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Iran dismisses accusations over Saudi oil site attacks

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BAGHDAD -- The fires raging in Saudi Arabia's Abqaiq oil processing plant could portend a larger, regionwide conflagration between Iran and Saudi Arabia, analysts worry.

What first appeared on Saturday to be a series of contained fires caused by drone attacks for which Yemen's Iran-backed Houthi movement claimed responsibility, swiftly turned ...Read more

Trump boxed in after blaming Iran for Saudi oil plant strike

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration sought to offer new evidence to back its claim that Iran conducted the attack on major Saudi Arabian oil facilities, saying the munitions used in the strikes were well beyond the capabilities of the Houthi rebels who claimed responsibility.

The evidence put forward by several administration officials on ...Read more

He threatened LA County Fair to avoid going with parents, police say

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LOS ANGELES -- A 22-year-old man arrested on suspicion of making false claims about a possible active shooter at the Los Angeles County Fair did so because he was hoping to avoid going to the fair with his parents, police said.

"It was with the intent that it would spark some chaos and commotion," Pomona Police Chief Michael Olivieri said at a ...Read more

Forty-five percent of voters participated in Tunisia's presidential polls

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TUNIS, Tunisia -- Around 45% of Tunisia's registered voters cast their ballots in the country's hotly contested presidential polls held on Sunday, the electoral commission said.

The election is seen as crucial to strengthening the nascent democracy in the North African country roiled by economic woes and militancy.

"The percentage of voter ...Read more

Lawmakers seek intel from customers in big tech antitrust probe

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SEATTLE -- A House panel investigating big tech companies for potential antitrust violations is seeking information from customers of Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook about the state of competition in digital markets and the adequacy of existing enforcement, according to documents reviewed by Bloomberg.

It's the latest development in the ...Read more

Schiff says complaint request denied by 'a higher authority'

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The acting director of national intelligence is refusing to turn over a whistle-blower complaint in response to a subpoena because he is "answering to a higher authority," the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said.

While Representative Adam Schiff of California declined to discuss the subject of the complaint in an ...Read more

Emotional autoworkers cross striking janitors' picket lines in Flint, Mich.

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FLINT, Mich. -- In an emotional scene Sunday morning, UAW autoworkers passed picketing janitors represented by the same union just hours after the maintenance workers went on strike in an escalation of already-tense contract talks.

"This isn't what solidarity looks like," one autoworker said as he dropped off food to the janitors before ...Read more

Drone attack on Saudi oil field seen as 'Pearl Harbor' moment

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WASHINGTON -- For many of the national security teams that monitor threats on the U.S., the apparent drone strike Saturday on the heart of Saudi Arabia's oil production facilities was the realization of their worst fears.

Based on early reports, multiple relatively inexpensive drone devices were able to pierce Saudi defenses in a way that a ...Read more

Trump challenger Joe Walsh calls for referendum on the president

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One of Donald Trump's Republican challengers, Joe Walsh, said he's running against the "bigotry and cruelty" of the president, not necessarily his policies.

"We've got a king and a dictator in the White House," Walsh said on MSNBC's "Up with David Gura" on Sunday. "It's a referendum on Trump," a man he said "lies virtually every time he opens ...Read more

Man, 18, killed in shooting outside Rose Bowl after UCBC-Oklahoma game

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LOS ANGELES -- A physical altercation escalated into a shooting in the Rose Bowl parking lot late Saturday that left one man dead and another injured, Pasadena police said.

The shooting occurred about 11:20 p.m., three hours after the UCLA football game against the University of Oklahoma, police said in a prepared statement. Officers responded ...Read more

Trump rallies to Kavanaugh's defense after new sexual misconduct allegation surfaces

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WASHINGTON -- President Trump vigorously defended Brett Kavanaugh on Sunday following a new allegation of sexual misconduct during the Supreme Court justice's college years, as some leading Democrats raised fresh suspicions that Kavanaugh was untruthful during last year's Senate hearings leading to his confirmation to the high court.

In an ...Read more

Hong Kong protesters battle police again in busy downtown areas

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HONG KONG -- It was just a typical weekend in Hong Kong: tear gas, water cannons, petrol bombs and few signs that protests now in their fourth month would fizzle out anytime soon.

Both demonstrators and police on Sunday appeared to get more aggressive earlier on than during the previous 14 weekends of protests. Demonstrators set fire to ...Read more

UAW calls national strike against GM, first broad strike since 2007

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DETROIT -- The UAW Sunday morning called a nationwide strike against General Motors, set to start at midnight.

It's the first national UAW strike since 2007, when GM workers were out for two days.

The action does not include Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, whose UAW contracts were extended while the union tries to negotiate a deal with GM ...Read more

Saudi attacks reveal oil supply fragility in asymmetric war

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- The latest and most destructive attacks on Saudi oil facilities provide stark evidence of the vulnerability of global crude supply in an age of disruptive technologies that can bring a century-old industry to its knees -- at least temporarily.

From remote-controlled drones to anti-ship mines and computer worms, ...Read more

Trump takes up cudgel for Brett Kavanaugh after new revelations

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump defended Brett Kavanaugh on Sunday after the New York Times reported fresh revelations about the Supreme Court Justice's alleged behavior as a student at Yale University in the 1980s.

"Such lies about him," Trump said of the newspaper's report in two early-morning Twitter messages. "Brett Kavanaugh should ...Read more

Saudi supply disruption puts huge US petroleum stash in play

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration is standing by to deploy the nation's emergency oil reserves and help stabilize markets if needed after a series of drone attacks in Saudi Arabia knocked out half of the kingdom's crude output, or about 5% of world supplies.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is ready to draw down stocks from the 630 million-...Read more

Vegetation fire in Riverside County prompts evacuations

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A 100-acre vegetation fire erupted Saturday in the Riverside County, Calif., community of Juniper Flats, prompting mandatory evacuations in the area, officials said.

The fire broke out shortly before 6 p.m. in the 2100 block of Horseshoe Trail, according to the Riverside County Fire Department. As of 10:30 p.m., the fire was 0% contained.

...Read more