Spring Equinox

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At the Mayan Pyramid of Kukulkan, a crowd gathers to watch the equinox sunset and the astronomical architecture effect of a snake-like shadow slithering down the pyramid steps. Similarly, equinox phenomenon will celebrated at Stonehenge, Angkor Wat and other sites around the world. As the sun begins a new season, the moon in Pisces sings an ...Read more

The Fish Finale

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The last hours of the sun's journey through Pisces are also the closing moments of a season. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and an amalgamation of the other 11 signs. This day will bring many moods and a profound sense of the passing of time. Knowing the seconds are single-use only, we will appreciate them well.

ARIES (March 21-April ...Read more

Venus Opening Statement

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"Live in the moment," they say, without giving instructions as to how to accomplish it with a mind that's capable of hurling itself forward to all outcomes, or backward for infinite processing. Venus has settled into her Taurus home and is more convinced than ever that the secret to embodying the moment is to engage your senses, which are ...Read more

Starry Luck O' the Irish

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Since a cash win or a big career break doesn't always bring fulfillment, it can't be considered categorically lucky. Virtues such as gratitude are a much surer bet, and Saint Patrick would agree. The sun and Mercury align in Pisces, emphasizing the spiritual aspects of good fortune, and glowing up the unsung virtues that tend to make a person ...Read more

A Homecoming for Venus

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Astrologically, this is the busiest day we've had in months, with nine aspects of note competing for the headline. The conjunction of Mercury and Neptune gets honorable mention for helping us articulate our dreams. Five different squares get the drama award. The homecoming of Venus in sensual Taurus takes the title -- a mood shift for love ...Read more

Venus Offers an Invitation to Burn

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It's the last day of Venus in Aries, so you have a few hours left to use the bright flame of this aspect. Make a mess of it! Expecting yourself to do well can keep you from doing anything. So lower the expectation and have some fun seeing what you can do. As Samuel Beckett said, "Go on failing. Go on. Only next time, try to fail better."

...Read more

Mars Offers a Sacred Square

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On a 4.5 billion-year-old planet, anywhere you can possibly stand is a cemetery. Mars and Neptune offer a dare to lift the taboo of grave thoughts. Every part of the cycle is necessary for the wheel of life to turn. Our breath is made possible by billions of endings. Contemplating time and history, one feels the sacredness of the land and the ...Read more

Fine, Fresh Passions

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No one is born with passions, values and beliefs. These are constructs we put together as we navigate life. The Sagittarius moon is an invitation to explore and, if so moved, to shift tracts. It takes guts to change your mind, your direction or anything that's not working for you. Don't worry, the world, and you, will adjust. Who you are is ...Read more

Moon Gives Triple Trines

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The moon gets the good luck started at the head of this St. Patrick's Day week by offering up three lucky triangle aspects. The sun, Mercury and Neptune recall all of the times you dreamed a thing, talked about it and made it happen. One might even say you made your own luck, but you're generous with the credit.

ARIES (March 21-April 19). You...Read more

Sting of the Scorpio Moon

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The Scorpio Moon opposes Uranus, the planet of surprises, suggesting the day will not go by without a sting. Likely it will come in the form of truth. Events have a way of showing what would typically be hidden. If the Great and Powerful Oz is a man pulling levers behind a curtain, it's better to know about it so we can set our expectations ...Read more

Lunar Exit in Libra

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Like a conscientious partygoer, the Libra moon wants to make sure she says goodbye to everyone at the event before she makes her exit. She mixes with Venus, Mars, Neptune and Pluto before waving at the door. It's not always easy to say what you need to say, but you'll be glad that you did, especially if you can have the conversation before ...Read more

Lunar Harmonies

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The Libran lunar influence emphasizes the importance of good relationships of all kinds. Do not assume that just because there's disagreement in a relationship, that means it's unhealthy. Relationships are like chords. The notes that cause tension can also make the most beautiful and interesting music. Dare to tolerate a bit of discord today; ...Read more

Grateful Moon

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A lunar trine to Pluto ends the full moon with one last moment of profound good fortune. This likely is more of a feeling than an event. Deep gratitude resonates, and then the moon goes quietly into the sign of partnership and harmony. Gratitude is a moment, a way of focusing, a practice and, for many, a religion. There will be much evidence ...Read more

Worm Moon

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In her poem titled "Worm Moon," Mary Oliver wrote: "The season for curiosity is everlasting and the hour for adventure never ends... Because it is spring; because once more the moon and earth are eloping... " May the full moon in Virgo bring you a sense of spaciousness, and of processing your environment to make room for new life.

ARIES (...Read more

Worm Moon Pregame

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The full moon tomorrow is named for the lowly earthworm, whose amazing existence is crucial to what grows on planet Earth. A creature who doesn't have ears but processes sound vibration to "hear" and doesn't have eyes but processes light to "see" has much to teach us about the perfection of being the way we are and using what we have to make ...Read more

Cat Moon Opposition

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The Leo moon pulls across the sky from Saturn in Aquarius, challenging us to think about the future and measure ourselves by what our actions will do in the long term. Feeling good about your choices and what they mean to the big picture will allow you the full range of playfulness in the moment. Our hearts are light when we feel reasonably ...Read more

Big Cat Weekend

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The Leo moon blows up the weekend like a balloon inflating to near maximum capacity. The pop of the full moon will happen early next week, so these are the hours of delicious tension and anticipatory glee. The theatrical cat is in a mood to play, exaggerate and participate unapologetically in the bold drama. Rev up your main-character energy. ...Read more

Mercury Goes Fishing

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Mercury has dipped into the ocean spray of a Piscean dream, setting fantasies adrift. Some dreams are big as continents. We imagine living in another kind of world and being somehow transformed by the adventure. Other imaginings are as small as hoping a transaction will go smoothly or a package will come on time.

ARIES (March 21-April 19). ...Read more

Exit Kiss

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"The wound is the place where the light enters you," said the ancient poet Rumi. This is why, when challenge comes again, you will not be afraid. You know it has the potential to bring growth and enlightenment. However, you needn't seek challenge out or throw yourself into trouble. This is the message of Mercury's kiss to Saturn before leaving...Read more

Love's Battlefield

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Venus and Jupiter align in Aries, the sign of the warrior. If love is a battlefield, the heart is a soldier, a fierce protector, facing the fight with courage and determination. In this scene, Jupiter is a master of computer-generated images, duplicating the troops and making it seem like a grand-scale conflict when in fact it may be two ...Read more



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