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Family Learning To Adjust To Needs Of Child With Down Syndrome

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Q: My husband and I have four kids, ranging in age from 8 to 2 months. Our youngest son was born with Down syndrome. We're doing our best to adjust as a family. But I'm concerned about the impact this might have on our older three children.

Jim: When a family has a child with special needs, everyone in the household is affected. But you also ...Read more

Couple Waits Until New Year To Consider Divorce

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Q: My husband and I both feel like our marriage is over, and we're ready to divorce. But we agreed to wait until after Christmas because we didn't want to ruin the holidays for the rest of our family. Part of me still wishes we could work things out. What should I do?

Jim: Some lawyers refer to January as the "divorce month" because of the ...Read more

Being Mindful Gives You Control Over How You Address The Present

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Q: This past year has been one I'd rather put behind me and forget, although I can't. And 2019 may be filled with uncertainty for me in a variety of areas. Do you have any suggestions for coping with all this?

Jim: You're not alone. Many people are stuck in the past. Others spend their energy looking only toward the future, which is uncertain ...Read more

Families Should Visit Loved Ones With Dementia During Holidays

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Q: My mother now has dementia and is living in a local care facility. This will be the first Christmas when Grandma isn't part of our family celebration. I'm concerned about how to handle this with our kids; do you have any suggestions?

Jim: A few years ago, I went with my two sons to help deliver Christmas gift bags to assisted living centers....Read more

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