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Person to Person: How to protect your mental health

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Do you ever wonder why certain individuals crash and have a mental breakdown? They might commit a crime such as robbery, commit suicide, or commit a mass shooting. They are human, so upon taking a closer look, we might wonder: Are they really any different from the rest of us? What changed in their emotions and flipped a switch?

Any of us can ...Read more

Person to Person: How to fight a fair fight in a legal dispute

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Are you caught up in a divorce, property dispute, or conflict over job issues at work?

If so, your situation will always include "relationship" issues. You have to deal with real people in the midst of the madness.

We live in a world where neighbors, lovers, tenants, landlords, teachers, and business professionals will send some heavy-duty ...Read more

Person to Person: Domestic terrorists force us to become superheroes

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Are you worried about foreign terrorists hurting you or your family? Well, relax. It's more likely that a person living in your immediate neighborhood or city will cause much more stress in your world.

A terrorist can be any kind of bully from a drug dealer to a tenant who refuses to move. Or, it can be someone hurting your adult child, for ...Read more

Person to Person: Allowing others to be human helps relationships

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Do you know how to prevent arguments, divorce, co-worker tension, or the death of a friendship?

The answer is simple: Allow others to be a total fool for ten minutes a day.

The point is that no one is perfect. All of us will do many things, every single day, to drive other people up the wall. By forgiving the faults, we're likely to have a ...Read more

Person to Person: Are you struggling in a love-hate relationship?

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Relationships are sometimes very complicated. Two people -- whether they are lovers, friends, parent and child, or business associates -- can have lots of tension between them.

Any of us can appreciate many qualities about someone else, but we can have issues with their morals, bad tempers, poor habits, and a lot more. It's easy to feel a lot ...Read more

Person to Person: Why jealousy often triggers bullying

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Are you facing off with a bully who is attacking either you or someone you love?

It helps to understand the dynamics of bullying, but rest assured, pure jealousy is often the trigger for this bad behavior.

Jealousy is not the only cause of bullying, but nine times out of ten, it is.

"You can't fix jealousy," says a friend of ours who is a ...Read more


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