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7 rookie mistakes to avoid on your San Francisco trip

With a red-hot restaurant scene, head-spinningly beautiful views, and major highlights, like the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and notorious Alcatraz, San Francisco is secure in its ranks as one of the top cities to visit in the U.S. From charming Victorian homes on famously hilly streets to its funky counterculture, the city has something for ...Read more

Summer office fashion, from no-sweat shirts to cooling socks

"Never let them see you sweat" is popular advice for handling difficult situations, but making that work in the literal sense during a busy day at the job can be a problem in the summertime.

Long commutes or walking from a parking lot to your office building in the blazing heat can make you look and feel like a hot mess when you ...Read more

Teachers get a special discount at Target Teachers Prep Event in July

Teachers can get classrooms ready for the coming school year and save 15% on supplies at Target's Teacher Prep Event July 13-20.

Teachers who enter their teacher ID will get a coupon and one-time promo code to use in stores or online to save on classroom supplies such as pens, pencils, notebooks, arts and crafts items, clothes and more. There ...Read more

Turning worn-out clothes into 'ethical' works of art with 'visible mending'

MINNEAPOLIS - Lauren Callis Erickson spent hours mending her beat-up jeans jacket, making tiny rows of white and pink stitches that stand out against the denim. And that's the point.

Her handiwork is an example of "visible mending," a growing trend that's part environmentally friendly, part thrifty and part artsy. Inspired by the slow...Read more

Answer Angel: Black, white, neon? Colorful sneakers create a sock dilemma

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: OK, so I actually had this conversation with myself this morning! I put on jeans and cobalt blue sneakers: white socks or black? Both seemed wrong! Athletic shoes come in tons of great colors these days, and I'm finding it difficult to decide which color socks to wear with them. When I'm going to the gym, I always wear...Read more

SPF vs. UPF—what's the difference?

One advance in clothing and accessories worth looking for in summer (and year-round) is fabric with an "ultraviolet protection factor," or UPF, rating (which indicates how well a fabric blocks the sun's UV rays - with lighter shades and looser weaves generally blocking less sun).

"And if the garment gets wet, it may become ...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: New Jersey has a potential new law that would protect black people's hair. Sadly, we need it.

I consider myself pretty lucky.

As I transitioned from a precision Halle Berry-esque pixie to locks in the early 2000s, my bosses didn't pull me aside to suggest I choose a more "professional" look.

But they very well could have. It was perfectly legal for employers - back then, I was a young reporter at a newspaper in North ...Read more

Answer Angel: She took on a weight loss challenge; now she's on the hunt for a new style

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I'm about to have a birthday and I'd like to do something for myself. I've recently lost 55 pounds (with 20 pounds more to go)! I've been searching online on how to find my style. How do I find my style without so much confusing information and YouTube videos and spending so much money?

- Francine J.

Dear Francine: I...Read more

The best places to travel in August in the U.S.

We know all too well how fleeting summer can be. So, why not squeeze in one last trip before the season comes to close? August is a great month to get in one last summer getaway, and we're bringing the heat with our list of the best places to travel in August in the U.S., from big cities to vineyards. Expect a mix popular spots and hidden gems...Read more

These Twin Cities women are propelling the body positivity movement

MINNEAPOLIS - Cat Polivoda recently offered tickets to "curvy/fat/plus-size/husky" folks and their friends for a pool party later this summer in St. Louis Park. The second annual "Fat Splash"sold out overnight, so she hustled to add a second date. That one promptly sold out, too.

"I really just care about people feeling...Read more

The best places to visit in Chile

Stretching along the western shores of South America's Southern Cone, Chile offers a bedazzling variety of windswept coastlines, sparse desertscapes, magnificent glaciers, beautiful (and oftentimes colorful) architecture and great museums. From the arid Atacama Desert in the north to the rugged Tierra del Fuego in the Antarctic south, here are...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: 5 lessons I learned from 'Project Runway' judge Elaine Welteroth

PHILADELPHIA - It's a rare opportunity to have the chance to introduce two women who you truly admire.

That's exactly what happened at the Free Library last week when I welcomed editor, agitator and author Elaine Welteroth and Rakia Reynolds, moderator and founder of Skai Blue Media, to the stage. Welteroth was here as part of her tour ...Read more

Answer Angel: How to use a scarf to hide your bad hair day

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have often wanted to hide under a beautifully tied scarf on a "bad hair day" but every time I try to artfully tie one, it's not tight enough or I look like I'm getting ready to scrub the bathroom floor instead of looking stylish and put together. Are there any tricks to making this look work?

- Catherine L...Read more

Answer Angel: A shoe-buying challenge: Looking for heels without those offending ankle straps

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Ankle-strap shoes are everywhere! I am 5 foot, 2 inches with nice legs. Ankle straps make my legs look fat and stumpy. I don't find them flattering at all, except maybe on runway models. I'm having a nearly impossible time finding dressy sandals and heels that don't have ankle straps. Do most women really like or look ...Read more

13 important things to know before visiting the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, is a bucket-list destination for visitors from all over the world - and it's not hard to see why. The Arizona national park provides stunning views, spectacular wildlife and breathtaking hikes. To help you plan your pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon, here are 13 important things ...Read more

Doreen's Deals: Top 8 online outlet stores for designer goods

I just got a fantastic deal on an American Tourister luggage set at and I need to fill 'em up! So I've been shopping for chic cruise wear and designer accessories for an upcoming cruise in the Baltic Sea.

You know I never pay full price for anything. That's why I've been visiting my favorite online ...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: How Gloria Vanderbilt let us believe jeans could actually fit us all perfectly

I remember asking for my first pair of glamorous Gloria Vanderbilt jeans in the early '80s, when I was about 6. I wanted to have that swan on my pocket. I dreamed of the contrast stitching crawling up my thigh in a perfectly straight line, just as it did on the models on television.

This was the first time I can remember connecting my own ...Read more

Ashanti and her sister collaborate on new swimsuit collection

Grammy Award-winning singer/actress Ashanti, 38, and her little sister, Kenashia "Shia" Douglas, 30, have collaborated on a v-e-r-y saucy swimsuit collection with PrettyLittleThing, the U.K.-based fashion retailer aimed at young women from 14 to the millennial set. The 74-piece line, in sizes 4 to 24, includes swimsuits and cover-ups ...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: It's official: Science has proven that black doesn't crack

Whether we are discussing Angela Bassett's flawless face after the Oscars, or trying to figure out how it's possible the pretty sister at work still looks 25 when we know she's pushing 40, the African American community turns to this trusty, old school adage: Black don't crack.

Now thanks to a Rutgers New Jersey Medical School study, grandma'...Read more

The world's cheapest places to travel this summer

For many destinations in the Northern Hemisphere, the summer months of June through August see the largest crowds and most staggering prices. However, in-the-know travelers can avoid the added buzz and expense by seeking out low-season and under-the-radar locales toting better price tags. To make the most of your travel budget this summer, ...Read more


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