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Puerto Rico drug users get less help after the storm

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CIDRA, Puerto Rico -- The trio of workers on the relief mission drove through the mountains to deliver supplies to the destitute in a rural region ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

But they weren't delivering fuel, ice or hot meals.

Instead, the workers, from an organization called Mountain Point, brought packets of clean syringes, mounds of ...Read more

After Niger attack, a look at clandestine jihadis posing a growing danger to US forces in Africa

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JOHANNESBURG -- As America increases its military footprint in some of Africa's most dangerous trouble spots, confronting extremist affiliates of al-Qaida and Islamic State, the risk of intelligence failures and more combat deaths is mounting.

U.S. special forces who accompanied Niger's military at a meeting of village leaders in Tongo Tongo on...Read more

Five former US presidents slated to appear at concert for hurricane relief

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WASHINGTON -- Former U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama said Saturday they have so far raised $31 million since last month for hurricane relief efforts.

The announcement came as the five living former presidents were scheduled to attend a benefit concert together to raise additional ...Read more

Democrats to ban money from donors that 'conflict'

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WASHINGTON ––The Democratic National Committee voted Saturday to ban donations from certain corporate political action committees -- including those tied to tobacco companies, gun makers and payday lenders -- that "conflict" with the party's platform.

Committee members approved the measure at a meeting in Las Vegas. The committee's ...Read more

Gold Star father Khizr Khan, who clashed with Trump during the election, goes after him in California

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ANAHEIM, Calif.--Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim Army captain killed in Iraq who feuded with Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign, on Saturday criticized the Trump White House for its clash with a widow of a fallen solider earlier this week.

Khan, speaking to reporters after addressing a National Union of Healthcare Workers ...Read more

Soldier killed in Niger is mourned at controversy-free funeral

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COOPER CITY, Fla. -- Sgt. La David Johnson was remembered during his funeral Saturday as a dedicated family man who loved sweet tea and could hold a wheelie on his bicycle for an entire block.

Friends and family spoke glowingly of the 25-year-old serviceman who was killed with three other U.S. soldiers in an Oct. 4 ambush by Islamic militants ...Read more

Miami man, said to be inspired by terrorists, accused of planning to bomb shopping center

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MIAMI -- A Miami man suspected of being inspired by Islamic extremists was arrested Friday on a charge of attempting to blow up a bomb at a shopping mall by FBI counterterrorism agents in an undercover operation.

Vicente Solano, was communicating with a confidential informant who tipped off the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force about his ...Read more

Afghanistan's Shiite minority increasingly targeted in their places of worship

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KABUL, Afghanistan -- Dozens of men gathered in a dust-blown graveyard Saturday to pay their last respects to 83-year-old Karbalai Mohammad Anwar Noori, one of at least 50 people killed in a suicide bombing the night before at a nearby mosque in western Kabul.

As Noori's sons and nephews fought back tears, a tall, turbaned cleric stood above ...Read more

Czech populist is clear winner in parliamentary elections

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PRAGUE –– Billionaire populist Andrej Babis and his ANO (Yes) party were declared the winners of the Czech parliamentary elections Saturday,

With votes from nearly all polling stations counted, ANO received 29.7 percent of the votes, the national statistical office said -- an insurmountable margin for the competition.

Babis, who has been ...Read more

Trump says he'll allow release of JFK assassination files

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WASHINGTON--President Donald Trump said Saturday that he plans to allow the release of classified files related to the November 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Trump, in a Twitter post, didn't specify whether the president intends to allow all, or just some, of the information to become public, and he stipulated that the ...Read more

Spain moves to remove secessionist Catalonian leaders

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MADRID -- The entire regional government of Catalonia should be dismissed and new elections should be held there within six months, the Spanish government said Saturday.

The government asked to dismiss secessionist Catalonian President Carles Puigdemont and all his ministers, and to bring regional public media under Madrid's direct control.

...Read more

Iran says nuclear deal can't be renegotiated

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TEHRAN, Iran –– The nuclear deal between Iran and world powers can't be renegotiated despite U.S. President Donald Trump's objection to the terms, Iran's deputy foreign minister said Saturday.

That includes all annexes, clauses and proposed additions, Abbas Araghchi was quoted as saying by the state-owned Islamic Republic News Agency. The U...Read more

Bannon brings 'war' to California

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ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Former Trump administration strategist and GOP agitator Stephen K. Bannon on Friday told California Republicans, whose state party has fallen in membership and political influence, that their salvation lies in putting aside their differences and getting to work -- just as they'd done to help move President Donald Trump to his ...Read more


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