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GM commits to $2.2 billion investment and 2,200 jobs at Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly

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DETROIT -- General Motors is investing $2.2 billion in its Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant to make it a state-of-the-art facility building electric and self-driving cars.

The automaker said Monday the plant will provide 2,200 jobs as it shifts to become the company's first all-electric vehicle plant.

"This will be General Motors' most ...Read more

Roadshow: Tesla Cybertruck's engineering and design might be genius — here's why

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Trust me, you are not the only person still looking at the Tesla Cybertruck and wondering how or why it looks the way it does. Well, there's a good reason behind it, if Sandy Munro's analysis holds true.

Munro is the man when it comes to lean engineering and manufacturing, with an extensive background in finding a way to cut costs when it ...Read more

Ram 1500 beats BMW, Mercedes for this top luxury spot

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If you're surprised Ram would be in the discussion with Mercedes and BMW for the top luxury car of 2020, you'll be even more surprised by the winner of one such contest.

The Ram 1500 Limited and Laramie Longhorn trims are's top luxury car of the year, beating offerings from both European blue bloods, not to mention every other ...Read more

Auto review: Ford's 2020 F-series Super Duty Tremor off-road pickup could be a super-size hit

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PHOENIX -- Ford should have an extra-large hit on its hands in the 2020 F-Series Super Duty Tremor, a massive pickup kitted out for off-road adventures, but graced with easy steering and a comfortable ride for easy everyday use.

The Tremor also gets a number of upgrades Ford added across the line of F-series Super Duty pickups.

Built in ...Read more

Mark Phelan: Dear GM, don't revive Hummer. Focus on Cadillac instead

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Please, General Motors, don't revive Hummer.

The brand is toxic, and the idea that adding a brand can cure what ails your existing business – which, in case you've forgotten, is selling Cadillacs, Chevrolets, Buicks and GMCs – makes no more sense today that it did when the automaker tried it with Hummer, Saturn and Saab.

During its lost ...Read more

Toyota sided with Trump in California fight. Will it pay a higher price than others?

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Over the years, Toyota has built a reputation among consumers as an auto company that pays more than lip service to environmental concerns.

Before status among green-focused consumers meant Tesla, the Toyota Prius held sway, with the likes of Larry David and Jessica Alba among the confirmed or rumored drivers.

But a science advocacy group says...Read more

GM to raise certain wages, invest in Michigan after credits amended

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DETROIT -- Michigan is amending General Motors' MEGA tax credit package and GM has agreed to increase the required wages of certain Michigan employees to qualify for that credit.

GM also agreed to invest in future manufacturing in Michigan.

The Michigan Strategic Fund board approved the amendment Wednesday to GM's Michigan Economic Growth ...Read more

Plan to gut Obama's auto mileage rules is getting dialed back

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration has dialed back its plan to relax fuel-economy requirements for new automobiles, retreating from a bid to freeze the mandates for six years.

A draft of the final rule, now undergoing a final White House review, includes several changes that could make it easier to defend in court and more palatable to some...Read more

Are self-driving cars a solution for transit? An East Coast test shows their promise and challenges

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Heads turn and smartphone cameras rise as the boxy, futuristic cars slip through the streets of this 384-year-old port city.

Equipped with laser sensors, video cameras and sophisticated software, the cars drive themselves -- mostly -- picking up passengers along a route from downtown, through an area of old textile mills ...Read more

Here's the fallout from UAW's 40-day strike against General Motors

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DETROIT -- No one wins in a strike.

That's the conclusion of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) in Ann Arbor after it analyzed the UAW's nationwide strike against GM and the four-year contract that resulted.

Union members got higher wages and kept their health care coverage and cost structure along with other wins. But they did not get ...Read more

Roadshow: Top dashcam picks for 2020

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Dashcams both very useful and completely new to most drivers in the U.S. At their most basic, dashcams are perfect at recording everything going on outside the vehicle all the time. That means capturing accident evidence, perfect scenery and weird stuff your passengers can post to make their social accounts less boring. You can buy a good, ...Read more

Under the Hood: Adjusting low-beam headlights

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Q: We have a 2017 Nissan Altima and are trying to figure out how to adjust the low beams. We replaced the entire headlight assembly on our 2007 Toyota Highlander and were able to adjust the beams without a special tool. However, all online searches for the Nissan indicate the car has to be taken to the dealership for adjustment. Can you help ...Read more

Car buyers shun electric vehicles not named Tesla. Are carmakers driving off a cliff?

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Regulators are demanding zero-emission vehicles. And manufacturers are scrambling to provide them, spending billions on electric-car development.

Ford says a third of its vehicles will be electric by 2030. Volkswagen plans to sell a million EVs annually just two years from now. At Volvo, half its offerings will be electric by 2025. By the end ...Read more

Auto review: Genesis begets the G70, a new smaller sporty sedan

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2020 Genesis G70: A new small luxury sedan. Will it rival its big brothers for value?

Price: $48,995 as tested. The Elite Package added low-beam assist, sunroof, and more for $1,750; the Prestige Package added around-view monitor, head-up display, and more for $2,500.

Conventional wisdom: Car and Driver likes the "fun-to-drive nature, classy ...Read more

California company's electric car charges closer to reality

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Lucid Motors, the Bay Area electric car startup that has set up shop in Tesla's backyard, is one step closer toward finally putting its first car on the market and into the hands of consumers.

The carmaker said this week that it will unveil the production version of its Lucid Air luxury sedan at an event in New York in April. Officials didn't ...Read more

Fiat Chrysler mechanic is quietly transforming muscle cars in unmarked garage in Detroit suburb

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- The men talk of Plum Crazy Purple, Vitamin C Orange and Sassy Grass Green.

These are the colors of their childhood.

These are the colors of classic cars that bring back memories of a simpler time so long ago, when America had just three TV networks and driving to the grocery store with mom or dad felt like a reward. ...Read more

Why cutting car and truck emissions is so hard

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State lawmakers and regulators are turning their eyes to the road in the fight against climate change, recognizing that the transportation sector now produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other portion of the economy.

They are finding few simple solutions.

The Transportation and Climate Initiative released a proposal last month to ...Read more

GM to shift hundreds more temporary workers to full-time

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General Motors said Wednesday that more than 1,350 temporary workers at 14 of its U.S. facilities will shift to full-time positions before the end of March.

That includes the 930 the automaker already converted to full-time regular jobs on Jan. 6, as first reported by the Free Press.

"Our employees are essential to meeting the needs of our ...Read more

GM bids to buy land for a new battery factory in Lordstown

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General Motors wants to build a new battery factory in Lordstown, Ohio, right next door to its former car assembly plant that it shuttered and sold last year.

The automaker said it has a purchase agreement to buy a 158-acre vacant site in Trumbull County, Ohio. It is land GM once owned, but surrendered during its 2009 bankruptcy.

GM is also in...Read more

GM parts shortage: UAW workers want a day off, customers wait on parts

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YPSILANTI, Mich. -- More than half of the hourly workers at General Motors Ypsilanti Processing Center have been written up for skipping work since late October.

But they are exhausted, exasperated and speaking up.

The 125 regular hourly workers have had just a handful of days off over the last few months -- most of which were holidays. That's...Read more