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Diabetes Quick Fix: Ginger Teriyaki Steamed Fish and Chinese Noodles

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Ginger, teriyaki sauce and scallions flavor this one-pot Asian Steamed Fish meal.

Chinese food takes only minutes to cook, but the chopping and cutting to prepare ingredients can be time-consuming. This recipe has very little preparation time and few ingredients making it a very speedy Chinese supper.

Bok choy is a Chinese lettuce with white, ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Dijon Chicken with Vegetable Quinoa

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A sauce made with Dijon mustard and dry vermouth flavors thin-sliced chicken cutlets. Quinoa is an ancient grain that is high in protein and a good source of fiber.

Helpful Hints:

-- Any type of green vegetable can be used with the quinoa, such as trimmed green beans or zucchini.

-- If thin chicken cutlets are not available, use boneless, ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Picadillo with Tomato and Onion Salad and Cheddar Cheese and Apples

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Try this quick dish for Super Bowl Sunday or any time of year. Picadillo or ground meat in a flavor-packed tomato sauce is a popular Cuban dish that is served in many Latin restaurants. There are many picadillo variations, but olives and capers are always part of the recipe. It was served at Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West over rolls and became ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Greek-Style Casserole Soup

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This thick and hearty soup made with vegetables and Arborio rice takes only 20 minutes to make. It's a whole meal in one bowl. I find that my family, no matter what the weather, still loves a bowl of soup; but usually, soups take too long to make for a mid-week meal. This quick meal fits the bill.

Arborio rice is an Italian rice that is shorter...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Filet Marchand du Vin (Steak in Red Wine Sauce) with Sauteed Garlic Potatoes

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This traditional French bistro steak, cooked in a red wine sauce is easy to make and elegant enough for company.

Helpful Hints:

-- Any type of red wine can be used.

-- Diced fresh onions can be found in the produce section of the supermarket.


-- Start potatoes.

-- Make steak.

-- Finish potatoes.

Shopping List:

To buy: 1/2 ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Chicken Diavolo (Italian Chicken in Spicy Tomato Sauce) with Zucchini Carrot Gratinee

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Chicken Diavolo is a traditional Italian dinner that calls for a spicy tomato sauce. Diavolo in Italian means devil and this dish is meant to be spicy hot. The chicken breasts cook in minutes and the heat is up to you. Zucchini and carrots make a colorful side dish.

Helpful Hints:

-- Red pepper flakes can be found in the spice section of the ...Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Sicilian Swordfish with Broccoli Linguine

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Tomatoes, olives and garlic are staples for zesty Sicilian cooking. Raisins add sweetness giving the sauce in this dish a tantalizing sweet and sour flavor. The sauce for the fish can be made in a microwave oven. This saves time and the need to clean another saucepan. There is also a stove-top method.

Helpful Hints:

-- Any meaty type of fish, ...Read more


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