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Sound Advice: Olympus Tough TG-6 offers more than a smartphone camera can

Q. You recently answered a question saying most smartphones provide better picture quality than a $300 pocket camera. Is this because camera manufacturers are unable to produce such a camera, or because they are unwilling to do so for that price?

-- D. M., Concord, Calif.

A. It is probably a bit of both. When you consider the cost of a good ...Read more

Sound Advice: Bookshelf speakers and outdoor cooking gadgets

Q. When I read about the Q Acoustics 3020i bookshelf speakers I inferred that the 25 watt Cambridge Audio AM5 amplifier is adequate for them. Then I saw that the speakers require 50 watts at a minimum. Did I misinterpret that?

-M.S., Concord, CA

A. The Q Acoustics 3020i speakers are recommended for use with amplifiers 25 watts per channel and ...Read more

Sound Advice: Q Acoustics 3020i speakers combine best characteristics of British, American speakers

Q. Your travel camera recommendations are all too expensive for me. Can you recommend a pocketable camera with a long zoom that sells for under $300 that takes better pictures than a smartphone?

-- MV, Pittsburgh

A. Actually, I can't. A modern smartphone has much better picture quality than a $300 camera. The $369 Sony RX100 will take great ...Read more

Sound Advice: Samsung Q90 QLED TV is Don Lindich's top pick

Q. In my opinion, my seven-year-old Panasonic 50-inch plasma has the most accurate color of any TV I have ever seen. Of course, most of my viewing of the latest TVs is in showrooms where they play demo material optimized to make the TV look its best. This is not a good way to judge accurate color or overall picture quality.

Your reviews and ...Read more

Sound Advice: Needing only two remotes is lucky

Q. Our TV was over 20 years old, and I wanted to start using the multitude of streaming services that are now available. So, I purchased a new Sony TV based on good past experience. I hoped it would be completely compatible with my other devices, but this did not happen. My experience with all the associated remotes has been very unsatisfactory....Read more

Sound Advice: Epson Ecotank printers are the way to go

Q. I would like to start printing photographs at home. Can I get the same quality at home as I get from the drugstore or an online service? What about the expense?

-- J.T., Bethel Park, Pa.

A. When I first started writing the column back in 2002, I got lots of questions about printers, especially color inkjets for printing photographs. In ...Read more

Sound Advice: Dayton Audio DTA-1 amplifier will power two pairs of speakers

Q. I just received the $100 Cambridge Audio Topaz AM5 amplifier to use with my Emotiva T-Zero speakers. All is well, except it will only power one pair of speakers. I have a pair of outdoor speakers that we really enjoy when outside on the patio. Unfortunately, I assumed that the AM5 would have connections for two pairs of speakers. Is there an ...Read more

Sound Advice: Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000 MK II superzoom camera best for travel

Q. I am going to Europe in September and might take a camera on the trip instead of using my smartphone. Do you think it is worth buying and carrying a camera, and if so what model do you suggest?

-- L.D., Brooklyn, N.Y.

A. I recommend you get a camera. While modern smartphones take great pictures and video, they can't replace the ergonomics, ...Read more

Sound Advice: TCL 5-Series 55-inch TV better bet than TCL 4-Series

Q. I read your reviews of the TCL 5-Series and 6-Series 4K televisions. I recently saw the TCL 4-Series 55-inch 4K TV on sale for $329. What do you think of that model?

-- D.H.

A. The TCL 4-Series is a good TV, but I think you are better off with the 55-inch TCL 5-Series for $379. The 5-Series is only $50 more and includes Dolby Vision, which ...Read more

Sound Advice: Getting just the right picture setting

Q. What picture settings would you recommend for a TCL 6-Series television?

--J.M., Orlando, Fla.

A. Typically I am unable to answer a question this specific because I do not have access to every make and model of TV. You are in luck though because after my very positive review of the TCL 5-Series televisions, I decided to review the 65-inch 6...Read more

Sound Advice: ZVOX AV50 Noise-Cancelling Headphones with AccuVoice best headphones for flying

Q. In July I am flying to California on a flight that is quite long, almost 7 hours with connections. I have not flown in quite a few years so I am not up to date on the whole flying experience. A friend of mine who is a frequent flyer checked my airline and flight number and told me the airplane has personal in-flight entertainment screens for ...Read more

Sound Advice: Cambridge Audio Tompaz AM5 high quality 25-watt amp

Q. I have a new Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable with an LP Gear Vessel A3SE cartridge. I am ready to upgrade my Onkyo amplifier and large floor speakers, both of which are quite old. Can you give me some options for an amplifier and matching speakers, up to $1,500 total?

-- M.O., Union City, Calif.

A. Last month I hinted at an upcoming ...Read more

Sound Advice: Audio-Technica AT-LP7 great turntable under $1,000

Q. I read your review of the $1,699 Cambridge Audio Alva TT turntable with interest as I have been looking for a high performance plug-and-play turntable package. As much as I would like to buy an Alva TT, $1,000 is my max. Is there anything else you can recommend for me?

-- D.K., Washington, D.C.

A. A great turntable under $1,000 is something...Read more


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