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Legal cannabis is mostly white, so consider backing these Black California businesses this holiday

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Nationwide, Black people were 3.6 times more likely than white people to be arrested for marijuana possession in 2018, despite similar usage rates, according to a 2020 American Civil Liberty Union report.

At the same time, the U.S. cannabis industry was and still is exploding with only 10% of cannabis business owners ...Read more

Old-fashioned wood type is new again, as Minnesota book center adds Hebrew, Arabic and Spanish letters

Minnesota Center for Book Arts hopes to attract new audiences. "Wood type feels so human," says one designer.

MINNEAPOLIS — In the basement studios of Minnesota Center for Book Arts, wood type fills drawers and cabinets, its nicks and scratches hinting at decades of printing history.

But upstairs sits a box of type that's ...Read more

Laura Yuen: How to switch up your holiday gift-giving this year

MINNEAPOLIS — Christmas shopping for my young boys typically starts weeks in advance with me acquiring small toys and books from Costco, then thoughtfully ordering a couple of bigger presents they've circled in catalogs. I start storing these gifts in a secret cache in my basement, much like a squirrel with her acorns. There is a method to ...Read more

Pizza Hut selling holiday-themed pajamas, Matchbox set, wine glasses and ornaments

Pizza Hut is stepping up its swag game this holiday season.

The restaurant chain recently announced a new merchandise and apparel drop.

Now available at (while supplies last), the collection includes a matching pajama set ($39.99) featuring an all-over pattern of pizza-inspired and holiday-themed graphics, a Matchbox play ...Read more

Answer Angel: How to cash in on your old clothes

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I am in a bit of dilemma. I need to sell off many pairs of shoes. A few that I never wore. Bottom line, I don’t want to sell and have them returned because of fit. I don’t want to sell on eBay because I want a set price and I no longer have PayPal. Another problem is many of the shoes are of narrow width, which is ...Read more

Sunday Best: Salma Hayek brings double dose of glamour, glitter to her latest premieres

Salma Hayek is in two movies out this month — “Eternals” and “House of Gucci” — so she’s out there hitting the red carpets, usually in Gucci (as it happens, her husband is the current CEO of Gucci). I love the extreme glitter of both of these looks: the strapless purple ombre gown worn at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art gala...Read more

Answer Angel: How to find discontinued cosmetics

Here is just a sample of the many frustrated readers who’ve been on maddening and unsuccessful searches for their favorite discontinued cosmetics…

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have been searching for an Estée Lauder eyeliner, in the color “Forest Writer 07” for a while. I contacted Esteé Lauder and they no longer make it. Do you know ...Read more

Sex, style, gloss. Tom Ford knows how to tease us in his new book on fashion, Hollywood

Texas’ most stylish export is back with a new status tome from Rizzoli documenting a life very well lived.

Sex, style, gloss. Tom Ford knows how to tease us.

He is the native Texan (by way of Austin) who went on to rule the runway, first as the creative director for Gucci, then as the smoldering sire of his own namesake fashion ...Read more

Pittsburgh 'sewists' mend textiles and memories

PITTSBURGH — When you think about fixing too-long pants or a holey sweater, you might envision dusty shops run by aging men draped in tape measures.

But take a walk down Butler Street in Lawrenceville, stop at Boheme Pittsburgh and go to the back of the marketplace. There, you’ll find two effortlessly cool women in their early 30s who only ...Read more

Sunday Best: Sneak peek of upcoming ‘Downton Abbey’ film has us pining for March

It’s been gray and wet in Seattle for approximately 1,000 days, so I thought you’d like to see a photo of the “Downton Abbey” gang in their tennis whites. This is a peek at “Downton Abbey: A New Era,” the new movie coming in March, and it’s just nice to see people who don’t look waterlogged, isn’t it? Warning: I initially got...Read more

Macy’s can’t totally pass up Thanksgiving Day, will open for curbside pickup

The idea of opening stores on Thanksgiving Day caught on a few years ago when retailers ran out of early morning hours to open for their Black Friday doorbusters.

Macy’s employees will be filling curbside pickup orders on Thanksgiving Day, even though its stores won’t be open to shoppers.

The department store chain’s decision ...Read more

Sunday Best: Lady Gaga dresses to kill in Ridley Scott’s ‘House of Gucci’

I haven’t yet seen Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci,” the juicy-looking based-on-a-true-story tale of murder, scheming and revenge at the Italian fashion house of Gucci. But I’m looking forward to it for many reasons, not least of which is the retro style. The movie’s events take place from the 1970s to the 1990s — not exactly a ...Read more

Answer Angel: Underwear help for mom

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Help! My mom is 80, size 2X and very difficult to size a bra for. She is very wide around the chest (I need to measure her) — probably around 48 inches — and her shoulders are narrow and sloped so it’s hard to keep the straps up. She has large breasts but honestly, it’s the band width, not the cup size that’s...Read more

Holiday shoppers are grappling with rising prices as inflation takes its toll: ‘Everything seems more expensive’

PHILADELPHIA — Like a lot of people, Maddy Liloia was grateful that the worst of COVID-19 is hopefully behind us.

The pandemic had robbed the young Philadelphian of her commencement ceremony when she graduated from Temple University last year. A post-pandemic holiday season would be a relief.

But hold that thought.

Gas prices have shot up, ...Read more

Beanie Babies airlifted from Chinese factories to O’Hare to circumvent shipping backlogs in time for the holidays

CHICAGO — With his Beanie Babies stuck at sea aboard a flotilla of slow boats from China, Chicago billionaire Ty Warner has taken to the skies to circumvent the ongoing shipping crisis, booking entire cargo planes to get his signature stuffed animals home for the holidays.

If only Buckley the Deer and Lola the Llama could earn air miles.

...Read more

Answer Angel: Pants falling down?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I weigh 154 pounds and see a personal trainer twice a week. I watch what I eat and exercise. But I still have a gut. Where am I supposed to wear my pants? Above my stomach almost hiked up to my nipples? Or under my gut? I’ll bet some of your readers remember the Fred Mertz character on the old “I Love Lucy” show ...Read more

Tropicana creates orange juice-friendly toothpaste

Orange juice brand Tropicana has partnered with Dynamic Blending Specialists to develop its own toothpaste without the chemical that makes the popular breakfast beverage sour after brushing.

The limited-edition toothpaste was created for juice lovers to enjoy after brushing their teeth without off-flavors.

According to a recent survey ...Read more

Sunday Best: Gemma Chan attends ‘Eternals’ premiere in elegant ‘space nun’ chic

The wry, wonderful fashion commentators Tom & Lorenzo, on their eponymous website, described this look as “space nun,” and I tip my (theoretical at the moment) hat to them because I certainly can’t come up with a better description. It’s Gemma Chan, promoting “Eternals” in London wearing Zuhair Murad Couture, and it is indeed a...Read more

Save big with these early Black Friday deals

The best deals from Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Target

Although Black Friday doesn’t officially start until Nov. 26, retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart have already started rolling out massive discounts. Holiday shoppers who start early will not only save money, but will also avoid possible coronavirus-related ...Read more

Texas teacher turned developer rescues Trademarked skateboard brand for nonskaters

DALLAS — Jordan Fjordbak is on a mission to bring inclusive skateboarding fashion to nonskaters in Dallas.

The Oak Cliff, Texas, high school teacher turned back-end app developer has purchased Trademarked Skate Co., a Michigan company started by nonskaters for nonskaters.

Fjordbak, 29, says buying a unique bright yellow jumpsuit from a ...Read more