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Chicago neighbors care for young boy after his immigrant mother dies: 'We've always treated him like another son'

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CHICAGO -- Twelve-year-old Junior Gonzalez walked into the living room and tightly hugged Rosa Valladares as she sobbed.

“Te quiero mucho mijo,” she told him.

“I love you too,” the boy responded in Spanish.

Just a few weeks ago, on Oct. 30, his mother, Esna Aracely Vásquez, 38, had died, leaving the boy forlorn and financially ...Read more


Dads are doing less at home again fearing the career hit

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When the pandemic disrupted everything, it also thrust fathers into the home like never before. It was a moment that looked like it could bring some relief to working moms. Dads had the flexibility – and the desire – to take on more responsibility. Then, the world got in the way.

Back in 2020, while Lindsey Jackson and her husband Clarence ...Read more

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Thanksgiving, with a side of COVID uncertainty

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PITTSBURGH — Last Thanksgiving, Bev Gunnarsson and her husband followed public health recommendations and stayed home in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, for Thanksgiving rather than traveling to the New York area to visit their daughters.

For just the two of them, the couple cooked a 10-pound turkey — the smallest they could find. "We had so many...Read more

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My dad was dying, but a goofy, turkey-shaped hat helped my family cope

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LOS ANGELES — Every Nov. 1, I engage in an unusual ritual. As soon as the Halloween decorations are down, I unleash a turkey on L.A. — and the world. Not a live bird but a gravy-colored knit chullo (a.k.a. an Andean ear-flap hat), crowned with a cartoonish-looking, Pilgrim-hat-wearing turkey, with flappy knit wings that bounce with my every ...Read more

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Michigan kids hospitalized with COVID-19 nears peak. Doctor: 'We're a little bit on edge'

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DETROIT — Sixty Michigan children are now hospitalized with confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 — a 54% increase since Nov. 3, the state health department reported Wednesday.

"We are a little bit on edge at this point," said Dr. Rudolph Valentini, a pediatric nephrologist at Children's Hospital of Michigan. "We currently are managing. ...Read more

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Kids won't be fully vaccinated by Thanksgiving. That's creating a dilemma for some parents

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For many families, this Thanksgiving will represent a return to normalcy, thanks to COVID-19 vaccines.

But for some parents, the holiday presents yet another dilemma: Should they gather with friends and family, given that children ages 5 to 11 will be only partially vaccinated by Thanksgiving, and younger kids won’t be vaccinated at all?

...Read more

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When opioids hit home: US Rep. Madeleine Dean and her son pen a memoir of his addiction and recovery

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On Oct. 30, Harry Cunnane, the middle son of U.S. Rep. Madeleine Dean (D., Pa.), celebrated his ninth year of recovery from addiction. To mark the occasion, Inquirer reporter Rita Giordano sat down with Cunnane and Dean to discuss "Under Our Roof: A Son's Battle for Recovery," a Mother's Battle for Her Son, their harrowing, joint account of a ...Read more


Showing 'respect'

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“I can only expect my son to respect me as much as I respect him,” said the mother to the “parenting expert.”

In a sense, that’s true, albeit this mom’s definition of respect hardly lines up with that of said expert. She refers, obliquely, to an egalitarian relationship in which the two parties are on a level playing field. It’s a...Read more

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Editorial: Are parents who refuse to vaccinate kids for COVID fueling another unhealthy trend in Florida?

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While the country is divided over COVID-19 vaccines — and Florida lawmakers plan to pass laws to undermine federal mandates — another ominous problem is going largely unnoticed: Routine immunizations for children, required under state law for school attendance, have fallen during the pandemic.

That means fewer children immunized for ...Read more

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She told her story of being abandoned at birth in 1967. Then she found her family.

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PHILADELPHIA — Shelly Ward-Moore was going through her email on June 16 when she got to The Inquirer’s morning newsletter. The subject line that day was, “Can you help her find her biological parents?”

Believing the line referred to an event that happened this year, Ward-Moore tried to delete the email, but for some reason, she couldn�...Read more

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Tricks to make Halloween a treat for kids with special needs

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PITTSBURGH — When Katelyn Collins spotted a Harry Potter costume in August, she envisioned how perfect a lightning bolt would look peeking out from beneath her 7-year-old son’s Harry-like dark brown hair on Halloween night.

But the mental snapshot faded quickly as she inspected the costume for far more important qualities than looks.

She ...Read more


A home DNA test revealed that the man who raised him wasn't his father. What he learned next shocked him -- and made him grateful

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PHILADELPHIA — Joel Gottfried's relatives never know what to get him for his birthday.

That changed a few years ago, when Gottfried began researching his family tree. He started with his father's parents — Jews who fled hardship and persecution in Europe — and managed to document, in minute detail, their arrival at Ellis Island. He loved ...Read more

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With two sons behind bars, this mom is working to prevent others from suffering the same fate

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PHILADELPHIA — Pamela Mack Jr. has spent much of the last two years launching a grassroots community organization she calls A Million Minds March. She's planning a spring gala fund-raiser to help raise money to buy a building from which she wants to provide mentoring, job training, and grief counseling for young people from parts of ...Read more

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How Day of the Dead ofrendas pay tribute to those lost to COVID-19: 'People only die the day you forget them'

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CHICAGO — A bouquet and votive candles with an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe sit near the wedding portrait of Gardenia Rangel’s parents on a small table in the living room of their old home.

The electric candles haven’t been turned off since her mother and father both died of COVID-19 last February. Every so often, Rangel plays mariachi...Read more

How Vice President Kamala Harris' appearance on a kids' YouTube special backfired

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WASHINGTON — It should have been the safest of political appearances — a group of kids gushing about their love of science and space exploration with Vice President Kamala Harris.

But for Harris, it became a controversy.

The children, it turned out, were paid actors. And the video, filmed on location at the White House and the vice ...Read more

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Marathon a celebration of life for father of hospital patient

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Jason Browning's 10th marathon will be extra special this year.

As he lines up to run in the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon on Sunday, Browning's running bib will have his race number, but instead of his name, it will simply say "Nora's Dad."

And at the 7-mile marker, there will be signs bearing his 3-year-...Read more

Our COVID cocoon: The parents aren't alright (but help may be coming)

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HELENA, Mont. — My unvaccinated 7-year-old son began hacking and sneezing in late September as the hospitals in our home state of Montana started buckling under the latest COVID surge. I took him to get tested when his symptoms wouldn’t go away.

The cotton swab went up his nostrils and Thomas bucked out of my lap with a mighty snort, nearly...Read more

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After son dies of COVID, family encourages people to get vaccinated, Kansas mom says

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Before Tyler Blaylock died of COVID-19, his mom said he wished he had been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Tyler’s family wishes that, too.

He died following his bout with COVID-19 on Sept. 16 at the University of Kansas Health System - St. Francis Campus in Topeka, Kansas.

Tyler tested positive for coronavirus on Aug. 16, WIBW reported....Read more

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Young children could get a COVID-19 vaccine soon. Here's what you need to know

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RALEIGH, N.C. — With Pfizer officially requesting emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, the process has started for the company’s COVID-19 vaccine to be authorized for children ages 5 to 11.

Currently, the Pfizer vaccine is authorized for emergency use only in those age 12 to 15. It received full approval from ...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, some disturbing images, brief strong language and some suggestive material.

What it’s about: Daniel Craig's final Bond movie is another globe-trotting, evil-defying adventure. It's a Bond movie! You know what it is.

The kid attractor factor: Teens might be drawn to it, but ...Read more