C-Force: Dry January Leaves Behind Sobering Thoughts

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For those of you who have successfully navigated Dry January without a slip up, your liver, heart and skin all thank you. Dry January is said to be an observance gaining in popularity during the last few years -- sort of a "mini New Year's resolution" to some.

According to Forbes, the pledge to avoid drinking alcohol during the month of January...Read more

C-Force: Still Falling Short on Meeting the Health Needs of Veterans

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As a U.S. Air Force veteran, past spokesperson for the U.S. Veterans Administration and Veteran Foundation's Veteran of the Year Award recipient, I will always have unwavering regard for those who serve in the military. I also pledge to try to stay up to date on how they are being treated and compensated for their service and sacrifice.

Back in...Read more

C-Force: Unseen Effects of Witnessing Damar Hamlin's Traumatic Injury

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"Where were you on the evening of Monday, Jan. 2?" This may be a question that hangs around for quite some time. The full story of the evening's massive impact is yet to be fully played out. For a viewing audience estimated by Nielsen at 23.8 million, and a sold-out stadium of NFL fans, these folks were dialed in to view one of the most ...Read more

C-Force: Resolving Nursing Shortage Critically Important in 2023

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The news report seemed hardly new, and I suspect it is not all that surprising. "Nursing is in crisis, fueled by burnout (and) exhaustion," reports New York Times health and science reporter Andrew Jacobs and correspondent Isadora Kosofsky. "An alphabet soup of respiratory illnesses has been spreading misery across the United States, once again ...Read more

C-Force: New Year Gets Chilling Reception

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As the holiday season draws to a close, we have moved from a holiday based on gratitude to a celebration of the birth of Christ (and other religious-based holidays) to settle on a time for ushering in the New Year and for making resolutions. For many, it has not been a smooth or joyful journey. Much of the country remains in the grips of what ...Read more

C-Force: Christmas Togetherness - Why It Matters

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That advice last week about getting out and enjoying the great outdoors? You may want to put a check on that for a while.

"Chicago residents yearning for a snowy white Christmas are likely to get more than they hoped for," reports the Chicago Tribune. "Meteorologists are looking at a possible 'near blizzard,' with snow and subfreezing winds." ...Read more

C-Force: Taking Flight From Holiday Stress

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The refrain "It's the most wonderful time of the year," forever associated with the song by Andy Williams, has become an enduring holiday standard. But a lot of folks in today's world find their sense of wonder dampened, and the holiday season as a major stressor. Some even would be OK seeing the holidays canceled entirely.

So says an annual ...Read more

C-Force: The Time Has Come to Walk It Off

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From Little League to the big leagues, from Pop Warner to the pros, when an athlete has a minor tweak or injury, or is frustrated or dejected, common advice is for them to "walk it off." Says the website Writing Explained, the idea that the physical act of walking can be a tonic in alleviating minor physical or emotional pain has been go-to ...Read more

C-Force: Cigarettes and Their Substitutes Court a New Generation

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I think we all could agree that preventing an addictive habit before it begins is the best course of action you can take. The problem is, when it comes to young people, there is so much working against us when we try to provide such advice. Let's look at smoking as an example. As I reported last week, according to the Centers for Disease Control...Read more

C-Force: Drinking and Smoking to Relieve Stress Stir Up Health Concerns

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It may not be surprising to learn that deaths caused by alcohol use in the United States spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. As reported by CNN and others, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now reports that the death of more than 49,000 people in 2020 is directly related to alcohol consumption. Putting this number in perspective, ...Read more

C-Force: Wake-up Call for the Changing of the Clocks

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You have now had about a week to settle into it, so how has this switch back to standard time been for you? With such a critical national, local and regional election cycle underway (I'll save that discussion for a different venue), I'm guessing that this tradition of moving clocks back one hour may be hardly noticed.

But there are a couple of ...Read more

C-Force: The Chilling Prospect of a Bad Winter Ahead

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As noted in a posting by the Library of Medicine, scientific investigation of the effects of stress on humans spans more than 50 years. Studies have shown that stress can affect the human nervous system and even cause structural changes in different parts of the brain. More recently, it has been shown that stress is contagious, with the ability ...Read more



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