C-Force: Will We Ever Get Our Heads on Straight?

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Citing conditions such as prolonged isolation and loss from the pandemic, as well as other stressors like inflation and rising crime, a panel of medical experts last week made an unprecedented recommendation. They are calling on doctors to screen "all adult patients under 65 for anxiety." Writes New York Times' Emily Baumgaertner, the action is ...Read more

C-Force: A Sobering Need To Fortify National Public Health Response

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In response to a hot day in the past, people would often exaggeratedly refer to the heat that day as a "real killer." It is just one example of how we often dismiss or fail to see a threat to public health -- and act accordingly -- even when it is upon us.

"We never think of heat waves as mass casualty events, but they are," Kristie Ebi, a ...Read more

C-Force: Heat, Pollution and the Great Outdoors

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The great outdoors. There is nothing quite like it, especially being among nature's greenery. It does wonders for the mind and body. I have written often about the health benefits of the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or "forest bathing." First introduced in 1982, the act of taking in the forest through one's senses -- sight, hearing, taste,...Read more

C-Force: Planting the Seeds for a Better Way of Living

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During my adult life, I have always tried to approach things with a sense of purpose. Eating became no different. Focusing on food that is nutritious and that aids in warding off disease and in maintaining proper body weight helped supercharge my martial arts workouts and advance my career. It wasn't always so. In my 20s, I used to eat whatever ...Read more

C-Force: Sounding Off on Hearing Loss in the Military

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As I reported last week, more people in this country experience hearing loss, and the negative experiences that come with it, than you might imagine. One estimate by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders states that nearly 48 million Americans are afflicted with some form of hearing loss. As significant as that ...Read more

C-Force: The Problem of Hearing Loss Is Finally Being Heard

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Gael Hannan is a successful author and an editor and blogger for the website Earlier this year, she started off one of her blogs with the following observation: "Hearing loss is a goldmine of laughs, especially for those who don't have it." In conversation or in response to a question, a person with hearing loss will ...Read more

C-Force: When Did Growing Old Become So Disrespected?

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There should be rewards for living a long life. Yet too often in today's world there seem to be only penalties, presented with a heaping serving of disrespect or as yet another punchline to a comedian's joke. The concept of the golden years, let alone respect for one's elders, seems tarnished and transformed into visions of some loathsome ...Read more

C-Force: More on Where Religion and Medicine Meet

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In 2008, Science 2.0, a nonprofit blogging site for academics created to discuss science-related subject matter, posted research from Brandeis University on the current state of chaplaincy services in hospitals. The study was deemed the first of its kind to provide a systematic national overview of hospital chaplaincy and was based on the ...Read more

C-Force: Where Religion and Medicine Meet

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At University Health hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, COVID hospitalizations had been running high in January, notes Gina Kaufmann, a locally based NPR correspondent. Medical teams once again had to keep in-person contact to a minimum. For hospital chaplains, this means that their only direct contact with patients can be through in-room ...Read more

C-Force: Fighting off the Damaging Effects of Extreme Heat

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As I relayed last week, Time magazine's Angela Haupt warned in a recent report that the wave of extreme temperatures we are now experiencing are not only unpleasant and irritating but they are messing with our minds and have been linked to acts of aggression and violence.

High temperatures have historically shown to be more of a health threat ...Read more

C-Force: Will an Early Heat Wave Bring Debate of Permanent Daylight Saving Time to a Boil?

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Back in March, you might recall the rare event of a U.S. Senate united in agreement -- in this instance, calling for the end to the twice-a-year disruption caused from switching between standard and daylight saving time. It was an action that a 2019 poll revealed 71% of Americans support, according to Reuters. So, the Senate took a stand: ...Read more

C-Force: Public Restroom Problem Needs Solving, Not Neglect

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The concept of public health is an interesting one. It can mean different things to different people because the health interests of the entire population make up its definition. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's health protection work includes the CDC Foundation, an independent nonprofit created by Congress to mobilize ...Read more

C-Force: Link Between Mental Health and Physical Health May Be Changing

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Though months have passed, we might never forget the heart-wrenching story of Joe Garcia, the grieving husband who, hours after placing flowers at a memorial to his wife, Irma, reportedly died of a heart attack. Garcia's wife was one of two teachers killed in the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The story of his death ...Read more



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