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Happy Husband Wants To Take Marriage 'from Good To Great'

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Q: My wife and I have a good marriage. I'd like to make it even better, but I'm not very adept at the "warm and fuzzy" stuff. How do I move our relationship from good to great?

Jim: I hear this type of question a lot from men. I think it's basically a matter of perspective, so I encourage them to approach their relationships with their wives ...Read more

Estranged Father Wants To Reach Out To Adult Daughter

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Q: I'm estranged from my adult daughter. I definitely wasn't the best father, although I've changed for the better in recent years. But I haven't spoken to her since she was 17; she's 35 now. I'd love for our relationship to be rekindled, but I don't know if I should reach out or wait for her to show interest in me.

Jim: My heart goes out to ...Read more

Be Aware Of Fraud Schemes That Target The Elderly

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Q: My widowed mother is still pretty independent, but I worry about her being vulnerable to scam artists who victimize the elderly. How can I protect her against this kind of abuse?

Jim: We've all heard the despicable horror stories. Help your mom learn to watch out for threats and to recognize common types of fraud:

-- Identity theft. ...Read more

Aging Parents Can Be Reluctant To Ask For Help Around Home

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Q: My wife and I are more than willing to take care of my aging father, but he's always been a proud man, and we don't want to crush his spirit. How do we protect him against the feeling that he's becoming useless?

Jim: According to researchers, most older people measure their personal worth by how well they meet three goals: 1) dependability; ...Read more


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