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Should Men Express Affection?

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Q: My father was a no-nonsense man who didn't share his feelings. He taught me to be tough, work hard and make my own way in life. My wife gets upset because I'm the same way with our son. What do you think -- should men express affection to their sons?

Jim: In some ways I understand; my own upbringing was pretty rough with no fatherly ...Read more

Blended Family Faces Challenges

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Q: I'm married for the second time, with a total of four children -- two from my first marriage and two from this one. Unfortunately, my wife clearly favors her own kids over my two older ones, and she's become unfairly critical and overbearing. Is this unusual in blended families? What can I do about it?

Jim: Many stepfamilies deal with ...Read more

Husband Works Constantly

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Q: I don't usually care for labels, but I think it would be fair to call my husband a "workaholic." He works constantly and spends very little time with our children and me. When I approach him about it, he simply says, "Things will be better soon." Do you have any suggestions?

Jim: Men are generally wired to be protectors and providers. But ...Read more

Tips For Staying On Track

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Q: My husband and I decided to emphasize a healthier lifestyle this year, especially since we have young children and want to establish good habits. But just a few weeks in we're finding that it's a lot harder than we expected. Do you have any helpful tips?

Jim: It's a good sign that you're even thinking in these terms; intentionality is an ...Read more



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