The 4 Biggest Problems With CBD Products

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Many consumers are snatching up CBD products that may not be all they’re cracked up to be.  

If it weren’t for cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, the marijuana industry would be on the streets begging for nickels rather than enjoying the fruits of a business sector that is predicted to be worth $22 billion within the next few ...Read more

PTSD Patients Report On Efficacy Of Medical Cannabis

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Because of all the incredible therapeutic benefits of cannabis for PTSD, more are turning to it as an alternative medication.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has proven to be one of the most challenging psychiatric disorders to treat. With over 8 million people suffering from PTSD, and 1 in every 13 people who will suffer from it ...Read more

Difference Between A Marijuana Dispensary And A Liquor Store

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What’s the difference between stepping inside a neighborhood weed store and retail outlets designed to cater to the alcohol consumer?

Back when cannabis advocates were first successfully moving to legalize marijuana for recreational use at the state level, one of the most popular phrases used to describe what that might look like is “in a...Read more

These Are The Next Big Cannabinoids To Go Mainstream

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Extensive works of research are ongoing which means more cannabinoids will be unveiled as time goes on.

For many years the focus of a lot of people about cannabis was just the plant itself. However, as research blossomed in the marijuana sector, more and more people started to learn about the chemical components in cannabis called ...Read more

Responsible Vs. Reckless Weed Use: This THC Breathalyzer Knows The Difference

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Having a device that can distinguish marijuana use from other types of behaviors will help police determine the right course of action.

Now that marijuana is legal in a growing number of states, the use of THC breathalyzers — a thing that’s been discussed at such length, it’s almost become an urban legend — is imperative. After ...Read more

US Cannabis Sales Projected To Hit $28 Billion In 2022

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In the U.S., flower comprises most of the total yearly sales, hitting $11 billion this year, and estimated to reach $12 billion in 2022. By Nina Zdinjak Headset, a provider of data and analytics to the cannabis industry, is releasing long-term projections for the U.S. and Canadian markets. Figures will be updated at the end of every quarter. ...Read more

Cancer Patients Say Cannabis Is Just As Effective Or Better Than Cancer Treatments

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Many doctors also believe that cannabis is best used together with other forms of medicine, so don’t use this as an excuse to no longer see your oncologist.

Data from the journal Gynecologic Oncology Reports reveals that most gynecologic oncology patients find cannabis products to be either just as effective or even more effective compared ...Read more

Cannabis Sales Expected To Hit $370M In Days Leading Up To 420

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According to a new report, sales will be higher among males than females, while customers between the age of 30 to 40-years-old will be the most interested in purchasing cannabis products.

By Jelena Martinovic

Cannabis software firm Akerna Corp (NASDAQ:KERN) expects national cannabis retail sales to reach $95 million on 4/20, the ...Read more

Do You Experience Withdrawal If You Stop Using Cannabis Cold Turkey?

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Withdrawal symptoms experienced when quitting marijuana will not always be severe for everyone. Here’s why.

In recent years, the attitude of the majority of people towards cannabis has changed, mostly from negative to positive. In the past, cannabis was often viewed as a potential threat for drug abuse in young people, which gave it a bad ...Read more

Uber Wants To Explore Marijuana Delivery Once It’s Federally Legal

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Uber is interested in the “types of deliveries that a high percentage of consumers are going to want delivered fast into their home and are quite frequent,” which includes weed.

Your future cannabis purchase may be as easy as ordering take-out. The CEO of Uber said that the company would “absolutely” explore including marijuana ...Read more

Adult-Use Cannabis Is Now Legal In New Mexico

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Signed bill HB2 also regulates the production and sale of recreational cannabis while including measures to incentivize populations disproportionately impacted by prohibition to enter the industry.

By Natan Ponieman

On Monday, New Mexico became the latest state to legalize adult-use cannabis, after Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed the ...Read more

Does Consuming Marijuana Help You Lose Or Gain Weight?

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A 2015 study found that obese mice actually lost weight from ingesting cannabis because THC caused changes in the gut microbiome that regulates weight loss and digestion.

Cannabis consumers have known for years about the effects of cannabis on appetite.

In fact, one of the more enduring stereotypes of the side effects of cannabis usage is ...Read more

Small Harvard Study Shows ‘Real World’ Medical Cannabis Treatment May Help With Chronic Pain

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The study found that higher THC consumption was connected to pain relief, while CBD intake was related to mood improvement.

By Nina Zdinjak

Cannabis treatment can significantly help with chronic pain, according to a new study conducted by Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital in Boston.

Thirty-seven patients enrolled in the study with...Read more

PTSD Patients Report On Efficacy Of Medical Cannabis

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Because of all the incredible therapeutic benefits of cannabis for PTSD, more are turning to it as an alternative medication.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has proven to be one of the most challenging psychiatric disorders to treat. With over 8 million people suffering from PTSD, and 1 in every 13 people who will suffer from it ...Read more

Here’s What You Should Know If You’re Caught Driving While High

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Marijuana is like a road test ninja. THC that could indicate intoxication remains in your body for days, even weeks, as small amounts continue to be released into your bloodstream.

Nearly every discussion by lawmakers looking to shoot down cannabis legalization includes concerns about driving while high: Get us a roadside testing device or we...Read more

Does Using Cannabis For Sleep Cause Crazy Dreams?

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When you spend more time in a state of deep sleep after taking THC, you may not wake up with as much clarity about your dreams, but you will have a more refreshing sleep experience.

Have you woken up from sleep and thought, “What kind of dream did I have last night?” Or maybe you’ve dreamt the same dream over and over again and you’re...Read more

Federal Marijuana Legalization Could Mimic End Of Alcohol Prohibition

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 Congressional Democrats are working this year to get something on the books. It might not be as far-reaching as many hope, but legal weed will get there eventually.

Federal marijuana legalization is inevitable in the United States, but it’s likely to involve small steps to get there. Right now, Senate Democrats are gearing up to push a ...Read more

What Happens When You Combine Cannabis And Adderall?

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If you are already suffering from ADHD, ask your physician about medicating with CBD or cannabis instead of Adderall. But don’t mix the two. Here’s why.

Adderall is a widely prescribed medicine for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. It can also be used to treat narcolepsy.

Because it’s become so ...Read more

Some Massachusetts Landlords Are Trying To Ban Edibles, But Can They?

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To ban residents from consuming any form of cannabis is playing into the stereotype that cannabis users are “less than” their non-smoking counterparts.

Can your landlords evict you for smoking cannabis on their property? In Massachusetts, landlords do have the right to evict you if you “smoke” but they do not have permission to evict ...Read more

How New York Cannabis Legalization Prioritizes Equity

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As many states are doing, New York fully embraced the concept of social and economic equity by setting a target goal of 50% of licenses issued to social and economic equity applicants.

After years of fits and starts, New York finally legalized adult-use cannabis and expanded its previously restrictive medical cannabis program. As the nation�...Read more