Review: 'Poolman' is a serious Glug

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"Poolman" is a movie that offers much food for thought. Mainly, who thought it was a good idea to greenlight this project with a first-time director -- actor Chris Pine -- who was also the star and co-wrote the funless script as well? Whoever that person was must have about 300 apoplectic emails fizzing around in their office inbox right now. ...Read more

Review: 'The Fall Guy' has Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in a Fast-Talking Action-Com

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What's your favorite movie stunt? Mine -- well, one of them -- takes place in the intricate opening sequence of 1984's "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." It's the scene in which Indy and his companion, the shrieky nightclub singer Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw), are making a frantic exit from a club owned by Shanghai crime lord Lao Che. ...Read more

Review: In 'Boy Kills World' The Golden Age of Over-the-Top Violence Continues

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I don't know when the last time was I saw a movie quite like "Boy Kills World." Not recently, I'll tell you that. This is a picture that takes cues from the best and bloodiest parts of the "Mad Max" movies, "John Wick" movies, "Hunger Games" films, any number of old Hollywood "cattle baron" westerns, Hong Kong kung fu fantasies and Park Chan-...Read more

Review: 'The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare' is Guy Ritchie With Another Not-So-Near Miss

Entertainment / Kurt Loder /

You would think -- no, you'd be nearly certain -- that any nonfiction book about the creation of military black ops on a Nazi-infested island off the coast of Africa in 1942 ... well, you'd think that such a story could easily be turned into a ripping-good movie. And maybe you'd be right -- although now we may never know. Because the book -- the...Read more

Review: 'Civil War' or Exiles in Splitsville

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War is hell. Everybody knows that. Not just combat veterans who've experienced the thrill of howling rounds kicking up dirt in their faces and dropping fellow soldiers in lifeless heaps on the ground, but home-front civilians, too, absorbing the horror of battle through the mimicry of war movies ("Saving Private Ryan," let's say) and TV series (...Read more

Review: 'Ripley' or The Talented Mr. Scott

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Few movies have been in less pressing need of a remake than Anthony Minghella's 1999 "The Talented Mr. Ripley." Based on Patricia Highsmith's deliciously sociopathic 1955 novel, Minghella's film approached perfection with its knotty plot, sun-washed photography (Italy's Amalfi Coast has rarely sparkled more ravishingly), and memorable cast -- ...Read more

Review: Satan's in Search of Ratings in 'Late Night with the Devil'

Entertainment / Kurt Loder /

It's hard to do fresh things in horror. What have we not seen? Flesh-rending? Gut-munching? Levitating devil-brats? Next.

One tack to take in the eternal quest for new frights is simply to revisit horror's greatest hits -- the creaking old house, the dark and stormy night, the old buried-alive ploy. Exotic tortures are always welcome, and ...Read more

Review: In 'Road House' Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Ripped

Entertainment / Kurt Loder /

Have you ever noticed, when somebody remakes an old genre movie, that the original film suddenly morphs from vintage knucklehead fodder to "cult classic"? This is happening right now to "Road House," a remake of the 1989 movie of the same name, which starred the late Patrick Swayze, still red hot at the time for his star performance in the 1987 ...Read more

Review: 'The Animal Kingdom' or Wild Things

Entertainment / Kurt Loder /

Something happened. At first it wasn't clear exactly what. In various small towns in France, men started sprouting dorsal bones and tails and great feathered wings. A person whipping the air with newly grown tentacles ran amok in the seafood section of a local supermarket. A little lizard girl was seen lurking shyly in a lush forest. At first, ...Read more

Sunday's Oscars: Some Worthy Candidates from a Pretty Good Movie Year

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What is the deal with this year's Oscars? I mean, where is the nomination for, let's say, "John Wick: Chapter 4"? That's a pretty great movie. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences -- the keeper of the little gold statuettes -- has been widely criticized over the years for its lukewarm assessment of action and fantasy films, but "Wick ...Read more



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