weeks ago.

We both had a great time, and he suggested a second date the following weekend.

I waited for a text to set something up and when nothing came by Thursday, I decided to text him. We agreed to do something Sunday, but Sunday came and went and I got radio silence.

I texted him on Monday...Read more

Ask Amy: FaceTime relationship leads to face time

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Dear Amy: My 18-year-old daughter has had a romantic relationship for over two years with another young woman she met online.

They have never met in person, but communicate daily via FaceTime.

They would both very much like to meet, and we support this idea, but there are a few wrinkles.

First, we live on different continents (North America ...Read more

Ask Amy: Woman wrestles with adoption dilemma

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Dear Amy: I am a woman who was adopted by maternal family members when I was a child. They were honest with me about my birth mother's history (addiction). I had no contact with my birth mother.

My birth father had not been told of my existence, and once he learned about me, he searched for and found me. He considered pursuing custody, but ...Read more


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