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Common Courtesy 101: How to travel with kids

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A few weeks ago, I was headed home from Jamaica with my family in tow. We had just spent an exhausting week laying around on the beach, drinking Red Stripe and searching for crabs. With a four-hour flight ahead of us, we were ready for some R&R.

Unfortunately, the family next to us had other ideas.

As soon as our plane took off, they whipped ...Read more

Cooking with kids: Making mac and cheese from scratch, for the first or the 1,000th time

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If your household includes children, you likely lost count long ago of the number of bowls of macaroni and cheese you've made, ordered at restaurants, microwaved or poured out of a box. As if by some collective agreement, the stuff becomes locked into our food psyches from an absurdly early age, the very definition of comfort food.

There's good...Read more


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