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Person to Person: Take steps to divorce-proof your marriage

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Have you noticed that divorce is still rising in America? It seems every time we turn around, a couple is splitting up. In many cases, this means splitting up families.

There is lots of documentation that divorce leaves ugly marks on people for generations. That's why it's best to prevent it, if we possibly can.

While divorced parents usually ...Read more

Person to Person: Hey! Give friends, family your full attention

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Do your to-do lists for both home and work run on endlessly? Do you wonder how you'll chisel them down to size?

Maybe you've tried a few tricks, but one of your favorite coping tools might be multi-tasking. Doing two or three things at once might be second-nature to you.

While this can work at times, it pays to focus more and jump around less....Read more

Person to Person: Managing holiday stress by taking control

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Do you get overly stressed just thinking about holiday responsibilities?

If you're like most people, you always vow to shop earlier, plan better, and enjoy more activities during this season. But, like most, here you are again -- likely facing deadlines with too much to do.

Money issues might be stressing you as well. A tight budget can play ...Read more

Person to Person: Stress reveals the true person you are

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Want to know the true character or personality of someone? If so, watch how they respond to a stressful situation.

Stress casts a spotlight on who we are psychologically. How an individual copes with an unpleasant situation speaks volumes. It demonstrates the problem-solving skills you have, how much self-control you have, and how much respect ...Read more

Person to Person: Find common ground to strengthen relationships

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Are you ready to reject a sibling, spouse, or coworker because you argue constantly?

Most of us have a few relationships that rub us the wrong way. However, if we all dumped each person who got on our nerves, we'd have no one left.

Every single person in the universe has some irritating traits or character flaws.

But, changing others is not ...Read more

Person to Person: Why good listening skills empower relationships

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Have you ever noticed that some people seem to absorb everything you say, while others tune you out?

People who ignore others, failing to fully connect during conversations, hurt relationships. Why? Because failing to listen denotes disrespect. It's like saying, "You are not important to me."

When others do carefully listen to you, you tend to...Read more

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