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GOP senators embrace awkward Russia probe that could hurt Trump

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WASHINGTON -- A Senate Intelligence Committee investigation of Russia's effort to influence last year's U.S. election is shaping up as an unexpectedly bipartisan effort that could take months to complete as it explores the most significant controversy shadowing the new Trump administration.

The investigation, which will involve scouring highly ...Read more

Analysis: Can Mexico expect less-hostile days after visit by Trump secretaries?

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MEXICO CITY -- Seldom has the seemingly routine visit of a pair of U.S. Cabinet secretaries generated so much anguish and disquiet to the host country, in this case, Mexico.

And rarely has the reaction been so uncertain that the scripted finale -- a meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Thursday -- was thrown into doubt.

Mexico'...Read more

White House excludes some media outlets from press briefing

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WASHINGTON -- Friday's White House press briefing, normally an on-camera affair open to all reporters with press credentials, was turned into an exclusive event for certain outlets hand-picked by the administration.

The action came after President Donald Trump on Friday described the media and what he terms "fake news" as "the enemy of the ...Read more

Trump rips media in address to conservative crowd

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OXON HILL, Md. -- President Donald Trump on Friday invoked the First Amendment as he decried much of the press as "fake news" and the "enemy of the people," part of a blistering critique that was rowdily embraced by a conservative crowd.

"They say we can't criticize their dishonest coverage because of the First Amendment -- they always bring up...Read more

Noah Feldman: A loss, but maybe also a gain, for transgender movement

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Now that the Trump administration has reversed the Department of Education policy on transgender bathroom use, the Supreme Court will probably dismiss the case it's hearing on the matter rather than issue a decision. But even if that happens -- and it isn't 100 percent certain -- the result may be better for transgender-rights advocates than ...Read more

Ramesh Ponnuru: What does predicted GDP effect of losing illegal immigrants really mean?

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It's an eye-opening finding: If the U.S. no longer had any illegal immigrants, its GDP would be $5 trillion smaller over 10 years.

That's the conclusion of a recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. But while the number is big, it's not clear it tells us much about what to do about illegal immigration.

Normally, the ...Read more

Marijuana industry angered by White House reversal

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NEW YORK -- The cannabis industry was rattled Thursday after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said he expects the Department of Justice to increase enforcement of federal laws prohibiting recreational pot, even in states where it's already legal.

Along with the District of Columbia, eight states have legalized recreational use among ...Read more

Democrats cast wide for response to Trump address

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WASHINGTON -- Former Kentucky Gov. Steven Beshear will deliver the Democratic response to President Donald Trump's address to Congress on Tuesday and immigration activist Astrid Silva will deliver the Spanish language response, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer announced Friday.

Beshear, Kentucky's...Read more

At CPAC, Trump delivers a journalism lecture — and a threat

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump on Friday issued a blistering attack on news organizations he dubbed "fake news," appearing to threaten those outlets and again calling them an "enemy of the people."

The president's latest broadside on the media came a few hours after he attacked the FBI with two morning tweets for an alleged inability to stop and ...Read more

Trump defines a new GOP at conservatives' most prominent gathering

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump made one of his strongest pitches Friday to unite the Republican Party and the conservative movement behind a nationalist, anti-globalist ideology that until recently would have been unthinkable for many Republicans.

"There is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag," Trump said ...Read more

Kansas shooting shocks an Indian city where 'every other house' has someone in America

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MUMBAI, India -- The shooting death of an Indian man in a possible hate crime in suburban Kansas City has shocked his family and his hometown of Hyderabad, which sends thousands of students and professionals to the United States every year.

Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, was shot along with an Indian co-worker Wednesday night at a bar in Olathe, Kan...Read more

Troubled man, typical neighbor: Suspect's cul-de-sac reeling after Kansas bar shooting

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OLATHE, Kan. -- Residents in the Walnut Creek subdivision in Olathe, Kan., saw Adam W. Purinton out mowing his lawn Wednesday afternoon.

A neighbor who'd been gone for about a week just got home and waved at the Navy veteran, figuring they'd probably catch up soon.

But hours later, Purinton was on the run from Olathe authorities after they say...Read more

Trump blasts FBI as 'totally unable' to stop, find leakers

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Friday criticized the FBI for its alleged inability to identify individuals within the government who leaked information about possible contacts between the president's associates and Russia.

The new chief executive dubbed the agency "totally unable" to prevent the actions of "leakers," tweeting that such...Read more

Nerve agent was used to kill North Korean leader's half brother, police say

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SEOUL, South Korea -- Malaysian police announced Friday that Kim Jong Nam, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half brother, could have been killed by VX nerve agent, a highly toxic chemical compound banned by the United Nations as a weapon of mass destruction.

The announcement that police found traces of the nerve agent on Kim's face has raised ...Read more

Cosby prosecutor wanted to call 13 women accusers. Judge says he can call 1

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PHILADELPHIA -- In a decisive victory for Bill Cosby, a Montgomery County judge on Friday said he would allow only one additional accuser to testify at the 79-year-old entertainer's sexual assault trial.

In a one-page order, Judge Steven T. O'Neill offered little explanation for his decision to bar prosecutors from calling 12 other women they ...Read more

Report: FBI rejected White House request to deny Trump Russia links

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WASHINGTON -- The FBI declined a recent White House request to deny media reports about contact between campaign staff for president Donald Trump and Russian intelligence before last year's election, CNN reported on Thursday.

The broadcaster cited U.S. officials as saying that the Trump administration had asked the agency to intervene.

Such a ...Read more

GOP leaps on congressional review act to kill Obama rules

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WASHINGTON -- A law that's been successfully used only once until now is the conduit for a whole lot of action on Capitol Hill.

Republicans in Congress are expected to send a stream of bills -- most of which require a single sentence -- to President Donald Trump's desk, using a process to repeal agency rules known as the Congressional Review ...Read more

Sen. Risch has retro plan to thwart hackers: Rely more on humans, less on technology

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WASHINGTON -- Idaho Republican Sen. Jim Risch says it's time for a retro approach to protect the nation's power grid, relying more on humans and less on sophisticated technology as a way to thwart hackers.

"I'm convinced that the next huge incident in the United States -- not a big incident, but a huge incident -- is going to be a cybersecurity...Read more

Duterte relies on his childhood hunting buddy to fund drug war

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MANILA, Philippines -- Before his childhood friend Rodrigo Duterte decided to run for president of the Philippines, Carlos "Sonny" Dominguez used to spend his days hunting a white-tailed deer in Idaho and watching episodes of "Narcos" on Netflix.

Now, instead of following the escapades of narcotics kingpin Pablo Escobar on TV, he has a drug war...Read more

Conservatives laud Trump's decision on transgender bathroom access

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For Texas state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, requiring people to use the bathroom according to the gender on their birth certificate has always been about public safety.

It's why Kolkhorst is the prime sponsor of a controversial transgender bathroom bill -- the Texas Privacy Act -- being debated in the Legislature, and why she welcomed news that the ...Read more