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University of Maryland medical school, Baltimore schools partner to bring love of science to advanced students

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BALTIMORE –– Da'Kuawn Johnson's third-grade teacher knew the boy was special.

She bought him advanced textbooks with her own money, challenging Johnson to keep learning after he whipped through his normal classwork at Calvin M. Rodwell Elementary School in Northwest Baltimore.

The teacher's attention fueled Johnson's desire for more, and ...Read more

ER visits for asthma attacks surging for KC kids. Could climate change play a role?

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Kansas City Health Department director Rex Archer knows first-hand how scary it is to have a serious asthma attack.

Archer has had asthma since he was a kid and decades later, he still clearly remembers his chest tightening up after his football team suffered a rare loss.

"I didn't get that normal psychological adrenaline surge of having won,"...Read more

Want to put your kids to work in the kitchen? Try these new cookbooks

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It has been a breakout year for books for kids -- cookbooks and food-related volumes -- as the writers from America's Test Kitchen, Good Housekeeping and beyond vie for readers. And the winners are kids -- and their parents.

"In the French Kitchen With Kids," by Mardi Michels (Appetite by Random House, 184 pages, $24.95) may be the most ...Read more

Google misleads kids and parents about apps, complaint filed with FTC says

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Accusing Google of misleading practices about kids' apps, nearly two dozen child- and consumer-advocacy groups on Wednesday asked the FTC to investigate the Android maker.

In a complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission, the groups said many apps included in the Family section of Google Play engage in prohibited targeted advertising, ...Read more

Toddlers who wandered out of daycare are picked up by motorists on busy road, police say

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Several children, between 2 and 3 years old, were unsupervised when they were spotted wandering along a busy North Carolina road Tuesday, police say.

Six toddlers had wandered away from their daycare at Winston-Salem's Pinedale Christian Church, and five of them were near or on a road where the speed limit is 55 mph, WGHP reported.

Two ...Read more

Animal intervention program helps kids by teaching them to help animals

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Dillon Craig was confused when the cat in his arms began to vibrate at the neck -- he had never held a purring feline before.

Kristi Cooney, the president of Good Sense Dogs, was there to explain to the 18 year old that it just meant the cat was happy.

Craig, like most of the kids Cooney works with, had limited experience with animals before ...Read more

10 new children's books to savor this season

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If your family is like mine, certain holiday storybooks come out once a year to savor under the covers. Maybe you also like to give books to an eager reader or reader-to-be. We've selected 10 new titles that celebrate Christmastime, winter, traditions and the season of giving.

'Tough Cookie'

Written and illustrated by Edward Hemingway -- ...Read more

Cart with a Heart brings joyful respite to the families of hospitalized kids

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For the past 10 months, Susan Deal Pederson has spent nearly every day on the seventh floor of the UC Davis Medical Center, sitting beside her grandson, Chaz, who is being treated for brain cancer.

The 5-year-old has received chemotherapy and radiation treatments and recently battled a nearly fatal fungal infection caused by his weakened immune...Read more

Some spices may be a source of lead exposure in kids, study finds

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Paint chips in older homes, contaminated soil and water pumped though lead pipes are all known sources of lead exposure for children. Now, you might add to that list spices such as turmeric, chili powder and vanilla.

In a small study, researchers in North Carolina found lead contamination in spices, herbal remedies and ceremonial powders in the...Read more

In a small Washington town with no youth shelters, one woman keeps kids off the streets

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Jesus Acosta was one of the toughest kids Kim Rinehardt had ever worked with at Shelton's alternative high school -- yet there he was, walking up to the podium in ripped jeans and Jordans to give a graduation speech before heading to Central Washington University with scholarships.

"So I'm guessing everybody here in this crowd has been on a ...Read more

Susan Tompor: The gift your kids will thank you for later

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Looking for a clever way to give money -- something beyond shoving cash in an envelope -- remains a fun challenge during the holidays.

I was thrilled, for example, when I spotted some clear plastic ornaments in a dollar store. My brainstorm: Use some shredded currency that I had sitting around the house as a base -- or maybe use some sparkly ...Read more