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We caught up with the 24-year-old Philadelphia Etsy designer behind Beyoncé's viral disco cowboy hat

PHILADELPHIA — It turns out that a viral disco ball-style cowboy hat that Beyoncé wore in her Renaissance tour announcement has Philadelphia roots.

A photo announcing the tour dates, including a Philly show...Read more

Clothing exhibition reveals 1,000 years of Black history through Pittsburgh and beyond

PITTSBURGH — Designer and writer Tereneh Idia remembers vividly standing in Drexel University's Main Building and yelling, "I am Amina of Zazzau, Hausaland!"

She was dressed in wide trousers and a head wrap to resemble a 1500s West African warrior queen in what is now Nigeria.

Idia, who was then head of the Black Student Union at...Read more

Answer Angel: Clothes you can wear to work, gym, anywhere

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I just learned about a trend in men’s “work” clothing that looks good enough for the office but comfortable enough for exercising, lounging and doesn’t look like sweats. Why isn’t there something like that for women?

— Megan L.

Dear Megan: There is something like that for women. In fact, lots of ...Read more

Nurse friends create water resistant, breathable shoes for 12-hour shifts

When you’re on your feet most of the day, you want your shoes to work as hard as you do. And when you’re a nurse, you need them to do more than just support you.

Although some athletic shoes might fit the bill, two Los Angeles friends were disappointed at the lack of footwear options for them as nurses. So they decided to design their own...Read more

He wears only black or white, roams Minneapolis and considers himself a work of art

MINNEAPOLIS — There is a certain shock that accompanies your first Scott Seekins sighting. You're in downtown Minneapolis, or Uptown, or Northeast, when a man wearing either an all-black or all-white suit, with chunky specs, a thick headband and a shock of dark hair, comes into view. There he is, striding down Lyndale Avenue, as if he has ...Read more

Mrs. Classic Universe Jennifer Lynn Robinson is a 40-plus beauty queen from Pennsylvania

Jennifer Lynn Robinson’s road to Mrs. Classic Universe, an international pageant that crowns women over 40 beauty queens, started 14 years ago when she was hit by a truck.

Robinson, a trial lawyer for AAA Mid-Atlantic, was headed to a routine doctor’s appointment in May 2008, when she hit the ground. “I tried to get up, but I couldn’t,�...Read more

No fade on prices: Why Philly barbers are charging $100 and up for haircuts

PHILADELPHIA — Kenneth Carruth IV, the North Philly native known as The4thKen on social media, has made waves (literally) with his haircut tutorials and videos. The 20-year-old barber has amassed more than 1.8 million likes on TikTok, with his Read more

Philly-based Mitchell & Ness partners with Rihanna for limited edition Super Bowl collection

Rihanna is giving us more than a bomb half-time show this Super Bowl LVII.

The pop singer and fashion maven dropped a nine-piece collection of Super Bowl clothing last week. The collaboration with Philly-based sports apparel company Mitchell & Ness is called Fenty For Mitchell & Ness.

It is fire and features an assortment of short- ...Read more

Answer Angel: Toe socks? Problem solved!

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Your recent reader question about wearing socks with sandals reminded me of a sock question I’ve been wanting to ask you. What do you know about toe socks — socks that are constructed like gloves so each toe has its own individual compartment? What are they good for? I saw some in a store for the first time ...Read more

Maisie Williams' complicated, perfectly coordinated outfit

Sunday Best

Taking a break from red carpets to showcase this little black-and-white dress, worn by actor Maisie Williams ("Game of Thrones") at the Dior Haute Couture spring-summer show in Paris Jan. 23. The dress is adorable, if a tad complicated, but the reason I chose it is because it's rare to see an outfit so perfectly ...Read more

Faribault Mill prepares to go national with first store outside Minnesota

The blanket company has new equipment and products and wants to become a household name outside its home state and region.

MINNEAPOLIS — To Ross Widmoyer, Faribault Mill is part of Minnesota's rich fabric of legacy brands. After rapid growth, the forward-thinking chief executive hopes to weave a new chapter in the blanket maker's ...Read more

Answer Angel: Makeup madness

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I seriously want to know why so many women have SO much makeup. I have friends and relatives who practically hoard makeup. One, who rarely wears lipstick, had 60 tubes in her drawer. I know some who have makeup suitcases to carry a ton of accouterments on trips! My sister has about 40 eye shadows, 20 or so eyeliners ...Read more

A beautiful bouquet of ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ stars

Sunday Best

OK, so I know I featured Michelle Yeoh last weekend in this space, but if you think I am capable of resisting the A-plus level of color coordination gorgeously demonstrated by the “Everything Everywhere All at Once” cast at the Critics Choice Awards Jan. 15, clearly we have not met. (Also, frankly, Sunday Best could ...Read more

Answer Angel: Bait-and-switch hairstylists

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Is there any recourse in this situation I ran into recently? I made a beauty salon appointment with my regular stylist, and they even confirmed that appointment, reminding me if I don’t show up, I’d still be charged 100% of the scheduled service price. Then, when I show up, they tell me my stylist no longer works ...Read more

Sheryl Lee Ralph stands up for her younger self — and the beauty of all Black women.

Sheryl Lee Ralph reminded Black girls — and many grown Black women — of our natural beauty on the Golden Globes red carpet last week.

When an InStyle reporter asked Ralph, who was phenomenally dressed in a...Read more

Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh glitter at Golden Globes

The Golden Globes, which took place last Tuesday, are a joke, but the fashion and the often-fabulous speeches are real — and what a treat it was to see this legendary pair sparkling like the stars they are. Angela Bassett, who won the supporting actress award for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” glittered in this elegantly sequined ...Read more

TikTok-viral candle warmer lamps might be just what your home is missing

Over the past few months, #DesignTok has been taken over by a new interior design trend: candle warmer lamps. According to, the TikTok trend kicked off when ...Read more

Permanent jewelry, featured in Netflix's 'Love Is Blind,' comes to Minnesota

Offered in the form of bracelets, anklets and sometimes rings, metal chains are welded together to symbolize the lasting bonds of friendship and love.

MINNEAPOLIS — Brittany Thompson and her friends are linked for life.

The 26-year-old and 10 of her BFFs had thin gold metal chains welded shut around their wrists and ankles during ...Read more

Remarkable Vivienne Westwood dressed Carrie Bradshaw and the Sex Pistols, too

Vivienne Westwood, the British fashion designer known both for clothing the 1970s punk movement and for decades of creating beautiful high-fashion gowns for runways and red carpets, died Dec. 29 in London, at the age of 81. Hers was a remarkable life in fashion; you may remember her for the safety pins and torn T-shirts in which she dressed ...Read more

Answer Angel: Socks with sandals?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My partner and I have an ongoing dispute about wearing socks with sandals. He’s a fan. I think it is a bad look — a nerdy, “clueless tourist” style. Who is right?

— Brooke K.

Dear Brooke: It hurts me to say this but you’re both right. Personally, I’m on your side. I wouldn’t wear socks with sandals. ...Read more