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Beach Guide 2020: An overview of 11 South Florida beaches

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - The beaches of Broward and Palm Beach counties stretch about 70 miles, and each beach has its own character. There are quiet beaches where you can relax with a book and a breeze. And beaches busy with rollerbladers and runners. Several have piers for fishing.

Beaches were closed in March to prevent the spread of ...Read more

Answer Angel: Is your hair curly? Here's how you can embrace those waves

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I'm ready to embrace my wavy hair for good, but I need the right product. Do you have any recommendations for both product and technique?

_Claire M.

Dear Claire: Based on my successful (but stumbling) journey to embrace my super curly hair, I think that - eventually - you're going to love your decision. But it will ...Read more

American Girl honors front-line health care workers with new scrubs

American Girl is thanking front-line heroes for their continued work amid the coronavirus pandemic with a new initiative, and the dolls have received some new outfits in the process.

The new look is part of the Mattel brand's #ThankYouHeroes initiative, which other products including Barbie and Fisher-Price have also been involved in.

"...Read more

Local designer opens mask-making hub near Pittsburgh

When Pittsburgh's movers and shakers need something one-of-a-kind to wear to a fancy gala or wedding, they give designer Diana Misetic a call.

But the phone is ringing less these days with custom clothing requests now that many events have been canceled because of COVID-19. Rather than putting away her sewing machine, she's switched to making ...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: Starbucks tells workers not to show support for BLM on the job. Really?

Luckily I've become accustomed to making my coffee at home.

Because apparently, according to a memo obtained by BuzzFeed News, our friendly neighborhood Starbucks baristas are banned from wearing clothing and accessories that show support for the Black Lives Matters movement. They told employees last week, while people were still marching ...Read more

Coronavirus: How to wear face masks in hot weather

As anyone who's spent time under a mask recently can tell you, the practice isn't often enjoyable. And as the weather warms up, face masks could become particularly sweaty and uncomfortable.

"Philadelphia summers are tough," says Nicole Jochym, a third-year medical student at Cooper Medical School at Rowan University who works with ...Read more

Answer Angel: Styles to conceal extra weight around the waist

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I'm 65 and have midriff bulge. I'm 5 feet, 3 inches tall and I'm so frustrated with T-shirts and tops that show my middle when I'm wearing them. I need to find better jeans that hide it also. Any suggestions besides losing weight!?

- Jane T.

Dear Jane: So many of us carry our extra weight around our middles. And even...Read more

We all need a little pampering right now — nails, too

On the day Elle's Beauty Bar in Cranberry, Pa., reopened, Sarah Burger, 38, treated herself to a manicure and pedicure with floral nail art.

"I was really excited for the nail techs to go back to work and to be able to support small businesses," the Cranberry woman said. "It felt really safe, and everybody was compliant. It was a...Read more

Sunday Best: This elegant coat, made by Seattle seamstress Clara B. White, tells a quiet story of faith and service

A year ago, if you wandered into the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI), you would have found a treasure trove of outfits there. The exhibit "Seattle Style: Fashion/Function" opened last spring, and while it was full of eye-catching gowns, it was this simple, elegant coat that stayed in my memory the longest. Seattle seamstress ...Read more

Answer Angel: Expecting mothers lucky that caftan is in style

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Strange times we are living in, and on top of it I am pregnant with our first baby. A big plus to being pregnant during a pandemic has been not needing to buy any maternity clothes! Leggings and large T-shirts have worked out just fine so far staying at home. But that ends when my brother-in-law and his fiancee plan to...Read more

The 7 most beautiful boutique hotels in Singapore

There's lots to love about Marina Bay Sands and Singapore's legendary Raffles, but they aren't the only smokeshows on the Singapore hotel scene. Some of the city's smallest hotels punch way above their weight in the design department, giving even the most storied institutions a run for their money. Here are seven gorgeous boutique hotels across ...Read more

Fashion find of the week: Tommy Hilfiger opts for digital unveiling of new collection

How exactly COVID-19 will impact the future of mainstream fashion remains to be seen, but Tommy Hilfiger offered a glimpse of it with the launch of his latest collection.

For the past several seasons, he's turned traditional runway shows into shoppable experiences that people anywhere could browse and buy online. This time around, he forewent a...Read more

Sunday Best: Expect greatness (or at least great gowns) from Elle Fanning in Hulu series about Catherine the Great

Did I choose this photograph because it involves a pink velvet cape that I wish I were wearing right now? Quite possibly! But I also quite like the juxtaposition of the elaborate period costume and the camera technician's no-nonsense hoodie. Anyway, this is Elle Fanning, playing the young woman who would become the Empress Catherine II of Russia...Read more

How to have a wedding during a pandemic. Tips from the pros

Planning a wedding was labor intensive before coronavirus became a common phrase. Now in the throes of a pandemic, couples may feel like they're spending even more time making sure they have a memorable day that they enjoy.

According to the Knot, 93% of couples with wedding dates planned during the spring and summer months have not rescheduled ...Read more

The 10 most striking landscapes in the world

As we continue to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we're more inspired than ever to use our vacation days once it's safe to travel again. While there are some vibrant metropolises and beach towns that often make our annual vacation list, the world is full of magical places that offer unique, jaw-dropping scenery. To help you plan ...Read more

Answer Angel: Gained a few pounds? You're not alone

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: If you don't answer this question really soon, it might be too late for me, but maybe it won't be too late for others with a little more willpower than I have. How to avoid the COVID-15? By that I mean the 15 pounds I'm gaining as a result of staying home during the pandemic.

I find myself standing in the kitchen at ...Read more

The 6 biggest myths about hotel room upgrades (and how to score one)

As we know firsthand here at Oyster, not all hotel rooms are created equal. It's been a longstanding part of the industry that hotels and resorts, at their discretion, can offer guests a hotel room upgrade. However, talking your way into a hotel upgrade requires a lot more than an extra dose of charm as you approach the front desk - and, as it...Read more

How to apply makeup in a masked world

COVID-19 has caused us to rethink just about every daily routine, including applying makeup.

A full face of lipstick, blush and bronzer has taken a backseat to less-is-more looks as women kicked off their shoes and slipped on sweats to shelter in place. Now that stay-at-home restrictions are easing, face masks are creating new challenges - and ...Read more

How to prevent 'maskne' and other face mask skin issues, according to dermatologists

Wearing masks to reduce the spread of coronavirus is still required in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for shoppers and workers at essential stores, but the practice has led to a new complaint - "maskne," breakouts caused by wearing a mask for long periods of time.

Part of the reason why people might get maskne is because the skin ...Read more

Using Zoom, hair stylists help clients cut and color their own hair at home

CHICAGO - We're all getting to that point of quarantine fatigue. We haven't seen our loved ones in person, we now wear masks when we leave the house and our hair has grown longer than we're used to.

So is it possible to re-create salon services at home during the coronavirus pandemic? Thankfully, a few local stylists are coaching clients on how...Read more