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Answer Angel: Uniform thinking

Answer Angel Ellen: When I was in an all-girls high school, we had to wear uniforms and we hated them. We did everything you could imagine to test the limits of what we viewed as asinine regulations.

Decades later, I envy people who are required to wear uniforms. I waste so much time trying to figure out what to wear…...Read more

TikTok’s adrenal cocktail is tasty, but does it work?

One of TikTok’s latest trends is a “cocktail” that’s supposed to be a magical elixir for your adrenal glands, hashtagged #adrenalfatigue.

The two adrenal glands are walnut...Read more

Enhance your water with one of these 5 delicious and healthy ingredients

Staying hydrated is essential for keeping our bodies functioning properly, but sometimes plain water can feel a bit boring.

If you find it challenging to meet your daily water consumption needs, consider adding one of these five ...Read more

Answer Angel: Gentle laundering

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I collect vintage rock concert T-shirts, the older the better. But I worry about damaging them in the wash.

Some of them are pretty rare and expensive, but I don’t just want them sitting on a shelf. I want to wear them. How do I launder them safely?

--Richard M.

Dear Richard...Read more

Oilplaning is the latest TikTok beauty trend. How does it work?

You never know what beauty tip you’ll get when you open TikTok. The latest trend, tagged #oilplaning, has users divided on whether it’s a revolution or just shaving.

Oilplaning combines dermaplaning — a technique that removes peach fuzz and dead skin with a blade — with...Read more

7 refreshing ways to hydrate without drinking water

Staying hydrated can sometimes be a chore, because, let’s face it, plain water can get boring. Luckily, there are plenty of delicious, nutritious and dare we say fun ways to keep your body well-hydrated without relying solely on H2O.

Here are some creative options to mix up your routine, according to homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-3312011">Read more

Answer Angel: What to do with scarf

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I received a small designer silk scarf as a gift and I am puzzled about what to do with it.

I tried tying it around my neck but that doesn’t seem right. It makes me feel like a cowgirl wannabe. While the pattern and color of the scarf are elegant, it just seems like a weird size for neckwear.

-...Read more

Tips for silencing your squeaky shoes

We’ve all been there — that awkward silence broken only by the squeak of your shoes as you walk across the room.

But don’t abandon your cute — or comfy — footwear because of the noise. Follow these steps to identify and address a squeaky shoe.Dry them out

If excess moisture is causing the squeak, thoroughly drying your shoes...Read more

According to experts, a beach vacation might wash away your worries

From work, deadlines, commutes and countless to-do lists, daily life can take a toll on us. According to life coaches, the best way to boost mental health might just be a beach vacation.

“A beach vacation is a wonderful time to carve out some time for yourself and give yourself the opportunity and space to focus on your own mental health and ...Read more

Answer Angel: Colorful hair streaks?

Dear Answer Angel: Are blue-purple-pink-bright-red hair streaks still a thing? It seems I’m seeing a lot less of it recently, thankfully. I always thought it looked kind of Halloween-y.

So what should we do with our hair color now? Especially for older women who want to be stylish!

--Pamela J.

Dear ...Read more

Do you really need compression socks on long flights?

Since the dawn of the jet age, travelers have been warned about the risks of dangerous blood clots while flying. In recent years, those warnings have often been accompanied by advice to wear compression socks.

But the case for keeping them on your packing list isn't as clear-cut as you might expect.

"It's perfectly fine to use them,"...Read more

5 inspirational podcasts for a healthier, happier you

In today’s fast-paced world, finding moments of peace and inspiration can be a challenge. Luckily, podcasts offer a quick and easy way to plug in and find both.

Here are five podcasts that can serve as gateways to personal growth, healthier habits and a more fulfilling life. Whether you’re seeking motivation or calming stories, these ...Read more

Nearly 2 in 3 millennials, Gen Zers say they prefer alcohol-free dates

Move over boozy brunches and cocktail-fueled first dates — millennials and Gen Zers are raising a glass of sparkling water to the latest trend: dry dating. This movement is all about ditching alcohol and focusing on creating genuine, sober connections.

According to ...Read more

Answer Angel: Big trip, small bag

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Is it possible to pack for an Alaska trip (a cruise) in just a carry-on, especially if you are a plus size?

I mean, if you are a size zero you can pack for a month with carry-on only. But a 5-foot-10 Queen? Hello???

--Judie C.

Dear Judie: Yes, definitely. It is easier on a ...Read more

Help! My kid wants to be a Sephora tween

Earlier this year, my daughter started coming home from school and begging us to buy her "skin care." She's 9.

I had heard of "Sephora tweens," the catchy name given to young kids swarming the cosmetics store seeking specific — and often pricey — products made popular on social media. But I was startled that even without...Read more

The Pet Gala is paws-itively adorable

OK, WHAT? Apparently, there is a dog version of the Met Gala, known as the Pet Gala, and why has nobody ever told me about this before?

Anyway, the Pet Gala, held May 20 in New York, is a benefit for the American Kennel Club’s nonprofit Museum of the Dog, and the pooches attend dressed in mini ...Read more

Answer Angel: How best to wear small jackets?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: For a few years now, I’ve noticed that many women’s jackets -- blazers, denim, sweaters, etc. -- are open and look too small to button or zip up. Is this a thing now?

Sometimes it looks nice and allows a nice view of the top underneath. Other times it looks outrageously small and tight. How to ...Read more

This entrepreneur has bottled the scent of Philadelphia. No, it doesn’t smell like trash

PHILADELPHIA -- Alex Rodriguez, creative director of RDZ Parfums sprayed his newest scent, Philadelphia, inside of Old City’s Perfumology.

My olfactory glands danced to the full-on cherry palooza.

“That’s the water ice ...Read more

Beyond gray hair and wrinkles: How to prevent signs of premature aging

We can’t beat Father Time, but there’s a chance we can keep him at bay awhile and slow down the appearance of aging — if we pay attention to our bodies.

Premature aging can be caused by a variety of factors, from the environment, to sun exposure, to beauty products and our diet. The acceleration of aging can be visible in wrinkles and ...Read more

Nearly 2 in 3 millennials, Gen Zers say they prefer alcohol-free dates

Move over boozy brunches and cocktail-fueled first dates — millennials and Gen Zers are raising a glass of sparkling water to the latest trend: dry dating. This movement is all about ditching alcohol and focusing on creating genuine, sober connections.

According to ...Read more