Japanese Company Claims To Make CBD Out Of Orange Peels

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Hiro International says its orange peel CBD is structurally the same as the CBD found in the cannabis plant.

When lawmakers enacted the 2018 Farm Bill, they accidentally created a loophole responsible for the CBD wellness mania seen in recent years. The law allowed manufacturers to use industrial hemp to produce CBD oil and other products, ...Read more

Pa. Republican Lawmakers Say Marijuana Legalization ‘Inevitable’ Post-Pandemic

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Though Republicans in Pennsylvania long opposed recreational marijuana, lawmakers have come around in order to fix sizable budget deficits.

The Tri-State area is among the U.S. regions most ravaged by the coronavirus pandemic. The United States has more than 1.6 million cases and nearly 100,000 deaths, according to reports by the Centers for ...Read more

How To Choose And Use CBD Tinctures

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CBD tinctures are similar to CBD oils, but there are some key differences. Here’s what you should know.

CBD tinctures are a reduced form of the cannabis plant. They are usually comprised of a strong CBD strain that is dissolved in alcohol, which, over a period of weeks, absorbs the benefits of the compound. After the liquid is strained, and...Read more

Gummy Products Are Changing The Way People Think About CBD

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Innovative hemp products, such as CBD gummies, are now being combined with essential vitamins and nutrients merging CBD and health in intriguing ways.

When CBD first entered the marketplace the products were limited and consumers lacked knowledge so they were skeptical. The years have passed and the CBD market has exponentially expanded with...Read more

Why We Should Reach For Marijuana When We’re Angry

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Cannabis helps people to put themselves in others’ shoes. There’s even the chance that after passing the weed back and forth a few times that laughter will ensue.

Anger. Sometimes it’s self righteous, sometimes it’s about love, sometimes it’s fueled by fear, but it often comes in pairs, especially when a couple or a couple of ...Read more

Dispensary Job Market Still Strong Despite Lockdowns

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While the pandemic means fewer employees on the sales floors, it also means a surging need for workers to process and package online and phone orders for mail, vehicle delivery, and curbside pick-up.

Leafly, the largest cannabis website in the world, issued its fourth annual Cannabis Industry Jobs Report in February, roughly a month before ...Read more

Fact Check: Is Marijuana’s CBD Psychoactive Or Not?

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While further research is needed into the effects of CBD on one’s body and mind, evidence so far indicates that it can alter the activity of naturally occurring cannabinoids.

In his article “Cannabidiol Claims and Misconceptions” (Trends in Pharmacological Sciences 38, 198-201; 2017), Dr. Ethan Russo debunks the misconception that CBD ...Read more

Does Lana Del Rey Smoke Weed?

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Del Rey sings a lot about getting high, so the question becomes: has anyone actually seen her smoke weed in public?

Lana del Rey is one of the more strange popstars. Unlike her contemporaries with broad appeal, like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, Del Rey’s audience is more niche. Her music tends to be moody and her albums don’t have the ...Read more

NY Lawmakers Want Marijuana Reform To Boost Post-Pandemic Economy

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New York has a $13 billion deficit and lawmakers believe marijuana legalization should be part of the solution.

The coronavirus pandemic halted any chance New York had at passing marijuana reform earlier this year, but lawmakers have reintroduced the idea as a way to kickstart the economy once a semblance of normalcy returns. New York state ...Read more

Joe Biden Says He Knows ‘A Lot Of Weed Smokers’ To Justify Stance On Not Legalizing Marijuana

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The former Vice President underscored the need for more cannabis research, as anecdotal evidence suggests how marijuana impacts the brain.

Joe Biden joined The Breakfast Club radio program Friday, where the former Vice President discussed his agenda for black Americans as well as his drug policy. In an attempt to explain why marijuana should ...Read more

Study: Women Have More Intense Marijuana Cravings Than Men

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Though men tend to smoke greater amounts and more frequently than women, women tend be more sensitive to marijuana consumption.

We know women and men react differently to cannabis. The endocannabinoid system — the set of receptors that bond with consumed marijuana — interacts directly and indirectly with estrogen in a women’s body. A ...Read more

Here’s How Cannabinoids Quell Anxiety

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Cannabis has powerful anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties, and when administered as-needed, can provide relief from several anxiety disorders. Anxiety, like marijuana, comes with a stigma, but with the increasing impact of anxiety disorders on family life and the economy, it’s no wonder everyone seems to be looking for a salve.

The ...Read more

How To Find High-Quality CBD Oil

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Some companies that sell their products at ridiculously low prices often use cheap methods to extract CBD oil. Their processes might involve toxic solvents that are harmful to health.

Guest contribution from Ramya Rams

If you are looking to buy CBD (cannabidiol) oils, it is extremely important that you dig deep to find the latest and ...Read more

Can You Use Cannabis For Your Workout Recovery?

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There’s not a lot of research on cannabis use and its impact on athletes. Here’s what some experts have to say on the matter.

Rest days are very important for people who work out regularly. The more people physically exert themselves, the more they realize how important these days off are, whether they’re doing active recovery or ...Read more

7 Reasons Why Marijuana Is The Ultimate Enhancement Plant

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From bedtime routines to social situations and even important talks, taking a few pulls off the right strain or a dropperful of tincture may be just what you need.

It’s a familiar feeling for many who use marijuana: once you imbibe and the plant starts working its magic, every action of your day is made exponentially better with every hit. ...Read more

3 House Bills Put Marijuana Laws In Perspective

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Legislators have been busy with marijuana laws across the country. Here’s a recap, in case you missed it.

By Jose Rodrigo

When it comes to the cannabis industry, numerous changes occur at the state and federal levels — often in a short amount of time.

Here’s a look at the latest legislation news to come out of the U.S. House of ...Read more

Skincare Tips When You’re Wearing A Face Mask

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Protective face masks may be here here to stay. Here’s how you can take care of your skin and prevent rashes and acne.

Face masks are all the rage now, with fashion companies making their own versions and people using them as a way of expressing themselves. Who would have guessed in January that face masks would be the new must-have fashion...Read more

Are Marijuana Stocks On The Rise Once Again?

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Major American companies have seen their values surging, thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic.

Marijuana stocks did not have a good 2019. The global cannabis stock index has steadily declined since last March. Companies have experienced significant layoffs in 2020, which was only worsened by the overall coronavirus-induced market ...Read more

Anxious About Seeing A Therapist? CBD Could Help

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It seems that for some, the very idea of sharing their struggle and personal life, even with a doctor, is anxiety inducing.

It’s estimated that 18.1% of Americans are dealing with an anxiety disorder of some kind, including generalized anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress syndrome, or obsessive compulsive disorder. Unfortunately, less ...Read more

Majority Of Moms Believe In Hemp-CBD As Medicine For Kids

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Moms have become new leaders of normalizing cannabis within family households, according to a new poll.

Sorry wine moms, but there’s new game in town. That would be “weed moms,” who have emerged as a strong driving force in the normalization of cannabis nationwide. As a new poll finds, moms are more likely than dads to educate their ...Read more