How About Marijuana Peeps For Your Basket

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Why not take a holiday classic candy and make it even more fun!

Love them or hate them, Peeps have become a staple for Easter and other holidays.  Each year across the US and Canada, retailers are filled with things for holiday from chocolates, to new clothes to the infamous little bunnies. Newspapers have contests asking people to do a ...Read more

Marijuana Makes 70 The New 50

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While cannabis isn’t the face of the fountain of youth, your body may feel younger thanks to consuming

The buzz is Gen Z is turning away from alcohol to marijuana and California sober is the new thing for the other 35 set. But look around the corner and you see seniors are also using marijuana more.  Part of the reason is helps the body ...Read more

Chill On National Unplug Day With A Gummy

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For mental health, it is national unplug day – grab a gummy and let your brain relax and enjoy real life!

Today is the day to pull the plug on your electronic devices, kick back and enjoy life in real time. It promotes giving our brain, body and eyes a chance to heal and readjust to life in the moment. What better way to start March then ...Read more

Marijuana Could Help Women With FOB

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With between 38-63% of women dealing with this issue – it seems medical marijuana could help.

Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOB) is something effecting between 38-63% of women at some point. It involves difficulty in achieving orgasm, substantially decreased intensity of orgasm, or both. While with most, it happens occasionally, for FOB it the ...Read more

NY Begs Tech Companies To Solve Their Weed Problem

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As New York fails because of their failed marijuana rollout, they are constantly turning to random industries to solve their problems.

New York is an economic engine for the country, from Wall Street to the fashion and media, it sets the pace for the rest of the country.  New York City has 18 million people, making it the most populous city ...Read more

Does McConnell’s Exit Signal The End Of Marijuana Prohibition

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In a somewhat surprise, Mitch McConnell has announced his decision not to run again for Senate GOP leader in November…changes ahead.

Mitch McConnell embraced being called the Darth Vader. For 17 years he has commanded the GOP Senate, and, had an oversized influence in the larger Republican Party. In the last year, he has been plagued by a ...Read more

TAC Is A Way To Have More Marijuana Fun

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As you expand your knowledge and experience with marijuana…TAC is a way to maybe adjust your trip

Legalization has brought in millions of new users to marijuana. People are leaning into the joy and relaxed high without hangovers.  Gummies have become the most popular, but many in their learning curve are enjoying flower. The plant is ...Read more

What Is A Marijuana Micro License

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The cannabis industry is innovative – and now there is a new thing which has popped up – the micro license! The cannabis industry has to be innovative. With regulations, zoning, and banking restrictions all against a background of building public support…you have to be clever.  The latest idea to emerge is the micro license. What is a ...Read more

Will Surge Pricing Hit The Cannabis Industry

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Surge pricing is flirting with another industry – to the fear of consumers….will marijuana be next?

Surge or dynamic pricing is already a part of business and consumer behavior. Uber, airlines, and hotels have been leaders in charging more for something when you need it the most.  Uber has constantly faced harsh backlash for charging for...Read more

Can CBD Oil Help Dogs With Seizures

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It is unexpected in dogs, but they can have seizures…and maybe CBD oil can help Dogs are man’s best friend and are simple adorable. But roughly 2-5% of dogs have epilepsy, something you wouldn’t expect. Prior to the seizure, many pets (like human) will experience the aura stage.  The pet appearing anxious, frightened, or dazed, as if the...Read more

ALS And Medical Marijuana

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Star Trek actor Kenneth Mitchell lost his battle with ALS.  Can Medical Marijuana help others who suffer?

The Fresh Toast – It is a devastating disease and more research needs to be done to help patients. And in regards to help, what about ALS and medical marijuana?

Roughly over 5,000 people in Canada and the U.S. are diagnosed with ALS ...Read more

Cannabis Is Still A Bro’s World

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Despite the talk of equity – cannabis remains a bro world.

Barbie was a huge success raking in over $1.4+ billion worldwide and one of the biggest movies last year.  It was a tale of women understanding and leading.  But, it seems it wasn’t as big of hit in the cannabis or alcohol industries.  Like alcohol, the marijuana industry is ...Read more

Sweden And Marijuana

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Sweden is in the news again. But digging deeper, is just a frosty nanny state?

Sweden is home to the Northern Lights, Abba, incredible nature and wildlife, cold winters and cool classic design. IKEA, Ericsson and Volvo are among the global companies who started in Sweden. It is a democracy with a parliament and a ceremonial monarch (who are ...Read more

Why Marijuana Is Good To Use During A Cleanse

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New year, new you….while we are moving to the later part of the first quarter of the new year, there is still time for healthy habits. Detoxification (detox) diets are more popular than ever. They claim to clean your blood and eliminate harmful toxins from your body. But science and data are still out on effectiveness.  But if you do it, ...Read more

Should You Use Cannabis Instead Of Ice For Injuries

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Ice has long been the friend for an injury or sprain? But maybe you should expand the mindset?

The old go to for a strain or injury is ice or cold compress. Pulling a bag of frozen peas from the fridge is a go to and provides some relief. It’s usually most effective shortly after the injury  This involves an ice pack or ice compress placed...Read more

Why Marijuana Smells Skunky

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It is the telltale sign someone is having fun. Whether walking down the street or stepping into a crowd, you know exactly what is going on. Marijuana has a distinctive oder to clue you in when fun is going on.  But as cannabis goes mainstream and becomes legal, the smell is increasing fading. Here is why marijuana smells skunky and why is it ...Read more

5 Key Things To Know About Cannabis Concentrates

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When you are young, you can experiment, but as you age – you want to minimize after effects…we got you when it comes to the next step with marijuana

High school and college were the days of experimenting. Lessons leads to stories about crazy things and some unfortunate times. But as you age and move to a more sophisticated self, it is ...Read more

What Is The Difference Between Marijuana, Hemp And Cannabis

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Most use cannabis and marijuana interchangeably, add in hemp and it can be a bit confusing – what is the difference.

Legal cannabis is sweeping the US and EU and is already the law in the land in Canada.  More and more consumers are buying gummies, hemp drinks, and vapes.  California sober has become a thing and Gen Z is drifting away ...Read more

Parkinson’s Disease and Medical Marijuana

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Michael J Fox brought attention to Parkinson’s at his recent appearance at the BAFTA awards.  But what about Parkinson’s Disease and Medical Marijuana

Parkinson’s disease is one of the worst things to happen to a person. Ultimately, an active mind will be trapped in a non-functioning body. Along with the physical symptoms of Parkinson...Read more

Can CBD Help With Winter Hair Care

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Harsh cold weather can do a number of your hair….should you add CBD to your healthy hair routine?

Winter is tough on the hair. Like skin, it can often feel dry in the wintertime. This is mainly due to the lack of humidity leaving it slightly damaged. Curly-haired folks are more likely to suffer since it takes longer for natural, ...Read more