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Person to Person: Small clues give big insight into relationships

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Have you ever had a friend or lover who ended up surprising you? Maybe you had great confidence in this person at some point. But eventually, he or she acted ugly. Or, maybe this person eventually stole money from you or abandoned you.

We've all been involved in business relationships, friendships, and casual relationships that went sour. When ...Read more

Person to Person: Improving your self-image helps relationships

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Did you ever stop to think about the most powerful force influencing your relationships?

If you think it's beauty, brains, or money, think again. If you think it's acting kindly toward others or sacrificing your own comfort for the love of others, think again.

Psychologist say the most powerful force affecting your relationships is how you ...Read more

Person to Person: Why being thankful creates personal happiness

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We've all heard the phrase that "happiness is a state of mind."

Most of us can buy into this theory until we start to absorb the daily news and the sad personal news of our friends and family. On top of this, we can feel pressured by holiday shopping stress, money problems, career pressures, and the need to clean our homes.

"For every positive...Read more

Person to Person: Why security cameras protect neighborhood relationships

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Have you ever quarreled with someone on your street? Maybe a neighbor's dog aggravated you or someone down the block side-swiped your new car.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you can't prove your case. No one believes your dog story and no one else saw your car get slammed. Preserving your sanity and some of your relationships might ...Read more

Person to Person: Women's liberation still has a long way to go

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During the early days of women seeking more equality, people were listening closely to national figures such as Gloria Steinem and Phyllis Schlafly debate the issues. This was the early 70s, a long time ago.

Gloria was pushing for change, as she spoke nationally about women's needs and co-founded Ms. Magazine. But Phyllis, an attorney, and ...Read more

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