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Yes, size does matter when it comes to baking with eggs

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(Editor's Note: This story was originally published April 10, 2019.)

Many of the chicken eggs Americans will consume this Easter season will be hard boiled and colored for egg hunts and baskets, while others will be baked into cakes or cooked into rich custards for a dessert following a holiday dinner.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture ...Read more

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Cooking a familiar Easter meal in a unfamiliar setting

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(Editor's Note: This story was originally published March 31, 2021.)

Along with feelings of joy, those who are headed to someone else's house this Easter weekend could also feel some trepidation if they're the one in charge of preparing brunch or dinner. How do you cook the holiday's grand meal in someone else's kitchen?

Unfamiliar kitchens ...Read more

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For a special Easter meal, serve lamb in a crust

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(Editor's Note: This story was originally published April 13, 2022.)

Beef Wellington is the sort of dish I like to serve for Christmas. For lack of a better word, it’s fancy.

It’s a beef tenderloin covered by a thin layer of sauteed mushrooms and shallots wrapped up and baked in a puff-pastry crust. The golden crust hides the succulent ...Read more


Colorado chef offers makeovers for cabbage on St. Patrick's Day

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — What St. Patrick's Day meal would be complete without cabbage? We're talking about solid green cabbage, part of the cruciferous family that also includes Savoy (curly leafed), red, Napa, bok choy and brussels sprouts. Green cabbage might have the stigma of being the ugly duckling of the vegetable world, but in the ...Read more


Ides of March madness: 5 ideas to celebrate

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Image: https://www.dreamstime.com/banquet-table-portioned-caesar-salads-meat-vegetable-cuts-cold-snacks-drinks-white-tablecloth-plates-red-caviar-image185991085

Simply because Shakespeare wrote “Beware the Ides of March” — a warning from his fictional soothsayer to Julius Caesar — doesn’t mean you have to!

In fact, while steeped in ...Read more


St. Patrick's Day may be an Irish holiday, but these traditions originated in America

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St. Patrick's Day is celebrated by millions of people in the United States every year, with people seeing the yearly celebration as a pot of gold for drinking, celebrating and socializing, all while decked out in green.

While St. Patrick's Day, celebrated on March 17 every year on the anniversary of the saint's death, is of major importance to ...Read more

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A milkshake doesn't have to be green to scream spring

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Tall, tender stalks of asparagus bound with purple rubber bands. Nosegays of crunchy watercress. Salads made with fresh, peppery arugula and baby spinach instead of iceberg lettuce.

If it’s spring, it’s got to be green. How better to shake off the winter blues and look forward to the promise of warmer, sunny days?

That lean toward green ...Read more

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Gretchen's table: Lemon-ricotta pancakes

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Sweet treats, such as the Polish doughnuts paczki, New Orleans-style beignets and Mardi Gras king cake, tend to draw most of the attention on Fat Tuesday, celebrated on the day before Ash Wednesday. It's a last chance to indulge before the fasting days of Lent, and if you're going to live it up with something full of fat and sugar, you might as ...Read more

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Super healthy and delish dip for the Super Bowl

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Here's a tasty alternative to pork rinds and queso for your game-watching feast.

With the Super Bowl and parties nearly here, we certainly hope you're thinking more about watching the game than how many calories you'll be consuming.

But calorie-watcher or not, this Mediterranean Dip from Whole Foods Market sounds pretty darn luscious. Sure, ...Read more

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3 easy sides to complement your Super Bowl chili

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When it comes to Super Bowl parties, perhaps nothing pleases football fans more than a big pot of chili, especially if you're the one who's hosting.

However you concoct it, you're sure to score extra points if you trade the accompanying bowl of saltines or oyster crackers for some sides that are a bit more inspired. It's the Super Bowl, guys. ...Read more


Substitution time: 7 Super Bowl party alternatives

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Image: https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-football-fans-family-watchiing-game-together-their-home-image33357070

According to the NFL, last year's Super Bowl LVI amassed a viewing audience of around 208 million. But for all the millions of households that tune into one of the nation’s most popular televised events, some of us are simply ...Read more

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Gretchen's table: A Valentine's Day cupcake recipe, with extra flavor from coffee

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Valentine's Day is so intertwined with chocolate that the two are almost synonymous. Yet it doesn't have to come in a red, heart-shaped box to make your special someone(s) feel the love on Feb. 14. A really good chocolate cake hits the sweet spot on V Day too.

These moist and tender cupcakes should satisfy even the pickiest chocolate lover's ...Read more

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Chocolate makes Valentine's Day saucy

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Forget flowers. This Valentine’s Day, say it with chocolate sauce.

What could be a better expression of love, affection or even romantic interest than serving a dessert topped with a chocolate sauce you made yourself?

The stuff that comes out of a bottle or a can just does not have the same impact.

“I love you so much that I twisted the ...Read more