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'Everybody is down to not drink.' Why young people are drinking less alcohol

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PHILADELPHIA -- On her 21st birthday, Rabbah Johnson experienced a first: not a legal cocktail, but a roller coaster ride at Six Flags.

She'd never been on one before and knew she wanted to change that. The incoming junior at Temple University had never had alcohol, either, but that didn't concern her much.

"It's something I never did, and I'm...Read more

How kids' brains react to food may cause them to overeat, Penn State study finds

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Nearly one in five U.S. children is obese, according to the most recent estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A new study by Pennsylvania State University that linked overeating to the brain's response to food rewards may help to shed light on the national epidemic that can lead to Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, ...Read more

Mothers with history of pre-eclampsia may encounter cardiovascular challenges later in life

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ROCHESTER, Minn. -- A new study has found that a condition that threatens the lives of some pregnant women and the fetus may continue to put the mother at risk later in life.

Mayo Clinic researchers found that women with a history of pre-eclampsia are more likely to face atherosclerosis -- hardening and narrowing of the arteries -- decades ...Read more

Abuse of immigrant children alleged in documents examined by Chicago law students

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Elbowing children in the stomach. Lifting a child by the neck. Kicking a child in the ribs.

These are all things the American Civil Liberties Union says immigrant children who crossed the border alone experienced while in custody of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The details were in a report released May 23 by the ACLU's Border Litigation...Read more

Craft breweries are the new hangout spot for parents. Do kids belong there?

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- They piled out of cars driven by their chauffeurs and made their way through Sactown Union Brewery's front gates, chattering excitedly among themselves. They were drunk on the success of their recently concluded Little League season and ready to guzzle down whatever sodas were being sold out of the food truck.

Scenes like ...Read more

Jennifer Van Grove: Snoozing on the mommy job

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Earlier this year, I brought home something both completely life-changing and terrifying. Sure, I could be talking about Makena, my now 3-month old baby girl. But really I'm referring to Snoo, the smart bassinet that my husband and I purchased after a month or so of sleep deprivation.

The invention of Dr. Harvey Karp, the pediatrician and ...Read more