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Everyday Cheapskate: A Quick, Easy, Legit Way to Cut Prescription Drug Costs

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I want to tell you about a shocking encounter I had with my friendly neighborhood pharmacy that opened my eyes and forever changed the way my family uses big discounts to slash our prescription drug costs.

For several years, my doctor had prescribed two preventive-type medications, both generic. Together, they cost about $24 for a 30-day supply...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate the 2024 Summer Olympics

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The 2024 Summer Olympics are right around the corner (opening ceremony: July 26, 10:30 a.m. PDT). What a perfect time to bring family fun and patriotism into your home! Celebrating the Olympics as a family can be a fantastic way to bond, learn and have fun without spending a fortune on tickets, travel and accommodations. Here are some creative ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: How to Outsmart Those Subliminal Supermarket Tricks

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I had never thought much about the logistics and intense marketing behind the supermarket business and all its subliminal aspects until one day, in a tremendous hurry, I dashed into my favorite market only to find it had been completely rearranged the previous night.

The harder I searched for the items I needed, the more frustrated I became. ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Getting Ready for a New Puppy

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Whether a new puppy makes your dreams of the perfect family dog come true or turns into a total nightmare depends on how well you've prepared, starting with a well-planned first 24 hours.

Choosing your new best friend can be quite a challenge! Visit to find the right dog breed to suit your lifestyle. Once you have ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Financial Ease Has Nothing to Do With Being Rich

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My life radically changed years ago when I came out of the closet, so to speak. I broke my self-imposed gag order and told the whole world about my struggle with a debilitating spending problem. I had no idea at the time this would be one of the smartest things I could ever do. By telling my story and owning up to my problem, I became ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: You Really Need to Submit to That Exam You've Been Dreading!

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It's been awhile now since I underwent that procedure no one my age likes to talk about. As much as I dreaded the actual examination, it was nothing compared to what I had to go through to prepare for it. Just seeing those words on the office door made me want to turn and run: certified financial planner.

But we did it! Harold and I spent ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: How to Stick It to Your Creditors

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Late fees, punitive interest rates, over-limit fees, loading up your credit report with negative information -- it's enough to make you scream!

It's not that your creditors are doing anything illegal. You just didn't understand the power you gave them when you accepted that credit card (it was buried in the fine print). And now it seems like ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: How to Build a Great Wardrobe Without Blowing a Hole in the Budget

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Imagine that by some stroke of luck and shopping reversal you had all the cash you've spent on clothes you didn't wear in your wardrobe-buying lifetime. For most of us, that would represent quite a nice nest egg given our history of making so many back-of-the-closet mistakes.

This problem is, we shop without a plan, and the endeavor boils down ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Life Lessons From a Daffodil Garden

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I love the story author Jaroldeen Edwards tells in her book "Things I Wish I'd Known Sooner," when she took a trip with her daughter Carolyn one drab, rainy day. Her daughter wanted to drive more than two hours to see some flowers a woman had planted. She wasn't too thrilled, but her daughter insisted, saying, "You're going to love this, Mom!" ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Overwhelmed by Clutter? These Companies Will Pick Up Your Donations for Free

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Living in a tidy, organized home can help lower your stress and make daily life more peaceful. And I know from experience the challenge can come down to figuring out what to do with all the items you need to clear out, especially big things like furniture and appliances.

Getting rid of things quickly can help prevent clutter from piling up. If ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Reframe Your Thinking to Change Your Attitude

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Are you facing a difficult or unpleasant situation in your life? You may not be able to change it, but you can change the way you think about it. That's because you have 100% control over your attitude -- the way you choose to respond to whatever life hands you.

Years ago, my husband and I decided not to replace my car once the lease was up. ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: When the Gift is Just Not Right

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You received a gift that doesn't exactly send you to the moon because it doesn't go with anything in your tastefully decorated pad. Is it OK to turn around and give that gift to someone else for their birthday or other special occasion? If you return it, must you tell the giver? Would it be tacky to sell it on eBay?

There is no single, clear-...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: No More Laundry Stain Blues

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Of all my pet peeves (yes, I do have more than a few), I put laundry stains right up at the top of the list. That's why I was so interested to read today's first great reader tip. Blueberry stains are one of the most challenging. But who knew they could also be one of the easiest to remove?


My family eats a lot of blueberries ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Drink Tap Water for Your Health ... and Wealth!

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It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when it happened, but sometime over the past decade or so, the general population of this country formed a belief that bottled water is better than tap -- safer and healthier, too. It is easy to figure out where this idea originated. It was with bottled water suppliers. It was pretty ingenious to convince ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Ingenious Ways to Beat Frustration (and Save Money, Too)

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Secretly, I feel like a genius when I discover a secondary use for this or that -- in case I run out of this but have plenty of that. Like using a paper coffee filter to wash a glass top or mirror when I'm in a pinch for paper towels. Or using a paper towel to create a coffee filter when I discover at the worst moment that we're out of filters! ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Fitness on a Budget

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Recently I got a frantic letter from Barbara, who lives in Florida. It seems her teenage son has taken up bodybuilding, and her husband is adhering rigidly to the Atkins diet, both of which are heavy on protein. Barb got through the first week with a major case of mixed emotions: Her husband lost 7 pounds, her son gained 4 pounds -- and her food...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: How I Gave My Small Desk a Big Makeover

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If there's one thing I know about myself, it's this: I don't work well in chaos. Recently I came to terms with my office. Specifically, my desk.

I have a fairly small desk, by design. I have just enough space for my computer and a couple of monitors. The desk has only three small drawers that are so full of clutter, I can barely coax them to ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: 7 Easy Ways to Slash the Cost of Clothing

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Clothing is not optional, but spending a lot of money on it is, says author Gregory Karp in his book "Living Rich by Spending Smart."

Off the top of your head, how much would you say your family spends on clothing in a year? According to the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey, a family of four spends an average of $1,434 a year on apparel plus ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Living Below Your Means

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I wouldn't call it a radical new idea, although a social media channel declared recently that living below your means is the hot new trend!

It is a simple concept -- spend less than you earn. Still, LBYM is seen by many as a life sentence, not the lifesaver that it is. It can take a crisis like unemployment, runaway inflation or a sudden ...Read more

Everyday Cheapskate: Straighten Up and Fly Right!

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As you read, are you wearing your shoes? Is your sink shiny? Can you walk through your living room without tripping over clutter? Would a knock on your door cause you to die of embarrassment?

In her classic book, "Sink Reflections" (Bantam, 2002), author Marla Cilley remembers the days when she slouched around in bare feet and uncombed hair. ...Read more



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