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Ford CEO says 'partial electrification' is more than 'transitional'

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Ford Motor Co. CEO Jim Farley said Thursday that "partial electrification" options like hybrids and extended-range electric vehicles are more than just "transitional" technologies.

The auto industry over the past year has reevaluated all-electric vehicle adoption timelines, given affordability and range challenges. Ford and others have ...Read more

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Stellantis CEO says 'cost-cutting race' of EV transition will especially hit suppliers

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The electric vehicle transition is a game of severe cost-cutting, and automotive suppliers must figure out how to adapt or risk going under in the next five to 10 years, Stellantis NV CEO Carlos Tavares warned Wednesday.

EVs cost 40% to 50% more to produce than gas-powered cars on average, he said. That means automakers like Stellantis are "not...Read more

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Slotkin bill seeks permanent review process for high-tech Chinese cars

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WASHINGTON — Democratic U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin released new legislation Wednesday aimed at ensuring federal review of high-tech cars coming from China.

Her bill would codify parts of executive actions from the Trump and Biden administrations that directed the Commerce Department to investigate national security threats from Chinese ...Read more

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Revealed: See Cadillac's latest EV, the Optiq

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DETROIT — Cadillac on Wednesday revealed its newest all-electric offering, the Optiq SUV — its entry-level EV that will hit dealer lots later this year with the goal of attracting new customers to the luxury brand.

Cadillac debuted the 2025 Optiq with an event to celebrate the opening of a Cadillac City Paris store as the brand pushes ...Read more

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Henry Payne: 5 noteworthy things about the Cadillac Optiq EV

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DETROIT — Cadillac is bringing the bling for its all-electric future with the extravagant, custom-built, $350k Celestiq sedan and the $100k Escalade Q mega-SUV.

And its entry-level Cadillac Optiq ain’t too shabby either.

Studded with many of the gem-like features found in the midsize Lyriq — Caddy’s first EV entry launched for the 2023...Read more


Motormouth: How many miles does truck need?

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Q: I have a 2016 Ford F-350 single wheel rear axle that I bought for towing my camper. I also have a company car that I drive daily. My F-350 only has 40,000 miles on it so it is a weekend driver and I usually drive it on Fridays just to put miles on it. Does this damage the motor? I have heard pros and cons to both. I’d appreciate your input....Read more

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UAW asks NLRB to reject Mercedes vote results, order new election

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The United Auto Workers asked federal officials Friday to reject the results of last week's failed Mercedes-Benz unionization vote and order a new election.

The Detroit-based union wants the National Labor Relations Board to void the organizing election the union lost last week at the Mercedes complex in Vance, Alabama — a vote that delivered...Read more

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UAW asks NLRB to reject Mercedes vote results, order new election

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The United Auto Workers is asking federal officials to reject the results of last week's failed Mercedes-Benz unionization vote and order a new election.

The Detroit union wants the National Labor Relations Board to void the organizing election the union lost at the Mercedes Vance, Alabama, plant and order a new election on the grounds that the...Read more

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Auto review: 2024 Nissan Sentra SR is more than a commuter

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As Nissan makes its 2024 debut in Grasso's Garage, the spotlight is on the rejuvenated Sentra, particularly our test model, the SR. This commuter car serves various functions, yet within Grasso's Garage, one primary purpose stands out.

With a base price of $23,000, the Sentra offers significant value, boasting low insurance and fuel costs. This...Read more

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EVs and hybrids are twice as likely to hit pedestrians as gas cars, study shows

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Young children are trained to stop, look and listen before they cross the street. In the electric car age, parents might want to put extra emphasis on the word “listen.”

Pedestrians are twice as likely to be hit by an electric or hybrid car than by a vehicle that runs on gasoline or diesel, according to a study released Tuesday by ...Read more

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'Apocalypse HellFire': These souped-up trucks, built in Pompano Beach, aim to let you ride out the end times in style

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If the rich really are building underground bunkers for a coming apocalypse, a Pompano Beach, Florida, company is building the vehicles they’ll need once it’s safe to return to the scorched earth.

Apocalypse Manufacturing takes the biggest passenger trucks on the market — Jeep Gladiators, GMC Hummers, Ford Broncos, Land Rovers and more �...Read more

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As GM responds to outcry, federal regulator looking at car data privacy

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WASHINGTON — The top federal regulator for consumer protection is assuring the public that it's looking at automakers and third-party brokers who capture and sell sensitive data.

The message from the Federal Trade Commission comes after outcry from U.S. Senators and a series of alarming New York Times reports about automakers — namely ...Read more

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Supertruck Ford Raptor R is King of Beasts

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JOHNSON VALLEY, California — Supercars conquer the Earth’s most challenging race tracks. Supertrucks conquer the Earth.

At 90 mph, my 2024 Ford F-150 Raptor R cyborg skimmed the sandy, undulating surface of the Johnson Valley desert miles from civilization. With its electronic brain making millisecond calculations, the Baja racing-developed...Read more

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Auto review: The welcome return of an off-road icon: the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Welcome back Toyota’s oldest model, the Land Cruiser, debuting in 1951 and first seen stateside in 1958, returns to America after a three-year hiatus. Yet much has changed since the Land Cruiser last cruised out of Toyota showrooms. Then, the full-size Cruiser cost as much as its upscale Lexus sibling, the GX, and sported similar ...Read more

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UAW negotiates to increase number of GM workers eligible for buyout program

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The United Auto Workers has negotiated for 1,412 General Motors Co. production workers to receive the buyout offer they wanted, union vice president Mike Booth said in a Thursday statement.

That figure is above the 748 employees originally eligible under the UAW-GM contract, which states that GM will offer three of the programs starting in ...Read more

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Motormouth: Hoses and belts

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Q: I own a 2011 Tacoma with 76,000 miles on the odometer. I had all of the maintenance done "by-the-book" at 50,000 miles. Hoses and belts seem to last much longer than they used to when I began driving in the 1960s. So as a preventive maintenance procedure, what is your rule of thumb for changing hoses and belts for maximum reliability ?

G....Read more

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US investigating VinFast EV after 2 adults, 2 children die in one-car crash

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into VinFast’s first U.S. electric vehicle model less than a month after four family members — a man, a woman and two children — were killed in a one-car accident in the California Bay Area.

The crashed occurred on the night of April 24 after the driver had ...Read more

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A second judge finds Tesla workers at Fremont factory were racially harassed

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A judge has found Black workers faced years of widespread “race harassment” at Tesla’s Fremont electric car factory, opening the door for thousands more claims charging the automaker with mistreatment.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Noël Wise, in a Friday ruling on a lawsuit by Black former Tesla workers, cited more than 500 ...Read more

Ford tells dealers to pause EV investments as it reviews certification program

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Ford Motor Co. is recommending dealers halt investments related to selling electric vehicles until after it completes a review of its requirements in June, the automaker said on Tuesday.

The Dearborn automaker had set a June 30 deadline for dealers to have invested in Level 2 EV charging stations to qualify for its Model e certification program...Read more

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Q&A: CEO Mary Barra discusses GM's shift to hybrids, EV strategy and more

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WARREN, Michigan — In her 11th year as CEO of General Motors Co., Mary Barra's latest test is to ensure that the Detroit automaker's coming electric vehicles reach profitability by getting mainstream consumers to buy them in competitive global markets.

But in the time since GM first declared it would become all-electric, industry regulations ...Read more