Dementia and Marijuana

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Medical marijuana can help many aliments – but does work with dementia?

Nothing is more heartbreaking than watching someone we love suffer from dementia.  While the face is the same, the mind and essence behind it slowly fades away. More than 8 million people had dementia in 2020. If current demographic and health trends continue, more ...Read more

Is Marijuana The Reason The Barbie Cast Is So Chill?

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“Wake up and see the sparkle” is a favorite Barbie phrase, but maybe Barbie is so popular and cool because it is a bit of a green sparkle. Barbie should be happy (and her “parent”  Mattel) as she earned over $2 billion last year and that doesn’t count anything from the movie released this year.  The iconic figure has been ...Read more

Does Vaping Marijuana Smell?

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Concerts, blockbuster movies, sporting events and outdoor bbqs are filled with a crowds having fun and enjoying the moment.  Nothing can irritate people more than a weird or funky odor.  Axe Body Spray spent a fortune on marketing to let young men know it is good to both look and smell good!

With recreation marijuana legal in 23 states ...Read more

How Does Marijuana Affect The Brain

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Have you ever wondered what is going on in your head when you use marijuana? What it does to your brain?  When it is right, being a bit strong makes music, food and other sensual pleasures enhanced and just awesome. Why and what happens, we have answers for the casual user.

Like alcohol, heroin and other intoxicants, things definitely take...Read more

Should Marijuana Be Part Of Your Beauty Routine?

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The quest to look perfect!  There are a variety of looks from classic to goth – over the top  Dolly Parton and restrained beauty Audrey Hepburn.

Marijuana has a variety of properties to help and beauty companies are taking advantage of it. Malin + Goetz to Estée Lauder see marijuana has all sort of uses in smoothing, brightening and ...Read more

Men Consume More Marijuana – Surprised?

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It today’s environment, we tend to focus on the individuality of the person and not their gender, except in the consumer marketing world.  Men and women have some different patterns of behavior which drives habits and buying decisions. Men spend more on cars, food and tend to be more risker takers with investments. Women spend more on ...Read more

Drug Test To Get A Job? Most Private Say No, Government Says Yes

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We are at record low unemployment and help wanted ads are everywhere from the CIA to the local bodega.  Employers are talking about how to do the same (or more) with less people.  And with it, norms have changed when it comes to hiring. The percentage of jobs requiring pre-employment drug tests is now lower than 2%. In fact, only one city ...Read more

Science Says Medical Marijuana Improves Quality Of Life

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All we want is to live happy, productive, healthy lives right?  Who would have guessed cannabis could play a key role. According to observational data published in the JAMA Network Open, patients suffering from pain, cancer, anxiety, and insomnia report significant, sustained improvements in their health-related quality of life following ...Read more

Outdoor Grows Will Uproot The Cannabis Industry

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Gardening is a huge hobby in the US and agriculture is a massive industry.  Cargill, ADM and CHS are behemoths in agribusiness producing billions of dollars in revenue and using 100s of thousands of acres.  Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and California has large swaths of land devoted to outdoor agriculture.  Wheat, cotton, peanuts, soybeans...Read more

Fact or Fiction – Does Marijuana Increase Your Metabolism

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Does marijuana make you gain weight or increase your metabolism and decrease your mass?

Summer is upon us and everyone wants to be beach body ready – or at least try to look good! In 2022, we clocked $76 billion in sales in weight loss programs, diet soda and low-calorie frozen food, to gym memberships and more.  Everyone wants a silver ...Read more

Nauseous? Marijuana Might Provide Immediate Relief

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Summer upends our schedules with late night sunset suppers, spicy food, walks in the and more – but does your stomach pay a price?

It is the time of year from vacations, boating, garden and all sorts of fun – but some will have summer tummy and suffer from nausea and more.  Nothing is worse being sick in during the warm “outdoor” ...Read more

F1 Racing And Marijuana

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F1 Racing is a thrilling, by the second event with superstars like Lewis Hamilton, Michèle Mouton, Alain Prost and more. The global audience for Formula One in 2021 stood at 445 million viewers. From Oklahoma City to Monaco, fans rise early and are glued to the screens to watch the races.  But what about drivers and marijuana.

The World ...Read more

Americans Want It – Some Politicians Prefer a Nanny State

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McConnell, DeSantis, and Abbott don’t believe Americans know what they want


Why wants legal marijuana in the US?  According to Pew Research Center, an overwhelming 88% of U.S. adults say either that marijuana should be legal for medical and recreational use by adults (59%) or that it should be legal for medical use only (30%). Only one...Read more

DOT Makes Change in Marijuana Policy

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Facing a hiring crisis that has ramifications on national security and more, the Space Force announced a new pilot program that would grant certain applicants who test positive for THC, the main psychoactive component in marijuana, a chance to retest and possibly join the ranks.  Now, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) has taken ...Read more

Schumer Tosses A Little Hope Toward the Marijuana Industry

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U.S. Senators Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) give hope the beleaguered cannabis industry – again

Here we go again…U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.), member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), ...Read more

Can CBD Make Your Summer Easy?

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Summer is here, as kids it was time to run free and enjoy the endless days! But as an adult, it is a bit different, back to office, sunburns, work reaching out while you are the beach…all spoiling what should be a great three months.  Can CBD take the edge off and allow you to enjoy that summertime feeling?


Science has indicted CBD ...Read more

Maine Is Getting It Right About Legal Weed While California and others struggle

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Maine is setting a thoughtful, reasonable approach to legal marijuana to support small businesses Colorado has had the most success with legalized cannabis.  They reduced the black market, provided reasonable taxes that made products competitive for the consumer sand the capped income, so people feel they get a “deal”.  Comparatively, ...Read more

Can I Toss Cannabis Into My Salad?

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A reader asked us, can I toss fresh, raw cannabis into my salad….and here is our answer


A reader asked us if they can use raw cannabis in a salad.  The answer is yes, but why?

if you are wanting to enjoy the effects of marijuana, it doesn’t make much sense to eat it raw.

The effects of marijuana come from its active ingredients: ...Read more

Spring Is Here, Time to Plant Tomatoes, Cannabis And Marigolds

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The sun is out, the temperatures are up and it is time to start your garden!


It is the time of year you body craves the sun and your mouth begins watering for freshly grown vegetables.  It is also the time to plant and grow your own marijuana if you choose!

Nothing is better than a fresh tomato sandwich, pasta sauce, or even cherry ...Read more

Does Marijuana Play A Role In Mass Shootings?

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Fox News, the New York Post and more claim marijuana is a factor leading to violence – but is it true? Certain segments of American has been quick to point the blame of mass shooting to everything from marijuana to video games to side doors.  As May 2023 starts, the US has had more than 200 mass shootings.  The discussion around addressing...Read more