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Slammed over Trump shooting security, US Secret Service director Cheatle resigns

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The director of the Secret Service resigned Tuesday amid growing criticism over security lapses during the assassination attempt against former President Donald Trump.

Kimberly Cheatle had faced growing calls to step down from both Democrats and Republicans.

“I take full responsibility for the security lapse,” she said in an email to staff...Read more

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'Rocking with Kamala Harris': Thousands of Black men rally, raise money on Zoom call

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ATLANTA — In 2019, one of Bakari Sellers’ twin daughters was born with a rare liver condition in a birth that nearly killed his wife. Sellers, a former South Carolina politician and current CNN political commentator has told the story before.

But on Monday night on a Zoom call with more than 20,000 Black men, he couldn’t stop the tears ...Read more

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Koreatown building's transformation into homeless housing is a win for LA4LA program

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LOS ANGELES — The stylish co-living apartment building in Koreatown was all but complete when the bottom fell out.

Inflation had eaten up $14 million in construction loans. The interest rate on the primary loan had more than doubled to 10%, and there was nothing left to make payments.

Facing default or a fire sale, owner Prophet Walker ...Read more

Israel's showdown with Hamas, Hezbollah leaves evacuees in limbo

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When the Hezbollah militant group began trading rocket fire with Israel in October, Zoe Sages and her family left their home near the Lebanese border and decamped to a hotel further south.

More than nine months later, they and hundreds of other members of the Sasa kibbutz are still there, striving to maintain their communal way of life and ...Read more

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NYC Correction staff blocked medical staff from treating Rikers Island prisoner who later died

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NEW YORK — Correction Department staff in May prevented medical workers from entering the Rikers Island infirmary cell of a 23-year-old woman, who later died, for at least two days — despite the fact she had a rash covering much of her body, medical records obtained by the Daily News show.

Charizma Jones, a Bronx woman serving a yearlong ...Read more

Harris poised to poll better against Trump than Biden did

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Vice President Kamala Harris will launch her nascent presidential campaign in earnest Tuesday with a rally in Milwaukee seeking to answer the biggest question on skittish Democrats’ minds: How does she plan to beat Donald Trump?

Harris, thrust suddenly into the fray after Joe Biden announced Sunday that he wouldn’t seek reelection, has ...Read more


Entangled humpback whale is finally freed off Dana Point, California

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LOS ANGELES — The young whale was seen off Southern California, struggling, its tail flukes dangerously entangled in rope. The animal may have been injured for as long as half a year.

After a week of tracking and near-misses, a crew from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration freed the juvenile humpback whale Friday.

On July 13,...Read more

Worried about the health effects of the sugar in your breakfast cereal? Little has changed since the days of ‘Unfrosted,’ the Pop-Tarts movie

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While Jerry Seinfeld, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and Hugh Grant got top billing, sweet breakfast foods from the 1960s are arguably the real stars of the recent movie “Unfrosted,” a comedy loosely based on the invention of Pop-Tarts.

What’s more, many of those breakfast products from the movie are still household names. When I...Read more

Counter-drug strategies in Central America are worsening deforestation, threatening many species of birds

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Activities associated with cocaine trafficking threaten two-thirds of the most important landscapes in Central America for 196 forest bird species, including 67 migratory species. This is the key takeaway from a study that colleagues and I published in June 2024 in the journal Nature Sustainability.

Our findings suggest that there is ...Read more

Court battle to keep Annunciation House open underscores how faith groups strive to welcome strangers in the face of anti-immigrant sentiment

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Over the past few months, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been locked in a court battle with Annunciation House, a network of shelters in the El Paso area that assists migrants with basic needs and legal aid. On July 2, 2024, district court Judge Francisco Dominguez issued a ruling denying Paxton’s attempt to shut down Annunciation ...Read more

Lincoln called for divided Americans to heed their ‘better angels,’ and politicians have invoked him ever since in crises − but for Abe, it was more than words

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Following the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, community leaders, clergy and politicians including President Joe Biden have called on Americans to tone down white-hot political rhetoric. Some have invoked the words of one figure in particular: Abraham Lincoln.

As a scholar who has written about how American politics became so ...Read more

Sure, 2024 has had lots of news – but compared with 1940, 1968 or 1973, it’s nothing exceptional

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History usually happens at a leisurely pace, with major events months or even years apart. But this year, it seems like someone has pushed fast-forward, with significant events coming on a weekly or even daily basis. One company is now selling a T-shirt declaring “THIS IS MY LIVING IN UNPRECEDENTED TIMES SHIRT.”

The announcement ...Read more

House spending bill would clip FTC's reach in MGM cyber probe

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​WASHINGTON — Among the many policy riders House Republicans placed in their fiscal 2025 Financial Services spending bill is one that would curtail a Federal Trade Commission probe of a cyberattack last year at MGM Resorts.

Though the bill’s language doesn’t name the company directly, the item could stem from an incident last year ...Read more

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Apple TV+'s 'Lady in the Lake,' 'Presumed Innocent': the books vs. the series

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Those of us who love both movies and books have gotten accustomed to what it means when a beloved book gets adapted for the big screen: A lot of it goes away. That’s inevitable — a movie’s typical two-hour running time doesn’t allow much room for leisurely storytelling or minor subplots, and favorite details may well disappear. I ...Read more

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Could Colorado communities not friendly to medicinal mushrooms put up roadblocks to stymie the industry?

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DENVER — No city or town in Colorado is allowed to prohibit natural medicine healing centers from opening and offering supervised consumption of mushrooms and other psychedelics to adults — that much was plain in an initiative passed by the state’s voters two years ago.

But local governments have enough tools in their regulatory toolbox ...Read more


The nation's 911 system is on the brink of its own emergency

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Just after lunchtime on June 18, Massachusetts’ leaders discovered that the statewide 911 system was down.

A scramble to handle the crisis was on.

Police texted out administrative numbers that callers could use, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu gave outage updates at a press conference outlining plans for the Celtics’ championship parade, and ...Read more


In the 10 states that didn't expand Medicaid, 1.6M can't afford health insurance

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Nearly 1 of every 5 uninsured working-age adults across the 10 states that have not expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act are, according to a new analysis, stuck in a health care limbo known as a “coverage gap.” That means they earn too much money to receive Medicaid but not enough to qualify for financial help to purchase their ...Read more

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A California medical group treats only homeless patients -- and makes money doing it

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LOS ANGELES — They distribute GPS devices so they can track their homeless patients. They stock their street kits with glass pipes used to smoke meth, crack, or fentanyl. They keep company credit cards on hand in case a patient needs emergency food or water, or an Uber ride to the doctor.

These doctors, nurses, and social workers are fanning ...Read more

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Editorial: Biden finally bows to the inevitable and leaves race

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Joe Biden began his national political career in 1972, improbably ousting a Republican senator in Delaware at the age of 29. Biden was so young that he was elected before he was old enough, per the Constitution, to serve in the Senate. He turned 30 on Nov. 20 of that year, enabling him to take the seat in early 1973.

He ended his career Sunday ...Read more


Dental therapists, who can fill cavities and check teeth, get the OK in more states

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During a game of Red Rover when she was 16 years old, Rochelle “Roz” Siuvuq Ferry lost a front tooth.

Ferry, who is Inupiaq, remembers having to get on a plane to get from her remote Alaskan village to the city of Nome to start the tooth replacement process.

Traveling to Nome for dental care is what everyone in her community had to do — ...Read more