C-Force: As Public Health Emergency Ends, Serious Problems Remain

Health / Chuck Norris /

As stated in a recent American Medical Association report, "while the federal government may be declaring an end to the COVID-19 public health emergency, there are still significant, longstanding gaps in the public health infrastructure in the U.S."

In response to the need for implementing reform and improvements, the AMA has formed the Council...Read more

C-Force: Problems With Health Care Services -- Take Your Pick

Health / Chuck Norris /

The health care system in this country, depending on who you ask, is either under attack, changing for the better or changing for the worse. The following is an attempt to count a few of the challenges the health care industry currently faces. Some have been mentioned in previous editions of C Force.

While in a recent report I talked about the ...Read more

C-Force: Food for Though - Heart Disease Still the Biggest Killer

Health / Chuck Norris /

Heart health is back in the news in a big way lately, and the new news is based upon an old topic -- eating habits and diet. It comes from the American Heart Association and its announcement of a recent report ranking their top 10 diets based on dietary benefits to "cardiometabolic health." The results may be surprising for health-minded eaters....Read more

C-Force: Every Month Should Be Stress Awareness Month

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April is Stress Awareness Month. In just three days, we will have to say that it "was" Stress Awareness Month. Where the heck did April go? I meant to discuss it but got so busy on other things I simply forgot about it, which is too bad for me. Stress Awareness Month, which has been recognized every April since 1992, is, according to the ...Read more

C-Force: AI Applications in Health Care Producing Both Promise and Fear

Health / Chuck Norris /

It is natural when someone coughs to speculate about what that cough means. Maybe just a clearing of the throat or the start of a cold. Maybe it's the onset of an allergy or maybe something worse. If it gets bad enough, they are likely to turn to a doctor for answers and potential treatment. For openers, they will no doubt be asked to describe ...Read more

C-Force: Overwhelmed by AI and Just Who to Trust?

Health / Chuck Norris /

It is no secret that loneliness in this country has reached epidemic proportions. TV's Dr. Phil recently dedicated an entire show on the subject. For this episode, he focused on a group of Gen Zers (ages 11-26) and millennials (ages 27-42) talking about their feelings of loneliness. According to a CBS promo for the show, these age groups are ...Read more

C-Force: From Missing Meds to Support for Women Warriors

Health / Chuck Norris /

There seems to be one thing after another emerging in today's world that makes achieving or maintaining good health seem near impossible. Take access to common and necessary maintenance pharmaceuticals -- from amoxicillin (prescribed to treat certain infections caused by bacteria) to epinephrine (for emergency situations for severe allergic ...Read more

C-Force: Obesity Epidemic is Out of Control!

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Approximately 9 million people die every year of hunger and hunger-related diseases, more than from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined, reports, an online service that reports on major world problems. While the share of undernourished people in the world has fallen markedly in the past three decades, an estimated 1 in 9 ...Read more

C-Force: Technological Advances in Health Care Both Friend and Foe

Health / Chuck Norris /

As recently reported by USA Today's Tony Leys, Bette Helm, 71, lives in a nursing home located in Knoxville, Iowa, a small city in Marion County of about 7,500 people. Like many small rural communities, accessible mental health services in the area are scant. Helm needed to talk to a trained nurse practitioner about her constant bouts with ...Read more

C-Force: Settling Disparities in Care and Getting Back to Treating the Whole Patient

Health / Chuck Norris /

What is happening to the blissful joy of country living? While it remains for those who can afford it, for others it seems to be slipping away. As I reported last week, finding a family doctor or adequate health care services is at a crisis point in rural America. As I noted, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, research ...Read more

C-Force: Celebrating the Sacrifice and Skill of Good Old Country Doctors

Health / Chuck Norris /

For people living in rural America, finding a family doctor or adequate health care services has never been easy. Says Rian Dundon in a report: "Country folk have been bootstrapping their healthcare for generations through the use of hard to reach clinics, rural hospitals, and the traveling doctor. And even in the 1920s, when half ...Read more

C-Force: It Seems Anti-aging Efforts Are Taking on a New Life

Health / Chuck Norris /

As if we needed more proof of the adage, "You are what you eat," a study recently published in Nature Aging has demonstrated that calorie restriction may, among other benefits, also slow aging in humans. Reports Time magazine, a goal of the study was to see if people who restricted calories also aged more slowly than those who ate normally. "...Read more



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