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The Stealth Reason College Kids Are So Miserable

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

The Wall Street Journal reports that today's college students are so lonely, sad and socially anxious that they grab their dining hall food to go -- preferring to eat in their rooms.

Time spent in dining halls is down 40%, according to Degree Analytics, a company measuring students' time spent where on campus. Attendance at sporting events, ...Read more

The College Essay of Finn Fox, R.I.P.

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

Today I devote my column to the college essay of Finn Fox. His parents, John and Erica, are sharing it in the hope that it encourages more parents to nurture their children's exploration and independence.

"Tragically and still unfathomably," they write, "our beloved Finn was diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2023 and died in September, ...Read more

What Ever Happened to the Jolly Green Giant?

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

Recently, I tracked down some of the most iconic spokescreatures in the advertising world.

What had become of Morris the Cat? Charlie the Tuna?

Well, even in this era of social media, it was hard to track down everyone. But I did manage to meet up with a few. Alas, life has not been kind to all our old favorites, including:

The Jolly Green ...Read more

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Toddlers

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

Face it: a head start is a head start.

Parents know this -- and so do their toddlers. Underage overachievers can't afford to wait till kindergarten. They need to grab the cat by the tail. Savvy publishers, awakening to this huge (if pre-literate) market are busy preparing the very first self-help books for preschoolers. Some bestsellers in the ...Read more

WE Are the Reason Kids Are on Screens

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

A rant. Sorry. But this culture is driving me nuts!

It is BLIND to the idea that kids CAN and in recent history HAVE done some things, on their own, no parents involved, and this was GOOD. Even HEALTHY.

But one "screen-time specialist" just emailed me with this "helpful" tip on how to get kids off their phones: Have families come up with "non-...Read more

The Odds of Your Kid Getting Kidnapped

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

Kidnapping remains one of the top three fears of American parents despite its (thank God!) rarity.

One way to fight that outsized fear is to consider the actual odds of your child being kidnapped by a stranger. To gain some perspective, I gathered a whole lot of stats.

Note: It is hard to find stats that exactly match up with each other. One ...Read more

America the Unhappy

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

Americans -- "particularly those under 30 -- have become drastically less happy in recent years," The New York Times reported this week.

Graphs from the latest World Happiness Report -- a real thing, put out by Oxford, Gallup and the U.N. -- show American kids' happiness drifting down like a deflated balloon. The surgeon general, already ...Read more

'The Anxious Generation' Has the Worst of Both Worlds

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

In a blockbuster Atlantic piece, "The Terrible Costs of a Phone-Based Childhood," my Let Grow co-founder Jonathan Haidt says our culture is getting it all wrong when it comes to kids: We "underprotect" them in the virtual world and overprotect them in the real one.

That's the worst of both worlds if we want to raise healthy, happy kids.

The ...Read more

Not All Adults at the Park Are Predators

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

I'm trying not to obsess about child overprotection, but ... obsess I do. Here's the latest object of my ire: the playground signs in my berg, New York City, that say, "Playground rules prohibit adults except in the company of children."

Apparently, any adult who simply wants to sit on a bench and watch kids at play could be a creep, so we ...Read more

The NY Times Says Intensive Parenting Is Best, But...

Parents / Lenore Skenazy /

"Parents Are Highly Involved in their Adult Children's Lives and Fine With It," declared the front page of The New York Times. Added the subhead: "New surveys show that today's intensive parenting has benefits, not just risks, and most young adults seem happy with it, too."

Is that true? "Intensive parenting" is best, and kids love it, even ...Read more



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