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Ford unloads another 7 million shares in EV startup Rivian for $188.2 million

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Ford Motor Co. has unloaded another 7 million shares of electric-vehicle startup Rivian Automotive Inc.'s stock.

That's according to regulatory paperwork filed Friday, and follows Ford selling 8 million shares earlier last week for $214 million. Between the two sales, Ford's stake in Rivian sits just below 10%. At the time of Rivian's initial ...Read more

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As Ford unloads Rivian, Amazon maintains faith in electric vehicle maker

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Despite production delays and market upheaval, Amazon is still counting on electric vehicle startup Rivian to help it hit ambitious climate goals and put tens of thousands of electric delivery vans on the road.

Rivian is running a lean operation: The number of vehicles it produced this quarter is almost exactly equal to the number of ...Read more

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Ford, GM, Stellantis to reinstate mask mandate at most Michigan facilities

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DETROIT — Ford Motor Co., General Motors and Jeep maker Stellantis NV are reimplementing a mask mandate starting Monday at their facilities in Michigan counties that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have labeled as "high" risk for COVID-19 infection.

Ford's statement didn't specify how long the mandate will last. Stellantis says...Read more

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning first drive review: A true game-changer

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The F-Series is the perennial most popular vehicle on the planet. Last year, Ford sold more than 725,000 of the things, and that's despite supply-chain issues and everything else going on in the world. That fact -- the sheer significance of this truck's success to Ford's bottom line -- made last May's announcement that the company would build ...Read more

2023 Toyota BZ4X review: Bad name, decent EV

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The 2023 Toyota BZ4X might have a dumb name and a wacky face, but it's still a smooth, comfortable electric SUV that feels like a Toyota. I've always said that familiarity breeds comfort when it comes to getting longtime drivers to consider an electric vehicle, and in that sense, the BZ4X is ready to put in some work.

The quirkiest parts of ...Read more

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Auto insurance costs Floridians more than nearly everywhere else in the US, study finds

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Floridians on average pay the second-highest share of their incomes on auto insurance premiums, according to a tally of data from price comparison website

The tally, based on the website’s True Cost of Auto Insurance in 2022 annual report, compared what 40-year-old drivers with clean driving records and good credit pay across ...Read more

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Auto review: Cadillac Escalade Diesel is a vessel fit for a king

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CHARLEVOIX, Michigan — Like a Great Lakes passenger ship, the bow of my Cadillac Escalade cut through the fog of an April snow shower. Sure-footed, diesel-powered, on autopilot to our port of call.

On a long round trip Up North to scope out my son’s summer wedding venue at Castle Farms, the Escalade showed why it is the King of Mega-utes. ...Read more


Auto review: Thinking outside the box in the 2022 Lexus LC 500 Convertible

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Let’s stop our hyperkinetic lives for a second.

Let’s shut off the mobile phone and close the laptop. Let’s power down the tablet and turn off the television. Let’s ignore the political extremists who populate both sides of the aisle along with talentless, self-absorbed “celebrities.” Let’s ponder what makes us happy and consider ...Read more

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Rivian recalls 500 EV pickup trucks due to front passenger seat air bag defect

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Rivian issued a voluntary recall this week for 500 of its R1T pickup trucks for a sensor defect that could cause air bags to improperly deploy when a child is in the front passenger seat.

Rivian has built 5,000 EVs to date and is on track to produce 25,000 vehicles this year. The startup electric truck manufacturer, which has struggled to keep...Read more


Ford shareholders quiz execs on stock performance, EV strategy and supply-chain woes

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Ford Motor Co. executives fielded questions from investors at the company's annual shareholder meeting on Thursday about the automaker's electrification strategy, its faltering stock performance, and how it's navigating complex supply-chain issues.

Shareholders also approved the reappointment of 14 board members and again rejected a proposal ...Read more

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UAW monitor publishes rules for first direct election

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The United Auto Workers' independent monitor on Wednesday published the rules for the union's first mail-in, direct election of International Executive Board members that will be held starting in October, detailing campaign finance rules and eligibility requirements.

UAW members in December voted to adopt the "one member, one vote" system over ...Read more


Stellantis CEO warns about future EV battery shortage, Asian reliance

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The CEO of Jeep maker Stellantis NV on Tuesday joined the chorus of voices in the auto industry warning about a future shortage of electric-vehicle batteries without more production in Europe and the United States, potentially risking the transatlantic automaker's EV commitments.

"We can anticipate that we will have around 2025, 2026, a short ...Read more

Motormouth: What's wrong with battery terminal?

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Q: My 2014 Buick Regal positive battery terminal develops corrosion and gets very hot every couple of years and will not crank the engine. I have to remove the battery cable, clean corrosion powder off the terminal and cable end, then reconnect the positive cable terminal before the engine will crank. Is the battery cable terminal end material ...Read more

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Thefts of catalytic converters are skyrocketing. Why? And what are lawmakers and law enforcement doing about it?

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When Alan Bucknam’s daughter started the Toyota 4Runner to drive to school, it sounded like a Harley Davidson revving up.

“I figured either the muffler fell off or the catalytic converter was taken out,” Bucknam said.

He looked underneath the vehicle and saw two clean diagonal cuts on each end of where the catalytic converter should have...Read more

Bollinger selects Roush as manufacturer for EV platforms, chassis cabs

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Bollinger Motors Inc. on Monday said Roush Enterprises Inc. will be the contract manufacturer to assemble its line of all-electric commercial platforms and chassis cabs in Livonia, Michigan.

The agreement secures more EV manufacturing — specifically of larger commercial Class 3 through 6 trucks and vans — for Michigan just as some have ...Read more

2022 Kia EV6 Review: Best foot forward

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I wouldn't blame you for thinking the newly released Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5, both of which ride on the same EV platform, were largely the same under the skin. But despite some powertrain similarities, the two vehicles do a good job of carving out their own unique niches. The EV6 does a great job standing apart -- not just from the Ioniq 5...Read more

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GM is commercializing its fuel cell business. Here's a look behind the scenes

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PONTIAC, Michigan — General Motors Co. may be relentlessly promoting an electric future with its sleek-looking EVs for retail customers, but for decades the automaker also has been developing hydrogen fuel cell propulsion technology — and now it's ready to start making money from it.

The movement to commercialization starts with the ...Read more

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Tesla confirms Vale nickel deal, lifts veil on US race data

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Tesla Inc. confirmed a deal to buy nickel from mining giant Vale SA among other metal-supply contracts in an annual report on the company’s global impact, which also provided detailed data on the racial composition of its U.S. workforce.

The electric-vehicle maker’s report issued Friday is the most comprehensive view Tesla has given of its...Read more


Auto review: Larger, more lavish, and eco-friendly, the 2023 Kia Sportage proves far more fascinating

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If vehicles like the Kia Telluride, Sorrento and Soul have proven anything, it’s that Kia is hitting its stride. If you are still put off by the brand that once sold its vehicles using rapping hamsters, your image of the brand is more than a decade old.

It’s hard to overstate the transformation that has overtaken the brand in the last few ...Read more


Henry Payne: Nimble Toyota GR86 gets more GRRRRR

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CAVE CREEK, Arizona — The new Toyota 86 has been renamed GR86. That’s pronounced GREAT-6.

I took it to the flowing turns, blind hills and uphill straightaways of Cave Creek, 50 miles northeast of Phoenix. It’s a sports car’s natural habitat and the ideal place to explore the significant upgrades Gazoo Racing (thus the GR prefix) has ...Read more