Some GOP Show Love To Marijuana

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Long the mortal enemy of legal marijuana – now some members of the GOP are champions.

Traditionally, the GOP has been the nemesis of expanded marijuana legalization. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been proud of preventing national movement. They party also has been quick to blame cannabis use for everything including mass shooting and ...Read more

5 Hacks To Prolong A Marijuana High

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Whether you are a season consumer or a canna-newbie – sometimes you just want the good times to last

Marijuana is coming into its own.  Over 50% of the country has access to weed and Gen Z is wandering away from alcohol toward weed.  California sober has become a thing and retirement communities have embraced weed. No matter the time of ...Read more

Cold Medicine and Marijuana

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Winter is here and so is cold and flu season.  Does marijuana help or hinder OTC cold medicines?

We finally know why we get colds in the winter. According to a study in 2022 published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, the cold weather messes with our nose. The biologic, molecular explanation regarding one factor of our ...Read more

Marathons and Marijuana

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Marathons are the pinnacle of the running world.  They are tough, expensive and can take a toil on the body – but can cannabis help? Roughly 1.2 million people participate in marathons each year.  It is an endurance sport which makes demands on your body and mind.  Running the 26 miles 385 yards is both grueling and exhilarating. People ...Read more

What You Need To Know About Drug Tests

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Roughly 1.47% of US job postings mention required pre-employment drug tests and only 0.66% mention regular drug testing.

The good news is only about 1.47% of US job postings mention required pre-employment drug tests and only 0.66% mention regular drug testing. Yet, a majority of large companies, airlines, and some state and the federal ...Read more

Cryptocurrency Has Not Changed The Cannabis Industry

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It was the buzz of the industry – everyone saw it as an another way to make bank….but it hasn’t worked out

It was the buzz of the marijuana world as legalization become the normal for more states. Everyone wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Cryptocurrency was offered as the answer for dispensaries who couldn’t take mainstream credits. ...Read more

Does A Low Dosage Of Marijuana Help The Libido

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Nothing is more fun than “fun”…and marijuana maybe able to help

Cannabis is known for relaxing, chilling, and making life more pleasurable – in the right amounts. Data results indicated both men and women perceived cannabis use increased their sexual functioning and satisfaction, particularly increased desire and orgasm intensity. ...Read more

Best Hacks For The Home Marijuana Chef

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People are cooking at home more than ever and experimenting. So here are some cannabis tips for when you are in the kitchen

Cooking at home is up with 60% of us cooking at home more than five days a week.  While embracing favorite recipes, some are experiments with new flavors, new styles, new methods – and maybe even cannabis.  To help, ...Read more

Swap Your Favorite Alcohol Drink With Weed

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Habits are changing especially for Millennials.  To help with the trend – we have some alternatives Change is in the air.  The signs were there, a larger focus on health, organic foods at Walmart  and Green Wednesday rivaling drinksgiving. Alcohol consumption is on the decline among millennials, and while some cite health and expense, ...Read more

This Quick Marijuana Tea Will Help You Sleep

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When life gets busy, it makes it hard to sleep. Here is an easy nighttime drink to help get some Zzzzzzz….

Busy schedules sometimes makes for rough nights. The phrases “I am so tired when I hit the pillow I’m out” doesn’t work for everyone. Chronic stress or busyness increases the risk of insomnia.  While episodes of acute stress, ...Read more

Simple Explanation Of Weed Dosage

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For the canna-casual or the canna-newbie, dosage has a huge impact on the journey – here is it simply explained.

California sober, gummies for anxiety, discreet vaping instead of alcohol for weight loss, marijuana use has a whole new consumer population and it is only getting bigger.  Even Governor Desantis‘s nanny state of Florida has ...Read more

Do You Know Where Your Weed Comes From

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You trust your local dispensary or your “guy” – but do you know  about the marijuana?

Legalization continues to march across the US.  Currently, over 50% of citizens have access to approved recreational marijuana and more for medical marijuana.  Even in Florida, the DeSantis nanny state, citizens are balking at his cannabis ...Read more

Does Bad Bunny Use Weed

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Spotify’s reigning King of Streaming, Bad Bunny is a music giant – but does he just kick back and chill?

For three years Bad Bunny has been the global money maker for Spotify, but he was recently dethroned by the juggernaut of Taylor Swift.  So while the Swiftees have changed the top spot, he still reigns at the King of Streaming. His ...Read more

What To Know Before Adding CBD To Your Tea

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Winter weather is here and a nice cuppa tea is perfect on a cold day – and maybe if you added a little extra?

Globally, tea has been consumed for centuries, and for good reason. Numerous studies have shown that a variety of teas may boost your immune system, fight off inflammation, and even ward off cancer and heart disease.Tea is the ...Read more

Crucial Cannabis Hacks For Surviving The Holiday Season

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The holidays are filled with family, friends, crowds, bills and time for celebrations. It can be overwhelming, but we have some ideas

The holiday season can be wildly fun and it generally loved. The rituals from Thanksgiving to New Yearsl mark some of the important moments in our lives.  But all the joy and merriment can come with issues…...Read more

Does CBD Oil Cause Withdrawals

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CBD has become increasing used to treat a variety of things….but what happens if you suddenly quit?  Are there downsides?

CBD has been a hot, over the counter treatment for a variety of ailments. Sold at Walmart, Amazon, and other mainstream retailers, it is everywhere.  Science has indicted it has a beneficial impact on pain, anxiety, ...Read more

What Happens If You’re Caught Flying With Weed

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It is the most wonderful, wait, traveling time of the year….but what happens if they discover you’re bought a little treat? Nearly half the country plans to travel between Thanksgiving and the middle of January, according to the 2023 Deloitte Holiday Travel Survey. “Revenge travel” may be fading but in its place, the recent restricted...Read more

Walmart Has Marijuana Competition On Black Friday

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Walmart, Malls, Best Buy and more are thought of for Black Friday – but marijuana is having an impact also.

Black Friday used to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year…now it has a rival with Cyber Monday. There was a time when the news was filled with brawls breaking out at Walmart as people scrambled to get the best big ticket ...Read more

Can Marijuanan Help A Post-Thanksgiving Detox

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After the indulgence of Thanksgiving – you and your body might be looking to take a break.  Can marijuana help?

Copious amounts of carb-heavy food and washed down with all sorts of drink can leave you in in a drowsy state while you body keeps processing everything. The holiday starts on Friday and there are celebration to come.  Maybe the...Read more

Careful Mixing Marijuana With Alcohol

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It is time to feast, enjoy and be indulgent, but think twice before you combine cannabis and booze

The holidays are a time of big feasts, going large and having fun. Holiday family meals occasionally have members who “need to get something in the car I forgot”, the age old code for a little weed time. But be careful mixing marijuana with ...Read more