Scientists Issue Guidelines Over Safe Cannabis Use

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Researchers believe the only natural way to prevent getting hammered with cannabis-related health issues is to sidestep it.

Ever since marijuana started going legal in the United States, the news has been filled with countless reports of people getting their butts handed to them because of it. At first, much of the trouble was blamed on ...Read more

Cannabis Cravings: Study Addresses Why It Happens

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Explaining that cravings for marijuana are not static but rather present in patterns, a recent study looked at the central executive network of the brain and its fluctuations. 

We now have a better understanding of why cannabis users crave the herb — and it has a lot to do with brain connectivity.

Published in the journal of Human Brain ...Read more

US Cannabis Legislation Update: ‘SAFE Act Gaining Steam’

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The SAFE Banking Act would allow U.S. banks to service cannabis companies in states that have legalized weed.

By Wayne Duggan

The ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF MJ 1.42% is down 26.3% in the last three months as efforts to push for federal U.S. cannabis legalization haven’t progressed as quickly in Washington, D.C. during the early ...Read more

State Governments Are Starting To Ban Delta-8 THC

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Last month, a warning was raised by a chemist on the constituents of delta-8 THC, its production techniques, and other unknowns.

Delta-8 THC is fast becoming an ever-present compound. While this may seem like good news, it is a thing of concern. There seems to be a lot of misinformation about this compound, with a lot of concerns about the ...Read more

What Ever Happened To All Of That Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana?

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It might have begun as a fluke, a scare tactic, and eventually spiraled out of control and frightened the nation into thinking they might die a horrible death from smoking weed.

Right before the world got hammered with a pandemic that infected millions of people, put even more out of work, and led to months of lockdowns that convinced the ...Read more

Bongs And Pipes: What’s The Best Option For New Smokers?

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Bongs and pipes are great first steps for any marijuana enthusiast. They’re a natural progression for someone who’s smoked some weed with friends and wants to develop a deeper relationship with cannabis.

New cannabis smokers face many exciting first steps. Whether to buy sativa or indica, consume edibles, smoke joints or vapes, and which ...Read more

Why The US Cannabis Industry Is Better Positioned Than Canada To Go National

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Should federal legalization pass in the U.S., sales could boom not only because of broader demand, but because American companies are prepared for this eventuality.

By Lauri Kibby of Kings Garden.

Cannabis industry optimism in the United States is mounting alongside increasing expectations for national legalization.

Skeptics, however, point...Read more

This TikTok Hack Might Help Control Weed Induced Anxiety

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This viral trick claims to quickly reduce marijuana induced paranoia and anxiety. There’s some science that supports it.

Regular marijuana smokers are intimately acquainted with weed anxiety. This phenomenon, which tends to happen for first timers, for people who smoke a different strain of weed or who overindulge, can quickly throw a ...Read more

GOP Congressmen File Marijuana Legalization Bill, But Don’t Get Too Excited

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It remains to be seen how Democratic lawmakers plan to deal with the cannabis debate in 2021. But rest assured, the battle won’t be easy.

Although Republicans are expected to make it a challenge this year for cannabis reform on Capitol Hill, a couple of Congressmen of the GOP in the House of Representatives have come forward with a bill ...Read more

What Can Marijuana Strain Names Tell You About A Product?

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Having a regulated system of naming cannabis strains takes the pressure off marketing and PR strategists that most consumers feel are coming up with meaningless names.

Cannabis products are named the same way everything else in the world is named. Some names are unusual, some fascinating, some silly, and others logical. Most of these names ...Read more

Somebody Should Let Federal Government Know Americans Want Legal Marijuana

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The U.S. is in a unique position right now to make drastic policy changes that will continue to benefit the country for decades to come.

You or someone you know wants the United States government to legalize marijuana. In fact, it’s more likely than not that most of the people you rub elbows with on any given day support ending federal pot ...Read more

How Cannabis And CBD Can Help Eliminate The Stigma Around Mental Illness

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 With marijuana use and mental health both wildly stigmatized, perhaps there are solutions in place that are as simple as having a conversation.

Millions of Americans are coping with mental health issues. Often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, those who suffer in silence with mental illness issues often remain silent due to the stigmatization ...Read more

Thyroid-Related Headaches And CBD: A New Solution To An Old Problem

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Study after study is finding that not only does CBD oil help with headaches, but also pain related to inflammation and anxiety.

It’s often said that there is nothing like the exhaustion of a thyroid condition. The endocrine system, when not in working order, can wreak havoc on many functions within the body. Functions like: MetabolismMenstr...Read more

Are Marijuana Hangovers Real? Here’s What You Should Know

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Weed hangovers are different than alcohol hangovers. They’re still uncomfortable, but come with a whole new host of side effects.

Weed hangovers are a mystery. Unlike alcohol hangovers, which happen to even the most resilient drinkers, when weed hangovers happen there’s never much of an explanation. Maybe you smoked more than you’ve ...Read more

The Disconnect Between Cannabis Companies And Consumers

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Ultimately, you want to make a “black market competitive weed” where the price maybe is elevated due to regulatory costs, but still very accessible to blue-collar consumers.

There is a reason why roughly 80-90% of the weed purchased in Canada is still from the black market — price.

When cannabis was illegal, it was one of the cheapest ...Read more

Forced Labor And Cannabis

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While no industry should consider itself exempt from the risk that its supply chain will be contaminated by forced labor, agricultural production is of particular concern.

In recent weeks, I have spoken to several entrepreneurs interested in growing cannabis in Africa for exportation to the United States and other markets. It is not hard to ...Read more

Marijuana Social Clubs Are The Last Major Step For Legalization

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No one has considered copying the Dutch model where people can buy small quantities of cannabis and smoke it on site or take it home.   Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article solely belong to the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Fresh Toast.  There are three major steps in the legalization of marijuana: Stop ...Read more

What Ever Happened To All Of That Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana?

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It might have begun as a fluke, a scare tactic, and eventually spiraled out of control and frightened the nation into thinking they might die a horrible death from smoking weed.

Right before the world got hammered with a pandemic that infected millions of people, put even more out of work, and led to months of lockdowns that convinced the ...Read more

Marijuana Is Bipartisan, But That Doesn’t Mean Federal Legalization Is A Sure Thing

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It seems more crucial for the cannabis movement to keep pushing forward on a state-by-state basis.  

There was once a time when the only lawmakers supporting the concept of legal marijuana were those long-haired candidates running as independents that didn’t have a chance at winning anyway. But times have changed. Now Democrats and ...Read more

Why Investors Are Taking A Closer Look At Cannabis Real Estate Nationwide

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Since the election of President Biden and the Democratic wins in Georgia, investors are getting more and more interested in cannabis-related real estate.

Cannabis properties can often command premium rental rates, but the first questions real estate investors always have are: 1) Is my money safe in a cannabis property, and if so, 2) are the ...Read more