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The Goal Of Parenting

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Q: I struggle watching my school-age children go through challenges. My natural inclination is to step in and fix things for them whenever I can. That's what parenting is all about, right?

Jim: Respectfully, the goal of parenting is to raise our children to be responsible, mature adults who can function on their own. And sometimes that requires...Read more

Be A Bridge Between Your Child And Your Grandchildren

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Q: My adult son is a successful businessman and I'm very proud of him. But I think he works too much and seems too busy for his own children (my grandkids). What can I do to help?

Jim: This scenario is not uncommon, unfortunately -- but it places you in a delicate position as a grandparent. On one hand, you may well be right in feeling that ...Read more

A Healthy Marriage Should Include Room To Breathe

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Q: I've been married for almost four months. My husband and I have grown accustomed to doing everything together, just the two of us. But last weekend he made plans to go to a game with a couple of his guy friends, and says he intends to do more of that. Should I be concerned that he doesn't seem to want to be with me as much?

Jim: There's a ...Read more

Sudden Unemployment Presents Challenges Best Handled Together

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Q: My husband is currently unemployed after a "corporate restructure." I have a decent job, so we aren't destitute, but this is a difficult situation for the whole family. What do you suggest I prioritize while he looks for a new position?

Jim: As much as you can, you have to stay calm and focused. You have a very important role in helping your...Read more



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