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Sound Advice: Integrated amplifier a bargain for it performs

Q. I was always a component stereo fan but when my preamplifier developed issues I got lazy and replaced the tuner, amplifier and preamplifier with a surround sound receiver. I really miss my NAD C 427 tuner but I don’t want a separate amplifier and preamplifier again.

I am trying to find a quality integrated amplifier to drive my Definitive...Read more

Don Lindich/Don Lindich/TNS

Sound Advice: Looking for that plasma TV feel and indoor antenna tips

Q. We have a 2013 65-inch Panasonic plasma TV that we still love. It is so relaxing to watch.

We are interested in another 65-inch TV, but do not like the unpleasant brightness and glare of the new TVs. Do you have any recommendations that would make us as happy as our plasma?

—D.S., Martinez, California

A. No matter the television, most if...Read more

Sound Advice: Listening for clarity on TV sound solutions

Q. I need help with television sound. My 95-year-old father has terrible hearing and is mostly dissatisfied with hearing aids, which he does not currently wear. About six years ago he got Bose Hearphones and they worked well. Recently someone in his condo complained to him that his TV was too loud, so we needed to take additional steps.

We ...Read more

Sound Advice: Picture still fuzzy when it comes to indoor TV antennas

Product of the year announcement coming soon: I have chosen my 2023-2024 Sound Advice product of the year, but as is often the case with outstanding new products, the first batch sold out quickly. I’m going to wait until the product is available again before I announce the winner, hopefully by mid-March.

Q. I read your recent column about ...Read more

Sound Advice: Reporting back from CES 2024 and photo scanner options

XGIMI Aladdin projector is magic: I recently made my annual trek to Las Vegas for the CES 2024 tech convention, and this year there was a bumper crop of great new electronics, one of the best years in memory. What was especially exciting is many of the products I saw were not only innovative and high quality, they were also priced within reach ...Read more


Sound Advice: Determining right TV antenna and a couple noteworthy sales

Q. Who makes a good TV antenna? I want to cut the cord, no more cable TV for me! I have a one-story house and can use an outdoor antenna if necessary.

—M.O., Santa Clara, California

A. An outdoor antenna is definitely the way to go, and Channel Master and Winegard are my go-tos for outdoor antennas. But first, we need to determine what type ...Read more

Don Lindich/Don Lindich/TNS

Sound Advice: 2 products for cold days and adapting to Bluetooth

Cold weather comfort: With the incredibly cold temperatures being the big news these days, I thought it would be a good time to share two inexpensive products I purchased recently that make life a bit easier when dealing with the cold. Stay warm and safe, everyone!

Jojozoo ceramic space heater, $23.99: I work exclusively from home now, but back...Read more

Sound Advice: Weighing speaker upgrade and good travel headphones

Q. Back in 2018 I took your advice and got the Cambridge Audio Air 100 speaker for $144.99. It is fantastic! (I tried to get the bigger Air 200, but missed out.) Today I read your column about the Klipsch The One Plus. Intrigued, I went to their website and saw they also offer a bigger speaker, The Three Plus, for $399. Is The Three Plus a ...Read more

Don Lindich/Don Lindich/TNS

Sound Advice: A kid-friendly turntable and getting plugged into PHEVs

Q. Is there a turntable for kids that won't ruin records that are played on them?

—P.C., Minneapolis

A. To clarify, P.C. is referring to cheap all-in-one turntables that have ceramic cartridges, which are rough on records and wear them out quickly. Look for a fully automatic turntable with magnetic cartridge and dust cover. Then the kids ...Read more

Sound Advice: Bluetooth speaker upgrade and a worthy printer deal

Q. Many years ago I purchased an Ambiance Touch speaker with integrated iPod dock that I used with my iPod Nano. I loved the sound, but now it no longer works and it just won’t come back on. Is there any possibility I can get it fixed, and if not, find something as good for use with my Apple Nano? If I can’t find something with a dock, I can...Read more

Sound Advice: Finding ideal speakers, amplifier to pair with TV

Q. Rather than get a sound bar, I would like to stream music and play TV audio through two stereo speakers, placed on either side of a wall-mounted 75-inch television. I would prefer to use bookshelf speakers on stands, possibly adding a subwoofer later. I can spend up to about $3,000 to get the best sound quality, especially for music. What ...Read more

Sound Advice: More gift ideas to get charged up about

This week’s gift recommendations include a high-performance, high-value USB multicharger and two excellent products for vinyl lovers.

Vimifuso PD3.1 Charger, $35.99: This charger provides tons of power, speed and flexibility in a compact package. Suitable for use at home and for travel, it has six ports, comprised of four USB-C ports and two ...Read more

Don Lindich/Don Lindich/TNS

Sound Advice: Some great gifts to enhance grooming, traveling, viewing and listening

This week has a lot of great gift ideas under $100!

Amiro M2 LumoCube Portable LED Bag Mirror, $89.99: This high quality LED mirror with rugged and stylish traveling case is perfect for grooming on-the-go, providing outstanding illumination and visibility in a single self-contained package with onboard storage for cosmetics and grooming ...Read more



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