Wet winter mostly wasted in California

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LOS ANGELES -- California's wet winter has dumped at estimated 18 trillion gallons of rain in February alone. But much of it is simply going down the drain.

In what has become a source of much concern in a state prone to droughts and water shortages, the vast majority of rainwater in urban areas flows into storm drains and is eventually lost to...Read more

California has gotten 18 trillion gallons of rain in February, with more on the way

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LOS ANGELES -- California has already received an 18 trillion-gallon soaking this month -- enough water to fill 27 million Olympic-sized pools -- and the state's wild winter isn't over yet.

A series of storms, including a moisture-packed atmospheric river that slammed the state last week, has brought consistent rainfall in February that has ...Read more

It just snowed in Vegas and likely will again this week. That isn't normal

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LAS VEGAS -- They weren't exactly deploying the snowplows onto the Las Vegas Strip and they weren't shoveling out the entrances to the casinos, either.

But, still, it snowed in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

For a city that was built in the sand and boasts giant replicas of a pyramid, the Eiffel Tower and virtually the entire borough of Manhattan,...Read more

Rare mega storm could overwhelm LA-area dam and flood dozens of cities, experts say

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LOS ANGELES -- Scientists call it California's "other big one," and they say it could cause three times as much damage as a major earthquake ripping along the San Andreas fault.

Although it might sound absurd to those who still recall five years of withering drought and mandatory water restrictions, researchers and engineers warn that ...Read more

Pacific storms continue to feed Sierra Nevada snowpack

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The snow piling onto the Sierra Nevada could be considered more of a snow pile-on at this point.

That's because several feet of white powder have accumulated across the range since the beginning of the month, adding to what has become one of the most bountiful winters California has had in a decade.

The entire Sierra snowpack sits at 141 ...Read more

New storm brings more snow to Southern California mountains; I-5 corridor in jeopardy

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A new storm moved into Southern California on Saturday, bringing light rain and concerns over snow in mountain passes.

Snow was beginning to stick along the Interstate 5 corridor in the Tejon Pass, the National Weather Service said Saturday morning.

Snow level were predicted to drop to 3,500-to-4,000 feet Saturday. Higher mountains could see 2...Read more

California is finally getting a wet winter

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Snow-capped mountains are pretty typical in California -- just not the peaks that got dusted this week.

A series of storms has brought a rare wet winter to the state, sending snow levels plunging and creating some surreal scenes Californians won't soon forget: Blankets of white covering vineyards in Napa Valley. Plows clearing ...Read more

New scale will measure atmospheric rivers from 1 to 5, like hurricanes

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LOS ANGELES -- Marty Ralph was sitting in a San Francisco restaurant a couple of years ago when the morning forecast came on the TV, showing the typical weather symbols indicating what the week ahead would bring: a sun, a cloud, a rainy cloud and a darker, more ominous rainy cloud.

Ralph, the director of the Center for Western Weather and Water...Read more

Hurricane Florence evacuees with disabilities endured unsafe, 'disrespectful' conditions, report says

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- The state set up a special medical shelter in an old building during Hurricane Florence in a section of Goldsboro, N.C., at risk for flooding, a new report says.

In Winston-Salem, people who were unable to climb stairs were marooned on the first floor of the Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, separated by steep stairs from the ...Read more

States that voted for Trump to be hardest hit by climate change — as concerns over warming surge

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SAN DIEGO -- Forests decimated by drought and wildfire from Montana to California. Homes blasted by hurricanes and flooding from North Carolina to Texas.

Climate change, according to scientists, is already fueling natural disasters across the United States, causing billions of dollars worth of devastation.

Now a new report from UC San Diego ...Read more

Burst pipe at Ronald McDonald House in Chicago displaces families after polar vortex

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CHICAGO -- For the past year, Kayla Ybanez and her family have lived at a Ronald McDonald House on Chicago's South Side while Ybanez's 4-year-old daughter undergoes treatment for her immune system at nearby Comer Children's Hospital.

Ybanez, who is from Tinley Park, Ill., said it's been a relief to stay closer to her daughter and to have a ...Read more

Mudflows shut down PCH in Malibu and Highway 101 in Montecito as new storm lashes Southern California

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LOS ANGELES -- A powerful winter storm pounded Southern California on Saturday, triggering mudflows that shut down Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu and Highway 101 in Santa Barbara County and left residents throughout the region bracing for flash flooding in areas made vulnerable by last year's furious wildfires.

Pacific Coast Highway was closed...Read more

'It was pure survival': One man fights despair, frostbite in the polar vortex

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MINNEAPOLIS -- As the temperatures plummeted, Jay Mitchell huddled in his truck thinking he would die in the relentless cold.

He'd spent the past three weeks living in his vehicle. Cancer killed his wife a month earlier and he lost the month-to-month lease on his home in Randall, Minn. He had nowhere to go because he refused to give up his 10-...Read more

Chicagoans wake up to snow, but 75-degree warmup is underway

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CHICAGO -- Chicagoans woke up Friday to more than an inch of snow, but it's finally above zero -- and headed toward springlike temperatures by Sunday, with the thermometer expected to hit the 50s on Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

O'Hare International Airport and Midway Airport recorded 1.7 inches of snow by Friday morning, ...Read more

Good Samaritans who moved more than 100 people from tents to a hotel are 'just regular people trying to help'

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CHICAGO -- In a room at the Amber Inn in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood, bundles of clothing were piled high on a queen-size bed on Thursday afternoon, jackets, scarves and sweaters spilling onto the floor. Boxes of doughnuts sat stacked on a table next to a carton of coffee and a tub of broccoli soup.

A group of about eight friends, ...Read more

Bye bye polar vortex; temps finally rise above zero in Twin Cities

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Thermometers on Friday morning inched above zero for the first time in 78 hours in the Twin Cities as the Polar Vortex that has kept the state on ice all week released some of its grip.

The mercury at 6 a.m. reached 1 above zero at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, the official weather reporting station for the ...Read more

Pacific Coast Highway closed as rainstorm hits Southern California

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LOS ANGELES -- The first in a parade of three winter storms that brought thunder and lightning to California's Central Coast overnight began to hammer Los Angeles County early Thursday, sending mud streaming onto Pacific Coast Highway and prompting the closure of the roadway between Ventura and L.A. counties.

The rain also sent gushing mud down...Read more

Yes, fire is used to keep Chicago trains running in the cold

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CHICAGO – If you see fire along Metra tracks, don't panic. The Chicago area's commuter rail service is fighting the cold with fire to keep switches working, and help with track repairs.

Winter weather can cause snow and ice to clog switches, which control which rail trains run on. Clogged switches can bring trains to a halt until the blockage...Read more

What's that smoke above Lake Michigan? It's arctic sea fog

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CHICAGO -- Smoke on the water. It's not just a song lyric when it is hovering over Lake Michigan.

Called sea smoke or sea fog, this phenomenon happens when a mass of very cold air blows over warmer water. It's similar to what happens when a football player removes his helmet, and "smoke" appears above his head during a cold game.

National ...Read more

Good Samaritan picks up hotel tab for 70 homeless as Chicago flirts with all-time cold record

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CHICAGO – A good Samaritan has offered to spring for hotel rooms for 70 people who were camped out in tents overnight in the bitter cold after their propane tanks were confiscated, leaving them without any source of heat.

"Isn't that wonderful? At least they're warm and they're safe," said Salvation Army spokeswoman Jacqueline Rachev.

The 70...Read more

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