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Combat Veteran's Ptsd Worries Wife, Family

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Q: My husband is having disturbing flashbacks as a result of active combat duty during his time in the military. I'm just starting to learn about post-traumatic stress disorder. His condition has become much worse over the past several weeks, and our entire family is deeply worried. How can we best support him?

Jim: Your family is certainly not...Read more

Father Longs To Reconnect With Children After Abandoning Them

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Q: How can I reconnect with my children after divorcing their mother and abandoning them? I regret to say that I walked out on my family several years ago. Since then, I've recognized my mistakes and changed my life (including coming to faith). I'd like to get back in touch with my kids, but they want nothing to do with me. Can you help?

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Anger At Deceased Father Still Bothers Adult Child

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Q: How can I forgive my deceased father for his cruel words and behavior? He treated me horribly when I was a kid, so my relationship with him was strained and distant until the day he died. I never worked things out with him in person, and now I'm struggling with feelings of anger, bitterness, guilt and remorse.

Jim: It's always difficult to ...Read more

How To Cope With A Spouse's Unemployment

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Q: My husband recently lost his job. I'm still working and we aren't destitute, but it's obviously tough on the whole family. Is there anything I should prioritize while he looks for a new position?

Jim: You have an important role in helping your spouse deal with the uncertainty ahead. So, to the best of your ability, you have to stay calm and ...Read more

Give Daughter Time And Space As She Figures Out Her Path In Life

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Q: Just as we were looking forward to the freedom of an "empty nest," our adult daughter decided that she needs to come back and "get her life together" before "moving on to the next step." But we don't know exactly what this means, and we have no idea how long she's planning to stay. Do you have any advice?

Jim: There isn't necessarily ...Read more


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