C-Force: Ways Mental Health Assistance Is Taking Off

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Beyond her job as chief medical correspondent for ABC News, Dr. Jennifer Ashton maintains a daily medical practice where she sees patients ranging from teenagers to women in their 80s. As explained in an interview with Ridarswear news, in the past year, her patients have begun to open up more and more about the effects stress and uncertainty ...Read more

C-Force: The Price of Pushing People Toward the Great Outdoors

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As I recently reported, though older people have borne a higher burden of illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19, surveys over the last year are showing people aged 50 and over experience more positive emotions each day and fewer negative ones than other demographics during the pandemic.

In this run-up to the post-pandemic world ahead...Read more

C-Force: More on Building a Better Normal After the Pandemic

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As we emerge from the closeted lives we have been living for the past year, trying to shed light on what the post-pandemic world will be like, we must start with a fundamental question: What will we be like? From a mounting number of public health professionals, the prognosis is not especially encouraging.

There are psychological and ...Read more

C-Force: Can We Build a Better Normal After the Pandemic?

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about a report by The Zebra, the nation's leading insurance comparison site, on the growing threat posed by extreme speeding on the nation's roadways. The report spoke of how, during the pandemic, some drivers have become more likely to rage-drive as a form of stress relief, while others seek an adrenaline rush by ...Read more

C-Force: Experts Say To Watch the Weight and Spend More Time Outside

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There is no way around it. During the isolating environment of the past year, we have all developed some bad habits. They have developed out of necessity -- like relaxed at-home eating habits while sitting on the couch and binge-watching TV, or sitting in bed with one hand scrolling your phone and the other "zombie eating."

Susan Albers, a ...Read more

C-Force: What's Driving the Turn of Our Roadways Into Speedways?

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As reported in The Washington Post, a teenage pedestrian died in August after being hit by two cars along a portion of Indian Head Highway bordering Washington, D.C. It took place a few miles from where another pedestrian was killed in an incident with a vehicle the same month. In September, the driver and passenger of a speeding Toyota Supra ...Read more

C-Force: With Less Spring in Our Step, Welcome to Daylight Saving Time

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During this new moment within the current pandemic, where more and more experts are imagining a "light" at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, a real beam has shone upon us. March 14 marked a shift to daylight saving time. It is that annual event where sunrise and sunset jump ahead one hour. As pointed out recently by Holly Burns of The New York ...Read more

C-Force: Health Workers Overwhelmed By COVID-19 Lacking Needed Help

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It is not hard to think of doctors in charge of hospital units as type A personalities who expect a lot from themselves and those in their charge. Or to conjure up visions of doctors and nurses with their unyielding work ethic carrying out seemingly never-ending responsibilities -- and doing it with a strong sense of comradery and stoicism. They...Read more

C-Force: Lingering Ills of Isolation Yet To Be Known for This Pandemic

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In the desolate frozen landscape 2,415 miles south of Christchurch, New Zealand, stands McMurdo Station. As recently reported by Tara Law of Time magazine, this Antarctic research base has served as home to a man named Pedro Salom since he took a dishwashing job there in 2001. He knows it well. He is well-accustomed to the ebb and flow of life ...Read more

C-Force: Reminders of Why We Will Get Through This Pandemic

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A recent opinion piece by Susanna Schrobsdorff, editor at large for Time magazine, tells the story of Navajo Zoel Zohnnie. A welder by trade, Zohnnie calls home the Southwestern region known as the Four Corners. After losing his father at 17, his aunt took on the responsibilities of raising him and teaching him to respect Navajo traditions and ...Read more

C-Force: Big Thinking Breeds Results, Even During COVID-19

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Yet another coronavirus-related headline this week. This one comes from data provided by Johns Hopkins University that, for the first time since November, average new daily coronavirus infections in the U.S. have fallen under 100,000, well below the average infection rate in December and January. As reported by NPR, these figures are ...Read more

C-Force: Lifestyle Medicines as a Pathway to Pandemic Recovery

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Though new coronavirus cases are reported to be on the decline in the United States following the deadly post-holiday peaks last month, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky recently warned that the positive trend is no cinch to continue.

"Although we have seen declines in cases and admissions and a recent ...Read more



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