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Mueller seeks documents related to Trump's actions while in White House

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WASHINGTON -- Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has sought a variety of documents related to President Donald Trump's tenure in the White House, the president's attorney, John M. Dowd, confirmed.

The inquiry from Mueller, the former FBI director who is heading the investigation of Russian election meddling and activities of Trump, his ...Read more

Judge sets steep bonds for 3 suspects in violent riot at Georgia Tech

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ATLANTA -- The three people arrested during a protest on the Georgia Tech campus were all granted bond Wednesday. But getting out of the Fulton County jail will come with a price: The bonds range from $20,000 to $107,500.

Vincent Castillenti, 31, of Decatur; Jacob Wilson, 22, of Atlanta; and Andrew Monden, 20, of Marietta, were arrested Monday ...Read more

Scientists say recent quake swarm at Mount Rainier is not unusual

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SEATTLE -- Nearly two dozen small earthquakes have rattled Mount Rainier over the past week, but seismologists say there's no cause for worry.

"In the past, these swarms last a couple of days to a week or so and then die out," said Paul Bodin, of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network at the University of Washington.

The first of the 23 quakes ...Read more

Trump seeks to reassure loyalists even as he courts deals with Democrats

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WASHINGTON -- As mainstream media outlets raised questions Tuesday about the wisdom of President Donald Trump labeling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man" from the lectern at the United Nations, the president's message-making sped into gear.

"Trump supporters around the country should take pride in President Trump's strong and ...Read more

California sues to stop Trump's border wall: 'No one gets to ignore the laws. Not even the president'

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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a lawsuit Wednesday alleging that President Donald Trump's proposal to expedite construction of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border violates laws aimed at protecting the environment.

Becerra announced the legal challenge standing in front of the existing border fencing at Border Field State Park ...Read more

Hurricane Maria slams into Puerto Rico, cutting power to entire island

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico early Wednesday, barreling north across the center of the island with powerful winds and flooding that were expected to destroy homes and leave thousands without power.

The storm knocked out power to the entire island hours after it arrived packing 155 mph winds -- just 2 mph...Read more

Man pleads not guilty to hate crime charge after prosecutors say he threatened hookah bar patrons

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LOS ANGELES -- A 29-year-old man with white supremacist tattoos has pleaded not guilty to a hate crime and civil rights charges for allegedly threatening to kill customers and employees of Iranian descent inside a Lake Forest hookah lounge.

Orange County prosecutors say Andrew Alan Carruthers "acted aggressively" toward customers at the BluFig ...Read more

Father, daughter charged in brutal attack that critically injured her ex-boyfriend

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Jackson County, Mo., prosecutors on Wednesday charged a father and his daughter with attacking the girl's ex-boyfriend Tuesday at Ruskin High School, leaving the 18-year-old in critical condition.

Josiah S. Wright, 40, of Kansas City faces a first-degree assault charge, and his daughter, Jonay Wright, 17, is charged with ...Read more

Jonathan Bernstein: Tax bill movement detected, but can these Republicans get something done?

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Tuesday was a busy day for the upcoming tax bill, but Republicans are moving in different directions, so it's hard to say whether it moved forward or backward.

Senate budget committee Republicans moved closer to agreeing to the tax provisions of a budget resolution. In order to use reconciliation procedures and therefore need only a simple ...Read more

Noah Feldman: Constitution is passing the Trump test

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As Donald Trump's administration enters its ninth month, it's worth considering a surprising possibility: Things have never been better in the turbulent period since the president took office.

Trump's most blatantly unconstitutional actions, like the travel ban on immigrants from a number of majority Muslim nations, have been blocked by the ...Read more

ACLU moves from defense to offense, starting in Kris Kobach's home state

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WASHINGTON -- Flush with cash and a newfound demand for activism, the American Civil Liberties Union next month will launch a new effort to expand voting rights in all 50 states that top officials hope will finally let liberals play offense on an issue that has long bedeviled them.

Rollout will start on Oct. 1 in Lawrence, Kan. -- and that ...Read more

Trump says he's decided on Iran nuclear deal, but doesn't reveal his decision

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump said Wednesday he has made a decision on the 2015 Iran nuclear deal -- but didn't say if he would scrap the landmark agreement or stay in it.

"I have decided," Trump repeated three times in response to shouted questions from reporters. When pressed on what specifically he decided, Trump smiled and said, "I'...Read more

Earthquake death toll climbs to 225 in Mexico as frantic search continues for survivors

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MEXICO CITY -- Rescuers searched massive piles of rubble for any signs of life Wednesday morning after dozens of buildings collapsed across central Mexico in Tuesday's violent earthquake, which killed at least 225 people, injured at least 1,000 and caused chaos in Mexico's capital.

Firefighters, soldiers and volunteers worked through the night ...Read more

As Florida governor, nursing home point fingers, death toll climbs to 9

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MIAMI -- Four days after the owners of a Hollywood, Fla., nursing home released a detailed time line casting blame for the deaths of eight elders on Florida health administrators and a local utility, Florida Gov. Rick Scott's administration issued a time line of its own -- declaring that the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills "failed to do...Read more

Michael R. Bloomberg: Business leaders can get to work where Trump administration retreats

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As attention focuses on the UN General Assembly in New York, it's important to remember that in a global economy, America's relationship with the world does not depend solely on the state of politics along Pennsylvania Avenue. The ties that bind nations together today are deeply connected to trade and investment. Diplomatic relations are often ...Read more

Hurricane Maria unleashes fury on Puerto Rico: 'The winds are like out of a horror movie'

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- A ferocious Hurricane Maria slammed Puerto Rico just before dawn Wednesday as some 3.5 million people girded for a day of vicious winds and drenching rain expected to devastate the American territory.

The eye of the storm made official landfall at 6:15 a.m. near Yabucoa, about 45 miles southeast of the densely populated...Read more

Zionist evangelicals trail Trump to Holy Land with cash in hand

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TEL AVIV -- As the Jewish High Holiday season moves in, Israel is getting set to welcome a throng of religious visitors -- evangelical Christians.

Thousands will pour in from more than 80 countries to the streets of Jerusalem in early October for an annual march celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles, or the Jewish festival of Sukkot. As they ...Read more

Hispanic lawmakers show bipartisan tone on immigration

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WASHINGTON -- When it comes to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, there is little daylight among most Hispanic members of Congress, regardless of party affiliation.

President Donald Trump has said he will phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, but gave Congress a six-month ...Read more

Lobbyists at 'DEFCON One' awaiting details of tax overhaul plan

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WASHINGTON -- The National Association of Home Builders has already created ads to either support or oppose a U.S. tax-code overhaul, depending on how Congress and President Donald Trump propose to treat its favorite tax breaks.

"We're at DEFCON One," said Jerry Howard, president of the trade group that represents 140,000 builders. "But we're ...Read more

Why it's hard to punish 'bad Samaritans'

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WASHINGTON -- In the video, Jamel Dunn can be seen flailing in the middle of a Florida pond, his head sinking deeper in the water with every gasping breath. In the background, teenagers are laughing and mocking him.

"Ain't nobody's gonna help you," one yells. Seconds later, Dunn, 31, drowns.

Months after the July episode, which was posted ...Read more