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Lori Borgman: Family dinners artwork of a different sort

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It has happened again -- another blob of spaghetti stuck to the kitchen wall. Same location-in the corner next to the highchair. Same suspect-round face, great smile, chubby legs, chubby cheeks, 18 months old.

The abstract art on the wall escaped notice for the better part of a week and fossilized. We should probably put a frame around it and ...Read more

Another back-to-school COVID-19 challenge: Reeling in kids' bedtimes

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ATLANTA -- Alicia Simpson's daughter may be precocious, having skipped a grade, but mom is worried that her 8-year-old is advancing too quickly in an unhealthy way.

Bradley, a rising fourth grader, used to be an early-to-bed kid but has been going to bed later since COVID-19 upended her life. She is now getting nine or 10 hours of sleep when ...Read more

Family travel five: Reasons so smile

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Smile: It's a family photo!

While your backdrop might not be an exotic locale or an international landmark, it's still important to capture your family's current experiences for future reference and enjoyment.

Here are five ideas to consider:

1. People pictures stand the test of time.

Including people, especially your loved ones, in your ...Read more

Living with Children: Are parents responsible for how kids turn out?

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Are parents responsible for the sort of people their children become? That's this week's question, and the answer is no, albeit equivocally.

Several parents have recently written me bemoaning the lifestyles their adult children have chosen to lead – lifestyles that feature addictions, criminality and flagrant irresponsibility. (The operative ...Read more

Coronavirus caught us off guard. Here's what disaster preppers say we needed to do all along

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For three months, Jonathan and Kylene Jones didn't step foot inside a grocery store. They relied on their Utah home's built-in storage room supply: flour, rice, beans, a freezer full of food.

That was last summer.

The couple, founders of the "The Provident Prepper" website and YouTube channel, wanted to do a 90-day trial of surviving solely on...Read more

Debra-Lynn B. Hook: Antidote in times of trouble: Friday night karaoke in the living room

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It's become a weekly COVID-era pacification in our house: Every Friday night, my 30-something son, his 20-something brother and their Joni/Aretha wanna-be mother shut the living room windows so as not to disturb the neighbors.

Some families do crafts and take bike rides to stave off the COVID slumps.

We bring out the amp and microphone I got ...Read more

Lori Borgman: Hands down, this is a difficult mandate

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While the pandemic is flattening in some areas and surging in others, the fundamental caution remains in place: Do not touch your face.

The bad news is that the world is divided into two sorts of people-those who constantly touch their faces and those who do not.

I am a face toucher.

My face and hands were made for each other. My chin nestles...Read more

In the middle of pandemic, this young mom fights second cancer diagnosis

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Taylor Bustos rubbed her newly shaved head in the dimly lit basement of her temporary Rochester, Minn., home as an intrepid thought seized her. "This better freaking be the last time."

Two years ago, Bustos was happy. She was 20, recently married and had just found out she was pregnant with her first child. Taylor and her husband...Read more

Married Minneapolis therapists hope to heal communal pain: 'Let's try to build a bridge'

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Several days after George Floyd's death, a group of strangers gathered on a grassy patch at 41st Street and Minnehaha Avenue S. in Minneapolis. The spot was equidistant from two sites marked by devastating loss: one where the 46-year-old black man was killed by police, the other the epicenter of widespread rioting.

More than 50 ...Read more

Lori Borgman: Flip-flopping over vacation

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To vacation or not to vacation, that is the question.

Some say "go" and some say "stay." People are divided-and not just by six feet, which is the current social distancing guideline.

Many are making travel decisions based on distance. How far can we go without stopping to use a public restroom? Some can make a five-hour car trip to see family...Read more

A change of plans, not of heart: Saying 'I do' in weddings scaled back by coronavirus

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LOS ANGELES -- It takes enormous effort to arrange a big wedding -- to find the perfect spot to say "I do," to settle the guest list, the music, the food.

This spring, countless couples saw that work swept away when the coronavirus nixed gathering in crowds.

QueJonne and David Cross of South L.A. were just a few days away from the sparkly, ...Read more

Mom, 51, carries her grandchild after her daughter's 476 injections, 8 IVF frozen embryo transfers, 2 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy

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It was after her daughter's first miscarriage that Julie Loving began thinking about becoming her gestational carrier.

Loving, 51, has watched for years as her daughter, Breanna Lockwood, 29, and husband Aaron Lockwood, 28, tried to become parents. They had been through multiple rounds of in vitro fertilization and miscarriages, including a ...Read more

'Heroes Wear Masks': Father-daughter duo shares a message in chalk

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LOS ANGELES -- During the first week of the shutdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Neal Brandenburg's daughters were bouncing off the walls.

The stay-at-home dad usually has the house to himself while his wife is at work and daughters Noa, 6, and Ruby, 11, attend Culver City schools.

"The 'staycation' with children was not going smoothly," he ...Read more

A lifeline for working parents, these day camps struggle to adapt to new rules

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LOS ANGELES -- Samantha "Sammie" Chou showed up to the first day of camp at L.A. Gymnastics in Culver City last Wednesday wearing a glittery new unicorn backpack, neon tumbling shorts and a petal pink surgical mask spotted with cartoon owls.

"After a week or a month, I'm going to second grade," the 6-year-old said, betraying both a child's ...Read more

Family travel five: Fresh air, beautiful scenery at these adventure sites

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Crafting a summer getaway? These five adventure destinations, featuring fresh air and stunning scenery, may fit the bill.

1. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Visit this Idaho resort town where active pursuits beckon from every direction. With the 25-mile-long lake as the centerpiece, your family can choose to spend the day on the beach, enjoy a range of ...Read more

Across the US, families are having tough talks about racism

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One night in late May, Wendy Bohon and her mom were piecing a puzzle together at the dining room table when they heard from the living room a news anchor's somber voice, prepping his audience for what they were about to see.

Bohon knew the general details of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis, the way his neck was pinned to the concrete by a ...Read more

Adoptions delayed for months by coronavirus closings to get their day in court

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LOS ANGELES--Foster families whose adoption plans got derailed by court closures prompted by the coronavirus crisis are set to receive some relief, with the judicial system no longer requiring in-person hearings.

That means families whose hearings were delayed in some cases until 2021 may see their adoptions become legal in the next month or ...Read more

Why these parents are bringing their kids to protests against police brutality and racism

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PHILADELPHIA -- With one hand gripped tightly in his mother's and the other hoisting a homemade "Black Lives Matter" poster above his head, 4-year-old Abdul Kane marched to the front of a pint-size protest in West Philadelphia's Clark Park last week.

"I have something to say," the boy squeaked. "Black lives matter!"

The crowd cheered, and ...Read more

How to raise anti-racist kids

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It'd be great if racism didn't exist. If you didn't have to give your kid an explanation for why a person clutched a bag as a black man walked by. If black families didn't have to hold multiple versions of "the talk" in hopes that their child doesn't become the next Michael Brown or George Floyd. But that's not our current reality, nor has it ...Read more

Debra-Lynn B. Hook: White people finally admitting 'I am ignorant'

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We can never un-see the nonchalance, the I-can't-be-bothered hands in the pockets, the sunglasses on the head like a smug frat boy at a 1950s beach party.

We can never un-feel the horror, George Floyd's powerlessness, his personhood stripped of all but the ability to plead for his life.

And then the silence.

We also can never turn off the ...Read more