Does Cannabis Help With Bone Health?

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As a result of the effectiveness of cannabinoid receptors in the body, THC and CBD are being explored as tools for promoting good bone health.

The skeletal system is an essential of the human anatomy. We need our skeletal system to stand erect, to walk properly and function optimally. The sad reality is that, a lot of people take their bone ...Read more

Top 10 Reasons People Smoke Weed (According To A Few New Studies)

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The bottom line is that if you know yourself, you’ll always adjust accordingly to optimize yourself for maximum enjoyment/efficiency at life.

Why do you consume cannabis?

This question can be answered in many different ways depending on whom you ask. Someone with a medical condition could be using cannabis to tolerate the aches and pains ...Read more

European Lessons From US Cannabis Legalization Journey

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Europe can use the U.S.’s experience as a blueprint to establish a competitive medical cannabis industry and as a lesson to avoid repeating any of their mistakes.

By Mitesh Makwana, Founder and Chairman of AltoVerde

There is no denying that the last few years have seen big strides made in the legalization of cannabis and the growth of a ...Read more

A Closer Look At The Ever-Increasing Cannabis-Mushroom Products Hitting The Market

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How do both plants interact and compare, and why are marijuana businesses interested in this synergy to create a wellness product?

If you have been paying attention to the fitness market, you must have heard of the term “functional fitness.” This term refers to training your body for the activities you perform daily. There’s also “...Read more

We Don’t Talk Enough About Cannabis And Its Effect On Senior Sex

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When applied to seniors, the plant’s effects can treat a variety of symptoms that affect them, including libido.

Cannabis and its effect on sex is a topic that is often discussed. But cannabis and its effect on the sex lives of seniors doesn’t get nearly as much coverage, but it should.

The range of which cannabis can affect someone’s ...Read more

Pucks & Pot: How The NHL Became A Pioneer In Pro Sports Cannabis Use

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The question now is which sports league will be the next to step up and evolve their views on the place cannabis has in pro sports.

As the puck dropped on another NHL season on Tuesday night, kickstarting the 104th season of play, the league is well-positioned to lead the four major sports leagues out of the Stone Age and into a new frontier ...Read more

Breast Cancer Patients Are Using Cannabis, But Many Are Lacking This Important Step

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A new survey shows that a significant amount of breast cancer patients are using cannabis for medicinal purposes. They’re also not turning to their doctors for answers.

Cannabis has long been used to treat symptoms of cancer. But now a new survey shows that while this is still the case, many patients are wary of sharing this information ...Read more

How To Preserve Your Cannabis Through The Winter

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Storing cannabis is essential in preserving it, but purchasing quality products from respected farmers is just as critical.

As winter approaches, so does the need to preserve the last of nature’s harvests before the arrival of the first frost. Cannabis is harvested throughout the year, but it is crucial to always preserve buds as best as ...Read more

Steve Van Zandt Launches His Own Cannabis Line, Hopes To Stop ‘Unjust Criminalization’

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Ten percent of profits from Little Steven’s Underground Apothecary sales will be put toward the National Organization for Marijuana Legalization.

By Nicolas Jose Rodriguez

Actor and musician Steve Van Zandt is launching his own line of cannabis products, Little Steven’s Underground Apothecary, reports Rolling Stone.

“The United ...Read more

Czech Government Triples THC Hemp Limit To 1% — Will Rest Of World Follow?

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There are still many European countries that will need to follow suit, but every time one country takes the bold step, it means several other countries will do the same.

Europe is beginning to take its cannabis industry seriously, and it is such a rewarding time to experience this movement. We are used to hearing cannabis news from countries ...Read more

Why Are Outside Execs Pouring Into Cannabis Industry C-Suites?

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If you want to be a multi-state operator or try to expand to other countries, it makes sense to hire someone who has the background and experience to help grow the business.

By Andrew Ward

As the cannabis industry scales, so does its need for experienced business veterans to steer companies towards the top. The demand has led to an influx of...Read more

Vaping Lung Disease Less Likely In These States, Finds New Study

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A recently published report shows that the vaping illness known as EVALI was significantly less likely in states with legal marijuana programs.

In what feels like another lifetime, before the COVID-19 outbreak, there was a different type of lung disease affecting a majority of people. Vape consumers, primarily those who consumed cannabis, ...Read more

Another Weed Delivery App Lands On Apple Store

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Customers in California and Oregon can choose between an extensive, curated product assortment of flower, pre-roll, concentrates, edibles and accessories available on Budee’s marketplace app.

By Jelena Martinovic

Stem Holdings, Inc., which is doing business as Driven by Stem, announced Monday that Budee, its e-commerce cannabis delivery ...Read more

Panama Set to Have Legal Medical Cannabis, But Hemp Bill Stalls

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Once the bill is signed into law, Panama will be in a somewhat odd situation: It will gave a legal regime for medical cannabis, but not one for hemp.

Back in October 2019, Deputy Kayra Harding introduced a bill (Proyecto de Ley No. 323) to promote the development of the hemp industry in Panama. The bill would establish a licensing regime for...Read more

5 Common Problems That Plague Marijuana Users And How To Fix Them

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Regular marijuana users tend to know how to get high efficiently. Still, accidents happen. Here’s how to fix them.

Seasoned marijuana users don’t tend to stumble into bad highs or a bong that smokes poorly. These people tend to be ready when it’s time to smoke, having all of the necessary tools to get high as smoothly and efficiently as...Read more

What Are The Next States To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In 2022?

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These states are making the most efforts to guarantee their recreational cannabis bill is approved next year.

Gone are the days when predictions on state legislations could be given based on the ruling party. The stereotypical belief of states being red or blue has been tossed out over time, especially in talks regarding cannabis legalization...Read more

Can You Guess The Time Of Year When People Are Least Likely To Use Marijuana?

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Marijuana use fluctuates throughout the year. A new study shows why, when and how much.

For most people, marijuana use ebbs and flows. There are weeks were you smoke a lot and others where you’re busy doing other things. New research looking into drug use over the course of a year suggests that there’s some seasonal variation; while every...Read more

Here’s What You Can Do With Extra Weed

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Extra weed is usually stored for future use, but if you’re going away on a trip or simply want to do something different with it, there are several things you can do.

While it’s rare that you have weed laying around your house that you simply don’t want to smoke, it can happen, especially when you harvest your own marijuana or suddenly ...Read more

Forgo The Wake And Bake — And 4 Other Cannabis Productivity Hacks

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Here are a few tips for anyone interested in boosting their productivity while maintaining  a regular cannabis habit.

I recently had to stop smoking weed to go on an Ayahuasca ceremony a week or so back. While I’m not a hardcore “stoner” anymore, I have been smoking cannabis consistently for years now. If I was thrown in front of a ...Read more

Michigan Report: Cannabis Dispensaries Not The Main Source Of Weed Purchases

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Roughly 70% of the state’s cannabis consumption occurs outside of retail stores, either through home cultivation, medical caregivers, or illicit transactions,

By Jelena Martinovic

Anderson Economic Group’s principal and CEO Patrick L. Anderson joined by AEG consultant Andrew Miller testified on Tuesday before the Michigan House of ...Read more