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On Nutrition: More on sweeteners

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In response to a recent column about the safety of sugar substitutes, reader P.S. from Ohio asks: “What are your sources for this article? I have read in several sources which I consider reputable that aspartame and acesulfame are carcinogens. However, on the internet there is mixed information.”

Ah, yes, the internet is teeming with mixed ...Read more

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On Nutrition: Questions about incomplete proteins

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Reader Ann F. writes: "I remember learning a bit about incomplete proteins a long time ago, and that if you combined, say, beans with corn, you had a complete protein, much as if you'd eaten eggs, or meat, or cottage cheese. I always assumed that you should eat them at the same meal.

But I'm wondering, suppose you had one incomplete for ...Read more


On Nutrition: Food for thoughts

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I forgot that June was Brain Health Awareness Month. And then I stumbled over several interesting research articles that say it’s never to late — or early — to learn.

According to Dr. Louise Dye, a nutrition and behavior professor at the University of Leeds in England, our brains go through major changes in our lifetime, especially when ...Read more

On Nutrition: Is going meat-free the answer to climate change?

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When it comes to climate change, are cows as bad as cars? Probably not, says Dr. Frank Mitloehner, University of California, Davis researcher and air quality specialist. He asserts that meat and dairy animals are not major drivers of climate change and they might well be part of the solution.

Wait, what?

People have many reasons to limit or ...Read more

On Nutrition: Sorting the facts

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I have a very nice patient who comes to appointments with questions about everything except his main medical problem. These are from his last visit:

“My sister told me not to drink diet sodas because they have toxic chemicals. I’ve heard pasta is really bad for you. Eating meat is not good for the environment, right?”

So, are these ...Read more


On Nutrition: Deadhead damaging health habits

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The rich array of daisies in my garden are now spent and faded, not nearly as fresh and vibrant as they were in the spring. So I decided to teach my grandkids how to remove (aka “deadhead”) the dried-up flowers to help direct the plant’s energy toward making new blooms.

“This is very satisfying,” my maturing 10 year-old granddaughter ...Read more


On Nutrition: Supplements for sleep

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It’s true that as we age, we don’t sleep as well or as long. Why is that? Scientists say several changes occur with aging that disrupt our natural sleep cycle.

That’s why I was intrigued with an ad on television for a product that claims to have been “clinically tested” and “proven effective” to help one fall asleep faster and ...Read more


On Nutrition: More on pork

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Readers Letters

Talk about personal. A handwritten letter on lined tablet paper came to me from a “nearing 90 year-old widower just past six years and a month” who signed his note “CJS.”

“This is my observation on your recent article (Lima Ohio News) on the Pros and Cons of Pork,” he began. He then described in intricate detail his...Read more


On Nutrition: Shades of lavender

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This may be my favorite time on the ranch. Mother cows are happily nursing their newborns in pastures finally green after much-needed rain. Branding and spring vaccinations are behind us. And ranch duties have slowed down — at least for a couple of weeks.

I’d say it’s a perfect time to visit my daughter in New Mexico. It’s her birthday,...Read more

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On Nutrition: Infant formula do's and don'ts

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With the recent recall and subsequent shortage of certain infant formulas, parents are scrambling to find appropriate alternatives. Are there any?

For moms who breastfeed their babies, keep on nursing. Breastfeeding exclusively for the first 6 months of life provides the best nutrition and health protection for babies.

From 6 to 12 months, mom...Read more


On Nutrition: Eating for your genes

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In response to a recent column where I mentioned how genetic research is beginning to show us how our DNA may influence our dietary needs, reader Ann F sent me a slew of questions:

"Could race, hair color, eye color, ancestry help you choose the best diet? What about your gender? If you do have DNA information, how much would you be able to ...Read more


On Nutrition: What's in your salad?

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I was not aware until I heard it from my buddy Bob at Dole. May is National Salad Month. Lettuce celebrate!

I’m reminded of a story a friend told me several years ago. Her family was visiting her small hometown and visited a local restaurant for lunch. The limited menu featured two salads: regular and deluxe.

“What’s the difference ...Read more



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