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Consider These Tips When Caring For An Elderly Family Member

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Q: What do we need to do to make our home as safe and as comfortable as possible for my elderly mom? She's not coping well on her own, so we're arranging to have her come and live with us. We're open to remodeling, if necessary. Can you offer any suggestions?

Jim: I've asked Focus on the Family's advisory Physicians Resource Council for input ...Read more

Difficult Toddler Stage Often Discourages Exhausted Parents

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Q: As soon as our daughter hit the "terrible twos," she became difficult to deal with. I've heard this is fairly common. We know it's "just a stage" and we'll get through it. But for now, it's exhausting and discouraging. What advice would you give for keeping the right perspective?

Jim: I'll share an example that's in my book "The Best Advice ...Read more

Schedule Family Meal Times To Stay Close To Teenagers

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Q: With two working adults and three teens in the house, I feel like our family is more disconnected than ever; everybody seems to be on their own schedule. What's one thing we can do to stay close?

Jim: I'll ask this: How often does your family have dinner together? I know it's challenging -- it sure is in our house -- but it's one of the best...Read more

Supporting Someone Going Through A Difficult Time Can Be Tricky

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Q: One of my friends was recently widowed, and someone in my extended family has been diagnosed with a serious (possibly terminal) illness. I see both of them fairly often and want to encourage them, but I feel awkward.

Jim: It's natural to want to ease a loved one's pain. But we've all stumbled through enough uncomfortable moments to know ...Read more

Woman Has Nagging Feeling That She's 'Just A Mom'

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Q: When our extended family gathered a couple of months ago, I felt overshadowed and inadequate around other women. My sisters and female cousins all have satisfying careers, but I'm just a mom. Sometimes I feel like a complete failure.

Jim: Mothers often have a way of seeing their own shortcomings and minimizing the role they play in their ...Read more


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