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The official breakfast cereal power rankings: Part I

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The month is called "March" for a reason: because it's a slog. As we in Los Angeles freeze to death in 66-degree temperatures I can hear you asking, what are we marching toward, exactly? The short answer is: to our inevitable deaths. The more complicated answer relates to the show "The Good Place," which I may have binge-watched the entirety of ...Read more

55 Plus: Are your children taking advantage of you?

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It's a hard thing to go from being dependent on parents to being independent. Many offspring never entirely get there. Genuine dependency does not include creating a tradition of Sunday family dinners or having mom do one's laundry occasionally. But both children and parents should realize that being independent should not include frequent ...Read more

Helping kids get into college is a big business. It usually doesn't involve bribery

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Cutthroat competition to get into the nation's best colleges has fueled an explosion of admissions consultants, who charge families thousands of dollars to help students navigate the process.

The industry is in the limelight, now that federal authorities have charged 50 people, including Hollywood celebrities Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin ...Read more

NJ data broker tried to sell personal info on a million kids but didn't tell state officials

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A New Jersey data broker that collects and sells personal information about consumers told regulators that it did not knowingly possess data on minors, even as it advertised a mailing list of more than a million high school students for sale on its website.

ALC Inc., a Princeton-based company, failed to acknowledge the possession of data on ...Read more

Study: One-third of children with ADHD get no support services

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One in three students with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder does not receive any support services at school, according to a national study of U.S. schoolchildren.

Moreover, the study -- described as the largest of its kind -- found that at least one in five students with ADHD receives no school-based services even when the student ...Read more

Drummer and Atlanta Grammy president 'JFly' inspiring kids to dream

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How big is your dream?

Jorel Flynn had just enjoyed one of the biggest nights of his life, touring with R&B singers Kelly Price, Dave Hollister and Glenn Jones, when a voice in his head posed that question.

It was a good one.

Flynn was a 26-year-old from Waycross, where for many African-Americans the path to economic and social mobility, ...Read more

University of Maryland medical school, Baltimore schools partner to bring love of science to advanced students

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BALTIMORE –– Da'Kuawn Johnson's third-grade teacher knew the boy was special.

She bought him advanced textbooks with her own money, challenging Johnson to keep learning after he whipped through his normal classwork at Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary School in Northwest Baltimore.

The teacher's attention fueled Johnson's desire for more, and ...Read more