House Democrats Postpone Marijuana Legalization Bill Until After The Election

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Moderate Democrats had urged Democrat leadership to hold any marijuana bill, concerned with how any votes could affect their re-election.

Don’t expect any bills that would legalize cannabis to receive floor votes until after the Election. The Marijuana, Opportunity, Reinvestment, and Expungement (MORE) Act, which would have effectively ...Read more

How Rock Climbers Can Use Marijuana In Recovery And Training

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Improved sleep, training motivation, and reduced anxiety are just some ways in which marijuana can help climbers.

Long-time rock climbers know that it isn’t a matter if you suffer an injury, but when. Any significant time climbing inevitably results in scrapes, dislocated fingers, tendonitis, and more serious setbacks. Don’t get most ...Read more

The California Fires and Cannabis

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For licensed growers worried about how the fires will affect them, options are available if you know the rules.

Yesterday, my Harris Bricken colleague Vince Sliwoski wrote a post entitled, “The Oregon Fires and Cannabis“. Given how fires have been ravaging California for the past few weeks, I thought I’d write on how California’s ...Read more

CBD 101: A Cheatsheet For Beginners

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CBD is a popular yet complex compound. Here’s a breakdown of the basics.

CBD is everywhere, with most people having at least heard of it. Still, the majority of people don’t know how it works, only knowing that it’s part of a trend and that the product provides benefits for the mind and body. These go all over the place, from stress, to...Read more

5 Common Benefits Of Sativa Strains

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Cannabis strains aren’t as important as people think they are. Still, some key effects have been associated with sativas separate from others.

As two primary cannabis forms, sativas and indicas become associated with certain behaviors and effects. However, the value of these definitions has lost weight over time. Their effects are not as ...Read more

Here’s Why You Using A Weed Grinder Is A No-Brainer

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You don’t need grinders to smoke marijuana but you should still use one anyway. You’ll thank us later.

Marijuana flower is easily malleable. Once it’s cut down to small pieces, it can be added to bongs, pipes, rolling papers and all sorts of recipes for sweet and savory dishes. A lot of people think that once they have the weed, they’...Read more

Can CBD Cause You To Fail A Drug Test?

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The law claims CBD products can only contain a minuscule amount of THC, but try telling that to your boss when you fail a drug test.

CBD is so popular that it’s easy to forget that it comes from marijuana, a federally illegal drug despite all the talk and hype that surrounds it. While companies advertise CBD products as safe and risk-free, ...Read more

Kamala Harris Promises No Cannabis Reform Half-Steps, Then Promises A Half-Step

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The Biden-Harris Administration promised marijuana decriminalization and expungement, which advocates argue doesn’t go far enough.

Kamala Harris promised voters Monday a Biden Administration would not take any half-measures on cannabis reform, and promised a Biden-Harris pairing would decriminalize cannabis nationwide. The statement sent ...Read more

6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve The Life Of Seniors

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Cannabis has shown promise for relieving Alzheimer’s Disease, chronic pain, poor appetite, and other issues that affect seniors.

The older we get, the more demands and care our bodies require. One estimate claims that by the year 2030, the current statistics on senior diseases will be doubled, resulting in 15 million adults that will suffer...Read more

Is Enduring Justice For Medical Marijuana Coming Soon?

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A medical marijuana case questioning the constitutionality of the DEA’s scheduling of medical marijuana had included both former AG Jeff Sessions and current AG William Barr as defendants.

The cannabis industry has never been a favored industry by U.S. Attorney General William Barr. His predecessor, former AG Jeff Sessions, also had issues ...Read more

Study Says Long Term Cannabis Use Doesn’t Increase Pain Sensitivity

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Medical marijuana has long been used for pain relief. A new study says that, unlike opioids, marijuana doesn’t increase patients’ pain sensitivity.

Though opioids can be useful medications that provide strong relief, their negative side effects can outweigh their positives, contributing to America’s growing opioid addiction problem. ...Read more

Could Legal Marijuana Fund Medicaid Programs? This Gov. Thinks So

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New Mexico Gov. sees legalization as funding stopgap for government programs like Medicaid, and will campaign for it.

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham expressed regret this April the state did not legalize recreational cannabis before the coronavirus pandemic. Lawmakers were discussing ways New Mexico’s economy could recover and avoid...Read more

Marijuana Lawsuits Cost Missouri $1.3 Million With No Medical Sales Yet

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The money was supposed to fund veteran programs but instead Missouri is burning through cash to defend itself in court.

In 2018, Missouri voters approved a ballot measure to legalize medical marijuana in the state. Two years later and licensed sales have yet to occur. Instead, businesses that applied for a license and were rejected have filed...Read more

Colorado Gov.’s Cannabis Go-Around Could Come-Around Big Time

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As a U.S. senator, John Hickenlooper could be the hero this industry thought he was eight years ago as governor of the first state to legalize recreational cannabis.

As he coordinates the platform for his senate run to unseat Republican incumbent Cory Gardner, it’s a good time to revisit former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s stance...Read more

10 Historical Figures Who Loved Cannabis

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You definitely learned a thing or two about these notable figures during your classroom studies, but we bet your teacher didn’t mention that they all smoked weed. We’re here to school you.

Provided by The Odyssey Group People love smoking weed. They always have, and they always will. So, it should come as no surprise that some of our ...Read more

10 Historical Figures Who Loved Cannabis

Health / Cannabis Daily /

You definitely learned a thing or two about these notable figures during your classroom studies, but we bet your teacher didn’t mention that they all smoked weed. We’re here to school you. People love smoking weed. They always have, and they always will. So, it should come as no surprise that some of our favorite historical figures we ...Read more

Marijuana Decriminalization, Record Expungement Now Top Priority For Biden-Harris

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Cannabis reform, or lack thereof, appears an influential factor in the upcoming presidential election based on recent comments by both campaigns.

Comments from a top Biden-Harris aide show how the Democratic presidential ticket has prioritized cannabis reform ahead of the 2020 election. Symone Sanders, a senior advisor to Biden, stated in a ...Read more

3 Things Older Adults Using Marijuana Should Be Cautious Of

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A new survey found that marijuana use nearly doubled among men ages 65 to 69 between 2016 and 2018.

Now that marijuana has earned legal status across different states, it has gone through a process of reevaluation. People of all ages are now more open to trying the plant, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. One of the fastest ...Read more

This Texas Law Unintentionally Caused Cannabis Arrests To Drop In The State

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Hemp legalization caused confusion among police and prosecutors, who have instead adopted a ‘Smart on Crime’ approach.

The Austin Police Department will no longer cite or arrest people for small possessions of cannabis, Police Chief Brian Manley wrote in a July memo. The announcement essentially decriminalized marijuana possession in the ...Read more

The Oregon Fires And Cannabis

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The Oregon Liquor Control Commission states that moving product to an unlicensed area, even in evacuation scenarios, is not allowed.

Wildfires are ravaging Oregon, Washington and California. They are truly terrible. Here in Oregon, a full 500,000 residents have been evacuated as I write this blog post on the evening of September 9. Portland...Read more