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2 children among 5 people found dead in suburban Chicago home, officials say

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CHICAGO — Five people were found dead Wednesday in a Buffalo Grove home, officials of the suburban village said. Two of the deceased are children, Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek said Thursday morning.

Police had been dispatched to a single-family residence at 11:12 a.m. to conduct a well-being check on a woman and forced their way inside ...Read more

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Feds cite 'disturbing' past of California Jan. 6 defendant, fight his request to move trial

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Federal prosecutors are slamming efforts by a California man accused in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection to have his charges dismissed, his past criminal history hidden from public view and to have his upcoming trial moved from Washington, D.C., to Sacramento.

They also are asking a judge to reject a request by Sean McHugh...Read more

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FTX missing billions remain mystery after Bankman-Fried grilling

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Mystery continues to shroud the missing billions at bankrupt crypto exchange FTX after its disgraced founder Sam Bankman-Fried denied trying to perpetrate a fraud while admitting to grievous managerial errors.

In his first major public appearance following the Nov. 11 implosion of FTX and sister trading house Alameda Research, Bankman-Fried ...Read more

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US inflation indicator rises by less than forecast as spending increases

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A key gauge of U.S. consumer prices posted the second-smallest increase this year while spending accelerated, offering hope that the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate hikes are cooling inflation without sparking a recession.

The personal consumption expenditures price index excluding food and energy, which Fed Chair Jerome Powell stressed this ...Read more

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Trump reportedly furious over Kanye video of dinner with Fuentes

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Donald Trump reportedly believes the rapper formerly known as Kanye West tried to sabotage him by bringing fellow antisemite Nick Fuentes to the former president’s Florida estate for dinner last week, then making that visit public.

“He tried to f--- me,” Trump fumed afterward, according to NBC News. “He’s crazy. He can’t beat me.”...Read more

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Was one of the University of Idaho victims targeted? Officials give confusing accounts

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BOISE, Idaho — The prosecutor for Latah County left people confused with statements made this week to two TV news outlets about the killing of four University of Idaho students.

The remarks, which led the Moscow Police Department to issue a string of clarifying statements, came as the community continues to ask questions about the ...Read more

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Pandemic stress prematurely aged teens' brains, Stanford study finds

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — A Stanford University study published Thursday found that stress from the COVID-19 pandemic prematurely aged adolescents’ brains, making them more like those of peers about three years older.

By comparing MRI scans from children taken before the pandemic with scans from other kids taken during the pandemic, the study ...Read more

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Felled city trees could grow a new lumber economy

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SEATTLE — When a tree falls in the city, does it make a table? Or a guitar or a cabinet?

It’s a question that’s increasingly being asked by state and city leaders, arborists, tree care companies and woodworkers. A growing coalition aims to turn urban wood into a valuable resource, rather than a waste product that is chipped up and sent to...Read more

EU plans to set up a new court to prosecute Russia's war on Ukraine – but there's a mixed record on holding leaders like Putin accountable for waging wars

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A senior European Union official announced on Nov. 30, 2022, that the EU will work with the United Nations in the hopes of setting up a special court that would investigate and prosecute Russian President Vladimir Putin and other Russian leaders for the crime of aggression in Ukraine.

The crime of aggression punishes the illegal ...Read more

Jiang Zemin propelled China's economic rise in the world, leaving his successors to deal with the massive inequality that followed

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By the summer of 1989, a series of problems were threatening China’s stability. Soaring inflation was undermining the economy at home while the violent suppression of Tiananmen Square demonstrations had left it largely a pariah state abroad. Yet within a few years the nation rebounded – beginning two decades of high economic growth, ...Read more

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'Zero COVID' is roiling China. But ending the policy may cause a massive health disaster

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TAIPEI, Taiwan — Nearly three years into a pandemic that has killed more than 6.6 million people worldwide, the official death toll in mainland China stands at 5,233 — a stunningly low number for the world’s most populous nation.

While most countries long ago stopped trying to eliminate the coronavirus and decided to live with it instead,...Read more

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The weaponization of winter: Ukraine aims to stop Russia from regrouping as temperatures drop

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MYKOLAIV, Ukraine — On the desolate battlefronts of southern and eastern Ukraine, the clinging, clay-like mud of late autumn is beginning to congeal into iciness. As snow flurries and freezing temperatures set in, the last thing this country’s leaders want is for the war’s front lines to harden in place as well.

Any wintertime letup in ...Read more

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'An intellect, a bully, and a great judge': Courthouse leader Vincent Gaughan set to retire after handling Chicago's biggest cases

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CHICAGO — During a rare pause in Courtroom 500 one recent morning, Judge Vincent Gaughan saw something he deemed outrageous: A spectator was sitting with his arms spread out on the back of the pew, chatting.

“Sir! In the back! Don’t be talkin’ in my courtroom!” Gaughan yelled from the bench. “You could lose your liberty, do you ...Read more

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Poisons killed beloved owls in Tampa Bay. Can their defenders save others?

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SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. — Mark Schocken took thousands of pictures of the great horned owls in Philippe Park, but he didn’t often capture them eating.

Then one clear afternoon, binoculars slung over his shoulder and camera in hand, he watched the mother bird plop a rat in front of her baby. The light was perfect, the owls positioned just right....Read more

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Racial disparities in lung cancer start with research

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During a routine visit to the Good Samaritan Clinic in Morganton, North Carolina, in 2018, Herbert Buff casually mentioned that he sometimes had trouble breathing.

He was 55 years old and a decadeslong smoker. So the doctor recommended that Buff schedule time on a 35-foot-long bus operated by the Levine Cancer Institute that would roll through ...Read more

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Schools, sheriffs and syringes: State plans vary for spending $26 billion in opioid settlement funds

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With more than 200 Americans still dying of drug overdoses each day, states are beginning the high-stakes task of deciding how to spend billions of dollars in settlement funds from opioid manufacturers and distributors. Their decisions will have real-world implications for families and communities across the country that have borne the brunt of ...Read more

Healthy democracy requires trust -- these 3 things could start to restore voters' declining faith in US elections

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The 2022 U.S. midterm elections ran relatively smoothly and faced few consequential accusations of fraud or mismanagement. Yet many Americans don’t trust this essential element of a democracy.

It’s dangerous for peace and stability when the public doubts democratic elections. Disastrous events like the insurrection by supporters ...Read more

Who's giving Americans spiritual care? As congregational attendance shrinks, it's often chaplains

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When Americans picture a chaplain, many of them likely think of someone like Father Mulcahy, the Irish American priest who cared for Korean War soldiers in the classic TV show “M.A.S.H.”

The reality is much more complex. Today’s chaplains are diverse in gender, age, religious background and sexuality. They serve people from all ...Read more

Satellites detect no real climate benefit from 10 years of forest carbon offsets in California

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Many of the companies promising “net-zero” emissions to protect the climate are relying on vast swaths of forests and what are known as carbon offsets to meet that goal.

On paper, carbon offsets appear to balance out a company’s carbon emissions: The company pays to protect trees, which absorb carbon dioxide from the air. The ...Read more

How parents can play a key role in the prevention and treatment of teen mental health problems

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More than 44% of teens reported persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness in the first half of 2021, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The early 2022 report, which was based on an online survey, also found that nearly 20% had seriously considered suicide, and 9% attempted suicide.

The ...Read more