Most Americans Don’t Think Weed Is Dangerous, But They’re Split On Whether It Does This

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56% of those who think that drug misuse is getting more serious in the US don’t see cannabis as one of the causes.

By Nina Zdinjak

The majority of Americans don’t think cannabis is dangerous, a new survey by Rasmussen Reports revealed. The poll questioned 1,000 Americans about drug misuse and whether they believe marijuana is dangerous ...Read more

Dr. Peter Grinspoon’s Recommendations On Using Cannabis To Manage Chronic Pain

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In a recent interview, he expressed his finding that “people almost exclusively talk about their quality of life getting better when using cannabis as compared to opiates.”

In the field of medical cannabis, not many issues have been hotly debated as that of cannabis in relation to opioid addiction. (Is cannabis the ultimate exit drug for...Read more

Who’s Smoking Weed In The US? Here’s A Breakdown

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As this landscape of marijuana users continues to shift, here are some interesting findings as to exactly who is smoking marijuana these days.

If you’re at a Pink Floyd light show, the odds are the person next to you is high. But what about when you are at a grocery store, or waiting in a procession for your college diploma, or in a voting ...Read more

The Rise Of Marijuana Mixology

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Although it is true that great cocktails come down to the perfect balancing of spirit, sweet, sour and bitter and salty, there is creativity and achievement to be made in this exciting realm of marijuana mixology.  

It seems like every time you enter a dispensary, there is a brand-new way to consume cannabis.  Whether it is an edible in...Read more

An Alcoholic’s Guide To Cannabis Consumption

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Replacing your alcohol addiction with a weed addiction is not the way to wean yourself off of alcohol. Here are some potentially helpful insights as to why.

The other day I stumbled upon a Reddit post written by a former booze hound who switched to cannabis to quit drinking.

The post went like this:

I quit drinking about 16 months ago, but...Read more

Why Cannabis Users Prefer Black Market Over Legal Marijuana In Uruguay

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Buyers of Uruguay’s black market explain that the country’s marijuana products are limited and it’s easier to acquire what you want from the black market, even if the legal route results in cheaper products.

Legalizing marijuana is a slow, tedious process, with no clear recipe for success. A perfect example of this is Uruguay, the first...Read more

These Two States Received More Tax Money From Weed Than From Alcohol Or Cigarettes

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The data also lends credence to the belief that legal cannabis could curb the consumption of substances like alcohol and tobacco. With every new year, legal marijuana states prove that the plant is a good source of income. In the Fiscal Year 2022, the states of Washington and Colorado had more revenue from cannabis sales than from alcohol or ...Read more

Oklahoma Suing Pregnant Women For Consuming Medical Marijuana

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According to state law, physicians are not obligated to determine if patients are pregnant or are planning a pregnancy soon before they provide them with a medical marijuana license.

By Nina Zdinjak

Since 2019, at least 26 women in Oklahoma were charged with child neglect felonies for consuming cannabis while pregnant, according to The ...Read more

How To Enjoy Dabbing Without A Dab Rig

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These five tried-and-tested techniques will save the day when you have concentrates. Just because you don’t have a dab rig doesn’t mean you can’t get high.

Dabbing has become one of the most popular ways that experienced cannabis consumers get high. This method of consumption involves placing a tiny amount of cannabis concentrate on a...Read more

Amazon Loudly Backs Cannabis Legalization, But Silently Bans Weed Grinders

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A search for “spice grinders” on Amazon shows more than 8,000 results for grinders and at least 660 for “spice grinders for cannabis.”

By Nina Zdinjak

Amazon made headlines last year when it came out in support of ending marijuana prohibition. Now, it seems the company has gotten cold feet. It is reportedly clearing spice ...Read more

Is Regular Marijuana Use Linked With An Overactive Bladder?

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While researchers don’t understand why marijuana affects bladders specifically, a new study shows that regular marijuana users were at higher risk of overactive bladder disorder.

Marijuana use is becoming increasingly common. And as more states legalize the plant for recreational and medicinal purposes, more and more people are confident in...Read more

How Many Milligrams Of THC Is Too Much?

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It might not be possible to fatally overdose on weed, but you sure can have so much that you wish you never got high in the first place. Here’s how to avoid that.

Although we hear it time and time again, we often have to learn the hard way that there is truth in the phrase “having too much of a good thing.” This saying, while annoying ...Read more

Libertarian Candidate Blasts Iowa’s Governor For Staunch & Racist Weed Policies

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According to a 2021 poll, 54% of adults say they favor legalizing weed for recreational use in Iowa, while 39% oppose it and 6% are unsure.

By Nicolás Jose Rodriguez

Libertarian candidate for governor Rick Stewart opens one of his recent TV ads by questioning Iowa’s Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) about her resistance to legalizing marijuana ...Read more

Survey: DC Voters Overwhelmingly Support Marijuana Legalization — And Oppose This

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The survey of more than 600 people revealed that 72% of them support marijuana legalization, while 66% of them supported a cannabis reform law that makes low-level possession legal.

A new survey shows that Washington D.C. voters are embracing cannabis. Not only do voters want the drug to be legalized and available to everyone who wants it —...Read more

Another Study Finds Link Between Medical Marijuana And Less Opioid Use

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Aside from treating a variety of conditions that plague the lives of millions of Americans, the side effects associated with weed are nowhere near as risky as the ones that’ve been linked with opioids over the past decades.

One of the best arguments for legal marijuana is its possible influence on the opioid crisis. Supporters of cannabis ...Read more

My Pet World: A seven-year-old cat suddenly shows signs of aggression

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Dear Cathy,

I have a seven-year-old male mixed tabby cat named Sam that I have had since he was five months old. He is neutered. For the past two to three months, he has started biting me after being in “lovey mode,” where he purrs and rubs against my head, neck, face, or chest. These attacks seem to be happening more and more often ...Read more

What Happens To Marijuana Scraps?

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In this modern age of marijuana, what happens to the part of the plant that doesn’t get you high? There are many options.  

Endless time, money and thought go into exactly what to do with marijuana buds once they are ripe for the picking. There are ever-evolving methods of extraction, and always a new and exciting way to consume cannabis....Read more

This State Just Halted THC Testing For Drivers

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It appears that dozens of drivers who might have consumed CBD have been wrongfully penalized for testing positive for THC.

By Lydia Kariuki

The Michigan State Police/Forensic Science Division (MSP/FSD) recently halted THC toxicology testing for drivers suspected to be driving under the influence of marijuana. This came after a “technical ...Read more

Marijuana Vacation Rentals Remain Niche But Are Catching On

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Marijuana rentals are becoming more and more common, with hosts offering their guests a string of unique and memorable activities.

A weed getaway is more complicated than it sounds. While you may live in a legal state, the drug’s status of your destination matters. Marijuana is also federally illegal, meaning that transporting it across ...Read more

If THC Percentage Doesn’t Matter, Why Not Just Smoke CBD?

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Some of the most powerful cannabis strains have THC percentages in the teens. But they are falling out of favor as the market embraces strains that test above 30%.

By Lydia Kariuki

A recent Forbes article suggested that THC percentage is the cannabis industry’s biggest lie. True enough, the industry is polarized on this issue which ...Read more