Calling Off Alcohol for a Change

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For more than a decade, "Dry January" has served as a resolution calling for a month-long break from alcohol. If you want to jump on this wagon, it is never too late to start by stopping. Whether you make it to the finish line or not, studies show that giving up alcohol -- even briefly -- has health benefits.

Dry January has been gaining ...Read more

Slamming Doors on Rural Hospital Care

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While final statistics have yet to be revealed for New Year's Eve, it is a good bet that they will show a sharp uptick in emergency room visits beginning around midnight. Long before that hour, one regional facility in Madison, Wisconsin reported more people coming in with influenza or from accidents slipping on ice. On the night itself, Dr. ...Read more

Health Issues We Should Aim To Resolve

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If you are preparing a list of New Year's resolutions and are looking for a starting point, the folks at the American Medical Association annually assemble a list of 10 wellness-focused resolutions that they feel could make the most impactful, long-lasting improvements to your health. You can find the list on their website. After thumbing ...Read more

Crisis of Vaping Among Kids Clouds Holidays

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During the holidays, I think we all tend to respond to the positive and inspirational stories around us. The problem is that in writing about health and wellness at this particular moment, I am staring at 6 million reasons why I must shine a light on some disturbing facts that just will not go away -- if only to keep them top of mind.

I am ...Read more

One Low Opinion of High Tech

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As I noted last week, I often have a low opinion of high technology and its overall impact on our lives and health. I know that some experts will say this fear is overblown and today's technologies have made us more connected than ever before. It is a point made by Terri R. Kurtzberg, an associate professor of management and global business at ...Read more

Opting for a Low-Tech Holiday Season

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I could be wrong, but it seems that with each passing year, it becomes harder and harder for us to properly reflect on the true meaning of what that good old holiday spirit signifies. Such reflection can be essential in realigning us with our spiritual selves and is an integral component to maintaining overall wellbeing.

A sign of this ...Read more

Do We Grow From Tragedy?

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It seems that every year around the holidays, numerous stories appear in the media of people skirting death or overcoming tragedy. These are certainly stories that need to be told. According to a recent post by psychology professors Eranda Jayawickreme of Wake Forest University and Frank Infurna of Arizona State University, they also fit a ...Read more

Remembering Veterans Is Not Enough

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As we close the books on Veterans Day 2019, I cannot help but search for a message that will resonate from this national holiday -- a day where we honor and show appreciation for all who have served in the United States military in safeguarding America. For me, Veterans Day is a reminder of how proud I am to have served in the U.S. Air Force. ...Read more

Surviving in an Increasingly Divided World

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Last week, I touched upon how the current political environment -- where anger seems to be the animating force -- is resulting in turmoil and distress at such a level that health experts fear it could be generating serious negative consequences for the mental health of millions of Americans. We are talking about symptoms like sleepless nights,...Read more

A Healer in the House Above the Political Stress

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As a recent study has confirmed -- as if we didn't know -- the current political environment has gone far beyond merely heated and toxic. The result of this turmoil is that we now live in a world that could be generating serious negative consequences for the mental health of millions of Americans.

For the study, Kevin Smith, a political ...Read more

The Health Toll of Being Lonely

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A recent study published in the journal Health Psychology, based on interview responses from more than 19,000 married people up to age 90 between 1978 and 2010, suggests that married people who rated their unions as "very happy" or "pretty happy" were about 20% less likely of dying early. The report seems consistent with other findings ...Read more


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