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California lake gained 89 billion gallons during winter storms. Here's where it's at now

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — Lake Nacimiento in the northern reaches of San Luis Obispo County has seen its banks nearly burst from the winter rainstorms.

The lake gained more than 89 billion gallons since Dec. 1, according to data from the Monterey County Water Resources Agency.

On Dec. 1, the lake held 60,285 acre-feet of water.

By Jan. 11, ...Read more

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NYC blasted with below-zero wind chills, record-setting cold as arctic air mass sweeps across Northeast

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NEW YORK — New Yorkers hunkered down and hid from the cold for a second straight day Saturday as temperatures across the city dipped to the single digits.

More than 20 million people in New York and across the Northeast continued to endure what meteorologists called a brief though potentially life-threatening blast of cold — and on a New ...Read more

NYC blasted with below-zero wind chills, record-setting cold as arctic air mass sweeps across Northeast

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NEW YORK — New Yorkers were hunkering down and hiding from the cold for a second straight day as temperatures across the city dipped below zero on Saturday.

More than 20 million people in New York and across the Northeast continued to endure what meteorologists expect to be a brief though potentially life-threatening blast of cold.

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Bitter blast of winter grips NYC as temperatures plunge toward single digits

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NEW YORK — The New York weather forecast for the weekend: cold, colder, coldest.

Officials warned Friday of single-digit temperatures and wind gusts of up to 45 mph from an arctic front blowing through the city and its suburbs after an unseasonably mild January, with the wind chill making the outdoors feel more like 5 to 10 degrees below zero...Read more

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How do you track an atmospheric river? Climb aboard this reconnaissance jet

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OVER THE NORTH PACIFIC OCEAN — The interior of the plane looked like a cross between a private luxury jet and a space mission control room.

The Gulfstream IV cruised at 43,000 feet, high above a seemingly peaceful layer of thick clouds that stretched to the horizon.

Crew members in blue jumpsuits stared at computer screens that revealed ...Read more

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NYC's streak of no snow ends after Central Park dusting

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NEW YORK — After almost a year with no measurable snowfall, New York City’s snow drought ended Wednesday after a light dusting of wintry mix.

According to the National Weather Service, 0.4 inches of snow was measured at Central Park, ending the city’s 328-day snowless streak. The city was four days away from breaking the record of 332 ...Read more

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How is Texas' power grid holding up as a winter storm grips much of the state?

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AUSTIN, Texas — Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday assured Texans that the state’s power grid is working as a winter storm covers much of the state.

The Public Utility Commission expects to see some outages as a result of icing on electric infrastructure and power lines, but local outages do not mean there’s a problem with the grid, Abbott said ...Read more

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A Florida dairy farm lost 360 cows in Hurricane Ian. Can the damaged business survive?

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Hurricane Ian inflicted more punishment on Dakin Dairy Farms than any other storm in history. Owner Jerry Dakin estimates the damage at $3 million, plus 360 cows lost during the storm.

Four months after Ian, the hurricane’s calling cards can be seen on every acre with piles of twisted metal and missing roofs on cattle barns.

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New York's snow-less streak ties major record, nears another

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NEW YORK — New York City records are falling — because snow isn’t.

The city is poised to break a 50-year-old record Monday for the latest day of winter without the first measurable snowfall — a mark previously set Jan. 29, 1973, according to AccuWeather.

New York is also closing in on its longest stretch of consecutive days without ...Read more

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California makes big increase to 2023 state water allocations after soaking storms

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California’s torrential storms from late December through early January will allow the State Water Project to deliver nearly 1.3 million acre-feet of water throughout the state this year – six times as much as projected before the storms, state water officials said.

Entrenched in a third consecutive year of severe drought conditions, the ...Read more

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Storms ravaged this California town. Here's what happened to those who refused to evacuate

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PLANADA, Calif. — When Rudy Moreno first saw the texts from his relatives two weeks ago asking about the mandatory evacuation order in Planada, he didn’t even know that one had been issued. Much of the small town, made up of about 4,000 people east of Merced, had been flooded due to a breached levee during the storms that deluged the state ...Read more

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After January storms, California raises new State Water Project allocation of 30%

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LOS ANGELES — California water agencies that serve 27 million people will see an increased allocation of supplies from the state after a series of winter storms boosted reservoirs and snowpack, officials announced Thursday.

Less than two months after the Department of Water Resources said it could only give 5% of requested supplies to the 29 ...Read more

January storms leave LA County flood-control dams at risk of overflowing

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LOS ANGELES — Now that the shock of a series of January storms has worn off, Los Angeles County officials face a herculean chore: Five reservoirs along south-facing San Gabriel Mountain slopes are filled with so much debris and soupy mud that they pose a flood risk to the communities below.

Another intense storm, they say, could unleash new ...Read more

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'Dry' California got big rains. Was it really an epic weather forecasting fail?

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For decades, two climate patterns in the Pacific Ocean have loomed large in predicting weather in California and other parts of the globe. El Niño — a warming of sea-surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific — seemed synonymous with wet winters for Southern California, while La Niña was a heralder of drought.

But the would-be model ...Read more

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California oysters are in short supply. Here's why the rain is to blame

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"You can say that we're the only farmers who don't like rain," said Neal Maloney, owner of Morro Bay Oyster Co., a Central California harvester that produces around 1 million Pacific Gold oysters per year.

Since the tail end of last year, when the first in a parade of storms slammed into California, Maloney and many of the state's other oyster ...Read more

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After pummeling, scientists say California storms were more hype than climate change

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LOS ANGELES — As California emerges from a two-week bout of deadly atmospheric rivers, a number of climate researchers say the recent storms appear to be typical of the intense, periodic rains the state has experienced throughout its history and not the result of global warming.

Although scientists are still studying the size and severity of ...Read more

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Parts of California in for a 'quick shot of rain' before drier weather arrives

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LOS ANGELES — A series of atmospheric river storms that dropped record-breaking rain and unleashed chaos across California will end with a whimper this week, as a weak storm will give way to what's expected to be a prolonged drier period.

The latest system, a drizzler compared with the powerful deluges that have hammered the state for the ...Read more

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All the rain and snow in California may result in a big year for hydro -- and that's good news for the grid

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Torrential rain across California in recent weeks has caused plenty of misery, but it could also generate some good news on the energy front: If rain and snow totals hold up, all the precipitation will boost hydroelectric production — and that would help the Golden State's electric grid, especially in the summertime when the system comes ...Read more

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California's record rainstorms are a blessing, a hardship and a spiritual experience

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LOS ANGELES -- In a state crippled by drought, how are we to make sense of the destructive storms that have led our governor to proclaim a state of emergency, even as they fill our reservoirs and replenish our fields?

Here at last is the life-giving water we’ve yearned for: nourishing, regenerative, cleansing and essential, especially in the ...Read more

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The past 3 weeks were the wettest in 161 years in the Bay Area

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — How wet has it been recently in Northern California?

New rainfall totals show that no person alive has ever experienced a three-week period in the Bay Area as wet as these past 21 days. The last time it happened, Abraham Lincoln was president.

From Dec. 26 to Jan. 15, a total of 17 inches of rain fell in downtown San ...Read more