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Researchers' oceanside nursery provides home to thousands of at-risk corals

DANIA BEACH, Fla. — In a 600-gallon tank overlooking Port Everglades, small pieces of brain coral and massive star coral grow serenely below the surface of the water. Although some of these pieces are the size of a quarter, all 2,376 fragments at this nursery could make a difference.

“These are what we call corals of opportunity,” said ...Read more


Bear hunt underway after attack in southern Colorado

DENVER — State wildlife officials are looking to find and kill a bear that swatted a woman early Friday as she slept in a tent near Trinidad with her husband and their 2-year-old daughter.

As the family slept, about 2 a.m., the bear stepped on a beach ball outside their tent, popping it, Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Bill Vogrin said ...Read more

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World's dirtiest oil and gas fields are in Russia, Turkmenistan and Texas

Oil and natural gas fields in Russia, Turkmenistan and Texas are the most climate-damaging on Earth, according to a first-of-its kind analysis that looks at greenhouse-gas emissions across entire supply chains and finds they vary widely. The dirtiest fields emit more than 10 times as much carbon dioxide equivalent as the least emissions-...Read more

Long-awaited federal study finds threat to Boundary Waters from hardrock mining

Hardrock mining on public land in northern Minnesota risks contaminating the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, even with measures designed to head off those problems, a long-awaited federal study says.

The environment assessment released Thursday by the U.S. Forest Service buttresses the Biden Administration's quest for a 20-year ...Read more

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California drought: 'Smart' water meters coming to San Jose, other Bay Area cities in latest effort to boost conservation

SAN JOSE, Calif. — You’ve got a smartphone. Maybe a smartwatch. Or even a smart doorbell.

In the coming months and years as California struggles with worsening droughts, millions of Bay Area residents will soon be getting a smart water meter.

Water meters — the clunky brass devices that sit in underground boxes near the sidewalks ...Read more

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Jim Rossman: Video chat helps take care of mom’s TV malfunction

You never know when trouble will strike — even during “General Hospital.”

Mom hasn’t hit me up with a tech problem in a while, and I was beginning to feel like she didn’t need me anymore.

Then I got a text message from her last week. She was having trouble with the TV in the living room. Her TCL Roku TV was stuck on the Roku home ...Read more


Gadgets: Cobra Electronics RX680 Walkie Talkie great for all uses

As a kid, walkie-talkies translated into hours of fun. As an adult, even with all the technological advances in communication, trying walkie-talkies again brings back great memories — and several practical uses. And history repeats itself with the fun it brings along.

I’m talking about Cobra Electronics RX680 Walkie Talkie, part of Cobra�...Read more

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Review: ‘Card Shark’ is a unique gamble that doesn’t quite pay off

Dozens of games feature testosterone-fueled heroes with guns as big as their muscles, but few projects star aristocratic con men. That makes “Card Shark” a standout in the world of video games. It’s as rare as a unicorn.

The project takes place in 18th-century France and follows a mute serving boy, who ends up in the care of the Comte ...Read more


Review: ‘TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge’ is a brilliant ode to the franchise’s peak era

Peak “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” happened more than 30 years ago. Back then, the cartoon was the show you had to watch if you were to function in classroom society. You had to be up-to-date on the latest Shredder and Krang plot and maybe own the latest action figure.

The nostalgia for those days is so strong because the turtles ...Read more

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More Californians are gaining broadband internet access. But Black and Latino households still lag

More Californians are gaining access to broadband internet, but Black and Latino households still lag behind their white counterparts, according to an analysis of the latest available American Community Survey data.

The Public Policy Institute of California, which recently presented the findings, noted that the U.S. Census Bureau survey paints ...Read more

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LA needs 90,000 trees to battle extreme heat. Will residents step up to plant them?

LOS ANGELES — In 2019, Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled an ambitious plan to plant 90,000 trees in Los Angeles by 2021 as part of L.A.’s Green New Deal.

To accomplish this, he appointed the city’s first forest officer, Rachel Malarich, to head the Urban Forestry Division, and authorized a network of nonprofits and “community ambassadors” ...Read more

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With $10 million windfall, free Seattle coding school for women goes national to speed change in tech's bro culture

Amber Tanaka was burned out.

Tanaka had been working service jobs to support an acting career and was coming to realize that a passion for theater wouldn't negate the grind of spending day and night in low-paid positions. Then the pandemic hit, live performances were paused and it became more difficult to find service jobs.

"I can't really ...Read more

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Chicago Quantum Exchange takes first steps toward a future that could revolutionize computing, medicine and cybersecurity

Flashes of what may become a transformative new technology are coursing through a network of optic fibers under Chicago.

Researchers have created one of the world’s largest networks for sharing quantum information — a field of science that depends on paradoxes so strange that Albert Einstein didn’t believe them.

The network, which ...Read more

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Startup with roots at CU channeling microorganisms to make “green” cement

A Colorado company is channeling the industriousness of microorganisms to grow zero-carbon cement in a process that is similar to the way corals build reefs or oysters produce shells.

The startup Prometheus Materials recently closed an $8 million Series A financing round that included participation by the Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund and ...Read more

MONICA HERNDON/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS, a Philadelphia tech start-up, aims to sync TV watching with sports betting

Chris Reynolds and Jason Angelides developed the gizmo on the TV remote that brought deep-dive sports stats — tracking game momentum and player statistics — to millions of Xfinity subscribers.

Now, less than two years after leaving executive jobs at Comcast Corp., they want a piece of the online sports betting action.

Reynolds and ...Read more

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A major California reservoir has hit its peak for the year at just over half full

Lake Oroville, the largest reservoir in a state system that provides water to 27 million Californians, has already reached its peak level for the year, barely surpassing half of its capacity, according to the Department of Water Resources.

Officials had warned the lake — key to the roughly 700-mile State Water Project, which pumps and ferries...Read more

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Bitcoin's struggle to hold $20,000 keeps crypto market on edge

Bitcoin struggled to hold above the closely-watched $20,000 level, extending a period of marked volatility that saw huge weekend swings.

The largest cryptocurrency fell as much as 4.8% on Monday and was trading at $19,914 as of 7:32 a.m. in London. Ether at one point shed 7.8% but held above $1,000. Altcoins like Solana, Cardano and Dogecoin ...Read more

As Colorado River reservoirs drop, Western states urged to 'act now'

With the Colorado River’s depleted reservoirs continuing to drop to new lows, the federal government has taken the unprecedented step of telling the seven Western states that rely on the river to find ways of drastically cutting the amount of water they take in the next two months.

The Interior Department is seeking the emergency cuts to ...Read more


Mountain lion P-54 is killed by vehicle four years after her mother died on the same road

LOS ANGELES — A mountain lion was struck and killed by a vehicle Friday in the Santa Monica Mountains, not far from where her mother was killed in a 2018 crash, the National Park Service said.

P-54, born in 2017, was struck around 9:30 a.m. on Las Virgenes Road between Piuma Road and Mulholland Highway, becoming "the latest grim statistic for...Read more

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Pollution from California's 2020 wildfires likely offset decades of air quality gains

LOS ANGELES — It was a nightmare fire season that California won’t soon forget.

As more than 9,000 wildfires raged across the landscape, a canopy of smoke shrouded much of the state and drifted as far away as Boston.

All told, more than 4.3 million acres would be incinerated and more than 30 people killed. Economic losses would total more ...Read more