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Editorial: Google renounces web tracking, but protecting privacy will take much more

The commercial internet developed with so little regard for privacy, tech companies have been able to turn personal data into hefty profits, raising billions of dollars off their ability to collect and sell information about anyone who strayed within hailing distance of their software. Last week, Google announced a step in the right direction �...Read more

Mars rover Perseverance gets its first test drive

It crept at a speed that rush-hour veterans could appreciate — all of 21.3 feet in 33 minutes — but Perseverance has executed its first drive on the surface of Mars, NASA announced Friday.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see wheel tracks in my life,” Anais Zarifian, an engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in ...Read more

This start-up is building tiny injectable robots to attack tumors

Doctors take a microscopic craft loaded with cancer-killing chemicals, inject it into the human body, and drive it to a malignant tumor to deliver its payload before making a quick exit.

For most of the 55 years since "Fantastic Voyage" shrank Raquel Welch and company down to the size of a cell to zap a blood clot out of a scientist's brain, ...Read more

Best Buy makes deal to provide its senior services on Apple Watch

Best Buy offers an array of services for seniors through its Lively brand, and under a new partnership, those will now be available on Apple Watches.

The services range from helping seniors connect with emergency responders to urgent care consultations, concierge help and health tracking.

The services work through Best Buy's Lively app.

Best ...Read more

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Amazon tried to 'destroy' Parler, social network says in new lawsuit

Parler, a social network embraced by right-wing groups, launched a new lawsuit against Amazon in King County, Wash., Superior Court, two weeks after Parler's relaunch rendered moot its original accusation in federal court that Amazon had effectively killed its business.

Parler's new lawsuit, filed late Tuesday, alleges a host of contractual ...Read more


Google is paying for more information in a break with its past

Google is under growing pressure to pay for information that, for two decades, the search provider snipped from the web — and made a mint from — without paying a penny.

Australian and French efforts to force Google to compensate news publishers are only the latest examples of a trend spanning the globe. Canada is considering a similar ...Read more

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Tech Q&A: Don't miss calls because the phone didn't ring or vibrate

Q: My iPhone XS, now 26 months old, has a ringing problem, even though it's never been dropped or damaged. The phone often doesn't ring or vibrate when I receive a call. So, unless I'm looking at the screen when the call arrives, I miss it. But this doesn't happen on every call. A Verizon tech called me once and the phone rang, then he called me...Read more

Four games that stood out in PlayStation’s February State of Play

PlayStation’s February State of Play didn’t bring down the house. Fans who were expecting new details on “Horizon Forbidden West” or a new “God of War” were treated to lesser-hyped titles. The announcements were capped by the reveal of “Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade,” which takes advantage of the PlayStation 5’s power ...Read more


Review: ‘Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury’ hints at a new direction for franchise

The Wii U feels like the generation that time forgot. The console’s popularity wasn’t as explosive as its predecessor, and fans overlooked several great games that came and went. With the success of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has re-released Wii U titles on its current machine.

Players who missed out on “Pikmin 3” have another ...Read more


Jim Rossman: In its heyday, Fry’s Electronics was a great store for geeks

DALLAS – I’m going to miss Fry’s.

Truth be told, I haven’t been inside a Fry’s Electronics store in more than a year, and yet I found myself incredibly sad to hear that the company closed all of its stores, including four in Dallas-Fort Worth, earlier this week.

I remember spending quite a few afternoons just poking around at Fry�...Read more


Gadgets: A nifty little portable projector

The BenQ GS2 projector is not only portable but truly lives up to its “hassle-free wireless setup." Going into it skeptically, I was pleasantly surprised to have my phone streaming with the BenQ GS2 from my iPhone within minutes after unboxing it.

Just minutes after unboxing it, I had the projected image on my homemade plywood outdoor ...Read more

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CNET: Best universal remotes for 2021

A lot of people have taken the time to upgrade their home theater systems during the coronavirus pandemic. After all, if you're gonna be stuck at home, you might as well have a killer TV setup. While immersive sound and giant screens are fun, managing an army of remotes is more confusing than convenient. That's why if you've got a serious home...Read more

Time Waster: ‘Survival Z’ a polished mix of twin stick shooter, tower defense and zombies

Twin stick shooters, tower defense games and zombies all seemed to be popular at once a decade ago. The genre that uses two analog sticks to move and fire was easy to learn but hard to master. That was a way for indie studios such as Housemarque to make a name for themselves. The tower defense concept gave birth to hits such as “PixelJunk ...Read more

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Commentary: How the business and tech communities can help erase the digital divide

The computer science industry is filled with talented techies, most of whom are white or Asian. Black professionals make up only 5% of the tech workforce, a segment that increased by only 1 percentage point between 2014 and 2020, according to a recent report. That's unacceptable.

Much is made of the digital divide, but little has been done to ...Read more


Intel told to pay $2.18 billion after losing Texas patent trial

Intel Corp. was told to pay VLSI Technology LLC $2.18 billion by a federal jury in Texas after losing a patent-infringement trial over technology related to chip-making, one of the largest patent-damages award in U.S. history. Intel pledged to appeal.

Intel infringed two patents owned by closely held VLSI, the jury in Waco, Texas, said Tuesday....Read more

Austin app developer Dosh being sold in $275 million deal

Austin consumer app developer Dosh has agreed to be acquired by Atlanta-based technology company Cardlytics for $275 million in cash and stock.

Cardlytics said combining its digital advertising program with Dosh's services will give advertisers the ability to reach consumers through financial institutions, internet-based banks and financial ...Read more


Dispute threatening big Georgia battery plant gets White House hearing

Two Korean companies in a trade secrets dispute that threatens a massive factory being built in Georgia argued their positions to the White House last week.

SK Innovation told officials that President Joe Biden should overturn a recent ruling that could halt its planned production of batteries for electric vehicles at its plant near Commerce, ...Read more

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Scientists get serious about mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines

LOS ANGELES — A lot of us have engaged in some bold mixing-and-matching during the pandemic — office attire on top, pajama pants on bottom, for instance — and been none the worse for it.

Imagine doing the same with COVID-19 vaccines, perhaps pairing a first dose of the AstraZeneca product with a second dose supplied by Novavax. Will the ...Read more

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Biden's hopes for rare earth independence at least a decade away

Joe Biden’s ambition to make the U.S. less dependent on other nations for rare earths and minerals critical to the clean energy transition will take years to accomplish.

A review of the U.S. critical minerals and rare earths supply chain that the president ordered this week is likely to show that even with sweeping changes the nation is at ...Read more


Why are people spending hours on Clubhouse? It's not (usually) the money

Like most Clubhouse users, Rahaf Harfoush doesn't make money on the app. But she does help others avoid losing it.

Harfoush, a digital anthropologist and author who lives in Paris, is part of an "anti-grift squad" that helps newcomers to the audio-only interactive streaming platform avoid falling prey to scams.

She and a crew of veteran users ...Read more