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Woman Must Put Self-Worth Ahead Of Doomed Relationship

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Q: Do you have any advice for a single woman who's in love and romantically involved with a married man? I know the decision to go down this path was foolish, but there's nothing I want more than to begin a new life with this man. He wants the same, but he's dragging his feet and seems unable to leave his wife, even though his marriage is a mess...Read more

Family Has Forgotten How To Talk To One Another

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Q: Communication has become an issue with our family. It seems that none of us spend time talking anymore. I don't know how this happened, but I'm concerned about how it's affecting our relationships. What can I do to change the situation?

Jim: You're wise to work toward reversing this trend. Regular and open conversation is essential to ...Read more

Daughter's Snide Behavior Has Mom And Dad Worried

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Q: Our daughter is married to a good, kind, giving man. We love them both very much, but most of the time my daughter is disrespectful and mean to her husband. He's passive and just takes it from her. This upsets our entire family and I'm inclined to speak with my daughter about it. Do you think I should?

Jim: This is a judgment call that ...Read more

Deep Satisfaction Comes With Joys Of Parenting

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Q: My wife and I are giving serious thought to starting a family, and now I'm having second thoughts. The idea of being responsible for a child is daunting enough. But I read a recent report suggesting that parenting often leads to unhappiness. What's your perspective?

Jim: Scientists love to examine the happiness quotient of parents. Year ...Read more

Don't Let Chores Come Between You And Your Spouse

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Q: My wife and I generally get along great, but I'm surprised how much we argue about little chores around the house. Is this normal?

Jim: When couples are asked about stress points in marriage, things like kids and finances usually come up first. But studies show that household chores rank third on that list!

It's easy to understand how ...Read more


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