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Major U.S. research universities are cutting ties with Chinese telecom giant Huawei

WASHINGTON -- First Congress threatened to cut off federal funds to universities using components made by telecom giant Huawei. Next came a classified FBI briefing last fall for University of California research chiefs about foreign espionage threats.

Then in January the U.S. government charged the Chinese firm with bank fraud, violating U.S. ...Read more

Tech Q&A: Sometimes computer security can hurt you

Security is a big concern for all of us, but mostly we worry about keeping intruders out -- out of our computers, our phones and our internet connections.

What if the problem were reversed, and someone was trying to keep us out? As it turns out, they are.

In December, I was the victim of a "false positive" -- the name for what happens when ...Read more

Astrology app set to disrupt 'mystical services sector'

Any entity created on this planet comes into the world with a star chart, dominated by a sun sign, reflecting the motion of the spheres above at its moment of birth.

Facebook, for instance, is an Aquarius, while Google, Snap and Netflix are all Virgos. Microsoft and Twitter -- both Aries. Amazon? Classic Cancer.

Sanctuary, a digital astrology ...Read more

Michigan could enter the satellite launch business by 2022

Michigan was a major force in the early Space Age, when Chrysler made rockets that carried astronauts and General Motors built the electric buggies they used to explore the moon.

Now, a few visionaries are planning the state's return to space with an ambitious proposal to build a private launch site for commercial satellites in Northern ...Read more

Even plumbers need software: How ServiceTitan became a billion-dollar start-up

GLENDALE, Calif. -- After landing their first major round of investment in 2015, the co-founders of one of L.A.'s fastest-growing start-ups had to make a major decision.

They were flush with cash. It was time to start hiring more employees. But where should they go?

"Some people were asking if we could move to Santa Monica, or move downtown," ...Read more

We're not prepared for the promise of artificial intelligence, experts warn

Artificial intelligence will unleash changes humanity is not prepared for as the technology advances at an unprecedented pace, leading experts told an audience at the official opening Monday of Stanford University's new AI center.

At a day-long symposium accompanying the center's launch, speakers from Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist ...Read more

Vanguard supervisor and his brother-in-law stole over $2M from dead Vanguard customers and dormant accounts, feds say

A former Vanguard supervisor stole more than $2 million by taking money from dead or inactive Vanguard customers' accounts before state treasurers could take custody of the unclaimed money, prosecutors say.

Scott Capps, of Coatesville, Pa., pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud, two counts of money laundering, and two years of false...Read more

The ocean absorbs billions of tons of carbon every year, and the process is accelerating, study shows

SEATTLE -- Richard Feely has spent years of his career at sea, casting packages of plastic tubes into its void, and pulling up seawater from its depths while exploring how carbon emissions are changing the world's oceans.

Feely, a senior scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in ...Read more

Med-tech trade group launches online cybersecurity tool

Cybersecurity events like 2016's NotPetya ransomware attack tend to arrive in bursts of confusion and concern, but the hard work of mitigating cybersecurity risks in health care technology is embedded in the daily grind of the medical technology industry, insiders say.

The Food and Drug Administration requires medical device companies to plan ...Read more

Controversial YouTube star brings flat-earth conspiracy theory to new audience: kids

The theory that the earth is flat reached a new audience recently, thanks to a viral video by controversial YouTube star Logan Paul.

Paul, who is popular with middle school and high school students, released a trailer for an upcoming documentary in which he attends a flat earth convention and interviews participants. While his ultimate ...Read more

'Snitch-tagging' destroys any subtlety that was left on Twitter

First came Twitter.

Then came Twitter fights.

Then came Twitter passive aggression: Insults that don't explicitly identify the person being criticized are so pervasive they have a name, the subtweet.

Now that subtlety is being punctured by a rising Twitter behavior -- snitch-tagging.

A snitch-tagger is essentially a Twitter tattletale. He or...Read more

Bad tunes? Spotify files complaint against Apple with European Commission

Two of the world's biggest music-streaming companies were out of harmony Wednesday as Spotify has filed an anti-competition complaint against Apple with the European Commission.

In its claim, Spotify, which is based in Sweden, alleges that Apple has spent the past few years putting in place rules and limitations designed to tamp down on ...Read more

Tech Q&A: Blocked malware download keeps trying

Q: I've been getting a pop-up at the bottom of my screen that says, "Do you want to open or save ImgSync from" My choices are open, save or cancel. I've clicked "cancel" or just closed the message box without responding, but the message always comes back. I've run the Malwarebytes security software and another program called...Read more

Jon Talton: Don't stop with tech in breaking up the giants — but making it happen is unlikely

In running for president, Sen. Elizabeth Warren proposes to break up the Big Tech giants of Amazon, Google and Facebook.

Her focus is a bit odd because Warren, as a Harvard academic, first achieved national attention as co-author of a study claiming that medical bills were to blame for 62 percent of bankruptcies. It ignited a scholarly debate ...Read more

Secretary Chao announces new transportation technology council at SXSW

AUSTIN, Texas -- The federal government is creating a council to address oversight gaps created by emerging technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, that fall within the jurisdiction of multiple Department of Transportation agencies.

Speaking Tuesday before the start of the department's five interactive sessions at South by Southwest, U.S. ...Read more

Nvidia, in biggest deal ever, pays $6.9 billion for Israel's Mellanox

Nvidia broke open its checkbook in a big way Monday: The Santa Clara-based graphics semiconductor giant said it will pay $6.9 billion to acquire computer interconnection technology company Mellanox.

The deal is Nvidia's biggest-ever acquisition. Under terms of the all-cash deal, Nvidia will pay $125 a share for Israel-based Mellanox, which is a...Read more

Biotech startup raises $64 million to erase cancer — it's even in the name

San Diego startup Erasca said recently it has raised $64 million to develop cancer therapies with the ambitious goal of eventually curing the disease.

The new funding is up from the $42 million reported in December.

New investors in privately held Erasca include ARCH Venture Partners; Andreessen Horowitz; Reneo Capital; and other private and ...Read more

Lack of diversity in tech: House hearing explores harms, solutions

Why does lack of diversity in tech persist? A House committee exploring the issue -- and its effects on the tech products and services we've all grown to rely on -- heard one possible reason early on during its hearing Wednesday.

U.S. Rep. Tony Cardenas, D-Calif., recounted an anecdote from a female computer engineer who told him she overheard ...Read more

More than 140 children may have had hearts removed in ancient sacrifice in Peru

Anthropologists have found evidence of a mass ritual killing that involved the deaths of more than 140 children, three adults, and at least 200 young llamas on the northern coast of Peru.

The archaeological site, known as Huanchaquito-Las Llamas, represents one of the largest known cases of mass child sacrifice ever seen in the Americas.

...Read more

Tech Q&A: Why you aren't told your email is blocked

Q: I learned that email providers sometimes block mail sent from other providers over the issue of misuse. But when my provider was blocked, I wasn't told. I only learned later that some of my outgoing mail wasn't delivered. Shouldn't email users be notified if they're being blocked?

--Dutch Nagle, Hereford, Ariz.

A: The deliberate blocking of...Read more


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