C-Force: We Need to Find Our Way to Foods That Fight Disease

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Processed foods very well could be making us sick. It is not a hard conclusion to reach. Jerold Mande is CEO of Nourish Science, a new non-governmental organization focused on solving the country's current nutrition crisis. He is also an adjunct professor of nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. According to Mande, "federal...Read more

C-Force: We're Beyond Tired; We're Sleep Deprived

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At some point in your life, you may have been facing a big and perplexing decision, and someone might have given you the advice to "sleep on it." This adage is derived from an age-old bit of sound advice. Making difficult decisions is generally easier if we are well rested and can possibly see the options more clearly. According to ...Read more

C-Force: Managing Anger Is a Much-Needed Skill

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Back in November 2023, I wrote a column about how anger has emerged as a major response to the craziness and stress that seems to surround us in today's world. It feels as if anger has all too often become a fuel for dysfunctional, sometimes hateful behavior.

As a martial artist with a lifetime of experience practicing emotional control, I ...Read more

Getting 'A Head' of Wellness

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Loneliness has reached epidemic levels in this country. "No news here," some might say. Stories about this public health problem are constantly in the news. I have written about it myself. But I must admit that I was surprised by a story that appeared last week. As reported by NBC News, San Mateo County in California has declared loneliness to ...Read more

C-Force: Should Major Sporting Events Come With a Health Warning?

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In a recent post, Dr. Robert H. Shmerling, senior faculty editor at Harvard Health, is quick to admit to the many upsides to watching sports. "The excitement of competition and the bonding and camaraderie with likeminded friends, family, and other fans," he writes. "Watching sports might improve your health if sports spectatorship sparks sports ...Read more

C-Force: Time for a Step-back Look at New Technology

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Time moves on and things change -- as we know, not always for the better. Examining our relationship with change came to mind when considering an installment of the NPR podcast series "Body Electric" and its analysis of "Zoom fatigue." Video calls for business or social meetups have skyrocketed over the past several years. Now being examined is ...Read more

C-Force: Why Working While Ill Is Bad for Business

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"It's that time of year, again, when everyone appears to be getting sick -- your family, your friends, your co-workers," USA Today's Adrianna Rodriguez recently proclaimed writing about the current state of public health in the country.

"You can take your pick this year," says Dr. Steve Furr, president of the American Academy of Family ...Read more

C-Force: Resolving to Better Understand the Act of Eating

Health / Chuck Norris /

Around this time of the year, many people are settling in on their New Year's resolutions. Lots of folks might have already given up on theirs. Their intention was probably a good one, but something got in their way. As Sabrina Romanoff, a clinical psychologist and professor at Yeshiva University in New York, recently explained to Fox News ...Read more

C-Force: Can Awe Moments and Other Small Actions Bring Joy in 2024?

Health / Chuck Norris /

If you've had a tough 2023 (and it sure looks like lots of folks have), it might be hard to turn the page to 2024 with gusto. How soon thoughts of comfort and joy associated with Christmas can shift to the rearview mirror, as we face the resolutions and expectations that come with the dawning of the New Year -- with them a whole new set of ...Read more

C-Force: Mental Health Toll From COVID Epidemic Continues

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"As one day blurs into the next and one month into another, the consequences of sustained stress can rise to the surface in subtle ways," I wrote roughly two years ago at the dawning of the New Year of 2022. I was speaking about the then effects coming out of two long years of pandemic life and of various expert assessments of the negative ...Read more

C-Force: Maintaining Wellness During the Holiday Season

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It's reported that a lot of people are expected to get sick this holiday season. Maybe lots more than usual during these winter days given a recent NBC Today Show report labeling it as the year of the "tripledemic" of COVID, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). It is "straining the U.S. health system, causing lengthy emergency ...Read more

C-Force: A Christmas Classic and a Needed Reminder

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Since moviemaking first became an industry, watching an engaging movie has provided one of the traditional means available for escaping, if only for a couple of hours, from the pressures and demands of the real world. Sitting around with family and friends during the holidays while revisiting some favorite Christmas-themed movies from both the ...Read more



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