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Wife Fears She Is Enabling Husband's Gambling Problem

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Q: How do I know if I'm "enabling" my husband's compulsive gambling problem? I don't want to do anything that might encourage his behavior.

Jim: I've tapped our staff counselors for this answer. "Enabling" is essentially any action that makes it easier for the addict (in this case, the gambler) to pursue his addiction (gambling). It's an ...Read more

Father's Absence Weighs On Adult Child

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Q: My father abandoned our family when I was young. Now that I'm getting older and really need his input, he's not here for me. Do you have advice for dealing with this pain?

Jim: If your mother is available, a starting point would be to tell her that you're having a hard time right now. Even if she's dealing with "stuff" of her own, she may ...Read more

Connecting With Ex On Facebook Not A Good Idea

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Q: Is it OK to connect with former lovers on Facebook? While browsing online, I ran across an old boyfriend from my college days. We haven't communicated for years, and I'm curious to know what he's been up to. I love my husband and our relationship is strong, so I don't see this as a threat to my marriage. Any advice?

Jim: Ironically, this is ...Read more

Years Later, Adoption Has Adult Wondering About Birth Mother

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Q: I was adopted as I child. I can't help wondering -- why did my mom give me up? Why would any mom put her child up for adoption? I've been aware of the situation since I was small, and on the whole I'm very happy with my life, but I can't get away from nagging thoughts and doubts about my birth mother; like, didn't she care enough about me to ...Read more

Technology Makes Grandparenting Across The Miles Much Easier

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Q: Our son is in the military, and he's now stationed overseas with his family. We realize that for the next few years we won't see our grandchildren in person as often as we're accustomed. We're going to miss a lot of key moments in their lives. How can we stay connected and engaged with them?

Jim: One writer called grandparenting the greatest...Read more


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