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Merkel's back channel to Putin parallels Trump shift on Ukraine

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MUNICH, Germany -- On Feb. 7, Donald Trump used his first tweet of the day to distance himself from Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Twenty minutes later in Berlin, the Chancellery issued a statement detailing Angela Merkel's latest conversation with the Russian leader.

The call was Merkel's second in three weeks with Putin to discuss the conflict ...Read more

Lindsey Graham says 2017 is all about hitting back at Russia

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MUNICH, Germany -- U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham promised Sunday that Congress will press ahead with a bill to sanction Russia for interfering in the U.S. presidential election, and investigate the methods it used, to make sure other countries don't fall victim to similar hacking attacks.

Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, called on ...Read more

Police: Four suspects linked to Kim Jong Nam's killing fled Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Malaysian police say four suspects linked to the killing of Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, have fled the country.

"I confirm today the perpetrators, the four suspects are from North Korea (without diplomatic passports) have left our country on the same day (of Kim Jong Nam'...Read more

Iraq announces operation to retake western Mosul from Islamic State

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CAIRO -- Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced Sunday the start of a military operation to drive Islamic State from the western part of Mosul, which is currently still under the extremist militia's control.

"We announce the start of a new phase in the Operation (codenamed) 'We Are Coming Nineveh' to liberate the western side of Mosul,"...Read more

Wet winter may help Colorado River push off problems, but it will not end the drought

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California is not the only place in the West confronting startling amounts of rain and snow.

Drought conditions have declined substantially across the region in recent weeks, with heavy storms replenishing reservoirs and piling fresh powder on ski resorts.

Yet there is one place where the precipitation has been particularly welcome and could ...Read more

Analysis: Seeing politics through a partisan prism

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In November 1951, the Dartmouth and Princeton football teams played a season-ending game that resulted in a seminal work on the nature of human cognition.

Princeton won the contest, to finish the season undefeated. Of more lasting consequence, though, was the research that followed -- a psychological case study that provides a helpful overlay ...Read more

Faith in spillway sparked crisis

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Bill Croyle stood in front of an aerial photo of Lake Oroville and swept his hand across the top of the emergency spillway that was helping drain water out of the brimming reservoir.

"Solid rock. All this is rock," Croyle, acting director of the Department of Water Resources, said with an air of confidence at the Feb. 11 briefing.

The flows ...Read more

SpaceX scrubs launch, will try again Sunday morning

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SpaceX scrubbed its launch of a space station supply mission seconds before liftoff Saturday morning, citing a possible problem with the second stage of its Falcon 9 rocket.

The Hawthorne, Calif., space company said it would try to launch again Sunday morning at 6:38 a.m. Pacific time from Launch Complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center at Cape ...Read more

Anniversary of Japanese internment order resonates in Trump's world view

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SEATTLE--It wasn't until they were locked behind barbed-wire fences, and assigned to either barracks or horse stalls for living quarters at the state fairgrounds in Puyallup, that it all suddenly became real.

Until that moment it did not seem possible that the United States would turn against its own citizens, said Louise Kashino-Takisaki, 90, ...Read more

Trump basks in cheers at Florida rally and takes aim at the media

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MELBOURNE, Fla. -- President Donald Trump returned to campaign mode Saturday with a clear opponent in mind: the media, declaring before thousands of cheering supporters that "fake news" was undermining his nascent administration's accomplishments.

The White House was running "so smoothly," Trump said in an airport hangar here. He said the rally...Read more

Cleanup begins after powerful storm slams Southern California

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LOS ANGELES -- Cleanup was beginning across Southern California on Saturday after a storm that forecasters billed as the most powerful in years caused flooding on multiple freeways, triggered dramatic mudslides and downed hundreds of trees and power lines. The storm was moving out Saturday morning after dumping record rain in some areas and ...Read more

Thousands rally for immigrant rights in downtown Los Angeles

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LOS ANGELES -- Thousands of activists marched through the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Saturday to oppose immigration enforcement raids and demand that local officials take concrete steps to thwart the "deportation machine" under President Donald Trump.

David Abud, one of the organizers of the march, said the coalition of activists is ...Read more

After a decade under one leader, Ecuadoreans head to polls to elect a new president

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QUITO, Ecuador -- Ecuadoreans go to the polls Sunday to elect a successor to President Rafael Correa, the mercurial, charismatic leftist whose social welfare and highway projects earned him widespread support among the poor but whose authoritarian tendencies over a decade in power raised the ire of human rights and media freedom backers.

...Read more

Homeland Security secretary says new immigration order will protect travelers

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MUNICH –– President Donald Trump's revised executive order on immigration will be "more streamlined" than the version being challenged in U.S. courts, with a roll-out plan aimed at ensuring that no one entitled to be in the U.S. is caught up in it while traveling, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said.

It's a "good assumption" that ...Read more

Homeland Security expands immigrant population who can be deported

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WASHINGTON --Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has issued new orders to agency heads that considerably expand the number of immigrants who can be detained and deported under executive orders President Donald Trump signed last month.

Under Kelly's orders, which were contained in two memorandums distributed to agency heads Friday, hundreds ...Read more

Norma McCorvey, plaintiff in Roe v. Wade abortion case, dies at 69

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Norma McCorvey, the once-anonymous plaintiff in the Roe v.Wade case in which the Supreme Court affirmed the right of women to have abortions, has died. She was 69.

McCorvey, who later joined the anti-abortion movement, died Saturday in Katy, Texas, the Associated Press reported.

As the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, McCorvey represented thousands ...Read more

NASA shifts plan for Jupiter probe

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The team behind NASA's Juno spacecraft has made a key change to its operating plan. For the rest of its primary planned mission, the satellite will continue to circle Jupiter in its long 53-day orbits instead of transitioning to shorter 14-day cycles.

The decision, made in response to technical difficulties with the plumbing for the spacecraft'...Read more

Pence offers reassurance to Europe in Munich speech

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MUNICH ––Vice President Mike Pence offered reassurances to Europe on the new administration's commitment to its trans-Atlantic allies but his first speech on the world stage did not hide glaring policy divisions that remain.

An audience at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday heard Pence say President Donald Trump was "unwavering" in ...Read more


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