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Questions Surrounding Adoption

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Q: I've known since I was a small child that I was adopted. Now, as an adult, I'm generally happy with my life. But I can't get away from nagging thoughts and doubts about my birth mother. I don't know anything about her. Why did she give me up? Didn't she care enough about me to raise me herself? For that matter, why would ANY mom put her child...Read more

Children Need To Respect Authority

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Q: I'll admit that I often butt heads with my teenage son. He claims that I don't "respect" him as I should, but I honestly don't think I've ever done anything to demean him as a person. What does it mean for a parent to "respect" a child?

Jim: My wife and I raised two sons, so I understand; they're great guys, but we all had our moments! Teens...Read more

Dealing With Bullying

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Q: We recently moved, and we're afraid our son is being bullied at his new school. Do you have any advice?

Jim: Unfortunately, bullying isn't limited just to the schoolyard anymore. "Thanks" to technology (especially "social" media), it can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The only remedy is to expose it for what it is.

First, if you sense...Read more

Responding To Tragedies

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Q: Every year at this time, I think about the 9/11 attacks. None of my three kids were born yet then, so they've never known a world without that history. My son has been reading about 9/11 and various natural disasters. Yesterday he asked me how people respond to these tragedies. What's your take?

Jim: One of the biggest challenges any of us ...Read more

Remodeling For Aging Parent

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Q: My elderly father is struggling on his own, so we're arranging to have him come and live with us. We're even open to remodeling our house if necessary. Can you offer any suggestions to make our home as safe and comfortable as possible for him?

Jim: I'll share what Focus on the Family's advisory Physicians Resource Council has recommended for...Read more



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