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Court awards $57M payout for injuries from runaway Ford Expedition

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A federal court this spring directed Ford Motor Co. to pay almost $57 million after a jury found the Dearborn automaker responsible for injuries from a 1998 Expedition SUV that backed over her left leg.

The company is challenging the verdict, whose assigned damages would put it among some of the largest personal injury payouts in U.S. history. ...Read more

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Stellantis AI and machine learning executive latest to depart automaker

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Stellantis NV's vice president for artificial intelligence, algorithms and machine learning is the latest executive to depart the company.

Berta Rodriguez-Hervas, a leader in the company's growing software division, has resigned for a new job, which was not disclosed, a Stellantis spokesperson confirmed Friday. She had been with the automaker ...Read more

CDK hackers want millions in ransom to end car dealership outage

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A group that claims to have hacked CDK Global, the software provider to thousands of car dealerships in North America, has demanded tens of millions of dollars in ransom, according to a person familiar with the matter.

CDK is planning to make the payment, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the information is private. The ...Read more

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Trump pledge to reverse Biden's EV push won't be so easy, experts say. Here's why

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WASHINGTON — Despite his vows to do so, it wouldn't be easy for former President Donald Trump to quickly dismantle the Biden-era policy push aimed at curbing vehicle emissions and speeding a transition to electric vehicles.

If the Republican presidential hopeful returns to the White House, he'll have to grapple with the slow nature of federal...Read more

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Casey Williams: Today's young drivers look for style, tech and value

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In 1964, Ford Motor Co. executive Lee Iacocca proposed a car that would forever change what young drivers wanted. Forget stodgy old sedans and wagons; they received an affordable four-seat sports car in the Ford Mustang — a thoroughbred that begat a new segment of vehicles dubbed “pony cars.” It sold 1,288,557 copies in less than three ...Read more

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Early adopters, mainstream success, buyer's remorse -- where is the EV market headed?

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The electric vehicle market is steeped in uncertainty. EV sales growth has slowed; automakers are pulling back on EV production; politics around the subject is growing nasty, as the very idea of driving an EV has entered the culture wars.

But one analyst says don’t fret: “Our long-term outlook for EVs remains bright.”

That’s according ...Read more

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Henry Payne: Mustang at Le Mans: America's pony wants to conquer Europe

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LE MANS, France — At the drop of the green flag last Saturday at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the #77 Ford Mustang race car surged past the #66 Ferrari 296 and #92 Porsche 911 to challenge the #70 McLaren 720S for the GT3 class lead.

Come again?

Ford has opened a new chapter in its iconic Mustang’s history as the affordable sportscar did ...Read more


Auto review: The 2024 Cadillac XT4 is one swell Buick

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As Cadillac tries to flog smaller SUVs like the XT4 and XT5, and small unremarkable sedans like CT4 and CT5, none represent what buyers truly perceive to be a Cadillac, at least if sales are to be believed. That honor belongs to Cadillac’s bestseller, the Escalade, which possesses the attributes most consumers attribute to the brand. And while...Read more

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Auto review: 2024 Range Rover Evoque is classy and priced right

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With Range Rover in Grasso's Garage this week, it's all about class and luxury at an attainable price. Enter the Evoque, Rover's entry-level SUV that takes the brand to new heights as it opens up to even more drivers.

Powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine, the 246-horsepower Evoque offers 269 pound-feet of torque and a ...Read more

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Car dealers across US are crippled by a second cyberattack

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Auto retailers across the U.S. suffered a second major disruption in as many days due to another cyberattack at CDK Global, the software provider thousands of dealers rely on to run their stores.

CDK informed customers Thursday of the incident that occurred late the prior evening. The company shut down most of its systems again, saying in a ...Read more

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Car dealerships across US halt services after cyberattack

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Thousands of car dealerships were ground to a halt during a normally busy holiday Wednesday by a cyber incident at CDK Global, a major software provider for dealers across the US.

The company “shut all systems down and executed extensive testing and consulted with external third-party experts,” Tony Macrito, a CDK spokesman, said in an ...Read more


Jeep will make its V-8 Wrangler for another year

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Jeep says it's bringing back its Wrangler SUV that has a V-8 Hemi under the hood for another year, even as it phases out the big gas-guzzling engines in other models amid the electric vehicle transition.

The Stellantis NV brand initially said in March it was ending production of the Wrangler 392 with a 2024 Final Edition. Now it says it will ...Read more

Robotaxis escape California legislative move to let cities control them

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A business group backed by robot-taxi companies is celebrating the demise of a proposed California law that would have let cities regulate the controversial autonomous vehicles and fine them for breaking traffic laws.

“The bill would have prevented safety and accessibility opportunities for millions of Californians,” said the Autonomous ...Read more

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'Car Wars' report tells Detroit Three to leave China, sell trucks to invest in EVs

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FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan — Detroit's three automakers should focus on their core businesses, including gas-powered trucks, and not the Chinese market in the next few years while pursuing advancements in electric-vehicle technologies until they can be produced with similar profitability as Tesla, a Bank of America Corp. analyst said.

With a ...Read more


Model Y is No. 1 again on the American-Made Index

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For the third year in a row, Tesla Inc.’s Model Y is the most American-made car, according to a ranking released Tuesday by

The Jeep Gladiator produced by Stellantis NV was the only Detroit automaker vehicle to rank in the top 10 on the annual list, coming in at No. 8. Meanwhile, Tesla's Model S and Model X also ranked in the top 10...Read more


Motormouth: 'Suggested' maintenance

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Q: I have a 2015 Lexus RX 350 with 66,000 miles. The manual says nothing about changing the differentials oils but only suggests to "check" them periodically assuming the car is used normally and not with heavy tow. The dealer does put the fear of God in you that you should change the oils at low mileage intervals. I finally bought in and ...Read more

GM-LG battery plant workers ratify initial deal, UAW local says

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United Auto Workers-represented employees at General Motors Co.'s first operating joint-venture battery plant in northeast Ohio have ratified an inaugural local contract with the company.

Workers at the Warren, Ohio, Ultium Cells LLC plant, owned by GM and battery supplier LG Energy Solution, approved the new four-year deal with 98% voting yes ...Read more

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When will America get its $25,000 electric car?

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Electric-vehicle prices are falling fast in the U.S., but the cheapest models remain far more costly than what other countries have on offer. The BYD Seagull sells for about $10,000 in China, the Dacia Spring starts at $20,000 in Europe, the Renault Kwid e-Tech costs $19,000 in Brazil, and the Kia Ray goes for $22,000 in South Korea.

So where ...Read more

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Musk answers Tesla faithful with trillion-dollar robot prophesy

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Elon Musk responded in kind to Tesla Inc. investors reapproving his massive compensation plan, offering outlandish predictions that he can enrich shareholders all over again.

After Tesla’s general counsel confirmed Thursday that investors supported awarding stock options to Musk worth as much as $55.8 billion, the chief executive officer said...Read more

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Auto review: The 2025 Genesis GV80: Making a good thing even better

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Maybe it’s taken you some time to notice Genesis, the luxury vehicle brand manufactured by Hyundai Motor Group. But that’s OK. It’s a luxury brand that’s still finding new customers, with many trading in their Lexus RXs, Acura RDXs, BMW X5s and Mercedes-Benz MLs.

In 2023, the Korean luxury brand outsold longtime luxury stalwart Cadillac...Read more