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Trump administration returns $3.4 million taken from ailing 9/11 FDNY program in error

WASHINGTON — The New York City Fire Department's World Trade Center Treatment Program just got its pilfered millions back from the federal government — $3,363,931.72, to be exact.

That news comes from a letter sent to Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., from ...Read more

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Walter Wallace Jr. received mental health treatment just days before his death; a West Philly crisis center questions why they weren't included in Monday's response

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PHILADELPHIA — Just three days before Walter Wallace Jr. was fatally shot by police, the 27-year-old was treated at the West Philadelphia Consortium, a mental health crisis response center, according to executive director John White.

He regularly used the outpatient center's services and had recently resumed treatment.

"His mother told me ...Read more

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Sons of legendary Philly rappers Freeway and Oschino have died in separate incidents

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PHILADELPHIA — Longtime Philadelphia rapper Freeway said Thursday that his son, Jihad Pridgen, 20, an aspiring rapper who performed as SnowHadd, has died.

In an Instagram post, Freeway, born Leslie Edward Pridgen, wrote:

"God knows I try my best to be strong, but this right here is a pain like I never felt. Please cherish your time and your ...Read more

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Feds arrest leader of white supremacy group who ran 'hate camp' in Michigan

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DETROIT — The leader of a national white supremacist group who ran a "hate camp" in Michigan and one of his cohorts were charged Thursday with multiple crimes as extremist groups continue to land on the FBI's radar nationwide.

The latest suspects were arrested at their homes at 6 a.m. Thursday for their alleged roles in a December 2019 ...Read more

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Florida reports over 4,000 new COVID-19 cases for third straight day

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Florida health officials on Thursday said another 4,198 people in the state have tested positive for COVID-19, following the latest upward trend in the coronavirus pandemic.

This follows a tally of 4,115 new cases Wednesday and 4,298 infections Tuesday. The state has had at least 794,624 COVID-19 cases since official ...Read more

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Federal judges order post-Election Day ballots to be separated

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MINNEAPOLIS — A federal appeals court sided Thursday with a GOP challenge to Minnesota's extended deadline for receiving absentee ballots after Election Day next Tuesday, imperiling a state rule that would count mail-in ballots received up to a week after the election.

In a 2-1 decision, a panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ...Read more

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Trump's China scorecard shows many defeats, and one big change

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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump ran for office pledging to rewrite the U.S. economic relationship with China, which he blamed for hollowing out America's manufacturing base and impoverishing its workers. His four years in the White House have shown limited impact on the metrics he laid out.

American companies cite much the same concerns �...Read more

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Trump doled out billions to drugmakers and hospitals with few strings attached

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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has pumped billions of dollars into the health care industry during the COVID-19 crisis, padding bottom lines at some of the country's most profitable businesses even as millions of Americans have been left struggling with mounting medical bills.

And although taxpayer money has poured into drugmakers, ...Read more

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'Shoot him,' officer said before firing at Walter Wallace Jr., lawyer says bodycam footage shows

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PHILADELPHIA — Relatives of Walter Wallace Jr., who was fatally shot this week by police officers while wielding a knife and struggling with his mental health outside his West Philadelphia home, met with Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw and other city officials Thursday to view body-worn camera footage of his killing, according to the ...Read more

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Celebrities vetted (and denied) based on political views ahead of defunct anti-coronavirus ad, report says

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WASHINGTON — A now-canceled $250 million anti-coronavirus ad campaign by the Trump administration was so politically motivated it screened possible celebrity spokespeople based on their support for the president and their liberal ideology, according to documents released Thursday by the House Oversight Committee.

The campaign has been shelved...Read more

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When Americans go missing in Mexico, US officials have to tell loved ones 'go to Mexico'

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BAJA CALIFORNIA, Mexico — When Karla Izquierdo's ex-husband, Francisco Aguilar, disappeared in Rosarito, she unwillingly joined a group no one wants to become a member of: the tens of thousands of families searching across Mexico for their missing loved ones.

But the case is a relative rarity, in one sense because Aguilar, a 20-year veteran ...Read more

LAPD video shows officer applying tourniquet to man who blew off hand after Lakers win

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LOS ANGELES — An incident in which Los Angeles police officers helped save the life of a man who they said accidentally blew off part of his hands with a pyrotechnic device after the Lakers' NBA title victory earlier this month came into sharp focus Wednesday, when the LAPD published intense video from the scene.

The video — including body-...Read more

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US Supreme Court declines to weigh in on Wake County, N.C., mail-in ballots case

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WASHINGTON _The U.S. Supreme Court has settled North Carolina's election rules with only five days left before the election.

The justices ruled Thursday that they would not interfere with the settlement agreement decided in Wake County Superior Court that allows the North Carolina Board of Elections to collect mailed-in ballots through Nov. 12 ...Read more

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Supreme Court readies for possible post-election cases

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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has all but run out of time to deal with more legal fights ahead of Election Day on Tuesday, but its down-to-the-wire decisions from Pennsylvania and North Carolina foreshadow what issues could land at the high court after Nov. 3.

The justices declined Wednesday night to decide prior to the election whether ...Read more

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Trump administration returns $3.4 million taken from ailing 9/11 FDNY program in error

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WASHINGTON — The New York City Fire Department's World Trade Center Treatment Program just got its pilfered millions back from the federal government — $3,363,931.72, to be exact.

That news comes from a letter sent to Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y., from Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Wednesday night, finally ending a saga that began years ago...Read more

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Packing at the polls: Firearms are fine most places, adding another safety worry

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Voter safety is a top concern for people running elections this year, of course. But that's not only because of the coronavirus. More than any year in memory, there is real worry about the threat of armed conflict at the polls.

There have been no weaponized clashes at drop boxes or early voting centers, so far. But with less than a week to go, ...Read more

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A new push for supervised drug use spaces emerges in Seattle budget talks

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SEATTLE — After a stalled push to set up a site where residents can safely use drugs in Seattle, advocates and some City Council members want to move forward with a new approach in 2021 budget talks.

This time, there would be no new, brick-and-mortar supervised consumption "site," also known as a safe-injection site or Community Health ...Read more

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Latino immigrants who have survived electoral violence are anxious about Nov. 3

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LOS ANGELES — "I never thought this could happen here."

An uneasy sensation eats away at Aldo Waykan, a Guatemalan businessman and translator who does not quite understand what is happening in his adopted United States.

He came here in 1990 seeking refuge from a brutal civil war that tore apart his native country. But the tense scenario ...Read more

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Bulldozers were ready to fight California fires. Why did Forest Service turn them away?

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Loyalton fire was 2 days old and starting to pick up momentum in a heavily forested area 50 miles north of Lake Tahoe. That's when Jeff Holland offered to help.

Holland's logging company, CTL Forest Management Inc., happened to have an array of firefighting equipment — bulldozers, water trucks, a wood-chipping ...Read more

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Fired Buffalo police officer who contends she stopped another cop from choking a man finds new support — in Chicago

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CHICAGO — The arts collective at the Inner-City Muslim Action Network on Chicago's Southwest Side supports artists from across the country, encouraging them to inspire change through storytelling.

But the details of Cariol Horne's story, shared there during a summer of intense national conversation over police abuse, struck an unusually ...Read more