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Creating Your Own Calm Is Essential

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Q: I'm a mom. And a wife. And I work full-time. I love my family and I love being busy. But I feel a little ... resentful, I guess, and afraid that I'm going to fail somehow. What can I do?

Jim: For most moms, the job description seems to be something like this: You hit the floor running in the morning, and you don't stop until you collapse ...Read more

Helping Children Discover Natural Gifts

Parents / Focus on the Family /

Q: We want our children to reach their full potential. But sometimes we're at a loss as to how to motivate them to do their best without getting pushy. Do you have any suggestions?

Jim: It's actually pretty straightforward: Be their cheerleader. Affirmation beats out criticism and negativity any day. There's just one catch -- be careful you're ...Read more

The End Of Racism Begins At Home

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Q: Is it even possible for our culture to heal from decades, even centuries, of racial inequality? Can different races really come together to champion the dignity of all people?

Jim: My African American friends and colleagues tell me that I have no idea what it's like to be a Black person in this country. I believe that's true. However, I do ...Read more

Mother Is Controlling

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Q: I'm a grown woman with young children of my own, but my mom is still trying to control my life. She insists that we need to be "best friends" and reacts harshly if my husband and I connect with anyone else in our extended family without her being present. What can I do?

Jim: Healthy boundaries are good for all kinds of relationships, even ...Read more



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