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Husband Wants To Do More To Honor His Wife

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Q: After 15 years of marriage, I'm starting to realize that I take my wife for granted. I want to start honoring her better, but I'm not sure where to start.

Jim: Here's an illustration that might come as a surprise: ballet. A friend once told me about a famous Russian choreographer who said, "The ballet is woman." What he meant is that the ...Read more

Consider Following A Broad Set Of Principles When Managing Money

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Q: My wife just got a new job with a substantially better salary, and I received a significant promotion. We're empty-nesters and want to handle our increased income responsibly. (We haven't always been the best financial decision makers in the past.) What should we keep in mind?

Jim: This isn't really a question about the best way to use your ...Read more

Mom's Infidelity Creates Split In Family

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Q: My parents recently got divorced because my mom was having an affair. Now she's moved in with this other man and plans to marry him within a few weeks. My husband and I are struggling with this situation. Should we readily accept her new husband?

Jim: It sounds like you're caught in an understandable conflict between two opposing elements. ...Read more

Parents Want To Coax Daughter Out Of Shyness

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Q: Our daughter is painfully shy. As a toddler, she would run behind her mom's legs when guests visited. Even now, as a young teenager, she struggles to look people in the eye. She does well in school, but we're still concerned. How can we help our girl overcome her fear of social interaction?

Jim: First, let's clarify a common misconception. ...Read more

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