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Person to Person: How to repair broken relationships

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Are you refusing to speak to a family member? Maybe this person did something harmful to you. Or did an old friend betray you with gossip or lies?

We’ve all had relationships go sour at some point in our lives. Parents and adult children can have a falling out. Co-workers can have conflict. Neighbors can get into quarrels.

Not all ...Read more


Person to Person: Why food can enhance close relationships

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Many of us remember our grandmother’s home cooking. Or we can recall great dishes prepared by an aunt or a local chef. We feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about those experiences.

Food creates good memories, opportunities to bond in social groups and a nice way to show we care about other people.

“As a child, my dad took us to his great-...Read more


Person to Person: Parenting skills have huge payoffs

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If someone took a poll on what supports good mental health, it’s likely this concept would make the list: “Have two great parents who love you.”

Being loved and feeling lovable will seal your fate. This mental state of knowing what it’s like to be valued carries a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings.

The truth is, however, this love can ...Read more


Person to Person: Why trying to change people will backfire

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If you’re hitting your head against a wall, could it be that you’re trying to change someone?

Instead, think in terms of how you can bring out the best in someone. In other words, help them change themselves by their own willpower.

Maybe you want your stepson to stop taking drugs. Or you want your daughter to stand up to her supervisor at ...Read more


Person to Person: Why telling the truth can be hard

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Have you ever needed to report a wrongdoing? Maybe your neighbor is selling drugs, or maybe your nephew is physically abusing his wife.

Telling the truth about people will land you in more trouble than lying. Why? Because your listeners, if they agree with you, will feel compelled to jump in and do something.

Instead, they might try to find an...Read more


Person to Person: Working to create your best self

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Are you frazzled because the pandemic has shaken your lifestyle? Has it left you with muddy goals and a scary feeling your life is off track?

If so, you’re normal. All of us must reconnect with our vision of who we are.

Most of us would like to be our best self. But, during our national crisis, it’s been difficult to hold onto that vision....Read more



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