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Sound Advice: Turntable upgrades to consider for digitizing music

Q. I saw your recent column on digitizing music from a turntable with a built-in USB output. I have an old Sansui turntable with red-white analog outputs. What do I need to digitize my hundreds of albums?

—L.J., Minneapolis

A. You need a phono preamp with a USB output. Connect the ground wire and red-white cables from the turntable to the ...Read more

Sound Advice: Breaking down TV formats and a cooler too cool to pass up

Q. Could you explain the television high dynamic range formats HDR10, Dolby Vision and HDR10+? It is confusing and I am angry there are now three competing HDR standards/formats.

—K.B., Santa Clara, California

A. It is indeed confusing, but there is no need to be angry as there is compatibility between the formats.

High dynamic range (HDR) ...Read more

Sound Advice: Selecting the right earbuds depends on how you plan to use them

Q. I saw your recent article about the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1+ earbuds and am very interested. Prior to the article I planned on buying the $149.99 Technics EAH-AZ40 earbuds, but getting the $139.95 Cambridge Audio earphones for $59.95 strikes me as too good of a deal to pass up. I don’t want this to be all about the money though and it ...Read more


Sound Advice: Consider OLED TVs for best viewing angle

Q. We have a 2011 Insignia 720p plasma TV that has served us very well. We went with plasma for the superior off-center viewing qualities compared to the LED-LCD TVs available at the time. Over 50% of our TV watching is from a 40-45 degree angle. Given this, off-center picture quality is critically important to us and in addition, in my opinion ...Read more

Sound Advice: Listen up for this bargain on high-end wireless earbuds

Q. I’m looking for Bluetooth earphones to use with my phone and iPad. I previously bought several pairs of Helm Audio sports earphones for myself and family members, but after several years of constant wear and tear it is time to replace them. I would have been happy to go with Helm Audio again but they appear to be sold out. Do you have any ...Read more


Sound Advice: Sizing up soundbar deals, and tips for Costco, refilling propane tanks

Q. What is your opinion of the Vizio M51a-H6 soundbar system? It is on sale at Costco for $269.99, reduced from $329.99. I have a TCL Roku TV.

—M.A., San Jose, California

A. I have not tested this model but I think you are on to a good buy if you are looking for home theater sound in a small room. Vizio has earned a reputation for ...Read more

Sound Advice: A powerful deal to help build out your tool collection

Q. Did you see the really good deal going on at Home Depot for the Ryobi 18V One+ cordless tools and batteries? Some time ago I purchased the Ryobi P737 cordless high-pressure inflator you recommended (love it) and recently saw the new deal. I scored two of the 18V One+ 4Ah batteries and a charger for $99, and then got a free tool as an add-on! ...Read more

Don Lindich/Don Lindich/TNS

Sound Advice: Breaking down pros, cons of portable phone charger

Q. Your column about Father's Day gifts appeared in my newspaper this morning and I was interested in the ChargeCard phone charger. I went to Amazon and looked at the verified buyer reviews, most of which were unenthusiastic at best. Many of the 5-star reviews were one or two words or very short sentences, often a sign of fake reviews. I look ...Read more


Sound Advice: Can projector replace living room TV?

Q. Your column on the Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K projector and HYZ 100-inch screen got my attention. Our entertainment center only has space for a 32-inch TV, and our old eyes are having a tough time distinguishing players in the NBA playoffs. The living room is 12-by-18 feet and has no free wall space, so a screen that is easy to set up and take ...Read more

Food Party/Food Party/TNS

Sound Advice: How to listen to music on USB drive in older vehicle

Q. I'm planning a road trip in an older vehicle with a CD and cassette player, but no AUX jack. I have a cassette adapter with a mini-plug, but I've become accustomed to playing my music from a USB stick in my newer vehicles. Is there some gizmo that can let me use a USB stick through my setup?

—J.K. Oakland, California

A. You can do this ...Read more

Sound Advice: Choosing the right turntable cartridge and Father's Day gift ideas

Q. I saw your recommendation of the Goldring E3 cartridge for the Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB turntable, which is the turntable I own. I also saw your recommendation of the Vessel A3SE cartridge for this turntable. Which one would you recommend for digitally recording my records?


A. The sonic character of the cartridge will come ...Read more

Apple Inc./Apple Inc./TNS

Sound Advice: Skin tightening machine tips and when to upgrade that iPod

Q. You recently recommended a machine for promoting collagen growth under the skin. I forgot the name and I'd like to buy one. Would you please provide the name and how much is it?

—S.G., Sunnyvale, California

A. It is called the AOGNY skin tightening machine and they sell on Amazon for $339. I’ve had quite a few questions about it lately ...Read more


Sound Advice: Best screens to use with projector

Q. I am interested in setting up a portable indoor/outdoor theater using a Nebula Cosmos projector. What screen do you recommend? I see Nebula has a new Cosmos Laser 4K projector. How does it compare to the Cosmos Max 4K?

—K.C., Pittsburgh

A. Look for a smooth PVC screen with 1.1 gain. I use a JWSIT 120-inch indoor-outdoor screen ($178) that...Read more



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