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SpaceX launch from Cape Canaveral marks 300th successful Falcon 9 flight

ORLANDO, Fla. — SpaceX completed the 11th launch from Florida's Space Coast for the year under clear blue skies on Tuesday afternoon, marking the 300th successful orbital mission for a Falcon 9 rocket.

The workhorse for Elon Musk’s company lifted off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station’s Space Launch Complex 40 at 3:11 p.m. carrying ...Read more


SpaceX launches 11th Space Coast mission of 2024

SpaceX knocked out the 11th launch from the Space Coast for the year under clear blue skies on Tuesday afternoon.

A Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station’s Space Launch Complex 40 at 3:11 p.m. carrying the Merah Putih 2 telecommunications satellite for Telkom Indonesia to a geosynchronous transfer orbit.

This was...Read more

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Contamination around Fort Story base is under control, Navy's 5-year review says

The Navy released recently a five-year review of an environmental restoration program at Virginia's Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story, finding that environmental contamination of industrial solvents and arsenic at two sites is under control.

“The Navy, in partnership with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, concluded the ...Read more

SpaceX lines up satellite launch from Cape Canaveral this afternoon

SpaceX is set to send up the 11th launch from the Space Coast this afternoon with a Falcon 9 from Cape Canaveral Space Force Base.

Liftoff is slated for 3:11 p.m. during a two-hour window from Canaveral’s Space Launch Complex 40. The rocket’s payload is the Merah Putih 2 satellite for Telkom Indonesia, which is headed for a geosynchronous ...Read more

Carbon offsets bring new investment to Appalachia’s coal fields, but most Appalachians aren’t benefiting

Central Appalachia is home to the third-largest concentration of forest carbon offsets traded on the California carbon market. But while these projects bring new investments to Appalachia, most people in Appalachia are not benefiting.

The effect of this new economic activity is evident in the Clearfork Valley, a forested region of ...Read more

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A device being tested in Huntington Beach is like Roomba for cleaning the water

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Think of it like the Roomba that vacuums floors in a home – but this one cleans up the water.

For the past few weeks, a futuristic-looking contraption has been cruising around, scooping up trash in Huntington Harbour, keeping especially busy as heaps of debris washes down with recent rain storms.

The machine is ...Read more

Rocket Lab's latest launch sends space junk inspector to orbit

While SpaceX has continued its breakneck pace of launching from the Space Coast and California, small rocket company Rocket Lab continues to solidify its role as the second busiest launch service provider, knocking out its second mission of the year, the latest sending a commercial satellite into orbit to inspect a piece of space junk.

Dubbed �...Read more


Parmy Olson: Google, Microsoft will dominate AI as computing costs surge

Sam Altman’s goal of raising about $7 trillion to make artificial-intelligence chips tells a story beyond his borderline-insane ambitions. First, the infrastructure needed to build AI has become exorbitantly expensive. Second, most of that value is still — still! — held by a handful of large technology companies — and the oligopoly is ...Read more


Study finds connection between COVID-19 and insomnia

Researchers in Vietnam have discovered a connection between COVID-19 cases and trouble sleeping in patients.

Of the 1,056 unhospitalized COVID-19 patients featured in the study, 76.1% reported experiencing insomnia. Of those who reported trouble sleeping, 22.8% were found to have severe insomnia.

“One third of participants reported worse ...Read more

Why does a leap year have 366 days?

Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to

Why does a leap year have 366 days? Does the Earth move slower every four years? – Aarush, age 8, Milpitas, California

You may be used to hearing that it takes the Earth ...Read more

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We're addicted to PFAS. Can we adapt to live without?

MINNEAPOLIS — Over the past two years, 3M sold nearly 25,000 different products that contain PFAS, the "forever chemicals" that will soon be largely illegal in Minnesota.

While the company has reformulated nearly one-third of those products — mostly sandpaper and tape that didn't use much to begin with — 3M expects to lose out on more ...Read more

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What does Lake Washington's warming mean for its future?

ABOARD THE SOUNDGUARDIAN, Lake Washington — The region's cold, watery heart is nestled between Seattle and the Eastside. It uniquely supports two major roadways atop floating bridges, has offered beachgoers a summertime respite for decades and is central to the identity of the Seattle area's culture.

But Lake Washington is changing — by ...Read more


New or retooled Cape Canaveral launch pads considered for SpaceX Starship

The Department of Defense is looking for a new home for SpaceX’s Starship, launching the process to determine what the environmental impact would be to allow the world’s most powerful rocket to launch from Florida's Space Coast.

Led by the U.S. Air Force, which includes the Space Force, but working with NASA, the Federal Aviation ...Read more

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Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay are on the rebound. This new report says they can help fight climate change.

A new report from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation says efforts to restore oyster populations could have benefits beyond just survival of the species.

The report, released last week, outlines strategies for reaping the most benefits from oyster restoration. Allison Colden, Maryland executive director for the foundation, said oysters are “a ...Read more

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NASA vows to battle 'organizational silence' as problems arise amid Artemis delays

ORLANDO, Fla. — NASA was riding a high after the overall success of Artemis I when the uncrewed rocket made a test run to the moon and back in 2022, so the message remained full steam ahead to push for a crewed Artemis II flight in 2024 and the return of humans to the moon in 2025.

But under the surface were issues, and the sheen of success ...Read more

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The Colorado River is shrinking. Will seven states agree on how to manage its water by March?

DENVER -- The seven Colorado River states face a quickly approaching deadline to present a unified plan for how to manage the drying river that provides water for 40 million people across the West.

But major disagreements remain ahead of next month’s target — and the Upper Basin states, including Colorado, say they may submit their own ...Read more

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What does an iceless Lake Superior portend?

DULUTH, Minn. — From Duluth, Lake Superior is a colossal expanse of blue this week with no otherworldly ice shards smashed against the shore or colorful fish houses decorating stretches of white.

At about 2%, the amount of ice on the lake is the lowest it has been at this point in recorded history, a phenomenon that is true for the Great ...Read more

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ENV-CALIF-SHRINKING-BEACHESSand study shows new data to help manage Southern California's shrinking beaches

Millions of dollars are being spent to add sand to Southern California beaches – but a new study suggests technology can give a better understanding of how sand moves, offering data decision-makers could use in planning how to fix the eroding coastline.

A new paper published recently by University of California, Irvine researchers in the ...Read more

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Why did LA's last big storm cause landslides in only some areas?

LOS ANGELES — The last round of atmospheric river storms drenched Southern California with historic rainfall, and by one measure, it came close to beating a record for the most rain over a three-day period.

While the rain was widespread, damage — including landslides — was focused mostly on certain hillside neighborhoods. Why didn't the ...Read more

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Big blow to Florida reef recovery: First survey after record heat finds coral graveyards

The first survey of Florida’s reefs after an ‘apocalyptic’ marine heat wave offers a bleak picture of the future of the state’s renowned corals — and the restoration efforts to save them.

Scientists with NOAA’s Mission: Iconic Reefs program visited five reefs throughout the Florida Keys on Thursday to check on the health of the ...Read more