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Be Honest With Young Kids Regarding Relative's Illness

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Q: My grandfather has been battling cancer, but unfortunately is in the final stages -- it won't be long. He wants to see my two young children. But the illness and treatments have dramatically affected his appearance, and I'm afraid the kids would find the experience very upsetting. What do you advise?

Jim: I understand your dilemma; this is a...Read more

Maintain Marriage-Focused Home; Respect Spouse's Choices

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Q: My wife and I love our three children. But with all the activity surrounding the kids, our marriage isn't as fun as it used to be. Is that normal?

Jim: Well, I'd have to say your scenario is common. When you were dating, engaged, and then beginning your marriage, you and your spouse were probably able to schedule everything around the time ...Read more

Strategize With Grandparents To Reinforce Parents' Lessons

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Q: My husband and I work hard to teach our kids to be content with what they (and we) have. But whenever they visit my parents, that concept just flies out the window. Grandma and Grandpa fill them with soda and candy, buy whatever they ask for, and generally just give in to our kids' every whim. What can we do?

Jim: It's been semi-jokingly ...Read more

Help Daughter Recognize Herself As A Whole Person

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Q: When I was a teen girl, I was concerned about my appearance. But our 13-year-old daughter seems almost obsessed about how she looks. She locks herself in the bathroom until she gets makeup, hair and clothes perfect. I was never THAT bad. What can my husband and I do to help her keep her perspective?

Jim: No doubt, teens today -- and ...Read more



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