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Is collapse of the Atlantic Ocean circulation really imminent? Icebergs’ history reveals some clues

When people think about the risks of climate change, the idea of abrupt changes is pretty scary. Movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” feed that fear, with visions of unimaginable storms and populations fleeing to escape rapidly changing temperatures.

While Hollywood clearly takes liberties with the speed and magnitude of disasters...Read more


Can satellites combat wildfires? Inside the booming 'space race' to fight the flames

LOS ANGELES — As the threat of wildfire worsens in California and across the world, a growing number of federal agencies, nonprofit organizations and tech companies are racing to deploy new technology that will help combat flames from a whole new vantage point: outer space.

New satellite missions backed by NASA, Google, SpaceX, the California...Read more

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Ocean technology hub AltaSea blooms on San Pedro waterfront

A moon shot to make Southern California an international leader in the “blue economy” is taking shape in San Pedro as a $30-million renovation of three historic waterfront warehouses nears completion.

AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, as the complex is known, is home to sea-centered businesses such as the headquarters of explorer Robert ...Read more

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These trees made Florida's Hillsborough County over $1 million for their climate benefits. Is it legit?

PLANT CITY, Fla. — The preserve stretches for thousands of acres, its teeming wetlands alternating with forests where ultra-straight lumber pines grow side-by-side with their lusher, native cousins.

At Hillsborough County’s Lower Green Swamp, officials are working to restore the land from cow pastures and a former pine plantation back to ...Read more

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Editorial: Whatever happened to LA's plan to end its reliance on landfills?

The smoldering, stinking mess at the Chiquita Canyon Landfill in Castaic is a glaring example of the environmental and public health hazards created by burying our trash — and how state and local leaders have allowed this problem to pile up.

As county and state leaders consider what to do with the dump, they have to contend with another ...Read more


The magical California state park that doesn't allow visitors

SUTTER BUTTES, Calif. — About 60 miles north of Sacramento, the Sutter Buttes rise starkly from the floor of the Central Valley, the remnants of a volcano active more than 1.4 million years ago. Their cathedral-like spires twist upward, some reaching more than 2,000 feet into the sky — an imposing circular formation, 10 miles in diameter, ...Read more

Sea urchins made to order: Scripps scientists make transgenic breakthrough

Consider the sea urchin. Specifically, the painted urchin: Lytechinus pictus, a prickly Ping-Pong ball from the eastern Pacific Ocean.

The species is a smaller and shorter-spined cousin of the purple urchins devouring kelp forests. They produce massive numbers of sperm and eggs that fertilize outside of their bodies, allowing scientists to ...Read more

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Editorial: AI expansion runs into green energy roadblock

Even artificial intelligence doesn’t have the smarts to square the left’s green agenda with the energy needs of the future.

Some of today’s biggest growth industries are in cutting-edge technologies. They include AI, data centers and advanced manufacturing. As The Wall Street Journal reported recently, these industries require large ...Read more

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Projection says 0% chance Lake Mead falls below 1K feet before 2028

LAS VEGAS — Lake Mead’s five-year outlook is slightly better after two wet winters, according to projections released Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

The five-year projections, released three times a year, account for a vast range of scenarios that could result in different cuts in water use depending on how low reservoirs ...Read more

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Catalina's invasive mule deer are spared death from above. They still face an uncertain fate

LOS ANGELES — Santa Catalina Island's evasive mule deer dodged a bullet — or several — on Wednesday.

At a special meeting of the Los Angeles County Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Catalina Island Conservancy, which controls 88% of the island, announced it was scrapping plans to eradicate the nonnative species by shooting them from ...Read more

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NASA gives UCSD $10 million to develop ideas for using satellites to scrutinize Earth's changing climate

SAN DIEGO — NASA is giving UC San Diego $10 million to develop competitive proposals for using satellites to study the often subtle and sometimes dramatic ways in which climate change is affecting Earth.

The money will be evenly split between researchers Helen Fricker and Sarah Gille, who are pursuing separate but related concepts at UC San ...Read more


Ring has a new mission. 'Hey, there's raccoons in my backyard'

For years, Ring touted its crime-fighting bona fides, selling smart doorbells that let homeowners remotely monitor their residences — and sometimes share what they recorded with local police. Now the Inc. unit is looking to transform itself into a smart-camera business with a cheery social-media side hustle, sort of a mashup between...Read more


Meta removes AI-generated influence campaigns in China, Israel

Meta Platforms Inc. removed hundreds of Facebook accounts associated with covert influence campaigns from China, Israel, Iran, Russia and other countries, some of which used artificial intelligence tools to generate disinformation, according to the company’s quarterly threat report.

Meta, the parent of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, has ...Read more


NASA astronauts return to Space Coast ahead of Starliner launch

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. — NASA astronauts Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams returned to Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday as their much-delayed flight to the International Space Station aboard Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner looks like it may finally happen Saturday.

The duo are slated to climb back aboard the capsule and fly atop a United Launch...Read more

Avocados are a ‘green gold’ export for Mexico, but growing them is harming forests and waters

Consumers’ love for avocados in the United States seems to know no bounds. From 2001 through 2020, consumption of this fruit laden with healthy fats tripled nationwide, rising to over 8 pounds per person yearly.

On average, 90% of those avocados are grown in the southwest Mexican state of Michoacán. As with other foods that have ...Read more

Hurricanes don’t stop at the coast – these mountain towns know how severe inland flood damage can be, and they’re preparing

The French Broad River winds through the mountains of western North Carolina, fed by dozens of mountain streams, and crosses the city of Asheville. At over 2,000 feet above sea level and more than 250 miles from the coast, it is an unlikely place to prepare for a hurricane.

Yet, the remnants of several hurricanes have swept through ...Read more

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Are you ready for the next power outage?

My mom experienced a power outage at her home recently, and she was prepared, but not all of her neighbors were, so I figure it is good to think about what you should have on hand to deal with a brief power outage (up to 8 hours).

A whole-home generator, tied into your home’s electrical system, is a great solution, but they can be expensive. ...Read more


Preview: Revamp of ‘Monster Hunter Stores’ and sequel show growth of a spinoff franchise

The “Monster Hunter Stories” has always been an odd bird when it comes to the series. The spinoff is a Japanese role-playing game that takes the core concepts of the series and turns them on their head. Players don’t just hunt the creatures and turn their parts into weapons, but they also befriend and ride monsters as they become ...Read more

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Gadgets: iPad accessories

Hot on the heels of Apple's recent announcement of the new iPad lineup, ESR has launched a line of accessories to complement and enhance the functionality of the latest powerful tablets.

ESR, a leading mobile accessories brand, designed the products to maximize productivity and unleash creativity. The accessories include a new stylus, cases ...Read more


Students say they've found an 'eco-friendly' way to trap and kill Japanese beetles

MINNEAPOLIS -- Aditya Prabhu loved eating the peaches off the tree in the backyard of his mom's house.

The only problem was the plant produced only a few fruits a year because Japanese beetles in the hundreds would eat at the leaves, depleting the plant's energy to make peaches.

"The tree would be completely covered by the Japanese beetles ...Read more