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Carla Fried: Negotiate your starting salary — doing it right can add $750,000 more during your career

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Adulting can be one long financial trial by fire. Staying on track with student loan repayment, navigating the dos and don'ts of building the almighty credit score, somehow finding the cash flow to start saving for retirement, all while making rent.

Add one more item and all the others get easier: negotiating your salary. The more you make ...Read more

Carla Fried: By age 25, save $100 a week. In your mid-60s, have $1 million-plus

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In your 20s, retirement is a distant four or five decades down the road. Why worry? You're hustling to make the rent, or save up for a security deposit so you can move on from your parent's home. And maybe there's a student loan to repay.

But two facts should persuade you to be the oddball among your friends who actually starts saving early for...Read more

Hot Property: No doubt an eye-catching sale

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LOS ANGELES -- Gwen Stefani, who rose to fame as the face of rock band No Doubt, has sold the Beverly Hills Post Office-area home she shared with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale for $21.65 million.

The buyer is Sebastian Maniscalco, the stand-up comic and actor who has a role in Martin Scorsese's upcoming film "The Irishman," and his wife, artist ...Read more

For $60 a night, you can stay in Barbie's real-life Malibu Dreamhouse on Airbnb

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You've heard of Holiday Barbie and Superstar Barbie. Now get ready for Airbn-Barbie.

The Mattel toy brand announced Thursday that Barbie has listed her Malibu Dreamhouse, a not-plastic, very real luxury villa, that will be available for users to book for $60 per night starting Oct. 23 on Airbnb.

The two-bed, two-bath home will be available to ...Read more

Wave of the future? Developer touts micro units for millennial renters

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Ready to live like a minimalist?

City Club Apartments CBD, a new rental building in downtown Minneapolis, is betting there are a lot of home seekers like you. Many of the 307 units in the building are compact, one-room apartments with built-in Murphy beds, and the 17-story building has only 20 dedicated parking spaces, making it ...Read more

Real estate Q&A: What can we do when new neighbors step over the line?

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Q: A few months ago, a nice family bought the house next door. We were happy when they began sprucing up the landscaping -- until they removed the thick hedge that ran down the line between the two properties. We liked the privacy it gave our backyard and are upset they did this without even speaking to us. What should we do? -- Mary

A: I ...Read more

Susan Tompor: Elderly getting scammed by their own family members — and one group wants to stop it

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Picture this scenario at the bank: A woman walks into her branch with her 25-year-old grandson and they're ready to transfer $4,000 or so out of Grandma's account into his.

Is the grandson running a scam? And, if so, can the bank do anything to stop it?

Maybe, yes, on both counts.

"People are literally being robbed every day through scams or ...Read more

Americans now need at least $500,000 a year to enter top 1%

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One definition of rich is getting into the top 1%. If that's your goal, it's becoming harder to reach.

The income needed to exit the bottom 99% of U.S. taxpayers hit $515,371 in 2017, according to Internal Revenue Service data released this week. That's up 7.2% from a year earlier, even after adjusting for inflation.

Since 2011, when Occupy ...Read more

Carla Fried: Planning to work longer? Here's a reality check and a strategy for success

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Americans who face 401(k) and IRA account balances that likely won't generate nearly enough money to live on comfortably have decided they'll just keep working.

More than one third of pre-retirees surveyed by the Employee Benefit Research Institute say their plan is to keep working until at least age 70; 45% are setting their sights on retiring...Read more

Walmart's 'Top Rated by Kids' holiday toy list of 2019

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For the sixth year, Walmart turned to the real toy experts by gathering hundreds of kids, ages 18 months to 12 years, and turning them loose on the hottest new toys from suppliers like Hasbro, Mattel, Spin Master and more. Collectibles are popular again this year, as well as lifelike versions of children's favorite TV and movie characters. Take ...Read more

Deals & Steals: Free year of Apple TV+ with device purchase

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Apple is giving away a free year of its new Apple TV+ streaming service with purchase of an Apple device.

Get a free 12-month subscription that launches Nov. 1 with purchase of a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or Mac.

Claim the offer in the Apple TV app (make sure the eligible device is running the latest iOS) within three months after...Read more

Answer Angel: Options abound for cleaning running shoes

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Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I run a lot in the woods and don't pay much attention to whether the trail is muddy or not. Of course, the shoes get dirty. Can I machine wash my running shoes?

- Katherine B.

Dear Katherine: Many running shoe manufacturers list cleaning instructions for their shoes on their website (<...Read more

James Lileks: Fitted bed sheets leave us fit to be tied

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Blame Bertha. Or thank her. Or both. Bertha Berman patented the fitted bed sheet in 1959, which means this is the 60th anniversary of Not Getting the %#)#$ Sheet Oriented Properly the First Time.

The first time you put on a fitted sheet, it's always wrong, and you have to take it off and do it again. The wider the bed, the more difficult it is ...Read more

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos live there. So why is this town asking its residents to pay more in property taxes?

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MEDINA, Wash. -- Within the gated estates that line this city's leafy streets live the richest of the rich.

People with names like Gates, Bezos and Nordstrom call the waterfront enclave home, helping burnish Medina's image as the heart of Lake Washington's "Gold Coast." The city has 3,200 residents, a smattering of businesses and a citywide, 24...Read more

The Journey: How companies can improve employees' retirement security

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There's a wide gulf between what employers think they are doing to help workers retire comfortably and what workers are actually experiencing, a new survey shows.

Seventy-five percent of employers consider their workplaces to be "aging friendly," but just 54% of workers say their employers are aging friendly, according to the Transamerica ...Read more

On Philanthropy: In the eyes of business leaders, 'social purpose' has replaced 'shareholder capitalism'

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Nearly 50 years ago, Milton Friedman launched the era of "shareholder capitalism." At that time, the Nobel-Prize-winning economist admonished American business leaders that their only responsibility was to maximize profits. The world has changed a lot since then -- for better and for worse. Some still espouse this theory.

According to Friedman ...Read more

Susan Tompor: Scammers are fooling millennials out of millions of dollars: Here's how

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Stefanie Rinna, 26, initially was pretty happy to get a text from a prospective employer who said she spotted the young woman's information on the job site So Rinna jumped on the chance in September to do an interview via Google Hangouts.

The interviewer for the food packaging company seemed to want to fill a real job.

"At first, ...Read more

'Taxes be killin' me!' These Philly high schoolers get $500 to learn about investing, becoming millionaires

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PHILADELPHIA -- Personal finance classes in high school? Lots of adults like the idea, and students love learning with real money.

A Philadelphia high school teacher is introducing teenagers to the world of stocks, bonds, the dangers of credit cards, and the thrill of investing over the long-term to become a millionaire -- at Olney Charter High...Read more

Hot Property: Producer Joel Silver eyes a record-breaking sale in Brentwood

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LOS ANGELES -- Blockbuster film producer Joel Silver is looking for his second major home release in two years. After selling his Malibu estate last year for $38 million, Silver has listed his Brentwood home for sale at $77.5 million.

The bright-colored and striking Mexican modernist residence was designed by architect Ricardo Legorreta.

...Read more

Real estate Q&A: Can seller remove fixtures from house we're buying?

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Q: We are getting ready to close on our new house and discovered that the seller removed several things we thought we were buying, including the bathroom mirrors and a chandelier. Can they do this? --Anonymous

A: Property is divided into two main categories. "Real property" refers to land and everything permanently attached to it, such as your ...Read more