How Much Does Weed Cost?

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The price of marijuana can change significantly from state to state. Here are some factors that could have an influence on the final price tag.

Cannabis is gaining more and more traction across the United States, with each passing election approving new medical and recreational programs in various states. If you’ve never been to a marijuana...Read more

Effectively Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Cannabis Oil And Minimal Side Effects

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With the low-risk associated with cannabis, there is plenty of cause for additional and more extensive clinical studies and trials. 

An often debilitating condition, multiple sclerosis (MS), affects millions of adults. As a disease affecting the central nervous system, symptoms include vision loss, pain, fatigue, and impaired coordination.

...Read more

How Marijuana Can Change Your Relationship To Money

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A study by University fo Michigan researchers found that cannabis users produce less dopamine at times when the chemical should be running rampant in the brain.

Although the cannabis industry is one of the largest growing businesses sectors in the United States, some of the science published over the years finds that cannabis users are not ...Read more

FTC’s Crackdown Against CBD Market Stirs Mixed Feelings Among Cannabis Pros

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A well-designed regulatory scheme aimed at bad actors without over-regulating the industry would likely lead to positive market gains, says one industry expert.

By Andrew Ward

Recent settlements between the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and six CBD operators underscore the latest attempt to curtail long-running mislabeling concerns.

A...Read more

Anti-Marijuana Mitch McConnell Could Still Control Senate As Minority Leader

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The filibuster will probably remain on the books. And that will inevitably cause marijuana to travel another rough road for the next few years.

Cannabis advocates rejoiced upon hearing that Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer would replace Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader on Wednesday. The recent victory by the Democrats in the Georgia ...Read more

States Most Likely To Legalize Cannabis In 2021

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Contenders span the country, from the Northeast to the Southwest as well as some of America’s more conservative states. 

American cannabis reform momentum could propel several states to pass legislation this year. Last year saw five states pass ballot initiatives, emboldening the belief that more reform efforts are on the horizon this year...Read more

PTSD, Opiates, Cannabis, And The Journey Towards Recovery

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The high rate of cannabis use for chronic pain and the subsequent reductions in opioid use suggest that cannabis may play a harm reduction role in the opioid overdose crisis.

Post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) is a highly prevalent disorder among the world population, particularly veterans. Whether from childhood neglect, being around ...Read more

Indiana Senator Attempts To Decriminalize Marijuana

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“Our neighboring states have made efforts to address unjust marijuana laws, and it’s time for us to do the same,” said Senator Karen Tallian.

It has been said that Indiana will be one of the last states to legalize marijuana. The state is run by a bunch of holy-rolling Republicans who believe weed is the root of all evil. And they just ...Read more

Giving Out Free Weed At COVID Vaccination Sites, Probably Not The Best Idea

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Smoking is so hazardous to respiratory health that some states are even putting smokers on the list of people who can get the coronavirus vaccine sooner than later.

Everyone likes “free” weed. This is especially true during borderline apocalyptic times, like these, which are full of uncertainty, unrest, and sheer freaking panic. Not only ...Read more

OCD And Cannabis Therapy: Recent Studies Show Progress

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Cannabis may be able to benefit those with OCD or related anxiety disorders by either promoting balance with the ECS or regulating the presence of serotonin.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder that is distinguished by obsession, habits, and rituals, such as opening rituals required to open a door. These behaviors are ...Read more

4 Ways Cannabis Can Stimulate Your Sex Life

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The stigmas surrounding sex and cannabis still exist, even though there is an ever growing demand for enhanced sexual aids.  

The world is warming to cannabis and sex. Recent reports indicate that the global market for each shows sizable growth. 

The sexual wellness market is forecasted to reach $39 billion by 2024. Meanwhile, the ...Read more

4 Things To Consider When Looking For A Medical Marijuana Doctor

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Finding the right medical marijuana doctor might take some time and patience. Here are some things you should consider when looking for one.

Doctors who will prescribe you medical marijuana are just as important as primary care physicians. What works for one person may not work for another; it all depends on personality, the conditions you’...Read more

The Story Behind New Spanish-Language Cannabis Site, El Planteo

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“Cannabis is no longer just for stoners, and the media needs to catch up on that. That is why El Planteo has been so well received.” — co-founder Natalia Kesselman

Latin America continues to grow their legal cannabis space and now has dedicated media. El Planteo is a Spanish-language media outlet dedicated to delivering news on ...Read more

Does Chris Evans Smoke Weed?

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Rumors are swirling that Evans is going to be squeezing back into his Marvel suit to reprise his role as Captain America.

Chris Evans’s rise as one of America’s most famous actors has been steady and consistent. Ever since he first appeared in Not Another Teen Movie in the early 2000s, Evans outshined the majority of his cast mates, who��...Read more

Michigan Cannabis Sales Near $1B In First Year Of Adult-Use Sales

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On its first day of legal adult-use transactions in December 2019, the state generated $221,000 in post-tax sales.

By Jelena Martinovic

Cannabis sales in Michigan spiked during December, bringing the total to $984.6 million for 2020.

Medical cannabis sales accounted for $474 million for the year, while adult-use sales reached $510.7 ...Read more

Hey, Protestors Planning Assaults On Capitol Buildings: Smoke Some Weed And Chill

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A Gallup poll published last year found that political liberals are somewhere around six times more likely to get high than conservatives. 

Trouble is brewing. The recent attacks on the U.S. Capitol has America trembling, and the scent of Civil War is in the air. There’s a whole mess of Trump supporters who, much like Trump himself, aren��...Read more

How To Get Edibles To Hit You Faster

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Edibles are known for their strong and (often) delayed effects. Here are some tricks that can help you get your desired results faster.

It’s a crapshoot with edibles. You never really know if you’ve consumed enough, because the effects don’t hit you until you’ve waited a few hours or after you’ve inhaled an entire batch of pot ...Read more

Inflammation & Obesity: Can Cannabis Help Break The Cycle?

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To kick-start quelling inflammation, adding cannabis cultivars (strains) that are high in CBD may be just what the dietitian ordered.

Like most chronic lifestyle-related diseases, inflammation is at the core. Obesity is no different. When it comes to obesity, many doctors often prescribe a slew of medications to treat the accompanying...Read more

Many Of Us Are Using Weed To Cope With This Common Emotional State

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A survey conducted on stress and burnout says that a large percentage of Americans have turned to cannabis as a source of relief.

It’s barely 2021 and already we’re comparing its stress levels to 2020, which was filled with a record number of stressors. But if a recent survey is any sort of pulse check, many of us have found a source of ...Read more

Why The US Medical Marijuana Market Probably Wouldn’t Allow Smoking

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A new study shows cannabis smokers have higher concentrations of dangerous toxins like naphthalene, acrylamide and acrylonitrile in their system than non-smokers.

One exciting development that the United States could see this year in terms of marijuana is a less restrictive attitude toward medicinal use. As part of the party’s campaign ...Read more