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With California expected to lose 10% of its water within 20 years, Newsom calls for urgent action

LOS ANGELES — With California enduring historic drought amplified by global warming, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday released a new plan to adapt to the state’s hotter, drier future by capturing and storing more water, recycling more wastewater and desalinating seawater and salty groundwater.

The governor’s new water-supply strategy, ...Read more

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Climate change is turning air conditioning into a matter of life and death. But government help is lacking

CHICAGO — If it were up to Jacques Wallace, no Chicagoan would find a loved one dead of heat stress, without air conditioning, ever again.

Wallace still remembers how hot it was a decade ago when he walked into the Near West Side building where his mother, Jacqueline, lived in a studio apartment. “It was over 100 degrees in there, in the ...Read more

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Meet the man trying to save this 'stupid little fish' and see why he thinks it's important

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The fragile little fish that swim around in dark tanks in a lab are the last hope for their kind. The lab director who oversees their care, Tien-Chieh Hung, explained that when the Delta smelt captives are young, scientists at the UC Davis Fish Conservation and Culture Laboratory put snails in the black interiors of the ...Read more

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South Florida's monarch population is an 'unusual beast.' Some butterflies are endangered, but these plan to hang around

Jackie Minett is a tour guide at Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida, dubbed the “butterfly capital of the world.” She leads children and seniors, some tourists, some Floridians, around the gardens to gawk at butterflies: zebra longwings, emperor butterflies, and, most recognizable of all, monarchs.

South Florida’s monarch ...Read more

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A rare, colorful 'rock star' bird is drawing feather fans to Raleigh to catch a glimpse

RALEIGH, N.C. — Bob Karp waited nearly three hours through a hot August Sunday for a glimpse of the painted bunting — sometimes called the most gorgeous bird in North America, with its feathers flashing red, green and blue.

And just about the time Karp had given up hope, walking back to his car at Dix Park in Raleigh, it landed right in ...Read more


Pennsylvania has so far been able to avoid wildfires. Climate and forestry scientists warn that could change

Wildfires could make their way into the keystone state and possibly into your backyard, climate, fire and forestry scientists say.

As wildfires become increasingly common across the western United States, Pennsylvania and its residents have so far remained insulated from the flames destroying communities worldwide.

But forest and climate ...Read more


Review: ‘Stray’ is way more than just a cat simulator

Cats are everywhere on the internet. They’re the subject of memes, card games and even have their own day. But in the world of video games, felines have been criminally underrepresented. Projects starring cats are few and far between, and those games haven’t really stood out — until now.

“Stray” has captured players’ hearts and ...Read more

Victrix unveils new versions of its legendary Victrix Pro FS sticks

With new fighting games such as “Street Fighter 6” on the way, now is a good time to start perusing the market for new arcade sticks. The controllers don’t last forever and they do take a beating over time.

Victrix, the pro gaming label of PDP, has come out of the gate at EVO, aka The Evolution Championship Series, with a new version of...Read more


Gadgets: Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Dry Hand Vacuum has impressive versatility

Dewalt has recently added the 20V Max Cordless Dry Hand Vacuum to its famous 20V Max cordless tool line.

The handheld vacuum works off the 65 air watt Dewalt 5.0Ah DCB205 rechargeable battery pack (sold separately) to produce just over 20 minutes of vacuuming, and 15 tank fills. A bright LED light on the top of the unit assists by lighting ...Read more

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Jim Rossman: Consider your needs when choosing a new printer

My mom needs a new printer.

This isn’t earth-shattering news, but she’s serious about it.

My mom’s computer evolution has been an interesting one.

A decade ago, I talked her into getting rid of an old Dell Windows PC in favor of an Apple Mac Mini. She and dad kept it for three or four years until they decided they didn’t like being ...Read more

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Virginia Beach communications expert pursues the business of writing with education platform launch

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Danny Rubin leveraged his Hampton Roads public relations expertise to fill a workplace and educational need: better communication skills.

And Rubin is living out his business’ “Write well, open doors!” mantra as he found an underserved market and entrepreneurial opportunity through writing.

He’s sharing his ...Read more

Cisco hit by cyberattack from hacker linked to Lapsus$ gang

Cisco Systems Inc. said it was the victim of a cyberattack in which a hacker repeatedly attempted to gain access to the Silicon Valley firm’s corporate network.

Cisco said it became aware of a potential compromise on May 24, and disclosed it on Wednesday after the hacker leaked a list of the files it had stolen on the dark web.

An ...Read more

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Robot arms are replacing shelf stockers in Japan's stores

Telexistence Inc. and FamilyMart Co. are rolling out a fleet of AI-driven robots to restock shelves in 300 convenience stores across Japan.

The robot arms are designed to replenish drinks in refrigerators and are now in mass production, Tokyo-based Telexistence said in a statement Wednesday. They’ll be installed in FamilyMart locations across...Read more

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Meteor shower, supermoon will brighten Thursday's night sky -- but that's a problem

Those who enjoy watching the skies will see two events later this week collide: A supermoon will compete with the Perseid meteor shower to light the night.

The Perseid meteor shower will peak on Thursday night into the early hours of Friday, according to the American Meteor Society, though it has been active for weeks with star-gazers spotting ...Read more

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Tech review: Attractive VAIO FE laptop works nicely for home or school

When I was asked if I wanted to review a new VAIO laptop, my mind was transported back to when VAIO was a Sony product with a top-of-the-line reputation.

As a desktop support manager, I remember ordering a very slick VAIO laptop that was coveted by almost everyone in the office. VAIO pushed the design envelope to produce some very sexy laptops....Read more

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Epic Games no longer blocked in Indonesia after registering with government

Epic Games was blocked briefly from the world’s fourth-most populated country but on Tuesday complied with Indonesia’s requirement that it register with its ministry of information.

The Cary-based creator of Fortnite complied with an Indonesian law that some internet rights groups have called invasive.

For more than a week, the archipelago...Read more

A union drive is underway at Amazon's huge new North Carolina facility. Can workers win?

The Amazon distribution center in Garner, North Carolina, is massive. Located a few miles southeast of downtown Raleigh, it covers 2 million square feet and houses multiple departments across four floors. The facility, known as RDU1, employs more than 4,000 people who work shifts spanning all hours of the day and night, seven days a week.

It’...Read more

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Medical sterilizing facilities face growing scrutiny due to toxic gas concerns

LOS ANGELES — Southern California air regulators are investigating several facilities that sterilize medical equipment with a carcinogenic gas after preliminary monitoring confirmed their emissions may pose an elevated cancer risk to people who work nearby.

After months of screening for chemical emissions near large commercial sterilizers in ...Read more

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In a win for endangered piping plovers like Chicago's Monty and Rose, the Great Lakes has record breeding season

CHICAGO — Monty and Rose, who achieved local fame in 2019 as the first federally endangered piping plovers to raise a family in Chicago in almost 60 years, are gone from the North Side beach where they spent three summers.

But the hope that the jaunty little shorebirds sparked for their species continues to grow.

The Great Lakes Piping ...Read more

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Musk questions why SEC not investigating Twitter spam data

The world’s richest person Elon Musk has taken his concern about Twitter Inc. to the social media site again.

Responding to a thread initiated by another user, Musk said the deal to buy the company “should proceed on original terms” if Twitter would provide their method for sampling accounts and confirm them to be genuine. “However, if ...Read more