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Time Spent With Mom And Dad Can Be A Yearlong Christmas Gift

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Q: My husband lost his job five months ago, and money has been really tight. We're agonizing about Christmas. Our kids understand the situation, but I know their friends will all be getting the latest toys, games, etc. I'm dreading seeing their disappointed faces on Christmas morning. What can we do?

Jim: My heart goes out to your family. It's ...Read more

Temper Your Expectations To Manage Stress During The Holidays

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Q: We moved into a new (larger) house this year. So for the first time at Christmas, the entire extended family will be under one roof: ours. What can we do to manage the stress of hosting?

Jim: This should be the most joyous time of the year -- but often it's the most stressful. I think a big reason is the amount of expectation we pour into ...Read more

Kids' Christmas Lists Show How Self-Centered They've Become

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Q: Our kids made their Christmas lists early this year. Reading through them, I'm taken aback at how ... well, self-centered they are. How can we adjust their point of view?

Jim: Most children have a tendency to feel that the world revolves around them. Our culture encourages this problem by telling kids -- and adults, frankly -- to be self-...Read more

Happy Husband Wants To Take Marriage 'from Good To Great'

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Q: My wife and I have a good marriage. I'd like to make it even better, but I'm not very adept at the "warm and fuzzy" stuff. How do I move our relationship from good to great?

Jim: I hear this type of question a lot from men. I think it's basically a matter of perspective, so I encourage them to approach their relationships with their wives ...Read more

Estranged Father Wants To Reach Out To Adult Daughter

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Q: I'm estranged from my adult daughter. I definitely wasn't the best father, although I've changed for the better in recent years. But I haven't spoken to her since she was 17; she's 35 now. I'd love for our relationship to be rekindled, but I don't know if I should reach out or wait for her to show interest in me.

Jim: My heart goes out to ...Read more


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