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Sound Advice: SJCAM SJ4000 action camera recommended

Q. I am going to Italy in October and plan on taking a tour of Rome on a Segway. I thought an action camera attached to my helmet would be a great way to record the tour as well as to get video of my companions zooming along with me. I remember in the past you wrote about a good action camera that was well under $100. What is the model, is it ...Read more

Sound Advice: Polk LSiM703 speakers first choice under $1,000

Q. I have an audio system that features two ADS L570/2 speakers placed on bookshelves. Are there upgrade options under $1,000 that will provide more depth and "presence" but won't break the bank? The room does not allow for a pair of tower/floor speakers, so the solution will have to be a bookshelf option.

-- G.S., Minneapolis

A. After the ...Read more

Sound Advice: Portta Toslink 1x3 top-rated optical splitter

Q. I have a 65-inch TV and a ZVOX soundbar with the AccuVoice feature, which is fantastic for making TV dialogue easier to understand. I recently purchased your 2019 Product of the Year Emotiva T-Zero speakers and an Onkyo TX-8220 stereo receiver to power them.

I know you are not supposed to use the speakers and the soundbar at the same time, ...Read more

Sound Advice: Polk LSiM speakers compete with almost anything in high-end audio but at much lower prices

Q. I just purchased an Outlaw RR2160 receiver and want to upgrade my old Klipsch Forte II speakers.

I recently read your Product of the Year award for the $399 Emotiva Airmotiv T-Zero speakers and was intrigued by their low price. I am considering the top model, the $999 Airmotiv T-2+. I know you have recommended Ohm Walsh speakers in the past,...Read more

Sound Advice: Optoma HD27HDR projector still recommended

Q. I read your review of the Optoma HD27HDR projector and was convinced it was the one for me. Unfortunately the online user reviews revealed some reliability issues and now I am hesitant, thinking perhaps I should just get the Optoma HD143x and give up on the HDR for now. What do you think?

-- J.D., New York

A. I saw those same user reviews ...Read more

Sound Advice: Emotiva T-Zero speakers 2019 Product of the Year

Sound Advice Product of the Year 2019: This year's award was probably determined the moment I first heard the magical sound of an exceptional pair of speakers. I first tested them in my home in January 2019 and knew within minutes they would be hard to beat. After a year of testing many other great products, I still feel that way and am happy to...Read more

Sound Advice: Projectors are a worthy buy

Q. I have space in my home for a movie room with a screen over 100 inches in size, perhaps 150-160 inches. Do you think I am better off with a projector with a large screen, or an 82-inch flat panel? I like the idea of a projector but I have not seen a real good one, unless it is extremely expensive. When I think of home projection I tend to ...Read more

Sound Advice: Price not always best gauge for audio quality

Q. I'm adding speakers to a mid-size man cave (26-by-15 feet) to replacing my college-era Large Advent speakers. My stereo dealer let me take two pairs of speakers home to try in my room. I was stunned (in a good way) when I heard the $999 Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers and the way they easily fill the room with plenty of bass, even without a...Read more

Sound Advice: These earphones are worth buying

Q. I like the Apple AirPods true wireless earbuds but am looking for something much less expensive. Is there anything you recommend for $75 or so?

-- T.L., Ridgeland, S.C.

A. Given that earphones are an extremely popular gift item, I am going to answer your question with a round-up of some great earphones. I will start a bit above your $75 ...Read more

Sound Advice: Wharfedale Linton Heritage good modern speakers, especially for rock music

Q. I have a pair of vintage Electro-Voice EV-4A speakers that I love, but my wife thinks they are too large. We tried a Sonos setup with two Play Fives and a subwoofer, but they lacked the EV-4A's presence and fullness of sound so I returned them. I like to listen to both rock and classical music on vinyl, sometimes at moderately high volumes, ...Read more

Sound Advice: Connect streaming media player to TV if TV stops supporting Netflix

Q. Several years ago we bought a Panasonic Smart TV you recommended in your column. It has served us well, but we recently received notification that our TV will not support Netflix after Dec. 1. We aren't TV nerds, but it looks like we will have to buy a new TV to continue to get Netflix. Can you recommend a new smart TV for under $999? Also, ...Read more

Sound Advice: Denon is somewhere between a Honda and BMW in the luxury car scale of electronics world; McIntosh is Rolls-Royce

Q. Where does my Denon receiver rate on your "luxury car" scale, is it a BMW?

-- R.D.

Q. I read your article on audio brands and was surprised you didn't include McIntosh. I'm guessing you would rank McIntosh a Rolls-Royce?

-- B.H., Port Matilda, Pa.

A. I kind of expected an influx of questions such as these as readers wondered if they had ...Read more


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