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Hurricane Teddy keeps strengthening, on track to Bermuda. Two depressions may also form

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MIAMI - A strengthened Hurricane Sally made landfall in Alabama early Wednesday, battering the area with heavy rain and winds over 100 mph. Trouble may also be coming for Bermuda, which is forecast to be in the path of a powerful Hurricane Teddy early next week.

Hurricanes Sally and Teddy aren't the only systems on the National Hurricane Center...Read more

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One name is left on the hurricane list, and it's only September. Why so many storms?

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MIAMI - There's only one name left on the National Hurricane Center's alphabetical list of storm names. After Wilfred, it's time for names left untouched since 2005: the Greek alphabet.

And with a good two months left in the formal hurricane season, it's likely that Tropical Storm Alpha might make an appearance somewhere in the Atlantic before ...Read more

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'Absolutely surreal.' Florida Panhandle hit with severe flooding from Hurricane Sally

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A last-minute eastern wobble brought the Category 2 winds of Hurricane Sally - and two feet of rain - to the Florida Panhandle overnight.

Although the storm made landfall in Alabama early Wednesday, it brought hurricane and tropical storm force winds from Pensacola to Panama City. The hurricane flooded dozens of roads, left more than 10,000 ...Read more

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2020 hurricane hunting evolves with new technology in light of COVID-19 safety concerns

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ORLANDO, Fla. - When the hurricane hunter aircraft collected data for Hurricane Laura in August, most of the meteorologists analyzing it weren't on board. That's something new for 2020. They now work thousands of miles away in their own homes interpreting the data thanks to new software developed out of necessity in a COVID-19 world.

Systems on...Read more

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Hurricane Sally creeps toward Gulf Coast, poses threat of flash flooding

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Hurricane Sally is inching toward the U.S. Gulf Coast, where it could inflict as much as $5 billion in damage and losses across Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle from the "historic" flooding it's about to unleash on the region.

Sally's core will come ashore Wednesday along the Mississippi and Alabama coastline, reducing the threat ...Read more


With newly formed Tropical Storm Teddy, NHC tracking five named systems at once

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MIAMI - Tropical Storm Teddy formed in the busy Atlantic early Monday and was expected to "become a powerful hurricane" later this week, according to the National Hurricane Center.

A new tropical depression, the 21st of the season, has also formed in the far eastern Atlantic and was expected to be short-lived, according to the hurricane center....Read more

Smoke from West Coast wildfires pulled into cyclone 1,000 miles offshore, video shows

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Smoke from wildfires raging across the West Coast has drifted 1,000 miles or more over the Pacific Ocean, where it has been pulled into a cyclone, satellite images show.

A video posted Saturday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows smoke from the fires in California, Oregon and Washington being pulled into a swirl over ...Read more

'Fire tornado' hit Huntington Lake, with some roots still burning at more than 1,500 degrees

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FRESNO, Calif. - A "fire tornado" scorched the area near Huntington Lake when the Creek Fire initially picked up in intensity last week, according to Huntington Lake Volunteer Fire Department Chief Chris Donnelly.

The large flames and high winds caused many trees to be uprooted in the old meadow area in front of Kennolyn Camps on the north side...Read more

Hurricane warning, evacuations in place in New Orleans as Sally strengthens

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Tropical Storm Sally is currently expected to make landfall along the Gulf Coast as a Category 2 hurricane as the 18th storm of the season continues to pick up speed.

Sally currently sits about 135 miles west of St. Petersburg, Florida, and about 280 miles east-southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River with winds up to 60 mph, according ...Read more

Tropical Storm Sally is born as South Florida gets soaked and wind-whipped

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. _Tropical Storm Sally came to life over the Gulf of Mexico Saturday afternoon, but South Florida is still feeling gusty winds and heavy rain in its wake.

Total rainfall of up to 6 inches is expected through Saturday night causing some urban flooding across South Florida. A tornado or two is also possible, according to the ...Read more

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Tropical storm watch issued in Florida as Tropical Depression 19 forms off East Coast

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MIAMI - Tropical Depression 19 formed Friday afternoon just off the coast of Florida, and it's on track to dump rain on the state over the weekend before reemerging in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday.

The National Hurricane Center said the depression could strengthen into Tropical Storm Sally as soon as Friday evening, so a tropical storm watch ...Read more

Tropical storms Rene and Paulette moving west through Atlantic; 2 more systems could develop

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Tropical Storm Paulette and Tropical Storm Rene, the season's 16th and 17th named storms formed in the Atlantic on Monday, and now Rene is expected to strengthen into the season's fifth hurricane this week, forecasters said Tuesday.

Rene, which formed Monday off Africa's west coast, is likely to become a Category 1 ...Read more

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Tropical Storm Paulette forms in the Atlantic

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Tropical Storm Paulette, the season's 16th named storm, formed in the tropical Central Atlantic on Monday.

Tropical Storm Paulette was located about 1,3075 miles east of the eastern boundary of the Caribbean and had maximum sustained winds measuring 40 mph, according to the 11 a.m. advisory issued by the National ...Read more

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At 121 degrees, Woodland Hills hits all-time high temperature for LA County

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LOS ANGELES - As a historic heat wave left Southern California broiling, Los Angeles' Woodland Hills section on Sunday recorded an all-time high of 121 degrees, which the National Weather Service said was the hottest temperature recorded at an official weather station in Los Angeles County.

It broke the old record of 119 degrees set in July of ...Read more

Hurricane center watches 4 tropical disturbances, 2 with high odds of development

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ORLANDO, Fla. - What was once Tropical Depression Omar weakened to a remnant low Saturday, but the National Hurricane Center continues to monitor several tropical disturbances throughout a busy Atlantic Ocean on Sunday morning.

The NHC issued its final advisory on Post-Tropical Cyclone Omar overnight. The low is expected to merge with a cold ...Read more

Denver to shiver and sweat through a year of weather in days

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Denver is set to post a year's worth of weather records in just a few days - for heat and for cold - while California will continue to swelter.

The temperature hit 101 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius) in Denver Saturday, and by Tuesday 6 inches of snow could be on the ground, according to the National Weather Service. With readings forecast to ...Read more

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S. California heat wave could break all-time records, raising fears of effects

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LOS ANGELES - A dangerous and potentially historic heat wave is forecast to tighten its grip on Southern California this weekend.

Temperatures are expected to reach 118 degrees in Woodland Hills, 114 in Pasadena, 112 in Burbank and 110 in Simi Valley on Saturday and Sunday, said David Sweet, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in ...Read more

Hurricane trackers focus on 3 potential systems as Omar fades away

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ORLANDO, Fla. - Tropical Depression Omar is still hanging on to its strength Saturday, but it's expected to soon fade into a remnant low. After it dissipates, the tropics will remain a busy place as the National Hurricane Center tracks three systems with odds of development in the Atlantic.

Tropical Depression Omar was located about 550 miles ...Read more

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As another heat wave sears California, experts say health impacts will worsen with climate change

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LOS ANGELES - As the second major heat wave in weeks bears down on Southern California, experts and authorities are warning the public to take seriously the health dangers of extreme temperatures that are only getting worse due to climate change.

If the past is any guide, Los Angeles will see a spike in 911 calls, emergency room visits and ...Read more

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Newsom issues emergency order to help curtail power outages amid expected heat wave in California

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LOS ANGELES - With potentially historic temperatures set to sear California through Labor Day weekend, Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an emergency proclamation aimed at shoring up the state's energy capacity and staving off the kind of power outages and rolling blackouts that left tens of thousands of residents in the dark during the last massive heat...Read more