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GM partners with Honda to make two new electric vehicles at GM plants

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DETROIT -- GM and Honda have agreed to jointly develop two all-new electric vehicles for Honda.

The vehicles will be on GM's global EV platform powered by proprietary Ultium batteries, but Honda will design the exteriors and interiors. The platform will be engineered to match the way Honda vehicles handle.

For GM this is "another step" toward ...Read more

Coronavirus could derail Cadillac's plan for massive product rejuvenation

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This time last year, General Motors' luxury brand, Cadillac, had just finished moving its headquarters from New York back to Warren, Mich.

Cadillac's leaders wanted to be closer to vehicle designers and engineers as it embarked on an expansive product launch. Cadillac promised to roll out a new vehicle every six months through 2021.

The brand'...Read more

Ford expects talks with US on cash for clunkers-like stimulus

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Ford Motor Co. would like the U.S. government to sponsor an automotive stimulus program to help the industry get back on its feet after the coronavirus crisis abates.

"We think some level of stimulus somewhere on the other side of this would help not only the auto industry and our dealers, which are a huge part of our overall economy, but will ...Read more

Mark Phelan: Here's how GM can finally turn electric vehicle technology into big profits, sales

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Can General Motors finally convince buyers it's a leader in electric vehicle vehicles and technology? With billions of dollars on the line and high-profile EVs in development for all its brands, the stakes have never been higher.

GM has been the auto industry leader -- briefly -- in EV technology at least three times since the mid-'90s, with ...Read more

Auto review: Key upgrades for 2020 help to keep Toyota Tacoma in front of the pack

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Toyota Tacoma, America's best-selling midsize pickup for more than a decade, has new tech, style, comfort and convenience features for 2020, making it more compelling and more competitive.

The third-generation design is inspired by Toyota's fabled desert race trucks and is the definition of the "work hard, play hard" mentality.

Six available ...Read more

Larry Printz: Cleaning your car of the coronavirus

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By now, you know that the surest way to defend against COVID-19 is to frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and to disinfect frequently touched surfaces, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention counsels.

So, what about your car? Think about all the surfaces you or your passengers touch; this is ...Read more

Auto review: Sporty Mercedes crosses over many boundaries

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2020 AMG Mercedes GLC 63C: Sporty crossover hot-rod SUV?

Price: $89,130 as tested. Gray paint, $700; 21-inch wheels, $1,000; Parking Assistance Package, $1,290; more below.

Conventional wisdom: Car and Driver calls it "as absurd as it is formidable."

Marketer's pitch: "SUV body, sports car soul."

Reality: A real puzzle. Try to solve it.

...Read more

Coronavirus outbreak cuts into Tesla deliveries, analysts say it will get worse

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Tesla fell victim to the coronavirus-affected economy in the first quarter, delivering 88,400 cars worldwide. In the previous quarter, Tesla had delivered 112,000 vehicles.

Analysts warn that worse is coming. The commercial effects of the virus pandemic didn't begin to affect the United States until March, so second-quarter sales are expected ...Read more

Ford restart postponed indefinitely; GM says situation 'fluid' as COVID-19 stalls industry

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DETROIT -- Ford confirmed Tuesday that it plans to again postpone restarting its automobile production in North America "to help protect its workers" with no restart date scheduled.

The decision comes after news that a third UAW worker employed by Ford and diagnosed with the novel coronavirus has died, this time from the Dearborn Diversified ...Read more

COVID sideswipes autos: 'We're going to ride this out,' says one car dealer after shutting off all sales

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EL CAJON, Calif. -- Normally, the showroom at El Cajon Ford is busy, with its staff selling about 40 cars and trucks a week. But these are not normal times. The dealership's showroom has been empty for days and this week's sales count came to zero.

That's because management decided to close down all sales on March 21 due to the stay-at-home ...Read more

Oil prices dip amid pandemic and price war, could go negative

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Gas is cheap in most places around the US as of late, and it's not just because of curtailed demand due to the coronavirus. Just as the virus spread to numerous parts of the world, Saudi Arabia began to cut prices and set off a price war against Russia.

Now, oil prices are falling at a rapid rate. Paul Sankey, managing director at Mizuho ...Read more

Motormouth: Locking car with motor running: A problem for manufacturers to tackle?

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Q: I find it strange that I can get out of my car and lock it while it still is running. This is a safety factor. I have stated this to GM, but have heard nothing. My car is a Buick Encore. What do you think?

-- C.L., Chicago

A: Yes, it is indeed a safety factor. If you park in an attached garage and forget to turn off the engine, your home ...Read more

Under the Hood: Replacing transmission is overreaction to diagnostic trouble code

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Q: I just read your column responding to a question about ignoring a check engine warning light. I have a 2004 Lexus ES330 that had a check engine warning light. After a couple of weeks I was able to take the car to a shop and they said that the diagnostic test revealed a P0741 code, indicating a torque converter clutch circuit performance stuck...Read more

Auto review: Cadillac CT5-V sport sedan arrives as 2020's most pleasant surprise

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It'd be easy to overlook the 2020 Cadillac CT5-V. Easy, but a mistake. The new sport sedan is one of 2020's most pleasant surprises, graced with comfort, handling, advanced features and attractive prices.

Through no fault of the car's, the new sport sedan's introduction has lurched from one disaster to another: The 40-day strike against General...Read more

GM salaried workforce must defer pay due to coronavirus impact

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DETROIT -- General Motors CEO Mary Barra will take home one-third less in compensation for at least six months.

GM's 69,000 other salaried workers will defer 20% of their cash compensation for six months, the company said Thursday.

The pay cuts, albeit temporary, start April 1. They are intended to help the automaker get through the ...Read more

Fiat Chrysler plans April 14 production restart

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DETROIT -- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which has seen at least three workers die in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, plans to restart production April 14.

The company, in a news release Thursday on the restart date, said it is taking "important steps to help flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19, and put the health and safety of our ...Read more

Ford, FCA issue restart dates for some US plants

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Ford, Fiat Chrysler, Honda and Toyota took steps Thursday to restart North American factories that have been closed to protect workers from the coronavirus.

The plants would reopen in early or mid-April, restoring the largest source of cash for automakers that generally book revenue when they ship vehicles to dealerships.

Ford is aiming to ...Read more

Auto giants across the globe warned of coming 'credit shock'

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BMW AG, Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. were downgraded by Moody's Investors Service and their major European, U.S. and Japanese competitors were put under review for possible cuts as the coronavirus pandemic raises risks for automakers worldwide.

BMW, the European carmaker with the best credit profile, was dropped one level to A2, while ...Read more

Auto suppliers fret financial ruin as GM, Ford and FCA grind to a halt

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On March 18, at about 4:30 p.m., the employees at auto supplier Dana Inc. in Warren, Mich., received an unsettling text message from management.

The text, obtained by the Free Press read, "We are well aware of the Ford, FCA and General Motors announcement," referring to the Detroit Three's decision earlier that day to temporary shutdown all ...Read more

GM is about to stockpile $16B in cash amid uncertainty, coronavirus outbreak

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DETROIT -- General Motors is stockpiling as much cash as it can to guard against the uncertain fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and will consider other measures including continued payment of its dividend as it evaluates market conditions.

The automaker said Tuesday it will draw $16 billion from its revolving credit facilities as a ...Read more