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Ethics concerns lead second of Trump's armed services secretary nominees to withdraw

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WASHINGTON -- For the second time, one of President Donald Trump's appointees to head one of the nation's armed services has withdrawn, citing difficulty in meeting ethics requirements.

Philip Bilden, a former private equity investment manager who operated in Asia, had been nominated to be secretary of the Navy. He withdrew his nomination ...Read more

Egyptian Christians flee from Islamic State violence on Sinai Peninsula

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ISMAILIA, Egypt -- Some fled with little more than the clothes they were wearing, terrified that the militants of Islamic State would come for them next.

For a fourth day on Sunday, Coptic Christians -- one of Egypt's most vulnerable minorities -- sought safe haven after a series of sectarian killings in and near the town of Arish, in Egypt's ...Read more

Crucial group of Americans like Trump's stands, not him, poll finds

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WASHINGTON -- With the public deeply split in its views of President Donald Trump, one potentially key group stands out -- those who dislike the man, but approve of the direction in which he's moving.

That's a central finding of a new nationwide survey by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.

The new poll confirms what other major surveys have...Read more

White House says it's too early to decide on special prosecutor for Russian election meddling

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WASHINGTON -- A White House spokeswoman said Sunday that it was too soon to say whether a special prosecutor should look into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Calls have grown louder from Democrats in Congress for U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to recuse himself from the issue because of his role as a prominent ...Read more

North Korea's use of deadly chemical shows that nation is even more dangerous that had been thought

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WASHINGTON -- By using one of the world's deadliest known toxins to carry off a high-profile assassination in Malaysia, North Korea sent a message to the world that it has two types of weapons of mass destruction -- nuclear bombs and the most ghastly of chemical weapons.

"The point was made," said Raymond Zilinskas, director of the chemical and...Read more

New national Democratic chairman ridicules Trump's assertion that party vote was 'rigged'

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump claimed Sunday that the race for Democratic National Committee chairman had been "rigged"--drawing a quick response from Tom Perez, who narrowly won the party's leadership race.

Trump insinuated that Perez's election as chairman on the second ballot at a party conference in Atlanta on Saturday was because ...Read more

Stone masters at Jewish cemetery in India

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MUMBAI, India -- Mohammad Abdul Yaseen sat cross-legged beside a tree, hunched over a smooth marble slab. He moved a metal straightedge into position, making a gentle scraping sound, and drew a small line on the marble with a pencil.

He has done this for half a century, carefully etching the stones that mark the final resting places for members...Read more

Whose news is fake? Here's the latest in Trump's war with the media

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Every president since 1981 has attended the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner.

That year, President Ronald Reagan missed out. The reason? He needed to recover after a would-be assassin fired a bullet into his chest a few weeks earlier.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump announced he will not attend the annual dinner in ...Read more

Steve Lopez: Trump needs to stop terrifying immigrant families and consider the real cost of mass deportations

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LOS ANGELES --Jersey Vargas, 13, was just starting a long night of homework Wednesday when I asked how school was going.

"Everything's fine. Straight A's," said the Panorama City seventh-grader, who attends a magnet school and wants to go to Harvard or Yale one day. "But math is getting more difficult."

I hadn't spoken to Jersey since I met ...Read more

No plan to fix US missile defense system

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WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon is pushing ahead with an expansion of the nation's homeland missile defense system, despite a newly recognized deficiency that affects nearly all the system's rocket interceptors, a Los Angeles Times investigation has found.

The problem threatens the performance of small thrusters attached to the interceptors. In the ...Read more

Report: 12 injured as car runs into crowd at New Orleans parade

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WASHINGTON -- Twelve people were injured Saturday in New Orleans when a car struck a crowd watching a parade, local media reported.

"Initial reports show so far about a dozen people are in a critical condition," police spokeswoman Ambria Washington said, in comments published by the local Times-Picayune newspaper.

"The number could increase as...Read more

Transgender California GOP delegate says the Trump administration will protect the LGBTQ community

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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--Gina Roberts, a champion target shooter and supporter of President Donald Trump, says she wishes everyone would take a deep breath and relax about the controversy over transgender students using bathrooms.

Roberts was one of hundreds of GOP loyalists attending the California Republican Party convention in Sacramento this ...Read more

Mexico says it won't accept deported Central Americans

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MEXICO CITY -- Mexico has informed the Trump administration that it cannot accept non-Mexican nationals whom U.S. authorities arrest along the border and seek to remove from U.S. territory, the nation's internal security chief said.

Last week, the Trump administration rolled out a broad immigration crackdown that included a proposal to send non...Read more

California Republicans mostly united behind Trump at state GOP convention

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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--A flurry of smartphone snapshots with a cardboard Donald Trump and blazing red "Make California Great Again" hats signaled that many of the GOP delegates at the California Republican Party convention this weekend have embraced the new president and his aggressive tactics to shift the nation to the right.

But a fair number of...Read more

Trump's choice for commerce secretary leaves Russia questions unanswered

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WASHINGTON -- Wilbur Ross is likely to be confirmed as President Donald Trump's secretary of commerce Monday despite unanswered questions about his ownership of a Cyprus bank that caters to wealthy Russians.

Ross, a business turnaround specialist, has not responded to a Feb. 16 letter from six Democratic senators asking him to explain his ...Read more

Guess who is not coming to dinner? Donald Trump

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The annual White House Correspondents dinner will be missing a key guest this year: President Donald Trump.

On Saturday, Trump tweeted he will not be attending the April 29 dinner, considered the premier social event of the Washington press corps--and typically an evening of good-natured bantering between presidents and reporters.

His ...Read more

Doubts hit congressional investigations of Russia's election meddling

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WASHINGTON -- Congressional Democrats are questioning whether recent comments from leading Republicans, made at the request of the White House, have compromised Senate and House investigations into possible Russian influence on the recent election.

The comments were from the chairmen of the Senate and House intelligence committees, which are ...Read more

Democrats select former Labor secretary Tom Perez to lead the DNC

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WASHINGTON--The Democratic Party put its faith in its old guard Saturday to guide it out of the political wilderness, choosing as the new leader of the Democratic National Committee an Obama-era Cabinet secretary over the charismatic congressman backed by the progressive wing of the party.

Tom Perez, a former secretary of Labor with strong ties...Read more

Out of power in Washington and most states, Democrats struggle to preserve Medicaid funds

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WASHINGTON -- Democratic governors came to Washington Saturday in an unusually weakened position.

There are only 16 of them. They don't control Congress or the White House. And they are eager to preserve the expansion of Medicaid, the health care program for lower income people.

Some are turning to a public relations strategy. Some, such as ...Read more

Democrats elect Tom Perez, former labor secretary, as chairman

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ATLANTA -- By a razor-thin margin, Tom Perez was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee Saturday, putting a veteran of the Obama administration in charge of rebuilding a party devastated by the results of the 2016 elections.

The new Democratic leader immediately promised to make President Donald Trump a one-term president, ...Read more