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Finger size does matter… in sports

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Examine your fingers. Which is longer? Is it the index finger (the finger you use to point with – technically the second digit, or 2D, counting the thumb), or the ring finger (the fourth digit, or 4D)?

The relative length of the index and ring fingers is known as the digit ratio or the 2D:4D. For example, if your index finger is 2.9...Read more

How seeing problems in the brain makes stigma disappear

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As a psychiatrist, I find that one of the hardest parts of my job is telling parents and their children that they are not to blame for their illness.

Children with emotional and behavioral problems continue to suffer considerable stigma. Many in the medical community refer to them as “diagnostic and therapeutic orphans.” ...Read more

What is Haitian Voodoo?

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For many in the West, Voodoo invokes images of animal sacrifices, magical dolls and chanted spells.

But Voodoo – as practiced in Haiti and by the black diaspora in the United States, South America and Africa – is a religion based on ancestral spirits and patron saints.

Known as “Vodou” in Haiti, the religion has also ...Read more

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Burglars are hiding surveillance cameras in Southern California residents' yards

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LOS ANGELES — In an era when everybody is staring at their phones, burglars are banking on people failing to notice the hidden camera in their front yard.

Residents across Southern California have discovered small video cameras hidden near their homes, crudely assembled surveillance devices stashed among shrubs or in planters, wrapped in ...Read more

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LAUSD quietly adds $30 million to arts budget amid allegations it improperly shifted funds

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LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles school officials have quietly added $30 million to elementary school budgets for arts education in the wake of accusations from former Supt. Austin Buetner, parents and union leaders that the district violated Proposition 28, a voter-approved law mandating increased arts funding at all California schools.

The ...Read more


NASA, Boeing delay Starliner crew's return from station again

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NASA and Boeing Co. are adjusting the timeline for the return of the Starliner crew from the International Space Station, the space agency said in a blog post.

The crew will no longer return from the space station on the scheduled date of June 26 to avoid clash between Starliner’s undocking and landing and a series of planned International ...Read more

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DOJ says it still hasn't decided whether to prosecute Boeing

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Justice Department told attorneys for families of victims of two fatal 737 Max crashes that it still hasn’t decided whether to pursue criminal charges against Boeing Co., after determining last month the plane maker had breached a 2021 agreement with the government.

“The department has not made a decision on how to ...Read more

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Prince William celebrates 42nd birthday with his kids at Taylor Swift's London concert

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Prince William reportedly chose to celebrate his birthday on Friday by taking his three kids to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in London.

The Prince of Wales, who turned 42, was said to be in attendance at Wembley Stadium, along with Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 9, and Prince Louis, 6, according to royal reporter Roya Nikkhah.

Kate ...Read more

3 dead, at least 11 wounded in mass shooting outside Mad Butcher store in Arkansas

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A mass shooting outside a grocery store in southern Arkansas on Friday killed three people and wounded at least 11 others, including two police officers.

The shooting unfolded shortly after 11:30 a.m. local time, at the Mad Butcher grocery store in Fordyce.

The officers who were shot suffered non-life-threatening injuries, Arkansas Department ...Read more

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DeSantis signs law allowing Floridians to shoot and kill bears in self-defense

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TAMPA, Fla. — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday signed a controversial bill allowing people to shoot and kill bears in self-defense. The measure sailed through the Republican-led Senate in a 24-12 vote in February.

The law, which takes effect July 1, allows killing bears if a person “reasonably believed” it was necessary to avoid death ...Read more


David DePape convicted of 5 state charges in hammer attack on Nancy Pelosi's husband

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David DePape, the conspiracy theorist who attacked Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, with a hammer and plotted to interrogate the former House speaker on video, was convicted Friday of state charges related to the assault.

A jury found DePape guilty of five felony counts in state court, according to several news outlets. The charges resulted from...Read more

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Border crossings drop 25% as Biden immigration crackdown takes hold

Border crossings have dipped by 25% to one of the lowest levels in years as President Joe Biden’s immigration crackdown appears to be having a major positive impact, federal authorities said.

With immigration a key presidential campaign issue, the number of arrests made at ...Read more

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Judge presses prosecutor over special counsel's 'legitimacy' in Trump classified documents case

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FORT PIERCE, Fla. — Defense lawyers for Donald Trump on Friday launched a three-day bid to derail the Justice Department’s classified documents case against the former president by effectively placing the legitimacy of special counsel Jack Smith’s appointment and suggesting at one point that the department may be close to operating a “...Read more

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Judge won't rule on ex-Colorado police officer's request to change sentence in Elijah McClain case

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DENVER — An Adams County District Court judge won’t rule on a request to change the sentence for the sole Aurora police officer convicted in Elijah McClain’s death because the former officer’s appeal of his conviction is underway, according to a Friday order.

Randy Roedema in late May asked Judge Mark Warner to change his 14-month work-...Read more

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Reports: Oakland mayor's lawyer says she was not target of FBI raid

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OAKLAND, Calif. — Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao’s attorney said Friday that an FBI raid at the politician’s home Thursday did not appear to be targeted at Thao, according to media reports.

Thao has not been seen in public since her Oakland home was raided in the early hours of Thursday in a series of raids centered on the Duong family, a ...Read more

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Teacher charged in serial molestations surrenders after standoff with Sacramento County deputies

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A former school teacher accused of sexually abusing students holed up with a gun for four hours Friday inside a Sacramento County home before being taken into custody, after he failed to appear in court that morning for a hearing in his criminal case, sheriff’s officials said.

Steven Richard Kester, 78, was inside the ...Read more

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At Aspen conference, a call to prioritize stopping gun violence

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ASPEN, Colo. — Leading experts on the gun violence crisis called for expanding data collection, increasing federal research funding and prioritizing community building as critical next steps to stem firearm deaths and improve public health.

Gregory Jackson, deputy director of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, speaking at ...Read more

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Philly's bump stock ban faces a lawsuit just days after it was signed into law

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PHILADELPHIA — Lawyers for two Philadelphia gun owners filed a lawsuit Thursday challenging the city's days-old law banning rapid-fire gun devices known as "bump stocks," a move that rekindles a decades-long debate about whether the city can enact its own gun regulations.

The plaintiffs — Philadelphia residents Vern Lei and Ross Gilson — ...Read more


Cuba immigration proposal seeks to lure foreign investors and keep critics at bay

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A new proposed Cuban law would grant permanent residence to foreigners ready to invest in state or private enterprises and special immigration status to Cubans living in the United States and other countries with businesses on the island, a move suggesting the government may be getting ready to open its emerging private sector to foreign ...Read more

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Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy didn't think JFK Jr. should fly planes

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Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy is the subject of two new books, which in various ways seek to counter the image of her as the superficial, vain, cocaine-addled “harridan” who made the last months of John F. Kennedy Jr.’s life miserable.

In fact, it may have been the other way around when it came to being self-centered, with the only son of John...Read more