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Gadgets: This Bluetooth speaker will be the life of the party

Ensure that the Tribit StromBox 2 is on the guest list for your next summer gathering. The portable Bluetooth speaker will be the life of the party with great sound and endless features.

With more than 5,000 results coming up on an Amazon search for portable Bluetooth speakers, knowing what the Tribit StromBox 2 does eliminates the need to ...Read more

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Preview: ‘Gori: Cuddly Carnage’ has a Suda51 vibe with ‘Sunset Overdrive’ gameplay

“Gori: Cuddly Carnage” has a Suda51 aesthetic but the curious part about the upcoming action-adventure game is that it’s made by a Swedish developer. Angry Demon Studio throws in an amalgam of weird elements together that don’t seem as though they’d fit together, but somehow the team manages to create a cohesive project that’s fun ...Read more

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Jim Rossman: Getting AirDrop working to send photos wirelessly

This week a reader asks, “I have an Apple phone and an Apple desktop computer. What is the fastest, simplest way to move photos from the phone to the computer? I’ve been doing that one at a time but that’s tedious & time consuming."

This is an answer I could almost spit out by heart, because I use this feature at least weekly.

The ...Read more

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Are chemicals still spreading near Placer County missile site in Northern California? New probe data show the latest

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The most recent data collected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at the Titan-1 missile silo site in Placer County found that despite longstanding concerns, new soil vapor monitoring probes closest to homes in the Sun City Lincoln Hills development do not show signs of trichloroethylene, or TCE, a chemical that can cause...Read more

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Google's aborted deals show antitrust's long shadow over tech

In recent months, Google showed interest in two companies, either of which would have been the biggest-ever purchase for the internet giant. And both times, the deals fell apart.

On Monday, the chief executive of Wiz Inc. told staff that the cybersecurity startup would reject a $23 billion offer from Alphabet Inc.’s Google and instead pursue...Read more

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NASA's massive moon booster arrives to Kennedy Space Center

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. — It’s still covered up in what looks like the world’s larges PEZ dispenser, but the core stage booster for NASA’s Space Launch System rocket for the Artemis II moon mission arrived by barge to Florida on Tuesday.

The 212-foot-long tank still sits hidden within NASA’s Pegasus barge with its ridged, football-...Read more


Entangled humpback whale is finally freed off Dana Point, California

LOS ANGELES — The young whale was seen off Southern California, struggling, its tail flukes dangerously entangled in rope. The animal may have been injured for as long as half a year.

After a week of tracking and near-misses, a crew from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration freed the juvenile humpback whale Friday.

On July 13,...Read more

Counter-drug strategies in Central America are worsening deforestation, threatening many species of birds

Activities associated with cocaine trafficking threaten two-thirds of the most important landscapes in Central America for 196 forest bird species, including 67 migratory species. This is the key takeaway from a study that colleagues and I published in June 2024 in the journal Nature Sustainability.

Our findings suggest that there is ...Read more

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As South Florida heats up, ice immersion cools the body -- fast

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Deanna Young, 31, lowers herself into a 100-gallon tub filled with ice water at her Delray Beach gym. After 45 minutes of cardio and strength exercises in the intense Florida heat, she wants to cool off fast.

Submerging into the frigid water, her body instantly feels a cold jolt, but then relaxes as she concentrates on ...Read more


What you need to know about toxic blue-green algae this summer

ATLANTA — With higher temperatures there is a higher risk of encountering toxic blue-green algae in lakes, ponds and rivers. These harmful algal blooms can pose serious health risks to both humans and pets.

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe while enjoying the water this summer.

Blue-green algae, scientifically known as ...Read more

Saving lives from extreme heat: Lessons from the deadly 2021 Pacific Northwest heat wave

The heat dome that descended upon the Pacific Northwest in late June 2021 met a population radically unprepared for it.

Almost two-thirds of households earning US$50,000 or less and 70% of rented houses in Washington’s King, Pierce and Snohomish counties had no air conditioning. In Spokane, nearly one-quarter of survey respondents ...Read more

Buses weren’t the only civil rights battleground in Montgomery – the city’s parks still reflect a history of segregation

Montgomery, Alabama, touts itself as the birthplace of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. But although Montgomery now embraces its history of bus boycotts and protest marches, it remains one of the most segregated U.S. cities, and still struggles with racial inequality.

Today, Montgomery’s population is almost 60% Black. The poverty ...Read more

Bugs thrive in urban Los Angeles – volunteers’ traps reveal biodiversity hot spots for city insects and spiders

The most significant predictors of bug biodiversity in Los Angeles are proximity to the mountains and temperature stability throughout the year, according to a study we co-authored with Brian V. Brown of the Los Angeles Natural History Museum and colleagues at the University of Southern California and California State University.

The ...Read more

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'Out of this world': NASA JPL beams Missy Elliott hit to planet Venus

LOS ANGELES — Temperatures on Venus hover around 870 degrees, but the second-closest planet to the sun got a little bit cooler recently when NASA showered it with Missy Elliott's hit song "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)."

The feat took place at 10:05 a.m. July 12, when NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge beamed the song via a ...Read more


Colorado grasshopper boom causing headaches for gardeners, farmers

DENVER — If there seems to be a boom of buzzing and chirping insects bouncing through backyards, gardens and parks this year, it’s not in your head – the grasshoppers are taking over Colorado.

A warm and dry winter and spring created perfect conditions for grasshoppers to flourish this year, according to entomology experts with Colorado ...Read more

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From ATMs to flights, epic IT crash leaves trail of destruction

In what will go down as the most spectacular IT failure the world has ever seen, a botched software update from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. crashed countless Microsoft Windows computer systems around the world on Friday.

Microsoft Corp. and CrowdStrike have rolled out fixes, and systems are gradually being restored. But for ...Read more

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Global IT crash eases after disrupting flights and trading

In what will go down as the most spectacular IT failure the world has ever seen, a botched software update from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. crashed countless Microsoft Windows computer systems globally.

Microsoft Corp. and CrowdStrike have rolled out fixes and systems are being restored. But for several hours, bankers in Hong ...Read more


NASA's Artemis II moon mission rocket core stage on way to KSC

ORLANDO, Fla. —The biggest piece of the puzzle to send humans on a trip around the moon for the first time in more than half a century is on its way to Kennedy Space Center.

The Boeing-built core stage of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket was loaded onto NASA’s Pegasus barge from the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans earlier this ...Read more

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Unprecedented IT outage cripples businesses around the globe

Computer systems at businesses and public services around the globe were disrupted after a botched update of a widely used cybersecurity program took down Microsoft Corp. systems.

CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. Chief Executive Officer George Kurtz posted on X on Friday that the fault had been identified and “a fix has been deployed,” adding ...Read more

Sports in extreme heat: How high school athletes can safely prepare for the start of practice, and the warning signs of heat illness

High school sports teams start practices soon in what has been an extremely hot summer in much of the country. Now, before they hit the field, is the time for athletes to start slowly and safely building up strength and stamina.

Studies have found that the greatest risk of heat illness occurs in the first two weeks of team practices, ...Read more