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Woman Has Nagging Feeling That She's 'Just A Mom'

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Q: When our extended family gathered a couple of months ago, I felt overshadowed and inadequate around other women. My sisters and female cousins all have satisfying careers, but I'm just a mom. Sometimes I feel like a complete failure.

Jim: Mothers often have a way of seeing their own shortcomings and minimizing the role they play in their ...Read more

Deciding When To Start Having Kids Can Involve Many Factors

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Q: I've been married for almost two years. My husband and I want to start a family, but we're not sure when. Is it wise to wait until we're better established?

Jim: Choosing when to have children is a very personal decision, and couples wait for a lot of reasons. But many family experts agree that waiting for the "perfect time" may not be the ...Read more

Husband And Wife Become Enemies In Times Of Conflict

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Q: My wife and I don't argue often. But when we do, it feels like we actually become enemies. That bothers both of us. We're struggling to get past this; do you have any advice?

Jim: Conflict in marriage can often make you feel like you're pitted against each other when you ought to be working together. It starts with a disagreement and ends ...Read more

Try Conversational Activities To Improve Family Communication

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Q: Our resolution this year is to improve our communication as a (busy) family. Several weeks in, we're doing better about keeping in touch by phone, text and email. But something still seems to be missing.

Jim: Did you know spoken (or written) words account for only 7 percent of communication? The rest is conveyed through our body language, ...Read more


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