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Diabetes Quick Fix: Chicken and Garlic Greens with Spicy Sauteed Potatoes

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Top grilled chicken with baby greens for a surprisingly different dinner. In this recipe baby greens, also known as field greens or mesclun, are sauteed with garlic as a colorful topping for chicken. If you can't find the baby greens in the supermarket, you can use a soft lettuce such as bib.

Sauteing the greens for a minute enhances the flavor...Read more

Eating out may raise your risk of cancer, alarming new study shows

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Foodies beware: A recent study has shown that the habit of dining out may raise your risk of cancer.

According to a new University of California and George Washington University study, as Newsweek reports, dining out may put you at risk for elevated levels of potentially harmful chemicals called phthalate that are linked to diseases like cancer...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Sweet and Sour Shrimp with Brown Rice

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Using sliced onions and green pepper from the produce section of the market helps you make this dinner in 5 minutes.

Wok cooking tip: Make sure your wok or skillet is very hot. Add the food to the hot wok and don't touch it for about 30 seconds. This gives the wok a chance to regain its heat.

Helpful Hint:

-- Diced fresh onions and green bell...Read more

Fun ways to fill an Easter basket without too much sugar

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Easter baskets can be so much fun to put together for the kiddos. And while the Easter Bunny is not going to fill up a basket with broccoli and Brussels sprouts, there's no reason for the basket to be loaded with sugar either.

Sugary candies may be easy to buy, but did you know that one prefilled plastic egg can contain more than 30 grams of ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Pecan-Crusted Tilapia with Hot Pepper Succotash

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Pecans and cornmeal make a crisp crust for fresh fish fillets. Hot pepper jelly is a quick way to add flavor to vegetables. Here it spices up a traditional succotash for the side dish.

A general rule of thumb for cooking fish is to cook it for 10 minutes per inch of thickness measured at the thickest part of the fish. I prefer to cook the fish ...Read more

Cardiologist Joel Kahn's push for plant-based lifestyle is outlined in new book

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We all know we should eat better.

That's the standard message from health professionals, dietitians and nutritionists. A sedentary lifestyle paired with foods that are highly caloric, high in fat and loaded with sodium is seen as nobody's friend.

Adopting a plant-based style of eating is gaining popularity as a way to live healthier.

For some...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Southwestern Three Bean Soup

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This thick hearty soup is a great 25-minute supper. It's a whole flavor-packed meal in a bowl. It also freezes well. If you have time, make double and you will have another meal ready for emergencies.

Helpful Hints:

-- Fresh or frozen shelled edamame can be used.

-- A good quality paprika can be substituted for smoked paprika.

-- Diced fresh...Read more

Spoonfuls of this snack could benefit adults with high blood pressure, study says

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In the realm of snacks, yogurt has always been considered one of the healthier options. But is it so healthy, it can help lower risk of cardiovascular disease?

A study published earlier this month in American Journal of Hypertension (Oxford University Press) concluded that both men and women suffering from high blood pressure could potentially ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Scaloppine al Marsala (Veal Marsala) with Penne alla Siciliana (Sicilian Penne Pasta)

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Succulent veal with a sweet Marsala wine sauce and pasta brings a touch of Sicily to your table. Marsala wine is a sweet fortified wine that is produced in Sicily by families who have owned their vineyards for many generations.

Helpful Hints:

-- Sherry can be used instead of Marsala.

-- Boneless skinless chicken breasts can be substituted for...Read more

Should you avoid asparagus? Maybe not

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Are you eschewing asparagus because of recent headlines suggesting that it raises your cancer risk?

Some recent research suggested that foods which contain high levels of asparagine, an amino acid, may be associated with the spread of breast cancer, as USA Today reported.

A study of lab mice found cutting levels of asparagine "dramatically" ...Read more

Skipping breakfast is not a good idea in the long run, study finds

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Although there have been countless opinions over the years about the importance of breakfast, researchers studying how it affects overall health are now saying that your mother was right when she told you it's the most important meal of the day.

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows a correlation between ...Read more

For a nutritious breakfast, think pizza. No, really.

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You know that pepperoni pie you tucked into last night but would feel far too guilty to eat for breakfast, the most important meal of the day.

Get over it and chow down. In a boon to college students and hungover people everywhere, some nutrition experts are now saying that pizza is actually healthier for you for breakfast than that box of ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Mock Hungarian Goulash with Caraway Noodles

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Succulent beef cooked in a tomato sauce flavored with onion, green pepper and paprika is the basis for Hungarian Goulash. Here's a quick version.

The secret to a good Hungarian Goulash is good Hungarian paprika. Paprika is the Hungarian name for both sweet pepper and the powder made from it. Ordinary paprika comes in varying degrees of flavor -...Read more

Quinoa kale salad keeps healthful eating resolutions on track

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If you're looking for something to help you keep your new year's resolution to eat healthier, a kale salad is a good option.

The sturdy green contains vitamins A and C, folic acid, calcium and iron.

But there's also another reason to sing kale's praises: You can go ahead and dress The Kansas City Star's Quinoa Kale Salad With Raisins and ...Read more


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