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The Long-Term Toll of Electronic Cigarettes and Regulatory Inaction

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

News earlier in the year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimating that the number of middle and high school students who use electronic cigarettes has risen by more than 50% from 2017 to 2018 seemed to catch us all a little flat-footed. It translated to a problem of 2.1 million young people to a problem of 3.6 million young...Read more

No Federal Law Regulates Tattooing; Welcome to the Wild West

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

A number of years ago, my wife, Gena, was given multiple routine MRIs to check on an arthritic condition. To generate a better image, a contrast dye is often routinely injected into the area of the imaging. The chemical agent most commonly used is a heavy metal called gadolinium. These tests yielded little about arthritis, but they did result ...Read more

How Exercise and Movement Reduce Pain

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

It remains the single most common medical complaint by patients. It is sensory, emotional and perceptual -- seemingly all at the same time. The way we experience it varies greatly. No two patients experience it the same, yet it is one of the body's most important communication tools. Because the experience is so individualized, it can be ...Read more

From Polypharmacy to Polypills -- Where Will It Lead?

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

In September 2018, I talked about health issues related to "polypharmacy," a word new to me at the time used to describe individuals taking multiple medications (five or more drugs concurrently), and a term applied most frequently to the elderly. It is not an inherently negative term, but it does have a dark side. It is frequently used to ...Read more

Suicide in the Age of Unprecedented Growth of Those 65 and Older

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

As mentioned last week, to generate discussion and stimulate action toward resolving a major heath issue, Sept. 8-14 was designated as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week. What I failed to mention is that September is Suicide Prevention Month. I was reminded of this by a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs press release that encourages ...Read more

Suicide Rates Rising, Prevention Needed: There's a Lot to Live For

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

At times, there are issues we would rather not talk about but must. Certainly, suicide has historically been high among them. Yet it stands today as the 10th-leading cause of death for people of all ages in the United States. It remains a major public health problem and a tragedy that warrants society-wide recognition and discussion and a ...Read more

The Health Care Conversation Few Are Having

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

I'm no doctor, but I can recognize a prescription for disaster when I see one. What would you predict as the prospects of a profession where one practitioner commits suicide every day, the highest percentage of any profession in the U.S.? More than half of those studying for careers in this profession can expect to experience symptoms of ...Read more

The Effects of Extreme Heat, Persistent Pain and an Exercise Tip

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

The long hot summer of 2019 is at last drawing to a close, and we already know it's one for the record books. July proved to be the Earth's hottest month on record. That said, 2019 is unlikely to set a new record for the warmest year, but it is a lock for making the top five. Researchers believe there is a 90% chance that 2019 will wind up as ...Read more

Diet and Exercise One-Two Punch Against Alzheimer's

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

Alzheimer's disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States. Just the thought of contracting this disease -- which can rob us of our ability to think, learn and remember and can eventually steal from us our very sense of self -- is fear-inducing. The best way to overcome the fear and uncertainty associated with Alzheimer's is ...Read more

Tiny Drop of Blood Could Lead to Huge Alzheimer's Breakthrough

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

In just the past few years, billions of dollars have been put toward ending cancer. We know the importance and urgency of achieving this goal. We accept it and support it. What we are less aware of and engaged in is the equally vital need to find an effective treatment for another devastating disease: Alzheimer's. Each year, it kills more ...Read more

Health Measured From Head to Toe

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

Last week, I explored how the way we perform everyday movements and positioning of our head -- without knowing it -- can bring on chronic neck pain. Most neck pain is something we do not have to endure; it is within our power to address and correct it.

This week, I believe it is time we give our hands a "hand." They are the body's unsung ...Read more

Addressing Chronic Neck Pain

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

Throughout our lives, we are saddled with carrying around this weighty orb -- about 10 to 12 pounds' worth -- in a constant balancing act while we swing it this way and that. We can't carry it low, clutching it to our chest. No, it has to be constantly at the tiptop of our body, with only our neck to support it. Is it any wonder our head can ...Read more

Heat Waves and the Risks They Present

Health & Spirit / Chuck Norris /

At this point in the summer, sunburn might be among the least of our concerns. A dangerous heat wave has blanketed roughly two-thirds of the nation, and as I write this, final reports of the toll of these oppressively high temperatures have yet to come in.

What is known is that many cities across the Midwest and Northeast will likely surpass ...Read more


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