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Study: One sugary drink a day increases chance of liver cancer in women

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Consuming just one sugary drink a day can increase a woman's chance of developing liver cancer, according to research by various institutions that was presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition.

Researchers, including those from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and the University of South Carolina in ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Patty Melt with Pickle Relish Salad

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Enjoy this Patty Melt. Originally it was created as a thin burger, smothered with caramelized onions, topped with melted cheese and served on rye bread. For this recipe I use whole wheat bread.

It takes a while to caramelize the onions. I speed it up by starting them in the microwave first, and then they only need about 10 minutes in a skillet....Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Pan-Seared Scallops and Vegetable Medley Rice

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Fresh sea scallops served with a colorful Vegetable Medley Rice makes a quick dinner that only takes 20 minutes to complete. Scallops, which need very little cooking, should be prepared so that the inside remains creamy. Prolonged cooking will shrink and toughen them.

Sliced fresh onions, red bell pepper and mushrooms are available in most ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Oven-Fried Chicken with Creamed Corn and Lima Beans

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Fried chicken outstrips all other fast-food sales combined. I decided to bake this chicken in the oven and give it a crunchy crust without frying it. Placing the baking tray in the oven to preheat will cook the bottom side of the chicken without having to turn it.

Helpful Hints:

— You can substitute breadcrumbs for cracker crumbs.

— You ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Moussaka

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Moussaka, a layered eggplant casserole, is traditional fare at every Greek taverna. The dish has hundreds of variations. Usually, slices of eggplant and sometimes potatoes are sautéed and layered with a spiced ground meat.

Helpful Hints:

— You can use grated Parmesan cheese instead of feta cheese.

— You can find minced garlic in the ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Greek Bean and Vegetable Soup (Fassoulada)

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Known in Greece as fassoulada, this hearty, thick soup is a popular dish there. Navy beans, onion, tomatoes and garlic make up the basis of the soup.

Helpful Hint:

— You can find minced garlic in the produce section of the market.


— Prepare ingredients.

— Make soup.

Shopping List:

1 package frozen chopped onion, 1 can no-...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Lemon-Braised Celery and Snapper

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Cooked celery has a nutty flavor. In this dish the celery is gently braised in a lemon-flavored broth with fresh linguine. The celery and pasta create a flavorful bed for fresh snapper in this 20-minute meal.

Helpful Hints:

— You can use walnuts, almonds or pecans instead of pistachio nuts.

— Use a casserole that can go from stovetop to ...Read more



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