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Answer Angel: Shoe solutions for slippery feet

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have a new pair of sandals that I like. But the foot bed (not the sole) is so slippery my foot slips in and out. Do you have a suggestion?

— Nancy T.

Dear Nancy: This is the easiest and cheapest solution: hair spray on the sole of your foot and/or on the bed of your sandal. Buy a small travel size at the ...Read more

Can’t sleep in the summer heat? Try a cooling blanket

With warmer temperatures lasting well into the evening, many people are finding it more difficult to sleep. But kicking off your blanket isn’t necessarily the best way to stay cool at night.

If you have trouble sleeping when it’s hot, consider using a cooling blanket.

homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-2833225">Read more

The best pillows for side, stomach and back sleepers

Many things contribute to a good night’s sleep, from a good mattress to comfortable blankets and sheets. But when it comes to picking the perfect pillow, it turns out that “perfect” depends on how you tend to sleep.

Your pillow supports your neck and upper back as you sleep. homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-2833224">Read more

Ikram Abdi closes out Cannes with glittery, stripey ensemble

Sunday Best

One last gorgeous gown from the Cannes Film Festival, shall we? Model Ikram Abdi attended the festival's closing ceremony last weekend in this glittery, stripey ensemble, designed by Harris Reed for Nina Ricci, which looks like what might happen if you mixed together an angel from "The Nutcracker" with an Ascot ...Read more

Answer Angel: Say NO to this style trend

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Since you’ve written so often about how much you dislike capri pants, I am surprised you haven’t offered an opinion on the new “cropped flares” that are flooding stores. What thinketh thou?

— Marg E.

Dear Marg: I think I droppeth the ball on this one. I should have written about this recent twist on capris ...Read more

This Philly creator made Beyoncé's viral disco hat — then came the knockoffs. Etsy’s become a hotbed for them.

PHILADELPHIA — Abby Misbin spends 12 to 15 hours a day inside what she dubs the “hat bunker” — the basement of her parent’s Ambler home, where she makes bedazzled and fringed cowboy hats.

Her time is often spent hand-laying more than 15,000 reflective glass tiles onto a hat, creating wearable disco balls. Misbin’s fingers are ...Read more

Miami hairstylist straightens, detangles hair and clients’ lives at her Little Havana salon

MIAMI — Love 518 salon owner and Coconut Grove native Hadassa Felix doesn’t just style and detangle her clients’ hair. She also listens to their stories, helps them sort out their lives. Felix detangles a person’s hair, sometimes...Read more

Actress Fan Bingbing makes ferocious entrance at the Cannes Film Festival

You can't bring an actual tiger to the Cannes Film Festival red carpet — though, who knows, maybe someone's tried it — so Fan Bingbing did the next best thing at the festival's opening ceremony earlier this month, sporting a wild cat on her Christopher Bu strapless gown. I love the glorious over-the-topness of her entire ensemble (the ...Read more

Are Jersey Shore boardwalk shirts getting more wholesome?

Every summer, up and down the Jersey Shore’s most popular boardwalks, T-shirt merchants check the vibes, see what’s popular, and press it on cotton faster than anyone in Paris or Milan.

Store owners hold the scales, blindly, like Lady Justice’s cousin, Miss Capitalism: two shirts of Donald Trump’s “mugshot” positioned together, with...Read more

Answer Angel: Mirror mirror on the wall

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: How do I decide if I’m wearing too many accessories? The other day I was going to a fancy dinner so I wore rhinestones: earrings, necklace and a rhinestone belt. My boyfriend laughed out loud and said it was way too many rhinestones for one outfit. After he said that, I took off the belt (which I thought looked cute)...Read more

The stars of 'Book Club: The Next Chapter' look stylish at movie premiere

Sunday Best

One thing to be said for attaining A Certain Age: you figure out what your style is, and you get comfortable with it. I love how this photo of the four stars of "Book Club: The Next Chapter" (a movie that, sadly, I was not able to review due to scheduling conflicts) illustrates exactly that. Here, from left, is ...Read more

Is your soap attracting mosquitoes?

Virginia Tech researchers recently released a peer-reviewed study that could help you fight off mosquitoes this summer.

Researchers were curious about whether different soaps impacted people’...Read more

In-N-Out french fries catch some rays on a new beach towel

In time for warm weather, In-N-Out Burger has added a french fry beach towel to its merchandise collection.

It features a beach scene with cartoon french fries basking in the sun and riding the waves in an In-N-Out french fry boat.

RELATED: homeandleisure/fashiondaily/fashiondailynews/s-2824189">Read more

Tamara Keith's White House Correspondents' Association Dinner dress pays homage to 'Broadcast News'

Sunday Best

Does this dress, worn by NPR journalist Tamara Keith to the White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 30, look familiar to you? It does if you love the 1987 movie "Broadcast News," in which TV journalist and smartest-person-in-the-room Jane Craig (played, in an Oscar-nominated performance, by Holly Hunter) wears...Read more

Kate Nelson, Denver’s first fashion model in a wheelchair, is leading a surprising evolution at Denver Fashion Week

DENVER — Kate Nelson’s mind whirled as she watched what felt like an endless line of gorgeous models step up to audition for Denver Fashion Week in 2019.

“When you’re in a wheelchair, people tend to focus more on your disability than you,” said Nelson, a 46-year-old Denver accountant. “I’ve always loved fashion, and my mother ...Read more

Dressing to impress? Miami retail startup offers secondhand shopping with a twist

MIAMI — A women’s clothing store tucked in a Sweetwater strip center on a quiet street near the bustling Dolphin Mall might seem like it offers a run-of-the mill shopping experience.

A lady walked in on a recent day, tried on different outfits before choosing one or two to buy. A sales associate stayed close to her as she considered apparel...Read more

Georgia artists find niche in creating custom graduation caps

ATLANTA — Each custom graduation cap Bria Bowen creates tells a story.

The black square becomes a canvas for the Kennesaw, Georgia, artist to depict a student’s triumph or gratitude or ambition.

She painted a winning poker hand and the J. Cole rap lyrics “If I’m betting on myself, I completely double down” for Fred Brown. The Clayton...Read more

$670,000 for a mattress? It’s on sale at Swedish brand Hästens’ new Dallas store

DALLAS — Bradley Belen believes that nesting and healthy sleep are colliding under a quiet luxury lifestyle that’s primed for the expensive beds he just started selling in Dallas.

Belen is co-owner of the new Hästens store on McKinney Avenue south Knox Street. He owns the showroom with Hästens’ U.S. distributor, MadaLuxe Group, where he...Read more

Vintage Lagerfeld caught this writer's eye at the 2023 Met Gala

This year's Met Gala, held on May 1, was a tribute to the late Karl Lagerfeld, a complicated figure in fashion who was known for his devotion to his cat Choupette (more than one kitty homage prowled the Met red carpet), his habitual black-and-white uniform, and his years of designing for numerous fashion houses, most notably Chanel from 1983 ...Read more

Answer Angel: Selling your gently used shoes and clothing

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: My shoe width has been a “narrow” all my adult life. Finding narrow width shoes at a store has become an endangered species. I have many to sell but don’t want to see them returned due to fit. Any ideas? Some have never been worn. I really don’t want to donate them as these were expensive.

— Judy A.

Dear ...Read more