C-Force: Loneliness Is a Public Health Problem That's Not Growing Old

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The term "blue zones" refers to select areas around the world with the highest share of people over age 100. By studying these areas, it is believed the findings might lead to community initiatives that enable longer life among the populus. I have written about Blue Zones Project's work in the past. This headline for a recent KFF Health News ...Read more

C-Force: The Longer the Flight, the More Grounded the Health Concerns

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Last week, I presented a rather pivotal question posed by Dr. Robert H. Shmerling, senior faculty editor of Harvard Health: "Are you worrying about the right things?" Among his examples of misplaced worries was the thought of dying in a plane crash. "The yearly risk of being killed in a plane crash for the average American is about one in 11 ...Read more

C-Force: Are We Worrying About the Right Things When It Comes to Health?

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Do you worry about your health? Who doesn't? According to Dr. Robert H. Shmerling, senior faculty editor of Harvard Health Publishing, a pivotal question to ask is: Are you worrying about the right things? "While harm can befall us in many ways, some of our worries are not very likely to occur," he says.

For example, take the fear of being ...Read more

C-Force: Seeing the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8 Could Be Life-Changing

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As you likely have heard, read or witnessed, the first lunar eclipse of 2024, which also occurred during a full moon, took place last Monday, March 25. According to EarthSky, it was projected to be visible "in Japan, the eastern half of Australia, North and South America, western Africa and western Europe." As spectacular as it may have been for...Read more

C-Force: The Health Benefits of a Multi-Species Household

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Emotional exhaustion brought on by chronic stress and psychologically taxing events is now recognized as a dangerous and debilitating force in this country. According to research conducted by the job-search website Zippia, as a result, 89% of America's workers experienced burnout in the past year in response to work stress. If you are unable to ...Read more

C-Force: Is Daylight Saving Time Darkening Your Day?

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I don't know about you, but I was not prepared for the second Sunday in March. I woke up that morning at what I believed to be the usual time, but it was black as a winter's night outside. I was confused until it suddenly dawned on me (at least an hour before it actually dawned) that I was witnessing the start of daylight saving time. It was ...Read more

C-Force: Why We Should Be Ultra Concerned About Ultra-Processed Foods

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I wrote last week about how many health experts believe our country is in the grips of a nutrition crisis. I know I have been beating the drum on this issue of poor diet-related chronic disease for a while now. But I am certainly not alone. Nor should I be, given the scope of the problem. Harvard Health reported that an estimated 678,000 ...Read more

C-Force: We Need to Find Our Way to Foods That Fight Disease

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Processed foods very well could be making us sick. It is not a hard conclusion to reach. Jerold Mande is CEO of Nourish Science, a new non-governmental organization focused on solving the country's current nutrition crisis. He is also an adjunct professor of nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. According to Mande, "federal...Read more

C-Force: We're Beyond Tired; We're Sleep Deprived

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At some point in your life, you may have been facing a big and perplexing decision, and someone might have given you the advice to "sleep on it." This adage is derived from an age-old bit of sound advice. Making difficult decisions is generally easier if we are well rested and can possibly see the options more clearly. According to ...Read more

C-Force: Managing Anger Is a Much-Needed Skill

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Back in November 2023, I wrote a column about how anger has emerged as a major response to the craziness and stress that seems to surround us in today's world. It feels as if anger has all too often become a fuel for dysfunctional, sometimes hateful behavior.

As a martial artist with a lifetime of experience practicing emotional control, I ...Read more

Getting 'A Head' of Wellness

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Loneliness has reached epidemic levels in this country. "No news here," some might say. Stories about this public health problem are constantly in the news. I have written about it myself. But I must admit that I was surprised by a story that appeared last week. As reported by NBC News, San Mateo County in California has declared loneliness to ...Read more

C-Force: Should Major Sporting Events Come With a Health Warning?

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In a recent post, Dr. Robert H. Shmerling, senior faculty editor at Harvard Health, is quick to admit to the many upsides to watching sports. "The excitement of competition and the bonding and camaraderie with likeminded friends, family, and other fans," he writes. "Watching sports might improve your health if sports spectatorship sparks sports ...Read more

C-Force: Time for a Step-back Look at New Technology

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Time moves on and things change -- as we know, not always for the better. Examining our relationship with change came to mind when considering an installment of the NPR podcast series "Body Electric" and its analysis of "Zoom fatigue." Video calls for business or social meetups have skyrocketed over the past several years. Now being examined is ...Read more



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