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Waiting for ratification, UAW strikers reflect America's anxiety about overall economy

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DETROIT -- Two hours before sunrise, striking factory workers gathered around a small bonfire to keep themselves warm at the entrance of the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant owned by General Motors. They talked about a future filled with uncertainty and a sense of loss.

Their words Tuesday reflected a strain of anxiety that runs through the U.S...Read more

Aide to ex-UAW VP, GM board member pleads guilty in corruption probe

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- As he was leaving federal court in Ann Arbor after admitting to his part in the UAW corruption scandal, Jeffery Pietrzyk, a former co-director of the General Motors training center, was confronted by a journalist who noted his appearance had come at a critical time with workers on strike for more than a month.

"I apologize,"...Read more

It's 'possible' UAW workers will strike Ford, FCA if pushed for contract concessions

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DETROIT -- No one is breathing easy yet.

Because more UAW strikes remain in the realm of possibility in coming weeks.

As General Motors waits to see whether 46,000 factory workers will vote in these next few days to approve a tentative contract agreement with the UAW and end a strike entering its sixth week, labor experts and a source with ...Read more

UAW got a good deal from GM, labor leaders, experts say

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DETROIT -- Many labor experts and union leaders say the UAW got a good deal from General Motors and expect union members to ratify it.

In the meantime, about 46,000 workers will remain on strike while they learn about the tentative agreement and vote through next week.

"It's a good agreement," one UAW local leader said last week. "No, they ...Read more

Ford botches Explorer launch, putting CEO back on the hot seat

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SOUTHFIELD, Mich. -- Ford Motor Co.'s Jim Hackett and Wall Street analysts started this year frustrated with one another. Sure, the automaker had been underperforming, but the chief executive appealed for time to show he was fixing things. He assured them the redesigned Explorer SUV rolling out months later would be a proof point.

But rather ...Read more

60,000 bonus offer may lure UAW-GM workers into retirement

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DETROIT -- Thousands of UAW-GM workers could soon be asking themselves a simple question: Is it time for me to retire?

If union members ratify a contract at General Motors next week, generous incentives -- including a $60,000 bonus for some -- could soon be in place to encourage many hourly workers to retire by the end of February.

The strike ...Read more

Motormouth: Winter tires make a difference in snowy climes

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Q: I purchased a 2019 Golf R, and everyone is telling me I'll need another set of wheels and tires for the winter. They are telling me that my specific tire is designed to be a "summer" tire. They are low-profile Continental tires that are currently on the car. Do I really need to do this?

--P.P., Chicago

A: According to the experts at Tire ...Read more

Under the Hood: Take your 'check engine' light seriously

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Q: When a "check engine" light comes on, how serious can this be? Should I stop driving, get it fixed the next day, or when it's good for me? Everyone tells me something different!

-- Ken

A: There can be literally a hundred possible reasons for an illuminated check engine/service engine soon light. This indicates a fault has been recognized ...Read more

UAW leaders send deal with GM to workers for ratification vote; strike continues

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DETROIT -- The UAW National General Motors Council decided Thursday to recommend ratification of a tentative agreement with GM, but to leave 46,000 workers on strike while they vote on the deal.

UAW-represented workers at 55 GM facilities in 10 states have been on strike since 12:01 a.m. Sept. 16, costing GM nearly a half-billion dollars a week...Read more

UAW reaches tentative contract with janitors striking at five GM sites

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DETROIT -- The janitors who have been on strike alongside autoworkers at General Motors sites have reached a tentative agreement with Aramark, according to a source.

Details were not immediately available. Aramark employs the maintenance workers and contracts for work at the GM locations.

The 850 janitors had been working on a contract ...Read more

UAW's janitor strike is unresolved, creating a dilemma for GM UAW workers

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DETROIT -- The UAW's negotiations on behalf of Aramark janitors remain unresolved, potentially creating a bad situation for the GM strikers who stood side-by-side with them on the picket lines for a month.

UAW-represented GM autoworkers at four facilities might have to cross the Aramark workers' picket lines.

The UAW reached a proposed ...Read more

Auto review: 2020 Corvette isn't just super-fast; it's luxury-car quiet and smooth

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The law of unintended consequences doesn't usually apply to pleasant surprises, but the radically new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray comes with a beauty.

The first-ever Corvette with its engine mounted behind the passengers -- a mid-engine layout, in auto parlance -- is also the quietest and smoothest in the history of the great American ...Read more

Auto review: Lamborghini's 2020 Huracan EVO is a hell of a ride, but maybe not a daily driver

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I had barely begun to experience this new Lamborghini Huracan when, at my first appointment of the day, the man I was meeting for breakfast said: "Don't you feel like a jerk driving it?"

A few hours later, after I'd posted a picture of the car on a social media site, a friend wrote, "I'm sure it's fun to drive, but doesn't it make you feel like...Read more

Electric truck startup Rivian gives a sneak peek of its future: Sleek vehicles, a reborn factory and thousands of jobs

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NORMAL, Ill. -- Rivian is still a year away from rolling its first electric trucks off the line at a converted Mitsubishi plant in Normal, but for thousands of residents, customers and job seekers, the future is beginning to seem a little bit closer.

A large crowd of curious locals attended the startup automaker's festive open house Sunday in ...Read more

After 30 days, GM-UAW talks suddenly face a deadline

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The clock is ticking for General Motors executives to reach a proposed tentative agreement with the UAW, people close to the talks said Tuesday.

The union's move to summon its National GM Council to Detroit for a meeting Thursday morning was a pressure tactic to prompt GM leaders to reach a deal acceptable to the UAW, said three people familiar...Read more

UAW summons its National GM Council to Detroit, but has no deal with yet

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DETROIT -- The UAW has sent a letter to its National General Motors Council summoning union local officers to Detroit on Thursday for a morning meeting at the Marriott downtown.

Meanwhile, negotiators for GM and the UAW wrapped up a day of talks Monday evening, on the 29th day of a nationwide strike against the automaker. Negotiations are ...Read more

Here is what's been settled and what remains in play in GM-UAW talks

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DETROIT -- By early Monday morning, three main sticking points remained between General Motors and UAW negotiators as they pushed to close in on a new tentative contract.

The two sides worked long hours over the weekend, finishing up around 10 p.m. Sunday. Negotiators were meeting at the main table again by midmorning Monday as roughly 46,000 ...Read more

GM's China sales continue to slump in third quarter as US automakers lose market share

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General Motors' sales in China fell by 17.5% in the third quarter from the same period in 2018, the company's fifth consecutive quarterly decline in the world's largest auto market.

The company said it delivered 689,531 vehicles in China during the period "in the midst of the continued soft vehicle market."

It's bad news as the Detroit ...Read more

Motormouth: Paintless dent repair might be the ticket for hail-damaged car

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Q: After a recent storm, an owner of a new BMW 540 told me his car was heavily damaged by hail. He was at work during the storm, and his car was in the parking lot. The worst part, according to him, was that not all the cars in the lot suffered hail damage and that his did not fare any better than a KIA. His theory is that BMW is either trying ...Read more

Under the Hood: Replacing struts not a job for inexperienced home mechanic

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Q: I just had my car serviced and was told I need new struts. It's a 2014 Honda Accord with 47,000 miles. The man pushed me very strongly saying it's a "safety concern" and I should have them done right away. I figured I'd get a second opinion. What do these parts do? Is this something my husband could replace?


A: Oh boy! It may be ...Read more