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Sound Advice: A beauty product rebrand and deals on speaker, headphones

Q. I was all set to order an AOGNY skin tightening machine on Amazon, but found that it’s “currently unavailable” and “We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.” What a disappointment! Any idea what’s going on?

—S.K., Minneapolis

A. The machine is still available, but the AOGNY brand name has been discontinued. As...Read more


Sound Advice: Holiday gift ideas and audio system upgrades

Updated for the holidays: A few noteworthy products I reviewed and recommended earlier this year have been updated or had new models added to the product line. I will highlight them here for holiday shoppers, starting with audio products and moving on to food/cooking products.

Mojawa MOJO2 bone conduction headphones: These headphones are a new ...Read more

Sound Advice: Good earbuds for sleeping and best turntable under $1,000

Q. Have you come across good earbuds for sleeping? I have searched for recommendations and read reviews and gotten overwhelmed, never purchasing anything. I finally thought to send you an email and ask if you might steer me in the right direction. As a side note, I have Apple AirPods, and love using those.

—M.E., Minneapolis

A. The best ...Read more

Sound Advice: A portable speaker that packs an auditory punch

Tribit StormBox Blast speaker: With the holidays coming up I will be highlighting gift ideas over the next few weeks, starting with this very fine portable speaker from Tribit.

Though Tribit markets the StormBox Blast as a “party speaker” with a colorful light show and powerful bass, I found it to be an exceptionally good high-fidelity ...Read more


Sound Advice: A refresher on RF skin tightening machines, options

Q. I have seen your columns about the AOGNY skin tightening machine and what it did for your jawline and under your chin. Have you tested any other models and how do they stack up? Do you use the AOGNY anywhere else besides the face? Are there other applications?

—S.K., Pittsburgh

A. Before I answer your question I will start with a ...Read more

Sound Advice: Explaining different charging options with electric vehicles

Q. In a recent column you answered a question about a Hanasco toothbrush charging with different USB chargers. You said, "This scenario is pretty common with charging sources and devices that use a similar connection but with different charging capabilities, including plug-in electric vehicles, something of which many in the public are unaware."...Read more


Sound Advice: An expired soundbar deal gets reactivated and how to save on KitchenAid stand mixer

Q. In today’s edition of my newspaper (Oct. 23) you recommended the dialogue-enhancing ZVOX AV355 soundbar on sale for $199, from $299, with the coupon code SAVE70 reducing the price another $70 to $129. Then I noted the column said the code was available through Sept. 30! How far in advance do you write your columns, and how can I still get ...Read more


Sound Advice: Modestly priced earphone options

Q. I read your recent columns about the discontinuation of the iPod with great interest, as I have quite an old model. It is a late-2000s model Nano that I once used in my car and now carry around with me. It is pretty much full and I am not worried about adding music to it at this point. I am quite fond of it and disappointed that Apple does ...Read more

Sound Advice: Breaking down soundbar options for full surround sound setup

Q. I bought the ZVOX AV355 soundbar and it is doing very well improving dialogue while providing high overall sound quality. Regarding your report on the Rocketfish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit, can I use it to connect surround speakers to the AV355? What is your advice on the best way to do this while minimizing the clutter of a remote amplifier ...Read more

Sound Advice: Simple device can link phone, radio in older cars

Q. The only port in my 2007 PT Cruiser is an AUX input I use with my old iPod’s headphone jack. I need a USB charging port for my phone. How can I add one?

D.M., San Jose, California

A. Cigarette lighter/power port USB chargers are very common, but you can do much better than a mere charger. I suggest the Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM ...Read more


Sound Advice: iPhone can be used in place of discontinued iPod touch

Q. I read your recent article about playing iTunes music without an iPod. I am in a similar situation but want something more mobile. Would buying an iPhone SE with enough storage capacity to fit my needs be a good idea? I would not get phone service, but just use it as my iPod. I have around 55 GB of music.

B.G., Minneapolis

A. This is indeed...Read more


Sound Advice: Bone conduction headphones worth checking out

Q. Unfortunately I have some damage to my auditory canal and ear drum. I have never found any earbuds or headphones that were tolerable for more than a few minutes. What is the sound quality of bone conduction headphones?

—E.H., St. Paul, Minnesota

A. Bone conduction headphones are used by those who want to enjoy music or other programming ...Read more

Sound Advice: A standout option for tower speaker upgrade

Q. I have a pair of entry-level GoldenEar tower speakers and while I liked them initially, over time I have become dissatisfied. The tweeter has a lovely high end and great imaging, but despite a lot of experimenting with speaker placement something is lacking in the lower midrange that leaves me cold to the point I am not listening much. I ...Read more



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