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Graduation gifts to wow them. Proof that practical can still be cool

Graduation season is here, so if you’re looking for the perfect gift to help the recent grad in your life get a head start on their new adventure, we’ve rounded up 14 useful gifts that also have a major wow factor. All are proof that just because a gift is practical, doesn’t mean that it can’t be cool. Take the Barisieur coffee maker ...Read more

Father’s Day gifts for your rad dad

Most dads aren’t going to tell you what they want for Father’s Day, but the best gifts are a combination of useful, personal and most importantly, fun. Give him something that he’ll actually use but also lets him know that you are tuned into his interests. We’ve rounded up the best gifts for dad from a truffle-infused hot sauce that ...Read more

Clothes for the reopening: Brands like Athleta, Target, Wilson make a big bet that all-day workout wear is here to stay

CHICAGO — People are going back out in public, but before they leave home they’re weighing wardrobe questions that were largely irrelevant last year — from whether skinny jeans are still in to what’s OK to wear to work now that co-workers will see below a Zoom shirt.

While some look forward to again having occasions to get dressed up,...Read more

Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter Ella Emhoff praises the ‘ugly’ mullet

From David Bowie to ‘Rambo’ to K-pop stars, the shaggy haircut comes, goes and is back again. Style icon Ella Emhoff explains its appeal in new Vogue feature.

The mullet is back, and Ella Emhoff’s got one.

Emhoff, the designer, model and stepdaughter of Vice President Kamala Harris, is using her newly minted status as an ...Read more

Answer Angel: Sandals with socks? Really?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Since the COVID-19 vaccine has liberated me from the four walls of my apartment, I’ve been out and about more and I’m noticing a style “trend” that has me pretty puzzled. Both men and women seem to be wearing socks — just white athletic socks in most cases — with sandals. I thought socks-with-sandals was a ...Read more

The 10 best short romantic getaways in the US

Big on love, but short on time? No worries, we've got 10 U.S. destinations that are perfect for packing in a few days of romance. Whether you and your love want to take a beach vacation in Miami, soak away your cares in Palm Springs hot springs, or cozy up to the vineyards near the Hamptons, we found the perfect short romantic getaway in the U...Read more

Glassware that takes your outdoor party to the next level. OMG, did you see this?

Your summer travel plans may still be on hold, but after more than a year of living in near isolation, and vaccinations allowing us more freedom, it’s time to bring together your family and friends to catch up and celebrate summer. The 2021 outdoor entertaining season is ramping up with inventive designs that bring indoor style outdoors and ...Read more

Sunday Best: ‘Cruella’ makes our critic want to wear nothing but black and white

“Cruella,” now in theaters, sent me home wondering if I should reduce my wardrobe down to solely black and white. Because look how striking that combination is, on Emma Stone as the title character (send me that fitted jacket and ruffled gloves, now) and Emma Thompson as a fashion designer known as The Baroness. The costumes in this movie, ...Read more

What qualifies as 'cheugy' in the Northwest? Generation Z weighs in

SEATTLE — Athleisure, one-plus-five buildings, Teslas, non-GMO food, eco-friendly straws and Mount Rainier stickers are cheugy items commonly seen in the Seattle area, according to Christopher Tritt of Pierce County.

Red Bull spritzers and fake brick overlays also make his list.

The Gen Z term "cheugy" (pronounced "chew-ghee&...Read more

Fashion find of the week: American Eagle launches limited-edition sustainable jeans collection

American Eagle is on a mission to become more environmentally responsible — one pair of pants at a time.

The Pittsburgh-headquartered clothing retailer launched this month a limited-edition collection of jeans made by following the guidelines of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign Project. It outlines requirements for durability...Read more

7 bioluminescent beaches and bays that glow at night

You might have seen it in the Academy Award-winning film “Life of Pi” — a blue glow that grows as main character Pi swirls the water. While this might be the work of CGI in the movie, it’s actually a real phenomenon.

In bodies of water around the world, bioluminescent creatures, typically plankton, light up like a firefly when moved, ...Read more

Answer Angel: The search for disappearing clothes classics

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What happened to women's khakis? I've been to three well-known outfitters that used to sell them, but they only have men's. One salesperson told me they're "not trending" now. How can that be? They're a classic!

— Mary V.

Dear Mary: You’re absolutely right on two counts: They ARE a classic, and they’...Read more

Answer Angel: Wig tips for those bad hair days

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Some years ago, I bought a very reasonably priced, washable wig, made of faux hair, and wore it quite frequently; it came in handy... A LOT! My natural, poker straight hair is medium brown with gray mixed in, and I would like to buy a wig for a different look and occasional low-maintenance hair prep, aka "top and ...Read more

10 stylish ways to protect your COVID-19 vaccine card

With nearly half of the U.S. adult population fully vaccinated and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention easing mask restrictions for vaccinated individuals, there’s hope that we may get a little closer to a more normal sense of daily life by summer. But if you are thinking about making travel plans or attending an outdoor festival or...Read more

Sunday Best: Eva Green’s 2014 Cannes look — a glittery gown with a cape — aged like fine wine

The Cannes Film Festival, with its red carpet crowded with gloriously enormous gowns, normally would be in full swing in mid-May. But, after being canceled entirely in 2020, this year it’s been postponed to mid-July. While we await the arrival of the festival and its presumably semi-socially distanced red carpet (actually, if the gown’s big ...Read more

Forgotten how to get dressed up during the pandemic? Our guide to the basics

Vaccination rates are going up, mask mandates are slipping away, and our lives are gradually returning to normal. That means we may be returning to the office. Or even going on dates. So it's time for a refresher course on something we may have forgotten how to do: dress up. Let us introduce you to a few post-pandemic, high-fashion concepts, ...Read more

Fashion after herd immunity, or what to wear to the post-pandemic party

It's been more than a year of wearing sweatpants and slippers and having no place to go that requires us to put on anything nicer.

But as we emerge from our post-pandemic cocoons, will we be dressy butterflies or will we want to remain as comfortable, stretch-waistband caterpillars?

Both, say fashion historians and style experts.

"...Read more

The cutest beach towns in Florida

Miami and Orlando may be Florida favorites, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most scenic destinations in the Sunshine State. In fact, Florida is home to numerous charming beach towns where you won’t find waves of tourists. Most of these coastal getaways and island respites have unspoiled beaches, wildlife refuges and fresh food to savor...Read more

Bike inner tubes transformed into little black dress for ‘Upcycled Fashion’ exhibit

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. — Every woman has certain staple pieces in her wardrobe, but perhaps the most versatile is the little black dress that comes in a variety of styles from strapless and body contouring to short or long lengths. But one fashion designer has completely reimagined the LBD — using recycled rubber from bike inner tubes.

Aidana ...Read more

Answer Angel: Tips on tights

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I prefer to wear skirts and dresses but I am perplexed about leg wear. Summer, no problem: bare legs with sandals. Fall and winter: tights or knee-high boots. But what about early spring? The fall and winter options, especially in dark colors, seem so out of season, but it’s chilly! Any ideas on the eternal question:...Read more