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Person to Person: Practice good self-care for mental wellness

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Do you pause often to ask: How much care am I devoting to myself?

Being good to yourself is the key to taking care of all your other relationships, as well as your daily responsibilities.

Neglecting yourself means you're depleting your own emotional bank account. You'll feel tired, distracted and depressed.

Filling up your emotional bank ...Read more

Person to Person: Avoid marital suicide by staying proactive

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Do you know how to protect your marriage? Getting into relationship "hot water" happens to all of us from time to time.

You know how this goes. A big issue arises, and you both start placing blame. You want to win the argument, so you decide to verbally overthrow your partner.

Most of us have foolishly gotten into verbal rock throwing matches....Read more

Person to Person: Fixing a messy house can help relationships

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Are you upset about the toys, books, clothes and other stuff strewn about your house? Do neglected sinks, bathtubs, and floors give you a depressed feeling?

Most of us feel much better when our homes are clean, sparkling, and ready for guests to show up. If yours isn't, don't despair.

A busy lifestyle is forcing most of us to do less cleaning,...Read more

Person to Person: How to find your voice of authority

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Do you get upset a lot because you let other people run over you? Maybe you're a young person working for a hateful boss. Or, maybe you're a grandmother stressed about babysitting.

To fix your pain, it's necessary to voice limits and expectations with other people.

Here are some basic tips for discovering your "adult" voice:

-- Practice ...Read more

Person to Person: Why all relationships must change and grow

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Do you miss some of your old friends who've not called you in ages? Or, are you feeling uncomfortable with some family members whose lifestyles differ from yours?

Maybe you're tired of the same old conversations with your best friend. All you do is talk about his or her divorce or financial problems. There's a strained feeling between the two ...Read more

Person to Person: Filtering relationship stress wisely

Life Advice / Helping Yourself /

Most of us want to offer emotional support to other people. But, do you sometimes wonder how you'll keep your own sanity?

For example, maybe you're awake all night worrying about your boss' threat to fire you. But the next morning, a close friend calls you to unload her bad medical report.

On top of this, you might get a call from your brother...Read more


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