Female, Veggie, And What? Little Known Marijuana Facts

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Marijuana continues to gain popularity and more mainstream companies are diving in to exploring and exposing the plants positive attributes. From Estée Lauder to Molson Coors big businesses are bringing cannabis straight to the consumer.  And from South Africa to Italy to Minnesota, recreational use is legal.

Like most things over 2,...Read more

What’s The Largest Country In The World’s Take on Marijuana?

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In 2023 India becomes the most populous country in the world.  The exotic nation is known for Bollywood, amazing fabrics, technology, a great love story, the Kama Sutra and their cuisine.  But what is their take on marijuana?  Well, it is a bit complicated.

India was a series of small nations prior to the British colonizing them and ...Read more

Things NOT To Do When You Have Marijuana – Like Buy A Ferry

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Marijuana use directly affects brain function, specifically the parts of the brain responsible for memory, learning, attention, decision-making, coordination, emotions, and reaction time.  When in this state, there are definitely some things you should not do.  An SNL alum highlights that point when he shared he bought a ferry while ...Read more

Can CBD Chase Away The Monday Blues?

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For many, Mondays can be tough, can CBD help ease into the week?

Happy Monday, the start of a fresh week and endless opportunities and new adventures.  But, not everyone has the same outlook.  In fact, a study found that, for 81% of employees, Mondays are the most stressful day of the week. And 70% of employees admit to suffering with the ...Read more

Do You Get High On Medical Marijuana?

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With 40 states legalizing medical marijuana and the American Medical Association seeing value in the plant as an aid, more people are using it in their medical help tool box.  Medical marijuana has shown it can help with nausea, pain management, the treatment of cancer, especially during chemo, sleep, depression and more.  There are over 4...Read more

Marijuana Fan Samantha Blows Into And Just Like That!

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Kim Cattrall’s sex and marijuana liberated Samantha blows into And Just Like That!

In a surprise that has delighted millions of fans, Samantha Jones is making a guest appearance on the Max series And Just Like That!  Kim Cattrall became a breakout star and icon in the original series Sex in the City. People watched as she embraced tomorrow...Read more

ATF Says Yes To Guns Unless, You Know, Cannabis

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There has been a ton of buzz in lately about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) stand on marijuana.  With 24 states now saying it is cannabis is fully legal and 40 having medical marijuana, the public is reevaluating how it approaches the drug.  An estimated 88% of Americans are for some form of legalization ...Read more

Why Uganda Legalized Weed Is CRAZY – They Are A Hot Mess!

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The world is a wacky place and right now there is all sorts of nonsense going on. But for a small country, Uganda takes the cake.  They have managed to pull together the warring Democrats and Republicans to be upset about their LGBT+ policy.  And if you look a bit deeper, they are just a hot mess!

You would think a country which has a ...Read more

Are All Edibles The Same State to State?

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Can I get the same gummies on a cross country road trip?  Well no, um…maybe

People are getting in their cars or boarding planes and enjoying travel this year.  According to the U.S. Travel Association, traveling is up 4% over 2019.  Airports were a bit wild on Memorial Day weekend as people want to go and do. But intermingled with new ...Read more

What Does Buddhism Think Of Marijuana?

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Marijuana is seen as a tool toward enlightenment, but what does Buddhism actually say about it?

Buddhism is not the most popular religion in North American with less 1 percent self identifying, but its ideas permeates our culture.  From song lyrics by the Beastie Boys and spiritual themes in Star Wars, to the publicly professed faith of ...Read more

Dementia and Marijuana

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Medical marijuana can help many aliments – but does work with dementia?

Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching someone we love suffer from dementia.  While the face is the same, the mind and essence behind it slowly fades away. More than 8 million people had dementia in 2020. If current demographic and health trends continue, more ...Read more

Is Marijuana The Reason The Barbie Cast Is So Chill?

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“Wake up and see the sparkle” is a favorite Barbie phrase, but maybe Barbie is so popular and cool because it is a bit of a green sparkle. Barbie should be happy (and her “parent”  Mattel) as she earned over $2 billion last year and that doesn’t count anything from the movie released this year.  The iconic figure has been ...Read more

Does Vaping Marijuana Smell?

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Concerts, blockbuster movies, sporting events and outdoor bbqs are filled with a crowds having fun and enjoying the moment.  Nothing can irritate people more than a weird or funky odor.  Axe Body Spray spent a fortune on marketing to let young men know it is good to both look and smell good!

With recreation marijuana legal in 23 states ...Read more

How Does Marijuana Affect The Brain

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Have you ever wondered what is going on in your head when you use marijuana? What it does to your brain?  When it is right, being a bit strong makes music, food and other sensual pleasures enhanced and just awesome. Why and what happens, we have answers for the casual user.

Like alcohol, heroin and other intoxicants, things definitely take...Read more

Should Marijuana Be Part Of Your Beauty Routine?

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The quest to look perfect!  There are a variety of looks from classic to goth – over the top  Dolly Parton and restrained beauty Audrey Hepburn.

Marijuana has a variety of properties to help and beauty companies are taking advantage of it. Malin + Goetz to Estée Lauder see marijuana has all sort of uses in smoothing, brightening and ...Read more

Men Consume More Marijuana – Surprised?

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It today’s environment, we tend to focus on the individuality of the person and not their gender, except in the consumer marketing world.  Men and women have some different patterns of behavior which drives habits and buying decisions. Men spend more on cars, food and tend to be more risker takers with investments. Women spend more on ...Read more

Drug Test To Get A Job? Most Private Say No, Government Says Yes

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We are at record low unemployment and help wanted ads are everywhere from the CIA to the local bodega.  Employers are talking about how to do the same (or more) with less people.  And with it, norms have changed when it comes to hiring. The percentage of jobs requiring pre-employment drug tests is now lower than 2%. In fact, only one city ...Read more

Science Says Medical Marijuana Improves Quality Of Life

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All we want is to live happy, productive, healthy lives right?  Who would have guessed cannabis could play a key role. According to observational data published in the JAMA Network Open, patients suffering from pain, cancer, anxiety, and insomnia report significant, sustained improvements in their health-related quality of life following ...Read more

Outdoor Grows Will Uproot The Cannabis Industry

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Gardening is a huge hobby in the US and agriculture is a massive industry.  Cargill, ADM and CHS are behemoths in agribusiness producing billions of dollars in revenue and using 100s of thousands of acres.  Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and California has large swaths of land devoted to outdoor agriculture.  Wheat, cotton, peanuts, soybeans...Read more

Fact or Fiction – Does Marijuana Increase Your Metabolism

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Does marijuana make you gain weight or increase your metabolism and decrease your mass?

Summer is upon us and everyone wants to be beach body ready – or at least try to look good! In 2022, we clocked $76 billion in sales in weight loss programs, diet soda and low-calorie frozen food, to gym memberships and more.  Everyone wants a silver ...Read more