Home For The Holidays? Here’s How To Use Weed Discreetly

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If you’re spending the holidays at home, you need a backup plan for all of your weed needs. Here it is.

As the holidays approach, the majority of us are consolidating our plans. Whether these mean going back home to stay with your parents or hosting some guests in your home, you’re going to want to make a plan when it comes to your weed ...Read more

What’s Going On With Cannabis Industry Licensing In The US?

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Because of the popularity of legalization, many states with limited sales or unclear laws may be changing in the near future.

By Tia Moskalenko

The United States presents a unique perspective on the legality of cannabis. It is not yet legal on a federal level, and yet each state is permitted to legalize its use and production to whatever ...Read more

The Surprising Reason Some Cannabis Smells Skunky — And Why It’s Good For Your Health!

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The notoriously pungent smell of skunky cannabis share molecular structure similarities as those in garlic — and the actual skunk!

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The unique smells that cannabis contains is one of the many things that’s so special about it. With over 200 terpenes, ...Read more

Janet Yellen Says ‘Of Course’ Cannabis Companies Banking Billions Would Help IRS

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In states where cannabis is fully legal, financial institutions that accept weed-earned cash can face federal charges, which forces cannabis growers, distributors and retailers to perform their transactions in cash.

By Maureen Meehan

When Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter of the House Financial Services Committee asked Treasury Secretary ...Read more

Federal Foot-Dragging On Cannabis Rescheduling Hampers Vital Research, Harms Veterans And Millions More

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Public health officials agree that the federal government’s current grip on cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug precludes it from rigorous research, harming millions.

By David E. Carpenter The federal government’s current position on cannabis and its stranglehold as a harmful Schedule 1 drug, which makes it ineligible for rigorous medical ...Read more

Marijuana Banking Reform: Millions Seek Banking Services Via Defense Act

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The feds have a vested interest in allowing marijuana businesses to access banking, if for no other reason than to more effectively collect taxes from them.

By David E. Carpenter

In a bid to see marijuana banking reform passed as part of this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), vocal members of labor and financial ...Read more

8 Surprising Cannabis Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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From the Mayflower to the American flag, and even the first internet purchase, cannabis has hid in plain sight.

Cannabis, in all its forms, is more prevalent and accessible than ever before in this country. Still, it often seems that much of its story is mysteriously unknown. Health studies are still very new, and it sometimes may seem that ...Read more

There’s No Proof Smoking Weed Occasionally Is Harmful, Says Top Federal Drug Official

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Dr. Nora Volkow did however restate that she is “absolutely” worried about higher rates of marijuana use and that frequent consumption, in the long run, can produce “harmful effects even on the adult brain.”

By Nina Zdinjak

Director of National Institute On Drug Abuse (NIDA) Dr. Nora Volkow recently discussed the benefits and ...Read more

New York City First In The US To Open Safe Injection Sites For Illegal Drugs

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These harm reduction services will play an important role in helping to curb the drug overdose crisis plaguing New York City and the United States.

By Jelena Martinovic

On Tuesday, New York City became the first in the nation to open two overdose prevention centers (OPC) where people can use illicit drugs and receive medical care and ...Read more

7 Common Myths About Marijuana Debunked

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We’re now armed with more facts about marijuana than ever before, but a lot of misinformation continues to circulate. Here are some untruths you should be aware of.

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, so do   myriad myths and legends. Fallacies and untruths about marijuana have existed as long as its opponents have. The main difference ...Read more

New Zealand: First In World To Legalize Drug Checking At Public Events

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The primary aim of such testing is to assist people in making informed and safer decisions about whether or how to use an unregulated drug.

By David E. Carpenter

New Zealand has recently distinguished itself as the first country in the world to legalize drug checking services, most notably for people attending festivals and other events. ...Read more

CDC Warns Of Stoned Driving Risks, Offers Workplace Cannabis Policy Advice

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CDC calls on businesses to educate drivers on the effects of marijuana on cognitive abilities and recognizes the importance of providing support for employees struggling with addiction.

By Nicolas Jose Rodriguez

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is giving advice to businesses on how to develop marijuana policies, reported...Read more

How America’s Outlook On Medical Marijuana Has Changed Since The Passage Of Prop 215 — 25 Years Ago

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Now that more than half of the U.S. has permitted legalized medical marijuana, it’s clear to see the ripple effects that the law has had.

It’s hard to put into words how far along the fight to end marijuana prohibition has come. It’s fair to assume that much of that progress wouldn’t have been possible without the passage of ...Read more

Florida Lawmaker: Decriminalize Illicit Drugs, Lower Cannabis Penalties

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The legislation also demands that Florida’s health department research more effective methods of addressing drug addiction in lieu of criminalizing.

By Nina Zdinjak

Florida representative Dotie Joseph (D) submitted a legislative proposal “Collateral Consequences of Convictions and Decriminalization of Cannabis and All Drugs Act” ...Read more

Post Thanksgiving Detox? Here’s How Cannabis Can Help

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Thanksgiving is a time for tons of delicious food and drink. If you’re thinking of detoxing for a couple of days or a week, here’s how cannabis can help.

The holidays are known for a lot of things, among them, the copious amounts of decadent food and alcohol we consume. While there’s likely more celebration to come, the week after ...Read more

A General Guide To Testing And Dosing Marijuana Edibles

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It’s important to always take it slow when you are consuming edibles because the moment you eat too much, you’re in for a trip.

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When it comes to consuming cannabis, it’s always a good idea to test your tolerance. However, if you are new to consuming...Read more

California Develops Standardized Marijuana Testing In Attempt To Clear Up Inconsistencies

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Cannabis advocates praise the move saying that it will help raise the quality and reliability standards in the industry, protect consumers and also minimize false test results.

By Nina Zdinjak

In an attempt to deal with cannabis testing issues and laboratory inconsistencies, California is standardizing the process throughout the state...Read more

Essential Guide To Understanding Marijuana Concentrates

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Concentrates should certainly be handled carefully. Just like with any form of THC, one should carefully research and monitor their consumption.

As marijuana business continues to explode in its growth, the methods of its consumption seem to evolve just as quickly. Flower cannabis represents only a small portion of most dispensary retail ...Read more

3 Great Uses For Your Already Vaped Bud

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Knowing these hacks can be instrumental in helping cannabis users save money by extending their weed stash. 

One of the most popular trends within the cannabis world is vaping dry herbs. It’s easy to see why people find vaping dry herb appealing, considering the fact that it’s healthier than traditional forms of smoking and more discreet...Read more

Lab-Grown Cannabinoids: Is The Cannabis Market Ready?

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Synthesized cannabinoids could help fill today’s market gap for rare cannabinoids and provide a chance to produce cheaper formulations that enrich the commoditized CBD segment.

By Natan Ponieman

Much of cannabis’ disruptive potential lies in the plant’s ability to produce cannabinoids like THC and CBD. When it comes to rare ...Read more