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Adult Minnesotans have rediscovered the comfort of snow pants: 'Warmth is cool'

MINNEAPOLIS — Brandt Williams of Minneapolis has spent 53 years in the Upper Midwest, but hadn't worn snow pants since being zipped into a one-piece suit he described as "the iron maiden of clothing for children."

Then one day last December, while shopping at Costco, Williams spotted a snow pants display. He bought a pair on a ...Read more

Answer Angel: How to tame those wild eyebrows

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I was wondering if there was a product to tame my wild, stand-up eyebrows?

— Rennae G.

Dear Rennae: There are various products, tinted and clear, designed to solve this problem such as Pacifica Highest Def Hemp Fiber Brow Set ($13, They go on with a wand brush, like mascara. However, I’m quite content ...Read more

How COVID-19 has changed what we wear and how we feel about clothing

SEATTLE — We want to be comfy but also look good on Zoom. We didn’t know how uncomfortable jeans were until we stopped wearing them. If you wore one at the office, you might still wear your work badge at home. Some of us are ineffably fancy. Black masks go with everything. And we really, really hate bras.

Once dictated by climate and ...Read more

The 5 most LGBTQ-friendly cities in America

Let’s be honest: Despite the unbelievable amount of progress LGBTQ Americans have fought for and achieved in the U.S., there’s still more work and growth to be done before the flag can truly represent “liberty and justice for all” across the country. With this said, the gay community is forced to do more research than the average ...Read more

Ikea is discontinuing its catalog after 70 years

Sellers are looking to catapult an unlikely item — the once ubiquitous Ikea catalog — into the trove of uncommon collectibles that beckon nostalgia and grow in value.

“The very last Ikea catalog ever,” a recent eBay listing reads, offering the 2021 edition for $17. “In perfect unread condition. Stored flat in acid-free magazine-...Read more

Nike’s hands-free shoe just might make bending over to lace up extinct

How we choose all of the stuff that we surround ourselves with is based on our needs — and wants — but also on how well those things are designed to help make our lives better. As Nike puts it, “Good innovation turns the complex into the simple,” and that’s just what the brand has done with the GO FlyEase sneaker, its first totally ...Read more

Disney weddings marks 30 years with new gowns, venues

ORLANDO, Fla. — Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons is celebrating 30 years of making couples’ wedding, vow renewal and engagement dreams come true.

“For the past 30 years, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons has helped create once-in-a-lifetime memories for couples around the globe,” said Korri McFann, marketing...Read more

Top online reseller of luxury goods adds 2 women to board

DALLAS — The former CEO of Neiman Marcus has joined the board of The RealReal, a company that says it is the world’s largest online marketplace for reselling luxury goods.

Katz, who is an expert in luxury retailing after a long career at Dallas-based Neiman Marcus, has also had an up-close view of the resale business.

Neiman Marcus and San...Read more

New Sabika jewelry collection is bursting with color, charm

PITTSBURGH — For fans of jewelry brand Sabika, a new collection is always cause for celebration. For CEO and designer Alexandra Mayr-Gracik, the spring/summer collection that launched this month is extra special.

This year marks the 20th anniversary for the Robinson-based company. The latest launch of colorful Swarovski crystal chokers, ...Read more

French sitcom ‘Call My Agent!’ offers laughs, eye-rolling and a refreshing dose of workwear

My latest Netflix binge has been “Call My Agent!” a slyly funny French sitcom set at a Paris talent agency. I’m only midway through Season 2 — don’t tell me what happens later! — but I’m quite enjoying the playful movie star cameos, the who’s-sleeping-with-whom drama, the behind-the-scenes intrigue and the truly world-class eye-...Read more

Hayes: Side parts and skinny jeans are nice, but have you tried total irrelevance, Millennials?

It’s a rite of passage for any new generation to fight with the one before. Just imagine the ruthless barbs traded between 15th century serfs over tunic length!

Right now, that whole thing is playing out between Gen Z and Millennials. Let’s review: Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996 and have been blamed for everything since, ...Read more

Romance away from home: The 6 sexiest cities in America

For many of us, traveling is an aphrodisiac. Fueled by adventure and new experiences, romance feels more passionate in a different ZIP code.

However, you don’t need to cross oceans or even get a passport to achieve the dopamine rush of being in a new place. America boasts some of the sexiest cities in the world for singles and couples alike...Read more

Answer Angel: Readers’ choices for top skin care products

Thanks to all the readers — so many of you! — who responded to my request for your No. 1 Can’t Live Without makeup or beauty aid.

Here’s what you had to say about skin care. More favorites (eyes, lips, hair) to come soon …FACE MOISTURIZERS

Nivea Creme

“I’ve tried the expensive moisturizers. No other product comes ...Read more

7 ways to take on winter, from a wearable sleeping bag to grippy ice-walkers

CHICAGO — Since the pandemic has been keeping us cooped up at home, chances are you have been eating more, exercising less and spending far too much time with your nearest and dearest. With winter’s icy grip on most of the country, the thought of bundling up and heading into the tundra for a little me-time might not sound very appealing, ...Read more

You can see latest styles at New York Fashion Week — in your pajamas

Once upon a time, the only people at New York Fashion Week were top buyers and media from across the country. Now dozens of shows by famous and up-and-coming designers are accessible to anyone from anywhere with internet access.

That's New York Fashion Week in the era of COVID-19.

This month marks one year since invite-only crowds sat ...Read more

Paris Fashion Week unfolded without audiences but with great creativity

Paris Fashion Week unfolded without audiences (due to pandemic restrictions), but with a lot of creativity.

Kim Jones’ first collection for the Italian fashion house Fendi took place in Paris’ Palais Brongniart, with models strolling past and around interlocking glass walls in “F” shapes.

The collection, inspired by Virginia Woolf’...Read more

Answer Angel: Should guys wear leggings?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: As many people are staying at home and working — what are your thoughts on men in leggings (meggings)?

My husband has taken a shine to them and I like the look ... but in general?

— Billie

Dear Billie: Why not? Women of all ages and sizes have adopted leggings as a wardrobe staple for working at home (and ...Read more

Some stores seeing signs that customers are craving in-person shopping

MINNEAPOLIS — Stores are starting to see signs that customers are craving a return to in-person retail therapy.

While retailers believe the shift to online shopping during the pandemic will be a lasting change, there are signs that customers also are ready to return to brick-and-mortar shopping.

In Minnesota, retailers big and small saw ...Read more

The 10 most underrated destinations in Mexico for your next vacation

While we think it's hard to underrate any destination in Mexico, many travelers regularly overlook some of the coolest destinations found across the country.

Yes, we love Tulum and Cancun and Los Cabos — but Mexico has way more to offer than beaches and all-inclusive resorts. From ancient cities to dazzling untouched beaches and amazing ...Read more

Milliners create out-there hats for dystopian play

PITTSBURGH — Dystopian literature has long held wide-ranging views of Earth’s dismal future, but none included elaborate hats — until now.

On Friday, Quantum Theatre presents “Far Away,” a chilling play by Caryl Churchill reimagined as a fully-filmed digital performance. The play envisions the whole world engulfed in a war where ...Read more