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Small, icy and elusive: Scientists discover a new moon at Neptune that Voyager missed

When Voyager II flew past Neptune in August of 1989 it revealed a complex system of 13 moons, six of which had never been seen before.

Thirty years later, scientists say the space probe missed one.

Using data from the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have discovered an elusive seventh ice moon around the ice giant that fell just out of ...Read more

Mark Zuckerberg talks privacy, accidentally disses Facebook Portal

Talking about the future of technology, which is Mark Zuckerberg's personal challenge this year, can be hard, as the Facebook CEO has found out over the years -- whether it's before Congress or on television.

So it seems almost inevitable that in a nearly two-hour conversation with Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain about privacy, ...Read more

Google Nest Guard has a microphone, but it didn't say that on the box

Google has admitted that Nest Guard, the keypad and motion sensor device that's part of the Nest Secure system, has a built-in microphone whose existence the company failed to disclose in any of the product's literature.

The mic was outed because Google announced earlier this month that its home security system could also double as a Google ...Read more

Tech Q&A: Here's how to block more junk e-mail

Q: My Outlook e-mail program keeps receiving similar spam messages, even though I've labeled them as junk and blocked their senders. These e-mails have little rectangles between the letters in the subject line, and come from strange-sounding e-mail addresses (I've attached examples.) What can I do to stop this?

-- Gary Eickmeier, Lakeland, Fla....Read more

Who is Jonathon Morgan? Researcher makes a name — and finds controversy — in cybersecurity world

AUSTIN, Texas -- Long before Jonathon Morgan worked with U.S. intelligence officials or made headlines for controversial social media activity, he was a 21-year-old dad seeking to connect with other young parents.

That was 14 years ago, when Morgan turned to online communities to seek advice, camaraderie and friendship with others who found ...Read more

How scientist's disputed views about pollution are shaping EPA

In early 2018, a deputy assistant administrator in the EPA, Clint Woods, reached out to a Massachusetts toxicologist best known for pushing a public health standard suggesting that low levels of toxic chemicals and radiation are good for people.

"I wanted to check to see if you might have some time in the next couple of days for a quick call to...Read more

Are teens getting high on social media? The surprising study seeking the pot-Instagram link

This is a teen's brain on marijuana.

This is a teen's brain on social media.

See any difference?

In a groundbreaking study, a UCSD psychiatrist is investigating whether social media affects the adolescent brain in the same way as cannabis. Establishing a link could change how medical professionals view teens' engagement with Instagram, ...Read more

Why American voters were primed for a president who talks like Trump

When in the grips of oratorical passion, President Barack Obama liked to paraphrase the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. about the "long arc of history" bending toward justice.

But when it comes to the oratory of American politicians, history's long arc is bending away from such lofty rhetorical flourishes. New research finds that the punch-and-jab ...Read more

For scientists, the ripple effects of the government shutdown are still spreading

LOS ANGELES -- Matt Helgeson knew it was time to pull the plug.

For weeks, the University of California, Santa Barbara professor of chemical engineering had held out hope that politicians in Washington would find a way to end the government shutdown. If they did, his graduate students could still make their long-planned trip to Maryland to ...Read more

Amazon lets amateurs publish custom Alexa apps to reach broad audiences

Amazon is enlisting customers to create voice-controlled games, broadcast lectures and sermons, and turn blogs into audio presentations available to anyone, through its growing universe of Alexa-enabled speaker-and-microphone devices.

The move, rolled out this week, represents a potentially significant advancement for voice-first computing and ...Read more

NASA declares Opportunity dead after unequaled Mars mission

Opportunity, the intrepid NASA rover that spent 15 years on Mars climbing in and out of craters to gather evidence of the planet's watery past, has been brought down by tiny particles of dust.

It's a humble ending for a machine that survived a 300 million-mile journey through space, executed a hole-in-one landing, and set a record by driving ...Read more

Twitter's Jack Dorsey gives himself a 'C' grade for fighting online abuse

Self-criticism can be difficult. Especially when you're someone who is in the public eye and it can seem like everyone who knows your name is critical of every move you make.

Few know that feeling like Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey. His company, along with other social-networking kingpins such as Facebook, has come under fire for what ...Read more

Job market in Silicon Valley slows as region reaches full employment

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The job market in Silicon Valley grew by 2.2 percent during 2018, the slowest pace of employment growth since the Great Recession ended a decade ago, according to a new report released Wednesday.

The employment gains in 2018 also marked a noticeable downshift from the pace of growth in 2017, when Silicon Valley's job market ...Read more

Robot mail delivery trucks developed in Detroit ready for China, US

Looking like a delegation of toasters from space, a generation of electrically powered, self-driving mail trucks will roll out of a suburban Detroit industrial park later this year. Their mission: revolutionize mail and package delivery.

About 2,000 of the boxy, shiny Quadrobot U1 four-wheel-drive, four-wheel-steer delivery vans will begin ...Read more

Solar jobs are up in Minnesota, but down nationally

Minnesota posted an eight percent increase in solar industry jobs last year, bucking a national solar employment decline of 3.2 percent, said an annual report released Tuesday by The Solar Foundation.

The state tallied 4,602 solar jobs last year, up from 4,256 in 2017 and 1,995 in 2015. Minnesota ranked 15th in the nation in 2018 in total solar...Read more

Tech Q&A: How to find photos in MS Word documents

Q: I've been running Microsoft Office 365 on a desktop computer and two laptops. But after a few months, the program suddenly stopped saving images that I'd previously added to Word documents. When I called up the documents, the photos were gone. This happened on the two laptops at the same time, even though they aren't networked together. What ...Read more

Opportunity's record-setting mission on Mars appears to have reached its end

LOS ANGELES--Halfway up the slope of a crater on Mars lies a small robotic geologist that won't wake up.

The Smart car sized rover got caught in an epic dust storm that enveloped the Red Planet in June, and it hasn't been heard from since.

For the last eight months, scientists and engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have desperately ...Read more

San Diego neuroscientist says brain-buzzing device causes weight loss

A San Diego entrepreneur just took first place in a big startup competition put on by all the University of California schools, winning judges over with its brain-manipulating wearable device used for weight loss.

Neurovalens makes a headset (worn like headphones) that stimulates a region of the brain tied to appetite. Wearing the device for an...Read more

Amazon further strengthens smart home play with Eero acquisition

Amazon's acquisition of Wi-Fi device maker Eero could help it knit together the various devices the commerce giant has imbued with its voice-recognition technology in a quest to dominate the smart home.

Eero, begun in 2014 in San Francisco, makes routers and extenders designed to cover all the rooms of a house with speedy wireless signals. The ...Read more

Hardcore porn and real-money gambling apps snuck into iPhones: report

Apple bans pornography and real-money gambling apps from its App Store, but an investigation has revealed that the operators of at least two dozen such applications sidestepped the store to put their products in front of iPhone users.

The Cupertino iPhone giant, stung by recent revelations that Facebook and Google scooted around Apple's rules ...Read more


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