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Jesus Campos, Vegas security guard shot before rampage, appears to have vanished

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LAS VEGAS -- The story seemed straightforward: The unarmed security guard approached Stephen Paddock's room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, distracting the gunman and potentially saving lives.

With a gunshot wound to his leg, he helped point officers to the gunman's location and stayed behind to evacuate hotel guests.

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This boy survived birth without a trachea. Now he can eat

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MILWAUKEE -- What you would probably notice first about Thomas Richards are his eyes.

He's just 17 months old, but perhaps because he is unable to speak, he uses his eyes the way other babies coo and babble. All the subtle little muscles around his eyes go to work. They engage you.

And then comes the grin. Once Thomas has caught your eyes, he ...Read more

In Iowa, heartland Democrats ask 'What about the economy, stupid?'

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Democrats in the Midwest know that the way to win back voters in states such as Iowa is to talk about the economy, but they're debating how exactly to do it.

As a state that can make or break presidential campaigns, and one that had regularly sent liberal Democrats to Washington, Iowa now serves as a test of whether ...Read more

'Kidney for sale': Iran has a legal market for the organs, but the system doesn't always work

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TEHRAN -- The advertisements are scrawled in marker on brick walls and tree trunks, and affixed to telephone utility boxes, sidewalks and a road sign pointing the way to one of Iran's leading hospitals.

"Kidney for sale," read the dozens of messages, accompanied by phone numbers and blood types, splashed along a tree-lined street opposite the ...Read more

Armed with cash and powerful friends, Mark Sanford preps for election fights

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Mark Sanford is facing what is arguably his first competitive re-election campaign since returning to Congress in mid-2013 -- and both his Republican and Democratic challengers raised more money than the South Carolina lawmaker this summer.

Sanford, however, holds a major cash advantage in the latest round of fundraising ...Read more

At Liberty Medal ceremony, McCain blasts 'half-baked' nationalism

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PHILADELPHIA -- Accepting the National Constitution Center's Liberty Medal on Monday night, Sen. John McCain blasted "half-baked, spurious nationalism," saying the United States has a moral obligation to act as an international leader.

On a night where speakers praised McCain's bipartisan bona fides, it was a stinging rebuke of the politics ...Read more

White House rebuffs panel's questions on emails, air travel

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WASHINGTON -- The White House is rebuffing a House committee's bipartisan request for detailed information about the Trump administration's use of private email for government work and executive branch use of government and chartered aircraft.

In two letters Monday from White House congressional liaison Marc Short, the top Republican and ...Read more

Doctors urged to make public commitment to talk to patients about guns and gun safety

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As guardians of health and gatekeepers to the world of medicine, primary care doctors are expected to plunge dauntlessly into the most delicate topics with their patients. Now, in the wake of the worst mass shooting in recent U.S. history, a new campaign is challenging these physicians to talk to their patients about guns.

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Trump calls for short-term Obamacare fix and reaches out to Republican leaders

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump threw his weight Monday behind a measure to fix parts of Obamacare, the first time he has voiced approval of a specific legislative approach to do so and an abrupt turnaround on a bipartisan effort to preserve key elements of the health care system that he has sought to repeal.

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A bone shard, a molar, an artificial hip — the grim task of finding victims of Calif. fires

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SANTA ROSA, Calif. -- The Sonoma County Search and Rescue Team arrived Sunday on Dover Court around 2:30 p.m. The neighborhood was gone. There was nothing recognizable as a home, except the chimney, and the rough outlines of a foundation.

They had very little to go on. They knew her name was Mary. She was elderly. And she lived alone.

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North Korea warns that nuclear war could 'break out any moment'

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SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korea warned that a nuclear war "may break out any moment" as the U.S. and South Korea began one of the largest joint naval drills off both the east and west coasts of the peninsula.

Kim In Ryong, North Korea's deputy ambassador to the United Nations, said Monday that his nation had become a "full-fledged nuclear ...Read more

Conservative group to use JFK to lobby Democrats to support Trump tax plan

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WASHINGTON -- A conservative group is launching a six-figure television ad buy targeting Democratic senators in three states that President Donald Trump won, pressing them to embrace a Republican-led push for a tax overhaul.

The ad buy from the Job Creators Network is the latest in what the group says will be a multimillion-dollar campaign ...Read more

Warrant alleges mother put 2 toddlers in oven, turned it on

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ATLANTA -- A 24-year-old mother of four is accused of killing her two youngest sons "by placing them in an oven and turning it on," according to an arrest warrant obtained Monday by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

An official autopsy is pending.

The arrest warrant alleges Lamora Williams put her sons in the oven sometime between midnight ...Read more

Nation and world news briefs

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Senator calls on Ivanka Trump to cut tie to World Bank women's fund

WASHINGTON -- Ivanka Trump should cut ties with a World Bank fund focusing on women's empowerment, an initiative the U.S. president's daughter has championed, because her clothing brand may benefit from her involvement, Sen. Ben Cardin said in a letter to Treasury Secretary ...Read more

Judge keeps alive the bribery case against Sen. Menendez

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NEWARK, N.J. -- The bribery charges against Sen. Robert Menendez have survived a legal challenge for now, a relief for government prosecutors negotiating a tricky new landscape for corruption cases that the Supreme Court created with a decision a year ago.

Menendez, D-N.J., once the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was ...Read more

911 calls capture chaos at Florida nursing home

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A nursing home staff worker called 911 seeking help for an 84-year-old woman in cardiac arrest, citing the facility's lack of air conditioning.

"I just noticed, because we don't have any air conditioning, so I saw her slouch over," the attendant tells 911, according to audio recordings released by the city of Hollywood ...Read more

Mayors say many families would be hurt by GOP plan to kill state, local tax deduction

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WASHINGTON -- Tom Tait, the Republican mayor of Anaheim, Calif., isn't happy about his party's tax-overhaul efforts in Washington because the plan would eliminate a deduction for state and local taxes that helps many of his city's residents.

In Anaheim's 92806 ZIP Code, for example, the loss of the deduction would lead a family of four with ...Read more

Driver pulled from car and beaten after hitting and killing toddler in road

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A woman driving a Hyundai Santa Fe that struck and killed a toddler who ran into a Deerfield Beach street was dragged out of her SUV and beaten, the Broward Sheriff's Office said Monday.

Neallie Junior Saxon III, who would have turned 2 on Dec. 12, was struck by a maroon 2007 Hundai Santa Fe at about 4:45 p.m. local ...Read more

Senator calls on Ivanka Trump to cut tie to World Bank women's fund

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WASHINGTON -- Ivanka Trump should cut ties with a World Bank fund focusing on women's empowerment, an initiative the U.S. president's daughter has championed, because her clothing brand may benefit from her involvement, Sen. Ben Cardin said in a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Cardin, a Maryland Democrat, wrote that Trump, who ...Read more

Trump's EPA to curb legal settlements with environmentalists

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration moved Monday to curb settlements with conservationists and industry, instead vowing to fight cases designed to force the Environmental Protection Agency to take action.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said he is ending a "sue-and-settle" practice that has resulted in closed-door agreements committing the ...Read more