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Parents, kids separated more often with new airline seating

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Celia Hahn didn't think much of it when she didn't receive a seat assignment while booking flights for her family last year.

On her Delta Air Lines reservation she entered the ages of her two twin boys, then 8, and assumed they'd be seated next to her. Instead, because of the type of tickets she booked, they were scattered throughout the plane ...Read more

Impeachment: It's for the kids!

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WASHINGTON -- Absolutely no day is too busy to remind your kids to "listen to mom and dad" -- even if you are a member of Congress voting to impeach the president of the United States. Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III did just that Wednesday in his floor speech.

"Dear Ellie and James," the dad began his speech, as if penning ...Read more

Transgender kids' gender identity is as strong as that of cisgender children, study shows

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SEATTLE -- Gender identity is as strong in transgender children as it is in cisgender children (those who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth), no matter how long a child has been treated as being a gender they don't identify with, according to initial findings from a University of Washington study that is the largest of its ...Read more

How parents and teachers can calm kids' fire anxiety

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LOS ANGELES -- During this Santa Ana wind season, 12-year-old Nicholas Ladesich tends to go to bed worrying about what might burn overnight. He often has dreams of waking up in his old house that burned down in the Woolsey fire last year.

But he awakens instead in the living room of the one-bedroom guest house he shares with his brother and ...Read more