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Trump denies talking to Sen. Graham about voter fraud claims, despite what book says

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COLUMBIA, S.C. — Former President Donald Trump denied he spoke to U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham about his 2020 election fraud claims, despite reporting to the contrary in a new book by famed Watergate journalist Bob Woodward and reporter Robert Costa.

Trump said in a Wednesday statement that he “spent virtually no time” talking to Graham — a...Read more

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DeSantis says natural immunity is equal to vaccines. Experts say it's not so simple

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MIAMI — As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis intensifies his fight against the Biden administration’s new vaccine requirements, he’s focused some of his attacks on one main claim: Federal authorities are ignoring the benefits of natural immunity against COVID-19 reinfections.

“You can’t tell noble lies to try to get [people] to behave in a ...Read more

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Tropical Storm Sam forms; will likely be a hurricane by Friday, experts say

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Tropical Storm Sam, the 18th named storm of the season, is expected to be at hurricane strength by Friday, and could be a major hurricane with top winds of 111 mph by late Monday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Sam formed Thursday from Tropical Depression Eighteen and was moving west at 16 mph with maximum...Read more

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Two 15-year-old Chicago students fatally shot hours apart -- one a few blocks from school. 'This is really sad and nobody is doing anything about it'

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CHICAGO — In less than four hours on Tuesday, two 15-year-old students from Simeon Career Academy High School were fatally wounded in separate gun attacks, leaving friends and mentors to mourn the loss and students reeling as they left school Wednesday — many meeting up with concerned parents.

Just after classes let out about 2:40 p.m. ...Read more

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Citizen enforcement of Texas abortion ban could spread to other laws

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The Texas anti-abortion law that incentivizes ordinary people to file lawsuits against health care providers has human rights advocates and legal experts worried that the legal maneuver will spread to other states—and other social issues.

So far, the citizen enforcement clause in the Texas law has fulfilled its intended purpose, dramatically ...Read more

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Mich. Rep. Andy Levin proposes pathway to two-state solution in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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WASHINGTON — Michigan U.S. Rep. Andy Levin is leading a bill would take steps to encourage a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He introduced the text Thursday at the U.S. Capitol, marking the close of the High Holy Days and the start of the Jewish new year.

Congress has on multiple occasions passed bipartisan ...Read more

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Will 'Dr. Disinformation' ever face the music?

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Earlier this month, Dr. Rashid Buttar posted on Twitter that COVID-19 “was a planned operation” and shared an article alleging that most people who got the COVID-19 vaccine would be dead by 2025.

His statement is a recent example in what has been a steady stream of spurious claims surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines and treatments that swirl ...Read more

US special envoy to Haiti resigns over repatriation of Haitians from US-Mexico border

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Harshly criticizing what he called the United States’ “inhumane” treatment of Haitian migrants and its policy toward Haiti, Daniel Foote, the U.S. diplomat whose reputation for working in some of the world’s most challenging environments made him a top pick by the Biden administration to serve as special envoy to Haiti, has resigned, the...Read more

Domestic flight vaccine mandate? Not 'off the table'

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WASHINGTON — The White House’s recommendation to require all visitors flying into the United States to provide proof of vaccination has sparked speculation over whether the federal government will ultimately require passengers on domestic flights to be vaccinated as well.

The speculation increased even before the new requirements when Dr. ...Read more

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Slicing up liberal cities becomes go-to redistricting strategy

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As Democrats and Republicans duel over redistricting, line-drawers in more states are carving cities into multiple districts for political gain.

Republican lawmakers in conservative states have long sliced left-leaning college towns, such as Austin, Texas; Columbus, Ohio; and Athens, Georgia, into pieces. Then they combine those smaller chunks ...Read more

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At an overrun ICU in Montana, 'the problem is we are running out of hallways'

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BILLINGS, Mont. — Nurses fill the hospital room to turn a patient from his stomach to his back. The ventilator forcing air into him is most effective when he’s on his stomach, so he is in that position most hours of the day, sedated and paralyzed by drugs.

Lying on his stomach all those hours has produced sores on his face, and one nurse ...Read more

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California's reboot of troubled Medi-Cal puts pressure on health plans

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When Denise Williams’ baby boy was 2 months old, she became alarmed by a rattling sound in his lungs and took him to the emergency room. While undergoing treatment, he spiraled into a disabling neurological disorder.

Now 2 years old, Markeano is attached to breathing and feeding tubes. He can’t walk or move his arms.

“If I want him to ...Read more

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Q&A: Why Forest Service Chief Randy Moore has hope for America's forests

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When Randy Moore became chief of the Forest Service seven weeks ago, he took over an agency reeling from one of the worst wildfire seasons in history. There had already been about 100 big fires, and the agency’s 27,000 firefighters were stretched thin. Underscoring the sense of emergency, on the day we spoke, crews had wrapped fire-resistant ...Read more


What I learned from getting a breakthrough COVID-19 infection

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Symptomatic COVID-19 after vaccination is extremely rare, especially when you’re relatively young and healthy. After a year and a half of reporting on and successfully avoiding this virus, I convinced myself there was little chance I would get infected.

But after my husband and I drove to the beach in late August, he tested positive, with ...Read more

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How does Florida abortion bill compare to Texas' abortion law?

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AUSTIN, Texas — A Florida state representative has introduced an abortion bill weeks after Texas' new abortion law went into effect.

State Rep. Webster Barnaby's bill would require doctors to alert women who are seeking an abortion if a "fetal heartbeat" is detectable and prohibits a physician from conducting an abortion if it's detected. ...Read more

For Haitians, color-coded tickets are key to escape from Border Patrol camp

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DEL RIO, Texas — Pedro Fisime wasn’t given any answers.

Along with his 10-year-old daughter, Reyna, the Haitian migrant, who had spent the last six days in a chaotic and squalid encampment on the banks of the Rio Grande, was simply handed a numbered blue ticket by Border Patrol agents, bused into the border town of Del Rio, given a notice ...Read more

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NYC urges US Supreme Court to uphold local gun control laws

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As it reels from surging gun violence, New York City on Wednesday urged the Supreme Court to shoot down a lawsuit seeking to undermine local gun regulations.

In an amicus brief to the nation’s top court, Mayor de Blasio and the city’s top lawyer outlined the need to maintain laws regulating concealed handguns in the five boroughs, detailing...Read more


Federal judge -- somewhat reluctantly -- upholds California law banning billy clubs

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SAN DIEGO — A San Diego federal judge ruled on Wednesday that a California law banning possession of a baton or billy club is constitutional, noting the prohibition's longstanding nature of being on the books for more than a century.

The decision is the latest from U.S. District Court Judge Roger Benitez, who has been given jurisdiction over ...Read more

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As intelligence probe of 'Havana syndrome' gains momentum, fear grows of escalating attacks

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WASHINGTON — Officials across the U.S. government have grown concerned in recent weeks that suspected sensory attacks against American personnel are escalating as an intelligence probe into the phenomenon known as “Havana syndrome” gains steam.

A panel of experts and scientists has been examining what is causing the suspected attacks for ...Read more

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Missouri AG asks appeals court to block Jackson County judges from hearing Strickland case

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Missouri attorney general's office is appealing a judge's decision to not recuse himself and disqualify other judges in Jackson County from hearing local prosecutors argue Kevin Strickland is innocent.

Earlier this month, Judge Kevin Harrell denied a motion filed by the attorney general that argued Harrell and other ...Read more