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Anchor Yourself In Unchanging Values

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Q: It's apparent that some people seem to be handling the recent societal upheaval better than others. Whatever it is they have, I want it. Do you have any thoughts?

Jim: Let me start with a hometown illustration. If you visit Colorado Springs and ask for directions, there's a good chance you'll hear something like this: "Head toward the ...Read more

Giving Your Relationship Extra Care

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Q: I'd say my marriage is healthy overall. Still, being closed up together in recent weeks has shown we have some work to do. My husband and I both want to grow from this time and improve our relationship moving forward. Do you have any practical advice?

Jim: Here's an illustration. Any fruit farmer will tell you that if you want a larger crop ...Read more

Keeping Up Relational Momentum

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Q: I'm usually so busy with work that I'm not around my children that much. They're used to Dad not being home. But being "stuck" home together these past weeks has reminded me that they're really fun kids. How can I keep up the relational momentum once things get back to "normal"?

Jim: One of the key building blocks to build a strong ...Read more

Helping Kids Navigate Current Events

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Q: The past couple of months have been so hard for everyone. Beyond the immediate thought of "just get through it," I'm struggling to grasp a lesson out of this time. What's your take?

Jim: We're probably all guilty of taking our blessings for granted. So, I think the biggest challenge we face may be to live every moment focused on what truly ...Read more


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