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Caravan attracts diplomats and denouncers in Tijuana

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TIJUANA, Mexico -- The Honduran diplomat said he came to express solidarity with his many compatriots who have descended on this border town in recent days as part of the Central American migrant caravan.

"These are our people, we want to do what we can for them," Alden Rivera, the Honduran ambassador to Mexico, told reporters Saturday during a...Read more

Orange County goes blue, as Democrats complete historic sweep of its seven congressional seats

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SANTA ANA, Calif.--Gil Cisneros defeated Republican Young Kim on Saturday in the last of Orange County's undecided House races, giving Democrats a clean sweep of the state's six most fiercely fought congressional contests and marking an epochal shift in a region long synonymous with political conservatism.

With Cisneros' victory, Democrats will...Read more

California fire: PG&E canceled planned power shut-off in Paradise area just before Camp fire broke out

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SACRAMENTO, Calif.--When strong autumn winds roared into Northern California, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. decided it was going to take an extreme action to prevent a repeat of last year's firestorms that destroyed thousands of homes in Santa Rosa.

On Oct. 14, the company cautiously shut off power to 60,000 Sierra foothills and North Bay ...Read more

US seeks to counter China with Papua New Guinea power grid

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TOKYO -- The U.S. and its key Pacific allies on Sunday announced plans to build an electricity grid in Papua New Guinea, in the latest bid to counter China's growing influence in the region.

Australia, Japan and New Zealand joined the U.S. in signing the partnership accord, which aims to connect 70 percent of the population to electricity by ...Read more

Georgia certifies election results after nearly two weeks of drama

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ATLANTA --Georgia's top election official certified the state's vote count Saturday, confirming Republican Brian Kemp's victory in the race for governor against Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Kemp led Abrams by 54,723 votes, a 1.4 percentage point margin. Abrams narrowed the gap as additional absentee and provisional votes were counted since Election ...Read more

Tijuana strained by immigrant caravan

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TIJUANA, Mexico -- As large numbers of Central American migrants continue arriving in Tijuana in hopes of crossing to the United States, one thing has become abundantly clear: They won't be leaving anytime soon.

For state and municipal officials, this has prompted growing anxiety about providing food, shelter, health care, and other services ...Read more

Israel's Netanyahu pressured to call early elections

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TEL AVIV, Israel –– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fought to save his tottering government after his defense minister resigned, pinning his hopes on a meeting Sunday with a wavering coalition ally.

Netanyahu is to meet with Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, who has urged the prime minister to call early elections after Defense ...Read more

Trump says report that he questions Pence's loyalty is 'phony'

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WASHINGTON –– President Donald Trump denied a news report that he was questioning Vice President Mike Pence's loyalty.

"I can't imagine any President having a better or closer relationship with their Vice President," he wrote on Twitter Saturday. A New York Times report Friday cited unidentified sources who said Trump was repeatedly asking ...Read more

Recounts transcend winners and losers in fights to change election laws

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WASHINGTON -- By the time the Florida recount stretched into this weekend, there was little hope that Democrat Andrew Gillum would eke out victory win in the state's election for governor, but the campaign was no longer about that.

In the new political landscape, recount battles are being waged with fervor as political parties and activists ...Read more

Cuba will lose millions in revenue if it pulls its doctors out of Brazil, experts say

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Cuba's decision to call home more than 8,300 medical personnel working in Brazil will be a blow to the island's already shaky economy, experts say.

Havana announced the recall after Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro said the Cuban doctors should receive their full salaries, have the opportunity to revalidate their credentials in Brazil ...Read more

Trump says he could give Pelosi the House speakership

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WASHINGTON –– President Donald Trump said Saturday that he could twist enough House Republican arms to give Nancy Pelosi the necessary votes to become speaker.

The California Democrat says she has enough support in her caucus to win. But all indications are a floor vote could be close, meaning Republicans could for several reasons put her ...Read more

Republicans want to deliver border-wall money, but debate could trigger a government shutdown

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WASHINGTON -- Congressional Republicans are going to try one more time to approve money for President Donald Trump's proposed border wall, as part of a government spending bill that needs to pass within three weeks.

Newly emboldened Democrats, who will take over the House in January, are largely opposed to the funding, setting up the potential ...Read more

Trump Says he'll turn over answers to questions by special counsel next week

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WASHINGTON ––President Donald Trump said Saturday that he will turn in written answers to questions from special counsel Robert Mueller next week.

Trump was speaking as he left the White House for a trip to California. When asked if he would meet with Mueller's staff for an in-person interview, Trump said, "We haven't even talked about it."...Read more

The FDA takes aim at menthol and other tobacco flavorings, but banning them might be tricky

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration this week announced plans to stem the increase in young Americans' use of tobacco and its primary psychoactive agent, nicotine.

The object of Food and Drug Commissioner Scott Gottlieb's ire was flavorings -- those minty, sweet, nutty or even salty flavors that cigarette and e-cigarette manufacturers add to ...Read more

Choice for Baltimore police commissioner is experienced in managing scandal

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BALTIMORE –– Dwindling ranks, low morale, brutality complaints and public mistrust have all beset the Baltimore Police Department in recent years.

The choice of Fort Worth, Texas, Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald to head the department is accustomed to such problems.

Last year, Fitzgerald's department was at the center of the national debate ...Read more