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Keeping Debt From Ruining Christmas Spirit

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Q: We're still a few weeks out from Christmas and (once again) we've already blown our budget. I sometimes wonder if it will take until next Christmas to get this Christmas paid off! I guess this year is kind of a wash, but next year I want to be more disciplined. Do you have any helpful suggestions?

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Wounds Need To Be Healed

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Q: I have been through some very difficult experiences in life. For the most part, I've been able to set them aside and move on, but sometimes I still struggle with my emotions. Do you have any advice for getting past the hurt?

Jim: Life can be tough, and it inflicts wounds in us all. The question is: What do we do with the pain?

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Everyone Can Benefit From Gratitude

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Q: I always struggle this time of year with the whole Thanksgiving thing. I know I should be more grateful than I am. How can I get a better handle on this?

Jim: We could all use a little more gratitude. The good news is that more is available to all of us. We just have to choose to be grateful.

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Positive Influences Come From Many Sources

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Q: I've always wanted to be a positive influence on people. I used to have time to volunteer, but since my wife got sick last year, I just don't have the margin. How can I still make an impact when most of my energy goes to caring for her?

Jim: Let me emphasize that I think you are making an impact on others -- perhaps greater than you know.

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