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Quinn on Nutrition: Update on seafood and mercury

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What's the deal with mercury in seafood? Health experts tell us to eat more fish for the beneficial effects of omega-3 fatty acids, which are critical for brain and eye development during pregnancy and young childhood. Yet fish can also contain mercury -- a metal in the environment that is toxic to the brain and nervous system.

In January of ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Lessons from wise moms

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I enjoyed the commentary on mothers in the May issue of Capsules, the newsletter from the Auxiliary at Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. It includes some cute mom-isms, such as the answer to the question, "How did God make mothers?" posed to elementary school students.

"Magic plus super powers and lot of stirring," said one kiddo.

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Quinn on Nutrition: Don't ignore the telltale signs of vitamin deficiency

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It was my first sailing adventure and what an adventure it was. My sister-in-law, Jen took us out on Coco Kai, her 70-foot schooner, which I learned is a boat with two or more masts. (Masts are the poles that hold the sails, I was also informed.)

Jen knows her stuff. She should, after sailing around the world on Coco Kai (named after my niece, ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Domino effect

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They call it the domino effect -- when one event sets off a chain of similar incidents. I prefer when life dominoes in a positive direction, such as when lunch with an old friend leads to an unexpected meeting with another old friend and another ... all in the same day.

When stressful events domino, however, they seem to throw my food choices ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Safe produce

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I get a kick watching educational shows with my grandkids. One favorite is "The Cat in the Hat," who is always up for an adventure. But not before the children ask their mother for permission.

"We can go! We can go!" say the kids after getting the OK from mom.

"I know! I know!" says the Cat. "Off to the ... thing-a-ma-jigger!"

My grandkiddos ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Genetically altered foods

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My editor forwarded this voicemail to me: "Good morning. This is Mrs. Mary Margaret Graham ... like the crackers ... from Carmel. I'd like you to do an article on genetically altered foods. I was at a ladies club this past week and all we could talk about was food and how it affects us. We are starting to suffer from overpopulation and if we don...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Weight management is personal

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I'm having an up and down relationship with my scale this month. I'm not trying to do anything dramatic, just eliminate a few bulges that keep me uncomfortable in my usually comfortable clothes.

I'm a dietitian. I know this stuff, right? Most of the time, I can figure out what strategies work best for my clients who need to lose weight. But ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Silly food jokes

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My friend, Betty, is truly younger than her years. Part of her secret, I believe, lies in the humor she finds in living. So in celebration of April 1, here are some food funnies from Betty and others who brighten my life:

--Wine pairing rules for caveman in the Stone Age: "If it tries to eat you, serve with red. If it runs away, serve with ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: IBS and the FODMAP diet

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As promised, this column will answer your questions this month. Here's a good one:

"Hi, Barbara, just curious if you ever wrote anything about IBS and/or the FODMAP diet. Trying to figure my 'gut' out and now people have suggested for me to go on this diet. I have seen doctors and gone through various tests and everything comes back normal. ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Questions from readers

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March is National Nutrition Month, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. So for the next few weeks, this column will address your questions and comments. Let's get started:

Linda from Jefferson City, Mo., writes: "I often see in nutrition columns, ads and on labels that certain foods 'strengthen' the immune system. What does that...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Put your best fork forward

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Yay, it's almost time to spring forward into longer and warmer days. And it's also the time, says the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), to "Put our best fork forward." It is March, after all, when nutrition experts get all excited about National Nutrition Month.

I'm pretty good at putting my fork forward. Maybe I need to put it away. ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Water. It's that Important.

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One reporter wrote that three of the seven planets recently discovered outside our solar system are "the holy grail for planet-hunting astronomers." That's because there's a real possibility these three have water ... and therefore could support life.

Water. It's that important. No, really, it's that important.

Consider this the next time you ...Read more

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