What Is CBG And How Does It Combat Antibiotic Resistance?

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The threat of antibiotic resistance is one of the many global health challenges that will be solved with the chemical compound in the cannabis plant.

One of the most prevalent threats to human beings that have become a global health challenge is drug-resistant infections. This threat increases fears that there is a high possibility of our ...Read more

What It’s Like To Get High On Delta-8 THC Compared To Regular THC

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If you don’t have access to THC or prefer not to have such a “head trip” while getting high, then delta-8 is a great solution for you.

By now you have heard about delta-8 THC and the huge push to have it shipped and sold across state lines.  You may be asking yourself questions such as what is delta-8 THC, does it get you high like ...Read more

We Thought We’d Be Celebrating The Legalization Of Recreational Weed In Mexico — We Were Wrong

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In the run-up to last Sunday’s elections, the Senate backed away from its commitment on cannabis reform, apparently preferring to shift any political blowback to the Supreme Court.

Two months ago we posted to celebrate the passage by Mexico’s Lower Chamber of the Cannabis Law bill sent to it by the Mexican Senate last November. In that ...Read more

Majority Of Americans Support Drug Decriminalization

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An ACLU poll shows that a large percentage of Americans believe the war on drugs was unsuccessful.

More than half, 60%, of Americans believe the War on Drugs should end, and support the decriminalization of illegal substances.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Drug Policy Allegiance (DPA) released the poll ahead of the 50-...Read more

Schumer Is Learning He Doesn’t Have What It Takes To Legalize Marijuana

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The Senate Majority Leader didn’t count on conservative Democrats being the policy blocking forces that they have become.

It was just last year that Senator Chuck Schumer, optimistic about the outcome of the November 2020 election, swore up and down that if the Democrats seized majority rule on Capitol Hill, making him the new Majority ...Read more

Breaking News! Brazil Moves Toward Cannabis Legalization

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It is unclear if the upper house will approve the law or not. What is clear, however, is that the Bolsonaro administration adamantly opposes any kind of use of cannabis.

On Tuesday, June 8, the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies’ Special Commission very narrowly approved a bill authorizing cannabis cultivation for medicinal, veterinary, ...Read more

This Is The NFL Team With The Most Cannabis Loving Fans

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The data from a recent survey that considered the consumption of marijuana by fans of certain sports leagues and teams show that NFL fans consumed the highest amount of weed.

As more people discover the benefits of cannabis, the industry grows in leaps and bounds, with more cannabis-infused products flooding the market. A significant ...Read more

Testing People For Marijuana Impairment By Measuring THC Levels Is Unreliable

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A new study indicates that THC levels are not accurate representations of whether someone is impaired or not.

A new study suggests that the amount of THC in someone’s system is not an accurate predictor of impairment.

The study, done with the support of the National Institute of Justice, involved 20 participants. They were asked to consume...Read more

WSU Forms Center For Supervising Wide-Range Of Cannabis Research

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Over the last six years, WSU has undertaken some 50 projects including studies of behavioral and biological predictors of cannabis abuse. By Nina Zdinjak  

The Washington State University Faculty Senate and Board of Regents have formed a Center for Cannabis Policy, Research and Outreach (CCRPO) with the idea of overseeing the school’s ...Read more

Montana Is Getting Ready To Legalize Recreational Cannabis In 2021

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To some, this latest development on recreational marijuana has been a long time coming as residents of the state have always supported the adult use of cannabis.

Montana is about to decriminalize the adult use of cannabis. The state has had a very stable medical marijuana program for a while now. And with this new development, the state’s ...Read more

Can Vinegar And Cranberry Help You Pass A Drug Test?

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Vinegar and cranberry are some of the most mentioned DIY drug test solutions. But are they effective or simply an urban myth?

The internet is great for getting information and advice on a lot of things. Flushing drugs out of your system is not one of them.

Advice on how to pass drug tests range from time-consuming to dangerous practices that...Read more

You Can Get A Free Joint If You Get Vaccinated In Washington State

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Washington State will be handing out free joints in participating cannabis retailers for adults getting a COVID-19 shot.

In an effort to encourage vaccinations and speed the process up, Washington State has approved a “Joints for Jabs” policy, giving adults the chance to get a free joint with their COVID-19 shot.

This policy was approved...Read more

Americans Are Consuming More Cannabis Than These Popular Foods

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What we can gather from this report, and other consumer reports like this one, is that Americans are past ready for cannabis legalization, especially after the stress of 2020.

The cannabis industry’s proof was in 2020’s revenue, but a new report from consumer data firm Brightfield shows consumer behavior to match exactly what the ...Read more

Should Budtenders Be Allowed To Carry Guns?

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Because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, using personal protection in the form of firearms really isn’t an option.

Since cash-seeking criminals across the United States keep trying to rob cannabis dispensaries with brute force, budtenders are now reportedly packing heat to show them what’s what if they try any funny ...Read more

Major And Minor Cannabinoids — Which Ones Do You Need To Know By Name?

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A few years back, the knowledge of these “minor” cannabinoids were only coming to light. Today there’s a lot more in-depth information about each one mentioned here.

How well do you know your cannabinoids?

Most people are familiar with the two main cannabinoids: THC and CBD. However, cannabis is a complex plant with complex chemistry. ...Read more

Las Vegas Cannabis Comeback Is Underway

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A new bill allows adults 21 and older to purchase and consume adult-use cannabis products on-site at any licensed cannabis consumption lounge.

Nevada seemed like a sure bet before the pandemic for cannabis companies. A seemingly never-ending stream of tourists from states where cannabis isn’t legal or the legal product offerings were meager...Read more

How To Safely Use Cannabis For Your Workouts

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Working out after ingesting cannabis is a popular habit for a reason. Here’s how to do it safely.

Marijuana’s legalization has had wide-ranging implications. From attracting a varied base of users to the production of a larger selection of products, the plant’s legality has opened up a whole new landscape for enthusiasts and people who ...Read more

Cannabis Clubs: Here’s What You Should Know About This Growing Business

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17 states have legalized adult-use cannabis, though most continue to prohibit consumption in public or rented spaces.

By Andrew Ward

For years, cannabis consumption lounges have been kept at bay, though lately pro-lounge legislation is becoming more prevalent in the legal cannabis marketplace.

The tides are already turning in several cities...Read more

LGBTQ Inclusivity: Cannabis Industry Still Needs To Do More After Pride Month Ends

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Like other minorities, the lack of LGBTQ+ inclusion has been a concern for years, with momentum gaining traction in recent years.

By Andrew Ward

June is the month when retail brands let their customers know they support LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity, although many of them go quiet once Gay Pride is over.

When retailers put away their ...Read more

Cannabis For Mental Health In The Workplace — How Canada Is Showing Us The Way

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In the workplace, the rules prohibiting cannabis are far murkier than that of alcohol.

Since 2018, cannabis has become a legal psychoactive substance in Canada. Since then, we’ve seen reforms so progressive, some workplaces now permit the use of cannabis during office hours.

Seeing cannabis and the workplace in the same sentence might seem...Read more