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Bernie Sanders, in speech, takes aim at 'outrageous' inequalities

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FULTON, Mo. -- Drawing a direct link between the United States' foreign policy and his own long-standing message of economic equality, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders said Thursday that "the planet will not be secure or peaceful when so few have so much and so many have so little."

"Foreign policy must take into account the outrageous income and ...Read more

Open your mouth and say goo-goo: Dentists treating ever-younger patients

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Allen Barron scrunches up his tiny face and wails as his mother gently tips him backward onto the lap of Jean Calvo, a pediatric dental resident at the University of California, San Francisco.

Allen's crying may be distressing, but his wide-open mouth allows Calvo to begin the exam. She counts his baby teeth and checks for dental decay.

"...Read more

Trump announces more sanctions against North Korea for its nuclear buildup

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NEW YORK -- President Donald Trump on Thursday announced plans for new sanctions against North Korea as he struggles to find ways to confront the country's nuclear buildup.

After threatening earlier this week to completely destroy North Korea if it uses its nuclear weaponry against U.S. territory or allies, Trump told reporters he was issuing a...Read more

SEC reveals 2016 hack that may have been used for illegal trades

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WASHINGTON -- The nation's top financial markets regulator has revealed that its computer system was hacked last year and that private information might have been used to make "illicit gains" through stock trades.

Jay Clayton, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, said in a statement posted on the agency's website Wednesday ...Read more

GOP primaries could hamper plans on taxes

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WASHINGTON -- Republican hopes for moving an ambitious tax package in a closely divided Senate may hinge on a number of incumbents on the ballot, including Luther Strange of Alabama, who faces a tough primary runoff on Sept. 26.

The vulnerability of Republican incumbents like Strange underscores the challenges facing Senate Majority Leader ...Read more

A stunned Puerto Rico begins to dig out after Hurricane Maria

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Hurricane Maria reduced homes to heaps of wood and cement in the oceanfront settlement of La Perla, where hundreds of people picked their way down the rocky hillsides strewn with debris Thursday to salvage what they could from the wreckage.

At the foot of an ancient fort, just outside the walls of Old San Juan, Diego ...Read more

Miami woman gets nearly 5-year prison sentence in butt-injection case

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MIAMI --Magaly Del Rosario built a pile of lies about the build-a-butt injections she helped give as an assistant at Bella Beauty Spa in Miami.

Del Rosario helped lie to the government and DHL about the silicone smuggled in from Colombia for the injections. She lied to the women being injected about what the silicone was and its permanence. She...Read more

Mexico rescuers battle fatigue and the clock in search for trapped quake survivors

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MEXICO CITY -- Battling grinding fatigue and mountains of rubble, rescuers Thursday raced against time in the search for survivors of Mexico's earthquake, keenly aware of ever-dwindling odds of finding people alive beneath the debris.

The death toll climbed to at least 245 in the wake of Tuesday's devastating magnitude 7.1 temblor, including ...Read more

As Maria nears Turks and Caicos, Caribbean islands assess yet another storm's fallout

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MIAMI -- Hurricane Maria reverted to a major Category 3 storm overnight, sweeping along near the northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic early Thursday morning as it inches toward the Turks and Caicos Islands and the southeastern Bahamas. But as Maria continues to rip through the Caribbean, several islands -- some battered by their second ...Read more

Q&A: Iraq's Kurds seek independence. What will the impact be on oil markets?

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LONDON -- Iraq's Kurdish provinces plan to vote in a referendum on independence on Sept. 25, a poll that regional and Western powers, not to mention the central government in Baghdad, have decried as a catalyst for greater instability in a region gutted by war. At stake are the petrodollars that have helped sustain the Kurdish Regional ...Read more

Cruz praises end of DACA but has no solution for 'Dreamers'

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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Ted Cruz's tough stance on immigration has put him at odds with fellow Republicans in his own state as he prepares for a re-election run next year.

Cruz, R-Texas, has wholeheartedly praised President Donald Trump's decision to end the Obama-era DACA program in six months. Trump also asked Congress to consider a replacement ...Read more

Regional power split threatens to derail Zuma's succession vote

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JOHANNESBURG -- The top leadership of South Africa's ruling African National Congress starts meeting on Friday in a bid to heal a bitter split in the key region of KwaZulu-Natal that could derail its plans to elect a successor to President Jacob Zuma as party leader in December.

The three-day meeting comes after the High Court annulled the ...Read more

After one failed election, can Kenyans come together to make the redo succeed?

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- After Kenya's Supreme Court invalidated last month's election because of mass irregularities, President Uhuru Kenyatta was angry and pained. It was as if a thief had stolen his cow and he couldn't get it back, Kenyatta said last week.

He has declared that Kenya has "a problem" with the Supreme Court, calling the ...Read more

For Trump aides caught in Russia probe, legal bills and paranoia

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NEW YORK -- Four months as a communications adviser to Donald Trump's campaign have turned Michael Caputo's life upside down.

Since congressional investigators decided they wanted to interview Caputo as part of an investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election, he's drained his children's college fund to pay more than $30,000 in ...Read more

Combating child abuse: States take action

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WASHINGTON -- Spurred by high-profile cases of endangered children and chronically overworked caseworkers, many states have taken steps this year to shield children from abuse and neglect, including adding caseworkers, tightening reporting requirements and expanding the definition of "abuse."

Some states and cities are pouring more money into ...Read more

Fatal police shootings up in St. Louis this year

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ST. LOUIS -- Amid a sixth day of protest after a police officer was found not guilty of murder in a 2011 fatal shooting, family and friends of another man killed by police gathered outside St. Louis City Hall on Wednesday.

On what would have been Isaiah "Vinny" Hammett's 22nd birthday, they served birthday cake and tried to draw attention to ...Read more

Baptism becomes mass funeral as church comes down in Mexico

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ATZALA, Mexico -- It was supposed to be a joyous occasion, the baptism of a baby girl in this sweltering sugar-cane hub south of Mexico City.

But the celebration at Santiago the Apostle Catholic Church turned abruptly tragic Tuesday when a massive earthquake rocked violently through the main square.

The colonial-style church shuddered, and ...Read more

Texas judge nominee equated transgender children, Satan

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Jeff Mateer, President Donald Trump's nominee for federal judge and a top official in the Texas attorney general's office, has come under fire after CNN reported Wednesday that he called transgender children evidence of Satan's plan and argued that gay marriage would lead to bestiality and multiple-partner weddings.

The quotes ...Read more

Mexico City residents whose buildings survived the 1985 quake were wrong about long-term safety

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MEXICO CITY -- Even in one of the most earthquake-prone cities in the world, Peniley Ramirez never felt in danger inside her apartment. The seven-story building in the Roma neighborhood had survived the devastating Mexico City quake of 1985, which killed thousands.

"People said it was perfect during '85, there was no damage at all, so we always...Read more

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Obama says Republican health care plan would inflict 'real human suffering'

WASHINGTON -- The latest Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act would inflict "real human suffering" on millions of Americans, former President Barack Obama said Wednesday, speaking out in public defense of his signature health care reform effort.

The law ...Read more