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Mexican officials identify fourth body found in Baltimore's Key Bridge wreckage

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BALTIMORE — The fourth body to be recovered from the site of the Key Bridge collapse was that of Carlos Daniel Hernández, according to officials from his home country of Mexico.

“Carlos Daniel represents our Mexican workers in the USA,” said Alicia Bárcena, Mexico’s secretary of foreign affairs, in a tweet in Spanish on Monday night. ...Read more


FDNY makes first-ever arrest over sale of potentially deadly illegal e-bike batteries

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NEW YORK — A Brooklyn e-bike shop worker repeatedly accused of flouting laws against selling uncertified and potentially deadly lithium-ion batteries has been arrested on reckless endangerment charges, FDNY officials said Tuesday.

Friday’s bust was the first time fire marshals have arrested someone for storing and selling uncertified e-bike...Read more

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Protesters storm within inches of Mayor Adams during speech boosting NYC

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NEW YORK — Several protesters stormed within inches of Mayor Eric Adams as he delivered a speech Tuesday to a roomful of community activists on the Upper East Side.

The incident occurred in the middle of Adams’ remarks at a breakfast hosted by the Association for a Better New York and ended with a security detail pushing protesters off the ...Read more

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NYC could save $3.5 billion on migrant costs with housing vouchers: new report

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NEW YORK — New York City could save up to $3.5 billion in migrant housing costs if it and the state government expand access to housing vouchers, a new report from the homeless services provider Win revealed Monday.

To realize some of those projected savings, Win, a non-profit headed by former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, is ...Read more


Supreme Court casts doubt on obstruction charges against hundreds of Jan. 6 rioters

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court cast doubt Tuesday on the legality of obstruction charges lodged against some 300 rioters arrested for breaking into the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The court's conservatives questioned whether the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which was aimed at corporate accounting fraud, can be used more broadly to prosecute those ...Read more

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Citing safety concerns, USC cancels pro-Palestinian valedictorian's graduation speech

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Saying "tradition must give way to safety," USC on Monday made the unprecedented move of canceling the upcoming graduation speech of an undergraduate valedictorian who has come under fire for her pro-Palestinian views.

The move, according to USC officials, is the first time the university has banned a valedictorian from the traditional chance...Read more

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Lifeline for foreign aid package, speaker's job up to Democrats

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WASHINGTON — The fate of foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan as well as Speaker Mike Johnson’s job appears to be in the hands of House Democrats, as Johnson aims to pass billions of dollars to support U.S. allies this week.

Johnson, R-La., told Republicans in a conference meeting Tuesday that the House would hold individual votes on ...Read more

Protestors get within inches of Mayor Adams during speech boosting NYC

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NEW YORK — Several protestors stormed within inches of Mayor Eric Adams as he delivered a speech Tuesday to a roomful of community activists on the Upper East Side.

The incident occurred in the middle of Adams’ remarks at a breakfast hosted by the Association for a Better New York and ended with a security detail pushing protestors off the ...Read more

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Georgia attorney general defends lawsuit against Biden student loan plan

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Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr took his case against the Biden administration’s plan to provide additional student loan debt relief to the airwaves Tuesday, saying the White House doesn’t have the authority to enact such changes.

“The Supreme Court has already determined that the Biden administration couldn’t do this,” Carr said ...Read more

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A federal judge has found that LA city officials doctored records in a case over homeless camp cleanups

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A federal judge has found that Los Angeles city officials altered evidence to support the city's defense against allegations that it illegally seized and destroyed homeless people's property.

Warning that the city will likely face sanctions following a forensic examination, U.S. District Judge Dale S. Fischer wrote in an order that the city had...Read more


NASA confirms space junk that hit Florida home came from space station

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NASA completed analysis of an object that hit a Florida home in March and determined it was the remains of debris released from the International Space Station two years earlier.

In an update to the agency’s website, NASA said the hand-sized chunk of metal came from a pallet of nickel hydride batteries that were jettisoned from the ISS in ...Read more

Israel, Ukraine aid to receive US House votes this week

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Speaker Mike Johnson plans separate U.S. House votes this week on new aid to Israel and Ukraine, in an attempt to assemble fragile coalitions to speed weaponry to both besieged allies.

The move could end a months-long Republican blockade on help for Kyiv while also responding quickly to Iran’s missile and drone attack in Israel over the ...Read more

Russia is trying to force Ukrainians to abandon their second-biggest city

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Ukrainian and Western officials see Russia’s escalated bombardment of Ukraine’s No. 2 city as a way to force the evacuation of civilians, they said.

Kharkiv, a northeastern city less than an hour’s drive from the Russian border, has been hit with an escalating barrage of missiles, drones and heavy guided bombs over the past month. The ...Read more

Iran's conflict with Israel puts US ally Jordan on edge

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Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel and the prospect of escalating hostilities has threatened to embroil Jordan, a key Western ally and a country regarded by Gulf states as pivotal to their own security.

When the Islamic Republic fired a barrage of missiles and drones at Israel on Saturday night, Jordan helped shoot down some that flew over...Read more

Donald Trump hush money trial Day 2

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NEW YORK — Donald Trump is expected to return to Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday — and for the next two months — where hundreds more New Yorkers are due to be queried about whether they can keep an open mind about his alleged hush money payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels.

The Manhattan DA’s historic case — the first-ever criminal ...Read more

Food fight continues with 'Food, Inc. 2'

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WASHINGTON — Between the first “Food, Inc.” and the sequel, a few things have changed. A pandemic tested the American food supply, formula shortages rocked the nation, and Pringles came out with a limited-edition “Baconator” flavor which was supposed to taste like a juicy Wendy’s cheeseburger.

That wasn’t the way director Robert ...Read more

The US is losing access to its bases in Niger − here’s why that’s a big deal

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The United States was forced to stop its military operations in March 2024 in Niger – a landlocked, western African country in the Sahara desert. Niger may not immediately seem like a key ally for the U.S., but it served as a crucial staging ground for the U.S. military to carry out work and respond to terrorism in the region.

U.S. ...Read more

More climate-warming methane leaks into the atmosphere than ever gets reported – here’s how satellites can find the leaks and avoid wasting a valuable resource

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Far more methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is being released from landfills and oil and gas operations around the world than governments realized, recent airborne and satellite surveys show. That’s a problem for the climate as well as human health. It’s also why the U.S. government has been tightening regulations on methane leaks and ...Read more

Supreme Court to consider whether local governments can make it a crime to sleep outside if no inside space is available

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On April 22, 2024, the Supreme Court will hear a case that could radically change how cities respond to the growing problem of homelessness. It also could significantly worsen the nation’s racial justice gap.

City of Grants Pass v. Johnson began when a small city in Oregon with just one homeless shelter began enforcing a local anti-...Read more


Michigan town's pot bonanza turns into a marijuana melee over corruption claims

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MENOMINEE, Mich. — When this small town in the Upper Peninsula was working on a law allowing the sale of marijuana in 2020, it was warned that restricting the number of dispensaries could lead to a legal quagmire.

The town, which is just across the border from Wisconsin, where pot is prohibited, went ahead and limited the number anyway. ...Read more