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Colyer called Kobach a show pony in Kansas governor's race; now he's supporting him

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TOPEKA, Kan. -- Kansas Gov. Jeff Colyer called Secretary of State Kris Kobach a show pony. He slammed Kobach's unwillingness to personally pay a contempt of court fine. And he said Kobach never takes responsibility for his failures.

Still, Colyer and Kobach stood next to each other Thursday evening and put the past behind them.

"We've had a ...Read more

The spot where Robert E. Lee statue once stood at Duke Chapel will remain vacant

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DURHAM, N.C. -- Almost a year to the day after the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee was removed from Duke Chapel in the middle of the night, Duke's president announced the space will remain vacant.

Thursday, Duke President Vincent Price said the space will stay unoccupied to "provide a powerful statement about the past, the present and ...Read more

Trump opposes letting deported parents return to get their kids

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The Trump administration said it's willing to send migrant children separated from their parents during a border crossing crackdown back to their native countries, but doesn't want parents who have been deported returning to fetch their kids.

Hundreds of children are still in custody -- many with parents already deported -- months after ...Read more

San Diego State grad finally gets his diploma — at age 105

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SAN DIEGO -- At age 105, Bill Vogt has learned a thing or two.

Until Thursday afternoon, though, he'd never held in his hands the piece of paper proving what he'd known to be true about himself since 1935: That he is a graduate of San Diego State University.

At a small gathering on campus, school President Adela de la Torre gave him a diploma ...Read more

Proposal to make hotels issue panic buttons to workers fails in California

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A measure that would have required California hotels to provide employees who work alone in guest rooms with panic buttons in case of emergency was shelved in a state Senate fiscal committee Thursday.

The effort, Assembly Bill 1761 from Democratic Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, was aimed at protecting hotel workers from sexual...Read more

Pompeo announces Iran Action Group to ramp up pressure on Tehran

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WASHINGTON -- In an effort to ramp up pressure for political changes in Iran, the State Department has set up a task force to coordinate punitive measures, including sanctions and oil boycotts, Secretary of State Michael R. Pomeo said Thursday.

Pompeo said the Iran Action Group would "closely synchronize" policy across the government, the ...Read more

Trump and Putin agreed that Iran should exit Syria, official says

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin's July summit in Helsinki was largely dominated by discussion of the crisis in Syria and Iran's role in the conflict, according to a U.S. administration official familiar with the meeting.

The two leaders agreed in principle that Iran should exit Syria, according to the ...Read more

Nation and world news briefs

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Senate Democrats 'ready to sue' for Kavanaugh records

WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer and Democrats threatened Thursday to file a lawsuit to get access to documents from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's time in the George W. Bush White House.

Schumer told reporters that Judiciary Committee Democrats "stand ready ...Read more

Senators accuse Trump administration of losing migrant children

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WASHINGTON -- Senators of both parties on Thursday accused the Trump administration of losing track of some migrant children taken into the government's custody, rejecting U.S. officials' denials.

"Your blanket statement that there are no lost children is simply inaccurate," Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, a Republican, told a Department of Health and ...Read more

Manafort jury asks judge to redefine 'reasonable doubt'

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WASHINGTON -- A Virginia jury deliberating the fraud charges against President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort sent a note with four questions to the judge in the case.

Near the end of the first day of deliberations on Thursday, the jury asked whether a report of foreign bank and financial accounts, known as an FBAR, needed...Read more

Senate Democrats 'ready to sue' for Kavanaugh records

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WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer and Democrats threatened Thursday to file a lawsuit to get access to documents from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's time in the George W. Bush White House.

Schumer told reporters that Judiciary Committee Democrats "stand ready to sue" the National Archives and Records ...Read more

Newspaper editorials take aim at President Trump, who castigates media as 'opposition party'

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Hundreds of newspapers nationwide pushed back Thursday against President Donald Trump's frequent attacks on the media and his assertion that the news media are "the enemy of the people."

In a coordinated campaign, the newspapers -- from Massachusetts to Hawaii -- released editorials calling on Trump to curb his rhetoric about the news media. ...Read more

Years of tense US-Argentina ties began to ease with a desperate search for a lost submarine

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BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- With the Argentine defense minister declaring gratitude for Pentagon aid in last year's desperate, failed search for a lost submarine, Jim Mattis became the first U.S. defense secretary to visit this country since 2005 -- signaling a warming in U.S.-Argentinian military ties that were mostly severed for more than a ...Read more

Trump's speeches feature mystery men the White House won't name

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WASHINGTON -- One of the biggest supporters of President Donald Trump's trade policies, according to the president, is the unnamed chief executive officer of a mystery company.

"I was with one of the greatest companies in the world. The chief executive officer. Very short while ago. And it really affects him," Trump said at a July 31 campaign ...Read more

Scientists have forecast for the rest of California's fire season; it isn't pretty

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WASHINGTON -- Bad news for the West: Even after firefighters have already battled 101 large blazes this year, the remainder of wildfire season is expected to be hotter and drier than normal, virtually assuring there will be more destruction ahead, scientists for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday.

NOAA's forecast ...Read more

A rich scientific harvest is in: Complex bread wheat genome is finally sequenced

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It has been called the Mount Everest of the genome world, and it has just been scaled.

This week a consortium of more than 200 scientists from 20 countries published the first fully annotated sequence of the massive wheat genome, a feat they hope will eventually reduce the risk of food scarcity on our planet.

Experts said the new, publicly ...Read more

Man's death at group home illustrates challenges of meting out justice when suspect has intellectual disability

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CHICAGO -- Herbert "Herbie" Rohloff wasn't expected to live to 53 years old.

He was born with Down syndrome, and doctors said they did not think Rohloff would survive past his second birthday, according to relatives. As a teen, he wasn't expected to make it to adulthood. As he reached middle age, his brother worried that the biggest threat to ...Read more

Arraignment postponed for suspect in Trader Joe's shootout; more charges filed

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LOS ANGELES -- Prosecutors on Thursday announced additional felony charges against a man accused of holding customers hostage inside a Trader Joe's market last month and engaging in a gun battle with Los Angeles police officers -- one of whom mistakenly shot and killed a store manager.

Gene Evin Atkins, who appeared in a downtown courtroom ...Read more

Politics keeps 1 in 7 Americans up at night, survey finds

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WASHINGTON -- Suffering from insomnia? Here's a quick cure: Stop caring about politics so much.

A new survey shows that 1 in 7 Americans are so riled up about politics that they're losing sleep over it, according to a report. That adds up to 34 million people, more than those who lose sleep over health care costs or paying rent.

...Read more

Omarosa releases audio of Trump campaign job offer said to be in exchange for her silence

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WASHINGTON -- Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman on Thursday released an audio recording to back up her claim that President Donald Trump's campaign offered her a high-paying job to stay quiet about her tenure inside the administration.

She played the recording on MSNBC in which the president's daughter-in-law Lara Trump can be ...Read more