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Person to Person: The secret to long marriages

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Have you ever wondered why some marriages last a long time? Were these people great judges of what would work? Did they magically find their ideal prince or princess?

We all question the success of marriages that endure for 40 or 50 years or longer. We wonder what kind of luck came along that spared these folks from divorce.

A friend of ours, ...Read more

Person to Person: How to deal with people who drain you

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Do you have individuals in your life who pull energy out of you? Do they park their problems at your feet or ask too many favors?

It's true that most people either feed your spirit or drain it. However, most of us have people in our lives who do both.

If you're a nice person, you likely have several relationships that cost you a lot of energy....Read more

Person to Person: Finding life lessons in bad experiences

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Do you get upset just thinking about bad breaks you've encountered? Maybe someone betrayed you in a love relationship, or maybe you lost money in a business deal.

We all run into unpleasant challenges along the road of life. And, it's upsetting to think we have to pay a price for something we didn't cause.

As you look at your bad experiences, ...Read more

Person to Person: Drama cancels out true problem-solving

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Do you realize that people instigate lots of crazy drama to avoid tackling problems?

For example, a teenage daughter can throw a tantrum so you'll stop telling her to break up with her boyfriend.

Think of drama as a sideshow. It diverts our attention away from pain, so we can't launch a calm, logical and productive conversation.

"My husband ...Read more

Person to Person: Why communicating clearly with others is important

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Do you realize that your words can miss their target? You can say something to a room full of people, and you might get several different reactions.

There are 16 personality types, so listeners will "filter" your information in at least 16 different ways.

For example, let's say that you emceed a community event in a large town park. Let's ...Read more

Person to Person: Why family mental health is global mental health

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Do you realize that all people around the world are basically alike? That is, their emotional wellness and mental health come largely from the same type of lifestyle.

That lifestyle must include a strong connection to others. We can all imagine a family in Africa, France, or the U.S. sitting down together at the end of the day. Ideally, they ...Read more

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