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With ShotSpotter staying in Chicago for the time being, dispute continues over the system's usefulness

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Early one morning last May, on a bungalow-lined street in Avalon Park, ShotSpotter detected real gunshots: more than half a dozen rounds fired.

It was a busy night, and officers didn’t make it to the scene for more than half an hour. But when they arrived they found 24-year-old Aréanah Preston, a Loyola law student and Chicago police officer...Read more

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As hotel union pushes for higher New York unemployment benefits, poll shows broad statewide support

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A majority of New York state voters say unemployment benefits are too low and should be raised, according to a new poll commissioned by the Hotel and Gaming Trades Council, the powerful union that represents hotel workers.

The survey conducted by Tulchin Research in mid-February found 70% of voters who were polled support an increase to the ...Read more


Blizzard warning extended, roads impassable as Tahoe tries to dig out

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A blizzard warning has been extended until 4 a.m. Monday as mountain communities in the Sierra Nevada attempt to dig out from the biggest snowstorm of the year.

The Reno National Weather Service originally expected its warning to lapse at 10 a.m. Sunday, but the storm has persisted longer than expected. Although meteorologists say the early ...Read more

Cleanup, investigation continue after Norfolk Southern train derailment in eastern Pennsylvania

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Investigations into the collision and derailment involving three Norfolk Southern trains in Lower Saucon Township in eastern Pennsylvania on Saturday morning were still ongoing Sunday, as was the cleanup of the fallout.

Members of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board were still onsite investigating as of early Sunday afternoon, ...Read more

Wind advisory still in effect for Las Vegas Sunday, with 2.6K impacted by outages

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About 2,700 people were without power across Nevada around 10:40 a.m. Sunday, though 2,600 outages were in Southern Nevada.

Over 34,000 people were without power across Nevada on Saturday as a massive blizzard moved through northern California and Nevada.

Temperatures in Las Vegas were expected reach a high of 63 Sunday with a low of 41 ...Read more

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Democrats step up calls for Biden to rein in Israel's war

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Democratic senators called on President Joe Biden to press Israel for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, citing recent deaths of Palestinian civilians in its war with Hamas and what they portrayed as a lagging U.S. response to the humanitarian crisis.

“This killing has to stop, of the innocent people there,” Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin ...Read more

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A top Colorado farming region is running out of water, must retire land to avoid well shutdown

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For 17 years, Nate Midcap has spent his winters traveling hundreds of miles across the plains of northeastern Colorado to measure how far water levels have fallen in farmers’ wells.

In bad years, he finds the aquifer — which fuels farming in one of the state’s most important agricultural regions — has dropped more than two feet. In good...Read more

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Supreme Court to issue opinion Monday with Trump's ballot case pending

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The U.S. Supreme Court indicated it will issue at least one opinion Monday in a sign the justices might rule on efforts to bar Donald Trump from the presidential election ballot in Colorado just as voters prepare to head to the polls there.

The court never says in advance which opinions it will issue on particular days. But it has handled the ...Read more

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Scandal over AI-generated nudes at Beverly Hills middle school exposes gaps in law

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If an eighth-grader in California shared a nude photo of a classmate with friends without consent, the student could conceivably be prosecuted under state laws dealing with child pornography and disorderly conduct.

If the photo is an AI-generated deepfake, however, it's not clear that any state law would apply.

That's the dilemma facing the ...Read more

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Senate Democrats step up calls for Biden to rein in Israel's war

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Democratic senators called on President Joe Biden to press Israel for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, citing recent deaths of Palestinian civilians in its war with Hamas and what they portrayed as a lagging U.S. response to the humanitarian crisis.

“This killing has to stop, of the innocent people there,” Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin ...Read more

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Hamas sends team to Cairo as Israel seeks hostages' status

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Hamas said a delegation is traveling to Cairo to outline the group’s position on talks aimed at reaching a temporary cease-fire in Gaza — even amid reports it’s refused to give Israel the names of which hostages taken in October are still alive.

A senior Israeli official, speaking anonymously, said Israel won’t send a high-level ...Read more

When lesbians led the women’s suffrage movement

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In 1911, a team of three women with “lesbian-like” relationships – Jane Addams, Sophonisba Breckinridge and Anna Howard Shaw – took control of the suffrage movement, leading the nation’s largest feminist organization. They promoted a diverse and inclusive women’s rights movement.

My research suggests that the personal ...Read more

What is Wicca? An expert on modern witchcraft explains.

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Wicca and witchcraft are popping up in pop culture these days, from teenage witches on TikTok to a Marvel comic superhero called Wiccan. It has even led The New York Times to ask: “When did everyone become a witch?”

Wicca, an alternative minority religion whose adherents, regardless of gender, call themselves witches, began in the...Read more

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Florida airport has no beacon for night landings. Was that a factor in crash?

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TAMPA, Fla. — Before a single-engine plane crashed into a mobile home park, killing three after dark on Feb. 1, radio transmissions make clear that the pilot couldn’t find where he was supposed to land — the runway at Clearwater Airpark.

Shortly after 7 p.m., nearly an hour after sunset, Jemin G. Patel flew northwest across Clearwater and...Read more

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As Florida advances camping ban, Orlando's homeless ask, 'Where are we supposed to go?'

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ORLANDO, Fla. — As Florida officials move to ban people from sleeping on public property, Peter Roberts wonders where he’ll be forced to go.

Now he spends daytime hours at the Christian Service Center in Orlando, where he gets meals, toiletries and other services.

But at night when it closes, Roberts, who has been homeless for nearly two ...Read more

Kim Hairston/Baltimore Sun/TNS

A difficult choice for Baltimore: Which Catholic churches will close?

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BALTIMORE — A clap of thunder sounded across Baltimore on a rainy Saturday morning in 2020. The lockdown associated with the early days of the COVID pandemic was in place and the city seemed eerily quiet until the fire sirens began to wail.

During that early spring squall, a bolt of lightning struck an East Baltimore church. Soon the steeple ...Read more


How one methane scientist influenced Biden's pause on LNG approvals

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When the Biden administration paused approval of new liquefied natural gas export licenses in January, the decision was driven by a recognition that the climate impact from the fossil fuel needs to be reassessed.

The fight over just how much LNG contributes to global warming was rekindled in part by a study with explosive findings. Compiled by ...Read more

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A scholar's Native American heritage was questioned. Who gets to decide her identity?

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The dilemma arose just a few days before the book was set to go to press.

Two contributing authors confronted their editor, Larry Gross, an associate professor of race and ethnic studies at University of Redlands, who had worked for months to assemble the anthology, “Native American Rhetoric.”

The two authors wanted to talk to Gross about ...Read more


Two, including juvenile, injured in shooting outside North Kansas City High School

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A shooting outside North Kansas City High School near the conclusion of a basketball game Saturday injured at least two people, according to city officials.

The shooting was reported on the east side of the building near the end of a game between North Kansas City and Staley high schools, according to an email sent to staff...Read more

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Iran's parliamentary election turnout slumps to historic low

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Iran’s parliamentary elections saw a decline in voter participation to historic lows, according to estimates published by state-run media, in a vote hailed by authorities as a triumph for the ruling establishment regardless of its outcome.

Roughly 25 million Iranians, or 41% of eligible voters, went to the polls on Friday, the official ...Read more