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Social Media Tips For Kids And Parents

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Q: My kids are old enough to have their own social media accounts, and I'm reluctantly ready to let them. But I'm still nervous about it. Do you have any advice?

Jim: We've all heard the stories. Someone posts an offensive comment to social media and gets fired. A young boy stumbles across explicit content online and begins to struggle with ...Read more

Invest Time In Previous Generation

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Q: Now that my kids are grown, I have more time on my hands and want to invest it in something else meaningful. Do you have any suggestions?

Jim: We often place great emphasis on the next generation: The children growing up today who will become the leaders of tomorrow. That's certainly very worthwhile, but what about the previous generation?

...Read more

Assist Kids In Learning To Handle Money

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Q: Do you have any suggestions for helping our kids learn how to handle money in practical ways?

Jim: I think there's a financial application that many of us overlook as parents: Paying for extracurricular activities. We all know they can take a big bite out of the family budget, but it's usually a sacrifice we're happy to make because we know ...Read more

Connection Comes From Deep-Rooted Relationships

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Q: New year, new beginnings ... yada-yada-yada. It seems like every year I set goals for new things I want to accomplish, but even when I've managed to follow through and achieve them, I still feel unfulfilled. Isn't life all about seeking and finding new experiences? What am I missing?

Jim: At New Year's parties all over the world, many people...Read more


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