2 tropical waves in Atlantic moving west, hurricane center continues monitoring

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ORLANDO, Fla. — A new tropical wave emerged Thursday morning with 60% odds of becoming the next tropical depression or storm by early next week. Meanwhile, the National Hurricane Center is watching a second tropical wave in the mid-Atlantic.

First, a tropical wave over the Guinea Highlands in Africa is producing thunderstorms Thursday morning...Read more

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Starving cows. Fallow farms. The Arizona drought is among the worst in the country

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CASA GRANDE, Ariz. — The cotton's gone.

The alfalfa barely exists.

"Can you even call this a farm?" asked Nancy Caywood, standing on a rural stretch of land her Texas grandfather settled nearly a century ago, drawn by cheap prices and feats of engineering that brought water from afar to irrigate central Arizona's arid soil.

On the family's ...Read more

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Hurricane center watching new tropical wave over central Atlantic, awaiting another to emerge soon

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ORLANDO, Fla. — A new tropical wave emerged over the mid-Atlantic Wednesday morning with odds of becoming the subsequent tropical depression or storm, according to the National Hurricane Center’s 2 p.m. EDT update. Meanwhile, hurricane specialists are waiting on another wave to roll off the African coast and have increased its odds of ...Read more


This hurricane season could see even more storms than first expected, NOAA says

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MIAMI — Just a few weeks shy of the peak of hurricane season, NOAA released an updated prediction for the number of storms to expect this year — and it’s a bit higher.

The latest prediction calls for 15 to 21 named storms, an uptick from the May update that called for 13 to 20 named storms. NOAA’s prediction for the number of hurricanes...Read more


Drought socks hydroelectricity, putting California in a power pinch

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The annual snapshot of California's electricity generation shows how much drought conditions can affect the state's power mix.

In-state hydroelectricity generation in 2020 dropped 44.3 percent from the year before, according to numbers recently released by the California Energy Commission. All told, 21,414 gigawatt-hours came from a combination...Read more

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In drought-plagued northern Mexico, tens of thousands of cows are starving to death

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CAJEME, Mexico — In the parched hills of southern Sonora, Marco Antonio Gutierrez paced around a clearing, counting the dead.

There were seven rotting carcasses — jutting ribs and shriveled hides — and two sun-bleached skulls. Nine cows, felled by heat and hunger.

"There's nothing for them to eat," said Gutierrez, a wide-brimmed hat ...Read more

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A chilling cure: Facing killer heat, ERs use body bags to save lives

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As a deadly heat wave scorched the Pacific Northwest in June, overwhelming hospital emergency rooms in a region unaccustomed to triple-digit temperatures, doctors resorted to a grim but practical tool to save lives: human body bags filled with ice and water.

Officials at hospitals in Seattle and Renton, Washington, said that as more people ...Read more

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Tornado counts have spiked dramatically. Here's what's behind the surge

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PHILADELPHIA — The atmosphere is often described as an ocean of air, and in terms of the fear and terror they instill, tornadoes thus could be likened to sharks.

Most metaphors being imprecise, the big difference in this instance would be that tornadoes are far more dangerous, as the Philadelphia region just rediscovered.

The raw numbers ...Read more

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Amid crushing floods in China, officials focus not on climate change, but on control

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ZHENGZHOU, China — The mayor of this flooded city arrived at the tunnel at midnight. Muddy water poured across the road as workers drained the six-lane-wide underpass. Dozens of onlookers gathered, hoping to glimpse what lay beneath the water. Police shooed them away.

Chen Yuanqiu lived nearby. He had witnessed the flood and knew that during ...Read more

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Birds jumped from their nests to escape Seattle's June heat wave. Some died. Others needed help

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SEATTLE — Naturalist Jeff Brown bounded up a ladder, cradling a baby hawk into his torso as if it were a delicate football.

Brown, who helps rehabilitate wildlife for the PAWS Wildlife Center, stopped about 10 rungs up on this July morning, leaned his weight against a towering maple and slowly stretched out his hand.

The hawk's talons curled...Read more

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Commentary: Heat waves, wildfires, floods -- what's with all the extreme weather?

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Reading the news over the past month — or maybe just stepping outside — you could get the sense that something has gone wrong with the weather. One heat wave after another has struck the West Coast, which, as a result, is now on fire. Western Europe has been deluged by rain, killing hundreds. Across Asia, from Japan to Turkey, temperature ...Read more

Well-defined low pressure system might become a tropical depression later Sunday

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ORLANDO, Fla. — A well-defined low-pressure system over Central Florida’s east coast might develop into a tropical depression later Sunday or by early Monday, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The system, which was located about 150 miles east of Daytona Beach on Sunday afternoon, is producing disorganized showers and ...Read more

Suspected tornado leaves path of devastation in Michigan village, rallies community

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ARMADA, Mich. — Severe weather and a possible tornado brought destruction to the village of Armada Saturday night. Members of the Macomb County community have been there rebuilding since.

Community members came to the area most impacted — a few blocks off the town's Main Street — to help clean the streets and yards of their neighbors. ...Read more

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As drought slams California and Oregon, Klamath farmers grow fish to quell a water war

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TULELAKE, Calif. — It’s a strange place to find fish, deep in the high desert, where drought-baked earth butts against scrubby mountains.

But water spews from the hot springs on Ron Barnes’ land near the California-Oregon border, pure and perfect for rearing c’waam and koptu, two kinds of endangered suckerfish sacred to Native American ...Read more

Summer of disaster: Extreme weather wreaks havoc worldwide as climate change bears down

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BEIJING — Torrents of murky brown water gushed past the train window, flowing fast through the subway tunnel. Inside, passengers stood on top of seats, clutching their phones overhead as the muddy tide rose past their chests. Some gasped for air. Others sent desperate last messages to family members, telling them their bank card passcodes and ...Read more


Hurricane season: How long will it stay quiet?

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — After a furious start to hurricane season, an eerie calm reigns over the tropics.

No storms have appeared in the Atlantic since Tropical Storm Elsa struck northwest Florida two weeks ago. And nothing is expected for another week or more, as a global climate system causes air to sink over the Atlantic, suppressing the ...Read more

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California faces power shortage as fires threaten electric lines

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LOS ANGELES — Amid record-breaking temperatures and raging wildfires, California’s energy operator has issued another Flex Alert in an effort to stabilize the state’s electric grid.

Over the weekend, a fast-moving wildfire in Oregon knocked out some transmission lines that carry electricity into California, reducing power supplies by as ...Read more

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California heat wave causes misery as temperature records fall

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Anthony Wainscott has known his share of hardship, living the last two years on the streets of California's Antelope Valley. But his personal misery index reached a new plateau during a weekend of record-setting heat.

“It’s extra hot. It’s abnormally hot,” said Wainscott, crouched in the meager shade of a palm tree on the edge of a ...Read more

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Blistering heat wave sets record temperatures across California

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LOS ANGELES — A blistering heat wave set new record high temperatures across California on Saturday — including 120 degrees in Palm Springs — and authorities urged people to conserve electricity as the extreme conditions continue to tax the state’s power grid.

State energy officials announced a Flex Alert, asking residents to conserve ...Read more

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As temperatures hit record highs, Flex Alert urges Californians to save energy Saturday evening

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An intense heat wave brought dangerous conditions to inland and desert regions of Southern California on Saturday.

State energy officials announced a Flex Alert, asking residents to conserve power and set air conditioners to 78 degrees or higher from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday because of wildfire threats.

By noon Saturday, inland valleys from ...Read more