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Trump bristles at criticism over planned North Korea summit

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump pushed back Sunday against criticism that his decision to hold face-to-face talks with North Korea's leader amounted to a major concession to Pyongyang, with no gain for Washington in return.

"Wow, we haven't given up anything," the president tweeted from his Florida resort.

In the same tweet, Trump ...Read more

Impostors on social media exploit Parkland shooting victims, families

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Impersonators on social media are posing as the Parkland shooting victims and their family members -- trying to dupe the public, discredit the victims or profit from deceit.

"That's so sick," said Marie Laman, whose 15-year-old son, Kyle, is among the wounded Marjory Stoneman Douglas students to recently be impersonated...Read more

French, German leaders will tell Trump this week not to wreck Iran nuclear deal

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump faces a European double bill this week as a deadline looms for deciding whether the U.S. will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, arriving back to back, will bring a unified message: Save the deal.

"I don't have any Plan B for nuclear (...Read more

63 people killed in attacks on Afghanistan voter-registration centers

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KABUL, Afghanistan -- As a crowd of Afghans lined up outside a voter registration center in Kabul on Sunday, a suicide bomber blew himself up, killing 57 people in the deadliest of a spate of attacks on Afghanistan's upcoming elections, officials said.

Six people were also killed when a vehicle struck a roadside bomb near a voter registration ...Read more

Trump tempers his optimism on North Korea

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WASHINGTON –– President Donald Trump tempered his optimism on North Korea Sunday, saying that "only time will tell" how things turn out a month before of possible talks between the U.S. and North Korean leaders.

"We are a long way from conclusion on North Korea, maybe things will work out, and maybe they won't -- only time will tell," Trump...Read more

Suicide bomber kills 47 in Kabul

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KABUL, Afghanistan -- A suicide bomber killed at least 57 people Sunday in an attack on a national ID distribution center in Kabul.

Among the dead were 22 women and eight children, Afghan Public Health Ministry spokesman Wahidullah Majroh said, and at least 119 others were injured.

The bomber, who was on foot, set off his explosive vest ...Read more

Mitt Romney faces Republican primary in Utah Senate race

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Mitt Romney will head to a primary in the race for U.S. Senate from Utah after falling short of the threshold needed to win the nomination at the state Republican convention this weekend.

Romney had hoped to win 60 percent of the delegate votes to win the nomination, but 51 percent backed state Rep. Mike Kennedy instead, according to the Salt ...Read more

Illinois bill would force insurers to cover egg, embryo freezing

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At 23, Erin Keith didn't know if she wanted children, but she knew she wanted a choice.

So before embarking upon months of chemotherapy to treat Hodgkin lymphoma -- treatments that could leave her sterile -- the New Lenox, Ill., woman had her eggs frozen. She did it despite being unsure whether her insurance would cover the procedure.

"At 30, ...Read more

Iran says respect from Trump could lead to prisoner swap

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WASHINGTON -- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Sunday suggested a show of respect from President Donald Trump could help lead to a prisoner swap.

"It is a possibility, certainly from a humanitarian perspective, but -- but it requires a change of attitude," Zarif said on CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday.

Zarif said it would also ...Read more

Trump's EPA argues that more people will die in car accidents unless California fuel rules are weakened

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration is embracing a curious -- and some would say dated -- argument as it builds its case to weaken federal rules championed by California that require cars and SUVs to average 55 miles per gallon by 2025.

It is warning that the fuel-efficiency targets, seen by most as key to meeting climate and air quality ...Read more

Britain celebrates Queen Elizabeth II's 92nd birthday

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LONDON -- Queen Elizabeth II attended a star-studded concert in her honor late Saturday after a day of military and civilian tributes to Britain's longest-serving monarch on her 92nd birthday.

The queen, who has ruled Britain for more than 65 years, was the guest of honor at a concert at London's Royal Albert Hall that she entered alongside her...Read more

Assess: Trump claims bragging rights on North Korea, but Kim also acting from position of strength

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WASHINGTON -- Within minutes of North Korea's announcement that it was suspending nuclear and missile tests and closing a test site, President Donald Trump proclaimed a victory of sorts.

"Big progress!" he tweeted, eager to bask in the glow of credit for having influenced a significant reversal by a traditionally intractable foe. "Look forward ...Read more

Guantanamo prisoner, accused of being a 9/11 planner, held in isolation

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Ramzi bin al Shibh, the alleged deputy plotter of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, is being held in an isolation cell with only a prayer rug and Quran -- no bed, no running water, and access to legal material for only an hour a day -- as punishment for protesting conditions in his Guantanamo confinement, his attorney said Saturday.

Bin al ...Read more

Barbara Bush remembered at funeral for her grit, grace and humor

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas –– Barbara Pierce Bush was remembered Saturday for the strength of character and wit that made her one of the most popular first ladies in U.S. history, as she was laid to rest by the political clan she built, including the husband and son she helped reach the presidency.

"She was our teacher and role model on how ...Read more

Investigators enter Syria's Douma, 11 days after suspected chemical weapons attack killed dozens

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BEIRUT –– Almost two weeks after a suspected chemical weapons attack killed almost 40 people in Syria, a team of experts arrived Saturday at one of the sites of the alleged attack in the city of Douma.

"Early on April 21, a special OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) mission for finding traces of chemical weapons ...Read more

Stormy Daniels' former lawyer cooperates in Michael Cohen investigation

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NEW YORK –– The former attorney for two women who claim they were paid to keep quiet about having sex with Donald Trump before he was elected president is cooperating with a criminal investigation of Trump's lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen.

Keith Davidson, who represented porn actress Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal, ...Read more

Temple suspends fraternity while police investigate allegations of sexual assault at parties

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PHILADELPHIA -- Temple University has suspended one of its fraternities as Philadelphia and campus police investigate at least two sexual assaults at fraternity parties.

Temple police said they had received "multiple credible reports" of alleged crimes at Alpha Epsilon Pi's house. The allegations include sexual assault, underage drinking, and ...Read more

Kim shifts focus to economy as North Korea ditches nuclear tests

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SEOUL, South Korea –– Kim Jong Un's suspension of North Korean nuclear tests has strings attached.

The leader's statement at a ruling party meeting Friday includes a pledge to seek a "favorable" international environment for economic development so that he can put the economy "on an upward spiral track."

That builds on his 2012 vow to ...Read more

UAW wins representation election among Harvard graduate students

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After a high-profile battle at one of the nation's most prestigious universities, Harvard student workers have elected to join the United Auto Workers with 56 percent in favor of organizing.

The National Labor Relations Board reported a vote of 1,931-1,523 in favor of joining the Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Auto Workers, ending a ...Read more

San Diego alarmed by botulism cases among heroin users

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SAN DIEGO -- A death and six cases in only one month have San Diego County's public health department sounding an alarm about wound botulism among the region's black tar heroin users.

According to the county Health and Human Services Agency, a 67-year-old man died recently despite being treated with antitoxin after he was hospitalized with ...Read more