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Europe is looking for ways to counter the new US climate law

The European Union should improve its state aid rules and consider more green transition funding to offset possible distortions from the new U.S. climate and tax law, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said.

Her remarks came a day before the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council ministerial meeting to be held at the University of...Read more

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Strange coincidences: Are they fluke events or acts of God?

In February 1973, Dr. Bernard Beitman found himself hunched over a kitchen sink in an old Victorian house in San Francisco, choking uncontrollably. He wasn't eating or drinking so there was nothing to cough up, and yet for several minutes he couldn't catch his breath or swallow.

The next day his brother called to tell him that 3,000 miles away,...Read more

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5 of history's craziest coincidences

Are coincidences just random acts, or the work of fate or God? You be the judge for these five extraordinary coincidences.


John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the second and third presidents of the United States, respectively, died on the same day, within hours of each other. The date? July 4, 1826, exactly 50 years after the two men ...Read more

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Microsoft is ready to fight for its $69 billion Activision deal

Microsoft Corp. is ready to fight for its $69 billion acquisition of gaming company Activision Blizzard Inc. if the US Federal Trade Commission files a lawsuit seeking to block the deal, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The Xbox maker hasn’t had conversations with the FTC about remedies or concessions aimed at getting the deal ...Read more

Protecting 30% of Earth's surface for nature means thinking about connections near and far

A biodiversity crisis is reducing the variety of life on Earth. Under pressure from land and water pollution, development, overhunting, poaching, climate change and species invasions, approximately 1 million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction.

One ambitious proposal for stemming these losses is the international ...Read more

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Apple renames mixed-reality software 'xrOS' in sign headset is approaching

Apple Inc. is ramping up work on a mixed-reality headset, its first major new product category since the Apple Watch, and has renamed the accompanying software in the latest sign of an approaching debut.

The company plans to introduce the headset as early as next year, along with a dedicated operating system and app store for third-party ...Read more

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Commentary: California's carbon-offset forests aren't trapping much carbon. Here's how to do better

Many companies promising “net-zero” emissions to protect the climate are backing that claim by investing in vast swaths of forests to recapture carbon. It turns out this strategy isn’t working very well.

On paper, carbon offsets appear to balance out a company’s carbon emissions: The company pays to protect trees, which absorb carbon ...Read more


Commentary: American children need a higher-quality science education

One of the most devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the debt it has created, a debt that we owe our kids that will be hard ever to pay back. In the past three years, much of what has occurred — school closings, lockdowns, remote learning — whether warranted or not, has had a profound academic and social effect on children, ...Read more

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EPA regional administrator recommends killing Pebble mine, setting stage for final veto

ANCHROAGE, Alaska — The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday moved to deal a major blow to the proposed Pebble mine, a large copper and gold prospect in a salmon-rich Southwest Alaska region that has been hotly contested for more than a decade.

Casey Sixkiller, the administrator for the EPA’s Pacific Northwest region that includes ...Read more

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California set for another year of brown lawns, tight water restrictions

LOS ANGELES — Californians should brace for another year of brown lawns, tight water restrictions and increased calls for conservation as state water managers Thursday warned that severely reduced allocations are once again likely in 2023.

The Department of Water Resources announced an initial allocation of just 5% of requested supplies from ...Read more


Great white sharks are migrating along the NC coast. A marine life expert explains why

Great white sharks typically gather along the North Carolina coast in the winter but researchers aren’t sure why it happens.

Sara Mirabilio, a fisheries specialist at the North Carolina Sea Grant Extension Program, a state and federally-funded program that “provides research, education and outreach opportunities relating to current issues ...Read more

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Ex-Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs joins board of UK-based Arm as the two companies battle in court

Arm, a semiconductor technology licensing firm, said Wednesday that former Qualcomm Chief Executive Paul Jacobs has joined its board of directors — an unexpected move given that Arm and Qualcomm are embroiled in an increasingly contentious legal battle linked to high-performance processors.

Jacobs served as Qualcomm's chief executive from ...Read more

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Poisons killed beloved owls in Tampa Bay. Can their defenders save others?

SAFETY HARBOR, Fla. — Mark Schocken took thousands of pictures of the great horned owls in Philippe Park, but he didn’t often capture them eating.

Then one clear afternoon, binoculars slung over his shoulder and camera in hand, he watched the mother bird plop a rat in front of her baby. The light was perfect, the owls positioned just right....Read more


'Sand is like gold.' The pricey race to restore Florida beaches before the next hurricane

MIAMI — Florida’s sandy beaches aren’t just beautiful and one of the biggest money-makers in the state’s tourism-based economy. They’re also the first line of defense against storm surge flooding during hurricanes.

Now, after hits on both coasts during the 2022 hurricane season that ended Wednesday, those beaches are in desperate need...Read more

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Editorial: UN climate fund will become a money pit if we don't stop burning fossil fuels

The United Nations climate summit in Egypt this month broke ground with a new agreement to compensate poor nations for the effects of global warming. The creation of a loss and damage fund is an important, if overdue, step toward climate justice and one of the top agenda items at the COP27 summit.

Developing nations have long sought help from ...Read more

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North Carolina’s MrBeast is the world’s most popular YouTuber. He’s sharing his techniques at East Carolina University

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As the world’s most crowd-pleasing YouTuber, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson has filmed himself eating a 6-foot slice of pizza, driving a car built out of Legos, riding 1,000 laps on a Ferris wheel and, perhaps most famously, counting to 100,000 out loud without leaving his chair — an exercise in self-torture that lasted ...Read more

Review: Cooler Master CK720 is a hot-swappable keyboard at a great value

Since I started working from home, I've become obsessed with improving every aspect of my personal office space. I threw out my dilapidated gaming chair and opted for a sturdier and more comfortable Herman Miller. I graduated from using an old kitchen table and picked up a standing desk.

In my constant research to make the work-from-home ...Read more


Gadgets: 1MORE Sonoflow headphones provide great-sounding hi-res audio

1MORE has recently launched its first entry into Bluetooth ANC headphones with the cost-friendly and great-sounding SonoFlow.

The over-the-head headphones feature proprietary QuietMax noise cancellation, an adjustable headband, skin-friendly protein leather padded ear cups, high-resolution wireless audio, 70 hours of playtime (50 with ANC on)...Read more

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Jim Rossman: Holiday emails getting out of hand?

I’m writing this column on Cyber Monday, and if your email inbox is anything like mine, every company I’ve ever dealt with online is sending emails trying to steer me to buy something on their website.

I usually don’t mind a company sending me emails about their sales if I am an active customer, but it does get a bit out of hand ...Read more

Fatherhood changes men's brains, according to before-and-after MRI scans

The time fathers devote to child care every week has tripled over the past 50 years in the United States. The increase in fathers’ involvement in child rearing is even steeper in countries that have expanded paid paternity leave or created incentives for fathers to take leave, such as Germany, Spain, Sweden and Iceland. And a growing body ...Read more