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Family Member Is Often Critical

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Q: I have a not-so-distant relative who is an extremely difficult person to be around. "Chris" can spot a flaw from across the room and never wastes an opportunity to criticize. I know I shouldn't care what "Chris" thinks, but I do. What can I change in this situation?

Jim: Dealing with a critical person becomes more difficult the closer our ...Read more

It's The People We Are With That Is Important

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Q: Once again, I couldn't afford to give my kids the memorable summer vacation that their friends all seem to experience. It's discouraging. Do you think they'll resent me for it?

Jim: One of the best lessons I've ever learned about parenting happened about 10 years ago. I headed out on a road trip with my brother and my son to pick up a fifth-...Read more

Small Things Can Bring Peace To Chaos

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Q: I'm very discouraged about what I see in our country. So many problems; so much animosity and negativity. But it's all so big -- what can one person do?

Jim: Let's use a simple analogy. Say you're in a public bathroom drying your hands when you see a used paper towel on the floor. Do you pick it up and throw it in the trash? I'm not exactly ...Read more

Supporting Roles Are Important

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Q: I feel overlooked and unappreciated in my job. I'm surrounded by people with more talent, skill and/or education who get all the attention. It gets pretty discouraging. How can I keep my attitude up?

Jim: I'd say don't look down on yourself; your role may be more important than you think. Let me give you an illustration.

It's fascinating to...Read more

Parents Concerned About Son's Self-Image

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Q: Our teen son seems obsessed with how he looks. He doesn't just try to Photoshop his selfies; he's actually almost panicked about his physique. Is that normal?

Jim: Most of us know that body image is a serious issue for teen girls. But many parents don't realize that more and more teen boys are susceptible to body image struggles, too. Having...Read more


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