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Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition will hit 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, Ford predicts

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It's all about jumping to the front of the pack when the stoplight turns green.

Oh, and competing with the Tesla Model Y and Wall Street darling Elon Musk.

The all-electric Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition is "targeting" 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds, the company announced Tuesday. The figure is "calculated via peak performance of the electric ...Read more

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3D-printed parts moving closer to production cars

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Five years ago, Detroit auto show crowds scratched their heads over a car whose body, frame and interior emerged fully formed at the show from computer printers that laid down layers of carbon-fiber infused plastic to form the three-dimensional components.

The 3D printing of auto parts, demonstrated then by a small company called Local Motors, ...Read more

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Ford Bronco delayed by COVID-19 with supply chain disruption

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The auto industry is fending off disruption from COVID-19 again.

Ford confirmed late Friday that customer delivery of its all-new Bronco will be delayed.

“The all-new Bronco two-door and four-door customer deliveries will begin in the summer rather than the spring due to COVID-19-related challenges our suppliers are experiencing,” Jiyan ...Read more


Auto review: America’s bestselling minivan, the Honda Odyssey, retains its charms for 2021

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In a time when your family’s safety is paramount, the 2021 Honda Odyssey makes for soothing relief.

How else to describe a family-friendly vehicle that was the first minivan to earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) highest accolade, the 2020 "Top Safety Pick+" rating?

OK, that may not sound exciting to you. But to a ...Read more

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Mark Phelan: 2020 Land Rover Defender challenges Wrangler, Bronco with new looks, tech

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Possibly the most Newtonian vehicle ever produced, the 2020 Land Rover Defender is an equal and opposite reaction to other SUVs’ motion to become ever more at home in upscale grocery store lots and valet lines outside restaurants.

Ike Newton’s second law of motion in vehicular form, the Defender is Land Rover’s existential counterpunch, ...Read more


Motormouth: Another alternator, same story

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Q: I bought a used 2008 Chevy Trailblazer several years ago. It is the right distance above the ground, and I really like it. When I drive for 30 or 40 minutes the voltage on the dash would go down. It still started normally, so I didn't worry about it. Then, one day, it didn't start. The tow truck driver jumped it and I went to get it fixed. ...Read more


Biden win is pressuring carmakers to unite on tailpipe emissions

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Carmakers that signed up for President Donald Trump's war with California over auto emissions are now being pressured to join a peace plan brought on by the election of Joe Biden.

The automakers had split a year ago over a plan by the Trump administration to roll back gas mileage rules put in place by President Barack Obama and revoke ...Read more

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Musk urges Tesla employees to pinch pennies, buoy surging shares

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Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk warned in an internal email his company's rallying shares could get "crushed" if investors start to worry about the electric-car manufacturer's ability to deliver on profit expectations.

Musk urged employees to stay focused on cutting costs and prevent a reversal in Tesla's soaring stock price in an ...Read more


California newspaper urges GM boycott, slams decision to abandon Trump plan

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A California newspaper is slamming General Motors in a searing editorial urging consumers to give pause before buying a new vehicle from the automaker.

It stems from GM's move one week ago when GM did an about-face and said it will no longer back President Donald Trump's effort to stop California from setting its own emissions rules.

With that...Read more


GM backs out of stake in Nikola, cancels plan for 'Badger' electric pickup

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DETROIT — General Motors and Nikola Corp. have a deal, though it's a much smaller one compared with the one first struck in September.

In a non-binding memo of understanding signed by GM and Nikola on Monday, GM will now supply the fuel-cell technology to make commercial long-haul trucks for Nikola and nothing more — with no equity stake in...Read more

Roadshow: Tesla, Uber and Rivian team up for new lobbying group focused on EV adoption

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Washington lobbyists: You can't live without them, for better or for worse. On Nov. 17, the world welcomed yet another lobbying group, though this one is a bit different from other auto industry lobbying groups -- it's completely focused on making all new car sales 100 percent electric by the end of this decade.

The name? Zeta, and it ...Read more

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Tesla suspension problems prompt NHTSA probe of 115,000 cars

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating whether faulty suspension parts on nearly 115,000 Tesla Inc. cars can result in damage to the tires.

The agency said it received 43 complaints about 2015 through 2017 Tesla Model S and 2016 through 2017 Model X vehicles.

NHTSA said 32 of the complaints involve failures that ...Read more


Auto review: The 2021 Genesis G90 supplies what American automakers once delivered, but no longer do

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There seems to be some impression that the best cars have rock-firm suspensions sure to shatter your vertebrae. Yes, a firm suspension provides exceptional cornering ability, but what works best on racetrack isn't always what works best in the real world, where clogged arteries and crumbling highways, not glass-smooth race track, are a fact of ...Read more


Auto review: 2021 Lincoln Nautilus adds big screen, colors, connectivity for feature updates

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Lincoln's Nautilus midsize luxury SUV gets a new interior and significant connectivity improvements when the 2021 model arrives in dealerships early next year. The Nautilus will also go into production then in China, a growing market for Lincoln. North American versions of the SUV will continue to come from the Oakville, Ontario, plant that's ...Read more

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Auto review: It's a bird, it's a plane … it's the 702-horse Ram TRX supertruck

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Flying at over 65 mph in a 2021 Ram 1500 TRX — four feet off the ground — is when you realize that there's not much pickups can't do anymore. Hold that image, and let me catch you up.

The 702-horsepower TRX — pronounced T. rex — is the most powerful truck made.

But it's much more than a rocket-sled. It's like the recent crop of insane ...Read more


Auto review: 2021 Hyundai Venue offers less for less

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2021 Hyundai Venue Denim Edition: An old Soul?

Price: $23,305 as tested. Carpeted floor mats ($135) were the lone option.

Conventional wisdom: Consumer Reports likes the controls, fuel economy, and braking, but not "the ride, noise, fit and finish, or rear seat."

Marketer's pitch: "Small SUV. Big city hustle."

Reality: Definitely has the ...Read more

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Editorial: GM cozies up to Biden with opportunistic fuel-standard reversal

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Some corporations demonstrate strong concerns for the environment. And some swing with the political winds. Put General Motors in the latter category.

General Motors announced this week that it was dropping support of the Trump administration's effort to strip California of its right to set vehicle fuel standards. And it said it would join ...Read more

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Motormouth: Buy the maintenance plan?

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Q: Purchased a new 2020 Audi A4. Salesperson wanted me to buy a maintenance plan that would cover oil changes for four years. Can my local mechanic handle the changes? Is there a reason I would need to use the dealer?

L.S., Davie, Fla.

A: Your warranty will not be voided if you chose to have oil changes, or any routine service, done by your ...Read more

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GM dumps Trump in his attempt to bar California from setting emissions

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DETROIT — General Motors is changing course and will no longer back President Donald Trump's effort to stop California from setting its own emissions rules in an ongoing court fight.

GM CEO Mary Barra said GM is withdrawing from the pre-emption litigation between California, the Trump Administration and other non-government groups.

The move ...Read more

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General Motors abandons Trump administration in legal fight over California standards

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DETROIT — General Motors Co. is abandoning a legal battle between the Trump administration and California over the state's right to set its own standards for greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy rules, the automaker said Monday, and urging other automakers to do the same.

The move signals a recognition by GM that its electrification and ...Read more