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Guidelines for building the perfect summer outfit for the office

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As the weather gets warmer and we transition into the summer months, figuring out what to wear to the office can be difficult. Maybe it's warm outside but cold in your office, or maybe all you feel like doing is throwing on a swimsuit and heading to the beach. Regardless of your situation, here are a few guidelines to help you build the perfect ...Read more

The 7 best European vacations for $1,500 or less

It's true, a European vacation isn't a budget-conscious traveler's dream. From higher exchange rates to often expensive hotels, costs can add up quickly. However, there are insider tips, secret destinations and strategies that you can employ to put your dream trip to Europe closer at hand. We've covered almost every corner of Europe over the ...Read more

How to wear a jumpsuit: Tips for the style trend

There was a time, not that long ago, that the one-piece jumpsuit was considered by some to be risque - an option only for the young and fashion-forward. And while certain women look great in them, perhaps you've resisted the style for years.

Now is the season to try a jumpsuit. The current fervor for the garment might be that it's suitable for ...Read more

Just in time for summer, crop tops for men are coming into style

Grin and bare it, guys.

Midriff-revealing crop tops are all the rage this season, according to the popular shopping site ASOS.

The trend was picked up on by ABC News in Philadelphia, which dug up a photo of gutsy Eagles receiver Jason Kelsey opting for a half-shirt over his football uniform, joking, "I needed more freedom."

This isn...Read more

Answer Angel: Sandal season: Scratchy thong solution and the truth about summer stockings

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: It is sandal season and my question is: Is it OK to wear hosiery with my sandals? My sandals are so much more comfortable if I wear them with stockings.

- Bree C.

Dear Bree: Let me answer with a question: Why wear sandals in the first place if you don't want to let your toes go free? The main reason to wear sandals, ...Read more

5 best red carpet looks from the 2019 Tony Awards

Compared with the other major awards shows, fashion at the Tony Awards is less dramatic. This year, though, there were about five standouts who walked the red carpet in boundary-pushing looks, often mixing elements of both traditionally masculine and feminine. See what we loved about these five stars.


During the Oscars in ...Read more

Dressing to Impress: Fashion Tips for New College Grads

Fashion Daily / In Fashion /

It's no surprise that it's a tough job market for recent college grads, but it may be a surprise to find out that how you dress for an interview can make the difference between being hired or not.

"Now, more than ever, college graduates seeking good jobs need more than a stellar resume," says Kyle Alexandra Moreland, founder of Kyle Alexandra, ...Read more

Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdales among retailers marking 2019 Pride Month

Happen to notice that rainbow graphics are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e these days? The colorful design is beloved by virtually everyone and quite fashionable, but during June, rainbows take on particular significance. It's Pride Month, and the rainbow is, perhaps, the most widely recognized LGBTQ symbol in the world. This year's celebration is a biggie ...Read more

Should you say something after a friend gets plastic surgery?

Q: A friend clearly had plastic surgery, but isn't mentioning it. How do you bring it up without seeming intrusive?

A: Instead of asking how to bring it up, I'd ask why you want to raise the subject at all. Surgery is a personal and private matter, period. We're all curious beings, but you shouldn't be trying to learn more about something that'...Read more

The 10 best islands for honeymoons

If you're trying to decide where to go for your post-wedding escape, a sun-splashed island can be a solid choice. But which one to choose? The ideal island for your newlywed getaway depends on your budget, and how much time you have. But whether you're simply looking for sand and scenery close to home, or seeking adventure on distant shores, ...Read more

Answer Angel: Do your eyebrows enter the room before the rest of you? Look out for a gray brow pencil

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I have been looking for light gray eyeliner or brow pencil to no avail. I have had no luck finding it anywhere or anything near this color. The companies I have looked into are missing the boat not having this color since so many women are going natural and do not want their eyebrows entering a room before the rest of ...Read more

Father's Day Fashion Flash: Hot Summer Fashion Trends for Men

Fashion Daily / In Fashion /

Whether you're a guy who just wants to add some cool fashion factor to your summer wardrobe or someone who wants to help Dad up his style game, there are always new ways to refresh menswear for summer. Skip the baggy shorts and Fruit of the Loom T-shirts. Here are some hot gift ideas for the special men in your life -- or yourself.

-- Get ...Read more

5 skirt trends to try now

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

Temperatures have begun to climb ever so surely, which means it's time to get ready for summer and all of its fashion offerings. One piece that I'm looking forward to incorporating more into my warm weather wardrobe is a skirt. I'm normally all about summer dresses, but given that skirts, namely the leopard print skirt, was all the rage this ...Read more

Yellow dresses are hot item this summer

Summer wardrobes are getting a new, perky infusion. It's all about the yellow dress. So says Afshin Haghani, the owner of clothing boutiques Gallery Couture and Loop in Manhasset, N.Y.: "The yellow dress is the dress of the season. It says sun, sand, sea and I'm ready for vacation."

The sunny hue turned up on the runways in an eye-...Read more

13 rookie mistakes to avoid on your Florida vacation

Florida is famed for its beaches, theme parks, sunny weather and delicious seafood, but as much as you think you know about the Sunshine State, there's just as much that you don't. Here are 13 easy-to-make mistakes (that are just as easy to avoid) when visiting Florida. However, the biggest mistake would be to not go at all.

1. ONLY COMING TO...Read more

Answer Angel: Great for Gaga, but do platforms fit your style?

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I've been meaning to ask you this for a while, but the recent coverage of the annual Met Ball and Lady Gaga's appearance in what look like 5-inch-high, ankle-breaker platform shoes makes me write. What is your opinion of platforms - not 5 inches but 1 or 2? I'm short, so I like the idea, and they seem to be back in ...Read more

Elizabeth Wellington: Rihanna is joining a luxury fashion house. But does Rihanna need luxe, or does luxe need Rihanna?

Rihanna is making fashion history. Fenty, her women's wear line, has joined Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy under the vast LVMH umbrella (ella ella ella).

By joining forces with LVMH, the powerhouse French conglomerate behind the world's biggest labels, Rihanna is blessing high fashion with an inclusivity that Europe's exclusive ...Read more

How to decide what to wear to a daytime event

Fashion Daily / Simple Style /

Spring is a season filled with daytime events like graduations, family gatherings, and conferences, but figuring out what to wear can be tricky. When it comes to deciding what to wear to a daytime event, it's important to dress appropriately so that you look polished, put-together and confident.

Figure out the dress code

There's nothing worse ...Read more

Coachella-inspired music festival fashion

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. - From Coachella and Lollapalooza to Bonnaroo, modern music festivals call for stepped up style. Whether you plan on attending a big summer gig somewhere or you just want to get your festival groove on at the beach, here are some easy ways to do it.


"Festival season is huge for us," says Dani Egna,...Read more

Is your makeup SPF enough to skip sunscreen?

Many makeup products come with SPF 15, 20 or 25 already in them. It might seem like you're getting a two-fer: Your makeup needs to be taken care of as well as sun protection.

A recent study out of England tested how well people use sunscreen versus moisturizer with an SPF in it. Turns out, people were much more likely to miss areas of the face,...Read more

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