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Family Should Take Priority

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Q: I've had a pretty successful life so far -- solid career, married well, a couple of good kids, nice home, etc. But I don't want to miss anything, so I'm asking other men for their best advice for the next, say, 20 years. What's your take?

Jim: I think the key is to ask yourself: Where do you really find your fulfillment? If it's somewhere ...Read more

Investment Of Time, Energy Will Pay Off

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Q: I love being a mom -- usually. But sometimes I get discouraged in the middle of all the diapers and toddler messes and wonder if anything I do now will really matter when my little ones are all grown up.

Jim: Let me ask this: If someone called you a "ditch digger," how would you react? Before you answer, let me tell you a story.

There's an ...Read more

Couple Married For 43 Years Can Have Impact

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Q: My wife and I are both retired. We want to have an impact on younger generations, but we're not sure how. We weren't able to have children, and through most of our 43 years of marriage we've just quietly gone about our daily business. Neither of us finished college or accomplished anything noteworthy. We don't really have a legacy to leave ...Read more

Son's Change In Behavior Confuses Parents

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Q: Our 4-year-old son has started acting out in ways that perplex us. He's taken to shouting when he gets angry and has said some words that seem beyond his usual vocabulary -- not swearing, but just different. We're not sure where he's getting this. What can we do?

Jim: Well, the first place to look might be close at hand. Let me share an ...Read more

Blending Families Can Take Time

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Q: I became a single mom after an ugly divorce -- not what I wanted, but it happened, and there's no going back. After a few years, I'm ready to move forward. I've been dating a great guy who has custody of his own kids. What should we keep in mind as we prepare for a new marriage and combining our households?

Jim: Whether your previous ...Read more


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