Wait, Should I Buy Weed From My Dealer Or The Dispensary?

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There are a number of pros that favor the use of dealers (not that we are advising you to) and also those that favor dispensaries.

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The question of where to get weed from should be expected to have a straightforward answer, right? Wrong. For many cannabis ...Read more

Colombian President Discusses Releasing Cannabis Prisoners & Legally Exporting The Drug

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Recently, Gustavo Petro talked about the perks of legalizing cannabis and possibly releasing prisoners involved with these types of offenses.

Gustavo Petro, the newly elected President of Colombia, is talking about potentially legalizing cannabis during his first weeks in office.

In a summit with the country’s mayors during this past week,...Read more

Majority Of Texans Support Legalizing Recreational Weed, But They Support This Even More

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In Texas, possession of up to 2 ounces is still considered a Class B misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.

By Nina Zdinjak

The majority of Texans support legalization of adult-use marijuana, according to a new Dallas Morning News-University of Texas at Tyler poll. Of those surveyed, 55% ...Read more

Is Cannabis A Threat To Alcohol Sales? It’s Complicated But Here’s What The Experts Say

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Consumer attitudes show that consumption occasions for alcohol and cannabis differ enough that the supposed threat to alcohol sales posed by legal cannabis is minor.

By Maureen Meehan

With the U.S. legal cannabis industry on track to pull in upwards of $46 billion by 2026, many in the alcohol and beverage space are eyeing the cannabis ...Read more

What Is CBDA And How Does It Help The Human Body?

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Researchers believe that CBDA could be the next big medication for treating and maintaining overall mental and physical well-being.

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Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) is a minor cannabinoid with significant medicinal promise. Recent research suggests that CBDA ...Read more

The #1 Difference Between Cannabis Oil And CBD Oil

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Cannabis oil is majorly preferred for recreational reasons. People use it to get high because of its considerable levels of THC.

Smoking might be the trend right now, but trust me, infused oils may very well be the future.

Cannabis plants have various derivatives, a host of psychoactive compounds, 100s of cannabinoids, and various forms of ...Read more

Massachusetts Gov. Signs Marijuana Compromise Bill, But Strikes This Controversial Section

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By Nina Zdinjak

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed into law a marijuana compromise bill addressing social equity and taxes. The Thursday move comes nearly six years after The Bay State legalized recreational cannabis use.

Senate Bill 3096 is aimed at advancing diversity in the sector and regulating the host community agreement (HCA...Read more

Here’s When New York Will Start Accepting Dispensary Applications

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New York’s Office of Cannabis Management announced that they’d soon start taking applications, explaining how the process worked and which people could apply for these licenses.

Marijuana regulators in New York announced Thursday that they would accept dispensary applications starting August 25. These applications will be reserved for ...Read more

How Would The Cannabis Administration And Opportunity Act Work?

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Is the CAOA a perfect model for legalization? Probably not, as I am not sure there is a way to legalize cannabis that will please everyone. However, it is comprehensive and would completely change the cannabis industry.

A few weeks ago, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Sen. ...Read more

Underage And Shopping For Weed? Good Luck Scoring In This State

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A new report shows that cannabis retailers in the state are very careful when letting people into their stores.

Now that marijuana is legal in a variety of places, a lot of people are concerned about teens and access. And while this positive mentality surrounding the drug might push young people to try it out or to fear it less, legal ...Read more

Essential Guide To Microdosing And Macrodosing Cannabis

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Consumers now have the liberty of choosing from so many products and methods of consumption that you can tailor your dose and experience just the way you like it.

Microdosing is a form of consuming drugs in such a way that you avoid getting extremely high. Once associated with psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs such as magic mushrooms and...Read more

Cannabis And Lower COVID Hospitalizations: Is There A Connection? Here’s What A New Study Found

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The authors stated that “the better results could be due to the medicinal properties, including anti-inflammatory effects, of some cannabinoids.”

By Joana Scopel

A new study found that “cannabis consumption is associated with lower COVID-19 severity among hospitalized patients.”

According to the researchers “cannabis may ...Read more

There Have Been Fewer Cases Of Synthetic Cannabis Poisoning In These States

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Newly published data shows that legal cannabis programs can curb the use of synthetic cannabis over time.

Synthetic cannabis is a problem for everyone, affecting those who are for and against cannabis legalization. While people who oppose legal cannabis are concerned with people’s health and with what remains unknown about cannabis, ...Read more

Marijuana Vs. Alcohol: How The Two Industries Are Handling Inflation, And What That Means For Consumers

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Both industries have their own set of inflation problems, and their own ways of coping. What does this mean for the consumer?

If there are two things Americans can’t escape right now, it’s rising prices and the discussion of rising prices. There is no denying that inflation is dangerously high, with the most recent inflation rate at about...Read more

Missouri’s Marijuana Legalization Measure Officially Approved For November Ballot

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By Joana Scopel

Missouri’s Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft issued a certificate of sufficiency to the Legal Missouri 2022 campaign, formally placing the adult-use legalization initiative on the November ballot.

“I encourage Missourians to study and educate themselves on any ballot initiative,” Ashcroft said in a press release. ...Read more

My Pet World: A senior says she is getting injured from a small, but strong dog

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Dear Cathy,

I am an 82-year-old woman who lives with a 20-pound Cairn Terrier. Although he is prey driven, I have had the good health, energy, and strength to handle him until this past year. While walking him, I have suffered a torn rotator cuff and a fractured knee and ankle because he pulled me down to chase a critter I did not spot in ...Read more

What’s The Difference Between The Different Vape Pens On the Market Today?

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There is no simple answer to this question. It essentially depends on your personal needs, your budget and your lifestyle.

It’s only been 15 years since the first vaporizer appeared on the market. But in that time, vaping has evolved into an $18 billion industry, and one that is predicted to grow tenfold by 2030. Vaping is predominantly ...Read more

Study: Dangerous Synthetic Cannabinoids Poisonings Are Less Common In Legal Cannabis States

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By Nina Zdinjak

Illegal synthetic cannabis known under many street names such as Ak-47, K2, Spice, Scoobie Snacks, Mr. Nice Guy and 24-Karat Dream is less commonly used in states that have legal marijuana programs, a Washington State University-led study recently confirmed.

The research published in the Journal of Clinical Toxicology ...Read more

The (Possibly) Best and Worst Countries To Get Caught With Pot

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Death and long sentences aren’t the only parameters worth considering. Even short stints in harsh prisons can result in severe punishment.

By Andrew Ward

Returning to world travel and current events has recently brought cannabis travel back into the spotlight. People are traveling again despite ongoing COVID-19 worries and increasing ...Read more

The Rookie’s Guide To Kush Weed

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Almost a thousand strains of cannabis owe their existence to the amazing Hindu weed. Of all the strains of Kush weed, the closest to the landrace original Hindu weed is the OG Kush.

When an experienced cannabis user hears the slang “kush”, the first thing that comes to mind is high-quality weed. That’s what the kush strain is — a ...Read more