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South African president survives party bid to oust him

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JOHANNESBURG –– South African President Jacob Zuma survived an attempt by some members of the African National Congress' leadership to order his removal from office, according to two members of the ruling party's national executive committee.

The committee decided on Sunday not to vote on a no-confidence motion, according to the committee ...Read more

Mattis says US is trying to keep Islamic State fighters from going home

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WASHINGTON –– The fight against Islamic State has shifted to stopping potential terrorists to their home countries to wreak havoc, Defense Secretary James Mattis said Sunday.

Mattis provided details of the tactical shift he announced at the Pentagon May 19.

"We have already shifted from attrition tactics where we shove them from one ...Read more

Boy Scouts insist on keeping sex-abuse cases secret

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For decades, secrets of alleged sexual abuse have been collecting dust in the Boy Scouts of America's headquarters in Irving, Texas, and in state and regional offices across the nation. And the Scouts are fighting hard to keep them locked away.

Former Scouts in Georgia and other states, many of them now middle-age, saythe national organization'...Read more

Kelly says laptop ban on international flights is still being considered

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WASHINGTON –– Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Sunday that he is still considering whether to ban laptop computers from the cabins of all international flights into and out of the U.S.

"That's really the thing that they're obsessed with, the terrorists: the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight, particularly if it's a U.S. ...Read more

Homeland Security chief defends 'back channel' to foreign nations

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WASHINGTON -- There is nothing inherently wrong with an incoming presidential administration establishing "back channel" communications with a foreign power such as Russia, Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly said Sunday.

Kelly, on "Fox News Sunday," was asked about reports that President Donald Trump's son-in-law and adviser, Jared ...Read more

Chicago was the only major U.S. city to lose population from 2015 to 2016

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Chicago was along among the nation's 20 largest cities in losing population last year -- and it lost nearly double the number of residents as the year before, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

It's the city's third consecutive year of population loss for Chicago. The city's population fell by 8,638 residents from 2015 through 2016, to 2,704,...Read more

Senate intelligence panel's top Democrat wants Kushner to testify on Russia

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White House adviser Jared Kushner should appear before the House Intelligence Committee, and his security clearance needs to be reviewed in light of reports that he sought secret communications with Russia, the panel's top Democrat said Sunday.

Rep. Adam Schiff of California said he "fully" expects that the committee will want Kushner, ...Read more

Trump's move to isolate Iran could further strain Sunni-Shiite relations in Mideast

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WASHINGTON -- While President Donald Trump's recent visit to Saudi Arabia preached partnership with Muslim leaders to end terrorism, critics say his alignment with one side of the Middle East's sectarian divide could do more harm than good.

Trump's criticizing of Iran, a predominantly Shiite Muslim nation, and his move to align with majority ...Read more

A nuclear 'renaissance' is now a financial quagmire

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ATLANTA -- Southern Company's chief executive has said more than once that the giant utility's project to build two more nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle would be history-making.

He may be right, but not in the way he meant.

Years behind schedule, billions over budget, and with a key contractor's bankruptcy clouding its future, the troubled ...Read more

Thousands of people trapped in conflict zone in Philippine city

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MARAWI CITY, Philippines -- More than 2,200 people are trapped in the conflict zone in a besieged southern Philippine city, fearing for their lives from threats of Islamist militants and military airstrikes, a local official confirmed Sunday.

Residents have been sending appeals for help via text message, but rescue teams have not been able to ...Read more

The Big One is going to happen, no matter how much you want to deny it, California scientists say

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Fear of earthquakes is part of life in California.

But people experience this anxiety in different ways. For some, the fear prompts them to take steps to protect themselves: strapping down heavy furniture, securing kitchen cabinets and retrofitting homes and apartments.

For others, the fear prompts denial -- a willful ignorance of the dangers ...Read more

Assess: Trump trip drives home 'America first' foreign policy

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TAORMINA, Italy -- Donald Trump made no secret during the presidential campaign of his disdain for America's trading partners, his skepticism of longtime alliances and his eagerness to refocus U.S. foreign policy on the single-minded pursuit of American security.

That was the largely the president the world got as Trump made his way through the...Read more

Violent protests erupt in Kashmir after Indian forces kill 8 suspected militants

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MUMBAI, India -- Stone-throwing protesters clashed with security forces across the Indian-controlled portion of Kashmir on Saturday after Indian soldiers killed eight suspected militants as part of a months-long crackdown in the disputed Himalayan territory.

At least one civilian was killed as police forces tried to subdue the protesters, and ...Read more

Palestinian prisoners end six-week hunger strike after reaching deal

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TEL AVIV--Hundreds of Palestinians jailed in Israeli prisons ended a 6-week-old hunger strike Saturday that raised tensions with Israel while marking the re-emergence of a popular Palestinian politician serving multiple life terms for murder.

Led by Marwan Barghouti, a militant from the ruling Fatah party and a political rival to Palestinian ...Read more

UK lowers terrorism threat level, citing arrests

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LONDON ––Prime Minister Theresa May said the United Kingdom's terrorism threat level has been lowered to "severe" from "critical" after arrests related to the May 22 attack in Manchester.

May led a meeting of the government's emergency committee Saturday, during which she received an update from police and security services on the ...Read more

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt

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MINYA, Egypt -- Islamic State claimed responsibility for an attack on a bus loaded with Coptic Christians the day before near the southern city of Minya, which officials said killed 29 people.

"A security team of caliphate soldiers set up an ambush for dozens of Christians as they headed to the church of St. Samuel," the militant group said ...Read more

Many in Saudi Arabia say Trump's anti-Islam talk was just a gimmick

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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Donald Trump described Muslims as sick people who have hatred on their minds and he proposed banning them from entering the United States.

Yet many people in Saudi Arabia, a nation considered the birthplace of Islam where citizens are required to be Muslim, don't hold his words against him.

In more than a dozen ...Read more

US weather agency predicts above-normal hurricane season

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting an above-normal 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season, with five to nine hurricanes -- two to four of them Category 3 (winds at least 111 mph) or stronger. The forecast calls for 11 to 17 tropical systems (winds a least 39 mph).

The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins June 1 and runs until...Read more

Trump to decide next week whether to quit Paris climate agreement

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NEW YORK –– Donald Trump continued to distance himself from fellow leaders over climate change at the Group of Seven summit, and said he'll determine next week whether to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement.

"I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week," the president said in a Twitter post Saturday.

Trump, who...Read more


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