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Transitioning To Blended Family

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Q: As a recently remarried stepparent, what can I do to smooth the transition to blended family life for my children, stepkids and everyone else?

Jim: First and foremost, be patient. The task of building a blended family is challenging and complicated. Even under the best circumstances, it takes time -- lots of it. Here are some thoughts on ...Read more

Importance Of Mutual Respect In Marriage

Parents / Focus on the Family /

Q: I'm concerned about how our daughter treats her husband. Most of the time she is disrespectful and mean to him. He's a good, kind man but somewhat passive, so he just takes it from her. This situation upsets our entire family -- how should I approach it?

Jim: This is a delicate scenario that will require careful thought -- and quite likely ...Read more

Supporting Foster Adoption

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Q: I've heard some things about foster care and adoption, and I'm curious -- but hesitant because our family is already so busy. Somebody told me that your organization strongly supports foster adoption. Why do you think we should get involved?

Jim: This is an issue close to my heart because I was an orphan myself in elementary school -- both ...Read more

Choosing Career Is Series Of Decisions

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Q: I'm in my late 40s and feeling burned out in my job. But whenever I think about changing career paths, I feel overwhelmed and mentally paralyzed. Do you think I should just ride it out in my current field and wait for retirement?

Jim: These days, choosing a career isn't a one-time event. For most of us it's a series of decisions we make as ...Read more



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