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SpaceX tries for Crew-8 liftoff again Sunday night after Saturday weather woes

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER — SpaceX is set to hit a milestone in human spaceflight as it aims to bring up another four passengers to the International Space Station, but has had to wait another day when weather forced a scrub on Saturday night.

The Crew-8 mission with three NASA astronauts and one Roscosmos cosmonaut will be riding in the Crew ...Read more


How one methane scientist influenced Biden's pause on LNG approvals

When the Biden administration paused approval of new liquefied natural gas export licenses in January, the decision was driven by a recognition that the climate impact from the fossil fuel needs to be reassessed.

The fight over just how much LNG contributes to global warming was rekindled in part by a study with explosive findings. Compiled by ...Read more

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SpaceX Crew-8 scrubs liftoff because of weather, will try again Sunday night

ORLANDO, Fla. — SpaceX is set to hit a milestone in human spaceflight as it aims to bring up another four passengers to the International Space Station, but will have to wait another day as weather forced a scrub on Saturday night.

The Crew-8 mission with three NASA astronauts and one Roscosmos cosmonaut will be riding in the Crew Dragon ...Read more

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Divided 9th Circuit rejects Apache religious challenge to copper mine on sacred land

LOS ANGELES — A heavily divided panel of federal judges Friday rejected an Apache religious challenge to the construction of a massive copper mine on Oak Flat, a stretch of land in Arizona that tribe members consider sacred and irreplaceable.

The tribe members, who go by the name Apache Stronghold, denounced the ruling in the closely watched ...Read more

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SpaceX Crew-8 aims for late-night Space Coast liftoff if weather holds off

ORLANDO, Fla. — SpaceX is set to hit a milestone in human spaceflight as it aims to bring up another four passengers to the International Space Station.

The Crew-8 mission with three NASA astronauts and one Roscosmos cosmonaut will be riding in the Crew Dragon Endeavour when it launches atop a Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center’s ...Read more

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California is missing out on billions of gallons of stormwater each year, report finds

LOS ANGELES — For too long, California and other states have viewed stormwater as either a threat or an inconvenience — something to be whisked away from cities and communities as quickly as possible.

But as traditional sources of water face worsening strain from climate change, population growth, agriculture and other factors, those unused...Read more

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Elon Musk sues OpenAI and Altman for breaching firm's founding mission

Elon Musk sued OpenAI and its Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman, alleging they violated the artificial intelligence startup’s founding mission by putting profit ahead of benefiting humanity.

The 52-year-old billionaire, who was a co-founder of OpenAI but is no longer involved, said in a lawsuit filed late Thursday in San Francisco that the ...Read more

Texas fires: Burned rangeland can recover quickly, but cattle ranchers face struggles ahead to find and feed their herds

Strong winds spread the largest wildfire in Texas history across more than 1 million acres of rangeland in the Panhandle, the heart of the state’s cattle-producing region, and into Oklahoma in late February 2024. Light precipitation on Feb. 29 helped firefighters as they tried to contain the Smokehouse Creek Fire and other blazes ...Read more

Remembering the 1932 Ford Hunger March: Detroit park honors labor and environmental history

The intersection of Fort Street and Oakwood Boulevard in southwest Detroit today functions mostly as a thoroughfare for trucks and commuters.

However, as you sit idling at the stoplight waiting to cross the bridge over the Rouge River, you might glance to the side and see something unexpected in this heavily industrialized area: A ...Read more

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The computer will see you now: Artificial Intelligence usage grows at Central Florida hospitals

Central Florida’s two major health systems, Orlando Health and AdventHealth Central Florida, are widely using Artificial Intelligence for administrative work and, increasingly, to sound early alarms about potential illnesses, including deadly pancreatic cancer and sepsis.

Eventually, some experts think AI could even be used to diagnose ...Read more

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California Assembly passes resolution urging Congress, Biden to alleviate Tijuana sewage crisis

Members of the California Assembly on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a resolution that urges President Joe Biden and Congress to immediately alleviate the Tijuana sewage crisis.

Assembly Joint Resolution 12, which now heads to the Senate, asks federal lawmakers to approve a $310 million supplemental appropriation to fix and expand an outdated...Read more

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New bill would put climate scientist, person of color on board that regulates Colorado's air quality

A bill filed this week in the Colorado legislature would change the makeup of the state’s Air Quality Control Commission as the legislation’s sponsors try to increase protections for low-income neighborhoods and communities of color, which bear the brunt of pollution.

The commission, which sets the rules and regulations for polluters, would...Read more

SpaceX delays Crew-8 launch, but lines up Starlink launch instead

Bad weather conditions on the launch corridor for a human spaceflight from Kennedy Space Center prompted a two-day delay, so SpaceX took the opportunity to roll out and try and shoehorn a launch without humans from nearby Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on Thursday.

The Crew-8 mission set to take up three NASA astronauts and a Russian ...Read more

Climate comedy works − here’s why, and how it can help lighten up a politically heavy year in 2024

In a catchy YouTube video, British comedian Jo Brand translates a scientist’s long-winded description of the fossil fuel industry’s role in the climate crisis this way: “We are paying a bunch of rich dudes 1 trillion dollars a year to f--- up our future,” she says. “Even the dinosaurs didn’t subsidize their own extinction. Who’s...Read more

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Colorado's wolves roamed from northwesternmost county to across Continental Divide last month

DENVER — Wolves from Colorado’s new pack expanded their roaming range over the past 35 days to the state’s northwesternmost county and across the Continental Divide, according to a map state officials released Wednesday.

The map tracks the wolves’ movements generally by watersheds into which they’ve wandered and shows the wolves ...Read more

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Berkshire and Lilly race to shake tech's grip on trillion-dollar club

Big Tech stocks created, and have so far dominated, the trillion-dollar club in the U.S. For the first time, there’s a race brewing for an outsider to join their ranks.

Rallies since the start of the year in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. — which has its hands in businesses ranging from Dairy Queen to Fruit of the Loom — and ...Read more

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Intuitive Machines finally releases moon landing shots as mission nears conclusion

Nearly six days after making history by becoming the first commercial company to successfully land on the moon, Intuitive Machines released the first images of its lander on the surface.

The images show the moments during touchdown of the Houston-based company’s Nova-C lander Odysseus — nicknamed “Odie” — as it skidded across a crater...Read more

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Colorado's air-monitoring settlement with Suncor is flawed and prioritizes energy company's interests, environmentalists say

Six environmental groups on Tuesday filed a legal brief saying they do not support a recent settlement between Colorado and Suncor Energy over an air-quality monitoring program at the company’s Commerce City oil refinery.

The six groups said the agreement is flawed and they were not given enough time to review and respond before the ...Read more

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Google's AI isn't too 'woke.' It's too rushed

Did you hear? Google has been accused of having a secret vendetta against White people. Elon Musk exchanged tweets about the conspiracy on X more than 150 times over the past week, all regarding portraits generated with Google’s new AI chatbot Gemini.

Ben Shapiro, The New York Post and Musk were driven apoplectic over how diverse the images ...Read more

A new space mission: Astrobotic eyes an expansion of its North Side headquarters

Astrobotic Technology's latest space-related venture won't take it far from home.

The lunar tech company is pitching a plan to build a new four-story facility next to its North Side headquarters on North Lincoln Avenue as part of a bid to "establish a new space campus for Pennsylvania."

Astrobotic outlined the basics of the proposed ...Read more