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Person to Person: Listening well can empower relation

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Do you realize the importance of developing good listening skills?

Tuning into other people doesn't just give you the knowledge you need, it also gives you deeper insight. You can make better decisions.

People who listen well often become the smartest person in the room. They pick up oodles of details other people miss.

When it comes to ...Read more

Person to Person: Are you guilty of verbal abuse?

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Do you use your verbal skills to hurt other people? Maybe you don't do name-calling or attack the character of another, but do you take verbal jabs?

It's likely that every person over the age of six is a suspect for verbal abuse. But, putting this in the "I will change this" category can save your sanity.

Why? You'll avoid a lot of tension. ...Read more

Person to Person: Why it's difficult to report scoundrels

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Is your personal life, neighborhood safety, child's school safety, or workplace under siege by an unscrupulous person?

Maybe there's a bully, a thief, or a sexual pervert lurking on the horizon.

So, is it easy to call for help? The answer is no. Likely, you and you alone will have to take charge. Many authority figures will dive under a rock ...Read more

Person to Person: Why people-fixing won't work

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Do you know any people who need to change? Maybe your nephew is drinking too much, or your husband is addicted to fatty foods.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could shape up some of your co-workers? Or, what about your in-laws who resemble outlaws?

The truth is, you'll have more luck in improving your own life if you try to fix a situation instead ...Read more

Person to Person: Why emotional maturity helps relationships

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Is there a lot of tension in your relationships? It's a fact that other people can drive us a little crazy; however, the only control we have is to take control of ourselves.

We all need to become more emotionally mature.

This means we will set boundaries with others, steer them to productive behaviors, and reach out for help if the going gets...Read more

Person to Person: Unchecked frustrations can lead to violence

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All of us will deal with some type of violence at some point in our lives. The violence may be directed at us, or it might be inflicted upon people we care about.

As a society, the question we face is: How can violence be prevented?

It's pretty difficult to press rewind, in order to figure out what went wrong, when someone has assaulted a ...Read more


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