What Heart Patients Should Know About Smoking Marijuana

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There remains no known association between heart disease and marijuana consumption, but patients should know the possible risks.

After smoking marijuana, users commonly describe the effects as sedative or relaxing. It places them in a calmer mood and allows the brain to turn off for a little while. But the same can’t be said for the heart. ...Read more

The Research About Fibromyalgia And Cannabis

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Even though pharmaceutical drugs and OTC pain-relievers are typically used to help manage fibromyalgia, cannabinoids like CBD and THC are being considered more now than ever before.

If you had to guess, how many people in the United States do you think live with fibromyalgia? According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), roughly four ...Read more

Is The Cannabis Industry Growing Up

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The federal government has given small rays of hope to the cannabis industry, is it ready?

The last 2.5 years have been tough for the recreational marijuana industry.  Flower prices have plummeted, New York had a fiasco of a recreational rollout, and some major companies have been on the edge of collapse. But things are changing. The slow ...Read more

Data Shows How THC Affects Driving

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 Consuming cannabis before getting behind the wheel is never a good idea, but just how much influence does it have on our driving?

With recreational marijuana in 24 states and medical marijuana in 40, legal cannabis is widely available. Now data shows how THC affects driving thanks to a landmark study.  It includes CBD and provides sound ...Read more

John Fetterman Changes Senate, Now SAFE Banking

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Fetterman is committed to legalizing marijuana. Does his recent small change of Senate rules show he can get it done?

John Fetterman (D-PA) is a man to be noticed in the United States Senate. Standing 6’8″, he towers over most other people and his quirky way of dressing in shorts and hoodie is a sharp contrast to the suits around him.  ...Read more

Marijuana Users Gain Less Weight Than Non-Users

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Over the past couple months, a series of studies have slowly dismantled the myth of the typical cannabis user—a stoner slob prone to eating an inordinate amount of “munchies.” Cannabis does not make you lazy, and the states with legalized marijuana are the healthiest in the nation. In addition, a study from the University of Colorado ...Read more

The Media’s View Of Cannabis Has Shifted

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In traditional media sources, such as news stations and newspapers, cannabis representation in media that is not nationwide can determine a territory’s overall attitude towards legalization. 

Throughout the centuries, humans have depicted facets of everyday life into our artistic expressions. Snapshots of popular opinion at the time of ...Read more

Pros And Cons Of Pre-Filled Vape Pens

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Vape pens is second most popular way of consuming marijuana, but users should know the difference between consuming vaporized cannabis vs flower.

There are many ways to consume marijuana but none of them are as easy and convenient as a vape pen. These devices can be purchased in dispensaries and come in different models, with some of them ...Read more

Is Weekday Weed And Weekend Beer Trend

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Cannabis appears to have replaced the post-work drink for a significant portion of those living in legal marijuana jurisdictions.

Canadians like to drink. A 2017 World Health Organization report found that Canadians 15 years or older drank 10 liters of pure alcohol per capita in 2016, which is 3.6 liters more than the world average. The ...Read more

Does Marijuana Increase Desire

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Studies show cannabis increases the senses…but does it increase desire?

Does marijuana increase desire? Cannabis has been identified to have sexually stimulating effects and can intensify sexual experiences Some believe the herb puts them deeper in the moment and allows the overall sexual experience to become more enjoyable, while others ...Read more

Can Cannabis Help Seasonal Depression

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Ultimately, seasonal affective disorder can set in as quickly and seamlessly as the fall foliage on the trees outside.  

The weather and foliage on the trees aren’t the only things that are changing around this time of year. As the sun starts to set earlier and earlier, peoples moods can be affected by the decrease in sunlight. This is ...Read more

How To Get Rid Of Weed Odor In Your Home

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Burnt popcorn, hot showers, vaporizers and more. Here are a few ways to eliminate the linger scent of weed in your home.

One of the most emblematic aspects about marijuana is its smell. Equally particular as it is enticing, marijuana’s scent is one of the world’s most recognizable smells. It’s also one of the hardest to get rid of.

In ...Read more

What Happens When You Combine Two Cannabis Strains

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Pairing two strains is not very common, but it’s something that attracts adventurous cannabis users. Here’s what you should know.

While you’ve probably smoked from a pipe or a bowl that had remnants from a different strain of weed, mixing two strains is not something people usually do, at least not as a first choice. Are you able to ...Read more

Does Smoking Cannabis Kill Your Brain Cells

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Cannabis has long been associated with brain damage, but this connection is complex, not wholly understood, and even exaggerated.

There’s plenty of myths surrounding cannabis. From it is a gateway drug to making people lazy, cannabis has been accredited with a lot of behaviors. Does smoking cannabis kill your brain cells? Is it a myth weed ...Read more

How To Slow Your Marijuana Consumption

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Smoking too much weed can limit your hobbies, motivation and relationships. Here’s how to take it down a notch.

Marijuana is great, but too much of it is usually a problem. With the pandemic and the stress that surrounds our lives, a lot of people have taken to cannabis as a coping measure. While it is a healthier option than drinking ...Read more

Data Says Cannabis Users Are Not Lazy

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The commonly held perception that marijuana users are largely sedentary is not supported by new data on young and middle-aged adults.

The cliché of stoners being couch potatoes, eating chips and watching television for hours was once what everyone thought of people who consumer marijuana. But with the medicinal benefits of cannabis becoming...Read more

Weed Heat For Taco Tuesday

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Taco Tuesday is a huge trend, but hot sauce is good every day! Why not add some weed heat for Taco Tuesday with jalapeños?  While they don’t bring as much heat as other peppers, they certainly add a rich flavor.  They are a staple of the taco bar and pickled jalapeño’s show up in Bloody Mary’s, with eggs and so much more.  So ...Read more

Marijuana More Potent Than In The 70s

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Despite the reports of more potent weed, the addiction rate remains fairly consistent at 9%. That’s roughly the same amount associated with the consumption of caffeine.

It doesn’t matter whether marijuana is purchased from the legal market or the criminal underground. A study finds that it is 25% stronger than it was more than 50 years ...Read more

The Reason People Are Buying Black Market Weed

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A new survey shows why some people prefer to stick to black-market cannabis.

Legal marijuana is becoming more and more accessible. Still, in countries like the U.S. and Canada, where there are legal markets in place, black market marijuana sales remain consistent. According to a new survey, the #1 reason people are still buying black market ...Read more

Do We Need Supercharged Cannabis

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Marijuana proponents are ecstatic because this super THC discovery means there is higher quality medicine from this plant.

From a group of European researchers comes news of the discovery of a super-cannabis compound, a cannabinoid 30 times stronger than THC. It was discovered while they were looking for additional medicinal qualities in a ...Read more