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China suspends additional US tariffs

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BEIJING -- China will suspend planned additional punitive tariffs on some U.S. products after "phase one" of a long-awaited trade deal was reached between the countries, state-run news agency Xinhua reported on Sunday.

Beijing had threatened to retaliate if the United States had gone ahead with imposing further tariffs on $160 billion of ...Read more

As one East Bay church builds tiny homes for the homeless, others may follow

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- It was a cold, rainy night when Pastor Jake Medcalf saw the desperate, middle-aged man at the door of his church.

He was clearly in need of shelter, but all Medcalf could do was give him a blanket and send him on his way.

"I remember looking around at the space, and going 'We have this gym here and this parking lot here, ...Read more

Devin Nunes lives on a congressman's salary. How is he funding so many lawsuits?

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Devin Nunes' critics have obsessed over how he is paying for the six lawsuits he filed this year, but there are no public records showing how he has paid his Virginia lawyer.

That means Nunes is either paying for the lawsuits out of his own pocket, promising to pay his lawyer a portion of any money they're awarded in court at...Read more

Beverly Hills police investigate vandalism at Nessah Synagogue as a hate crime

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LOS ANGELES -- Beverly Hills police are investigating vandalism of Nessah Synagogue on Saturday morning after an employee arrived at the place of worship at 7 a.m. to discover an open door, overturned furniture and damage to several relics.

Police are investigating the incident as a hate crime but report that there is no evidence to suggest ...Read more

Two children and a county probation officer are killed in shooting at Ontario home

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LOS ANGELES -- It started as a routine call for medical attention at an Ontario home early Saturday morning. But with a series of terrifying twists -- a husband with gunshot wounds, a wife firing on arriving police, a five-hour hostage standoff -- the call for help revealed a domestic tragedy.

Just after dawn, SWAT officers forced their way ...Read more

Rep. Rashida Tlaib's talk will happen, perhaps even at Poway school

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POWAY, Calif. -- The abrupt withdrawal of a permit allowing Rep. Rashida Tlaib to speak at a San Diego County high school, reportedly to allow staff time to clean the facility before the holiday break, will not block the Democratic congresswoman's visit, organizers say.

The Poway Unified School District first approved the event Wednesday, then ...Read more

Impeachment costing Democrats a House member as Van Drew reportedly plans party switch

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WASHINGTON -- New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew, whose election to a GOP-district last fall helped Democrats flip the House, plans to switch parties after meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House on Friday, according to multiple Garden State sources.

Members of his party were already wishing him good riddance.

"This party switch is ...Read more

'Pure pandemonium': 1 injured, suspect at large after shooting at Atlanta mall

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ATLANTA -- Shots rang out inside Cumberland Mall on Saturday afternoon as frightened shoppers scrambled for cover, police said.

The shooting was the result of a verbal altercation that occurred between two people in the mall's food court, said Cobb County police spokeswoman Sarah O'Hara.

The gunman fled the scene after the shooting, and ...Read more

Police bring up Parkland shooting to justify deadly street shootout. But experts say that's wrong

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- By invoking the Parkland school shooting, police officers may be going too far to justify their actions in a police shootout that left four people dead last week in Miramar, some experts say.

Officers contend that the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018 has made them more aggressive on the streets. ...Read more

Congress considers reviving tax breaks prized by ADM, Tesla, GM

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WASHINGTON -- U.S. lawmakers led by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley are negotiating a potential revival of expired tax breaks in last-minute negotiations over a government spending bill.

The talks, which were held on Saturday, are focused on reinstating the so-called tax extenders, a move that could be a boon to the biofuel, ...Read more

Man fatally shot by police had sued department for excessive force after viral dash cam arrest

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ST. LOUIS -- The man shot and killed by police this week after, authorities say, he pointed a gun at an officer, sued police four years ago for excessive use of force.

Police identified the man on Friday as 24-year-old Cortez Bufford.

Bufford sued multiple St. Louis officers in 2015 after police pulled him out of his car, pushed him to the ...Read more

More ambitious climate measures proposed as COP25 conference runs overtime

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MADRID -- The leadership of the United Nations Climate Conference in Madrid made plans to issue more ambitious draft agreements on how to combat climate change on Saturday and has called on attendees to reach a compromise.

Andres Landerretche, the coordinator for the Chilean government, which is in charge of the conference, said the new drafts ...Read more

Pompeo launches personal Twitter account 'for future plans,' sources say

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WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has launched a personal Twitter account in anticipation of a run for an open Senate seat in Kansas.

A source close to Pompeo said that the Republican "needed to set up a personal Twitter account for future plans," strongly indicating the secretary is laying the groundwork for a run.

A second source ...Read more

Doctor spotted San Diego's deadly black tar heroin outbreak over lunch

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SAN DIEGO -- Sitting at a table in the doctor's lounge on Nov. 22 at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, Dr. Hai Shao listened as a colleague described a puzzling situation.

Two patients, he learned, came in with apparent infections under their skin after using black tar heroin, but neither responded to the standard one-two punch of antibiotics ...Read more

Politics left aside as Trump attends 120th Army-Navy game

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PHILADELPHIA -- Saturday's Army-Navy game kicked off the day after the House Judiciary Committee took a step toward impeaching President Donald Trump, but no one seemed in the mood to let politics intrude on tradition at South Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field.

"Everybody gets along. That's what's nice," said David Daniels, of Sea Isle ...Read more

Sheila Dixon kicks off campaign to regain Baltimore mayor's office: 'Redemption makes you even stronger'

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BALTIMORE -- If Arthur "Squeaky" Kirk needs help at his Southwest Baltimore rec center, he knows who to call. Former Mayor Sheila Dixon always shows up when Kirk needs someone to speak at adult education classes or collect donations around Christmas-time.

Dozens of people packed into that recreation center on Saturday as Dixon formally launched...Read more

Package thief leaves thank-you note at front door

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Hilary Smith opened the front door of her St. Paul home and expected to find a package.

Instead, she found a neatly folded handwritten note on the steps right where the Amazon package had been delivered a few hours earlier.

"So just a quick little thank you for leaving me the opportunity of stealing your package," the note read....Read more

A Philly man died fighting the Taliban. The Afghanistan Papers confirmed what his father already knew

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PHILADELPHIA -- It would not be accurate to say that Charles Strange felt a surge of anger when he read a newspaper report this week of evidence that U.S. military leaders misled the public about the war in Afghanistan.

No, for the Montgomery County father, the anger's always there, like a tiny earthquake rumbling below the surface. The ...Read more

Italy's 'Sardines' rally in backlash against anti-immigration leader

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ROME -- Italy's maverick Sardines movement, a silent rebellion against rightist League leader Matteo Salvini, packed a historic square in Rome on Saturday with its first national rally in a backlash against populism.

Tens of thousands of protesters, many waving fish placards, crowded the piazza outside the San Giovanni Basilica in the capital, ...Read more

How to get a green deal done: Europe's lessons for US Democrats

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When it comes to Green Deals, Europe has a lesson or two for liberal politicians in the U.S. trying to engineer far-reaching policies to address climate change.

An American lawmaker, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, may have done more than anyone else to popularize the concept of a sweeping "green deal" to shift away from fossil fuels. But now the ...Read more