Defending the Karens

Humor / Jase Graves /

As parents of three teenage daughters, my wife and I expend a lot of our leisure time managing other people’s laundry. Because our children are at an age when I can no longer differentiate their underwear according to their favorite colors or cartoon characters, I often beckon them to join in on the fun by collecting their own freshly-cleaned ...Read more

Resurrecting Easter

Humor / Jase Graves /

Holidays are a big deal at my house.

While raising our three daughters, my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed Halloween costumes, visits from the Easter Bunny, and Valentine’s Day parties - and we even let the kids join in most of the time. Seriously, though, now that our girls are teenagers, some of the holiday magic might be slightly ...Read more

When Texas Froze Over

Humor / Jase Graves /

My home state of Texas has recently become a national punching bag for politicians and pundits after Mother Nature gave the Lone Star State a giant frozen wedgie in the form of a week-long record winter storm that caused widespread suffering from power outages, water shortages and the closure of most Mexican restaurants.

Speaking of Mexican ...Read more

Is it climate change or simply wacky winter weather?

Humor / Jase Graves /

With the stroke of several souvenir pens that will likely end up on eBay, President Joe Biden recently enacted sweeping executive orders related to climate change - specifically aimed at saving the arctic tufted titmouse and encouraging the transition of all fuel-burning vehicles to Flintstones cars.

Seriously, though, these actions mark an ...Read more

Get your mind off politics

Humor / Jase Graves /

As some people age, they begin to lose a certain degree of excitement about simple life experiences like snow days, finding a penny in a parking lot or putting on a pair of fresh underwear still warm from the dryer.

Not me! I revel in these moments, probably because I still feel like a kid a heart - at least until my hair stylist breaks out ...Read more

New Year’s Retribution

Humor / Jase Graves /

Unlike most years, I decided to start 2021 with a few resolutions that I hope will make me a better husband, father and member of the dude denomination. I also realize that I’m likely to break these resolutions within the next few minutes. But at least I can say I’m flexible and open to change.

First, with the COVID-19 pandemic still ...Read more

2020: A Reluctant Retrospect

Humor / Jase Graves /

Ok, let’s get the obvious out of the way. 2020 was the year of COVID-19, also known as corona (minus the lime), the plague, the super crud, or, as my dad calls it (and most other contagious illnesses), “the rooty-gootus.” But what else happened in 2020?

Well, in addition to the global pandemic, China became the international ...Read more



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