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Learning To Be Civil In A Disagreeable Society

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Q: Every time I turn around, there's another example in the news or on social media about people fighting over issues of race, politics, religion, moral beliefs, etc. I'm beginning to lose hope that there can ever be peace in our land. What are your thoughts?

Jim: It's clear that America is deeply divided, on many fronts. But a lot of that ...Read more

Teaching Kids The Difference Between Permission And Respect

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Q: My teenage son keeps telling me that I don't "respect" him as I should. I'll admit that we often butt heads, but I honestly don't believe that I've ever done anything to denigrate him as a person. What does it mean for a parent to "respect" a child? I can't just let him have his own way all the time, can I?

Jim: I understand. We have two ...Read more

Tips On Helping Elderly Parents Handle Their Finances

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Q: My elderly mom is still living independently in her own home, but it's clear that she'll soon be unable to handle her finances and other business matters on her own. My siblings and I need to begin preparing for what's to come. Do you have any suggestions?

Jim: You're wise to begin thinking about this while your mother is still able to ...Read more

Resolve To Let Go Of Regrets In The New Year

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Q: I'm sitting down to write out my New Year's resolutions. Every year I struggle to keep up with my goals -- and usually give up within a few weeks. Honestly, I feel completely saturated already; is it even worth trying to add something else to the list?

Jim: I think there's a lot to be said for setting a few reasonable goals and making the ...Read more

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