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UNLV shooting suspect's ties to NC colleges go back 30 years. What we know about Anthony Polito

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The man police say killed three staff members at the University of Nevada Las Vegas Wednesday was a graduate of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and had been an associate business professor at East Carolina University for more than 16 years, teaching thousands of students how to make businesses run more efficiently.

Officials in Nevada have ...Read more

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A California County approved $1.3 million to help a homeless encampment that isn't there

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The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors voted in November to spend $1.3 million on a North Highlands parking lot for 30 homeless people. An official said the lot would help those who were “currently living in vehicles” on Roseville Road.

But they aren’t there.

Many of the residents meant to benefit from the parking lot at 4837 Watt ...Read more

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US senator's adult son stole family's car, causing crash that killed deputy

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The adult son of a U.S. senator is in custody after a reported mental health episode led him to steal a car involved in a collision that killed a deputy Wednesday in North Dakota.

Police were pursuing Ian Cramer, the 42-year-old son of Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND), as he drove a stolen 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe, the North Dakota Highway Patrol said in a...Read more

California teacher alleges in lawsuit that boss pressured her to change student grades

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A former Clovis North High School chemistry teacher is suing Clovis Unified School District claiming retaliation after she complained to school officials that she was being pressured by her supervisor to change students’ grades on multiple occasions.

The teacher, Toni Ognibene, alleges in the civil lawsuit that between November 2019 and June ...Read more

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As Venezuela threatens to invade oil-rich Guyana, US worries about how far Maduro will go

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Venezuela’s threats to annex a majority of Guyana may be an effort by its leader to consolidate power at home ahead of a potential presidential election next year instead of a real intention to invade its neighbor, U.S. officials say. But Washington is increasingly concerned over how far Nicolas Maduro may be willing to go.

An internal State ...Read more

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Biden wants states to ensure Obamacare plans cover enough doctors and hospitals

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The Biden administration plans to push states to boost oversight of the number of doctors, hospitals and other health providers insurers cover in Obamacare plans, under rules proposed in November.

The annual regulatory proposal, known as the payment parameters rule, also seeks to expand access to adult dental coverage in Affordable Care Act ...Read more


This land is our land: States crack down on foreign-owned farm fields

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Andy Gipson gets concerned even when American allies such as the Netherlands and Germany invest in large swaths of Mississippi’s farmland.

“It just bothers me at a gut level,” he said.

For Gipson, Mississippi’s commissioner of agriculture and commerce, the growing trend of foreign ownership could threaten what he views as the state’s...Read more

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'Forever chemicals' found in freshwater fish, yet most states don't warn residents

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Bill Eisenman has always fished.

“Growing up, we ate whatever we caught — catfish, carp, freshwater drum,” he said. “That was the only real source of fish in our diet as a family, and we ate a lot of it.”

Today, a branch of the Rouge River runs through Eisenman’s property in a suburb north of Detroit. But in recent years, he has ...Read more

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'Everything's like a gamble': US immigration policies leave lives in limbo

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One day.

For Judith Ortiz, whose parents brought her to this country from Durango, Mexico, when she was 2, a mere 24 hours have made the difference between a life of freedom and opportunity and one constrained by limits and obstacles.

Ortiz and her twin sister, Janette, were raised in suburban Dallas, where Judith was her high school's ...Read more

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FTC chief gears up for a showdown with private equity

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A recent Federal Trade Commission civil lawsuit accusing one of the nation’s largest anesthesiology groups of monopolistic practices that sharply drove up prices is a warning to private equity investors that could temper their big push to snap up physician groups.

Over the past three years, FTC and Department of Justice officials have ...Read more

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Some states' economies cool even as the nation's sizzles

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A still-roaring national economy grew at an unexpectedly robust 5.2% annual rate in the third quarter of this year, but early indicators show a more mixed picture for many states heading into the holidays.

The preliminary unemployment rate rose in 38 states and economic output slowed in 32 states in October, according to a Stateline analysis of...Read more

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What day laborers are hired to do: the dangerous, the gross, the sometimes illegal

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LOS ANGELES — They were not what you’d call the usual day laborer gigs.

No yard work. No installing doors. No laying down roof tiles on a hot summer day.

There was the person who paid several workers to stand in line for concert tickets. The one who wanted to hire a few men to just sit around with him, drink and watch some porn. And then ...Read more

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Patients expected Profemur artificial hips to last. Then they snapped in half

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Bradley Little, a physical education teacher in Arizona, was leading his class through a school hallway in 2017 when he collapsed. Little feared he was having a stroke. Or, in a sign of the times, that he’d been shot. He tried to stand, but his leg wouldn’t move.

A student ran for help. Firefighters arrived and hoisted Little onto a gurney....Read more

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Ukraine funding fight stokes new fears over US reliability

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WASHINGTON — The latest jockeying between President Joe Biden and Republicans in Congress over Ukraine aid is fueling fresh concerns over Washington’s commitment to support Kyiv’s fight against Russia as the 2024 U.S. election nears.

On Wednesday, Biden accused Republicans of “playing chicken with our national security” as he ...Read more

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It's still legal, but this kind of abortion is harder to get in Michigan

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DETROIT — Although abortion remains legal in Michigan, access to surgical procedures is declining and forcing patients to drive farther to get one — in some cases to neighboring states.

When Michigan voters approved Proposal 3 last year in response to the U.S. Supreme Court's overturning of Roe v. Wade, reproductive rights activists ...Read more

Intruders 'weaseled' through walls and shattered doors to break into SoCal businesses

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Multiple Juice It Up! locations across San Bernardino County were reportedly broken into last weekend, the latest in a monthlong string of incidents targeting the smoothie franchise.

Recent intruders have smashed glass doors or even torn through walls to gain access to stores, leaving the owners of some locations facing hundreds of dollars in ...Read more

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A Hanukkah without decorations? LA Jews struggle with a holiday amid Israel-Hamas war

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There were second thoughts this year when 6-year-old Jack asked his father when the Hanukkah decorations would go up at their Studio City home.

Adam Kulbersh didn't know how to explain to his son the doleful tinge that paints this moment for Jews amid the Israel-Hamas war and growing fears of antisemitism. A menorah in their window felt like ...Read more


Putin's last liberal critic says deal to end war is inevitable

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Veteran Russian pro-democracy politician Grigory Yavlinsky is mounting what may be his last political challenge to Vladimir Putin to try to campaign for peace with Ukraine.

The three-time candidate is weighing another presidential election run against Putin. After receiving around 1% of the vote in the last election in 2018, he’s under no ...Read more


Xi tells EU leaders two sides must work on political trust

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Chinese President Xi Jinping told European Union leaders that the two sides should step up cooperation, comments that come as Brussels pushes Beijing to address its economic frustrations.

“China and the E.U. should be partners in mutually beneficial cooperation, constantly enhance political mutual trust” and come to a strategic consensus, ...Read more

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Ireland allowed mental health abortion exception 30 years ago

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While 18 U.S. states have essentially banned abortion for pregnant people facing a mental health crisis, Ireland, which had one of the strictest abortion laws in the European Union until 2018, has taken a different approach.

Ireland has protected the right to seek an abortion because of the risk of suicide since 1992. While more than two-thirds...Read more