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Controlling Anger

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Q: I have to admit that my temper gets the best of me. When my husband or kids push my buttons, I just "let it out" (with words, not violence). That's how my parents lived and how I was raised. Is there any way I can change?

Jim: Many people see anger as an uncontrollable emotion. But that's false. You can control how you express your anger -- ...Read more

Mixed Feelings About Father's Day

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Q: I'm pretty cynical about Father's Day. My dad never told me he loved me or that he was proud of me. He finally just abandoned our family completely; these days I have almost no contact with him. Why should I honor him when he was never a positive influence in my life?

Jim: I can empathize. My own history with my dad was similar to yours, so ...Read more

Struggling With Retirement

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Q: I worked hard for decades and retired three years ago. My wife and I planned to travel extensively -- but with (first) the pandemic and then some related health concerns, we've set that idea aside. Now I'm having difficulty adjusting my expectations for retirement while struggling with discontentment. Can you offer any suggestions?

Jim: Most...Read more

Teaching Sportsmanship

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Q: Our family LOVES playing sports, so being limited the past couple of years has been tough. Our 8-year-old twins are finally starting league soccer this summer. My husband and I were both college athletes and we're ultra-competitive, so we want to ensure that we maintain a healthy perspective. Do you have any advice?

Jim: I understand -- I'm ...Read more

Honoring Parents In Spite Of Flaws

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Q: I grew up in a very dysfunctional home. My parents hurt me in many ways. But now they're aging and losing the ability to look after themselves. Given the past, I'm not sure how I feel about caring for them. What's my obligation here?

Jim: I understand what it's like to grow up in a badly dysfunctional family -- and sadly, situations like ...Read more



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