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Sound Advice: Normal for turntable sound to drop after installing Vessel A3SE cartridge

Q. I have an Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable. I bought the pre-mounted LP Gear The Vessel A3SE cartridge after reading your review and recommendation. The sound is great, but the volume dropped compared to the original cartridge (an Audio-Technica AT95E.) Is this normal, or is something wrong?

-- S.R., South Bend, Ind.

Q. LP Gear's The ...Read more

Sound Advice: Kodak PixPro is solid pick for compact camera

Q. I am looking for a good small purse camera with a long zoom for trips. I recently got my first smartphone (an iPhone 6) and it takes great pictures, but I like using memory cards to store and save pictures. I am not very tech-savvy and I like the simplicity of a camera and memory cards.

I would like to spend $100 to $200. Do you have camera ...Read more

Sound Advice: Buttons make VicTsing Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter worthwhile

Q. I saw your review of the VicTsing FM Bluetooth car adapter, which adds Bluetooth call capability to older cars that do not have hands-free functionality. I bought the newer model, the one without buttons, and it ties up Siri so I can't use Siri at all when it is connected. What about the older model, does it do the same thing?

-- L.M., ...Read more

Sound Advice: Epson Perfection V550 is a great investment for digitizing photos

Q. I cut out and kept a copy of your column from August 15, 2015, about the Epson Perfection V550 Photo Scanner. I'm finally ready to go through boxes and boxes of old photographs and digitize the ones I want to keep.

Almost three years have passed since your review. Is the $179 V550 scanner still a wise investment and a simple way to digitize ...Read more

Sound Advice: Edifier R1700BT bookshelf speakers make great gifts

Q. My wife thought a nice set of powered speakers (for use with a computer and iPhone) would be a great graduation gift for a niece who plays jazz sax. Do you have any suggestions under $200?

-- J.K., Atlantic City, N.J.

A. Check out the $149 Edifier R1700BT powered bookshelf speakers. These compact speakers do what you want and also offer the...Read more

Sound Advice: ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 TV Speaker lifts dialogue out of soundtracks

Q. My 94-year-old mother-in-law can only hear out of her right ear, and only with a hearing aid. Can you recommend a Bluetooth speaker that can connect to her TV, a speaker that doesn't mute the TV sound for others in the room when it is connected? It would be located on a table next to her chair where she watches TV. We tried a few soundbars ...Read more

Sound Advice: Tamrac ZipShot, Panasonic LUMIX DMC-GX85 help prevent camera shake

Q. I have tremors (not Parkinson's) that keep me from taking clear pictures. Are cameras with advanced stabilization features enough to overcome this problem? Is there another solution, or do I just have to watch other people taking pictures? Please recommend something in the $500 price range if possible.

-- Name withheld for privacy

A. There ...Read more

Sound Advice: Small speakers, big sound

Q. I have an OontZ Angle 3 Ultra that I love very much, but it takes up a bit too much space in my purse to take with me every day. Last year you wrote about a small speaker that is unobtrusive in a purse or bag. That is what I am looking for, and I want the highest quality. What do you recommend?

-J.K., Sam Mateo, Calif.

A. The Soundmatters ...Read more

Sound Advice: Music Hall MMF-1.5 turntable will provide unmatched satisfaction

Q. My son recently appropriated my albums from my college days and he and his friends are playing them on, shall we say, less-than-optimal equipment. I would like for him to have something better-sounding, and I also don't want my records damaged on that cheap turntable! What is the best we can do for $1,000 or a little more?

-- W.V., Cape May,...Read more

Sound Advice: Hudly Classic adds head-up display to any vehicle

Q. I purchased the VicTsing Bluetooth adapter you recently recommended and it felt great to bring my older car into the 21st century. Are there any other products you have tested that can add safety features to my car, like blind spot warning?

-- J.T., Flushing, NY

A. I have not tested any aftermarket blind spot warning systems, but I did try ...Read more

Sound Advice: Bosch dishwasher clear that rinse aid is needed

Q. Your answer to the "wetness" with Bosch dishwashers is not entirely correct. Plastics like Tupperware will almost always have some residual water droplets due to the surface of the product. It is also imperative to use a drying agent like Jet-Dry rinse aid to ensure the best results. Did you know about the importance of rinse aid?

-- J.L., ...Read more

Sound Advice: Buying a quality, long-lasting washing machine will alleviate headaches later

Q. Is it really practical to adopt the attitude you are espousing for washing machines? Having used both types for years, without a doubt I prefer the front loader because in addition to using less water, the tumble action of the front loader avoids the tugging and rubbing of top loader agitator vanes, which damages fabric.

People are being ...Read more

Sound Advice: VicTsing Bluetooth FM adapter is a winner for hands-free calls

Q. Have you ever reviewed Bluetooth hands-free car kits? With more states requiring hands-free phone use, I am looking to purchase a Bluetooth car kit where the callers not only sound great but also can hear me just as well.

-- D.W., Savage, Minn.

A. Yes, I have evaluated Bluetooth car adapters. I have an older car without Bluetooth that I ...Read more


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