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Real estate Q&A: How can we get rid of our rowdy renters?

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Q: Lately, some of the renters in our townhome community have been disruptive. There have been noise disturbances, domestic violence, unleashed pets, and even open drug use. When some homeowners raised their concerns, the association said their ability to address the problem was limited, and changing rental bylaws was almost impossible. What can...Read more

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Zombie malls and other retail centers getting extreme makeovers to keep up with the times

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Denise Richardson took her kids to Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee, Illinois, so often that at Christmas time, the Santa Claus there recognized them by name. She remembers when department stores moved out of Elgin, then a city of 64,000 people in the exurbs of Chicago, to the mall when it opened in 1980, and it was the place to be.

But the mall...Read more

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Downtown Chicago's condo development boom has ended. Here's why

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For the first time in years, there are no new large condo projects under construction in downtown Chicago.

Roughly 2,500 condos have been developed downtown since 2015 as multiple towers were constructed, and about 600 of those units are still available, said Gail Lissner, managing director for Integra Realty Resources.

But the high cost of ...Read more


Sorry, home sellers: The 6% commission isn't going anywhere

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Negotiation is an essential part of buying or selling a home. But for nearly a century, there’s been one part of the process where haggling doesn’t fly: the 5% to 6% standard commission charged by U.S. realtors. Now, in a dramatic turn of events, the National Association of Realtors has settled a class-action lawsuit that targeted the ...Read more

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Upscale Westside LA neighborhoods hit hard by State Farm home insurance cancellations

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Thousands of Californians who won't see their home insurance renewed by State Farm this summer are homeowners in Los Angeles County, with some upscale Westside neighborhoods hit hard, according to the insurer's recent filings with the Department of Insurance.

A majority of the insurer's customers in neighborhoods in West Los Angeles as well as ...Read more

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15 best native plants to grow in your yard if you also want fragrant bouquets

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LOS ANGELES -- Attention, anyone who thinks native blooms are brilliant in the wild — or our yards — but don't work in bouquets.

Boy, are we wrong.

This isn't an invitation to trample wildflower fields to pick bouquets — our precious wildflowers need to stay unpicked so their seeds will produce blooms in the future — but it is notice ...Read more

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If US inflation reflected rising home insurance costs, it'd be even higher

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If the rising price of homeowners insurance were factored into the U.S. Consumer Price Index — a key metric of inflation — it could have added 80 basis points, or about 0.8%, to last year’s CPI increase of 3.4%, according to an analysis from Bloomberg Intelligence.

By not including home insurance, the CPI “ignores climate costs,” ...Read more

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Home insurance cost hikes slowed at the end of 2023. Some say the crisis may be nearing its end

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Home insurance rates in Florida far outpaced inflation over the 18 months that ended on Dec. 31, but the rate of increase slowed in the fourth quarter of 2023 to its lowest point of the period.

And many insurance insiders are optimistic that rates will continue to stabilize this year and next, barring a big costly you-know-what.

According to ...Read more


Could AI start replacing real estate agents?

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LAS VEGAS — Bruce Hiatt is hoping the integration of artificial intelligence will help take his real estate company to the next level, and in turn, could require fewer in-person agents in the process.

Hiatt, a Las Vegas-based broker who is also the owner of Luxury Realty Group, is currently beta testing an AI conversational avatar that speaks...Read more


Which debts can be consolidated? Here are 4 types to consider combining

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Debt consolidation can make repayment easier by consolidating multiple accounts into a single one. Consolidating debt also can save you money on interest and help you get out of debt faster, depending on your situation. Here are four ways to do it:


You can consolidate credit card debt

Paying down your monthly credit card balance on ...Read more

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California is building fewer homes. The state could get even more expensive

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Ken Kahan makes a living building homes.

A specialty? Luxury apartment complexes in Los Angeles neighborhoods such as Palms and Silver Lake filled with mostly market rate units, but with a handful of income-restricted affordable ones as well.

It can be a good business, but lately less so.

"We have pulled back," said Kahan, the president of ...Read more

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Studio owners revise plans for $1 billion update of historic Television City

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LOS ANGELES — The owners of Television City have scaled back their plans to enlarge and modernize the landmark Los Angeles studio where CBS began making shows to broadcast nationwide at the dawn of the television age.

Formerly known as CBS Television City, the studio sits next to popular tourist attractions the Original Farmers Market and the...Read more


The year of the 'mansion tax': Hundreds of millions raised, but a chill to LA's luxury market

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One year ago, Los Angeles' "mansion tax" took effect. It has either been a godsend or an absolute disaster, depending on who you ask.

The transfer tax, formally known as Measure ULA, levies a 4% charge on all property sales above $5 million and a 5.5% charge on sales above $10 million, with proceeds funding affordable housing and homelessness ...Read more

Real estate Q&A: How I can find ex so I can sell condo we bought together?

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Q: I bought a condominium with my live-in girlfriend about a decade ago. When we broke up a few years ago, I stayed in the apartment and kept paying the mortgage and the bills. I just remembered her name was even on the deed when I recently decided to sell it. I have no idea where she is now. How can I reclaim my property? — Kevin

A: When you...Read more

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Pickleball craze breathes new life into old downtown Minneapolis office buildings

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In a fever-dream phase of the pandemic, commercial real estate broker Mike Marinovich used electrical tape to draw out three pickleball courts on the sprawling second floor of his vacant downtown Minneapolis office building.

The space at 1200 Washington Av. S. had just been vacated by a supercomputing center, and Marinovich was having no luck ...Read more

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Crime or peak urbanism? YIMBYs can't help but applaud the transit officials who built secret apartments inside Bay Area train stations

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In California's Bay Area, where it can easily cost north of $900,000 to build a single new-unit of affordable housing, how did former Caltrain officials end up building two secret apartments inside two Peninsula stations for the measly sum of $50,000?

Not legally, San Mateo, California, prosecutors allege.

Former Caltrain Deputy Director ...Read more

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House hunters fear Realtor settlement could make homebuying harder

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Real estate investor Debra Falese called a landmark Realtor commission settlement “horrible” because it requires home shoppers to sign contracts with their agents.

That could leave buyers “locked into” working with unreliable agents, the Huntington Beach, California, property owner said.

New homeowner Morgan Hedrick worries the ...Read more

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Silicon Valley billionaires planning 'California Forever' utopia score big win in $510 million fight against farmers

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The Silicon Valley billionaires trying to build a utopian city in Solano County, California, scored a major win in court against landowners they accused of conspiring to inflate the prices of their properties.

In May last year, the project’s real estate arm Flannery Associates sued dozens of landowners for $510 million in damages, claiming ...Read more


How to buy life insurance in 8 steps

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At first, thinking about how to get life insurance might seem overwhelming. If you’re not familiar with coverage types or how to buy life insurance policies, you might be tempted to put it off. Fortunately, Bankrate’s editorial team has done a lot of the legwork for you. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for purchasing a life ...Read more


How to protect your deceased loved one's credit after death

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Grieving the loss of a loved one is an emotionally and mentally challenging experience. Still, amid the turmoil of the grieving process, it’s essential to address the deceased’s financial matters and protect their credit information. Requesting a credit freeze is a crucial first step.

By following this process, you can safeguard their ...Read more