C-Force: America Is Growing Old, and Not in a Good Way

Health / Chuck Norris /

In the eyes of the nation's health experts, the recent decline in the life expectancy of Americans that has occurred over the past few years should be especially alarming to us all. "America may still think of itself as a young nation, but as a society, it is growing old," a recent New York Times health editorial on the aging of America reminds ...Read more

C-Force: So Much Standing in the Way of Healthy Habits

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A new study has identified eight lifestyle habits that, if adopted, may significantly extend a person's lifespan. You may have read about this. It was widely reported. Could this be a much-needed answer to the announcement in April that life expectancy in the U.S is now the shortest it's been in nearly two decades?

Responding to the news, ...Read more

C-Force: When Herbal Medicine Becomes Mainstream

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It appears that we are seeing a cultural shift in this a country. It is one of many. It comes in the form of the continued rise in the preference for natural, herbal goods, says a recent Market Research Future report. It is a claim backed by a herbal medicine market valued at $148.5 billion in 2022 and projected to grow to $165.13 billion by the...Read more

C-Force: Is an Out-of-Shape Nation Seconds Away From Better Health?

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Based on new state maps of adult physical inactivity prevalence in this country released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in January, most states show that more than 1 in 5 are categorized as "inactive." This means they did not participate in any physical activities outside of work. This is yet another sad statistic reminding us...Read more

C-Force: Take the Time to Exercise Your Mind

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As we get older, we soon find ourselves up against Father Time's little game of takeaway. A look at signals of aging provided by WebMD offers an example of what one can expect to lose as we change in both mind and body as we age. Our bones, for example, tend to shrink in size and density as we age. An aging immune system operates slower and less...Read more

C-Force: That Johnny Appleseed Fella Knew a Thing or Two About Health

Health / Chuck Norris /

By now, we all are familiar with the principle that diet is a major component of a person's overall health and wellness. It is said so often. But is it possible to eat your way out of a chronic health condition? According to some experts, based on the situation, maybe so.

Explains Melanie Murphy Richter, a registered dietitian nutritionist ...Read more

C-Force: Health Consequences of Growing Old Continue to Escalate

Health / Chuck Norris /

There used to be this thing called the "golden years." Where did they go? It seems like now when you approach an age group that used to be celebrated, the worst news awaits. Dr. Benjamin Han is a geriatrician and addiction medicine specialist at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. As he recently explained to New York ...Read more

C-Force: Is It Safety Last on America's Roadways?

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Back in March of 2021, the headline of one of my weekly columns asked a provocative but important question: What's driving the turn of our roadways into speedways? As we ventured out onto America's roads and highways and into escalating traffic following a year of the pandemic, reports were mounting (especially around metropolitan areas) of ...Read more

C-Force: The Problem of Contradictory Health Information

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Back in January 2022, the World Heart Federation, a Geneva-based health advocacy organization that represents a number of heart associations worldwide, decided to make its position crystal clear about drinking alcohol and the damages it causes to public health. "Evidence has increasingly shown that there is no level of alcohol consumption that ...Read more

C-Force: The Summertime Dangers Blazing Down Upon Us

Health / Chuck Norris /

Even with summertime temperatures soaring to extremes, people are drawn to finding relief by splashing around in backyard or municipal pools, lakes, rivers and beaches. It is important to acknowledge that the joy found in such activity is often tempered by reports of heartbreaking loss of life by drowning.

As recently noted by The New York ...Read more

C-Force: Our Hearing Is Fading and People Aren't Listening

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In the World Health Organization's announcement of the 2021 observance of World Hearing Day, they state that "nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide -- or 1 in 4 people -- will be living with some degree of hearing loss by 2050."

"Our ability to hear is precious. Untreated hearing loss can have a devastating impact on people's ability to ...Read more

C-Force: Soaking Up the Sun Requires Protection

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As recently reported by USA Today's Adrianna Rodriguez, extreme heat "is the deadliest weather-related event in the United States. It kills more people than tornadoes or hurricanes -- combined." This widely disseminated news by now might not be all that surprising. What might be is that what qualifies as "extreme heat" is not as clear-cut and ...Read more

C-Force: Time to Take the Wheel on What's Driving Anxiety

Health / Chuck Norris /

In July 2022, Forbes published an article on a pressing question of the day. Is anger and anxiety in the post-COVID workplace "the new normal?" Back then, rates of anger, anxiety and aggression were found to be accelerating for the third consecutive year. According to Forbes contributor and leadership strategist Jan Bruce, the Gallup 2022 ...Read more



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