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Monkeypox is almost nothing like COVID-19. Here's what to know, from 2 scientists who've studied it

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Monkeypox is almost nothing like COVID-19.

Among the many differences — fortunately, for a world weary of the pandemic — is that monkeypox is far less transmissible.

So although a monkeypox case was identified Wednesday in Massachusetts, along with a handful earlier this month in Europe, infectious-disease experts say it won't mean another...Read more

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Elon Musk slams sexual harassment allegations as 'utterly untrue'

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Elon Musk doubled down on his innocence in a flurry of tweets early Friday amid allegations that he sexually harassed a SpaceX flight attendant in 2016.

The world’s richest man took to Twitter shortly after midnight to blast the claims, outlined in a Business Insider article published on Thursday, as “utterly untrue.” According to the ...Read more

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Pittsburgh's Fern Hollow Bridge was severely decaying before collapse, 2021 report indicates

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PITTSBURGH — Rust corrosion so bad that there were holes in the steel support legs. A bridge deck so compromised by chlorides from winter salt that the concrete underside was decaying and water was seeping through to the steel below. Steel cross-beams “severed” from their connection to the support legs that hold up the bridge.

This was ...Read more

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Man sentenced to 24 years for setting Big Sur wildfire that killed 12 endangered condors

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LOS ANGELES — A man who was convicted of setting a wildfire in Big Sur that burned 125,000 acres, seriously injured a firefighter and killed 12 endangered California condors was sentenced this week to 24 years in state prison.

Ivan Gomez, 31, who was sentenced Wednesday, was found guilty last month of setting the 2020 Dolan fire, cultivating ...Read more

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Russian bombardment has turned Ukraine's Donbas into 'hell,' Zelenskyy says

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KYIV, Ukraine — With its grip tightened along the southern coast, Russia redoubled its assault on Ukraine’s Donbas region Friday, turning parts of the country’s eastern industrial heartland into “hell,” President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

At least a dozen people were killed and scores of homes destroyed in the area of Severodonetsk, ...Read more

Ozzy Osbourne's daughter among survivors of fatal fire at Hollywood recording studios

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LOS ANGELES — Authorities are investigating a fire Thursday night at a Hollywood building housing multiple recording studios that left one person dead and two others suffering from smoke inhalation, including a daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne.

Firefighters responded to a call at the two-story building on West Lexington Avenue about 5:40 p.m....Read more

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Monkeypox: Why LA is watching out for this rare but potentially serious illness

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LOS ANGELES — An increase in the number of cases of monkeypox, a rare but potentially serious viral illness, in Europe and a single case in Massachusetts is attracting increased attention from health officials.

While monkeypox is in the same family of viruses as smallpox, it has been nowhere nearly as contagious as its better-known cousin, ...Read more

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Analysis: Two vices Washington just can't kick: Trump's sway and reconciliation dreams

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WASHINGTON — Vices and habits, in life and politics, can be tough to give up. This week offered examples aplenty.

Republicans just cannot kick their Donald Trump habit — nor will he let them. And Democrats just cannot quit the idea of an amorphous reconciliation package, perhaps their final shot at winning back voters who blame them for the...Read more

Analysis: New approach, same problem: How to deal with Kim Jong Un

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WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump's relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un featured the former reality-star president at his most theatric: threats of "fire and fury," followed by splashy meetings, a trip to the demilitarized border with South Korea and exchanges of "love letters" with the authoritarian ruler.

Trump's ...Read more

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'We are awash in guns': Chicago police superintendent addresses mass shooting on Near North Side and promises more police officers at 'longstanding' problem corner

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CHICAGO — A mass shooting that started with a brawl among two groups of young people left two killed and seven wounded late Thursday, blocks from the Magnificent Mile, according to Chicago police, who say they have one person in custody.

An additional victim had suffered burns, possibly from being injured on the nearby CTA Red Line subway, ...Read more

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'Breaking point': Soaring inflation drives cuts to hunger-relief programs

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A dearth of funding coupled with a surge in inflation is forcing hunger-relief programs across the globe to cut back on services just as the world’s poorest need it most, creating a situation that will erode human welfare and possibly plant the seeds of political instability.

Stresses on international food aid are happening both at the ...Read more

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Biden hails US-South Korea alliance on tour of Samsung plant

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President Joe Biden called the U.S-South Korea alliance “a lynchpin of peace, stability, and prosperity” during a visit Friday to a Samsung Electronics Co. semiconductor complex as he seeks to bolster supply chains that reduce reliance on China.

“I’ve just seen how this plant makes the most advanced semiconductor chips in the world,” ...Read more

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Secret retreats and a powerful 'cabal': Corruption probe reveals who really runs Anaheim

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ANAHEIM, Calif. — A year and a half ago, two power brokers in Anaheim discussed a critical question on the phone: Who should they invite to a secretive gathering of Anaheim business leaders, consultants and politicians?

It would be a “retreat” at a local hotel, and one of them described their small group as a “cabal.” Attendance would...Read more

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Man shot on light-rail platform marks 3rd homicide in St. Paul in 6-hour span

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ST. PAUL, Minn. — A man was killed on a downtown St. Paul light-rail platform early Friday, the third homicide in the city in a six-hour span.

The homicides were unrelated — a man was found dead in the street in the North End on Thursday night and another man died early Friday after he was shot during a domestic dispute in Frogtown.

The ...Read more

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Crumbleys want some evidence barred from Oxford shooting trial

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PONTIAC, Mich. — The pending trial for parents of the accused Oxford High shooter is five months away but their attorneys are compiling lists of objectionable evidence they want excluded from the trial they say will taint jurors' views and violate their clients' constitutional rights.

In the filing, it was revealed that accused shooter Ethan ...Read more

'All of a sudden, shots went off': 2 dead, 8 wounded in shooting outside Chicago McDonald's, CTA station on Near North Side, police and witnesses say

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CHICAGO — A mass shooting that started with a brawl among a group of teens has left two people dead and eight wounded late Thursday, blocks from the Magnificent Mile, according to Chicago police, who say they have one person in custody.

An additional victim had suffered burns, possibly from being injured on the nearby CTA Red Line subway, ...Read more

Residents of 22 Michigan counties should wear masks inside, CDC advises

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DETROIT — The residents of 22 Michigan counties should wear masks while inside, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises, up from 16 counties a week prior.

That includes Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties for the second week in a row, new data shows, as well as several new counties in the Upper Peninsula that previously were at ...Read more

Oxford High seniors celebrate bittersweet graduation: 'We have held each other up'

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CLARKSTON, Mich. — In the months after the Oxford High shooting, supporters often returned to an inspirational mantra: "Oxford strong."

They touted the resiliency of the students, staff and families proudly called members of the Oxford Wildcat family.

In addressing the graduating class of 2022 on Thursday night, senior speaker Kylie Ossege, ...Read more

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After plane crashes and close calls, pressure mounts to close this LA airport

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LOS ANGELES — The day the plane fell from the sky, Eva Avalos was sipping coffee under her Mulberry tree.

Metal flashed in the corner of her eye as the Cessna 182 hit the ground in front of her house and exploded. The tree went up in flames and the heat singed her hair. Her two dogs vanished. She ran to the back of the house with her grandson...Read more

As Mexico hits grim milestone, families of the 'disappeared' seek to be heard

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MEXICO CITY — Families took to WhatsApp to quietly spread word about the demonstration they were planning.

They met on a recent Sunday in Mexico City, gathering at a roundabout on Paseo de la Reforma, the capital's signature boulevard.

A tree that had stood in the traffic circle, the Glorieta de la Palma, for a century had recently been ...Read more