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Auto review: Hyundai's 2018 Kona small crossover starts at $19,500, offers all-wheel drive

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For 2018, Hyundai has added a new subcompact crossover SUV to its lineup, with lots to offer for the money and features buyers want in a versatile family vehicle, as well as Hyundai's excellent warranty.

The new Kona is available in four trims: SE, $19,500; SEL, $21,150; Limited, $24,700; and Ultimate, $27,400.

Front-wheel drive is standard, ...Read more

Auto review: Restyled 2018 Nissan Leaf has extended range on full charge to about 150 miles

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Nissan redesigned its groundbreaking Leaf all-electric car for 2018, which includes improving the electric drive system -- and extended the driving range on a single charge to an estimated 150 miles, up from 107 miles on the 2017 model.

The exterior and interior have been restyled, and the new model has a 147-horsepower electric motor, up from ...Read more

Under the Hood: Perceived braking irregularity might be a road surface issue

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Q. Brad, I have a problem with my 2013 Lexus IS 250c that has been going on almost from the time I began leasing it. When I brake for a stop sign or light sometimes (but not always) the front wheels will turn abruptly to the left (and even occasionally to the right) as I come to a stop. The steering wheel will make about a quarter turn to the ...Read more

Mark Phelan: 2019 Ford Raptor adds adaptive shocks ready for 'jump mode'

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DETROIT -- Ford's insanely popular F-150 Raptor off-road race truck will add electronically controlled adaptive shock absorbers for a smoother ride and better control when the 2019 model goes on sale late this year.

The new Fox Racing Shox are joined by an electronic system that functions like cruise control for the most challenging off-road ...Read more

Electric vehicle startup Rivian gets $200 million in funding to recharge shuttered Illinois plant

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Startup Rivian Automotive has secured a $200 million loan to begin producing electric vehicles at the former Mitsubishi plant in Normal, Ill., by 2020.

While the Michigan-based company has yet to unveil a single vehicle design, the central Illinois city of Normal may have a lot riding on Rivian's success, with potentially 1,000 new jobs in the ...Read more

Ford tech workers move to Corktown: 'A very different space than suburbia'

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DETROIT -- Tom Walsh packed his bags and headed west from New York City to Dearborn in March to play a key role on Ford's recently formed technology team, which on Thursday settles into its new digs in an old hosiery factory in Corktown, the historic district west of downtown Detroit.

"I live about a mile away in the heart of downtown," he said...Read more

Corker, U.S. Chamber blast Trump threat of auto tariffs

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WASHINGTON -- Some policymakers and powerful business groups on Thursday criticized President Donald Trump's threatened tariffs on imported autos and auto parts into the U.S. on national security grounds, suggesting Trump is abusing his authority.

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tennessee, who serves as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations ...Read more

Analysts: Trump doesn't get the auto industry; tariffs hurt consumers

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DETROIT -- Auto industry analysts and advocates say American consumers will be hurt if President Donald Trump follows through on using "national security" concerns about declining manufacturing jobs to justify adding a major tax on imported trucks, cars and auto parts.

They say his call for tariffs reflects a lack of understanding of the ...Read more

Trump suggests 'big news' for U.S. autoworkers involves NAFTA

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WASHINGTON -- President Donald Trump suggested Wednesday afternoon that his "big news" for U.S. autoworkers could have to do with plans to rewrite -- or withdraw from -- the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Wednesday morning, Trump posted a cryptic message on Twitter, saying there would be "big news coming soon for our great American ...Read more

Tesla Model 3 zooms to the head of its class

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Just who is buying the much ballyhooed Tesla Model 3 sedan?

According the California New Car Dealers Association, 3,723 people in the state during the first quarter of the year, that's who.

The CNCDA, which released its latest data on new car registrations late Tuesday, said those Model 3 numbers were enough to put the car on top of the "Near ...Read more

Fiat Chrysler recalling 51K Jeep Cherokees because of fire risk

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling more than 51,000 of its 2018 Jeep Cherokees because of a fire risk.

The company said it is unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the defect, involving fuel-supply tubes that could leak. The campaign is limited to SUVs with a 2.4-liter engine and does not include the refreshed 2019 Jeep Cherokee, ...Read more

Under the Hood: Adjusting timing, like tune-ups, a thing of the past

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Q: Last week I took my pickup in for a tune-up because it was running rough and needed to be checked out. I told the service fellow they might want to check the timing. He replied with a smirk that they "don't do that stuff anymore" and they'd "put the scanner on it to see what was wrong." It turned out it had two bad ignition coils, and it runs...Read more

From panic to triumph: Behind the scenes of Ford's epic F-150 restart

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DEARBORN, Mich. -- What if Facebook or Nike couldn't do business for more than a week?

"The whole world would shut down," said Joe Hinrichs, president of global operations for Ford.

So, when production of the F-Series pickup line halted -- with annual revenue of $40 billion, exceeding that of Facebook, Nike and most other modern corporate rock...Read more

Tesla may need to raise how much money in two years?

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Well, if Elon Musk's performance on Tesla's most recent earnings call with analysts is any indication, he might not have many nice things to say to David Tamberrino of Goldman Sachs.

Thursday, Tamberrino said that Tesla may have to raise $10.5 billion over the next two years just to, in effect, keep the lights on.

The main issue facing Tesla ...Read more

At reopened Ford plant, F-150 rolls off line in 52 seconds

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DEARBORN, Mich. -- After being fully shut down for eight days, workers streamed into the Dearborn Truck Plant for the 6 a.m. shift Friday and rolled the first F-150 off the line before 6:01 a.m.

"We build one F-150 every 52 seconds at this plant," said Ford spokeswoman Kelli Felker, who was on site by 5:30 a.m. "It was beautiful to see, just ...Read more

Here's why the Ford Mustang is the No. 1 movie car

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Wanna start an argument?

The folks at U.K. insurance-shopping website have created a list of the movies' most iconic, popular and frequently seen cars that'll stir things up the next time conversation stalls at anything from a family dinner to a tailgate party.

Whether your crew cares about cars or movies, "Moviemotors" will give...Read more

Mark Phelan: Your next car may be safer than you think. Thanks, autonomy

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Long before many people experience a car that can drive itself, they'll benefit from semi-autonomous systems that let them travel farther and safer. But they may never know it.

Stealth driver aids that provide many of autonomy's benefits are moving from luxury vehicles to mass market models today.

The Nissan Rogue compact SUV and Leaf electric...Read more

Auto review: Kia's all-new 2018 Stinger sport sedan offers premium features, performance

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Kia vehicles have become more stylish and appealing lately, and now, with the all-new Stinger sport sedan, performance is maximized as well.

About the size of the midsize Kia Optima sedan, the new Stinger premium fastback sedan is lower, sleeker, and more powerful, with an aggressive yet graceful design setting it apart from similarly priced ...Read more

Trump's trade policy is the medicine the US needs, former GM honcho says

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DETROIT -- President Donald Trump's trade policies could mean short-term pain for Detroit's automobile industry, but his actions are long overdue to restore the U.S. manufacturing base, says former GM vice chairman Bob Lutz.

"The exporting of American industry is something that has got to stop," Lutz said in an interview with the Free Press.

...Read more

Ford says F-150 production to restart Friday, ahead of schedule

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DETROIT -- Production of America's best-selling vehicle, the Ford F-150 pickup, will resume Friday.

Truck production, shut down since May 9, will resume at the Dearborn, Mich., Truck Plant on Friday, while production of the Super Duty at the Kentucky Truck Plant and F-150 at the Kansas City Assembly Plant are targeted to restart on Monday, Ford...Read more