There she is, Miss ‘Merica… and her dad

Humor / Jase Graves /

Parenting teen daughters is an experience chock-full of firsts, especially for dads.

There’s the first time you have to go down the “ladies’ personal products” aisle at Walmart praying to the merciful Lord that you won’t see any other members of the dude species, the first time you make her scream because you’re wearing one of her...Read more

A Blowout Blow-By-Blow

Humor / Jase Graves /

In our family, it’s usually one of my two driving teen daughters who violates social distancing guidelines with her bumper. Recently, though, I experienced my own embarrassing accident on my morning commute to work when my SUV skidded on the wet roadway and struck a curb dangerously close to a Sonic Drive-In. (At the time, I may or may not ...Read more

Walk Away From COVID-19

Humor / Jase Graves /

After watching the daily COVID-19 coverage on CNN, I’ve found that the best way to overcome lingering thoughts of depression, hopelessness, and Chris Cuomo is by going on a brisk walk around our neighborhood with my wife.

Not only do we get some exercise, but it also gives us a chance to vent about the worries and frustrations of living with ...Read more

Back to School… Sort Of

Humor / Jase Graves /

If I've heard it once, I've heard it more times than my math skills will allow, "This school year is going to be like no other."

No kidding! Don't we spend every year wondering if our children are going to be attacked by gigantic murder hornets that are high from feasting on Chinese mystery seeds and using their enormous wings to waft a deadly ...Read more

Escape With a Movie… Again

Humor / Jase Graves /

One of the precious few escapes from the soul-sucking stress of the COVID-19 pandemic has been bonding with our couches and sweatpants while watching scores of movies.

Whether we’re streaming one of Robert De Niro’s talented portrayals of characters who enjoy shooting people in the face, or dusting off our fossilized VHS players so that we ...Read more

Bed, Bath and Beyond My Scope

Humor / Jase Graves /

Due to my flexible work schedule, I often run errands that are traditionally associated with the matriarch of the family­ - in other words, the mother/wife/supervisor/figure of maturity and common sense. Whether I’m shopping for bras or perusing the feminine hygiene aisles at Walmart wearing sunglasses, a full-coverage mask, and a hoodie, I��...Read more

Riding In SUVs With Girls

Humor / Jase Graves /

Warning! The following column contains what some readers may consider to be objectionable (and absolutely accurate) gender stereotypes! Offended parties should try traveling on a long distance road trip with six female persons - five of whom are deep in the throes of hormone-inflicted teenagehood - and then grow a big, swollen, hairy sense of ...Read more

To All The Masks I’ve Worn Before

Humor / Jase Graves /

With cases of COVID-19 on the rise in the state of Texas, and Halloween just around the corner, Gov. Greg Abbott recently signed an executive order requiring the wearing of masks in public. Exceptions to the order include Texans under 10 years of age (probably the demographic that would most enjoy wearing a disguise to town), patrons eating in ...Read more

Take The Work Out Of Your Workout

Humor / Jase Graves /

Recently, I visited my local gym for the first time after snacking-in-place for over two months. It was like going to see an annoying former friend - out of guilt. I’ve always had a tolerate-hate relationship with working out. I hate spending my time sweating and hyperventilating when I could be lounging in my recliner while watching reruns of...Read more



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