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Keeping Marriages Together Is Key To Combating Poverty

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Q: I've heard some about your organization. I guess helping people with their marriages is a good thing. But wouldn't all that effort be better directed toward something more important, like combating poverty?

Jim: Thanks for asking this. In a limited venue like this column, I'd summarize our perspective with an illustration. The late Southern ...Read more

Husband Isn't Pulling His Weight With Childcare Duties

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Q: My husband is more than willing to play with the kids. But when it comes to the practical side of parenting -- dinner, diapers, bath times -- I don't think he pulls his weight. What's a woman to do?

Jim: I've heard this complaint from many wives. Men and women often have different understandings about parenting. You may feel it's natural ...Read more

Be Strategic About Staying Committed To New Year's Resolutions

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Q: The past three years I've made a New Year's resolution to work out and lose weight. And every year I lost momentum within a few weeks. I feel guilty about breaking my promise to my family -- and myself. What can I do differently this year?

Jim: Many of us make some sort of resolution this time of year, and a lot of those involve healthier ...Read more

Reach Out To Those In Need During The Holiday Season

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Q: We usually do Christmas as "just" our immediate household. A friend suggested we invite some neighbors over. What do you think?

Jim: Christmas is a delightful time of year. The parties, the festive decorations, the music -- everyone seems so cheerful and happy. But not everyone is.

Studies indicate that Christmas is the most likely time of ...Read more


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