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Gavin Newsom will deliver delayed California State of the State speech with budget done

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom will release a delayed State of the State address Tuesday in a recorded speech to be broadcast across his office’s social media channels and website.

The Governor’s Office said Sunday that Newsom’s remarks to Californians will be released at 10 a.m. after a copy of the speech is transmitted to the Legislature....Read more

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Biden announces hundreds of debate watch parties while Trump hits the trail

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With just days to go before the pair of participants mount an Atlanta stage, the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign has announced it will host over 300 debate night watch parties and hold 1,600 organizing events in the days leading up to the event while President Joe Biden prepares for the meeting at Camp David.

Former President Donald Trump and ...Read more

Candidates seen 'out of touch' by young voters

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Young voters don’t really care to vote for politicians more than 50 years their senior, and it’s enough to keep them home this November, a new CBS News/YouGov poll shows.

According to the poll, those under 30 would rather sit out the election than have to choose between a 78-year-old former president or an incumbent who will turn 82 a ...Read more

St. Louis archdiocese releases long-awaited report on Catholic slaveholding

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ST. LOUIS — Louis William DuBourg was just a baby in 1767 when his father, a ship captain and merchant, embarked on a journey from West Africa to the Caribbean with 270 enslaved people aboard. Only 157 of them made it across the Atlantic alive.

The younger DuBourg was also bold. He grew up to be a famous Roman Catholic priest, who, as the ...Read more

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Macron says election decision aimed to avoid disarray in Autumn

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Emmanuel Macron again sought to explain his decision to dissolve parliament, saying he aimed to take into account the defeat his party suffered in European elections and to avoid an even greater risk of turmoil to come.

In an editorial published in regional newspapers, Macron contended that he had made his decision in the interest of the ...Read more

'This will be a sanctuary': Groundbreaking for Pittsburgh synagogue shooting memorial begins new chapter

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With the remaining portions of the synagogue at the corner of Shady and Wilkins avenues as the backdrop, second gentleman Doug Emhoff spoke of the continued battle to fight back against the antisemitism that led to the deadly attack that occurred a few yards behind him almost six years ago.

"Since the evil of that day, we have seen antisemitism...Read more

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More abuse claims surface at Gateway Church protest. They don't involve Robert Morris

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On June 15, Amy Smith had the police called on her as she stood outside Gateway Church in Southlake, protesting the sex abuse scandal involving the church’s founder and then-senior Pastor Robert Morris.

A week later — with Morris no longer the pastor after confessing to molesting a girl in Oklahoma starting when she was 12 years old in the ...Read more

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'I'm so sorry.' Gateway Church holds first services since founding pastor's resignation

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Southlake’s Gateway church conducted its first weekend of services since Robert Morris, the founder and senior pastor resigned after confessing to molesting a child in the 1980s, starting when the girl was 12.

The megachurch’s main Southlake campus was full on Saturday night and there were protesters outside; Sunday was a different story.

...Read more

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Officers remove pro-Palestinian encampment at UC Santa Barbara

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Dozens of officers removed an encampment of pro-Palestinian protesters from the campus of UC Santa Barbara early Sunday morning, according to videos and social media posts by the protest group.

University officials did not respond to calls on Sunday afternoon. Officials had sent a message to the group, which calls itself the UCSB Liberated Zone...Read more

As effects of flooding continue, Gov. Walz authorizes Guard to support communities

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As Minnesota communities face floods caused by heavy rains, Gov. Tim Walz on Saturday declared a peacetime emergency, authorizing the Minnesota National Guard to help.

"Flooding has left entire communities under feet of water, causing severe damage to property and numerous road closures," Walz said in a news release. "As flooding continues, the...Read more

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Antisemitism surge makes Biden-Trump 'binary' vote, Emhoff says

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Second gentleman Doug Emhoff said reelecting President Joe Biden is crucial for combating antisemitism and accused Donald Trump of “fanning the flames” of hatred in comments after speaking at the site of a 2018 synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris, called the U.S. election in November a “...Read more

US prosecutors recommend DOJ criminally charge Boeing: Reuters

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U.S. prosecutors have recommended to senior Justice Department officials that Boeing Co. face criminal charges for violating a settlement related to two fatal crashes, Reuters reported, citing two people familiar with the matter it didn’t identify.

The people didn’t specify what criminal charges Justice Department officials are considering....Read more

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US prosecutors recommend DOJ criminally charge Boeing: Reuters

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U.S. prosecutors have recommended to senior Justice Department officials that Boeing Co. face criminal charges for violating a settlement related to two fatal crashes, Reuters reported, citing two people familiar with the matter it didn’t identify.

The people didn’t specify what criminal charges Justice Department officials are considering....Read more

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State kills over 80 bears in Southwest Alaska in second-year effort to boost caribou

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State wildlife officials have now killed a total of 180 brown bears on Southwest Alaska caribou calving grounds in just over a year as part of a contested strategy to restore the renowned Mulchatna herd.

Shooting from a helicopter between May 10 and June 5, Alaska Department of Fish and Game employees killed 81 brown bears and 15 wolves they ...Read more

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Lack of trans-specific resources in OC make stable housing 'impossible to achieve,' new report finds

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Viana Maktub Serrano experienced homelessness after running away from home at 12 years old, after she said her parents forced her to cut her hair.

Serrano knew about her trans Latina identity “early in life,” she said. “Nowadays I feel very comfortable with myself, but there was a time when I was really uncomfortable.”

With time she ...Read more

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SpaceX successful with booster replacement on Starlink mission

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SpaceX was back at the launch pad Sunday with an updated rocket to finish off a Starlink mission it tried to send up earlier this month.

A Falcon 9 on the Starlink 10-2 mission lifted off at 1:15 p.m. from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station’s Space Launch Complex 40 amid cloudy skies with 22 more Starlink satellites for the company’s ...Read more

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French feminists protest Le Pen even as she pulls in women

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Feminist groups in France protested on Sunday against the prospect of Marine Le Pen’s party governing the country even as the National Rally pulls in a greater proportion of women voters.

The several thousand protesters marching in Paris were reckoning with a difficult reality: Le Pen has made progress in casting her party as a defender of ...Read more

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Quiet zones, fidgets and ear muffs: Minnesota parades and festivals add sensory accommodations

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Roving sensory support teams with backpacks full of fidget toys and earplugs will make their way through next weekend's Twin Cities Pride Festival, and a quiet, cool tent near Loring Pond will offer an "escape space" with stress balls, weighted lap pads and an inflatable hammock.

More Minnesota celebrations — from Pride to the State Fair to ...Read more

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“Christian privilege” in Colorado mountain town's amphitheater fuels church-and-state storm

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DILLON – Town leaders’ refusal to reconsider a longstanding practice of letting a Christian church use the Dillon Amphitheater for Sunday prayers has hurled the town into a national storm over worship in public facilities.

They now face potential lawsuits from pressure groups. Freedom from Religion Foundation attorneys are demanding an end ...Read more

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From Afghanistan to Allentown: How an Afghan family resettled, embodied courage and befriended a landlord

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Mohammad, Rona and their three kids had only a few words to describe seeing America for the first time — the destination of their resettlement journey away from Kabul, Afghanistan.

“Beautiful,” Mohammad said, sitting at a table with family members, a landlord turned lifelong friend, a reporter and lots of Afghan tea.

The family left ...Read more