Why Marijuana Is Good To Use During A Cleanse

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New year, new you….while we are moving to the later part of the first quarter of the new year, there is still time for healthy habits. Detoxification (detox) diets are more popular than ever. They claim to clean your blood and eliminate harmful toxins from your body. But science and data are still out on effectiveness.  But if you do it, ...Read more

Should You Use Cannabis Instead Of Ice For Injuries

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Ice has long been the friend for an injury or sprain? But maybe you should expand the mindset?

The old go to for a strain or injury is ice or cold compress. Pulling a bag of frozen peas from the fridge is a go to and provides some relief. It’s usually most effective shortly after the injury  This involves an ice pack or ice compress placed...Read more

Why Marijuana Smells Skunky

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It is the telltale sign someone is having fun. Whether walking down the street or stepping into a crowd, you know exactly what is going on. Marijuana has a distinctive oder to clue you in when fun is going on.  But as cannabis goes mainstream and becomes legal, the smell is increasing fading. Here is why marijuana smells skunky and why is it ...Read more

5 Key Things To Know About Cannabis Concentrates

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When you are young, you can experiment, but as you age – you want to minimize after effects…we got you when it comes to the next step with marijuana

High school and college were the days of experimenting. Lessons leads to stories about crazy things and some unfortunate times. But as you age and move to a more sophisticated self, it is ...Read more

What Is The Difference Between Marijuana, Hemp And Cannabis

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Most use cannabis and marijuana interchangeably, add in hemp and it can be a bit confusing – what is the difference.

Legal cannabis is sweeping the US and EU and is already the law in the land in Canada.  More and more consumers are buying gummies, hemp drinks, and vapes.  California sober has become a thing and Gen Z is drifting away ...Read more

Parkinson’s Disease and Medical Marijuana

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Michael J Fox brought attention to Parkinson’s at his recent appearance at the BAFTA awards.  But what about Parkinson’s Disease and Medical Marijuana

Parkinson’s disease is one of the worst things to happen to a person. Ultimately, an active mind will be trapped in a non-functioning body. Along with the physical symptoms of Parkinson...Read more

Can CBD Help With Winter Hair Care

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Harsh cold weather can do a number of your hair….should you add CBD to your healthy hair routine?

Winter is tough on the hair. Like skin, it can often feel dry in the wintertime. This is mainly due to the lack of humidity leaving it slightly damaged. Curly-haired folks are more likely to suffer since it takes longer for natural, ...Read more

States Who Love Beer Are Slow For Weed

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Some beer loving states are facing an uphill battle with marijuana

It is classic favorite of the public, beer holds a grip and is the favored intoxicant of those who imbibe. It is the most consumed alcohol in the world. In fact, after water and tea, beer is actually one of the most popular drinks in the world! According to reports, in the 2022...Read more

New York Continues To Struggle With Legal Weed

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One of the most liberal and populous and visited cities in the US, yet New York continues to struggle with legal weed

The Big Apple has some amazing things including The Metropolitan Museum, condos worth $75+ million, delis sandwiches to make your heart sing and a creative community like none other.  But it seems they can’t pull their act...Read more

Belize and Marijuana

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Belize has been an increasing popular vacation spot, especially in the winter months – but what about Belize and marijuana? 

A short two hour hop from Miami to the capital, this Central America country is known for beautiful beaches, authentic culture and speaking English. The Caribbean coast and snorkeling/diving are breathtaking. Eco ...Read more

The Best Advice For Starting A Cannabis Business

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Thinking of talking the plunge and starting a cannabis business? Expert attorney Lonnie Rosenwald shares some key information. Consumers continue to drive an ever expanding marijuana industry and new opportunities appear at every turn.  While the market is involving, there is still opportunities to make money and start a successful business. ...Read more

Curious About Cannabis CRC Extracts

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If you are new or new”ish” to cannabis, it can be a fun adventure with lots of thing – like what is CRC?

Cannabis is legal in some form in 40 states and the DEA has been advised to reschedule it. It has become more mainstream as the majority of the population believe it should be legal.  Smoking, long the most popular way to consume ...Read more

Like Marijuana, Sleep Deprivation Can Trigger The Munchies

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The munchies come in various forms as a study about sleep saw subjects craving fatty, high-calorie foods

Up to 75 million of adults in Canada and the US suffer sleep issues with almost 40% unexpectedly dozing off at some point during the day at least once a month. Sleep deficiency can disrupt our mental process making work, school, driving, ...Read more

Making Cannabis Oil In A Slow Cooker Is Easy

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What about combining the magic of the slow cooker with the benefits of cannabis!  A match made in chill heaven

Marijuana has become mainstream popular, but not as popular as the slow cooker. Over 70% of homes has one and the last major statistics reported in 2019 say approximately 11.6 million slow cookers were sold in the US and Canada.  ...Read more

How Old Are You In The Marijuana World

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Age is revealed in a variety of ways, habits and language…so how old are you in marijuana world?

The internet is filled with memes and “telltale” signs of age giveaways. From “watching tv” to Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles” to calling someone on the phone to order a pizza…it pegs you into a certain age category.  Well, the same ...Read more

Holidays Sales Confirm Marijuana Is Mainstream

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It was a great holiday season for lots of fan of marijuana – and only a few Grinches in sight!

The holiday season was great for the cannabis industry. In 2023, Delaware, Ohio, and Minnesota passed recreational marijuana. More than half of U.S. population lives in places where marijuana is legal for recreational use with even more having ...Read more

This Natural Cannabinoid Makes You Feel Happy

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This almost undiscovered compound, present in every singe person — even the most miserable of the breed — plays an important role in regulating mood.

Happiness is a wonderful part of life, but for some or at times, it can be elusive.  Finding happiness can be a lifelong journey, but who knew this natural cannabinoid makes you feel happy....Read more

Marijuana And Gut Health

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Gut health is in the news as it seems to be key to healthy living….but what about marijuana and gut health.

It is currently buzzing in the wellness community, but gut health isn’t just a trending topic but an important aspect of health. “It impacts everything from obesity to cancer rates, says Dr. Aditya Sreenivasan, a gastroenterologis...Read more

Marijuana Legalization Versus Decriminalization

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With 40 states having some form of legal cannabis – some people are confused about legalization vs decriminalization

Over 40 states have some form of legal weed – either full recreational or a form of medical marijuana.  Plus, almost 90% of the country believes it should be legal in some form.  But it gets confused about decriminalizati...Read more

Focus On This If You Want The Best Marijuana

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Like wine, it can be tough figuring out the best marijuana to purchase – here is a key thing to know

When it comes to things we consume, if we haven’t tried it before it can be complicated. “Having tried a wine before is a strong predictor of choice,” Dr. Armando Corsi, Associate Professor with the University of Adelaide in Australia ...Read more