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Zuckerberg asks Harvard grads to fight isolationism, nationalism

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg told Harvard graduates Thursday that they need to help others find purpose in a world where machines are taking away steady jobs and communities aren't as stable, leading to isolation and nationalism instead of people coming together globally to solve problems.

"When our parents ...Read more

Eisenhower Memorial won't be done by D-Day 75th anniversary

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WASHINGTON -- The hope of Republican Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas was that a memorial near the National Mall to the state's favorite son, Dwight Eisenhower, would be ready for the 75th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France, which Eisenhower had led on D-Day.

But getting the memorial done by June 6, 2019, will be tough, even ...Read more

Graham and Mulvaney battle over Trump's proposed foreign-aid cuts

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WASHINGTON -- Mick Mulvaney was a member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina until just three months ago. Now, as White House budget director, he's getting tough questions from his former state colleagues.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., a member of the Senate Budget Committee, pressed Mulvaney hard at a hearing Thursday about the ...Read more

Congressmen might join protesters outside Turkish embassy

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WASHINGTON -- Congressmen encouraged protesters who were attacked by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's security detail in Washington last week to keep on protesting, and said they might join them.

"Do it again, keep protesting and stay out there because no foreign tyrant has the right or the ability to drive them away," Rep. Ted Poe, R-...Read more

Trump talks terrorism while Europe shouts, 'Climate!'

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TAORMINA, Italy -- While terrorism may top President Donald Trump's agenda, European leaders keep pressing him on climate change and the environment.

French President Emmanuel Macron worked on Trump during lunch Thursday, urging the U.S. president not to ditch the 196-nation Paris Agreement on climate change before getting on a plane to Sicily,...Read more

Trump's loose lips drive allies to reassess US access to intelligence

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump's loose lips aren't just causing him political trouble anymore. Now they're putting at risk vital global intelligence sharing with allies whose spies have helped thwart terrorist attacks on the United States.

British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday issued a public rebuke of the Trump administration ...Read more

'Mnuchin Rule' against wealthy tax cuts comes back to bite him

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WASHINGTON -- A pledge not to give the wealthiest Americans an absolute tax cut is coming back to haunt Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

During congressional hearings this week, Democrats pressed Mnuchin repeatedly about his late November statement that President Donald Trump's tax plan would benefit middle-class taxpayers, not the highest ...Read more

A look at the decline in refugees entering the US under Trump

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Courts may have stymied President Donald Trump's efforts to restrict travel from six majority-Muslim countries and ban all refugee resettlement, but that has not stopped the number of refugees entering the United States from sharply declining.

Monthly refugee arrivals have plummeted in all but four states in the current fiscal year, according ...Read more

Pentagon investigation into deadly airstrike in Mosul says US bomb ignited Islamic State explosives

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WASHINGTON -- A two-month investigation into a U.S. military airstrike in Iraq that caused some of the worst civilian casualties in decades found that the attack inadvertently set off explosives that gutted a sprawling apartment block and killed at least 105 civilians -- far fewer than survivors and other witnesses have claimed.

Residents have ...Read more

Appeals court rules against Trump's revised travel ban

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WASHINGTON -- A federal appeals court has ruled against President Donald Trump's travel ban, upholding a nationwide injunction barring the administration from enforcing the executive order.

The ruling is the latest legal setback for Trump on the travel issue and, like several previous court rulings, the outcome rested heavily on his own words. ...Read more

As Trump wavers over Paris climate accord, European leaders give him an earful

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WASHINGTON -- With President Donald Trump balking on his vow to shred the Obama-negotiated Paris agreement on climate change, the last place the pact's staunch opponents wanted to see the president is where he will be this weekend -- meeting other world leaders unanimous in their warnings that withdrawal from the accord would seriously damage ...Read more

Trump stuns NATO leaders and reverts to scolding message of his campaign

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BRUSSELS -- President Donald Trump likely crushed anxious NATO allies' hopes for an uplifting message and full-throated endorsement of NATO's core missions Thursday.

Instead, Trump lectured the group for failing to live up to its financial obligations and leaving it to U.S. taxpayers to shoulder the organization's defense burden.

During a ...Read more

House committee expands investigation into NIH research hospital

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WASHINGTON -- The National Institutes of Health is in hot water again with the House Energy and Commerce Committee over a scandal that occurred nearly two years ago at one of the agency's main research institutions.

On Thursday, the panel broadened its probe into safety and compliance issues at the NIH Clinical Center, a research hospital ...Read more

What triggers rockfalls? Yosemite study shows it's about the heat

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- When rocks get hot, they do what people do: shed a few layers.

That cautionary advice comes from geologists who are measuring the seasonal expansion and contraction of granite cliffs in the Sierra Nevada -- showing, in essence, how mountains become molehills.

And, if you happen to be underneath, flatten you.

"Cliffs move ...Read more

Senators make another bid to authorize war against ISIS

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WASHINGTON -- "When I voted in 2001 to authorize military force against the perpetrators of the September 11th attacks, I had no idea I would be authorizing armed conflict for more than fifteen years, and counting."

That's what Sen. Jeff Flake said Thursday. The Arizona Republican was announcing yet another effort with Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., to...Read more

GOP leaders careful on response to Gianforte assault charges

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WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul D. Ryan became the first Republican Party leader to address Montana GOP House candidate Greg Gianforte's alleged assault on a reporter, saying, "There's never a call for physical assault."

Ryan told reporters Thursday that Gianforte should apologize for an incident that occurred the previous night in Bozeman, ...Read more

Rocket Lab's Electron rocket reaches space, but not orbit, in first test flight

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LOS ANGELES -- Small-satellite launch company Rocket Lab said its Electron rocket made it to space but did not reach orbit in its first test flight, as the Huntington Beach firm and other small-rocket startups inch closer to commercial operations.

The Electron rocket lifted off at 9:20 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday from Rocket Lab's private ...Read more

Changes to visa program put foreign-born doctors in limbo

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WASHINGTON -- Just a few months ago, the future appeared promising and certain for Dr. Sunil Sreekumar Nair. A citizen of the United Kingdom, he was completing his residency in internal medicine at a Brooklyn hospital, and he had accepted a job in a hospital near Fort Smith, Ark., a rural area with a severe shortage of doctors.

Then the Trump ...Read more

At NATO celebration, Trump tells allies to spend more on defense

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BRUSSELS -- President Donald Trump used his first NATO meeting to rebuke member nations who fail to meet the trans-Atlantic alliance's defense spending target, saying American taxpayers unfairly are left to pick up the slack.

Speaking at dedication ceremonies for NATO's new headquarters, Trump noted that the defense budgets of 23 of the 28 ...Read more

Why some officials want to ban secret government settlements

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WASHINGTON -- Missouri has settled some expensive lawsuits this year. One case against the state's Department of Labor resulted in a $1.2 million settlement; another, against the Department of Social Services, was settled for $2 million. Other state agencies, including the departments of Conservation and Public Safety, have also settled cases.

...Read more


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