C-Force: Beware the Superspreading Coronavirus Event

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As widely reported, last Monday marked the 28th day in a row the country's rolling seven-day average of daily new COVID-19 cases shattered all previous records. As reported by UPI, in my home state of Texas, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has surpassed 200,000, according to updated data from state health officials.

Reports UPI, Los ...Read more

C-Force: Packed Bars and Young Adults Driving COVID Surge

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Here is a recipe for a cocktail you do not want to mix during the upcoming holiday weekend. It starts with a tight, confined venue. Next, smash together a mixture of young adults absolutely unconcerned about contracting or spreading an illness. Add the final kicker of a business operator who does not give a hoot about limiting crowds or social ...Read more

A Sink-or-Swim Moment in This Pandemic

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The year was 1950, and America was a nation racked with uncertainty and fear. North Korean Communist forces invaded the South, and we were in the grips of another war. President Harry Truman placed America's railroads under the control of the U.S. Army.

A Cold War with Russia by then had long settled in. On the homefront, the ugly era of ...Read more

C-Force: Coronavirus Pandemic Continues

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According to an MSN report, a Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus driver, whose name was not released, died of complications from COVID-19 last week. This 23-year employee became the first Metro employee to die of the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, but he's not the first worker to be infected by it. Los Angeles' Metro...Read more

C-Force: Ups and Downs of Businesses Reopening

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It has been half a year now since early reports began streaming in from a large city in China of strange and frightening symptoms sickening dozens of people -- the foreshadowing of the worldwide pandemic that has engulfed our everyday life and caused earth-shattering tragedy. What have we learned in the last six months? While much remains ...Read more

C-Force: Breaking the Coronavirus Anxiety Cycle

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As recently reported in a story from The New York Times, a 59-year old California man, gravely ill with liver disease, had waited weeks for news of an available transplant as his health declined. Finally, he got the lifesaving news his family had been hoping for. A liver was available for him. As reported by Katie Hafner, he began to dress to ...Read more

C Force: Giving Lifeguards Their Due as Their Risks Increase

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Memorial Day honors those who died in active military service for our country. The weekend leading up to it also marks the unofficial start of summer for many Americans. To say that Memorial Day weekend 2020 will go down in history as a remembrance like no other hardly covers it.

Traditional commemorations were replaced by virtual ones. Around ...Read more

C-Force: We All Must Soldier On

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Last week, I joined with others in concern regarding just how this intervening time of isolation has changed us and how those changes will reshape the world that awaits us post-quarantine. A primary area that should be alarming to us all has to be the state of our hospitals and medical centers. They are not only essential in protecting our ...Read more

C Force: As Lockdown Eases, Other Uncertainties Lie Ahead

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After months of the pandemic lockdown, we have arrived at a decisive time. Communities around the country and around the globe are starting to take dramatic next steps as they try to move toward economic and social recovery. You cannot help but wonder how this time of isolation has changed us and how those changes will reshape the world that ...Read more

C-Force: What Airlines Post-Coronavirus Procedures Can't Mask

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In 2018, lawmakers passed legislation calling for regulators to set more constricting rules regarding minimum leg room requirements and the width and length of commercial airline seats, as well as reducing the minimum recline pitch of seats. If you have flown coach in the past, I am guessing you may have noticed, especially on newer planes and ...Read more

C-Force: Vaping Teens May Be Ignoring COVID-19 Risks

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As cited last week, a recent study published online in the Chinese Medical Journal found that, of 78 patients with COVID-19, those with a history of smoking were 14 times as likely to develop pneumonia. Many public health experts go even further and say that smokers face a much higher risk than nonsmokers of developing severe complications and ...Read more

C Force: Attention Smokers - Please Stop

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As suggested last week, adopting a healthy lifestyle can stave off chronic disease and boost a strong immune system -- one that can fight off bacteria and viruses. As a recent example, a study by Harvard University published in January of people who were free of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease at age 50 showed that they did not smoke...Read more

C Force: You Are What You Eat During Pandemic Isolation Period

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Whatever recovery looks like once the novel coronavirus pandemic eases and we begin to establish a new normal, we should all agree that things will be different. Our behaviors and rituals will have changed. Priorities will change as a nation, as they have in the aftermath of other major catastrophic events in our history. A new norm for public ...Read more


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