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Ruling paves way for Biden to approve stricter California vehicle rules, but SCOTUS looms

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WASHINGTON — A federal court ruling this week allows California to keep setting air pollution and vehicle emissions standards above and beyond federal limits, with potentially far-reaching impacts for an auto industry that's navigating a bumpy electric transition.

The decision preserves a regulatory double standard across the country. There ...Read more


Auto review: 2024 Fiat 500e is the perfect cup of automotive espresso

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Here we go again.

The battery-electric Fiat 500e returns for 2024, five model years after it was previously offered for sale in the United States and a decade after it debuted.

Of course, if you don’t remember the previous Fiat 500e, you probably didn’t live in in California and Oregon, the only states where it was sold merely to meet ...Read more

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Henry Payne: Delivering packages in Rivian's Amazon EV truck

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PONTIAC, Michigan — Coming to your Metro Detroit neighborhood, Inc.’s Rivian electric delivery vans are the culmination of a five-year collaboration between the retail giant and the U.S.-based electric vehicle startup.

Michigan is among the major metropolitan areas receiving 100,000 Rivian Automotive Inc. vans that will both meet...Read more

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Auto review: 2024 Jaguar F-Pace SVR is one raspy ride

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Exhaust! In Grasso’s Garage this week, we have a noise maker on our hands with the 2024 Jaguar F-Pace SVR. This display of both luxury and sport makes for an amazing ride but a rough one, filled with tons of power.

Under the hood of our unbelievable Ultra Blue exterior paint is a 5.0-liter supercharged eight-cylinder engine, producing 550 ...Read more

Stellantis cuts 200-plus supplemental workers in Detroit

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Stellantis NV continues to cut its supplemental manufacturing workforce, with more than 200 additional workers losing their jobs at one Detroit warehousing facility as of March 31, union officials and workers said.

"Stellantis continues to review its manufacturing operations to ensure all facilities are operating as efficiently as possible in...Read more

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Ford cuts price of F-150 plug-in pickup, set to resume shipments

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Ford Motor Co. slashed prices of its electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck by as much as 7.5% as the automaker prepares to resume deliveries this month following a halt earlier this year over an undisclosed quality issue.

The price cuts put in place April 5 partially reverse hikes in January as Ford was reducing production of its signature ...Read more


Motormouth: Which type of oil?

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Q: My last two oil changes were with synthetic oil, but they mistakenly put conventional in this time. I had used conventional oil when I bought the car with 35,000 miles; it now has 84,000. They offered to drain it, but I said, how about make it good next time. Any problems switching over?

B.G., Colorado Springs, Colorado

A: There’s no ...Read more

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How an obscure energy calculation could dramatically speed up America's EV future

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WASHINGTON — Overshadowed by the Biden administration’s new tailpipe emissions rule, the Department of Energy finalized changes last month to a little-known calculation that could dramatically impact automakers’ ability to sell gas-powered cars and trucks.

The changes to the calculation, known as “petroleum equivalency factor," will ...Read more

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Rivian hosts R2 open house in Normal, its new production home

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NORMAL, Illinois — Nearly five years after unveiling its prototype electric pickup truck and SUV for a Normal community looking to restart its idled auto plant, Rivian was back in the town circle Saturday with its second-generation EVs, and the promise of more activity at the now-bustling factory.

The low-key but festive event showcased the ...Read more

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Few stations and $200 to fill up: Life on California's 'Hydrogen Highway'

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As California’s longtime chief climate regulator, Mary Nichols once championed hydrogen fuel cell cars. Just a few years ago, as the state spent tens of millions of dollars on a planned network of fueling stations dubbed “the hydrogen highway,” Nichols was extolling the 300-mile (480-kilometer) range and quick refueling time of her own ...Read more

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Electric, hybrid cars cutting Bay Area's carbon footprint, UC Berkeley researchers say

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The Bay Area’s leading role in electric-vehicle adoption is producing a measurable drop in the region’s carbon footprint and contribution to the battle against climate change, new research from University of California-Berkeley suggests.

Last March, the Bay Area became the first U.S. metropolitan area where half of all new vehicle ...Read more

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Auto review: Go used, go Chevy Malibu

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NAPLES, Florida — My Chevy Malibu is roomy, techy and easy on the eyes. And, most importantly, it’s a used bargain at under 20 grand.

Let’s go used car reviewing.

I’m a big fan of affordable cars whether new or used, but it’s a tough hoe for consumers these days in a market buffeted by a perfect storm of electric vehicle mandates, ...Read more


Auto review: Goodnight Kitty: Jaguar's last gasoline-powered sports car

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In the Jaguar Land Rover showroom, the 2024 Jaguar F-Type R is an anomaly. It’s a dinosaur, a relic of a fast-fading age of speed, steel, sex and internal combustion engines powered by fossil fuel. And yet, that era is still very much with us despite various governments’ attempts to change it. These beasts won’t go without a final fierce ...Read more

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Auto review: 2024 Lexus GX easily tops the luxury SUV category

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Toyota Motor Co.’s upscale brand Lexus has been teasing the auto industry for over a year with the redesign of its GX. That time has finally come and it has been well worth the wait.

In Grasso’s Garage, the 2024 Lexus GX550 Premium+ wrapped in Nightfall Mica, a pristine deep blue with metallic flake that certainly shines as its exterior ...Read more


The rise of hybrids, EVs and innovative designs bring new life to sedans as they face off against dominant crossovers

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Oldsmobile sold a staggering 518,160 Cutlasses in 1979, making it the best-selling car in America. By the early ‘90s, when the Honda Accord and Ford Taurus were battling for passenger car supremacy, each sold around 400,000 units per year. Mid-size cars ruled America’s roads.

Beginning in the late ‘90s, however, Americans changed their ...Read more


Elon Musk says he's boosting Tesla pay to stop OpenAI from poaching

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Elon Musk acknowledged Tesla Inc. is having to make special efforts to retain artificial intelligence specialists, some of whom have left the carmaker in the past year to join his AI venture.

Tesla is increasing compensation for its AI engineering team, contingent on performance milestones, Musk wrote on X, his social media network. In ...Read more


Ford delays EV launches, will offer full hybrid lineup by 2030

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Ford Motor Co. on Thursday said it will delay the launch of new three-row electric vehicles in Ontario, adjust the timing of its next-generation electric truck and will offer hybrid powertrain across its entire internal combustion engine lineup in North America by the end of the decade.

Executives of the Dearborn, Michigan, automaker have ...Read more


Bumpy ride: First-quarter auto sales reflect a shifting market

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The auto industry is traveling a bumpy path to recovery since the pandemic as most makers reported first-quarter sales gains with three notable exceptions: General Motors Co., Stellantis NV and Tesla Inc., all of which saw declines.

Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co., Subaru Corp., Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. and Volkswagen AG all saw year-over-year...Read more

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Stellantis CEO: EV battery weight must be cut in half in next decade

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The weight of electric vehicles batteries should be cut by half over the next decade in order to make the cars more efficient and environmentally friendly, Stellantis NV CEO Carlos Tavares said Wednesday.

"They need a very significant breakthrough in terms of chemistry," he said of EV batteries. "Right now for a decent range, we are using 1,000...Read more

Ford US sales up 6.8% in Q1; hybrids hit a record

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Ford Motor Co.'s U.S. sales in the first quarter grew 6.8% year-over-year as the automaker emphasized a portfolio of mixed powertrain options amid less-than-expected demand for electric vehicles.

Even still, EV sales were up 86% in the first three months of the year, representing 4% of the Dearborn, Michigan, automaker's mix. It sold 20,223 EVs...Read more