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Musk faces SEC probe for role in Tesla self-driving claims

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U.S. regulators are investigating Elon Musk’s role in shaping Tesla Inc.’s self-driving car claims, the latest effort by watchdogs to scrutinize the actions of the world’s second-richest person.

The review is part of an ongoing Securities and Exchange Commission probe of the company’s statements about its Autopilot driver-assistance ...Read more

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Full Size Mazda CX-9 delivers for the consumer

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In Grasso’s Garage this week, it’s Mazda back and better than ever. Their full size SUV, the 2023 CX-9 is exactly how they keep consumers and families coming back for more, and for good reason.

Whether price is your top priority, or dependability or appearance, Mazda really delivers. Its shark-like front fascia and outstanding reliability ...Read more


Auto review: A bit of good news courtesy of the 2023 Mazda CX-5

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How rarely do we genuinely hear good news? It seems that most news sources delight in torturing their readers or viewers with journalism sure to outrage, titillate, disgust, annoy or anger their readers. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to hear something happy.

So, it’s with great delight that I can report that for 2023, the Mazda CX-...Read more


Henry Payne: Nissan Ariya EV turns over a new Leaf with silky style

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FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan — Like the Kardashians on a budget, Nissan is a value brand with a taste for high fashion. Go to a Nissan dealership to buy a $25K Sentra loaded with standard goodies — auto high beams, adaptive cruise control, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto — but be sure to wander over to the $45K Murano Platinum SUV and ...Read more

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Ford's BlueCruise automated driving system tops Consumer Reports study

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Ford Motor Co.'s BlueCruise active driving assistance (ADA) system has surpassed General Motors Co.'s SuperCruise and Tesla Inc.'s Autopilot to achieve the top spot in a Consumer Reports' study of 12 of the ADA systems released Wednesday.

Consumer Reports tested the systems at its 327-acre Auto Test Center in Connecticut and on a 50-mile public...Read more

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Manchin pushes stricter electric vehicle credit rules

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Sen. Joe Manchin III and the auto industry are pushing for diverging interpretations of tax breaks in Democrats’ climate and health care budget package enacted last year that defray the cost of buying electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Manchin, who demanded strict sourcing rules to boost domestic manufacturing and energy security before ...Read more

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Motormouth: Mice in the car

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Q: We have a 2018 Chrysler Pacifica minivan. It is parked inside where there are mice. Within the last two weeks we have found evidence of mice in the cabin. No serious damage to date, just tissue and the like destroyed. I changed the cabin air filter thinking they were gaining access there but there was no evidence. We had the in-dash computer ...Read more

LG gets extension on Michigan battery plant expansion as plans with GM stall

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LG Energy Solution is getting an extension on formally entering into an agreement with Michigan's quasi-governmental economic engine to quintuple the size of its Holland, Michigan, electric-vehicle battery plant just days after it first was reported that the company won't be building a fourth battery plant with General Motors Co.

The governing ...Read more


Major insurance companies halt new policies for Kias, Hyundais amid St. Louis-area theft surge

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ST. LOUIS — Two major insurance companies have refused to issue new policies on some Kias and Hyundais in the St. Louis region as theft rates of those vehicles remain high following last year's surge.

In a seemingly unprecedented move, insurance behemoths such as Progressive and State Farm are declining to open new policies on Kias and ...Read more


Auto review: Volvo's XC60 Recharge marries power and restraint in elegant hybrid

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Being first doesn’t always mean much. Consider gas-electric hybrid automobiles. Toyota and Honda have been selling them for decades. But how serious were they, really? For 2023, there’s only one automaker selling cars that are purely mild hybrid, hybrid or electric in the United States, and it’s not from Japan.

Of course, you’d never ...Read more

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Auto review: Audi RS is back, e-tron GT style

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In Grasso’s Garage, it’s all about comfort, style and power. As you know, my avid readers also enjoy knowing about the most popular, most attractive and newest to the market vehicles that fit their needs and price category. But when it comes to EVs, readers enjoy what it’s all about to make their own decision on the future of automobiles. ...Read more


Auto review: Return of the compact truck: Maverick small on stature, big on versatility

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For those who miss the older, smaller Ford Ranger pickup, it's back — except it's called a Maverick now. And it has some nifty tricks within its 4.5-foot cargo bed, plus a versatile tailgate. Oh, and the base version comes standard as a hybrid.

Would-be truck buyers apparently have been hungry for a compact pickup truck like this Maverick, ...Read more

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Buyer beware: All those cars damaged in California's floods could be coming to a dealer near you

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LOS ANGELES — It's the smell that'll give it away.

"You had better get your face close to carpet," urged Ivan Drury of Edmunds, the automotive information service.

Now take a whiff.

"That gross, musty smell," said Drury, "that's a big red flag."

It means the vehicle most probably has been in a flood. Soon, these may be the perils of ...Read more

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Auto review: Chevy unleashes first all-wheel-drive, hybrid, 655-hp Corvette

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The Chevrolet Corvette turned 70 years old Tuesday, and in celebration the iconic supercar showcased its first hybrid, all-wheel-drive model.

The $104,295, 2024 Corvette E-Ray expands the mid-engine, C8 model’s offering with a grand touring version to complement its ferocious, rear-wheel-drive, $109,295 Z06 performance model and standard, $65...Read more

Stellantis signs nickel sulphate deal for EV batteries

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The maker of Jeep SUVs, Ram pickup trucks and other vehicles on Wednesday said it has signed a supply agreement to secure nickel sulphate for electric vehicle batteries.

Finland-based Terrafame Ltd. will begin supplying Stellantis NV the minerals in 2025 for the five-year term of the agreement. In a news release, the automaker said the deal "...Read more

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Motormouth: Battery packs are a great investment

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Q: Are jumper packs a good investment? The idea of jumping your car battery without having to find someone to help is very appealing, especially if you are on your own. Prices vary widely. Any thoughts or recommendations?

N.D. Hometown, Illinois

A: About the size of a small loaf of bread, those battery packs can be lifesavers. Also known as ...Read more


Tesla engineer testifies 2016 self-driving video was staged

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A 2016 video that purported to show the self-driving capabilities of a Tesla car was staged, a senior engineer testified.

Ashok Elluswamy, the company’s director of autopilot software, testified in July that the video showed the Model X performing actions it was not programmed to perform, like stopping at red lights and accelerating at green ...Read more

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Virginia governor scraps Ford's bid for EV battery plant with Chinese partner

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A Ford Motor Co. battery plant investment sought by Michigan and Virginia that would have created roughly 2,500 jobs was rejected by Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a potential Republican candidate for president, over his objections to the involvement of a Chinese partner.

“While Ford is an iconic American company, it became clear that this ...Read more

GM appealing to Supreme Court in case against FCA

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General Motors Co. is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review its racketeering lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, now known as Stellantis NV, according to a filing this month with the high court.

GM in August lost its appeal in the case in August when the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a federal judge's decision to throw out...Read more

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Illinois auto dealers file appeal after judge dismissed lawsuit challenging direct-to-consumer EV sales

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The Illinois Automobile Dealers Association has appealed a December court ruling that allowed EV automakers Rivian and Lucid to continue cutting out the middleman and selling directly to consumers.

The appeal, filed Friday in Chicago, challenges that decision and to a large extent, the evolving EV sales model nationwide.

“We think the law is...Read more