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Runaway bear market blows past everything meant to slow it down

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Unwavering profit projections. Benign chart patterns. Big hedges in the options market.

All the things that bulls expected to put a brake on the worst equity selloff in 30 months have just summarily failed.

The Federal Reserve, with an assist from UK policy makers, overpowered them all to deliver a week that rocked financial markets around ...Read more

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A $50,000 electric bill? The cost of cooling LA's biggest houses in a heat wave

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Cooling off a 1,500-square-foot bungalow in a heat wave is expensive enough. But how big are the bills for the ever-larger mega-mansions crowning our hills?

Granted, those who can afford a $50-million home likely aren't sweating a bloated electric bill, nor perhaps the carbon footprint, but experts say the cost of keeping a mansion cool can run...Read more

Losing a home for unpaid taxes often means losing your equity, too

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Last year, Massachusetts Democratic state Reps. Tommy Vitolo and Jeff Roy saw a newspaper story about two brothers in their state who had almost lost their home due to unpaid property taxes. That was followed by another article this year featuring a New Bedford woman, recovering from COVID-19, who slept in her car when her home was taken for the...Read more

Real estate Q&A: What should we do if our house has minor damage from Hurricane Ian?

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Q: Despite our preparations, Hurricane Ian’s storm bands damaged our home. Fortunately, the damage was relatively minor. What should we do now? – John

A: Your priority should always be staying safe during and after a storm or other disaster. Watch out for deep puddles, hanging power lines, and other hazards. If you have to use a generator, ...Read more

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Do tiny homes really work as a solution to homelessness? Here's what the data show

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When Robert Hernandez unpacked his meager belongings into one of San Jose’s celebrated tiny homes, finally getting a bed and access to a shower after more than a decade on the street, he had reason to be elated.

After all, tiny homes have become the hot new thing in the fight to end homelessness. The simple dwellings have multiplied across ...Read more

Office markets are the real estate crash we need to worry about

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While everybody's been sweating over the housing and labor markets, the office market has been streaking toward a hard landing.

The Federal Reserve's new hawkish stance has pushed stocks lower and heightened concerns about the direction of the U.S. economy over the coming year. Anxiety has been centered on labor and housing crashes, but ...Read more

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California's 'racist' Article 34 remains an obstacle to affordable housing

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When voters in Oakland, Berkeley and South San Francisco, California, receive ballots in the mail next month, they’ll be asked whether their cities should be allowed to help build more desperately needed affordable housing.

The reason for seeking voters’ permission? A 72-year-old provision in the California Constitution requiring local ...Read more

Avoid these common real estate scams

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From buying to renting to selling, real estate scams can target landlords and local residents in many situations. It’s a criminal practice that can seriously damage your wallet, credit and peace of mind.

Wire scams

According to, one of the common real estate fake-outs is the wire scam.

“This is basically a scam where someone ...Read more

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With interest rates surging, what does a starter home look like in Southern California?

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For decades, the single-family home has been Southern California's ultimate lure — a chance to live a life of sun and sand from the comfort of your very own property.

Most buyers' ticket into that life is the starter home. Something modest but not minuscule. Two bedrooms, maybe three. A picket fence in front and a yard out back for the kids ...Read more

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As mortgage rates soared, here's how much homebuyers lost in purchasing power

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Homebuyers have lost six figures in buying power over the past year, thanks to soaring mortgage rates, according to new research.

It’s the equivalent of about $140,000, a new report from RedFin calculates, as mortgage rates jumped to 6% since the beginning of the year.

“Raising interest rates is necessary to fight inflation, but it comes ...Read more

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Chicago rolls out plan to revive financial district in wake of pandemic

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot unveiled a plan Monday to revive the LaSalle Street corridor, a key downtown office district that suffered the double whammy of COVID-19 and the loss of several large firms to new towers rising farther west along Wacker Drive and in Fulton Market.

The mayor said it’s time to take advantage of the Loop apartment ...Read more

Inflation is crushing Americans' savings -- here are 6 tips to protect your money

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Building up a stable cushion of cash you can rely on in emergencies seems daunting even in normal economic times. Add the steepest loss of Americans’ purchasing power in more than 40 years into the mix, and the task can seem next to impossible.

Prices have climbed on almost every consumer staple, rising 8.3% in August from a year ago — ...Read more


Remote work drove over 60% of house-price surge, Fed study finds

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The shift to working from home drove more than half of the increase in house and rent prices during the pandemic and will likely drive up costs and inflation going forward as the shift becomes permanent, according to research from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

“The transition to remote work because of the COVID-19 pandemic has ...Read more

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This Federal Reserve policy you've never heard of could have the biggest effect on your wallet

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The Federal Reserve is making headlines by raising interest rates at the fastest pace in a single year since the 1980s, concerning investors and consumers alike with fears the central bank could go too far, too fast.

But it’s another lesser-known decision — albeit a substantially more complex one — that could have an even greater ...Read more

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Proposed surf park in California desert is rejected by La Quinta City Council

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A developer's proposal to build a surfing lagoon in the Coachella Valley desert has been rejected by the city of La Quinta after residents raised concerns about noise, lighting and the resort's substantial water footprint in a time of severe drought.

The City Council's five members voted unanimously Wednesday night against a zoning change ...Read more

Real estate Q&A: What should we do about lease after long-time tenant's death?

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Q: We have rented an apartment to the same gentleman for the last 10 years. We sign a new lease each year, and he has been a great tenant. Sadly, he recently passed away unexpectedly. What are we supposed to do with his belongings and the lease? — Sandy

A: When someone passes away, their legal existence continues in their “estate.” An ...Read more

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How zombies transformed this town in Georgia

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In 2011, “The Walking Dead” needed to find a downtown to turn into a fictional city for Season 3 of what was becoming the biggest basic cable show of all time.

Michael Riley, locations manager for the AMC zombie series, thought of the town of Senoia, Georgia, 35 miles southwest of Atlanta, with its charming stretch of historic buildings and...Read more

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Surfing in the desert? A developer's plan for a surf lagoon sparks outrage

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In a part of the Coachella Valley where exclusive neighborhoods wrap around lush golf courses and ponds, a stretch of open desert could be transformed into a new sort of artificial oasis.

A developer has plans for hundreds of homes and a resort featuring a surfing lagoon. If La Quinta, California's City Council endorses the proposal, the sandy ...Read more

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To sell or not to sell? How home sellers are adjusting to a softening market

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With the frenzied housing market coming to an end, some sellers are considering putting their homes up for rent instead.

Rising mortgage rates and lower buyer demand are causing sellers to feel less hopeful about garnering high prices for their homes. As a result, they’re weighing their options when it comes to whether to wait out the market,...Read more

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More of Philadelphia's apartments are being built in a factory and put together later like LEGOs

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One morning last month, a crane swung massive boxes across a clear blue sky and gently slotted them among the apartments under construction at 23rd and Race Streets in Philadelphia. Inside the boxes were toilets in bathrooms, closets in bedrooms, countertops in kitchens — all the makings of homes.

The 160-unit Edgewater II is one of the ...Read more