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Motormouth: Fog lights

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Q: I enjoy reading your weekly column. Apparently, so much, that while cleaning the basement yesterday, I found four issues of the Chicago Tribune from late 2013. I decided to read your column anyway as the problems may still be applicable.

In the December 29, 2013 edition, someone wrote to complain about people who used their fog lights when ...Read more Chrysler Automobiles/TNS

Stellantis CEO says merger of Fiat Chrysler, Peugeot prevents job cuts

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Don't expect to see a Peugeot dealership popping up down the block any time soon.

That doesn't mean the head of Stellantis, the new company formed from the merger this weekend of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Group, won't consider the possibility down the road.

But for right now, the closest most Americans might get to seeing the French ...Read more

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Rivian raises another $2.65 billion in funding as EV nears June launch

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Rivian announced another $2.65 billion in funding Tuesday, as the electric truck manufacturer gears up for its June launch.

The latest investment round, led by T. Rowe Price, brings the total to $8 billion raised by Plymouth, Mich.-based Rivian since 2019, an upfront bet that the startup company will find a broad market for its electric truck, ...Read more

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GM, Cruise partner with Microsoft to speed up self-driving EV technology

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General Motors and its self-driving car subsidiary Cruise will partner with Microsoft to accelerate the commercialization of self-driving vehicles, the companies said Tuesday.

Additionally, GM will use Microsoft as its preferred public cloud provider, working with it to improve the automaker's advances in digital technology and robotics.

...Read more

Roadshow: The best wireless car chargers and mounts for 2021

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A wireless charging pad for your iPhone or Android phone might be a staple in your office or home, but it can also be a useful tool to mount inside your car. Even the best wireless car charger isn't a totally wireless experience -- the charging dock requires power and a cable that plugs into your car's cigarette lighter or USB port -- but a ...Read more

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GM working on expanding Corvette line with crossover SUV

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Corvette may be going plural.

General Motors Co. is working on a strategy to build at least one new electric vehicle inspired by its Corvette sports car, potentially expanding the brand from a single performance model into a family of vehicles, people familiar with the matter said. If the plan is approved, the most likely model to emerge later ...Read more

Self-driving vehicles allowed to skip some crash safety standards under new rule

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WASHINGTON — The Trump Administration issued final rules Thursday that will allow self-driving vehicle manufacturers to skip certain federal crash safety requirements in vehicles that aren't designed to carry people.

It marks the first major update to existing federal safety standards to accommodate innovations in driverless technology. While...Read more


From Citroën to Dodge, meet the Stellantis family of vehicles

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This weekend, the trans-Atlantic merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and Groupe PSA of France will cement an industry-leading 14 brands under one roof, eclipsing Volkswagen AG's 12.

But don't expect to see a Peugeot 5008 or Citroën C4 in American showrooms anytime soon. Or Ram pickup trucks and Dodge Hellcats prowling the streets of Paris. ...Read more

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Auto review: Electric or gas? Audi e-tron vs. Audi SQ5

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Cadillac Lyriq. Ford Mustang Mach E. Polestar 2. New, premium electric cars are coming and they will inevitably be compared to Tesla, the baseline for battery-powered success. But to sell in volume, these challengers must also outperform the gas siblings across the showroom floor.

Take the electric Audi e-tron Fastback and Audi SQ5 SUVs I just ...Read more


Auto review: McLaren's new GT is mesmerizing despite its semantics

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There are so many terms in English that make no sense, particularly in the category of food. Consider that Boston Cream Pie isn’t a pie but rather a cake. Or that white chocolate isn’t made from cocoa, so it’s not chocolate. Then again, hot dogs aren’t made from canines, and Buffalo wings aren’t made from bison. But there are other ...Read more


Auto review: Corvette Stingray may be too fast and furious for mere mortals

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2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe: Is this the most fun to be had for 60 grand?

Price: Well, you can, in theory, have one for the starting price of $58,970. My tester cost $80,315. Options include adjustable height, $1,495; aluminum wheels, $995; sueded microfiber steering wheel, $595; and much more mentioned below.

Conventional wisdom: Car and ...Read more


GM stock hits all-time high after Consumer Electronics Show

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Wall Street took heed of General Motors Co.'s aggressive electric and autonomous plans presented at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, sending GM's stock price soaring over $51 Thursday — its highest since emerging from bankruptcy more than a decade ago.

CES gave GM an opportunity to tell tech giants and EV geeks its plans to create a ...Read more

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Motormouth: A solar battery charger

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Q: Like a lot of people, I haven’t been driving much during the pandemic. I couldn’t start the car one day, had it jumped, and drove right to the dealership, where they replaced the battery. A clerk told me that four computers are operating at all times in the car, draining the battery, and that I needed to drive the car more to charge the ...Read more

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Ford eliminates manufacturing in Brazil to cut costs

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Ford Motor Co. will stop manufacturing in Brazil in 2021 as part of a restructuring plan meant to cut costs and increase efficiency, the company announced Monday afternoon.

The company is closing two plants immediately and a third later in the year, affecting about 5,000 workers, spokesman T.R. Reid told reporters during a conference call. This...Read more


Hyundai, Ford F-150, Mustang Mach-E take North American Car, Truck, Utility of Year Awards

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Ford Motor Co. took two of three of the 2021 North American Car, Truck and Utility Vehicle of the Year Awards announced Monday.

The Hyundai Elantra, Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang Mach-E were picked to receive the awards for car, truck and utility vehicle, respectively.

Ford cheered the news, noting it's the first time since 2014 the same brand ...Read more

Roadshow: 2021 Nissan Kicks offers more for your money

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The Nissan Kicks is an inexpensive vehicle, but it's not cheap. Updated for 2021, this likable subcompact crossover offers loads of high-end features and plenty of interior space, all at a bargain-basement price.

This refreshed five-door benefits from more standard technology, some minor interior changes and, perhaps most significantly, ...Read more


North American auto industry feels effects of global microchip shortage

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Automakers in North America are beginning to feel the effects of a global shortage of semiconductors that has caused a crunch for manufacturers worldwide, adding a wrinkle to the industry's attempted comeback from the coronavirus crisis.

Ford Motor Co. confirmed Friday that it will idle its Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky this week "due ...Read more


Many couldn't afford a car in 2020. The rich went on a buying spree

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The pandemic economy has favored the well-off and made life miserable for the working poor. New motor vehicle sales for 2020 reflect that bifurcated reality.

The automobile industry has been "much more focused on higher priced products and more affluent customers" since the pandemic hit, Charlie Chesbrough, senior economist at Cox Automotive, ...Read more


GM unveils new logo, plans new website in shift to electric vehicles

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General Motors is working to remake its public image with a new logo, a new company-wide marketing campaign and a new website as it shifts from a company that makes largely internal combustion vehicles to offering mostly all-electric vehicles over the next decade.

On Friday, GM said starting Monday it will debut the campaign to promote mass ...Read more


Sorento SUV is luxe ute in Kia clothing

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Kia is on a roll these days with the sensational Stinger Sportback and Telluride SUV. Mainstream products with premium flair, they beg the question: Why pay 70 grand for a luxury brand when you can have the same vehicle for $45,000 under a mainstream badge?

Kia asks the question again with its all-new, mid-size Sorento SUV.

Remade from bumper ...Read more