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8 experts share their solutions for jet lag, motion sickness, food poisoning, and other travel maladies

Traveling the world comes with plenty of unexpected, unplanned moments: stumbling upon undiscovered gems, striking up conversations with new friends, and encountering spontaneous events on the streets. Of course, this also means there's a potential for unpleasant surprises, like food poisoning, motion sickness, and never-ending jet lag.

But ...Read more

After 12 rounds of chemotherapy, trailblazing model Pat Cleveland shares her tips for survival

Pat Cleveland was in Paris shooting a L'Oreal commercial in late March when she noticed how bloated and tired she was. She took herself to a hotel doctor, who prescribed drugs for inflammation, but they didn't help.

She returned to the doctor the next day, where Cleveland, one the first African American cover models who once was a muse for Bill...Read more

Answer Angel: An easy, frugal French fashion look

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: A fashionable friend who lives in Paris knows I like to keep up with the street fashion there. She sent me some phone photos she took of random women who looked especially great wearing a simple leather belt in black with a circular metal buckle - nothing flashy. French women are wearing a belt at their true waistline ...Read more

Our favorite lamps — just as daylight saving time ends

The time change might not be your favorite date on the calendar each year, but it's inevitable, right? So make the most of it with a shopping trip to find some home decor that will light up your life with a bit of panache. After all, you will be waking in the dark and going home in the dark over the next several months. We found these lamps that...Read more

How to spend a perfect long weekend in San Diego

As the weather turns cold and dreary in much of the country, nothing sounds better than a Southern California getaway. San Diego, with its sunny afternoon skies, laid-back surfer culture and top-notch brewery scene, attracts weekenders in search of the good life. While San Diego is a no-brainer for West Coasters, it's a bit of a trek for those...Read more

Brides embracing the wedding jumpsuit

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. - When bride Tori Turoff went shopping at The Wedding Salon of Manhasset for a dress to wear for her reception, she fell in love with something she hadn't considered - a jumpsuit.

"I had not originally planned that at all," the 26-year-old Manhasset resident says of choosing a vanilla-colored Reem Acra jumpsuit as a ...Read more

Answer Angel: The art of applying eye makeup on the bus

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: How can women apply eye makeup on a moving bus on a busy road with lots of shaking and rolling over potholes and uneven pavement? I've seen this on my commute and I can't believe what I'm witnessing. Can you enlighten me?

- Bruce A.

Dear Bruce: The answer is years of practice. Unwavering determination. A steady hand....Read more

Answer Angel: Style upgrades for women in jeans

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I am middle-aged, average height, a slightly above average weight and I'm fit. I am a "T-shirts and jeans" kind of person most of the time. I am comfortable with my look but believe it may be a bit dated. Can you suggest a few pieces I can add to my fall/winter wardrobe to have a more updated look? Pieces ...Read more

Spooky Halloween makeup, accessories for the costume-less reveler

Boo! As usual, ghosts, zombies and a coven of good and bad witches will emerge from the darkness on Halloween night. And, it's not just the kids. Some grown-ups love getting into the act by going all out with elaborate costumes and makeup. But for others, "trick or treat" is anything but a treat. They're uncomfortable with a major ...Read more

The 10 best Mexico destinations for a long weekend getaway

When it comes to long weekend getaways, traveling internationally can seem daunting. Luckily, many major U.S. cities are under a four-hour flight from some great destinations in Mexico. In just three days, you can explore ancient ruins, get scuba certified, hike through a canyon, or relax on the beach. Did we mention there's also tequila, fish...Read more

Aldi's adult advent calendars filled with wine, beer and cheese arrive in November

Get ready to party. The holidays are coming and so are Aldi's wine, cheese and beer advent calendars.

This year, the chain is expanding the selection of these popular holiday items, with new versions featuring beers, toys and dog treats set to arrive in stores on Nov. 6, according to the Aldi Shop Differentli blog.

The wine calendar features...Read more

Toys R Us back in business

Toys R Us is making a comeback, thanks to Target, just as the busy holiday shopping season looms.

The Minneapolis retailer will support the bankrupt toy company's new online portal at and also provide fulfillment services, Target announced last week.

But the new website won't be selling toys. ...Read more

8 places that are warm in December in the US

While some folks can't wait to bust out their sleds and snow boots come winter, plenty of people prefer to ditch the chilly temperatures and flock to a warmer climate. And if you can leave your passport at home - well, that can almost seem like a holiday miracle. From sandy beaches and boat parades to boozy Santa runs and traditional tree ...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: Diahann Carroll was the crown jewel of beauty and black elegance

Back in the day, Diahann Caroll always showed up on the scene 100% lady, complete with gloves, pantyhose and respectable closed-toe pumps. She'd wear a cute little suit. Perhaps a hat. And her lips would be that perfect nude, with just a hint of gloss. The goal was class, beauty, and elegance - to embody grace and style. And that's what Carroll ...Read more

Answer Angel: Never announce your imperfections! Fashion advice for the self-loathing friend

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: A good friend of mine, when we see each other for the first time in awhile, opens the conversation with self-criticism about her looks. "Sorry my hair is a mess." "I was running late so didn't even have time to put on lipstick." "I've put on weight since I saw you last." "I wanted to ...Read more

Corduroy makes a fresh fall fashion statement

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. - Corduroy is having an, um, a wale of a comeback.

While it regularly shows up at stores for fall in dribs and drabs, this season, the durable, often-cottony textile that boasts a distinctive striped rib pattern is trending hard. Comfortable, fashionable, cozy and cute - what could be better? The appeal is universal and ...Read more

Answer Angel: Sneakers aren't just for the gym anymore. But can you wear them to work?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What is your rule on sneakers/trainers/athletic shoes at work? I like to wear Converse-type sneakers with my knee-length skirts. Is it too youthful and try-too-hard?

- Suze C.

Dear Suze: There are no rules on this. Sneakers can look great with skirts no matter what your age and the only question you have to ask ...Read more

The 9 most amazing, surprisingly affordable beach destinations

Sometimes, you just need a beach getaway. Unfortunately, you also often need a thick wallet to enjoy one properly. But before you convince yourself that you simply don't have the cash for a vacation to fill-in-the-blank, take a look at our list of nine amazing beach destinations - that are surprisingly affordable.


While most...Read more

Hunt for online bargains: Marshalls launches online store

Just in time to boost fall wardrobes, Marshalls has opened an online store. will feature brand-name designer apparel, shoes and home goods similar to what is found in the chain's more than 1,100 discount stores. But the new online store also will offer a "unique mix" of fresh brands ...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: How Jennifer Lopez's fashion inspired the real-life 'Hustlers'

When actors assume the roles of real people, part of their job is to seamlessly take on the character's sartorial style. Most of the time, the looks are decades, or even centuries, old. So contemporaries they usually are not. That means the chances of getting to play someone whose sense of style you clearly had a hand in shaping is unheard of.

...Read more