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Blending Families Can Take Time

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Q: I became a single mom after an ugly divorce -- not what I wanted, but it happened, and there's no going back. After a few years, I'm ready to move forward. I've been dating a great guy who has custody of his own kids. What should we keep in mind as we prepare for a new marriage and combining our households?

Jim: Whether your previous ...Read more

Conflicting Viewpoints Could Become Family Issue

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Q: My wife and I are examples of opposites attract. We hold different social and spiritual beliefs but still really love each other. Now we're expecting our first child. We plan on showing her both our perspectives as she grows so she'll be well-rounded. That's a healthy approach, right?

Jim: When it comes to values in the home, many parents ...Read more

People Find Their True Passions At Various Ages

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Q: Without mentioning my exact age, let's just say I fear I've wasted too much time and will never achieve anything worthwhile. I could use some encouragement to get past this midlife crisis, so what's your take?

Jim: Maybe you're in your 30s or 40s, or even in your 50s. No matter your age, instead of giving up, it's a perfect time to move ...Read more

Pain Of Dysfunctional Childhood Can Last Into Adulthood

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Q: How can I overcome the bitterness I have about the way my parents treated me growing up? After all these years, I continue to struggle with negative feelings about my mother and father. I remember only their harsh criticism, dysfunctional parenting and unloving attitude. I especially don't want these memories to affect my relationship with my...Read more


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