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Importance Of Thankfulness

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Q: This year has been so chaotic and difficult. I lost a couple of loved ones to the virus, my income dropped significantly, the nation seems to be falling apart -- I really don't feel very grateful for anything. Why should we even bother with a "Thanksgiving" holiday this year?

Jim: While I can understand your feelings -- and I'm truly sorry ...Read more

Making Quality Time With Family

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Q: With everything it takes to work full-time and run a household, how can I find quality time to spend with my children? It seems like there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done as a mom.

Jim: You can begin by honestly asking yourself a few simple questions. Are you working to provide for basic needs, or does ...Read more

Helping Kids Plan Their Futures

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Q: How can I help my adolescent son settle on a vocation and make wise plans for the future? He seems to be thinking more seriously about career choices and wondering what to do with his life.

Jim: First, I'd suggest exposing him to as many different occupations as possible. Give him a taste of the wide variety of career choices available today...Read more

Advice For Dealing With Social Distancing

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Q: This social distancing thing has dragged out SO long; just when we think we're easing back to a routine, something else sets us back. As a family, we've done all the virtual alternatives and time fillers until we're sick of it (and each other). Do you have any advice?

Jim: We're all hoping for a return to normal -- whatever "normal" will ...Read more



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