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Pressure mounts on Ford CEO Jim Hackett as stock drops to 52-week low

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A $7.89 price tag is a bargain for just about anything these days.

Including Ford Motor Company stock.

"Ford's stock is at its lowest point since the Great Recession," said John McElroy, host of "Autoline After Hours" and a longtime automotive analyst. "While this would normally put enormous pressure on CEO Jim Hackett, his recent reshuffling ...Read more

Your Tesla could explain why it crashed. But good luck getting its Autopilot data

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On Jan. 21, 2019, Michael Casuga drove his new Tesla Model 3 southbound on Santiago Canyon Road, a two-lane highway that twists through hilly woodlands east of Santa Ana, Calif.

He wasn't alone, in one sense: Tesla's semiautonomous driver-assist system, known as Autopilot -- which can steer, brake and change lanes -- was activated. Suddenly and...Read more

Roadshow: This company will let you buy your tires online and have them installed at home

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Buying tires for your car is one of those things that A) you sort of just have to do; and B) with few exceptions, hasn't really benefited from the kinds of technology that other types of shopping have. Sure, TireRack is great for shopping and buying tires online, but unless you want to order wheels too, you're still on the hook to go to the ...Read more

Tesla rival sets out to banish 160-year-old lead tech from cars

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TALINN, Estonia -- Your sleek new Tesla Model S or electronic BMW has a distinctly 19th century feature that you may not be aware of, among its batteries. A company in Estonia wants to change that.

Skeleton Technologies Group OU is working on supercapacitors, light-weight and long-life components that can distribute intensive bursts of power. ...Read more

Flying Car Mode and other secrets of the 2020 Corvette Stingray

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LAS VEGAS -- Evading helicopter surveillance and channeling the spirit of the "godfather of the Corvette" were business as usual for GM engineers developing the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, code-named C8 because it's the eighth-generation of the sports car.

The first mid-engined production car in Corvette history, the new Stingray had near...Read more

Auto review: Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat gets the Widebody treatment for 2020

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Dodge expands the high-performance Charger lineup for 2020 by adding a Widebody exterior to America's only four-door muscle car.

The Charger SRT Hellcat with the best-in-class supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V-8 engine is now a Widebody, with new integrated fender flares adding 3.5 inches of body width, with room for new 20-inch wheels with wider, ...Read more

Ex-UAW leader who pocketed millions in scandal gets 28-month sentence

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DETROIT -- Michael Grimes asked God for forgiveness Wednesday and apologized to his former UAW brothers and sisters for pocketing more than $1.5 million in the corruption scandal.

Grimes also had a few more things to say outside of federal court in Detroit after U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman sentenced him to 28 months in prison for his ...Read more

General Motors to exit Australia, New Zealand and Thailand in cost-cutting move

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General Motors is exiting Australia, New Zealand and Thailand to save costs in the underperforming markets and better hone its focus on growth markets as well as on its electric vehicle and self-driving car strategies.

As a result, GM said it expects to incur net cash charges of $300 million and to record total cash and noncash charges of $1.1 ...Read more

Roadshow: Our favorite debuts from the 2020 Chicago Auto Show

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Though it might not be the hottest event in terms of vehicle debuts, the Chicago Auto Show is extremely important for consumers - you know, the people actually buying all these new cars. That's how the Chicago expo manages to claim its "nation's largest auto show" title, and there's still plenty of big stuff on hand to keep us busy.

...Read more

Auto review: New Subaru Outback is in town

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2020 Subaru Outback Premium: A new take on love?

Price: $32,900 as tested. A package adding moonroof, premium navigation, blind-spot detection and hands-free rear gate cost $2,995.

Conventional wisdom: Car and Driver likes: "Competent off-road, spacious rear seat, leading-edge tech features." Dislikes: "Ho-hum powertrains, slow design ...Read more

Under the Hood: Keep those headlight lenses clean!

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Q: Regarding my 2000 Acura model TL, I've been told my front light shields need cleaning. I am wondering what you would recommend for improving nighttime safety. I could clean them myself, but I was told that is hard work and I'm in my 80s. The car-wash does cleaning at $89. I am hoping there is an easier/lower cost solution. Do you know if ...Read more

How good are your car headlights? Here's how technology is making them safer

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How good are your headlights? Probably not as good as you think.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety on Thursday issued a list of the 23 safest 2020 passenger vehicles, based mainly on the institute's crash worthiness tests.

Of those 23 vehicles, only six offer top-rated headlights as standard equipment, the IIHS said: the Genesis G70, ...Read more

Draft of bipartisan driverless car bill offered by House panel

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WASHINGTON -- Days after reviving the debate over how to regulate the driverless vehicle industry, the House Energy and Commerce Committee is circulating draft legislation for that oversight.

The discussion draft, obtained by CQ Roll Call, is bipartisan and bicameral and aimed at ironing out legislative differences up front in order to avoid ...Read more

Auto review: 2020 Cadillac XT6 offers a smaller, cheaper three-row SUV, but not much more

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2020 Cadillac XT6 Premium Luxury: A smaller three-row Cadillac crossover.

Price: $71,585 as tested. Comfort and Air Quality Package, $750; Driver Assist Package, $1,300; Polished 20-inch wheels, $2,095; Enhanced Visibility and Technology Package, $2,350; much more listed throughout.

Conventional wisdom: Consumer Reports likes the "ride, ...Read more

House revives debate over regulation of autonomous vehicles

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WASHINGTON -- The House appears close to reviving a debate over whether to regulate the driverless vehicle industry, but all of the concerns that torpedoed past efforts remain: Namely, how best to balance safety of new technology and the freedom to innovate.

Though a GOP-led House in 2017 passed by voice vote a bill aimed at creating a ...Read more

Scale of coronavirus too big for GM to escape unscathed, experts warn

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General Motors will restart production at its plants across China beginning Saturday as it continues to take precautions to ensure worker health amid the coronavirus outbreak.

But economists warn all the precautions in the world will not leave automakers unscathed.

GM is especially in danger. Its wide-scale operations in China put its 2020 ...Read more

Roadshow: Ferrari's first electric car could be a Tesla Roadster rival

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Ferrari has approached electrified cars with caution, and we only saw the Italian firm introduce its first plug-in hybrid with the SF90 Stradale last year. Sure, there was the LaFerrari, but the KERS-style hybrid system was hardly for efficiency - just more power.

But the tides are changing, and even Ferrari has signaled that it will one day...Read more

Electric vehicles are hard to find at the Chicago Auto Show. Next year will be a different story.

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The auto industry is betting hundreds of billions of dollars that this is the decade you're going to buy an electric vehicle.

From a sporty Ford Mustang crossover to the rebirth of a brawny GMC Hummer truck, legacy and startup automakers alike have hundreds of electric vehicles in the development pipeline, with industry projections that EV ...Read more

Here are GM's plans to make the GMC Hummer pickup a top seller

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General Motors said pickup sales make up half of its North American revenue. That's why it has big plans for the upcoming new GMC Hummer all-electric pickup.

GM will reveal the Hummer on May 20 and it will be the best on the market, the company promises.

"We're here to win, not only compete," said GM President Mark Reuss during GM's annual ...Read more

Mark Phelan: 3 features I can't wait to test in the 2021 Cadillac Escalade

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The 2021 Cadillac Escalade SUV doesn't go on sale till late this year, but here are three features customers may love:

-- Augmented reality navigation

Imagine a big red pin dropping from the sky onto the building you were looking for in an unfamiliar city. That's one of the benefits the Escalade's augmented reality navigation system promises. ...Read more