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Along Chicago's Mag Mile, a new crop of retailers await holiday shoppers. ‘We love that our store surprises people’

CHICAGO — Revelers attending holiday events downtown may notice a novel set of stores and attractions popping up along the Magnificent Mile.

There aren’t enough of these new tenants to fill the many vacant storefronts along North Michigan Avenue. But by offering shoppers fresh options, including handcrafted goods from Mexico, luxury apparel...Read more

How to spend your FSA money before it expires at the end of the year

A fitness tracker, gym membership, ergonomic chair, an air conditioner — if you didn't know your FSA or HSA may cover these items, you may not be getting the biggest bang for your buck out of these popular health care savings accounts.

Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts both allow people to squirrel away pretax money to ...Read more

Win up to $2,000 by swapping Santa’s cookies for Rice Krispies

On Nov. 15, Rice Krispies announced a new sweepstakes event — the “#SantaWantsRiceKrispiesEntry.” The brand is offering 25 families up to $2,000 to ...Read more

Answer Angel: Surprising must-haves for pocket or purse?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: This subject came up over dinner last night at a pizza restaurant with friends. One of us said she had a friend who always carried a container of crushed red pepper she loves which she found on a trip to Italy. She claimed it was different (and better than) the popular U.S. brands like McCormick, etc. So this made the ...Read more

7 tips for buying the best artificial Christmas tree this season

If you are dreaming of a lovely, needle-free Christmas tree, you are in luck.

Gone are the days of stiff, flimsy, plastic trees. Artificial trees are now more realistic than ever before, and they are growing in popularity.

In fact, about 80% of homes will opt for an artificial tree compared to only 20% of Americans going for a real, live ...Read more

5 things to know about Black Friday shopping — all week

The holiday shopping week, never mind Black Friday, has descended on retailers big and small.

As most savvy shoppers know, myriad deep holiday discounts are offered well before Black Friday, the day after turkey and all those sides. Sales promotions for the hottest toys, clothing and electronics have been splashed across TV, company websites,...Read more

Seattle-area chefs on what to splurge/save on in the kitchen

SEATTLE — Well over a decade ago, my mom bought me a fire engine red KitchenAid stand mixer. It felt like unwrapping my own version of a golden ticket, one that would provide entry to a whole world of mixing, kneading, whipping and — given the additional attachments I chose to buy — grinding, pasta sheeting and more. Of course it didn't ...Read more

Answer Angel: Are trendsetting flared pants for everyone?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Watching TV recently, I noticed a woman sports anchor wearing a bright blue blouse with her black pants and black blazer with bright blue pointy toe heels. Her slightly flared pants almost touched the floor with just the toes of the electric blue pumps peeking out. I thought she looked fashionable and really put-...Read more

You can win $5K by pledging NOT to run a Thanksgiving 5K

The turkey trot is a holiday tradition celebrated by many and loathed by others. If you don’t want to don your running shoes and run a 5K this Thanksgiving, Coffee Mate has your back. The company is offering a special “$5K to Skip the 5K Sweepstakes”...Read more

Four ways to spend less while enjoying the holiday season

Last year, Black Friday sales totaled over $8 billion. But what if you could get the perfect gifts while saving a little money? After all, no one ...Read more

Answer Angel: Getting the wrinkles out

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Help! I have a (splurge) soft-sided Hammitt Oliver tote that has been sitting for a while in the fancy “dust bag” for storage that came with it. (I know, insert eye roll here.) Now the outside of the tote is wrinkled and I’m at a loss on how to get the wrinkles out. Any suggestions?

— Lynn D.

Dear Lynn: Since...Read more

6 things to know about Jason Kelce’s Underdog Philadelphia clothing line

PHILADELPHIA — The Philadelphia Phillies tanked the World Series and the Philadelphia Union blew its championship game, but the Philadelphia Eagles is the sports team that keeps on giving.

Not only are our beloved Birds riding high on an 8-and-0 season, the team’s offensive giant and fan favorite, Jason Kelce, launched his homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-2750071">Read more

Answer Angel: The women’s legwear maze

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Please explain to me the difference between leggings, jeggings, pantyhose, joggers, tights, sweatpants and plain old pants. I am so confused. I went online to buy some fitted pants (slacks?) with a little stretch and now I am overwhelmed.

— Beth A.

Dear Beth: I’ll do my best to explain these terms, though you ...Read more

A peek at Angela Bassett's 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' costume

Sunday Best

Costume designer Ruth E. Carter won her first Academy Award (after 30 years in the business) for creating the glorious costumes of 2018's "Black Panther" — the first superhero movie of her career. Now she's back, designing "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" (in theaters Nov. 11), and here's just a tiny ...Read more

Will higher food costs cut into holiday gift shopping?

WINTER PARK, Fla. — Elena Bean is getting into the holiday spirit and she’s noticed retailers are offering bargains for savvy shoppers.

“No matter what, everyone wants a good deal,” Bean said.

Bean, 35, of Orlando, was at Winter Park kids’ clothing and toy store tugboat & the bird picking up Christmas pajamas for her 8- and 6-...Read more

Louis Vuitton picks the Perot Museum as setting to sell its fashion

DALLAS — Luxury shopping doesn’t start and end in beautiful stores — sometimes it pops into other stunning spaces. That’s what Louis Vuitton is doing Nov. 15 when it brings its Cruise 2023 Collection to Dallas for an invitation-only shopping event at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science.

homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-2747288">Read more

Neiman Marcus’ holiday gift ideas: Buy a Barbie-pink Maserati or 600-diamond Cartier tiara

Dallas’ luxury retailer Neiman Marcus unveiled its luxury gift list for the year, which includes a 600-diamond Cartier tiara, a custom Barbie-pink Maserati and a trip to Aspen for private polo lessons from famous players.

Neiman Marcus is holding to its over 90-year tradition of creating over-the-top gifts for the holiday in its annual ...Read more

Answer Angel: Drugstore acne patches that heal

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I thought I was too old to have teenager-type skin problems but here I am, mid-30s with breakouts. I’ve tried my old go-tos, but I think I need heavier artillery at this point in my life. I don’t think my pimple problem is serious enough to seek out a dermatologist. Any suggestions?

— Olivia K.

Dear Olivia: As ...Read more

Take advantage of this early black Friday deal on international travel

Planning for your next international trip early has many benefits — especially when you can score $600 off your next trip.

To help get you back to adventure, EF Go Tours is offering major savings with its Black Friday special that runs from now until Nov. 25. Savings include $600 ...Read more

Princess Margaret's sad symphony in taupe from 'The Crown'

Sunday Best

"The Crown" returns to Netflix in its fifth season Nov. 9, in a time of great upheaval for the British monarchy both on screen (the season takes place in the 1990s, as Charles and Diana's marriage publicly crumbles) and in the present day. Costume designer Amy Roberts will be showing us some familiar looks this ...Read more