15 Million Women Have Bought Cannabis So Far In 2021 — These Are The Products They’re After

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For the first time ever, concentrates have overtaken edibles in popularity among younger women, a change attributed to decreased stigma and increased consumer education.

In every sector of culture and society, a shift towards greater diversity is moving the needle on what, and who is considered “typical”. This is as true in the realm of ...Read more

Why Can’t Parents Keep Marijuana Away From Small Children?

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Allowing marijuana to be part of national commerce would presumably make it subject to tighter regulations, including packaging that didn’t appeal to small kids.

It was once believed to be propaganda: The idea that children of cannabis consumers were somehow getting their hands on the herb, ingesting it, only to later be strapped to various...Read more

What The Experts Are Now Saying About Medical Marijuana For Lung Cancer

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Smoking cannabis while you have lung cancer can seriously compromise you, and even increase the risk of worsening cancer as well as the risk for it spreading.

Lung cancer is the second most prevalent cancer affecting both men and women. According to the American Cancer Society, in 2021 alone there were around 235,760 new lung cancer cases ...Read more

Cannabis-Based Sativex Mouth Spray To Treat Brain Tumors?

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Patients diagnosed with glioblastoma usually have 12 to 18 months to live and those suffering from recurrent glioblastoma survive for less than a year.

By Jelena Martinovic

Patients suffering from glioblastoma, the most common, deadly and extremely aggressive type of brain cancer, may have a chance of living longer if Sativex, a ...Read more

Marijuana Possession No Longer Criminal Offense In Louisiana

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Criminalizing marijuana possession has been particularly harmful to Black and Brown communities, lower-income folks, and young people in the state.

By Jelena Martinovic

Just over a month following Louisiana Gov. John Bell Edwards signing off on a bill to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis possession for personal use, the measure took...Read more

Why Most Cannabis Workers Are Returning To Their Job Sites Post-COVID

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While much of the market could head back to the office, not everyone sees the decision as the most efficient.

By Andrew Ward

Cannabis staffing leaders tell Benzinga that much of the industry is already back to pre-COVID in-person working arrangements.

Some of the market’s ancillary job functions did pivot and embrace the new digital ...Read more

Moldy Weed: Is It Safe To Consume?

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Forget about that stinky cheese you love. Is mold a health hazard when it comes to your weed?

Mold is easy to spot, at least when it comes to food. But how about when it comes to weed? When you find an old joint under the couch, should you toss it out? Are there risks to smoking moldy weed?

Sadly, mold is never a good thing to inhale, no ...Read more

Ohio Lawmakers Officially File First-Ever Cannabis Legalization Bill

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While many expect that Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine will oppose the bill, many more are optimistic based on the fact that a vast majority of Ohio voters support marijuana legalization.

By Nina Zdinjak

A bill to legalize cannabis possession, production and sales was officially filed for the first time in the state of Ohio on Friday. The ...Read more

Marijuana Has Different Colors — Does This Impact Its Effect?

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While the marijuana plant is typically green, different chemicals in them can make it look purple, yellow, or even red.

Once you start consuming marijuana, you start to learn that it’s a complex plant, with a lot going on in it. Experienced cannabis users know what they like and know how to get different results with the plant depending on ...Read more

How To Decarb Cannabis, According To Pros

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For many people, the task seems daunting and I’m not going to sugar coat it. The first time you attempt it by yourself you’ll be questioning your actions every step of the way.

When you decarboxylate cannabis, you’re essentially applying heat to activate the cannabinoids and convert them from their acid form into their psychoactive ...Read more

What Are Skunk, Haze, And Kush Cannabis Strains?

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Between Skunk, Kush, and Haze, which is better? It depends on the cannabis user as everyone has their peculiar preferences.

Cannabis enthusiasts globally are familiar with these varieties: Skunk, Haze, and Kush because they profoundly impact the cannabis industry. To have a comprehensive understanding of the history of cannabis, it must start...Read more

The #1 Difference Between Cannabis Oil And CBD Oil

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Cannabis oil is majorly preferred for recreational reasons. People use it to get high because of its considerable levels of THC.

Smoking might be the trend right now, but trust me, infused oils may very well be the future.

Cannabis plants have various derivatives, a host of psychoactive compounds, 100s of cannabinoids, and various forms of ...Read more

Cannabis Use Not Linked To Loss Of Motivation, According To New Study

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A new study conducted on teens finds no connection between marijuana use and loss of motivation.

The lazy stoner is one of the most prevalent stereotypes, one that is still difficult to shake. A new study shows that marijuana use alone isn’t associated with less motivation, particularly in teens.

Published in the Journal of the ...Read more

Will The Life Insurance Industry Cover Cannabis Users?

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Today the life insurance industry can accommodate and will not leave recreational users and those using for medical purposes in the dark.

By Annie Dudkiewicz

The legal cannabis market is planned to reach $43 billion by 2025. In the US, as of July 1, 2021, 47 states have legalized cannabis, of which 19 states have legalized it for both ...Read more

The Danger Of Synthetic Cannabinoids

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Synthetic cannabinoids have different biochemical properties compared to THC that increase their risk.

By Nate Guzowski

A problem of increasing social importance is the rise in the use of synthetic cannabis alternatives, commonly called K2 or Spice or a number of other brand names. In 2020, 2.4% of high school seniors tried synthetic ...Read more

A Huge Way Airports Have Changed Now That Weed Is Legal In NY

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There are many exciting changes expected now that marijuana is legal in New York. Here’s what that means for TSA.

New York is one of the latest states to legalize marijuana, pending issuance of adult-use cannabis licenses. This comes with a lot of exciting plans for the future, and some benefits that can be enjoyed right now. The way in ...Read more

WA State Cannabis Authorities Bar Processors From Using Hemp CBD To Make Delta-9 THC

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“The Liquor and Cannabis Board has once again taken the position that responsible and highly regulated cannabis license holders may be selling some illegal products,” said the executive director of the WA CannaBusiness Assoc.

The Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) issued a statement Friday with the aim of resolving the legal ...Read more

Futuristic CBD Vending Machines Touch Down In Florida — Where Are They Landing Next?

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Yes, we still need our budtenders for a more personalized experience, but with the CBD vending machines, buyers can get access to products much faster and easier.

Miami is getting ahead with its cannabis innovations, and we are here for it!

At the touch of a button, CBD buyers living in the Miami suburbs can now get their cannabis products. ...Read more

Reefer Madness 2.0: War On Cannabis Rages In Southern Oregon

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It’s not just law enforcement getting in on the reefer madness. There are reports of county building inspectors harassing landowners for “unpermitted” hoophouses and greenhouses.

Over the past three months, law enforcement raids of “illegal marijuana grows” in Southern Oregon have spiked. While I’m willing to give law enforcement ...Read more

How To Avoid Going To The Emergency Room For Marijuana Overdose

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It’s possible for a weed-consuming population to use marijuana without needing emergency medical assistance. Here’s how. 

It seems that every time a state officially launches its legal cannabis market, reports showing that emergency rooms are filling up with people who can’t handle their weed start to bombard the internet. This took ...Read more