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US public EV chargers set to surpass gas stations in 8 years

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On April 16, piloting an electric vehicle through the north of North Dakota became far less fraught. That’s when a new fast-charging station switched on at a Simonson Station Store gas station in Minot, close to a Red Wing boot shop.

Zero-emission drivers around El Paso, Texas, can also rest easier thanks to two new stations up the road in ...Read more


2025 Cadillac Escalade unveiled: More tech, more screens, more bling

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The blingtastic Cadillac Escalade is an American icon, the perennially best-selling mega-ute in a segment it defined. For the 2025 model year, it’s not sitting on its laurels.

The Escalade gets a major mid-cycle refresh with a upgrades like a 55-inch curved dash screen, auto-opening doors, and updated exterior lighting. The new features come ...Read more


EREV boom in China might hold the secret to unlocking US EV market

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An alternative vehicle powertrain that's booming in China might hold the answer to encouraging Americans to adopt electric cars and trucks.

Extended-range electric vehicles, or EREVs (pronounced e-rev), fully run off a battery like a traditional electric vehicle, but they carry an onboard generator — typically a gas-powered engine — that ...Read more

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EV sales demand rebounds after soft start to 2024

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Electric vehicle sales had a bumpy start to 2024, but demand started to correct course during this year’s second quarter.

Most automakers — even struggling EV pioneer Tesla — saw EV sales pick up speed by the end of June, according to data from Cox Automotive. While Tesla’s sales are still down from last year, other vehicle brands are ...Read more

Tesla is on a hiring spree after Musk-ordered mass firings

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Tesla Inc. is looking to hire nearly 800 new employees, three months after Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk hastily ordered the largest round of layoffs in the company’s history.

The roles have steadily popped up on Tesla’s careers page in recent weeks, with positions spanning artificial intelligence specialists to more run-of-the-mill ...Read more

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UAW monitor report highlights 'culture of fear,' presidential oversight concerns

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The United Auto Workers' court-appointed monitor on Friday filed in federal court a report that describes a continuing "culture of fear of retaliation" in the union, concerns over centralizing oversight in the president's office and some slowness on instituting adopted reforms.

The 10th status update filed in the U.S. Eastern District Court of ...Read more


Motormouth: What about my left foot?

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Q: I think there is an easy solution to the left foot problem. I bought my first car, a 1934 Ford sedan, in about 1953. I have had several cars since then of course, most all of them were manual shifters. In fact, I just sold my most recent manual, a 1967 Porsche 912 that my wife and I bought new. We are left with a 2002 Toyota 4Runner that is ...Read more

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Ford considers $400M investment for EV component manufacturing in Kentucky

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Ford Motor Co. is considering a $400 million investment for a component manufacturing facility in Kentucky to support production of electric vehicles.

Ray Leathers, CEO of the Shelby County Industrial & Development Foundation, said Friday that the Dearborn automaker is in the final stages of making the commitment for a facility to support a ...Read more

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Detroit residents keep reporting Stellantis paint odors. Tlaib says EPA should do more

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Resident complaints about paint odors from Stellantis NV's Mack Assembly Plant in Detroit have continued to trickle into the state's environmental agency in recent months, records show.

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy’s air assistance program got odor reports from the east Detroit facility on at least a dozen ...Read more

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Auto sales '24: The market's biggest winners, losers and movers (so far)

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Like a game of Twister, the auto industry is stretched in all different directions these days.

Manufacturers must pump out popular, internal-combustion vehicles to meet customer needs even as they satisfy government demands for electric vehicle sales. American consumers love big SUVs, but high gas prices and interest rates demand smaller cars. ...Read more

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Auto review: Maserati's new electric droptop captures lightning in a bottle

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Our roads were once filled with grand touring cars, providing the manners and style of a sports car, but with more room and comfort. It’s now shunned for the working-class SUV, which is little more than a modern-day Conestoga wagon. It’s as if consumers are comforted by the ability to haul people or cargo at a moment’s notice.

Of course,...Read more

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Auto review: 2024 Gladiator keeps Jeep consumers eyes perked

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With Jeep Wrangler fans driving profitability for FCA/Stellantis, the Gladiator enters Grasso’s Garage this week with their Mojave desert rated edition.

With the same clientele as Wrangler lovers who want a little more in their life, and to avoid changing brands, the Gladiator was born with a Wrangler cab and a pickup style bed strapped to ...Read more

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Illinois Stellantis plant in line for $334M federal grant

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An embattled auto plant in far northern Belvidere is in line for a planned $334 million grant from the federal government, part of the Biden administration’s commitment to stoking a transition to electric vehicles, the U.S. Department of Energy announced Thursday.

The grant would be a significant investment in both Illinois’ EV industry and...Read more

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Towing across the Canadian wilderness in the Jeep Grand Wagoneer

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WAUBAUSHENE, Ontario — When I arrived at Quiet Waters Sailboats on Georgian Bay from Detroit, owner Rick and I met each other with exclamations.

“Man, you poor guys are paying $6 a gallon for premium gas!” I blurted.

“Man, that Jeep Grand Wagoneer is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen!” Rick said.

I had just filled up the Grand’s ...Read more

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Granholm says Biden should stay in race for US auto industry support

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LANSING, Mich. — Jennifer Granholm, U.S. energy secretary and former Michigan governor, said Thursday that President Joe Biden is and should stay in the race for a second term, attributing federal investments into Michigan's auto manufacturing to his leadership.

Granholm visited General Motors Co.'s Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant, which ...Read more

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Biden administration giving GM, Stellantis more than $1B to stop plant closures, build EVs

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WASHINGTON — The federal government is providing $1.7 billion in grants to help revitalize 11 shuttered or at-risk auto manufacturing and assembly facilities — including two in Michigan, the White House and Department of Energy said early Thursday.

The grants will go to projects across eight states — Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia,...Read more

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Federally funded EV charging is arriving in the Philly region

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Drivers in southeastern Pennsylvania will soon bear witness to the federal government's investment in electric vehicle charging.

The first EV charging hub in the region funded through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program money is expected to open this summer in Aston.

"In Pennsylvania, we now have two NEVI sites ...Read more


Motormouth: Where is the turn signal?

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Q: I’ve noticed recently that many newer model cars have the rear turning signals and taillights much lower, along the rear bumper line. I’ve found many times that I’ll be at a stoplight behind a car and unable to see if they are turning or not. Seems like a safety hazard to me. Your thoughts?

J.K., Morris, Illinois

A: I have gotten this...Read more

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Editorial: 'Equity' short circuits EV charging station construction

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Nothing is more inefficient than the government working at cross purposes. Just look at the Biden administration’s attempts to build charging stations for electric vehicles.

Since coming into office, President Joe Biden has insisted on micromanaging the auto industry to push consumers toward EVs as a means of fighting climate change. Put ...Read more

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Auto review: 2024 Genesis GV70 exceeds luxury expectations

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At Grasso’s Garage, Volvo, with its extensive range of appropriately priced luxury vehicles, consistently stands out, meeting nearly every consumer's desires and requirements. Yet, as Volvo has not delivered the XC40 to Grasso's Garage, there is a gap in the review lineup.

Genesis has astutely stepped in to fill this void, a move that ...Read more