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A medical mystery: Why two Philly-area cousins, just miles apart, got rare brain cancers

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PHILADELPHIA -- Lily Walker, 17, was in eighth grade when she suddenly lost weight and suffered headaches so severe she’d throw up. Her mom thought it was stress, or maybe a virus. After the double vision set in, a doctor told the family to head to an emergency room.

Her cousin, Peter Cellucci, then 7, stopped eating two years later. He ...Read more


Living with Children: Why you shouldn't high-five a child

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Arrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhh! Will you please just stop doing that, please? Every time I see it, I want to scream, and I’m not an emotionally hyperactive person. I’m talking about adults high-fiving children, and yes, I am about to reveal that I am the Grinch, or so it would seem.

Knowing my stance on the subject, a parent recently asked, “...Read more

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He finds his way back from son's death by making one-of-a-kind guitars

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SAN DIEGO -- Seven years ago, Shawn Weimer started Zoe Guitars, a custom luthier business in Oceanside, California, named after his infant granddaughter, Zoe.

Zoe is the Greek word for "life," which is something that Weimer almost gave up on after the accidental death of his 12-year-old son Zachary in 2008. Becoming a grandfather seven years ...Read more

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Philly's kids are grieving alone from the far-reaching trauma of gun violence, advocates say

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PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia’s gun violence epidemic is creating a new generation of victims: Youth left to grief alone.

The toll of recent days showcases the issue. On Monday, a 14-year-old boy was charged with murder in the shooting of Tiffany Fletcher, a mother of three who was struck by a stray bullet on Friday afternoon while working at...Read more

Family Breakfast Benefits

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A new study finds eating a healthy breakfast -- together at home -- goes a long way to help your children's psychosocial health.

We already know that eating a healthy breakfast is important to help children's cognitive scores at school. This study found eating a healthy breakfast was just as important for children's behaviors.

In the study ...Read more

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A son's mistake, a family's grief and the cruel lessons of the fentanyl epidemic

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CHICAGO -- Justin Pearlman was settling into his latest rehab, a $95-a-day treatment center in Pennsylvania, when the Tribune reached him for an interview about his struggle with heroin addiction.

It was 2007, and Pearlman was part of a wave of young people in suburban Chicago who had fallen under the spell of a drug that had become so pure and...Read more

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'People deserve to have babies in their neighborhood': Chicago South Side Birth Center celebrates Black Breastfeeding Week with first 'Latch and Stroll' event

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CHICAGO -- Taylor King held her 21-month-old son, Sterling King, as he napped underneath a tent in Chicago's Jackson Park on Saturday as she remembered what it was like to have to drive 40 minutes from her home on the South Side of Chicago to her birthing center where Sterling was born in 2020.

King made the 40-minute drive three times that day...Read more

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A miracle: Long-lost brother and sister find each other at Fort Worth hospital

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FORT WORTH, Texas — Raymond Turner was at work when he got a notification from 23andMe that his DNA test results were ready.

Turner, the producer at Cook Children’s Sparklefly Recording Studio, said he couldn’t wait to see the results and find out which African countries his family was from. But when he got home and opened the app that ...Read more

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Eight brides in one family have worn a Marshall Field's wedding gown purchased in 1950: 'it's a lucky dress'

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CHICAGO -- When Serena Stoneberg walked down the aisle of a North Side church this month, her wedding continued a family tradition that spanned seven previous brides across three generations and multiple Chicago neighborhoods and suburbs.

Stoneberg became the eighth bride to say her vows in the satin gown that was previously worn by her ...Read more

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Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG-13 for some drug use, sexual references and language.

What it’s about: "Freaky Friday" meets "Old" — a young author with an old soul makes a wish to be her truest self and emerges as Diane Keaton.

The kid attractor factor: Teens might be drawn to the lighthearted comedy.

Good lessons/bad lessons: It's OK to be ...Read more

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Their families ran two motels side by side. Then, they fell in love

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WILDWOOD CREST, N.J. — Paul and Alethea Pawloski aren’t kidding when they describe the side-by-side motels their respective families have run for decades in the Crest as family resorts.

From two motels — the Stefanide/Roy clan running things at the V.I.P. (Visitors in Paradise), the Pawlowskis in charge at the Compass — they created a ...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated R for violence, bloody images, drug use, sexual references and pervasive language.

What it’s about: A group of teens host a raucous hurricane party at a secluded mansion, and after they play a party game called Bodies, Bodies, Bodies, the bodies start hitting the floor.

The kid attractor factor: Teens will be ...Read more


'So rudderless': A couple's quest for autism treatment for their son hits repeated obstacles

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When Sebastian Rios was a toddler, he hardly talked. “Don’t worry,” his pediatrician told Amparo and Victor Rios, Sebastian’s parents. Kids who grow up in households in which both Spanish and English are spoken are sometimes slower to develop language skills, she said.

Plus, Sebastian was developing well in other ways: When he was just ...Read more