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Answer Angel: Is it OK to talk about cost?

Dear Answer Angel: My fiancee is a passionate bargain shopper who loves to brag about her thrift store fashion finds at “amazingly low prices.” It’s her hobby and she’s really good it!

Here is the problem: She also loves to mention the price she paid for everything she is wearing. If someone compliments her on her ...Read more

Designers put glam in adaptive wear

PHILADELPHIA -- Curiosity may kill the cat but for Nancy Connor and Johnny Goodwin Jr., Philadelphia-based self taught designers, it helped them launch a thriving business in a growing niche — adaptive apparel.

Connor was curious about how to create better outfits for her father who had to sacrifice fashion flair when he went into assisted ...Read more

Fur coats, leather and lingerie: How Mobtown does the ‘mob wife’ aesthetic

BALTIMORE -- Walking into A Day In June, a small vintage clothing, home decor and furniture store in Fells Point, at least a few customers have come searching to emulate something specific this winter: the “mob wife” aesthetic.

Crafted with all-black base layers, fur coats, boots, gaudy accessories and high-volume hair, the look gained ...Read more

These Black designers are changing fashion perceptions

ATLANTA -- The thought of using his fashion line to show love for Atlanta had been on Quintin Crumpler’s mind for a while.

The fashion designer is a product of metro area. It’s where he is raising his four children. It’s where he founded and is building his prep, sportswear and tailoring line ...Read more

Answer Angel: Hair rollers are back?!

Dear Answer Angel: My mom told me that when she was a teenager, girls would sleep on hair rollers with brushes inside them that were murderously uncomfortable. I thought today’s hair styles had left that all behind.

But when I was at the salon recently I was stunned to see women of all ages sitting with rollers in their ...Read more

Fashion designer accepts Order of the British Empire honor in purple gown

If you were a fashion designer showing up at Buckingham Palace to accept your Order of the British Empire honor (well, maybe you are; I don’t know your life), what would you wear?

Roksanda Ilinčić, the Serbian-born designer whose work has been worn by the likes of homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-3123860">Read more

Disney releases line of fairytale villain wedding dresses

Disney has teamed up with Allure Bridals to create a line of wedding dresses dedicated to the darker side of the fairytale — paying homage to Ursula, Maleficent,...Read more

Beyoncé launching new hair care line, Cécred

Beyoncé's trending once again, and it’s not because of a surprise album. The multi-Grammy Award winner is releasing a hair care line.

“Hair is sacred,” Queen B shared in an Instagram post highlighting the journey of Black hair care — with visuals of a beauty salon featuring various shots of women getting their hair shampooed, cut and ...Read more

Answer Angel: How to save a beloved stuffed animal

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My godson and his wife just welcomed their first child. I was trying to figure out what might be a memorable gift for the new baby. When my godson Trevor was born, I gave him a stuffed little white polar bear that he loved and dragged around everywhere until he started first grade.

I called his mom (...Read more

Stars of ‘Feud: Capote Vs. the Swans’ coordinated their premiere looks

I quite enjoy when a cast decides to coordinate their red-carpet garb, and such was clearly the case with (from left) Chloë Sevigny, Naomi Watts, Molly Ringwald, Demi Moore and Calista Flockhart, all of whom star in the series “Feud: Capote Vs. the Swans” on FX. (The “swans” of the title were homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-3112337">Read more

Click clack craze: This mechanical keyboard shop will have you throwing out your bland computer parts

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Want your computer keyboard to light up every time with neon colors when you type? Want there to be a small icon of a cat with boba on one of the keys — or all of them? Want to feel like you’re typing with utter conviction on that vacation request email to your boss?

Then the Tiny Keyboard Shop is for you.

It offers the...Read more

Perfume for babies? Better bring your checkbook

PHILADELPHIA -- Baby perfume is a thing.

Before bundling their little ones in a $530 Burberry Baby hooded fleece, or maybe ahomeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-3112335">Read more

Answer Angel: Cheap fix for zipper problems

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have two jackets with zippers that don’t work because the little “handle” that you hold onto to pull up and down has broken off. I’m not skilled enough to replace the zippers myself (besides, they’re fine except for the missing handle issue) and the cost of paying a seamstress or the dry ...Read more

Experts warn against putting Vaseline in your eyes, as seen on TikTok

Vaseline has many beauty benefits, from helping to heal scars to moisturizing skin. While health care professionals aren’t against using the jelly on your body, they do issue warnings about a new trend.

The #WateryEye trend on TikTok claims that using Vaseline along the waterline — the inner rim of the eye area between your eyes and the ...Read more

Here’s what to know about ice facials, TikTok’s anti-aging technique

A go-to facial among the stars consists of an item found in your freezer.

Ice facials were most popular in the 1980s, and they’ve slowly made a comeback. Supermodel Kate Moss revealed on TikTok her go-to remedy for a youthful...Read more

Answer Angel: What makes someone an 'influential dresser'?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I do my best to keep up with fashion and style trends. I read Vogue magazine and lots of fashion stuff online. For me, it is mostly just entertainment since I’m not in any position to spend thousands on a single sweater, skirt etc.

I feel like I am pretty up to date but in a “Vogue Daily” email ...Read more

For Chicago artist Helena Kim, restoring vintage leather is a lesson in self-care — and in going viral

CHICAGO -- Most weekends at Chicago's Randolph Street Market, Helena Kim can be found with her head inside the lining of a vintage Coach purse. After finding and restoring more than 30, she knows a good piece of leather by touch.

Kim, 31, has built a following on TikTok for her homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-3089476">Read more

Pharrell Williams’ new Louis Vuitton collection mixes Americana and Native American designs

Pharrell Williams unveiled his sophomore men’s collection for Louis Vuitton during Paris fashion week in January. The collection transported the audience to the Wild West with its “Americana fashion and Native American designs,” including cowboy hats, rope belts, lots of leather, bull badges and graffiti jackets.

“Pharrell wanted to ...Read more

Answer Angel: My feet are cold!

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My feet are always cold, especially at night. And not just in the winter. Do you have any ideas for keeping my tootsies warm?

--Pamela J.

Dear Pamela: Sometimes (not always) it is worth the expense to buy top-of-the-line. From personal experience I recommend Darn Tough ...Read more

Some couples are shying away from micro weddings in 2024. Here’s why they’re throwing bigger bashes

HARTFORD, Conn. -- During the pandemic, many couples went without a huge wedding – or getting married at all. Now nearly four years later, the bashes currently being planned are bigger and better than ever.

Wedding professionals had thought that micro weddings – or weddings with less than 50 guests – would stick around. The smaller size ...Read more