The Best Tips To Travel With Weed This Summer

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Summer travel is here and people are boarding plans, cars, trains – here are some trips for traveling with marijuana

North American airlines expect to carry a record number of passengers again this summer with over 300 million flying between Memorial and Labor Day. This doesn’t count car trips, cruises, and train trips (east coast mainly)...Read more

Can Cannabis Pair Well With A Wine Dinner

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In the last 20 years, wine and wine dinners have increased in popularity….does marijuana have a place at the table? Wine has always been a perfect partner with good food.  But in the early 2000, a revolution happened in the wine world.  Two Buck Chuck appeared at Trader Joes and all the sudden, wine drinks soared. Buy putting out a $2 wine...Read more

How To Tell If Your Weed Is Bad

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A myth about cannabis is it is grown in healthy, organic atmospheres – which is frankly not true. Here is how spot bad weed.

Like corn, avocados and watermelons, cannabis is sometimes hard to tell if you got the right one.  Peaches, apples, and tomatoes are easy with a squeeze, but other plants are more of challenge. Impurities are pretty ...Read more

Key Things To Know About Synthetic Marijuana

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As 50%+ of the US has legal weed available, synthetic marijuana is still around.  Here is what you need to know about it Marijuana has become increasing legal in the US, but it has not stopped the use of K-2, or spice. Created to provide similar reactions as weed, it has some significant drawbacks to natural cannabis. Often to be made to look ...Read more

Consumer Spending Validates Marijuana Rescheduling

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It is a historic move for a country which had prohibition, but consumers are using their wallets to show they support it. Culture wars have been an American tradition – from the battle over TicTok to the alcohol prohibition in the 1920s. It was said the only thing to come out of the anti-liquor period was it taught good citizens how to break...Read more

Can Marijuana Give A Break From All The Drama

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It is a summer of political news, students protests, family gathering and just every day drama – can marijuana help with a temporary break? This summer will be filled with ongoing political news as the presidential election is in the fall. Add oversees wars and campus protests and conversations with some people could be fraught with drama....Read more

Cannabis Rescheduling Takes The Next Steps

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The Biden administration’s marijuana rescheduling takes the next step

The Department of Justice is moving marijuana rescheduling to the next step. The administration has proposed moving the drug from Schedule I, a strict classification including drugs like heroin, to Schedule III, which is more on the level of Tylenol. It also marks the ...Read more

Slovakia And Cannabis

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Despite being landlocked – it become a tourist destination for it’s beautiful outdoors – but can you chill in Slovakia? The Slovak Republic came into being in 1993 after  centuries under Russia, Austria, monarchs and more. Beautiful towns, breathtaking outdoors and affordable prices makes the country a tourist hot spot. They receive as ...Read more

Does Francis Ford Coppola Consume Weed

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His talent created Apocalypse Now, the Godfather movies and now Megalopolis – but does he consume marijuana? He is a legend in the film industry and directed Apocalypse Now and the Godfather. He burst on onto the scene in the 1960s and 70s and brought in a new generation of movies. Known as one of the greatest directors of all time, he ...Read more

Cannabis Can Help Painful Menstrual Cramps

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It can be a miserable time of month – especially for those who suffer extreme pain….but cannabis can help. It is a fact of life and comes almost like clockwork. Some 60% of woman have mild cramps during their period and about 5% to 15% report period pain that’s so severe that it affects their daily activities. Experts aren’t quite ...Read more

Can Microdosing Marijuana Help You

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Most people think of marijuana in a fun, recreational way – but it can help medically – and for those with anxiety….and microdosing can make a difference. The imagine of people getting stoned is how most people thing of marijuana, but cannabis offers medical benefits which can change a patients life. From chronic pain to anxiety, it can ...Read more

The 5 Best Mom’s Love Language Gifts

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Take a fresh look at what to get Mom for Mother’s Day using her love language…and you might toss in a green treat!

Sunday is Mother’s Day – the day mom are celebrated for all the extra effort they do to make kids life special.  First celebrated in 1907, it became official in the US in 1914 and Canada in 1915.  Between the two ...Read more

Can Cannabis Enhance The Northern Lights

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The Northern Lights are a visual treat for your eyes and mind – can marijuana make it a bit better? It isn’t common for them to have a widespread show for millions in Canada and the US.  The mesmerizing visuals are captivating…but can cannabis enhance the Northern Lights? NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center shared during the last ...Read more

Marijuana Gummies Can Make Weddings Easier

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Planning a wedding can highly stressful – causing issues and maybe a Bridezilla.  Weed gummies can come to the rescue

The term Bridezilla started in the mid 90s and, by now, many people have seen the unfortunate cross between a bride and Godzilla in person. TicTok, Redditt and other social media are full of horror stories. And the newer ...Read more

Stormy Daniels Is Immortalized With A Marijuana Strain

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At the height of her pre-trial fame, Stormy Daniels jumped in the CBD world…well, she is still in the cannabis world.

You have to say she is interesting – a dancer, porn star, director, trial witness and more. And, Stormy Daniels is immortalized with a marijuana strain. Yes, you and Stormy can chill together.  She entered the greater ...Read more

What To Call The Illegal Marijuana Market

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Since the beginning of legalization, there are has been a discussion about how to frame the illegal marijuana market. The phrase black market took off during the Great Depression where products were hard to come by and an illegal market trading outside the system took off.  It grew during WWII during rationing so those with extra cash could ...Read more

Pakistan Makes Positive Move On Cannabis

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In a surprising move, Pakistan has decided to allow marijuana – and they hope it will help their national revenue. In a surprise, Pakistan is opening the door for legal cannabis. The Islamic country is 96% Muslim, with a belief from most scholars cannabis is similar to intoxicants/alcoholic drink and therefore deemed forbidden. The country�...Read more

Could You Help Your Lips With CBD Balm

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Spring has arrived and so has the sunny.  While most want to soak in the rays – your lips might need a bit of help. The summer sun brings out the kid in us, water activities, sun bathing, sports, or just long walks….but our lips might not be so excited. Lips are vulnerable to EV rays and often get forgotten. The skin on the lips can’t ...Read more

Key Things To Know About Hemp And Marijuana Drinks

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They are becoming a thing in ALL states…what you should know about hemp and marijuana drinks

Hemp and marijuana beverages represent about $4 billion in sales and are only going to get bigger.  Tasty, intoxicating, and available in most states, here are some key things to know about hemp and marijuana drinks. You might enjoy either or both,...Read more

Senate Leadership Pushes End of Federal Prohibition Of Cannabis

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Taking a cue from the public, Senate leadership is putting forward a bill to end the federal prohibition of cannabis.

In a big week for the marijuana industry and a surprise to most of the industry, Senators Schumer (D-NY), (Murray D-WA), Wyden (D-OR), Cory Booker (D-NJ) and 14 others have deduced to follow the public and make a change.  As ...Read more