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Ask Amy: Housemate wants to attack the kitchen

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Dear Amy: I'm a 28-year-old former city dweller who relocated for more space and a quieter location to sit out the pandemic.

I love my new leafy neighborhood and my lower rent.

I live in a house with a 70-year-old man (the brother of my landlord), who is a former art history teacher and librarian. We have our own living spaces and bathrooms; I...Read more

Ask Amy: These office mates cannot be friends

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Dear Amy: I have known "Camilla" for 20 years. She is the closest friend I have, but I know she doesn't feel the same about me. Instead, she tends to lean on me when her actual closest friend, “Elizabeth,” hurts her in some way. The three of us all work together.

Over the last three months, Camilla has leaned on me a lot, confiding in me ...Read more

Ask Amy: ‘Right person, wrong time’ needs translating

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Dear Amy: I'm a 22-year-old woman, and I got dumped last week by my boyfriend (he is 21). We had been together for two months. It was the most romantic and happiest time for us both.

We made plans to spend our lives together (getting married, having kids, etc.).

His reason for the breakup was to spend time on his own to deal with his PTSD and ...Read more

Ask Amy: Husband’s driving puts wife into a skid

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Dear Amy: My husband and I have been married for over 30 years. We hardly ever fight, except for when he is driving. I have a fear of riding in a car with him on a busy highway. Whenever we travel together for very long, I am usually such a wreck, I want to cry.

Is it too much to ask that he just ease up a little bit? What does it hurt to ...Read more

Ask Amy: Train gift may derail friendship

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Dear Amy: About eight years ago, I gave my 4-year-old godson a train set for Christmas. He enjoyed it and we played with it together for several years. He eventually outgrew it.

Now, he is 12. He recently discovered the train set in the closet. He wanted to sell it to get money to buy some AirPods, which cost about what he could get for the ...Read more

Ask Amy: Household needs a recycling czar

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Dear Amy: My wife and I have been married for eight years.

We’ve always shared household chores, which has worked well.

She recently put her career on hold to focus on our two small children, and she is an amazing mother.

My only complaint is her apathy toward recycling. I’m constantly picking recyclables out of the trash and trash out of...Read more

Ask Amy: Political views end a long friendship

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Dear Amy: A friend of 35 years recently “broke up” with me via email.

It was due to politics, I conclude, although we have never discussed politics in person, by phone, or email.

However, I frequently post my convictions on Facebook. I aim to be civil and to back up my opinions with factual, credible links.

My friend and I have never had ...Read more

Ask Amy: Patient friend becomes ‘comfort bot’

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Dear Amy: I have a perfectionist friend. I used to find her neurotic nature endearing, but now that we’re both parents, the qualities I used to think were cute are now wearing thin.

This started when we were both pregnant at the same time. My pregnancy was a (very happy!) accident. I wasn’t married to the baby’s father, was working and ...Read more

Ask Amy: Midlife crisis tears family apart

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Dear Amy: Is the male “midlife crisis a real thing?

After 20 years of marriage, my “pillar of the community” husband started acting strangely.

He started dressing young, going to bars, and then quit sleeping at night.

When I found out he had an affair, I blew up and he took off with the young barfly. Our grown daughters and I are hurt ...Read more

Ask Amy: Danger of COVID is not a game of Risk

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Dear Amy: Recently I was alarmed to see on Facebook that a few friends had attended a huge gathering where people were not following COVID safety guidelines.

I have been meeting with friends (only outside) this summer, but as the weather cools, I am wondering if it will be safe to have a few people over for, say, a game night.

Is there any ...Read more

Ask Amy: Kindhearted husband has nagging problem

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Dear Amy: My husband is such a sweetheart. I love him for his kindness and tenderhearted nature. We never fight, except in one area, which is household chores.

I know he hates nagging, so I refrain from asking him too often to do chores around the house (like vacuuming and dish washing).

However, I do need help and I feel resentful when he ...Read more

Ask Amy: Wife says COVID means NO contact

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Dear Amy: My wife is afraid to touch me since the pandemic started.

I even took the COVID test and the antibodies test to reassure her. I have tested negative both times. And yet my wife maintains — no hugging and (of course) no sex.

Is this normal?

— Lonely Husband

Dear Lonely: Are you sure this is about COVID? I ask because, just as ...Read more

Ask Amy: Wedding brings on in-law exclusion

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Dear Amy: My niece's brother-in-law, “Bradley,” will be getting married later this year.

My niece, “Kate,” is married to Bradley’s brother.

All of Bradley’s siblings and their spouses have been asked to be in the bridal party, everyone except for Kate.

Kate’s husband is in his brother's party, but her future sister-in-law, “...Read more

Ask Amy: Letters should go to the archive, not the shredder

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Dear Amy: My mother is 90 years old and is now considering shredding letters from our dad that he wrote to her before they were married. Dad was in the Navy.

My sisters and I would like to keep them when she is gone.

She reread all 174 letters recently and said there was nothing racy in them, so why not keep them for us?

What is your opinion ...Read more

Ask Amy: Spouse’s spending creates a debt trap

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Dear Amy: My wife and I have been married for a long time. We both grew up in working-class families, were the first in our families to graduate from college, and had respectable careers in different industries.

Now that we're more or less retired. I have a small online business that supplements our Social Security income, and her pension. (My ...Read more

Ask Amy: Daughter-in-law doesn’t want to forgive adultery

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Hotel door with do not disturb icon and female legs on the background; adultery concept

Dear Amy: Several years ago, my mother-in-law, “Betsy,” was unfaithful. This tore their family apart. More than once, Betsy asked my husband to “break the bad news” to “Anthony,” (his dad), and to comfort his father when he was devastated.

I was...Read more

Ask Amy: Man’s presence in porn video worries ex-friend

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Dear Amy: I was close friends with a woman, “B,” for 10 years. Around six months ago, our friendship began to unravel because of her sudden racism, spreading rumors about me, her husband being incredibly grossly sexual toward me, her narcotic addictions, and the amount of time I spent watching her children while she and her husband were in ...Read more

Ask Amy: Friend is worried about pal’s abusive marriage

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Dear Amy: My closest friend from college is 65 years old. We talk on the phone regularly.

He related a serious incident to me yesterday about his wife (of 35 years) physically attacking him.

She punched him in the head and split his lip with an ashtray. He fell to the floor, and she continued punching and kicking him, bruising him in several ...Read more

Ask Amy: Racy Instagram postings alarm family friend

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Dear Amy: Recently, I noticed that the 13-year-old daughter of some close friends has been posting sexually provocative photos of herself on Instagram. This is a public account, and strange men make sexual comments on her posts and she responds with lewd remarks that couldn’t be printed in a family newspaper.

I find it alarming, and so I ...Read more

Ask Amy: Family estrangement continues to the end

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Dear Amy: My grandmother recently went into hospice care. She has suffered from dementia for the last five years, and in that time my mother has been her sole caretaker.

That (and money issues) has caused my mom and her brother to cut ties.

Only my immediate family knows that my grandmother is dying.

Should I reach out to my uncle and others ...Read more



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