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How many passwords can you remember? Get ready to remember more

WASHINGTON -- Got too many passwords to remember? Just wait. It's going to get a lot worse.

Average consumers five years from now may face double the demands for passwords, said Emmanuel Schalit, chief executive of Dashlane, a consumer password security company.

Schalit and other experts predict that passwords will explode in further use ...Read more

Apple is the latest tech giant looking for a home away from home

Apple will expand its workforce at new and existing offices across the country and plans to build a billion-dollar campus for 5,000 additional employees in Austin, Texas.

Though Austin will land the biggest part of the Silicon Valley giant's expansion, the Cupertino company also announced plans Thursday to open additional offices in Culver City...Read more

Apple says it will establish a new location in San Diego, add 1,000 jobs over three years

Apple said Thursday that it plans to expand in San Diego, bringing 1,000 employees to the local workforce over the next three years.

The Cupertino iPhone maker, which is in a bitter legal fight with Qualcomm over patent fees, made the announcement as part of its unveiling of a new $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas.

Apple said it was ...Read more

United Airlines could power jets with biofuel made from trash

A new plant in Gary, Ind., plans to turn hundreds of thousands of tons of trash into fuel, some of which could end up powering United Airlines' planes.

California-based Fulcrum BioEnergy on Thursday announced plans for the $600 million alternative fuel plant in Gary. Construction is not expected to start until 2020. But once operations begin, ...Read more

Apple plans new $1 billion campus, 5,000 more jobs for Austin, Texas

AUSTIN, Texas -- Apple Inc. is planning to spend $1 billion to build a new 133-acre corporate campus in North Austin that initially will employ up to 5,000 people, cementing Austin's status as the high-tech company's largest hub outside of its California headquarters.

The facility -- which will be less than a mile from Apple's existing main ...Read more

A tiny button that can save you from sunburn — Northwestern researchers release a next-wave UV sensor

Things your phone probably reminds you of: Your mother's birthday. Your kid's doctor appointment. That thing Beyonce said on Twitter. The new episode of "The Romanoffs." Email. News headlines.

Now, thanks to scientists at Northwestern University's Center on Bio-Integrated Electronics, your phone can also tell you exactly how much sunlight your ...Read more

Minneapolis-based Bite Squad sold for more than $321 million

Bite Squad, the Minneapolis-based food delivery company with a national reach, has been gobbled up by Waitr Holdings Inc. in a $321.3 million deal.

The deal marks one of the largest financial exit events for a Minnesota tech startup in recent years, though Bite Squad will continue as a stand-alone business and brand for the foreseeable future ...Read more

Illinois second only to California in number of computer science degrees awarded — and more from STEM survey

Illinois is cranking out science and technology workers, but diversity and inclusion in the fields are still lacking.

That's according to the Illinois Innovation Index, released Wednesday by the Illinois Science & Technology Coalition. The index, which examines the state's STEM workforce between 2013 and 2017, includes careers in science, ...Read more

Google Fi plan gets rave reviews after expanding to iPhone, Android

Turns out Google isn't just a popular search engine. The tech company has been laying the groundwork to crack the market for cellular networks since 2015 -- and the tech giant's most promising endeavor, the Google Fi cell phone service, might be worth a look.

The first iteration of Google Fi, called Project Fi, initially was an invite-only ...Read more

Tech Q&A: Security upgrade loses some saved e-mail

Q: Comcast told me I had to change my Outlook 2007 settings in order to keep receiving e-mail. After I made the changes, I could still send e-mails but I couldn't receive any, and a new inbox was created that didn't contain my old e-mail. A Comcast technician finally helped fix Outlook so I could send and receive e-mail again, but many messages ...Read more

Even with Facebook's tumultuous year, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan look back at 2018 with hope

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have sent out their annual letter from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, calling it "A note from Mark & me: looking back at 2018."

The initiative, now celebrating its third anniversary, is a multibillion-dollar effort to address global issues such as early literacy, heath care and ...Read more

How much does it cost to run a startup in different tech hubs?

Tech startups in San Diego are spending quite a bit less than their peers in other innovation hubs around the country -- not only in expensive cities like San Francisco, but also in affordable cities like Austin, Texas.

That's according to a new report by fast-growing financial firm Brex, which provides corporate credit cards to startups. The ...Read more

US planning actions targeting Chinese hackers, spies, sources say

WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration is planning to take several actions aimed at calling out China for efforts to steal intellectual secrets from American high-tech companies, according to two people familiar with the matter.

The Justice Department is set to indict a number of alleged hackers it believes work for Chinese intelligence, ...Read more

Dell shareholders vote to take tech giant public again

Dell Technologies shareholders on Tuesday voted to take the Round Rock, Texas-based tech giant public after five years as a private company.

Based on a preliminary vote tally, shareholders approved the reverse merger -- valued at more than $23.7 billion -- which industry analysts expected would pass. The vote means that Dell will once again be ...Read more

A Miami 'unicorn' is born — parking startup worth more than $1 billion after funding

Miami is now officially home to its first unicorn.

On Monday, ParkJockey, founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Ari Ojalvo and Umut Tekin and based on Brickell Key, announced an investment by Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. The companies declined to state the exact figure, but according to sources familiar with the matter, the investment is in the ...Read more

Global warming today mirrors conditions leading to Earth's largest extinction event, study says

More than two-thirds of life on Earth died off some 252 million years ago, in the largest mass extinction event in Earth's history.

Researchers have long suspected that volcanic eruptions triggered "the Great Dying," as the end of the Permian geologic period is sometimes called, but exactly how so many creatures died has been something of a ...Read more

Ancient ancestor of the bacteria that causes plague found in 5,000-year-old human remains

In an ancient grave in Sweden, scientists have unearthed the oldest known strain of a deadly bacteria that has killed millions of people over thousands of years.

They call it Yersinia pestis. You may know it as the plague.

The new discovery suggests that the microscopic bacteria has been wiping out great swaths of the human population for more...Read more

Google gave users different search results for gun control, immigration, DuckDuckGo says

Google users get different results when they search for the same terms, even when logged out of their Google account and in private browsing mode, according to a study by DuckDuckGo, a Google rival based in Paoli, Pa.

Google said the study was flawed.

DuckDuckGo said most of its 87 survey participants received unique lists of links when ...Read more

'Shadow workforce' at Google calls for better pay, benefits

A group claiming to represent Google's "shadow workforce" has launched an appeal to company Chief Executive Sundar Pichai in hopes of getting higher wages and equal benefits for thousands of temporary and contract workers.

In an open letter posted Wednesday on Medium, the temporary, vendor and contract workers (TVCs) say Google's "silence has ...Read more

Video-greeting company says it's 'safer than it's ever been' after celebs duped into taping anti-Semitic messages

CHICAGO -- Cameo, a company that allows people to pay for personalized video greetings from athletes, celebrities and social media influencers, has been having a banner year.

The two-year-old company recently raised $12.5 million in a funding round led by Silicon Valley firm Lightspeed Venture Partners. Cameo made Time magazine's 2018 Genius ...Read more

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