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Parents Feel They Failed Son

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Q: Our son is being held back a year in school -- we feel we've failed as parents. How do we help him adjust to repeating his grade level? What should we do if the other kids start to tease him about it?

Jim: It may be tough for him to see right now, but being held back in school isn't the end of the world. Also, childhood problems and ...Read more

Social Intimacy Can Be Beneficial

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Q: After 20-some years of marriage, my wife and I know each other pretty well -- and I think we have a good relationship. We also each have our respective friends and hobbies to help us maintain our individuality. But we still sense that maybe we're missing something. How can we strengthen our connection?

Jim: When a lot of couples think of ...Read more

Recent Graduate Faces Pregnancy

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Q: My son just graduated from high school and is planning on leaving for college. However -- he has also gotten his girlfriend pregnant. They're both 18, and neither one of them wants to give up the child for adoption. Meanwhile, my husband and I are providing all of our son's financial support, and neither of us knows how he's going to support ...Read more

Important To Teach That Differences Can Be Positive

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Q: As much as I wish that racial tension would diminish in America, it seems like it just won't go away. I'm concerned about the effect this has on my young children. What's your advice?

Jim: Racism has been a stain on our country for generations. And unfortunately, it will never end unless parents take an active role in educating our children ...Read more


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