What Happens To Marijuana Scraps?

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In this modern age of marijuana, what happens to the part of the plant that doesn’t get you high? There are many options.  

Endless time, money and thought go into exactly what to do with marijuana buds once they are ripe for the picking. There are ever-evolving methods of extraction, and always a new and exciting way to consume cannabis....Read more

This State Just Halted THC Testing For Drivers

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It appears that dozens of drivers who might have consumed CBD have been wrongfully penalized for testing positive for THC.

By Lydia Kariuki

The Michigan State Police/Forensic Science Division (MSP/FSD) recently halted THC toxicology testing for drivers suspected to be driving under the influence of marijuana. This came after a “technical ...Read more

Marijuana Vacation Rentals Remain Niche But Are Catching On

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Marijuana rentals are becoming more and more common, with hosts offering their guests a string of unique and memorable activities.

A weed getaway is more complicated than it sounds. While you may live in a legal state, the drug’s status of your destination matters. Marijuana is also federally illegal, meaning that transporting it across ...Read more

If THC Percentage Doesn’t Matter, Why Not Just Smoke CBD?

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Some of the most powerful cannabis strains have THC percentages in the teens. But they are falling out of favor as the market embraces strains that test above 30%.

By Lydia Kariuki

A recent Forbes article suggested that THC percentage is the cannabis industry’s biggest lie. True enough, the industry is polarized on this issue which ...Read more

The Complete Guide To Cleaning Your Cannabis Bongs, Pipes, Dab Rigs, And Vapes

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With the right cleaning tools and solutions, cleaning your favorite pieces is quite simple.

There’s nothing worse than taking a smooth hit only to be greeted by the taste of resin and dust. Not only does unkempt herb gear soil even the highest grade of flower, but it also stinks up your home and clothing. Avoid harsh hits and foul odors by ...Read more

It’s Official: Arkansas To Vote On Legal Marijuana This Fall

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Despite the fact that supporters of the measure submitted more than enough signatures for the issue to move on to the election ballot, it needed final approval from the board.

The Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled that voters will be able to legalize recreational marijuana come November elections. Thursday’s decision overturns an earlier ban...Read more

Kansas AG Candidates Criticize Wichita’s Recent Marijuana Decriminalization — Here’s Why

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Starting today, the state’s largest city will no longer prosecute cannabis cases. Neither man running for AG are supportive of the idea.

By Jelena Martinovic

The Wichita City Council recently green-lighted marijuana possession within the city limits, making the largest city in Kansas the least restrictive on cannabis possession ...Read more

Some Cities Are Inadvertently Supporting Illicit Cannabis Sales, According To New Report

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Instead of reasonably regulating legal sales, it’s increasingly common for leaders to opt out of legalized sales entirely, with unintended consequences.

By Joana Scopel

Leafly released a first-of-its-kind report detailing the unintended and harmful consequences that occur when local municipalities choose to opt out of legal and ...Read more

Why Cannabis Consuming Parents Need The Protection Of Child Welfare Laws

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 While societal rules are changing, people’s personal norms aren’t because if it’s acceptable to smoke weed outside, how do parents set ground rules at home?

As of the time of writing, 18 states and the District of Columbia have already legalized marijuana for recreational use. A majority of US states have also approved it for ...Read more

Indiana Lawmakers Divided Over Marijuana Legalization Ahead Of 2023 Session

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By Jelena Martinovic

Earlier this year, regulators in Indiana agreed that more research on the potential health benefits and decriminalization of cannabis is required before taking any legislative action. Now, lawmakers have moved from words to deeds.

On Tuesday, the Interim Study Committee on Public Health, Behavioral Health and Human ...Read more

How To Beat The Munchies — Is It Even Possible?

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How can you stop the pizza and junk food cravings after a smoke session? You can either stop smoking entirely, or try some of these tricks.

Cannabis has so many benefits, from pain whether emotional or physical, to spiritual exploration. However, for people who may be plagued with a few extra pounds – there is one downside to cannabis: the ...Read more

The Most Cannabis Friendly Religions

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While many popular religions are still figuring out their modern day policy on marijuana, some religions have been cannabis friendly all along.

Some people describe marijuana as a spiritual experience. It certainly has the ability to expand the mind and help you relax at the same time, which can allow you to accept all sorts of positive ...Read more

How To Choose The Right Cannabis Strain

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Investing a little more time into researching various cannabis strains can pay off once you find that strain that ticks all the boxes.

There are so many ways to consume marijuana these days, but inhaling cannabis flower remains to be the most popular way to medicate. Whether you are a medical or recreational consumer, the benefits of smoking...Read more

With Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Imminent, Germany Gears Up To Capitalize On Global Weed Wanderlust

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With Germany located in the heart of Europe, there is strong potential for tourism growth and expansion to an audience of EU travelers and other international visitors. By Niklas Kouparanis, CEO and Co-founder, Bloomwell Group

Tourism has become a profitable and ever-growing asset of the licensed cannabis industries within the U.S. and Canada...Read more

My Pet World: How to deter (humanely) feral cats from your yard

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Dear Cathy,

I know you're a proponent of people providing food and shelter to feral cats. However, feral cats don’t leave their waste where they feed and shelter. This creates a problem for neighbors facing the smell, damage, and cost of cleaning up after the feral cats that deposit their excrement on their property.

I have suffered ...Read more

How Weed Is Affecting Pharmaceutical Profits — And What That Could Mean For Legalization

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Perhaps, rather than fighting off cannabis, pharmaceutical companies can invest more into understanding the many possibilities and benefits of cannabis.

Individual states continue to open their doors to medical and recreational marijuana, and as they do a new frontier of treatment options opens up to all that states citizens who struggle with...Read more

Police Recruits In This City Will No Longer Be Disqualified For Past Weed Use

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New Orleans Police Department says that police recruits who have used marijuana within the past year are not automatically disqualified from becoming cops.

This week, the New Orleans Police Department made a change in their policy as a way of attracting new police officers. While historically, NOPD recruits were disqualified if they admitted ...Read more

Why Males And Females Respond Differently To Cannabis

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Generally, cannabis effects that have been closely linked to gender differences include anxiety and depression, pain relief, appetite, sex drive, energy, and even the tendency to drive under the influence.

By Lydia Kariuki

Traditionally, males have consumed cannabis more than females. However, this gap is quickly closing as more females ...Read more

Top 5 Most Popular Types Of Marijuana Packaging

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Here are some of the most popular and noteworthy approaches to weed packaging today to help you get a sense of how far this simple afterthought has evolved into a deciding factor in the industry.

Marijuana used to come in little, difficult to open yet easy to rip baggies. If the supplier happened to be in a festive mood, maybe the bag had ...Read more

Big Pharma Loses Billions With Each State That Legalizes Weed, So What Is Their Next Move?

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To think that Pharma doesn’t have a strategy against a plant that is costing them upwards to $10 billion of lost potential revenue is to be ignorant of the ways of Pharma.

Want to know why historically Big Pharma sat in opposition of cannabis legalization? Well, if the findings of the latest study published in the journal PLOS ONE, their ...Read more