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Sound Advice: Stereo receiver recommendation and remembering an audio industry great

Q. The Cambridge Evo 75 you mentioned last week looks compelling, but I already have a streamer (a Cambridge model, in fact) and my budget is much less than $2,000. What can you recommend for about half that? I have Ohm MicroWalsh Tall speakers and was using a Marantz NR1504 receiver (now dead) in stereo mode. I will be playing CDs and using my ...Read more


Sound Advice: Bargain earbuds, record cleaner improvements and new amplifiers

Noise-canceling true wireless earbuds for $19.99: ZVOX is well-known for their sound bars with AccuVoice, which makes television dialogue easier to understand. They have also made headphones and earbuds that combine active noise cancellation and AccuVoice. The headphones are in their second generation, evolving from the AV50 to AV52 model, but ...Read more


Sound Advice: Caring for Record Store Day finds and cultivating vintage aesthetic

Record Store Day: Record Store Day was last month, and over the next few weeks I will be recommending some great products to help you get the most from your used and new vinyl purchases.

Kicking things off is the Record Doctor X vacuum record cleaning machine. I used a nonmotorized, single-side vacuum Record Doctor for many years. I later moved...Read more

Sound Advice: Warming up to RF skin tightening and good amplifier-speaker combos

Q. I have seen you write about RF skin tightening before. Is there a certain age you should start or stop using it? What do you recommend?

—L.L., Kansas City, Missouri

A. RF skin tightening machines use radio-frequency energy to heat underneath the surface of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin to tighten sagging ...Read more

Sound Advice: Tune in for more info on CD players, party speaker

Q. It was cool to learn what TEAC stands for. Thanks, I never knew that! I saw that the TEAC PD-301-X CD Player/FM Tuner just has FM radio? No AM radio on the unit?

—J.L., Minneapolis

A. That is correct, no AM radio, only FM. Listening to AM seems to have fallen from consideration in the hi-fi world, and the PD-301-X is meant as a serious ...Read more

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Sound Advice: Turn up the fun with Bluetooth party speaker

Q. Our daughter is graduating college and we are planning a party. We hired a DJ for her high school graduation party but would like to avoid that this time. She said she can create a custom playlist for the party and stream it via Bluetooth. Is there some kind of streaming speaker available that can cover an outdoor 12-by-14-foot dance floor? ...Read more


Sound Advice: Mind the TV size gap and take note of compact CD player

Q. Does anyone make a 36-inch or 37-inch TV? I can’t find anything available between 32-inch and 43-inch sets. We have an entertainment center with a 32-inch TV and the space won’t fit anything above 37 inches.

—J.S., Maplewood, Minnesota

A. I have not seen anything available recently between 32 and 40 inches. You will have to stay with ...Read more

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Sound Advice: A smart screen vehicle upgrade and choosing right turntable cartridge

Add CarPlay/Android Auto and a dashcam to your car: Many older cars and trucks lack CarPlay and Android Auto. Once you have used smartphone integration it is hard to go back, and I still have an older car with navigation but not CarPlay. Last year I wrote that I tried a few adapters but had not found one I liked enough to recommend. I finally ...Read more

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Sound Advice: Breaking down options for an amplifier upgrade

Q. I have a pair of Monitor Silver 9 speakers powered by a Harman Kardon integrated amplifier. A friend has the same speakers powered by a Bryston amplifier and preamplifier. That system’s sound is my favorite of anything I have ever heard. Can you recommend a similar setup for my Monitor speakers, or tell me where to get a used Bryston ...Read more

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Sound Advice: USB charger an ideal travel accessory

Vimifuso charger proves its worth: I recommended the Vimifuso 140W USB charger as a gift idea last year. I’ve had a chance to use mine for several months now and have been so pleased I feel I did not do it justice before, so I am correcting that now.

So many devices we depend on every day need USB charging, including headphones, Bluetooth ...Read more

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Sound Advice: A budget-friendly wireless projector to rule them all

Q. I am occasionally asked to say a few words at funerals, weddings and other events. This summer I will be speaking at my nephew's wedding in another state. I would like to project several pictures from my iPhone during my speech. Do you have a recommendation for such a projector that would travel well?

—J.B., Minneapolis

A. Last year I ...Read more

Sound Advice: The dog ate my camera

Q. My dog chewed off the front grip and rear viewfinder of my Pentax K-70 digital SLR. I have three pro-quality lenses for the camera, so I’d like to stick with Pentax. I am considering buying either a used K-70 for $450 and swapping the parts to fix my camera, a new K-70 for $850 or a new K-3 III for $1,700. I would like a Pentax mirrorless ...Read more


Sound Advice: Integrated amplifier a bargain for it performs

Q. I was always a component stereo fan but when my preamplifier developed issues I got lazy and replaced the tuner, amplifier and preamplifier with a surround sound receiver. I really miss my NAD C 427 tuner but I don’t want a separate amplifier and preamplifier again.

I am trying to find a quality integrated amplifier to drive my Definitive...Read more



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