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Inga Saffron: Convention centers drive urban economies. Will we ever meet there again?

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PHILADELPHIA -- President Donald Trump may have given up on holding a convention in the midst of a pandemic, but not Mark Yuska.

A professional meeting planner, Yuska is so convinced that convention centers can be made safe that he decided to organize a gathering for the people who manage the world's conferences and trade shows. His company, ...Read more

Booming 'Zoom towns' should ease city housing costs

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Housing in a certain type of town couldn't be hotter. And some of them have been getting attention way out of proportion to their importance to the economy for an obvious reason: They're the places where corporate executives, Wall Street barons, Hollywood stars and more than a few journalists have fled to escape the perceived dangers of crowded ...Read more

Fresh Market cookout meal a real bargain

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Looking to get your grill on before the summer is gone? The Fresh Market is taking the grunt work out of putting together a fire-ready smorgasbord.

The Summer Cookout meal serves eight and features eight mild Italian sausages, a Southwest veggie kit prepped for grilling, pretzel buns, two pounds each of coleslaw and potato salad and an apple ...Read more

SeaWorld, Busch Gardens offer free admission for military veterans

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ORLANDO, Fla. - SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa theme parks are now offering free single-day admission tickets to U.S. military veterans. The offer is good through Nov. 11 - Veterans Day.

The deal, which includes one veteran and up to three family members or friends, also is available for SeaWorld San Antonio. It will also be valid at ...Read more

10 ways to have a chic, safe, outdoor dinner party on the cheap

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Whether you have a city balcony, deck or backyard, dining outdoors is one of the best ways to enjoy summer. Dinner with your immediate household members is one thing, but if you're planning on having a get-together with a few friends in your trusted social bubble, a little extra planning - and creativity - is in order.

Follow the Centers for ...Read more

Carla Fried: 'My husband handles the money' — what decade is this?

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A recent UBS Global Wealth Management survey starts out encouragingly enough: Nearly eight in 10 millennial women say they will share responsibility for household finances with their spouses. And they think that approach is overdue: Two-thirds say other married women rely on their spouses too much on the money stuff.

But after the wedding, ...Read more

Natasha Frost: Stalled career, student debt — can't afford a house? Here's a recovery plan

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You're young, well-educated and capable. And in most economies, your salvation would be moving through a series of increasingly responsible -- and well-paying -- jobs. Your rising income would allow you to whittle down student loans, save up for a down payment and even contemplate having children with that special someone.

But the coronavirus ...Read more

Social Graces: What to do when your partner or roommate wants to relax COVID-19 quarantine rules but you don't

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Q: From the start, you and your partner or roommate have been on the same page with a COVID-19 safety routine. Now they want to relax the rules, but you don't. What should you say?

A: The best thing you can do is actually have a conversation together. This includes making eye contact, putting the phones away, and sitting face-to-face - ...Read more

Hot Property: 'Purge' producer elects to sell LA penthouse

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LOS ANGELES -- Film producer Jason Blum of "The Purge" and "Get Out" fame is looking to get out of his place in downtown L.A. The filmmaker has listed his designer-done condo at the Ritz-Carlton Residences at LA. Live for $6.995 million.

The corner-unit condo encompasses 4,250 square feet at the building, which counts Clippers star Kawhi ...Read more

Carla Fried: How to bring an aging parent close – but not too close

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How close do you live to your aging parents? A mile? An hour's drive? A three-hour flight? Now, imagine there comes a day when they can no longer handle things on their own and you need to help them on a daily basis and either care for them yourself or closely oversee caregivers you hire.

The commute, even a short one, could upend your life in ...Read more

Real estate Q&A: Why do I need to buy two title insurance policies?

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Q: We are closing on a new home shortly and just received our lender's estimate of the closing costs. It is charging us for both an owner's title insurance policy and another one for the lender. Is this normal, or should we insist that the lender pays for its title policy? -- Bruce

A: Title insurance protects your ownership of your home while ...Read more

Office rents will likely drop — but not apartment rents, survey finds

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California office spaces are expected to keep getting emptier and their rent prices will likely keep declining for years as the fallout of the pandemic persists, according to a new survey of commercial real estate developers and financiers.

Retail space will take an even more severe hit, while industrial real estate looks like a bright spot, ...Read more

Seattle upzoning cost these Black homeowners an extra $11,000

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SEATTLE -- The house was always going to need a little work.

An unpermitted second bedroom extending into the back alleyway "bounced" when entered, said Erika Cherry, who bought the 650-square-foot Seattle home with her husband, Andre, in late 2018. When the Cherrys demolished a wall, they found newspapers from 1916 -- the year the house was ...Read more

House flippers 'surprisingly unaffected' by COVID-19, but brace for mixed bag in months to come

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CHICAGO -- Born from the burgeoning real estate market that preceded the Great Recession, flipping homes has become a national fascination over the past two decades. Thrifty bargain hunters scooped up foreclosed or decrepit properties, renovated them and quickly resold for a tidy profit.

The good news for those who have made a career out of the...Read more

This project is trying to reverse gentrification by bringing people back to Seattle's Central District

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SEATTLE -- When Andrese Collins bumps into people he grew up with in the Central District, the conversation always starts the same way: "Where you'd go?"

Most of his childhood acquaintances have moved away as Seattle's historic Black neighborhood has changed and become more expensive -- to places like Kent, Everett and Federal Way. Collins and ...Read more

Worries about COVID-19 spreading through the vents send building owners in search of cleaner air. 'You can't put a force field around your property.'

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CHICAGO -- There's an invisible obstacle to reviving the economy from the coronavirus pandemic.

Potential transmission of the virus through air conditioning and heating systems is the latest issue employers and building owners are focusing on as they prepare for more people to head back to office towers and other non-residential buildings, ...Read more

High-end listings are returning, outpacing the recovery of the more affordable market

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New listings of high-end houses, which dropped the furthest and fastest during the early months of the pandemic, are coming back to the market and inflating the median price of houses currently for sale, according to a Zillow analysis.

The median list price for a home in the Philadelphia metropolitan area in June was $333,074 -- a 5.2% increase...Read more

World's largest hedge fund cuts dozens from staff as coronavirus takes toll

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Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund, has laid off dozens of employees as the pandemic hits its bottom line.

In an emailed statement, Bridgewater, based in Westport, Conn., said employees will be working more from home "so we won't need the same number of support people, new technologies are changing what type of people we ...Read more

Carla Fried: SEC's new rule, despite its name, isn't in your 'best interest'

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Just as more households are seeking help managing their finances amid the hardships of the coronavirus recession, the federal government has implemented a new regulation that falls short of protecting consumers.

Beginning June 30 the Securities and Exchange Commission began enforcing its new Regulation Best Interest, commonly known as Reg BI.

...Read more

Social Graces: Etiquette for a party during the pandemic

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Q: You've been invited to a party. You aren't sure about the number of attendees, if the event will be outdoors, whether social distancing will be in place or if masks are required. How should you ask the host?

A: Upon receipt of an invitation, it is customary to reply immediately, so as not to forget and to allow the host to have accurate ...Read more