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As Islamic State's caliphate withers, the fate of its foreign-born members looms over European nations

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AMMAN, Jordan -- Islamic State's self-styled caliphate once spanned territory larger than South Carolina. The extremist group controlled the lives of more than 8 million Iraqi and Syrian residents and established its own currency, a taxation system and a sprawling bureaucracy that went so far as to dictate what its subjects were allowed to wear ...Read more

Pacific storms continue to feed Sierra Nevada snowpack

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The snow piling onto the Sierra Nevada could be considered more of a snow pile-on at this point.

That's because several feet of white powder have accumulated across the range since the beginning of the month, adding to what has become one of the most bountiful winters California has had in a decade.

The entire Sierra snowpack sits at 141 ...Read more

Teenage boy killed by Chicago police in 'armed confrontation'

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CHICAGO –– A 17-year-old boy shot by a Chicago police officer Saturday night on the West Side died of multiple gunshot wounds, according to an autopsy by the Cook County medical examiner's office.

The officer shot the boy after police tried to pull over the vehicle he was riding in, officials said.

The teenager, identified by authorities ...Read more

Gates says taxing capital gains is the best way to tap big fortunes

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WASHINGTON –– Bill Gates is concerned about the high budget deficits being run by the U.S., and said if taxes are ultimately increased to make up the shortfall, then it's appropriate for wealthy people to pay much higher taxes.

"We only collect about 20 percent of (gross domestic product) and we spend like 24 percent of GDP. So you can't ...Read more

Netanyahu gives up Israeli foreign-minister job

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TEL AVIV, Israel -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given up the post of foreign minister for the first time since he took office almost four years ago, appointing Transportation Minister Israel Katz in his place Sunday.

Netanyahu has faced criticism over the fact that he keeps major ministerial roles to himself, a criticism that ...Read more

Holocaust comments spur Polish leaders to cancel trip to Jerusalem

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WARSAW, Poland –– Poland's prime minister canceled a visit to Jerusalem after comments by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the role of Polish people in the Holocaust.

Mateusz Morawiecki had been due to visit the city Monday to participate in the first meeting of the Visegrad Group of eastern European nations to be held ...Read more

NYC mayor slams Amazon's 'abuse of corporate power'

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio slammed's decision not to build a second headquarters in the city as "an example of an abuse of corporate power" that hurts working people.

"Amazon just took their ball and went home," de Blasio said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press." "What they did was confirm people's worst fears about corporate America...Read more

Lawmakers expect vote to block Trump's emergency order, and then face a veto

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WASHINGTON –– U.S. lawmakers said Sunday that there may be support in Congress to disapprove Donald Trump's order declaring an emergency to secure funding for a border wall, but not enough votes to overturn an expected veto.

Trump issued the order Friday to divert certain military funding for wall construction, after Congress approved only ...Read more

Lindsey Graham says talk about removing Trump will be examined at hearing

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Sen. Lindsey Graham said he could subpoena Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to explore allegations that they discussed whether President Donald Trump could be removed from office.

McCabe said in an interview scheduled to air on CBS' "60 Minutes" Sunday that Rosenstein discussed with him in 2017...Read more

Expectations high for pope's sex-abuse conference, but some brace for disappointment

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In what could be a defining moment for his papacy, more than 100 top Catholic bishops from around the world will travel to the Vatican Rome this week for a conference aimed at dealing with the issue of clergy sex abuse.

Pope Francis is the first church leader to convene such a meeting to discuss the issue. And after a year in which high-ranking...Read more

Haitian prime minister breaks silence on violent protests

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Haiti's prime minister, Jean Henry Ceant, reiterated an appeal for dialogue with the country's opposition and promised an investigation into the alleged misspending of nearly $2 billion from the Venezuela PetroCaribe discount oil program that was supposed to be invested in programs for the poor.

The alleged corruption surrounding the fund and ...Read more

Ruth Bader Ginsburg expected back on Supreme Court bench Tuesday

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WASHINGTON –– Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is expected to sit for a U.S. Supreme Court argument Tuesday for the first time since she had surgery in December to remove cancerous masses from one of her lungs.

Ginsburg's presence will be a relief to liberals worried about the prospect that the 85-year-old justice might have to resign and give ...Read more

Newspaper ads placed by former slaves seeking missing relatives to be read on stage at Villanova

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PHILADELPHIA -- The plea is poignant in its urgency, a time-is-running-out appeal published in a Baltimore newspaper more than 40 years after emancipation.

Ann Whaley, 101, is looking for relatives sold away from her. Before she dies, she wants to see them.

"I am very anxious to get in direct correspondence with them," she wrote. "Anything you...Read more

Author of homophobic slur among 8 ousted in new Broward sheriff's purge

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Since Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was suspended last month by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his agency's response to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass shooting, most of his command staff has either been forced out, resigned or been demoted.

Yet this much is clear: Newly appointed Sheriff Gregory Tony is not done with his housecleaning...Read more

Doyle McManus: Trump's bromance with Kim Jong Un faces a reality check as nations discuss nuclear disarmament

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WASHINGTON -- Persuading North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear weapons will be a long and grueling process that will require President Donald Trump to make significant concessions -- and even then, the effort may fail.

That dose of caution from Trump's special envoy to North Korea, delivered as the two leaders prepare for their...Read more

Gay mayor accused of sexual harassment as #MeToo reckoning comes to West Hollywood

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LOS ANGELES -- For years, Mayor John Duran has been a public avatar for West Hollywood's cheekily sexual culture.

From the City Council dais, he joked about wearing gold lame underwear and announced a public forum on anal cancer named Booty Call to Action. But he was also accused by another councilman of looking for sex on the dating app Grindr...Read more

Trump demands Europe take in 800 Islamic State fighters

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump late Saturday demanded that Europe take in hundreds of Islamic State fighters captured in Syria, threatening that the United States would otherwise be forced to release them.

"The United States is asking Britain, France, Germany and other European allies to take back over 800 ISIS fighters that we captured ...Read more

Threat to blow up LA high-rise not credible

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LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles police are investigating a posting on social media this week that shows a camouflage-clad figure wearing a vest packed with explosives and standing menacingly in front of a Photoshopped explosion at the top of a downtown office tower.

Above the terrorist's head is this warning: "Our promise will soon be fulfilled."

...Read more

For Democrats eager to defeat Trump, Kamala Harris promises she knows how to fight

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COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Jenny and Robert Brooks are ready to get the 2020 election season started. Sitting in the audience waiting to see Kamala Harris address her first South Carolina town hall, they spoke of how very ready they are to beat President Donald Trump.

Only problem is they're not sure what kind of candidate it will take to do it.

"I'm ...Read more

Chicago police want to question 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett after releasing 2 brothers

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CHICAGO -- Chicago police said Saturday they have reached out to the attorney for "Empire" star Jussie Smollett because they still want to speak to Smollett after releasing two brothers they had been questioning about a reported attack against the actor.

Twelve hours after calling them "possible suspects," police late Friday released the ...Read more