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Southern Baptist leader who urged abused women to pray removed as seminary president

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Southwestern Baptist Theological president Paige Patterson has been pushed into the position of "president emeritus" following a month in a media firestorm after his comments on abused women surfaced.

After a 13-hour meeting on Tuesday that stretched into the early hours of the next morning, the seminary's trustees made a few announcements in ...Read more

Light Notes: Marine veteran wins private battle

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Dark thoughts pressed in upon him, crushing promise like the heel of a boot. For the Marine, it felt as if he didn't have a prayer.

"It was very ugly," James (who asked his real name not be used) said as he remembered the depression that had settled over him after his military service. "I battled suicidal thoughts every day. I thought, 'What's ...Read more

At a church security seminar: Guns, God and 'get those heads up' when you pray

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LOS ANGELES -- Just as the people in Mariners Church began to pull off their hats, bow their heads and close their eyes to pray, Jimmy Meeks snapped at them.

"Get those heads up!" said the pastor and retired Texas police officer.

Hadn't he just warned them that closing their eyes made them targets? Sheep in the presence of wolves. "What's ...Read more

Pope summons Chilean bishops over clergy sex abuse scandal

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VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis on Tuesday met with 34 Chilean bishops in the Vatican to discuss a clergy sex abuse scandal that has plagued their national Church.

On the first day of the three-day meeting, the pope "handed each bishop the text with the subjects for meditation," the Vatican said.

"We are feeling first of all pain and shame. Pain ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Combine love with faith, hope

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A single Nor'easter or Santa Ana wind can pack a wallop well-remembered. A so-called Perfect Storm merging two major systems creates a super-force to be reckoned with and then recalled in later years. Now we hear of a Polar Vortex, which catastrophically combines three already challenging weather elements to wreak great havoc on all in its path ...Read more

Beleaguered Southern Baptist leader offers apology after comments on abused women

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FORT WORTH, Texas--Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson offered an apology for his "failure to be as thoughtful and careful as I should have been" amid growing backlash over his comments urging women in abusive marriages to submit to their husbands rather than seek divorce and to keep marital troubles within the church.

"I wish to apologize ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Stay on God's path to find true peace, rest

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For many years, I've enjoyed running and hiking many of the pristine trails in the Cascades, Coast Range, and west slope of the Rockies. I know some of these trails intimately. I can tell you where buttercups, bachelor buttons, lupine, phlox, Indian paintbrush and delicate bluebells fill the trailside with splendid color.

I've learned through ...Read more

Southern Baptist women want seminary president Paige Patterson fired for remarks

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Female members of Southern Baptist churches are asking the board of trustees of the Southern Baptist Convention to remove Paige Patterson as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary over his comments and teachings about women.

Nearly 200 women, including at least a dozen from North Carolina, so far have signed a letter posted ...Read more

Light Notes: Mother, the dew always will be on your roses

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Looking back, it seems like only yesterday.

There I was, perched precariously on the edge of the church pew like a small bird ready for flight. My tiny feet didn't even reach the floor.

But I was secure. Mother sat beside me.

As I held her hand, my eyes followed hers to the strong voice that boomed from the podium. His words filled the room. ...Read more

Cardinal George Pell will stand trial, Australian judge rules

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MELBOURNE, Australia -- Cardinal George Pell will have to stand trial on several charges of historical sexual offenses involving multiple complainants, an Australian judge has ruled.

Belinda Wallington, a supervising magistrate on sexual offenses at the Melbourne Magistrates Court, has found enough evidence in several charges against Pell for ...Read more

Light Notes: Mysterious incident brings answer to prayer

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It was as if she were mentally wringing her hands, the car steering wheel clasped firmly. How could a petite nurse handle a lanky hospice patient alone?

As her automobile sped across town, Lorna Runge did what came naturally.

"I'm praying, 'Lord, I need an extra pair of hands,'" said the now "60โ€“something" registered nurse as she recalled ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Solve the 'church family' conflict with love

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When our five children were growing up, we had the same territorial disagreements, wars over possessions and pecking-order conflicts common to most families. Routinely, I would step in to untangle the outer layer of "who did what to whom" or "she said, he said" and remind them of their options.

As a parting shot I would add, "Either you solve ...Read more

Light Notes: His life was flipped upside down. Now this man is seeking his destiny

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At the crest of the hill, a wide ribbon of asphalt beckoned the skateboarder; an irresistible promise of adventure. As the young man descended with purpose into the setting sun, the breeze urging momentum, an unknown malicious hand stretched out to change the course of Sean McClintock's life.

"I'm going down the side of the road, like a bike ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Conservers of Earth can offer prayer

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More than a year ago, I had a unique opportunity to offer an invocation prayer at a statewide meeting.

That, in and of itself, was not particularly exceptional. What made this opportunity special was the occasion -- an annual meeting of members of conservation districts.

Not exactly a church convention or religious convocation; in fact, the ...Read more

Evangelicals emerge as political force in Central America

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BOGOTA, Colombia -- In tiny, peaceful Costa Rica, a country that lives on its reputation as a laid-back vacation spot, the political ascent of a conservative evangelical pastor has caught many by surprise.

On Sunday, Fabricio Alvarado Munoz -- who has said he'll challenge the rights of same-sex couples, consider withdrawing from the Inter-...Read more

Light Notes: A Norman Rockwell Easter plan becomes an 'I Love Lucy' episode

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I fantasize about a Norman Rockwell life. But I live in a Lucille Ball "I Love Lucy" world. There are times when I wish I could change the channel.

There is one Easter more than a few years ago that brings to mind an episode that I'd like to forget. Grandsons Luke and Joshua would probably want to wipe it from their memory banks too. They had ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Unseen hands hold child in near tragedy

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Driving down Asotin grade on Washington State's Hwy 129, you will find a series of serpentine switchbacks, dropping steeply into the town of Asotin.

I'm remembering the time when my wife and I, with our young son, were driving home on that road in our Ford pickup. Ryan had just celebrated his third birthday.

Back in those days seatbelts weren'...Read more

Light Notes: At the end of his rope, he called out and got an amazing answer

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The voice on the loudspeaker rose above the noise in the Greyhound bus terminal, alerting the weary passenger to a waiting call. In a matter of moments, that message would irretrievably change the young college student's life.

"His words were deafening and put me right to my knees," Jack Jennings, now 66, said as he remembered the Illinois ...Read more

Decades after his death, Archbishop Oscar Romero will be made a saint

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ROME--Pope Francis has cleared the way for Archbishop Oscar Romero, an advocate for the poor who was slain in 1980 by right-wing death squads in El Salvador, to become a saint, the Vatican announced Wednesday.

The Vatican said Wednesday that Francis considered Romero a model for the Roman Catholic Church and had approved a miracle attributed to...Read more

Light Notes: Film and television actor recalls road to his destiny

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Sissy Spacek, Carl Malden, Nashville, and Hollywood -- people and places in the world of creative arts. How could the little boy fingering the slide rule at his father's business ever envision this realm of musicians and actors as his true destiny?

Unknowing as a child, his future would hold unexpected doors to his real calling.

"I was about ...Read more