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'Keepers' survivors expand arguments on why Maryland AG report into Catholic clergy sexual abuse should be public

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BALTIMORE — Women featured in “The Keepers,” a 2017 Netflix documentary series about clergy sexual abuse at a Baltimore-area Catholic girls school in the 1960s and ‘70s, expanded on their request Friday for the full public release of a report examining sexual misconduct by clergy throughout the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

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'Keepers' survivors file court motion to seek full release of Maryland AG report on Catholic Church abuse

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BALTIMORE — Abuse survivors who were featured in “The Keepers,” a widely viewed 2017 Netflix documentary about clergy sexual misconduct at a Baltimore Catholic girls’ school in the 1960s and ’70s, have filed a court motion calling for the full release of a report by the Maryland attorney general on sexual abuse by clergy and other ...Read more

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Late Sacramento priest newly accused of child sex abuse as Catholic Church lawsuits pile up

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A late clergyman who served the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento for four decades has been accused for the first time of sexually assaulting a child, joining dozens of Sacramento clergy previously implicated in the Catholic Church’s decades-old abuse scandal.

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Baltimore archdiocese paying attorney costs for members of group seeking to seal court proceedings in clergy abuse investigation

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BALTIMORE — After saying it would not oppose the release of a report detailing decades of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Maryland, the Archdiocese of Baltimore is helping to pay lawyers for an anonymous group that’s asked a city judge to keep secret arguments over whether to make the document public.

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This church just honored its iconic past. Now a dynamic young pastor wants to help it move forward

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PHILADELPHIA — The Rev. Dr. Chauncey Pierre Harrison looked barely older than a teenager when he stepped into the pulpit at Zion Baptist Church for the first time as a guest preacher at age 26.

But Harrison, now 32, and in his fourth year as Zion’s senior pastor, has shown no fear about taking a position once held by the late Rev. Leon H. ...Read more

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A Catholic priest told a church official he was attracted to teens. They told him not to 'worry about it'

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BALTIMORE — In the 1980s, Father Brian Cox told an official with the Catholic church he had a problem — he was attracted to teenage boys.

The official, according to court papers, brushed him off, telling the Westminster priest not to “worry about it.” Cox, in a taped conversation with one of his victims, said a bishop once told him he ...Read more

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Baltimore's Catholic archdiocese 'does not object' to release of report detailing sexual abuse, so long as it is accurate

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The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore does not oppose the Maryland Attorney General’s Office’s efforts to make public a report detailing sexual abuse and torture committed by area priests and laypeople over 80 years, so long as it is accurate, a spokesperson for the church said Friday.

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Abuse survivors rally in Baltimore to demand action by newly elected US Catholic bishops president

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BALTIMORE — After the more than 270 members of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops elected their new president in Baltimore, some observers of the nation’s most powerful Catholic body hailed the choice of Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio as a healthy compromise between the conservative and progressive factions that have emerged into public ...Read more

Denver Archdiocese's guidance to Catholic schools: Don't enroll transgender students, treat gay parents differently

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DENVER — The Archdiocese of Denver provides local Catholic schools with explicit written guidance on the handling of LGBTQ issues, including telling administrators they should not enroll or re-enroll transgender or gender non-conforming students, and that gay parents should be treated differently than heterosexual couples.

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Walker, Warnock both men of faith

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ATLANTA — Herschel Walker begins every campaign rally the same way.

“I want to start by acknowledging my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” he says. “Because if you don’t acknowledge him, he’s not going to acknowledge you.”

For Raphael Warnock, “a vote is a prayer about the kind of world we want to live in.”

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Nessel issues first of 7 reports in Michigan clergy sexual abuse investigation

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Attorney General Dana Nessel's office investigated sexual abuse allegations against roughly 44 priests as part of its investigation into the Diocese of Marquette's handling of clergy sexual abuse allegations, according to the first of seven reports released by Nessel's office Thursday.

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Islamic Society of Baltimore's first female resident scholar makes clear religion is not holding her back

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BALTIMORE -- Huda Hasan can trace the confidence she has both in herself and in her Islamic faith to time she spent in a classroom with Maryam Azam.

Azam taught Hasan Islamic and Quran studies at the Al-Rahmah School in Windsor Mill, Maryland. Hasan, 21, and her friends found themselves looking forward to Azam’s class every day, drawn by what...Read more

At historic country church, fiery fundamentalists pitted against old guard

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HENDRICKS, Minn. — Jay Nelson steered his car past Lake Hendricks, past giant windmills and soybean fields, across the South Dakota border that abuts his town, and up a gravel lane.

Here stands the idyllic country church where Nelson was raised: Singsaas Church, founded in 1874 by America's first Norwegian Lutheran minister and now on the ...Read more

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Catholics the biggest religious group in Northern Ireland for first time, census shows

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Catholics make up the biggest religious group in Northern Ireland for the first time since the state was formed a little over a century ago, a trend that will likely add fire to a debate over the region’s future in the United Kingdom.

A 2021 census released Thursday showed 42% of respondents identified as Catholic and 37% as Protestant or ...Read more

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Tensions rise as families reckon with Hispanic church leader's sex crimes sentencing

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ATLANTA — News out of California this summer of a Mexican church leader’s guilty plea for sexually abusing minors had a deep resonance for Erica Ortiz, a metro Atlanta resident since the late 1980s.

Ortiz grew up going to the Marietta outpost of La Luz del Mundo, or “Light of the World,” a Mexico-based megachurch that claims to have ...Read more

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After nearly a century, church has installed its final stained-glass window

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Bel Air, Maryland’s Emmanuel Church has installed its 26th and final stained-glass window, a project that began early in the last century.

The church was built in 1896, and because there was no electricity at the time, the original windows were made of yellow glass to bring in as much light as possible. Once the church had electricity, ...Read more

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Texas church preaching violence toward LGBTQ community faces 2nd eviction this year

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A Watauga, Texas, church where the pastor called for gay people to be executed is facing the possibility of its second eviction in a year.

Stedfast Baptist Church lost its Hurst location in a strip shopping center at strip center at 700 W. Bedford Euless Road in February, after a Tarrant County judge ruled that the church violated its lease by ...Read more