Why do we fall for fall?

Humor / Jase Graves /

Yes, it’s that glorious season that so many pumpkin-spice addicts claim to be their favorite. I must admit that, I, too, succumb each year to the autumnal charms of fall, except for my seemingly never-ending battle with leaves, or, as I like to call them – tree dandruff.

So what is it that ironically draws us to a season that marks the ...Read more

The year of the possum

Humor / Jase Graves /

According to my extensive research (approximately five minutes on Google when I should have been folding underwear), the Chinese zodiac system assigns an animal symbol to each year. It is believed that people born in a given year have the personality of that year’s animal. For example, based on the placemats at my favorite Chinese buffet, I ...Read more

Things I’m glad I did

Humor / Jase Graves /

If you read my last two columns, you know that I’m now milking this one-trick pony for all it’s worth – including some mixed metaphors. In my previous columns, I discussed things I haven’t done, and things I’ve done and wish I hadn’t – respectively (actually, there was quite of bit of disrespect involved, especially regarding ...Read more

Things I’ve done – and wish I hadn’t

Humor / Jase Graves /

In my last column, I admitted to some things I’ve never done in my 50-something-year-old-dude-type-person life. (I still haven’t been to Hooters.)

So, of course, that discussion brought to mind a few things I’ve actually accomplished – or committed – and deeply regret.

1. I’m not sure why I thought of this first (and probably ...Read more

Things I’ve never done

Humor / Jase Graves /

A few days ago, my wife and I were taking our evening almost-senior-citizen power stroll, and the subject of Hooters came up. Yes, Hooters. And I’ll tell you why (even if you wish I wouldn’t).

We were having a good laugh because someone on Facebook had suggested that our local and recently-shuttered Bed Bath & Beyond store might become a ...Read more

Dad’s Lumbar Moving Company

Humor / Jase Graves /

Recently, my wife and I accomplished a task almost as daunting as giving our cat a pill or teaching our youngest daughter to drive without committing widespread curb trauma. In two days, we managed to move our two older daughters (and several cargo containers’ worth of semi-grown daughter stuff) into new apartments in two different college ...Read more

Hop on down to San Antone

Humor / Jase Graves /

These days, getting all three of my semi-grown daughters together for a family activity is like herding cats who have cars, jobs at coffee shops and their own debit cards. So, when our girls were able to pencil us in for a quick weekend trip to San Antonio, my wife and I jumped at the chance . . . or sort of hopped. Our backs hurt.

Our ...Read more



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