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Social Media Posts Don't Necessarily Reflect A Family's Reality

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Q: I get so frustrated watching other families who seem to be perfect. They're like the old show "The Brady Bunch" -- the parents are loving, the kids always seem happy, and I never hear of any real problems. Am I just missing something?

Jim: We've all looked at co-workers, people at church or friends on social media and thought, "Wow, that ...Read more

Avoid Spending Temptation When Going Shopping With Your Kids

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Q: As a busy mother with young children, I don't have much choice but to take them with me when I go shopping. But sometimes they drive me crazy in the stores! Help!

Jim: I love seeing families shop together; they're experiencing the value of spending time with each other in daily life. So I generally don't mind when I'm stuck behind a cart ...Read more

Reaching Out To Someone In Need Can Help Ease Our Own Struggles

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Q: I've been through a series of challenges and disappointments over the past few years. I try to keep a positive attitude, but sometimes it's hard to avoid self-pity and discouragement. Do you have any advice?

Jim: I certainly don't want to minimize whatever you've endured. And there's practical help available, which I'll mention in a moment. ...Read more

Social Media Not The Place To Address Conflicts With Others

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Q: I'm experiencing an awkward situation with an extended family member. This person recently disagreed with something I posted on Facebook and commented harshly. I admit I responded poorly in the moment. This led to other negative posts, a few blunt emails and even a couple of snarky texts. A minor difference has escalated into real tension. ...Read more

Let Your Kids Work Through Their Problems On Their Own

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Q: As a parent, I have a hard time watching my school-age children go through challenges; my natural inclination is to step in and fix things for them when I can. Isn't that what parenting is about?

Jim: The goal of parenting is to raise our children to be mature, responsible adults who can function on their own. Sometimes that involves letting...Read more


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