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Seattle students virtually Zoom into space for a chat with astronaut Megan McArthur

SEATTLE — The students gathered at the Museum of Flight in Seattle were ready to ask Megan McArthur questions, via video link, about life as an astronaut. She was about as far away as Walla Walla — but in outer space.

McArthur is a NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station, moving above the Earth at more than 17,500 mph, ...Read more

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Review: ‘Metroid Dread’ a challenging but fitting finale for series arc

MercurySteam and Nintendo add anxiety-filled moments in Samus Arans’ latest adventure

Samus Aran and Metroids are inextricably linked. The bounty hunter and the parasitic creatures have a long history, one that involves exploding planets, space pirates, cybernetic villains and ancient aliens.

There are a tapestry of complicated ...Read more

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Jim Rossman: Is upgrading your operating system worth it?

Reader: It ‘feels like fixing something that’s not broken.’

Last week I wrote about keeping your computer’s operating system up to date. I mentioned that you need to pay attention to software update notifications from your computer and keep current with major upgrades and minor updates.

The minor updates can happen in the background ...Read more

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'Back 4 Blood' is fun to play, and good-looking, too: review

I’m not going back for my brother. Although I guess I should. But at the moment, I’m doused in blood and I’m standing atop a truck, and I’m watching the infected close in on my fallen sibling. And I’m kind-of, sort-of thinking that we’re both better off if I head for the safe room and get us to the next chapter.

Ehh, hell. Let’s...Read more

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CNET: Best bargain true wireless earbuds for under $50

We have a list of the top AirPods alternatives under $100. But what if you're looking for something even cheaper? Say, a wireless earbud half that price or even less? Then this list, the best of budget true wireless earbuds, is for you. And while there are certainly a lot of earbuds that cost less than $50, only a few stand out, and several ...Read more


Gadgets: Phoozy cases protect devices from the extremes

Smartphones and tables are made to turn off when they are too hot or too cold. This is designed to protect the phone, despite it typically being inconvenient.

Phoozy smartphone Apollo cases are promoted as Spacesuit technology for every adventure, offering protection against everything for smartphones and tablets. The technology brings the ...Read more

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Bitcoin surges to all-time high in crypto's 'validating moment'

Bitcoin rallied to a record, topping $66,000 for the first time as optimism surged for greater mainstream acceptance in the wake of the successful launch of the inaugural exchange-traded fund for U.S. investors.

While the historically volatile digital currency spent recent days hovering in a narrow range as it approached its previous April ...Read more

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California semiconductor maker goes public in billion-dollar deal amid chip shortage

An California semiconductor company took its stock public Wednesday — straight into the maw of a global chip shortage that could pose either a threat or an opportunity.

The company is Navitas, based in El Segundo. Its stock offering created a company with an enterprise value of about $1 billion and brought in $320 million in cash. Navitas ...Read more

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Tech Q&A: Making it harder for spammers to learn more about you

Spam keeps changing and several readers wonder what to do about it. Sharon Gresham of Sarasota, Florida, says she's begun receive e-mails in a foreign language, and trying to block them hasn't worked. Ann Donovan of Colorado Springs, Colorado, says she's getting a steady stream of what appear to be scam e-mails from someone named Elene, who she ...Read more

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How a simple box design is saving the auto industry millions of dollars: 'It's amazing'

This is a story about a box.

That's it, just a box.

"It's not rocket science," said Rudy Youell. "It's almost so stupid it's ridiculous. But it's saving so much money it's amazing."

His simple box design is saving the auto industry tens of millions of dollars behind the scenes in production, shipping and labor costs just as companies are ...Read more

Seemingly an odd couple, Tesla and Texas becoming tightly entwined

It seems like an unlikely marriage: Tesla, the world's biggest electric automaker, moving its headquarters to Texas — where the oil and gas industry is etched in the state’s DNA and where, unless something changes, Tesla isn’t even allowed to sell its vehicles directly to customers.

On the other hand, Elon Musk — the high-profile leader...Read more

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Celebrity crypto endorsers like Kim Kardashian spark concern for unwary investors

Celebrities, including reality TV star Kim Kardashian West and Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk, are touting cryptocurrency products, leading to worries that such endorsements could harm vulnerable investors.

Kardashian West posted an Instagram story of a paid advertisement in June for EthereumMax, a lesser-known digital token, according to the U.K.’...Read more

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Inside Amazon's largest warehouse -- where you'll find 10 robots for every human

STANTON, Delaware — Amazon's biggest, newest warehouse, with more robots than ever, brings America closer to an automated future when machines do all the work of moving everything from groceries to laptops, from makers to users. And do it faster.

While Amazon has been building increasingly automated warehouses since opening its first ...Read more

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NASA turns technology back toward Earth to focus on climate change

LOS ANGELES — After decades of gazing into space, NASA is turning its technology back toward Earth to study the effects of drought, fire and climate change on the Blue Planet.

At the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge last Thursday, scientists and state officials gathered to discuss how satellite data, 3D imaging and new radar...Read more

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How San Diego grew into a magnet for Nobel-quality talent in science

SAN DIEGO — She lived in England during the age of Dickens, taught school in Illinois as America expanded west, wrote for a scrappy newspaper in Detroit after the Civil War, and spent her latter years in San Diego sharing a fortune.

Ellen Browning Scripps was a sharp, generous, worldly person. But she probably never imagined the grand chapter...Read more


Jim Rossman: Please keep your computer up to date

Watch out for major upgrades and minor updates and install them ASAP.

I received an email from a reader this week about a recent malware column.

“I read your article from two weeks ago about installing Malware Bytes on my four-year-old iMac, but when I tried to install it, I got a message stating I needed MacOS version 10.15 or higher. My ...Read more


Review: Strength of ‘Far Cry 6’ lies in its dedication to destination

Latest ‘Far Cry’ entry transports players to a fictional island of Yara that has elements that make it feel authentic

Video games have a way of making tourists out of all of us. They transport players to another world or another time. Whether we enjoy the visit often depends on the story, the gameplay and mission design.

Those are ...Read more


Gadgets: Winter is coming. Get your car ready with these products

The best time to get a battery charger and maintainer is before you need it, especially with winter approaching. Most everyone has dealt with a car battery not starting, from a lack of use and or sitting too long in cold storage.

Shell has a few products out to keep your vehicle battery charged and ready at all times; others will help if you ...Read more


CNET: Best monitors under $200 for 2021

If you're in need of a new monitor but you're on a tight budget, it's not as easy to find one as it used to be. While we've passed the shortages caused by the initial spike in demand at the beginning of the pandemic, when a huge number of people began to work from home, I'm beginning to see rising prices likely due to the pandemic-driven ...Read more


Instagram selfies suggest these cities are among unhappiest in US for homebuyers

Buying a new home should be one of the most exciting moments in a person’s life, but that may not be the case in South Florida. A new study has concluded that homebuyers in Miami are among some of the unhappiest in the country.

At least according to selfies posted on Instagram.

Online Mortgage Advisor scanned various photos posted on the ...Read more