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'We've created medical refugees.' LGBTQ+ health care workers fight for gender-affirming care amid rise in anti-trans laws

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LOS ANGELES -- Nico Olalia had just finished her initial nurse training in the Philippines when she realized her aspirations were growing bigger than her home archipelago.

"There are a lot of trans Filipinos, but they're always known in the beauty industry, and they're very seldom found in the professional side," Olalia said.

So she moved ...Read more

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If lawsuit ends federal mandates on birth control coverage, states will have the say

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David Engler had been pretty sure he didn’t want children. Then a frustrating school day two years ago helped seal the deal for the now 43-year-old substitute teacher.

“It was wild. I had to call the office seven times to get kids pulled out,” he said. “The next day, I called Kaiser and said, ‘I’d like to know how much a vasectomy ...Read more


Some police officers leave big cities for smaller towns to avoid heightened scrutiny

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Four years after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and the police murder of George Floyd, many big-city law enforcement agencies are struggling to fill their ranks.

Departments have tried offering hiring bonuses, expediting background checks and increasing salaries. Some have dropped bans on visible tattoos, lowered physical fitness exam ...Read more

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'The whole system is messed up.' SC woman's abortion ordeal is what awaits others

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CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Taylor Shelton enjoys time with friends, reading, running and cooking with her partner. The Lowcountry resident connects to spirituality through meditation in yoga. She hikes and enjoys the mountains, but considers herself more of a beach girl.

Shelton is just like any other 27-year-old woman, except in the last year, she ...Read more

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Taking Ozempic or other weight-loss meds? Watch your diet to avoid 'exchanging one problem for another'

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Almost her entire life, 56-year-old Jennifer Kirtley felt so consumed by food thoughts that immediately after breakfast, she would ponder her lunch menu.

Recently, though, Kirtley went almost all day without eating, a noticeable behavior change coming only 3½ months after starting Wegovy, a popular weight-loss medication. “It’s mind-...Read more

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Colorado group wants to protect public lands from over-crowding

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DENVER — When an unprecedented collaboration of northern Colorado public lands agencies set out last winter to gauge the depth of public concern over increasingly crowded parks and forests along the Front Range, one thing stood tall, like Longs Peak lit in gold at sunrise.

Surging visitation fueled by Front Range population growth, and its ...Read more

Hot weather is more dangerous than you think, experts say

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Jonathan Bethly was upbeat as he helped his friend clean out some storage units for extra cash on a hot summer day, laughing and joking as he worked.

He later went to take a nap in his friend’s Cobb County apartment and never woke up, relatives said.

The county medical examiner’s office concluded the cause of death was asthma-related, and ...Read more

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Colorado domestic violence shelter prepares to allow survivors to bring pets: “It's something we have needed for years”

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DENVER — Construction noises echoed throughout a Boulder domestic violence shelter late last week. Soon, those sounds will be replaced by meows, barks and the pitter-patter of pet feet on freshly refurbished floors.

The shelter, run by the Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence, is under renovation to become pet friendly. It’s part ...Read more

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Kicks off with Trump allies bashing Biden's handling of economy

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Donald Trump’s party assailed President Joe Biden’s stewardship of the economy, hours after the Republican standard-bearer selected US Senator JD Vance as his running mate, highlighting a populist message aimed at retaking control of the White House.

Trump’s selection of Vance, 39, also amounts to his anointing an heir apparent to ...Read more

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Elon Musk to give $45 million a month to pro-Trump super PAC

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Elon Musk is pledging to pour $45 million a month into a pro-Donald Trump political group, a move that would flood the Republican nominee’s reelection effort with cash through the November election.

Musk’s planned cash infusion could help build Trump’s fundraising advantage over President Joe Biden, who has suffered from a donor revolt in...Read more

Thunderstorms briefly cool Southern California's heat wave but spark new wildfires

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Thunderstorms from Southern California's monsoon season brought a temporary cooling reprieve over the weekend to a region that had been baking under a triple-digit heat wave but also sparked new wildfires.

A marine layer is cooling off coastal regions this week, said National Weather Service meteorologist Robbie Munroe. Southern California can ...Read more

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Lawyers for Illinois ex-Speaker Madigan ask judge to gut indictment in light of SCOTUS ruling

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Armed with a U.S. Supreme Court decision that scaled back a key federal bribery statute, lawyers for ex-House Speaker Michael Madigan argued in a new filing Monday that 14 counts of the indictment are “fatally infirm” and should be dismissed, in part because there is no proof that the once powerful Democratic leader agreed to use his ...Read more

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Newsom signs law requiring stronger sexual harassment policies at California State University

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The California State University system will be required to establish clear policies and guidelines for how sexual harassment cases are investigated and tracked under a bill Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Monday.

The new law obligates the 23-campus network to implement recommendations from a 2023 state audit that examined how officials investigated ...Read more


After grizzly's death, environmental groups to sue Fish and Game over Idaho bear baiting

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Several environmental activist groups on Monday notified state officials and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game that they intend to file a lawsuit over the agency’s allowance of bear baiting, which the groups said put federally protected grizzly bears at risk and violate the Endangered Species Act.

The notice came a month after a hunter in...Read more

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Congress launches investigations of security failure at Trump rally

WASHINGTON — Members of Congress from both parties announced plans Monday to investigate how a shooter was able to get within striking distance of former President Donald Trump, demanding answers from the authorities responsible for protecting the Republican nominee for ...Read more

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Humans having sex with Neanderthals was more common than previously thought, study says

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The word “Neanderthal” is often synonymous with mindless, simple, bulky and slow.

Images of cavemen huddled over a fire with thick, protruding brows portray Neanderthals more like the Flintstones than a close relative of modern-day humans.

But in the century and a half since the first Neanderthal bones were discovered, researchers have ...Read more

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As Scott Peterson's defense lawyers seek more evidence, Laci's mother asks “When will it end?”

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REDWOOD CITY — Scott Peterson’s lawyers are again searching for evidence that someone else killed his pregnant wife, Laci, and their unborn son 22 years ago and insist prosecutors are refusing to hand over at least 645 pieces of it.

In a Redwood City courtroom Monday, lawyers for the Los Angeles Innocence Project that recently took up the ...Read more

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Georgian leaders react to Trump's vice presidential pick, JD Vance

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Former President Donald Trump’s selection Monday of U.S. Sen. JD Vance as his vice presidential pick drew supportive reactions from Republicans in Georgia, most of whom were already faithful to his campaign.

Longtime supporters praised the choice of Vance, a 39-year-old known for his 2016 book “Hillbilly Elegy,” to serve as his running ...Read more

Conn. judge sends case of alleged cyberstalker to trial; question is where protected speech ends

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Criminal stalking charges against a blogger whose postings include photographs of judges suggesting violence is a remedy for disgruntled litigants are headed for a trial at which a jury will have to decide what separates constitutionally protected speech from threats.

Superior Court Judge Peter Brown declined on Monday to dismiss 18 stalking ...Read more

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One of Vogtle's new nuclear reactors is offline. Here's what we know

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One of the two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle has been offline for roughly a week because of a “valve issue,” Georgia Power said on Monday, and it’s unclear when it will restart.

Unit 3, one of four reactors at the nuclear power plant 35 miles southeast of Augusta, was shutdown July 8 after a valve malfunctioned on one of the pumps ...Read more