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Sound Advice: Another promising electronic toothbrush

Q. I bought the TLOVII toothbrush and like it a lot, but I lost the magnetic USB charging cord. I cannot find a compatible replacement for sale anywhere. Can you help?

—S.C., Cape May, New Jersey

A. The toothbrush uses a magnetic charging cable with 5mm spacing. If you search for “magnetic charging cable 5mm” you will find cables that ...Read more

Sound Advice: What wireless speakers should I get for stereo system upgrade?

Q. It’s time to replace my old-school wired stereo, which plays CDs, cassettes and vinyl. I can use wired speakers again, but would really prefer wireless to keep the wife happy. Is it true that Bluetooth does not do justice to vinyl records and CDs, and sound quality is lost when the signal is sent over Bluetooth? What would you recommend for...Read more

Sound Advice: Optimal headphones for listening to jazz and classical music

Q. Can you recommend some good headphones for jazz and classical music? I do not need Bluetooth and would like to keep the price under $200. I will be using them primarily at home with my stereo amplifier and CD player, though I may take them on trips once or twice a year.

— J.L., Atlantic City, New Jersey

A. Planar-magnetic headphones are ...Read more

Sound Advice: Looking for a better Lightning charging cable

Q. My kids are making me nuts with constantly having to replace the Lightning charging cables for their iPhones. The official Apple ones aren't great, and the Amazon ones do not seem not to last either. Do you have any recommendations?

— A.F., Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania

A. I’ve gone through quite a few Lightning cables myself and get ...Read more

Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc./Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc./TNS

Sound Advice: How to play discs in a car with no CD player

Q. I bought a 2020 Toyota Camry last year and was disappointed to find there was no CD player. I miss it terribly, and someone suggested I buy a portable CD player and connect it to the AUX port in the car. Guess what? There is no AUX port. I don't want to listen on headphones, so is there a way I can connect a portable CD player to the car ...Read more

Sound Advice: Mix and match components when building a new system

Q. I want to buy myself a retirement gift. In my youth I had a wonderful Technics system with loud volume, deep lows, clear highs and great sound throughout. Back then you could go to the store and buy a complete, perfectly matched system like that. Today I have no idea where to even start.

My LP collection is gone so I will listen to CDs and ...Read more

Sound Advice: What is best no-frills amplifier for home CD player?

Q. In my workshop I have a Technics AM-FM receiver/amplifier and a six-disc CD changer to play music over bookshelf speakers while I am working. One side of the stereo has quit. I don't use the AM-FM because it is a metal building and reception is bad. Could you recommend a no-frills amplifier without AM-FM that I could use to just play the CDs?...Read more

Don Lindich/TNS

Sound Advice: A beauty device with promising results

AOGNY High Frequency Facial Machine: I mentioned that my shaver review led to my being introduced to some interesting new products. The best so far is the AOGNY High Frequency Facial Machine, and for some of you reading this it is likely to be good news, just as it was for me.

The AOGNY uses high-frequency radio energy to penetrate and heat the...Read more

Sound Advice: What are best TV speaker, soundbar options?

Q. I read your 2020 column where you recommended the ZVOX AV157 TV Speaker for people with hearing loss and those who find voices hard to distinguish from background music and sound effects. We do not have hearing loss, but we definitely have trouble hearing and understanding voices and dialogue. Do you still recommend this model for overall ...Read more

Sound Advice: Considering new components for turntable

Q. After reading your review of the London “Decca” cartridges I plan on buying the London Maroon for my Technics SL-1200M5G turntable. This would be the most expensive cartridge I have ever purchased, by a significant margin. Is it hard to set up, how long does the stylus last and can it be replaced when it wears out? I also want to get a ...Read more

Sound Advice: Do new electric shavers provide noticeable upgrade?

Q. How improved are the Panasonic LV67 and LV97 shavers over the prior generation LV65/LV95 models? I saw your review and recommendation of the LV67 and LV97, and when pricing them the less expensive LV95 also came up.

— R.C., Pittsburgh

A. I have not tried the Panasonic Arc5 LV65 or Arc5 LV95, but I have researched them and received reports...Read more

Sound Advice: Is it worth it to stretch budget for TV and soundbar?

Q. I recently went to look at 65-inch TVs and really liked the Samsung 65" QN90A TV and the Sonos ARC soundbar with Beam subwoofer. (Of course this is what the salesman recommended, and I felt he made some good points.) The combination is about $3,500. The TV is $2,299, on sale from $2,600. This is more than I wanted to spend but after thinking ...Read more

Don Lindich/TNS

Sound Advice: What is best cartridge for forever turntable?

Q. I am putting together a turntable setup to last the rest of my life and have budgeted $3,000. I have already decided on the $1,199 Technics SL-1500C turntable. What cartridge would you recommend for it?

— D.P., Milwaukee

A. You have the budget to get a London “Decca” cartridge, and it is my recommendation for those who want the very ...Read more



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