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Prioritizing Commitments Can Help Find Balance

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Q: I fill a lot of important roles: husband, father, breadwinner, business owner, church leader, youth sports coach, etc. But I usually feel like I'm running behind, and I guess I vent my stress on my family sometimes. How can I find a better life balance?

Jim: People are busier than ever these days. With family responsibilities, work pressures...Read more

Abandoned Goals Litter The Road Of Life

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Q: It seems like every time I try to make some improvement in my life, like learning a new skill or developing a good habit, I fall short of my goals. I might make some progress, but never as much as I want. It's very discouraging. What's your advice?

Jim: One of the greatest barriers to success is an "all or nothing" attitude. That's when you ...Read more

Preparing Children For Peer Pressure

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Q: I want to prepare my 11-year-old to resist the peer pressure I know she'll experience in her teen years. How can I help her develop the confidence to do that?

Jim: You're wise to be setting the foundation early. Far too many teenagers seem incapable of resisting their friends when it counts. The good news is your kids can learn to say "no." ...Read more

Sleep Plays Factor In Kids' Behavior

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Q: My kids (2nd and 4th graders) are both really smart, and they seem to get along well with peers and teachers. But occasionally they go through rough patches where they're moody and just not keeping up with schoolwork the way I know they can. What can I do?

Jim: There could be various explanations, but I'd start with a simple question: Are ...Read more

Family Member Is Often Critical

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Q: I have a not-so-distant relative who is an extremely difficult person to be around. "Chris" can spot a flaw from across the room and never wastes an opportunity to criticize. I know I shouldn't care what "Chris" thinks, but I do. What can I change in this situation?

Jim: Dealing with a critical person becomes more difficult the closer our ...Read more


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