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Minnesota hijab maker debuts Nordstrom collection

MINNEAPOLIS — A few years ago, 26-year-old Hilal Ibrahim of Minnetonka, Minnesota was looking for a dressy hijab to wear to for Eid, the Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan.

Nothing she found was quite right. Major retailers sell all kinds of beautiful scarves, but they weren't long enough, or the fabric was too sheer, or didn't ...Read more

Detroit stores open to artists who couldn't sell their work during the pandemic

DETROIT — When all of the art fairs and showcases were canceled during the coronavirus pandemic, three Detroit women decided to create the Leaf and Blossom store, which serves as a space for artists to sell their artwork and products.

Mother and daughter Lillian Li and Victoria Li, both of Grosse Pointe Shores, along with their friend, ...Read more

6 Caribbean islands (generally) not hit by hurricanes

The Caribbean entices all types of travelers for its extraordinary beaches, tranquil sea, and laidback charm. Most trips are slotted for the winter and early spring to escape frigid northern latitudes for reliable sunshine, yet visiting at this time also coincides with the most crowds and priciest accommodation and airfare. Visiting during ...Read more

Meet the local entrepreneur behind all those Kansas City T-shirts on 'Ted Lasso'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In the hit Apple TV+ show "Ted Lasso," the coach asks his soccer team: "Do you believe in miracles?"

For local designer and business owner Brendan Curran, seeing the T-shirts he created appear over and over on the show was no miracle. It was just a matter of friends looking out for each other.

Curran ...Read more

Answer Angel: The search for the perfect swim cover-up

It’s the season for pool and beach fashion questions. Answers start here…

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I’m on the hunt for the perfect beach cover-up, but I’m having trouble finding one that seems right for me. I want something that’s comfortable — comfortable enough to wear over my swimsuit while lounging by the pool. (I’m not that...Read more

Sunday Best: In a black Schiaparelli gown, Regina King reminds us why we love red carpets

The Cannes Film Festival, held earlier this month, brought back red carpet gowns of all shapes and hues. I’m hard-pressed to pick a favorite, but I keep going back to this Schiaparelli Haute Couture gown worn by Regina King to the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS benefit. So gloriously dramatic — The sparkle! The stole! The enormous skirt! — ...Read more

10 awe-inspiring caves to visit in the US

You may not realize that the U.S. is filled with hidden, mysterious caves. Several are part of the national or state parks, and they're worth the excursion. Whether you are a thrill-seeker looking for an adventurous exploration of a cave, or like the intimate, magical side, the United States has plenty to offer. Here are 10 of the most amazing...Read more

Pittsburgh company makes Fiesta ware for your walls

PITTSBURGH — It's funny how things work out. Don Cella always thought he would be a developer like his father, but his hobby ended up being his livelihood.

"He loved taking pottery classes in high school and thought it would be a retirement project," says his sister, Angela Arena.

Now brother and sister run Limelight Tile & ...Read more

Fashion find of the week: Gear up for the Olympics with sustainably made Team USA apparel by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is once again an official outfitter of Team USA for the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo — this time with an emphasis on sustainability.

Athletes will wear for the closing ceremony parade sporty white drawstring jackets with an American flag graphic on the sleeve. Jackets will be paired with a striped belt made from Repreve recycled ...Read more

Answer Angel: How to fit in at outdoor music events

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I’m going to an outdoor festival later this summer. I have no clue what to wear. I’m older than the usual concertgoer, but I want to look like I actually belong there. My favorite bands are playing and I’m going with a group of younger people. I guess what I want is a sophisticated boho look — no torn jeans, ...Read more

Myla Robinson makes earrings in Baltimore, gives portion of profits to those in need across the country

BALTIMORE — Myla Robinson has always “made stuff.” Whether it’s Shrinky Dink plastic or cicada wings, she can find a way to craft with anything.

“Myla is someone that is so creative and humble,” said CiCi Flanagan, Robinson’s friend and customer. “She doesn’t like when you say it’s art, she wants to call it stuff.”

The 24...Read more

A Washington teen made a beautiful prom dress — out of duct tape

Look closely at this beautiful prom dress, worn by its designer Larissa Leon (a 17-year-old student in Sunnyside, Yakima County) and inspired by the colorful, full-skirted folklórico dresses of Mexican dancers. And then consider this: It’s made entirely from duct tape. Leon made the dress as an entry in Duck Brand duct tape’s annual Stuck ...Read more

20 things to know about the new kaleidoscopic exhibit of Prince's shoes at Paisley Park

MINNEAPOLIS — He had bespoke shoes for each and every outfit. And then some, like platform sneakers and roller skates with transparent wheels that lit up.

By official count, Prince had about 1,200 pairs of footwear housed at Paisley Park.

Over the ankle, over the knee, zip up the side with a peace-symbol zipper pull. All custom made, of ...Read more

10 years in, Shinola begins to find its footing again after pandemic, with new CEO

DETROIT — This year marks a decade since Shinola's inception. Within just a few years, the Detroit watchmaker gained popularity just as the city declared bankruptcy, creating a brand identity that many consumers found compelling: embracing a city's struggles.

In that time the luxury design company, mainly known for its watches, has rapidly ...Read more

‘It’s been a nightmare.’ Businesses struggle to find T-shirts, hats amid shortage

AKRON, Ohio — There are not many commonalities among computer chips, chicken wings and T-shirts, but one is that they are all becoming increasingly hard to find.

Similar to local car dealerships and restaurants, T-shirt shops are having difficulty with supply shortages.A supply chain at capacity

"It's been a nightmare," ...Read more

Sunday Best: Helen Mirren effortlessly lights up Cannes red carpet

You might not be in need of a ray of sunshine these days, but here’s one anyway: the always resplendent presence of Helen Mirren, on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival on July 6. Note the magnificent jewels, the casually held sunglasses, the expression of, “Yes, I know I’m glorious, and I’m fine with it.” In other words, ...Read more

Answer Angel: Hang on to your skinny jeans

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: A few months back, you answered a reader’s question about the return of high-waisted jeans and you gave them a thumbs-up review. I’ve been meaning to email you a related question. Everywhere I look online, I see that straight leg jeans are now the fashion. They look kind of baggy (the old “boyfriend jeans” of ...Read more

Aruba vs. Barbados: Which Caribbean island is right for you?

Those of us who have been waiting to travel again might want to answer the question in this article title with an emphatic “Either!” or “Both!” But let us explain why you need to make a choice. Despite obvious similarities, Aruba and Barbados are poles apart from each other in some subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Below, we’ve broken ...Read more

James Lileks: Why real stores are better than online, pt. 2,239

I bought a new computer mouse the other day. Ruined it the same day. I blame the pandemic.

Problem: My wife's mouse for her work laptop stopped working. As the hunter-gatherer in the family, I said I'd get her a new one. Yes, me.

Before society reordered itself permanently, and people worked in these places we called "offices," you ...Read more

Nedra Rhone: How to dress post-pandemic? Just do you.

Slob-chic, athleisure, casual comfy — you've undoubtedly heard some version of these terms over the past year in reference to pandemic fashion. They have been used to refer to any attire with some combination of a stretchy waistband, loose fit and/ or soft material — in short — something comfortable.

This has been the overriding ...Read more