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Uber employees petition for former CEO Travis Kalanick's return

SAN FRANCISCO -- The majority of Uber's investors may have wanted its co-founder and chief executive Travis Kalanick out, but some employees of the ride-hailing company are already calling for his return.

In a petition that began circulating within Uber on Wednesday, employees called for Uber's board of directors to reinstate Kalanick, who ...Read more

Embattled Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns; board says he's putting company first

SAN FRANCISCO -- Travis Kalanick never ran away from a fight. When cities challenged the legality of his ride-hailing service, he ordered drivers to continue picking up passengers. When competitors complained about his tactics, he lowered prices and tried to poach their drivers. He even got into a spat -- caught on video -- with one of his own ...Read more

After Travis Kalanick's resignation, can a new CEO move Uber forward?

With $6.5 billion in annual sales and 12,000 employees around the world, Uber Technologies hardly resembles a blank slate.

But that's the pitch -- long-awaited in some of its investors' and employees' eyes -- that Uber can now make with this week's resignation of Chief Executive Travis Kalanick.

Under Kalanick, the 8-year-old San Francisco ...Read more

Uber drivers have their say about CEO Travis Kalanick's resignation

LOS ANGELES -- Former Uber Chief Executive Travis Kalanick is a controversial figure, even among drivers for the ride-hailing company.

Though the San Francisco firm has put money in the wallets of the drivers who offer rides on its platform, many drivers opposed Kalanick's decisions and Uber's leadership under his watch.

Some drivers have ...Read more

Patrick May: Who will run Uber now that Kalanick is gone?

SAN FRANCISCO -- While the tech world chewed over the shocking news that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was stepping down, another narrative was surfacing throughout Silicon Valley that promised to be just as big of a story as the demise of the startup's bad-boy founder:

Who will take over as Uber CEO?

With Kalanick leaving such a huge -- and messy ...Read more

Jennifer Van Grove: This is big: Uber drivers can accept e-tips

It's a new era for Uber. Tuesday, the company announced a fundamental shift in policy that grants its independent contractors the thing they've requested most: an in-app tipping feature.

With the change, drivers in Seattle, Minneapolis and Houston can now accept e-tips, should customers opt to leave them, following each ride or delivery.

The ...Read more

Tech Q&A: How to replace or erase a hard drive

Q: Microsoft told me that I need a new hard drive for my Windows 7 laptop. Should I buy a new hard drive or a new computer? I don't want Windows 10.

--Alicia Vidal, West Miami, Fla.

A: Buy a new hard drive. It will cost $40 to $60 plus the labor to install it, which is cheaper than purchasing a new computer. And it would be hard for you to ...Read more

Uber caves to pressure, rolls out in-app tipping option

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- After years of driver complaints, Uber on Tuesday said it will roll out a new feature that lets passengers tip their drivers using the ride-hailing app.

The in-app tipping option is now available in Seattle, Minneapolis and Houston, Uber said in an email sent to drivers Tuesday morning and later posted on the company's ...Read more

Amazon tests new fashion shopping service for Prime members

SEATTLE -- is stepping up its efforts in the apparel market with a new service dubbed Prime Wardrobe, which sends shoppers a box of clothes of their choice and lets them send items back for free, paying only for what they keep.

The service is a pilot program, for now only accessible to those Amazon invites to try it out.

It ...Read more

Sound Advice: Surround sound advice

Q. How important are the surround channel speakers in a 5.1 home theater system? Do they have to match all the other speakers, or is it not critical that they are the same as the front and center speakers? I recently moved and was forced to leave my expensive in-ceiling PSB surround speakers in the house when I left. I had a PSB Image system. ...Read more

Amid the madness of E3, a silent sanctuary for rest (and adult coloring books)

LOS ANGELES -- E3, the nation's biggest video game convention, is a place of constant chatter and neon lights, punctuated by the sporadic boom of video game gunfire. It's a place where thousands elbow their way from booth to booth to try their hand at the hottest games, displayed on giant screens mounted on all sides.

It's not somewhere to go ...Read more

Tech startups founded by women have twice the number of female employees, study says

Startups with at least one female founder wind up building companies where nearly half the staff are women, a new study finds.

With an average of 48 percent female workers, women-led firms have nearly twice the industry average and outpace some of the nation's largest tech companies in gender diversity including Google (31 percent), Facebook (...Read more

Search for life: Kepler's final survey reveals 50 'goldilocks' planets

MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. -- What began as a trickle of new planet discoveries from the Kepler Space Telescope a decade ago has turned into a torrent: 2,337 verified sightings, with about 50 in the "goldilocks zone" -- our size, shape and orbit around the warm glow of stars like our own sun, perhaps hosting life.

At a Monday morning news conference...Read more

GOP voter data firm likely exposed your personal information for days … and you don't have much recourse

WASHINGTON -- To any nefarious hackers looking for data that could be used to sway elections or steal Americans' identities, the file compiled by a GOP digital firm called Deep Root Analytics offered all manner of possibilities.

There in one place was detailed personal information about almost every voter in America. It was a collection of some...Read more

Google and YouTube detail new anti-terrorism efforts

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- YouTube is stepping up its fight against online terror and abuse, laying out four new steps it's taking amid recent terrorism-related incidents around the world.

The moves also come a couple of months after advertisers began pulling their ads from YouTube and other Google properties after learning they were appearing beside ...Read more

Exposed on the internet: US voters' personal data, likely views on politics

WASHINGTON -- A Virginia data firm working for the Republican National Committee left voting records of 198 million Americans exposed on the internet and accessible to anyone, a California cybersecurity firm said Monday.

The data firm not only left exposed the vast national database but also precise and painstaking projections for most voters ...Read more

Amazon shares hit intraday high in wake of Whole Foods deal

SEATTLE -- is still basking in the glow of its deal to take over Whole Foods Market, with shares for the e-commerce giant hitting a fresh intraday high on Monday.

Amazon shares opened at $1,017, a record, according to Google Finance, although they later came down to around $1,000, up 1.28 percent from the close Friday, the day the $...Read more once sold only books; now the retail giant markets everything

When Jeff Bezos first launched in 1994, he gave himself a 30 percent chance of success -- slightly better than the 1 in 10 odds for internet startups.

"That's actually a very liberating expectation, expecting to fail," he told Time magazine when it named him Person of the Year in 1999.

By then, sales had ticked past $1 billion, but ...Read more

Scientists are testing the political waters

They have built careers isolating cells, designing integrated circuits and mastering computer languages. Now they are knocking on doors, being interviewed on TV and asking perfect strangers to give them money.

Across the country, scientists -- card-carrying members of an elite that prizes expertise -- are exiting their ivory towers to enter the...Read more

Web Buzz: App to help the curious Discover L.A.

Name: Discover L.A. app.

What it does: The interactive app points travelers to local events and the best places to stay or eat. Build your own "Passport" by "liking" items with the heart icon. The diverse options in the "Do" section include "Find Hidden Bars," "Hardcore Hikes," "Elvis Presley's L.A.," "Sweat with Celebs," "Cocktails with a View...Read more

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