Enjoy This Tuscan Soup With Marijuana Olive Oil

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  This dish will transport you to a leisurely chill dinner under the Tuscan sun…and you can control the dosage. Italy is the second most popular destination for American and Canadian tourists. The food, the lifestyle, the dolce vita. Along with France, it is the subject of books about escape, falling in love, or just finding yourself.  It ...Read more

Cannabis Can Help Soreness After Summertime Activities

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Summer is time to be outdoors and garden, play random sports or  other activities reactivating muscles not used a while…cannabis can be your friend in helping with soreness. Summertime is perfect for soaking in the rays…but some want to more active, taking to gardening, playing sports or just going for a run.  Pickleball, frisbee, ...Read more

Floridians Worried About Governor Leaking Health Info

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In a shocking surprise…medical marijuana patients, including veterans, may have had their information leaked thanks to the Governor.

Florida voters have overwhelmingly approved of marijuana use in the sunshine state.  In the first election for medical marijuana, over 60% of citizens voted yes. Governor DeSantis said too bad. In the second ...Read more

Marijuana and Mysticism

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It is the summer solstice, a time to connect with the earth, the sun, and maybe a special plant… Around the world people will be connecting with Mother Earth for the summer solstice. Some in humankind feel the pull to connect with the earth, the spirits, the sun and maybe a special plant. At Stonehenge  crowds congregate since the famous ...Read more

Some Congressional Candidates Support Marijuana

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It used to be the thing to prevent marijuana use

Roughly 65% of Congress members are white men around 60 or older who grew up supporting the war on drugs.  One of the leaders of the Senate is Mitch McConnell, who prides himself for stopping any positive marijuana legislation and bragging about his nickname Darth Vader.  But time are changing...Read more

The Kennedys Are The Most Famous Weed Gardeners

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Nationally famous for the White House Rose Garden, it also seems the Kennedy had another, special garden! The Kennedys are a storied political family which fascinates some. His time in office was dubbed Camelot, evoking utopian ideals and high hopes. King Arthur and his knights are supposed to be pure-hearted, chivalrous, and endlessly ...Read more

Do You Know The Marijuana Emoji

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It is the modern version of hieroglyphics and they have taken over written communication, but do you know what is used as a sub for marijuana?

Humans have used images to represent thoughts, feelings, actions and more since almost the beginning of mankind. From the French cave drawings to the Egyptian hieroglyphics, history is littered with ...Read more

Haters Trying To Stop Cannabis Rescheduling

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Despite science, the AMA and public opinion – there is still a group trying to squash marijuana legalization. Marijuana has been around for a millennia, providing not only a some chill, but clear medical benefits. Now, the plant is emerging from a 110+ public ban and is being rediscovered as a help to greater mankind. Recreationally, it is ...Read more

Can Marijuana Help You Build Confidence

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Everyone gets nervous and loses their confidence at some point – can marijuana help build itup? Data suggests about 85% of the world suffers from a self confidence crisis or low self esteem at some point. Loss of confidence can cause or increase feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, shame or guilt.  Extended periods or focusing ...Read more

Cannabis To Calm An Upset Tummy

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It can throw you off and spoil a perfectly good day – can marijuana help calm an upset stomach? From nausea to a rumbling tummy, nothing can spoil the day more. And an upset stomach when you are out and about it the worst. There are are ton of things which can cause your stomach to be upset, so moving it to a better place can be a bit tricky....Read more

What Is The Dosage For A Marijuana Light Chill

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Sometimes you just need a little push to relax, but don’t want to go farther…how much should you take for a little chill to take the edge off. Friday are the second most favorite day of the week, only behind Saturday. Mondays are the worst with the focus on heading back the 5 day grind. But sometimes the pressure or mindset of work is hard ...Read more

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Saliva

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Drug testing, while declining, is still a thing…how long does it stay in your system and in saliva? General drug testing for job which don’t require you be hyper focused (airline pilots as an example) are on the decline. But some companies still insist on them and some nanny states are not pushing for a more modern approach. Random tests ...Read more

Can You Consume Marijuana On Ozempic

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It is all the rage to lose weight and is causing a stir for several reason.  But can you have a a bit of a vape and chill while on it? The latest weight loss trend has been the use of Ozempic. A Gallup poll suggested over 6% of adults in the US and Canada have tried it. So over 16+ million have given it a go. Amy Schumer, Kelly Clarkson, ...Read more

Classic Marijuana Infused Peanut Butter Fudge

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Delicious and enjoyable all year round this classic sweet will be a hit summer gatherings or a night in!   Fudge has been been popular for over 100 years popping up at family gatherings, outdoor cookouts and college care packages. Its inexpensive, unrefined qualities made it popular and easy to make. Specialized fudge shops began opening in ...Read more

Marijuana Might Help The Liver After Bing Drinking

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Alcohol is almost as old as man – but it isn’t the healthiest…and bing drinking can be dangerous –  but it seems marijuana can help.

Wine, tequila, espresso martinis, craft beer and more are all part of a night out. History has evidence of alcohol from 7,000 BCE in China. And while cannabis is just as old, it didn’t take off as ...Read more

Important Steps If Your Dog Has Marijuana

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Summer is fun, but can be a bit hectic…and one look away and a dog can eat anything – don’t panic, but here are the steps if he gobbles some weed. Family vacations, car trips, camping, outdoor bbqs…summer is filled with all sorts of great activities. For the 44+% of households who have a dog, it can be a bit of a challenge. Dog are ...Read more

Will Merrick Garland Help Or Hinder Marijuana Rescheduling

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Attorney General Merrick Garland upended the residential real estate industry, so what will he do to the budding cannabis market. In the last election, then candidate Biden promised to help the cannabis industry.  It took a while and only as he runs for reelection has the administration made any significant progress.  Just late month, the ...Read more

Key Information For The 60+ About Marijuana

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It is a big summer for the cannabis industry – will Boomers join Gen Z in embracing marijuana? It is the summer of cannabis with the potential for rescheduling.  Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS) has recognized marijuana has medical benefits and is not a dangerous drug. The American Medical ...Read more

Legal Marijuana Expands As Hard Crime Drops

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The claim crime will increase when you legalize weed was a major talking point, but it seems it doesn’t have the data to back itOver 50% of the country has access to legal marijuana now. Ohio and Delaware will start selling from state licensed dispensaries this year.  Even Florida, the largest nanny state, is voting for full recreational ...Read more

Did You Know Cannabis Was Related To This Popular Drink

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Cannabis is popular, but not nearly as popular as its cousin, which is a global powerhouse.Cannabis has been around for thousands of years, but its similarly aged cousin is still more popular on a global level. You might think Coco-Cola was popular when it had a more active coca component, but it is not the OG version of fun. Cannabis is ...Read more