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More than 3,300 Android apps are improperly tracking kids, study finds

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Thousands of family-friendly apps from the Google Play Store are potentially violating federal law, according to a new large-scale study from North American and European universities and organizations.

The research, recently published in the journal Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, showed that 3,337 Android apps on Google Play ...Read more

Fewer deaths, but more recalls of children's products, report finds

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CHICAGO--There were fewer incidents, injuries and deaths caused by children's products last year, yet the number of products recalled rose, consumer advocates said Tuesday.

In 2017, 93 children's products were recalled -- a 22 percent increase over 2016, according to a report from Chicago-based children's advocacy group Kids in Danger.

No ...Read more

How old are your kids? The answer could determine your tax bill

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NEW YORK -- Earlier this year Jay Charles's twice-a-month paycheck jumped by $65, a result of the new U.S. law that cuts taxes almost $1.5 trillion over the next decade. Then he did the math.

It turns out Charles, a 48-year-old software developer in Blythewood, South Carolina, may not get a tax cut at all. He and his wife don't have children ...Read more

Facebook urged to pull plug on Messenger Kids

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Saying young children are "simply not ready" for social media, health experts and children's advocates are urging Facebook to discontinue Messenger Kids, its new messaging app.

The app is aimed at younger than 13, which until now has been the minimum age of users of Facebook and other social networks. When Facebook introduced it last month, ...Read more