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Op-Ed: Joe Biden: No one can stay silent. No one can ignore injustice

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In every corner of this country this weekend, George Floyd's words, which were the words of Eric Garner before him, are echoing from millions of voices in our streets and in our hearts.

"I can't breathe."

And, Friday should have been Breonna Taylor's 27th birthday -- a day she didn't live to see.

They are among the latest additions to an ...Read more

Marchers take 'DefundMPD' message to the Minneapolis streets

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Several hundred protesters peacefully took to the streets in northeast Minneapolis Saturday in a plea to defund the Minneapolis Police Department following the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day.

Floyd died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes -- sparking international outrage and ...Read more

Scientists funded by Chan-Zuckerberg urge Facebook to do better

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Scientists funded by Mark Zuckerberg's philanthropy are calling on Facebook Inc. to create and enforce stricter policies on misinformation and harmful language following the social network's handling of President Donald Trump's posts suggesting violence against protesters.

Zuckerberg received a letter on Saturday signed by 143 scientists from ...Read more

Stan Wischnowski to resign as The Philadelphia Inquirer's top editor

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PHILADELPHIA -- Stan Wischnowski, the top editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, has announced his resignation, days after discontent among the newspaper's staff erupted over a headline on a column about the impact of the civil unrest following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Wischnowski led the paper over two turbulent periods...Read more

Video showing San Diego police arresting, rushing protester into unmarked van raises concerns

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SAN DIEGO -- Video of police officers in plain clothes and military-style uniforms arresting a female protester Thursday -- and taking her away in an unmarked van as bystanders screamed for the officers to identify themselves -- spread on social media this week, raising eyebrows and concerns.

In the 45-second clip posted on Twitter, just after ...Read more

Long Beach, Calif., police officer standing over blood with his baton has been 'relieved' from department

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LOS ANGELES -- The Long Beach police officer responsible for posting photos on his social media, including one showing him standing over blood with his baton, this week amid days of protests held in the city to remember George Floyd has been "relieved from employment," the department announced Friday night.

"Our organization is dedicated to our...Read more

Thousands turn out for peaceful demonstrations on Saturday around Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES -- Thousands of people gathered at more than a dozen demonstrations around Los Angeles on Saturday to protest the death of George Floyd and other black Americans at the hands of police.

In downtown Los Angeles, there was a growing crowd in front of City Hall and a smaller group in front of the Los Angeles Police Department by ...Read more

Police turn Georgia Capitol protest into 'battle space'

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ATLANTA -- A little past 7 p.m. Tuesday, police officers standing guard outside the state Capitol decided enough was enough.

A crowd protesting racial injustice had been chanting for hours, sometimes spilling into Washington Street, sometimes shouting epithets at the officers. It was almost two hours before Atlanta's citywide curfew would ...Read more

New York City starts its escape from lockdown hell after 80 days

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In late May, Jennifer Miles Lockhart marched across the Brooklyn Bridge with a throng of New Yorkers to demand equality and justice for African Americans like her. Now, with the city finally about to emerge from its pandemic lockdown, she was back in midtown Manhattan, prepping the offices of one of the biggest U.S. banks for its own reopening. ...Read more

Thousands of anti-racism protesters in Paris defy police ban

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PARIS -- Thousands of anti-racism protesters gathered in several French cities on Saturday, including the capital, Paris, where they defied a police ban.

Protests also took place in Lyon, Lille and Rennes, according to local news reports.

Some 23,000 people demonstrated nationwide, 5,500 of them in Paris, French media reported, citing the ...Read more

Kamala Harris' prosecutor record may haunt VP selection process

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Senator Kamala Harris' prospects of becoming Joe Biden's running mate may be complicated by her own record as a prosecutor, despite her strong words in support of those protesting police brutality in Minnesota and elsewhere.

Some of the longstanding anger and discontent over the treatment of African-Americans by police and prosecutors has at ...Read more

Australians defy COVID curbs in Black Lives Matter rallies

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Thousands of Australians gathered in the nation's major cities to protest racial discrimination against indigenous Australians and to express support for the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.S.

In Sydney, a ruling to ban the Saturday rally was overturned on appeal just minutes before its scheduled 3 p.m. start. Marchers carried the ...Read more

'I guess America is finally listening.' Why George Floyd protests have spread to affluent white suburbs

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LOS ANGELES -- In many ways, the scene wouldn't have looked out of place in Los Angeles, New York or other big cities across the country. Hundreds demonstrated for hours, waving homemade signs with messages such as "Silence = Violence," chanting "No justice, no peace" and raising their fists in honor of George Floyd, a black man killed by ...Read more

Notorious Philly cop, charged with beating Temple student, has a checkered and charmed past

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PHILADELPHIA -- Joseph Bologna Jr., a 31-year Philadelphia police veteran who rose through the ranks to become a staff inspector, once professed he would never have a problem with citizens filming him in the line of duty.

"With the power that the community gives us, we are all held to a higher standard. We just have to deal with it," he told ...Read more

Wall Street doubts Fed's $600 billion lending plan can succeed

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The Federal Reserve is about to launch a $600 billion gambit to save swaths of U.S. businesses and tens of millions of jobs threatened by the coronavirus crisis. Wall Street is far from confident the Fed can pull it off.

At issue is the Main Street Lending Program, a high-stakes juggling act whose success likely hinges on multiple factors: ...Read more

Trump's troop plan stuns Germany and rocks the postwar order

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President Donald Trump's directive to pull 9,500 troops from Germany hits home hard for friends of America like Edgar Knobloch, whose Bavarian town has been home to U.S. service members for seven decades.

Like Chancellor Angela Merkel, the mayor of Grafenwoehr was caught off guard. It's the latest sign of the U.S.'s deterioration of ties with a...Read more

ICE alleges coercion behind California hunger strike; detainee calls agency officials 'liars'

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LOS ANGELES -- Over the years, hunger strikes have been a tool used to bring attention to what's happening inside immigrant detention facilities.

Advocates say that hunger strikes are a form of free speech to make the public aware of detainee suffering. U.S. immigration and Customs Enforcement has said that "it fully respects the rights of all ...Read more

California wanted to stockpile 10,000 ventilators for COVID-19. Most have yet to arrive

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- In March, during a frantic effort to equip the state for the pandemic, California Gov. Gavin Newsom set an ambitious goal of buying 10,000 ventilators to ensure hospitals weren't overwhelmed by a surge in COVID-19 patients.

That surge in critically sick patients didn't materialize as forecast, which is fortunate for ...Read more

LAPD Chief Moore under fire over looting remarks, police treatment of protesters

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LOS ANGELES -- In more than a week of civil unrest since the killing of George Floyd, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore has been at the helm of a massive police response, which has included the controversial firing of foam bullets and arresting of peaceful protesters.

Some of those tactics and a remark he made in an empty room at City Hall ...Read more

Students posted racist remarks online. These high schoolers are taking action

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LOS ANGELES -- As their virtual graduation approached and as their city erupted in widespread protests over the death of George Floyd, students at Granada Hills Charter High School in Los Angeles took a stand in their own campus community against online, anti-black comments.

After reading racist online remarks that were written by fellow ...Read more