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Routines And Timing Will Keep Kids Out Of 'Fatigue Whirlpool'

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Q: Since school started this year, my two "tweens" seem to be increasingly irritable. They tell me they love school and all of the activities they're involved in; they have plenty of friends, etc. But every morning seems to be a battle to get them both going and out the door without setting off a tantrum. Do you have any advice?

Jim: It's ...Read more

Comfort, Don't Criticize, When Kids Have A Bad Game

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Q: My two kids enjoy sports and are pretty good athletes. But if they do have a bad game, I'm never sure what to say to encourage them afterward. I just don't seem to have the right words or advice in the moment. Do you have any insights?

Jim: This is one of the real challenges of raising young athletes -- regardless of their skill level. What ...Read more

Take Time To Recover After The Breakdown Of Your Marriage

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Q: I didn't want a divorce. I tried to save my marriage, but ... anyway, it's done now. Friends and family are telling me to get on with life for me and my kids and start fresh. What's your take?

Jim: Counselors suggest the stress and heartache of a broken marriage can be as severe as losing someone to death, especially for children involved. ...Read more

Dad Apprehensive About Showing Affection For Growing Daughter

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Q: My daughter is starting to go through puberty. As a dad, I'm suddenly paranoid about how I interact with her. We've always been close and "huggy," but now I wonder how/if I can show her affection appropriately. What's your take?

Jim: This question strikes close to home because of what my wife experienced. When Jean and I first got married, ...Read more


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