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Jim Daly

Jim Daly's role as president of Focus on the Family came after years of hardship: orphaned at a young age, he became a Christian in high school and went on to become assistant to the then-president of Focus on the Family in 1989. After working as field director in the group's International Department, he was promoted to vice president in 1997, and then in 2003 as the vice president of the group as a whole. Now, after having been chosen specially by James Dobson to be the ministry's president, he appears regularly on television, has won multiple humanitarian awards, and is a regular panelist for the blog "On Faith."

The group's Family Psychologist, Dr. Juli Slattery, earned her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Psychology at the Florida Institute of Technology, as well as Arts degrees from Wheaton College and Biola University. The author of multiple self-help books, Slattery helps women and families apply biblical wisdom to their own everyday lives and problems. She is now a regular speaker both at churches and on nationwide radio, and a regular contributor to Focus on the Family's various publications.


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