Pandemic and flooding? Science group predicts one-two punch

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WASHINGTON -- The sweeping coronavirus pandemic and extreme flooding are on track to collide this spring, a one-two combination that will hit rural areas particularly hard at a time when emergency and medical services are in short supply, the Union of Concerned Scientists, a science advocacy group, warned Wednesday.

UCS researchers found rural ...Read more

Recovery from Dorian continues in Bahamas as leaders prepare for 2020 hurricane season

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COCONUT CREEK, Fla. -- Hurricane season is only three months away, and for those still recovering from Hurricane Dorian the pressure to remove debris, rebuild destroyed and damaged homes and businesses and restore power and running water is mounting.

"We are already turning our sights to the 2020 hurricane season," said Susan Larson, who heads ...Read more

Tornadoes kill 25 in Tennessee; Super Tuesday voting affected

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At least 25 people were killed and many others injured after tornadoes ripped through Tennessee early Tuesday -- the same day the state was voting in the Super Tuesday Democratic primaries.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee confirmed the death toll at a press briefing in Nashville, saying that the deaths were recorded in four counties across the ...Read more

Tornadoes in Tennessee kill at least 8

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Deadly tornadoes ripped through central Tennessee, leaving leveled buildings and downed power poles in their path.

At least eight people died after a storm system spawned the tornadoes near Nashville, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency said.

The storm lifted a power pole out of the ground and left it resting precariously over an East ...Read more

In Tornado Alley, storms are even more dangerous for people with disabilities

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NORMAN, Okla. -- John High has diabetes, which led to his leg being amputated below the knee two years ago. He has been using a wheelchair since then and hasn't gotten used to having to work out solutions to everyday problems -- such as getting into and out of the shower in the small rental house he shares with his son in Norman, Okla. And when ...Read more

There are rivers in the sky drenching the US because of climate change

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Climate change is spurring a new, deep dive into a complex, little-studied weather system blamed for creating billions of dollars in flood damage across the western U.S.

Atmospheric rivers are narrow ribbons of concentrated moisture that originate in the Pacific and can flow thousands of miles before dropping rain and snow on land. Scientists ...Read more

Record-breaking gust of wind looks like a mistake, forecasters say

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LOS ANGELES -- A potential record-breaking gust of 209 mph recorded atop a California peak is looking more unlikely after further study, National Weather Service forecasters said Monday.

The blast of wind from a cold storm moving south across the state was captured around 7:45 a.m. Sunday by an instrument at 9,186 feet atop Kirkwood Mountain, ...Read more

6 tornadoes strike Mid-Atlantic states with a record 5 in Maryland

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BOSTON -- Six tornadoes tore through the Mid-Atlantic states on Friday, toppling trees, damaging homes and wrecking barns, and setting a new February record for the destructive storms in Maryland.

Unusually warm and humid air pushing up from the Gulf of Mexico, extreme winds in the jet stream, and a strengthening storm passing through the ...Read more

Tornado, storms leave 2 dead in Charlotte, N.C., area. Flooding remains a menace

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Flooding remains a threat in the Charlotte region Friday after a line of severe storms led to the deaths of two drivers, spawned a tornado, downed trees and power lines, and left up to 23,000 Duke Energy customers in Mecklenburg County without power on Thursday.

A driver died when a tree fell on his car during an afternoon ...Read more

As Punxsutawney Phil takes his turn, winter is still nowhere in sight, real forecasters say

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PHILADELPHIA -- Above-normal temperatures in January:

Boston: 9 degrees above normal

Burlington, Vt.: 7.4 degrees above normal

New York: 6.5 degrees above normal

Chicago: 6.3 degrees above normal

Philadelphia: 5.9 degrees above normal

Regardless of whether Punxsutawney Phil does or does not see his shadow Sunday morning, the winter of 2019...Read more

It's been one of the soggiest Januarys ever in Seattle — and more is on the way

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SEATTLE -- Seattle has never had 90 days of rain in a row, despite legends to the contrary. But this month, at least, has perhaps felt like interminable rain and gloominess.

With precipitation predicted every day this week, Seattle is on track to have a record-tying 28 rainy days in January, said National Weather Service meteorologist Dana ...Read more

Watch out for falling iguanas! Weather service issues alert for southern Florida

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The north has blizzards, the Midwest has tornadoes. And South Florida has the danger of being hit on the head by a frozen iguana.

The National Weather Service tweeted a warning Tuesday that unusually cold weather could cause green iguanas to drop to the ground all over South Florida's neighborhoods.

Temperatures ...Read more

Winter heat having odd effect on Outer Banks wild horses

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Freakishly warm January temperatures are having a strange effect on the wild horses roaming North Carolina's Outer Banks, prompting a warning to drivers.

The notoriously independent horses are sleeping on the beaches at night -- in the path of recreational vehicles.

"Please be careful!" the Corolla Wild Horse Fund posted ...Read more

'We got lucky. … It could've been worse:' Forecaster says snow could return but worst of storm is behind Chicago

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CHICAGO -- High waves have receded, winds have died down and as Chicagoans assess the much-hyped storm, they're finding little evidence in terms of overall snowfall.

Even suburban areas to the north and west, where meteorologists had expected as much as 6 inches of snow, saw significantly less than that. Weather spotters in Crystal Lake, in ...Read more

Storm grounds flights, whips up tornadoes and toasts East in wild weather weekend

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A massive winter storm is grounding flights in Chicago, has whipped up tornadoes and hail across the South and will likely push record January warmth into New York, Washington and the entire East Coast over the weekend.

The eastern U.S. was covered with threats from high winds, flooding rains to snow, ice and even tornadoes from Kentucky to ...Read more

Hurricanes, fires, floods: US saw 14 disasters in 2019 that cost billions of dollars

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The United States had 14 major weather disasters last year, with a toll of at least 44 dead and a price tag of $45 billion, according to federal officials.

The biggest disasters of 2019 include eight severe storms, mainly in the South and Midwest, three big inland flooding events, two tropical cyclones that made landfall, and the wildfires in ...Read more

2019 was the soggiest in Midwest history

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ST. LOUIS -- As the year's near-historic flooding would suggest, 2019 left a soggy spot in the regional record books.

The St. Louis area had its fifth-wettest year on record, and its greatest number of rainy days ever, as shown by year-end climate data -- continuing a trend of remarkable saturation and capping the wettest decade in the Midwest'...Read more