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Gov. Newsom pulls his kids out of summer camp after maskless photos surface

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gov. Gavin Newsom has pulled his children out of a summer camp after photos surfaced of his son sitting without a mask with other maskless children, a spokeswoman for his office said.

The photo began circulating on social Monday and quickly drew criticism from parents who oppose the state’s requirement that children ...Read more

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Miscarriage is common, yet shrouded in stigma and shame. Amanda Knox wants to change that

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One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, according to the World Health Organization. But while there are cultural scripts for responding to pregnancy and birth, there isn't one for miscarriage. Instead, families facing pregnancy loss often experience shame, stigma and isolation.

Amanda Knox wants to change that.

Knox, who in 2015 was ...Read more


Not everyone who is eligible for the child tax credit is receiving it

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Families nationwide began receiving child tax credit payments from the federal government last week, but some worry the poorest Americans may never see a dollar.

Huge numbers of people are eligible for cash under the American Rescue Plan, including the most needy Americans. But many of them make so little money, they don't file taxes, which is ...Read more


Baby boom or bust? How the pandemic has changed pregnancy and birth rates.

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Early in the pandemic, there were predictions that stay-at-home orders would spawn a baby boom.

“Nine months after folks are forced to hunker down and ride out a natural disaster, the birth rate suddenly spikes,” explained an article on Fatherly, a parenting news website. “Whether it’s the boredom...or the sense of impending doom, there...Read more

Bigotry confines their trans daughter at home. Her parents worry what she'll do when they're gone

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LOS ANGELES – He starts his shift before dawn working three industrial fryers at a frozen food factory. Jose Morales lifts a basket of burritos out of one vat of oil, hangs it to dry and dunks another in, all day juggling hot metal that has left mottled scars on his inner arms.

After work, he guides his 30-year-old stepdaughter Sandy Vazquez ...Read more


Why bad behavior at school can go unchecked

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When I ask a teacher, “What is the biggest problem you face?”

The answer — there has never been an exception — is “parents.”

That is certainly a recent phenomenon.

My parents were not a problem for my teachers, nor were the parents of my friends. We were afraid of what our parents would do if a teacher reported a problem to them...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence/action, some language and thematic material.

What it’s about: Avenger Natasha Romanoff finally gets her own movie, traveling back to her Russian homeland to reunite with her dysfunctional family and confront her upbringing.

The kid attractor factor: Craving an MCU movie? This one ...Read more

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What's it like to be a competitive eating couple? Illinois couple headed to national hot dog eating competition

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A hot dog eating contest, with soggy hot dog buns being shoved into mouths, might not be the most romantic setting. But for Sarah and Juan Rodriguez, it helped spur their first kiss.

The Naperville, Illinois, spouses will be competing in this weekend’s Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, a nationally ...Read more

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Dad and 'Jay': It's a family affair for Baltimore's top drag couple, raising two boys

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BALTIMORE — It’s an early Monday afternoon and Ryan Butler and Jeremiah Nieves are driving back to Baltimore from an eventful weekend in Ocean City.

They hadn’t been basking in the sun at the beach. They were there to perform five drag shows in two days as they attempt to make up for nearly a year’s worth of lost income.

Back in ...Read more

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'We all bleed the same.' Couple wants kidney transplant to be message of kindness.

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NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Aaron and Tonya Rhoden always have big ideas together. They eloped in Hawaii in 2016, when he proposed at sunset on a mountain in Maui, and she wanted to get married the very next day.

Preparing for a kidney transplant together is another life challenge the couple is tackling together. In a surgery later this month, Tonya, ...Read more

She brought a man's 250-year-old family Bible back to life

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MINNEAPOLIS – The Bible was stained and worn, with missing pages and detached covers and an exposed spine.

Phil Handy had found it in his aunt's Florida attic, wrapped in thin brown paper. The book was unassuming, the size of a fat brick. But for years, Handy had heard rumors of a family Bible dating back to the Revolutionary War and ...Read more

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Dovetail Project celebrates 21st graduating class of young Black and Latino fathers: 'You guys are mythbusters'

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CHICAGO – “I was a hurt baby.”

Sheldon Smith founded the Dovetail Project when he was 21 because he wanted things to be different. His father was in and out of his life, and his father’s father wasn’t around either. “I was a broken child,” he said. “I wanted to be able to break the curse of kids being hurt.”

On June 10, the ...Read more

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Chicago couple's giant Pride paintbrush draws crowds: 'This is a time when we really need something like this'

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CHICAGO – Nicholas Vazquez and Jesse Campbell wanted to do something big for Pride Month.

They didn’t expect to go viral.

In the days since their giant, rainbow-streaming paintbrush began to draw crowds in front of their home, the couple is channeling the attention into raising money to help LGBTQ kids and young adults.

Vazquez and ...Read more

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For those watching loved ones abroad suffer, the pandemic reopening isn't all joyful

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PHILADELPHIA — Walk out your doorstep into the humid Philadelphia spring, and you can touch the closest thing to normal in more than a year. From the crowds at Phillies games and the Flower Show to the diners and shoppers on Main Streets throughout the region, joy and relief are palpable.

But instead of fully celebrating, Sheikh Siddique has ...Read more

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He's trying to readjust after life on the brink of deportation

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PHILADELPHIA — Saroun Khan can't shake the sense that his freedom might be temporary.

After 13 months in ICE custody, he's back in the Philadelphia rowhouse where he grew up. He can walk the streets of his neighborhood, savoring the thick summer air and drenching evening rain.

But with every step he knows there's nothing to prevent the ...Read more

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A dozen birthdays, an Easter egg hunt and a toast to a new year: Families make up for lost time at COVID reunions

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BALTIMORE – About noon on that Saturday in May, Sarah Holzman threw open the front door to her home to greet more than a dozen relatives and friends. It was the first gathering since before the pandemic began, and she had not seen some faces in more than a year. Inside her home were the fixings for a massive, all-in-one party, from Easter eggs...Read more

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A pandemic love story you haven't heard before: Parents and their adult children

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LOS ANGELES – Nearly every evening after dinner, Mary and Melissa Anderson walked together along the rural road stretching out from their home.

The one-mile journey amid groves of walnut trees became a safe space for mother and daughter. The walk was always the same, to the nearest stop sign and back, but the conversations ranged wide and ...Read more

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He saved his brother's life almost a decade ago. Now this young board of ed member was able to hand him his diploma at graduation

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So far in their young lives, the Heinrich brothers of Manchester, Connecticut, have shared two powerful moments.

The second milestone happened Saturday at Manchester High School’s graduation ceremony, which Paxton Heinrich might have missed if not for his brother, Campfield.

As a board of education member (the youngest member elected in the ...Read more

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Connected by love and loss, they reaped what Rodney sowed -- and gave it away

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FRESNO, Calif. – On a spring day when the mustard greens were still tender, Sherril Wells stopped harvesting, raised her arms and danced to Curtis Mayfield's "Superfly" playing over her SUV's speakers.

Her friend Liza Apper had told her that joy and grief could exist together. She thought this must have been what Apper meant: a flash of being...Read more

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My family is divided over COVID-19 vaccinations. Here's how we cope

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LOS ANGELES – My younger sister and I have a lot in common.

We are both long-winded and gesture dramatically when we speak. We're patient listeners and inveterate advice-givers. We tilt toward skepticism, and cling stubbornly to our beliefs.

And that has brought us to a rare impasse, on the issue of COVID-19 vaccines.

I have been ...Read more