Cyclone lays waste to large parts of Mozambique

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MAPUTO, Mozambique -- "Total destruction," is how one resident of Beira described the Mozambican city in the aftermath of cyclone Idai.

"Not even photos can accurately show the extent of destruction. Fallen trees, destroyed houses," engineer Imran Abdul Sacur told dpa on Tuesday in the capital Maputo, where he had travelled to pick up essential...Read more

New storm expected to bring scattered showers across Ventura and Los Angeles counties

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LOS ANGELES -- More rain is expected to hit Southern California as a new storm system starts to make its way into the region this weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Forecasters say rain is expected to begin overnight in some parts of mountain areas in Ventura and Los Angeles counties as the weather system moves southward from ...Read more

Nearly 1,500 pulses of lightning recorded off Southern California coast in 5 minutes

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LOS ANGELES -- A band of thunderstorms that stretched from southern Kern County past the Channel Islands was producing a dramatic lightning show Tuesday night in the Southern California sky.

In one five-minute stretch alone, shortly after 8 p.m., the National Weather Service recorded 1,489 pulses of lightning off the coast, 231 over Santa ...Read more

FEMA ready for devastation in Alabama, despite administrator's recent resignation

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WASHINGTON -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency says it is ready to assist Alabama residents recovering from devastating tornadoes, even though the agency's administrator resigned less than a month ago.

A cluster of tornadoes ripped through the Southeast Sunday. The most vicious storms upturned Lee County in Alabama with 170 mph winds, ...Read more

Tornado leaves behind trail of destruction

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BEAUREGARD, Ala. -- Julie Morrison and her husband, Eric Sward, had just finished their Sunday lunch of steak, biscuits and gravy and were watching "Law & Order" when a friend texted urging them to take cover. Then an emergency alert blasted from Eric's phone.


The wind was already howling, so the couple dashed to the guest bathroom ...Read more

Wildfire in California no longer stifled by wet winters, scientific report finds

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For centuries, a wet winter in California would significantly have tamped down the chances that a large wildfire would break out the following summer and fall.

However, heavy rain and snowfall no longer protects the state from massive conflagrations in the same way, according to research published Monday in the Proceedings of the National ...Read more

Just chillin': LA never hit 70 degrees this February

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LOS ANGELES -- Home restaurant's sprawling outdoor patio, set under a canopy of large trees, was designed to take advantage of California's temperate climate and typically sunny skies.

But this February has been so cold that the restaurant in Los Angeles' Los Feliz section scrambled to set up extra heaters outside the Craftsman-style house to ...Read more

Tornado Alley could see more severe storm risks this year, forecaster says

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- It's that time of year to start worrying about the spring storm season. And one private weather forecaster, AccuWeather, is predicting a higher frequency of severe storm risks in Tornado Alley, which will include parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska.

"We believe that the more traditional severe weather region of ...Read more

Snow may be tiresome for many, but it means profits for Toro

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Heavy snow in some regions of the U.S. helped boost sales for Toro Co., which makes snowblowers.

The snow helped boost the company's quarterly sales by 10 percent.

The Bloomington, Minn.-based company said its $603 million in sales for its first quarter, which ended Feb. 1, were partly achieved by shipping strategies that moved snowblowers to ...Read more

Las Vegas gets hit with second snowstorm in a week. What are the odds?

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LAS VEGAS -- They started arriving at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign as the first big snowflakes began to fall Wednesday night -- landing softly and slowly turning the green artificial turf around it to white.

Debbie Dixon was so excited, she laughed and clapped and tried to take selfies with her friends to capture the moment of pure, ...Read more

LA could see snow for the first time since 1962

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LOS ANGELES -- Southern California is having a snow day.

An unusually chilly storm system that originated in Alberta, Canada, was lingering over Nevada and had already blanketed Las Vegas with snow early Thursday. In addition to light rain, some areas in the Southland will see a fresh dusting of powder as the storm makes its way across the ...Read more

Wet winter mostly wasted in California

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LOS ANGELES -- California's wet winter has dumped at estimated 18 trillion gallons of rain in February alone. But much of it is simply going down the drain.

In what has become a source of much concern in a state prone to droughts and water shortages, the vast majority of rainwater in urban areas flows into storm drains and is eventually lost to...Read more

California has gotten 18 trillion gallons of rain in February, with more on the way

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LOS ANGELES -- California has already received an 18 trillion-gallon soaking this month -- enough water to fill 27 million Olympic-sized pools -- and the state's wild winter isn't over yet.

A series of storms, including a moisture-packed atmospheric river that slammed the state last week, has brought consistent rainfall in February that has ...Read more

It just snowed in Vegas and likely will again this week. That isn't normal

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LAS VEGAS -- They weren't exactly deploying the snowplows onto the Las Vegas Strip and they weren't shoveling out the entrances to the casinos, either.

But, still, it snowed in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

For a city that was built in the sand and boasts giant replicas of a pyramid, the Eiffel Tower and virtually the entire borough of Manhattan,...Read more

Rare mega storm could overwhelm LA-area dam and flood dozens of cities, experts say

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LOS ANGELES -- Scientists call it California's "other big one," and they say it could cause three times as much damage as a major earthquake ripping along the San Andreas fault.

Although it might sound absurd to those who still recall five years of withering drought and mandatory water restrictions, researchers and engineers warn that ...Read more

Pacific storms continue to feed Sierra Nevada snowpack

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The snow piling onto the Sierra Nevada could be considered more of a snow pile-on at this point.

That's because several feet of white powder have accumulated across the range since the beginning of the month, adding to what has become one of the most bountiful winters California has had in a decade.

The entire Sierra snowpack sits at 141 ...Read more

New storm brings more snow to Southern California mountains; I-5 corridor in jeopardy

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A new storm moved into Southern California on Saturday, bringing light rain and concerns over snow in mountain passes.

Snow was beginning to stick along the Interstate 5 corridor in the Tejon Pass, the National Weather Service said Saturday morning.

Snow level were predicted to drop to 3,500-to-4,000 feet Saturday. Higher mountains could see 2...Read more

California is finally getting a wet winter

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Snow-capped mountains are pretty typical in California -- just not the peaks that got dusted this week.

A series of storms has brought a rare wet winter to the state, sending snow levels plunging and creating some surreal scenes Californians won't soon forget: Blankets of white covering vineyards in Napa Valley. Plows clearing ...Read more

New scale will measure atmospheric rivers from 1 to 5, like hurricanes

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LOS ANGELES -- Marty Ralph was sitting in a San Francisco restaurant a couple of years ago when the morning forecast came on the TV, showing the typical weather symbols indicating what the week ahead would bring: a sun, a cloud, a rainy cloud and a darker, more ominous rainy cloud.

Ralph, the director of the Center for Western Weather and Water...Read more

Hurricane Florence evacuees with disabilities endured unsafe, 'disrespectful' conditions, report says

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RALEIGH, N.C. -- The state set up a special medical shelter in an old building during Hurricane Florence in a section of Goldsboro, N.C., at risk for flooding, a new report says.

In Winston-Salem, people who were unable to climb stairs were marooned on the first floor of the Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, separated by steep stairs from the ...Read more

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