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SpaceX gives Space Coast 52nd launch of the year

ORLANDO, Fla. — A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched Saturday from Kennedy Space Center on the 52nd successful mission of the year from the Space Coast.

The CRS-26 mission lifted off from Launch Pad 39-A on a resupply run to the International Space Station at 2:20 p.m.

A brand new cargo Dragon spacecraft is carting up 7,700 pounds of supplies ...Read more


NASA's Orion spacecraft successfully enters moon's orbit

NASA’s Orion capsule, a new spacecraft designed to carry future astronauts to deep space, successfully entered orbit around the moon on Friday.

The uncrewed spacecraft ignited its main engine at 4:52 p.m. Eastern time for one minute and 28 seconds, allowing it to enter what NASA terms a distant retrograde orbit, completing one of the primary ...Read more

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Greta Thunberg sues her native Sweden for failing to take action on climate

A group of children and young adults including Greta Thunberg have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Swedish state for failing to take adequate measures to stop climate change.

The lawsuit is part of an international wave of climate-related legal action, some of it targeting national governments.

It follows a high-profile case in the ...Read more

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Study: Climate change is increasing the frequency and temperature of extreme heat waves

LOS ANGELES — As California awakens to the worsening risk of extreme climate events, researchers are shedding new light on last year's anomalous and extreme Pacific Northwest heat wave. One study published this week said such heat waves could become 20 times more likely to occur if current carbon emissions continue unabated. Another said they ...Read more

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King of rockets, NASA's SLS could soon be usurped by SpaceX's Starship

ORLANDO, Fla. — NASA’s Space Launch System roared off the launchpad at Kennedy Space Center and into the record books, for now.

The SLS rocket, using a combination of two solid rocket boosters with a core stage consisting of four repurposed RS-25 engines from the space shuttle program, produced 8.8 million pounds of thrust to lift the Orion...Read more

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'Gotham Knights' has some brights spots, but doesn’t carry torch to 'Arkham' video game legacy: review

This is not the "Arkham" universe. The title of the game, "Gotham Knights," is your first giveaway of that.

Let’s be clear about that from the very start. When developer WB Games Montreal set out to develop the latest Batman (ish!) video game, instead of setting it in the "Batman: Arkham" world that’s given WB Games so much fruit in ...Read more

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Hurricanes knock out traffic lights. Could a Tampa solar sidewalk change that?

TAMPA, Fla. — Could a solution to traffic lights going dark in big storms come from the Florida sun? The city of Tampa is looking to find out.

In a pilot program, the city has installed 84 solar panels on the surface of a downtown sidewalk near the intersection of Jefferson and Cass streets to soak up the abundant sunlight and power the ...Read more

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Gadgets: Solid State Logic’s new SSL Connex USB microphone features top-of-the-line audio quality for everyday, advanced use

At some point, we all need to produce top-quality audio, whether for more advanced work-from-home video meetings, conference calls, music instrument or vocal recording, or simple family FaceTime or speakerphone hands-free calls. Getting any audio isn’t problematic, and neither is top-of-the-line audio quality when using Solid State Logic’s...Read more

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Jim Rossman: Learn to make internet searching work for you

Last week I wrote about searching the internet to solve your tech problems.

The key to quickly finding the right answer is learning how to use some advanced search techniques.

Searching for one-word terms is easy, but as the search terms grow, so do the returns that don’t have anything to do with your query.

If you search for Dallas ...Read more

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As job cuts roil Silicon Valley, workers confront post-boom reality

When Ryan Stevens joined Meta Platforms Inc. as a product operations manager for WhatsApp in August of 2021, he was enticed by the opportunity to help shape a messaging app used daily by 2 billion people.

He also figured tending to a service that touches so many people would translate to a degree of job security. That belief shattered when ...Read more


An unlikely hub for big-tech challengers emerges in Utah

For decades, conservative economic thought on the virtues of the free market has reigned supreme in American jurisprudence, nourished by scholars at places such as the University of Chicago and George Mason University.

The University of Utah is looking to change that.

With a new initiative dubbed “The Utah Project on Antitrust and Consumer ...Read more

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Comcast told him it would cost $17,000 to speed up his internet. He rallied 41 South Bay neighbors to build their own lightning-fast fiber-optic network instead

A group of Los Altos Hills, California, residents is standing up to internet giants Comcast and AT&T.

Tech-rich but internet-poor, residents of the Silicon Valley neighborhood were fed up with sluggish broadband speeds of less than 25 Megabits-per-second (Mbps) download and 3 Mbps upload — the federal definition of a home unserved by adequate...Read more

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'Is that the girl from Instagram?': Influencers cashing in on Las Vegas

Francine Maric was inside The Venetian standing near a slot machine in the high-limit slot room, waiting for a handpay, when someone walking by recognized her.

The man whispered to his friends, and one of them tapped the shoulder of Francine’s husband, Miran, who was standing several feet away from Francine, and asked: “Is that the girl ...Read more

Dreaming of beachfront real estate? Much of Florida's coast is at risk of storm erosion that can cause homes to collapse, as Daytona just saw

Back-to-back hurricanes left an unnerving scene on the Florida coast in November 2022: Several houses, and even swimming pools, were left dangling over the ocean as waves eroded the earth beneath them. Dozens of homes and condo buildings in the Daytona Beach area were deemed unsafe.

The destruction has raised a disturbing question: ...Read more

Scientists discover five new species of black corals living thousands of feet below the ocean surface near the Great Barrier Reef

The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work.

Using a remote-controlled submarine, my colleagues and I discovered five new species of black corals living as deep as 2,500 feet (760 meters) below the surface in the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea off the coast of Australia.

Black corals can be found ...Read more


Zelle users have been scammed out of thousands. How to avoid being targeted on money apps

Money transfer apps are a convenient way to send and receive money, but scammers can use them to steal your funds.

Bank of America customers earlier this month filed a class-action lawsuit against the bank claiming its use of Zelle comes with a high risk of fraud, The Charlotte Observer reported.

In October, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren released...Read more

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Why you're going to pay for the online return mess

One of the foundations of online shopping has been free returns, but not anymore.

After years of subsidizing them, more retailers are charging customers to send back unwanted goods. It’s a risky move because shoppers have become accustomed to buying an item in multiple sizes and colors and returning what doesn’t fit for free.

The list of ...Read more

Scientists uncovered the structure of the key protein for a future hepatitis C vaccine – here's how they did it

The hepatitis C virus, or HCV, causes a chronic liver infection that can lead to permanent liver scarring and, in dire cases, cancer. It affects around 71 million people worldwide and causes approximately 400,000 deaths each year. While treatments are available for HCV-related infections, they are expensive, hard to access and do not protect ...Read more

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More than 6,000 tech and biotech job cuts roil Bay Area economy

Tech and biotech companies have revealed plans recently for enough job cuts to erase more than 6,000 jobs in the Bay Area, cutbacks that could weigh on the region’s economy in the weeks and months to come.

Job cuts affecting thousands of workers in the Bay Area have been submitted to California labor officials starting in early October, ...Read more

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Orion spacecraft makes closest moon approach on Artemis I mission

ORLANDO, Fla. — The Artemis I mission brought Orion on its closest approach to the moon while blasting out on its way to an orbit that will take it farther from the Earth than any previous human-rated spacecraft.

Orion entered the moon’s gravitational influence on Sunday and used that power along with a thruster on an outbound powered burn ...Read more