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Teen Daughter Fixates On Boys

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Q: I have a 15-year-old daughter who's a "crushaholic." It seems like every other week she's fixated on a different boy. Depending on the attention she gets (or not) she's either over the moon or down in the dumps. Is this normal?

Jim: I admit that I haven't raised a daughter. But Jean and I have two sons who've made it through the tumultuous ...Read more

Created To Create

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Q: I got married right out of college. Four years later, I've got two needy toddlers and an art degree that apparently means nothing. Meanwhile, my still-single sorority sisters have thriving careers in graphic design and constantly post about their work and exotic travels. I love my kids, but I have to confess that I'm jealous and discouraged. ...Read more

Husband Has Affair

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Q: My husband had an affair with another woman. It's over now, I genuinely believe he's truly sorry, and we're working toward reconciliation. But as a somewhat embarrassing practical consideration -- should he be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STI)and diseases?

Jim: I'm sorry to hear about the affair but encouraged by the progress ...Read more

Baby On The Way, Man Feels Overwhelmed

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Q: My father wasn't a good role model, so I feel pretty clueless about the whole parenting thing. Now my wife and I are expecting our first child. I'm eager to be a dad but also intimidated. Can you offer any insights?

Jim: I've always liked a quote from author Kent Nerburn: "It is much easier to become a father than to be one." I think it ...Read more

Forgiveness, Reconciliation

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Q: What's the balance -- or difference -- between forgiveness and reconciliation in a case of marital infidelity? A year ago, I discovered that my husband had resumed a previous long-term emotional affair with a friend of mine. Their relationship has ended now, and I believe I've forgiven him. But I'm still having a hard time trusting or feeling...Read more



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