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Amazon's top toys for the 2018 holiday season

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking of gift ideas for family and friends. Amazon has released its list of the 25 most anticipated toys, from toys inspired by popular shows and movies to STEM games, robots, Disney princesses and more.

Think & Learn Rocktopus

Rocktopus from Fisher-Price teaches kids about...Read more

Parents are also alright on 'Kids are Alright'

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LOS ANGELES -- Michael Cudlitz and Mary McCormack act a lot like the longtime married couple they play in the flashback series "The Kids Are Alright," launching Tuesday.

Set in the 1970s, the new ABC comedy follows a traditional Irish-Catholic family as they deal with the big and small changes going on in the world. The stories unfold in a home...Read more

Mayo Clinic Q&A: Gaming disorder — what is it and when should you be concerned about your child?

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Dear Mayo Clinic: What is gaming disorder? How can you tell if a child might have this condition, rather than just being a kid who really likes playing video games?

A: Gaming disorder goes beyond having a passion for video games. It's a pattern of addictive behavior in which playing digital or video games is the highest priority in a person's ...Read more

Last year the flu was deadly. Here's how you can fight it now

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MIAMI -- "The flu" was "everywhere" last year. A Centers for Disease Control doctor cautioned that the last flu season proved to be one of the deadliest.

That's why the CDC is urging people to act now, just before the October start of the 2018-19 flu season and get vaccinated. That advice comes even if you delayed a few months into the previous...Read more

More than half of tech workers say they delayed kids because of soaring cost of living

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Even Bay Area tech workers blame a lot of their problems on housing. The region's sky-high rents and home prices are exacerbating their commutes, forcing their paychecks to stretch thinner, and, according to a new survey -- keeping them childless longer.

Though some residents blame the area's highly paid tech workers for driving up the cost of ...Read more

Sacramento prosecutor sought justice for dead kids and downtrodden. She's retiring after 39 years

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In the middle of a passionate closing argument in the last murder trial of her long and distinguished career, prosecutor Robin Shakely suddenly fell silent.

Fifteen seconds passed. Thirty. Forty.

Shakely stood, mute in front of jurors, and looked into each of their eyes. They fidgeted. Judge Donald Currier and courtroom observers seemed ...Read more


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