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Scientists funded by Chan-Zuckerberg urge Facebook to do better

Scientists funded by Mark Zuckerberg's philanthropy are calling on Facebook Inc. to create and enforce stricter policies on misinformation and harmful language following the social network's handling of President Donald Trump's posts suggesting violence against protesters.

Zuckerberg received a letter on Saturday signed by 143 scientists from ...Read more


CNET: Father's Day gaming gifts

Like Mom, Dad's given up a lot of life-respawning time to spawn little humans, as well as playing Fortnite with them when he's more of a Forza Horizon 4 guy. Thank him for the sacrifices by helping him get back into his own gaming groove - or feed his Battle Royale addiction now that you've created that monster.

At a loss as to what will ...Read more


Gadgets: Waterproof phone case passes the pool test

Does it work? That's a critical question when thinking about a waterproof case for any electronic device. There's no second chance. It must work on the first and every try.

So cautiously I tried a few Catalyst waterproof case for several of the latest iPhones. Before I put the phones in the cases, the cases felt solid, yet not bulky. Catalyst...Read more


CNET: How 5G will change your life yesterday

After years of hype and a bumpy first year of launches, carrier 5G networks are here. The technology is supposed to change your life with its revolutionary speed and responsiveness. But before we get into that, it's important to understand what the technology is, when and how it will affect you, and how to distinguish between (the still ...Read more

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Qualcomm rolls out next generation Wi-Fi technology to improve remote work, online schooling

One thing that remote work and online schooling made clear over the last several weeks of coronavirus shutdowns is the importance of good quality Wi-Fi.

Last week, Qualcomm announced a series of new Wi-Fi chips aimed at boosting speeds and capacity for both home and business Wi-Fi networks.

Tapping the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology and airwave ...Read more

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Review: Humor, shark-fueled power fantasy carry flawed 'Maneater'

No matter if it's "Jaws," "The Meg" or "Deep Blue Sea," we secretly root for the sharks. Sure the humans are the heroes who eventually slay the primal creatures, but it's the monsters of the deep that catch our eye.

All teeth and muscle, they fascinate us. The fins knifing along the water grabs our attention like a train horn. Their breaching...Read more

Google sued for at least $5 billion over claimed 'Incognito mode' grab of 'potentially embarrassing' browsing data

A trio of Google users has filed a lawsuit seeking billions of dollars in damages for millions of people allegedly tricked into giving up their web-use data by promises of "private browsing" in "Incognito mode."

"Through its pervasive data tracking business, Google knows who your friends are, what your hobbies are, what you like to eat, what ...Read more

Tech Q&A: How to share Windows 10 files with other PCs

Q: We have two Windows 10 PCs and would like to share documents and photos between them. On our Windows 7 PCs we would have used the "Homegroup" function, but it's been discontinued in newer versions of Windows 10. As a result, the two PCs can "see" each other on our home network, but they can't share files. What should we do?

-- Gregory Leyes,...Read more

For Citigroup, new backup site could be employees' living rooms

As Citigroup Inc.'s Asia chief started his January Covid-19 briefing for the bank's top executives, it quickly became apparent: The firm's normal backup plans weren't going to work.

Out went the idea of sending thousands of workers to alternate sites in New Jersey and elsewhere, replaced by a dash to secure more servers and routers to boost ...Read more

Scientists to choirs: Group singing can spread the coronavirus, despite what CDC may say

SEATTLE -- Scientists studying tiny exhaled particles that could transmit the coronavirus say a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decision to drop warnings against choral singing is dangerous, risking more "super-spreading events" such as a Washington state choir practice linked to two deaths.

The researchers say that the coronavirus ...Read more


AT&T launches HBO Max as it makes a big bet on streaming

AT&T's long-anticipated streaming service, HBO Max, officially launches Wednesday, thrusting the longtime wireless and pay TV provider into a crowded streaming market, perhaps forever changed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The service will launch with 10,000 hours of programming, including new original titles like "Love Life," a scripted comedy...Read more

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Jim Rossman: No more Wi-Fi dead zones

I've had a few reader queries about how to get better Wi-Fi signals at home.

The Wi-Fi router that comes with your internet service may not be up to the task of covering all the corners of your house. Almost every house has dead spots where the Wi-Fi signal (and internet speed) slows to a crawl or is lost all together.

Depending on placement...Read more


Gadgets: Good time to turn old photos into a book

Even with the lockdown starting to lift, our hours at home are more than ever, so what better time to turn some of those great, priceless photos you have stored on your iPhone into a coffee table photo book. Think of vacations, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries or just a selected period of time. Any group of images will work.

Storing ...Read more


CNET: Great graduation gifts for under $100

2020 will be a graduation season like no other, with virtual commencement addresses, Zoom graduation parties and drive-in ceremonies with social distancing guidelines in effect. Suffice it to say, it's not going to be very fun or familiar. But that's why it's doubly important for you to step up with a good gift for anyone you know who's ...Read more

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Need help getting organized? Here are 4 apps to keep you on track

Now that many of us are working from home, it's so easy to get distracted by pretty much everything.

Though we can't control things like kids asking us about multiplication, a partner's conference call or needy pets, we can try to control our time management. To help with that, we tested a few productivity applications to keep us on task ...Read more

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Must-have Switch accessory has a Nintendo touch

One of the most important accessories to pick up with a Nintendo Switch or a Nintendo Switch Lite is a memory card. The popular console has 32GB of internal memory, but as players will discover, that isn't nearly enough if they plan on buying games.

More space will be needed if they plan on picking up titles such as "NBA 2K20." (That eats up ...Read more

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Review: 'Trials of Mana' a pitch-perfect remake bridging old and new

Hollywood knows plenty about remakes. The industry has been doing it for decades as the website Film School Rejects noted: With every technological leap, the push to retell a previous film follows. The advent of sound led to a new "Count of Monte Cristo" movie and the introduction of computer-generated images produced an unending slew of live-...Read more

Wall Street banks get a surprise: Investors like virtual events

When the pandemic hit in March, Wall Street banks scrambled to switch their long-standing investor conferences to a virtual format. They're now luring more people than traditional conferences -- perhaps obvious given how easy it is to log on -- but the popularity is even surprising people who organize them.

More than 5,000 people logged on to a...Read more

Tech Q&A: How being online renews Office 365 PC apps

Q: In your column about Microsoft Office 365 (see, you said the user "must go online at least once every 30 days or your PC-based software will stop working." What do you mean by go online? Just connect to the internet? Use the Microsoft Edge browser? Update my Office 365 software?

-- Lauren Tiffany, Iowa City, Iowa

A: As...Read more

Branson's Virgin Orbit fails in attempted rocket launch from 747

Billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit said a crucial test of its two-stage, orbital rocket system, designed to rival that of Elon Musk's SpaceX for satellite launches, ended the mission shortly after releasing the rocket from the plane.

A Boeing Co. 747, named Cosmic Girl, took off from the Mojave Air and Space Port in California on Monday...Read more