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Mulvaney returns to Congress to defend Trump budget, and gets a grilling

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WASHINGTON -- Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, who until months ago was embraced by conservatives for his relentless budget-slashing advocacy, returned to Capitol Hill on Wednesday as the White House's chief spending-cut champion -- and found both Republicans and Democrats challenging him.

Mulvaney, a tea party favorite who until February ...Read more

Whales are the largest animals on Earth; now we know why they got so big

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You have the privilege of sharing the planet with the largest animal that ever lived on Earth.

The great blue whale, which can be found in every ocean around the globe, is bigger than any dinosaur you've seen in a museum.

It can weigh as much as 24 elephants, and can grow up to two school buses in length.

Its jawbone is as big as a telephone ...Read more

Democrats look for win in Trump country — starting in Montana

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Thursday's special House election in Montana offers an early and important test for the Democratic Party: Can it win over districts and states that loved Donald Trump just last year?

Republicans watching this week's congressional contest are nervous the answer is already a resounding "yes."

The special election between Democrat Rob Quist and ...Read more

Schlitterbahn spokeswoman calls Verruckt water slide incident a 'horrible accident'

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A Schlitterbahn spokeswoman said Wednesday that an ongoing investigation by the Kansas attorney general into a child's death at its Kansas City, Kan., water park last year "feels like a long time" but will show it was an accident.

On Monday, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said that his office continues to look into ...Read more

It's not just Trump: Brits blast US for leaking details of Manchester attack

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BRUSSELS -- The British government scolded the United States on Wednesday after confidential details about the Manchester suicide bomber that had been shared with U.S. intelligence agents were leaked to the news media.

It was the second time this month that the United States has been accused of divulging intelligence from another government. ...Read more

DEA gave a false story about deadly 2012 attack in Honduras, US report says

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WASHINGTON -- When a botched drug raid led to the shooting deaths of four civilians, including a teenage boy, on a Honduran river in May 2012, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials insisted that the victims were cocaine traffickers who had shot first and that DEA agents were present only as advisers.

Those claims were not true, ...Read more

Miami Zika virus linked to Caribbean outbreak, study finds

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MIAMI -- The Zika virus that spread through South Florida last year likely started two months before it was confirmed, was introduced by at least four infected people -- and as many as 42 -- and originated in the Caribbean, according to a new study published Wednesday in the journal Nature.

Using gene sequencing, a team of scientists looked at ...Read more

Fed officials appear ready for another interest rate hike and are considering how to reduce assets

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WASHINGTON -- Most Federal Reserve monetary policymakers indicated they were ready for another small interest rate hike -- perhaps as soon as next month -- if economic data strengthened as expected following a weak winter, according to an account released Wednesday of their most recent meeting.

Fed officials also considered a plan to start ...Read more

Betsy DeVos would not agree to bar discrimination by private schools that get federal money

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President Donald Trump's budget proposal includes deep cuts to education but funds a new push for school choice.

The budget includes more money for charter schools and proposes a $250 million program to promote school vouchers.

When pressed by representatives at a House appropriations subcommittee hearing on the budget, Education Secretary ...Read more

Here's one tally of the losses from WannaCry cyberattack

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WASHINGTON -- A digital worm powered by stolen National Security Agency software caused $1 billion in damages when it infected hundreds of thousands of computers in less than a week, a Florida digital security company says. And new attacks may be in the offing.

Hackers unleashed the worm, dubbed WannaCry, on May 12. Some 200,000 to 300,000 ...Read more

Chocolate may be good medicine for reducing the risk of an irregular heartbeat, study says

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Medical researchers have identified a compound that may reduce your risk of a dangerous type of heart rhythm that can lead to strokes, dementia, heart failure and early death.

In a study of more than 55,000 Danish men and women who were tracked for up to 16 years, people who used this compound were up to 20 percent less likely to experience the...Read more

Debt limit deadline already creeping up on Congress

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WASHINGTON -- Congress and the Trump administration may be facing off over raising the debt limit sooner than planned.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he wanted Congress to complete a clean measure to lift the debt ceiling before the August recess on Wednesday.

"I urge you to raise the debt limit before you leave for the summer," ...Read more

Playboy model pleads no contest in gym 'body-shaming' photo case

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LOS ANGELES -- Playboy model Dani Mathers pleaded no contest Wednesday to invasion of privacy after she secretly photographed a naked 70-year-old woman in an LA Fitness shower area and posted it on social media with a disparaging remark.

After pleading to the misdemeanor charge, the 2015 Playmate of the Year was ordered to perform 30 days of ...Read more

Family of Naperville teen who committed suicide sues school, police

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The family of a Naperville, Ill., high school student who committed suicide after being called into a dean's office for a disciplinary matter filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the school district and city's Police Department, accusing them of breaking the law by interrogating the teen without first notifying his parents.

The lawsuit, filed in ...Read more

Why the Freedom Caucus may vote for a debt ceiling increase

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WASHINGTON -- The House Freedom Caucus is looking for a debt ceiling increase by August and it's willing to lend votes to pass one -- with some caveats.

According to a source familiar with the group's plans, the Freedom Caucus could soon take an official position saying they will provide votes for a debt ceiling increase conditional on two ...Read more

Another probe joins the lengthening line to question ex-Trump adviser Flynn

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WASHINGTON -- The House Intelligence Committee will subpoena former Trump adviser Michael Flynn after he refused to cooperate with the panel's investigation into Trump campaign ties with Russia.

"We will be following up with subpoenas and those subpoenas will be designed to maximize our chances of getting the information we need," Rep. Adam ...Read more

Trump has done what Obama didn't: Scare NATO into closer tracking of defense spending

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BRUSSELS -- President Donald Trump sent shock waves across Europe when he railed against the NATO alliance during his campaign and threatened not to defend those nations that hadn't paid their share of defense expenses.

He wasn't the first to raise concerns: President Barack Obama had frequently lamented NATO members' failure to spend enough on...Read more

House Intelligence Committee will subpoena Michael Flynn, Schiff says

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WASHINGTON -- The House Intelligence Committee is preparing to issue subpoenas to President Donald Trump's former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, according to the committee's ranking Democrat, following the lead of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said the House subpoenas "will be designed to maximize our...Read more

Pope Francis jokes with Trump family, presses the environment

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BRUSSELS -- President Donald Trump and Pope Francis appeared to put aside their differences Wednesday during a meeting at the Vatican, the third leg of a five-country overseas trip that had the president traveling to Brussels later in the afternoon.

The meeting with the pope had the potential for being awkward: The two world leaders couldn't be...Read more

5 suspects now under arrest as Manchester police investigate possible terror network

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LONDON -- British police made a fifth arrest Wednesday in connection with the Manchester terrorist attack that killed 22 people as they investigate whether the suicide bomber was part of a network.

The latest arrest came in the nearby town of Wigan, when police took a man who was carrying a package into custody, according to Manchester police. ...Read more


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