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Biden rejects McCarthy's call for meeting without a GOP budget

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden told Speaker Kevin McCarthy in a letter Tuesday evening that he’s willing to meet with the California Republican after the upcoming two-week Easter congressional recess if the House GOP can produce its budget before then.

Responding to McCarthy’s Tuesday morning letter demanding a date for the duo to ...Read more

Kim's rare display of nuclear warheads sends chilling message

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While the U.S. has long demanded North Korea give up its nuclear weapons, the regime’s biggest display of warheads let the world know that Kim Jong Un has no intention of abandoning his atomic arsenal.

North Korea’s propaganda apparatus released photos for the first time in several years of Kim inspecting warheads designed for missiles to ...Read more

US, Israel clash over policy that sparked democratic protests

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The U.S. and Israel clashed after President Joe Biden rebuked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration for its efforts to weaken the judiciary — a policy that’s ignited waves of protests and labor strikes.

Months of unrest linked to the policy — which critics say will remove an important check on lawmakers — came to a head ...Read more

SVB's newfangled failure fits a century-old pattern of bank runs, with a social media twist

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The failure of Silicon Valley Bank on March 10, 2023, came as a shock to most Americans. Even people like myself, a scholar of the U.S. banking system who has worked at the Federal Reserve, didn’t expect SVB’s collapse.

Usually banks, like all companies, fail after a prolonged period of lackluster performance. But SVB, the nation�...Read more

As fentanyl deaths surge in California, lawmakers kill bills that would punish dealers

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — As thousands of Californians die each year from drug overdoses fueled by fentanyl, a bitter fight has emerged in Sacramento over how lawmakers can hold dealers accountable without refilling state prisons and waging another "war on drugs."

On one side of the debate are Republicans and moderate Democrats calling for ...Read more

Review: 'The Best Strangers in the World: Stories from a Life Spent Listening,' by Ari Shapiro

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"The Best Strangers in the World: Stories from a Life Spent Listening" by Ari Shapiro; HarperOne (256 pages, $28.99)


I don't wonder about the private lives of people on the radio, so even though I am an occasional "All Things Considered" listener, I had no idea that host Ari Shapiro was from Fargo. Nor did I know that he ...Read more

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Tiny horse roaming Outer Banks is first wild foal of 2023, experts say. Take a look

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Fewer than 100 wild horses roam the northern end of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, so finding a foal is a sign of hope for the fragile herd.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund announced the discovery March 27, reporting the filly was born last week. Her name is Dove.

“Dove is extra special to us because her grandfather is our dear Amadeo, who ...Read more

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From lens of GOP's Main Street to the bipartisan Problem Solvers, Johnson sees solutions

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WASHINGTON — Dusty Johnson is a busy man. The new chair of the Republican Main Street Caucus and vice chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus has positioned himself to be one of the GOP’s biggest wheeler-dealers on the Hill.

But the South Dakotan doesn’t think he’ll have much more power to flex than any other House Republican, ...Read more

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Scientists turn to coconuts to save the New Jersey coastline

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Ecologist Shane Godshall tromps in waders through two feet of mud in Thompsons Beach marsh on the Delaware Bay in Heislerville, in New Jersey's Cumberland County.

He pauses, then sticks his hand in the ooze and pulls out a piece of the secret weapon scientists have been deploying to fight erosion from climate change and to save America’s ...Read more

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Many rural Idaho counties don't have private schools. What vouchers would mean for them

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BOISE, Idaho — Challis, the seat and largest city in Custer County, is home to about 1,000 people, two public schools and no private schools. If a Challis resident wanted to attend a private school, the closest option is in Sun Valley — 119 miles away.

Twenty of Idaho’s 44 counties didn’t have a private school as of December, according ...Read more

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Worry and suspicion reign as once-dry Tulare Lake drowns California farmland

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CORCORAN, Calif. — Sixth Avenue used to cut through miles of farmland. Now, the road has disappeared under muddy water, its path marked by sodden telephone poles that protrude from the swelling lake. Water laps just below the windows of a lone farmhouse that sits alongside the submerged route.

Thousands of acres of cropland have been ...Read more

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Jan. 6 panel's video depositions become tantalizing tool for probes

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WASHINGTON — In a larger-than-life video shown during the first minutes of the second hearing of the House Jan. 6 select committee, former Attorney General William Barr called claims of election fraud from his onetime boss, former President Donald Trump, “bullshit.”

The expletive’s punch — and its appearance in news headlines — put ...Read more

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A 4-day workweek gains lawmaker support in some states

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The Original Oyster House, billed as Pittsburgh’s oldest restaurant, found itself in crisis during the pandemic. Down to seven employees — including owner Jen Grippo and her mother — the staff worked six or seven days a week to keep up with orders. Grippo closed the Oyster House entirely in January 2021, determined to give herself and her ...Read more

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LAPD police union sues Chief Moore, wants images of undercover officers taken offline

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LOS ANGELES — The union representing Los Angeles police rank and file sued Chief Michel Moore on Tuesday to force the department to stop making officers’ photos public and to claw back images of undercover officers given out under the state’s public records law.

The lawsuit follows more than a week of controversy, after the LAPD released ...Read more

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Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo targets mail ballots, wants voter ID

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LAS VEGAS — Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo introduced legislation Monday that would make sweeping changes to Nevada’s election process, including repealing universal mail-in voting, requiring an ID to vote and moving up the deadline for completed mail ballots to be received.

If passed, Senate Bill 405 would undo election-related legislation ...Read more

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Kansas Senate passes softened parental rights bill, but public education groups remain opposed

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TOPEKA, Kan. — The Kansas Senate approved a bill Tuesday aimed at ensuring parents can remove their child from classroom activities to which they object.

The chamber voted 23 to 17 to pass the bill, which is a substantially weakened version of parental rights policy Republicans have sought in Kansas and nationwide in recent years.

“This is...Read more

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Trump supporter arrested for allegedly threatening mother, children with knife outside NYC court

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NEW YORK — A Trump supporter pulled a knife and threatened a mother with two children Tuesday in front of the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse, where TV reporters have been camped out amid a looming indictment against the former president, authorities said.

Angela Rucker, 39, was holding a yellow sign with black lettering that said, “I’m ...Read more


At least 40 migrants killed in a fire at a detention center in Mexico

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CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — At least 40 migrants were killed and dozens more were injured Monday night when a fire broke out in an immigrant detention center in Mexico, just south of the U.S. border, authorities said Tuesday.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the blaze in Ciudad Juarez probably began when migrants learned that ...Read more

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University of California proposes first-time systemwide admission guarantee to all qualified transfer students

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LOS ANGELES — The University of California on Tuesday unveiled its first-ever systemwide admission guarantee for qualified transfer student applicants — but access to particular campuses is not assured.

To receive the guarantee, community college students would need to complete a newly unified set of general education courses required by ...Read more


Fire at migrant center on US-Mexico border kills at least 40

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A fire that killed 40 migrants who were about to be deported from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, highlights the increasing tension over that country's continued crackdown on migrants trying to reach the United States.

The blaze on Monday night, one of the deadliest in recent history at the Mexico-U.S. border, was provoked by Venezuelan and Central ...Read more