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Helpful Guidelines For Healthy Humor

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Q: Many of our friends find amusement in things that I personally consider offensive -- movies, TV shows, jokes, etc. We want to enjoy the lighter side of life and encourage laughter in our home but do it in an appropriate and uplifting way. Do you have any helpful guidelines for healthy humor?

Jim: It's important to remember that humor isn't a...Read more

Teaching Perseverance Is Key

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Q: My approach to parenting has basically been to let my kids try an activity, and if they don't like it, we just go on to something else. Some of my friends have told me they don't agree. What's your take?

Jim: Children hate disappointment, and they'll do almost anything to avoid it. But I think that's something for parents to watch for, ...Read more

Ways To Shift To Positive Thinking

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Q: I am SO sick of all the negative news in the world. Day in, day out -- it never ends. I'm trying to find ways to shift my thinking to positive things. Can you offer any suggestions?

Jim: It'll probably come as no surprise that exposure to bad news can have a cumulative negative effect on people. Studies show that stories featuring violence ...Read more

Upcoming Loss Impacts Family

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Q: We recently learned that my elderly mother has only a few months to live. Our whole family is shaken, but I'm especially concerned about how to help my young children process that their beloved Grandma is dying. Do you have any advice?

Jim: It's tough on everybody when a loved one is suffering from a terminal illness. But the emotional needs...Read more


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