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Toyota's chip management provides lessons for GM, Ford and others

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General Motors' virtual command center has been running 24 hours nearly every day since the first of this year.

There, supply-chain managers act like air traffic controllers. They talk to every level of supplier, down to the smallest to direct scarce parts with semiconductor chips to factories that build GM's bestselling and biggest profit-...Read more

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In prep for EV future, here's what auto suppliers need to be doing

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DETROIT — The transition to electric vehicles will cost the auto industry billions and likely create more partnerships and mergers, but leaders of top Michigan-based suppliers consider the technology-driven evolution more opportunity than concerning disruption.

Suppliers — including BorgWarner Inc., American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings ...Read more


Auto review: Caddy's sharp, athletic CT5 takes a back seat to no one

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Cadillac has set itself on a bold course to go all-electric by the end of this decade. Call it the Yankee battle strategy as Cadillac follows California's Tesla — the only U.S. automaker to best the German juggernaut of Mercedes/BMW/Audi on the luxury front.

Caddy's decision comes after two decades following the European's performance model ...Read more


Auto review: Honda improves America's favorite compact sedan for 2022

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How many compact sedans did the former Big Three build last year? None. Zero. Zip. It’s as if they imperiously decreed that Americans no longer needed them. But what if you prefer a compact car?

Last year, Americans bought approximately one million compact cars, of which 261,225 were Honda Civics, the most popular car in the segment. American...Read more

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Nikola founder confronts charges he lied to support stock

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Nikola Corp. founder and former chairman Trevor Milton has been charged by prosecutors with making false statements to investors in the electric-vehicle startup. The charges follow a difficult year for the company, which went public last year and almost immediately faced questions about its production and technology.

Milton, 39, who stepped ...Read more

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Ford posts second-quarter profit, improves full-year outlook as supply-chain woes linger

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Ford Motor Co. reported better-than-expected second-quarter financial results and improved its outlook for the full year, even as it continues to battle supply-chain constraints that have caused delays in delivering hotly-anticipated new vehicles such as the Bronco.

Despite being hit hard by a months-long global shortage of computer chips, the ...Read more

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GM to restart truck plants but plans other production cuts

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General Motors Co. is restarting its full-size trucks plants next week after a week of production impacts caused by the global semiconductor shortage, but other facilities face additional downtime, the automaker said Wednesday.

GM's Flint Assembly, where heavy-duty trucks are built, went down to one shift this week, while light-duty truck ...Read more

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Ford is on a high-level hiring spree, and it's no accident

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DEARBORN, Mich. — Ford Motor Co. is on something of a high-level hiring spree, and it's no coincidence.

The Dearborn automaker is bolstering its senior leadership ranks, chiefly where politics and the auto business intersect. It's beefing up its policy and technology know-how amid a push to execute its new growth plan, lead the electric-...Read more

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Tesla tops analysts' profit forecasts as auto margins widen

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Tesla Inc. reported better-than-expected second-quarter earnings, as strong sales of its electric vehicles fattened margins and delivered $1 billion in net income, a milestone for the 18-year-old company.

Profit more than tripled to $1.45 a share on an adjusted basis, swelling as vehicles sales rebounded from pandemic shutdowns last year, the ...Read more

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Lordstown Motors receives $400 million investment from hedge fund

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Lordstown Motors Corp. has received a $400 million equity investment from a New Jersey-based hedge fund to help the startup launch and accelerate production of its Endurance electric truck in September.

The Ohio-based startup and YA II PN Ltd., a fund managed by New Jersey-based Yorkville Advisors Global LP, formed an equity purchase agreement ...Read more

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GM sues Ford claiming trademark infringement over hands-free technology's name

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General Motors said Saturday that it has sued Ford Motor Co. over the name of Ford's new hands-free driving technology: BlueCruise.

In April, Ford introduced its BlueCruise hands-free highway driving system. Ford said at that time that BlueCruise will hit the road in a few months as over-the-air downloads install the system in thousands of ...Read more

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Will GM's Bolt recall hurt EV acceptance? Well, it 'does not help'

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General Motors Co. is investing billions into its electrification transition as it simultaneously deals with a repeat electric vehicle recall that's likely to come with hefty costs and the risk of alienating consumers from EVs.

For the second time in less than a year, GM recalled more than 68,000 Chevrolet Bolt EVs globally from model years ...Read more

Roadshow: 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS brings proper luxury to forward-thinking buyers

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Tesla. There. I said it. Now I don't have to anymore. Because in all honesty, the car most people will compare to the 2022 Mercedes EQS isn't really in the same segment. Neither is the latest generation of internal-combustion S-Class, even though the two share more than a few technological innovations. The forthcoming EQS is its own thing: a ...Read more

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EV startup Rivian seeks second assembly plant as it closes another $2.5 billion funding round

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Rivian, which pushed the production launch of its Illinois-built electric truck back to September, is already scouting locations for a second assembly plant down the road.

The startup EV truck manufacturer confirmed it is looking to build a second factory, with multiple states bidding for the project, but said Friday the Normal plant remains ...Read more

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Mark Phelan: 2022 GMC Sierra one-ups Tesla with two new hands-free highway maneuvers. I liked them both

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General Motors' Super Cruise, the only hands-free driving system that's available on production vehicles, will add a couple of important new features for the 2022 model year: the ability to tow trailers and 100% automated passing when you come up on a slower vehicle.

The features will debut on the GMC Sierra light- and heavy-duty pickups. That ...Read more

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Good luck getting a California rebate on your new electric car

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Sam Dudley of Encino knows that California government has gone all in on zero-emission vehicles. So has he. He’s all about cutting back on greenhouse gases.

In May, Dudley splurged on a new electric car, a metallic black Chevy Bolt EV LT. He loves it.

But now it’s July, and the after-school program director, 35, wonders when the state will...Read more

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Want to negotiate the price of that new Mustang Mach-E? Good luck

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Car buyers looking at Ford Motor Co.'s new electric vehicles might face greater challenges negotiating deals under a new pricing model — the latest in a string of examples of how EVs are changing the auto retail landscape.

Ford is moving toward seamless pricing for new electric vehicles both online and at its dealers, meaning the customer is ...Read more


Auto review: The Jeep Grand Cherokee grows in many ways for 2021

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CHELSEA, Mich. – Ask Mark Allen, who runs Jeep design, what he finds amusing, and he'll tell you it’s that Americans prefer sport utility vehicles and crossover utility vehicles to sedans, coupes, convertibles and station wagons.

“I was told over and over and over, and read it in magazines, that in the American market you can't sell a ...Read more

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Turning classic cars into electric vehicles is a growing trend -- and it's not cheap

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Phil Davie has been building hot rods for two decades in southeast Michigan, but last summer he turned his business on its head.

He started a new type of hot-rod business, one that removes a classic car's internal combustion engine — and nearly all of the innards — and replaces it with an electric motor and batteries to make it all-electric...Read more


Auto review: Honda Accord is a luxe sedan in a mainstream wrapper

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Some cars stick with you. The 10th generation Honda Accord is one of those vehicles.

I remember when it arrived in my driveway in 2017. Coupe-like profile. Tablet infotainment screen astride a clean interior. Smooth 252-horsepower turbo-4. It was a luxury sedan with a mainstream badge. Slap four rings on the mega-grille and most would think it ...Read more