The Trades of the Aquarius Sun

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These first days of the solar sojourn in Aquarius remind us to keep working for the common good. Selfishness never pays. It may seem to at first, but nothing is ever gained alone -- or free. Even free things cost. This existence is one of constant trading. Not everything traded is readily apparent, but eventually the balance sheets will be ...Read more

Lazy Void-of-Course Moon

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It's said that laziness is the mother of all bad habits. As a mother, she is still deserving of respect. Also, bad habits aren't her only spawn. Laziness has produced inventive shortcuts and interesting outcomes that never would have come about if it weren't for her. Enjoy the laziness of the void-of-course moon; tomorrow will disallow it.

...Read more

Pisces Lunar Options

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One theologian defined sin as loving a lower, uglier thing instead of a higher, more beautiful thing. But given the choice, why would anyone do that? Perhaps there was no choice, and the "sinner" simply took the best available option. Under the Pisces moon, it's wise to extend the benefit of the doubt rather than assume to know what's ...Read more

Here Comes the Aquarius Sun!

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Every great innovation, invention and marvel began in the same way -- with a problem. Problems are gifts. Problems are teachers. Problems are opportunities, games, unifiers. Problems are the glue of society. The sun moves into Aquarius, and some of the problems are about to find very exciting solutions.

ARIES (March 21-April 19). Yours will ...Read more

Venus Revs Up Altruism

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In the dictionary, "altruism" is defined as "disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others." And yet, in real life it hardly ever turns out that way. To care for other beings is to care for beings in general, a category that, if you are reading this, you fall into. These first days of Venus in Aquarius ramp up the ...Read more

Venus in Aquarius Ushers in the New

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Familiarity is the enemy of glamour. It's why fashion changes each season. It's why there's always something coming up to replace the old phrases, songs and dances that were working just fine. Even if you're not into glamour per se, fresh excitement in some form is still undeniably a necessity of the human spirit -- so sayeth Venus in Aquarius. ...Read more

New Moon Magic

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The first new moon of the year is an ambitious Capricorn influence that's among the most industrious of omens. This is practical magic at its best. It's the right intention dropped into the best machine, setting the big, glorious clockwork in motion. If you know the "what" but not the "how," that's mighty fine. Get moving and it will be taken ...Read more

New Moon Pre-Show

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The best start date for those New Year's resolutions wasn't really Jan. 1; it's tomorrow. If you already started, great! This will be the turbo boost of momentum to get you sailing along. If you haven't started, it's time to get serious about your plans. The new moon of ambition in Capricorn tomorrow is a gunshot to the air, and then we're off...Read more

Preamble to First New Moon

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Tuesday's new moon is different from the others that will happen in 2018 and worthy of some forethought. It's not just because it's the first new moon of the year; it's also because the energy of Capricorn is so powerfully organized, ambitious and practical that it would be a shame to waste. Today, brainstorm about what you'll create in 2018. ...Read more

Mercury and Saturn Reveal Character

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Personalities can change with the season, but character isn't so easily altered. It's fortified through choices over time. It's too deep in the core of a person to be swayed by passing circumstance. We'll be learning one another's character and building our own during this alignment of Mercury and Saturn. Pay attention.

ARIES (March 21-April ...Read more

Mercury-Saturn Merger

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Here's something that can happen as Mercury merges with Saturn. You decide in a private moment who you are going to be -- and then you do the opposite. No one is of just one mind. The human mind is a complex landscape filled with many influences and inhabitants. The trick is in getting most of them on board with the same idea.

ARIES (March 21...Read more

Mercury's Trials in Capricorn

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If you've ever taken toddlers to the park, you've probably noticed how the socialization one would think comes with being human doesn't naturally exist. There's so much learning involved in playing well and being civil. Be patient through the awkwardness of Mercury in the early stages of Capricorn. We're all toddlers in the park.

ARIES (March...Read more

Mercury Changes Under Scorpio Moon

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While Mercury transits Capricorn, we'll want the pertinent information and only that. Edits are appreciated. Small talk is good; miniature talk is better. The Scorpio moon aids in the effort to preserve the sanctity of private things. As George Orwell said in his futuristic classic "1984," "If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it ...Read more

Planetary Power Trio

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It's a one-two punch of motivational mojo as the sun joins with Venus in Capricorn followed by a conjunction of Pluto two hours later. This planetary power trio in the sign of authority and big challenges lends confidence, clarity and a strong sense of purpose to the mission. "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." -...Read more

Power Conjunction Countdown

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The sun is getting closer to Venus and Pluto for a powerful conjunction that lines up perfectly tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy the surge of anticipation. Tune in to your senses and let them guide you in a very visceral way toward the people and endeavors that will speak to your strengths and grow your capabilities.

ARIES (March 21-April 19)...Read more

Love's Wounds Mend This Libra Moon

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Old pain can be remembered but not really felt. With age comes perspective. The sting of rejection, the longing for elusive love -- for many, that's all left somewhere in the snows of yesteryear. Look for living proof that hearts heal, love's wounds mend and life goes on. The mature will be a source of help and inspiration to the inexperienced...Read more

Conjunction of the Subconscious

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Mars and Jupiter align in Scorpio with serious intent. This conjunction invites subconscious desires and fears to join the party in the conscious realm. Once you realize what's really driving you, it will be extremely difficult not to do something about it. Mars is driven to action, and Jupiter agrees. He agrees so much, in fact, he'll fuel ...Read more

Cosmic Agenda: In With the New

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It's said that people are the sum of the five individuals they hang out with most often. With Mars and Jupiter moving closer together, we gravitate toward people we admire, and we're also aware of the negative influences around us. Gaining distance from negativity can be tricky. Adding awesome people to your life solves the problem naturally. ...Read more

Uranus Says, 'Suit up for the Game'

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In these first days of the Uranus change, it will help to remember that ideal circumstances don't exist in this polarized world. Light casts shadow, deliciousness creates appetite, pain creates need, and need creates bonds of unity. Instead of fantasizing about another place, settle into this game of contrast and symbiosis.

ARIES (March 21-...Read more

Gregarious Leo Moon

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Some situations are more conducive to building positive, life-enhancing relationships than others. And yet, when it all shakes out, it's about a person's ability to be and make good friends out of the people around them, not about always being in the "perfect" social situation. So says the gregarious Leo moon.

ARIES (March 21-April 19). It's ...Read more

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