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Father Lacks Confidence

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Q: I've racked up a fair bit of credit card debt the past few months while unemployed. Now that I'm working again, I have just enough in the bank to cover what I owe. Should I use my savings to pay off my credit card?

Jim: There are a lot of variations on the common question: "Should I pay off my credit cards first or put some money in savings"...Read more

Breaking Pattern Is Not Impossible

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Q: Can you help me deal with the starving, binging and purging problem I've had ever since I was a teen? Thoughts of food rarely leave my mind. I'm fixated on my body weight. I feel guilty, shamed and dirty. How can I change?

Jim: My heart goes out to you. There's really no way I (or anyone else) can even scratch the surface of this issue in a ...Read more

Preparing For Your Future

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Q: As a 50-something single woman with no immediate family (I never married), the past few months of forced isolation have really ramped up my concern about how I'll cope as I age. I worry that no one will be there for me when I'm no longer able to do everything for myself. I don't want to grow bitter about my circumstances; how can I find peace...Read more

Effective Parenting Is About Balance

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Q: Like a lot of parents, I guess, the shutdown this year has really stretched my wife and me regarding how we each interact with our kids. She tends to emphasize the rules; I'm more easygoing. What's your preferred approach?

Jim: Many moms and dads can often be black and white in their parenting. Their approach is like a light switch -- all ...Read more



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