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Makah Tribe will again be allowed to hunt gray whales off Washington coast

SEATTLE — Not since the spring of 1999 have members of the Makah Tribe filed into a cedar canoe and paddled off Washington's coast to legally harpoon a gray whale, trailing its body back to shore for celebration and ceremony.

Even that hunt — controversial at the time — was the tribe's first in more than seven decades.

But that's about ...Read more

The US is losing wetlands at an accelerating rate − here’s how the private sector can help protect these valuable resources

Wetlands aren’t the most eye-catching ecosystems. They include swamps, bogs, fens and other places where soil is covered by water most of the time. But they perform a huge range of valuable services, from soaking up floodwaters to filtering out pollutants and providing habitat for thousands of species of mammals, fish, reptiles, insects and...Read more

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Eggs of grapevine-gobbling insect snagged en route to California. Are vineyards at risk?

LOS ANGELES — Eggs of the spotted lanternfly, an invasive species that's wreaked havoc on crops across more than a dozen states, were recently discovered on a metal art installation that was headed to Sonoma County, one of California's most esteemed wine regions.

The discovery of the infamous bug's eggs represents the first time the insect ...Read more

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You can help name LA's newest dinosaur fossil. Just don't call it Dino McDinoface

LOS ANGELES — Sage? Esme? Gnatalie?

The Los Angeles County Natural History Museum is seeking the public's help in naming a 70-foot-long sauropod skeleton unearthed by the museum's paleontologists.

The dinosaur will be the focal point of the NHM Commons, a $75-million welcome center currently under construction on the southwest end of the ...Read more


NASA cancels spacewalk at ISS over 'spacesuit discomfort issue'

A spacewalk scheduled for two astronauts outside the International Space Station was canceled by NASA about an hour before it was to begin Thursday morning.

“The spacewalk today, June 13, at the International Space Station did not proceed as scheduled due to a spacesuit discomfort issue,” NASA said on its blog. No other details were ...Read more

Cities with empty commercial space and housing shortages are converting office buildings into apartments – here’s what they’re learning

It took a global pandemic to convince American businesses that their employees could work productively from home, or a favorite coffee shop. Post-COVID-19, employers are struggling to find the right balance of in-office and remote work. However, hybrid work is likely here to stay, at least for a segment of workers.

This shift isn’t ...Read more

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Florida has a beach sand shortage. Could your beer bottles be part of the solution?

MIAMI — Florida’s coastal counties spend millions trucking in sand to preserve the eroding beachfront. But what if a cheaper possible solution could be found in the garbage and recycling bins of Miami bars or even in that six-pack of Miller Light you brought home the other night?

Glass is made from sand so what about doing the reverse?

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P-22 lived an epic and tragic life in Griffith Park. Would a new mountain lion fare any better?

LOS ANGELES -- A sleek mountain lion filmed from behind the wheel of a Tesla on the edge of Griffith Park last month triggered a collective double take in Los Angeles.

Not long ago, the park’s long-reigning king — the cougar known as P-22— stalked the same hills.

While P-22’s stint in Hollywood brought him fame and devotion — landing...Read more


Gadgets: Flash drives, docking station

Some computer accessories are about making your life easier, and some, which aren't as sexy, are about making your workflow more efficient. The somewhat new PNY Elite-X Type-C USB 3.2 Gen 1 Flash Drives for Type-C enabled devices fill both needs -- and they are budget-friendly.

While the drive is smaller (2.25-by-0.5-by-0.25-inches) than my ...Read more


Jim Rossman: Switching out of Windows S mode isn’t scary

Recently, I received a question from a reader, “I tried to download Scrivener, a software program for writers, and in the process, a message informed me that I could not download until I switched my Windows 11 computer out of S mode. Exiting S mode is simple. I would just go into settings and click, but a warning says this action cannot be ...Read more

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Grand jury report faults San Francisco for inadequate climate threat planning

As climate change unleashes ever-more powerful storms, worsening floods and rising sea levels, San Francisco remains woefully unprepared for inundation, a civil grand jury determined in a report this week.

The critical assessment — which was authored by 19 San Franciscans selected by the Superior Court — found that the city and county ...Read more

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UGA study finds Black children can internalize racism, leading to anxiety

ATLANTA — Black children are internalizing racism, which can lead to higher rates of anxiety and depression. These findings are a part of a University of Georgia study, released Wednesday, using one of the largest data sets worldwide, one of the researchers said.

The analysis, part of a larger national study with the Adolescent Brain and ...Read more

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Astronauts set for spacewalk Thursday; Starliner crew staying at ISS longer

A pair of NASA astronauts are scheduled to do a 6-1/2 hour spacewalk on Thursday morning outside the International Space Station.

At 8 a.m. Eastern time, astronauts Tracy C. Dyson and Matthew Dominick are expected to enter the vacuum of space to perform station maintenance and science work.

NASA said the two will remove some communications ...Read more

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Lynn Conway, leading computer scientist and transgender pioneer, dies at 86

Lynn Conway was the bravest person I ever knew.

It wasn't merely her struggle to make her way in the male-dominated computer engineering world of the 1960s and 1970s. It was that she did so, with spectacular success, while contending with her own psyche, her family and her bosses at IBM to complete her transgender transition.

Conway died ...Read more

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Wildfire burning near Colorado´s Lake County's Twin Lakes prompts evacuation, pre-evacuation orders

DENVER — A wildfire burning on 164 acres of land in the Interlaken Historic District near Twin Lakes — a popular hiking and camping destination about 22 miles southwest of Leadville — prompted multiple evacuation and pre-evacuation orders Tuesday.

“Please evacuate the area of Interlaken and County Road 25 as there is an active fire in ...Read more


Tech review: Bluetti AC240 saves my bacon

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about my mom having a power outage after a storm. Mom was prepared with a portable power station to keep her coffee maker, fan, radio and phone going when the electricity was out.

My column was about being ready to keep your gear running during a power outage. I mentioned I was reviewing a portable power ...Read more


Parmy Olson: AI's hidden workers are stuck in dead-end jobs

You may have heard that revolutionary AI sits on old-world foundations. The supply chain churning out generative AI tools like ChatGPT has highly paid executives and researchers at the top, and at the bottom, working stiffs who toil at screens training algorithms. Between 150 million and 430 million people do such work, according to a recent ...Read more

Food has a climate problem: Nitrous oxide emissions are accelerating with growing demand for fertilizer and meat – but there are solutions

Food’s role in climate change has emerged as one of the defining challenges of our time. The journey of a steak, fruit or salad from the vast expanses of agricultural lands to the plates on our tables leaves a significant footprint on the environment.

At the heart of this challenge is the prodigious use of fertilizers and a growing ...Read more

Coral reef recovery could get a boost from an unlikely source: Sea cucumbers, the janitors of the seafloor

Sea cucumbers, scavengers of the seafloor that resemble the cylindrical vegetable, have been consumed as a delicacy in Asia for centuries. But in recent decades, they’ve been severely overharvested to a point that they are now quite rare. New research I helped conduct suggests their repopulation could play an important role in protecting ...Read more

Losing winter ice is changing the Great Lakes food web – here’s how light is shaping life underwater

Winters on the Great Lakes are harsh – so much so that the scientists who work there often focus on the summer months, when tiny microbes at the base of the food chain were thought to be most productive.

However, emerging research is changing our understanding of these winter ecosystems and shining a light on a vibrant world of ...Read more