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Person to Person: Unchecked frustrations can lead to violence

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All of us will deal with some type of violence at some point in our lives. The violence may be directed at us, or it might be inflicted upon people we care about.

As a society, the question we face is: How can violence be prevented?

It's pretty difficult to press rewind, in order to figure out what went wrong, when someone has assaulted a ...Read more

Person to Person: Put worry in time slots to control stress

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Are you walking around in a daze about worry you can't fix? You might worry morning, noon and night.

Worry can feel like a dead weight in your heart or your stomach. You can't talk it away, ignore it or wave a magic wand to fix it.

You might have money problems, health problems, or relationship problems. Or, you might be struggling with ...Read more

Person to Person: Feed others positive language to boost relationships

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Have you ever stopped to consider that people either feed you or drain you? We all know people who boost our spirits up, while others drag us into a ditch.

Most of us think of our relationships in these terms: We like to be around people who make us feel good. We hope, no one, in his right mind, would gravitate to people who dish out bad ...Read more

Person to Person: Cleaning up clutter can make time for relationships

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Do you feel sad because there are people you don't have time for? Maybe they include your aunts and uncles, whom you've not visited in five years. Or, maybe you haven't seen your old college pals since 2005.

As you look at your schedule, you might scratch your head trying to figure everything out. Why don't you ever get around to penciling in ...Read more

Person to Person: Small clues give big insight into relationships

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Have you ever had a friend or lover who ended up surprising you? Maybe you had great confidence in this person at some point. But eventually, he or she acted ugly. Or, maybe this person eventually stole money from you or abandoned you.

We've all been involved in business relationships, friendships, and casual relationships that went sour. When ...Read more

Person to Person: Improving your self-image helps relationships

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Did you ever stop to think about the most powerful force influencing your relationships?

If you think it's beauty, brains, or money, think again. If you think it's acting kindly toward others or sacrificing your own comfort for the love of others, think again.

Psychologist say the most powerful force affecting your relationships is how you ...Read more


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