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Answer Angel: Kick this fad to the curb

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: What is your take on these boots and loafers that have big, thick rubber soles? Like two or three inches high? My social media is crawling with photos of stars and “influencers” wearing this footwear. Really?

--Jenny K.

Dear Jenny: Yes, really! They’re popular. No doubt. But, ...Read more

She creates HBCU dolls sold at Walmart, Target, Sam’s Club and Amazon

DALLAS -- Brooke Hart Jones needed a gift for the pre-school daughter of a college friend but what she wanted to give wasn’t out there. So, she created it.

Three years later, Dallas-based HBCyoU Dolls is having a successful second holiday shopping season selling 18-inch dolls that pay...Read more

Black women celebrate their natural look at Miami event

MIAMI -- With a pink hair salon on wheels parked out front, mocktails being served and R&B songs playing loudly, the Miami stop of the Camille Rose Naturals hair care brand brought high energy to homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-3005653">Read more

The hot toy of 2023? Barbie still wants to party

MINNEAPOLIS -- Ellorie Jacobs loves everything Barbie.

"The dolls are super fun to play with, and it's about girl power," the 9-year-old from Lakeville, Minnesota, said during lunch with her mom recently at the Malibu Barbie Cafe at ...Read more

Answer Angel: Is preppy back in style?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Are preppy clothes back in style?

A while ago I walked into Target and the first thing I saw was this giant display of ultra preppy clothes and accessories from a brand that I was unfamiliar with, Rowing Blazers. I’m talking green and blue wide-striped blazers with gold buttons. Plaids, repp-stripe ...Read more

Nordstrom's Seattle flagship store stands the test of time, city issues

SEATTLE — Danielle Kuhlmann grew up with cherished memories of shopping at the Nordstrom flagship store in downtown Seattle.

When she was in high school, Kuhlmann and her friends would visit the store, leave their backpacks with the concierge, then head to the makeup counters for consultations and to get their makeup done before school dances...Read more

Workwear brand Carhartt is opening stores in Dickies country

DALLAS — Carhartt, a Michigan-based workwear brand, has opened a store in Fort Worth, Texas, the home of one of its chief rival brands, Williamson-Dickie.

Both heritage brands — Dickies founded in 1922 and Carhartt in 1889 — have experienced fame outside of their original purpose to clothe farm, factory and mining workers.

Somewhere ...Read more

Dior relaunches Baby Dior brand with skin care line for infants, including $230 ‘scented water’

Babies R Us but they’re also getting accustomed to the finer things in life — that is if Dior has a say in the matter.

The luxury French fashion giant has relaunched its Baby Dior brand with a buzzy new skin care line designed for infants.

With containers bottled in baby-friendly colors such as pastel shades of green, purple and pink, the ...Read more

The holiday gift puzzle: Who should get a gift, and what should it be?

Gianna Kordatzky hates the thought of well-intentioned gifts gathering dust in the days and months after Christmas morning.

As the mother of four with two dogs and a 1½-story New Brighton, Minnesota, house with limited storage space, she's honed her giving strategy when it comes to her teenagers.

Kordatzky, co-owner of the Family Fun Twin ...Read more

Answer Angel: Can denim be dressy?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I’m starting to see denim being used for more dressy clothing than just jeans, as in a knife-pleated longish skirt that’s clearly meant for office or upscale casual wear.

But is it OK to wear denim to a formal event? Does it show disrespect for the occasion to wear a dress or jacket made from ...Read more

Coco Rocha, in Christian Siriano, poses with Christian Siriano

I was drawn to a photo, of Coco Rocha and Christian Siriano at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City earlier this month, because it's unusual to see an outfit and its creator together on the red carpet.

This dramatic ensemble seems like it belongs in a pink-and-black version of the Ascot Gavotte in "My Fair Lady," with a hat that...Read more

Toys 'R' Us returns with a store at Mall of America

MINNEAPOLIS -- After disappearing from malls and shopping centers over the last few years, Toys 'R' Us is opening a new store at the Mall of America just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Six years after the iconic toy chain first filed for bankruptcy in 2017 and began shuttering its stores, Toys 'R' Us parent company WHP Global ...Read more

These businesses hope holiday shopping can make up for a rough summer

TAMPA, Fla. -- Business has started picking up for Betty’s Shop after the worst summer owner Liz Calver can recall in a decade.

“It was a lot quieter. Even just the foot traffic on the streets and the car traffic on the roads, on Gulf Boulevard, was less than half of what it should have been,” Calver said about business ...Read more

Answer Angel: Is clothing becoming more unisex?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I bought a vintage Pendleton shawl collar maroon and navy button-up sweater on eBay. I am a big fan of Pendleton sweaters and vintage clothing in general. I have happily worn the oversize sweater and received compliments on it from male and female friends.

But when I put it on this weekend there ...Read more

Radio Flyer's first retail location

Radio Flyer is banking on bricks-and-mortar in Schaumburg, Illinois, where the little red wagon maker is opening the first retail location in its 106-year history.

Radio Flyer will sell stroller wagons, tricycles, scooters, go-karts and bikes from the 15,000-square-foot location on the first floor of Woodfield Mall, which was set to open Friday...Read more

Rachel Zegler’s dress calls back to earlier ‘Hunger Games’ moment

Sometimes a gown is just a gown, and sometimes it tells a story.

Rachel Zegler, star of “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes,” wore this black-and-red Alexander McQueen gown on the red carpet for the European premiere of the film in Berlin earlier this month. It’s a pretty sharp dress by itself — but it also ...Read more

Vintage apparel business builds a bond between old and new fans

FORT WORTH, Texas -- It’s deep into the college football season and Fort Worth entrepreneur Lindsey Dixon is in high demand.

She’s all too eager to rifle through her customers’ bins stored in back closets and garages for vintage gold for her business, homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-2961691">Read more

Answer Angel: Embrace the man purse!

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My husband, while intelligent and successful, is the most disorganized person I know. His brother, equally disorganized, and at the suggestion of his wife, now carries a "murse" -- a purse for men.

On a recent trip to Ireland, every single day my husband struggled finding his reading ...Read more

Does it pay to do your holiday shopping early?

For sure holiday shopping has been pulled into October and even July if you listen to diehard Amazon Prime Day shoppers. But with about seven weeks until Christmas, don’t sweat it.

There’s still plenty of time to shop early. Does it pay to shop early? Will you save money if you do?

Some people study deals year-round and we talked to two of...Read more

Max's 'The Gilded Age' features many glorious hats

I wish we had a better shot of the gloriously hatted cast of "The Gilded Age," but one must play the hand one is dealt. Anyway, Julian Fellowes' curiously uneventful but beautifully costumed Max limited series is back for its second season, and it begins its first episode quite deliciously with a montage of Easter hats emerging from ...Read more