C-Force: The Struggle for Closure as Covid Rages On

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Recently installed on a large grassy expanse of Washington D.C.'s National Mall near the Washington Monument is a sight that is hard to ignore. Covering the area, there are more that 600,000 small white flags. They comprise what ABC News' Michelle Stoddart refers to as a "chilling exhibition" by artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg called "In ...Read more

C-Force: Some Lessons From 9/11 Seem Hard for Us To Remember

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With lessons learned from 9/11 so widely, recently and painfully recounted, the story of suffering and loss that continue for more than 100,000 fellow Americans must not be forgotten. We cannot lose sight of it as if seeing it through a rear-view mirror, fading in the distance. We need to keep these fellow citizens front and center.

According ...Read more

C-Force: If You Think We're Eating Too Much Junk Food, You're Right

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A recent news release by strategic consulting and market research firm BlueWeave Consulting reveals that the global processed snacks market was worth $390.3 billion in U.S. dollars in 2020. The market research firm reports that despite the growing adoption of healthy eating habits, the industry's growth is projected to reach $493.8 billion by ...Read more

C-Force: Where's the Soft Landing for the Sick?

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I have written a lot about the debilitating and often accelerating effects of anxiety created by the world we now occupy, as well as generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD and other mental health threats that require acceptance and proper care. According to a survey on mood disorders published recently by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, ...Read more

C-Force: What To Do With All the Bad News?

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When it comes to wildfires wreaking havoc across the country, there seems to be no safe distance to be found from their fallout. This point was made even more troublingly clear by a new report just published in the journal Science Advances. As reported by NPR, the study estimates that inhaling the toxic particles in wildfire smoke has ...Read more

C-Force: Wildland Fires' Noxious Smoke Brings Air Pollution

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When a single wildfire can ravage (as of Monday) nearly 867 square miles -- an area roughly the size of the Olympic city of Tokyo -- it is impossible to ignore. When it threatens to destroy your wife's family's small mountain hometown of Chester, California, causing its evacuation while you sit helplessly thousands of miles away, it deepens the ...Read more

C-Force: When the Heat Is On, Caution Is Needed

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The heat of the Olympics is officially over, but prevailing excessively high temperatures will not only continue, but loads of people will also be seeking the heat. As science journalist Sarah Everts was quoted explaining last week, some folks will continue to be drawn to the small confines of a sizzling sauna where they "can relax and forget ...Read more

C-Force: Why Sweat Is Swell

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In the last two weeks, I've never seen such a parade of sweaty people on TV. I mean this in the most positive of ways. I'm speaking of the best athletes in the world competing at the Olympic games in Tokyo. Besides thrilling competition, this spectacle allows us the opportunity to not only see the effects of heat on athletic activity but also ...Read more

C-Force: The Number of Americans Living With Alzheimer's Is Growing

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It is easy to lose track of other major public health concerns while the news covers the ongoing threat posed by COVID-19. Yet the list of other health threats is extensive: opioid abuse, obesity, heart disease and cancer among them. The personal and societal toll of Alzheimer's and dementia certainly requires our attention. The number of older ...Read more

C-Force: Health Threat of Extreme Heat Is a Serious One

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I have been talking a lot lately about the disorders associated with exposure to constant stress. It is time we add a completely different form of stress to this list of things we must be concerned about -- heat stress. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reminds us, exposure to extreme heat can spiral into heat cramps, heat rashes...Read more

C-Force: Swapping Skyrocketing Bad Behavior for the Joy That's Missing

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Last week, I reported how what the American Institute of Stress refers to as "COVID Anger" appears to be a growing condition that is spilling out onto America's roadways in the form of dangerous, aggressive driving and road rage. It is not the only transportation sector where such bad behavior is expressing itself.

According to an Associated ...Read more

C-Force: Is Covid Anger Spilling Out Onto America's Roadways?

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I hope you and your family had a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July holiday weekend. If you took to traveling the roadways, you had a whole lot of company, and I pray you navigated your travels unharmed. According to USA Today projections, nearly 48 million Americans were expected to travel between July 1 and July 5 with more than 91% of them ...Read more

C-Force: PTSD Threat Grows as Awareness Lags

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In 2010, the U.S. Senate dedicated June 27 as National PTSD Awareness Day. Four years later, it decided to designate the whole month of June as National PTSD Awareness Month. If you missed the opportunity on this day, or last month, to support the effort to destigmatize and enhance awareness of this very treatable condition, you are not alone. ...Read more



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