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Wedding attack shows a U.S.-Taliban deal wouldn't end killing in Afghanistan

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KABUL, Afghanistan -- Abdul Sattar was leaving his cousin's wedding with his wife and a son when he noticed the late-arriving guest, a well-dressed man who pulled up on a bicycle festooned with flowers and rushed inside the hall.

After decades of carnage in Afghanistan, little things can set off alarm bells. Sattar, a sergeant in the Afghan ...Read more

Pondering a bid, Mark Sanford says Trump doesn't deserve second term

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NEW YORK -- Mark Sanford said he's exploring a bid for the 2020 Republican nomination since Donald Trump doesn't deserve re-election -- but that he'd still vote for the president over a Democrat.

"He's taking us in the wrong direction," Sanford said on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday, citing business investments "cratering" over the past few ...Read more

Focused on Iowa, Klobuchar is looking for some room to grow

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CARROLL, Iowa -- In this deep red county of western Iowa, which President Donald Trump won by 30 points, Sen. Amy Klobuchar stopped at a crowded cafe recently to stress that she can talk about issues like guns and immigration in practical, common-sense terms that should be appealing to voters in the Midwest.

"I have won in Republican districts....Read more

Hong Kong protests: Tens of thousands spill out of pro-democracy rally and march across the city

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HONG KONG -- Hong Kongers defied police restrictions and pouring rain to march across the city on Sunday, spilling out of a large public park and filling major streets in the latest edition of a summer of pro-democracy demonstrations.

Protesters began the afternoon by rallying at Victoria Park, the starting point for the two peaceful marches in...Read more

Kudlow pushes back on recession, says U.S.-China calls positive

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WASHINGTON -- Larry Kudlow pushed back Sunday on the notion that the U.S. economy is headed toward a recession, and said recent phone calls between U.S. and Chinese trade negotiators had produced more "positive news."

Kudlow, the White House National Economic Council director, and Peter Navarro, President Donald Trump's trade adviser, made ...Read more

Iran ready to escort seized oil tanker back home if needed

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TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's navy is ready to send a flotilla to escort a supertanker detained for more than a month off Gibraltar back to Iran, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported, citing a naval commander.

"We have no intention of sending a flotilla to Gibraltar, but we are ready to do so to escort the Grace 1 back to Iran's territorial ...Read more

Anti-abortion Democrats, pro-abortion-rights Republicans feel ostracized in their parties

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The confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh last fall brought abortion into the public consciousness in a way perhaps not seen in years.

The court's landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision became vulnerable in the eyes of many observers wary of the increased conservatism of President Donald Trump's judicial appointees.

...Read more

63 killed in Islamic State bombing of wedding in Kabul

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KABUL -- The Islamic State terrorist group claimed responsibility on Sunday for a suicide bombing at a wedding ceremony in Afghanistan's capital that left 63 people dead.

A total of 182 others were injured in the incident, which took place at a wedding hall in the west of Kabul late Saturday night, Interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said...Read more

Why was Jeffrey Epstein allowed to purchase small women's panties from the Palm Beach jail?

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MIAMI -- A decade ago, during a brief stint in Palm Beach County Jail, convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein made an odd purchase at the facility's store: two pairs of small women's panties, size 5.

It was just one of thousands of dollars of purchases made by the disgraced financier while in jail after pleading guilty in 2008 to soliciting a ...Read more

Human smugglers face a dry spell with Mexico's crackdown on Central American migration

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AGUACATAN, Guatemala -- These are lean times for Hugo and others in his time-honored profession.

He hasn't worked regularly in weeks and is back in college studying accounting, which he took up after ditching criminal science as unsuitable considering his full-time gig.

"It's just too hard to do the job right now," said Hugo, who makes his ...Read more

Japan, Korea and the messy question of how to pay for historic wrongs

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She was just 13 in 1945 when she was forced to toil for months in a factory servicing the desperate last gasp of Japan's war effort. Today, Kim Jeong-ju can point to many culprits to blame.

There was the elementary school teacher who lied and told her going to Japan would mean better schooling and opportunities. The supervisors at the factory ...Read more

Marianne Williamson's presidential candidacy shines light on 'A Course in Miracles'

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The small group sat in the chapel of a Northeast Side church, fans whirring as they closed their eyes and listened to the soothing, hypnotic voice of William Carpenter tell them they are breathing in peace as they inhale.

"We're moving from praying to God to praying in God," said Carpenter, the group's facilitator. "There's ...Read more

Argentina's treasury minister resigns after week of market chaos

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BUENOS AIRES -- Argentina's Treasury Minister Nicolas Dujovne resigned on Saturday, days after President Mauricio Macri suffered a heavy setback in primary elections sending the peso into a nose drive.

In a letter to Macri published by newspaper Clarin, Dujovne said "circumstances" required a "significant renewal in the economic area."

Dujovne...Read more

Philadelphia police shooting suspect charged with attempted murder

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PHILADELPHIA -- Attempted murder charges were filed Saturday against Maurice Hill for allegedly shooting six Philadelphia police officers during a dramatic 7 1/2-hour standoff Wednesday, the largest mass shooting of Philadelphia police in decades.

Charges were also brought against four men accused of being involved in what police have described...Read more

Trump mused about 100% French wine tariff at fundraiser

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump suggested he might impose a 100% tariff on French wine to retaliate for President Emmanuel Macron's tax on multinational technology companies, according to two people with knowledge of his comments made at a recent Long Island fundraiser.

It's unclear if Trump, at a roundtable portion of an event in the ...Read more

Portland tries to 'keep weird' as another far-right vs. anti-fascist faceoff unfolds

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- Police in riot gear were keeping groups of far-right extremists and anti-fascist counterprotesters apart Saturday afternoon in a tense standoff here leavened by a third group spreading soap bubbles through the gathering crowd.

Members of the Proud Boys right-wing group, some wearing "Keep America Great" caps, yelled at the ...Read more

At least 20 injured, many feared dead in explosion at Kabul wedding

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KABUL, Afghanistan -- At least 20 people were injured in an explosion at a wedding in the Afghan capital Kabul, the nongovernmental organization Emergency said late Saturday.

They were taken to hospital.

Many people were feared dead and injured following the explosion at a wedding hall. Local journalists spoke of "dozens" of deaths. There has ...Read more

White House to proceed with ending some foreign aid payments

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration will move forward within days with a plan to cancel certain foreign aid payments authorized by Congress, setting up a fight with lawmakers opposed to the move.

A senior administration official confirmed that the so-called rescissions package would be announced early next week.

Some of the funding being ...Read more

Ocasio-Cortez laughs off Trump's suggestion she's jealous of other 'Squad' members

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NEW YORK -- Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responded by "crying with laughter" at President Donald Trump's suggestion that she feels overshadowed by other members of the cohort of female, left-leaning first-term Democrats known as the "Squad."

Trump tweeted late Friday that Reps. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota are becoming...Read more

Warren chips away at Biden's strength as the one who beats Trump

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WASHINGTON -- Joe Biden's strongest selling point -- that he's the most likely to beat Donald Trump -- is losing some of its edge, as Elizabeth Warren vaults into second place because a growing number of Democrats think she can win the general election.

In a new Economist/YouGov poll, 65% of Democratic voters said Biden would "probably beat ...Read more


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