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Auto review: 2023 Escalade V is loud and proud

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Car buyers today face a multiplicity of choices, beginning with the fuel source that powers the vehicles. Gasoline-powered hybrids have been around for a while, and now more electric vehicles plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are coming onto the market. And, of course, there are still a lot of car buyers who want to stick with gas-powered...Read more


Huge Tesla data leak reportedly reveals thousands of safety complaints. 4 things to know

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How bad is Tesla Autopilot's safety problem? According to thousands of alleged Tesla customers in the U.S. and around the world, pretty bad.

A huge data dump based on a whistleblower's leak of internal Tesla documents shows that problems with Tesla's automated driving technology may be far more common than media reports and regulators have let ...Read more

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Auto review: 2024 Kia Seltos is a feisty, affordable compact SUV

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If you’re looking for an affordable subcompact SUV, there are a number of choices, including the Buick Encore GX, Chevrolet Trax and Trailblazer, Honda HR-V, Nissan Kicks, Subaru Crosstrek, Toyota Corolla Cross, not to mention the Hyundai Kona, an identical cousin to this week’s test subject, the Kia Seltos, which, like the Kona, gets a ...Read more

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Auto review: VinFast VF 8 is an affordable Tesla knock-off

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CARLSBAD, California — Henry Ford wasn’t the only one who saw the potential of affordable transportation for the American masses. For the last half-century waves of affordable foreign vehicles have washed up on U.S. shores. Volkswagen Beetles. Toyota Corollas. Honda Civics. Hyundai Elantras. Millions of them, built to last and cheaper than ...Read more

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Good morning, USA: How Vietnamese startup automaker VinFast came to America

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ENCINITAS, California — The electric age has brought a flood of startups to the auto industry not seen for a century. Buoyed by the success of Tesla and the promise of government subsidies, small American companies like Rivian, Lucid, Lordstown, Fisker and others are vying to be the next big thing.

VinFast is a different sort of startup.

...Read more

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Ford EVs to get access to Tesla charging network, CEOs say

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Two auto industry heavyweights and competitors are teaming up to expand access to electric-vehicle charging in North America.

Ford Motor Co. CEO Jim Farley and Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk on Thursday announced that, starting next year, Ford's EVs will gain access to Tesla's proprietary Supercharger network. They shared the news during a live event...Read more

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Ford's Farley: 'We see the Chinese as the main competitor, not GM or Toyota'

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Ford Motor Co. CEO Jim Farley is looking further afield than the Dearborn, Michigan, automaker's traditional rivals as the company charts a future defined by electric, digitally-connected vehicles: namely, to China.

"We see the Chinese as the main competitor, not GM or Toyota," said Farley, speaking at a Morgan Stanley conference Thursday. The ...Read more

Self-driving truck outfit cutting 151 jobs at San Diego headquarters

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Self-driving semi-truck outfit TuSimple Holdings has disclosed more details about plans to reduce its workforce by 30 percent —including that it will eliminate 151 jobs in San Diego.

Last week, TuSimple said it would reduce its global headcount by 300 positions as it attempts to become leaner amid a tough economic environment, falling stock ...Read more

GM receives tax incentives to support potential $3.5 billion Indiana battery plant

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An Indiana county council on Tuesday evening approved tax incentives for a $3.5 billion battery plant investment by General Motors Co. and battery partner Samsung SDI.

The St. Joseph County Council unanimously approved a development agreement and tax abatements for the project that would be the largest seen in the area if the companies decide ...Read more

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States bordering Lake Superior could have as much nickel as Russia, Canada

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WASHINGTON — The Lake Superior region could be home to as much nickel as Russia or Canada, some of the largest nickel producers in the world, according to estimates by the United States Geological Survey.

A mining company and federally funded researchers are now trying to determine whether Michigan could be a global mineral hub as part of ...Read more

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EV squeeze: How the US and Europe compare in mandating a battery-powered future

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Milan, Italy — European governments have historically been more aggressive than the United States in regulating fuel consumption with high gas taxes, favorable diesel tax breaks and escalating penalties on non-electric automobiles.

That is about to change.

Automakers selling in the United States will face exorbitant federal fines from ...Read more


Motormouth: Taken for a ride?

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Q: I recently went to a local Toyota dealership to have work done that required the wheels to be removed. I thought it would also be a good time to rotate them. I assumed (and inquired) that there would be no additional charge to do the rotation since the wheels were already off. However, I was later told that there would still be a charge. When...Read more


Toyota tops supplier sentiment survey, as Detroit Three see mixed results

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Automotive suppliers reported having mixed feelings about their relationships with Detroit's three automakers as Toyota Motor Co. once again received the highest accolades in an annual study released on Monday.

General Motors Co. achieved its highest approval in the 23 years of the North American Automotive OEM-Supplier Working Relations Index ...Read more

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Cadillac Escalade to get all-electric version this year with new 'IQ' badge

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The Cadillac Escalade is going electric — and getting a new twist on its name for the EV version.

General Motors Co.'s luxury brand on Monday announced the full-size SUV is getting a battery-electric powertrain, which will be revealed "later this year," without providing details. The vehicle will wear a "Escalade IQ" badge to match the ...Read more

Robin Buckson/The Detroit News/TNS

Wall Street in Dearborn: Ford execs tease second-gen EVs

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DEARBORN, Michigan — Ford Motor Co. executives on Monday are providing an update on the automaker's growth plan to hundreds of investors and analysts who are attending a capital markets event virtually and in-person at Ford's headquarters.

The event serves as a progress report on the Ford+ growth strategy that has involved splitting the ...Read more

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Hyundai, Kia reach settlement on vehicles vulnerable to TikTok theft challenge

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Two Korean auto manufacturers reached a $200-million settlement in a class-action federal lawsuit alleging that a security loophole, which later went viral on social media, left the vehicles vulnerable to thefts, according to lawyers for the manufacturers and car owners.

Vehicles made by Hyundai Motor America and Kia America Inc. that did not ...Read more

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Auto review: Niro PHEV confirms the best of both worlds for Kia lovers!

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In 2023, Kia takes the Niro to new heights. As a popular commuter known for excellent gas mileage and great interior space, the Niro goes PHEV.

Wrapped in mineral blue with black aeroblade accents, my 2023 Kia Niro looked great with the newly designed front emblem. Powerfully equipped with a 11.1 kWh battery the Niro PHEV has 33 miles of all-...Read more


Auto review: A welcome return to form for the 2024 Volvo C40

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There were once two Swedish automakers, and they were very different. One was Volvo, the other Saab. And while they had their differences and their adherents, the biggest distinction between the two was the fact that Volvos were rear-wheel drive while Saabs were front-wheel drive.

In fact, a Saab brochure from the early 1980s extolled the ...Read more


GM nixed Apple CarPlay, Android Auto. Here's why

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General Motors Co.’s controversial decision to ditch two popular phone projection systems from its future electric vehicles could be risky, but the company insists the move will pay off by giving consumers a more vehicle-embedded infotainment experience.

The Detroit automaker's plans to shift away from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto came as a...Read more

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VinFast's first US car is getting absolutely slammed by critics

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“Yikes.” “Return to Sender.” “Unacceptable.” “Don’t buy.”

Late last week, critics released their first impressions of VinFast’s VF8, the first model from the Vietnamese automaker available to U.S. drivers. The reviews have largely been negative and blunt.

“You don’t see a new car get roasted this hard very often these ...Read more