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Automakers to Trump: Higher tariffs would affect consumers, jobs

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WASHINGTON -- Domestic and foreign automakers are sending President Donald Trump a message on his proposal to tax imported autos and auto parts: Don't.

Two days before a Thursday hearing at the U.S. Department of Commerce on the proposed tariffs, seven trade groups -- whose members include General Motors, Ford, Fiat Chrysler and other companies...Read more

Trump's trade war could threaten US pickup production and jobs

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The Trump administration's burgeoning automotive trade war could threaten U.S. production of some of automakers' most popular and profitable vehicles.

At stake is an obscure 1960s tariff that effectively guarantees that every pickup and delivery van sold in the United States is built in North America, most of them in the U.S. by American ...Read more

Larry Printz: The story being creating a Jaguar for the new millennium

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AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. -- Given Jaguar's history of radically sexy sports cars, you can imagine the challenge facing Jaguar design director Ian Callum when asked to design the brand's first battery electric vehicle, the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace.

"Jaguars are about drama and exaggeration," Callum said during an interview earlier this year at the Amelia ...Read more

Auto review: 2019 Jetta is Volkswagen's best compact sedan

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Volkswagen is the world's largest automaker, rich and powerful beyond the dreams of avarice, but the German powerhouse's execs could be excused if they sometimes feel like a cartoon character about to get an anvil dropped on its head.

The 2019 Jetta is the company's best compact sedan by far, a car that should make VW a must-have for the ...Read more

Under the Hood: Get professional help with airbag warning light

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Q: My question for you is about my 1993 Mustang GT -- or, as I refer to it, my dust collector, as this is my weekend/sunny day only driver. The car has only 57,000 miles. This spring, when I was getting the car out of winter storage (I live in Iowa), I noticed the "airbag" light blinking. I have tried going online for answers but no help, and no...Read more

General Motors topping Ford in pickup market share

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At George Matick Chevrolet in Redford Township, Mich., pickups are in hot demand.

Even though the dealership has sold fewer vehicles through June than it did this time last year, sales of the full-size Silverado and midsize Colorado pickups haven't slowed.

"We're selling less total vehicles, but we are selling more pickups," said Molly ...Read more

The shift is on: Manual transmissions may be endangered but they're also beloved

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The tween riding in the back seat finally asked, "What is that thing you keep moving up there?"

She had never seen "that thing" known as a six-speed stick shift, a manual transmission, a manny tranny, a handshaker, a Millennial theft deterrent. To her it was a relic, an oddity, a rotary phone thingy.

Manual transmissions account for just 2 ...Read more

Tesla's China factory: Will it ever be built?

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Elon Musk in 2015 told the Chinese news media that Tesla might begin producing cars at a new China manufacturing plant "within three years."

Three years later, no plant has been built. Construction hasn't even started.

But on Tuesday, Tesla and the municipal government of Shanghai signed a "cooperative agreement" to eventually build a Tesla ...Read more

Tesla heads to China to build 500,000-capacity carmaking plant

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Taking its biggest step yet into an overseas market, electric carmaker Tesla inked a deal Tuesday to begin building a manufacturing plant in China capable of producing 500,000 cars a year.

Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk signed the agreement at an event in Shanghai, which will be home to the plant. The facility is slated to be Tesla's biggest ...Read more

Why you might want to wrap your car fob in foil

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Given that the best way to store your car keys at night is by putting them in a coffee can, what's an ex-FBI agent's advice to protect cars from theft during the day?

Wrap car fobs in aluminum foil.

"Although it's not ideal, it is the most inexpensive way," said Holly Hubert, a cybersecurity expert who retired in 2017 from the FBI in Buffalo, ...Read more

Mark Phelan: Zipper merge will upset other drivers. Why you should do it anyway

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A few simple tips can save you time and reduce frustration in heavy traffic and construction zones, whether during your daily commute or a summer vacation drive.

Here's the experts' latest advice:

1. Use the zipper merge

The quickest, most efficient way to merge for a construction zone probably isn't what you think it is. The "zipper merge," ...Read more

Under the Hood: Seek second opinion on 'front end overhaul'

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Q: I just bought new tires for my truck. The tire place recommended an alignment because the front tires were wearing more on the inside of the tread. They then called and said they can't align it because I need a "front end overhaul" to the tune of around $900! The truck has 141,000 miles and seems to drive, stop and turn great. I asked what is...Read more

Larry Printz: Mercedes-Benz and other automakers open boutiques in the face of skyrocketing auto show costs

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AVENTURA, Fla. -- Sitting in a line of cars on the terminally traffic-choked Biscayne Boulevard, it's hard to believe that Aventura was originally 785 acres of submerged, undeveloped swamp along the Intracoastal Waterway in Miami-Dade County. These days, the town is a mecca for shopaholics thanks to Aventura Mall and its concentration of the ...Read more

Auto review: Infiniti QX80 full-size luxury SUV brings elegance, technology to the family hauler

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Infiniti's full-size SUV, the QX80, got a major makeover for 2018, but drops back to a two-model lineup -- one with rear-wheel drive and one with four-wheel drive.

There's still room for up to eight people inside the QX80, or just seven with the optional pair of captain's chairs for the second row, which is how our four-wheel-drive test vehicle...Read more

Auto tariffs likely to send used car prices higher, experts say

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Prepare to pay more for your used car.

If the U.S. Commerce Department adopts President Donald Trump's proposal of a 25 percent tax on imported new cars and car parts, the higher costs for carmakers to assemble and sell new cars could boost demand for used vehicles, analysts predict.

"The parts would be the most affected for sure, assuming ...Read more

How OnStar prepares to save your life

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On any given day, OnStar advisers must be ready to call a tow truck or provide turn-by-turn directions. Or save a life or deliver a baby.

Take two years ago. Bryan Anta, 33, answered an OnStar emergency call from a man rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital when the baby started coming.

Anta had the father fully recline the front seat and ...Read more

Ford skips Geneva, showing auto show crisis, why Detroit must change

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As the Detroit auto show prepares to announce a rescheduled, reimagined show for 2020, the crisis facing the world's auto shows came into sharper focus as Ford announced it will join Volvo in skipping the prestigious Geneva auto show in Switzerland next March.

2019 will mark the first time Ford skips Geneva in decades.

The Detroit Auto Dealers...Read more

As Tesla tax credits disappear, will Model 3 deposit-holders stick around?

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Dennis Dorfman was hoping to replace his Toyota Prius with something sexier.

When Tesla began taking reservations for the new Model 3 electric sedan in March 2016, Dorfman got in line at a Tesla retail store near his Calabasas home. He waited hours to lay down a $1,000 refundable deposit.

That was two years and three months ...Read more

How likely is a Fiat Chrysler/Hyundai merger?

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Acquisition speculation never really goes away for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

This time, South Korean automaker Hyundai has been cast in the role of potential suitor, a variation on speculation that spread last year.

Asia Times published a story last week highlighting a scenario where Hyundai Motor Group CEO Chung Mong-koo would launch a "...Read more

Tesla says Model 3 production nearly tripled last quarter, but it still disappointed

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Tesla Inc. produced 28,578 Model 3 electric sedans in the second quarter, almost three times as many as it made the previous quarter, the Elon Musk-led automaker announced Monday.

Tesla, based in Palo Alto, has been under pressure to ramp up its production of the Model 3, the vehicle that is supposed to turn the company into a purveyor of ...Read more