Review 'The Vast of Night' is the Retro Sci-Fi Movie We Didn't Know We'd Been Waiting for

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"There's something in the sky," says a character in "The Vast of Night," voicing one of the dustiest observations in cinematic science fiction. It's a line whose essence echoes down to us from such 1950s space-invader films as "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers," "Kronos" and, of course, George Pal and Byron Haskin's epochal "The War of the Worlds." ...Read more

Review: In 'The Trip to Greece' Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon Take One Last Gourmet Tour

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Ten years on, "The Trip" finally comes to an end -- not a moment too soon, and maybe a bit too late.

Nothing much has changed in this fourth "Trip" movie, which has once again been edited down to about two hours from a longer BBC TV series. The setup is the same: a tour of fancy Continental restaurants by two showbiz Brits, one a preening ...Read more

Review: Even Tom Hardy Can't Bring The Listless Mob Flick 'Capone' to Life

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One of the interesting things about "Capone" -- the only interesting thing, actually -- is the fact that someone chose to make it. Yes, somebody looked at the script, by director Josh Trank -- who was languishing in director's jail in the wake of his intensely disliked "Fantastic Four" reboot of 2015 -- and said, "Let's shoot this sucker!"

Or ...Read more

Review: 'Mrs. America' Profiles The Woman Who Tried to Squash Feminism

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"Mrs. America," the excellent nine-part series currently midway through its introductory run on FX on Hulu, approaches a still-hot-button political issue in an unusually even-handed way. The subject is the 1970s struggle over the Equal Rights Amendment, or ERA, with lefty feminists pushing to have it installed in the Constitution and right-wing ...Read more

Review: Ad-Rock and Mike D Remember in 'Beastie Boys Story'

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One night back in the '80s -- 1987, maybe, in the Beastie Boys' delirious heyday -- I was at one of those record-industry parties at which people stand around struggling to balance drinks and finger foods while pop stars pass through the crush, accumulating congratulations on their latest album or whatever prompted the corporate gathering. I was...Read more

Review: 'Sea Fever' Charts a Course Through the Ocean of Pandemic Movie Possibilities

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In a normal, non-awful year, right now the air would be thick with promotional chatter about a number of big new movies. Chief among these would be the new Bond film, "No Time to Die," which was all set to roll out when the novel coronavirus emergency exploded last month. Understandably, MGM was reluctant to endanger its $250 million investment ...Read more

Plague Movies: Offbeat Options for Waiting out the Apocalypse

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Now that we have all the time in the world on our hands, filling it with movies has become an organized pursuit, and helpful film lists have proliferated online. Some of these seek to cheer us up -- classic comedies, vintage musicals, all from happier times, of course -- or to put our despair in perspective with dystopian exercises like "12 ...Read more

Review: Welcome to Weird America Of 'Tiger King - Murder, Mayhem and Madness'

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This Netflix documentary might have been custom-made for people trapped in a plague lockdown with nothing but too much time on their hands. Although it follows real people engaged in real things they really did, "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness" has the feeling of an alien artifact that just came screaming in from some faraway star ...Read more

Review: In 'Big Time Adolescence' Pete Davidson is Sweet and Surprisingly Smart in a Coming-of-Age Movie

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From a distance, "Big Time Adolescence" might look like not much more than a low-budget showcase for lovable "Saturday Night Live" goofball Pete Davidson, which would be fine. But the movie is surprisingly quite a bit more. It's a perceptive coming-of-age tale brought to life -- under the guidance of first-time director Jason Orley -- by an ...Read more

Review: Don't Belive Hype About 'The Hunt' Entirely

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"The Hunt" is a movie you want to love. It's billed as a hyperviolent, anti-PC satire that takes aim at both factions of our current political mess, the "Elites" and the "Deplorables." (Those are the movie's terms -- progressives and right-wingers, basically.) It's a Blumhouse production, with Damon Lindelof weighing in on the script, so ... ...Read more

Review: In 'Devs' Nick Offerman and Alison Pill unravel Alex Garland's Wild Sci-Fi Mystery

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Being an eight-part series with a total runtime of six and a half hours, "Devs" might not be an instant sci-fi classic -- it's packed with too much mind-trippy exotica to take in on one viewing. Nevertheless, a sci-fi classic it will surely be one day. (It's viewable right now on a new Disney streaming operation called FX on Hulu.)

Alex Garland...Read more


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