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Video of Frederica Wilson's 2015 speech shows Trump's chief of staff was wrong

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WASHINGTON -- A video released Friday shows White House chief of staff John Kelly was incorrect when he accused a Democratic congresswoman from Miami of bragging about securing money for her district during a 2015 ceremony devoted to a pair of slain FBI agents.

The video of the April 15, 2015, remarks by Rep. Frederica Wilson shows she praised ...Read more

2 mosques bombed in Afghanistan as deaths in a week of attacks climb to nearly 200

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KABUL, Afghanistan -- A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque packed with worshippers in Kabul on Friday evening, killing 39 people and wounding dozens as the toll from a week of devastating bombings in Afghanistan continued to rise.

It was the second time in less than two months that militants attacked a Shiite Muslim house of worship...Read more

White House considering bipartisan drug price task force

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump is considering launching a bipartisan task force to investigate the rising cost of prescription drugs, sources with knowledge of the discussion say.

The announcement could come as early as next week, but the sources caution that discussions remain in the early stages and are still fluid. They say it could be...Read more

Democrats press for details on private emails by Trump officials

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WASHINGTON -- House Democrats pressed Republicans to join them in trying to obtain documents about the Trump administration's use of private email for government work, saying the White House general counsel's office refused to oblige in a meeting this week.

Among the information being sought is whether top presidential advisers -- including ...Read more

Trump praises Senate Republicans for passage of budget with $1.5 trillion deficit to pay for his upcoming tax cuts

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump praised Senate Republicans -- giving an unusually upbeat shout-out to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell -- for passage of a GOP budget that sets the stage for tax reform.

"Great news on the 2018 budget @SenateMajLdr McConnell -- first step toward delivering MASSIVE tax cuts for the American people! #TaxReform,...Read more

Ryan says tax overhaul will include a bracket aimed at the wealthy

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WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Friday that the Republican tax overhaul will include a fourth bracket for the wealthiest Americans at the insistence of President Donald Trump to ensure that high earners don't benefit more than the middle class.

The bracket would be "designed to make sure we don't have a big drop in income tax ...Read more

Afghan troops training in US going AWOL at double past rate

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WASHINGTON -- Afghan troops traveling to the U.S. for training are going absent without leave at double the previous rate, raising security concerns in their homeland as well as in the U.S., according to a Pentagon watchdog.

The percentage of Afghan trainees in the U.S. going AWOL doubled last year to 13 percent from the historical average of 6...Read more

Mexico jumps into battle over Texas 'sanctuary city' law

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WASHINGTON -- The government of Mexico has aligned itself with municipalities suing the state of Texas over a new law that, if implemented, would crack down on sanctuary cities, arguing that the state's action hurts Mexico's relationship with Washington.

Lawyers for the Mexican government argue that Texas Senate Bill 4 creates unnecessary ...Read more

Noah Smith: Gauging president's effect on labor market

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I always laugh when I see stories asking how many jobs the president has created. This language is common in the news media, as well as in the boasts of certain presidents. To be fair, most people understand the phrase as shorthand for how much employment growth there was during a president's time on the job. But many people seem to hold the ...Read more

Ramesh Ponnuru: 2018 campaign ad leaves out something huge

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One of the Democrats' first political ads of the 2018 campaign attacks "Paul Ryan and the Washington Republicans." It opens with footage of the House speaker walking with Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

But it never mentions President Donald Trump by name. It doesn't use Trump's image, either.

Democratic strategists tell Amy Walter, ...Read more

SLIDESHOW: Top 10 contenders for Amazon's second headquarters

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Amazon is searching for a metro area for its second headquarters. Moody Analytics has ranked the top 10 contenders, based on factors such as business environment, quality of life, human capital, cost and transportation.

1. Austin-Round Rock, Texas

2. Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, Ga.

3. Philadelphia

4. Rochester, N.Y.

5. Pittsburgh

6. New...Read more

Trump predicts Rand Paul will vote for tax cut bill

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WASHINGTON -- While celebrating Senate passage of a fiscal 2018 budget resolution, President Donald Trump on Friday predicted the GOP holdout on that bill will vote for a follow-on tax measure.

The Senate on Thursday night adopted a budget measure altered as the final vote approached to allow House Republicans to adopt it and avoid a conference...Read more

Contentious N.C. judicial nominee advances to Senate floor

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WASHINGTON -- The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday advanced a controversial nominee to fill the longest vacancy in the federal court system as well as a top Justice Department official.

The committee voted 11-9 along party lines to advance Thomas Farr to be a judge in the Eastern District of North Carolina. The spot has been open for 12 ...Read more

Don't hike deficits with tax package, ads warn GOP senators

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WASHINGTON -- Texas billionaires John and Laura Arnold are bankrolling a new lobbying effort aimed at leading lawmakers away from the temptation of a tax overhaul that would increase deficits.

Citizens for Responsible Tax Reform launched print advertisements targeting Republicans in 20 states Thursday, including Kentucky, the home of Senate ...Read more

Dolphin diets show how climate change could alter food chains off the California coast

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Scientists studying dolphins dining off the California coastline have found that the marine food web is starting to look a little threadbare. The length of food chains in that web appears to have gotten shorter in response to environmental changes -- such as those caused by El Nino events.

The findings, published this week in the journal ...Read more

Graham pitches minimum wage hike as part of tax reform effort

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WASHINGTON -- One Republican senator has an unusual idea for ensuring that the effort to overhaul the tax code benefits among the poorest working Americans.

Sen. Lindsey Graham plans to propose tying an increase in the federal minimum wage to the tax overhaul package.

"I'm going to offer a minimum wage increase," Graham said. "When it comes ...Read more

Ryan takes jabs at Trump at New York fundraiser

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House Speaker Paul D. Ryan jumped at the opportunity Thursday to poke a little fun at President Donald Trump's expense.

The Wisconsin Republican delivered a series of jokes, many aimed at the president's tweeting habits, ego, and former chief political strategist Steve Bannon at a formal charity dinner in New York.

"Cardinal Dolan gave a ...Read more

Credit bureau lobbyists work to polish image

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WASHINGTON -- The Atlanta credit bureau Equifax ramped up its spending over the last three months to lobby the federal government and protect its image as it took fire for exposing the personal records of more than 145 million Americans.

Its two main competitors, meanwhile, shifted their resources in order to do the same.

New federal records ...Read more

Inside the Library of Congress' reading room just for members

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WASHINGTON--Down a corridor inside the Library of Congress' Thomas Jefferson Building, a code just for members of Congress guards a special room.

Even lawmakers' spouses can't walk into the Congressional Reading Room alone. But when a member of Congress unlocks the door, it opens to a private space staffed by a Congressional Research Service ...Read more

How Congress' formula for wildfires makes them worse

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WASHINGTON -- The monstrous flames ripping through Northern California in recent days have burned communities to the ground, killed dozens of people caught in their path and wreaked havoc on a regional economy.

By almost any metric, that would be defined as a natural disaster -- except the one used by Congress to draw up the federal budget.

...Read more