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Answer Angel: Quarantined? How to dye your hair at home

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I'll cut to the chase. How do I dye my gray roots myself? Since I'm in quarantine, I can't go to the salon and every time I pass a mirror - like washing my hands in the bathroom - the gray stripe down my hair part and at my hairline seems to be more noticeable. Even though nobody but my husband and kids are looking at ...Read more

Starz signup deal: 3 months for $4.99 a month

The amount of streaming entertainment has seemed endless in recent years, but working from home and the practice of social distancing is really testing its depths.

If you've been through everything you care to watch on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO and others, Starz is offering a deal to sign up. New accounts get their first three months for $4...Read more

COVID-19 travel updates: hotel cancellation policies and closures

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe, travelers' plans have been disrupted near and far. It's an incredibly difficult time for everyone, but there is some good news, at least, when it comes to changing your travel plans. Most sectors of the travel industry have adopted flexible policies for cancellations and rescheduling, including...Read more

D'Iyanu is the fashion brand that's making traditional African prints brunch cool

The first time I ever saw a curve-hugging African print jumpsuit, it was on a model walking a Philly Fashion Week runway last year. I loved the piece's three-quarter length sleeves and jogger bottoms. I'd never seen a jumpsuit like that before.

The jumpsuit was part of D'Iyanu, an African-inspired collection from designer Addie Elabor. Other ...Read more

Answer Angel: Getting men to take skin care seriously

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My boyfriend's face is like leather! He won't wear sunscreen and he doesn't seem the least bit interested in using moisturizer. He says it makes his skin feel "greasy." Is there a single product, not too pricey, that you can recommend that does the job and doesn't have a feminine scent?

- Lizzie W.

Dear ...Read more

Fashion find of the week: Fragrances for the astrology lover in your life

All it takes is a quick Google search to see that all-things zodiac are having a moment in fashion and beauty. So here's a little something for the astrology lover in your life.

Zodica Perfumery is a fragrance line that's concocted with each of the 12 zodiac signs in mind.

Each sign's fragrance blends scents that nod to its respective ...Read more

Everything you need to know about booking cheap flights right now (Hint: Don't do it.)

If you're an avid traveler, chances are you've seen plenty of cheap flights in the past few weeks. As COVID-19 continues to have wide-reaching effects across all aspects of life, airlines are slashing prices in hopes of enticing travelers. For people with travel dreams, these deals can be incredibly enticing. However, there is a lot to ...Read more

Answer Angel: How to help others dress for success

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have a closet filled with business attire I no longer wear and it's time to donate most of the items, but I'm not sure which are valuable enough to donate and what to do with them if they aren't. Does a rip in a skirt pocket mean it should be trashed? If something was good enough for me to wear to work, is it good ...Read more

Skin care experts on how to heal dry hands from washing them so much

Spring is almost here, leaving moisture-zapping winter and its wrath of dull and dry skin behind. Adding to this, we are all washing and sanitizing our hands a thousand times a day to prevent the spread of germs due to the coronavirus - and this excessive washing with soap and water, which experts say is more effective than hand sanitizer at ...Read more

Not-so-quiet pastels offer an instant blast of spring

Designers in both fashion and home design have infused a new crop of must-haves with cool, calm, pastel colors for spring. This time around, soft shades are showing up in hip, unexpected ways. Take Kim Markel's edgy Glow line of furniture, where the designer recycles and reimagines discarded plastic waste into ethereal, translucent pieces that ...Read more

Why shoulder season is the best time to score the best Mexican vacation deals

Traveling to Mexico during shoulder season - the periods between the high and low tourism seasons - is an often-overlooked win for travelers. Hotel rates and flights tend to be lower than normal, there are fewer crowds, and everything is a little less hectic in general. As a rule of thumb, the high season for travel in Mexico tends to run from...Read more

These spas add CBD treatments to de-stress and beat the end-of-winter blues

CHICAGO - Between the upcoming election, stock market woes and a few weeks of official winter left to go, there's never been a better time to hit the spa and de-stress. And while a head-to-toe treatment can be bliss in and of itself, some are taking it a cut above with the addition of CBD, the nonpsychoactive chemical compound found in marijuana...Read more

Answer Angel: Widow stuck with well-meaning 'friends'

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I've got a beautiful ring that I want to continue to wear. But, it is my engagement ring given to me by my late husband who died a few years ago. Several of my friends have suggested I shouldn't wear it at all, or that I should wear it on my right hand instead of my left, which is where I've always worn it since I ...Read more

What's hot for spring? '60s and '70s prints in fashion and home design

If you need an early jolt of spring, fashion and interior designers are embracing bold, far out florals and geometric prints that evoke vintage '60s and '70s-era wallpaper. Fendi's spring collection includes vibrant floral-print dresses and raincoats that are a sure way to shake off winter. For home, ceramicist Jonathan Adler has just launched a...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: From Men's Style Pro blogger to shoe designer, Sabir Peele says guys 'are having more fun'

PHILADELPHIA - Sabir Peele never had designs on becoming the next Tom Ford. He didn't sketch men's suiting. He never attended fashion school. Peele ran a lot of track at Central High School, and his career goals included becoming a child psychologist. Or perhaps, an R&B singer.

But plans change, and last month the college admission ...Read more

14 rookie mistakes to avoid in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil, is one of the biggest cities on the planet, but there's so much more to it than sheer size and sprawl. The city's cosmopolitan residents and visitors enjoy some of the best shopping, dining and nightlife in the world. Life is stylish here: Sao Paulo's art scene is second to none, its entertainment and recreation options seem...Read more

Answer Angel: Proper beach fashion etiquette for men

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My boyfriend and I recently took a much-needed beach vacation. Neither of us are candidates for swimsuit modeling (who is?), but at least I wear a cover-up over my suit except when swimming or sunning. He, on the other hand, seems to have no qualms about going shirtless in the hotel, at the outdoor cafe, in the ...Read more

Chicago experts talk 2020 wedding trends

CHICAGO - Your nuptials are just that, yours. They can be as unique as you want to make them. And this season is no different. What is different however is the new set of trends couples may or may not want to incorporate into their special day.

According to and ...Read more

10 of the best spring getaways on the East Coast

When most people think about spring getaways, spring break comes to mind. And while that's certainly part of the spring travel season, it's not the only amazing vacation that you can take. The truth is outside of Mexico, the Caribbean and some parts of the Southern United States, spring is shoulder season. And even in those prime destinations,...Read more

Answer Angel: Making 'athleisure' outfits work for you

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I want to get in on the "athleisure" trend, but have no idea where to start. How do I put together a comfortable outfit that doesn't look like I'm leaving the gym? There are so many companies and I have no clue what brands/styles/etc. to get. Please help!

- Claire M.

Dear Claire: What you're looking for is everyday ...Read more