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Living with Children: Nitpicking my 9-year-old

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Q: A friend recently pointed out that I constantly nitpick my 9-year-old son’s behavior. Her words were, “You’re on his case all the time.” Why do I nitpick and how can I stop?

A: Nitpicking a child’s behavior is almost always the consequence of “personalizing,” which is believing that any fault in your child reflects a fault of ...Read more

How Vice President Kamala Harris' appearance on a kids' YouTube special backfired

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WASHINGTON — It should have been the safest of political appearances — a group of kids gushing about their love of science and space exploration with Vice President Kamala Harris.

But for Harris, it became a controversy.

The children, it turned out, were paid actors. And the video, filmed on location at the White House and the vice ...Read more

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Marathon a celebration of life for father of hospital patient

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Jason Browning's 10th marathon will be extra special this year.

As he lines up to run in the Nationwide Children's Hospital Columbus Marathon on Sunday, Browning's running bib will have his race number, but instead of his name, it will simply say "Nora's Dad."

And at the 7-mile marker, there will be signs bearing his 3-year-...Read more

Our COVID cocoon: The parents aren't alright (but help may be coming)

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HELENA, Mont. — My unvaccinated 7-year-old son began hacking and sneezing in late September as the hospitals in our home state of Montana started buckling under the latest COVID surge. I took him to get tested when his symptoms wouldn’t go away.

The cotton swab went up his nostrils and Thomas bucked out of my lap with a mighty snort, nearly...Read more

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After son dies of COVID, family encourages people to get vaccinated, Kansas mom says

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Before Tyler Blaylock died of COVID-19, his mom said he wished he had been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Tyler’s family wishes that, too.

He died following his bout with COVID-19 on Sept. 16 at the University of Kansas Health System - St. Francis Campus in Topeka, Kansas.

Tyler tested positive for coronavirus on Aug. 16, WIBW reported....Read more

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Young children could get a COVID-19 vaccine soon. Here's what you need to know

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RALEIGH, N.C. — With Pfizer officially requesting emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, the process has started for the company’s COVID-19 vaccine to be authorized for children ages 5 to 11.

Currently, the Pfizer vaccine is authorized for emergency use only in those age 12 to 15. It received full approval from ...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, some disturbing images, brief strong language and some suggestive material.

What it’s about: Daniel Craig's final Bond movie is another globe-trotting, evil-defying adventure. It's a Bond movie! You know what it is.

The kid attractor factor: Teens might be drawn to it, but ...Read more


Should son switch schools?

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Q: Our 13-year-old eighth-grader says he doesn’t like the small private school he attends and wants us to put him in public high school next year. His grades are fine, he’s got several close friends, and he’s on the basketball and track teams, but he says that he’s bored and wants to attend a bigger school that offers more in the way of ...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG for macabre and rude humor, violence and language.

What it’s about: A sequel to the 2019 animated feature that updated the classic Addams Family cartoons for a new younger audience. This time, the Addams Family hits the road!

The kid attractor factor: The animation, the voices, the gently spooky humor.

Good ...Read more

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We're not sure what a Snoop Dogg children's album will sound like. But it's happening

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It’s still a kid thang, baby!

Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg is working on a children’s album at Def Jam Recordings, the iconic record label that championed LL Cool J, Slick Rick, the Beastie Boys and Public Enemy.

The Long Beach-bred rapper, who began his new role as the label’s executive creative and strategic consultant this year, ...Read more


Instagram pauses work on kids site after uproar

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Facebook Inc. is pausing work on rolling out an Instagram Kids site after the social networking company came under criticism for its negative effect on children, especially on teenage girls.

Facebook said it’s not abandoning the idea to create a dedicated experience for kids under 13, but will take time to discuss it with experts, parents ...Read more


Instagram is pausing work on kids site after controversy

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Facebook Inc. said it’s pausing work on rolling out its Instagram Kids site after the social networking company came under criticism for its negative effect on children, especially on teenage girls.

Facebook said it’s not abandoning the idea to create a dedicated experience for kids under 13 in a blog post Monday, but will take time to ...Read more

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San Diego weed dispensary disputes that its marketing targets minors

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SAN DIEGO — The Cookies chain of cannabis dispensaries says its marketing efforts and company name have been misunderstood and distorted by local officials who have criticized the company, saying it targets youth.

The chain, which operates stores in La Mesa and Mission Valley, got approval in June to open a third location in Sorrento Valley. ...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG-13 for thematic material involving suicide, brief strong language and some suggestive references.

What it’s about: Based on the Tony Award-winning musical, the film is the story of an isolated teen who becomes caught up in a lie about a classmate's suicide.

The kid attractor factor: Teens and older kids may be ...Read more


A couple who lost their son want to donate his belongings to help arriving Afghan families

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PHILADELPHIA 19—John Kelly and his wife, Christina, had held on to their son's childhood belongings, his Lego blocks and Beanie Babies, thinking that if they ever became grandparents, the kids might like to play with their father's old toys.

That "someday" vanished in November, gone with their only child, Thomas, age 30.

His dresser, bed, ...Read more

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A woman paid for a street sign to remember her brother who was killed. It set off a dispute in a changing neighborhood

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BALTIMORE — Empty liquor bottles rest like grave markers on a Baltimore street corner. Here, men show their love for the departed with expensive bottles.

Crown Royal whisky. Limited edition Hennessy cognac. Imported tequila. Top shelf for Anthony Covington.

In the mornings, however, city crews clear out the bottles left to mark the spot ...Read more

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What it's like to raise children born on Sept. 11, a day marked with tragedy

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On Sept. 11, 2010 — 9 years after planes struck the World Trade Center towers in New York, at the Pentagon and crashed in a Pennsylvania field — I was hooked up to contraptions halfway across the country in a hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas, bringing new life into the world.

My twins, Kayla and Kendall, were born about 5 weeks early that ...Read more


Your guide to the ultimate family tree: How to trace your lineage back centuries

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DETROIT – Jessica Trotter went from working on a heritage Girl Scouts badge in elementary school to tracing back her lineage three centuries.

Now, Trotter, 44, of Lansing, Michigan, is helping others do the same by exploring genealogy, the study of family and family history. Trotter authors a blog,, packed with advice. ...Read more

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Family of woman who died from COVID urges other pregnant women to get vaccine

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — When Braxten Goodwin walked across the stage to receive her bachelor's degree in 2019, her extended family, packed in an overflow room and watching from a screen at Lincoln University in Columbia, Missouri, burst with pride.

When she gave birth to her first child in Kansas City a few months later, a dozen family members sat...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, and language.

What it’s about: The latest Marvel movie features the first Asian superhero, who faces his past and reckons with his family while coming into his own powers.

The kid attractor factor: Kids and teens will be drawn to the superhero ...Read more