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LA County sheriff's deputy charged with selling drugs, offering security to dealers

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LOS ANGELES -- A Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy has been charged with operating a large-scale drug trafficking operation in which he boasted that he hired other law enforcement officers to provide security to drug dealers and could assault people for his clients, according to court records.

Kenneth Collins, a deputy assigned to the ...Read more

Trump administration will ask Supreme Court to overturn DACA ruling, but leave program intact for now

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WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department said Tuesday it will ask the Supreme Court to overturn a federal judge's ruling that prevents President Donald Trump from ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which currently offers protections from deportation for about 700,000 people who came to the U.S. as children.

But the ...Read more

Indictment in Las Vegas mass shooting possible, police say

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LAS VEGAS -- Attorneys for the Las Vegas police said in district court Tuesday that there still could be criminal charges filed in relation to the mass shooting at a concert on the Las Vegas Strip that left 58 dead.

The revelation came as Nick Crosby, a lawyer representing the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, argued to keep search ...Read more

An emaciated girl's window escape opened door to nightmarish scene

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LOS ANGELES -- When Riverside County sheriff's deputies entered the Perris house where a married couple was said to be holding their 13 children captive, they found a horrific scene.

There was a strong, foul smell. The house was filthy. Three young people were chained to pieces of furniture. Children were badly emaciated.

And yet, Riverside ...Read more

Girlfriend wore wire on U. of I. kidnapping suspect at vigil for victim, court filing reveals

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The girlfriend of a former University of Illinois graduate student accused of kidnapping and killing a Chinese visiting scholar secretly recorded seven conversations for the FBI over two weeks, including at a campus vigil for the missing woman in June, a court filing revealed.

The motion by attorneys for Brendt Christensen seeking to suppress ...Read more

'Safety net' hospitals face federal budget cuts

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WASHINGTON -- A double whammy of federal budget cuts might force many hospitals, particularly those that serve poor or rural communities, to scale back services or even shut their doors.

The $3.6 billion in cuts this year -- $2 billion from a program that sends federal dollars to hospitals that serve a high percentage of Medicaid or uninsured ...Read more

Bannon testifies in House Russia probe after relationship with Trump unravels

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WASHINGTON -- Stephen K. Bannon helped guide Donald Trump to his upset victory in 2016, then became the president's chief strategist to help remake American politics from inside the White House.

Now, in the wake of an acrimonious falling out with Trump, Bannon will testify for the first time Tuesday to the House Intelligence Committee as it ...Read more

Homeland Security head says Trump used 'tough language' about immigration, denies hearing vulgarity

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WASHINGTON -- The head of the Homeland Security Department denied that President Donald Trump referred to some countries as "shitholes" during a White House meeting about immigration -- though she didn't dispute that Trump used vulgar language.

"The conversation was very impassioned," Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified ...Read more

Philippines government orders news site to close amid concerns about the loss of press freedoms

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BEIJING -- Rappler, a digital pioneer in the Philippine media scene, won international awards for its critical, unabashed look at President Rodrigo Duterte's deadly drug war.

Now the independent news site is trying to stay alive.

Philippine authorities on Monday ordered Rappler to close, infuriating media rights groups and casting uncertainty ...Read more

Trump administration links terrorism cases with immigration

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration on Tuesday released a report attempting to link terrorism with migration, arguing that it was evidence of the need to dramatically reshape the nation's immigration system.

The report, ordered by President Donald Trump in an executive order last year, said that 75 percent of the 549 people convicted of ...Read more

Slaying of Blaze Bernstein might be hate crime, parents say

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LOS ANGELES -- The parents of slain college student Blaze Bernstein said it's possible their son was the victim of a hate crime after new details emerged about his killing.

A law enforcement source told the Los Angeles Times that Bernstein was found with more than 20 stab wounds, inflicted by a former high school classmate. The source spoke on ...Read more

Analysis: Tough road ahead for Ryan in 2018

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WASHINGTON -- Speaker Paul D. Ryan insists he's not going anywhere anytime soon, but he has a tough road ahead in 2018 that could test his patience with his conference, their Senate counterparts, the president and Washington.

The Wisconsin Republican is known for keeping his cool under pressure. Thus far in his still young speakership, he's ...Read more

Soto takes heat for telling Puerto Rican evacuees to say they're staying

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A Florida Democrat caught heat over the weekend for telling a group of newly arrived hurricane evacuees from Puerto Rico to say they intend to stay in the state so that they can access health care benefits.

If the evacuees do not check that box on a federal form for Medicare and Medicaid, they will be ineligible to be recipients of those ...Read more

Suspect in shooting of 4 South Carolina officers captured; crime helicopter hit

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YORK, S.C. -- Four York County law enforcement officers were shot and injured in an overnight domestic violence call and manhunt outside York, S.C., and the suspect also fired on and hit a helicopter, police said.

The helicopter, from the State Law Enforcement Division, took gunfire while in the air, searching for the suspect who attacked ...Read more

Mexican journalist is stabbed 21 times in front of his family

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MEXICO CITY -- Carlos Dominguez was waiting at a traffic light in the northern Mexico border city of Nuevo Leon with his son, his daughter-in-law and his grandchildren when men armed with knives flung open the car door.

Dominguez, a 77-year-old opinion columnist who had worked as a journalist for nearly four decades, was stabbed 21 times, ...Read more

Lightning in US is killing fewer people than ever

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Like most nonfatal lightning strikes, the one outside the Aventura Mall in Florida was not a direct hit. The bolt of electricity struck the victim's umbrella, entered through his hand and left through his foot.

"The gentleman holding the umbrella sustained significant electrical injuries, but his outcome was very good," said Dr. Randy Katz, ...Read more

Temporary trailers for LA's homeless planned for downtown city lot

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LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles officials are planning to house dozens of homeless people in trailers on a city-owned downtown lot as a possible model for citywide temporary shelters.

A proposal being submitted to the City Council on Tuesday calls for installing five trailers on a parking lot at Arcadia and Alameda streets by the beginning of summer...Read more

Marry a laptop? Polygamy? Gay marriage sees a new wave of attacks

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Vocal opponents of gay rights are pressing a Dallas federal judge to end same-sex marriage, arguing that to do otherwise would open the door to allowing Texans to marry multiple partners and inanimate objects.

The lawsuit, rejected as frivolous by gay-marriage advocates and Texas officials, is among at least 15 similar ...Read more

California hospitals face 'war zone' of flu patients, and are setting up tents to treat them

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LOS ANGELES -- Ana Oktay rushed to the hospital in late December struggling to breathe, with a 102-degree fever and a cough that wouldn't let up.

She expected doctors to tell her she had pneumonia or bronchitis.

"They were just like: 'It's just influenza A. It's just what's going around,' " said Oktay, 49.

An influenza A strain known as H3N2 ...Read more

100,000 Cuban homes slammed by Hurricane Irma await repairs months later

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Electrical power was quickly restored after Hurricane Irma's scrape along Cuba's northern coast, much of the flood damage in Havana was cleaned up within weeks, and tourism facilities opened in time for the winter season.

But the island still bears deep scars from Irma's passage.

Four months after the first Category 5 hurricane to hit Cuba ...Read more