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These parents are helping each other find infant formula during the shortage

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PHILADELPHIA -- Karah Weiser was about to trudge on to yet another store in search of the specialty hypoallergenic baby formula her 4-month-old needs. But first she paused, took another look at the half-empty store display, and snapped a picture.

“Boothwyn Walmart,” the 32-year-old Drexel Hill mother wrote alongside the photo she uploaded ...Read more

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As baby formula shortage worsens, families take desperate steps

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LOS ANGELES — Like most new moms, 26-year-old Veronica Gutierrez's life revolves around feeding her 3-month-old daughter, Alessandra.

For the first month, that meant mostly formula. But that formula was hard to find. She drove from store to store, so shaken by the empty shelves she began pumping her breast milk around the clock, in hopes she ...Read more


Living with Children: How can I discourage daughter's friendship with a brat?

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Q: My best friend’s 6-year-old daughter is an only child and a spoiled brat. She screams at her parents when she doesn’t get her way, always wants to be first at everything and is extremely bossy with other children. For whatever strange reason, my children want to play with her. How can I discourage the friendship? Should I talk to my ...Read more

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Review: Amazon's 'Kids in the Hall' revival is an adventure in aging -- with the same old bite

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In the first scene from the new, sixth season of "The Kids in The Hall," which premiered Friday on Amazon Prime, belated by only 27 years, a woman at a swap meet examines a VHS cassette of "Brain Candy," the troupe's less-than-successful feature film.

"Are these the same hilarious Kids in the Hall from the early '90s?"

"No," says Scott ...Read more

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The Kids in the Hall return with new documentary, sketches and grown-up attitude

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The Kids in the Hall were never hip. It's the secret to their success.

"They were about empowering misfits and outsiders," stand-up Mae Martin says in the new documentary "Kids in the Hall: Comedy Punks," part of a reappreciation effort that also includes new episodes of their long dormant TV series.

"Punks," which starts streaming May 20 on ...Read more

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The families of trans kids in Texas consider their options amid crackdown on care

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Cameron Wright, 16, has always seen himself as a “dude.” As a young child, Cameron didn’t have the words to explain the disconnect between how he saw himself and how the world saw him. But he knew that despite being born in a girl’s body, he was meant to be a boy.

After taking reversible puberty blockers that pause a teenager’s body ...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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No MPAA rating

What it’s about: A group of Norwegian kids begin to inflict violence on themselves and others as they discover they have psychic powers.

The kid attractor factor: This is more of an adult horror/thriller that just happens to be about children.

Good lessons/bad lessons: It's never too late to do the right ...Read more


Vegetarian vs. meat-eating kids: How they differ

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Study finds similar growth and nutrition between diet preferences; but there is one key difference

Plant-based foods are found everywhere these days, making it easier than ever to enjoy a vegetarian lifestyle.

According to a study done last year by researchers from the University of Glasgow, vegetarians appear to have a healthier biomarker ...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated R for violence, some bloody images and language throughout.

What it’s about: An assassin in the early stages of Alzheimer's does one last gig, but he's quickly turning his gun on those who hired him.

The kid attractor factor: Not much, this is more of an adult revenge thriller.

Good lessons/bad lessons: There are some moral ...Read more

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This cemetery has been neglected for years. Its families want to save it

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Paula Williams visited her great-grandmother’s grave for the first time in years in September 2020.

Though she grew up in Charlotte, the cemetery where her great-grandmother Maggie Winchester and great-great-grandparents Frank and Amanda Lee were buried was “out of sight and out of mind” for most of Williams’ ...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated R for strong bloody violence, some sexual content and nudity.

What it’s about: A gritty, historically accurate retelling of the Scandinavian myth of Amleth, a bloody revenge tale.

The kid attractor factor: Not much, this is heavy-duty and violent Viking lore. Maybe some appeal for teens.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Fate ...Read more

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A year later, family still healing from horrific DUI crash that tore it apart

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ANTIOCH, Calif. — The message scrawled in marker on a bright-pink balloon – “Hi Sela, love you and miss you so much” – slowly faded from sight as it floated up into the clear sky above Holy Cross Cemetery.

It joined dozens of other candy-colored balloons carrying poignant messages memorializing 7-year-old Sela Mataele and her closest ...Read more


Report: FEMA reimbursed ineligible COVID-19 funeral expenses

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A multibillion-dollar funeral assistance program for COVID-19 victims reimbursed families for some ineligible expenses that included flowers, catering and transportation, according to a report released by federal investigators Monday.

The Department of Homeland Security inspector general’s office issued a “management alert” to the Federal...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG-13 for some fantasy action/violence.

What it’s about: The third installment of the "Harry Potter" prequel franchise following magizoologist Newt Scamander finds him foiling Grindelwald's attempts to grasp power.

The kid attractor factor: The fantastic beasts of course! The magical ...Read more

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JoJo Siwa wasn't invited to the Kids' Choice Awards. Fans think they know why

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LOS ANGELES — Social media sensation JoJo Siwa was nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award this year and has been a key member of the Nickelodeon family since 2017.

So why wasn’t she invited to the 2022 Kids’ Choice Awards?

On Saturday, Siwa revealed via TikTok that she did not receive a ticket to the Nickelodeon awards show after fans ...Read more

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After daughter's death, parents deliver her donated cornea

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TAMPA, Fla. — Four times a week, an alarm clock rouses Jerry and Marie Woody at the ungodly hour of 3:30 a.m.

The couple dress quickly and skip breakfast. It takes them 15 minutes to get to the Lions Eye Institute in Ybor City. Marie jumps out and returns with an inch-thick foam cooler marked “perishable” and “medical emergency” that ...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG-13 for some suggestive material and brief language.

What it’s about: An unauthorized biopic inspired by the life of singing superstar Celine Dion, fictionalized here as Aline Dieu.

The kid attractor factor: Younger ones who may be superfans of Celine Dion may be interested.

Good lessons/bad lessons: Nothing is more ...Read more

Family guide to new movie releases

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Rated PG-13 for violence and some bloody images, suggestive material, partial nudity and language.

What it’s about: An action-comedy screwball romp in which a romance novelist finds herself on an unlikely adventure with her cover model.

The kid attractor factor: Teen and younger audiences might be drawn to the exciting ...Read more

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What my grandmother taught me about living with grief

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PHILADELPHIA — The orchid cactus was always there. Its leaves, to me, appear almost like dog ears from a distance, but a closer look shows curved edges and teensy spines.

Several years ago, my grandmother explained to me that the plant came from her aunt in Virginia. Most people call my grandmom Dolores Owens. Nieces and nephews call her Aunt...Read more


Angry moms: Disney film's menstruation talk not appropriate. Period. Are they right?

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In Disney/Pixar's new animated film, "Turning Red," a 13-year-old Chinese Canadian girl named Mei Lee comes into puberty and turns into a giant, furry red panda whenever strong teenage emotions overwhelm her.

Mei freaks out the first time. Her mother, hearing screams in the bathroom, assumes it's because "the red peony" bloomed. She grabs up a ...Read more