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'Bullet Train': Running Late

People who rabbit on about "high-speed rail" all the time conveniently forget to mention the hitman problem. In rail-happy Japan, we now learn, passengers are more likely to encounter ...Read more

Review: 'Resurrection' - Start Making Sense

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Rebecca Hall's fearlessness as an actor is well known by now. Who can forget her in movies like "Christine" (2016), the based-on-a-true-story film about a Florida TV anchor who committed suicide on-camera in the middle of a 1974 news show? The picture was a tough watch, of course, but Hall made it engrossing with her penetrating brilliance as a ...Read more

Review: 'Nope' - Not Quite

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According to its production notes, Jordan Peele's "Nope" is a new take on "the granddaddy of genre movies: the summer event film." Saying this out loud sets a pretty high bar for the picture to clear. When you think back on the classics of the sci-fi/fantasy tradition -- the neighborhood into which "Nope" hopes to move -- you recall the all-time...Read more

Review: 'The Gray Man' is Missing in Action

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The most enjoyable parts of "The Gray Man" are the two or three moments in which nothing blows up, when it feels as if a balmy oasis has snapped open for business in the middle of a battlefield. But no sooner do we begin to rally from the movie's relentless tumult than it leaps back into action, screaming on through acres of dull characters, ...Read more

Review: 'Thor: Love and Thunder' - Please, Hammer...

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The last Thor movie was a lot of fun, you'll recall. Taking over the franchise reins for Marvel's third solo romp with the hunky thunder god, director Taika Waititi injected the 2017 "Thor: Ragnarok" with impish wit (even the fire demon got a cute line) and managed to freshen up a key component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (an enterprise now...Read more

Review: 'The Forgiven' with the Sands of Crime

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I don't know if it's true that a woman without discretion is like a gold ring in a pig's snout. What would that even mean if it were? But it's one of the wisps of exotic wisdom that drift across the sweltering sands of "The Forgiven," John Michael McDonagh's new movie about Eurotrash idlers going through the rites of listless decadence in the ...Read more

Review: King Me, it's 'Elvis'

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Baz Luhrmann's new Elvis Presley biopic is set in an endless present in which Presley's music, a foundational component of early rock and roll, flows out of the blues, country and gospel music that preceded it -- the sounds of people like Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Hank Snow, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe -- and onward into rap and other musical ...Read more

Review: In 'Abandoned' Michael Shannon Gets Ghosted

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Two things to do if you find yourself in a spooky house with the windows nailed shut, creepy weeping in the halls and a dead pig in the basement:

No. 1: Leave.

No. 2: Stay gone.

Nobody ever abides by such commonsense cautions in horror movies, of course, and thank goodness. Imagine how brief these films would be if anyone did.

"Abandoned" is...Read more

Review: 'Crimes of the Future' - A World of Sex and Surgery

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David Cronenberg is back. After devoting eight years to the making of TV movies and Nike commercials, the writing of books (a 2014 novel called "Consumed," about high-end techno lust), and even acting (in the streaming terror series "Slasher"), the master of big-screen body horror has returned to the land of exploding heads and mutant flesh that...Read more

Review: 'Top Gun: Maverick' is Tom Cruise's Long-Delayed Return Flight

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"Top Gun: Maverick" is of course custom-made to scratch the international itch for big-budget, star-driven action movies -- the kind that look cool with Tom Cruise snugged down in their cockpit. It's a better film than the first "Top Gun," released 36 years ago this month, and much credit for that must go to new director Joseph Kosinski, who ...Read more

Review: 'Men' - Boys Night

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Women should be happy they have only one real problem in life. Unfortunately, that problem is men, of whom there are so many. As more than a few ladies have noted over the millennia, any female attempting to fend off unwanted male attention can expect one of two outcomes. The first would involve a philosophical shrug as the suitor moved on to ...Read more

Review: In 'The Innocents' The Kids Are All Wrong

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Most evil-kid movies -- "The Omen," "The Exorcist," the "Village of the Damned" films, and on and on back to "The Bad Seed" in 1956 -- are frank about their intentions. They're horror flicks, and they want to freak you out. You know this when you set out to see them -- it's the reason you're going. However, "The Innocents," a new movie from ...Read more



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