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Pup dives in for special-needs kids

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Recently, in an Escondido backyard, Erika Shawver witnessed something she never thought she'd see: Her 3-year-old son Caiden went for a swim.

Caiden has a sensory-processing disorder. Over the past year or so, every time Erika took her son to a pool for paid lessons, he'd end up in hysterics, fearful of the water, of being touched or being ...Read more

Moms of children with rare brain disorder push for wider newborn screening

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SAN DIEGO -- Kerri De Nies received the news this spring from her son's pediatrician: Her chubby-cheeked toddler had a rare brain disorder.

She'd never heard of the disease -- adrenoleukodystrophy, or ALD -- and she soon felt devastated and overwhelmed.

"I probably read everything you could possibly read online -- every single website," De ...Read more

Texas judge nominee equated transgender children, Satan

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Jeff Mateer, President Donald Trump's nominee for federal judge and a top official in the Texas attorney general's office, has come under fire after CNN reported Wednesday that he called transgender children evidence of Satan's plan and argued that gay marriage would lead to bestiality and multiple-partner weddings.

The quotes ...Read more

6 ways to see Europe with kids for less

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Visiting Europe with kids is like taking them back through time. Depending on where you travel, they could see many of the sites and landmarks they'll discuss in school, and all while on a vacation where learning is more fun.

However, planning a trip to Europe with kids that's both educational and fun isn't cheap.

Not only do you have to fork ...Read more


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