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MGM sues Vegas massacre survivors

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LOS ANGELES -- Over the last couple of days, dozens of survivors of last year's mass shooting in Las Vegas have started to receive some startling legal notices.

"A lawsuit has been filed against you," the notices say.

The plaintiff? MGM Resorts International, the casino and hotel company, owner of both the fairgrounds where 58 people were shot...Read more

Martha Roby survives GOP primary runoff in Alabama

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WASHINGTON--Alabama Rep. Martha Roby survived her Republican primary runoff Tuesday night, rebounding from her sharp criticism of President Donald Trump in 2016 that sparked several challenges this year.

With 47 percent of precincts reporting, Roby led with 67 percent of the vote to 33 percent for party-switching former Rep. Bobby Bright, when ...Read more

Republican Roby wins Alabama primary runoff vote with help of Trump backing

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WASHINGTON -- Republican Rep. Martha Roby won her Alabama primary runoff election Tuesday, beating back a challenger who had criticized her rejection of President Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

Roby's survival is a boon to the Republican establishment, which moved swiftly to back her in the wake of South Carolina Republican Rep. Mark ...Read more

Trump decided Russia indictments should come pre-summit, sources say

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump gave the go-ahead to announce new Russian election-hacking indictments before his meeting with Vladimir Putin rather than after -- in the hopes it would strengthen his hand in the talks, according to accounts from people familiar with the decision.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein went to Trump last ...Read more

Infant dies of whooping cough in San Bernardino County

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LOS ANGELES--A baby has died of whooping cough in San Bernardino County, health officials said Tuesday, marking the first infant fatality in California from the disease in two years.

The child's death does not signal the beginning of an outbreak, as officials have cautioned is possible this year. But they urged children and pregnant women to be...Read more

Nation and world news briefs

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Schwarzenegger calls Trump a 'little wet noodle' and a 'fanboy' after Putin news conference

LOS ANGELES -- Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has lashed out at President Donald Trump's rebuke of American intelligence agencies during a news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"President Trump, I just saw your press ...Read more

Republicans say Rubio's bill is the way for Congress to deter Russian meddling

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WASHINGTON -- Conservatives are lining up behind Marco Rubio's plan to automatically sanction Russia for any future election meddling a day after President Donald Trump's meeting in Helsinki, Finland, with Russian President Vladimir Putin drew widespread derision from the entire political spectrum.

Trump supporters such as Fox News host Laura ...Read more

California's Rep. Linda Sanchez announces bid to rise in House Democratic leadership

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WASHINGTON--The fight over who will lead House Democrats next year got its first public entrance Tuesday as Rep. Linda T. Sanchez made her official bid to lead the House Democratic Caucus.

Sanchez, of Whittier, Calif., currently vice chairwoman of the Democratic Caucus, sent a letter to her colleagues Tuesday confirming her interest in moving ...Read more

Rand Paul and Donald Trump bond over Trump's performance with Putin

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WASHINGTON -- The senator who once dubbed Donald Trump an "orange-faced windbag" and the president -- who derided Rand Paul as "truly weird" -- are now fast friends, thanks to Paul's support for Trump's performance in talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Trump and Paul had clashed bitterly during the presidential campaign but they've ...Read more

Trump tries to walk back remark that appeared to side with Russia in meddling probe

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump, seeking to stanch a national furor, said on Tuesday that he misspoke in Helsinki, Finland, and meant to say that he indeed does see Russia as the culprit that interfered in the 2016 presidential election, just as U.S. intelligence agencies have found.

The president's comments were unlikely to satisfy his ...Read more

Assault weapon registrations in California are up 43 percent under new law

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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--Assault weapons registered in California have increased by 43 percent under a new law that expanded the types of firearms gun owners must log with the state.

Californians have applied to register 68,848 additional assault weapons in the last 11 months to comply with a state law enacted following the 2015 mass shooting in San...Read more

Liver cancer death rates rise 43 percent, CDC reports

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CHICAGO -- Liver cancer death rates jumped 43 percent, according to a report released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The research collected data from adults 25 and older in the United States from 2000 to 2016.

During this time, liver cancer rose from the ninth leading cause of cancer death in 2000 to the sixth ...Read more

Mueller asks Manafort judge to immunize 5 witnesses

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Special counsel Robert Mueller asked a judge to give immunity to five people who may testify at the bank fraud trial starting next week against Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman.

Mueller didn't identify the witnesses, who haven't been charged. The five would invoke their constitutional right against self-...Read more

Rep. Linda Sanchez announces bid to lead House Democrats

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WASHINGTON -- The fight over who will lead House Democrats next year got its first public entrance Tuesday as Rep. Linda T. Sanchez made her bid official to lead the House Democratic Caucus.

Sanchez, of California, currently vice chairwoman of the Democratic Caucus, sent a letter to her colleagues Tuesday confirming her interest in moving up ...Read more

Judge lifts controversial order requiring the LA Times to alter article about ex-Glendale cop

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LOS ANGELES--A federal judge Tuesday lifted a controversial order requiring the Los Angeles Times to remove information in an article about a former Glendale police detective accused of working with the Mexican mafia.

U.S. District Judge John F. Walter had issued the order Saturday after The Times published information on its web site about a ...Read more

Prayer, guns paved path to GOP influence for accused Russian Mariia Butina

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NEW YORK -- As a Russian seeking to ingratiate herself in the U.S. political world, Mariia Butina zeroed in on two pillars of the conservative establishment: gun rights activists and religious groups.

She worked as an assistant to Russian President Vladimir Putin's ally Alexander Torshin, and together they befriended leaders of the National ...Read more

3 killed in a midair plane collision over Everglades

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MIAMI -- Two small planes crashed in far west Miami-Dade County Tuesday afternoon, according to Miami-Dade police. Mayor Carlos Gimenez told The Miami Herald that three people were killed in a midair collision.

Gimenez said the two planes are from the Dean International flight school, which operates out of Miami Executive Airport in Southwest ...Read more

Obama decries rise of 'politics of fear and resentment'

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CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- Former U.S. President Barack Obama decried mounting global inequality and the emergence of a political order based on fear and resentment, calling for greater efforts to foster international cooperation.

"A politics of fear, and resentment" is building, Obama said in a speech in Johannesburg on Tuesday, a day before ...Read more

Trump's appearance with Putin in Helsinki keeps getting brutal reviews from around the world

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From around the world, the headlines were brutal.

"Best ally of Putin," said Tuesday's front page of France's sober-minded Le Monde.

"Trump makes it easy for Putin," echoed German's Die Welt.

"Trump 0, Putin 1," said the business daily Kauppalehti in Helsinki, the Finnish capital where Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald ...Read more

New evacuations ordered as fire raging near Yosemite National Park grows to 12,525 acres

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A wildfire burning outside Yosemite National Park continued its push south toward nearby rural communities as hundreds of firefighters flooded into the area Tuesday.

Amid high temperatures, low humidity and light winds, the Ferguson fire has scorched 12,525 acres south of Highway 140 west of the park and was 5 percent contained, the California ...Read more