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Yosemite National Park may limit visitors this summer due to major construction projects

Concerned about nightmarish traffic jams at Yosemite National Park from more than half a dozen major new construction projects, park leaders are drawing up plans that could limit the number of visitors this summer by requiring reservations for day visits.

“This summer is going to be a crazy construction season in Yosemite like you have never ...Read more

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A sign the drought is easing: California officials to ship more water to farms, cities

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — State officials said Thursday they will increase deliveries to farms and cities that belong to the State Water Project — a sign that this winter’s rain and snow has eased drought conditions in California.

The Department of Water Resources said farm and municipal water districts can expect to receive 15% of requested ...Read more

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Kamala Harris to announce wildfire money in visit to California on Friday

WASHINGTON — Vice President Kamala Harris plans to visit a San Bernardino fire station Friday to announce the federal government will provide California $600 million to help the state recover from a historically severe wildfire season while highlighting plans to spend $5 billion more to prevent fires, an administration official said.

The ...Read more

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Federal agents return 4,000-year-old artifacts to Iraqi government

LOS ANGELES — Federal agents on Thursday returned two ancient stone artifacts to representatives of the Iraqi government at the country’s consulate in Los Angeles.

The artifacts — a fragment of a stone tablet inscribed with cuneiform characters and a hexagonal prism used to teach schoolchildren the cuneiform alphabet — are believed to ...Read more

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Chicago ranks 3rd in US in deaths and health costs related to diesel pollution, analysis shows

CHICAGO — People around the world breathed cleaner air after the economy ground to a halt during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic.

But Chicago and its suburbs missed out on the temporary reprieve from lung-damaging, life-shortening pollution.

A new analysis suggests a key reason why dirty air problems continued here while other ...Read more

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Elon Musk's brain implant company is inching toward human trials

Elon Musk’s brain implant company Neuralink is now hiring a clinical trial director, an indication that the company’s longstanding goal of implanting chips in human brains is coming closer.

The trial director position would oversee the startup’s long-promised human trials of its medical device, according to the listing. Neuralink’s ...Read more

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Nearly 28,000 miles of Pennsylvania's streams are impaired by pollution, report finds

PHILADELPHIA — One-third of all Pennsylvania waterways are now considered polluted enough to harm wildlife, recreation or drinking water, according to a report released this week by the state's Department of Environmental Protection.

The DEP listed 27,886 miles of streams it found impaired in one or more ways, which is about 9% worse than its...Read more

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Editorial: Caution is warranted in 5G rollout

We've been hearing for a long time about how much the fifth generation of wireless service will speed up and smooth out our internet-dependent lives, and now the moment has …

… not completely arrived.

But it is quite a mess.

Overseas airlines with flights heading to this country canceled some of them on Wednesday or changed the type of ...Read more


Apple AirTags connected to cases of stalking, car theft

DETROIT — Authorities say Apple AirTags, marketed as a way to keep track of easily-lost belongings, are increasingly connected to cases of stalking and car theft.

"The basic utility of them is to track objects or persons, and so it makes sense that someone would use it for nefarious purposes to that end," said Tom Holt, cybersecurity expert...Read more

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Jim Rossman: The wonder of Wordle: Guessing a five-letter word is easy, right?

What is Wordle? My latest online obsession — and a fun brain workout that won’t take all day.

My Facebook feed has been taken over by tiny grids of gray, gold and green squares. These are just people showing off their skill at a new online game called Wordle.

You’ve probably heard of it, or seen the shares in your social media. It ...Read more


Review: ‘Humankind’ a strong but flawed challenger to ‘Civilization’ series

Amplitude Studios introduces fresh ideas to historical strategy games but not all of them are fully realized

“Sid Meier’s Civilization” has been around for 30 years, yet it’s had few challengers in its strategy-game niche. Other competitors focus on a single era of history or they veer off toward the fantasy or sci-fi realms. Sure, ...Read more


Gadgets: Nexar Beam dashcam easy to mount, full of features

After setting up and using the Nexar Beam dashcam, I would have to agree it is exactly as advertised: a plug-and-play device loaded with features and reasonably priced.

It's also touted as the world's smartest dashcam, which is hard to confirm, so I'll take Nexar's word for it. Measuring only 2.5-by-2-by-1.45 inches, the Beam dash cam is easy...Read more

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They Have The Range: How this Philly music aficionado is filling a gap for Black-owned music programming

PHILADELPHIA — Branford Jones was the kid who’d devour music shows from his childhood home in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

Compared to today, the music programming on television of the 2000s almost feels like a dream more than a memory. Instead of regular marathons of "Ridiculousness" reruns, MTV had a mix of shows that actually ...Read more

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CNET: Best over-ear headphones for 2022

While earbuds like Apple's AirPods Pro may be the dominant headphones these days, there's something to be said about a huge pair of around-the-ear headphones. These are — if you get the right pair — able to deliver bigger, richer sound than buds with excellent noise cancellation to block out external noise.

And technology hasn't left over...Read more


Tech Q&A: Solving the mystery of vanishing Facebook photos and videos

Q: The photos and videos on my Facebook page often disappear for a few days at a time. This doesn't happen on other websites, such as YouTube. I've tried changing my Facebook password and restarting my computer and network modem/router, but nothing helps. I notified Facebook several times but got no help. Even a computer repair shop had no ...Read more

Biden administration announces more than $1 billion for Everglades restoration

A historic increase in Everglades funding was announced Wednesday by the Biden administration, with a plan to spend an unprecedented $1.1 billion to restore South Florida’s famous wilderness.

“The Administration is making the largest single investment in the Everglades in U.S. history,” the White House said in a statement Wednesday. “...Read more

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Mother bears and cubs battle for survival as wildfire, drought and traffic take heavy toll

LOS ANGELES — Whether emblazoned on California’s flag or described in myth, the bear stands as a potent symbol of courage and strength — a ferocious embodiment of the North American wilderness.

In reality, however, the bear is vulnerable.

Nearly a century after the California grizzly was hunted to extinction, its less aggressive cousin, ...Read more

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When beach gets dirty, the 'mayor of the beach' makes the grime go away, and the smiles turn up

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Thousands upon thousands of bright-eyed beachgoers have started their day at Las Olas and A1A, and the place looks pretty spiffy.

That’s because Bobby Williams was there first.

You might not know him, but he’s the guy who gets up well before dawn to keep Fort Lauderdale’s famous beachfront corner sparkling clean,...Read more

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Apple, Google tell US senators that tech bills will harm privacy

Apple Inc. and Google warned U.S. lawmakers Tuesday that bipartisan antitrust legislation aimed at curbing the power of big technology companies will threaten the privacy and security of users.

Escalating its opposition to the legislation, Apple sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin; the panel’s ranking Republican, ...Read more

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US 5G rollout throws flights into turmoil from Japan to Dubai

Airlines across the world are adjusting their schedules and aircraft deployments for flights to the U.S. over fears that a 5G rollout by AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications Inc. near American airports could interfere with key safety systems.

Dubai’s Emirates Airline said it will suspend flights to several U.S. cities, including Chicago, ...Read more