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Father's Presence Missed

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Q: My dear father passed away a few months ago. He was always the center of family gatherings, so as Christmas approaches we're all starting to deal with the fact that he won't be there. This is so much harder than I expected; do you have any advice for getting through this season?

Jim: My heart goes out to you. We've all heard that Christmas ...Read more

Adult Son Behaves Irresponsibly

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Q: We tried our best to be good parents, but our adult son has developed a talent for making poor decisions and behaving irresponsibly. He's deep in debt and may lose his job for lack of transportation because his expensive car was repossessed. We've tried to support and help him in similar situations, but things just keep getting worse. What do...Read more

Family Get-Togethers Lead To Conflict

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Q: My in-laws like to host extravagant get-togethers with all the relatives; this year they're "going extra big" for the holidays because gatherings didn't happen last year. But these events are always marked by tension and arguments among extended family members. I don't want to offend my husband or his parents, but I'm tired of all the ...Read more

Mother Struggles With Child Being An Adult

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Q: I'm in my mid-20s, but my mother seems unable or unwilling to acknowledge that I'm an adult. How can I help her understand I'm not a kid anymore?

Jim: It's not uncommon for parents to struggle with the idea of a son or daughter moving ahead into full adulthood. There can be any number of factors involved; for example, this issue often arises...Read more



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