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Motormouth: Is it normal to make cold car warm up?

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Q: I own a 2017 Nissan Rogue that has 56,000 miles on it. Whenever the temperature gets below 25 degrees, the car won't up-shift out of what seems like fourth gear until the engine warms up. The colder it is, the longer it takes, sometimes up to two miles. Is this normal for this car? The dealer service person said to let the car warm up before ...Read more

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Ford updates COVID-19 mask requirement for US office, factory workers

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DETROIT — Ford Motor Co. has revised pandemic-related mask requirements for its U.S. office and factory workers, and the company notified employees Monday, the Free Press has learned.

"The safety of our workforce is our top priority," said Kelli Felker, Ford global manufacturing and labor communications manager.

"We have updated our COVID ...Read more

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GM to invest historic $7 billion in 4 facilities across Michigan, creating 4,000 jobs

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In a big win for Michigan, General Motors will invest $7 billion in four manufacturing facilities, making the state the "hub" of electric vehicle development and manufacturing.

GM said Tuesday it will spend $2.6 billion to build a new battery factory in the Lansing area and $4 billion to convert its existing factory in Orion Township to make ...Read more

Rivian's Georgia electric vehicle plant sparks fears among neighbors

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Clint Powell's home in Social Circle, Georgia sits on a two-acre lot, about 300 yards from the property where electric vehicle maker Rivian plans to begin building a giant factory soon.

He's pretty sure it will change his life, but residents like him are still trying to find out how much.

Some are exploring if they can stop or limit the ...Read more

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Ford hits pause on 2022 Maverick orders to meet soaring demand for $20K pickup

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Ford Motor Co. will temporarily stop accepting orders on its all-new 2022 Maverick compact pickup truck — both hybrid and gasoline versions — until summer, the automaker confirmed Monday.

Ford told dealers in a letter emailed Monday that orders for a gas-powered Maverick will be accepted through Thursday at close of business.

Ford hit ...Read more


Ford unleashes the ferocious Bronco Raptor

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Ford has let its much-anticipated Bronco Raptor out of the cage, and it's a beast.

With a ferocious, 400-plus horsepower engine under its ribbed hood, the Raptor sits on 37-inch tires and a 9.8-inch wider track for high speed off-roading like its big brother F-150 Raptor pickup. Combine that with Bronco's signature, electronic detachable sway ...Read more

2022 Audi S3 review: Stellar performance on a smaller scale

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The 2022 Audi S3 is a subcompact sedan with outsize performance and the personality to match. Engineers shoehorned a giant-slaying drivetrain into a premium four-door that's basically the same size as a Nissan Versa. If you're looking for speed and finesse in a highly maneuverable package that's also surprisingly affordable, you really can't ...Read more

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GM and local UAW at odds over contract at plant that makes the Corvette

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General Motors is back at the bargaining table just two years after reaching a national contract agreement with the UAW amid a 40-day national strike.

This time, GM is trying to hammer out a local contract with workers at its Bowling Green Assembly plant in Kentucky where it builds its popular Corvette sportscar.

The 1,300 hourly workers at ...Read more

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Larry Printz: Bentley's newest project isn't a car

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Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, a town once filled with low-rise, mid-century modern motels, is now awash in condo towers. But newest one promises to be one of the most alluring — at least for car enthusiasts.

It’s the Bentley Residences, the first Bentley-branded luxury residential tower. The 749-foot high, 60-story condominium is slated to be...Read more


Insurance Institute: Advanced driving assistance systems don't equal self-driving tech

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Having an advanced driver assistance system in your car, where cameras and sensors allow it to offer things like adaptive cruise control or lane centering, doesn't mean you have a self-driving vehicle.

Drivers still need to be alert and paying attention to what's up ahead.

But some manufacturers have oversold how much their systems can do, ...Read more

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Sticker shock is a real thing for car shoppers right now: Here's why

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The price to buy a new or used car is increasing at a faster rate than the average wage growth in the nation, a study said.

On Thursday, Anderson Economic Group, an East Lansing-based economic consulting firm, released the results of a recent analysis comparing new and used vehicle price increases against wage growth in the U.S. private sector....Read more


Auto review: Audi e-tron GT is an electrifying, elegant but expensive EV

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The last time I saw the Audi e-tron GT, it was being mobbed by members of a panting press at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show with Iron Man — er, actor Robert Downey Jr. — behind the wheel. The GT hasn't lost its appeal.

With a long, lean Audi figure draped over the same bones that carry the Porsche Taycan EV, the e-tron is a rocket ship with...Read more

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New EV rules handicap transplants, play to Detroit Three's strengths

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As the most onerous federal mpg regulations in 50 years force the auto industry toward electric vehicles, domestic manufacturers are in the catbird seat. Credit the Detroit Three's huge advantage in profitable fleet trucks and vans, say industry analysts, that are lining up corporate customers. Meanwhile, more consumer-reliant Asian automakers ...Read more


Motormouth: What's wrong with the A/C?

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Q: My 2017 Honda Pilot with the Touring package has 56,000 miles and is a wonderful vehicle except for the air conditioning. At various times while on long trips, the A/C blows warm air. Changing temperatures or switching on and off does not change the temp. The only hope is to turn the engine off for about 90 minutes before driving again. We ...Read more

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New Ford, ADT antitheft technology is like doorbell camera for your vehicle

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Ford Motor Co. and ADT security are taking action to make criminals think twice about trying to steal your car, truck or van or anything in it.

The companies — through a new joint venture called Canopy — are bringing two new vehicle security packages to market. The first is for truck and van owners who use their vehicles for business, and ...Read more


Mopar charger will fuel your hybrid for the road in just over 2 hours

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The after-sales parts division of Jeep SUVs and Chrysler minivans now is offering a Level 2 vehicle charger that it says can fuel plug-in hybrids in just over two hours.

The 240-volt at-home wall charger unit from Stellantis NV's Mopar is factory-backed to support the needs of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe and Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe or Chrysler ...Read more

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GM wins tax abatement for potential $1.3B EV investment at Orion plant

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Orion Township, Michigan officials on Tuesday approved a tax abatement for a proposed $1.3 billion investment by General Motors Co. to build electric vehicles at its Orion Assembly plant in Lake Orion.

GM requested the maximum period permitted for the tax abatement: 12 years, plus three years during the construction phase for the investment, ...Read more


New year, new chance: Auto industry bills that may make a comeback in 2022

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When Congress wrapped up in 2021, it left a lot on the table that would impact drivers and the U.S. auto industry.

The Democratic majority spent most of last year focused on rallying enough bipartisan support to pass a $1 trillion package to boost the nation's ailing infrastructure, which will spend billions on roads and bridges and other ...Read more

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GM has new online marketplace with 45,000 parts for sale: What customers should know

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In its drive to add revenue from sales of software and services, General Motors is launching an online parts store that will give GM vehicle owners the ability to buy parts direct.

The automaker said Tuesday this is just one of many new digital offerings coming to car buyers in the future. Those include buying accessories, over-the-air upgrades...Read more

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Bollinger shelves consumer EVs to focus on commercial trucks

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The imposing, battery-powered Bollinger B2 pickup truck won't be seen on the road anytime soon.

The Michigan-based startup announced Friday that it is canceling consumer orders for its innovative, off-road-capable B2 pickup and B1 SUV in order to focus on its burgeoning commercial truck business.

The $125,000 B1 and B2 were part of a squadron ...Read more