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Kim Jong Un inspects North Korean submarine that may be deployed soon

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TOKYO -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected a new submarine that would soon be deployed to waters between the peninsula and Japan, state media said, a move that comes as his regime tries to step up its ability to launch missiles from subs.

There was no indication in the Korean Central News Agency report Tuesday whether the submarine was ...Read more

Hong Kong tempts China's ire as protests take more violent turn

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HONG KONG -- From stick-wielding mobs who attacked activists to one pro-independence group accused of stockpiling explosives, the latest unrest in Hong Kong has prompted new fears that protesters and the China-backed government are heading toward a violent confrontation.

In one case, Hong Kong residents -- many wearing the black shirts favored ...Read more

Jeffrey Epstein gave millions to Harvard and others; is that cash tainted?

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MIAMI -- From Bill Cosby to Harvey Weinstein, big-ticket charitable donors have turned out to be thieves, abusers and scoundrels.

Now comes Jeffrey Epstein, a human ATM machine long suspected of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls at residences around the world and, as of this month, formally charged by the Justice Department with sex ...Read more

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Republican amendments are holding up Sept. 11 Victim Compensation Fund renewal

WASHINGTON -- A measure to permanently fund Sept. 11 compensation faces just two last hurdles -- a pair of amendments by renegade conservative Republicans Sen. Mike Lee and Rand Paul that would either cap payouts or threaten passage altogether.

The amendment by Paul...Read more

Puerto Ricans embrace their protest identity in historic march against the governor

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- The morning after the governor of Puerto Rico insisted he would not resign amid demands for his ouster, hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans responded with a record-breaking march that shut down a main highway, surrounding roads and major malls to protest the leadership of Ricardo Rossello.

Hours after a national ...Read more

British national pleads guilty to sex-fantasy killing, agrees to testify against former Northwestern professor

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CHICAGO -- A British national pleaded guilty to a fatal stabbing with bizarre sex-fantasy overtones Monday and agreed to testify against a former Northwestern University associate professor who is charged in the killing as well.

As part of the deal, Cook County prosecutors agreed to recommend that Andrew Warren be sentenced to 45 years in ...Read more

Tech giants' meeting with Trump sets stage for US-China talks

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. and China are moving closer to their first face-to-face trade negotiations in months, with a meeting between tech chief executives and President Donald Trump on Monday marking another step toward easing a ban on sales to China's Huawei Technologies Co.

The White House invited many of the United States' biggest technology ...Read more

Mueller testimony should stick to public report, DOJ tells him

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WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department told former special counsel Robert Mueller that his public testimony should remain within the boundaries of his already released report on President Donald Trump and the 2016 election.

Responding to a request from Mueller for the department's guidance on his appearance at two House hearings scheduled for ...Read more

Trump enlists Pentagon on rare-earth magnets amid Chinese threat

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump on Monday ordered the Defense Department to spur the production of a slew of rare-earth magnets used in consumer electronics, military hardware and medical research, amid concerns China will restrict exports of the products.

Trump invoked the 69-year-old Defense Production Act -- once used to preserve ...Read more

Power outage hits most of Venezuela, shutting down Caracas subway

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CARACAS, Venezuela -- Most of Venezuela is in the dark after several states and Caracas were hit by a blackout Monday afternoon, prompting the evacuation of office buildings and a shutdown of the capital's subway system.

At least 15 states and the capital lost electrical power, according to local media reports. The Caracas subway system shut ...Read more

US consulates 'abusing their discretion' to stop legal immigration, lawyers say

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MIAMI -- For one South Florida man, half a million dollars couldn't cut it.

In order for the U.S. citizen to bring his parents from overseas on immigrant visas, the Department of State wanted proof that he had at least four times the required amount. In his case, federal law says the man only needed to show $220,000 in assets, but the U.S. ...Read more

Democrats not sweating contested Senate primaries — yet

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WASHINGTON -- Another Democratic candidate jumped into the race Monday to take on Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn -- the latest sign that Democrats could face multiple contested primaries for Senate seats they think they can win in 2020.

Despite the prospect of intramural warfare, Democrats say they aren't concerned yet the primaries could ...Read more

R. Kelly's crisis manager said he would not leave his daughter with an accused pedophile

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Earlier this month, R. Kelly was charged with a slew of new sex crimes, and his crisis manager made an appearance Monday on "CBS This Morning" to discuss the singer's case.

Darrell Johnson talked to the show's hosts about the embattled artist, born Robert Sylvester Kelly, who was recently charged with 18 new charges, including child pornography...Read more

Democrats and Republicans gird for Mueller testimony but with competing goals

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WASHINGTON -- As a senior Justice Department official and then FBI director for 12 years, Robert S. Mueller III carefully guarded his reputation as a straight shooter in the midst of political upheaval and partisan warfare.

His square-jawed, just-the-facts approach will be put to the ultimate test Wednesday when the former special counsel ...Read more

Homeland Security's cuts in counterterrorism programs assailed

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WASHINGTON -- A senior House member said Monday that he will explore legislation to prevent the Department of Homeland Security from diverting funds from critical research and programs on tracking nuclear material that could be used in a terrorist attack.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., who heads the House Intelligence Committee, said that the ...Read more

Israeli army demolishes dozens of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem

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RAMALLAH, West Bank -- Israeli soldiers razed dozens of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem on Monday in a fresh wave of demolitions that sparked international condemnation.

United Nations officials said hundreds faced losing their property, while at least 17 were displaced from their homes as a result of the demolition.

Israel, which ...Read more

Warren's 'economic crash' call spotlights Democrats' line of attack on Trump

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WASHINGTON -- Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren highlighted burgeoning debt levels and recent declines in manufacturing as factors making the U.S. economy vulnerable to a downturn, previewing a line of attack Donald Trump's opponents will use to pierce the aura of a record-long expansion and half-century low in unemployment.

In a...Read more

Democrats will force a House vote on TPS for Venezuelans. They'll need GOP support

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WASHINGTON -- An urgent push by Democrats to pass a measure in Congress that would give Venezuelans temporary legal status in the U.S. is running up against the clock, with the House of Representatives set to go into summer recess Friday.

To get the measure to a vote, House Democrats are suspending the rules so they can quickly take up a bill ...Read more

Will Mueller's testimony spark new impeachment talk?

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WASHINGTON -- Democrats who back opening an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump are hoping former special counsel Robert Mueller's appearance Wednesday before two House committees gives the effort a pivotal boost.

Despite a House vote last week to reject opening impeachment proceedings -- a vote widely dismissed as having nothing...Read more

'I feel indignation, pure indignation': Thousands of Puerto Ricans protest governor

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Tens of thousands of demonstrators descended on Puerto Rico's capital Monday for what was expected to swell into the biggest protest in more than a week of public calls for Gov. Ricardo Rossello's resignation.

Laura Rodriguez, a music teacher from Caguas who arrived in San Juan around dawn, said she was incensed that ...Read more


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