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Yiannopoulos speaks at Berkeley campus, but not for long

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BERKELEY, Calif. -- Right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was greeted by dozens of counterprotesters Sunday as he arrived on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, campus for what turned out to be a very brief speech.

Yiannopoulos and his entourage showed up shortly after noon at Sproul Plaza on campus and were jeered by a ...Read more

Rescuers aren't giving up in search for earthquake survivors in Mexico

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MEXICO CITY –– As officials turn their focus to rebuilding, rescuers continued to search for survivors in the remnants of collapsed buildings five days after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Mexico, killing at least 319 people.

In Mexico City, rescuers Sunday continued to dig through the ruins of collapsed buildings, including at an office ...Read more

'No Progress' in NAFTA talks, Canadian labor leader says

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OTTAWA, Ontario -- The head of Canada's largest private-sector union said there's been "no progress" in North American Free Trade Agreement talks and that he expects the U.S., Mexico and Canada to eventually abandon them.

The U.S. hasn't presented detailed written proposals at the third round of talks being held in Ottawa, Jerry Dias said ...Read more

Merkel wins 4th term as German chancellor but far right gains foothold in government

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BERLIN -- Angela Merkel won a fourth term as German chancellor in a federal election that lifted a far-right party into parliament for the first time since the immediately after World War II, according to exit polls that point to growing polarization in Europe's biggest economy.

Merkel's Christian Democrat-led bloc took 32.5 percent to defeat ...Read more

Treasury secretary defends Trump's rhetoric on North Korea

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WASHINGTON -- Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin defended President Donald Trump's way of dealing with North Korea, insisting Sunday that heated rhetorical exchanges with reclusive despot Kim Jong Un were not making a volatile situation more dangerous.

"This is not about personalities; this is not personal," Mnuchin said on ABC.

For the past ...Read more

North Korea's nuclear weapons are deterring US first strike, Russian official says

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MOSCOW -- North Korea's possession of nuclear weapons is preventing the U.S. from launching a first strike against the rogue nation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Sunday.

"The Americans won't strike because they know for sure -- rather than suspect -- that it has atomic bombs," Lavrov said on Russia's NTV television. "I'm not ...Read more

Latest target of North Korean hackers: bitcoin exchange platforms

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WASHINGTON -- Broadening their criminal repertoire, North Korean hackers are seeking to loot exchange platforms for bitcoins and other digital currencies, a researcher for the cybersecurity firm FireEye says.

Luke McNamara, a senior cyberthreat intelligence analyst with the Milpitas, Calif., firm, said the hackers targeted three bitcoin ...Read more

Little aid for quake-stricken Mexican town

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JOJUTLA, Mexico -- On a map roughly drawn on scraps of cardboard, the volunteers used bottle caps to mark the places they needed to search.

"There are many families asking us for help in these areas," said one volunteer, tracing streets drawn in Sharpie with his finger. "But they're really dangerous to get to."

Nonetheless, the volunteers ...Read more

Here are the major questions before the Supreme Court this fall

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court opens its new term Oct. 2 and will quickly take up major disputes involving President Donald Trump, immigration policy, religious liberty, gay rights and partisan gerrymandering.

Here are the major questions before the court this fall:

Trump and the travel ban

Can Trump temporarily block the entry of foreign ...Read more

As retirement costs rise at the University of California, so does tuition

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As parents and students start writing checks for the first in-state tuition increase in seven years at the University of California, they hope the extra money will buy a better education.

But much of that new money -- perhaps tens of millions of dollars -- will go to pay for the faculty's increasingly generous retirement benefits.

Last year, ...Read more

Analysis: Bully pulpit laced with race

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WASHINGTON -- For much of his time as president, Donald Trump has been the bully in the bully pulpit, castigating targets foreign and domestic. Much of Trump's bluster attempts to divide people into us-against-them, and it often has a single polarizing agent: race.

On Friday night, as he has many times before, Trump inflamed an almost ...Read more

22 arrested in another protest of St. Louis officer's acquittal

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. –– Police arrested at least 22 people in a protest at a St. Louis suburban shopping mall Saturday afternoon, called to further protest the acquittal last week of a white police officer in the shooting death of a black man.

Police made the arrests and cleared the St. Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights after some in the ...Read more

US planes fly off North Korean coast in 'show of force'

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WASHINGTON -- American bombers and fighter jets flew along North Korea's eastern coastline Saturday in a "show of force" that was closer to the rogue nation's border than any other mission this century, the Pentagon reported.

The predawn flight followed a North Korean threat to detonate a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean.

Dana White, chief ...Read more

Independence vote puts Iraqi Kurds at odds with neighbors and allies

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IRBIL, Iraq -- For the jubilant, flag-waiving throngs who filled rallies across Iraq's semiautonomous Kurdish enclave in recent weeks, a vote on independence Monday is a chance to realize a dream cherished for generations.

But every major player in the region opposes the referendum, placing the Kurds on a collision course with neighbors and ...Read more

Trump's star power tested in Alabama Senate race

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- President Donald Trump has tweeted and rallied, cajoled and extolled in his all-out effort to save Sen. Luther Strange of Alabama, who is struggling to survive a Republican runoff against an opponent embraced by much of the president's own base.

And as the contest nears its end, the race Tuesday is emerging as a test of ...Read more

Far-right gathering in Berkeley is called off

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BERKELEY, Calif. -- Organizers of a far-right event planned for the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, have told the school that all of the events scheduled for the coming week have been canceled, officials said Saturday.

Representatives of the student group Berkeley Patriot informed the university that Free Speech Week, which ...Read more

Unrelenting water imperils Puerto Ricans

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LOIZA, Puerto Rico--Spend a day wending down unpredictable country roads outside San Juan and the hurt Hurricane Maria inflicted on Puerto Rico becomes crushingly evident.

Maria drenched town after town east of the capital, dumping so much water that people who had already lost their roofs to the Category 4 storm's winds, and then saw their few...Read more

China will restrict oil exports to North Korea

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BEIJING -- China will soon begin restricting oil exports to North Korea, the country's Commerce Ministry announced Saturday, marking a major step by Pyongyang's top ally and trading partner to further isolate the country from the global economy.

China said the new restrictions are in accordance with United Nations sanctions leveled against the ...Read more

Another earthquake jolts Mexico

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MEXICO CITY -- A new earthquake sent Mexico City residents streaming onto the streets early Saturday, creating more alarm in a country still trying to recover from two powerful earthquakes over the past three weeks.

The U.S. Geological Survey said Saturday's magnitude 6.1 earthquake, which hit just before 8 a.m., was centered about 12 miles ...Read more

Americans should be wary of Cuban humanitarian fund

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After Hurricane Irma's devastating 72-hour pass through northern Cuba, the Cuban government took a novel approach to storm relief: It posted a Cuban bank account number on social media where donations can be sent.

Even though the Cuban Foreign Ministry provided the code to facilitate donations to an account at the government Banco Financiera ...Read more


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