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How will rural Americans fare during Medicaid unwinding? Experts fear they're on their own

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Abby Madore covers a lot of ground each day at work.

A staffer at a community health center in Carson City, Nevada, Madore spends her days helping low-income residents understand their health insurance options, including Medicaid. Her phone is always ringing, she said, as she fields calls from clients who dial in from the state’s remote ...Read more

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Why are hundreds of Missourians stuck in jail, not treated for mental health issues?

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Patricia Tatum said she thinks about her son from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep.

She feels helpless.

“There’s nothing I can do,” she said. “I have no information.”

Her son, 47-year-old Derrick Williams, sits in the Clay County Detention Center in Missouri — hundreds of miles away from her home in Alabama. He�...Read more

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How cops are sharing intelligence to combat street takeovers in metro Atlanta

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ATLANTA — A Georgia State Patrol trooper, fueled with information about a possible street takeover in northwest Atlanta, raced to a busy intersection. There, a large crowd was gathered, surrounding a black pickup truck that was doing doughnuts and sending white smoke into the air.

The trooper activated his siren and chased down the truck, ...Read more

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Family feeds the community for three generations

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At a corner of asphalt off Memorial Drive this Saturday, Queon Holmes’ folding tables were set up, piled with to-go food in styrofoam and paper boxes. Holmes, a couple of her 14 aunts and uncles, and a family friend were gathered around, finishing dividing up the chicken biscuits, tacos and lettuce topping.

Behind and around them scores of ...Read more

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From homebodies to prolific swimmers, researchers track Chicago River fish to find out where they are going and why

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CHICAGO — Under the muddy surface of the Chicago River, a bluegill swam miles upon miles, back and forth from one end of the river system to another.

Next to a quiet, unused barge slip near Bubbly Creek, another bluegill remained safely tucked away during the same two-week span earlier this summer.

This kind of fish is not known for being a ...Read more

When child abuse is a misdiagnosis: Doctor pushes back on questionable cases

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SILVERDALE, Wash. — The infant's doctor visit was supposed to be a routine wellness check. Mother Emily Massaro had a list of questions, one of them about bluish gray marks that looked to her, and then the pediatrician, like bruises. Massaro explained the 2-month-old boy recently fell off a bed, something she had told another doctor at the ...Read more

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South Korea seeks Xi's visit to mark 'turning point' in ties

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South Korea is seeking to have Chinese President Xi Jinping visit for the first time in about a decade, seeing a trip as turning a page in relations between the two that have shifted as Seoul more closely aligns itself with the U.S.

The office of President Yoon Suk Yeol is working to arrange a visit, a senior government official said over the ...Read more

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California spent $40 million on an opioid awareness campaign. Fentanyl is still killing nearly 20 people a day

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With fentanyl killing nearly 20 Californians every day, state health care officials have staked millions of dollars on a boutique Sacramento-based advertising firm to “raise awareness, break the stigma, promote recovery, build hope and save lives” in the battle against the powerful opioid.

But was there a better way to spend $40 million?

...Read more

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Asteroid sample returns to Earth after a 3.86-billion-mile journey

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The country’s first pristine asteroid sample — protected by a heat shield invented in Silicon Valley — landed in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert Sunday morning, where it was greeted by a team of NASA scientists hoping to study its chemical composition.

The sample was taken from Bennu, an asteroid with a 500-meter diameter. The process has...Read more

To improve predictions, Minnesota seeks to learn from sketchy COVID-19 models

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Minnesota is using a $17 million federal grant to learn from the pitfalls of COVID-19 forecasting in the last few years and to improve its predictions for the next outbreak.

Better estimates of cases of an infectious disease and how it spreads could improve responses and target them at high-risk regions or populations rather than the entire ...Read more

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Senate's Menendez urged to quit by Ocasio-Cortez, NJ lawmaker

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Senator Robert Menendez, the New Jersey Democrat indicted on federal corruption charges, was urged to resign by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez while one of his state’s House members said the party can’t afford “distractions.”

“The situation is quite unfortunate, but I do believe that it is in the best interest for Senator ...Read more

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'A few days' of government shutdown may be needed, GOP's Gaetz says

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Representative Matt Gaetz, a key Republican holdout on a stopgap spending measure, said he’s ready for a multiday U.S. government shutdown if that’ll get demands such as conservative border policies into the federal budget.

If the departments of labor and education “have to shut down for a few days as we get their appropriations in line, ...Read more

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As government shutdown looms, no signs of budget progress in Washington

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The weekend brought no signs of progress from Congress on passing a federal budget and avoiding a government shutdown at the end of the week, with hard-right lawmakers refusing to budge on their demands for sharp spending cuts and tougher border security.

Republican hardliners in the House of Representatives remained opposed to both a short-...Read more

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Kosovo's worst clash since 2004 prompts Serbia to urge restraint

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic called for restraint after a shootout in Kosovo between armed Serbs and police left four dead in the country’s bloodiest clash in almost two decades, including an ethnic Albanian policeman.

Kosovo police said the shootout that began early Sunday involved about 30 suspects who blocked a road near the northern...Read more


Macron, in reversal, says French soldiers will leave Niger

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President Emmanuel Macron said French troops will leave Niger by year’s end, bowing to the demands of a junta in the former colony after a coup that upended France’s strategy in Africa.

Withdrawing France’s roughly 1,500 troops marks a reversal for Macron, who previously rejected a Sept. 3 deadline by the coup leaders and said he’d only...Read more

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UAW strike day 10: Ford emerges from walkout's first week with a couple of wins

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As the United Auto Workers strike against the Detroit Three automakers entered its 10th day Sunday, Unifor finalized a deal with Ford Motor Co. — one that experts say could set the pace for what to expect in the United States.

Members of Unifor, Canada's autoworker union, ratified a three-year contract with Ford on Sunday, the first deal to ...Read more

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Germany mulls tightening asylum laws to quell migration

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Germany may need to rethink its liberal migration policies in the face of rising numbers of undocumented arrivals, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner said.

“We need a change in the migration policy like the asylum compromise from the beginning of the 1990s,” Lindner said in a post on X on Saturday, referring to a 1993 tightening of ...Read more

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UAW, Big Three carmakers can notch 'win-win,' Buttigieg says

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The United Auto Workers and Detroit’s Big Three can all notch wins in contract negotiations, with workers securing strong raises and job protections while the carmakers keep thriving, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said.

President Joe Biden will travel to Michigan on Tuesday to support striking UAW members. Speaking on CNN’s State...Read more


Remnants of Tropical Storm Ophelia soaks New York area with heavy rain

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What remained of Tropical Storm Ophelia brought heavy rain and above average winds to the tri-state area Sunday, as the National Weather Service warned of potential flash floods.

Ophelia made landfall in North Carolina on Saturday as a tropical storm but quickly lost strength as it moved up the East Coast. By Sunday morning, its sustained winds...Read more

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Illinois Health Department recommends new COVID-19 vaccine to fight against mutations of the virus

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The Kane County Health Department is recommending residents get the new COVID-19 vaccine to fight against mutations of the virus as the area enters the cold and flu season.

Health Department Executive Director Michael Isaacson stressed the importance of getting vaccines for COVID-19, the flu and RSV to avoid a seasonal “tripledemic” of ...Read more