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Person to Person: Avoid extreme emotions to improve relationships

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Do you feel a lot of anger and disappointment? Does your temper get the best of you?

Or, do you watch the news, wondering if the world is coming to an end?

Most of us can get fired up over a lot of things. However, these extreme emotions can put a lot of strain on our relationships.

"I was in a bad mood for over a year," says a friend of ours...Read more

Person to Person: What do your kids believe about marriage?

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Are you setting a good example for your children or grandchildren about marriage? How you think and behave speaks volumes to the next generation or two.

It's rare to find anyone who says marriage is easy, although we all know a few people who might feel this way. They'll say something such as, "We were high school sweethearts, and we've never ...Read more

Person to Person: How crime can affect your relationships

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Do you have worries about criminals in or near your child's school, your neighborhood or in your workplace?

Having a criminal to deal with is no small issue. Someone breaking the law can easily destroy your family, your job and the neighborhood you've loved for years. This situation is like a literal war. People will choose up sides, and some ...Read more

Person to Person: Why friendships protect mental health

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When it comes to relationships, keep in mind that friends offer emotional support that family members cannot. Why? Friends help you view life from a less emotional viewpoint.

For example, if your son is using drugs, family members might say: "He's turning out just like his father. We warned you about marrying him!"

Friends, on the other hand, ...Read more

Person to Person: Emotional clutter can impact your life

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Can you imagine trying to clean your home or hold a dinner party with moving boxes stacked up all over the place? Picture how you'd be limited in walking from room to room.

That's exactly what it's like to have emotional clutter in your brain. Too many worries, fears, unresolved issues and pressing chores will make you feel frozen.

When you ...Read more

Person to Person: How to avoid the weaknesses of others

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Do you get upset dealing with the personality flaws of other people? Maybe they want too much of your time or money.

Or, do they cast a bad reflection on you with their odd, or even immoral, behaviors?

All of us, without exception, need to steer clear of many situations involving friends, family members, and co-workers.

"Three years ago, I ...Read more


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