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Philly's Muslim cabbies' ingenuity and community build a mosque at the airport

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The words of the adhan, the Islamic call to prayer, are identical wherever it is sung, in every country where Muslims worship.

"Hayya 'alas salah" is sung around the globe five times a day, including outside a construction trailer parked in a remote lot at Philadelphia International Airport by a city taxi driver, Sylla Salif. "Hayya 'alas salah...Read more

Spiritual Life: Machines aid hospital care, but the heart is people caring for people

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There are a lot of machines in a modern hospital. Sophisticated and expensive, they can do remarkable things for people.

X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and computerized tomography (CT scans) are but a few ways machines help us "see" inside a human body. There are pumps that support the heart, lungs and kidneys. There are surgical ...Read more

Pastor challenges SC megachurch preacher who bought Lamborghini to give up possessions

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On Easter Sunday, a pastor from Washington, D.C., took to social media to issue a challenge: give up one possession each week or each month.

"We want to detach from all the materialism that kind of takes our focus away from Jesus and begin to give more liberally," he tweeted.

Pastor Jomo Johnson's first nomination for what he's calling #...Read more

As Good Friday and Passover meet this year, interfaith families receive double blessings

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They were on a date at the Gusman Theater in downtown Miami when May Cain, raised in Reform Judaism, suddenly asked Bill Snihur, a Catholic, during intermission if religion would be a problem for their relationship.

"No," he answered immediately.

"Neither of us requested the other to convert to the otherĀ“s religion," said Cain. Her husband ...Read more

The spirit houses of Bangkok keep watch over a frenetic modern city

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BANGKOK, Thailand -- In the shadows of Bangkok's glinting high-rises, the plazas of sprawling shopping malls and the cozy courtyards of simpler neighborhoods sit countless tiny monuments to Thais' enduring belief in the supernatural.

These miniature shrines, perched on pedestals and topped with sloping roofs, are known as spirit houses. ...Read more

Light Notes: My Easter list should have been longer with this at the top

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There's an item I've added to my Easter list, something that should have been at the top. That moment of realization came one morning when I paused for thought -- and added this prayer.

"Hi, Father, It's me again. Seems like I'm always coming to you with something.

What? That's what you're here for? Well, thanks for reminding me that no matter...Read more

A tattooed Jersey dude who did drugs, did time, and now does the Lord's work

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TABERNACLE TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- Identical twins Pierce and Jacob Reed played South Jersey high school football, got hooked on prescription painkillers, held up local drugstores, went to prison, and found God.

But in 2015, Jacob died of cancer. He was newly married and just 29 years old.

"He was the oldest of the two of us by a minute and a half,"...Read more

Las Vegas Catholic Diocese reveals list of 33 clergy 'credibly accused' of child sex abuse

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LAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas Catholic Diocese on Friday released the names of 33 clergy "credibly accused" of child sexual abuse who had served in Nevada within the last several decades.

Bishop George Leo Thomas, who opened the investigation after becoming head of the diocese in 2018, said the "church has been in secrecy and denial for a very ...Read more

Southern Baptist missionary arm seeks sexual assault victims of former leader

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- The missionary arm of the Southern Baptist Convention is reaching out to potential victims of a former Southern Baptist leader who was indicted in December on a charge of child sexual abuse.

Mark Edwin Aderholt, 47, was arrested on July 3 in South Carolina on a warrant issued in the Tarrant County, Texas, case. Court ...Read more

Former Pope Benedict XVI blames sexual revolution, secularization for pedophilia crisis

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VATICAN CITY -- The sexual revolution of 1968 and Western society's growing secularization are to blame for the Catholic Church's pedophilia crisis, former Pope Benedict XVI argues in a rare foray into the public sphere.

"Among the freedoms that the Revolution of 1968 sought to fight for was this all-out sexual freedom. ... Part of the ...Read more

Is God really only calling single, celibate men to the priesthood?' Why two men left

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Just a year after becoming a Catholic priest, Doug Langner said the loneliness started to creep in.

"You would go through times of (thinking), wouldn't it be nice to just share your day with someone else?" said Langner, who was ordained in 2008 after graduating from Illinois' Mundelein Seminary, and started to work in a Kansas City, Mo.-area ...Read more

Spiritual Life: Do you have a Great Divide in a relationship? Here's a bridge to cross it

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What can a lion teach us about relationships? Read on!

Getting together with "loved ones" for the holidays? It's October as I write this, and already I'm hearing people moan about gathering with relatives or friends at Thanksgiving.

The problem? The Great Divide.

Is it religion? Immigration? Climate change? Sexual orientation? What's The ...Read more

Priest who was accused of child sex abuse is still AWOL from order but criminal investigations end

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CHICAGO -- In the 15 months since the Rev. Richard McGrath abruptly retired from Providence Catholic High School amid a probe into "potentially inappropriate material" on his phone, the priest was the subject of two criminal investigations, accused in a lawsuit by a former student of sexual abuse and deemed AWOL from his religious order.

...Read more

Mormon Church repeals gay policy

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Many Mormons remember where they were on Nov. 5, 2015: the day the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a new policy effectively deeming gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members as apostates, their children ineligible for baptism.

John Gustav-Wrathall was at his desk in Minneapolis, chatting with a ministry group on ...Read more

Light Notes: God reaches us with forgiveness, not sharp-edged judgment

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He arrived in the temple courts at first light, but people somehow anticipated his coming. A crowd quickly gathered around him.

Sitting down right where he was, he began to teach them about God and his ways. It was like an impromptu church service -- or maybe a Sunday school class. But Jesus knew the hearts of those who crowded near, jostling ...Read more

Pope issues new law, guidelines against child abuse in Vatican state

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VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis issued new directives Friday to prevent child sexual abuse within the Vatican City state, as had been promised after last month's anti-abuse summit.

The pontiff released three documents in total: a "motu proprio" apostolic letter, plus a law and guidelines covering the territory of the Vatican, the world's smallest ...Read more

Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory reportedly will become archbishop of Washington, DC

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ATLANTA -- The Catholic News Agency is reporting that Atlanta Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, 71, will be named the new archbishop of Washington, D.C.

According to the CNA, Pope Francis is expected to make an announcement as early as next week. The pontiff is facing a church crisis over the sexual abuse scandals in the United States and overseas....Read more

Pa. lawmaker criticized over prayer on House floor offers no apology

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The Republican state representative whose prayer on the Pennsylvania House floor earlier this week caused a controversy said on a Christian radio program Thursday that she "prayed as I always did."

"I stand by it. I don't apologize, but I stand by it," Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, of Clinton County, told the American Pastors ...Read more

A top Diocese of Charlotte official resigns after 'credible' sexual misconduct claim

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The second in command of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte has stepped down after a "credible allegation" of sexual misconduct involving a former adult student of Belmont Abbey College, the diocese's newspaper reported Thursday.

Monsignor Mauricio West, the diocese's vicar general and its chancellor for nearly 25 years, has ...Read more

GOP state rep invokes Jesus multiple times in prayer before Muslim colleague takes oath of office

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A controversial, Christian prayer delivered in the House of Representatives earlier this week -- just before the chamber's first Muslim woman was sworn into office -- has reignited a years-old debate about who should deliver the opening invocation and how.

On Monday afternoon, Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, a Republican, spoke for ...Read more