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Quinn on Nutrition: Irish insights

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It's that time of year when this Irish-descended nutritionist paints her toenails green and makes sure she has currents and caraway seeds to make Grandma Quinn's famous (in the Quinn family, anyway) Irish soda bread. I also look for funny limericks, like this one from

There once was a farmer from Leeds,

Who swallowed a packet of ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Readers' questions and comments

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Ahhh...the coming spring thaw. Visions of wearing less bulky clothes in a less bulky body dance in our heads. It's also National Nutrition Month (, says the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Time for me to catch up to you, my readers:


-- Recently I read with interest ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Sodium: How low can we go?

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As with much of this science of nutrition, experts don't always agree on what's best for us. Not that they don't have good information. Sometimes we have lots of valid data. But Mr. Jones' response to a dietary change may be entirely different from Mrs. Smith's. Case in point, several respected organizations have come up with different ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Why don't we cook?

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I have a special connection with my bro-in-law, Brian. Not just because we have the same initials and he makes me laugh. Brian is a chef, a really good chef. He and wife Lisa graduated from the former California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. And he's passionate about getting families and kids back into the kitchen.

Sometimes Brian likes to...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: What's good about chocolate?

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It's said that physicians of old prescribed chocolate to cure a broken heart. Who would argue with that? And here's how a 16th-century Spanish explorer described this sensuous indulgence: "It gives admirable pleasure and satisfaction of the bodily nature ... strength, nourishment and vigor in such a way that those who are accustomed to it cannot...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Science of meat

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Yes, there really is a college major in the science of meat. And it has a lot to do with the science of nutrition, I was informed by Hannah Kesterson, a beautiful young lady who will soon graduate from Colorado State University with a master of science degree in Animal Science, Meat Science and Human Nutrition. Wow.

I was curious why she ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Weigh in on high protein diets

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Do high protein diets work? Are they good for us? Current research suggests that a diet higher in protein may be an effective way to lose weight, according to an article on this topic by registered dietitian Kaley Todd in Today's Dietitian. Compared to lower protein diets, a boost of protein can help a dieter preserve muscle mass and perhaps ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Nutritional immune boosters

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I've been careful to wash my hands often and stay away from any hint of anyone who says they are not feeling well. Then I feel this little tickle in my throat...and a few random coughs here and there. Uh oh.

Welcome to one of the worst flu seasons on record, says the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Time to take a little defensive inventory.

...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: More on beans and bread

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My recent column about the best way to soak beans to retain nutrients brought a response from Ana Carolina Fernandes, PhD nutritionist and professor at Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil. In 2010, her research team published an article in the International Journal of Food Science & Technology in which they reviewed the nutritional ...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Clearing up nutrition questions

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My goal for today is to get the last of my Christmas decorations put away for another year. And to clear up these questions and comments from readers:

Alana writes: "Thank you for your article on beans. Question: Does bringing beans that have been soaked overnight in water to a boil before discarding the water and adding fresh water for cooking...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: Nutrition helps diabetes

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Here's something to get our attention as we head into a New Year: Half of our U.S. population is now estimated to have diabetes or are headed that way with a condition called pre-diabetes.

Along with this scary news is the good news that -- because of how we take care of this disease -- diabetes-related complications have declined over the past...Read more

Quinn on Nutrition: DASH into the New Year

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It's one of the most effective diet strategies to bring down blood pressure and reduce dangerous inflammation. It helps us lose weight and protects almost every organ in our bodies. And hardly anyone knows about it.

It's called the DASH diet, not to be confused with the popular seasoning. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension ...Read more


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