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GM will be a leaner company post-coronavirus, Barra says

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General Motors CEO Mary Barra said the next several weeks are critical for the automaker to rebuild pickup inventory, keep workers healthy and apply a "laser-like focus on our cost structure."

Barra made those comments during a Virtual Fireside Chat with Credit Suisse Tuesday. Joining her on the chat was GM's CFO Dhivya Suryadevara.

GM ...Read more

VW completes $2.6B self-driving deal connected with Ford

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Volkswagen has finalized a deal that will see it invest the equivalent of $2.6 billion in Argo AI as part of a partnership with Ford to develop self-driving technology.

The news was announced Tuesday.

Ford, in a posting by executive John Lawler, said the arrangement finalized Monday involving the Pittsburgh-based startup would allow the ...Read more

Ford restarts all its operations south of the border, FCA adds shifts

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Ford Motor Co. has restarted its plants in Mexico after weeks of shutdown due to the coronavirus, it said Monday.

The automaker offered little detail on exactly when it restarted its four plants in Mexico or how many shifts it would operate, other than to say the restart is gradual.

"The safety of our workforce is our top priority," said Ford ...Read more

Roadshow: What it's like to buy a car during COVID-19

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I wouldn't recommend buying a car in a pandemic. It's incredibly stressful, especially if you want to test drive before buying. But maybe you're like me and have no choice - I had to buy a car to move my family out of New York City in the middle of this coronavirus mess.

Dealerships are closed or have limited resources. Touching anything ...Read more

GM to recall most of its hourly workers

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DETROIT -- General Motors will have brought back most of its 48,000 hourly workforce in the United States starting next week.

GM will resume production at its full-sized SUV plant as well as the plant that makes its Cadillac compact SUV on Monday. GM also said it will increase production at its other North American SUV and pickup plants ...Read more

Motormouth: 'Cold' tire pressure

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Q: I have a 2016 Tahoe and recommended tire pressure is 35 psi. When I start out, it reads 35 but after 20-30 minutes of high-speed driving, all tires are up to 38. Should I reduce pressure to 32 so it will be 35 at speed?

J.C., Key Largo, Fla.

A: No. Not. Never. When driven, tires flex and that causes friction which creates heat which ...Read more

COVID-19 will change the way we buy cars forever. Here's how

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DETROIT -- At some point, we've all felt like a chump in a car dealership showroom, waiting for the salesperson to emerge from a shrouded back office where they presumably spent the last 20 minutes pushing a hard-nosed manager to chip another hundred bucks off the price of that car you're haggling over.

After hours at the dealership, it feels ...Read more

Driving hasn't found its new normal yet

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Memorial Day weekend, the typical start of the U.S. summer driving season, has come and gone. Data on just how much driving Americans did is trickling in, and it's a bit noisy. Apple mobility trends show searches for directions down only 4% from baseline, but gasoline consumption was 25% to 35% off the numbers from a year earlier. Not only are ...Read more

Larry Printz: The 2020 Mazda CX-30 is just right

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How does Mazda do it?

Once more, the little car company that can from Hiroshima, Japan has delivered a svelte little automotive bon-bon sure to win the hearts of automotive enthusiasts and design junkies. Dubbed the CX-30, it's larger and rides higher than the CX-3, but is smaller than the CX-5. You'd think they'd call it the CX-4, but another ...Read more

2020 Hyundai Sonata hybrid delivers 52 mpg, surprising features

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Hyundai should score a choice slice of the shrinking pie for midsize hybrid sedans with the stylish and well-equipped 2020 Sonata hybrid. The new hybrid offers a miserly version that the EPA rates at 52 mpg in combined city and highway driving and a loaded top model rated at 47 mpg combined.

What used to be a flood of hybrid midsize sedans has ...Read more

Preparing your car for travel in the age of COVID-19

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Every fall, after that one last drive, my old Corvette goes into the garage for its long winter nap. I rarely intend for it to be the last drive, but the weather changes, battery dies, and it's in for the count. A similar phenomenon happened during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. Cars were parked much longer than planned. With restrictions easing,...Read more

Ford pauses production at Kansas City Assembly Plant after worker tests positive for COVID-19

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DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. temporarily paused production at the Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo, Missouri, on Tuesday to deep clean after a worker tested positive for COVID-19.

A UAW official confirmed an hourly worker had tested positive and the affected area was cleaned to protect other UAW members on the line.

Kelli Felker, Ford ...Read more

Roadshow: The best car lease deals right now

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Maybe the world is returning to normal. Or maybe it's getting to a new normal of living with the coronavirus. Certainly there are signs of life returning to the new-car market. The opportunity to get a great lease deal while sales are lousy may be fading away.

Dealer inventories are high, retail sales are slow and interest rates are near ...Read more

Larry Printz: Frugal finds: The 10 least-expensive vehicles under $19,000

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If you have found yourself furloughed or are facing a reduced paycheck, and need some new wheels, you'll want a new ride at the lowest possible cost. Enter the frugal finds, the 10 least expensive new vehicles you can buy, ranked by base price of the base model. Each price includes destination charge, but excludes incentives.

All are built on ...Read more

Under the Hood: Night-vision system tests well

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I've been fortunate to try out a night-vision system for automotive use, the Vast by Lanmodo. New technology always intrigues me, particularly how useful it actually is and how well it gets along with a human operator.

The Vast resembles a large (8.2-inch) rear-view mirror that can be placed atop the instrument panel via an attached pad or ...Read more

Ford shuts down Dearborn Truck Plant after worker tests positive for coronavirus

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DETROIT -- Ford Motor Company shut down its Dearborn Truck Plant on Wednesday afternoon because of coronavirus, releasing its early shift of UAW hourly workers around 1:30 p.m.

"They sent everybody home," said a UAW worker who asked not to be named for fear of disciplinary action. "We probably got 800 people there. After lunch, everybody got ...Read more

Newsom says he's 'not worried' about Tesla leaving California soon

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- As Tesla is back and cranking up production at its vehicle manufacturing plant in Fremont, Gov. Gavin Newsom has said he isn't worried about the electric carmaker abandoning California in the near future.

Newsom made his comments late Tuesday during an interview on CNBC. Newsom said he has known Tesla Chief Executive Elon ...Read more

Ford temporarily closed its Chicago Assembly Plant after two employees test positive for COVID-19 a day after reopening

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CHICAGO -- A day after resuming operations at Ford's Chicago Assembly Plant on the city's Southeast Side, the U.S. automaker temporarily closed its facility Tuesday for disinfection because two employees tested positive for COVID-19.

The Torrence Avenue plant, which makes the new 2020 Ford Explorer, Lincoln Aviator and Police Interceptor SUVs, ...Read more

Americans still don't trust self-driving cars, poll shows

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Nearly half of Americans say they would not get in a self-driving taxi, according to a poll commissioned by the advocacy group Partners for Automated Vehicle Education. The poll, conducted online in February and March by SurveyUSA, found widespread skepticism and confusion about autonomous vehicles.

Of the 1,200 adults surveyed, 48% said they ...Read more

Huge day as Detroit Three restart at least 51 plants shuttered since March by coronavirus

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DETROIT -- Before sunrise on Monday, tens of thousands of autoworkers headed back to work at factories in Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, Louisville and Kansas City as the Detroit Three started building vehicles again.

Shuttered since late March because of the coronavirus, with hourly and salaried workers sheltering at home, cash-starved companies ...Read more