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Help Is Available For Addiction

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Q: My spouse's substance abuse and drug addiction has had a devastating impact on our marriage and family. I feel as if I've just about reached the end of my rope. Help!

Jim: Perhaps it will encourage you to know that you're not alone. Drug abuse affects men and women from every age group, every socioeconomic class and all walks of life. In ...Read more

Importance Of Facing Issues As A Family

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Q: I've been battling severe depression and anxiety for some time. These feelings are bad enough, but I'm concerned that I'm making life difficult for my wife and kids. What should I do?

Jim: Your concern is actually a hopeful sign. Some who suffer from depression withdraw so deeply into themselves that they're incapable of thinking about ...Read more

Make Your Plans Before It's Too Late

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Q: As a single woman, how important is it that I have a will? Is this something I should be concerned about?

Jim: That all depends. Under most circumstances it's advisable for you to have a will, but the precise course of action you should follow will be determined by the specifics of your situation.

Obviously, if you're a divorced or widowed ...Read more

Proactive Approach To Mourning

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Q: My husband battled several health problems the last two years. My entire identity became wrapped up in caring for him. Now that the struggle is over, I feel empty and lost as well as grieved. I honestly don't know where to turn or what to do next.

Jim: I'm sorry to hear of your loss. The death of any loved one is difficult, especially when ...Read more


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