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A hockey player’s gameday attire inspires a Dallas young men’s apparel brand

DALLAS As a travel hockey player in Canada, Dylan Thompson learned at a young age that dressing the part was a big part of the game.

Each year, his parents would spend hundreds of dollars on suits, tailored to fit just right and not cut for the growing body of a teenager moving from middle school to high school.

That tradition of hockey ...Read more

Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, 99 Cents stores: What do they sell? How do prices compare?

Is there anything as thrilling as finding just the item you need and learning it only costs a dollar? This pleasure seems harder to come by now, as prices at dollar stores are usually more than a buck these days.

Still, lots of items are cheap and useful, especially if you’re willing to forego brand names and fancy packaging.

Americans are...Read more

Answer Angel: Inclusive swim caps for all hair types

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I’m an African American woman and I’ve recently overcome my fear of swimming. I’m loving it and enjoy swimming laps as exercise (and a calorie-burner that is gentle on my knees). But I’m desperate to find a swim cap big enough to accommodate my natural hair volume, which I also sometimes wear in long braids or ...Read more

Remembering Genevieve Buck, a Tribune fashion editor who was stylish in person and in print

CHICAGO — Genevieve Buck entered the newspaper business when it was still a raucous, male-dominated world in which women were considered secondary.

But over the next decades Buck would prove to be an influential and internationally admired fashion reporter and editor, business reporter and columnist, and feature story writer. She did so ...Read more

These candles smell good, aren't toxic and illuminate their makers' special abilities

PITTSBURGH — Jack Fluharty III didn’t know what he’d do after high school.

Maybe he’d work at McDonald’s or bag groceries or work as a hotel housekeeper as he’d done before, but none of those things really stuck with him in a way that a career should.

That uncertainty isn’t uncommon at such a young age, but the world looks ...Read more

Seattle refugees turn junk into tote bags, medical scrubs and dog toys

SEATTLE — In a nondescript workshop in Seattle's Lake City neighborhood, squeezed between a restaurant and a convenience store, surplus bed sheets are sewn into medical scrubs, used coffee sacks are fashioned into burlap tote bags and decommissioned fire hoses are cut into storage baskets.

Refugee and immigrant women from countries like ...Read more

8 thrift store tips from a pro: ‘Thrifting is literally my livelihood.’

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Sarah Ramberg of Belmont, North Carolina, just west of Charlotte, makes her living from thrifting, or as she calls it “junkin’.”

Known as Sadie Seasongoods in her blog, Ramberg offers tips and tricks encouraging people to upcycle and shop at second-hand ...Read more

Ask me about ... how to compete with Amazon, what's selling in men's clothing these days and Tony Bennett

PITTSBURGH — Over the years, Chas Schaldenbrand has rubbed shoulders with lawyers, business executives and celebrities. He founded Heinz Healey's men's apparel store in 1988.

He discussed where the store's name came from and which business adages really hold true.

PG: How did you get started in the clothing business?

A. Well, I started out ...Read more

A new St. Louis area store is designed like a home, to make you feel at home

LADUE, Mo. — A couple came into the Hearth and Soul store in Tallahassee, Florida. They liked the way the family-room showroom looked, so they bought it.

They bought it all: couches, tables, chairs, rug, chandelier, art, display cases, accent pieces — all of it.

The couple took some of it home that day — the actual pieces from the ...Read more

Answer Angel: Unsticking that zipper

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My archnemesis is zippers. I constantly have a battle with boots, purses and jackets with the zippers getting caught in the inside lining. Struggling with going back or sometimes forward with the zipper is a huge dilemma, probably for everyone. Do you have any suggestions?

— Frannie W.

Dear Frannie: And this always...Read more

Target launches clothing line Future Collective 'with diverse points of view'

The first Future Collective partner is fashion influencer Kahlana Barfield Brown.

MINNEAPOLIS — Target Corp. has created an apparel and accessories brand called Future Collective and featuring a rotating roster of style and cultural influencers "with diverse points of view in fashion."

The brand's first partner is Kahlana ...Read more

Minneapolis fashion designer Houston White gets exclusive line in Target

The partnership is expected to become Target's longest-running fashion collaboration.

MINNEAPOLIS — Houston White has always had a taste for fashion. At 10 years old, he created airbrushed T-shirts. At North High School in Minneapolis, he learned to screenprint shirts, then made designs that frequently sold out with other students.

...Read more

Answer Angel: Face serums and sunscreen

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Are face serums really necessary? “Everybody” in the makeup industry says they are a must-have, but are they?

— Terryl S.

Dear Terryl: Nope, you don’t need them. While “necessary” means different things to people (depending on a bunch of factors), the only truly necessary things in routine face care are ...Read more

These are some of the world’s most bizarre festivals

We’ve all heard of film festivals. And music festivals are practically commonplace. Around the world, however, there are festivals that are anything but common. From world-class food fights to monkey-friendly buffets, a lot of them seem to involve food. Then again, there’s an actual “baby jumping” festival, so anything goes.

Here’s ...Read more

HyperX marks 20 years in business with discounts and giveaways

HyperX is celebrating its 20th birthday through October. The gaming peripheral brand has come a long way since it started as an enthusiast brand of Kingston Technology. It mainly sold high-end RAM, but over the years, its offerings have grown and evolved with gamers.

A big change came with the introduction of its headset, the HyperX Cloud, ...Read more

Answer Angel: No more fashion rules!

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I recently met a friend for lunch and we decided to ask you to settle a question. It came up because, although we were enduring a heat wave, she was wearing some cute suede ballet flats. She said she was a little iffy about wearing her suede shoes in warm weather and wondered if she should wait until fall. I told her I...Read more

Get paid to drink pumpkin spice lattes this fall

Pour Moi wants to pay a taste tester

As fall approaches, so do the seasonal menus at coffee houses. Before long, baristas will be crafting up pumpkin spice delights by the dozen. One clothing company in England wants to capitalize on the trend by commissioning a pumpkin spice latte taste tester this year, and anyone around the world ...Read more

In Under Armour program targeting young, Black creative talent, interns design basketball uniforms of the future

BALTIMORE — Two decades from now, women’s basketball players might bound across plexiglass, LED-powered courts wearing high-tech, compression-legging uniforms that monitor health and won’t clog landfills.

Fans at games in 2042 might wear virtual reality headsets that appear to add color and graphics to otherwise monotone uniforms. And ...Read more

Dolly Parton is launching her own pet collection, ‘Doggy Parton’

Country music icon Dolly Parton unveiled her latest project on Wednesday. homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-2721554">Read more

Back-to-school time is expensive — parents offer tips for survival

MINNEAPOLIS -- The back-to-school marathon is in full sprint and testing parents' sanity.

"I run around like a crazy lady," said Anissa Keyes, a Minneapolis business owner and mother of five. "It's all the logistics and all the adjustments from the summer schedule to the fall schedule. Where they are going to be after school and ...Read more