Why Marijuana Makes You Laugh

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Laughter can be turn a bad situation around and make you feel a whole lot better.  Here is why marijuana make you laugh. Laughter may not be the best medicine – but it is probably in the top three. Norwegian researchers conducted a 15-year study on the link between sense of humor and mortality among 53,556 women and men in their country. ...Read more

Cannabis Industry Employs The Same As These Companies

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The cannabis industry is a growing industry with people who are passionate about their job

The cannabis industry has had a rough couple of years, but things are looking brighter.  The one constant positive is consumer demand has continuously increased. You know it is good when Missouri has over $1 billion in sales last year. And, despite the...Read more

Can CBD Help Severe Weather Anxiety

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One in 10 have severe weather anxiety – can CBD help people cope?

Severe weather has been on the rise for the last 10+ years, and for the one in ten who have storm anxiety, it is making things worse. Science has noted events including extreme precipitation, droughts and forest fires have become more frequent. Signs of storm anxiety include ...Read more

What Is Ice Water Extraction And Some DIY Tips

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Not for the casual user, ice water extraction is when you really need some down, chill time.

Like wine, whiskey, tequila and a few other things, there are casual users and serious, serious users.  A concentrate is for the experienced user who can manage a bit of a ride.  So what is ice water extraction? It is a form of a concentrate which ...Read more

THC Has More Benefits Than Just Getting You High

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People love THC for the fun – but if you look past it, there are other benefits Marijuana is becoming increasing popular and over 85% believe it should be legal in some form.  Unlike alcohol, cannabis has proven medical benefits. Mentally, people recognize it as a help with PTSD, pain, chemotherapy, and more, but generally people see it as a...Read more

Can Marijuana Help If You Overdid The Hot Sauce

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Did researchers stumble onto a way to calm your hot mouth with marijuana????

If you are are seeing more food loaded with heat, you are not wrong. The hot spicy food trend is not just a fad it’s a global culinary movement. There was a collective gasp when the Sriracha supply dropped and suddenly everyone jumped in the game. Campbells began ...Read more

Why Golfers Are Mastering CBD

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Things are gearing up for the Masters, the PGA and LIV are making nice and cbd is quietly helping golfers – wait – what was the third thing? After a bitter fight, it seems the Saudi backed LIV Golf and the Professional Golf Tournament (PGA) are making nice and everyone seems ready to be polite at the upcoming Masters Tournament. The PGA ...Read more

Should You Stir CBD Into Your Morning Coffee

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CBD has promised a ton and delivered some.  Should you kicks start your day with a little in your java?

Every morning, roughly 63% of Americans and 71% of Canadians savor a hot cup of coffee. It is a morning ritual shown in movies, memories and memes. But can it be a vehicle to help improve your mood and general state of mine.  CBD oil, ...Read more

What’s The Buzz About Beer And Weed

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Things change – and things are changing for beer? So what’s up with beer and marijuana?

Beer is universal, it is the 3rd most consumed fluid behind water and tea (surprise – not coffee).  China, the US and Brazil lead the world in consuming beer.  But things are changing again for the popular drink.  So what’s the buzz about beer ...Read more

The 8 Best Strains To Manage Missing The Eclipse

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Weather, work, crazy prices – all causing folks to watch the eclipse online or not at all – here are 8 strains to gently lift your mood into a cosmic state.

The frenzy around a total eclipse has been building. From Krispy Kreme donuts, to special glasses, to the endless playing of Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart, people have ...Read more

How Quick Can A Cannabis Gummy Calm You Down

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So days are more challenging than others and your brain goes into overdrive.  They can help, but how quick can a cannabis gummy calm you down.

Even the most upbeat, can do people can get overwhelmed and have rough moments.  But it a surprised earthquake, a flat tire, or just the day going sideways….it can start the mental path of anxiety. ...Read more

Should You Blame Cannabis For Feeling Blah

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Some people get a case of the blues or the blahs.  But blaming anhedonia on cannabis isn’t really based in science. The blues, the blahs, depression, or just feeling sad happens to must people. Relationship issues, bad news, stress and a lack of social outlets emerge over and over in data as major causes of feeling blah. Almost everyone has ...Read more

Legal Medical Marijuana Leads To More Sex

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A new study is among the first to focus on medical marijuana legislation and what impact it has on state residents.

Living in a state with legal medical marijuana could mean you’re more likely to have sex, according to a study published in the Journal of Health Economics. On the surface, it might appear like a resoundingly positive finding....Read more

Cannabis Based Lubes Can Help You Go The Extra Mile

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Even if things are going great – it is nice to have a little extra boost – maybe marijuana can help behind closed doors.

Romance is great and sex can be delicious, but there are a few things which make it even better. Lube is one of them….straight or gay, it is a basic, like salt on fries. It adds to the pleasure, reduces friction, and ...Read more

Is The Administration Racing To Reschedule By 4/20

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After dragging their feet  for 3 years, the Biden administration seems to be putting some juice to get the DEA to move

Is it opening the door to a new era? It seems the Biden administration has suddenly decided to follow up on their 2020 campaign promises. But does the sense of urgency reflect not only their need to engage younger voters but...Read more

Edibles For The Adult Easter Basket

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Sweets and treats are part of Easter – but what about some adult fun with special treat

Easter is a filled with lots of traditions, including sweets and treats. Chocolate bunnies, Peeps, and more fill bags and baskets with goodies which seem to disappear within days. Consumers will spend around $3.1 billion on candy alone for the weekend.  ...Read more

Looks Like Virginia Is The Newest Marijuana Nanny State

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Some politicians believe the majority of the public are confused or just smart.  They feel it is important to step in and change things. It seems the nanny state is on the rise!  Following Florida and Texas, Virginia seems to think their citizens are “confused” about what they want and their highest elected officials need to take care of ...Read more

What To Know About Easy Marijuana Sublinguals

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If you have issues smoking or need some quick help with anxiety – what about a marijuana sublingual strips

Sometimes you want something quick to either chill or reduce some anxiety.  If you can’t or don’t like smoking or drinking alcohol, there is an answer.  Here is what to know about marijuana sublingual strips.  They are a bit of ...Read more

Best Tips For A Spring Marijuana Tolerance Break

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Lent is when people give up for 6 weeks something they love.  Do you have feel it time for a spring marijuana tolerance break? Lent is when people give up something they love in a fast as a way to show their faith. Related activities include Dry January, Damp January, cleanses, and a sugar detox. The concept of taking a break from habits. ...Read more

Does Kevin Bacon Use Weed

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He is the ideal rebel for a generation – but does Kevin Bacon use weed?

He is a symbol of rebel – his defining roll in the movie Footloose set a music and rebel tone for a generation. The classic movie is about one teen’s desire to dance changed the mindset of a small town. When it premiered, marijuana was not legal anywhere in North ...Read more