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As pollen torments millions, it might be getting worse, and it's poorly measured in America

PHILADELPHIA – He found masses of pollen as thick as “oatmeal,” and once discovered that grains from palm trees had ridden the winds for hundreds of miles to reach his front porch.

For 17 years, Timothy Craig intercepted the airborne gametes of trees, grasses, and weeds with a whirling trap, assiduously examined the captives with a ...Read more

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Google selling users' personal data despite promise, federal court lawsuit claims

Google is making a fortune by selling users’ personal information despite the company’s pledge that it never sells the data, a lawsuit filed this week claims.

“Google promises its hundreds of millions of users that it ‘will never sell any personal information to third parties’ and ‘you get to decide how your information is used.’ ...Read more

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Facebook's Trump verdict renews calls to dismantle legal shield

The decision by a Facebook Inc. panel to extend for up to six months former President Donald Trump’s banishment from the social media platform has renewed calls to revoke the legal shield that enabled Facebook to grow into one of the richest and most powerful companies in the world.

Minutes after the announcement, it was clear that the ...Read more

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Jim Rossman: Don’t let your printer get the best of you

I got a note from a co-worker last week telling me about a discussion she had with a friend about the travails of printing while working from home. The printers they have at home are not as good as the big ones at work, and they had both thrown away home printers that were not cooperating.

I’ve had the same problem.

No one wants to spend a...Read more

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How a Twin Cities blogger made millions off clickbait and became Minnesota's TikTok star

MINNEAPOLIS — In northeast Minneapolis' arts district, a tall, lanky man with slate-colored, shoulder-length hair often wanders by the railroad tracks with his phone at arm's length, recording himself.

By posting selfie videos expounding on "How Relationships Are Like a Night at the Casino," "Why Quitting Is Awesome" and "Why It's Weird to ...Read more

Gadgets: New Anker Nebula projector joins forces with 'Star Wars'

If you’re a "Star Wars" fan — and I know there are a lot of you out there — Anker has launched the Nebula Capsule II Star Wars R2-D2 Limited Edition Smart Mini Projector for this year’s May 4 "Star Wars" holiday. The space-inspired pocket-sized projector came about when Nebula joined forces with "Star Wars."

Based on the popular films...Read more


Review: ‘Returnal’ is a genre-bending sci-fi horror game that somehow works

Difficult games always have a breaking point. It’s the moment when players have to decide if it’s their execution that’s holding them back, or their tactics. It’s the idea of doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a better result or changing the approach altogether. The key to success is figuring out what the situation ...Read more

CNET: Best Peloton exercise bike alternatives

Great indoor exercise bikes that cost less

Indoor cycling is all the rage these days, with Peloton leading the very pricey charge to get a bike into every home. Although gyms and spin studios are starting to open back up, there's much to be said for the convenience of working out on your own schedule, without having to go someplace.

But do ...Read more


James Lileks: Wikipedia wants me to do what?

I use Wikipedia a lot, and now and then they ask me for money. Now and then I give them money.

"What?" you say. "You fool! It's a mess, that thing, riddled with inaccuracies, biased, completely unreliable."

Well, so am I, so it's a good fit.

Actually, it's quite useful for things that are not controversial. You might ask — indeed, you ...Read more

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Is this tech's turning point in Miami? Leaders look ahead to major conference in 2022

The effort to transform Miami into a major tech hub stretches back at least a decade. Since then, many observers thought the city would inch toward that goal.

But over the past several months, the city has skipped toward it, emerging as a refuge for tech entrepreneurs looking to escape Silicon Valley and COVID lockdowns. Combined with the ...Read more

Study: Newly revealed Mars glacier could support human exploration

Mars is slowly revealing its secrets, and a new study of its terrain done 170 million miles away here on Earth has unveiled an anomalous glacier on a flat plain, akin to those found in Antarctica — and it could someday support humans.

Glaciers and other ice have been confirmed on the Mars since 2008, as NASA chronicled at the time, and had ...Read more

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In India, Facebook and Twitter walk censorship tightrope with government

When Facebook and Twitter sought to limit the extent to which their platforms could be used to spread disinformation related to last year’s presidential election, Amal Chandra, a 22-year-old university student in Kerala, India, applauded their efforts.

Now, Chandra, who studies political science at Pondicherry University, is wondering why the...Read more

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Tech Q&A: How to cope if fake Google search results hurt you

Q: Google has begun showing search results for a misspelling of my business name, and some of these listings include my current phone number and an old home address that is now an empty lot. I edit books under the name Words & Deeds Inc. The misspelled search results are for Woods & Deeds Inc. I tried to work with Google to get these search ...Read more

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Tech companies join calls for disclosure mandate to meet US emissions goals

Tech giants, including, Apple and HP, are joining calls for uniform regulations requiring corporations to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, citing a need for consistent, comparable and reliable data.

President Joe Biden last month announced a U.S. target for halving emissions from 2005 levels by the end of this decade. ...Read more

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Surprising tsunami triggers may lurk off California's coast, scientists say

LOS ANGELES — Although California’s most dangerous tsunamis come from thousands of miles away, scientists say they’ve pinpointed a wave trigger that’s much closer to home. Earthquakes along strike-slip faults can cause potentially dangerous waves in certain contexts, a new model shows — and such faults do exist right off parts of the ...Read more


Amazon's algorithms promote extremist misinformation, report says's search and recommendation algorithms channel customers into consuming increasingly extremist misinformation, according to a new report.

The report, by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, adds to a growing body of research on how digital platforms — including Facebook, YouTube and Amazon — can inadvertently inflame conspiracy ...Read more

CNET: Best French presses for 2021

When it comes to brewing coffee, French press coffee doesn't pull any punches in terms of flavor. As a matter of fact, this style of joe is nearly as concentrated as espresso or cold brew. And if used properly, a French press can produce delicious coffee to match what comes out of the best drip coffee maker.

But while French press brewers are...Read more

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Review: ‘Pac-Man’ battle royale games breathes new life into old favorite

Pac-Man holds a fascinating spot in the hierarchy of video game characters. He no longer sits at the top like Mario and Sonic and he doesn’t have the clout of recent heroes such as Master Chief and Kratos.

Despite that, BandaiNamco’s mascot is still iconic because he was one of the first video game characters to go mainstream. He had his ...Read more

Gadgets: Audioengine HD4 Bluetooth bookshelf speakers worth the wait

Audioengine’s HD4 Powered Bluetooth aptX HD system is a great-looking pair of Bluetooth speakers that are easy to set up and sound even better.

One of my favorite parts about reviewing products is getting them up and running without having to read instructions or quick-start guides. If I succeed quickly, this scores points in my book. With ...Read more

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Preview: How I gave ‘Chivalry II’ a try and loved it

“Chivalry” has never been huge on my radar. It’s a game that I faintly know about, but I never investigated. It showed up on Steam pages and a few mentions on Twitter, but not being a fan of medieval warfare, I scrolled past it intent on examining more familiar and higher profile games.

To be frank, it was beyond my comfort zone, but ...Read more