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On Nutrition: Sugar in wine?

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I recently had the opportunity to sample a new brand of white wine. It was excellent. As good, in fact, as any nice sauvignon blanc I’ve enjoyed.

What caught my attention, however, was the bottle. It touted a nutrition facts label. We don’t often see nutrition labels on alcoholic beverages because alcohol is not regulated by the Food and ...Read more


On Nutrition: Land of dining enchantment

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Note: Soon after finishing this piece, I was shocked and saddened to learn of the devastating fire that destroyed thousands of acres in and around the picturesque mountain town of Ruidoso, New Mexico. My prayers are with all the people involved in this disaster.


Each time I visit my home state of New Mexico, I know why it’s called “...Read more

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On Nutrition: More on sugar alcohols

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After hearing from a reader with diabetes and dry mouth who was searching for hard sugar-free candy with no sugar alcohols, I replied that if there are any products without these types of sweeteners, they did not come up on my radar.

I soon received a note from Mary O. in Richmond, Virginia: “It took me a few seconds to find candy free of ...Read more


On Nutrition: Quotes to ponder

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Over the years, in numerous circumstances, I’ve treasured the wisdom of others, especially when it comes to living a healthful life. Some has come from personal friends, others from those in the public eye…some serious, others witty.

Hippocrates, for example, was an ancient Greek physician who is often referred to as the “father of ...Read more


On Nutrition: Counting calories, Round 3

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Seems we are still not finished with comments regarding two recent columns on counting calories. Interestingly, these two letters arrived in my inbox on the same day.

Dee V. from Santa Cruz wrote: “I too have found that plain old fashioned counting calories is the easiest and most reliable way to achieve a goal and stay there. I don’t do ...Read more


On Nutrition: Do we need more sodium?

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A well-meaning friend encouraged me to add an electrolyte powder into my daily water bottle.

“It’s got a lot of sodium,” she explained. “But you need extra sodium when you’re active and sweating.”

This particular product contains potassium, magnesium and sodium — essential minerals that can be lost in sweat and urine. It was the ...Read more

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On Nutrition: Hunt for sugar-free candy

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Elaine L., who reads this column in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes, “I am diabetic and also get a very dry mouth frequently. Sucking on a hard candy helps my mouth, but I really don't need the sugar. I have searched for sugar-free hard candies, but every one I have found contains sugar alcohols, which greatly upset my stomach. Are there ...Read more


On Nutrition: Dear Graduate

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Graduation celebrations abound this time of year. Even our 4-year-old granddaughter got into it. With a miniature square cap proudly balanced on her head, she excitedly waved at us the entire time she and her classmates were recognized for completing preschool.

Amid the flurry of high school announcements were two we received from our nephews ...Read more

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On Nutrition: Do calories really count?

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A recent column about my husband and I trying to shed a few vacation pounds brought these responses:

“I read your article about counting calories after a trip to Texas. I can totally relate. In 2016, I started an Excel spread sheet and kept track of each calorie. I dropped from 275 to 231 (pounds)," said Red in York, Nebraska.

"Four ...Read more

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On Nutrition: Food for horse camping

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Anne in St. Louis writes: "Hi Barbara, I read with great interest (in a previous column) that you were horse camping in Texas. I am a newbie horse camper! I'm still trying to figure out what is nutritious to bring that needs no refrigeration (aside from a cooler) and no way to heat it up/cook it. Do you have recipes for a portable snack (besides...Read more


On Nutrition: Weight loss gummies a sticky situation

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Corryne P. writes: “I am inquiring about the fat busting products such as keto gummies, GOLO release, Nutrisystem shakes and others. Do they really work? I know people who have tried them but when they stop, the weight returns. How do they work on the body?”

Another reader asks: “Could you please explain the craze going on with Apple ...Read more

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On Nutrition: Counting calories

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My husband and I mysteriously arrived back from our month-long trip to Texas with extra baggage. And it seems to be stuck to our waists.

We both had the same excuses. We really didn’t eat that much … except for a few Lone Star beers. And between riding our horses and dancing to great bands, we got plenty of exercise. Even so, when we got ...Read more


On Nutrition: Questions about blood type diet and peanuts

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A college student in Illinois writes, “I’ve always been interested in nutrition and one of the things I see popping up all the time is something called the 'Blood Type Diet.' I know that losing weight has nothing to do with your blood type and you can lose weight with any diet. But there’s another part of this diet regarding lectins that I...Read more



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