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What a Montana congressional race will, and won't, tell us about Trump and his political troubles

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VICTOR, Mont -- On Thursday, the political world will eagerly look to Montana and a closely fought congressional race for the latest test of Democratic strength and Republican resilience in the turbulent age of Trump.

The major candidates and outside groups have sunk more than $8 million into the contest, a huge sum in a state where $250,000 ...Read more

President 'Moon-bama' captivates Korea with down-to-earth style

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SEOUL, South Korea -- They call him "Moon-bama."

Two weeks after his election win, South Korean President Moon Jae-in is captivating a nation shaken by scandal and economic struggles. He's even drawn comparisons to Barack Obama for his cool demeanor and the pop star status both attained during their first days in office.

While honeymoon ...Read more

Illinois teenager's senseless suicide: 'They scared him to death'

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On the last night of his life, Corey Walgren sat with his parents in the kitchen and talked about the colleges they would visit over spring break.

At 16, Corey didn't know what he wanted to study -- maybe business, maybe astronomy -- but he liked the idea of attending a Big Ten school. He wanted a big, bustling campus with different kinds of ...Read more

2018 Senate Recruitment: Too early to talk about it?

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WASHINGTON -- With the 2018 midterm elections about 18 months away, attention is shifting to the battle for the Senate -- and who could emerge as potential challengers.

But history shows that prospective contenders have a few more months before they typically announce their candidacies.

Senate Republicans bear the brunt of the recruitment ...Read more

Sydney siege police should have stormed cafe sooner, report says

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CANBERRA, Australia -- Australian police made key mistakes in handling a siege at a Sydney cafe that ended with the death of two hostages along with the gunman who'd claimed allegiance to Islamic State, a coroner's report has found.

Police wrongly assumed Man Haron Monis, who had a history of violence and extremist sympathies, didn't pose an ...Read more

Pa. inmate imprisoned 24 years is released

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FRACKVILLE, Pa. -- About 24 years after he was arrested for a murder he always insisted he didn't commit, 43-year-old Shaurn Thomas walked out of a state prison as a free man Tuesday evening.

A beaming Thomas -- jailed since he was 19 -- stopped at the front entrance of the Schuylkill County correctional facility with his lawyers; his fiancee, ...Read more

What stays, and what goes, in Trump's $19.1 billion budget proposal for NASA

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President Donald Trump's $19.1 billion budget proposal for NASA will allow the space agency to continue its long-term efforts to explore the universe, including sending humans to the moon and to Mars.

The 2018 funding plan, released Tuesday, includes support for about 100 space missions even as it cuts some well-known programs, including one ...Read more

Nation and world news briefs

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Prosecutors are excluding blacks from Cosby jury, defense lawyers say

PITTSBURGH -- Defense lawyers on Tuesday accused prosecutors of systematically trying to exclude black people from the jury that will decide Bill Cosby's fate, as the court came close to filling out the full panel on the second day of jury selection.

The dispute broke out ...Read more

Man performed 'wrestling moves' on 2-year-old before she died, Jefferson County deputies say

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. -- A 24-year-old man performed "wrestling moves" on his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter, who had seizures and later died at a hospital, authorities say.

Richard Gamache Jr. has been charged with abuse and neglect of a child. His bail has been set at $500,000, cash-only.

His girlfriend, Cheyenne Cook, 19, exchanged ...Read more

Stop lying to your 4-year-old, new Stanford study says

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Pretty much every parent of a young child has told the occasional white lie to preserve his or her sanity. You might, for example, say "I went to the bank" and leave out the fact that you also stopped for frozen yogurt to avoid the inevitable meltdown that would follow the realization of a missed treat.

Harmless, right? Maybe not.

According to...Read more

Singer Ariana Grande reportedly returns to Florida after terrorist attack at her concert

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Pop singer Ariana Grande was reported to be back home in South Florida Tuesday, the day after a terrorist suicide bomb blasted her fans as they departed her concert Monday night in Manchester, England.

London's The Daily Mail published photographs and video Tuesday afternoon that it said showed Grande, friends and ...Read more

Trump found Holocaust museum 'amazing,' which has many people cringing

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TEL AVIV, Israel -- Even before President Donald Trump signed the guest book at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum during his visit Sunday, his administration had faced accusations that it was insensitive to the memory of the 6 million Jews murdered by Nazi Germany.

Instead of putting those accusations to rest, the visit to the museum ...Read more

Trey Gowdy's path to Oversight gavel gets smoother

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Trey Gowdy's bid to be the next chairman of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee keeps getting easier as a key potential rival says he won't run and predicted the South Carolina Republican is likely to wield the gavel, even as the deadline to make a bid draws near.

Any serious bid to challenge Gowdy will need to get ...Read more

Thieves steal 700-pound statue of Mormon prophets in Salt Lake

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LAS VEGAS -- Salt Lake City police are on the hunt for four people captured on surveillance video stealing a 700-pound statue of Mormon prophets Joseph Smith and Brigham Young from a business park early Tuesday morning.

The heist of the bronzed iconic figures of the Mormon Church -- which is headquartered in Salt Lake City -- was likely the ...Read more

From a friendly Mideast, Trump arrives in a skeptical Europe

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BERLIN -- From the hushed halls of government to cobblestoned streets and plazas across the Continent, Europeans are greeting Donald Trump's first visit with considerable skepticism, no small degree of apprehension -- and even overt hostility.

The president's inaugural overseas trip, which began Friday in Saudi Arabia, has so far been dominated...Read more

Scientific research would suffer under Trump's budget, and that's bad for the economy, experts say

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How does science fare under President Donald Trump's proposed budget?

Not too well.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS, estimated that the budget released Tuesday morning represented a 16.8 percent decrease in overall funding for scientific research compared with the current budget.

The proposed cuts include:

--...Read more

Manchester attack opens the door for Trump's anti-terrorism message

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BRUSSELS -- A suicide attack Monday at an Ariana Grande concert that killed 22 people in Manchester, England, has thrown Europe into a deeper quandary over how best to prevent such attacks just days before President Donald Trump is scheduled to arrive to call for unity in the terrorism fight.

Trump is expected to bring up the attacks in ...Read more

Senate panel threatens Flynn with criminal contempt over subpoenas

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WASHINGTON -- Former national security adviser Michael Flynn could face a criminal charge of contempt of Congress if the Senate Intelligence Committee isn't pleased with his response to its latest round of subpoenas, the committee leadership announced Tuesday afternoon.

"We keep all options on the table," said Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., the ...Read more

Trump's standing in polls has dropped: How significant is the slide?

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's standing in national polls has consistently declined since the end of last month. His approval rating now sits at the lowest point of his presidency. Here are some questions and answers about what the polls do -- and don't -- tell us.

Question: How significant is Trump's slide?

Answer: At the end of April...Read more

By supporting Sunni Arabs, does Trump miss opportunities with Iran?

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WASHINGTON -- On his first official trip to the Middle East, President Donald Trump has resoundingly thrown America's lot in with Sunni Arab states and cast Shiite Iran as a global pariah, even as Iranians re-elected a president who has offered to work with the West.

During his two days in Riyadh, Trump's full-throated support for the ...Read more

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