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SpaceX launch from Florida tonight to mark record turnaround, record booster flight

If SpaceX manages a Starlink launch from Cape Canaveral tonight, it will come less than three days since the last rocket blasted off from the same launch pad, setting a new turnaround record while using a first-stage booster for a record-setting 20th flight.

A Falcon 9 carrying 23 more of SpaceX’s Starlink internet satellites is set to lift ...Read more

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Environmental groups grateful but vigilant after Key Bridge collapse

BALTIMORE — When Alice Volpitta watched the video of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse, and the trucks tumbling into the Patapsco River in the darkness, she thought first for the people who had fallen.

And as her mind raced, the Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper thought of the river.

“What’s on that ship?” thought Volpitta, of ...Read more

Colorado is latest state to try turning off the electrical grid to prevent wildfires − a complex, technical operation pioneered in California

The U.S. power grid is the largest and most complex machine ever built. It’s also aging and under increasing stress from climate-driven disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes and heat waves.

Over the past decade, power grids have played roles in wildfires in multiple states, including California, Hawaii, Oregon and Minnesota. When ...Read more

The South’s aging water infrastructure is getting pounded by climate change – fixing it is also a struggle

Climate change is threatening America’s water infrastructure as intensifying storms deluge communities and droughts dry up freshwater supplies in regions that aren’t prepared.

The severe storms that swept through the South April 10-11, 2024, illustrated some of the risks: In New Orleans, rain fell much faster as the city’s pumps...Read more

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Can toothpaste tubes be recycled across the US? It's getting closer

Toothpaste tubes and other squeezable plastic containers are getting closer to being more sustainable in the U.S. Some 90% of toothpaste tubes on the market are now made in a way that makes them compatible for recycling with HDPE, the same plastic used for products like shampoo bottles, according to research firm Stina Inc.

Overall, 75% of all...Read more

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Biden plans sweeping effort to block Arctic oil drilling

WASHINGTON — The U.S. set aside 23 million acres of Alaska’s North Slope to serve as an emergency oil supply a century ago. Now, President Joe Biden is moving to block oil and gas development across roughly half of it.

The initiative, set to be finalized within days, marks one of the most sweeping efforts yet by Biden to limit oil and gas ...Read more

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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy touts AI in annual shareholder letter

In his annual letter to shareholders, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy went back to 2003.

Quoting from a “Vision document” that year for Amazon Web Services — the company’s cloud computing division — Jassy said Amazon has always been focused on designing and offering “primitives,” or the building blocks that other innovators need to make the...Read more

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SpaceX is launching more rockets from a military base. Can the Coastal Commission impose a limit?

LOS ANGELES — SpaceX has significantly increased the frequency of its rocket launches from a Santa Barbara County military base, and its plans to add even more have raised concerns by the California Coastal Commission over the impacts on the environment and nearby communities.

The company, officially Space Exploration Technologies Corp., ...Read more

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Space Coast launch schedule

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Space Coast set a new launch record in 2023 with 72 orbital missions from either Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. The pace of launches could ramp up by the end of 2024 to a near twice-weekly rate with as many as 111 missions possible.

Check back for the latest information on upcoming launches.

...Read more

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Apple plans to overhaul entire Mac line with AI-focused M4 chips

Apple Inc., aiming to boost sluggish computer sales, is preparing to overhaul its entire Mac line with a new family of in-house processors designed to highlight artificial intelligence.

The company, which released its first Macs with M3 chips five months ago, is already nearing production of the next generation — the M4 processor — ...Read more


Amazon hit with $525 million jury verdict in patent case brought by Chicago tech firm

Amazon Web Services must pay $525 million to Chicago-based tech company Kove for infringing upon three of the company’s patents, a federal jury decided Wednesday.

The patent case, which was heard in federal court in Chicago, centered around data-storage patents held by Kove.

The technology in question enables the search of “vast quantities...Read more

More than two dozen Colorado water systems exceed EPA's new limits on “forever chemicals”

Twenty-nine of the more than 2,000 water treatment facilities in Colorado do not meet strict new federal limits on the amount of dangerous “forever chemicals” in their drinking water supplies and it will cost millions to clean those toxins out of the water.

The public water systems that do not meet new standards of 4 parts per trillion for ...Read more

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The US might ban TikTok. Record labels are cutting ties. What's music's Plan B?

LOS ANGELES — In November 2022, Isimeme Udu uploaded the song that changed her life. The singer, who performs as Hemlocke Springs, was stressing about her medical studies at Dartmouth when she dropped her synth-pop track "Girlfriend" onto TikTok. Its lo-fi élan immediately found an audience.

Within hours, Grimes commented with high praise, ...Read more

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Scientology tried to 'derail' star's rape trial by harassing prosecutor, suit says; church calls claim 'false'

LOS ANGELES — Nearly six months after actor Danny Masterson was convicted of sexually assaulting two fellow members of the Church of Scientology, lawyers for his victims filed a document that contained a stunning new allegation against the faith.

Submitted in a downtown Los Angeles court as part of a years-old civil lawsuit against ...Read more


Best Buy lays off some Geek Squad, phone support workers amid shift to AI

Best Buy, in a shift toward AI, laid off Geek Squad field agents, home-theater repair technicians and phone support specialists last week, according to current and former employees.

The Minnesota-based retailer declined to offer a specific number of cuts to its workforce. The company said effected and eligible employees will receive severance, ...Read more

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Officials brace for 'uncertainty' in water transfers to Lake Mead

LAS VEGAS — Key backup tubes inside the Glen Canyon Dam might be damaged, potentially threatening the delivery of water to Lake Mead in the future if water levels ever dip too low in Lake Powell, according to a Bureau of Reclamation memo.

Below 3,490 feet, water releases from Lake Powell are wholly dependent on “river outlet works,” which...Read more

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How full are major California reservoirs as state exits another wet winter?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The majority of California’s reservoirs are above their historic average levels following the end of two wet winters.

The state’s largest reservoirs, Shasta Lake and Lake Oroville, were measured at a respective 118% and 122% of their averages for early April, according to data from the California Department of Water ...Read more

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Biden EPA limits toxic forever chemicals in drinking water for the first time

Following through on a campaign promise, President Joe Biden’s administration is limiting toxic forever chemicals in drinking water for the first time, a sweeping policy change intended to protect Americans from widespread threats to human health and the environment.

New regulations to be announced Wednesday will require every U.S. water ...Read more

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EPA sets first-ever limits on 'forever chemicals' in drinking water

The U.S. government unveiled the first-ever legal limits on toxic “forever chemicals” in drinking water Wednesday, a long-awaited step to crack down on the manmade compounds, which have been linked to cancers and have been found in the water supplies of hundreds of cities, including some in Georgia.

As the new standards phase in, water ...Read more

PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ are getting into ocean ecosystems, where dolphins, fish and manatees dine – we traced their origins

PFAS, the “forever chemicals” that have been raising health concerns across the country, are not just a problem in drinking water. As these chemicals leach out of failing septic systems and landfills and wash off airport runways and farm fields, they can end up in streams that ultimately discharge into ocean ecosystems where fish, ...Read more