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A new space mission: Astrobotic eyes an expansion of its North Side headquarters

Astrobotic Technology's latest space-related venture won't take it far from home.

The lunar tech company is pitching a plan to build a new four-story facility next to its North Side headquarters on North Lincoln Avenue as part of a bid to "establish a new space campus for Pennsylvania."

Astrobotic outlined the basics of the proposed ...Read more

The true cost of food is far higher than what you spend at the checkout counter

After several years of pandemic-driven price spikes at the grocery store, retail food price inflation is slowing down. That’s good news for consumers, especially those in low-income households, who spend a proportionally larger share of their income on food.

But there’s more to the cost of food than what we pay at the store. ...Read more

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Survival game Pacific Drive steers you into an eerie, hostile Pacific Northwest

SEATTLE — Driving can be a study of contrasts. Mostly it’s mundane: Point A to Point B, with maybe only minor irritation at your fellow drivers. Other times, though, it can be sublime: A beautiful Pacific Northwest day on a traffic-free stretch of scenic byway, the windows down and the wind whipping through your hair as you sing along to ...Read more


Review: ‘Helldivers 2’ accomplishes what bigger-name games couldn’t

In the first two months of the new year, one thing has become clear. Gamers want titles that offer fresh experiences but with a familiar hook. “Palworld” became an unexpected hit because it pushed forward a genre that “Pokemon” pioneered, combining monster taming and collecting and weaving it in a “Minecraft”-ish environment.

In ...Read more

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Jim Rossman: Moving to a new iPhone brings more questions

Raise your hand if you are the tech support person for your family.

I know I’m not the only one with a hand raised. Good for you for being the person everyone else relies on to answer their tech questions.

Android people, you might as well know now this is an iPhone-centric column – sorry.

I wrote a few weeks ago about helping my sister...Read more


Gadgets: Earbuds that sound great right out of the box

The Epic Lab Edition earbuds are the latest from true wireless brand JLab, best known for premium true wireless products. JLab touts them as “The best sounding and first earbuds to feature the Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve; they leverage dual drivers and have an industry-first technology design to provide an elevated listening ...Read more

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Nvidia's $70 million Florida supercomputer hobbled by DeSantis law

When Chris Malachowsky, a billionaire co-founder of chip giant Nvidia Corp., bankrolled one of the world’s biggest supercomputers at the University of Florida, Ron DeSantis predicted the machine would be a magnet for artificial intelligence talent.

Almost four years later, the Florida governor’s anti-China crusade is preventing some highly ...Read more

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Elephant seals, once nearly extinct, are finding new places to call home

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Wildlife is vanishing around the world, plummeting at rates unprecedented in human history.

Then there are elephant seals.

Once on the brink of extinction, elephant seals are expanding north into new breeding grounds along the California coast, turning long-empty beaches into a ruckus of roars, grunts, chirps and moans.

�...Read more

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AI chatbots not ready for election prime time, study shows

In a year when more than 50 countries are holding national elections, a new study shows the risks posed by the rise of artificial intelligence chatbots in disseminating false, misleading or harmful information to voters.

The AI Democracy Projects, which brought together more than 40 experts, including U.S. state and local election officials, ...Read more

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Microsoft's GitHub offers companies souped-up AI coding tool

Microsoft Corp.’s GitHub is releasing a pricier paid version of its artificial intelligence software development tool that can answer questions based on a company’s own programming code, a feature designed to help new engineers get up to speed and enable veteran coders to work faster.

GitHub, which lets programmers collaborate on coding ...Read more


FAA closes investigation into SpaceX Starship's double-explosion 2nd flight

As SpaceX continues to gear up for flight No. 3 of its massive Starship and Super Heavy from Texas, the Federal Aviation Administration has closed the investigation into the second flight that resulted in explosions of both the booster and upper stages back in November.

The FAA on Monday said the SpaceX-led investigation into what was ...Read more

Where does lightning strike? New maps pinpoint 36.8 million yearly ground strike points in unprecedented detail

It’s been a warm day, maybe even a little humid, and the tall clouds in the distance remind you of cauliflower. You hear a sharp crack, like the sound of a batter hitting a home run, or a low rumble reminiscent of a truck driving down the highway. A distant thunderstorm, alive with lightning, is making itself known.

Lightning ...Read more

E-bike incentives are a costly way to cut carbon emissions, but they also promote health, equity and cleaner air

E-bikes have captured widespread attention across the U.S., and for good reason. They are the most energy-efficient way to move from place to place, providing exercise in the process, and offer enough assistance while pedaling uphill or into headwinds to make them usable for many types of riders.

Greenhouse gas emissions from e-bikes ...Read more

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Electric school buses are gaining traction in Bay Area schools

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- It was seven years ago that Matthew Belasco started worrying about the health of students riding the bus at Pittsburg Unified in California. As he watched hundreds of youth pile onto the big yellow vehicles each day, his eyes focused on the black plume of diesel smoke belching from the tailpipe.

“I knew that couldn’t be ...Read more

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The science behind why we snack, and how to do it better

From boredom to corporate marketing, there are a lot of reasons people snack. And not all snacks are the same. Some can boost your diet, while others can leave you feeling bloated and tired. In America, many snackers are having more of the latter.

According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, the most common snacks in U.S. ...Read more

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Rough landing cuts short historic private moon lander mission

After the historic return of the U.S. to the surface of the moon after more than 50 years last week, a private company’s lunar lander will likely have its mission cut short because of how it landed.

Houston-based Intuitive Machines managed to touch down on the moon last Thursday with its Nova-C lander Odysseus, but the craft tipped over to ...Read more

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Mayor Adams won't release 9/11 toxin reports until NYC's liability risk determined

Mayor Eric Adams won’t be releasing any data about the toxic chemicals floating around Ground Zero after 9/11 until an “extensive legal review” determines the city’s liability risk, the Daily News has learned.

Responding to questions as to why city agencies denied Freedom of Information Law requests for data on what former New York City...Read more

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'Like a World War II battlefield': How one of Northern California's most polluted properties may finally be cleaned up

The legacies of California’s 1849 Gold Rush and the relentless search for gold that continued decades later are well known: the rise of San Francisco; statehood; Wells Fargo; Levi’s jeans; a Bay Area football team named after the fortune-seeking miners.

But along the shores of Clear Lake, just north of Napa Valley’s famed wineries, is ...Read more

The countdown to NASA's Jupiter mission is on. This JPL engineer is helping it happen

Think of meticulously handcrafted objects and certain things come immediately to mind: fine art, exotic cars, luxury timepieces.

But Pasadena native Steve Barajas spends his days building a bespoke item that's on another level entirely: NASA's Europa Clipper.

The 13,000-pound behemoth, with a solar-array wingspan the length of a basketball ...Read more

What ancient farmers can really teach us about adapting to climate change – and how political power influences success or failure

In dozens of archaeological discoveries around the world, from the once-successful reservoirs and canals of Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the deserted Viking colonies of Greenland, new evidence paints pictures of civilizations struggling with unforeseen climate changes and the reality that their farming practices had become unsustainable.

...Read more