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Young Couple Can't Find Time For A 'Date Night'

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Q: With two young children in the house, my husband and I can barely remember "life before kids." I mean, I wouldn't trade our little ones for anything, but sometimes it's hard to find even two minutes for a meaningful adult conversation, much less an actual date night. How does a couple get a break from the kids to reconnect?

Jim: Most couples...Read more

Young Man Loses His Way, Worries Family With His Behavior

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Q: A young man in our extended family seems to have lost his way in life; he's behaving in ways that are completely foreign to our values. I'd rather not say more. Still, this situation grieves me deeply, and I'm wondering if you have any advice.

Jim: This is a difficult scenario that many families encounter. I'd suggest you not give up on your...Read more

Don't Force Your Kids Into Activities Only You Care About

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Q: My wife and I are trying to help our kids explore their natural talents in sports, music and other areas. But each time we try something new, the kids seem to hate it. I'm running out of ideas. What's the trick?

Jim: You might start by asking yourself: "Who's more interested in this activity -- my child, or me"

Let me share a story as an ...Read more

Adoption Can Positively Change The Future Of A Child In Need

Parents / Focus on the Family /

Q: Some friends of ours are talking about possibly adopting a child. Honestly, my wife and I have never thought about doing that. But I've heard you're a big proponent of adoption, and I'm curious as to why.

Jim: Let's do some name-dropping: Babe Ruth. President Gerald Ford. Steve Jobs. Dave Thomas (the founder of Wendy's). These were all ...Read more

Parents Concerned That Daughter Hasn't Accepted Their Values

Parents / Focus on the Family /

Q: Our daughter is finishing high school and will soon "leave the nest." We're concerned that she doesn't seem to be enthusiastic about the values we've tried to teach her. It's discouraging to us as parents -- but is it too late?

Jim: I think all of us, as parents, struggle at some point with this kind of concern. Here's my advice: Be patient....Read more


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