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Single Adult Considers Whether To Adopt An Orphan

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Q: I'm a single adult who is deeply concerned about the plight of orphans in this country and around the world, and I'd like to do my part by adopting a child who needs a home. What is your advice?

Jim: I applaud your selfless attitude and your willingness to welcome a needy child into your home; the need for more adoptive parents is huge.

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Talk To Your Teens About Marriage To Prepare Them For Adulthood

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Q: My son and daughter are 15 and 13, respectively. I'm trying to cover all the bases in helping them prepare for adulthood. Is there something you've seen parents neglect or just forget to talk about?

Jim: Parents rightfully want teenagers to learn important life lessons -- financial management, work ethic, etc. And those are good things to ...Read more

Husband Mistakenly Assumes His Anger Is Uncontrollable

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Q: I don't get violent when I'm angry, but I've always had a tendency to just "let it out" when I get frustrated with my wife and kids. That's how my parents lived and how I was raised. What's the problem?

Jim: A lot of people see anger as an uncontrollable emotion. But that's not true. Not only can you control how you express your anger, you ...Read more

Single Mom Considers The Benefits Of Marriage

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Q: I'm a single mom with three young children, working full time and taking online college courses. The burden of doing it all myself is getting heavier. My history with relationships isn't the best; still, the idea of having a husband to help out sounds increasingly appealing. Do you have any advice?

Jim: It's natural that a woman in your ...Read more

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