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Stable Families Form Bedrock Of Society

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Q: From what I've heard about your organization, I suppose helping people with their marriages is a good thing. But why don't you put all that effort toward something really important like combatting poverty?

Jim: I appreciate the question. Since this column is such a limited venue, I'll summarize our perspective with an illustration. The late ...Read more

Daughter Approaches Dating Age

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Q: My 14-year-old daughter has hit the "boy crazy" stage. As a dad, I'm really dreading the whole dating thing as she gets a little older. How can I prepare both of us?

Jim: It's the age-old struggle for fathers with daughters -- I'll admit on this issue I'm a bit relieved I only had sons! My best suggestion is to teach your daughter the proper...Read more

Husband Having Flashbacks

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Q: My husband recently retired from the military, and he's having disturbing flashbacks from combat duty. I've heard enough about post-traumatic stress disorder to be concerned. How can our family best support him?

Jim: Combat veterans have always been susceptible to PTSD, but it seems to be an increasingly frequent problem for today's ...Read more

Encouraging Aging Loved Ones

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Q: My aging father has always been a proud man. He needs care now, and my wife and I are more than willing to take on that responsibility. But we don't want to crush his spirit. Do you have any advice?

Jim: Researchers say that most older people measure their personal worth by how well they meet three goals: 1) dependability; 2) ability to ...Read more

Single Parent Faces Financial Concerns

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Q: I'm a newly single parent with three kids and financial concerns. I could use some helpful insights -- any thoughts?

Jim: I'm sorry to hear about your situation. You'll need to consider three key questions: 1) What do I need to do and when? 2) How can I meet my needs and my children's needs? 3) Most importantly, whom can I trust for advice? ...Read more



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