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Answer Angel: Tips to hide a tattoo

Dear Answer Ellen Angel: I have a large ankle tattoo that I plan to eventually remove. However, I would like to wear flats this summer for work, which although has a relaxed atmosphere is fairly conservative. I’m looking for opaque nude-colored socks that are thin enough to wear with flats yet still provide coverage. I do not have time or ...Read more

Rapper Jack Harlow’s star shines bright on Kentucky Derby celebrity red carpet

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Kentucky Derby was back to full capacity for the first time since 2019 and one celebrity shined the brightest on the red carpet: a 24-year-old, Grammy-nominated rapper from Louisville.

Jack Harlow got the loudest screams from fans that lined the red carpet at Churchill Downs. The rapper was at the track to make the “...Read more

Derby Day brings fashionistas to Minnesota's Canterbury Park

This year, a runway fashion show joined Minnesota's largest Kentucky Derby party.

SHAKOPEE, Minn. — Canterbury Park's Kentucky Derby viewing party has long brought together horse-racing fanatics and clothing connoisseurs — and those who wouldn't know a filly from a fascinator, but wanted to share in the Southern fun.

This year, ...Read more

Star Wars bootlegs and ‘KFC-3PO’ art: Kentucky toy store deals in one-of-a-kind weirdness

COVINGTON, Ky. — A Northern Kentucky suburb of Cincinnati is home to a unique toy store that celebrates the defunct Ohio toy company that helped put action figures on the map.

Earth to Kentucky sits at the corner of Main Street and W 9th Street just three miles south of the ...Read more

Sunday Best: Will Margot Robbie be ‘perfect enough’ as Barbie in Greta Gerwig

The first live-action “Barbie” movie isn’t slated to come out until next summer, but has generated an outsize amount of buzz. It’s going to be written and directed by “Little Women” director Greta Gerwig. It seems like everyone and their sister is in this movie, from Ryan Gosling as Ken, to Michael Cera, Will Ferrell, Issa Rae, ...Read more

Laura Yuen: Why I embraced the Zoom beauty boom and got my new brows

MINNEAPOLIS — Maybe she's born with it.

Maybe it's microblading.

Last summer when I was relaxing on a beach at Cedar Lake with my friend Jamie, I became entranced by her thick, sculpted eyebrows. I figured I simply had never noticed how blessed was she, so I praised those bad boys. "You have amazing eyebrows."

"Thanks," ...Read more

Kim Kardashian shimmers in dress Marilyn Monroe wore for JFK’s 1962 birthday party

NEW YORK — Sixty years later, gentlemen still prefer blondes.

Kim Kardashian was the last to arrive on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the Anna Wintour-helmed fund-raising event.

And she didn’t disappoint on the Met Gala’s red carpet – channeling Marilyn Monroe, complete with blond hair and a dress owned by the late ...Read more

Answer Angel: Fixing those maddening jewelry clasps

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Do you have any advice for an uncoordinated person to deal with those tiny clasps on necklaces and bracelets? My nemesis is the jewelry with the most common clasps. They require the wearer to pull back a small latch to open the ring and to then “thread” a circular piece onto the opened ring. None of my jewelry is ...Read more

3 skin care tips to soothe rosacea

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes facial flushing and redness. Symptoms of the skin condition may also include swollen bumps, visible veins and thickened skin on the nose, according to Mayo Clinic.

Although there is no cure for rosacea, treatment can control and alleviate the symptoms. Try these skin care tips from Everyday Health ...Read more

Answer Angel: AirPod loss prevention tips

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I received a gift of AirPods Pro for a recent birthday and rather than enhancing my exercise regimen with worry-free listening, my left pod keeps falling out of my ear. This happened once while running outdoors and I didn’t even notice I was missing it until somebody came running after me to hand it back to me. These...Read more

Yearlong study shows time-restricted diets don't work

Many of us have put on an extra pound or two the past couple of years and are looking for ways to get back to our 2019 fighting weight.

You can try one of U.S. News & World Report's best diets of 2022, which were selected by a panel of diet, nutrition and health experts. But there's one diet you might not want to waste your time on, ...Read more

Sunday Best: Viola Davis’ simple gown makes a big impression

Funny how sometimes the simplest of outfits can make the biggest impression. Here’s the great Viola Davis, on the red carpet for the premiere of the Showtime series “The First Lady” (in which she plays Michelle Obama), wearing a Stella McCartney gown that’s elegantly plain: a simple sleeveless shape, simple neckline, just a few ...Read more

This Boise-area Airbnb has over 1.8 million views on TikTok. You can stay in 'magical' bus

CALDWELL, Idaho — Look closely in Caldwell, and you'll find something that's a little out of place: a green, 33-foot-long British double-decker bus. According to the owners, it's the only converted bus of its kind available for stays through Airbnb.

The bus belongs to Angie and Dustin Mori, a pair of born-and-raised Idahoans who live in ...Read more

New Drexel exhibit highlights 10 ways the 1920s are the best fashion decade

PHILADELPHIA — The 1920s marked the end of the corset. That’s reason enough to celebrate the looks of the Roaring ‘20s.

But fashion history owes so much more to this decadent decade. It’s when the little black dress became a wardrobe staple. Glitter and fringe made their clothing debuts thanks to the popularity of nightlife and dancing....Read more

IKEA will pay you to return old furniture, here’s how

If you’ve been wanting to update your home decor, IKEA’s new Buy Back and Resell program may make it a little easier.

The Swedish retailer is willing to buy your old IKEA furniture so you can put it toward something new, while also assisting in moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

To get the ball rolling on your store credit, fill...Read more

Answer Angel: Men’s styles for beach and pool

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Where I live, the weather is warming up enough for me to start thinking about swim season. I’m a 30-something man trying to up my “fashion” and thought I could start with something simple: swimwear. Can you offer any guidance for what is stylish for men’s beach and pool wear this season?

— Jason T.

Dear ...Read more

Coachella 2022: Harry Styles’ Pleasing nail bar pop-up treats festival fans to free manicures

INDIO, Calif. — Pop star Harry Styles headlined the first evening of the three-day Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio on Friday, April 15, but he’s ...Read more

Coachella 2022: How major brands and exclusive merchandise are taking over Coachella

While artist merchandise has long been a part of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival experience, there’s been a major shift in how the performers present and sell their wares.

The main merch tent, which houses hundreds of performer T-shirts, hoodies, ...Read more

Sunday Best: Award-winning violinist Jennifer Koh shimmers at the Grammys

In all the glitter and showiness of the Grammy Awards red carpet last Sunday in Las Vegas, I was drawn to this unique gown, worn by classical violinist Jennifer Koh. Koh won best classical instrumental solo album for “Alone Together,” and chose a dress (and hair color!) that happened to beautifully coordinate with the stage design. ...Read more

Alaska Native fashion designers and models take the spotlight in Anchorage Museum show

ANCHORAGE, Ala. — Alaska Native models walked a red-carpet runway to show the work of Alaska Native designers during the Far North Fashion Show at the Anchorage Museum on Thursday.

The event was part of the Arctic Encounter Symposium, a two-day conference in Anchorage that brought together hundreds of people from around the Lower 48 and ...Read more