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Distraction, drinking among causes for high traffic death toll

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CHICAGO -- The traffic death toll in Chicago is growing, and the national count remains at historic highs, despite new car safety technology.

That means it's past time to slow down, stay sober and stop trying to multitask while you drive, according to traffic safety experts.

"We're really treading water in terms of roadway safety, which is ...Read more

Prius fix blamed for gas mileage plunge

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LOS ANGELES--When Robert Enger took his Toyota Prius into a dealership for a safety recall, he didn't expect that his fuel economy would drop.

Just six months after buying the new 2013 Prius, Enger learned that the company was recalling it to fix the car's hybrid electrical system, which was overheating and frying itself. A technician plugged ...Read more

How these Bay Area cities are paving the way for our autonomous car future

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Within two to three years, bicyclists in Emeryville and Los Gatos will be able to download an app to get more green lights at intersections. Patients at the Veterans Administration Palo Alto Medical Center will be hopping on an autonomous shuttle for appointments. And, within a few more years, BART riders in Dublin will have a ...Read more

Under the Hood: Dealer can't solve Equinox' low-speed problem

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Q. The speed limit in our retirement area is 25 mph. With the cruise control set or not, my new 2018 Equinox surges back and forth like it's trying to shift to a lower speed. I took it back to the dealer, and they could not find any thing wrong with it. I went for a ride with their tech rep, and he was able to duplicate it the problem. They told...Read more

2018 Smart ForTwo Electric: The world's cutest convertible

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In past reviews, I've written about the sublime pleasure of driving around Los Angeles in a convertible on a warm, balmy night.

Now I've found a way to make it even more sublime: Add silence.

The Smart ForTwo -- which you'll see in great numbers in any major European capital, but in small numbers in the United States -- is a suitcase-sized two...Read more

Review: Golf SportWagen offers a sportier alternative to some small crossovers

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Since its introduction in 2015 replacing the Jetta wagon, the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, billed as a "sportier alternative to compact SUVs," has been a top choice for buyers who want a nimble, fun-to-drive vehicle with lots of space, versatility, comfort, and performance.

The Golf SportWagen is also beautifully designed. The appearance is ...Read more

A star is born: Volvo's Polestar1 pioneers electric-luxury brand; U.S. sales begin in 2019

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Volvo's new Polestar brand for high-performance electric vehicles is racing toward the start of public sales, with its first car -- a 600-horsepower plug-in hybrid -- debuting shortly and two more all-electric vehicles in the works.

The brand expects to be selling the luxury coupe at standalone dealerships in major cities around the world in ...Read more

Larry Printz: Meet Jaguar's future bestseller: the 2018 E-Pace

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Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons famously insisted that his products possess grace, pace and space, qualities that have long defined the brand, including its midsize luxury crossover, the F-Pace, which debuted in 2016. Since then it's become the brand's bestseller with sales up 89 percent in 2017. Now comes the F-Pace's compact companion, the E-...Read more

Why we fall in love and stay in love with certain car models

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Car love.

For some, it's an obsession. One that rivals first love. Something that you never forget. And compare everything else to.

"I have learned that there is no known cure for this affliction other than death," said Burt Richmond, managing partner of Chicago's Collectors Car Garage. He gave his loyalty to a 1954 Commander Starlight after ...Read more

Known more for comedy and cars, Jay Leno gives a glimpse of his vast motorcycle collection

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LOS ANGELES -- Jay Leno is as famous for his vintage cars as he is for his comedy, thanks to his long-running "Jay Leno's Garage" TV show.

But the former late-night host is just as passionate about motorcycles as he is about cars, and just as knowledgeable. Leno has one of the most interesting collections of two-wheeled machines, and recently ...Read more

Mark Phelan: Fiat Chrysler's Mopar parts brand cranks up global sales muscle

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CHICAGO -- As demand grows for flashy customization of profitable vehicles including Jeeps and Ram trucks, Fiat Chrysler's Mopar parts business has morphed from its roots in the company's muscle-car past to a pillar of the automaker's global operation.

"Fiat Chrysler has established Mopar as a brand and a service outlet around the world," said ...Read more

Safety gains from heavier cars may be cited to cut MPG rules

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration is said to be reviewing the safety advantages of heavier cars -- a point of controversy among researchers -- as it considers lowering future automotive fuel economy targets by as much as 23 percent.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is evaluating the implications of weaker targets as the ...Read more

Why investors like Detroit automaker-UAW profit-sharing checks

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DETROIT -- Factory workers at the Detroit Three auto plants pay close attention to annual earnings reports, perhaps as much as the big institutional investors and financial analysts.

Why? Because hourly employees whose contracts were negotiated by the UAW share the profits when companies do well and share the pain when profits dip.

Every ...Read more

Review: 2018 Buick Regal TourX sport wagon delivers room, style value

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DETROIT -- There's a freedom inherent in modest expectations. When not much is expected, nobody cares, or even notices, if you flout convention. That allowed Buick to take a flyer with the 2018 Buick Regal TourX sport wagon, a handsome and practical vehicle that deserves to divert a few buyers from the auto industry's headlong rush to all shapes...Read more

Under the Hood: What's up with Nissan Rogue heating problems

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Q. I have a 2015 Nissan Rogue, which I love. I also have no problems with my dealer in Dubuque. The heater went out on my Rogue on one of the coldest days of the year. It would only blow cold air. The vehicle is still under warranty and was repaired, and my dealer got me a rental while it was being repaired. My question is this: How many repairs...Read more

Review: New generation of GMC's Terrain arrives with a diesel engine option

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GMC's Terrain compact crossover has moved into its second generation for 2018, with a roomier interior, lots of new technology and its first diesel engine, which was under the hood of our test vehicle.

Prices of the 2018 Terrain start at $24,995 (plus $995 freight) for the base SL front-drive model with a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder ...Read more

Review: 2018 Hyundai Sonata competes on value

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New cars are special. Baked into that new car smell is a feeling of excitement. Why else would we pay thousands of dollars more for something that loses 10 percent of its value the first time we use it? Compared with the redesigned Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, the refreshed Hyundai Sonata fails to excite, even in its top-of-the-line Limited ...Read more

Fiat Chrysler chief: Even with autonomous vehicles, brand identity will be key

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DETROIT -- The term generic might imply a reasonable, cost-effective choice at the grocery store, but Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne says it's no way to think about cars.

Brands matter, and they will matter even more for automakers if automation and artificial intelligence become dominant features in the auto industry as ...Read more

Jaguar plans to reboot its Classic D-Type sports car

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Production has begun on the Jaguar Classic D-Type, a continuation of the race-winning sports car that the English company stopped producing in 1956.

The rebooted racer, which retains the original styling, is a copy of the three-time Le Mans 24 Hours winner.

Specifications on the new car have not been released, but Jaguar says the Classic D-...Read more

How much love was North Carolina ready to show Toyota? Take a look

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- North Carolina would have invested heavily in job training, rail, roads and tax breaks to land the Toyota-Mazda joint manufacturing operation near Greensboro, according to newly released emails detailing officials' intense but losing battle.

Last month the state was runner-up to Alabama despite extraordinary efforts by North ...Read more