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Huawei will make do without Google, but how well?

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BEIJING -- Life without Google is normal in China. About 1.4 billion Chinese people wake up each day to check WeChat instead of Gmail, navigate with Baidu instead of Google Maps, and watch videos on Youku instead of YouTube.

But will the rest of the world want to buy phones that use only these Chinese alternatives?

Under a Trump administration...Read more

'I'll be here a lot,' Trump says of Pennsylvania in safe GOP district

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MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. -- Air Force One landed here Monday evening ahead of a special House election as AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" blared inside an airport hangar. Minutes later, with Air Force One parked in front of small tree-lined peaks, President Donald Trump issued a thunderous endorsement of a GOP House candidate and attack on Democrats.

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Who's Robert F. Smith, the billionaire paying off Morehouse College students' loans?

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Robert F. Smith's gift of paying off the student loans of Morehouse College's 2019 graduating class stunned the school's students and faculty, but it was just the latest act of philanthropy by the quiet billionaire tech investment executive who is concerned that economic opportunities for African Americans have narrowed.

Smith made the surprise...Read more

Cohen told Congress he and Trump lawyer spoke of 'global pardon'

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WASHINGTON -- Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's ex-fixer, told a House panel earlier this year that he had discussed the possibility of a "global pardon" with one of the president's attorneys, a move that Cohen said was meant to "shut this whole thing down," according to a newly released transcript.

Cohen told the House Intelligence Committee in ...Read more

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Chicago police boosting presence at Jewish schools, synagogues after Molotov cocktails found

CHICAGO -- Worshippers at a Lakeview East synagogue noticed broken glass on their way to Sunday morning services but didn't think anything of it.

Later that morning, they saw charred rags and realized there had been an arson attempt on Anshe Sholom B'...Read more

Republican group launches PAC to increase GOP diversity

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans seeking to increase their party's diversity in Congress and challenge a media portrayal of the conservative movement as "bigoted" launched a PAC on Monday to support candidates "as diverse as our nation."

That's the goal that Catalyst PAC describes on a website soliciting contributions to support candidates who "look a...Read more

YouTube commenter threatens to kill employees, drives to HQ with a gun, police say

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A 35-year-old Utah man was arrested after authorities said he made online threats against YouTube employees and drove to the company's San Bruno, Calif., headquarters with a gun.

Orem police on Saturday arrested David Swanson on suspicion of making terroristic threats. He was released from Utah County Jail the following day after posting $100,...Read more

Trump blocks former White House counsel Don McGahn from testifying to Congress

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump directed his former White House counsel, Donald McGahn, not to appear at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday despite receiving a subpoena from the panel's Democratic chairman, the latest salvo in a battle between two warring branches of government.

But as the legal and political turmoil grew, a ...Read more

McConnell introduces bill making the legal smoking age 21

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WASHINGTON -- Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday introduced a bill to raise the federal age for purchasing tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to 21, increasing the chances that Congress will clear a significant smoking-related bill for the first time since a major tobacco control law was enacted a decade ago.

The bill comes...Read more

Long before college admissions scandal, universities saw signs of fraud on campus

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More than a year before the college admissions scandal investigation began, Georgetown University "discovered irregularities" in the athletic credentials of two tennis recruits, initiated a secret investigation and eventually forced coach Gordon Ernst to resign, court records show.

University officials say those two athletic recruits were ...Read more

After backing impeachment, Rep. Amash gets pro-Trump primary challenger

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WASHINGTON -- A pro-Trump Michigan state lawmaker has announced plans to run against Rep. Justin Amash in the Republican primary for Michigan's 3rd District after Amash broke with his party to back impeaching President Donald Trump.

Amash, who was elected to the House in the 2010 GOP tea party wave and is a founding member of the hard-line ...Read more

US census vulnerable to Russian meddling, top official warns

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ATLANTA -- The U.S. Census Bureau is concerned the Russian government could hack into data collected in the 2020 Census, in a similar way to how it interfered in the 2016 presidential election, a top bureau official said.

"Most of the agencies of the federal government that ingest data are very concerned about interference in the process of ...Read more

Senators ask Trump administration why the 'American Taliban' is getting out of prison early

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WASHINGTON -- A bipartisan team of senators is asking the Trump administration why the convicted terrorist who became known as the "American Taliban" is about to get early release from federal prison.

And the questions are coming in part from the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Republican Sen. Richard C. Shelby of Alabama and ...Read more

White House moves to block McGahn from testifying to House panel

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WASHINGTON -- The White House moved to shield former counsel Don McGahn from testifying before Congress, asserting a broad immunity to compelled testimony as Democrats investigate President Donald Trump's efforts to curb special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

"Because of this constitutional immunity, and in order to protect the ...Read more

White House moves to block McGahn from testifying to House panel

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WASHINGTON -- The White House moved to shield former counsel Don McGahn from testifying before Congress, asserting a broad immunity to compelled testimony as Democrats investigate President Donald Trump's efforts to curb special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

"Because of this constitutional immunity, and in order to protect the ...Read more

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. Could turning it into CO2 fight climate change?

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Usually, choosing between the lesser of two evils is a dismal decision. But sometimes, it's an opportunity.

A case in point: Turning methane (a powerful greenhouse gas) into carbon dioxide (also a planet-warming pollutant) could help fight climate change, researchers say.

It's not that CO2 isn't a problem -- it's the main problem. But on a ...Read more

Judge sides with Congress in subpoena fight over Trump records

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WASHINGTON -- A federal district court judge in Washington on Monday sided with Congress in President Donald Trump's lawsuit to block lawmakers from getting eight years of his financial records from an accounting firm.

The 41-page ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta in favor of the House Oversight and Reform Committee was not ...Read more

Lori Lightfoot sworn in as Chicago's first black woman and first openly gay mayor

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CHICAGO -- Lori Lightfoot was sworn in as Chicago mayor Thursday, becoming the first black woman and the first openly gay person to hold the office in the city's history.

During her approximately half-hour speech, Lightfoot drew from Chicago poet Gwendolyn Brooks and called for citywide unity in addressing public safety, education, financial ...Read more

Iran accelerates production of enriched uranium as tensions rise

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TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran has accelerated the rate at which it's enriching low-grade uranium fourfold, weeks after threatening to scale back its commitments under a 2015 deal meant to prevent it from developing a nuclear bomb.

The development could further heighten tensions in the Gulf, which have spiked since the U.S. stopped granting waivers to ...Read more

Ecuador seizes Assange's possessions after US request

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LONDON -- Ecuador began a process on Monday to seize possessions left at its London embassy by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, following a request by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Ecuador's foreign ministry said prosecutors and police had started to identify and seize any of Assange's belongings that could serve as evidence in a U.S. ...Read more

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