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Person to Person: Dealing with other people's problems

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Do you get upset just hearing about the stress issues of your friends? Do your family members have problems that seem to grow daily?

As you try to figure out how to help, you can go through a lot of emotions.

Knowing how to help, while protecting your own sanity, is critical. Allowing others to drain your time, energy, or resources will ...Read more

Person to Person: How your morals affect your relationships

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Have you ever wondered why you feel instant closeness with someone?

Maybe you meet casually at a party, but you strike up a friendship that really takes off.

The underlying factor of such bonding can be that you share the same morals. People who share the same ideas about what's right and what's wrong will feel like kindred spirits.

We all ...Read more

Person to Person: The power of holding your family together

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If you're a typical person, it's likely you'll face a family crisis many times over the years. Relationships can be injured or totally torn apart.

Infidelity, money issues, relationship betrayal, physical abuse or sexual abuse can impact your extended family. Many lesser issues can slam your family harmony as well.

Without exception, it's ...Read more

Person to Person: Why living one day at a time lowers stress

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Do you feel depressed thinking about your major and minor problems?

Maybe you have ten or more stressful situations all demanding attention now.

While you can't usually resolve a lot of problems in one day, you can focus on living one day at a time to preserve your sanity.

Here's how it works:

-- Stop focusing on what went wrong yesterday. ...Read more

Person to Person: Tips for making marriage work

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Are you in a stressful partnership with someone you love? One minute you're kissing and showing affection, but the next minute, you feel like you're married to an enemy.

Anytime two people are together on a regular basis, tension will arise.

No two people on earth are one hundred percent compatible. And, when they disagree, they usually jump ...Read more

Person to Person: How to get your temper under control

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Do you have a fiery streak of anger in you? Have you yelled out, behaved badly, or flat-out made a fool of yourself on many occasions?

If so, it's time you moved from this emotional state. Why? It will not only make you feel out of control, but it will also cause you to lose control of many aspects of your life.

People will have trouble ...Read more


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