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Person to Person: Be aware of how you make others feel

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Do you realize that everyone is constantly sending out unspoken messages? As an individual, your tone of voice, gestures and facial expressions speak volumes.

Most people we know could easily report what we think and feel about them. Our goal should be to make other people feel supported. But often, we make them feel judged and inferior.

“I�...Read more


Person to Person: How to cope when the honeymoon's over

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Did your marriage start out in a blissful state? Have you been floating on cloud nine, but now thunderstorms are on the horizon?

This is normal. No married couple can stay in the honeymoon phase forever. Sooner or later, real life takes over.

All of us start out believing our mate is close to perfect. They are somewhat of a god or goddess.

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Person to Person: Making good decisions takes nerve

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Do you know the difference between making a choice and making a decision? They sound almost identical in meaning, but there is a huge difference.

A decision takes an investment of time and energy, maybe a risk of some type, and real determination. A choice is much simpler.

You might, for example, decide to enter a new career field. You'll take...Read more


Person to Person: Finding common ground strengthens relationships

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Are you fighting with friends who support a different political party than you? Are you angry with your sister because she just got some flamboyant tattoos?

Differences can tear any two people apart. However, finding common ground can bond you in ways you never expected.

It takes good communication and careful thought, but we all need to build...Read more


Person to Person: Fear of telling the truth signals abuse

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Do you need to speak up and tell the truth about something? If you can't, you might be a victim of abuse.

Those who don't respect your feelings will make you fear speaking up. How? They'll use anger and other emotions to intimidate you.

Maybe you need to share information about your kids with your ex-spouse. Or maybe your stressful workplace ...Read more


Person to Person: How to create balance in your relationships

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In dealing with people we know, it’s easy to feel a lack of closeness or too much closeness. There is tension either way. Finding middle ground can be tough.

Relationships are important, but they can put a strain on our mental wellness. We struggle to find balance, while trying not to offend those we care about.

Maybe you’re neglecting ...Read more



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