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NJ dioceses name nearly 190 Catholic priests credibly accused of sex abuse

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Facing pressure from state investigators and greater calls for transparency from the faithful, New Jersey's five Roman Catholic dioceses released the names Wednesday of nearly 190 priests who they said had been credibly accused of sexually abusing minors over decades.

The Diocese of Camden identified 56 accused clergy members in its files -- ...Read more

Harvest Bible Chapel senior pastor James MacDonald has been fired from the church he founded

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CHICAGO -- James MacDonald, the senior pastor and founding member of Harvest Bible Chapel, has been fired, the church announced early Wednesday morning. The announcement comes nearly one month after church elders said MacDonald, a popular preacher who attracted thousands of worshipers to his network of churches in Chicago and the suburbs each ...Read more

Harrisburg diocese launches compensation program for victims of sex abuse by clergy

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The Harrisburg diocese on Tuesday announced the launch of its victims compensation program, one of several created across the state in the wake of a damning grand jury report on child sex abuse by Roman Catholic clergy members.

"While we understand that financial compensation will not repair or erase the heartache and damage ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Face painful experiences with introspection

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The "tragic gap." I believe the term was coined by sociologist and higher- education advocate Parker J. Palmer, referring to that frustrating experience commonly known as being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

There are rocks around us -- heavy, unmovable, seemingly permanent. Likewise there are hard places around us -- beaten down, ...Read more

Roman Catholic dioceses in New Jersey announce victims compensation funds

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The Roman Catholic dioceses in New Jersey, some reeling from their own clergy abuse scandals, announced plans on Monday to establish a unified victims compensation fund aimed at providing money to some people who were abused by clergy members as children.

"This is the first time we're doing a statewide program using the same ...Read more

Spreading the start-up gospel: Miami missionaries preach entrepreneurship

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Church attendance in America has been in a secular decline for decades -- and South Florida is no exception.

With less than 40 percent of residents reporting active church attendance, Miami ranks near the bottom among major metropolitan areas in expressing being religious. That puts it just above places like the Bay Area, Seattle, and Las Vegas...Read more

Light Notes: Angels unaware? Remarkable tale saved for posterity

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America is flush with personal stories, those bits and pieces of history often told 'round a crackling campfire or on a grandma's warm lap. Nonetheless, as memories gray and young'uns colorful images fade, repeated tales stretch -- with a wink or two.

But what if these tales had been captured in black and white?

Back in the day, Paul Fisher ...Read more

Oakland diocese issued news release on alleged priest misconduct with minor. Five hours later it alerted police

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OAKLAND, Calif. -- When Oakland diocese officials issued a news release before dawn Thursday announcing that Rev. Alex Castillo, who headed the faith formation and other programs, had been placed on administrative leave for inappropriate contact with a minor, they had not yet alerted police.

It would take another five hours after the 5:14 a.m. ...Read more

United Methodists face vote on LGBTQ issues. Will it rip the church apart?

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COLLEYVILLE, Texas -- On a Tuesday in January, pastor Katie Lewis was surprised to have even 26 members of the United Methodist Church of Colleyville attend her study group on human sexuality and same-sex marriage.

In a group of mostly middle-aged white congregants, opinions ranged widely. One man said he felt pressure to accept LGBTQ clergy ...Read more

Light Notes: Dreamin' big about the Super Bowl? This woman scored by faith

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Super Bowl weekend has a lot of people dreamin' big -- the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams for the big win, fans for the best tailgate party ever. At kickoff it's a fervor you can almost taste.

But beyond what the TV cameras catch for anxious viewers nationwide on game day, there's a different "dreamin' big" that is about kicking ...Read more

Column: Young pastor asks older generations to help Dr. King's legacy endure: 'Don't give up on us'

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A year ago on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination, when I interviewed a number of local African-Americans about the memories they still carried of the day, I felt honored to be getting such a personal history lesson about a monumental time in our nation's history.

At the time of King's murder, some were children ...Read more

He answered King's call to come to Selma in 1965. On King's holiday, he died.

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When the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. asked fellow clergy to come to Selma in 1965 to help push for voting rights, the Rev. Clark Olsen was among those who answered the call.

On the national holiday honoring King, Olsen died, according to the Asheville Citizen Times. The Unitarian Universalist minister, who lived in Asheville, was 85.

While...Read more

'A grave human tragedy': Kansas City, Kan., archbishop names 22 priests credibly accused of sex abuse

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas on Friday released the names of 22 priests in its files who have had substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of minors made against them in the past 75 years.

"Each name on this list represents a grave human tragedy," said Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann in a statement ...Read more

Hartford Archdiocese identifies 48 priests accused of sexual abuse

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- The Archdiocese of Hartford Tuesday released the names of 48 priests "credibly accused" of sexual abuse, leading to the archdiocese paying out $50.6 million to settle more than 140 claims.

The archdiocese also announced it would hire a retired state judge to review priest personnel files in an effort, according to Archbishop ...Read more

Light Notes: She was a step from jumping off the bridge, until someone cared

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She stood at the apex of the expansive bridge, the swirling, frigid waters waiting. Hopelessness had wrapped itself around the young woman, held her close as she stepped over the guard rail, unnoticed in the winter gray.

Nothing would hold her back.

But in the rush of traffic flowing behind her, there was a 'chance' lane change.

"As my sister...Read more

100 trees planted at festival to honor Jewish tradition, help feed the hungry

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ENCINITAS, Calif. -- Fifth grader Eden Cohen and her friend, Stella, sunk their shovels into a hole they were digging recently to plant a pomegranate tree at Coastal Roots Farm.

Then they simultaneously lifted their shovels, causing a collision that spilled dirt and sparked a cascade of giggles.

The friends joined about 600 others at the Tu B'...Read more

Light Notes: It plays like a Hallmark Channel romance, but this 'script' is no fantasy

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It plays like a Hallmark movie. Guy meets independent woman, unexplained coincidences, love blooms, and then a happily ever after. It's what ardent viewers -- always tissues in hand -- love about these romantic films.

Hallmark Channel lovers, this column is for you. A true-to-life story -- minus the snowball fight.

It begins in warm, sunny ...Read more

Baltimore Archdiocese moves ahead with reforms to address sexual abuse that were tabled at national conference

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BALTIMORE -- The Archdiocese of Baltimore is forging ahead with measures tabled at a national meeting of Catholic bishops in an effort to address the church's long-running sex abuse crisis.

Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori outlined steps the Baltimore Archdiocese is taking to create more accountability among local church leadership at a ...Read more

New Congress is the most diverse ever, except for religion

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When the new Congress convened this week, it included several firsts with its youngest elected member, its first two Muslim women and its first two Native American women among them. Women now make up about a quarter of Congress, while the Senate and House of Representatives together include more blacks, Latinos and Asian Americans than ever ...Read more

Lawyers say they will release names of Catholic clergy in hundreds of Illinois cases of sexual abuse

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CHICAGO -- In the weeks since Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan released a scathing report faulting the Illinois dioceses for failing to investigate hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, a daunting question has lingered on the minds of parishioners: Which priests were accused?

Unlike a sweeping grand jury report in ...Read more


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