Do Edibles Hit You Harder Than Smoking Marijuana

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For the canna-newbie, it is hard to figure out the best way to reach your special place

Those new to marijuana, alcohol, grilling and other things have a period where they experiment to learn how to get the right groove.  Beer is less powerful than shots, you cook chicken a bit longer than beef, but there isn’t as much information about ...Read more

Medical Marijuana Might Help Cancer Pain

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Cannabis research powerhouse Israel produces more cancer and medical marijuana data


Cannabis can not cure cancer, but it can help in a variety of ways including pain, neuropathy, nausea, appetite and more.  But for day to day life, pain and appetite have an oversized influence. Over half of patients  in cancer treatment and two thirds ...Read more

5 Essential Marijuana Products For The Modern Bathroom

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Weed-laced lotions and beauty potions are infiltrating medicine cabinets and bathroom vanities everywhere. Here are some products worth adding to your collection.

Those who use marijuana skin care claim that the hydrating, anti-inflammatory properties save their skin and lips, while beauty experts suggest that cannabis-infused products may ...Read more

Why Does Cannabis Make Some People Freak Out

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Marijuana is not completely understood, which is why some people have adverse reactions to the drug and others don’t.

People tend to have two reactions when it comes to using marijuana: they either find it very relaxing or they don’t. Those who belong to the latter group accuse the plant of causing them tons of paranoia and anxiety, ...Read more

What To Know About Mixing CBD And Alcohol

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Before you wash down that eye dropper of CBD oil with a glass of wine, read this.

If you’re an adult, you already know that mixing substances is a mixed bag. Sometimes you get the results you want, and other times you’re laying in the fetal position wondering how much longer you have to endure your own self-inflicted struggle. The same ...Read more

Study Shows Women Who Use Marijuana Have Better….

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A  new study reveals that cannabis use has a positive impact on their sex lives.

Marijuana and sex, particularly when it comes to women, tend to have a positive relationship. Plenty of studies have shown that for some people, the drug can help them have better orgasms, feel more relaxed and more connected to their partners.

A study ...Read more

CBD Reduces Anxiety And Tremors In Parkinson’s Patients

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New research suggests that CBD may be an alternative treatment for patients with Parkinson’s and anxiety.

If you or a loved one suffers from Parkinson’s disease, you might be encouraged by a new study out of Brazil, which found that CBD can calm nerves in anxiety-inducing situations — specifically symptoms surrounding this debilitating ...Read more

Study Claims Marijuana Consumers Have Higher Sperm Counts

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As it tends to be the case with medical marijuana, new studies keep popping up and contradicting our previous beliefs.

Despite the fact that marijuana has been linked and associated with low sperm counts, a study published on the journal Human Reproduction found higher sperm counts on current and former marijuana users than on men who’d ...Read more

5 Ways Marijuana Can Improve An Active Lifestyle

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Fall is here which includes wet weather, holidays and a change to exercise routines – marijuana can help.

Spring and summer are the most active time of year and autumn starts the transition to more work and a little less healthy lifestyle. Why not use a smaller amount of time and try to boost workouts and take physical activity to the next...Read more

Quick Ways To Cope With Cannabis-Induced Anxiety

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Anxiety is a common consequence of cannabis, especially when consuming too much of it. Here are 5 simple solutions.

Bad highs are common but they express themselves differently depending on the person. For some, the symptoms might be physical, such as nausea or dry mouth. For others, the symptoms can express themselves through paranoia, ...Read more

Marijuana Users Consume To Rock Music

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Americans prefer eating edibles and vaping over Canadians and almost everyone thinks marijuana enhances sex.

Over the past several years, we’ve watched Americans undergo a seismic shift around their perspective on cannabis. Typically, conservative groups like baby boomers and professional golfers have all embraced the plant in larger ...Read more

Which Sports Fans Smoke The Most Weed

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According to a new poll, fans of America’s Big Four sports leagues — NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL — were less cannabis friendly than fans of most other sports.

Although The Smiths frontman Johnny Marr once said America’s pastime was only worthwhile if cannabis was involved, many baseball fans don’t agree. According to a recent poll, ...Read more

Flavor Affects What Marijuana Edible You Buy

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You’ll never guess what flavor dominates the cannabis edible and beverage marketplace.  Data pinpoints a clear cut winner.

Everyone has a favorite flavor. Instinctually you know what that is whether it’s candy, soda, or popsicles. However, that may change with cannabis edibles and beverages, as sales data shows certain flavors rise above...Read more

3 Ways CBD Can Help The 50+

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CBD provides benefits for people of all ages. When used by the 50+ set, it can improve their quality of life in key ways.

CBD is used by people of all ages, but as you age, the body changes and it could use a little extra help. Older adults can generally use CBD safely without experiencing any adverse effects when combined with their existing...Read more

Which Sports Fans Smoke The Most Weed? (Hint: It’s Not Baseball Or Basketball)

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According to a new poll, fans of America’s Big Four sports leagues — NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL — were less cannabis friendly than fans of most other sports.

Although The Smiths frontman Johnny Marr once said America’s pastime was only worthwhile if cannabis was involved, many baseball fans don’t agree. According to a recent poll, ...Read more

The Jewish Faith And Marijuana

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As autumn leaves begin to turn, it is also the Jewish high holy season. It is time for reflection, celebration, being thankful for blessing and to honor the history of the Jewish people.  An ancient tradition upheld around the world and honored in the hearts and souls of millions. Rosh Hashanah is a burst of celebration for the New Year ...Read more

Can Cannabis Help With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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There is no known, underlying medical cause for the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue, which include inexplicable exhaustion that doesn’t improve with increased rest and sleep.

For someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the tasks faced in everyday life feel insurmountable with a limited resource of energy to tap into. The frustrating nature of CFS...Read more

What Heart Patients Should Know About Smoking Marijuana

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There remains no known association between heart disease and marijuana consumption, but patients should know the possible risks.

After smoking marijuana, users commonly describe the effects as sedative or relaxing. It places them in a calmer mood and allows the brain to turn off for a little while. But the same can’t be said for the heart. ...Read more

The Research About Fibromyalgia And Cannabis

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Even though pharmaceutical drugs and OTC pain-relievers are typically used to help manage fibromyalgia, cannabinoids like CBD and THC are being considered more now than ever before.

If you had to guess, how many people in the United States do you think live with fibromyalgia? According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), roughly four ...Read more

Is The Cannabis Industry Growing Up

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The federal government has given small rays of hope to the cannabis industry, is it ready?

The last 2.5 years have been tough for the recreational marijuana industry.  Flower prices have plummeted, New York had a fiasco of a recreational rollout, and some major companies have been on the edge of collapse. But things are changing. The slow ...Read more