Cannabis Has Unique Benefits For People With Bipolar Disorder, Finds New Research

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Researchers found that cannabis was effective in improving cognitive function while helping reduce risky decision making, which is common among individuals with bipolar disorder.

Around 46 million people around the world struggle with the symptoms of bipolar disorder. Also known as manic depression, bipolar disorder can disrupt daily life,...Read more

My Pet World: Training your dog to relax and not bark at guests

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Dear Cathy,

Our one-year-old female Husky mix was adopted during the height of the pandemic and was not exposed to many people outside of our immediate family. For the last eight months, she has been barking incessantly at anyone who comes into our home, especially men. Her barking will stop while the visitor sits quietly, but once they ...Read more

How Marijuana Affects Us Differently As We Age

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With seniors becoming a crucial part of the retail market, it seems high time we understand the different ways marijuana impacts us as we age.

If you use cannabis regularly or have casually enjoyed it for many years, you may have noticed it affects you differently today than it did 5, 10 or even 20 years ago. A lot of this change may have to ...Read more

How To Keep Your Lungs Healthy And Happy As A Marijuana Toker

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Being conscious about what it is you’re doing can go a long way in mitigating lasting damage. And you certainly don’t need to hold big monster hits to get higher.

This is the second article I’m going to write where I highlight some of the more undesirable effects of smoking cannabis. Before the lynch mob comes for me, I’m writing ...Read more

Why Cannabis Beverages Are Not Yet Quenching Their Share Of The Market

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As cannabis lounges start to open and more mainstream brands launch their twist on a cannabis beverage, it’s hard to see this trend going anywhere but up.

Cannabis beverages have come a long way in a very short time. Technology and science has made it possible to emulsify THC and help these beverages hit the bloodstream quicker, getting the...Read more

Will New York Be Able To Control Its Underground Market?

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There’s intense competition from all corners, particularly gray market dealers who are connected to and supplied by California cannabis sources.

By John Schroyer

With the recent issuance of the first-ever recreational marijuana retail permits in New York  — and the launch of adult-use sales inching ever closer — a major question ...Read more

My Pet World: How to build a community cat shelter for the winter

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Dear Cathy,

I have an outdoor cat who “adopted” us six months ago. She appears to be a year old. I feed “Tiger Lilly” twice a day and provide fresh water. She always comes when she hears my voice and even allows me to brush and groom her. The tip of her right ear has been cut off, indicating she’s part of the “Catch and Release�...Read more

5 Signs That It Is Time For A Cannabis Detox

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There are some universal red flags that you can look out for to see if it might be time for you to put down the bong and give weed a break.

With winter and the holidays fast approaching, elastic waisted sweat pants and mid-afternoon sunsets have also reemerged. The dawn of the holiday season not only brings cheer, but also tends to bring some...Read more

Does Marijuana Legalization Increase Alcohol Use? A New Study Might Surprise You

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Recreational cannabis laws in the US may be associated with increased alcohol use, primarily among younger adults and men.

By Jelena Martinovic

Marijuana legalization is associated with increased use of alcohol, a new study published in JAMA Health Forum revealed. The startling new evidence contradicts prior research that showed that ...Read more

Turkey And THC: 5 Tips To Successfully Celebrate Thanksgiving With Cannabis

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Before you head out to meet your family this turkey day, read up on these five essential tips so you can have a successful thanksgiving celebration with cannabis.

Cannabis lends itself quite nicely to Thanksgiving celebrations. From mouthwatering food to reconnecting with loved ones, there are all sorts of reasons why a little weed can go a ...Read more

How To Add Weed To Your Friendsgiving Celebration This Year

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However you do it, have a great time with your friends and remember it is all about being together with those you chose this Thanksgiving.

Friendsgiving season is officially upon us. The trend first surfaced in the mid-2000s when people began reimagining a traditional meal without family but with friends. What’s a Friendsgiving feast these ...Read more

Is CBN The Fountain Of Youth? Here’s What A Recent Study Found

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Can the cannabinoid CBN help slow aging in brain cells, and protect the brain from age-related conditions?

It turns out that one of the ways your brain cells can remain sharp over time is with a steady dose of CBD. Some days back, the brilliant scientists at Salk revealed this fantastic discovery. They said that CBN, a minor and relatively ...Read more

My Pet World Advisory

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EDITORS: The My Pet World column for the week of Nov. 21 is moving early for the Thanksgiving holiday. It has been posted today.

The Fresh Toast

Day Or Night: Which Promotes A Better High?

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Whether it’s for sleep assistance or pain management, marijuana has become part of the everyday routine for many who use it regularly. But is there a “best” time to get high? 

It will prove difficult for a true cannabis lover to find a time of day that isn’t suitable for getting high. There is, of course, the morning wake and bake. ...Read more

Does THC Potency Matter? Here’s What’s Really Important When Choosing Marijuana

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Surprisingly, terpene expression as well as THC potency and dose proved to be a less important indicator of the quality of consumed cannabis.

By Jelena Martinovic

Just as carefully choosing the perfect wine to pair with your meal, selecting your favorite cannabis strain is highly dependent on a variety of factors closely related to an ...Read more

Percentage Of Americans Who Want Legal Marijuana Remains At Record High Level

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A new Gallup poll shows that Americans who support legal weed is at an all-time high.

The number of Americans who support legal marijuana hasn’t waned. A new Gallup poll show that 68% of Americans are more supportive of marijuana than they’ve ever been.

The numbers have greatly increased since Gallup polls first started asking Americans ...Read more

My Pet World: Talk to your vet about your pet’s euthanasia before that day comes

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Dear Cathy,

This is not a question but a plea to other pet owners. Please advise your readers to ask their vets if they will administer sedation before euthanasia. Having euthanized many pets over the years, I assumed it was a standard veterinary practice.

Almost three years ago, however, my cat was lethally-injected directly into her ...Read more

New Study Just Busted Myth That High Potency THC Is Bad

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It makes no sense for medical or healthcare providers to discourage people, including recreational cannabis users, to stop buying high-THC cannabis. Here’s why.

The accessibility to a fantastic array of cannabis these days is amazing. Consumers have hundreds of choices right on their fingertips: from non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD), mind...Read more

Cannabis Measures That Passed The Midterms That You Might Not Know About

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There were several important, albeit lesser known, ballot measures that passed during the midterms that each help to end the prohibition and criminalization of marijuana in the US. Here’s what you may have missed.

The 2022 midterm elections were historical and surprising for many on several fronts. In addition to the unexpected senate and ...Read more

Does Weed Go Bad? Here’s How To Identify Old Marijuana

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In an attempt to extend the shelf life of weed, many people try many things. While some of these might actually work, others are myths that shouldn’t be believed.

Even though cannabis packaging has improved a lot, the product still needs to be stored in a certain way for it to remain fresh. A lot of people still wonder whether they need to ...Read more